Badmaa$h Company (2010) Movie Script

1 994 Mumbai
..sorry it was Bombay then.
Not just it's name, lots
has changed since then..
..names of roads have changed,
property prices have changed.
F-M was a
Finance-Minister not the radio.
Only a few houses had colour tv then.
Two channels and Amitabh Bachchan
films is all we had for time-pass..
Children played cricket and
marbles in the streets, not XBOX.
Mobile phones were
still science fiction.
Bombay-Delhi long distance calls,
costed 99 rupees not 99 paise.
Traffic cops let you
off for 1 0 or 20 rupees.
Street beggars would
bless you for 50 paise.
Everything, from shoes to clothes,
nail cutters to cars..
..anything imported was
available in the black market.
Coke and Mcdonalds was for the
lucky few who travelled abroad.
And traveling abroad was
not in everybody's luck.
Even though our luck was never too
bright, but today was different.
We had finally completed our exams..
Yoo hoo! Yes.. Yes.
Karan l can't believe
it dude, exams complete!
And we are actually going to Bangkok!
lt's home country for you right?
Oh sorry, you all look
the same, what can l do?
We are going to Bangkok not Sikkim.
This is tenzing, Zing for short.
Father is in the army and he is here.
He was ten when he
shifted from Sikkim to Mumbai.
What's the difference..
Bangkok.. Sikkim..
Nagaland, it's all the same.
Karan mind him.. or l'll hit him.
Stop it Chandu, even the
Chinese have feelings dude.
Bloody idiot.. why are you laughing..
bloody Sindhi-Snack!
This is Chandu, his
father is the senior most..
..Extra in the Film-lndustry..
..and hence he is the most film
affected-Sindhi guy in the world.
How much are you expecting?
Sixty-five percent. You?
lt's enough if l pass. Karan you?
Why are you asking him?
He is silent now but
will top the class later.
And this is me. No 1 in studies.
No. 1 in sports..
other than money l am no.
1 in everything..
But it was actually money that
l wanted to be the No. 1 in.
Three of us, the losers, had
never been past our town..
..and now were going abroad for
the first time, that too for free.
ln fact we were getting
paid to go to Bangkok.
Where is your Bro Archie?
He'll get here.
We'll miss the flight..
- Shut up, loser.
How are you darlings?
Hello Archie brother..
Darling, l told you to wear boots.
Actually l didn't have any boots.
Don't worry darling..
Take this, shove it in your socks..
..and for you, a bundle
of five thousand dollars.
Place this in your underwear.
ln the underwear?
You wearing a bra? No? So
put it in your underwear then.
Are you mad..
No.. Karan.. put it..
Only 500 dollars are legal.
Rest we are taking as
Black money. Got it now?
And if we get caught?
Darling l am more
concerned about it than you are..'s my money at stake here.
l explained it you right?
Then why the tension? Why?
No tension bro.
Karan, put it in dude.
Go ahead and put it.
- Why are you arguing?
Hang on a minute, l don't
want any tension later on.. l'll explain the
game for the last time.
Don't ask me again. Right now you
carry the dollars in your underwear.
ln Bangkok you'll shop
for me. l'll pack the bags.
You bring the bags to Bombay.
l have my people in the customs, walk
straight out of the green channel.
On each bag you carry l will
pay you ten thousand rupees.
Your Bangkok trip,
eating lodging is free.
l offer it to all my carriers.
Any questions?
ls the booze free on
the flight, Archie bro?
Yes it's free you Chinese drunkard.
Forget it, you just look at
a girl and start chasing her.
Do you think of anything except booze?
You womanizer!
Bangkok is perfect for you guys.
l don't think you'll return.
Come on now.
Come on
Thank you
Madam what's this?
- You can't take this inside. - Why?
Why? Because it's
dangerous and not allowed on board.
But a scissors is not dangerous.
- Dude look!
This is not dangerous and
it always stays in my bag.
But officer, l don't think
this is dangerous at all..
..besides it always stays with me..
- Sorry.
Screw you man..
- Nothing.. - Come on.
Move it dude.. sorry sorry..
One minute sir.
Sorry madam please move.. excuse..
Oh yes darlings meet Bulbul.
She is travelling with us.
And Bulbul this is Chandu Karan and..
Zing.. Tenzing.. Hi.
- Hi
Are you carrying?
He means are you a carrier too?
She has definitely hidden the
dollars in her bra. l know it.
You jerk.
You too.
- l love you too..
Dad says l'll be a big man one day.
My son..
You are not from Bombay.. Right?
Why do you say that?
You don't eat like Bombay girls.
Ya.. l don't like to diet.
You didn't say where you're from?
No, they don't speak.
lt's all for fun..
Legs up everyone..
Good night.
That's the way she is.
Oh everyone is chinki here.
Hail the lords of Bangkok.
Hail Archie Bro
My child, let me show you heaven.
Come on
Wish our luck would fly high too,
Wish our t-shirts
would match the Ferrari too
Wish our bank
balances were brimming too
Wish Madonna was my best friend too
Sometimes these wishes feel too few
Gods ask us what we would do?
Wish we could nod, and
he'd pays our bills too
Jingle-Jingle go all the Pockets
Single coin is all we have
So what the hell
Jingle-Jingle go all the Pockets
Single coin is all we have
So what the hell.
Wish the spot light could be on us
Wish we were above the Sensex
007 James-bond watches
and houses on Boulevard Sunsets.
Sometimes these wishes feel too few
Gods ask us what we would do?
Wish we could nod, and
he'd pays our bills too.
Jingle-Jingle go all the Pockets
Single coin is all we have
So what the hell.
Jingle-Jingle go all the Pockets.
Single coin is all we have
So what the hell.
Take a cheque, they don't
accept cards what to do?
Dinar, Dolar, Euros, Franks whats
with the money of the world in banks
Millionaire, but my pocket's empty.
Pretending that l am
living of milk and honey
Clothes and cars,
Diamonds and Gold Bar
Am livin of love but
am looking like a star
Dreams are great
Panache is high
We want it so big
We want the sky
lf you don't get it easy
then just get up, steal it
Few hotels with Jacuzzis
A few beers to our names
Few clothes from Versace
Foreign ladies, with lndian games
Sometimes these wishes feel too few
Gods ask us what we would do?
Wish we could nod, and
he'd pays our bills too.
Jingle-Jingle go all the Pockets.
Single coin is all we have
So what the hell
Jingle-Jingle go all the Pockets
Single coin is all we have
So what the hell
Jingle-Jingle go all the Pockets.
Single coin is all we have
So what the hell
Oh my god!
We'll drop him and be back.
We will be back.. ya just..
just two minutes.. move it idiot..
Damn you..
Go on dude
Hey.. you do have a
condom right? Condom?
l don't dude.
Ok listen
Okay.. okay
We'll wait for you in the room, ok?
Which room?
- My room.
Use a condom!
One minute.
That dude is so damn lucky.
You want the fun?
She has one!
- What?
Stop.. come back..
- She has a thing
What does she have dude?
She is a man
Shut the door. Shut it.
Come back.. open the door..
She has one! Meaning?
