Bad Samaritan (2018) Movie Script

- WOMAN: What are you doing?
- WOMAN: Stop! No!
WOMAN: What are you doing?
- BOY: Get me outta here!
BOY: We're falling down!
Excuse me, sir, I'd like
to talk to you about the Lord.
Yeah, that's...
that's not really my thing.
All right.
Well, how about
I jump your bones?
- What?
- Just...
Don't move.
Don't move a muscle.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
- I look... I look like shit.
- No, you don't.
You look like an angel.
And it's not about you.
It's about that light
coming in behind you.
- No, don't! No, you weren't supposed to take that.
- What?
- Whoa, why not?
- Cause I... I'm serious,
I don't want a photo
like that floating around.
I... my father
would kill me.
It's so beautiful.
Look at that.
You're beautiful.
All right.
This is just for you.
This isn't for your book,
or your dumb friends.
Are we clear?
Darlin', I swear on the eyes
of our someday children.
Oh, my God, Sean,
I love this one.
How did you get
a smile out of him?
Oh, yeah, that was a tin
of baked beans
and a dirty limerick.
God, it's crazy to think
what you could do
if you did this
for your full-time job.
Yeah, well, nothing would kill
my creativity quicker
than death claws
of corporate America.
You're talking
to a business major.
Yeah, but you're so much
more than that.
I mean,
I'm just an artist.
Just a poor,
- Starving...
- Starving.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
- To support me.
I love you.
Straight up, legs balanced,
you guide it down.
You try one.
- BOY: Okay,
- MAN: Here we go.
Get a good grip on it.
Don't step back.
Don't do that.
- MAN: Okay, straight down.
There you go. Took me
a while, too, Rowan.
- Happy birthday, Mother.
- Oh!
How's it going?
- Ta-da!
Lovely box,
my goodness.
- Yeah, well, open it.
- Oh, Sean, darlin'.
Is that emerald?
You are my mom and all,
so I thought I'd make an effort.
Pricey gift there.
Yeah, yeah,
it's a Claddagh ring.
It's an Irish thing.
You wouldn't understand.
Sweetheart, I can't imagine
what this costs.
Oh, no, no, no.
I got a good deal through a...
lady at work.
It was pretty reasonable.
You wouldn't have
to worry about money
if you took the job
in St. Louis.
My cousin's offer
is still good, you know?
Well, as appealing as it sounds
to take over-lit shots
of chicken wings and tacos,
I think I'm gonna pass.
It's working as
a professional photographer.
People would kill
for that opportunity.
Well, it's not for me.
Maybe you're
just afraid to fail.
Well, maybe I just don't
wanna put on a suit
and piss in a cup
every day of my life.
Would pissing in a cup
be a problem for you?
Oh, screw him,
stepdad, man.
He drags us halfway
around the world
for a construction job,
that goes belly up
after two weeks.
Dawg, that was
seven years ago.
Yeah, when I'm done
whinging about it, Derek,
I'll let you know,
all right?
Now where's last night's?
I got it right here.
All right, man,
so we got a lady's watch.
A Timex, man?
Yeah, they're
good quality, man.
A digital camera, man,
yo, people still use these?
Really? Really?
You stole stamps.
Who the fuck
steals stamps?
Well, what was I supposed
to do, Derek?
Take the flat screen?
You know?
The point is
they don't notice.
Also, I got
a picture here.
Gift card.
No need to boost it
when you got pocket scan.
Okay, okay. See, that's
why you the brains.
Yeah, well, it's true, it's not
our best haul by any stretch.
- Know what I mean?
- Hey, well let me get the digital camera.
- You get the watch and gift card.
- Why do you want the camera?
Oh, man, it may have
boobies on it.
Dude, she was like
Betty White old,
do you know what I mean?
That's disgusting.
Mm, she was old,
but she's still got titties.
You're a pervert.
Looks all right,
doesn't it, hmm?
Hey, yo, so she was
really laying back
with her shirt all open,
looking all pouty face
like a Victoria's Secret
Oh, just never...
never make that face again.
Look, man, Riley's way too hot
for you, dawg, and too smart.
So you keep
telling me, Derek.
I'm sorry, man, look, I'm just
saying, you gotta keep stepping up,
see how much that tortured
artist thing plays out for you
when you're 30
and you're broke.
Boys! Boys!
- Nino!
- Nino!
I think three
is too much.
- Oh.
- Two was better.
I don't wanna
piss off the regulars.
People love
the convenience, Nino.
You're a trendsetter.
Listen, soon all
of downtown's
gonna be following
your lead.
Come on, man,
don't worry about it.
- Okay, we see how it goes.
- We got you covered, Nino.
Always the salesman, this one.
Oh, hey, Nino,
I got you, buddy.
Welcome to Nino's.
How you doing, sir?
I'll grab that for you.
I told you not in the restaurant.
Put that thing away.
You guys have
a lovely evening.
- Oh!
You might need these.
Oh, I'm sorry,
it's in case of emergency.
