Bagheera (2023) Movie Script

Recently there has
been an increase
in suicides among young men...
... especially the
students due to love failure
When examining
their videos directly
in field study to
know the reason...
This is a memorable day.
oh, memorable day?
It's over.
Had breakup.
Had breakup for no reason.
No reason, bro.
I was looking shabby.
Shall I tell why they cheat on?
They will confirm a guy
better than me and leave.
I truly loved her.
She showed me the status
of someone who was with her.
She called me
as brother and left.
Leave it, let's
find someone else.
Will others be like her? My
first love, I could not forget.
Let's search for a
good girl than her.
Why are you irritating me
saying like good and bad girl!
Three years of love.
Everything was fine, even
both of our parents agreed...
...but later she had
crush with someone else.
I saw them on bike.
The plan until then was,
I thought I could order...
...a dress for her birthday on
9th of January and surprise her.
But she came on bike with
someone else and surprised me.
Everything seems to be acting.
They roam around
saying this is the trend.
But don't know
where are they going.
They say they are with mom if
asked but they
will in Oyo rooms.
That's what more guys go around
saying themselves
as boy besties.
They are waiting for the
right time to step in between...
...and to show
off as boy besties.
They come if they like
otherwise they leave.
They will leave us
looking for a smart guy.
What can we do about it?
If you get a chance
to match up with
the girl again, what
would you say her?
Sorry, pardon me for what
happened. Let's
be together again.
Oh, no!
I'll hit with sandals.
I'm a legend, bro.
Won't you marry
if you're a legend?
I'm going to Kasi.
Why are you going to Kasi?
To become a monk.
What about love?
No, no love.
-How is the gift
which I sent you?
I never expected this. Such
a big teddy bear, it's superb.
-Okay, you play with teddy.
Love you..
-Love you baby, bye.
Number of boys cheated - Four.
Arjun, Dinesh, Raghu and Kannan.
In this final year, you're about
to start an important episode.
Basically, there
are two differences
between serial killers
and psychopaths.
Serial killers will
go to any extent.
They don't have any
reason or motivation.
Whereas psychopaths
are not like that. They
have very strong
reason and motivation.
Sir, how do we save
ourselves if we're
in a situation to
face psychopaths?
These psychopaths
will develop an
illusionary character
of their imagination,
...and they will think
what they do is right.
You must keep talking with
those imaginary characters.
You must keep
talking without pause.
You've to break the character by
saying that what
you're doing is wrong.
That is called "brain freeze".
Sir, these case study files
contain only the serial numbers.
There are no photos or
any details about them.
All the case studies you do are
extreme cases,
please understand.
If I give you their
phone number,
address and other details,
What will you do, you
will just follow them.
Similarly, I was doing a case
study about a woman psychopath.
Suddenly, one day she
came to my house with a knife.
Oh, my god!!!
Sir, what happened then?
Tell us, sir.
I'm alive now, what
else it would be?
It's like a dream when thinking
about everything
that has happened.
How many guys would
I have made to flee?
Do you know how tough it
is to make me fall in love?
But you made me
fall for you easily.
What I like about you is that
you never looked me with lust.
I didn't marry you since you're
rich or I'll get luxurious life.
But like you said, will
you write the properties...
...the farm house and the
factory on my name, will you?
I'll write...I'll write...
Where are we going now?
We are going to Srilanka.
Why are we going
to Srilanka now?
Don't you want me to write the
farmhouse and the
factory you asked for.
You said we will get married
at 9.30 and you took me... the wedding hall
at 9.45 and got married.
I feel crazy when thinking
now about this marriage, Jeeva.
No, no Jeeva!
You stop the vehicle.
I feel something fishy.
You stop the vehicle.
So, you're not
coming to Srilanka.
No, I need to go home.
You stop the vehicle.
Jeeva, you stop the vehicle.
I'm telling you, isn't it?
Stop the vehicle,
Jeeva. Stop the vehicle.
You said you won't
scare for anything.
But you're scared
of this little thing.
My mom wants to see you.
That's why I'm taking you to my
home and introduce you to her.
So we are going to our house.
Oh, is it?
I was scared that
you're taking me
somewhere and
going to do something.
Okay, the back tyre is
wobbling. Check it out.
See the back tyre.
It's not flattened.
You've doubt?
Women shouldn't be dubious.
Jeeva, what are you
doing? Leave me.
When did you first
meet your boyfriend?
I met him first
at a tattoo parlor.
He designed the tattoo
to me. He did well.
Now we both are in
a live-in relationship.
He came into our
house just as a cook.
My dad joined him to the
troupe because he sings so well.
He has more
interest on me. But I'm
not interested in
getting him married.
He is a doctor, that's
why I fell in love with him.
We first started
talking on Instagram.
We allowed him
to stay in our house.
I never took a photo
with him. He believes
love will breakup
if taken a photo.
Silly sentiment!!
I have been around
with lot of men.
But he is the only
one who listens
to whatever I tell him to do.
Where does he listen? He
never listens to anything I say.
We never went
anywhere as a couple.
That's why I called
him for a night drive.
He said he is coming
but didn't turn up.
He tells more lies.
He never lied.
He can't talk.
He is a dumb.
He joined my father's
company as an Investor.
He has lot of money.
Who have you been
talking about for so long?
That's him!
Rahul Reddy.
I haven't seen you before.
Last time else had
come to put eye drops.
Now you've come.
What's your name?
Hope! That's
everything, isn't it?
Prabhu Deva!
Prabhu Devi.
Won't you say your name if
asked? So cool singing a song.
Just answer to the question.
Mam, many questions
go unanswered
in life. You've to
keep searching.
When searching so, one day...
Damn it.
I saw your young age
photo in Facebook.
It's said that
God will blindfold
us if we do mistakes
at young age.
God was blind all these
He could see only now.
Do your job properly.
Else I'll make a call and
expel you from the job.
You've done a
lot beyond the job.
Because you're a big tweaker.
-Oh, sorry mam!
I'll put eye drops for
you. You lean over.
Lean over and look up.
How important are the
eyes in life of a human!
Yes, shut your trap
and put the eye drops.
Okay, mam.
I'll do...
Excuse me, mam.
Where is the washroom?
You made me lean over
and going to washroom?
It's urgent.
-Get lost.
Only now I feel completely
feminine. Thanks
to Bommys nighties.
I can't open my
eyes. Hey, it's burning.
How many years
it took to find you!
Hey, come here!
Hey, Prabhu Devi.
My eyes are burning.
Come here. Hey...
Come here, my eyes
are burning. I can't bear.
Where did you go?
It's burning.
What did you do?
Hey, where are you?
Hey Prabhu Devi, where are you?
It's burning!
Oh, god! It's burning!
What did you do?
Oh, god! It seems the
entire house is blazing.
Hey, what did you
do? Where are you?
Hey, it's burning!
What are you doing?
Leave me.