Shut up. No one mentions a word.
Serves the duffer right dude..
You should've seen his face.
Where are you guys?
lt's our last day here.
Hurry up and pack.
l am taking Chandu and Zing
for a massage later. Come along?
No bro l am ok.
Oh come on. Don't be shy. lt's
an experience of a life time.
l'm fine Archie bro..
What kind of a guy are you?
l would have surely gone.
Have shame. You are a girl.
l don't like to pay
for sex Archie bro..
l'll pay come along.
l'm fine..
Let's meet in an hour, back at
the hotel for packing. Ok? - Yes.
See you.
- Bye.
Will you have coffee with me?
Cool.. let's go..
- Let's go..
So you want to study
Although honestly l don't want to.
Ya.. what do you mean?
Actually my father wants me to do
management and join a private company.
And what do you want?
l want to start my own business.
l want a company listed
in the stock exchange.
l want to be rich.
Good so do it..
lt's not so easy.
Firstly a big business needs big
money which obviously l don't have..
..and honestly l feel that
dad will be disappointed..
So will you study
management because he wants you to?
Karan he is your dad l am sure he
will understand if you speak to him.
Not all dad's are as cool as yours.
l mean your dad sent you
alone from Jaipur to Bombay.
My dad doesn't let my
sister visit her friend alone.
What will people say?
My dad said, go, do
whatever you want with your life.
So what are you doing?
Modelling.. l wanna be a top model..
Meher Jassia, Madhu
Sapre and now Bulbul Singh..
To Bulbul Singh..
So karan all the
best for your dreams..
Thank you Bulbul..
You never know,
might come true one day.
My dad always says that, the
most successful businesses..
..always become big by a
big idea.. not big money.
Maybe you should think about it.
Big idea.
Why are you my boy friend?
Come on you are a girl.
Oh eff-off, don't
give me the girly shit.
l always pay for myself.
Only my boy friend or my
husband is allowed to pay for me.
l hope that's clear..
Can l pay for myself at least?
So who is that boy friend of yours?
Sadly no good boys in Bombay.
Cheers to that..
Hey this is a nice belt!
Didn't you get anything for yourself?
Her list was unending.
Thank you so much..
lf you kiss me, l'll
burn these clothes.
- Go now..
l'll try the jeans on
Dad, have you tried your shirt on?
Yes thanks.
When are you getting serious?
The Management exams
are two just months away.
Dad, l don't want to study Management.
So what will you do then?
Become a servant?
Dad, l don't want to do a job.
That's exactly what l'm asking you.
What do you want to do? l am not a
businessman like your Uncle Jazz.
l know that dad. l am not demanding
anything from you. l'll manage.
Ok fine sit down and tell me..
..what the problem is?
Dad for the last 24 years you have
left for work at 7:30 every morning..
..and have never
returned before 9:30 at night.
Daily you have sat at the same desk.
You have worked over
time on Saturdays.
Sundays you've been just too
tired to spend time with us.
After all of this what did you get?
He is right.
Stop the nonsense. Son it's not
that l have not received anything.
Next year the office
is honoring me with..
..a trophy for 25 years
of distinguished service..
..besides l have security,
which is the highest reward.
Dad, l am not you..
..and l cannot live like you.
Even if l were a
seller on the streets..
..and l was the best in that..
..then l know that one day
l'll be the Biggest Man.
l feel my efforts should benefit
only me not my boss or my company.
Karan, it's very important
to be practical in life.
l am practical and that's why l am
saying this, when l don't want.. office job then what's
the point of studying management?
You can never be sure of life,
you never know..
..when you need a qualification.
Dad, l cannot live my life
in fear. Please spare me..
So you think l live my life in fear?
Then from now on do what you think
is right, l won't interfere. Ok?
l am sorry..
You've started lecturing him already.
He has so lovingly
brought presents for everyone.
l don't know what gets into you.
His career is finished and
you're thinking of presents?
Yes yes l am!
Your dad's on the phone.
Thanks.. papa
Hello.. Hi.. Bulbul?
Who is this?
Bulbul Karan here.
What the.. Papa.. hi papa..
how are you?
Hi child.. l'm.. l'm Good..
So l was wondering if i could take
you out for some coffee this evening..
Father daughter..
just the two of us.
Papa great papa.. l'm
also dying to meet you papa.
Great child, so l'll pick you
outside the hostel say around five?
Ok papa, see you in the evening.
Beta.. Love you beta.
l said, l love you.. beta.
l love you too.. papa.
Bye.. bye
You know, my dad's here
from Jaipur. Thank you.
Chandu, lend me your Herbie?
No gas.
Dude, you stammer when you lie!
l'll fill up the gas.
You? Always broke?
l'm taking Bulbul out.
Really? Why didn't you
say so earlier buddy?
Anytime, l'll fill
the tank up for you.
But if l did that you'll
drive out of town right?
Are giving me the key?
Listen this is not serious ok?
What? l am the guy this is my line
What? - Cold drink, beer, chips,
mouth freshener.. want anything?
Do you need a condom?
Get out of here.
lt's you who needs to get out of
here, look the cop car is behind you.
Karan hurry up.
Where were you?
What happened? doctor?
Looks like an attack.. Hurry up.
Take this..
Here mum,
What happened?
The AC room is fixed..
..but they said the
insurance covers only for a non AC.
The rest we have to pay.
How much?
50 to 60,000 rupees.
l'll be back in a minute.
Let's go.
Sonu, just wait there,
l'll call you back.
The money was for work not a charity!
My man is waiting in the red channel
with my stuff. What do l do now?
How do l know? Are you
the custom's officer or me?
What can l do if the
vigilance turned up? What? Yes? Ok.
Sonu you leave the bag and come out..
..son just follow what l say,
get out of there.
Yes darlings.. how are you?
What's up Archie bro any problem?
Nothing. These customs officers,
any bribe is less for them..
..and even after that
they don't let the bag go.
So now?
Nothing. l have a
solution for everything..
..if l don't claim the goods, then
they will confiscate them, at most.
Seized goods will be
kept in the go down.
And a month later they
will be auctioned off.
Usually the seized contraband
is auctioned off a month later
And l have my arrangement there.
My bid
1 9,000 rupees
The auctioneer will accept.
- That's it?
Mind blowing Archie Brother..
- isn't it just?
Brother l am trying on these shoes.
Go ahead, it's all your.
- thank you Archie bro..
lt's all yours..
What's up with you, Karan?
Nothing much Brother,
it's simple actually..
..l need money and so how many
ever trips possible, would be great.
Go on, take as many
trips as you like.
Want to take your mummy
daddy along too? Just tell me.
Tell me
- Thank you Archie bro.
l'll call you once l fix for Sunday..
cheer up darling.
So did you like anything?
Yes Archie bro, this one.
lt's Reebok.
But there is only one foot here.
Yes the other is inside.
Hey chotu, get the other one.
Why do shoe shops always display only
foot on the shelf? What's the deal?
Silly.. because one
foot can never get stolen.
Shoe is full value only in a pair,
otherwise it's zero. Say?
Full value is great Archie bro,
but do l get it at the cost price?
Off course. My life is yours.
