Bad Twin (2016) Movie Script

[mist whooshes] [loon calls] [mysterious music] - Or crying, or worse,
and you know, I mean, that's when I knew
I had to end things with her. You know?
So cut to five months later. I moved out, right? Same woman I broke up with shows up
at my door wearing heels and not much else, Dr. Jen. - And was this visit expected? - Hell, no. I mean, my new girlfriend, also an ex now,
opened the door. Yeah. She opened the door
to my admittedly hot, nearly nude ex-girlfriend. The thing is, Dr. Jen, I can't seem the find
the whole package. - I mean, being clear
on what you want is gonna help to figure out what is gonna fit into your life and what isn't. Look, let's try this. Why don't you tell me, what are the traits
of your perfect person? You know, what is she like? What does she look like? - Well, she's got to be smart,
educated, have a successful career
of her own. You know, actually, Dr. Jen,
now that I think of it, you are what I'm looking for. You're together. You're a relationship expert. You are the whole package. Hey, how about dinner sometime? - Kyle, I am--I'm so flattered,
and thank you so much. But I'm taken. I do wish you so much luck
in this quest, and remember, you create
the love that you deserve. Up next, we have
Lilith on line six. Hello, Lilith. - I'm here. - My screener said you had
a question about siblings. - That's right.
But why would I ask you? You think you're such an expert? A little birdie told me
your family's a total mess. Isn't that right? - You know, the family dynamic
is complex, mine included. It's how you handle these
situations that really matter. - Why don't you
talk about deadbeat dads or moms with endless streams
of boyfriends? Or how about commitment-phobic
career women? Huh? Huh?
[chuckles] - You sound
really angry, Lilith. - You think you're some expert. Well, you're no expert.
You're just a fake. You're a fake! Fake-- [switch clicks,
audio cuts off abruptly] - This is the Dr. Jen show, and we'll be back
right after this. - [grunts] - It's for my mom, Georgina.
- Aww. - So is it true you're
working on another book? - Yes.
It comes out this Christmas. - Is there anything you could
tell us about it? - I can't say too much quite
yet, but if you keep listening, I promise there'll be
some sneak-peeks. - Oh, we will.
- Thank you. Nice to meet you guys. - Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you. Thank you. - Thanks, Dr. Jen.
- Hey, look. - It's so good. - You're a liar.
- Oh, my-- - You're a fake.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa whoa--what
do you think you're doing? - I hate--let me go.
Let me go. - What do you think
you're doing? - You're a fake.
You're a fake. You're a fake!
I hate you! Let me go. - Hey, chill, chill, chill,
chill, chill. - I hate you.
I hate you. [indistinct police radio
chatter] - All right, we're taking her in
to process and arrest. - No, no, no. But why does
she have to be arrested? - It was an assault. Witnesses--
- Right. But I'm not pressing
criminal charges. - Jen, why not? She's dangerous.
She might hurt somebody else. - She assaulted you.
- She needs mental care, not to be caged up
like an animal. - You got no say over me,
bitch. - She seems like
a total nut job, Jen. - [sighs] She's my sister, Gail. - Wait.
That's Cassie? - She needs psychiatric care. - It's your call, doctor.
- You can't do this to me. What about my girls? What's gonna happen to my girls? - I'll make arrangements with
social services, get my nieces. They can stay with me. I'm next of kin. Thank you so much
for everything. - Absolutely.
- Thank you. [mysterious music] - Ah, hello.
Dr. Burgess, I'm Robin Aldriss
from social services. I've been assigned
to the Murphy girls' case. - Great. - Listen.
I need to warn you. It's pretty bad in there. Quite the decorating job, considering they've only
been here four months. It's no wonder
you can never find them. They haven't been
in any place long enough. - [sighs] Hi. Quinn, Olivia... it's been so long. You're both so grown up,
I can't even tell you apart. - You can't tell us apart. - [sighs]
I'm Olivia, and Quinn's right. Even Mom can't tell us apart. - Girls, I need you
to pack your things. It's best we get
to your aunt's house soon. - How long do we have
to be with her? - You know, your mother is
with the best doctors. She's getting the best care
that there is. You just have to stay with me
until she's better. In the meantime, we get to spend
some time together and get to know
each other again. I missed you both so much. - Ome-cay on-way. - Well, the nice news is that
you guys have summer break. You know, we get
a nice long visit. Plus, I have a pool.
Do you guys like to swim? - Why can't we just
stay at our house? I mean, we're old enough
to take care of ourselves. - I'm sorry.
So you're Quinn, right? Okay. look. I know that this is all new, and this is sort of
a difficult time, but I think it's gonna
be really important to just stay busy at the house. You know, I have a pool.
