Bad Moon Rising (2021) Movie Script

Hi and welcome to another
episode of SCREAM TEAM.
We're here in Essex to contact
the spirit of Helen Martin...
who was burned at the stake here
in 1515 for heresy and witchcraft.
In the 16th Century, where we
stand right now used to be farmland
which grew crops to feed the villagers.
Now, 500 years later, a lot has changed.
One of those being, on top of the
site where Helen Martin was executed
stands a luxury apartment complex.
Over the years, there have been
many complaints of hauntings
by those living in the complex.
But on the 500th Anniversary - to the day
- Helen Martin was executed
They say things seem to
have been getting worse.
I woke up one night... and
there was like... uh...
The fire alarm! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!
And I was like: there's no fire!
I went downstairs and
there was nothing there!
Over the last few weeks things
have been getting worse and worse.
And there was another
time when I woke up...
and everything was covered in smoke.
And I thought you
have been out puffing...
and I thought oh Fuck...
oh! A new carpet?!
Five grand! Five grand for a bloody carpet.
But it wasn't me, was it?
I turned around and you were still there!
Yeah! I went downstairs and
there wasn't even a fire.
We didn't know what was going on...
so I asked the neighbors...
I said to them this is what happened...
and they said the same
thing had happened to them!
We didn't get it, did we? I didn't get it!
So strange!
Then the fires started
breaking out in the car parks!
Yeah! And I thought it
was the bloody asbo...
The little ankle bracelet shit...
but no, I thought,
it's a gated community.
Y'know, you gotta have a little bit
of cash... a little bit of money...
Curious, isn't it?
Beep! Beep! Beep! A gated community!
There's no way it could've been them!
The police couldn't find any
sign of breaking or entering!
And that's when I started thinking...
I started looking around at
all the history of the area...
and that's when I found out about...
Helen Martin.
Such a sad story.
I mean, imagine being burned alive?
Y'know, I didn't marry you
for your cooking abilities...
I thought I smelled bacon
when you were cooking...
You thought it was bacon?
I thought it was bacon! I
thought you were cooking...
I don't burn my bacon.
Well, you do. Don't you?
You often are down there,
and I can smell the bacon.
Oh, c'mon! Don't be like that!
More for your bedroom abilities,
darlin', you know what I'm sayin'?
Oh, yeah?!
Ready, girls?
As always.
Let's do this.
Does my hair look okay?
It looks fine!
Andy! Does my hair look okay?
Go and see what that was.
Why me?
It's dark over there. Might be spiders.
Be careful.
We're now in the precise spot where Helen
Martin was apparently burned at the stake.
We're going to see if we can
contact her spirit. Over to you...
Is anyone there?
We don't mean you any harm.
I don't think anyone's there.
Concentrate please!
If anyone is there please
let your presence be known.
What the hell was that?
I guess someone was there.
What is it?
You two need to start
taking this more seriously.
Whoever has been contacted is not happy...
They're really angry now
and it's all your fault.
Shut up! I'm sure there's a
rational explanation for it.
Are we ready for a take?!
Oh! We've moved to another
part of the building
and we're hoping the hostile
spirit didn't follow us.
Girls! Come and have a look at this!
This location is probably one of the most
haunted locations so far this series.
Jordan's EMF reader is showing
high activity in this area.
It's not safe for us to
continue our investigation.
So is Helen Martin the spirit
that haunts this building?
Guess we'll never know but it was
very scary trying to find out.
We'll be back at the same time next week
where we'll be investigating
UFO sightings in Norfolk.
Tune in to see what we find out.
Hi girls!
Okay, are you ready?
I have some questions here from
the magazine readers for you.
Totes ready.
Can you two try to be more
serious this time, please?
Yeah, Jordan, this is part
of what you signed up for.
I was talking to you too.
Just because it's your
favorite part of the job.
Stop bickering.
Just a bit of friendly banter, Pip.
Calm down.
Okay, so girls:
What has been the scariest
moment on the show for you?
Flying crockery in the last
show; that was pretty freaky.
I don't get scared. I love the adrenaline.
I think any of the shows where
we've been anywhere near spiders.
Spiders are your friend.
Spiders can be your friend.
I have enough friends, thanks!
Okay, so what inspired you to
become paranormal investigators?
Were you maybe big fans of
The X-Files or something?
I was... I just don't think it's been
the same since Danni Minogue left.
X-Files... not X-Factor!
I liked it but it kinda
got weird towards the end.
Yeah, I suppose so. What about you, Pip?
I've always wanted to be
a paranormal investigator.