Archie bro, how much
is the duty on shoes?
120 percent.. why?
Remember Bulbul you said
that the biggest of Businesses..
..become big by the
idea not the money!
l have found the big idea.
Are you crazy.. you've
lost your mind. No way.
l won't allow even you
to do it. Karan wait here.
What's here?
The client for the jeans advert.
He wants to meet me personally.
Will be half an hour.
- Bye..
Mr. Gupta, how would it be if we
offered Bulbul a five year contract?
Well Bulbul, l am
staying at the Holiday lnn..
..come over in the evening
and we'll finalise the deal.
We are giving you a
five year contract..
..and we need your
five minutes in return?
After the contract finishes..
Start the car!
Start the car.
Don't let her go.
Catch her.
Catch her!
Start the car. Hurry up
What's going on?
- Just go.
What was that?
Screw this modeling
and screw the hostel!
Karan.. let's do it!
Bulbul agreed finally..
One down, two to go
Have you lost it?
Tiger will kill me.
Chandu - Yes. yes dad.
l'll be there in five minutes
Tiger was Chandu's father.
He was mean, and Chandu was scared.
But l had the right
mantra for Chandu
Free massage!
To hell with Tiger,
we'll figure it out.
Two down one to go..
Oh yes off course.
Well it was easy to
rope in the friends..
..but big idea required big money.
For which l had to
convince Uncle Jazz in the USA
You want import Reebok shoes?
Yes uncle. Two thousand pieces.
Ok no worries.. tell me
how much money you want?
The actual amount is
20,00,000 rupees but whatever.. can spare will be fine.
20,00,000 rupees is not a problem
but the project should be brilliant.
By the blessings of Uncle Jazz,
we were on our way.. Bangkok, once again. crack the first business deal.
With the largest shoe
company in the world- Reebok.
So you want 2000 pieces?
Yes.. yes when
can you give delivery?
Three months
What's that?
What's he saying?
How would l know?
He is your countryman.
Can't you understand?
Your crude jokes.. keep it
to yourself. - quit it guys.
Sorry we don't understand.
Three months.. three months!
Three months..
Three months, he is
saying three months guys.
Three months.. he said three months.
Now you understand?
Yes, yes but you listen, three
months is too long.. three weeks
l can't, l can't
You can, you dumbo
Oh you, slime ball.
Don't take it personally
l can't understand what you speak.
Ok, ok wait.. wait..
Bulbul give it to me..
Wait a minute..
Ok now listen l'll give you all
the money in advance.. advance
Advance? May be may be.
Now you understand? Everyone
understands the language of money
You want to inspect shoes?
We sent half the stuff to Calcutta..
..and other half to
Madras and returned to Bombay.
And three weeks later.
Karan.. there's a call for you
lt's a long distance
call from Madras
Hello.. ya.. it's arrived..
Thank you! All right one last time.
Chandu you will go to Madras and
Bulbul, you and l will go to Calcutta.
Zing will stay here
and coordinate. Right?
To do business it's important
to look like a businessman..
..even if we were broke,
we had to look rich.
Why did you have to
come in the pouring rain?
You could have sent somebody.
lt's a new supplier so..
No problem, come in
Why don't you inspect it first?
- Yes.
And then we can do the paper work.
All these boxes are yours.
Open one of them, please..
- Yes.
Show me..
Wow this is nice.. l love it.
lt's my size. Can l try it?
Off course.
What's this? Give me the right pair.
Both are left ones.
l want the right one.
Show me?
That's impossible. How can
both be of the same foot?
Could be a mistake,
try the other box.
Hold it
Oh my god.. Karan!
Excuse me..
Oh my god..
l can't believe this..
We are finished..
ls this the entire consignment?
- Yes
How can this be? All are left feet?
Can l make an
international call from here?
Off course, follow me.
Mr. Wattana l am telling
you for the very last time..
..l have personally checked all
the boxes there is no right foot.
You are lying.
ldiot, l am not lying..
l think you are lying.
You call me liar, you dog.
Sir you please do one thing, You
come over here and check it yourself.
l don't have the time.
What do you mean you don't
have time sir.. This is cheating.
Hello-Hello Mr. Wattana here.
l know you are Mr. Wattana buddy..
Mr. Wattana all boxes have
only right shoes no left shoes.
- You all are blind?
Who are you calling blind?
Not you.
- Then who?
You - Mr. Wattana l
have had enough of you..
You please do one thing come
over here collect your shoes..
..and give me back my refund.
You think l am a fool?
Return my money you fraudster.
Hello.. - l don't give
refunds to people who stammer.
Who stammers?
Son of a Bruce lee!!! Go to hell.
What do you mean Bruce Lee?
Come here and l'll kill you.
l am already dead.
How much more can you kill me?
l am just getting started buddy.
Keep the phone down
you Chinese idiot.
You are an idiot.
- You idiot.
You idiot
- You.
You.. l'll kill..
- You..
- Now what? l am done, l am ruined.
And the paper work?
What? Paper work?
To hell with the paper work.
l'll only incur losses by
claiming this consignment?
l am ruined, isn't
that enough for you?
l'm really sorry darling.
Darling don't talk to me..
just get out of here please.
Sure baby sure.. let's just get out
of this negative place. - excuse me..
Please move
Have you checked carefully?
They are all only right leg shoes?
l am a graduate, l
know left from right.
Ok if you say so.
Hence in a planned way, we
sent the left pairs to Calcutta..
..and the right ones to Madras..
..and we refused to accept
the shoes in both the places.
Now the Madras
customs had 1 000 right..
..and Calcutta customs had 1 000
left pairs of shoes of zero value
A shoe is full-value only in
a pair, otherwise it's zero.
And now we had to wait
Wait for the day when
the customs auction..
..would be announced in the newspaper.
Chandu this is your ticket
to Calcutta, your auctions..
..begins in four days.
Ok and yours?
Day after.. Zing, l'll call
you and where will you meet us?
ln the old house.
Bulbul this time you will stay back.
Tiger's mustache and beard
Tiger's mustache and beard?
Acting without makeup
We'll get caught
if we are recognized.
l get my father's
mustache and beard.
What's this?
- Check out his back side.
What happened?
What's it?
- Who is this?
The bid opens for 1 0
National ACs at 80,000 rupees.
Rupees 80,000
Rupees 80,000
- Rupees 90,000
Rupees 1 ,00,000
- Rupees 1 ,20,000
Rupees 1 ,25,000
Rupees 1 ,40000
Rupees 2,05,000
Rupees 2,1 0,000
Rupees 2,1 5,000
The last item list
2,000 Reebok shoes.
But, there is only the
right pair, no left pair..
..and the bid begins
from Rupees 20,000.
What will do with just one side son?
We deal in scarp.
Are you sure you want to bid?
Chandu left Calcutta
with 1 000 left pairs..
..and l left Madras
with 1 000 right pairs
And we reached, a small house,
close to Bombay..
..which was our godown
You did it
Dude you look like a pansy.
Ok guys.. ready?
Then let's do this.
And finally the left foot
paired with the right foot..
..turned zero value into full value..
