Bad Luck (2015) Movie Script

Just junk mail.
The water filter guy called.
I know.
-You don't pick up your phone!
He can piss off.
What about the car? -I'll
finish it today. -Sure?
What is it this time?
My Moped stopped working.
What shall I do?
That's three minuses...
I want a voucher for 20 euros
and a one-year guarantee.
I don't need
a dust-collecting rust bucket.
So, what about my Moped?
What's wrong?
It won't work!
What shall I do?
I'm busy.
Leave it here.
At least give me a ride.
Your phone's ringing.
You're not answering?
I'd answer it.
-Want to get out?
I'd answer it, that's all...
Not him again!
What do you expect?,
Nobody buys this shit.
What do you mean by contract?
Fuck it!
Screw you and your water filters!
Just don't ask.
I won't.
I need a piss.
There's someone in there.
Is he alive?
I don't know.
Where are you going?
What's the matter?
Come on!
Let's go.
What about him?
He's definitely had it.
Hey, wait!
We can't leave him here!
If he was still alive?
-He's dead for sure.
Don't think about it.
I'm not well.
Do you have to take these?
13 times a day?
That's not a normal life.
It's too much for me.
Look, the money
will buy you a new Moped.
I don't want no bloody money.
I'm scared.
Don't you understand?
Nobody will catch us.
I'm just scared!
Let's go inside! -No.
Come with me!
-No. What could I want in there?
I said come!
I need a beer.
Where is it?
Is what?
My crowbar!
What now?
What shall we do?
We left it by the car wreck.
We need to drive back there, you idiot!
This doesn't look right!
I know where we are.
Get out.
Not so fast!
Hey, this is all wrong.
-It's that way!
It all looks the same...
You've never been in a forest,
you idiot?
Don't call me an idiot!
You got us into this mess.
No way!
He's gone!
Where has he gone?
-I told you he's alive!
There must be more money.
I can't believe it.
Somebody actually bought one.
Did you hear that?
Come, let's go!
I told you not to take the money.
We even lost a dead guy...
...all because of you.
I get lost in a bloody
Mickey Mouse forest...
...'cause of such an idiot!
I told you not to call me idiot.
I didn't mean it.
What have you done now?
You beat him dead?
2 days earlier...
What is it?
Good day!
My name is Mischkulnig,
I have here superb water filters.
Would you be interested?
Do I look like I need this rubbish?
-The water quality is going down...
and this makes your water taste great.
-I don't drink water.
Is Walter in?
Yes, but he's asleep.
He was on night duty.
Are you hungry?
I'll make you something.
-I'm not hungry, thanks.
Have you got enough money?
-Everything's fine.
Have you ever asked Frank why
he fired you?
You know what?
I need the toilet.
Shit... go back to sleep!
I'm really worried about you.
Have you been drinking?
Come here bro, give us a hug.
You're off already?
Why did you come?
-Bye, Lippo.
Where is he?
Calm down.
Want a coffee?
Is he in the back?
He left, but you know he
won't talk to you.
But I do!
-Are you crazy? Come sit down.
Give me the gun!
-Don't touch me!
Come, come. Give me the gun.
Listen Lippo...
Have a coffee and calm down, okay?
Is it raining?
Careful! It's hot!
All this we built up together.
He doesn't even talk to me.
To him, I'm just a worm.
-Lippo, you're bleeding.
Is he in later?
-No. Not today.
Don't take it so hard.
Look, I've been training since I was 15.
Tried all the pills on the market.
Done everything...
...and two years ago, the club fired me.
Life's not fair.
I'll show you that life can be fair.
I know you're in!
Nobody in?
Hand it over.
You have to sign.
-Beat it.
I'll smash your balls, you pig!
Frank? Come on.
It's you, Lippo.
Shut up.
Now I'll tell you what to do.
-I said shut up!
You won't pull the trigger, you worm.
And now what?
15 years I worked for you.
You treat me like scum and then
you kick me out.
You fucked up again.
Lippo, this is no race track!
I wasn't going fast.
-Your papers.
Why? I haven't done any wrong.
-Your papers, pronto!
-Enough, Lippo!
You're under arrest!
-What for?
Because you're an idiot, Lippo!
My wife.
I need to answer this.
You again?
Want a beer?
-Yes, give me one.
You got a light?
Everything okay?
-Bye, see you tomorrow.
See you.
Have you been up to something?
No, I haven't.
Have you seen mum?
You really just care about yourself.
Hi Walter.
I didn't expect you.
What's the matter?
Can't find my gun.
Your gun's gone? Are you sure?
No way.
Shitty day.
I'm probably gonna lose my job.
Fuck, fuck!
Open the door!
Want to go in?
-Open my door!
Got the money?
-You'll get it, I told you.