All right,
have a wonderful dinner.
I'll try.
Enjoy your dinner, sir.
Get out! Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, no!
- Sean.
- DEREK: Yo?
- No. No fucking way.
Yeah, I knew you'd say that.
That's why I'm driving.
SEAN: Yeah, no shit, because they're
nice people, Derek, come on.
Dawg, they drive
a Range Rover.
They get, like,
two miles per gallon.
No, they're assholes.
Coming from the guy
who doesn't recycle.
Where's the registration?
Oh, hell, yeah, man,
look, straight up Burnside.
They're less
than a mile away from you.
I don't like it, man.
Two parents with their kids.
What does that mean?
- SEAN: I know, I know what you're gonna say.
- That's right, nobody's home.
Saying it doesn't actually
make it so, though, Derek.
Look, if I see an alarm sign
I'll bail out, all right?
You're already
halfway there, aren't you?
I'll see you
in ten minutes, brother.
What's the point
of even having it?
Is everything satisfactory
with your meal?
- It's wonderful, thank you.
- Ah, indeed.
Easy, boy.
- Easy, easy, boy.
Stay, stay.
- Oh! Oh!
- Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
Why don't you get out
in the air tonight?
Don't! Oh, shit!
Oh, shit.
I made better tips
washing cars, bro.
Yup, it wasn't a banner night
for customer service.
Can't wait
for it to be over.
- Look at this.
- Wait a minute.
No, no, run it through the Cayman
offshore, our S.E.C. problem goes away.
You're slipping, Mitchell.
Fat fucking ride.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang back.
It's my turn.
Welcome to Nino's, sir.
It's paddle-shift, so don't
go breaking the ears off
thinking it's your granny's
Anyone smokes anything near
my car, we'll have a problem.
Try not to sweat,
you smell like a drum circle.
For God sake don't park
under any fucking trees, huh?
Oh, that's... that's
a beautiful car, sir.
Yeah, don't fucking
touch it.
No, no, 10,000
is good for now.
I'll call you. I have
something new breaking.
Calculating directions.
You will arrive at your
destination in three minutes.
has been reached.
- Here we go.
- Oh, fuck.
- Oh, you beauty!
We're in.
- Lovely. All right.
No alarm?
Oh, wow! It really pays to
be a complete arsehole.
Oh, you...
- Oh, shit.
- Yo, talk to me.
- SEAN: You sitting comfortably, Derek?
Brand spanking new black card
came in today's mail.
- Shut up, dawg, for real?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
He doesn't even know
it's here.
Bro, we're gonna buy,
like, 50 iPhones tonight, dawg.
SEAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, EBay scam, yeah.
DEREK: Dude, that card's gonna
make us $15,000 in two days, bro.
Fuck man, I could
take Riley to Maui.
Are you kidding me, man?
I'm moving outta my mom's.
It is about time, you fuckin' slacker.
All right, listen to me. Is the
sticker still on the card?
SEAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Guy's name is Cale Erendreich.
Yeah, it says call to activate,
then the number.
Awesome. Okay, look, you gotta call
from the number tied to his account.
All right? Try calling
from his house phone.
Everything cool
on your end, yeah?
DEREK: I got it cold, bro.
What about our old
douchey douchenreich?
They're just getting
their salads now, man.
Oh, fuck, gotta track down
the missing cordless.
- It's not on the base.
- DEREK: Well, look by the TV, dawg.
No, it's...
No, nothing.
Ah, well, hey, he probably took
it to his office or something.
- That's what I do.
- You don't have an office. You take yours in the shitter.
Hey, man, I do my best
thinking in there.
It's upstairs, fuck.
Let's check in here.
- Guest room.
- DEREK: Any sign of kids?
- It would be amazing if this prick has a goldfish.
- Just heard it.
- Got it.
DEREK: Awesome,
awesome, awesome.
VOICE RECORDING: Thank you for
calling to activate your new card.
Please enter your card number
as it appears on the card.
Okay, darlin',
anything you say.
VOICE RECORDING: Please wait a moment,
your card is being activated.
Come on, baby.
VOICE RECORDING: Your card has
been activated. Good-bye.
- Yes!
- Yes!
I love that woman.
Kinky bastard. The guy's
got handcuffs by his bed.
You're not touching
those, are you?
Okay, we're done
with this room.
There's another door here.
It's like seriously
fortified though.
DEREK: What do you mean?
Like an office?
- Yeah, maybe.
- Hey, bro, well, you don't buy a lock
unless you got shit
worth stealing.
Well, my thoughts
exactly, Derek.
It's got this
big mad lock on it.
Gee, too bad you don't
have the keys, right?
No, no, look, look,
we've been gone long enough,
let's not be greedy,
all right?
Are you crazy, man?
What is a perfect score?
The perfect score...
cut the bullshit.
One so big you never have
to pull another one, stupid!
All right, all right,
all right, fine, fine, fine.
Stay there.
Okay, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on!
- No.
- Cheers.
No. Next.
Oh, yes!