Ever since my first episode
watching Scooby-Doo.
Okay, seriously. Which
Scooby-Doo character are you?
I'll be Velma.
And Lucy... you'll be Daphne.
Who would I be?
Okay, so, which celebrity ghost
would you most like to contact?
Steve Irwin.
He was one brave dude.
Judy Garland.
That's a really difficult question.
I know: Einstein! Albert Einstein.
Okay, so... what are you scared of?
Absolutely nothing.
Spiders. In fact, all bugs.
I see no reason why anything needs
more than four legs... uneccessary!
Humans are by far the
most destructive species.
Okay, well, so...
Would you ever consider going
on another reality TV show?
I'd do "Strictly"... for the dresses alone.
Maybe some kind of cooking show...
other than that...
I couldn't see myself doing another show.
"I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here."
How cool would it be to spend two
weeks in the Australian Outback?
The spiders...
Okay, finally, are you ready for this?
Okay, we have one here asking...
If any of you girls are single...
and if you are...
Would you ever consider
going on a date with a fan?
I wouldn't.
Maybe if he was rich.
Just for the money?
Why would you date a poor one?
Money! Money! Money!
Hi, James! Before you say anything...
Yes, I'm well aware that I'm running late.
Just get the other girls to do makeup
first and I'll get there as soon as I can.
You're not? Where are you?
Well, then... why are you calling me?
Am I finally getting a pay raise?
What the fuck do you mean
we're being canceled?
Well, then, you need to do something.
I don't care what you do: just fix it!
Fucking bitch!
Oh, yes, hello this is James Price.
What's this shoot for again?
"Space Monsters" Magazine?
Hi girls.
Excuse me, aren't there
supposed to be three of you?
There is but one of us
is a law unto herself.
She'll be here... eventually.
Well, I'm Donny and this is Foxy.
Who's going into makeup first?
Oh, look who turned up!
I had to get my nails done!
What did you two come as?
Space monsters?
Seriously: did you two not
read the brief or something?
I don't have time to read briefs!
I just turn up and do as I'm told.
Now, you're gonna be okay
to finish these two off?
So I can start on Lucy?
Have you spoken to James this morning?
No, why would I have?
He told me he'd send me the
shooting schedule for next season
and I haven't got it yet.
I tried to call him this
morning but he didn't pick up.
I honestly don't think they'll go for it.
It's such short notice and...
When you say "a lot of money",
how much are we actually talking?
Don't you worry - I'll convince them.
I'll call you back later today.
Okay, girls. Give me sexy!
Yeah, that's good. More!
Yes, just a few more now: that's great.
Keep going!
Cool. I think we got it now, girls.
That's great.
Let's see.
Looking hot, girls. Looking hot.
This is Richard from
Space Monsters Magazine.
Ready for your interview?
So, should we get started?
So, what's your favorite country that
you've been to for your investigatations?
It's hard to pick just one but I think when we
went to Mexico to search for the Chupacabra.
The food was amazing!
The weather was amazing
- I had the best tan.
Mmm... I probably had the most fun
when we were hunting for the Yeti.
What she means is that she had the
most fun skiing on her days off.
What about you, Pip?
I'm not sure I could pick just one.
So, do you believe in aliens?
I don't know about aliens but
there must be something out there.
I mean, we can't be the
only planet with life on it.
I'll believe in aliens when I see one.
I believe in them.
Of course you do.
What country would you most like to go
to for an investigation on your show?
I'd say right here in England.
England's got the most amazing history.
I'll tell you what I'd love to do: I'd love
to do a Ghost Hunt in The Tower of London.
That would be amazing.
I'd love to go to Egypt.
Look for Elizabeth Taylor's Mummy.
Okay... alright...
So this is Space Monsters Magazine...
What's your favorite Space Monsters Movie?
What's that one Sandy and Danny are
watching at the Drive-Thru in GREASE?
That's the one. THE BLOB.
Have you even watched it?
I've seen GREASE like a million times.
I'd go ALIEN... wait...
I really like PREDATOR too.
I'll tell you what I love: CRITTERS.
Yeah, good one.
And films like MEN IN BLACK...
Lucy, can I have a word?
A little busy here right now - can it wait?
I think we're done here. We're fine.
You sure?
Yeah! I've got everything I need.
Thanks again, girls.
No problem!
When will the feature be out?
Um... next issue.
Will it make cover?
We'll see. We'll see.
Nice to meet you. See you later.
At last we can get out of this makeup.
He was strange.
Lucy... can I have a word?
Not more bad news?
Have you said anything to the others yet?
No. I was banking on you doing your job so
I wouldn't have to say anything to them.
