Badder Ben: The Final Chapter (2017) Movie Script

- Boo!
- Jesus...
Fucking Christ, Jacquie!
- Is anyone around?
- Let's just get
this over with, all right?
- All right, you scared?
- Yeah, we're
about to break into that
fucking house where that bald, fat guy
with the Jersey accent died.
Yeah, I'm a little scared, all right?
- All right, it's gonna be cool.
All right.
I'm going in.
- Okay, let's hurry up.
- All right.
Oh, flashlight?
- It's somewhere on me.
- Schmiddy?
- What?
- It's in your hand.
- Oh shit, this flashlight.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Slow down! Slow down!
- Sorry.
- All right, let me help you.
- I'm okay.
All right?
- Yeah.
Just be careful, all right?
- Don't even worry.
It's so calm here.
Considering every that happened,
it's kinda weird.
- Where is she going?
- What?
Shut up, Schmiddy!
- Okay, shutting up.
- I feel like
I should be sensing
something right now.
What's this?
There you are.
All right.
- Did you get it?
- Yeah.
Better get out of here.
- Any activity in there?
- No.
- Okay.
- All right, let's check out this footage.
- I think you're gonna
like what you're gonna see.
- I really like that chair.
Kinda feel like I've
seen this already though.
- You haven't seen this one.
- Just wait.
- All right, impress me.
Let me see.
I hear something.
- Mhmm.
- Where's that coming from?
- There he is.
- No way.
- Yeah.
- Tom Fuckin' Riley.
- What the hell?
This is incredible.
I mean,
the cloud recorder was full.
Is that what they told us?
How did you get the footage?
- Yeah, the cloud recorder was full.
- Yeah.
- However,
I remember this guy telling the
previous owners of the house
that there's onboard memory
in the event of a power outage.
So the camera keeps recording.
- Yeah?
- So, I broke into the house
and I stole that camera.
- Nice.
Of course, as your boss,
I can not condone you
breaking and entering.
- Yeah.
- So, good job.
Schmiddy, cut out the part
where she breaks and enters.
- Fuck no.
If I'm breaking the law, I'm
getting street cred for it.
- Plus, I don't think
anyone's going to care.
- All right, sounds good.
So, we know he's alive.
- Mhmm.
- The big question is,
where the hell is he?
- Ah!
I have more.
- She has more.
- Yeah.
Check this out.
- How you doing, Tom?
- Tom?
Not Tom Riley.
Eagle Mart.
I know that place.
- Mhmm.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- Okay,
so I hacked in to all the
non-password protected cameras,
surrounded cameras with
in a five mile radius,
and for facial recognition.
I found this.
- No way.
- Yeah way.
- He got fat.
- Schmiddy, shut up.
- The goatee helps.
Jacquie, you're incredible.
It's Tom!
Tom Riley!
so we know he's alive.
- Mhmm.
- The big question us, where is he?
- Okay,
so, we talked to the guy who
runs that convenience store.
And he told us that Tom comes in
about three times a week,
first thing in the morning,
so Schmiddy and I set up
camp in the parking lot
and waited for him.
- And?
- David,
we got him.
- No way.
Now what?
I'm here at the house
on Steelmanville Road,
waiting for Jacquie to arrive
with Tom Riley.
It's actually a really nice
house when you think about it.
Set out in the woods.
Kind of a shame about what happened here.
Here they come now.
- Where's the money?
- What? What's wrong?
- He wants to know where the money is.
- I have the money.
I can give him the money.
- Give me the money, Dave.
- I can give him.
- No.
Trust me.
- Fine. Take the money.
- He trusts me.
So just let me handle this.
Can you just give him space?
Give him space.
- Mr. Riley, it's a pleasure to meet you!
- Oh my God, Jesus Christ, Dave!
We have a PTSD situation here.
- Hey, it's okay.
I paid him.
- My God.
It's okay, Tom.
You can do this.
Schmiddy, can you shut the door?
- No! No! No! No!
- Tom!
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Where's my money?!
- Sorry about scarring you back there.
I didn't mean to.
- It's okay.
I'm just a little freaked
out being back here,
that's all.
- You know, I
admire your courage, Tom.
- Courage?
That's what you're calling this? Courage?
- Yeah.
I'm surprised you agreed
to do this, frankly.
- I'm doing this for one reason
and one reason only.
- To tell you story, right?
- Fuck no.
I'm doing this because
you guys are paying me.
- Would you be
willing to go into the house?
You know, just to give us a tour
and tell us about your experiences.
- I don't know about that.
- I mean, we'd
be with you the whole time.
You know?
Nothings going to happen to you.
What would it take?
More money?
- Yo, Jacquie!
- Look, David,
this is a once in a lifetime
opportunity for all of us.
- We don't even have
permission to go inside there.
- So get permission.
You're the director.
It says so on your dumb hat.
How much do you want?
- How much you got?
- All right, here's the situation.
For a fee, a big fee,
we can get in the house.
But we better make sure
whatever we get in there is good
because it's costing a fortune.
- David, we're gonna make this
all back after we're done.
