Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (2024) Movie Script

Science has the power
to illuminate the path of the world
in darkness like a beacon.
But if it falls into the wrong hands,
it can also burn the world to ashes.
With the help of this very science,
the Indian Forces had created
their most powerful machine yet,
which they were shifting
to their most secure base.
This machine was akin to a shield for us,
but if it falls into
the hands of the enemy,
it can turn into a sword.
A sword
that will cut through the heart of India.
Base to Snow Leopard.
Base to Snow Leopard.
What's your ETA?
Snow Leopard to Base.
ETA ten minutes.
I repeat, ETA ten minutes.
Incoming missile!
Reload, reload!
Move, move, move!
Snow Leopard to Base.
Need backup!
Everyone, attack!
Take the roof off!
Secure the package!
Come on, boys!
Load next!
Shit! Tank, tank, tank!
Nine o'clock! Fire!
The tank is cutting our convoy! Attack!
Chang, you know how dangerous it is
for us to meet in public like this.
Despite knowing that, if you've
called me from India overnight,
then I really hope it is
something important and big.
In the history of India, nothing greater
than this has happened to date.
And there won't be
anything greater after this.
India has a new friend.
Who is he? ISI? Chinese?
He's not a part of any organization.
What does he want?
He desires to change the regime.
Why is he doing this?
Well, you guys should know
why he chose India
over the entire world.
They say a new enemy
is often an old friend.
Who are you?
A doom
that will alter the past,
the present, and the future.
A doom that will bring
an everlasting conclusion to the conflict
between the forces of good and evil.
It's time.
What's going to happen, Chang?
It is going to be bigger
than any war India has ever seen.
The Indian Forces will not spare you.
I will not spare
the Indian Forces either.
Chang, you're not helping.
Any intercept? Any information?
Any clue?
Give me something, damn it!
I have given you
all the information I have.
I was just the messenger.
And now, you are, Misha.
Will someone please tell me
what just happened?!
Colonel Azad has just
found something, sir.
Alright. Yes.
Look, I know there are
a lot of questions in your mind.
But I have just one question for you all.
Who decides what is right and wrong?
I'll tell you.
If a hundred people come together
and commit a wrong deed,
it is still considered right.
And if one person alone
does a righteous deed,
it is considered wrong.
But let me tell you
another interesting thing.
The one who has power is always right.
And right now, the power is in my hands.
You have a lot of pride
in your forces, don't you?
Look what I did to them.
And oh, by the way
I'm taking away
something precious from you.
I hope you don't mind.
You must be wondering
what I really want!
I will erase India from the map
of the world using your own machine.
Three days.
Three days is what you've got.
Come on, guys!
You need to act now! Now!
Have you not heard that saying?
"Do tomorrow's work today,
and today's work now."
What comes next?
Yes! Destruction!
"Destruction will happen in an instant.
So, why procrastinate?"
Do you know what destruction means?
I'll tell you.
In fact, I can do better.
I'll show you.
This man is insane.
Such a massive terrorist attack!
Sir, whoever this man is
he has hijacked
our communication network
and paralyzed our security systems.
Activate our assets
beyond the border immediately.
Yes, sir.
There's no point, sir.
Chang called me to Shanghai last night
for a meeting.
But before he could tell me anything,
he was killed.
He said and I quote,
"A new enemy is often an old friend."
Captain Misha, we are in a state of war.
There's no time to unravel mysteries.
What should I say to the High Command?
What are we going to do,
General Shergill?
This is bigger than any attack
we have seen before, sir.
We must quickly do
whatever we need to do.
And it has to be done covertly.
- Covertly?
- Yes, sir.
You know what's in that package, right?
We will get it back.
You just handle the High Command.
Three days.
I want this man in 72 hours.
And I want that package.
Yes, sir.
I've been tracking the package.
It came in a stealth chopper,
bypassing all radar monitoring systems,
and infiltrating the airspace
of numerous countries.
It smoothly traveled from India
to the UK without a single glitch.
This is impossible without the knowledge
of intelligence, practices, and protocols.
Sir, the man who killed Chang
was wearing a similar mask.
And when he got hurt
his wound healed on its own.
It was absurd.
As if he was a
Absolutely, sir!
Be very careful, Captain Misha.
This information must not be
disclosed to anyone else.
- But, sir...
- Captain!
That package is the most powerful
and dangerous weapon
ever to be made in this country.
Understand that at this moment,
the fate of India is in his hands.
If he happens to use the package
we are all finished.
And that's the reason
we have to get the package back.
But for this mission
we need someone from the outside.
Who will help us, sir?
Not just one individual
but two.
Two court-martialed officers
from my own unit.
Two of the best officers
I have ever seen.
How do you do it, sir?
How can you be so happy
even after always coming last?
Since childhood, we've learned one thing.
If you play with children, you should
let them win. Otherwise, they'll cry.
Besides, the hero always
makes his entrance at the end.
Is someone else joining us?
Let's go.
The oldster is waiting for us.
Ladies first.
- Freddie.
- Sir.
Next time, make sure
to mute your mic before praising me.
What did you call me? Oldster?
This afternoon, Al Zayeda
attacked our Kabul Embassy,
taking an Indian ambassador,
his family, and a female officer hostage.
They have been placed in a militant base
in a small village named Shakkotabad
on the outskirts of Kabul. Over here.
What are their demands?
Do you remember Jamalauddin Haqaani?
Kandahar Hijacking IC 714.
But he was killed by the CIA.
But now, Al Zayeda wants
Jamalauddin's son, Mouidin Haqaani,
to become their new leader.
Currently, Mouidin is incarcerated
in Tihar Jail.
There's nepotism even in terrorism!
That's unbelievable!
- Carry on.
- Thank you.
In this chopper,
you both will land six kilometers
beyond the border, in no man's land.
You will be taken ahead
for seven kilometers by Laila-Majnu.
In the game of love,
people turn into donkeys.
These two have upgraded to horses.
Love your sense of humor, brother.
Love it.
After IC 714,
we've been observing
a strict non-negotiation policy.
So, without handing over Mouidin Haqaani,
we have to infiltrate
the most dangerous base of Al Zayeda
and bring back all the hostages.
I think it's practically impossible.
You shouldn't have said that, sir.
Sir, you know that our ego
is bigger than our talent.
- Anyway, what are we gonna call this?
- Excuse me?
He wants to post it on Facebook.
He wants the name of the mission.
Please! Insta.
Thank God he didn't say Orkut.
Which generation do you belong to?
Anyway, sir, I have an idea. May I?
Indian and Afghan people are
enthusiasts for only two things.
- Cricket and
- Bollywood.
There are about two or three
Hindi channels there.
So, I was thinking
whatever film is released today,
that will be the name of this mission.
Khote Sikkay?
I think it's perfect.