Dinesh, though I
denied to marry you,
you've sent me
teddy bear as a gift,
...that's actually
so sweet of you.
Leave it. You've told me
that you wouldn't marry me.
Do you like the gift
I sent you, baby?
Is there a remote inside?
It's there.
Operate it.
Hey, the teddy bear is walking!
Number of boys cheated -
Three. Deepak, Ram and Madan.
Enough, this is too much.
Leave my hands
-Come sit with me.
Now, I'll show you.
What are you doing?
Why are you doing
too much? Get lost.
What do you want?
Hi brother,
I sincerely
love this girl.
I think you'll take
this girl and do
her something who
I'm going to marry.
So, If I knew this is what
you're going to
do, I'd be happy.
So, please do in
front of my eyes.
Damn it, how disgusting
you guys have been?
I feel awkward to
do in front of you.
Try brother, I sincerely
fell in love with her.
Please, you recommend him.
What's this? They are
discovering something.
Okay, go. Stand aside and watch.
Damn it.
Brother! Brother!
Hey, what?
Don't kiss on her lips.
Only her lips are good.
If I kiss her after our wedding,
she will just
remember your mouth.
She will get confused.
My God!
-Hey, move away.
Hey, Dhruv!
Brother! Brother!
The neck is the
most sensitive for
women. A gentle kiss will .
Then if she does something
to you, then it'll go wrong.
Hey, Dhruv! Do something.
What, brother?
. Don't touch there.
Why are you torturing me?
What's your problem?
Wherever I touch,
you're saying something.
Okay, you tell me.
Where does women
like the most to touch?
Good women do
not like to be touched
by anyone other
than their husband.
Where did he try to touch you?
Don't tell.
Oh, she told him.
This guy?
What about him?
No, brother.
Is it hurting?
Oh, no!
Hey aunty, why are you here?
Clubbing! what's your age?
Forty five.
What about your children?
They are at home.
Did they eat?
-Don't know.
Did you booze?
-Seven bottles.
Hey, go...
All men are shit, I
mean including my dad.
Hey baby, why are
you scolding your dad?
He doesn't ask you if you smoke.
He doesn't scold
you if you booze.
Who are you hanging out
with, where are you going...
...he never asks you anything.
He irritates me everyday
asking to get married.
He is right.
I'm also doing all
these to get you married.
I got the tatoo just because you
said. I have
changed my hairstyle.
I came with you
wherever you called. I
shouted in Hindi
saying "I love you".
How many more still?
Nothing, totally nothing.
Are you lunatic? What are
we going to do getting married?
Okay, is it true that you and
your boy bestie went to Goa?
Always you suspect me. It's
true that we went to Goa, baby.
We both stayed in
the same room. We
slept on the same
bed but did nothing.
What are you trying to say now?
You were in the same room, lying
on same bed but did nothing.
When will you change, baby?
Why should I change, baby?
You guys should change.
You guys are pityful.
Whatever we the girls say,
you guys ought to believe.
I'm asking you finally, Have
you both were or not?
I'm also telling you
finally, get out of the house.
You're suspecting our true
love. I'm breaking up with you.
She had been intimate! She
had been intimate with him!
At Nungambakkam
Chennai, a 25 year old woman
has been mysteriously
murdered last night.
Is there any
connection between the
previous murder and this murder?
Was the one who committed
these two murders are the same?
For what reason, only the
women are murdered in a row?
The answer to all these
questions are still unknown.
The Assistant
Commissioner of Chennai is
rushing to the spot
for investigation.
Sir, actually that girl...
Sir, in the investigation...
Sir, someone has
murdered the girl...
Sir, at upstairs...
Sir, when giving
him information, he
bribes us hundred
rupees and leaving.
When investigating
at the crime spot, no
one should confuse
him like giving idea.
That's why, he paid you hundred
rupees to keep your mouth shut.
Women are our eyes.
In her body, without
any anxiety or haste...
....she has been
injected in seventeen
places to make the blood clot. doesn't look like it
was done for any reason..
...each wound has deep scars.
This murder is
done very brutally.
While tracing her phone,
we got to know that
she had spoken to a guy
15mins before her death.
we can trace the call..but
its an internet voice call sir.
He had damaged her
eyes and cut the ,
There has been a
poisonous chemical
on her finger that was cut.
That's why, even the ants have
moved away from that place.
The eyes.....
So, these both are
important clues in this case.
This is a Braille script written
by visually challenged people.
What is written in it, sir?
If anything happens
to women, the women's
organisation will
come for support.
If anything happens to
men, "Bagheera" will come.
It seems the one who does
all this might be a psychopath.
Who is this "Bagheera"?
"Jal...Jal... The
enticing anklets"
"The dance and the
music here today...."
"Getting together,
The breeze that walks"
"The moving cloudiness is here"
"The flower that
blossoms in snow,"
" Oh, Radha! It's
the magician's mind"
"It's the smiling lips, The
garland and the flower tunnel"
"The flower that
blossoms in snow"
"Because of love,
my mind is on you"
"It got merged
looking eye to eye"
"Feminines, it's a poetry"
"Does it tell to join
hands with lord Kannan?"
"Because of love,
my mind is on you"
"It got merged
looking eye to eye"
"Feminines, it's a poetry"
"Does it tell to join
hands with lord Kannan?"
"I'm the King, King of
psycho, You sit quietly..."
"Tell so many people, "I love
you" and go around having fun"
"What if someone posts
memes? Do whatever you wish"
"When said it's your wedding,
"You become a better woman"
"If asked to adjust we will do"
"We will accept even
if you do atrocities"
"We will even
have a baby so late"
"We have the heart
that endures anything"
"Don't talk unfair about women"
"Don't misunderstand our love"
"We will keep changing everyday
until we get a good guy"
"You arrogant woman,
change yourself"
"If you don't change,
I'll give you medication"
"Be careful..."
"Smiling rose" "I'm
the psycho King"
"Bagheera..." "Will be
screaming when hearing his name"
"Bagheera..." "He will
give us what we ask for"
"Bagheera..." "You're
the smiling rose"
"Bagheera..." "You're
the King of psychos"
"Bagheera..." "Will be
screaming when hearing his name"
"Bagheera..." "He will
give us what we ask for"
"Bagheera..." "You're
the smiling rose"
"Bagheera..." "You're
the King of psychos"
Hey, Partha! Why are
you singing absurd?
Hey, what happened to him!
Uncle, come here.
For what?
Do you know what happened?
Tell me.
Your daughter is pregnant.
You've lost the honour.
The marriage has stalled now.
Hey, listen to what I say.
Open the door, Yogesh.
Hey, no please.
Hey, why did you do this?
Hit me...hit me hard.
You advised me,
she isn't right for me.
I didn't listen you.
So what it matters now?
She will be very
happy to see this.
Won't you be quiet
without fiddling?
No one is here, isn't it?
Who is going to notice in dark?
You're going to stay
with me tonight, right?
