Bad Things (2023) Movie Script

Go apeshit.
Cooking with gas.
How many people died here?
- Not people-- women.
Will you grab that bag.
Here we go, then.
We're ba-a-ck!
Oh, my God. Can we stay
by the good pool?
Anything you want, baby.
Oh, you can just
put that anywhere.
- Let's drink.
- We're here.
We are, like, so excited
you could be there,
but seriously?
We probably won't need these, but...
Do you want to explain...
- Here she comes.
- Hey...
Here she comes.
Well, it doesn't seem
that haunted.
It isn't.
Is the pool on?
We're he-e-re!
Ruthie, is the pool on?
Ah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.
Which kitchen
do you want to use?
Both, of course.
So you own this place?
Yes, it's all ours.
Ruthie inherited it.
- Not for long.
Hey, you said
you'd keep an open mind.
My God, one online class
and you're ready to
take on hospitality forever.
Did you even watch those videos
I sent you?
Okay. Okay.
I don't-- I don't want to
get into it right now.
We did it.
We're here.
I'm gonna put these
up on two.
The bones are good.
Better than I remember.
Can I pee anywhere?
Not, like, on the carpet.
You know, I just mean
can I take a room or what?
Just stay off three.
There was some flooding,
and we're not insured.
- Two is your oyster.
- Okay.
You hooked up with her again?
Like, she is so--
Ruthie hates her.
She has cancer.
- What?
- I mean, she doesn't.
She thought she did,
but she doesn't anymore.
She got a call
from her doctor this morning.
It felt rude to just,
you know, leave her.
- Wow.
- This is so typical.
"Methods in Hospitality."
When you first acquire
or inherit a hotel,
three factors emerge--
one, timing; two--
"Methods in Hospitality."
It's a mistake
to think of a hotel
as just four walls.
Whether that's an escape
from one's regular life
or an invitation,
think of a hotel
as not just a space
but an experience.
In hospitality, we curate
a world that allows one
to escape their life
but sometimes can encourage
one's darker tend--
You're actually watching it.
I told you I would.
I really think we can
make this place great.
There's way more potential here
than I remembered,
and the room count
is like a third higher.
I've only just started
on the inventory stuff,
but it's not bad.
That's what actually helps
with the loan.
- Cal.
- What?
I'm still meeting
with that agent and the lawyers.
That's why we're here.
I know.
I know that.
Just remember that your grandma
left this place to you,
not your mom.
Your mom just wants you
to sell it and give her--
Just wants you to sell it
so she can buy back
that condo in Florida.
I just want to fix things
between us.
That's all I want.
- I know.
- I love you.
- What is wrong with you?
- Everything.
- I got you!
- Oh, my!
The whiskey.
I need it.
I'm not waiting.
Hey! We got to put
the food in the fridge!
Five deaths in 30 years
is not that many
for a hotel of this--
Scopes Landing had four deaths
in a single fire.
I think ghosts are gonna be
really good for the brand.
- They are.
I'm not scared.
I love ghosts.
I can see them.
The joggers
are my favorite.
They weren't
just, like, joggers.
They were models.
Fashion-model joggers.
And they were here on a shoot
on location.
And they went out one morning
to go on a jog
and got in a fight
and never came back.
One of them
tried to crawl back,
but she got lost in the woods,
and they found her,
and she had leaves
that she had
tried to make into a bandage
for her injury.
Good detail.
Women do bad things, yeah.
Oh, my God.
There's a man
standing at the door.
- Hey.
- Brian.
Um, she isn't here yet.
And you--
you can't just come in here.
You asked me
to set up the pool.
Doesn't just happen
by itself, so...
Brian, these are my friends.
Everyone, this is Brian.
What's up?
Uh, he works here sometimes.
My mom's friend
or whatever.
Yeah, whatever, heh.
Hey, you notice anything?
I lost 17 pounds.
I cut out fruits,
cut out carbs.
Yeah, I don't get it.
It's like, one minute,
your mom and I, we're good,
we're eating hors d'oeuvres,
we're making plans.
And then I can't get her
to call me back.
I mean, you know, I told you
not to give her money, right?
All right.