- This mission will be called...
- Sir.
There's another channel.
Try the other channel, please.
One more channel.
Bade Miyan Chote Miyan.
- Are you happy?
- I am very happy.
This mission will be called
Operation BMCM.
Bade. Chote.
- Forty-five minutes to dawn break.
- Sir.
I will cover the north,
you handle the east.
- Why would you lead?
- What?
Because I'm the best! What else?
Who's experienced and mature?
Who's young and dynamic?
Who's calm and composed?
Who's aggressive and amazing?
Who's powerful and a perfectionist?
Who's fast and furious?
Who's the elder one?
Come on!
This place is buzzing with a crowd.
That's why the whole city is empty.
It's all about Netflix and chill here.
Why don't you stick to your
good old Contra while I play PUBG?
The Chinese game?
Bloody traitor. Play FAU-G.
I'll see you inside.
Try and keep up, okay?
See you.
Damn it!
- What took you so long?
- Don't show-off. Let's go.
Come on, guys. Come on.
Where did you steal all this from?
- We robbed this train.
- What?
Train, man!
We don't rob airplanes because
the loot may be damaged
after falling from such heights!
I used to steal from him at night and sell
the stolen items back to him the next day.
What are you doing?
What are you doing in our area?
- Go fight with him!
- Same to you.
Go, kill them!
- What's your count, PUBG?
- Sixteen.
- What about FAU-G?
- Twenty.
Try and keep up, bro.
Some love us, some are devoted to us
Seeing us, people exclaim, "Oh, my God!"
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Some love us, some are devoted to us
Seeing us, people exclaim, "Oh, my God!"
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
- Sir, we've found the hostages.
- Fantastic!
Get out of there.
Kill them!
What was that, guys?
This world is new, this tune is new
The story that we wrote together is new
The anklets broke
The music stopped playing
Even the kings have
Bowed down in front of me
The fire within me
And my pride is different
- Guys?
- Don't think I'm common
I'm a unique person
We'll change the mood of your party
We'll change the mood of your party
Today, dance with me in joy
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Go, kill them!
Go on. Hurry!
- Go.
- Run!
Move! Come on, move.
Guys, is everything okay?
Not okay, sir!
The terrorists have unleashed
a fireworks display on us!
I feel like my ears are crooning.
Who's mooning?
Sir, our ears are crooning!
Guys, stop kidding around and leave.
Sir, we're not kidding
They're still alive.
I want to see them dead.
Come with the launcher!
Move! Come on, everyone!
Come on! Go, go!
Come on, come on! Go, go!
- Go, kill them!
- Let's go!
Catch them, go!
Get them!
- Rocky, let's take their Jeep!
- Come on.
Get in, everyone! Quick!
Fire the Jeep up!
Jamalauddin Haqaani.
Do you remember Jamalauddin Haqaani?
Kandahar Hijacking IC 714.
But he was killed by the CIA.
Sir, Jamalauddin Haqaani is alive.
How's that possible?
I just saw him!
Just like Osama, they have
kept him hidden here for years.
Guys, forget about him.
- Just get out of there.
- What!
- Sir, but...
- Jamalauddin is not our target.
The safety of the hostages
is our priority. Leave now!
Bade, RAW, CIA, and MI6, were searching
for the one who is right in front of us
and he wants us to let him go?
Did you forget what he did to India?
How can I forget?
I was a part of the IC 714 operation.
We were five minutes late
and the whole of India
had to kneel before that scoundrel.
Bade, what do you think we should do?
Freddie, listen to me.
I want you to leave now.
That's an order.
Sir is right.
Our mission is to save the hostages.
- We should leave.
- Go, get him!
You won't get this opportunity again.
Find them!
What's up, Mr. Haqaani?
Chilling in the villa all by yourself?
Where the CIA, MI6,
and Mossad couldn't reach,
the Indian Forces have arrived!
Vacation's over.
Shall we head to India?
What's the point?
It will be the same as always.
Get them out of your way.
Today you'll imprison me, and tomorrow
you'll be serving me biryani in jail.
And the day after
you will bring me back here
in order to safeguard
the lives of your people.
Indians are only capable of talking.
The dog has gone crazy.
I think so.
From now on, India will refrain
from squandering any biryani
on people like you.
Now that you've done what
you wanted, get out of there!
- Dawn is about to break.
- Let's go, Chote.
Hey, Bade!
Have a blast!
Fire the chopper!
Go faster!
Come on!
Come on, come on!
Get in the chopper.
Sir, take off!
Take it out.
Get the trigger out!
Get the trigger out! Hurry up!
What's wrong?
- No, no.
- No!
- Brother, no! Please!
- No, please don't!
- No! Don't!
- I beg of you!
For Jamalauddin!
- No!
- Please!
What kind of people are they, Bade?!
Following the triumph
of that mission, our unit
assigned new names to Captain Freddie
and Captain Rocky.
Bade Miyan and Chote Miyan.
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
It's time for the bad boys
Chillin' like a villain!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Yo, baby!
Just listen to me, yeah!
I've told you countless times
What can I say about my friend!
I'm never gonna leave your side
Some call us Baaghi
Some call us Khiladi
They ask, "What is your net worth?"
Whether it's a Ford or a Ferrari
Why should we bother with such questions?
I'm bound to your trials and tribulations
Go and do what you must
Face the world in the game
Your buddy stands behind you!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Never ever ever have a doubt!
If you speakin'
Let me shut your mouth
Hey, DJ, play the music loud!
'Cause Bade and Chote
Are in the house, baby!
Remove the moon from the sky
Erase the twists from the road
Do anything to reduce the bind
Do whatever your heart desires
Don't be anxious for even a moment
The whole world is yours
Ignite the fire of determination
And face the world head-on
My world is woven from thoughts of you
Our connection
Is in facing challenges anew
What truly counts is
You being my companion
Your buddy stands behind you!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
Chote Miyan, oh, what a marvel!
Bade Miyan is a wonder!
This means that until now,
no one from the CIA, MI6, or Mossad
knows who really killed Haqaani.
what led to the court-martial
of such great officers?
Well, that's a different story.
I'll save it for some other day.
Captain Misha, one must
counter poison with poison.
And if we intend to catch this psychopath,
we'll need two
even bigger psychos than him.
Come on, Come on!
- Please save Sheila!
- Everybody clear!
- Please save Sheila!
- Sir, please!
Please save Sheila!
Please save Sheila!
Save Sheila!
- Save her!
- Sheila, Sheila
Sheila, Sheila
Thank you!
You are a hero!
What's your name?
- My name is
- Captain Rocky.
You have a lot of pride
in your forces, don't you?
Look what I did to them.
This psycho is definitely a virgin.
That's why I'm here.
Sir said if there's anyone
who can do this job...
It's me. Obviously.
But why should I?