Hey, what's this gift?
That stupid Yogesh would've done
something in name of surprise.
Who is he? I'm not aware of him!
He is an entertainer,
just for time
pass. I use him for my purposes.
I know you.
You don't bother about it.
Okay, then who am I?
No, dude.
-Then, boy bestie!
No, not that.
Okay, tell me have
you been with him?
Guys like him who isn't ,
must be used only for emotions.
That's it, nothing
more than that.
Don't I know about you?
Okay, shall we be ?
Don't come close to me.
After watching this awful
incident, How can I be alive?
Hey, why should you die? She
betrayed you, she should die.
How will she die? Do
you want me to kill her?
You need not kill her.
Look, he will kill her.
What are you saying?
This app is meant to kill
the women who betray.
What should I do?
Type your name.
How many years
you both were in love?
Two years!
Type it.
What else to be filled?
It's asking how did she betray?
Do you have a proof?
Yes, I have.
Both were together, right?
Do you've a photo of
the two being together?
Yes, I have.
-Upload the photo.
It's loading.
It says "Bagheera" will arrive.
Hereafter he will take
care, come let's go.
Hey, why are you bad
mouthing about me?
Hey, when did I
love you to betray?
Better stop it, this
is the last warning.
If I come to know, you're
saying that I cheated on you...
I'll hire the goons
and kill you.
Will you kill?
Sir, I said just for fun.
Oh, will you kill just for fun?
Sir, I don't have such habit.
Is killing your habit?
Are you a psycho?
I'm not a psycho, sir.
Am I a , then?
Please don't gaze
me like that, I'm scared.
I was just kidding, okay?
Bored of talking on phone and
connecting through Facebook.
This is our first
meeting, isn't it?
That's why, I
pranked you for fun.
By the way I'm Mr. Deva.
I'm Ramya.
He triumphs by talking
and lures the women.
I never met people I knew
through Facebook, sir.
But your post about
psychology is very interesting.
Yes, psychology is
my personal interest.
Last week, you had
posted about brain hacking.
Can you explain me in detail?
-What is she asking
about? Hey, you got caught.
-What to say? Say
something you've in mind.
Making to believe that
the fictitious thing exists,
Getting into that
belief and breaking
the same is called
brain hacking.
For example, I believe my
childhood version is here.
Is it?
-I certainly believe it.
You too believe as such.
Just try.
Okay, I believe, sir.
Yes, there you go...
She too believed.
Now he says you're
looking gorgeous.
Hey, when did I say?
Oh, is it?
What else the
young boy is saying?
That boy doesn't
like you calling me sir.
Then how does he
wants me to call you?
Sweet heart! honey!
Yeah I know, it's little meager.
You too better
think of something.
Okay, I'll talk to him.
Please, go ahead.
What, is it?
Oh, okay...okay...
Am I a lunatic or they lunatic?
First meeting, isn't it?
So call him by name now...
...and later call him as baby
and darling,
that's what he said.
Do you need sugar?
Yes, serve it.
You're brilliant, good.
Thank you.
Hey, look there!
Why did this girl come here?
If we believe the
guys, we are done.
...We can just talk, that's all.
I told you many
times not to bring
the girls to the
same coffee shop.
Look, what has happened now?
Let me go listen what they talk.
Okay, go quickly.
You better advice her.
I brought a partner for
investing in the company.
She tells me that she
fell in love with him.
Dad, it's you who told
me to be close with him.
He will stay in our home until
the company deals gets approved.
Thereafter, I'll send
him out of the house.
Uncle, why are you forcing
her? If she likes, leave her.
If you see him, then only you'll
understand, he is an abnormal.
Hi, dude!
Dude, come home.
Enough of wiping the
glass. Dude, come inside.
It's clean, then why
are you wiping it?
Uncle, just a minute.
Oh, god! He is seriously
wiping the non-existent glass!
Dude, why are you watching
the cartoon since morning?
Give me.
Leave it.
It's time to watch
the cricket match.
Leave it.
Dad, let him watch what he wish.
Hey, what happened to him?
-It's okay.
Oh, gosh! they knew
everything about him! Run fast
It's too hot, isn't it?
Hey, they're talking about you.
Okay, bye.
What's the plan for dinner?
-What dinner?
Hey, tonight we have
to meet the lawyer girl.
Hey, keep quiet.
Hey, need to hire a
lawyer attire for you.
I'm busy in the evening.
I'll call you, okay?
-Hey, leave.
Hey, it has been three
days since the diary
was lost. Did you
find out where it is?
I'm searching everywhere,
yet to find out the dairy.
The paper mart boy has given
me a dairy which he found.
An address was
mentioned in the dairy.
I went to the
post office to send
the dairy to the
mentioned address.
On the way, a car hit me.
Why, dad?
If needed, the one who
lost it will come searching.
Why did you go, dad?
If they've vision, they'll
come searching for it.
This is a Braille
dairy written by
a visually challenged
person like me.
Yes dad, I have seen you
writing many dairies like this.
Yes, dear.
Okay dad, you
read this. It's getting
late for me to
office, I'm leaving.
You tell me what's
so interesting
in the dairy, after I come back.
Already I read half of it,
seems to be interesting.
Dad, be safe.
I'm leaving.
Hey, come silently,
anybody might come.
Hey, come quickly.
Hey, it should be here.
Somehow I must see
his photograph today.
Hey, I found the photo of the
psychopath of my case study.
Hey, check where
is my case study?
Okay... okay.
Girls? What are you doing?
What are you doing here?
Sir, came for case
study reference.
Had a small doubt, sir.
Doubt, is it?
Reference, right?
-Yes, sir.
How dare you came to
take the photos and files?
Now, get the hell out of here.
-Yes, sir.
How many times to tell
you? Don't do it again.
Some is killing
the people now,
you've come here
in search of the files.
Sorry, Prabhu.
Again the US visa got rejected.
Till he returns, you've to wait.
Save me, please sir.
Few goons from the
hostel are chasing me.
Please sir, save
me. Please, sir.
Few guys from the
boys hostel are drunk
and trying to
misbehave with me, sir.
Please save me, sir.
At this time, will any girl
step into the boys hostel?
Sir, since it's my boyfriend's
birthday, I went
for cake cutting.
Boss, do you know this girl?
Sir, please tell
that you know me.
Yes, sir knows me.
You know me, isn't
it sir? Tell him, sir.
He knows me.
-I don't know.
Sir, being a lawyer how
can you say like this?
Sir, they also hit my boyfriend.
Baby, come.
What will I do now!
He said he doesn't know you.
Sir, please save me.
Sir, please save me.
Come, here.
-Let sir, leave.
-Hey, come here.
How many guys have you
fallen in love and cheated?
Get caught and go to hell.
Sir, I'm not the
girl what you think.
Sir, for past eight years
I'm in love with only one guy.
Hey, come.
Hey, what?
What are you saying?