I mean, taking him inside the house,
where all that shit happened,
is going to be gold.
Plus, I'm going to go in there and stir up
whatever stuff is in there
and then we're gonna capture it all.
We're gonna be making
a fortune off of this.
- Okay.
We better, you better,
because between the gold I'm giving him
and the gold I'm giving them,
we're way over budget all ready
and we haven't even started.
- We're gonna
need power in there.
- According to the bank, power's on.
- All right, cool.
- So when can we go in?
- Here's the thing.
The auction is at nine tomorrow morning.
We have to do this tonight.
- Okay, fine.
Did you get the stuff he wanted?
Great, let's go get him.
- Jesus Christ!
What're you trying to do,
give me a heart attack?
- I'm sorry.
We can go in now.
I mean, when's the last time
you had a shower, right?
- What're you trying to say, I stink?
- No, no.
I'm just saying you've been
living in a tent in the woods.
- Look, I got you a razor,
clean clothes and soap.
- Is something wrong?
- Walmart?
- Hey, it was on the way.
- I was hoping for JC Penny.
- Look, when we're done with this,
I will buy you a JC Penny.
- And Abba?
Abba on your playlist?
- That's my playlist.
- The Mamma Mia soundtrack, Sally?
- Okay, listen,
you can just keep this, okay?
And you can put whatever
music you want on it.
- What's wrong with Abba?
- You know, I don't exactly
have access to iTunes.
- Okay, I'll give you an iTunes gift card
and you can do it at the library.
- All right.
- Okay?
- I'm gonna set
up a camera up over here.
- Yeah, which camera are you using?
- I was gonna
us a Go Pro over here
to put a motion sensor on.
- Right, good idea.
- Capture
anything that happens.
- Come on.
- You can do this.
- It's okay.
You ready?
- No.
- Trust me, she
knows what she's doing.
She's the best in the business.
- Oh, that's comforting.
This demon beats the shit
out of me in bed here
and Miss 95-pounder, here,
is going to defend me.
- 105.
- Oh, that's good to know.
That extra 10 pounds.
- It makes a difference.
- This is fucking nuts.
- Tom Riley going into the house
on Steelmanville Road.
- Okay, ready?
- And action.
- We're here in the house.
Yes, that house,
on Steelmanville Road.
The events that occurred here
are well documented in two previous films
that showed what happened
to Matt and Rachel Harris
and then to Tom Riley.
It's why we believe that
there are no survivors,
however, we have a surprise for you.
I'm Jacquie Baker,
paranormal investigator.
My crew and I are putting
together this documentary
to show that what goes bump in the night
doesn't always have a logical explanation.
- Cut.
That was great.
- Do I need to to it again?
- Looked perfect to me.
- Okay, great.
Follow me.
- What's that noise?
- He turned on the shower.
- Is that gonna mess up the audio?
- We have to film
this now while he's up there.
- Okay.
This is where the knife was
holding up the voodoo dolls.
Remember that?
And here is the Lord's Prayer.
- What the hell are you doing?
- In order to contact the spirits
we have to remove these
religious artifacts.
They create a spiritual barrier.
- What about the big-ass bible over here?
- Yeah.
Okay, David,
can you take these out to the car?
- Shit, the shower stopped running.
- Oh, okay.
Quick, get into position.
I have to get this done
before he comes down.
Welcome spirits,
come into your home.
- Holy shit, did you just feel that?
- Yeah.
The temperature's dropping.
Welcome spirits.
Come into your home.
Oh my God.
- Fuck.
- Oh my God.
Something just totally blew past me.
Did you get that?
- Yeah, I got it.
- Is the special filter on?
- No.
- Goddamn it, Schmiddy, why not?
- It throws
off the white balance.
- Who gives a fuck about white balance?
- My professors
at film university.
- Okay, well something just passed by me.
Holy shit.
- Jesus Christ.
Holy fucking shit.
- What?
Where's the camera?
- Oh shit.
- Schmiddy, you have to
have it at all times.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Oh wait, here he comes.
Get back over there.
- Right, got it.
- Well.
- Hey.
- I do feel better.
Kinda quite, isn't it?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Feeling better?
- Oh my God, David, what
the hell is wrong with you?
- I'm sorry.
- Jesus.
- This fucking guy.
- Oh my God, sorry.
- Fucking pussy.
- My God.
- What is with him?
His sneaking up and grabbing bullshit?
- I know, he has a thing with boundaries.
- Does he know what I went through here?
- I know. I know.
- You fought a monster.
- I don't like him either.
- Nobody does.
- Man, dude is on edge.
- Jacquie was
doing some spooky shit.
She conjured something up.
- No way, did you get it on tape?
- Yeah.
You should see the white
balance, it's beautiful.
- Awesome!
You are the king of white balance.
- Thanks.
- Do you smell that?
What is that?
- I think he shit himself.
- Dude, I didn't shit myself.
That's the smell.
Whenever stuff would start
happening around here,
that's the smell I would smell.
You know what, I'm starting to
think this isn't a good idea.
- No, no, no, no.
Tome, listen,
I am an experienced medium, okay?
I'm a professional.