Now we had 2000 customs cleared
Reebok shoes without any customs duty.
Therefore the shoe, normally available
for Rupees 2000, we had, for a 1 000.
Careful darling. Where
have you brought me?
Are you going to murder me?
Come on.
Where are the shoes?
Archie brother could not
believe it that rookies like us..
..were supplying him original
Reebok shoes at such a low price.
Take your time, Archie brother.
Darling l am Sindhi. l
don't need to be told.
Everything is in place bro,
along with a receipt from customs.
lf it's ok, then get it loaded.
Zing, Chandu..
Archie bro payment?
Don't worry whenever you say darling.
Then, payment now.
Payment was prompt, because
Archie knew that Reebok shoes at.
..this price would
ensure his monopoly in Bombay.
You are a master of your trade..
Whose name should l write?
Friends & Company.
Bulbul's suggestion was
perfect Friends and Company..
..and Friends and Company's
first profit was Rupees 1 0,00,000
l am addicted
l am craving
l am hooked by the first feeling
lt's on my tongue
The flavor of fun
l am hooked by the first feeling
lt's hot, off the oven
My fate is freshly baked
lt's highly infectious
Just watch and wait
l am addicted
lt's evil
l am addicted
lt's wicked
Once you are hooked
lt has no medicine,
there is no cure
You're gone for sure
One bite is
full of delusions
lt's an obsession
And no solution
lt uses every trick in the book
And pays heed to no one
You can try but you can't hide
Every appeal falls by
lt's hot, off the oven
My fate is freshly baked
lt's highly infectious
Just watch and wait
l am addicted
lt's evil
l am addicted
lt's wicked
Bend your head
when you're hooked
Doctors have no cure
it's so twisted
Beckon the Gods
Press every button
There is no cure
it's that twisted
Don't fool yourself
lnto a fake cure
You can't change this
that's for sure
Awakens by a blast
runs away by chance
You can't avoid it's
tricky difficult glance
lt's hot, off the oven
My fate is freshly baked
lt's highly infectious
Just watch and wait
l am addicted
lt's evil
l am addicted
lt's wicked
You imported shoes? Where
did you get the money from?
From uncle Jazz?
Yes Dad.
Well done.
Dad, you've had a fight
with Uncle jazz not me.
Who are you doing business with?
With brother Archie.
Brother Archie dad.
That smuggler?
He is not a smuggler. He
has customs notified shop.
Are you going to tell me who is,
and is not, a smuggler?
Do you know what a person who works
with a smuggler is known as? Smuggler!
He is not a smuggler and l
haven't done anything wrong
After today you are not going to
hang out with Chandu and the riff raff.
You can't meet them, you
can't do business with them.
You will return the smuggler and
Uncle Jazz the money. Understood?
No Dad.
- No meaning?
l have grown up now.
l know what to do.
Look son if you have
to stay in my house..
..then you have to
do as l say. Got it?
Fine, then l will have
to leave your house.
What do mean you will
have to you leave right now!
Get out of my house.
Please, what are you doing?
No Maya, l am serious..
lf he has to stay in my house
he will have to stay my way.
Or else he can leave
Dad, l cannot live your way.
l will die of claustrophobia.
l am going man..
Get out..
- Mum please.
Please, l beg you not to.
Be quiet.
He is leaving. Do something.
Stop him. - Karan.
Karan l can give you
a piece of advice.
God has given you a very
sharp Brain and you know it.
lf you use this brain
correctly you will live a happy life..
..but if you misuse
it you will be ruined.
The rest is up to you.
The problem is Dad, that l am right.
But you have already decided,
that l am wrong.
Fine, go ahead.
l have left my house.
l don't know how to cook
and no wet towels on the bed.
What are you talking about..
how can this be possible..
..these are all right pairs..
please check properly.
This can't be the entire consignment.
No sir this is the entire consignment.
How can that be?
Well whatever there is,
is in front you.
Why don't you throw the
entire consignment on their heads?
Return it to them!
How can we return it like this?
Do you know the loss l
have incurred on this one?
- Yes?
Weren't you in Calcutta as well?
That Chinese guy has
duped me for the second time.
l could l have reported you to the
customs if l wanted, but l didn't
So you tell us what to do?
We are small time commission agents
and are happy with small commissions.
How small?
Not much. Just 15 percent.
Let's cut it to 1 0 percent. Done.
- You're joking, seven.
- Four, done?
How can it not be done..
you guys are true gentlemen.
After this small break,
we were back to business
Bulbul was right a big
idea makes the business big..
..and our business had
become big all over lndia..
..but times, good or bad,
always change.
Started ten minutes ago.
No one would have
seen it? Who told you?
But what has happened?
- What are you looking for?
What are you doing?
- Where is the remote?
Here.. but what has happened?
Manmohan Singh's Budget.
- So?
He has changed the import policy
- What are you saying!
Finance minister Dr. Manmohan Singh,
in his budget proposal today..
..has suggested a major tax
reduction on imported goods.
A wave ofjoy has
spread through the citizens.
lf he reduces the taxes,
we are finished.
Relax, nothing will happen
l am dying.
He indicated that with
liberalization policy..
..the branded goods
too have been reduced.
The tax on imported foods,
readymade clothes..
..and shoes has been slashed
from 120 percent to 20 percent.
Apart from businesses of
Delhi Calcutta and Mumbai..
..there has been a
mixed response from..
..the entire world's
business community.
However Dr. Manmohan Singh is sure..
..that's the only way to
lead lndia into a world arena.
120 percent to 20 percent?
How can it fall so much?
Dodging the Duty was our business.
Now, when there is no duty,
there would be no business.
Leave it Chandu.
Nothing can be done now.
What do you mean nothing can be done?
lt means this business is finished.
So now?
So how about a restaurant then?
Nice, but boring yaar..
Let's open a bar.
You'll drink the lot down.
Let's make a film. Sign the
film star Madhuri opposite me
You Chinese, l have
completed an acting course..
..from Roshan Tarneja's studio..
..and taken dance lessons
from Madhumati dance classes.
Madhumati dance classes.
Not everyone clears that course.
Sit down dude.
- You dance as well dude.
Oh sit down. Your dad never
made it as a star, how will you?
And even if you do want to be a star..
..then do it with your
own money, not ours!
So what do we do then?
Should l say?
lt's boring just sitting here.
Let's head abroad.
Better than that.
Even better than that
Cut the suspense. Just say where?
We are walking out here,
while you are..
Hey karan?
There he is.. you bum..
smart uncle's smart nephew!
Welcome to America.
USA lt's wonderful.
Hello.. how are you?
- Hi..
Looking good!
Hi.. how are u?
- That's Karan
- Hi
Uncle who is she?
She is your aunt.
Oh idiot! She is not the traditional
one, she is the casual one.
Honey bun go and get the other
car for luggage please.. thank you!
Maamu this is Zing.
Hello Maamu.
- Yes
Well never mind.
This is Chandu
- Hello Uncle.
You are turning me into the world's
uncle. l'm Jazz, just call me Jazz.
And uncle this is Bulbul.
Hello jazz.
Oh hello hello hello beautiful..
she is cool.