You guys can swim. I even bought you guys
some new bikes. - Oh, bikes. That's great.
That'll fix everything. - Wow, you live around here? - I think you guys might learn
to really like it around here. Come on in. - This place looks like
some movie. - You must
be loaded. Mom said you were rich,
but not this rich. - Well, uh, I guess all the hard work
has paid off. Come on.
Let's go see your rooms. They're upstairs. Do you need help with your bag? - Mm-mm. - They're just down the hall. So the room's
just right here. So? I put up a couple things,
but I had no idea what a teenage girl
would put on her wall. So you guys feel free
to put up whatever you'd like. - There's only one bed? - That's because you guys
get your own rooms. - But we've always
shared a room. - I'm sorry. You're gonna have to help me
with this for a while. You're-- - All Quinn wants to know is why you keep trying
to split up our family. - You know, Olivia, why don't
we go, check out your room? Give it a try. You might find that you
like your own space. Okay? You know, if you guys promise
to share it, you can keep it. - We had one. Mom pawned our microwave
to get it. It broke. - Well, this one's yours. - We're kind of starved. How about some of those chips? - Of course. I just--I keep them up there
because they are so addicting. So I like to keep them
out of reach. - We noticed. - So what are you
discovering on there? Anything cool? [metallic click] - [gasps] - Well, that was exciting. - Looks like this
little guy fell off. - Hmm. That's weird.
It's new. [plaintive music] That is from when
your mom and I went to horse camp
when we were younger. That was the first time
that we were away from our mom. It was the first time we really
felt like we had broken through. - Broken through what? - You know, our mom was really hard
on your mom when we were growing up, and she had a lot of resentment towards me because of it. [upbeat music] [indistinct chatter] - Quinn, Olivia? What are you guys doing in here? - We couldn't sleep. - You've been in here all night? - Yeah.
So? I like it.
Olivia likes it. So what's the problem? - [sighs] Well... It is kind of a cool
little spot. It's a little cramped,
but it's cozy. Is that what you
like about it? - Not really. - You worried about your mom? - It's okay, Olivia. You can stop. She's just messing
with you, Jen. I'm Quinn. If you really need to know,
we come to places like this when we need to shut people
like you out. When everybody's
prying into our minds, we'll do anything
to make you go away. - I love you guys. When you love someone, you will
do anything to help them. - Nice try,
but that's psycho talk. - I can't imagine
how it must feel to suddenly feel like someone who you thought
didn't care about you for so long finally cares. You must wonder where I've been
all these years. - Maybe we didn't need you
in our life. Maybe our mom got away
from you on purpose. - All that stuff
is in the past, and I know I want you guys
to give this a chance and give us a chance, because I know
that I really want to. - How long have you
been a teacher? - Hmm. [laughs]
It's-- Gosh, it's almost
been ten years. It seems like yesterday,
though. - He's really good too. Kevin's classes
always fill up. - So what grades
do you teach? - I teach science
to mostly seniors at a small
private school. - So how come you guys
aren't married? - Yeah. You afraid Jen's whacked,
like our mom? - Girls--
- It's okay. I'd be happy to answer that. Your aunt is the most
amazing woman I've ever known. And someday,
if I'm lucky, she will marry me. Now, what I want to kn is how
are you girls liking it here? - We'd feel better
if we could see our mom. - Well, I have some news. We're actually
scheduled for a visit
with your mom tomorrow. - Tomorrow? - But I need to explain
a little something to you first. I think she is planning on
being there a little bit longer than we all
originally thought. - Like, for how long? - Well, her doctor
has suggested long-term treatment. It's about three months. - So she's gonna be alone
in some creepy place for three months? - I know that it's longer
than we all thought, but she's agreed to this, and she's actually
told her doctors that she's happy about this. This is a really
good sign. - She wouldn't. - Look, I know this is
really hard to hear, but your mom needs
all the support-- [glass shatters] - Quinn. - A little wine,
a little relaxation time-- - Yes.
- It's gonna be okay. [glass crunching] - Ow, oh-- - What? - It's glass. Oh, my God,
there's glass in my hand. - Oh, my God.
- Mm! - Come on.
Let's clean that up. - Oh, my God. [suspenseful music] - You sure it doesn't hurt? - Yeah. It's fine. - Are you lying to me? - Yes. It hurts. - What happened? - Did we wake you guys up? - What's going on? - Oh, there was some glass
on the seat cushion outside. I cut my hand. It's nothing to worry about. - It was probably
from Quinn's glass. - How was I supposed to know? It's not like
I d it on purpose. - Okay. - I should probably
head home. - Yeah. - Good night, girls. - Okay, look. There's no sense
in blaming each other for something like this. This is an accident. - Good night. - Good night. I'm gonna go to bed,
and I think you should too. We have a big day tomorrow, and we've had enough excitement
for one night. Besides, you get
to see your mom. - Okay.