Are you in love with a
single guy for eight years?
Yes, sir.
I'm in love with the
same guy for eight years.
I never allowed him
to even touch me, sir.
Haven't you allowed
him to touch you?
I didn't sir.
Unable to believe!
You can check with
my boy friend, sir.
It's true, sir.
She is in love with
me for past eight years.
She hasn't even
allowed me to touch her.
Where are you from!
To witness girls like you
seems to be a miracle.
Hey, you affirmed
you don't know her.
Now, you talk as if
you're a good person.
Like you think, I'm not a
good person. I hate girls.
But girls with good virtue must
be protected.
Shouldn't be ruined.
Hey, leave me.
Leave me.
Arun, rescue me.
Oh, no! It's raining!
It's raining...raining...
Hey, leave me.
Leave me.
Arun, rescue me.
Rescue me.
Happy Birthday, Varshini.
You've sent me a birthday gift!
Because you're
close to my heart.
Okay, do you like the gift?
But the teddy bear...
looks okay and cute.
Do me a favor.
Tell me, baby.
What is it?
Imagine that I'm the teddy
bear and hug it tightly.
How long, mam?
Mam, a surgery
is going on inside.
The doctor you asked for, Rahul
reddy is the chief surgeon.
I think the surgery
will get over soon.
She has come to see the doctor.
Tell me, mam.
Sir, I'm waiting for the doctor.
Are you a Tamilian?
Which doctor do you want to see?
Doctor Rahul reddy.
What are you saying! He
is one of the leading doctor.
It's not so easy to meet him.
Hey, i'm telling you, isn't it?
I'm waiting for him for past
two hours. Go, ask him to come.
-Who are you?
I'm his girlfriend.
Girlfriend! He doesn't
have any girlfriend.
He has two grown up daughters.
Something seems to be wrong.
How many times
I have told you not
to come to the
hospital to see me.
I told you to wait
in the parking.
Then why?
I always wait for you
at the parking, isn't it?
But, you come only
after two to three hours.
That's why, I had a doubt
whether you're
in the hospital...
Is your doubt
cleared now? Tell me.
Hey, when ever I call you
to go out, you aren't coming.
Even you aren't
meeting my friends.
But they want to meet you.
I want to take you and
introduce to my friends.
Good morning Prasad, sir.
Will I not wish?
Hey, he is calling you Prasad.
He just wished me.
But this time, no excuses Rahul.
Hope you remember,
you promised me
that i'll be meeting
your mother today.
I'm waiting for a long
time to meet your mom.
I promise, I'll
surely bring her.
-Love you!
I too.
For just talking
some time, I feel
dizzy. Must have
a peg to be stable.
Don't tell anyone that you
bought this to me, Partha.
I'll not tell anyone, uncle.
I brought her up
very affectionately,
since she lost her mother.
But she humiliated me, Partha.
I'll ask her to tell the truth
whether she had been ?
Uncle, as a father
how can you ask your
daughter whether
she had been ?
Yes, true.
It's shameful.
How can a father
ask her daughter
whether she had been ?
It's very painful, Partha.
Better you go ask
Vedhavalli. Please go.
Ask her bluntly. Ask her
whether she had been intimate.
-Tell me.
Uncle has sent me to ask you.
What he wants to know?
He told me to ask
whether you've been ?
Not me, uncle asked.
Partha, do you also suspect me?
Vedha, will I suspect you?
I told him our
woman will not do this.
But, uncle didn't believe.
Did he say that
he won't believe?
He said more worst than this.
If a woman is
engaged to be married,
some rogues will spread rumours.
Being a father,
you should support
rather holding my
neck sitting inside.
In this agraharam,
everyone said that
you and Kausalya
aunty have relationship.
Did I believe it?
Did I ask you whether you and
Kausalya aunty
have relationship?
Vedha, why are
you getting tensed?
This information
spread throughout
agraharam, isn't
it? That's why...
Someone is talking wrong
about you and twisting uncle.
Someone is wantedly doing
this to spoil my life, Partha.
But don't know who is
doing this. who is he, Partha?
Who is he?
Who is he?
Just go and tell
uncle what I say.
Who is he?
Partha, what did she say?
She denied arrogantly
and left the house weeping.
Did she deny? I heard
but still asked you.
Your fate, you've to
believe your daughter.
Hey, I brought her
up well and good.
Uncle, you didn't. If so,
would all this happen?
Partha, I will kill
her if this is true.
Why should she die, uncle?
Yes, why should she die?
I should die for having
such a daughter.
Uncle, you'll not die.
You shouldn't save
me if I die, Partha.
Okay, uncle.
Take the stool away.
Stuff is important.
Partha, are you drinking?
Uncle, your legs
are touching me.
Hey, don't push.
Uncle, don't disturb.
Nitin, I have reached
our routine spot.
Come soon not
being late as usual.
Hey, am I a woman or you?
Sir, this murder is like the
Xerox of the previous murder.
Have you ever seen a
corpse standing like this?
I think he is a statue killer.
"Women are our eyes"
As soon as I went inside the
washroom, I heard
her screaming, sir.
Sir, the pattern of
the killer is to kill,
make it a statue
and leave the corpse.
The one we are searching doesn't
kill either for money or desire.
So, he has injected high
level of statue-making chemical.
That's being sent for testing.
Did you check this girl's phone?
Sir, since her whole
body has become numb,
the finger print
isn't matching, sir.
Women are getting killed
and on the other hand
we are getting complaints
that women are missing.
So, are there two different
psychopaths? Are they twins?
Definitely he must
have been victimized by
women and disturbed
by the to the core.
Capsicum spray causes blindness.
Did you see anyone or anything
different or
suspicious, last night?
Sir, a suspicious van has been
captured luckily in
one of the camera.
A van?
Yes, it was like an
old cage cart, sir.
But the driver was wearing
a mask like a bear, sir.
"Women are our eyes", it
was there in all crime scenes.
When investigating the past
life of these three women...
...they have fallen
in love with guys
at least four times
and had break up.
Those who have complained
through this app
are the victims.
The women who betrayed
them have been killed in a row.
You can't even invent an App.
He invented an App,"Bagheera"
and commiting murders.
Sir, it was there, a teddy bear.
Sir, we have got
a teddy bear fur!
Teddy bear?
-Yes, sir!
When I went to washroom,
a teddy bear was there.
When I came out,
it wasn't there, sir.
A selfie with teddy
bear in the first murder.
Teddy bear fur in
the second murder.
And in the third murder,
a teddy bear was seen.
So, is the teddy bear a
reason for this three murders?
Is the teddy bear
doing the murder?
Sir, how will a teddy
bear do the murder?
Teddy bear is
just a killer tool.
It's teddy bear who
is doing the murder.
But the one who
operates is... "Bagheera"
Dude, are you using this App?
Yes, I just started using
this since yesterday.
This is a great App, most
of the girls have changed .