Hello my child`. Welcome to America.
Hello my child welcome to USA
l knew it, if your dad came to
know that you took money from me..
..there would be trouble.
You were right.
Still, you should not have
walked out of your house.
However big the problem,
one should never leave home..
..after all family is family.
Let it be, Uncle.
Never mind, even
this is your own home.
Uncle.. l mean Jazz,
where exactly are we going?
Queens! l have rented
an apartment for you.
l would have
preferred you stay with me..
..but this hero wanted
to stay in an apartment.
You know l have the most awesome
villa in Long lsland.. but he is so..
Does that aunt stay with you as well?
Are you mad?
- What did l say?
Uncle we are here for good.
Had we been on a holiday
things would have been different.
Yes but, initially won't you
like to travel around America?
No uncle, what's the point in earning
in rupees and spending in dollars..
..the fun is, when one earns in
dollars and splurges in dollars.
Well done.
What all is imported from lndia?
Lots of stuff you know,
diamonds, handicrafts, leather goods..
..we import garments, lots of
basmati, spices and our turmeric is..
Uncle can l have a list of
leather glove's importers?
Yes right away.
Susan can you get me
importers directory please.
lt's not Soojan.. lt's Suzan
Ya ya same thing. She is new..
Now we had to dupe the
Whities in their own country.
Hence new place.. new ways.
The drill was the same but
the business was different.
Firstly we fixed
an appointment with..
..the biggest
importers of gloves in New York
Your samples are ok,
but what about price?
Charlie we are new so what ever we
quote you will cut us down, right?
That's my job.
So Charlie, why don't
we cut the bullshit..
..and you tell us what
you are ready to give us.
What are you doing? You
will get us killed. Easy!
No no no it's fine.. l
like people who are direct.
So what do you say, Charlie?
Eight dollars tops, ClF delivered
to my warehouse in New Jersey.
Trial order for 2000 pieces..
Yes or no?
Only for you Charlie.
Charlie knew that no one can
make a profit in 8 dollars..
..but he had never met
the likes of us before.
Thank you Charlie
- We agreed.
The 2000 trial pieces were made
from his regular Calcutta supplier.. that he is
satisfied with the quality.
Once he would approve
the pieces, then part two!
l didn't expect you to deliver at
this price but, since you have..
l have no option but to
shift my business to you.
How does a hundred thousand
pieces sound? Can you handle it?
We can.
- Only what?
You know Charlie we're just
a pretty small company in..
..the market you know so..
Look we don't give advances,
it's against company policy.
No no not advance, just..
..just please give us the
money on delivery, that's it.
No.. i don't know..
Oh.. Come on Charlie you
know this a good deal.
Ok ok..
l think l can convince my bosses.
Thank you Charlie.
l promise you once you
have done business with us.. will never do business again.
With anybody else.
Charlie had given us an order
for 1 00,000 pairs of gloves.
As they say, the
fish had taken the bait.
Now all we had to do was pull.
Just like the shoes, we
packed the left hands..
..and the right hands separately.
Chandu became the left
hand man and me the right one.
We placed them in two separate
godowns. All we had to do was wait.
Don't show off Karan the
over confidence will kill you.
- Hello Hi this is Charlie here.
Hey Charlie hi, how are you?
Karan your delivery date
is three days from now..
..and l haven't received
any intimation from your end.
l Hope everything is in
order and on schedule.
Ya ya everything is in
order and on schedule..
just a little bit delay, no nothing..
..just some minor labour problem
Let the nerd wait a bit
l don't get it, what is
the waiting all about?
You will get it.. get the ball.
Hello.. Hey chalrie..
Come on Charlie relax
just two more days..
Trust me Charlie..
Hello Karan.. this is Charlie..
karan? karan?
Do You hear me? Are
you there? Hello karan..
Hello.. hello Charlie..
hello Charlie i can't hear you..
Now the time was right
Come on
Hey Charlie hi..
..ya your consignment is
finally here ya.. ya all of it yes..
Thank God! You guys
got me into a real mess.
My customers are
calling me every hour.
l am really sorry Charlie..
l'll get them delivered to
your warehouse immediately.
No.. no.. no.. there is no more time..
Send the gloves
directly to the stores.
There was only one
reason to make Charlie wait.. that he wouldn't be able to..
check the gloves properly.
Yes i don't know sometimes..
doesn't really matter.
Hey Charlie aren't you
forgetting something?
- The cheque on delivery.. remember?
Ahh the cheque sure..
here it is.. here you go..
Thank you.
See you Bulbul.
See tomorrow night Charlie.. bye.
See you Charlie.. never.
Before he realized that he had
only the right hand gloves..
..we needed to get
the cheque encashed
Hello - Karan this is Charlie here..
what the hell is this?
Charlie hi..
You send me only right handed gloves.
- No can't be..
What do you mean can't be..
But.. but you checked them yourself..
- l'm gonna sue you..
Alright ok ok.. let me
call m y factory in india..
..and i m gonna call you
back in ten minutes ok..
You better ok.. quick!
Ten minutes yes yes i'll call
you back alright.. thank you.. bye.
Guys lets go.. lets go..
move.. hurry up..
Go go go.. move.. move.. move..
We gotto get these boxes out now..
We vanished with
Charlie's money leaving Charlie..
..with 1 00,000 right pairs,
with zero value.
However even we had
made no profit yet.
We bought the stuff for eight dollars
and sold it for eight dollars.
Profit was yet to be made
Hello l'm Lin Wong.
Aa Charlie..
Ya so Mr. Wong what
can l do for you?
l hearl You hab
defecti glow in walehou?
Defective gloves?
- Ya..
Yeah we have useless..
Only right hand gloves..
left hands are missing.
No problem.. l buy.
Why? What would you do with them?
l'm clap deala.
You mean scrap dealer?
Ye tha wha l say.. Clap deala.
How much would you give
me for 1 ,00,000 pieces?
Ahhh Twenty thousand dolla.
l paid a million for them.
Oh, you velly lich man,
l poor.. l gib you 30000.
Fifty thousand dollars
and its a deal.
We bought back Charlie's
gloves at a throw away price.
With our lndian-Chinese man Zing,
there was no scope for doubt
Finally the left hand
met the right hand glove..
..and from zero
value became full value.
Now at whatever price we
sold them we were in profit..
..but who would we sell to?
So you have hundred
thousand pairs of gloves.
Yes. Twelve dollars a pair.
lmmediate delivery.
Cheque on delivery right?
Ha Ha.. You're joking. Who gives
Cheque on delivery these days.
Look.. l don't mean to offend you
but, l don't trust lndians anymore.
yes yes i heard about your
problem And that's why l came to you.
l don't know Mr..
Bachchan.. Amitabh Bachchan.
Mr. Bachchan.. l almost
lost my job.. the last time..
No no no.. You can check
each and every piece yourself.
Only when you are satisfied you
take.. Pay me after two months. Ok?
Poor Charlie, once again he
bought 1 ,00,000 pairs of gloves..
..from us at 1 0 dollars a piece.
Hence Friends and
Company made a profit of..