Good night, Jen. - Good night. [indistinct chatter] Thank you. - Here you go. - Ah, we finally
meet in person. I've listened
to your show for years. - Oh. - I see you got
the record you requested? - Yes, I do.
Thank you. - Hey, Doc! If she's such an expert, why am I here? Oh, I know. It's your fault I'm here. - Cassie. - You think you can
take my babies? - Nurse. - You think you can take
what's mine? They're my babies. - No. Come on.
- They're my babies. They're mine! - Okay. Relax.
- Don't escalate, Cassie. Keeping calm is important.
- My babies--let me go. They're my babies.
Girls--they're mine. - No one is taking your girls.
- They're mine. They're mine! - It's okay.
- Okay. Fine. - Okay.
What'd I miss? - The kid's
freaking out again. - He is?
- He's crazy! He's going too fast! [indistinct shouting on TV]
- [laughs] [engine revving, wheels squeal] Come on, get him!
Get him! He's just--he's over there. What are you doing? Go! [indistinct chatter on TV] - [gasps, moans] I have to go
rinse this off. Oh, I don't know
what's happening. [suspenseful music] - How's your breathing? - It's fine, but my skin
is on fire. - Well, have you noticed any
difference in your breathing? I have your EpiPen right here. - Babe, no. It's, like,
a reaction to that cream. It hurts so bad. - Cold, cold, cold water--
cold water. That's it. You can do it.
Keep your arm in there. It's okay.
Hold still. Let the water cool the burn. - Ow.
[moans] - There you go. Give it some time. [phone buzzing] - Hey, Gail.
It's Jen. Listen. I hate to do this last-minute, but I just--I can't host
the show this week. I just got--truthfully,
it's the girls. They just--they need
more attention right now. They're really having
a hard time, and it's hard. Okay? Just run a show
from last year. Cole knows which ones
that I liked. Oh, and can you call Dr. Frank and ask if he can make
a house call today? I got a weird reaction
I want him to take a look at. All right, and Gail, thank you. I don't know
what I would do without you. Bye. Dr. Frank, thank you so much for coming out
on such short notice. - Of course.
No problem. Now, you wanted me
to look at your arm. - I know I had
a bad allergic reaction to a new moisturizer. - Yes.
Well-- [chuckles] Oh, that is not
an allergic reaction, Jen. That's a burn. It's a chemical burn. It's bad too. That could've caused
severe nerve damage. - Well, needless to say, I am not gonna use
that moisturizer anymore. - Make sure to keep your arm
away from any heat, and it'll be fine. - Thank you so much
for coming out again. - Any time.
- I really appreciate it. - Don't worry.
- Okay. - What you doing?
- [gasps] Don't do that. - Whoa.
What got into you? - Nothing. - Okay.
You're totally lying. What's going on? - It's my arm. Dr. Frank was right.
It's a chemical burn. - You know that for sure? - I tested it. It has pool acid in it. - Oh, my God.
- Mm-hmm. - Jen,
this is getting nuts. You could be
in real danger. You have to do something
about the girls. I mean, there's two of them,
and together, they could-- - No, they're not gonna
do anything serious. They're just-- They're acting out the anger
of their mother on me. - I used to act out
when I was a kid too, but it didn't involve
giving people chemical burns. What are you gonna do? - I don't know. I've also noticed
that there've been a couple things missing
around the house-- some valuable things. - Well, this just keeps
getting better, doesn't it? - Mm-hmm.
And I can't accuse them. Not right now. I need them to trust me. - Well, I want them
to trust you too, Jen, but I also don't want them
running around, setting up traps for us
in the house. What if you get
some of those nanny cams? - Gail--
- Yeah. You know, the little ones. You could just hide them
in a corner, and that way, you could see what's going on
without asking them. Look. Jen, I know
that you want to trust them. But this is starting
to get scary. I mean, they've never
had a role model. We have no idea
what they're gonna do. - I knew this was
gonna be difficult. It's just gonna
take some time. - I still think that it
would be good for everyone if you knew a little bit more
about what they were up to, you know,
for their own sakes. - Yeah. - Get the nanny cams. [suspenseful music] - Olivia, can we talk
for a second? Would you mind? - Sure.