Okay, well here's the thing:
I just got off the phone with some
guy in a small village in Bulgaria.
And, there's weird things going on there...
People disappearing. He wants me to get
you girls to come out and investigate.
Why doesn't he call the police?
He has. They couldn't do anything.
What's he think we're going to do about it?
It's a very small village. By the sounds
of it - the people are a bit backwards.
Superstitious. They think it's
y'know something not of the norm.
The paranormal isn't real!
You know that and I know that.
Our show is fake! "Structured reality"?
You structure it and make
it look like it's real?
Poor Pip is the only person that
doesn't seem to realize that.
Yes, I know!
Here's the other thing: He's
offered us a lot of money.
Enough money to fund
filming of another season
that we can then sell to another channel.
So, we wouldn't be canceled?
I guess we're off to Bulgaria then!
Oh, one more thing...
I've asked Trevor to come
along as Second Unit.
Why do you need a Second Unit?
To carry the equipment?
Why does it have to be Trevor?!
Because he was available at short notice.
It's decided.
James, why have you still not sent me
the shooting schedule for next season?
I need to hire a snake sitter.
Snake sitter?
Yeah. Snakes need to eat.
When did you get a snake?
I've always had a snake.
What does it eat?
Not "it"... "He"... Irwin.
Okay, so what does Irwin eat?
Producers who don't give me enough
time to arrange snake sitters.
Can you get one one for
him in the next few days?
Few days? Where are we going?
Cool. When are we leaving?
One problem.
I'm NOT flying to Bulgaria on Friday.
Why not?
This Friday... is the 13th.
Why not??
Friday the 13th?
Tickets are already booked!
We'll fly out on Friday and get
you another ticket for Saturday.
You can meet us there.
Hi! So we just arrived at the
lodge where we'll be staying...
and as you can hear the boys
are bringing in the equipment
and are making as much noise as
they can while they're doing it!
Where were we?
Just arrived here after
the mini-bus ride from Hell
Hard to believe we got here in one piece.
The driver was a little crazy.
That's an understatement.
Jordan? What are you doing?
What time's that guy coming over?
Sometime tonight, I think.
What? We have to wait here until tonight?
What else do you suggest?
Let's go exploring.
I wish I hadn't asked.
Who's up for it?
I can't. I've got work to do.
I've got to eat something
before going anywhere.
C'mon, Lucy.
Why do I have to go?
So we can get some good footage.
Trevor can film.
I've just set the cameras up
and the batteries need charging.
We can use my phone.
Yay! C'mon guys, let's go.
That was so much fun!
I can't believe you made
us break into a building!
We didn't break in -
the door was wide open.
Girls, this is Zhivko.
So, it's you we have to thank for our little
trip to whatever this village is called.
Thank you for coming.
Why exactly are we here?
This village has always had
a high mortality rate...
The past few months,
though, it has gotten worse.
People disappearing. More deaths.
The whole village is in a state of unrest.
Police don't know what to do.
That still doesn't explain
why you brought us here.
I've seen your show.
You investigate paranormal phenomena.
I want you to try and
find out what's going on.
Help save the village.
We'll certainly try our best.
Thank you.
This means so much.
I will leave you now.
In case you need to contact me.
So, what do you think then, girls?
This is crazy.
Well, we're here now. We're obviously
not going to find anything but...
We might as well have some
fun exploring the place.
Is this your idea of fun?
Obviously, you've never been to a spa.
You can't tell me you
didn't have fun earlier.
What did you get up to this afternoon?
We found this old derelict building.
The door was wide open so we went inside...
and it was so cool!
We found these little bird skulls.
And huge cobwebs!
And we found this door...
and were about to walk in...
but then we heard a growl.
And so we ran.
Please tell me you got that on camera.
What do you think?
What do you think that growl was?
No idea.
That really wasn't thought-through, was it?
Not really.
So, what are we going to do tonight?
You're going to get an early night
so you're fresh for filming tomorrow.
Spoil sport.
I'm gonna go call Pip.
Make sure she knows
what time the flight is.
Does anyone get signal here?
Turn it on and off again and
you'll get it for a few seconds.
Well, what good is a few seconds, Andy?
I wish I hadn't asked.
James actually thinks we're
going to have an early night.
It's Friday!
Yeah, but I can't imagine
there's a lot to do around here.
Well, I'm not staying in, so...
What was that place we walked past earlier?
It looked a little.. y'know...
Got a better idea?
Come in.
Where do you want the camera set up?
Anywhere, I guess.
What does the footage look like from today?