We're in!
Yup, it's an office,
all right.
Going to the computer now.
It's unlocked!
Holy shit!
Yes, okay, okay, okay. You're
looking for a password file.
All right? Everybody has one.
But you gotta search content.
Content, yeah, I know how to
search for fucking passwords.
- Thank you. Password.
Searching, searching.
Two minutes it says.
You got time, bud.
Ooh, checkbook!
- It's only got one check in it though.
- DEREK: Nah, that's cool, man.
All you need is the account
number and the routing number.
Oh, yeah.
I guess that pays off.
- Okay.
Jesus fuckin' Christ!
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Jesus Christ.
Okay, okay.
Don't worry.
- No!
- No, no, no, listen, listen, look, I'm just gonna
take the thing
out of your mouth.
Come out, you fucker!
Help me, help me, please!
Help me, please.
I am.
I'm gonna help you.
- Listen.
- We don't have much time.
What do you mean?
I will be right back
with you, sir.
Thank you so much.
Okay, twenty.
It's gotta
be one of these.
No, no, no,
it's none of those.
It's none of those.
It's a skeleton key.
It's on a leather chain.
Where? Where?
Where is it?
It's on his neck.
Oh, shit.
Leaving so soon?
Yeah, I have to.
What, are you writing a book?
I just need my car.
Yeah, right away.
Uh, you know, I got this couple
right ahead of you,
and then no worries,
I got you.
Hold on.
No, it's never gonna work!
It's bolted to the floor.
Oh, fuck! I've gotta find
a way through these chains.
DEREK: Sean,
where are you, dude?
Dude, listen,
I've gotta call you back.
Where the hell are you?
- What?
- Dude, the guys outside, man,
I got his frickin' ticket.
He wants his car back.
I can't even explain
over the phone.
I don't give a shit. Just get the hell
back here right now before we go to jail.
What's the problem, huh?
The thing is I shouldn't
even be here.
No, I don't care
if you're robbing the place!
I don't care!
I'll never tell anyone.
I swear.
I swear to God.
I'm gonna get you outta here,
I just need to find something
to cut through
this fucking chain.
Okay, um, downstairs
I think he had tools.
in the garage cage.
Hey, wait, wait!
Put the chair back.
- What?
- Look! It's not on, but he can check it.
Holy shit.
Hey, turn off the light and put
that thing back in my mouth.
Just in case.
Okay, okay.
You ready?
Come on.
Listen to me.
- I'm gonna be right back.
- Oh, you better go.
I promise,
I promise.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck!
You guys get home safe, and thank you
guys so much for coming out tonight.
Really appreciate it.
And you, sir, you, uh,
you had the, uh...
Right, uh, was it
the blue one?
The only one
in your fucking lot.
Of course.
I'll be right up.
All right, sir,
I'll be right back.
What do I owe you?
DEREK: Oh, that was
fucking close.
Where the hell were you?
He's... he's got a girl...
He's got a girl?
No, like,
like chained up,
like a fucking animal.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
Look, look.
Oh, my God.
But he's... he's on the
way back there now.
I have to call the police.
Hey man, you know they're gonna
have your number, right?
I'll do 67.
No, man, that shit
doesn't work for 911.
- Your number pops up anyway.
- Well, so what?
So what? Dude,
we'll both get busted.
But you didn't
talk to her.
You didn't leave her there
for that fucking monster!
WOMAN: 911.
What is your emergency?
There's a girl
being held captive
at 8723 Green Lake Vista,
in Portland, she's...
she's chained up
in his office.
She's in serious danger.
Send the police now.
Do you understand what
I'm telling you?
I understand, sir.
Have you seen
this woman?
Uh, just please,
please, help her.
You did good, man.
Relax, you already did
all you can do.
No, no, I didn't.
Dude, where the hell
you going?
To make sure it gets done.
Oh, and get rid of this.
And our little
side venture is over.
I'm never so much as stealing a piece
of gum for the rest of my life.
VOICE RECORDING: Thank you for
calling to activate your new card.
Please enter your card number
as it appears on...
All righty, you guys
have a great dinner?
- Uh-huh.
- All right, ma'am. Here's your key.
All right, sir,
here's your key.
- A key for you, sir.
- What do we owe you?
Oh, no, no, no, it's on the house,
guys, don't worry about it.
- All your cars are right here on the street.
- Thank you.
You guys have
a wonderful evening.
Thank you so much.
I appreciate it.
I'm trying, man.
Oh, fuck.
- Yes!
Come on, baby.
Come on, get him!
- Can I help you?
- Can you take a step outside, sir?
Now, you fucker!
Now I've got you.
Hey, what's going on?
Ma'am, do you wanna
step down here
and have a talk with me
for a minute?
Do you mind
stepping outside?
I've got a couple of questions
I'm going to ask you.
Is there anybody else
in your house?
No, go into
the fucking house!
Go in!
What the fuck?
- You guys have a good evening.
- And you.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, you fucking idiots!