- Wait. Where are you going?
Do a faucet sweep on three,
'cause we're not gonna get
another freeze, so...
Brian, she's not up there.
Yeah, but her car is outside.
I just want to check her room.
Wait, her room?
she has a room here.
She stayed here
for a little while.
But her car doesn't work,
and I can do the faucets.
...your mother made
some promises to me.
You don't understand her.
You know?
You'll never understand her.
- I'm sorry, man.
- I fucking hate guys like that.
They act all, like, fatherly
and flirty at the same time.
Reminds me of my brother.
I thought you didn't have
any family?
I feel like every Brian I have
ever met looks, talks, and acts
just like that.
You seriously think you could
be happy running a hotel?
I think it sounds fun.
Hotel proprietor.
And it's not like we would be
cleaning the rooms ourselves
or, like, at the front desk.
We would hire a management
company or franchise it.
So do you want to tell me
why you brought her?
You want to tell me
why you're still with her?
We're actually doing
really well.
You really think she isn't
going to cheat on you again?
How can you...
She's not gonna
cheat on me again.
In fact, I think she's
gonna propose this weekend.
I'm gonna go
find another whiskey.
Mads, wait.
Don't get all tough.
I knew you'd come.
Did you think
I was your mom?
Oh, God.
Why the fuck
were you playing that?
Is it her favorite?
That's funny.
I saw you in your mask.
It reminded me
of our weekend.
I can't sleep either.
You came into my room?
Why can't you sleep?
Ow, fuck.
I'm really sorry.
Um, are you--
are you okay?
Oh, shit.
It is bad.
Okay, I'm gonna go
get something.
- It's fine.
- No, no. I'll be right back.
You scare me a little.
Does it hurt?
Not in a bad way.
It's not that bad.
You okay?
It's not the cut.
I-I mean, I...
What time is it?
I need to tell you something.
Last night.
My mom isn't coming.
She texted.
Are you okay?
You want to talk about it?
- Let's go.
Where are we going?
I want them to come.
We don't want to
wake her up.
I think
she's having a nightmare.
Oh, come on, admit it.
You wish you hadn't brought her.
Oh, my God, you're right.
I don't know
what I was thinking.
Let's go.
Ohh, I love those chairs.
Stop. No.
Who even stays
in a hotel anymore anyway?
Your mom does.
Oh, fuck.
I-- I thought this place
was pretty much empty.
Uh, I'm actually looking
for the owner.
Uh, she's a friend of mine.
Sometimes you can't
feel your fingers.
Maddie? Maddie?
- I was in the kitchen.
I wasn't cooking.
You were art girl.
This is exactly the kind
of thing I was talking about.
I mean, having two kitchens
is actually really cool.
Oh, you hit a gold mine.
I just can't see you being happy
locked away in some hotel.
Yeah, she's trying
to trap me here.
- Are you kidding?
- I meant Cal.
I think it would be amazing
to take this place over.
I mean, it's kind of
the perfect town.
If there was a train.
Why isn't there a train?
- Aah!
Maddie? Oh!
She isn't there.
- Fran, what is it?
- I couldn't find you guys.
I-I started seeing things.
Oh, my God,
what happened to your leg?
How did you do that?
- I can't be alone.
Sit down for a second.
Let's get this elevated.
Just get your leg up.
You're okay.
You were having a nightmare.
We shouldn't have told you
all those stories.
We can--
Yeah, we can call you an Uber
so you can go back home.
There's two trains that go back
to the city every day.
I feel so embarrassed.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I totally thought
I saw something.
I, like, freaked out.
How much
did you take last night?
Maybe I shouldn't have
taken that extra Dilaudid.
So she's on drugs?
It's a patch.
It's just a patch.
Biopsies hurt.
- You want to see the scar?
- No.
It's just under my rib.
I don't want to see it.
Do you guys like paella?
My favorite.
Come on.
Thank you for being
so nice to me.
Mom, no more texts, okay?
Just call me.
Look, you know, this is most
likely the last weekend
that we're gonna be here.
I'm meeting
those buyers tomorrow
that you insisted I meet, so...
Um, anyway,
uh, yeah,
just call me back.