No offense, Captain,
but we don't have time for this.
We know nothing about this enemy.
And the nation is facing a looming threat.
That old man has always considered
this Bitcoin as a lost cause.
However, here, I'm highly appreciated.
They call me Rocky Rager.
I'm not going anywhere.
- Is this a joke to you?
- Yeah.
If we don't track this package,
then it's all over for us, Captain!
Okay. Whatever.
Thanks for wasting my time, Rocky Rager!
Ma'am, I was just joking!
Rager, my foot!
Everyone has made a joke out of me!
They summon the fire brigade
even for a rain dance party.
I am dying to rejoin the forces!
Please convince me cutely.
I didn't come here
to massage your giant ego!
I'm here because
the nation needs you both.
Madam, that bitter gourd?
Forget about him.
He won't come.
You too refused to come
just two minutes ago.
No, you really don't know him.
My ego is bigger than my talent,
whereas his greatest talent is his ego.
Stop checking him out!
It's as if you've swiped right
with your eyes!
Salt-and-pepper suits him.
You know, black and white?
Right. He also belongs
to the black-and-white era.
Bade, I missed you so much, man!
What a joke!
Captain Misha.
This package is very important
for India's security.
- And we've only got three days.
- I'm taking away
something precious from you.
I hope you don't mind.
You must be wondering.
What do I really want?
We have traced the package's tracker
all the way to the UK.
You boldly returned to where
we were humiliated and expelled.
- Bade, that's not true. I...
- I know everything!
Captain probably commended you,
stating that the oldster believes
Rocky is the best!
And here you are, popping like a popcorn!
Do you have even a bit of self-respect?
Popcorn! That's a good one!
You know, after seven years,
you're finally sounding like me, Bade.
But, Bade, our anger is towards
that old man, not the country.
We've always prioritized the nation.
But what did we get
from the High Command in return?
And this is the opportunity
to turn that humiliation into respect.
You saw the video, right?
The country needs us.
We are in a state of war.
We are not soldiers anymore.
We used to be soldiers,
but we're not anymore.
Put that ego aside for a second
and think rationally.
Here you go.
I've put my ego aside.
And now, I'm thinking rationally.
I'm not coming.
- I told you this man's crazy...
- Enough, guys!
Azad sir had said that no matter
how angry they may be
when the country needs them,
they will come without being called.
But I guess he was wrong.
Along with time,
both of you have also changed.
Excuse me, madam!
I'm ready to go!
Whatever, dude!
Are you happy now?
And guess what?
Congratulations, Bade!
Today, our partnership
has been hindered by your ego.
But that's okay.
You stay here and extract oil.
I'll go solo
and drain the enemies' essence!
One minute.
- We're here, sir.
- Me too.
Captain Misha, I'll be
orchestrating this from the outside.
The High Command is unaware
of our mission's execution.
Which means, God forbid,
if Rocky gets caught,
we disown him.
We'll do it, sir.
And one last thing.
The person who reached
our highly secure package
won't take them long
before reaching you.
Be very careful.
Welcome, Azad sir.
I upheld the value of my words.
Now you better stop this.
The game has just begun
Colonel Azad.
This is the current location
of the tracker.
Waterloo Station?
When Hitler was conducting
airstrikes in the UK,
the Queen's family had
two things built beneath Waterloo.
War bunkers for civilians
and a secret vault for the Royal Family.
The Kohinoor would be there too!
You know, your sense of humor sucks!
When the package is in the vault
beneath London's Waterloo Station,
why are we getting sunburned
here in Oxford?
Because only one person
can help us open the door of that vault,
and that person is here.
Are you talking about Daya from CID?
Dr. Parminder Bawa.
Okay, but where is this guy?
This foreigner chick
Is a hot mess
It's a girl, not a guy.
She completed electrical engineering
from IIT Kharagpur.
And now, at Oxford University,
she's researching artificial intelligence,
military technology,
cyber military security, and whatnot.
This foreigner chick
Is a hot mess
She is a UK citizen
and our undercover asset.
Be a bit cautious.
She's a crazy genius.
The genius had a great fall!
Dr. Parminder, are you okay?
Come on, Misha! I've told you
many times that my fam calls me Pam!
Are these muscles real
or made on Photoshop?
- Can I touch them?
- Hey, take it easy, baby!
Dude, you're like hotness pro max!
Pam, this is Captain Rocky.
Captain? No.
This is G.I. Joe!
Dude, they should make your dolls
and sell them on Amazon!
And your face
I'm sure it requires no filter whatsoever!
Are you serious?
This girl with verbal diarrhea
will help us?
- This little girl?
- Excuse me!
Little girl?
Military-grade taser cum defibrillator
slash pacemaker.
Are you crazy?
No, I'm starving!
So, can we please go to the mess?
Or else, I will eat you up, G.I. Joe,
'cause you're such a snack!
This is amazing!
Our forces' secret facility
for operations in the UK.
This is my team.
Guys! This is Misha, this is G.I. Joe.
Hey, this looks amazing.
What is it?
Allow me to introduce you.
Beauty and the Beast.
Military-grade drone with
a maximum takeoff weight of 100 kg,
360-degree camera range
tracking up to 200 miles,
with a top speed of 125 knots
and laser payload of 90 kilowatts.
In short, it's much hotter than you,
G.I. Joe, so please stop touching it.
Don't touch.
Where did you find this mini Einstein?
Okay, let's get to work.
The official 3D blueprint
of Waterloo Station.
Now, G. I. Joe,
listen to me.
When Misha told me about the package,
my team and I hacked into
the surveillance system
of Waterloo Station.
Overground, underground, inside, outside.
A total of 560
high-resolution CCTV cameras
that keep watching you all the time
much like an intrusive neighbor.
So, basically, whatever we need to do,
we must do it amidst the crowd.
400 meters below the station,
there are tunnels
where the vault is located,
and that's where our package is.
Which means there will be police above
and below the enemies'
Academi Blackwater guards,
full of ex-Marine soldiers.
And between these two, you are about
to be sandwiched like a sizzling patty.
So, we have to go through
tunnel number 23, which is live.
But how will the train come to a halt?
Trust Pam and me with that.
But after 15 seconds, the train will
restart with automated server control.
In short, for 15 seconds,
you'll have to be Milkha Singh.
Otherwise, by the 16th second,
the tunnel will be live,
but you'll be dead,
and I'll be single again.
How will we exit from there
with the package? By metro?
In this.
That's cute.
If a car can get there, why am I taking
the underground route of this netherworld?
Because you're a decoy.
As soon as you enter the tunnel,
the security will be diverted towards you.
By the time you extract the package
from the vault, I'll be there.
Alright, Gutsy Goddess,
but here's a small question.
How will the vault open?
Let me help you answer that.
Will I get an OTP?