Just me? - Do you mind? - Sure. - So what's up? - Well, one thing that I have always
admired about you, good or bad,
is that you speak your mind, and Quinn is not
always like that. You know, she holds
in her feelings, and I'm a little concerned. - What do you want me
to do about it? - Well, I was hoping you could
give me some ideas on how to talk to her. - That's it? - That's a lot. It's not easy to
share your feelings when you're not used
to being that way. You know, you guys are twins, but you're
very different people. - You're way off. Quinn agrees with me
on everything. If I say something,
she's already thinking it. We're just unhappy
that our mom's locked up and she's away from us. - I need you guys to trust
that this is the right thing. Maybe you can help Quinn
to understand that too, that I just want
what's best for your mom. We all do. Everyone is just
trying to do what's right. - Hello. It's me.
Morning! - Morning, Gail. - Hello. - There's coffee. - Oh, coffee.
I so need it today. It smells amazing. You make the best, Jen. Hey, I have an idea. What do you think
about a day off? I have a feeling
we could use a beach day. - Oh, um...I-- Yeah, I think
that's a great idea. - Yeah?
What do you guys think? Beach day? - All right.
So 20 minutes, I'll be back. Is that okay?
Girls, is that all right? - We'll hold down the fort.
Have a good run. - This feels awesome. - So do you and Jen
come here often? - Not enough. - You get in. - You guys just discovered my number one favorite thing
to do at the beach. - You get in.
You get in. - Okay. [sighs] I like to bury myself like a warm, squishy cocoon. - Jen! Jen, come look! - Oh, hon,
she can't hear you. She's way too far. - Thanks. - Sure. - Quinn, you're going
to hold us up. Mom's waiting. - It's okay.
I'll finish. - Okay. - Why FaceTime? Why can't we go
and see her like last time? - Well, you know, the last visit was
really hard on your mom. The nurse thought
that this was better. I mean, this is a good step. Come on.
Let's check. Let's see if she's on there. - Hi, guys. Can you see me okay?
- Yes. - I'll be monitoring your visit. It just means I can hear you. If the call
becomes unmanageable, I'll end it immediately.
Okay? both: Okay. - You can stop the call anytime
by pushing the eject button at the top right of your screen. You got that? - Oh, God.
I miss my girls. [laughs] Olivia... - Hi, Mom.
I miss you. - And my Quinn. - Hi, Mom. - [laughs]
I missed my girls. So have you girls
been being good and being very careful
with your aunt's nice things? - Yeah. Yeah. We've totally been
good and careful and all that. - [laughs]
I knew you would be. Oh, I miss you so much, and I'm so glad you both get
to stay in her beautiful house. You're very lucky girls. - Yeah, yeah.
It's huge. And Jen gave us, like,
our own separate bedrooms, and we each get our own tub
and shower and closet. - I wish you were here, Mom. - Yeah. - Mom? - What's wrong, honey? You sound so sad. - We just want you back. We want
our old lives back. Do you really need to be there
for three months? - I do. I really do, sweetie. Being here longer
is a good thing. The best thing you two can do
is be patient. Good things come
to those who wait. [laughs] I love you. [mysterious music] - Hey, Sissy, should we take this? "My commitment to Kevin
seems less important than helping the girls." So dramatic. The shrink needs a shrink. - I think I found it. Take a picture. - Remember, you create
the love that you deserve. - Mom's not in it. Neither are we. Everything goes to
some stupid charity. That's how much she cares
about us, Quinn. - That's all the time
we have today. I'm Dr. Jen,
and thank you for listening. - And we're off.
Great show, ladies. - Thank you, Cole. - Another day, another show. - Is the mic off? - You guys want sodas? - No, thank you. - Okay.
- It's been really bugging me. You caught them
red-handed? Well, what did they say
when you busted them? - Okay. - I didn't.
- What? Why don't you
just confront them? - What are you doing, Olivia? - They'd never understand, and they're not
taking things anymore. They were just-- - Honestly, Jen, I know
you don't want to hear this, but I think they belong back
with social services. I just get a really bad
feeling about all this. - What are you doing? - Shutting her up. - Shouldn't we tell Mom? - Mom's not here. - Jen? - What is going on? - I keep feeling like Mom's going to be
abandoned by us, and I can't
deal with it knowing that we're living
in a nice house, and she's in the hospital. - Your mother does not
feel abandoned by you. She's happy that you guys
are taken care of. She wants you to have fun. - I feel bad for her. It's like we don't know
what's right anymore. - Olivia, you deserve
to be happy. - I guess.
But-- Hey. what about
beach day therapy? - I think that sounds
like a great idea. - I think we could all use one
and Gail too. - I wouldn't
miss it. [waves crashing] - I'm gonna give you our stuff, and I'm gonna get
a quick run in. Okay?
- Yeah. Sounds good. - You all right with the girls?
- Oh, yeah. Have a good one. - Olivia,
why are we over here? You're leaving me out again,
aren't you? - Hey, guys.