Nothing is gonna happen to you, okay?
- Nothing's gonna happen to me?
- Yeah.
- You have no idea how
quickly this can escalate.
You're gonna be protecting me?
Who's gonna be protecting you?
- Listen, nothing is gonna hurt you, okay?
Just relax, all right?
I got this.
You're gonna be fine.
We're all gonna be fine.
- What do you think about the time?
- I don't know.
There's a lot I kinda wanna get to.
- Let's just make it snappy
because we're out of here
at nine in the morning.
Just get some scary
stuff, get the guy to talk
and we're gone.
- Yeah.
- All right then.
- I think it's going well.
- I think it's going well too.
He's a little, you know.
- Okay.
- He can hear us?
- Yeah.
- He's not def.
- No, David.
- He's a little...
- I know.
He's gone through a lot, okay?
- I forgot about that
the whole ghost thing.
That's why we're here.
- It's PTSD, David.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Anyway, I don't know.
I think we're pretty all right.
- Okay.
- We gonna do this?
- What?
- Are we gonna do this?
- Oh yeah, Tom Riley.
Hey, how's it going?
- What is with him?
How many problems are here?
- I know, I know.
I'm gonna go talk to Tom.
- Ooo.
if I had hair on the back of my neck,
it would be standing up right now.
- So Tom, what's gonna happen now
is I'm going to stand in front of you,
we're gonna turn the camera on, okay?
I've already told the audience
that I have a surprise for them.
So I'm going to step to the side
and you're going to be sitting there
and that's going to be the big reveal.
That you survived.
- People really have that must interest
in the fact that I'm alive?
- You would be very surprised, yeah.
Anyway, so I'm gonna do that
and then after that
I'm just gonna ask you some questions.
It's gonna be pretty
straight forward, okay?
- Yep.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah, let's go.
- Okay, you guys good?
- Yep, ready to go.
- Okay.
Am I okay?
- Okay.
- And action.
- Okay, everyone,
I told you we had a surprise.
Prepare to be shocked.
Holy shit.
My God, what happened?
- We trip something?
- No.
- Figure it out,
we have to be out of here
at nine in the morning.
I want to get this thing.
- Okay, keep the camera rolling.
- It's rolling.
- But wait!
What happened to Tom?
- Tom?
- Tom?
- Tom, where are you?
- Tom?
- Get the camera.
- Tom?
- Tom?
- Tom!
Let's go.
- Tom, open the door!
- Let me try!
It's not opening.
- Hey, up here.
- Oh, what?
- What're you guys doing down there?
- Oh my God, what?
- Looking for you.
- I've been up here.
Come on up out of there.
- Is that you?
- I went the bathroom.
The lights went out and
I heard you guys yelling.
What were you doing down there?
- We saw you down there.
- You were down there.
- Something manifested as you down there.
I guess to fool us.
We thought they had you.
- I never went down there.
- You saw it.
- Yeah.
- I saw it.
- It's starting.
- Okay, I need a minute.
- Okay.
- Tom,
in your own words, tell
me what happened here.
- I lost my fucking money.
- Okay.
- Cut.
- What?
- Language.
- You can't bleep that out?
- No, you can't say the F-word.
- Okay look, Tom, it's
not just the language.
We can bleep that out.
We want to hear
what you experienced here.
- I experienced bankruptcy.
- Okay and we will get to that.
- Yeah, we wanna hear what
you experienced in the house.
- With the spooky stuff.
The ghost and ghouls and things.
- The furniture moving.
You being drugged down the stairs,
nearly dying.
- Okay, okay.
I got it.
- Okay, do you wanna take it from the top?
- Let's take it from the top.
- Okay.
- Schmiddy, you still rolling?
- Fuck yeah.
- All right.
And action.
- Tom, in your own words,
tell me what happened.
- Well I bought this house at share sale
and I thought I was getting a great deal.
- Did you know about
the history of the home?
- No.
They don't disclose anything to you.
In fact, you're not
even allowed to inspect
the inside of a home
before you make a bid.
I didn't know if my bid was gonna
come in even close to the highest,
but apparently it was the highest
because I won the bid.
And my goal was to get in here,
make any repairs the home
needed and then flip it.
- You said they didn't disclose
the history of the home
to you before you moved in?
- No.
When I got in here and shit started--
- That's okay, we'll take it from the top.
- Sorry.
- It's all right.
you said they didn't disclose
the history of the house.
- No, when I got in here
and stuff started moving,
I was trying to figure
out what was going on.
One of the things I
did was I hopped online
and I researched the previous owners
and that's when I found out
they were murdered here.
- The Harrises.
That was the couple who--
- Oh, yes, yes, yes.
- The Harrises, Matt and Rachel.
- Yeah.
- Up came the story about
what happened to them
and it was actually a murder, suicide.
She killed him
and then she killed herself.
- Yeah.
- I always had heard
that when there's been a
violent crime in a house,
like a murder or a suicide
or something like that,
that they had to disclose that.
That's what I've always heard.
But apparently, not in New Jersey.
They don't have to disclose
it to you unless you ask.
Who would think to ask
a question like that?