60, 70, 80, okay, Nino,
your money's right there,
- Papa, I'll see you, okay?
- Wait!
- WOMAN: That was crazy, right?
- CALE: Uh, yeah.
WOMAN: Never a dull moment
with you though, is there?
CALE: It's too bad
you have to work early
'cause I have some tricks
I haven't busted out yet.
Oh, I bet that you do.
Mmm, see you soon.
Good night.
Come on. Fuck.
- Sean, open up, please!
- God's sake.
Get in!
All right,
so what did I miss?
He had another girl
in there.
So, who's the girl?
- Some ho?
- No, no, she had a day job.
She sounded more like
a booty call,
but he got her here
so quick,
which means on top
of everything else,
this guy's like a monster
fucking player.
Hey, man, I thought I told you
to tint these windows, dawg.
Oh, yeah, I should take your
advice on more life decisions.
- Hey, I didn't make you come here, man.
- No, I know.
I know you didn't.
Why didn't you just give
the girl his phone, man?
Do you think I haven't
asked myself that
a million fucking times?
Because I panicked, okay?
I got scared.
I saw that murderous shit in
the garage, and I fucking...
and I bailed,
and it was the worst
fucking decision
of my life.
Hey, man, you never
gotta apologize
for being scared, bro.
Just... I don't know, man,
make another anonymous call
or something.
No. Fuck that. For all
we know he's got a stack
of brunettes lined up
to vouch for him. No.
We wait until he leaves,
and we use these.
Most people forget
to lock the door
from the garage
to the kitchen.
I forget myself
And over here's
your point of entry.
We've never opened
that window, ever.
Well, doesn't
take much.
Even a quarter inch,
and a good thief will catch it.
There's been a rash
of it lately.
Do you know how
to use that?
I ain't going in there
with just a hacksaw, bro.
- Just be careful, man.
- Look, look, look.
Oh, he's leaving, he's fucking leaving.
Come on! Come on!
Oh, shit.
Fuck, get down,
get down, get down.
- Do you think he saw us?
- No. You ready?
- Let's go, let's go.
- Okay, come on.
Fuck. Psst, Sean,
the window's open.
Come on. Come on.
Give me a boost.
All right.
This way.
I'd like to report a break in
in progress at my neighbor's,
8723 Green Lake Vista.
Thank you.
All right.
Walk in there.
What the hell?
- Where?
- There was a massive lock right there.
No, no, no, no, no.
- This isn't...
- Hey, man, are you sure this is the right room?
Yes, man, she was here.
She was chained here.
This isn't possible.
There was no carpet.
- What?
- The carpet.
- Oh, shit!
Oh, fuck.
Go! Go! Go!
- Come on, come on, come on!
- I got it.
Hey, there, don't let tears
distract us from our work.
Comportment is a virtue.
You've been
such a help tonight.
You've earned the next stage
in your evolution.
And the vulgar
shall be corrected.
That window that you hopped
through, that wasn't open before.
I'm 100% positive of that,
which means...
which means
that he left it for us.
Are you crazy?
No, man, forget it.
Dude, look, let's just chill
here for a little bit
and let things
cool down, all right?
Then I'll take you
back to your car.
Just take me
to the police station.
- Sean, man...
- It's a girl's life.
Dude, just make
another call.
- Fuck that.
- Oh, my God.
- Sean!
- No!
They need to see my face.
They need to see this.
Dude, she's probably
already dead by now.
Derek, that's somebody's
little girl.
- I mean, what if this was your sister?
- My sis...
If it was my sister, I'd go
out there and save her myself.
We tried that, didn't we?
We tried that,
and it didn't work!
(STAMMERS) We're in way
over our heads here!
Dude, you know you're
going to jail, right?
Yeah, well I deserve
to go to jail!
Look, man, you wanna
get locked up,
that's on you, okay?
People don't like me, dawg.
People don't like my family, man.
My brothers, they already
made sure of that shit.
The dudes
from the neighborhood,
the dudes
that did this shit...
they're just sitting
in county, man,
with nothing to do.
They see my punk ass
walk in through those gates,
it's open season on me, dawg.
They'll fucking
kill me, man.
Okay, you were never there.
I was alone.
(SIGHS) It's the only
lie I'm telling.
This place is really
important to me.
I don't show it
to just anyone,
only when I see something
really special,
that wild spark.
We don't need this anymore.
I won't scream.
No, you won't.
Lift up your hair.
What do you want from me?
Well, your dressage,
your training,
is shaped like a pyramid.
You're in the middle,
learning rhythm
and routine.
And what's at the top?
The top?
I'm clean.
I'm clean, I swear.
I did it all exactly
as you asked.
Circular motions?
Circular motions,
using the correct soap
and lotion,
in the order you told me.
What are you doing?
Go to bed!
This could be anywhere.
For all I know,
it's your girlfriend.
She's not my girlfriend.
What were you doing
at this guy's house?
I was robbing it.
- What did you steal?
- His credit card.
Which you say
you don't have.
What happened to it?