..1 million dollars in America..
lt was finally time to splurge
careless, we have become
Shameless, we have become
carefree, we have become
careless, we have become
Shameless, we have become
carefree, we have become
it feels wicked
it feels edgy
we are so carefree.
Splurging beyond the limit
This is getting heady
We are looking cool
we are feeling cool
with this indulgence.
We are addicted
We are fanatics
We are looking cool
we are feeling cool
with this indulgence.
Ha ha give me love
that's freakin my mind
Yeah be bop hot step spiritual kind
Give me high give me
low am sure you can find
Blow out to kill hit hard this time
Look one who falls asleep
loses the game.
lf you can't cheat
you won't succeed
The whole world is at stake
and we have to win it.
lf you can't cheat
you won't succeed
Splurging beyond limit
it's getting heady.
We are looking cool,
we are feeling cool
with this indulgence.
We are addicted
We are fanatics
We are looking cool,
we are feeling cool
with this indulgence.
What are you thinking about?
l am feeling, what god must feel like.
Really boo l mean it.
Today l can do whatever l want.
l have the power.
One day l will be the
biggest man in the world. Watch me.
How much bigger do you want to be?
This is just the beginning!
What are you doing?
A life without risk,
is no life at all.
So what do you do Linda?
l dance..
- Aaan haan..
l'm touring with Michael Jackson.
Really? That must
be really cool haan?
- Drink?
Excuse me..
Call me if you need me again.
Bye handsome..
Twenty-eight black and even.
Thank you..
- Shit.
Let's go now.
Come on, l am losing right now.
lt's enough for one night,
now let's go.
Shut up, Bulbul. Nobody
tells me what to do. Understand?
What's happened to you? Get lost.
This is cheating, man.
Sir, you need to
take hold of yourself.
Screw you..
No manners! Where do
such people land up from?
You jerk.
- Zing, stop..
- Relax..
You think l don't know Hindi?
- Stop.
This Chinese speaks Hindi!
You idiot, do you want
him to hear everything?
Zing, stop it.. my god.
- He is crazy.
Where do you think you
are going? Come back.
l will teach you a lesson.
Sorry, haan, he just drank too much..
- Zing.. are you okay?
..won't happen again.
Just take that, okay..
Ya, okay buddy, make sure of it.
Ya, promise.. thank you.
Zing, get up, get up.
Why does he drink so much?
This is the tenth time in five weeks!
Take him to his room,
and take care of him.
Why should l take him alone?
You come too.
l am still playing.
- So? Even l have to play.
Who is the boss here?
- What?
Come on, Chandu, l've got
some luck going here. Please.
You guys are so difficult!
Come on, my friend.
Don't do this in front
of a lady, please.. happy?
Excuse me.. cash this for me, please.
Twenty thousand cash..
better luck, sir.
Sixty thousand.. better luck, sir.
Uncle, how are you?
How and where are you guys?
We are at the airport,
about to take the flight back.
You'll get me into trouble.
Why? What happened?
The cops were here asking about you.
Have you supplied any
gloves to a company? - Yes.
They are saying you have
supplied them with faulty goods.
ls it so?
Then why did they pay me?
A buyer always checks the
good before buying them..
These whities are too cunning.
They could not sell their
goods on, so they are charging me!
l guess you are right.
Okay, l got to go.
This means no more glove business.
Yes, everyone knows
in the market. So..
Zing, come on, the
reservation is in fifty minutes..
Shut up, Linda.
lf you are in such a hurry,
go yourself. Bloody hell.
What's wrong with you? Why
do you treat her so badly?
We are in trouble here, and
you are worried about Linda?
l suggest let's just
go back. lt's enough.
She is right, let's go back.
ln 500,000 we can launch a film.
Shut up, Chandu.
Shut up? Do you have a better plan?
l do have a plan. lt's different.
lt will be fun though.
- What?
Tell us.
..firstly we will a buy house.
Not too expensive,
about 1 00,000 dollars.
So Carl, how much did you say?
1 1 0,000 dollars.
l can take it for a hundred thousand.
And for that we shall
take out a bank loan.
Your account is good, Miss Singh..
l'll process your loan
papers by tomorrow and you can..
..then come in and sign.
Thank you, Mr. Roberts.
Thank you, the pleasure is all mine.
- Thank you.
And after a few months, we
will put the house back on sale.
Zing, looking good.
- l love it.
Alright.. we'll take it.
- Great.
So you will sell Zing the 1 00,000
dollar house for 200,000 dollars.
But where will the money
come from, to buy the house?
Exactly from where it came
the last time, a bank loan.
Thank you very much, Mr. Roberts.
No problem, Mr. Zing, your loan cheque
will be ready for you on Monday..
..l really appreciate it.
My pleasure.. thanks..
thanks for coming in..
And this way, the minute
Bulbul sold the house to Zing..
..we made an instant
profit of 1 00,000 dollars.
And Zing will sell me the
same house for 400,000 dollars.
After paying back the bank
200,000 we will be left..
..with a profit of 200,000 dollars.
And by passing the parcel, we
will continue making our profits.
But one day we will have
to repay the bank, right?
That's the best part.
We won't have to repay!
Bank procedure: Chapter 1 1 .
They seize the property
if the loan is not repaid.
One of us will declare bankruptcy..
..and the bank will have no
option but to seize the property.
Whose actual value is
still only 1 00,000 dollars.
The rest is in our pocket.
Karan, you are a genius, buddy.
l'm the best.. l am God.
Life was getting faster,
and we had forgotten..
..that we were riding a lion..
..and it would not be easy to get off.
Who? Linda?
Chandu, no..
You drunk Chinese.. come out.
You should not have hit Linda.
He hit me! Why don't
you say something to him?
You want one more?
- Go on, hit me..
Come on then. - Guys, shut
up please, look at yourselves.
Zing, you have
started drinking too much..
..and it's not just me,
everyone thinks so!
You are with a bottle day and night.
What's your problem if l drink?
Of course there is a problem.
When you create a scene in parties,
public places..
..and casinos, it's
embarrassing for us.
l embarrass you?
Have you become that big?
You are taking it the
other way.. Zing, look.
No, you look! Look
at yourself, big man!
Have you forgotten
where you've come from?
You took money from me for autos,
you wore my clothes to the parties..
..calling me your brother,
your friend!
And today l am embarrassing you?
You have become too big, right?
Yes l have become big, and l want
to get bigger, because l think big!
l am a big man and you are a
street dog. Okay? - Karan, cool it..
No, he is talking rubbish.
Firstly, you work hard for these
people and then they talk back to you.
Big man you are..
Yes, l am a big man and you are a
small man. What can you do about that?
Nothing, you are a big
man and l am a small man..
..and there can be no friendship
between a big and a small man..
..and when we are not
friends then l have no place in..
"Friends and Company".
Come on, Zing, don't
blow it out of proportion.
lt's gone out of control.
- Don't touch me. lt's all your fault.
Don't threaten us. Are you saying
the company cannot run without you?
l don't want your company. Keep it.
l'll sign and return
all the papers tomorrow.
First send it and then talk.
What have you done?
l've done? You have all lost it!
The people from the bank called
and wanted to know since when..
..and how l knew Chandu?
