Badman's Territory (1946) Movie Script

In the building of the great American
empire of the West,
first a big section of land
was given over to the Indians,
then Texas was annexed in 1845.
New Mexico became a territory
of the US,
then territories became states,
but a mistake was made and a strip
of land was completely overlooked,
left without law or sheriff.
This strip had no legal basis
for government of any kind,
and became a hideout for the outlaws
who infested the West.
No United States marshal
dared venture there.
It was called Badman's Territory.
Its metropolis was a prairie town
called Quinto.
There, one bygone day, a quiet band of desperadoes
set forth on one of their periodical missions.
Satisfied with local conditions
were Ben Wade, the hotel keeper,
and his boisterous helpers.
The merchants, many of them slightly reformed
characters themselves, watched with approval.
Successful outlaws
meant heavy spending.
Wealthy Colonel Farewell, president
of the Livestock Association,
and Tahlequah, chief of the plains
tribes, cared little about outlaws.
Yes, Quinto was thriving and everybody
liked things the way they were,
except possibly Henryetta Alcott, an
English girl transplanted to the West
on the death of her father,
publisher of the Quinto Citizen.
She had long resented
the town's notorious guests,
and now she decided
to do something about it.
Unaware of being honoured
by editorial notice,
the subjects of her headline turned
south toward Texas and their mission.
Sure that'll get through
all right?
Don't worry.
Some of them train robbers
are smarter than a coyote.
Them James brothers could be laying
for the train that's going on.
They don't operate this far west.
Never yet, maybe,
but supposin' they did?
They'd be fools. The car locks from inside and
the messenger won't open without the signal.
Is that so?
Well, I'm glad to know that, son.
All the same, I'll stick around and make sure
my stuff gets away. It's my 30 years' savings.
Whoa! I ain't going to hurt ye!
Stand still, doggone your hide!
RAT-A-TAT-TA How are you, Johnny?
Fair to middlin'.
Take care of this. The old boy's
afraid someone'll steal it.
Throw your guns in the wagon.
Don't raise your hands.
Do it.
Now get inside.
All aboard!
Hey! I think the train's been robbed!
You do?
We'll fan out here. Chances are the
bandits will come through that cut.
Patton, spread your men east. Wake,
yours west. We'll camp for the night.
Captain Hampton -
three riders coming up, sir.
Rowley! I told you to cover Cherokee Flat! I
don't think the outlaws are coming that way.
What do you think? They'll use
Eagle Creek. 50 miles north? Yeah.
The state police are running this. County
sheriffs follow my orders. Understand?
No. I never could understand you.
If a messenger comes from the Kiowa
tribe, send him on to Eagle Creek.
Who's the young fella
with Rowley?
His brother. He's his new deputy. Together,
they wouldn't make one good officer!
It's a Kiowa pony.
I wonder how he lost his rider?
The James gang? Might explain why we didn't
get the message. And that confirms it.
That's Hampton's posse! They must
have intercepted the messenger.
It all adds up. Mercer, swing around
and meet me below the cut.
Right, Mark. Come on, Johnny.
If you were an outlaw camped by the creek
and saw that posse, what would you do?
I'd head up to open country. Right. And if you're
a deputy who's figured out the outlaws' next move?
I'd hide in the trees. Right.
And pump lead into them. Wrong.
Every man
has a right to a fair trial.
Outlaws? Train robbers? No-one's guilty
until convicted. Try to take your man alive.
What if he shows fight? Shoot and don't miss. I
didn't bring you here to lose you. Yes, teacher!
Sorry. I was talking to my big
brother, not my little one. Thanks.
If they come through,
they'll be surrounded.
They're closing in on three sides!
That leaves us just one.
I'll make sure that's clear!
Told you we shouldn't stop here.
Shut up, Hank!
Git, Buck!
You young whippersnapper!
Where'd you drop from - a balloon?
Take it easy, Pop. Come on, get up!
- What have we here, Rowley? -
Prisoner. - One of the James gang, eh?
Then who are you, pardner?
Tell me, and talk fast.
Can't talk fast. No teeth.
I got nothing to say to you.
- Hey!
- Keep out of this. I'll wring the information out of him.
No, you won't. Come on, old timer. Sure hate
to cause friction in the ranks of the law.
- Carson, take him.
- No, he's my prisoner!
- Rowley!
- My orders are to take him alive!
All right, Frank,
pick up their hardware.
Now get down and hand me his gun.
Sure glad to see you, Jesse.
I was depending on you.
All right? Nothing a little distance
'twixt me and the law won't cure.
Who's that?
Friend of mine. We'll take him.
We can't! He'll slow us up!
He got hurt on my account. I ain't
leaving him with that varmint.
He goes with us. Come on!
Come on. We'll find Patton.
Have you seen Patton and my men?
No, but I saw the outlaws. Why'd they
take my brother? He went of his own accord.
I don't believe that.
And he looked like he was wounded.
He was. I shot him. What?
I had to. John did that?
He turned on me. Why?
To help the outlaws escape.
We had them covered but he...
Did you try to take his prisoner?
You can't justify him, Rowley.