That's very cute, but no.
I'll open the vault, not you.
I'm coming with you.
Hey, clinger!
We're not Batman and Robin,
always together everywhere.
Guns need to be fired there
not words.
You can't use guns there, Captain.
The vault's password
is a complex numerical equation
based on the Gaussian integral
that only Pam can solve.
Oh, big deal!
I've also studied e=mc.
I'll handle it.
So, tell me.
If the integral limit minus infinity
to plus infinity
of e raised to minus x square dx
is the square root of pi,
then what is the value of x?
Good evening, friends!
You know, sir
it's very difficult
to make plans with friends.
Especially when they are from
neighboring countries that we only
encounter during different wars.
1962, 1965, 1971.
And of course
1999, Kargil.
India, China, and Pakistan have never
come together in the same place.
But this time,
I will bring everyone together.
To create history.
Am I right?
Mr. Wong?
Mr. Naved?
So, let's press
my happiness button, gentlemen.
You have no clue
about the surprise the Indian Forces
have in store for you.
Sir, it's my turn to
plan surprises.
Sir, do you know
what the simplest method
to alleviate pain is?
Return your pain
to the enemy.
And you
have given me
a lot of pain!
I will return the pain
to you
your loved ones
and your entire nation.
I will give it back with added interest.
Are you going to a party?
If we die, I want to make sure
I look good before it happens.
Open up. Open up.
Please Open.
- Are you crazy?
- I'm so sorry.
Guys, I think I'm lost.
Something's not right.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Don't you know
you're not supposed to be here?
You know, it's so funny!
I was actually just trying to find
a location for an Instagram reel.
You know how it is.
Who are you?
Security, we have an intruder...
I'm in position.
Pam, where are you?
Okay, I've reached.
In three.
One. Go.
Hail the Goddess!
The train's slowing down.
We have 15 seconds.
Rocky, your time starts now.
I'm on the bridge.
Entering the tunnel now.
Oh, here.
Sir, there is a breach in tunnel 23.
Tunnel to Oscar!
Tunnel to Oscar!
- Tunnel 23 is code red.
- Roger that.
Come on!
I'm dead! I'm dead!
Move to tunnel six.
Got it!
Move to tunnel six.
Sir, there's nothing here.
Fall back. Regroup. Keep searching.
Dude! Quit taking hits like a weakling!
Go, G.I. Joe, hit him!
Hail the Goddess!
- Is he dead?
- Let's go. We're out of time.
Send in the Black Army.
Misha, fall back.
The mission has been compromised.
Not yet.
Besides, the hero always
makes his entrance at the end.
- Show-off.
- Always.
Who are you?
This is Bade Miyan.
Bade Miyan!
I've heard so much about you.
You're the GOAT!
A goat?
No, the GOAT means
the greatest of all time!
Like Messi, Ronaldo, Virat, Sachin.
I thought Messi and Ronaldo were cool.
But after seeing you,
I'm like, "Messi who?"
I mean, it's just like...
Where's the vault?
Let's go.
Take her to the vault! Hurry!
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
So, you wanted to go solo
and drain the enemies' essence, right?
You encounter trouble wherever you go!
I was just feigning death
to confuse them, okay?
Your performance was so poor
that they're dying now.
Bade, tell me, why are you here?
Because I love you.
I hate you.
Who's that Batman?
I don't know. I've been
thrashing him for so long.
God knows what elixir he has consumed.
He just won't die.
Move, you loser.
Oh yes! Okay!
This guy's like dandruff on the scalp
that just won't go away!
We don't have time for this.
Come on, back up!
Take the car behind.
Oh, my God!
What the F!
Pam, what's happening?
Didn't you open the vault?
Why don't you do it?
Do it!
- It's okay. Carry on.
- Thank you, Uncle.
Hail the Goddess!
I'm a genius.
Priya bhabhi!
It's so good to see you, bhabhi!
One minute.
Why are you calling her bhabhi?
- Are you Freddie's...
- She was his fiance.
Now, she's merely
the password for his email.
Grow up, Rocky.
I'm married now.
So, now she's my bhabhi as well.
- Where is the package?
- She is the package.
- What?
- Yes.
I'm that weapon
that the enemy desires
to seize control of Karan Kavach.
What's Karan Kavach?
India has always faced threats
from both sides of the border.
From China on one side
and Pakistan on the other.
Sooner or later,
we could face attacks from
both sides of the border simultaneously.
An attack that would start
the Third World War.
And only one thing
can save us from such a war.
Karan Kavach.
The Indian Science
and Defense Organization, ISDO,
has developed its own Iron Dome.
An invisible shield
that will neutralize
every missile and bomb
coming from both sides of the border
before entering our country.
This is the most advanced technology
in military defense all over the world.
We had developed this technology
and stored it in a micro hard drive.
But there was one thing
that was troubling the High Command.
- Priya.
- Sir.
In today's date, there is no hard drive
that cannot be hacked.
That's why we need to store
the codes of Karan Kavach in a place
where no one can extract them.
What place would that be?
I have a place in mind, sir.
A human mind.
With the permission of the High Command,
I volunteered.
You mean the codes of Karan Kavach
are mapped in your brain?
So, you're like a human hard drive!
That is so dope!
Intelligence received a tip that
this information was about to leak.
That's why, we were shifting Priya
to a secure base in the Northern Valley.
But before that, the enemy attacked
the convoy and took away
Dr. Priya
aka the package.
How do you know all this?
After being court-martialed,
I acquired British citizenship.
After a few years,
I began working at the oil rigs.
But when Major Azad called me back,
I couldn't refuse.
So, you've been working undercover
for the forces all this time?
What did you tell me?
I lacked self-respect, right?
You've been serving the country
with that oldster,
while I've been saving cats
for seven years!
- Chote, listen to me...
- Let it be!
I was getting sentimental
thinking that you came for me.
But you're here for this hard drive!
I didn't come here.
You and I have been called here.
He ensured the tracker stayed active,
leading us to this location.
Duh! If he only wanted
to hack Dr. Priya's brain,
he would have done it long ago.
Why would he leave her here?
Because it's a trap.
I don't know who you are.
And I don't know why
but you don't want the package.
You want Bade and Chote!
Freddie, Rocky.
That's my boys!
I feel like crushing these two right here.
But I want to find out
if all these years have made them weak.
Let's see
if they are still the best.
Let's play.
Nobody move!
Get the scientist!
Get the scientist!
Let go!
Misha! Come on, move!
Take Pam out. Rocky!
Come on! Let's go!
Shots fired! Shots fired!
Go fast.
Misha, where are you?
Right behind you.
Misha, get me inside the van.
Misha, what are you doing?
Misha, talk to me, please.
Just fill me in!
- Tell me what I'm supposed to...
- Keep the car steady.
That was so cool!