- it's cool, isn't it? It's kind of like
our own private beach. - Yeah. - Hey, what if we have our own private spa day? Come to Private Rock Spa. - Okay.
I'll have the regular, please. - Exactly what we thought. One full-body deluxe,
your regular. We are here to please. - I see that. [laughter] - Now we just need
some sun protection. Your treatment bed awaits. - Ah, thank you. Ah. [sighs] Ah. [laughs] [sighs]
Ah, that feels fabulous. [plaintive music] - Now, if I could just
get some help from Quinn. Like I said, Gail's gonna need
some sunblock. Sorry.
We don't want wrinkles. [ominous music] [waves crashing] - Hey, Olivia, I think we better pack it in. The tide's coming in
pretty fast. Olivia. Hey! Earth to Olivia. Hey! Olivia! Come on.
This isn't fun anymore. - It kind of is. - Olivia, help
dig me out, please. Olivia,
what are you doing? This isn't funny. - No. It's not fun, is it? Neither is
putting crazy ideas in Jen's head,
like sending us back. [waves crashing] - Olivia, I-- Come on.
I didn't mean that. Help me out, please? I need your help
to get out of here, please. Olivia. Olivia. [grunts] [waves crash] [grunting] Quinn! - [laughs] She can't hear you. No one can hear you. - Olivia. Olivia, please. Come on. Help! Please, Olivia-- Stop. [coughs]
Help me-- - [laughs] - Help! Quinn! Jen! [grunts]
Help! [waves crash] Help me! [waves crash] Please, help! [waves crash] [coughs] [waves crash] Help me! [dramatic music] [waves crash] - Where's Gail? [plaintive music] - Hey, are you guys
having fun? - Yeah. - Where's Gail? - I don't know. - Huh. Well, we should probably
head back soon. What do you think?
- Hey, it's Gail. You know what to do. - That's not really like her. Why don't we head
back to the car? Maybe she's waiting
for us there. - Okay. - Quinn! Come on. Let's go! [phone ringing quietly] [phone continues ringing
quietly] [phone ringing] - Hey, it's Gail. You know what to do.
[line beeps] - I couldn't have been running
longer than 30 minutes. - You girls didn't see anything,
see anyone else? - No.
Nothing. - You know, this beach is
usually pretty dead during the week, like today. - One of the girls pointed
towards Pirate Rock, said she saw her
walk there. - Gail's not a good swimmer. I think you need
to check the water. Please, please,
go check the water, please. - Requesting Coast Guard assist,
Pirate Rock. Over. - [sobbing] - All right.
The coastline is clear. - Sit tight. Check on the south beach too. - Sheriff, hurry! There's something
out by the water. - All right.
Hey, guys, we got her. - Oh, no, no. - Oh, Gail--
- No, no-- [sobbing] - Everybody, down here now. All right.
Secure the perimeter. - Oh, no, no.
[sobbing] [indistinct police radio
chatter] [waves crashing] - I think that's it. - Thank you. I just can't believe she's gone. I keep thinking that she's just
gonna walk in the door any minute
all happy and cheery. Just-- I can't imagine
what her family's going through. - Hey. This is a rough time
for you too. I'll just put this
in the garage. - Thank you. - I bet it's rough
on the girls too. First the trauma with
their mother, and now this. - She wanted to send us away,
Quinn. Didn't you hear her? - It's wrong.
This is all wrong. - What's wrong is Jen's will. That's wrong, Quinn. We need to go
see Mom right away. I need you with me
on this, Sissy. We need to be together. - You killed someone, Olivia. - My commitment is to you and Mom, Quinn. I'm committed
to saving our family. Are you? See, we're like this bee. One little bee
can't hurt me, but a swarm-- [faint buzzing] [loud buzzing] [ominous music] [delicate music] - Girls? [knock at door] Girls? I think we probably
could've talked about this. If you guys feel like this is gonna make
the adjustment easier, then we can stick to one room
for right now. But we're gonna
talk about things, okay? No subject
is off-limits. - We want to see our mom. With everything that's
going on, Aunt Jen, we need to see her. - I will talk to Dr. Martine. Okay? - Here.
Let me show you our selfies. - Oh, yes. Show me everything. This shot would be
so much better if I was in it. Don't you think? - Yeah. Quinn and I
aren't in it either. - Although
this looks promising. I have
the game-changing word. - I know. - [laughs] It's a new game. Get it? - No. - Quinn, honey,
just watch Olivia. She knows what to do. - What was
all that about? - It means, dummy, that we need to
get adopted by Jen. - Adopted? But why do we want that? - So that we inherit everything. Get it?
You, me, and Mom. - Take care.