"Girls are lying, lying"
"Boys are crying, crying"
"Heart is beating, beating"
"They are always
cheating, cheating"
"Boys are pleading, pleading"
"Girls are ruling, ruling"
"God is watching, watching"
"Love is always to be careful"
"Applying sindoor and
flowers looking auspicious..."
"Caressing husband though he is
unkind, where are those women?"
"I built the Tajmahal
in my heart, first"
"When I planned
to tie the nuptial
knot, she gave me a twist"
"Feels pity when
looking at men"
"When looking at women,
hey something happens."
"Feels pity when
looking at men"
"When looking at women,
hey something happens."
"Hit hard, dude!"
"Hey, Bagheera..."
"Hey, Bagheera..."
"Don't misrepresent all women"
"Not all the women
who you see are wrong"
"Because of few women, all
woman has got bad name"
"She will look
at you smiling..."
"The name is Bagheera..."
"What are you searching for?"
"Damn, we don't
understand anything"
"Even when a guy is
with you and caress you..."
"You lean on someone's lap"
"It's strong, strong, strong"
Our guys heart is strong"
"Stop, stop, stop Stop
your world class acting"
"It's a game, game, game"
"You're playing a double game"
"It's a shame, shame, shame
"It's a shame if we reveal it"
"Feels pity when
looking at men"
"When looking at women,
hey something happens."
"Feels pity when
looking at men"
"When looking at women,
hey something happens."
"Hit hard, dude!"
"Hey, Bagheera..."
"Hey, Bagheera..."
"Girls are lying, lying"
"Boys are crying, crying"
"Heart is beating, beating"
"They are always
cheating, cheating"
"Boys are pleading, pleading"
"Girls are ruling, ruling"
"God is watching, watching"
"Love is always to be careful"
"Hit hard, dude!"
"Hey, Bagheera..."
"Hey, Bagheera..."
"Hey, Bagheera..."
"Hey, Bagheera..."
The psycho killer, who
kills only young women in
Chennai and suburbs
is yet to be identified...
The outraged
students, the public
and women who cheat on men...
...and their parents
came in droves,
...before the
commissioner's office
and fighting for
their protection.
If a girl falls in
love with couple of
boys, only then she
can know who is good.
Is this a mistake? For that
sake, is it right to murder?
She is my daughter
Swetha, feel pity for her, sir.
She fell in love with two
guys and cheated on them,
sir. I'm so scared that
he might kill her, sir.
Sir, please give
protection to my daughter.
Hey, your daughter has
just cheated on two guys.
My daughter has
cheated on four guys.
Give security for
our house first.
Hey, move aside.
Sir, my daughter isn't saying
how many guys
she has cheated on.
Pity for her sir, please
give her protection, sir.
Wonder how many guys
my daughter has cheated on.
"Bagheera App" has been
banned by Tamilnadu police.
Students are advised not to
use this App, the police have
warned legal action will be
taken against those who use it.
Sir, received a request
to the server of this App.
Who has logged into the App?
The IP address
belongs to chennai.
Where specifically in Chennai?
At T.nagar, sir.
Where in T.nagar?
Sir, at T.nagar
Ramanujan street.
Is he near my house?
Track him... I need the
address immediately.
Sir, it's your house!
Hey, dreadful guy,
shameful guy, wastrel guy...
Hey, I bought you a laptop
thinking you'd study well.
Instead you're sending
complaints about
the girls. To whom
are you sending?
Dad, I have no idea who they're.
I knew about the app only
after my friends told me.
Is he guilty to think that
guys like us shouldn't die?
I'll not tell you even if
I know about him, dad.
Won't you tell me?
I'll not, dad.
Dad, don't hit me unnecessarily.
If I just upload a girl's
photo, he will kill her.
What to say, even sir's
son was using this App.
He'd have hit him.
Wait, let him come.
Sir, in the last murder
we found not only teddy's
eyes, but even a camera
connected to a transmitter.
The camera of one
eye is here, Can
we track the
camera of other eye?
If the cell phone
is active then it's
easy to find out
the location, sir.
Common, let's track him.
Track him soon.
It'll open, sir.
Sir, the camera is active.
Check whether the
girl's cell phone is active.
Sir, not able to
identify the girl,
she is standing
before the camera.
Who is she?
Hey, track the location.
Yes, sir.
Sir, the location is Mandaveli.
At Mandaveli!
Mani, call the control
room immediately.
Okay, sir.
Hey, teddy bear
It's moving back.
Be seated.
Sir, the call got connected.
Hello... hello. This
is cop Sai Kumar.
A teddy bear has come
to your house, right?
It's not a toy, it
has come to kill you.
Sir, what are you saying!
Oh, no! this is screwing up now.
Hello, not over still?
Sir, the teddy bear is
Look there, sir.
Hey, teddy.
Sorry, Fakru!
Hey, stop.
I expected you'll
save me but you didn't!
You only said not to
save even if you die, uncle.
Have I ever disobeyed you?
My lord!
You've behaved stupidly, uncle.
Everyone was skeptical whether
she has committed mistake.
Now, you proved
that she committed
mistake by hanging yourself.
After all this nonsense, who
will marry my daughter, Partha?
Who will marry
Vedhavalli? Who will marry!
Partha, I couldn't bear.
I feel like
I have to die again.
I'll say you one thing if
you don't mistake me.
Shall I marry Vedhavalli?
Just for your sake,
I'm marrying Vedhavalli.
My dear Partha, are you sure?
But Vedhavalli has to
agree for this marriage.
Look here, go ask Vedha
to come. I'll speak to her.
Vedha! Dad is calling you.
She is coming, uncle.
What is she doing inside!
Oh, no! why did he come here!
I told you we got breakup.
Yes, we got breakup.
Why did you come here, now?
My belongings are inside.
Not now. You can come
tomorrow and take it.
Hey, you're strong enough!
What's your problem now?
Take your things and get out.
Don't give me mental torture.
Hey, I have a doubt.
My bag!
Take it and leave.
In our parking zone, your boy
bestie car has been parked!
You mean, Varun!
He must have come
to meet someone else.
Your boy bestie has
parked his car in your
parking zone and
went to someone else...
Couldn't bear this boy
besties harassment.
They are the
nuisance wherever I go.
Hey, wait! why are
you going there? This
is my cupboard, only
my attires are inside.
Yes, only your attires will be
inside. But there
is something else.
Brother, we didn't do
anything like you think.
She said there is a
problem in the washroom
pipe, that's why I came
here for plumbing work.
So, you came here
for plumbing work.
Brother, I swear we
didn't do anything.
Shall we find out whether
you did anything or not?
Dhruv, we didn't commit
any mistake. Dhruv, leave him.
Hey, kneel down.
-It's raining.
My dad told me to marry you.
I cried a lot denying it.
But dad is adamant. Vedha,
if you don't wish then no need.
I'm not in a stance
to decide about me.
For sake of my
dad, I'll marry you.