Good. Yeah. I watched it back again.
Reckon you'll be happy with it.
Were you scared today, Trevor?
Today. At the building.
Alright. I'll leave you to it.
You ready?
Hold on. Turn the screen thing around.
Okay. Ready.
Alright, where do we start?
So, we landed here in Bulgaria today.
We're about to go and check
out the Bulgarian Night-Life.
But first, we're going to
do a little video diary.
Before we get too drunk and
forget what we did today.
So, we had a little
look around the village.
Such a weird place - so quiet.
Literally like nobody about at all.
Apart from the guy in that
car that sped past us.
We stumbled across a creepy-ass graveyard.
And all the graves had
all these cages over them.
What do you think the cages were for?
Keep something out?
Keep something in?
I don't know. Enough of this. Let's go out.
Wow. What time did you
two get in last night?
Too late!
Are you two going to look alive
by the time we start filming?
You're going to need a lot more than
that to look half-decent on camera today.
Seriously, girls: What were you thinking??
Stop yelling. It hurts.
We didn't even have that much.
You expect me to believe that?
It's because you didn't line your stomachs.
Bulgarian Vodka - probably
tastes like petrol.
You say that like it's a good thing.
Get yourselves together. We've got
a lot of ground to cover today.
What's the plan?
We wait for Pip to arrive.
Then we go out and find some villagers
to see what they think is going on here.
Good luck with that.
What do you mean?
There was almost no one about yesterday...
it was like a ghost town or something.
It's true.
There's got to be people somewhere.
Why isn't there coffee yet?
For Christ's sake - get the girls a coffee!
Despite the state of you both this morning
You actually got some
great stuff yesterday.
I love how when you run, you don't look
back to see if Trevor is following you.
Every girl for herself.
How do you get into this place?
So what was the guy like?
Hot, I guess.
I don't really remember.
What about his friend?
I'm a little hazy.
You two should be more careful.
I'm serious.
Yeah, yeah!
Oh, hey, guys!
Hallelujah! At last - we've only been
wandering around for two bloody hours.
Who wants to go and talk to her?
Not me!
Why not?
Um... the clothes?
You're not really a people person, are you?
Yes, I just like people who wash.
I'll go.
Hi - do you speak English?
A little.
Great. My name is Jordan. I'm from a
TV show in England called SCREAM TEAM.
Do you mind if I ask you a few questions
about what is going on in the town?
Great. What's your name?
Anastasia. Okay. There's
no need to be nervous.
So, Anastasia, can you tell me a little
bit about what is happening in the village?
I don't know anything.
Do you know of anyone who's gone missing?
A lot of people. Everyone
here knows of someone.
Who's disappeared?
And people seem to think it's
something that's supernatural?
What is "supernatural"?
Um... like something that's... um...
That's not...
There are rumors.
And what are the rumors?
I have to go.
No! No, wait!
That was helpful... not.
Get anything?
No. Not really.
The mystery continues.
So, what now?
I could actually eat something...
Yeah, I'm getting pretty hungry.
Why didn't you have any breakfast?
Um... we were dying earlier?
Well, I'm glad to see you've
perked up a little bit.
We'll head back to the lodge. I don't
see us bumping into anyone else out here.
That smells so good.
But you don't eat meat.
I didn't say I was going to eat it.
I'm just so hungry.
Salad isn't really doing it for me.
We need more than this.
What we've shot so far looks fine.
But you're right: there's not much of it.
Where the hell have all these
people gotten to anyway?
C'mon guys, eat up. We need to get
out there and try to find something.
Normally, when we're filming for the
show we know what we're looking for.
So we know how to go about finding it.
Yeah, James. Right now
we're doing this blind.
I'm aware of that.
I just don't know what else to suggest.
What do you think Zhivko's deal is?
What do you mean?
Well, there's obviously
not a lot of money here.
How do you think he's
able to afford all this?
The cheque cleared - I
didn't ask any questions.
But again... Why us?
Let's just leave it at that
and think of the money, okay?
Get this on film, guys.
It is not safe. It is not safe!
What's not safe?
Go back!
Back where?
Go back inside. It is not safe.
What's your name?
I am Viktor.
And you're from here in the village?
I live in the village.
I was born in the village.
But it is not safe anymore.
Please go back inside.
Okay, okay. Calm down.
You will not want to be
here when it is dark.
Na kruv lunata idva.
Come back! What did you say?
What does it mean?
Go back inside and lock the doors and
in the morning take the first plane.
Yes: cut! Cut!
That was weird.
There's something that is
not right about all this.
Man had a ferret.
I assume that's not right.