I love you too.
See something?
Oh, God.
You've got to relax.
I just wanted to ask you
about last night.
Last night was nothing.
Oh, well, we both know
that's not true, but...
I wasn't talking about us.
There is no us.
I need you to stay
the fuck away from me.
I tried your mask on.
Please don't go in my room.
It's okay.
I have trouble sleeping too.
What's wrong?
I was just asking Ruthie
if someone died here,
like a little girl,
9 or 10.
Something with her hands.
Sounds kind of like
what happened to you.
- No. No.
- Huh?
When she was a little girl.
Why are you always
telling this story?
Her mom dropped her off here
without checking.
She was always dropping her off
somewhere with someone.
But Nana wasn't here.
Hotel was totally empty.
Middle of winter.
She had to spend
three days alone.
No food, no electricity.
She almost lost three fingers
to frostbite.
I don't know why you even
talk to your mom.
Then you obviously
don't understand
a daughter's devotion
to her mother.
What I do understand is
that Ruthie hadn't seen her mom
for seven years,
up until three months ago,
when she randomly showed up
for the will.
You've just been
acting weird ever since.
Like how?
Yeah, like how?
Like open-minded.
I thought you liked that.
You're right.
I guess I do.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!
How's your leg?
Searing pain.
I miss your cooking.
I'm, like, hot
for your cooking.
What are you gonna call
your restaurant?
- Spaghetti.
- That's a great name.
- Thanks.
It's a winning name.
I would go there.
Andrea came up with it.
She really loved my pasta.
Not as much
as I love your pasta.
Not as much
as I love your pizza.
- Aw.
- You remember that?
In the-- the backyard.
It was a white pizza, right?
I think that was the first time
you ever cooked for me.
It was so good.
I'd never had pizza, like,
grilled before.
And I went into your bedroom--
I never told you about this--
but I went into your bedroom,
and I...
I needed to focus,
and I ate it--
ate it all by myself.
It was funny,
but it also wasn't funny.
It was very, um, profound.
Thank you.
That's-- That means a lot.
That actually wasn't
the first time
you had my cooking, though.
It was at the--
at the beach house.
- Oh, my God.
Yeah, she scared us
really bad that time.
You actually--
You actually changed my life
because you were like, "Why are
you gonna work for someone else?
Open your own restaurant."
So, thanks.
That's nice.
That was such a fun week.
What happens in Cherry Grove
stays in Cherry Grove.
See if
you can get it in my mouth.
- Okay.
- Close.
- So close.
Very talented.
I see them again.
See who?
- The model joggers.
- Stop.
you didn't eat anything.
You should come eat
before I scarf up the rest.
I forgot my dairy pill.
Oh, your dairy pill.
I thought your leg hurt.
I thought your leg hurt.
- Ruthie.
- Jeez, be careful.
Yeah, you could hurt someone.
Where are you going?
- Faucets.
Sometimes it's hard to tell
when Ruthie's
having a good time.
And die!
I don't want to die.
"Methods in Hospitality."
Out-of-date properties
require cash flow.
To not address this
is to limp into failures.
And we must fix
the mistakes of the past
by moving into the future.
Claim your future.
Exorcise your past.
It is cold up here.
You shouldn't be up here.
Why did you just storm out
like that?
You shouldn't be up here.
You know that.
Want to tell me
what's going on?
No idea what
you're talking about.
You know I could never
forgive anything again, right?
I thought
we were starting over.
I'm talking about Fran.
How she looks at you.
How angry you get.
I know how you are.
Ruthie, listen to me.
I'm worried about you.
Ever since you went
to the funeral and saw your mom,
you've been acting
really strange.
And, yeah, I'm hurt that
you didn't bring me with you.
There's a buyer.
Cal, come on.
You got to-- stop.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Cal, you have to
listen to me.
I don't feel right here.
I never have.
Yeah, there's a buyer,
but I promise you that I am
gonna keep an open mind
because I love you
and I came here for you.
And I...
I know
I made mistakes in the past,
but I really--
I want to make it right.
- You do?
- I really do.
You love me?
- Yes.
- Prove it.
All right, come on, big boy.
This is fucked up.