My son has said
a lot about you. It
seems both of you
don't book Oyo room.
Thank you, aunty.
It seems you've said only after
meeting me, you'll get married.
This shows how well your
parents have raised you.
Then what, aunty? He
always meets me late night.
Even now he has brought
you here at 1.30 in the night.
Hey, why all this stuff
are here? Do you booze?
From when have
you been drinking?
Mom, it's not me but her.
-Oh, do you booze?
Just mildly, aunty. You
can, women can drink.
But the guys shouldn't drink.
Nice mom.
Have you heard
him playing guitar?
Hey, do you play guitar?
I'm not aware about it.
Hey, play guitar for my
daughter-in-law. Play on!
Is this a guitar? Let me
try! Mom started her job.
Aunty, what is this?
If you listen my son playing
guitar with your eyes tied... will feel like going
to some other world.
Oh, no! he has
placed a camera here,
don't know what
all he has recorded!
You kissed her!
I'm her boy bestie.
It's a wrong timing,
I rang the bell.
You would've done
something, if I hadn't come.
Get lost, you boy bestie.
Tell me now, you didn't
do anything in Goa, isn't it?
Whoever it is, in this
situation they will mistake me.
But you'll not, right?
My son is of that kind only.
You're not of that kind, right?
We shouldn't spare her,
should kill her right now.
She agreed to the marriage,
right? Then what? Go away.
Okay, you've seen me now. When
are you going to marry my son?
I love you, will you marry me?
Okay, you do the
arrangements for
marriage. I'll get
my dad discharged.
I have already done
the arraignments.
Okay, I'll marry him, aunty.
Come, let's get married.
Okay come, let's get
married. But when?
Right now!
Do both of you have
consent in this wedding?
-Double yes.
How long have I been
waiting for this moment?
Our marriage is over.
What's next, Partha?
Where to?
To Srilanka?
Next girl has come inside.
I got backache.
My babe has got backache.
What a nice villa
inside the forest!
I knew Badulla forest
and Kandy forest.
What forest is this?
How do you know all this?
Have you been here before?
New technology has come now
like face ID, finger print...
What's this?
-My hand ID.
Without the face
ID, those outside
can't enter and
those inside can't exit.
Villa looks so
beautiful! It's awesome.
Consider this as the
Tajmahal built for you.
Hey, the Tajmahal is a
mausoleum.. I'm alive, right?
This is a mausoleum
built for women like you.
Hi, Reethu!
I haven't yet told
him anything. Hey!
I want to give him a surprise.
Phone call.
I'm going to stay with him.
Hey, hang up the phone.
Waiting and very excited.
Sister, let's leave.
If you behave like this to all
the women who come here...
...Won't they get scared?
Sorry, I tried to control
myself. But I can't.
When I see these
women... I get annoyed.
Come tomorrow evening.
Take brother along.
Quickly, brother.
Reethu, sorry.
I got scared, since the
maid came suddenly.
I'll send you the location, you
come along with your husband.
Ramya! Where are you going?
I'm going upstairs.
Going up!
We will go.
We will go later. Go
fresh up and come.
Why did she react
weird when she saw me?
This is the first time
I've brought a girl
to the Villa. That's
why, she was shocked!
The one who has
been killing innocent
girls so far, is a teddy bear.
But the one inside the
teddy bear was a pony guy.
We have arrested the pony
guy and investigating him.
He isn't revealing anything
other than "Bagheera"
He was responsible
for all the murders.
Dad, where are you
going? Come inside.
There is a connection
between the news and this diary.
What are you saying?
The killer sends the
teddy bear as a gift
to kill the women,
as said in the news.
Similarly, the guy written this
dairy also sent
teddy bear to kill.
Dad, all are watching.
Come, let's go.
Please, understand. The killer
is visually challenged like me.
Sir, when the pony
guy is here, teddy
bear gift has gone
to a girl's house.
Another teddy bear
has done the murder, sir.
This is confusing, sir.
-Ramya! Where are you?
Out of station.
What are you saying?
Hey, relax! why are
you getting tensed?
You were doing a case
study of a psychopath, right?
He is none other
than your boyfriend!
What are you saying?
Hey, somehow escape from there.
Is it?
He might kill you.
What? Is he going to kill me?
Don't know what to do now!
I'll somehow escape from here.
You lunatic!
I know about my boyfriend.
Hey, his photo is there
in your case study.
I'm seeing it now, believe me.
I too saw the photo. That's
not my boyfriend's face.
Don't keep telling
this to all like a .
I'll be back to
chennai in two days.
Hang up the phone, you lunatic.
Hey, Ramya!
Listen, hello!
Sir, you've arrested
one teddy bear.
But there are many
teddy bears outside.
There is a master outside
who command us. "Bagheera"
Deva, you said you
never brought any
other woman to
the villa except me.
Yes, baby.
What happened?
What's this?
That one?
Are you going to say
that it belongs to the cook?
Did you both took bath together?
I never said that.
This is mine.
I missed this here
when I came last time.
How could I trust you blindly?
Yes, how did you trust me?
On the next day
of accepting love,
the guys will plan what to do.
But you haven't even
kissed me till today.
Hey, why are you looking me
weird? Are you going to hug me?
Are you going to kiss me?
Then, heading
straightaway to the business?
What else are you going to do?
I'm going to kill you.
Yeah, kill me...kill me...
What's your last wish?
We haven't start the life yet.
Did you ask what's
my first wish?
You're asking me
about the last wish?
Am I a prisoner on
death row?
Tell me.
The one who wants
just to spend time
with you, will ask
for your first wish.
The one who thinks
to be with you till
the last, will ask
your last wish.
I don't know what
the last wish is.
All my friends booze.
I too wish to booze.
But after getting
married, I wish to
booze with my
husband for the first time.
If women think that
all things like this...
...should be done with her
husband for the first time, nice it would be.
Come, let's go.
We must catch the van driver.
Hey, can't you find the
teddy bear van still? Sir, come.
It has been four months
since sir came from Bangalore.
Four murders this side and
four kidnappings the other side.
Superb, sir!
Give him a big applause.
Everyone applaud him.
Don't you feel ashame?
What's going on?
Sir, he has a dairy
written by the murderer.
Braille dairy.
Tell me what's in it, please?
Mr.Prabhu, who did you
say was disturbing you?
You're disturbing me
so much, Bagheera.
You're not letting
me to eat, sleep
and not to die either, Bagheera.
Who is that Bagheera?
I'm "Bagheera"!
No one would
believe if said that
Murali and myself are friends.
Everyone will say
that we are brothers.
Ganesan sir and Rukmini mam took
good care of me to that extent.
Myself, Murali and
Fakru will watch
"The Jungle book"
on TV in their house.
Murali is Mowgli
and I'm Bagheera.
My mother made me to study
working at Murali's house.
Since we had no other home, they
told us to stay in their house.
My mother often falls sick.