Go, go, go! Come on, go!
- Hey, hey, stop, stop.
- What are you doing?
Pam, fall back!
Who's the other guy?
Other guy?
Who is the other masked guy?
Is there one more?
Yes, there's another masked man, Rocky!
Damn it!
Is this a fancy dress competition?
He'll kill me!
Hit the brakes, damn it!
Guys, watch out!
- What?
- There's another car on the right.
Priya! Get Up!
Recognize me?
No, sir. It's Jignesh bhai!
No. He has a potbelly.
This guy's well-toned.
Sir, Sudarshan moved to Canada.
- He moved to Canada? When?
- Man...
Sir, is he Manoj?
- Is that him?
- M Manoj?
It's Manoj for sure!
- We called him Manu, didn't we? Manu?
- Yes.
Same old wicked sense of humor.
It's been a long time, guys.
What did you think?
That you're still the best?
You were the best.
Would you like to meet the best?
Gentlemen! Masks, please.
Hey! Don't look so worried!
Now all of us will get together
and script India's new destiny.
The game
has just begun.
Bade Miyan
Chote Miyan.
Chaos in Central London today
after reports of violence and gunfire.
Over a dozen are reported severely
injured, including police officers.
Authorities are investigating if the
incident has links to terrorist groups.
The perpetrators of the incident
are hiding behind masks.
Now, the question is who are they
and where have they disappeared to?
Hello, boys.
Don't worry.
I won't kill you two.
I just want to see you suffer
just like I have been suffering
because of traitors like you.
And you
The biggest betrayal was from you.
I trusted you more than anybody else.
You must be wondering
what's happening. Right?
I hope you remember Chang's words.
Who's Chang?
Let it go, man.
"A new enemy
is often an old friend."
We are all
very old friends.
We are such close friends that
we can even sacrifice our lives
for each other,
and also take lives if needed.
- Cheers!
- Hello, boys!
Where have you been, Mr. Brilliance Bard?
Did you forget your friends
after acquiring British citizenship?
You're just like the World Cup,
appearing once every four years.
He's never to be seen
after he moved to London.
Oh, forget about me!
Look at you two!
The young soldiers of our nation
aren't quite as youthful anymore.
While waiting for you, he has
matured like a fixed deposit.
But he hasn't matured one bit!
This guy's wisdom
hasn't even begun to surface yet.
- So funny!
- Oh, by the way
Congratulations, Bade Miyan.
I know you're getting engaged.
Azad Uncle is hosting
a grand party in your honor!
The party isn't for us, bro.
It's for you.
The oldster treats us as outsiders.
You alone are truly his own.
No, no, no.
He's like Dronacharya,
and you two are like Arjuna.
And I'm like Eklavya, the outsider.
He loves you two more than anybody.
- Yeah, right!
- Enough. The oldster is headed this way.
- Hello, Uncle.
- Kabir.
- It's so wonderful to see you.
- Same here.
Our nation needs
more bright minds like yours.
And I have no doubt that you're
going to make the country proud.
Thank you.
Sir, I have a question.
If the three of us were drowning,
be honest, who would you rescue first?
- I just know it wouldn't be you, Captain.
- Why?
You've already drowned in love.
And no one can save a person
who is drowning in love. Right, sir?
- Kabir.
- Yeah.
- Let me get you a drink.
- Yes, please.
Sir, the bar is this way.
There's one over there
as well, away from you two.
Listen. Tell me one thing.
Does this oldster think so little of us?
But I must say,
the oldster is rather indulgent!
Bade, let's do it.
In passion, I find peace
Blood rushes with speed without cease
My mind spins and swoons
Lost in melodies, I'm consumed by tunes
Intoxication feels like velvet touch
Love's essence, no high can match as such
With a colorful goblet
I'm a spirit enchanted
There's no thirst like love
In its exuberance
I sway like a mystic in ecstasy
I sway like a mystic in ecstasy
I sway like a mystic in ecstasy
As desires grow, waves of passion flow
You're getting restless, it shows
Like a dreamy restlessness
There's no intoxication like love's caress
Body like a wanderer, mind like the sea
There's no intoxication like love's spree
I sway like a mystic in ecstasy
I sway like a mystic in ecstasy
Sense hasn't found its way
I sway like a mystic in ecstasy
Life slipped out of my fingertips
I sway like a mystic in ecstasy
Dusk and dawn entwine as one
Lost in love, my nights are done
Intoxication feels like velvet touch
Love's essence, no high can match as such
With a colorful goblet
I'm a spirit enchanted
There's no thirst like love
In its exuberance
I sway like a mystic in ecstasy
I sway like a mystic in ecstasy
I sway like a mystic in ecstasy
Kabir, what is all this?
This is Kabir's dream project that
he has prepared for our Indian Forces.
Thank you, Priya.
This really wouldn't have been possible
without your and ISDO's support.
What are you planning to do tomorrow?
Our presentation tomorrow
If everything goes well
it will change the future
of Indian defense forever.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Dr. Kabir's father's
UK-based company, Zero Gravity,
has been supplying arms and ammunition
to our Indian Forces
for the past 35 years.
And now, it's the beginning
of a new chapter.
After my father's death,
Major Azad mentored me.
He inspired me
to do something special
for the Indian Forces.
And today, we are going
to present before you the program
that will change the future
of the Indian Forces.
Ladies and gentlemen
I proudly present to you Soldier X.
India possesses various types
of tanks, missiles, and aircraft.
However, forces are made from soldiers,
not just weapons.
Unfortunately, many brave soldiers of ours
sacrifice their lives
in these wars and attacks.
And we haven't been able
to do anything about it.
Science is the answer
to all of mankind's sufferings.
And today, I'm here to make a promise
on behalf of science.
From now on,
India will not lose even a single soldier.
Thanks to the power of cloning.
A clone, in simple terms,
is a living photocopy.
A genetic duplicate, a lookalike
whose DNA, face, qualities,
everything matches 100 percent
with the original.
I feel immensely proud to tell you all
that over the past 15 years,
collaborating with
the world's top scientists,
Zero Gravity has successfully
upgraded this technology
with the help of artificial intelligence.
This means that now, we can
create human clones without any risk.
With your permission,
General Shergill, Major Azad,
I would like to invite
two of my best friends onto the stage.
Captain Freddie, Captain Rocky.
If you will, please.
In these bio-engineered chips,
the DNA of Freddie and Rocky
has been encrypted.
Let me give you a glimpse of the future.
Just imagine a battalion where
every soldier is like both of them.
A force comprising of hundreds,
maybe even thousands.
That is right.
Thousands of two of the best soldiers
in the country.
And not only that,
in the coming years,
I will upgrade these clones in such a way
that it will make them immortal.
And thereafter, no nation in the world
will ever consider attacking India.
But hang on, gentlemen!