"Methods in Hospitality."
In hospitality,
we have the power
to create atmosphere, energy.
It is a home
that is not a home.
See yourself there.
If you don't see it,
I won't see it.
Are you listening to me?
It won't work.
It isn't going to work.
It won't work, Ruthie Nodd.
It isn't going to work.
Oh, my God.
What the fuck
are you doing?
- I'm...
- What the fuck?
What the fuck are you doing?
We need to leave.
We need to...
- What?
We need to get out of here.
You just need to
get the fuck away from me.
I understand now. Okay?
I understand why I'm here.
I am here to save you.
- Are you okay?
- That little girl...
'Cause I think you have
a fever.
It's real.
All of it. Okay?
- Are you okay?
- It is all real.
And we need to leave now. And...
And you need to leave Cal.
Look, now, I don't--
I don't--
you have to listen to me.
I don't know what the fuck
is wrong with you.
See, you need to listen
to me, Ruthie!
You have to listen to me!
I'm sorry.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You need to listen to me, okay?
Otherwise what?
I will tell them!
- Tell us what?
- What the fuck?
What's going on?
Is your leg worse?
We need to leave.
Okay, you can go
if you want to.
We'll get you a car.
No, no, no.
All of us need to leave.
Okay, um...
It looks infected.
My fucking leg!
Fuck my fucking leg!
Listen to me!
We have to go!
We have to leave.
Wake up!
What the fuck?!
I'm so sorry, guys.
She's ruining the weekend.
But, I mean,
what are we supposed to do?
She's, like, injured.
- Maybe she's lying.
- What?
About the cut getting worse.
Her visions. All of it.
Come on.
Why-- Why would she do that?
Remember that thing
she said about her brother?
When she told you
she didn't have any family.
Also, I didn't see
a scar on her belly.
Did you?
He's probably lying about
the cancer scare too.
Like, why, why,
why would she do that?
Why would she lie about
something like that?
For attention.
And I think she wants Ruthie's
most of all.
It's true.
She does focus on you a lot.
I have an idea.
Please listen to me.
Guys, you don't know
what can happen here.
We can leave.
We can leave.
All of us?
Yes, of course,
all of us.
I'm sorry, Cal.
What do you mean?
We should pack.
- Attention, passengers.
The train for New York City
is approaching the station,
arriving on track six shortly.
Making all stops
to New York City.
Attention, passengers,
this is your boarding call
for the train
to New York City.
Please make your way
to track six.
Boarding now.
Please make your way
to track six.
But I can't believe we left
her at that creepy station.
I mean, she could barely walk.
- Or could she?
- Stop.
We did try to take her
to the hospital.
- Yeah, she refused!
- True.
I hate it when you do
those freaky things.
Why do you always do
those freaky things?
And she ripped my coat.
I love you guys.
I miss you!
Why are you still with her?
She cheats on you, and she's
totally obsessed with her mom.
I love you!
Where's Ruthie?!
Watch out. You know how
she likes to freak people out.
That's bad.
We need some chilled.
For you.
I mean women.
You're not funny.
Hey, stop!
We've been calling
and calling for you.
Ruthie, what's going on?
What's the matter?
- She's back.
- What? Who?
- We need to leave.
Yeah, right. Leave?
Stay, leave.
No, I'm not-- I'm not--
I'm not-- I'm not kidding.
We have to leave.
I just saw something outside.
Oh, now you're
seeing ghosts, too?
Don't-- wait.
Dude, I want to see why you're
always glued to this thing.
Are these texts, like,
all from your mom?
They all say the same thing.
"I love you so much."
Just fucking listen to me.
The fuck is wrong with you?
Fran is back.
There is no way
she came back here.
It's not fucking safe here.
Is this you feeling guilty
and imagining things?
- No.
- Okay, stop.
You probably just saw us
running around, okay?
We were
out there goofing off.
- Out there?
- Yeah, out-- out there.
Kitchen, everywhere.
Oh, my God.
I can't stand this.
I'd have thought
you'd have learned
how to live with your guilt
by now.
What is that
supposed to mean?
What is wrong with you?
Why are you trying
to ruin the weekend?