I'll get the truth
when I bring John back to face you.
He's a fugitive from justice. If he
faces me, it'll be at the end of a rope.
You're even a bigger coward
than I thought you were.
Rowley, it's a good thing
I'm not armed.
Yes, it is. Get off that horse.
Get off.
This is robbery!
Yes. Highway robbery!
Who are you? Mark Rowley.
What are you doing? Hunting.
No. Quinto. Oh.
Who are you?
Belle Starr? Maybe.
Cimarron Rose? Maybe.
Sureshot Stella? Maybe.
Talkative, aren't you? Not with
strangers. You were following me.
No, five riders. One on a chestnut.
Have you seen 'em?
The James gang? Yes.
They passed half an hour ago.
Friends of yours? One of them was fairly
close to me. Don't get close to them.
You a sheriff? Yes, ma'am. Sorry.
That's all right.
I doubt if the civic body of Quinto will
greet you. I hope they pay me no attention.
If you represent the population, I won't worry. I'd
remove that star. Sheriffs don't live long in Quinto.
Thanks. I think I can take care
of myself. You seem well able to.
In my business, I have to.
I understand.
Is that the way to Quinto? Yes. I'll be on
my way. If you don't mind, I'll join you.
It's a pleasure, Miss...
Alcott. Henryetta Alcott.
You're not Belle Starr.
No. Not Cimarron Rose nor
Sharpshootin' Stella either.
Say, what is your business?
I'm a printer. Uh-huh.
Well, this is Quinto.
It's Ben Wade's crowd.
It's the Citizens' Committee.
What are you doing? That was your
first and last article on law and order.
Which proves how badly we need it! We're the law
here. We don't need peace officials and tax collectors.
Meg, Hodge - help me down with this!
Don't get frisky, young lady.
Just a minute!
Aren't you gentlemen
forgetting your manners?
Who are you? The name's Rowley.
He's a Texas sheriff!
In Quinto, I'm plain Mark Rowley.
Why are you here?
That's a personal matter. It's a public
matter. You've got five minutes to get out.
First I'd like you to open Miss Alcott's
office, and I'll give you half that time.
Open up.
Now I savvy. You put her
up to this law and order campaign.
Howdy, Miss Alcott. What's happening?
Mr Wade's committee decided to close my paper.
This gentleman persuaded them to open it.
Mighty nice of you to help a lady.
Downright chivalrous, Mr...
SHERIFF Rowley, Colonel Farewell.
We don't often have a sheriff
call on us, Mr, uh... Rowley.
He's not here in an official capacity. Colonel
Farewell is one of our leading citizens.
Have you read this, Colonel?
Yes. You have cause for complaint
against the paper.
But you've been a little rough
on its publisher.
I prefer disagreements to be settled by
arbitration, not fighting. But Colonel...
Send the boys back to their businesses.
Let Miss Alcott run hers... for the present.
Thanks, Colonel. And thank you, Mr Rowley. It's
been a pleasure. Glad to have met you, Colonel.
We can't let her print this. She'll
start something nobody can stop.
I agree that we've got to check her,
but we must be tactful.
If you drive her out of Quinto,
you've made a martyr with a story.
Then other papers'll play up.
Maybe all the way to Washington.
Maybe you're right, but shooting that
sheriff is strictly local business.
Of course it is, but why shoot a man
that might be useful?
Hi, Elmer!
Hello, Hank. How was your trip?
Mighty good.
You're back early.
We did leave in a hurry.
Anxious to get back
for the grass rent celebration.
Hank McGee!
Sam Bass! I thought they had you
in the iron teepee at Abilene!
Just a sojourn! Needed a rest.
How'd you get out?
Say, that's a real Sunday horse.
He ain't so bad the other days!
Where'd you get him?
A nice sheriff gave him to me.
You don't mean it!
Sure as you're born.
Sheriff said my horse wasn't fit
for a man in my position.
Can he run? Bet you 100 he can beat your
mare with a head start of 40 lengths.
Can he beat Belle Starr's Beauty?
Running backward!
- Hello, Sam.
- Hi, Elmer!
Hank, if you ain't bragging, I know
how we can make a little honest money...
Want something, Mister?
Yes. Jesse James.
He's not here. Or the Coyote Kid.
I never heard of him.
You must be hard of hearing.
Hey, Custer. Did that prepaid
pill-peddler show up?
Yes, sir. He's upstairs, Mr Badger.
Hold it. Hold it. Take it easy, son.
You can't arrest me here.
I've come for John Rowley.
He ain't no outlaw!
I know. He's my brother. Oh... Your brother?
Why didn't you say so? He's right in there.
Hiya, Johnny.
Take it easy. Johnny's brother.
You'd follow me anywhere.
What does the doc say?
He'll be as good as ever
in a week or so.
That's good news, Dr Quillan.
I've never been mistaken for a dead man.
I buried Doc Quillan myself years ago.
Must have been right after he left
Texas under federal indictment.
They couldn't prove it... so he said.
How do you like it up here? Fine.
Good climate. Mother and I make out.
She'll be glad to see you again.