The real surprise is yet to be revealed.
You see, Freddie and Rocky
they are the best in everything
except for one thing.
Sometimes, these two don't follow orders.
But it's not their fault.
After all, soldiers are also humans.
And no one can predict
who might struggle in which situation,
how they'll respond,
what decisions they'll make.
So, to take the human factor
out of the equation,
I have included
an override command in Soldier X.
Which means,
we can fully control the minds
of all the clones.
And they will do
exactly what you command.
Team Alpha! Ready?
Team Omega! Ready?
Hold fire!
At ease.
The ultimate killing machines!
Soldier X.
Sir, have you ever thought about
why we can't stop those 20-year-old kids
who come into our country with AK-47s
in the name of terrorism?
Because they are like machines
within human bodies
with someone else controlling their minds
from across the border.
And now, to confront
brainwashed terrorists like these,
we will create our own
brain-controlled soldiers.
Shall we, sir?
Kabir, what's going on?
Override command, brain-controlled?
Why didn't you tell me about all this?
That was a surprise element, Priya.
This is the feature
that will make Soldier X
The High Command will
never approve of this, Kabir.
Dr. Kabir!
General Shergill wants to see you.
And you guys as well.
The contribution
that Zero Gravity and your father
have made to the Indian Forces
has been exemplary.
Thank you, sir.
But we cannot proceed
with this particular deal, Kabir.
And I would strongly suggest
that your program Soldier X
be terminated immediately.
What's wrong, sir?
there's just one thing
that sets the Indian Forces apart
from all the other armies in the world.
Our conscience.
- Sir, I...
- And we're the kind of people
who even give water
to the dying enemy on the battlefield.
We cannot steal the conscience
of our own soldiers,
brainwash them, and turn them
into suicide attackers.
You understand that, right?
- We will do something else...
- Sir, these
these clones
will be fully controlled robots.
And complete control
will be in your hands.
It's foolproof.
There's no room for mistakes.
What if I turn out to be a traitor?
What will happen then, Kabir?
There will be anarchy.
The throne will be overturned.
- What are you talking about, Uncle?
- Sir.
I'm sorry. Sir.
But what I mean to say is
out of fear of being wrong
we cannot stop doing what is right.
If you insist, let's take a vote.
Would you want soldiers
who have no conscience?
Someone who can be controlled by
just one person with a remote?
Someone who can decide when, where,
and on whom to fire a bullet?
Who among you thinks
we should green-light this venture?
Please raise your hand.
Now, who among you thinks
we should permanently shut down
this program called Soldier X?
I'm really sorry.
You will have to shut it down.
Why don't you understand?
Shut it down?
This is not a mere college project.
It represents 15 years of my hard work,
and I've put my bloody life into this!
And you say, "Shut it down!"
Because it doesn't align with
your value system.
Are you serious?
You know
people like them can make
mistakes, but not Soldier X.
It's perfect!
And it is the future.
In the future, every war
will be fought like this.
The world will move forward,
and you all will be left behind.
The problem isn't with Soldier X,
it's with your regressive mindset.
You all have become outdated, Mr. Azad!
That's enough!
You don't understand.
In the name of progress,
we will never compromise
our morals and conscience.
We may seem outdated to you,
but our heart's in the right place, Kabir.
Just like these two.
I agree that they don't follow orders
and sometimes don't even listen to me.
But you know what?
Both of them always listen
to their conscience.
Because their conscience is alive
and is in the interest of the nation.
And whenever the nation needs us,
I will choose not your perfect robots,
but my soldiers.
Because intention is more important
than capability.
Now out!
You think
you can take my life's
Kabir, if you don't terminate
the program and hand over all the files
by tomorrow morning,
I'll have to take serious action
against your company.
Is that understood?
Let him go.
- What kind of behavior is this, Kabir?
- They cannot do this.
Kabir, lose the override command
for Soldier X.
- They can't do this.
- Azad sir might agree.
No! No!
- No!
- Kabir, stop it.
Azad shouldn't have insulted me.
I have done so much for
the Indian Forces and in return,
Freddie and Rocky treated me
like a bloody criminal!
- Kabir, you crossed the line...
- They crossed the line, Priya.
You know,
there's a fine line between
a genius and a psychopath.
And today
they pushed me beyond that line.
Do you remember Newton's third law?
- What?
- Newton's third law!
- To every action, there's an equal and...
- Equal!
And opposite reaction.
The High Command took action.
Now wait for the reaction.
Alright. Listen up, everyone!
We stayed away from our family
and friends for 15 years.
Day and night, in closed rooms, we put
our blood, sweat, and tears together
to create this dream program.
And today
the High Command has asked me
to surrender Soldier X
because it goes against
the morals of the Indian Forces.
Now, all of you tell me what we should do.
Should we surrender?
No, sir! We won't surrender.
We are just a few hours away from
implementing the final phase of Soldier X,
and we have a new deadline.
It's good that the Indian Forces
rejected Soldier X.
Now I will give this program
to their adversaries.
Then they will realize
the power of Soldier X.
Are you with me?
Yes, sir.
- Are you with me?
- Yes, sir!
There's a war coming, Priya.
So, think carefully and decide
whose side you're on.
It's good that the Indian Forces
rejected Soldier X.
Now I will give this program
to their adversaries.
Then they will realize
the power of Soldier X.
He has lost his mind, Azad.
Sir, we need to stop him before he
implements the final stage of Soldier X.
Sir, if he sells this program
to enemy nations, it will start a war
that will eradicate humanity
from this world forever.
Do what you have to, and stop him.
Yes, sir.
- Boys.
- Sir.
Raid his lab.
Secure all the files
and shut it down.
Seal the facility.
And if anybody
I repeat if anybody tries
to enter the facility
shoot to kill.
One last thing, Freddie.
I need Kabir alive for the trial.
- Consider it done, sir.
- Good luck, boys.
Ready, guys?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Let's create history.
Checking host vitals.
- Body temperature?
- 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
Vector DNA fidelity?
Hundred percent.
AI match?
Hundred percent.
Brain control algorithm?
Injecting recombinant DNA
in the host organism.
- And pushing DNA serum.
- Sir.
Sir, this is dangerous.
Are you sure about it, sir?
More than ever.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Sir, they're here.
Sir, we need to evacuate now!
Not now!
There's only 20% left for the final
upload. I'm this close, Bashir.
if you have to, but hold them off.
I have eyes on Kabir.
He's in the main chamber.
The whole lab is on fire.
Just hurry up.
Move! Move! Move!
Hello, boys.
We have orders.
Just surrender yourself, Kabir.
What are we even doing?
How can we shoot at each other?
We are friends.
I have an offer for you.
Now just imagine
that the talent of two
of the best soldiers of the Indian Forces,
and my intellect work together.