So here we are.
"Caveat emptor."
- Let the buyer beware.
- Yes.
I know what "caveat emptor" means.
- How did you react when you found out
that there had been these murders here
and nobody told you about them?
- I was fucking pissed.
- Cut!
- Okay, tell me about
your first night here.
- I came straight from settlement
and when I got to the house I discovered
that the electricity was off.
So I thought, "Darn it,
it's Friday afternoon,
"I'm gonna be without power all weekend."
I called the electric company
and fortunately they said
they could have it turned on
in a couple hours.
So I went out to get something
to eat while I was waiting
and when I came home power was on.
It was all lit up like this
and it was very inviting.
- So then what happened?
- I got out of my car and
I came walking up here,
figuring I would go in and
take a look at my house
and when I walked up,
that's when I saw that the fu...
the freaking front door was open.
I caught myself that time.
- That was good, Tom, okay.
Actually, can we cut here?
- Cut.
- I'd like to reenact that.
- Uh, Jacquie?
- What?
- Was that light on up there?
- What light?
- What's wrong?
- Was that light on up there?
- Whoa, did you guys see that?
- Yeah.
We know no one's in the house.
- But we just saw a shadow.
- Let's go up there.
- Oh yeah, let's go up there.
- Yeah.
All right.
The keys?
- Inside.
- All right, Schmiddy, can
you see if that window's open
so I can just crawl in if I have to?
- On it.
- It's locked.
- Wait.
It's open.
- You and I both tried that door.
It was locked.
- I know.
- And he tried it and went in.
- Yeah, I think that whatever's in there
wants him to be in there.
- Good.
All right.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
- Should I look at the
camera or look at you?
- No, look at me.
- Okay.
- And action.
- Okay, Tom,
lead the way.
- As you saw from outside,
the house is huge.
Let me show you upstairs.
Let me turn on the lights.
- Shit.
- Language.
- Oops, sorry.
You're right.
- Stop it.
- Ready?
- Yep
- The temperature in
this room is much colder
than it is in the rest of the house.
- We should check and see
if someone left a window open.
- It's warm outside,
it wouldn't make a difference.
- Oh yeah, you're right.
- I'll check.
Tom, is there any cold air
coming out of that vent?
It's not open.
- No, but do you smell that?
And before you say anything,
I didn't shit myself.
- It's sulfur,
the smell associated with demonic forces.
- Do you hear that?
It's in the attic.
- That's right.
The attic was where the
satanic alter was set up.
You gonna be okay going in there?
I know this must be
pretty terrifying for you.
- You go first.
- Okay.
It's cold up here and
the smell is pretty bad,
but I think it's safe.
You can come on up.
- That's comforting.
You think it's safe.
- You wanna go up
and I'll hand you the camera?
- Yeah, sounds good.
What happened?
- Fuck, I hit my head.
- Schmiddy, can
you get a shot of this?
Tom, you witnessed this
happening in real time
when you were living here, right?
- Yeah, but I erased it once.
Obviously they wrote it again.
- Oh.
- Tom, you shouldn't
antagonize the spirits.
- Jacquie, you all right?
- Fuck!
- What happened?
- Something bit my hand.
- Okay, you ready?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Look at that one.
- Oh, this one? Okay.
You're witnessing paranormal events
as they're unfolding here.
Recorded live.
This isn't Hollywood, folks,
where million dollar budgets
can make anything seem real.
This is real.
Are you scared right now, Tom?
- Well, I'm not "scared" scared.
I mean, I'm not the one that got bit.
- Much worse has happened to me.
So let's talk about the
surveillance system in the house.
- The first day I came to the home
I noticed there were camera everywhere.
I thought it was a little strange
because cameras are
normally outside a home,
not inside a home.
- Yeah,
actually the Harrises,
the previous owners,
installed the cameras after they moved in
because they were noticing
some weird things happening.
When you saw these cameras,
did that alarm you?
- Not really.
Like I said, it was strange,
but I thought maybe they were
shooting a reality show there,
like Jersey Shore or Big
Brother or something.
Obviously you know better now, right?
- Tell you what I do know,
I do know that they had cameras
everywhere in this house.
They could see every
square inch of this place.
- So you actually had
those cameras turned on?
- Yes.
When I came to the house,
the door was open, the
furniture was moved,
at first I thought it was
maybe kids breaking in
or maybe they didn't know
somebody owned the house already.
Or maybe it was somebody moving stuff,
trying to scare me to keep me out of here.
I thought I might be getting pranked.
So I called the surveillance company
and I asked them to turn the camera on
so that I could hopefully capture
whoever was doing this.
- So that's when you realized.
- That's when I realized there was some
supernatural fucking shit going on here.
- Cut!
- Come on.
What is this playing on the
church stage or something?
- Cut! Cut! Cut!
- It's all right, Tom.
David, I actually kinda want to see
what all we're dealing with here,
if you know what I mean?
I'm gonna need some time
to set up, if that's okay?
- Yeah, sure, anything.
We'll help you.
- Okay.
All right, great.
Okay, turn off the lights.
I know you're here.
Matt and Rachel, is that you?