I mean, you'll be welcome for supper.
There you are, son.
I'm always glad to meet old friends.
Whatever happened to Nate Carter?
Got killed in a brawl. You know,
that bank failure wasn't his fault.
Bank failures are never anybody's
fault except ours.
Too bad you weren't around
for that one.
Must get a lot of Texans here. Yes. People in Quinto
are pretty decent. Not the ones I've seen so far.
It ain't that bad...
the men that put away their guns.
Can't argue with the men
that still carry them.
I understand. You still keep your
collections up to date? Yes indeedy.
Hey, Doc. Didn't I pay you
in advance? I guess you did.
This boy needs rest and quiet.
Hold on, Doc.
Ain't you forgot something?
Why, I... oh, yes!
How about some medicine? Medicine?
Yes. What medicine have you got?
Let's see. I got snakeroot, ipecac,
asafoetida, turpentine or brandy.
I'll take a little brandy. Yeah...
Thanks for looking after him, boys.
Don't mention it.
Join us in a drink, Mr Sheriff?
With pleasure, Mr James.
Get a little rest. See you later.
That's the list for tomorrow's race.
We're ready to take all bets.
Think your horse can win, McGee?
I'm gonna risk a brand-new
Texas dollar bill!
I bet you 10-1 you lose it!
Can his new horse run fast?
When he's scared!
Can he beat Beauty?
When Beauty's dead!
Who's the official stakeholder?
Anybody you like, if he's honest!
If I was as crooked as you,
I'd have a guilty conscience!
I can't remember ever touching
a dishonest penny.
Give him some brandy. He's
absent-minded. He thinks he's pious.
Hiya, Coyote. Glad to see you back.
I'm not unhappy to be here.
How are you, Sam?
How about Honest Jim Badger,
the Coyote Kid as stakeholder?
As one of our most honest citizens, we've
chosen you as stakeholder for the big race.
Thank you, but I'll have to decline.
I plan to get drunk tomorrow and I'm
a LEETLE mite careless when I drink.
You're the people's choice.
How about Doc Glen here?
No, you're the man. If you insist,
but don't say I didn't warn you.
McGee, you ain't running
the sheriff's chestnut, are you?
- Yeah. He hasn't got much chance.
- I'm betting he don't.
- He'll do anything for me.
- Anything but win that race!
One of your men, ain't he?
Yeah. Hank McGee.
Excuse me.
I'm kind of thinking
nobody's going to win anything!
You shot my deputy in the back
and stole my horse. What of it?
Where's the chestnut? In good hands.
At the corral? Maybe.
Come on.
Put him up again.
Pay for them drinks, Doc.
Yeah... What?
Well, what are we waiting for?
A formal invitation?
Mr Rowley, would you come in
a minute?
A Texas sheriff is fighting
one of the James boys!
The James boys? Come on!
Hurry! This may be your last chance
to see a real live sheriff!
I'm very grateful to you
for helping me, but I do regret...
Forget it. The businessmen's
committee won't forget it.
Don't stay here.
We'll look after your brother.
McGee's on his way to the corral.
So I notice.
You shouldn't have stopped here. It's my
fault. Please! Coyote says you haven't a chance.
I could run ahead, make him nervous.
He's gonna get it!
Come on!
Get those horses out of here, quick!
Leave 'em there.
Where's that sheriff?
I haven't saw a sheriff for 20 years.
Say, that man can shoot. Shot a
horse race clean out from under us.
Doggone it, Sheriff,
you should have been an outlaw.
Congratulations. Thanks, but I'm
still a little scared. Don't be.
That shot will bring you quite
a reputation in Quinto. Good shot!
I couldn't have done better.
Well, that's right nice of you.
We like your kind.
We hope to be seeing a lot of you.
A real genuine compliment
coming from Belle Starr.
Belle Starr?
It ain't nobody else. Well...
Doggone it, she sure is some gal.
Sheriff, that shooting entitles
you to meet Sam Bass. Howdy.
Mr Wade offers his compliments. Rowley, since
McGee had entered your horse for tomorrow's race,
I was wondering...
No, thanks.
Miss Starr, you didn't give me time
to thank you for your compliment.
You talk as smooth as you shoot, and your shootin's
gonna keep me out of Texas. I hoped you'd visit.
A woman can change her mind. Good. It's
a clean jail. If you're the jailer...
I might accept your invitation. I always do my best
to accommodate prisoners, and especially ladies.
Too bad your chestnut isn't running tomorrow. I was
looking forward to looking back at him. Were you?
I can change my mind. You'd better have your horse
in shape or you'll be looking at the back of him. Bye.
Come on.
One of the best shootings in years.
Well, doc? He's made his last mistake.
Doctor Grant. Yes, Miss Alcott?
I'd like you to come over
to my house. Certainly, Miss Alcott.
Is this professional?
Hi, Mark.
So you finally woke up?
You were sleeping earlier.
How do you feel? How do I look?
So does the room.
Glad they did it up a bit.
I hear you did a little chore today.
Couldn't get out of it, Johnny.
But it squared accounts for Mercer.