I lost it.
Evading an officer,
reckless driving,
destruction of public property,
parking meter, a bus stop,
and a fire hydrant,
that's a trifecta.
What's that got to do with
anything that we're talking about?
You know, you've got a lot
to lose if you get busted.
- Like your green card.
- Do you think I'd walk in here if I didn't have to?
I'll be honest with you, I really
don't know why you're here.
To save a girl's life.
This girl
that you left tied up.
Look, you can do
whatever you want to me,
send me to jail, deport me,
I don't care,
and she wasn't tied,
by the way, she was chained,
and strapped with leather,
like a fucking horse,
and the guy that lives there
did that to her.
- This guy, Erendreich...
- Cale Erendreich, yes,
the same name I've been
saying for four fucking...
excuse my language... hours.
Just please...
please go find the guy.
Yeah, we're making
some calls.
But you should go to his house.
I mean, there's gotta be clues.
We've been to his house twice.
First time he was with a woman,
not the girl in the picture,
both my officers confirmed that.
Yeah, 'cause he knew
something was up.
That's why he had
that other woman there,
the taller one
with the darker hair.
- How would you know that?
- Because...
because I was watching.
Can I help you?
Whoa, sorry about that.
- Are you Cale Erendreich?
- I am.
Sir, we're investigating
some alleged crimes
in the neighborhood,
possibly a break in?
Would it be okay if I
came inside, had a look?
How do you
take your coffee?
I'm embarrassed enough you were
called out once last night.
I wasn't aware
there was a second call.
We rang the bell
for a while.
I went to the store
to get milk for the morning.
I was gone,
maybe a half hour.
You married,
Mr. Erendreich?
but dating, you know?
But no girl chained up
in the office?
Sorry to disappoint you.
Nice set.
Something's missing though.
Ah, yeah, bolt cutters.
Lent them to a friend.
I never lend my tools.
They don't seem to come back.
He'll give them back.
- Sorry you had to see that.
- No problem.
Yeah, everything's here...
laptop, valuables,
a little bit of cash.
I'd love to tell you something's
missing, but it's not.
Do you have any reason to think
that somebody would wanna hurt you?
I'm just a guy.
You know, now that
you mention it,
I have been getting
a lot of prank calls.
Hang ups.
Calls where the caller
doesn't say anything.
Any idea who it is?
Oh, who knows.
You know, like I said,
I'm a single guy.
Some of the women I date
have ex-boyfriends,
I just figured,
you know...
Say no more, it's all beginning
to make sense.
Oh, you by chance
eat at Nino's last night?
Nino's? That place
down the street?
If I want Northern Italian,
I go to La Finestra.
- It's worth the drive.
- I'll have to check it out.
Good coffee,
by the way.
Better than the shit I buy.
Oh, one last thing,
the window.
I noticed the screen
was ripped open,
like someone cut it
with a knife.
How did that happen?
Oh, that was all me.
A couple weeks ago I had to break
into my own house after a run.
I really should hide
a key somewhere.
Be sure to hide it well.
You're free to go.
Mr. Erendreich's
not pressing charges.
What? What?
Wait, so you spoke to him?
- I sat in his kitchen.
- And you didn't arrest him?
- For what, Sean?
- For kidnapping,
for false imprisonment,
jaywalking, I don't know,
anything to get him
off the streets.
Were you drinking
last night?
- Listen to me, I'm telling you the truth.
- Here's what I think.
In your mind, you think this guy
stole some girlfriend of yours.
No! No! No! I don't
even know her name.
I can't think of any other
reason why you'd waste my time
with all this bullshit.
I tell you what,
if so much as a newspaper
gets jacked
from that neighborhood,
my first move
is arresting you.
Hang on, but wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait,
so you're gonna stay on it, you're
gonna keep searching for the girl?
For all I know, you got that picture off of
Tumblr, 'cause it wasn't taken at his house.
Oh, my God,
this isn't happening.
- This isn't happening.
- I'll tell you what's not happening.
Me locking you up
for making a phony 911 call,
which I could absolutely do.
Whatever beef
you've got with Erendreich,
you stay the fuck
away from him, you hear me?
Stop harassing him.
I'm not making this up.
You wanna file
a missing person?
Try the FBI.
Is this who came to see you?
You're so good.
- Oh.
- Thank you, Sean.
Yo, so, is that it?
We have what we need.
So, now you, like,
match her face
with some missing persons
data base, huh?
I can't discuss
an investigation.
But there is
an investigation?
You know, but I can
identify her, you know?
So, if you need me,
you'll give me a call?
You should go home.
Look, I'm sorry,
just, please,
I just need to know
that's she's okay.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
- MAN ON PHONE: Records.
- Hey, this is Fuller.
Can you bring the
Valkenberg file to my desk?
- MAN ON PHONE: Oh, the cold case?
- Yeah, the trust fund kid.
Digital copy, okay?
- No, I want a hard copy.
- MAN ON PHONE: Okay, no problem.
- Nino's.