You are welcome here.
- The fuck they are.
- Why haven't you crossed over?
- You have the spectral filter on?
- Yeah.
- They say it's because
it's still their house.
Our intent is not to cause any harm.
We just want to understand what happened.
Wait, who's coming?
Don't go! No!
Please, come into the circle guys.
- Who is she talking to?
- Us.
All of us.
- Come on, hurry, hurry, hurry!
Come this way.
- What the fuck is that?
- This is bad.
- What's bad?
- This is really, really bad.
- You smell that?
- No! No! No! No!
You are not welcome here!
Why are you hear?
Demon, I command you to leave this place!
- Demon?
- They're gone.
- I just pissed them off.
He'll be back.
I want to explain to you
everything that's going on.
- All right.
- There are two completely
different forces at play here
and it's really rare for that to happen
in a single location.
- Lucky us.
- Yeah.
- The first thing that's happening
is I'm sensing the presence
of the previous owners,
the Harrises, in the attic
and around the house.
Now, normally after we die
our spirits cross over into
the afterlife, immediately.
But sometimes our spirits can linger.
And that's what's happening
here with the Harrises.
They haven't crossed over
and they're lingering here.
So what I'm going to do is
attempt to get them to leave
by convincing them that peace
awaits them on the other side
if they cross over.
- Yeah, but I tried that all ready.
- I know, Tom, but I'm a professional.
You're not, okay?
I saw what you did,
but you weren't even
dealing with those spirits.
You were dealing with a
completely different force.
Something very demonic.
Not good.
- Demonic?
- Yes.
Yes, actually the most powerful demonic
presence I ever felt.
Very bad.
- Stop talking like Donald Trump tweets.
- Listen to me, Tom.
Okay, so with demons,
they actually can not cross over.
Because over represents Heaven.
You actually have to banish a demon.
And what you tried doing
was some sort of weird middle ground,
which is why it didn't work.
- You're a professional,
so you can do it, right?
- I'm not sure.
I'm going to try.
I've seen demons, I've dealt with spirits,
but I've never actually had
to deal with both of them
at the same time, in the same place.
- What was it that
attacked me in the bedroom?
- That was the demon.
Yeah, the Harrises are just
moving stuff around the house
because they want to
scare you into leaving.
Because they think it's still theirs,
but the demon actually also
thinks its his house too.
- So the demon beat the
shit out of me in my bed
and the demon's what
attacked me in the basement?
- No,
that was actually Ben.
Ben is neither a Demon or a spirit.
He's what people around
here call the Jersey Devil.
Or the Beast of the Pines.
He's the one who was in the basement
and who attacked you.
- So he's what?
Like a bigfoot or something?
- No.
He's actually a living creature.
But he has demonic powers,
which is why he kind
of seemed like a demon.
- All right.
- You know what,
I actually don't think
he's gonna come back.
Because I haven't sensed his presence.
So I think it's okay.
- Well that's good news, right?
- I guess.
We have to deal with two things.
Not three things.
- Well it sounds like you got a plan.
You've heard my story and all.
I'm gonna go get the fuck out of here.
- Actually, Tom, it's not that simple.
- Yeah, it really is.
I just walk out that door.
- No,
the Harrises' spirits ar going
to stay here, in this house,
until they leave.
But the demon is free
to go wherever he wants.
- And so am I.
- Yeah but Tom, he's going to follow you.
- Last time he didn't.
- Yeah,
Tom, listen to me.
This demon is the most powerful demon
I have ever sensed.
And you know what?
Weirdly enough,
he admires you.
- Excuse me?
- Yeah,
most people, when they
encounter something like that,
would just run away,
but you actually stayed here and fought.
- For a day and then he
scared the shit out of me
and I got the hell out of here.
- But Tom, you've come back
and now he's enraged.
He thinks you're mocking him.
Before, he just wanted to scare you away.
Eventually it worked,
but now he wants your soul.
- I came back?
I came back?
I came back because you
fucking people brought me back.
Oh, I'm going to be sick.
- Jesus, that's a lot of vomit.
- So, any luck?
- Oh no, not really.
Most of the vanquishing spells
are for lower level demons.
Nothing like I'm seeing here.
- I didn't realize there were
so many levels of demons.
- You wouldn't realize that.
You're a camera man.
- Oh God.
- Are you okay?
- Considering the fact that you told me
a demon's falling in love with me
and is going to drag me to hell.
Yeah, I guess I'm doing great.
- Tom, I'm looking into it.
In the event that it comes back,
I think I'll be prepared.
- Does anybody have gum or a mint?
- I got Halls.
- Oh, David,
why don't you and Schmiddy
take Tom around the house
and get some b-roll.
- Yeah, good idea.
Come on.
- Anyway, the first
night or so I was here,
the main activity was these chairs moving.
I found them moved.
I didn't know if anything was going on,
but that chair, actually
right in front of my eyes,
slid across like it was trying to keep me
from going in that basement.
- Huh.
- I would not go down there if I were you.
- Listen, do you hear this?
- Hear what?
- There's voices down there.
- What are they saying?
- I can't make it out.