That McGee was a mean one.
I'd say the James boys
were in bad company.
But Frank and Jesse are all right.
A man can ride with them.
You know, Mark,
I wonder why such men turn outlaws.
Usually for one reason - money.
I'm not justifying the James boys, but they got off
to a bad start with Quantrill's guerillas in Missouri.
Yeah, I know.
Tell me, John, who shot Hampton?
Are you sure? Just in time too. He was about to wing
Coyote after he got me. He was your prisoner. Yes.
Just what I thought.
Did that dirty...? Now, now.
Take it easy.
Yes, you mustn't get excited.
Hello, Mr Rowley.
Good evening. Now I get it.
Doc Grant sent Miss Alcott. Do you
nurse all Doc Grant's patients?
Only very special ones.
What is this? Milk. Drink it.
I see you're coming on. How are you
feeling, Johnny? Oh, looking up.
Ah, Nightingale, eh?
Hello, Coyote. Evening.
Better tuck yourself in. LEETLE mite late
for a sick man. Shall I come tomorrow? Please.
Good night. Good night.
Want I should see you home, miss?
Oh, well...
No, it's all right, thanks.
May I?
It's quite all right. I'm used to walking alone.
You can't stay here, Sheriff. He's got to settle.
You're right, Coyote.
Night, Johnny. Good night, Mark. Say that he
gets some sleep. I'm going to put him to sleep!
Can I bring you anything? No,
thankee. I brought it. Good night.
Hi, boys. Hiya. Miss Alcott, have you met
Mr Jesse James and his brother, Frank? Howdy.
Miss Alcott prints the local paper.
So we've noticed.
Would you gentlemen care to make a statement to
the press? You can say we stand for free silver.
We don't give interviews, Sheriff.
We might give some advice.
This section will be a lot better off when women
quit raising trouble and start raising other things.
Good night.
After that, perhaps the sheriff
had better see me home.
#.. You had a dream, love
# I had one too
# Mine was the best
# Cos it was of you
# Come, sweetheart, tell me
# Now is the time
# You tell me your dream
# And I'll tell you mine... #
It reminds me of my father. Oh?
Was he a singer? No, a barber.
He used to vocalise
as he shaved his customers...
out loud at their faces.
Why did you give up lather for law?
Dad made the mistake
of sending me to school.
That happened to me too. But when I was halfway through
my education, I had to return to take Dad's place.
And his politics? Oh!
So you agree with Jesse James?
Oh, I'm inclined to.
Well, the paper's going to continue to
fight to become part of the United States,
no matter what Jesse James
thinks of its editor.
Hodge, do you know what time it is?
What's keeping you so late?
Had to sort out a remake paper. Why?
Some of the advertisers cancelled.
Really? Who?
Easier to tell you who didn't.
And all of the big ads for the annual grass rent
day number. It's sort of discomposing, ain't it?
How can you joke about it?
Sorry. Get mad.
Just don't start crying.
I'm not that sort of person. I can't
cry, but I can strike back. That's a girl.
No wonder you're losing your advertising. I'm
losing it because I want to bring order out of chaos,
because I want schools, roads, churches,
hospitals, a courthouse and a flag.
Is there anything wrong with that? Nothing, except the
way you're going about it, you'll start a revolution.
You can't clean up Quinto with
printer's ink, or do it alone.
Can I count on your help?
Is that the reason
you moved in on me tonight?
What? When Doc Grant let you be nurse,
were you looking for an official or a man?
Your education hasn't included the tale
of Richard the Lionheart. Oh, yes, it did.
He went on a crusade for his lady and didn't come
back. I'm ornery. I want to be liked for myself.
Good night.
You gonna bet?
I never gamble.
I'm gonna put a couple of dollars
on something.
He takes chances, that Frank.
Give your money to Coyote.
First time I ever got money in one hand without
having a gun in another. Only one horse can win!
I want to bet on Miss Alcott's horse.
How much? 1. On Sir Galahad?!
- Here's 50 cents. Make it
2. - 2. - 2 on Sir Galahad.
Hey, Sam. Hello, Frank!
Put this on the winner.
Good morning. When did Miss Alcott decide to
enter the race? Yesterday. I'm sure she'll win.
Of course she will.
60 on Sir Galahad. What?
That's right
- on Miss Alcott's horse. What about your chestnut? What about him? Can he lose?
The odds seem to think so.
Yeah. 60 on Sir Galahad
for the sheriff.
Give your money to Coyote.
You betting on
the Nightingale's nag?
Why not? Didn't you figure
on your horse to win? I was kinda.
But Sir Galahad's pretty fast too.
Bass and Wade are plum certain
you can't lose. You saw the odds.
They're a LEETLE mite out of line,
aren't they? Leetle mite? They're way out.
Must be a reason. The Injuns are betting
their grass rent money on Belle Starr.
You'll see real murder if them
redskins lose. 500 on Belle Starr.
See what I mean?
Morning, Henryetta. Morning.
How's Sir Galahad?
Fine, thank you. You seen the odds?
We're not the people's choice.
I never was a favourite with these people.
Then why ride with them? Sir Galahad asked.