Yeah, I'm going to be
smelling it for weeks.
The ferret didn't smell, Lucy.
They're actually rather clean.
They're like big rats!
Rats also get an
unnecessarily bad reputation.
Yeah, because the spread the plague.
Y'know? The Black Death?
They don't!
I quite like rats.
Why was he so concerned about us
not being our after dark anyway?
I don't know.
But it is getting cold, and if
he's so scared of the dark...
I'm pretty sure the rest of the
villagers will feel the same.
What do you say? Should we head back?
I landed this morning and we went
straight out to talk to the villagers
to see what they thought was going on here.
Yeah, and that got us far.
I spoke to these guys after
they went our yesterday...
but nothing quite prepared me for
how strange the atmosphere is here.
Shock horror: Pip's got bad vibes.
Do you two not feel anything?
Lucy doesn't have feelings...
I'm serious, you two...
I don't know what it is. It's strange.
I can't quite put my finger on it, but...
The air is so still here...
The people are on edge... they're jittery.
And they're not forthcoming
in answering our questions.
That's true. They were all a bit cryptic.
Yeah, all two of them.
Again with the ghost town.
It's almost like they're too
scared to speak about it.
They feel by speaking about it...
perhaps it'll make it more real...
and bring it closer to them?
The villagers definitely think that something
is out there. I'll give you that much.
C'mon, you two. I know
you're both Scully's...
but I really think this time
there's actually something going on.
I can feel it and it's different.
It's probably just James
messing about with us again.
No, he'd have told me.
It is actually pretty weird out here.
You're not getting all wrapped
up in this too are you?
What you need is a distraction!
What I need is my beauty sleep.
Now go - so I can go to bed.
See you later.
C'mon, we're going out.
I'm wearing my pajamas.
I guess we could speak to
some locals when we're out.
Rick, see if you can get ahold of Zhivko
He left me a message about another
forest that some kids went missing in.
I want us to go there and
see if we can find anything.
On it, boss.
What time did you girls
crawl in this morning?
You went out, then?
Back to that bar.
You went too?
Regretting it now... slightly.
How'd you convince Miss Goody Two
Shoes to go out on a school night?
I wanted to speak to more locals
because they weren't out
in force during the day
So I thought we'd get lucky in the evening.
Did you?
She got lucky alright.
No! I didn't think you had it in you.
It's amazing what she'll let
in her after a couple of shots.
Girls! Did you or did you
not find anything out?
I don't know! I don't
really remember anything.
Did you get ahold of him?
He's on his way over.
Girls, I need you to keep it together.
Don't look at me, I got
a full eight hours in.
Kiss ass!
Honestly, we haven't
found much of anything.
I agreed to come out here
because of the money.
Because I thought we could get some
footage that could save the show.
But what about the village?
I don't know how we can help you!
It's a waste of time!
Please! Just give it more time.
I don't have...
I'll pay more!
50,000 lev extra.
Just until Friday.
What's that in pounds?
Guys! Over here!
What have you found?
It's a bullet.
And it's got blood on it.
What do you think it hit?
Guess that explains the bullet.
In English please!
You are a fool! And they can't help.
I'm the only one in this village
that is trying to save it.
Why do you think I bring this?
That was weird.
What was he talking about?
Yeah! And what the hell was
he doing out here with a gun?
Viktor is... how do you say...
A poacher.
He's probably out shooting rabbits.
That's gross.
He has his family to feed.
Is he allowed to on this land?
Who owns it?
I do.
There's more to worry
about than a few rabbits!
I must leave now.
Well, I guess we'll keep
chasing those wild geese.
Wild geese?
Yeah, they're everywhere in England.
50,000 pounds extra.
Okay, so all we've learned is that
people don't seem to want us here...
and they don't seem particularly
keen on Zhivko either.
So, what are we doing??
I know you're frustrated.
But he's just offered extra money.
We can stay until the end of the week.
Think of it as a holiday, Lucy.
A holiday? A holiday that
is cold with no beach?!
At least there's a night-life!
One crappy bar?
That's kinda nasty.
What do you think it's from?
Rabbit, obviously.
When have you seen a
five-foot rabbit before?
Wind, maybe?
I don't know.
Well, I do know. And now you
probably got rabies or...
Worse! Myxomatosis!
Myxomatosis isn't worse than rabies, Lucy.
Only rabbits can get it.
Well, it's worse if you're a rabbit.
Which Pip isn't.
Get yourself cleaned up.
And for Christ's sake don't
touch anything else dangerous.
I didn't have time to take
out insurance before we left.