- Did the
temperature just drop?
- Yeah, it just dropped.
Jacquie, could you come in here?
- What's going on?
- The temperature just dropped.
And there are voices in the basement.
- Oh yeah, I feel it.
- Cock sucker.
You're the expert on this shit.
Don't go down there.
- Oh, it just got really cold.
- Hey, guys?
- Yeah?
- The light just went on upstairs.
- Come on, let's go.
- It's at least 20 degrees
cooler in this room.
We can all feel it.
- What the fuck is that?
- Where'd it go?
- I don't know.
I don't feel anything.
- Did you get that?
- I got everything.
- Oh my God.
- Oh shit, Tom!
- Help me!
- Tom!
- Help me!
- I command you to release him!
Are you okay?
- I want the fuck out of here.
- Tom, it's gone.
- I heard its voice.
It leaned over me and
I could heart it talking.
- What did it say?
- It says I shouldn't have come back here.
Why did you people bring me back here?
- Hey, look,
I'm pretty happy with what we have so far.
Tom, I'm a little worried about.
He's kind of shaken up.
I think maybe it's a good idea
if we get him out of here
before anything really bad happens.
- If we leave, the demon
will just follow him, right?
- Well.
- I may have embellished a little bit.
- Oh, Jacquie.
- Dick move, Jac!
Dick move!
- What was I gonna do?
He was gonna leave if I didn't
find a way to keep him here.
- I really think maybe it's a good idea
we all just get out of here.
- No.
- No?
No what?
No why? Why?
- Because we're missing something, guys.
- What are we missing?
- Bad Ben!
Okay, I know,
we've all walked around this house.
We've all felt the change in temperature.
We've all smelled the weird things.
But the people at home
can't experience that.
It's gonna be just a bunch of
us walking around being like,
"Oh this smells weird.
"Oh, the temperature.
"Oh, bur, it's so cold."
That sucks, okay?
They are gonna want more.
- Look.
- No, I want more.
- Look,
between what we just got upstairs,
between what we shot earlier,
we're fine, we're good,
and if it's not more,
I'll just make up some shit in post.
- No, it's not good enough.
We need Bad Ben.
I have an idea.
- Oh God, I fucking hate ideas.
- Listen to me.
All right, I'm gonna need
you to go and distract Tom.
- Oh, great.
- I'm going up to the attic.
- Oh, great.
- I need you to go
outside with the camera.
Go to the car, get the
holy water from the kit
and I will meet you out there afterwards.
All right?
Just trust me on this.
Schmiddy, where are you?
- Over here.
Just getting this Go Pro ready.
All right.
What are we doing?
- Our viewers care about Tom's story
and his story revolves
around this creature.
Beast of the Pines,
show yourself!
- Jesus, Jacquie.
- I know you're here!
- I think we should
get out of her, Jacquie.
- Shut up!
You have that holy water?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- What is that?
- The mother's ashes.
- Jesus, Jacquie.
Did you hear that?
- It really go its attention, didn't it?
Follow me.
Come on.
- Oh God.
- Watch out.
- What are we doing?
What the fuck is that?
What are you doing?
Jac, Jac, Jac don't!
There's something back here.
- Run!
- Fuck!
Oh God!
Oh God!
Oh my God!
What the fuck is that?
- Hey, leave them alone!
This is what you want.
Come on, you big bad boy.
- Let's go.
- What?
We're just gonna leave Tom?
- What about him?
I mean...
- We've got to help him though.
- And then all three of us get killed?
Come on!
- Fuck.
Come on! Come on! Come on!
- Look, this is really bad.
- I really think we should
consider calling the police.
- What?
We can't call the cops.
What are you, an idiot?
- Don't call me an idiot!
I'm dyslexic, okay?
- I'm sorry.
- Fine, if we don't call the
cops, what're we gonna do?
- I don't know.
Shut up, okay?
I'm trying to think.
- Look, we need to delete all the footage.
- Yes.
- What?
Are you insane, David?
- Everything that we've done here tonight
has been documented on tape.
They're gonna play it at out trial.
- Jacquie, I can't go to jail!
Look at me, they'll view me as weak.
- You are weak.
Okay, listen,
we can delete all the
incriminating stuff off the camera,
but we are keeping the
rest of that footage!
- Whatever.
- How're we gonna explain
Tom's disappearance then?
- Grab the camera and follow me.
- Testing.
- Okay, ready?
- Yeah, I'm ready.
- Well folks, it appears that
the horrific memories of
what happened here before
were just too much for
Tom Riley to handle.
Last year he disappeared and
was believed to have died.
But it turns out he was
just hiding in the woods.
This time, however,
he has voluntarily surrendered.
to who knows where.
It appears that this may be the last time
we'll ever see Tom Riley.
Problem solved.
- Good one.
Who is that?
- Oh my God.
- Oh my god.
- Fuck.
- Give him all that money?
- Schmiddy?
- Hey Tom!
- Tom!
We're so happy you're alive.
- Bullshit!
What did you do?
- What do you mean?
- What did you do to
get that thing out there
all rilled up?
- Tom, let's
put down the stick.