Morning, Sheriff. Hello, Miss Starr.
You met Miss Alcott? How are you?
Fine, thank you. How are you?
Couldn't be better. I'm glad you're running. I like
competition. So do I. The winner gets more satisfaction.
I, er, I see that you've been made
the favourite.
It's not me, it's my horse, Beauty.
He's everybody's favourite. Good luck.
Want to make a little side bet with
me, Sheriff? What, for instance?
Oh, money or marbles or moonlight.
Let's make it a dollar and a half.
Good luck, Sheriff. Thanks.
Attention, please!
The riders will bring their horses
to the judges' stand.
Quiet, please!
The judges will be - on this side of the line, myself,
and on the opposite side, the eagle-eyed Tahlequah,
chief of the Arapahos and head
council of the Indian tribes.
You know the rules. You race twice around the
course and finish here at the hotel. All clear?
ALL: Yes. On your way, then,
and may the best horse win.
Good luck, Sheriff!
Anybody else? Make your bets!
That's all!
Let's go upstairs, Coyote. What for?
We can watch the race from my room
and have a little snort. Snort? Yeah.
Hold that line. Steady.
Henryetta's leading!
Right behind the sheriff!
Come on, everybody! What?
I got a dollar on them all.
Belle Starr's gonna win.
She can't!
Look at that palomino go!
Belle Starr won't win.
The sheriff's riding
the palomino out.
Who won?
Miss Alcott's Sir Galahad!
I'm sure of it!
Miss Alcott's Sir Galahad!
Attention! The winner -
Miss Alcott's Sir Galahad!
No! Belle Starr horse win!
It was Miss Alcott's Sir Galahad. No,
chief. It was Miss Alcott's Sir Galahad.
You're wrong! Belle Starr did win!
Belle Starr Beauty win!
You're mistaken. It was Sir Galahad.
No, it was Belle Starr Beauty!
Colonel Farewell! Tahlequah
was right. Miss Starr's horse won.
You were half a length behind! Where
I could see the winner. .. Jesse!
How did you see the finish?
Belle's Beauty won by a head.
Attention! Attention!
Correction. Final decision, Belle
Starr's Beauty won by a head.
Contributed by the citizens
of Quinto.
Thanks. That's all right, Miss Starr. You were
the winner. I'd never lose a race to a sheriff.
I'll meet you in the bar for the bet.
I'm sorry, Henryetta. I had
to do what I did. I understand.
Where's the money? Where's Coyote?
We want money!
What's the problem, chief?
Stakeholder's gone. Money gone.
Now, Wade, the Indians
haven't been paid off yet.
No? That's up to the stakeholder.
Sure. Where is Coyote?
I don't know. Neither do I. Said
something about getting drunk.
Quinto Citizen on the house.
Quinto Citizen, sir.
Thanks, Hodge.
On the house. Have a drink on
the house. Thank you, Mr Wade.
Sarsaparilla on the house. (Put
a little gin in it.) Quinto Citizen.
That gal's got nerve.
We should have kept her place
boarded up.
I suppose you'll have to shoot her.
Listen to this.
"United States law nears Quinto. There's a
new marshal's office opening in West Cogie. "
"Marshal Bill Hampton, leader of the Texas state
police, is preparing for a large number of prisoners.
"The accommodation includes a six-man
gallows. " Glad I left Oklahomy.
Doc, you're wanted upstairs.
Poker game?
No! I think a man's been hurt.
Ben, I warned you
not to start Indian trouble.
The Indians have left town. To
get their guns. They mean business.
If they want a fight, they got one.
That's not the way to deal with it.
Take it easy there, Doc. I think
that's my head you're fooling with.
Who did it, Coyote?
Well, I couldn't swear, but as I remember, there
wasn't nobody in the room but me and Sam Bass.
And I ain't addicted to that kind of
self-punishment. You do pretty well.
Leaving us, Mr James?
That's right. Very well.
There's nothing worse than a mad
Indian. They'll tear the town apart.
Let 'em! I'm leaving here anyway.
But not with the Indians' money.
Wait a minute.
Keep it clean.
Injun trouble coming up. Where?
At the hotel. Bass and Wade cheated them out of their
race money. Get me a clear wire. Where to? Washington.
The Indians are coming!
It's a mistake, Tahlequah. Sam
Bass asked me to give you this.
Ah, ge-dug-eh.
I'll thank you very much, Sheriff.
Henryetta, that was close. Better to let the
Indians and the outlaws fight it out. Yes.
I'm peaceful by nature.
Sorry if I spoiled a headline story.
Thanks for helping us out, Rowley.
It's all right, Colonel.
- Bye, Colonel. -
Take care. - Bye, boys.
So long, Sheriff.
You boys leaving town?
- And Sam's leaving with us.
- We doubt he'll be back.
Thanks for taking care of John.
He'll make a good sheriff.
Yeah. Well, I hope we meet again.
I don't. So long, Rowley.
So long. Bye, Rowley.
What's that, Mark?
Sounds like the Daltons.
The Daltons?
They arrive like that.
They're quite a gang, aren't they?