- Thank you. Okay. Well, did you guys
have a nice visit with your mom? - Hey, Jen?
- Yeah? - Thank you so much
for helping us. Quinn and I
really appreciate it. - Of course. You know you girls
mean the world to me. Come on.
Let's go home. - Aunt Jen, can we talk to you? It's been real hard,
Aunt Jen. CPS came to the house
six times-- - Seven times, Quinn. Each time we would move, but it would just
happen again. - I am so glad you girls
are finally opening up to me. Look, I need you girls
to know your mom isn't bad. Okay?
She's sick. And she needs help. - We're afraid of her, Jen. Look, Mom's scary
when she gets crazy. Did you see our house? - I did.
Yeah. - You say that we're safe, but what happens
when she gets out? Are we supposed
to go back with her? - Are you really afraid? - [sniffles] Yeah.
We both are. We just can't go back to her. - What do you guys, um... what do you guys think
about coming here and living with me? - You can do that? - We can talk to your mom and try to
make her understand that we want to help her. You know, due to her
long-term treatment, it could be that a guardianship or even an adoption
could be an option. - An adoption? - Yeah, I mean, you guys and your mom
would have to agree, but yeah. - So well, what do you--
what do you mean? Like, what would that--
what would happen? - We would become
a new kind of family. We would have an open
and honest relationship, and you would start school
in the fall. For the first time
in a long time, you guys would have a place
to call home. - [sniffles] - What's mine would be yours. I mean, the attorney said
considering Cassie's history, I have a real chance. The girls even told me
that they're afraid of her. They don't want
to go back to her. The minute that a children's
court hears that, they're gonna want to
push this through quickly. What? Baby, come on.
What are you thinking? - I don't know, Jen. It just seems that they're too close. You know? It's like they need--
- They're-- - It's like they need to be together to survive,
to breathe. Those two girls are never apart. And I know
you're the doctor here, but I don't think that's healthy
for them or for you. - [sighs] I worry about it too,
you know? And-- - Look, I'm just gonna
go out and say it, because I've been thinking
about this, and I'm-- - What? - I'm wondering if adopting them is such a great idea. - [sighs] I know--I know
that they're troubled. Okay? But they've been better. Kevin, I mean, those girls are my family. - I know. But I'm pretty sure they were
behind the glass in the lounger. I know they
stole from you. You know that
they put acid in your lotion,
for God's sakes. What's next? - I know
they've been acting out. Okay? But they're getting better.
They're happy, even. I mean, I have a real shot at
putting my family back together. - I know that's
really important to you. - It is. - But something about them
doesn't feel right. And... I think you should
reconsider the option until everything's
ironed out. - Girls, I'm gonna head
to the store. Do you need anything else? - Don't forget pasta.
- Yeah. We're making dinner
tonight. - Oh. - Is Kevin still coming over? - Yes. He's very excited. See you guys later. - Come on, Quinn. - Do we even know
where we're going? - Mom says this is
the best place to go. - Go for what? [dog barks] - Hello. - Good morning. - Don't let
your sister eat those. Those are death caps.
They're poisonous. - What did she want? - Nothing. [water bubbling] [knife chopping] [suspenseful music] - Just keep
slicing your carrots and don't do
anything stupid. - Stop it. - What's wrong? You don't think
I'd hurt you, do you? [timer buzzing, dings] Good evening,
Ms. Burgess and Kevin. - Mmm. - [laughs]
both: Oh. - Kevin gets the big plate,
because he's a big man. - Wow.
This is a big helping. - Girls,
this was very sweet. Thank you.
It looks really good. - Just think. Soon we'll be a family... all of us. You too, Kevin. - Okay.
Cheers. - Bon apptit. Mmm-mmm-mmm. - You know, I didn't get
very many mushrooms. - You want some of mine? - Yeah. That would be great. Thank you.
- Have plenty. - Thank you.
Thank you. Q? - Quinn, On't-day eat-ay. On't-day ea-tay
ha-tay. Quinn. Quinn. Quinn, can I talk to you
for a second in the other room? - Mm-hmm. - Why did you do that? - What do you-- - Quinn, you need
to go to the bathroom. You need to make the mushrooms
come up now. Please, just do it. - Why, Olivia? You wanted to kill just Kevin? Is that it? - So you knew the mushrooms
were poisonous. You switched them.
Quinn. Look, you think what you
did was right, but it's not. - And what you did
to Gail was right? - He is putting the idea of stopping the adoption
into Jen's head. He's going to mess this up. I am looking out
for Mom and us. Quinn. - So happy to see you
up close. It's been so long. I missed you so much, Sis. Thank you for seeing me. I'm so happy you've been
so open to getting better and just making
your life easier. - Yeah.