Has there been a problem, Karan?
Uncle, Chandu has had some
losses on the stock market and..
..has not been able to pay the loan..
the bank has seized his property.
That's why they kept
asking about my loan.
l am your sponsor, so
they think l am with you..
Uncle, please don't get worried
about all this. l will handle it.
Okay, bye.
- Hello.
ls Karan there please?
- No, he is not.
Has he left a cheque for me?
There is no cheque here,
what name is it in?
Pamela Sahni. Unless he has
made it out to her married name.
Pamela Kapoor.
Let it be if you can't find it.
One minute.. what did you say?
l am sorry, l thought you knew.
- Knew what?
Look, it happens here all the time.
- What?
Karan has married Pammi.. court, for a green card.
Bulbul, for heaven's sake
please stop over-reacting..
This marriage is just a contract,
for my green card.
This is the fastest way.
l haven't done anything wrong..
everyone does it.
lt's not wrong if everyone does it?
And if it's not wrong
then why didn't you tell me?
Because l didn't want to hurt you.
- Just shut up, Karan.
And that's exactly what you have
done today. You don't know me!
Had you told me l would
have let you do it myself!
No, but you have planned your entire
future, and not asked me even once.
Why should l ask you? Why?
Oh my God, what a fool l have been.
l made a big mistake.
l mean nothing to you.
There is no place for
me in your future plans.
l am doing this for both our futures.
You know how risky this business is?
You know, right? We might need
to head back to lndia any time.
And l never want to go back,
you know that!
Our future is here!
After getting my green card l wanted
to marry you. What's wrong in that?
Everything is wrong in that, damn it.
Don't touch me, Karan.. l hate
you guys.. Just don't touch me.
Can we just please just
forget about all this? Please?
No, Karan.. l can't.
That's just paper.
Nothing has changed.
Everything has changed,
Karan.. because you have changed.
So that's fine, Bulbul, people change
all the time. What's the big deal?
Please, Karan, l want the
sweet Karan back. Please.
He's gone.
That sweet guy who
always listened to you..
..who indulged you, is gone.
l can't be that anymore, he's gone.
You know what,
Karan? Then l'm gone too.
She walked out of the
house and you let her?
Can anyone stop her?
So now?
Anyway to hell with it.
Let's talk of something else.
You wanted to talk
to me about something.
Linda and l have
decided to move in together.
Congratulations, man..
And we are opening a video
library in Jackson Heights.
We have booked Bollywood shows
with Sunny Deol, Anil Kapoor.
You can't think beyond films!
Go on, tell him.
Linda and l were thinking that..'s enough now.
l can't do it anymore.
l want to settle down.
What are you talking about? l can't..
Look, l don't want to hurt you,
l am sorry but l want out!
l can't work with you..
And l suggest you leave it as well.
Why didn't you say anything
when you were buying a new house?
Or a new car?
You used to drive a Herald, remember?
l got you a Benz.
Now that you've got it all
it's become a bad job? Right?
You're taking it the wrong way.
- No, you think l am doing wrong?
Karan, even if we are not partners,
we are still friends and if you ever
need any help, l am there.. always.
You will help me?
You will do me favours?
No, look at me.. should l
recount all my favours on you?
Whose idea was it in
the first place? Mine.
Whose investment was it? Mine.
Who brought you to America? Me!
l have done you guys a favour,
not the other way around, got it?
And all of you, don't even care.
You know what, Chandu? l think you
should just leave, ya.. Just go..
Look here..
You better understand
something too, Karan..
..all that you have done is
not for me, or Zing or Bulbul.
You have done it for yourself
because you wanted to be rich..
..and we helped you in
realizing your dream.
You could trust only us and
hence we were your partners.
You could've done nothing
without us, so don't ever..
..ever misbelieve that
that you did us any favours.
We have been friends
and will remain so.
To hell with you and your friendship.
Hello? Hello?
Karan, my son? ls that you?
You can hear me,
right? Hello, Karan, my son?
Why are you crying, son?
What happened? Something
has happened? Tell me?
Where are you right now?
Hello, Karan.. please talk to me,
son. Tell me what happened.
Hello, Karan..
Come on, Maya, hurry up.
Give me the card.
How long will you take to get ready?
l am ready, why do you worry so much?
- Okay, fine, come on now.
Which Centaur Hotel do we
have to go to? Airport or Juhu?
The one in Juhu, son..
- Okay.
And now for the award of 25 years of
distinguished service l would like..
..Mr. Sajjan Kapoor to
come on stage please.
Thank you.
My life, my savings, my everything..
..l should say is
present in this room.
Yet today l am the richest man in
the world because l have my family..
..My beautiful and
long suffering wife Maya.. beautiful daughter Anu..
..and my son-in-law Rohit.
And this lifelong respect
that l have earned today..
..has made me the
richest man in the world.
l should actually receive
this honour with humility..
..but l am receiving it with pride..
..because in my
25 years of earning..
..not one rupee is from dishonesty.
So thank you for making this..
..ordinary life extraordinary.
Uncle, how does one earn respect?
l don't know, but l do know..
..that you must give
respect to gain respect.
l have never respected anyone.
Neither my father nor
my friends nor Bulbul.
l have made too many mistakes.
You can always redeem these mistakes.
l'll need your help.
Let me check.
Mr. Karan Kapoor?
- Ya.
We have a warrant
for your arrest, sir..
l didn't get it.
Look, he is saying, if you return to
the bank at least 70 per cent of..
..the loan then they will
drop the criminal charges..
..and only a civil case will remain.
For which, along with good behaviour.. will get six to
eight months, in my experience.
- Then are we on?
Uncle, we were four partners.
l barely have 25 per cent.
l am here alone but
speaking on behalf of three of us.
Not long ago you threw the
friends out of friends and company.
You are left with 'Company'..
..but all this is not yours alone,
we are party to it as well..
So this is strictly business.
These will fetch you the 70%.
Thank you, sorry l
didn't mean to.. nothing.
After this our accounts are settled.
We are quits after this.
Uncle Jazz, that was the deal.
Yes, my child, that was the deal.
Bulbul.. Bulbul, listen to me.
l'll be back after
drawing up the papers.
Your agony turned you to Gold
The fire of sorrow made you the Soul
You have lost something
and found everything today
Your luck has led
you to heaven this way
When you lost your path
Your darkness showed you the Light
When you held your arms out
Your prayer brought you respite
Make a wish on a falling star
All your dreams will come true
Stretch your hands out afar
And l will see you
Ya, please.
Enjoy your coffee, sir.
- Thank you.
Order something, l'll be back.
Your bill for the coffee.
Sorry, l haven't ordered anything yet.
l know, sir, but l was
told you'd pay for it..
By whom?
Excuse me!
Can l thank you if you
are paying the bill?
l know you only earn
ten dollars an hour..
..but l am sure you
can pay for a coffee?
l thought you only let your
boyfriend or husband pay for you?
You never gave up on me?
Not even for a day!
Where were you? l
tried to contact you.
l don't want my son to call the
sort of person you had become 'dad'!
l am not the same anymore.
That's why me and my
son are here to meet you.