He'd make a darned good catch in Texas.
Yeah, when we're going back to Texas.
Let's go down
and look these boys over.
Well, greetings, boys! Greetings!
Open up the best we have. First
drinks on the house. What'll it be?
And I'll have some of your
best tea(!)
What's the trouble, Bonnie?
He pinched me.
I was only funnin'!
That's all right. We accept your
apology... Don't we, Bonnie? Yeah(!)
Hello, Doc. How are you?
Would you believe I ain't well?
Give the Doc a drink.
I want you to meet the sheriff. You
needn't worry none about that one.
I want the house of O'Rowley to meet
the house of O'Dalton. Howdy. Howdy.
Hey, you prairie wolf, I want you to meet the Rowley
boys, John and his brother, Sheriff Mark Rowley.
Did you say sheriff?
You ain't met a better one.
There ain't no good ones. I can outfight
any yellow dog that ever toted a badge.
That takes in a lot of people,
including some named Dalton.
I didn't mean them. They had
the sense to get out of the law.
Just now, I'm not in it myself,
so let's forget it and have a drink.
I ain't in the mood for forgetting,
or for drinking with a low-down...
All right. I guess
I was just funnin' anyhow.
Sorry, Sheriff. Join us in a drink?
Thanks. I'll have some coffee.
Coffee drinkers want to be careful.
It's a poison habit to get into.
Mark Rowley? I have to inform you that I have a
warrant for the arrest of you and your brother John.
"Whereas... Mark Rowley and John Rowley have been
indicted by the grand jury of the state of Texas
"for violation of the statutes
and charge - to wit...
"Aiding escape of prisoners, felonious assault
with deadly weapon and armed robbery on the highway.
"You are instructed to apprehend
and incarcerate said defendants. "
I took it away from a deputy
over in Texas.
That's a 14-carat recommendation.
How about coming along with us?
Thanks. We'll consider your
proposition... and its consequences.
Sheriff Rowley. Yes?
Excuse me, boys. Could you spare
a few minutes? Certainly, Colonel.
The citizens have been holding a
meeting. They want to talk to you...
Where you heading for next, Bob?
South America. That's quite a ride.
We're making one stop in Kansas.
Like to join us?
I'm figuring on retiring. Come with us
and retire in clover. What's the job?
Two banks.
Double header, huh?
They're loaded. A man takes chances
riding strange teams out of strange towns.
You'll wait outside town
with the getaway wagon.
Well, I ain't never
drove an empty one!
Land's sakes, Henryetta, stand still! I might get you
fastened up if you quit wiggling like a sidewinder!
Oh, Meg. It is becoming, isn't it?
Nobody ever saw so much of you. Why a girl should risk
her death to get a man to notice her... Man? What man?
Don't be coy with ME. A certain
long-legged sheriff... Mark Rowley?
Don't snap my head off!
What gave you that idea?
This is the first party dress
I've seen you buy.
It's the first time you've bothered
with the hotel dances.
Your appetite's gone, your eyes are glazed and you
don't hear a word that's said to you. That's absurd!
I haven't seen him for a week. You've looked
for him. Him? He made me lose the race!
So the Indians wouldn't lose
their grass rent money.
The things he said when he
walked me home! You deserved them.
You saw the telegram.
He's an outlaw. Only an accused one.
Oh, Meg, I don't know what to say!
Then don't say it!
You don't think it's cut too low,
do you?
It'll never choke you to death!
Oh, Meg!
Don't go getting yourself mussed up!
Not by me, anyway.
And don't worry about Belle Starr.
No? No.
She throws a longer loop, but he has
as much chance of escaping YOUR web.
Meg! Comparing me to a spider!
There's your fly!
Yes? I'm looking for Miss Alcott,
the editor. I'm Miss Alcott.
Indeed? Then it's safe to introduce
myself. US Marshal Hampton. Oh.
Come in.
Thank you.
You took a risk coming here,
I'd have visited sooner if I'd known
Quinto had such an elegant editor.
These are not my usual clothes.
There's a dance at the hotel.
Yes. I figured one more horse
and rider wouldn't be noticed.
There's something I want to ask you.
In that telegram, you said...
I'm anxious to bring this territory
under the jurisdiction...
I don't doubt it. But you mentioned
charges against the Rowleys. Yes.
Couldn't there be some mistake?
Mark Rowley was a sheriff too.
Until he helped the James gang to
escape and committed armed robbery.
No, I'm afraid there's no mistake.
A peace officer turned outlaw is the most
dangerous criminal of all. Like the Daltons.
Yes. They're in town now.
No doubt the Rowleys
are hobnobbing with them.
But they'll all end up on
the same gallows. I'll see to that.
But that's my job.
Yours is a happier one.
Miss Alcott, I wonder if you know
how effective your campaign has been.
The people outside are behind you.
It helps to know that.
And I bring you now
the means for quick success. How?
The organisation of Oklahoma comes
to a vote in Washington in ten days.
If we present evidence to Congress
that people here want annexation,
there'll soon be a flag flying here. A woman of your
intelligence... My intelligence doesn't count for much.