Seriously, James? We're
out here without insurance?
What the hell were you thinking?
I was thinking about
trying to save the show!
I wouldn't worry about it too much, Lucy.
I don't think health insurance
covers broken nails, anyway.
What're you piping up for, camera boy?
Now, who's got a baby wipe?
I've got some in the kit bag.
Why have you got baby wipes, Andy?
Because we're in the forest...
and I might need to go toilet.
Speaking of toilet...
Are you taking your camera with you?
Yeah! In case I see anything
worth shooting, Einstein.
Well, take some baby wipes with you!
Nah, just a piss mate.
I'll be back in a minute.
I can't believe you've been
shitting in the woods, mate.
I ain't!
It's just in case!
I ain't! Honestly, it's just in case...
Right! Everyone, let's keep busy!
Trevor, you're in charge
until Rick gets back.
Oh, shit!
James, this is so pointless!
You heard what James said. We're all
being paid more to stay out here.
Just try and look like
you're doing something.
At least we'll have something
to show when we get back.
You're just on a power trip because
you're on First Unit while Rick's away.
Don't worry, he'll be back soon
and then you'll get demoted again.
She has a point, James. Even I'm
getting bored of playing in the forest.
See? Even G.I. Jane has had enough.
What do you mean G.I. Jane?
You are getting muddy and stuff.
Just because I think there's
mor eto life than mani/pedi's?
Can you not hear yourselves?!
You've all finally driven Pip crazy!
And you can shut up too.
You're trying to hold this
thing together, right?
You're the producer!
She has a point too.
Yeah, if you hadn't brought us
to this God-forsaken town...
we wouldn't be in this mess!
So now it's all my fault?
If you girls took your jobs
a little more seriously...
instead of always going
off to do photoshoots
going to parties!
Can you not remember being our age?
Was it really that long ago?
I'm just saying that YOU
don't always give off the vibe of being
serious paranormal investigators!
But I'm serious!
What do you want to do?
I just want to make this show work.
I don't know but we're
here a few more days.
So let's just try and do it properly.
Alright, deal.
What just happened here?
One minute they're all like
at each other's throats...
The next minute like...
Don't try and understand women, mate.
Two ex-wives down and I'm no
closer to understanding them.
Is it true, like... y'know...
they have their time of month together?
You know what I think?
I think we're all tired.
We're getting snippy.
And it's going to get dark soon.
Let's all sit down tomorrow
morning and discuss
the best course of action
for the rest of the week.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Rick's not back yet.
He'll be off shooting arty
composition somewhere.
You guys head back and
I'll go and find him.
You can't go on your own.
I'll be fine.
I don't believe in monsters.
Decided, then. We'll see
you back at the house.
Be careful.
I could murder a beer.
Nothing in the fridge?
Any you lot fancy going down to that bar?
We can't.
We have to do our vlogs.
What she said. Doing it her way now.
Yeah, we promised.
Come on, girls.
Yes, boss!
So... uh...
Sure you don't want to go down
that bar for a quick drink?
So, today didn't exactly go as planned.
I think it's the first time
I've ever seen Pip get angry.
Yeah, she shouted.
Guys, we're not meant to
be talking about that.
Okay, well, we didn't find anything
particularly strange today.
Still not many villagers...
We bumped into that weird guys again...
what was his name?
Yeah, Viktorrrr.
What was his beef with Zhivko?
They definitely know more about what's
going on here than they're telling us.
It's like Zhivko's in
denial about something.
And if Viktor was out shooting rabbits...
where were the rabbits?
Maybe he didn't catch any today.
Gues his family is really going hungry.
He was just so dirty. Can you
imagine going to bed with him?
I mean "dirty" in a bad way...
not a good way.
His poor wife!
I imagine a guy that can
put dinner on the table
is quite sought after out here
regardless of his personal hygiene.
That's so sad.
Consider yourself lucky
you're not from here.
I can't wait to get back to civilization.
Tell me about it.
That's off-track, though, guys.
Don't worry. I think we're
to be honest done for today.
We've not got much to report back, so...
But let's make tomorrow count, yeah?
What do you suggest we do?
I think we've done enough
of wandering around...
trying to find people to interview
when people are too scared to
even step out of their houses.
Apart from Zhivko.
He wanted to make sure he
got back before it got dark.
And Viktor?
He had a gun.
And a ferret.
What about that girl? Anastasia?
I think those guys aside...
We don't even know what it
is we're dealing with here.
It could be supernatural, or
ghosts, or witchcraft, or voodoo...
It could be a curse on the village...
It could be absolutely anything.