Suddenly, one day she fainted.
It was Ganesan sir who admitted
my mother in the hospital.
My mother held
my hand and cried.
She asked, "who is going to
take care of you and me now on".
I thought God would save
us. But God deceived us.
My mother has died.
I kept crying all day.
That's when
Murali's parents told
me that they will
take care of me...
...and they made
me to stay with them.
They took care of
me like their other son.
I saw my mother in their eyes.
Bagheera saves
Mowgli from the foxes.
Then Mowgli hugged
Bagheera and said,
"Thank you so much
Bagheera, I'd have
been caught if you
haven't helped".
"We are the best friends".
Dad, I'm Bagheera.
Dad, I'm Mowgli.
Oh, you're Mowgli.
And you're Bagheera.
Always both of you
must stay united.
Murali's father
owned a toy factory.
During school holidays,
we'd be playing in the factory.
More teddy bear toys were
there. We will play well there.
There is no difference between
Fakru and the teddy bear.
He will go inside the
teddy bear and prank us.
I like teddy bear so much. But
Murali is more
interested on statues.
He'd often say
that he will set up a
statue making factory
after he grew up.
Hey Rabbit, why are you here?
Didn't you go to tuition today?
Take it.
What's this?
My grandfather gave
me this dollar. He
told me to give this
to someone I like.
I like you more than my
parents. Take this, keep it.
Nice, no way! It
looks excellent!
But tomorrow is your birthday,
Don't know
what gift to buy.
What gift do you want?
Take me to my grandma.
It has been six months
since your grandmother died.
You only said that the
dead will become stars.
Take me to my grandma star.
Grandma star!
See there...that's
your grandma star.
Hi, grandma!
- Hi, grandma!
Look there, that's my mom star.
Hi, aunty!
-Mom, she is Rabbit.
Is everyone ready?
Where to hide?
She didn't see.
Where to hide?
Let me hide here. No one
can find me if I hide here.
Sister, why are you hiding
here? I came to hide here.
Everyday you were playing hide
and seek with Kishore brother.
Did you quarrel with him?
Who is he? Looking new.
Who is he?
Hey, he resides in my colony.
He will tell Kishore
what he saw now.
Do something. He might tell him.
If he reveals this, my
wedding will be stalled.
I'll not tell Kishore brother.
Sister, where are
you going? Come.
Sister, my eyes are burning.
Hey, it's burning!
I said, I'll not tell
Kishore brother.
My eyes are burning.
If you reveal anyone
what you saw here,
I'll spray this for your
friend Murali also.
Doctor, he said something was
sprayed in his
eyes while playing.
On examining, it's known
the cornea has damaged.
Since the optic
nerve is affected
deeply, he has
lost his eyesight.
Prabhu, I thought
I should take good
care of you after
you lost your eyesight.
What now? You're taking
good care of me, isn't it?
No, my dad has got transfer.
We are going to another town.
This is Braille dairy.
You too can study now.
I'll teach you,
okay? Hey, superb!
Murali started
the statue factory
and exported many statues.
"Murali statue factory"
I'm a cancer patient in final
What wish
am I going to have?
I'm expecting something
auspicious to happen at home.
No one is thinking about it.
Hey, when are you
going to marry Reshma?
Mom, Reshma and
I are just friends, that's all.
It's a lie.
Will you say the truth yourself
or shall I ask him to say?
Prabhu has written it.
You read this.
-Hey, Fakru.
She is dreaming to
have a fantasy wedding.
Ask him what's that
fantasy wedding?
What's this?
-Happy birthday, Reshma!
Only wishes, no gift for me?
Just look to your left.
Hey, are you scared?
Murali, there is a...
Happy birthday Reshma!
Reshma, this
surprise is nothing.
A big surprise is
waiting for you tomorrow.
Happy birthday, Reshma!
Thank you, Prabhu.
This is the dream villa I
have built for you in Srilanka.
This is it's miniature. We
will not have any disturbances.
Prabhu will be on
the ground floor.
Only we two of us will
stay on the first floor.
Better stay on
the first floor itself.
It's okay until any
sound is heard.
Hey Murali, look after
the job you've come for.
Auspicious time
is going on. It's
getting late for wedding, come.
Wedding? Murali,
what's happening, baby?
Last night you surprised
me with a teddy bear...
Now you're saying that you've
built a villa in
Srilanka for me.
What's next?
It seems you told
Murali on that day.
That there should be no one in
your wedding except you both.
I even asked him that
it seems to be new.
You said it should
be a fantasy wedding.
Take this.
Murali is going to
tie the nuptial thread.
Tie it...
Best wishes.
The wedding is over.
What next?
- Srilanka.
Oh, Srilanka!
We didn't know the
phone call to Murali
on that day was
going to change his life.
Sorry, Mr. Murali,
we tried our best.
But she is in the
last stage of cancer.
I think we cannot
save your mother.
If you want to talk to her about
something finally,
better talk now.
I feel hard to ask
you this now, mom.
Tell me.
Will you give your
eyes to Prabhu?
Hey, Murali!
At this situation...
No, leave it.
What are you talking?
Be quiet.
Be quiet.
-Just wait.
Mom, you tell me.
If you give your eyes to Prabhu,
it's like as if he gets eyes...
...and when I look him it'd
be like I'm seeing you, mom.
Why didn't I think this?
Prabhu, come here.
Prabhu, go.
She is calling you.
Go to mom.
Murali is my son and
so are you to me, right?
I should think about
you too, isn't it?
You talk to the doctor
and start the procedures.
My mother is dead.
I touched my mother.
I heard her telling
that she has given
her eyes to me
like Murali asked.
I underwent the surgery.
Sorry, I'm in a situation
where I cannot come.
My dad met with an accident. We
have admitted
him to the hospital.
I need money for the surgery,
Murali. Can you help anything?
Don't mistake me for
asking at this odd time.
Who is there for me
except you, Murali?
Tell me. Dude, I
feel sad for mom.
I came to Bangalore
for a business meeting.
I saw a girl resembling
Reshma in a hotel here.
Hey, Reshma is in Dindigul.
Her father met with an accident.
She has admitted
him to the hospital.
No, dude. I'll make a
video call. See yourself.
Two tequilas...
Hey, Murali is calling!
Ask him whether the cash is
ready and when
to come to get it.
Where are you?
I told you, isn't it?
My father has to
undergo a surgery.
I'm arranging the
money for surgery.
I need to talk to your
dad. Give him the phone.
Dad has been given an injection.
The doctor is just leaving.
Dad is taking rest.
Why? Don't you believe me?
I didn't believe this
before but I believe now.
Sorry, I couldn't come
to mother's death.
It's okay.
Oh, gosh! Why did he call me?
What is he saying?
Murali, the insane.
His mother is dead. He is
checking why didn't I come.
What would you do if he knew you
were with him just for money?
I'll just show my middle
finger to him, that's it.
Nice, baby.