Anyone here will tell you I'm
a cantankerous, meddling female.
But I have every confidence in you.
What is it you think I can do?
These are petitions to Congress. Get as many
signatures as you can, as quickly as you can.
Hey, Coyote. Who is she -
the dream in the black dress?
She's the Quinto Citizen.
Hey, Sam. Give us
"60 years through Georgia". Sure.
Right, folks. Get your partners
on the floor for a square dance.
Take your partners
for a good old hoedown!
I need another couple over here.
Here's a couple. I need
another couple in this set over here.
Still need a couple over there.
Everybody all set?
Bow to your partner, the one you like
best. All join hands and circle south west.
Come back home and you always swing.
First couple, down the centre,
divide and whirl.
Ladies go right, gents go wrong.
Promenade with the corner girl.
Same old fella, brand new girl.
Down the centre, divide and whirl.
Promenade with the corner girl.
Ladies and gentlemen, I want to take this occasion,
while we're all gathered together in friendly spirit,
to make an important announcement.
Recent events have proved the danger of letting
outsiders come into Quinto and raise Cain.
Our town's growing up and it's time she settled down.
We can't let human nature run wild without regulation.
The livestock men and leading merchants
have appointed an official regulator.
He was reluctant
but we persuaded him to accept.
He's former sheriff, Mark Rowley.
Mr Rowley has already demonstrated his
ability to handle local disturbances.
As for those folks who've been
agitating for law and order,
I believe no man alive can satisfy
them better than Mark Rowley.
So let's all give the new regulator
our cooperation,
and feel confident that he will give
us his protection... from each other.
Satisfied, Miss Alcott? Yes, indeed,
and I hope you will be too.
Your attention, please,
for a very important announcement,
which I can make now I am guaranteed
the protection of a regulator.
A convention has been held
in Guthrie,
and old Oklahoma has voted to become
a territory of the United States.
Congress is about to pass an act allowing
Oklahoma to raise taxes for public improvements,
and to enjoy OFFICIAL law and order.
MURMURS OF DISAGREEMEN Congress will grant the annexation of the forgotten
lands to the new state of Oklahoma if we ask for it.
We don't need annexation. We've just
appointed law and order of our own!
Yes, in Quinto. We need such men
all over Badman's Territory,
so that it will no longer be
Badman's Territory.
The Indians own this land. They're
going to have a say in what happens.
Yes. That's what I'm fighting for.
I'm sure they'll all say they want
progress, decency and protection.
Miss Alcott, what will happen to men
like me with old charges hanging over us?
Dr Grant can answer that.
He also is interested.
You'll be arrested,
by a sheriff of our own election,
and tried before a Quinto judge
and a Quinto jury.
Those in favour of annexation are invited to
sign these petitions to the Congress of the US.
Quiet, please!
Quiet, will you! Quiet!
All in favour of Miss Alcott's plea,
remain. The others, leave.
Does that mean you're on her side?
A regulator doesn't take sides.
My job is to keep order
and it's going to be kept.
Meg, Hodge - pass these round.
A woman telling us what to do!
Ain't we going to do
something about this?
Well, what?
We're going to South America.
to petitions... favourable.
Am sending them...
on to you... tonight.
I have something to say to you,
It must be important if it
can't wait till morning. It is.
Good night, Meg.
Get it off your mind.
I suppose you think that...
Give me a chance to tell you
what I think.
I think you're wonderful.
I think you're sweet and good
and loving.
I think it would be very nice
if you'd marry me.
Will you, Henryetta? But Mark...
I've wanted to tell you all evening,
but you kept running away from me. I...
A United States marshal?
Did Hampton give you this?
This evening, but... When he gave
you the petitions? Yes. So that's it.
But Mark, those charges...
The petitions must not be sent.
What? Hampton will bring violence and terror,
not law and order. A responsible official?
An unscrupulous politician. More dangerous
than any outlaw. You two have mutual opinions.
Men like Grant and Hooker have no chance. They're
shot down or they're hanged. Don't you underst...?
Why are you looking like that? You
expect me to believe that? Don't you? No.
I think you're afraid of what they may
do to you. So you've already convicted me.
Why don't you deny it?
I didn't think I'd have to.
You thought a kiss would make me
forget what I'd worked for? Henryetta.
I see why you and your brother came
to Quinto and why you're here now.
Did Wade send you?
Is this part of your job?
These will be sent and neither you
nor anyone else can stop them!
Why do intelligent people turn into idiots just
because they're in love? He's not in love. It's a trick.
I'm not so sure
and I listened VERY careful!
Good night, Meg. Good night... But if you're wrong,
you've put a noose round the necks of a lot of people.
Johnny, we're...
I tried to stop him, Mark.
Gone with the Daltons, huh? Yeah.
Couldn't I go for you, Mark?
I know the route well.
Thanks, Doc.
Wait a minute.
Ain't it a shame? A nice boy like
Rowley joining up with them Daltons.
All right, Hodge. You can go now.
Give him the benefit of the doubt.
What's the matter, Johnny?
Can't you sleep?
There's something you CAN do.