He can hear you.
Hi. l am your dad.
l promise that l shall
be the best husband..
..and the best dad in the world..
..and you will be just as
proud of me as l am of my dad.
Will you marry me?
That's my line.
And l took it? So yes or no?
Yes.. please, yes!
Oh, it doesn't matter.
l am sorry, sir, he is
not available right now..
..please call back later.. thank you..
Oh, Mr. Venkat, today
you are talking differently
When l met you first
your tone was different..
Hey Susan, wat's up?
Something big has happened..
l've never seen him this upset.
Could you just hang on to this for me?
You have ruined me.
Yes, l'm finished!
What happened, Uncle?
The entire consignment has
been rejected. Just see.
The one from Madras?
The colours are bleeding.
These are shirts from..
..just one batch after a wash
they have all changed colour.
What is the supplier saying?
The supplier has
washed his hands of it!
The party is asking us to sue them.
They are from Madras,
a court case in lndia!
And this is not even the real problem!
God knows how the debacle
of these 1 0,00,000 pieces..
..has reached the stock market..
..our shares have fallen
by 30% since this morning.
Relax, uncle..
How can l relax?
Do you know what 30% means?
We are a small company and very
new in the stock market listings.
Should l try something?
You forget it.
lf something goes wrong,
we'll be in a bigger mess.
Not wrong, uncle. Right.
l promise.
What will you do?
Firstly you give me the
list of all your big buyers.
And give me 7 shirts
out of this consignment.
What are you going to
do with these shirts?
Once again today l had a big idea..
..but before l took the
biggest risk of my life..
l had to fix old ties.
l had to bring back the
friends of Friends and Company.
You like it? Ya, ya,
ya, it's a good movie.
l saw it..
You have seen this? Okay..
here, action..
Sunny Deol.. he's like Arnold..
he is the lndian Terminator.
Thank you so much..
- Thank you!
l hope it's good.
Karan, all that is good but
Linda is just a background dancer.. his shows, she
won't be able to do all this.
Do something, Chandu.
l can't do this without all of you.
l need you all.
Please do me a favour.
You are saying this?
- Ya..
Chandu, can you please
help me with this poster?
What the hell? l'll handle Linda.
Can you get us a drink?
lt's too big an amount.
l know, l already owe you..
..still l am asking you for more.
Owe me for what?
This restaurant is all due to you..
And can l say something?
l am dying of boredom.
Chinese drunkard you?
The drunkard has quit drinking,
and l am an lndian, not Chinese!
Sorry - You should be
sorry for breaking my nose.
l know, l screwed up with Linda.
No, l screwed up.. big time.
l never understood her importance.
l am glad she is with you. Seriously.
So cool?
Let's do it!
Let's do it guys..
Karan, Uncle's company shares
are now down by 40% .. 12 dollars.
l know, just buy everything,
but one by one, slowly.
Thank you..
Do we really need to
wash them all separately?
No shirt should run
colour onto another.
1 1 dollars? Buy more!
Not this one.
Why not?
- Everything else once more round.
1st shirt had to be washed once..
..2nd shirt twice, 3rd shirt
three times, and the 7th seven times.
Are you done?
Gentlemen. These are seven shirts.
- Yeah.
But what if l was to tell
you that these are not.. different
shirts but, but the same?
What do you mean?
What if l tell you that
actually this is the same shirt..
..same design, same colour..
only this one has been
washed once, this twice..
..this three times,
four, five, six, and seven?
But they all look different.
Precisely! We offer a
new product in the market..
..a shirt that looks new
every time you wash it..
So the common man buys one
shirt but gets to wear..
..a new shirt for
every day of the week!
Who else have you offered these to?
You are the first!
What do you call these shirts..
this new technology?
The 'Bleeding Madras'.
- Price?
Twelve USD ClF New York.
We buy checks for not more than 8 USD.
l understand, sir.. But
the price does not change..
Take it or leave it!
You can think about it.
After every wash the shirt
changed colour and looked different..
..and that's why for
the cost of one shirt..
..a common man could
wear a new shirt every time.
Hold on..
They knew this was no ordinary shirt.
We'll do a trial
order of 5,000 pieces.
We'll put them in the stores..
lf the reaction is good..
we'll take more.
Finally they did give me
an order for 5,000 shirts..
..and if the shirts sold out
l would get a bigger order.
Sounds good.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
They won't call so soon.
lt takes time to sell so many shirts
Relax, Uncle.. Trust me.. l know.
- Hi.
Here you go.
Chandu done it, dude..
it's on the front page.
What has Chandu done?
Linda was the senior-most dancer
with Michael Jackson for ten years.
We had to take advantage of that.
Hey, Michael was here last night!
Hey, win, take a look at this..
Hey, where are the
Michael Jackson shirts?
Sorry, sold out.
When is the new stock coming?
Don't know, maybe soon.
Martin, about those bleeding Madras?
- How much more time?
Nerd, l told you to wait a bit,
free the phone now.
Yes? - Karan, my friend.. how
many more pieces do you have?
Send it.. load everything and send it.
Okay, dude, buy as
much as you can.. buy!
Come on, Chinese.
Finally the whites did
give us the big order..
..and bought all the shirts.
When this news
reaches the stock market..
..Uncle's shares will go up again.
That's why before selling..
..the shirts it was necessary to
buy the stocks when they were cheap..
l need a million share..
just give it to me for seven.
And that's what Chandu
and Zing were doing.
We have put in whatever we had.
Now if nothing comes
of this then watch out!
Go to Walmart and
check it out for yourself.
The LA and Chicago
companies want 200,000 shirts more.
Make hay while the sun shines, buddy.
l got Jazz lnc. At fifty..
who wants Jazz lnc?
Uncle's company
shares were sky-rocketing.
Now Friends and Company
had to sell the shares..
..and make a profit to
account for the losses incurred.. Bulbul, Chandu
and Zing because of me.
Along with Uncle Jazz,
the four of us were.. equal partners
in Friends and Company.
Now our company was public and
listed on the stock exchange as well..
This was my dream, remember?
New office, new car,
everything was new..
..but some things never changed.
Today, like my father,
l had everything.
A loving family
Good friends
And, most importantly, my Dad.
l think he feels proud
when he looks at me.
My dad had said that, if l
used my brain correctly..
..then my life would be happy..
He was right!
Look left, look right.
Buckle up
- tighten your belts
Look left, look right
Buckle up
- tighten your belts
We will sell you your soul
Be careful, you've been told
This is the bad company. (Be careful,
there are too many.)
Bad company..
Dude, we are the friends,
that's our world
We are the ones, Who have all the fun
Catch us if you can,
here we are, that's the plan
Cash and my sexy girls knowing
what l want Taking over the world
Hold on to your fast
cars and flashy jewels
Because l'm coming after you,
You're the next fool
Hey ho, make the money now
Rob the world, somehow.
No drugs, no guns, no crime.
The master plan's in my mind
Look left, look right
You should make your wallet hide
Look left, look right
You should make your wallet hide
We change halves to quarter
We make your savings barter
This is the bad company
Bad company..
The biggest of businesses become
big by the idea, not the money!