Well, I tend to mess things up. Don't I? - Getting better--
that's all that matters. I want to talk to you
about something, something that's gonna
help you and the girls. - Well, I'm no mother
of the year, but I certainly want
what's best for my girls. Lately, it's dawned on me [scoffs] I'm not doing
such a bang-up job. - [chuckles] This is gonna be
a sensitive subject, and I want you
to just hear me out. Okay? I've gone back and forth in my mind so many times, and I've weighed--and
I've weighed all the options about what would be
the best thing for you, for the girls, and they're doing so well
with me, Cassie. - They do seem better. - They really are. I'm wondering how you
would feel about if they stayed
with me permanently. I think it would be
a really good thing for you. I think you could focus
on your healing. You could stop
worrying about them. I actually spoke to the girls
about it already, and... you know,
they're such sweet girls. They're really worried
about your feelings, how you're gonna feel
about all of this. But I think
it's what they want too. You know, the legal--
the legal course of action, I think, would be going through
with an adoption, so I could--I could enroll them
in the school by my house, and they would start
in the fall, and get them ready for college, which I would be-- I would be
so happy to pay for. Everything is, um-- it's outlined here
in these papers. Take a look at it,
and see if you-- - If I even consider this,
I want you to promise me I won't lose my girls forever. - Cassie, I promise. Nothing is forever. You are gonna finish
your treatment. You are gonna get back
on your feet, and with a little time
behind you, you're gonna come back to us.
Okay? You're gonna live with me
and the girls. You are always gonna
be their mother. - You got that right. But what I can't quit
thinking about is how-- is how you think
you're saving my girls from me. It's how-- how you think
you're saving my girls from me. Jen, Jen, Jen,
Mommy's favorite. Little Jenny always
saves the day. - Cassie! - [sighs] Who am I kidding? I'm ruining their lives. They're better off with you. Even I know it. I'll sign your papers. - Hey.
So... we're right
on schedule. We're the next
case up. - Thanks. - The judge is ready
to make a decision. He's encouraged by the paperwork
we've provided, and even more encouraging
is that Cassie willingly signed
the adoption contract and refused independent counsel. It's a really good sign. - I think Cassie's
in agreement that this is the right thing
to do for the girls. - Ms. Murphy, the judge will want to
ask you a few questions. - Sure. - All rise. - Please, be seated. Ms. Cassandra Murphy, you're the biological mother
of Olivia and Quinn Murphy, twins, age 15. - Yes, your honor. - And Ms. Murphy, did you willingly sign
a contract relinquishing all parental rights to Olivia
and Quinn Murphy, your biological daughters, to Ms. Burgess,
your biological sister, to fully adopt
the aforementioned daughters? - I did. - As a family court judge, it is very important that
I am convinced a birth mother is a willing participant when relinquishing
parental rights. Do you understand me,
Ms. Murphy? - Yeah. Yeah, I get it. So I can't even put
my kids up for adoption without messing that up? I'm crazy and completely
unfit to be a mother, and she sits here,
perfect. She gets everything
she wants. Everything!
- Bailiff-- - Let me go! - Take her
out of my courtroom. - Yeah, I am
the perfect mother. - Bailiff, get her
out of my courtroom now. - I want my kids back. I want my kids back.
I want them back. I want my babies back.
I'm the perfect mother. Let me go. I want my babies back. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry! [plaintive music] - So the judge
is granting the adoption. See, after the violent outburst,
he felt it better for the girls. So congratulations, all of you. I hope this is
a healing time for you all. I wish you all of the best. - I love you, Sis. Okay.
Let's go. Well, it's official. Girls, I just have to tell you
I'm so happy-- happy for our futures,
and I'm happy for your mom too. I just--I love you both so much. - We're happy too. - We're gonna be a great family. I have some good news
for you girls. Your mother's doctor approved
her for a free day tomorrow. So tomorrow, we are gonna
all go on a picnic together. What do you guys
think about that? - Cool. Where are we going? - There is a great little
mountain location that your great-grandfather used to take your mom and I
to when we were kids. It's really beautiful. - Olivia, come on.
We have to go and get Mom. What are you doing? - Stay out of it. - You and Mom
are up to something. I know it. Please, tell me. What is it? Who's that for? - Something for Mom from me. - Okay.
Just you. What is it? - I can't trust you. [loud buzzing] - Okay. You guys, we're gonna be late. Where's your sister? Quinn? [portentous music] [eagle cries] [mysterious music] - Girls, your grandfather
used to take your mom and I
up this same road, except for we would drive in
the back of his pick-up truck. Mom used to come with us
too sometimes. Right? - Maybe. She had better things to do, usually with someone
named Rocko or Bud. - She wasn't all that bad. - Easy for you to say. She was a lot nicer to you. - Mom, I got you something. - Can't you wait? - You know, we don't
have to talk about this. We can--we could talk about
something else. - No, no.