Me? I'm not fucking trying
to ruin the fucking weekend.
It's Maddie.
They're just fucking upset
that you left them for me.
Cal, where are you going?
Honestly, Cal,
we have to fucking leave!
You don't scare me, Ruthie.
You never have.
Hey, what happened?
Are you
Someone fucking cut me.
Ruthie or-- or Fran,
I don't know.
Someone jumped out at me
and fucking cut me
wearing a fucking mask thing.
I just
want to get out of here.
- Are you okay?
- What happened?
- Don't-- get away from me.
- Wait.
She did
one of her tricks again.
- Is she here?
- Did you do that?
No. What...
Are you kidding?
I was on the other side
of the hotel.
I'm just done with this.
I just want to go, and I want
to get away from here.
She is a murderer.
She killed
her real estate partner.
All over the fucking Internet.
It's dead.
Ruthie, your phone's dead.
Well, it must have just died.
Cal, Maddie...
I would never do that to you.
You have to believe me.
She is fucking here,
and she is dangerous.
Tell me what you want to do.
Can-- Can you...
It's not that deep.
I just want to go.
- Okay.
- Good. Great. Okay.
Grab your stuff and let's go.
All right, we're never
gonna catch an Uber.
No, let her go.
I don't understand
what's going on.
You never want to.
Fucking canceled.
Hey, guys, will you give me--
give me your phone, Cal.
- Oh, my God.
- Will you just give me--
- I knew it.
- What is that?
What is this?
- I knew it.
You can't stop yourself.
You fucking
don't know anything!
Give me your fucking phone.
- Get away from me.
- What is that?
Cal. Cal, Cal, Cal.
It didn't...
Nothing happened.
She's fucking lying.
- I'm so dumb.
- No, no, no.
You're not dumb.
- I'm so dumb.
You're not dumb.
It didn't mean anything.
I just--
I went into this fucking--
give me your phone--
angry trance.
- Let go of me.
- And I, like...
I don't-- I don't even
fucking like her.
I just-- I get overwhelmed,
and it's like my way of...
- Let go of me!
- ...hurting myself!
You make me do it.
I told you
over and over again.
I told you
I don't want to come here!
I can't fucking do this
right now.
Fucking car--
the car rerouted.
Can we talk about this later?
'Cause I can't--
I can't do it.
This is insane.
Guys, come on.
- Let's go.
- This is insane.
- Now. Let's go.
There's always been
something wrong with you.
Let's go.
- Open the fucking door!
Don't trust them, Cal.
Cal, just unlock the door.
Unlock the door.
I'm so sorry.
- How could you do this to me?
I'm so sorry.
I-- I came here.
I came here.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
- Let's go.
- You wanted me to come.
- Come on.
I'm-- I'm doing everything right.
- Come on.
- No!
Don't go back in there!
Fran is in there, you guys!
She's gonna hurt you!
Oh, I'm sorry.
Guys, the car is coming.
We have 19 minutes!
Cal. Cal!
Cal. Cal.
I'm s-- I'm sorry!
What the fuck?
There's a car coming.
That makes sense.
I understand.
Well, mm-hmm.
well, you just let me know.
Ms. Auerbach?
You just let me know.
Sorry about that.
Hello, Ruthie Nodd.
You're the woman
from those videos.
How are you here?
How did-- did you get in?
That's a lot of questions.
I'm with your team.
I'm a consultant.
Right. Yeah.
I'm so so--
I-I forgot. I...
I can't believe
that you're here.
I didn't realize
that you were in the area.
Well, I'm not.
Not really.
I came up from the city.
Are you okay?
Yeah, it's just... Yeah.
There-- There's a dangerous
woman in this hotel,
and we need--
we need to get out of here.
Sorry. I'm sorry. I must--
I must sound really crazy.
You actually just sound nervous.
Like someone who isn't ready
to make a big decision.
Like selling
their grandma's hotel.
Maybe. Yeah.
I don't know.
Do you want to talk about it?
And I kind of messed things up
with my girlfriend.
I do bad things sometimes.
Well, who doesn't?
Now, do you think you might be
imagining things?
I thought I saw someone
in the elevator,
and no one was really there.
