Baghead (2023) Movie Script

(Iris) My dad, he died.
I'm the solicitor
of your fathers estate.
(Eerie instrumental music)
My dad owned this place?
I dont have any memories with him.
This is all I have right now.
If you're watching this,
then I'm already dead.
(Cuckoo call)
(Owen) This property
comes with a special tenant.
You're the one thing that stands
between her and the outside world.
(Katie) Youre joking.
(Eerie music continues)
(Katie) What is that?
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
(Katie) Iris...
...we shouldnt be here.
(Iris) What is she?
She has the power
to bring back the dead.
I want to see her.
Money is really no object.
I want to talk to my wife.
(Owen) She only gives you
two minutes.
- Sarah.
- (Owen) After that, shes in control.
(Iris) Whats going on?
We are not safe here.
- (Iris) How do I control her?
- (Crack)
This isnt something
you can control!
(Strident music and noises)
(Music stops)
Im going to kill you.
(Owen) You cant kill her.
(Quick tense music)
(Owen) You cannot let her
out of the basement.