It's okay. I can talk about it all. I'm telling you, Jen. I can see clearly now. It dawned on me
just the other day how much Mom came between us. - She was troubled.
She was unstable. - Unstable? [laughs] Mom was crazy
as a jaybird. Come on.
You can admit it. Jen Burgess, great radio shrink,
had a crazy mom. [laughs]
- You know what, girls? It's a long way
to the top of the mountain. Does anyone need
a bathroom break? - You girls can hold it.
Right? - We're fine. Do you want to open
your gift now? - No, hon.
Let's save it. Let's just
enjoy the view. Are you okay, sweetie? - Yeah. - [laughs] - Cass-- - What's it like, Jen, to get everything
you want? Because you do, right? [laughs]
You got me locked up. You adopted
both of my girls. I'm just curious what's next. - All right.
- I know what you think is next. - Okay, Cassie-- - You think you're in control
of everything, don't you? - Okay. We're done.
You know what? I think we should just go back. - [laughs]
No, no. Seriously,
this is therapeutic for me. In fact, I think I'm about
to feel so much better. - You know what?
We're gonna go-- - Olivia, let me
have that present. - We are just gonna
do this another day. Okay? - Thanks, sweetie.
No, no, no, no. This is the perfect gift... - What is that?
- [laughing] - For the perfect family. - Olivia, what is that? - You're gonna love it.
[laughter] - What are you doing? - [laughing]
- Cassie, what are you doing? - [laughing] - [gasps] Surprise. [loud buzzing]
- Cassie! [both screaming] - No!
Cassie! [tires squeal] - Cassie!
- [laughter] [laughter] - [yelping] [tires squealing] - [laughs] Get it.
Whoo! [loud buzzing] Oh, they got you. They got you, didn't they?
[laughs] Oh, are they in your hair? Oh, yeah.
Oh, oh-- - Cassie, you know I'll die-- - What? She deserves it,
Quinn. She left us alone. She's ashamed of her own family. Well, you're not looking
so pretty now, are you, Sissy? No. You're looking
kind of heinous. Isn't it funny, Jen? You won every damn time. Well, look at me. I get to live with my babies in your fancy house without you there
to judge me. I won the big one. I won the big one! Whoo! I won the big one! Hoo-hoo!
[laughs] - Let's go. - Okay. Hey. - [laughing] - Whoo!
- [laughing] - Our lives are gonna change. Whoo! [both laughing and cheering] - [panting] - [laughing] Come on, Quinn.
Let's go! - [panting] - Whoo-hoo! Quinn, let's go. [engine turns over] [laughing] Whoo. [laughs]
Ooh! [engine revs] - [panting and sobbing] [gasping] [eagle cries] - [crying softly] - What, Quinn? What, Quinn?
What is wrong? - She's just mad because
we kept her out of our plan. - You think you don't need me, that I don't matter
to either of you. - No, honey.
We don't think that. - You do! You always have. You're more Mom's twin
than mine, Olivia. It doesn't matter.
It's too late. - What's too late? What's too late, Quinn? What did you do, Quinn? - Stop it, you two. [tires squeal] - She did something! [screaming indistinctly]
- Stop it. [tires squealing] - No! - You're going to ruin it!
- Stop it. - She did something!
- Stop it. Olivia, sit down. [tires squeal] Stop it.
Stop it. - She's just jealous of us! [screams]
[tires squeal] [distant crash] [engine hissing] - Olivia! Olivia, wake up! - You have to
get out of the car. - No, no!
- Come on. I'm gonna come back for her, but you've got
to get away from the car. Olivia? Honey? Come on, you've got to
get out of the car. It's gonna be okay. [grunts] Olivia? Olivia, can you hear me? Olivia?
Olivia? [somber music] - Quinn has progressed
dramatically since she's been here. She has really blossomed and has come to realize
that you and Kevin are the only really
healthy people in her life. Now, Olivia, as you know,
is another matter. [plaintive music] Her disturbance
is severe and deep. Now, criminally, she may have benefited
for being a minor. But she still faces
years of treatment, as she remains
resistant and hostile. [plaintive music] [hopeful music] [ominous music] Quinn! Quinn! [sobs loudly]
Quinn! No!
Quinn! No!
Quinn! [screaming indistinctly]
No! No! [somber music] [both sobbing] - Well, that's all the time
we have for today. This is Dr. Jen,
and thank you for listening. Remember, you create the love
you deserve. [mysterious music]