I think we need to use our methods
to rule out any possibilites.
I'm going to make a
plan and get some sleep.
We'll have a briefing tomorrow.
Briefing?! Now who's G.I. Jane?
I'll speak to you tomorrow.
You know, I am pretty exhausted.
Probably the altitude or something.
Definitely could use
another early night too.
Yeah, I need to catch up on some sleep.
See you in the morning!
Those wet wipes... they're not for
shitting in the woods, are they?
That's what I thought.
You've been gone ages!
I got lost.
Did you find Rick?
Thought he might have beat me back here.
We should call the police.
Report him missing.
Are they going to speak English?
I'll call Zhivko. What's his number?
It's dead.
Shit. What are we going to do now, then?
You're going to have to go
outside and use your mobile.
No way I'm going out there at night.
Calm down.
Rick is probably fine.
What do you mean he'll be fine?!
Let's not worry the girls.
Okay, James.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
Pretty much a ghost town.
And the few people we
have managed to meet...
are strange as hell.
Scared out of their wits
by something that can't bring
themselves to mention the name of.
Even if it has a name.
Whatever it is.
Rick is out there lost somewhere.
You know what I think?
I'll bet you 20p he ain't that lost.
Well, it's Rick ain't it?
He's gone off to one of those
sex bars up near that ski resort.
That does sound like Rick, though.
You know, come to think of it...
If he passed a car going that way
on his way back here...
he could have easily asked for a lift.
No one around here has
wanted to hang around so...
If he asked them to wait
while he came to tell us...
they would have probably said no.
Yeah, that's definitely what's happened.
He's probably having a great time.
Good for him.
Keep this to yourselves in the morning.
We don;t need the girls worrying.
I was going to ask if you
slept well, but obviously not.
I did.
I'm a bit tired, though.
Me too.
And you?
I was just yawning because they yawned.
Did you know that contagious yawning...
is linked to people's ability to
connect to others emotionally?
No, I did not.
It's true!
And if someone doesn't yawn when
they see other people yawn...
It means that they've got no empathy...
and they're a psychopath.
Thanks for the science lesson.
You're awfully bubbly this morning.
Well, I've been strategizing.
That's a word, isn't it?
You tell me.
So! What's the plan?
We go out today, and instead of asking
why people have been disappearing...
We actually look for signs
of paranormal activity.
And how do we do that?
Like when we were filming
for the SCREAM TEAM show!
I know you think the whole
paranormal thing is a big joke...
and I'm not stupid.
I know the scary things that
happen on the show are a setup.
But if we all did take it seriously?
What if the real reason nothing has
actually happened that's real before...
is because we've never
believed in it before.
How do we believe in something
we've never even seen?
Just open your minds.
Please. For me.
I'll try.
Look, I know the show is in trouble.
It's probably because the
audience knows it's phony.
What are you talking about?
How did you know?
Hello?! Somebody fill me in here.
I overheard you two at the
Space Monsters Magazine shoot.
I didn't want to worry you.
We're meant to be a team.
You should've told us.
I'm sorry.
This trip is not just about money.
It's our last chance to
show that we are real.
That the show is real and
we know what we're doing!
We can win our audiences back!
So we go out today and you follow my lead.
No messing around.
Please tell me Rick's not still sleeping.
What time did he get in last night?
Actually, Rick's not back yet.
He was talking about some clubs...
up in the mountains...
We think he went there and
probably lost track of time.
Great! So we're a D.O.P. down.
Don't worry. I'll step into his shoes.
Say, what's your problem?
We're still a camera down...
Not the point...
How do we know that Rick went out
last night and went to the club?
And if he did, wouldn't he
have been kicked out by now?
I wonder at these sort of clubs.
They're open 24/7.
How do you know?
Keep your hair on, Pip.
Rick is a big boy...
He can take care of himself.
How are you guys not worried?
We're here because people
have been disappearing, right?
And then one of our crew disappears and
you don't think there's anything going on?
You are unbelievable.
You know, it is not
like Rick not to call...
He's not usually that irresponsible.
Thank you, Lucy,
You know what it's like.
You go out and have a couple drinkies...
bit of the other stuff...
easy to lose track of time.
The boy's just letting his hair down.
What other stuff?
It's about time.
He's usually got a stick up his ass.
I'd be angry but I'm strangely proud.
Pip, you're in charge. Rally your troops!
What do you think of Zhivko?
He's a little creepy.
Seriously, have you never heard of
"Don't bite the hand that feeds you"?
Where is he anyway?
I don't know. I couldn't get
a hold of him this morning.
Right. We're here.
You two get your equipment ready.