MAN ON PHONE: What kinda
place you running, man?
Excusa, what do you mean?
My wife and I just ID'd
one of your little
parking valets,
down at the goddamn
police station.
We come and eat
at your restaurant
and this is how you repay us,
by robbing our house?
Quite a racket
you got, pal.
Cop said it's been
happening for months!
You know, my wife works
for immigration and customs.
I sure hope everybody
in your kitchen
has their goddamn papers.
She should be here.
Sean! What are you
doing here?
Oh, what's wrong?
Nothing, just, I haven't slept.
Look, I need to talk to you.
Yeah, of course,
darling, but...
Riley, you gotta go.
- Just blow it off.
- I can't.
I have a presentation.
It's worth a third of my grade.
Something's happened.
I'll be done in 90 minutes.
You can tell me
everything then.
- Okay?
- Okay, okay.
- Meet me at my place?
- Yeah, sure.
Okay, I love you,
Love you, too.
Listen, there's no way
I can work today, man,
I haven't slept, and I can't
get iron girl outta my head.
- Who?
- I just can't stop thinking that maybe...
we're both trapped
in that house together.
You know what I mean?
It's like I've never left.
Yeah, man, no worries.
It's all good. I got your back.
- What the fuck?
- What?
Hey, I'll call you back.
Yo! What the hell you doing here, man?
This is our account.
- Not no more.
- Says who?
- Nino.
- Yeah? How about I kick your country ass face in?
I'm standing
right here, bitch.
Boys, boys, we can't
have no trouble.
Nino, what's going on, man?
This ain't right.
No trouble.
You go, huh?
He's asking nice, I'm not.
Fuck you, man,
this is bullshit.
It's fucking bullshit, Nino.
Don't come back, bitch.
DEREK: Fuck you.
You're excused.
A glacier may move
in two ways.
The first is glacial
internal flow.
This is caused by the gravity
and internal pressure
- pushing the glacier formation to lower elevation.
It's not unlike knocking
over a stack of cards.
As you can see this means
the top of the glacier
is moving faster
than the bottom
because of friction
with the ground.
Base wall sliding is caused by
the base of the glacier melting.
- This is like an ice cube on a countertop.
As it melts, the base
becomes slippery.
Glaciers move very slowly.
- Most of the time, only a few centimeters each day.
a glacier speeds up.
When a glacier speeds up,
it's called surging.
A surging glacier
can advance 10s
or even 100s
of meters a day.
- What's that smell?
- I had to fish this shit outta the garbage.
Well, don't bring it
into the flat,
just leave it there,
all right?
- Sit down, I'll get you some ice for your eyes.
- Thanks, man.
I swear to God, man,
I outta go back with my HK
- and show those goddamn rednecks what's what.
- Let it go, man.
I mean, we're lucky
we're not in jail.
So, how many of them
were there?
Bitch, shut up.
I don't know what I did to you,
but you are such an asshole.
What the...
I have to go.
I'm really sorry, man.
Riley! Riley,
can you hear me?
If someone can hear me...
You got some fucking nerve
coming here.
- I didn't do this. This wasn't me, Jocelyn.
- Okay.
- Riley! Just...
- Hey, she doesn't wanna talk to you!
Hey, do you want me
to call security?
I don't know what happened.
All right, please.
- Riley, for two minutes.
- You leave this building.
- It's for students only. Get the fuck out of here!
- Listen to me for a second.
- SEAN: I didn't do it.
- JOCELYN: Tell that to her dad.
- Riley, please! Please.
- Asshole!
- Riley, please!
- Fuck! Security!
- Jesus. Jesus.
CALE: Do you know why you're not
in their little jail right now?
- Why?
- Because you're in mine.
I will correct you.
never disrespect you like that,
I love you.
You've gotta believe me.
Just call me back, please.
Maybe he's telling
the truth.
I mean, it's just so
out of character for him.
I can't believe
you're considering this.
I need to look him
in the eye.
Well, how about
I wait in the car,
with a gun?
I won't be long.
Ah, Jesus.
Don! Don!
I need your truck.
I can explain later.
What's wrong?
I got fired.
Said I was stealing
company property.
You believe that shit?
I said "Don Falco
is no thief.
You wanna check my truck,
you go ahead."
Found almost 10 grand of
equipment sitting in the back.
I'm no thief.
I know you're not.
- I know.
Babe, why aren't you
at work?
I've been suspended.
There's a claim
that I assaulted a child,
as if I'd ever do
such a thing.
I have to tell you
exactly what's going on.
And, Don, you can punch me in the
face, whatever, when I'm done,
but right now you have to listen
to me because we're not safe.
None of us.
Oh, my God.
Derek, Derek,
can you call me...
- Sorry.
- Sorry, love.
Can you call me back as soon
as you get this, please?
DON: Just pack your essentials,
Patty, anything else, we'll buy.
Hey, Rowan, that thing still have
photo editing software, yeah?
Dad says
we have to get ready.
Wait, one second,
one second.