Well, there you go.
Oh, they're here.
Oh, there you are.
Ah, your lawyer
already looked it over.
Or at least,
rather, your mother's lawyer.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Your mother filled out
most of the paperwork
right after the funeral,
as you know.
But as the sole proprietor
and heir,
really need you
to seal the deal.
We've already done our
back-and-forths on this price.
I know this place used to be
the Four Seasons of the '80s,
but times have changed.
You're not the only indoor pool
in the neighborhood,
if you get what I mean.
So this is
a pretty fair dollar sign.
I'm not sure
I want to sell.
You're kidding me.
Then what are you doing here?
Why did you insist on me
setting up a Saturday visit?
You were adamant before,
and so was your mother.
You both begged me
to push this thing through.
I'm afraid
I'm a little bit baffled.
Like, really baffled.
She said that she doesn't know
if she wants to sell.
I'm sorry.
I have changed my mind.
I think.
My girlfriend has been
taking these hospitality classes
and, you know,
we might get married, and...
This offer
is not gonna stand forever.
It isn't easy to move
these kinds of properties.
You might want
to give your mom a call.
Are you okay?
You look like
you could use a hug.
Can you ask for it?
Can I have a hug?
Your hair smells
just like my mom's.
If I were your mom,
I would never leave you alone.
Things happen to little girls
who are left alone.
I know.
I should go.
My car is probably here.
Of course. I can walk you out.
The doors have been acting up.
Oh, no, no, no. No.
What you need to do
is find that girlfriend of yours
and work things out.
You're probably right.
It was really so amazing
to meet you.
Just remember,
you know what's best.
Got great news.
We're gonna keep the hotel.
Guys, you don't have to
be afraid of me.
Cal, Cal, no.
No, Cal.
Cal, no.
Oh, my God! No, no!
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay. Shh.
No, no. I called the police.
- Did you do that?!
They're on their way.
We need to get out of here.
Is he dead?
Ruthie, what are you doing?
- I'm just getting his keys.
Ruthie, what is going on?
Maddie, stop!
Stop! What are you doing?
Fucking maniac!
- Stop! What are you doing?!
- Fuck is wrong with you?!
- Stop! What are you doing?!
- Get the fuck out of here!
You guys!
- Stop it!
Fuck out of here!
Guys, will you fucking
listen to me?!
Fucking listen!
- I don't think I can do it.
- Do it! Now!
Do it now!
I am so sorry!
Are you fucking insane?!
She's a fucking murderer
in here!
- I can't do this.
- You fucking traitors!
- In there.
- You guys, fucking listen!
The police are coming!
The police are coming!
No, guys!
No, you can't do this.
You can't do this.
Fran is out there!
Fran's not here.
It's you.
No! No, it is not.
And you know that!
Hang on. We'll wait
for the police to get here.
It's Fran!
What is wrong
with you?
Cal, no,
I promise
that I w-won't make
any m-more mistakes.
I promise.
I'm gonna-- I'm gonna keep
the hotel for-- for-- for us.
- Cal.
I can't be
locked in here, not...
Please open the door!
Open the door!
Can I have a hug?
I came back for you.
No. What did you do?
What did you do?
Where's Cal?
Cal? Cal?!
Did you kill them?
- Cal?
- No, no.
- Cal?!
- No, Ruthie.
I came back for you.
Can we go?
Cal, what did you do?
No, of course not.
I just came back for you.
I would have never
let you come here.
What is it, Ruthie?
I don't know what's going on.
I just want to go home.
Ruthie, please.
Just come with me.
Okay, okay.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Okay. I am so sorry.
I am so sorry. Okay.
All right, we--
your phone.
Let me just get your...
Um, is...
This isn't your...
Why do you have
your mom's phone?
Oh, yeah.
Why do you have
your mom's phone?
I don't want to talk
about it right now.
I told you
I didn't want to come here.
I told you over and over...
- Oh, God.
...and over and over
and over and over...
- Get away from her!
Get away from her!
I won't let you hurt her!
Get away from her!
Get away from her!
I've never cried
in front of anyone before.
I like to dance.
Not now.
Mommy's busy.