Change your mind
about going to Coffeyville.
Hey, Sheriff!
Sheriff Mark!
It's me! I'm right over here
behind the tree!
Hi, Coyote. You're finally catching
up. Thanks to you. Where's John?
In town with the boys. They're going to the Farmer's
Home, close to the two banks, then out this way,
come down here and pick me up,
then we'll probably...
All right.
Here's something you've been
waiting for, Marshal Hampton.
Congress passed the act.
The President signed it last night.
"Authority to enter the Forgotten Lands
to enforce the laws of the United States. "
This requires delicate handling.
You're inclined to be impetuous.
Anything else?
"Daltons raid Coffeyville, Kansas.
Four citizens, four outlaws dead.
"Two bandits escape. Believed headed
for Badman's Territory. " Stay alert.
Yes, sir.
Goodbye, Commissioner.
What's that?
A marker.
No, Coyote. Only you and I must
ever know that Johnny's here.
A fire's been built, sir.
It's an Indian grave, you fool.
Ben Wade.
- We found him a mile away, Captain.
- Who are you?
- The name's Ben Wade.
- With the big hotel in Quinto.
May I ask who you are?
US Marshal Hampton. Your destination?
Coffeyville. I have business.
Claiming a reward?
- You've information on the outlaws?
- I know the three men who left Quinto with the Daltons.
These lands have voted for annexation. I'm going
to Quinto to take over for the US government.
Well, if you'll agree to share
the reward with me, I'll...
No bargains. He's under arrest.
Wait a minute.
- Jim Badger.
- The Coyote Kid? And?
Mark and John Rowley.
Really? We'll have to detain you, but
there'll be no charges filed. Take him in.
Why, that... What are you
going to do, Sheriff?
Coyote, we've got a lot
of riding to do.
Take my horse to the corral. Sure.
And you'd better keep going. Where?
Quinto's no place for you now.
Are you staying?
I know what I'm talking about. Get
going. And keep those whiskers dry.
Doc, boys. Come on inside.
Hey, Nightingale!
He's back. Back?
Do as I tell you and everything'll
work out. Thanks, Sheriff.
You can count on us, Sheriff.
Mark! Hello, Henryetta.
You must leave at once!
I didn't expect a rousing welcome...
Hampton will be here tomorrow!
Isn't that what you wanted?
He'll arrest you. He said he would.
Would that matter to you?
I don't believe what he said about you.
If it were true, I couldn't feel this way.
It's not true.
Then please go.
Please go for my sake.
I'm so afraid. You needn't be.
All right, men. Spread out.
Search every house in town.
If there's any resistance, shoot.
The town looks deserted.
Maybe it's a trap.
The man at the hotel.
Mark Rowley.
Welcome to Quinto, Marshal. So you're
behind this. Where is everybody?
Out of your jurisdiction. They won't
be back while you're in town.
No need looking around.
I'm the only one left to shoot.
Who told you I was coming?
Miss Alcott? No, you did.
What? I'll tell you something.
You're finished.
The commissioner will want to know why a whole
town left rather than submit to your authority.
When he hears what you told the men,
he'll demand your resignation.
Aren't you going to shoot?
No, I have other plans for you.
You can't shoot a man that faces
you. You shoot 'em in the back.
Like you did my brother.
Arrest him!
Right inside, Miss.
She's the only one in town
we could find, Marshal.
Hello, Miss Alcott. Search the place,
boys. Where are you taking him?
To Coffeyville,
to hang for murder and robbery.
I'll have to be convicted.
There they have juries.
Take him away. No, you don't!
Release him and nobody'll get hurt.
Wait a minute.
Don't worry, Sheriff.
Leave everything to me.
Take off them handcuffs.
Take 'em off!
Hurry. My trigger fingers
is getting a leetle mite itchy.
Turn me loose!
If you'd come at me one at a time,
I'll whop the whole bunch of you!
All right, boys.
You're a brave man, Coyote.
You deserve a drink. Huh?
Come into the bar.
You know, I can kill you
for what you've just done.
Yeah - giving a lot for a lot less!
What'll you have?
A little of this? A little?
I'd rather have a lot of it.
Help yourself.
How'd you like
to get out of here alive?
That's a silly question.
You want something.
What is it?
Your testimony that Mark Rowley
was a member of the Dalton gang.
I'm surprised at you, Marshal.
Asking me to perjure myself.
Answer me!
Intimidating the witness.
I'm warning you, Coyote.
Threatening him with a gun. Will
you give me the information I want?
The only information I'll give you is
to tell you to go straight... GUNSHO You...
You sure lived up
to your... reputation.
Give me that gun, Rowley.
I thought he'd get it some day.
Come on.
The jury's coming in, folks.
Oh, Meg, I... Oh, yes, you can.
I'm sure it'll be all right, dear.
Oh, Doc. I hear they
got the James boys. No!
Yeah. A man named Ford
killed Jesse and the law got Frank.
Have you reached a verdict?
We have, your honour.
We find that Mark Rowley
is not guilty as charged.
Darling? Huh?
You're a LEETLE mite off-key.