Imagine the possibilities of what
we, as friends, can accomplish.
We are all friends, Kabir.
But our bond with this nation
and with this uniform,
which we wear as soldiers,
is greater than anything else.
And for this bond,
we can both give our lives
and take lives as well.
You're standing between us
and our country, Kabir.
For the sake of our friendship
we request you.
Just surrender yourself, my brother.
What does patriotism give you?
Sixty thousand rupees per month?
A government quarter?
And pension after retirement?
At present, the world is willing
to pay any price for this technology.
We can make billions!
We can redefine the future of a new India,
and no force in the world
will be able to compete.
Not just India
but the fate of the entire world
will be in our hands.
The one who has power
can control fear.
And the one who can control fear
is God.
The dog has lost it.
I think so.
He thought he could buy patriotism.
I told you that for the sake
of friendship, we can both give our lives
and take lives as well.
What did the Indian Forces
give you in return for all this?
Freddie and Rocky had clear orders
to apprehend Kabir alive.
But they went against orders
and killed him.
Shot him point-blank.
Sir, we did what was right at that moment.
When a tumor develops
in any part of our body,
it's best to have it removed.
I have no regrets.
According to D.C.M.'s summary
of evidence,
the High Command pronounces
the accused Captain Firoz, aka Freddie,
and Captain Rakesh, aka Rocky,
guilty of severe contempt of the forces
and repeated protocol breach
despite multiple warnings.
They have been dismissed
from the service of the Indian Forces.
I'm sorry, Priya.
I'm not ready for this yet.
One life was lost
and four lives were destroyed.
You must be wondering
how is it that I'm still alive?
That was not me.
That was my clone.
My first-ever creation.
is what you did to me.
Do you know how I avenged it?
At present, the world
is willing to pay any price
for this technology.
We can make billions!
We can redefine
the future of a new India,
and no force in the world
will be able to compete.
Not just India,
but the fate of the entire world
will be in our hands.
The dog has lost it.
What people say is correct.
This world destroys
the most beautiful creations first.
Eklavya wasn't just my clone.
He was my life.
My child.
My first child.
And you both killed him
in front of my eyes.
You were lucky
Eklavya wasn't one hundred percent ready.
So, you were able to kill him.
Otherwise, both of you
would have been dead that day.
They say
our fate changes every seven years.
And look at the coincidence!
In the past seven years,
under Priya's supervision,
- India developed Karan Kavach.
- Karan Kavach.
Whereas, I
used your DNA chips
to create perfect clones of you.
And now
I will have my perfect revenge.
Against both you and India.
Evil is destined to be defeated.
You'll never win, Kabir.
I will win, Priya.
That's why I've organized this
grand reunion for all our friends.
not me.
This reunion has been organized
by someone else.
Would you like to meet them?
- No!
- Sir!
Will you tell them the truth?
Or should I, Azad Uncle?
You two are here because of me.
Get to the point!
After watching the video
of the convoy attack,
I discerned who was behind the mask.
And then
you came to me crawling on your knees.
Just like a dog.
Begging to save India.
Am I right, sir?
You both know the significance
of Karan Kavach for India.
So, I made a deal with him.
Two of you in exchange for Priya.
Because I knew
he didn't want the package.
He wanted Bade and Chote.
That's how you fell into my trap, Uncle.
I wanted Priya
as well as these two together.
You're the one who's trapped, idiot.
In exchange for the package,
had you asked for anything else
instead of them
you might have succeeded with your plan.
But accepting my deal
was the biggest mistake of your life.
The trap that you're talking about
was actually part of my plan.
Now these two will show you
what the Indian Forces do
to people like you.
Check and mate.
The dog had lost it.
I tried really hard
but I couldn't alter my mentor's mindset.
So I thought
I should change the mentor.
my perfect army is ready
to turn the tables.
He always believed you were heroes.
What do they say about heroes?
"Heroes rise from the ashes."
Heroes always rise from the ashes
and shine like the sun.
If you have the courage, then rise.
Prove that you are heroes!
You have 24 hours.
Save your country if you can.
This battlefield may be yours
But we are the oldest players
in this game.
We have the heart of a soldier
And the mind of a devil.
Beware of us
For we are India!
Are you guys okay?
We lost Azad sir.
Both of them always
listen to their conscience.
Because their conscience is alive
and is in the interest of the nation.
And whenever the nation needs us,
I will choose not your perfect robots,
but my soldiers.
Because intention is more important
than capability.
I promise to fulfill my duty.
- I promise to fulfill my duty.
- I promise to fulfill my duty.
With honesty and integrity.
- With honesty and integrity.
- With honesty and integrity.
To observe and obey all commands
and orders of the High Command of India.
- To always keep the nation
- To always keep the nation
- over and above everything else.
- Over and above everything else.
And to serve the Indian Forces
Till the very last breath.
Jai Hind!
Jai Hind!
India has fought five wars.
Four against Pakistan
and one against China.
But we never started
any of those five wars.
And that is Kabir's trump card.
The first thing he will do
is deactivate Karan Kavach.
After that, he will use
our new missile system at the border
to attack Pakistan and China at once.
Since we will initiate the attack,
Pakistan and China will garner
sympathy from the world.
The UN will impose
numerous sanctions on India,
setting us back economically
and in terms of defense by 50 years.
And India will have to kneel
before the entire world.
One arrow, multiple targets.
For Kabir, this war
is not just against India.
This war is personal for him.
The cantonment on which he attacked,
seven years ago,
we terminated his program Soldier X
at the same cantonment.
And right there is the main
control room of Karan Kavach.
This is Kabir's master plan
as well as his revenge.
What's the plan?
Firstly, we need to isolate the valley
and block the media.
Then we need to mobilize our troops
towards Pakistan and China.
I agree, sir.
We must be prepared for a two-front war.
General Shergill, they are
court-martialed officers.
How can we trust them?
Sir, no one knows Kabir
better than these two.
They're our last line of defense.
Sir, with all due respect,
we took an oath before joining the forces.
With or without a uniform,
we were Indian soldiers,
and we will always be.
And rest assured, sir.
Kabir started this war
but we will end it.
Jai Hind.
We have one chance.
Don't lose it.
Everyone, out of here! Let's go! Go!
Come on! Go!
We have to stop Kabir
from deactivating Karan Kavach.
Where is the system panel
for Karan Kavach?
That's the control room.
Between the second and third barracks.
All the servers in the cantonment
are connected to this.
Okay. I can do a manual override
and control the Kavach.
Manual override? What's that?
When a scooter doesn't self-start,
what do you do?
Take it to the garage.
You manually kick-start the scooter.
That's the manual override.
Done, sir.
Rig up the whole place.
What will you do about the super clones?
Beat them up.
You wish!
They've been developed
using your encrypted DNA chip.
Which means they possess something
that is constantly regenerating them.