- I want to see that footage!
- There's no
footage, what footage?
- You, yourself, said you
couldn't sense that Bad Ben
and now he's back.
So you guys disappear
out there, conveniently?
What did you do?
- We just went back there by the grave,
but we weren't filming or anything.
- I will make a kabob
out of the three of you!
Give me that camera!
- Wait! No, no, no, no!
There's no footage, there's no footage!
Okay, guys, new plan.
I say we get the fuck out of here
while he's in the shower.
You guys saw how pissed he
was when he watched the tape.
- Look,
we're not leaving him.
Let's let him come down then
we'll all leave together.
I know, I know,
you're not gonna wanna do that.
- Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
- Stop what?
- We are almost done here.
- Done?
Hey, I'm done.
You guys do whatever you wanna do.
I'm leaving.
- Come on.
Did you guys hear that?
- Of course we heard it.
- Where's it coming from?
- Schmiddy, grab the camera.
- Let's go this.
- It's coming from downstairs.
- Oh shit.
We're not going down there, are we?
- Yes, come on!
Come on!
- Should I bring the camera?
- Yes, of course bring
the camera, you idiot!
- Don't call me an idiot!
- I see you decided to stick around.
- I'm leaving.
Just after this.
- All right.
- Wait for me!
- All right, I don't wanna
hear shit about my outfit.
My clothes were ruined.
What I came here with is in the dryer.
You motherfuckers!
You better not have left me here.
There car's still here.
I ain't scared of you.
Where the fuck are you guys?
Come on, guys.
Where are you?
Oh, Jesus.
What the hell am I gonna do
if I get this window open anyway? Jump?
I'm 30 feet in the air.
Oh no!
He broke his toy.
He's gonna be pissed.
Oh, here it is.
Oh shit.
I forgot about this.
My iPad.
Okay, well she has this page marked.
So let me see what she was reading.
"Vanquishing a demon."
All right.
Where the hell do I find that stuff?
Where the fuck is?
Oh, here it is.
All right.
Are you fucking shitting me?!
Oh, it's lit.
Are you shitting me?
You know, I can smell you.
You don't have to make that noise.
What the fuck are these cameras doing on?
I should've stayed in
that tent in the woods.
Pete, buddy, you sold me out.
"We're making a documentary.
"Go back in the house.
"You'll be safe with me.
"Caveat emptor.
"Did they tell you what happened here
"before you bought the place?"
Why did I come back here?
Show's over.
Come on, you prick.
Why the fuck did I come back here?
"You did the banishing wrong."
"I'm a professional."
Yeah, how's that working for you?
"I think he shit himself."
Last one.
I give up.
I'm leaving here.
I don't care what happens to those three.
I don't care what you did to them.
They're staying here,
I'm getting the fuck out.
I'm telling you right now,
if you attempt to follow me,
I will come back here
with a busload of nuns.
Fuck it.
Fuck it.
Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
I don't know why I give a fuck,
but you can't have them!
Where are they?
I'm taking them with me!
I'm telling you right now,
I'm not leaving here
until they're with me.
Come on, you mother!
You've gotta be fucking shitting me!
You gotta be shitting me.
Come on, break!
What the fuck is this, the White House?
Is this bulletproof glass?
I'm gonna get out of here.
I promise you,
I'm gonna get the fuck out of here.
Stay out!
Oh shit.
Two more.
Last one.
This isn't the last one.
The basement.
I never checked the basement.
What the fuck did they do to the camera?
That's no way to use that thing.
Son of a bitch.
I need something to open this.
Let me look for something.
Ow, fuck!
Oh no.
This does not look good.
Jesus Christ!
- What happened?
- We shouldn't be here.
We have to leave right now.
The demon is here.
- That's gonna be a
little bit of a problem.
- Why?
- All the doors are locked.
None of them will open.
It's got us trapped in here.
I can't even break a window.
- Fuck.
- What're we supposed to
do, just die out here?
- Listen, geniuses,
we've been doing this
your way up to this point.
Now we're gonna do it my way.
- Which is what?
- We fight.
- So this is it.
I don't think we're
getting out of here alive.
If you find this tape, it means...
It means none of us made it out of here.
I don't want tonight to be
the last night of my life.
Everyone was so mean to me tonight.
Everyone is calling me Schmiddy.
I don't even know why.
That's not even my name.
My name is Tristen Carmichael.
If you find this tape,
please promise me one thing.
Please, please,
delete all the history
on my internet browsers.
That's all I ask for, please.
I'm so sorry
that I'm a paranormal investigator.
What a stupid job.
Pull it together, Tristen.
Pull it together, Tristen.
You're better than this.
- You got anything?
- Nah.
The EMF interference is
blocking our signals.
- Look,
the realtor is coming at nine
to see if we're out of here,
if we can make it till then.
- If we can't get out,
how is she gonna get in?
- We can yell through the door.
Have her get us some help.
Schmiddy, what are you doing?
- I'm just doing SOS in the lights.
You know, Morse Code.
- No you're not.
You're spellins "O-S-O," Einstein.
- It's the
thought that counts, Tom.