PO box 21... San?
Holy, shit.
You are not taking the car.
You are not going anywhere
except the Radisson
where I'm checking us in,
then you, me, and a lawyer
are going to the cops,
and they will
believe you this time.
We can do that after.
Please, Dad.
Oh, now I'm Dad?
I'm begging you,
I have to protect my family,
and that includes you,
not some girl
we don't know.
- He's gonna kill her.
- You don't even know her name.
Look, you have always encouraged
me to do the right thing,
this time I have
to do the right thing.
I have to.
I'll meet you
at the hotel, I promise.
- Sean.
- All right?
- Sean!
There will be
an unholy correction.
There will be fire!
No breakfast.
Positive match
on the girl.
She went missing
three weeks ago.
I've run this six times.
From what he told us about the
leather straps, and iron chains,
it's the same MO as Phoenix,
Memphis, and Denver.
Your trust fund
phantom again.
Christ, Fuller, we need
to find you a hobby.
I'll make a deal
with you, sir,
if we catch this guy
I'll learn to cook.
So, you wanna say Cale is
the Valkenberg kid all grown up?
That kid would
be close to 40 now.
The right age.
White male, medium build.
It's 40 million Americans.
I know, but every one
of these cases
has at least a tangential
tie to Portland.
There is something
about Oregon that he likes,
- What?
- I don't know yet.
Okay, your trust fund
theory tracks,
I'll give you that.
Here's my problem.
Your little valet friend
could not have less credibility
- GIRL: Stop!
- No!
- You're killing him!
Out of chaos comes order.
I define the chaos.
I create the order,
not you, not him.
You understand?
I understand.
I am the decider!
- Riley.
- MAN ON PHONE: Is this Sean Falco?
- Who is this?
- MAN ON PHONE: You're listed as an emergency
contact for Riley Seabrook.
- What?
- MAN ON PHONE: She's been admitted to the hospital.
What hospital?
Hey, Riley.
This is my fault.
I messed up.
The man who did this to you
is trying to hurt me
because I broke
into his house.
Because that's what
I've been doing.
Because I'm a fucking idiot,
just a common
stupid thief.
And now he's...
hurt you,
and I...
I am so, so sorry.
Here, let me get the...
What's up, fool?
- Where the fuck have you been?
- I had to pick up a few things.
This guy, Erendreich,
he put Riley in the hospital.
DEREK: What are you
talking about?
He's trying to destroy my life
in a million different ways.
Yo, how do you know
it's him, though?
SEAN: Because he called
me, and he told me,
he kept me out of jail, so that
he could systematically fuck me.
No, man, why the hell would he
do something like that, huh?
SEAN: For the same
reason he keeps a girl
chained up in his office,
to watch us break bit by bit.
- Ma?
- SEAN: Derek, would you listen to me, please?
This guy, he's getting off on this.
You have to watch yourself.
- Do you hear me?
- Yeah, dawg, well, he doesn't know who I am though.
- No, listen, man,
I can't video chat,
I'm driving.
You do can't what?
- Derek!
Remember this?
Huh, this?
This you stole, huh?
You thieving low pig.
In this squalor of...
I mean, I honestly, don't know
what he sees in you.
You are beyond correction.
Derek, listen to me,
I'm on the way! Talk to me!
- Derek, please.
Derek, can you hear me?
Are you there?
Pick up, Derek!
Pick up the phone! Please!
Derek, pick up the phone!
- Oh!
Got you, you fuck!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
And you saw the gunshot?
No, no, I heard it
over the phone.
Just please send somebody.
Derek Sandoval.
He lives on Northwest
Hamilton Street.
I... I can't remember
the number, just... please.
WOMAN ON PHONE: Wait, Hamilton?
Sandoval residence.
Yes, okay.
We've had multiple calls.
Officers have been
Oh, Jesus, man.
They're bumping us
up to the lead.
We're doing this live.
Listen to me, listen
to me, listen to me.
I know who did this, right?
This was Cale Erendreich.
The guy's name
is Cale Erendreich.
Look, this is a picture of him,
which I just sent to the FBI,
Agent Fuller at the FBI,
I just sent this to her.
- What's your name?
- Sean Falco.
Go sit on the curb.
I'll get someone
to take your statement.
five, four, three, two...
REPORTER: Thank you, Glenn. In what
appears to be a murder suicide,
claiming the lives
of three residents.
Police are calling this a domestic
disturbance gone horribly wrong.
Neighbors are out here looking at
the scene, everyone is on edge.
We've tried to get
some information...
Come on! There must
be something here!
Sandy, yes!
Hurry now, little cowboy...
come on down.
Come on, stay with it.
Ride it now.
Yo, come on, now,
ride it now for me, cowboy.
Come on, people,
make some noise now.
- Let me here it from you.
Hey, out there in radio land,
yo, this is the best
station in the city.
- RADIO ANNOUNCER: Let's go to caller...
Holy fuck.
Oh, God.
Oh! Oh, fuck me.