You've been saying that for 5 months.
Darling, my patience has run out.
Don't call me darling and open my door!
Or what?
Money doesn't grow on trees.
The bank won't give me money and
the guy from the accident wants his.
That's your problem, not mine.
Please, I need to get changed and
go to work.
Please, open the door.
Where are you going?
I'm thirsty!
Sorry, Susi.
Franz, what's so funny?
I've been here over 12 hours.
Did you sort out the accident?
Exactly what I thought!
Our customers are outside,
helping themselves...
Right, miss! Kill that cigarette
and back to work!
What are you paid for?
At least I'm not off sick.
-Then you'd be looking for a new job.
And look at me when I'm talking to you.
I'm still the boss around here.
You do what I say.
-Yes, I got it.
Then why don't you?
Isn't it your day off?
Look what's flying around.
Such an idiot.
Hey Dagmar,
My bro might pick up his
car tomorrow.
You're going home too.
Did you hear?
-Yes, yes, I'm going.
What are you up to?
Still sleeping or what?
Call me.
I need to talk to you.
Sod it...
She's taking everything.
She even wants the telly.
She's crazy, the missus.
Anything wrong?
No... everything's fine.
I can't even cook.
Pizza every day gives me the shits.
Then try lasagna.
It'll be okay.
I don't know.
Right... I'm off, I'm hungry.
Dagmar. Your dad.
Don't bother me with him.
-He's in hospital.
Intestinal virus.
Maybe you'd like to drop in.
Better there than in prison.
You hurt?
-I'm alright.
What about spreading grit?
Now what?
Have you ever been in a holdup?
What was that?
Have you ever been in a holdup?!
Come with me.
What do you want with it?
I want you to rob me.
I want you to rob me.
There's a lot of cash in the till today.
Have you lost it?
Where have you found it?
-In the bin.
Robert, I really need the money.
Go home.
I just want a beer.
Okay, take one but then go.
I'm so lonely at home.
Come back tomorrow.
Dagmar, we're bound to fail.
We won't fail.
I won't do it.
Find someone else.
Then I'll do it myself.
We can't do it without a car.
We can take this car.
It belongs to Susi's brother.
We'll give it back afterwards.
The freak and his mum won't be long.
10 euros, please.
Give me the money!
Give money!
What the shit?
What shit? I haven't a clue.
You need to wait for the signal.
And why don't you just call me?
No we're going by the plan.
Bloody Plan!
I don't need a signal!
This is a holdup!
All down!
Give me the money!
Fill up!
Come on!
Come on!
Get with it!
Hands up!
I said hands up!
Go away.
Robert! Go!
This one's locked!
What is it?
I've never used a gun and now
I shoot a cop.
Why was it loaded?
I wanted to do it properly.
I can handle it,
just drive off, okay?
The money isn't here.
The money's still inside.
I left the money.
You're bloody well out of your minds.
The gun!
What are you going to do?
Shoot me or what?
He's right, what shall we do?
Tie him up!
Tie him up with something, anything!
Stop it, Dagmar.
You won't get far.
Why did you come back?
I didn't want to eat pizza alone.
Are you alright?
Yeah, somehow.
My head hurts a little and a graze.
May I smoke?
Yes, sure.
You're going to end up like your dad.
Stop bothering me with my dad.
I don't want to end up like all of you.
There's nothing.
No rope, cord, nothing!
What shall we do now?
Get up!
In there.
I'm sorry.
-I don't care. You won't get far.
The money!
What now?
What happened?
We're out of petrol.
We didn't fill up.
I'm going to find a petrol station.
See you.
Dagmar, wait!
-Stand still or I'll shoot!
I only want to talk.
-I'm serious, Gerhard!
What do you want to do?
I don't know.
We'll work it out.
Do you think I'm happy?
That isn't a life.
Then let's run away.
Where do you want to go?
Dagmar! Wait!
What have you done now?
You beat him dead?
What shall we do with him?
I had to do it or we'd both
be in trouble.
Get it? Both of us!
I can't take it much longer.
Wrong again.
No way.
I've had it.
He's going in the lake.
What's wrong with this guy?
You are a murderer.
I'm not a murderer.
You are.
He was already dead.
I haven't heard about Karl since.
But knowing him...
He probably just sat there,
until he ran out of cigarettes.
And then turned himself in.
He was an honest soul, really.
We all want to escape fate.
We rush from one corner to another.
All of us searching for happiness.
Sometimes it's just a big new car.
A house... sometimes recognition.
But most of the time it's
all about money.
I spent hours running through the forest.
And then I came to a decision.
My mum will take it.
She'll call it fate, I'll call it luck.
For me, it was the start
of a new life.
I simply can't stand it...
When I'm called an idiot.