- Guys, what's important right now
is that we don't provoke the demon,
so just be quiet.
All right?
Just calm down.
- How about you sit?
- I say we fight.
- Wait, what are those?
Are those pills?
Give me some, I want some.
- It's an asprin, you idiot.
- Don't call me an idiot.
- Guys, hold it down.
- No, she keeps calling me an idiot.
I am a human being, goddamn it!
- Uh oh.
- What was that?
- Was it a growl?
- Schmiddy, shut up!
- Why? Jesus Christ!
- That did it.
- Schmiddy, please, are you crazy?
- Fight's on!
- What the fuck is with this bitch?
- Jacquie?
- Oh, fuck this.
- Tom, where you going?
Help us!
- Shit.
- Jacquie?
- Let's get
the fuck out of here.
Run! Run! Run! Run!
- No! Fuck!
- Oh my God.
- Oh God, this is it.
Oh shit!
- Yo, bitch!
Hey Ben!
There's someone in here you wanna meet.
This is the bitch that broke your toy.
Kick that demon's ass, Ben.
Well folks, it's done.
All right.
- The last of it.
- You got both cameras?
- Yeah, I set two up
front to catch our exit.
- All right.
- Let's get out of here.
- Yeah.
- Tom, that was unbelievable.
- Yeah, I mean, you saved my life.
- All of our lives.
- Yeah, Tom, you're like a superhero.
- Truth is, Ben is the superhero.
- I guess Ben is a superhero.
- Yeah.
Oh, David,
guard that footage with your life.
- Oh you know it.
Those tapes are gold.
Let's get started editing right now.
- Can we at least take a nap first?
- Okay, let's meet at the studio tonight.
- So what's next for you, Tom?
- Actually,
I was thinking maybe I become
a paranormal investigator.
- You know,
that's a really good idea.
- Yeah, I mean you actually
did a really good job in there.
- You kinda started out as a wuss.
- We could work as a team.
- I'll think about that.
But if you knuckleheads could do this,
I'm sure I could do it.
- Where you going?
- I forgot that iPod she gave me.
- Wow.
I got Tom to like Abba.
I'm a superhero.
- Hello?
No! No! No! No!
Not again!
Not again!
Not again!
No, please!
No, stop!
No! No!
- Wait.
Did you hear that?
- No! No!
No! No!
Stop it! Stop it!
Ben! Stop!
Stop it, Ben!
Get outside.
And you stay out there.
Hey, has anybody got sweatpants?
I want to be clean shaven for.
Because I'm a business man now.
- Okay, whenever you're ready.
- Okay.
Hi, I'm Tom Riley.
I'm here in front of my former
home on Steelmanville Road
where I fought and beat the evil
that had taken up residence
and I can help you.
- Cut.
- What? Why?
- The commercial's
only 30 seconds long.
You don't have to say your name.
We'll have it displayed on screen.
- I don't say my name?
- No, it's going
to be up on the screen
with your phone number.
- What if a blind person
is hearing the spot on TV
and they have a ghost?
What about that?
They need to hear my name.
I need to say my name.
- You won't be able
to fit it all in 30 seconds.
- Yes I will, just let me do my thing.
- Okay.
Take two.
- Hi, I'm Tom Riley.
I'm here in front of my former
home on Steelmanville Road
where I fought and beat the evil
that had taken up residence
and I can help you rid
your home of evil too.
Are you experiencing
weird noises in your home?
Are doors opening and shutting?
Are things moving?
Do you experience changes in temperatures?
Strange smells?
Do you hear voices?
Take it from me, don't think you're crazy.
You may be the victim of
ghosts or demonic spirits
that want to drive you from your home.
I can help.
Call me to schedule a free
no obligation consultation
where I will personally come to your home
and evaluate your situation.
I will put your mind at ease
and help return peace to your home.
Call today.
Thank you.
How was that?
- It was a minute.
- Your ass, that was 30 seconds.
- It was a minute, Tom.
- Fuck.
Okay, do it again.
- Take three.
- Do you have a ghost problem?
Are evil spirits destroying
the peace in your home
or place of work?
I can help you.
I've been through it myself.
The first step in ridding your
life of malevolent spirits
is to call me for a free
no obligation consultation.
You'll be glad you did.
End the harassment today.
I am the solution to what
goes bump in the night.
I'm here for you.
Thank you.
- Hey, Tom.
My name's Danny and
this is my wife, Laura.
We're sending you this video
in the hopes that you can
help is with a problem.
We heard about what happened
at Steelmanville Road
and your house over there
and the things that you went through.
But we also heard about how
you were helping people like us
with the issues we've been having lately.
We've had some unexplainable
things happen here
that we just can't explain.
There's been things moving off of shelves.
Things disappearing and maybe
that's supernatural or not,
I don't know.
I don't really believe that.
The biggest problem
or the thing that scares me the most
is this dark figure,
dark presence that's been near us.
- There's some bad vibes here.
- That's just been around us for weeks now
and I don't know where it's coming from
or what it means.
All I know is that maybe
you're the only one
that can help us.
So, Tom Riley, you're our only hope.