MAN ON PHONE: I'll put a hold on
the land deal then. Anything else?
I want you to wire 50,000,
Canadian, Cashier's check.
To the Watterboro Bank,
Watterboro Bank, Vancouver.
Canada or Washington?
You know your father,
he wanted me to tell you...
Those people don't exist,
(YELLING) I shouldn't
have to correct you!
Uh, Vancouver, Canada it is.
I take it I won't hear
from you for a while?
I'll find you when I need you,
Mitchell, I always do.
He sent this.
Did you run this picture
through NGI?
All right, Let the face team have a look.
Any word on Falco?
Sean's still not answering,
but his phone pinged off
of a tower in Sandy
20 minutes ago.
A guy like Cale wants privacy,
some place rural.
We believe out near Mt. Hood,
due east to Sandy.
If it's private property,
you're gonna need a warrant.
Turn left.
Destination ahead.
WOMAN: Agent Fuller!
Some of that land is federal,
the rest is owned by something
called the Valkenberg family trust.
The trust fund?
Hey, Eric, call the judge
on her call phone,
we want her signing
a warrant in five minutes.
Get on the horn,
I want everyone to know
- we're code three all the way there.
- You've got it.
Let's go, let's go!
Bottoms up, let's roll!
So Valkenberg, go.
Valkenberg was an only child,
billionaire father
with his prized horses.
So the kid killed the horse
trainer to get back at the dad?
No, he was only 14, she was in her 20s.
He had a crush on her.
Tried to impress her by breaking
a wild colt before it was ready,
ended up killing
the horse instead,
and when the trainer
threatened to tell his father,
he killed her.
So, now instead
of breaking horses...
He breaks people.
- I'm gonna get you out.
- I'm gonna get you out.
I'm gonna get you
out of here.
You hear me?
I'm gonna get you
out of here.
Look out!
Just lock...
just lock me back up.
Please, huh?
Just let me starve.
That would be inelegant.
- No.
- Wake up, Sean!
No, no, you said
you were gonna free me.
- And I shall.
- No, what?
You're gonna let me go?
Does it matter to you
one way or the other?
No, sir.
No, sir.
Pay attention, Sean.
No. Don't, don't do it.
Listen, listen, take me.
Take me instead.
Uh, it's not really
and either-or situation.
You're next, but first
you're gonna watch,
and I get to watch you.
Open your eyes,
or I knee cap her.
Oh, please, Cale, please.
Who the fuck's Cale?
- Sean, I swear to God...
- No.
I'll skin you alive.
It'll take me 30 seconds.
Open your fucking eyes.
I'm sorry.
No! Fuck!
It's private property,
We still need a warrant.
We're waiting.
you get to keep your skin.
Well, at least until
the lye takes hold.
For the slightest minute there,
you had me worried.
That screen shot
you took, huh, eh-eh,
that was some stone cold
brilliance right there.
That was fucking inspired.
I mean, finally somebody's
earned the right
to play
in my sandbox, huh?
Even a piece
of used jet trash.
But then you
showed up here,
and I knew that your picture
of me must be inconclusive,
otherwise your little
FBI friend,
all the little
knuckle draggers
would be tearing up
the hillside,
not just you, alone,
armed with some bolt cutters.
Thank you for returning
those, by the way.
You know,
I loathe disorder.
If you're expecting
the FBI to show up,
you should know they're
not looking for me.
They're looking
for her real killer.
- That's you.
- No.
I didn't kill anybody.
No, their investigation will
uncover a different narrative.
One that shows I'm working at
levels beyond your understanding.
While you've been trying so hard
to pin all this on me,
I get to prove
that all of it,
that Derek, Riley,
your idiotic burglaries,
made the perfect cover
for what you were really doing,
And why would I kill Derek?
He was my best friend.
Because he found out.
They won't believe that.
You have no idea
how rich I am.
They know that I'm not
capable of murder.
No, we're not equals
in that respect,
that's why I have planted
a letter of confession
on your hard drive.
More of a manifesto, really.
They'll find it.
Cops love tidy endings.
What are you smiling at?
You are fucking crazy.
- You know that, right?
- No.
No, no, because crazy people
get caught.
And now, see, what for you
has been the most
extraordinary adventure,
was just for me
an ordinary day.
A life void of guilt.
Uh, entanglements,
politics, truly free.
You... you're the puzzle.
A feeling so strong
that you would risk your life
for some woman
you don't even know.
What did you think you would
accomplish coming here?
I just did.
Well, I hope
it was all worth it
because you're getting
buried next to her.
Except you're going in alive.
(SCREAMING) That's how you
fucking save somebody!
I'm sorry.
Here... could you,
- Is he dead?
- Shut up.
- Please, please, hurry, hurry, hurry.
Stop moving!
I can't see straight.
Fuck! I'm covered
in lye, asshole!
Give me that.
Like, run!
Oh, my God.
Get up!
What was that?
Probable cause?
It's not enough.
It's not enough.
All right, guys, let's go!
Here they are.
Right on time.