And to find out what that is,
I need to study them.
implant these chips into their cervical
spine, and I'll hack into their system.
And only then can I find out
what's powering them.
Am I clear?
She never stops talking!
The back of their neck, right?
Why would you say "cervical"?
You could've said their neck.
Next time, please send
the instructions via WhatsApp.
I hope we have made the right decision.
Approaching now. Belt up.
Oh, my God!
We're all gonna die!
Oh, my God!
Terrain, pull up.
- Brace yourselves!
- Terrain, pull up.
It's over.
Not yet, sir.
The regiment they come from
is called Lions.
Each soldier from this regiment
becomes more dangerous when injured.
So, hell
is about to be unleashed.
Follow me.
Decrypting Karan Kavach codes.
Decrypting Karan Kavach codes.
Rise and shine, sweetheart.
Accessing Karan Kavach codes.
Accessing Karan Kavach codes.
What are you doing, Kabir?
You're better than this.
- You're right.
- Access granted to Karan Kavach.
- I'm better than everybody.
- Changing password for Karan Kavach.
Changing password for Karan Kavach.
Adding new codes.
Initiating new password.
Revenge is a poison that harms you more
than it affects those
- you wish to harm.
- Initiating new password.
Revenge is not justice, Kabir!
Wrong again, Priya!
Revenge is the purest form of justice.
Initiating new password.
Initiating new password.
This poison won't harm me
but the whole of India.
Password changed.
Access granted to Karan Kavach.
Guys, Kabir has the codes!
Kabir changed the password.
I can't do anything from here.
Code Red Karan Kavach.
Deactivating Karan Kavach.
Deactivating Karan Kavach.
Kabir, don't do this!
India will be completely destroyed.
Karan Kavach deactivated.
Pakistan side. China side.
Pakistan side. China side.
Now I have complete control
over Karan Kavach.
Kill them all.
Mr. Wong! Mr. Naved! Good news!
We are ready.
The war is on.
Congratulations on the war, Kabir.
All the best, Kabir.
Guys, where are you?
The Kavach is beginning to deactivate.
We're running out of time!
How much time do we have?
Deactivating Karan Kavach in 15 minutes.
Looking for this?
Karan Kavach 40 percent down.
Rocky, did you insert the chip?
He broke my chip.
Broke it?
So beat him up!
He's better than me.
I can't take him down.
These scoundrels can read our moves.
They are exact replicas of us.
It's our DNA.
One minute.
He can anticipate your moves, not mine.
And my clone can't anticipate yours.
Do you get it?
Bade, you're a genius.
Tell me something I don't know.
I hate you.
Well, then go ahead and hit me!
Karan Kavach 50 percent down.
Guys, Kavach is 60 percent down!
Put the chip in!
Real steel?
Guys, it's 70 percent down!
Put the chip in!
Pam, the chip is in.
Karan Kavach down in five minutes.
Initiating missile systems.
Karan Kavach down in five minutes.
For the first time
and Pakistan will be together.
show me what you've got.
Bad news!
They're powered by an EMP device
consisting of a closed-circuit
regenerative system.
I know about EMI.
What the hell is EMP?
Electro-magnetic pulse.
Enough with the physics lecture.
Get to the point!
Imagine them being fueled
by a star within.
They're pregnant?
Don't joke around
when our lives are at risk!
Similar to how the sun
provides energy to the entire planet,
Kabir has implanted
an EMP device within them.
It supplies nonstop energy to them.
In the coming years, I will
upgrade these clones in such a way
that it will make them immortal.
Basically, they're self-healing.
They won't die.
So, how do we stop them?
We'll need to create an explosion
in such a way
that the heat burns their EMP devices.
Is there a power grid nearby?
How will you take them there?
Misha, bring Uncle with you.
Come on.
Let's go, Bade.
- Reverse gear?
- Don't you dare touch it!
Fine, let's go.
Let's do this.
Jump, Chote!
Everything will be over.
Just give us the password.
I am the password.
- Initiating launch of ballistic missiles.
- Come get me.
Initiating launch of ballistic missiles.
Initiating launch of ballistic missiles.
Triggering missiles.
Warming up missiles.
Warming up missiles.
Warming up missiles.
Initiating missiles.
Pakistan side. Karachi. Lahore.
Target selected.
Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai.
Guys, quick!
- Captain, evacuate the base. Be quick.
- Copy that.
Initiating countdown.
T minus 60.
Initiating countdown. T minus
Give up, guys!
It's game over.
T minus 30 seconds.
Now saving your Mother India
is impossible.
Do you know why?
Because I am
the best.
- You shouldn't have said that!
- You shouldn't have said that!
You know that our ego
is greater than our talent.
By the way,
every Indian soldier
is a son of Mother India.
And for every mother
her son is the best.
T minus five seconds.
T minus three seconds.
T minus two seconds.
Initiating launch now.
Priya! Priya!
- Guys, get out of there.
- No, Pam.
We have to restore Karan Kavach.
Password. What could the password be?
Company's name?
Zero Gravity.
Zero Gravity.
Incorrect password.
Access denied.
Chote, try something personal.
Soldier X!
Soldier X.
Access denied.
Last attempt remaining.
Come on, boys.
Guys, get out of there!
You're going to die!
Last chance.
Possibly something linked to him
and this plan.
Linked to all this?
That was not me.
That was my clone.
I am like Eklavya.
The outsider.
Eklavya wasn't just my clone.
He was my life.
I am the password.
Try "Eklavya".
Access granted.
Restoring Karan Kavach.
China side.
Pakistan side.
Yes! Kavach is restoring!
- Bade, take Priya and leave.
- Priya.
Pam, we can't leave the dome.
If this is destroyed, how will we control
Karan Kavach in the future?
Manual override! Remember?
Give me the control and get out of there!
Take her to the hospital immediately.
And evacuate the base.
- Sir.
- Where is the manual override?
Do I need to tell you
everything, G.I. Joe?
Use your head instead of your biceps!
Just look around!
There must be a switch or a lever,
something of that sort!
Why did you come back?
To steal my credit?
To steal my thunder, as usual?
Because I love you.
Yeah, right!
You have no respect for elders.
Manual access granted.
Yes! I have control!
I have control!
- Show-off!
- We did it!
- We did it!
- Yes!
Get out! Get out! Now, get out!
We did it! We did it!
I told you, sir.
They're the best.
Mr. Wong, attack stopped.
Whenever there is a battle between
darkness and light in the world,
assuming the role of a shield and a sword,
only a soldier
stands tall to protect the world.
A soldier who, by ending darkness,
establishes hope and humanity
in the world.
But as long as the world endures,
the war between light
and darkness will persist.
This is the law of nature.
When the sun sets, darkness will flourish.
And this time, darkness will be
more formidable than ever.