Girls, we can start by seeing if we can
contact any spirits by using the pendulum.
Simple, but I find effective.
What if there aren't any?
Look at this place...
this forest must be hundreds of
years old, there's bound to be spirits.
What if there are spirits,
but they don't speak English?
You're in charge...
What do I do?
You? You just do what you usually do.
What's that?
I'm loving the new Pip.
You two, ready?
Come, then, let's do this.
Okay, action!
Oooh, fancy! Where'd you get that?
I've always had this.
I've never seen it before.
How come you've never used it on the show?
Just focus, please.
Are there any spirits here?
Please! We're here to help.
We're here to help the
people in the village.
They're too scared to talk to us...
to tell us what they know.
Is there a dark secret in this village?
Are we in danger?
That's a no! Tell me that's a no, right?
Shit! The battery. Sorry.
Cut! I guess.
What did you do that for?
This doesn't hold charge as well as Rick's.
I'm going to go charge it for a bit.
That was great stuff, girls.
Really... spiffing...
Yeah, well done Pip.
Good work, guys.
We didn't really do anything.
It was all you.
Yeah, you were actually
getting kinda scary.
I'm starving!
You just had breakfast!
Only a couple slices of toast.
That's not enough to fill me up.
You ate five slices!
I need protein.
Have I chance to go back
and get something quick?
Protein? Bread's a carb not protein.
Am I ever going to hear the
end of this if I say no?
Go. Just get back here sharpish.
Do you... mind if I leave this here?
It's only going to slow me down.
Yes, Andy!
Just go!
Thank you.
What is it??
A spider!
Do you know how many spiders there are?
Millions! Billions even!
They're not going to hurt you.
How do you know? Bulgarian
spider expert now are you?
No, but I'm pretty sure you're safe.
Where the hell is Andy? He
should've been back by now.
He's probably lost.
How could he get lost?
It's a straight road
when you get out of here.
Sharpest tool in the shed, isn't he?
He is a tool.
What do you want to do now, James?
How difficult is that
sound equipment to work?
Not rocket science.
Right - change of plan everyone.
We can't afford to waste any more time so
I'll fill in for Andy until he gets back.
That's right, Pip. I'm
going to get my hands dirty!
Nice of you to make an appearance!
I couldn't get a hold of you this morning.
I'm sorry. I came out to find you
as soon as I got your messages.
What's the matter?
Another girl has been taken.
Last night.
My daughter!
You know my daughter?! Have you seen her?
The first day we got here.
But you have not seen her since?
No, sorry.
Why did she come out here alone?
She knows the danger!
Zhivko, tell us what is going on.
Okay! Okay!
I only know what people think is happening.
The people think the village is cursed.
There have always been
strange disappearances here.
They come in waves.
Nothing for so long...
years even... and then...
just when the people start to relax...
it happens again.
Keep going.
Records in this part of
the world aren't great.
Just stories passed down
from elder relatives.
So, it's taken until now to
see that there's a pattern.
It seems...
the disappearances happen...
just before...
The Blood Moon.
That's tonight.
What the hell is a blood moon?
Why are people so afraid to talk to us?
By talking about it...
it becomes more real for them...
If you knew about this, then
why did you bring us here?
I'm a man of science...
I don't believe in the paranormal
and mythical creatures and such!
I've seen your show.
I know it's all fake.
"Smoke and mirrors..."
That's how you English say, right?
I though tthat bringing you out
here and having you investigate...
you wouldn't find anything
and the people would relax.
What do you think now?
I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have brought you here.
You're still going to pay up, right?
Of course!
Go back to the lodge before it gets dark.
I'll book you on the 11am
flight tomorrow morning.
And I'll get you a car.
Where are the rest of your crew?
Oh, God!
I'm sorry.
That was awkward.
Did you hear them?
There's something here and it's real.
Come on!
Rick and Andy...
they didn't go to any club...
and you don't think that, either.
You just wanted to convince us of that...
so you could get your hands
on Zhivko's paycheck...
You scumbag!
Show's over, James. We're
getting out of here.
Girls, COME ON!
Think you lost this, mate.
Yes, send a car for 11am tomorrow...
Guys? Guys, wait up...
Guys, where's Trevor?
He's right behind us.
Fucking stupid...
arty wanker...
with your focus pulls and your...
No, no...
This is your fault!
How is it my fault?
Because you brought us here!
Don't you blame me!
You should've talked me out of it!
You were the only one that ever
believed in any of this stuff!
If anyone's to blame: it's you!
Good one, James.
Fucking reception!
Girls, what are you doing out here?