After I got my eyes, the first
one who I wished
to see is Murali.
His biggest trigger is the rain.
Sir, birthday sir.
He will behave differently when
watching the cricket match, sir.
Hey, Murali!
What happened!
Dad, what happened?
He committed suicide.
Suicide! Prabhu,
look at this cruelty.
Dude, I've been taking
care of you all these days.
Now you got eyes and when you
come to see me,
I'll not be there.
My Reshma is close with
another person while I'm here.
You too can ask me, "Dude,
have you become a coward?"
"What if she leaves?
Couldn't you get another girl?"
Why does this girls behave so?
We give them everything they ask
for. We think
they are our world.
Then why?
I too will think dude, should
we die for love failure?
But we feel that pain
only when it hurts us.
It hurts a lot.
Not knowing what love is,
Without understanding
the feelings of guys,
All the those women who cheat...
They should be...
....they should be made like
this statue without emotions.
Not only in the
jungle, even here to
save Mowglis like
me who get cheated,
You should come, my
"Bagheera" should come.
Hey Reshma, what happened? It
seems Murali has
committed suicide.
What can I do?
He is a who doesn't
know how to live. He is dead.
-Hey why are
you tlking like this?
Even if he had signed
the document and dead...
Would've got some
share. Yes, isn't it?
I have planned my
engagement with Rohith.
Hey, congrats!
So happy. Just a
second, I'll call you back.
Vishy... Vishy...
Vishy, where are you?
Who has dropped my cat inside?
You're crying louder
just for your cat's death.
But did you cry
even once for the
death of my friend, your lover?
I cried, Prabhu.
Is it?
Murali is here, he is dead.
Let me see how you cry now.
Is this how you cry
comfortably for Murali's death?
If someone is dead because of
you, you should cry like this.
All I need to know
is just one thing.
Did you fell in love with
Murali for sake of money?
Yes, Prabhu. It's
for sake of money.
I'll make you as a
statue like Murali.
Reshma, are you okay?
Since you requested,
I'm allowing you
to see him. He is
criminally insane.
Even if Prabhu and
Deva obeys us, Bagheera
will not allow him
to listen us, sir.
Why didn't you come to
see me all these days, dad?
How are you, dear?
I'm okay, dad.
I'm normal.
By the way, all this time I
was thinking about the tender.
June 27th is the last date for
agreement. Please
don't forget it, dad.
Sir, he is talking
about my business.
He tells me exactly when
and where to sign the contract.
Will any insane would
talk like this, tell me?
My mother who
gave me eyes is dead.
After I get my
eyes, I wished to see
him but his stance
was different.
Both the joy of getting
eyes and the grief of
death of his friend has
affected him in turns.
Don't you think you should kill
the woman who
killed your son, dad?
The Bagheera
inside him makes him
to believe whatever
he says is true.
Don't you think, dad?
Hey, you shouldn't
keep thinking of it.
Please, don't believe Prabhu.
If I think of killing, you
all tell that I'm an insane.
You'll know his
psychoness only when
his triggers points are exposed.
Am I insane, dad?
We will prove
that he is mentally
unstable with
his trigger points.
Hey, you're not
insane. You're alright.
To whom should I
talk to take my son out?
I'm the most
influential person here.
Tell me, sir.
I have created an app
like you said, Bagheera.
I bought her
attires from my first
month salary
instead to my mother.
But wearing the same attire,
she was with other guy...
...and behaved the same to
him like she behaved to me.
I got hurt and
committed suicide, dad.
I believed you, how
have you been with me?
I'll not be alive, hereafter.
Look, how many
guys have sent videos
within a week of
starting the app.
What's happening here?
What the hell is happening here?
So much of details!
What are you going to do by
having these details of girls?
What fault did Murali do?
He thought of getting
married to his love
and live happily
in the villa he built.
Like him, I'll fall in
love with the girls,
marry them, take them
to the villa he built...
...and kill them happily.
What about those who
deny to get married?
I'll give them the teddy
bear and kill with sorrow.
I'm the King who has been
created for this smiling roses.
We don't have
branches anywhere else.
Hey, won't the men do mistakes?
It's them who do more mistakes.
Would kill the cheating
men also. It's not at all wrong.
Like Bagheera for men,
let Akira come for women.
But she will not come.
If a woman has a problem,
another woman will never come.
If a man has a problem, another
man will come to his support.
I'll come.
Bagheera will come.
Something must be
done to the woman
who was the reason
for my son's death.
I must know who is
that girl from Bombay
who cheated on my
son in the name of love.
My son committed suicide just
because a girl has
cheated on him.
Isn't there anyone to ask this?
Sir, nothing else
is written after this.
For sake of a woman
who cheated on his friend,
he had killed all other
women who cheated.
Sir, this girl wants to tell
you something important.
Sir, I'm a psychology student.
Myself and my friend Ramya were
doing research
about a psychopath.
A guy fell in love
with my friend
and took her suddenly
to honeymoon.
After seeing the
photo in the case study,
I came to know that
my friend had gone
to honeymoon with
that psychopath.
The climate is
too good, isn't it?
That's why you're asleep in this
cold climate, shall
I warm you up?
Deva, my hands!
Hey, what are you doing?
Trying to roast.
Come, let's go to first floor.
Wait, Deva.
I have lot of work to complete.
In two weeks, I
have final semester.
I'm yet to complete
the case study.
What's the necessity of case
study for an
Engineering student?
Did you forget, I'm
not an Engineering
student, I'm a
psychology student.
I'm a student of
Kilpauk Medical College.
Hey, Ranjith!
How do you know Ranjith?
Leave it. Come,
let's go upstairs.
Deva, why are you
suddenly behaving rude?
Hi, Ramya!
Hey, it's my friend Reethu.
I shared her the location.
Hey, I told you
not to tell anyone
that you're coming here, right?
Then why did you tell her?
No dear, she too came for
her honeymoon to Srilanka.
That's why, I planned
that we all meet together.
Who else have you told?
You got shocked,
just for this. There
are many more surprises for you.
Ask them to leave.
Hey, Reethu! you've come
alone. What about your husband?
He drunk and sloshed.
Okay, come inside.
I said to send her back,
instead sitting and talking.
Hey, who is he? why did
you bring him to Srilanka?
He is my love. But,
I didn't bring him.
He brought me here.
Doesn't he knew your
home town is Srilanka?
He doesn't know,
it's a surprise!
Okay, ?
Hey not yet, he
didn't even touch me.
From the moment we
came, he wants to go upstairs.
Oh, might be he wants to
make love on the first floor.
Hey, don't tease me.
I'm already frustrated.
-She is showing off too
much. Is the wine ready?
Yes, ready.
So crazy...
Look Murali...
Guys who booze
have started studying.
Studious girls have
started to booze.
Wow! Superb!
Hey, turn off the cricket match.
Oh, are you Mumbai Indians fan?
We're Chennai Super Kings fans.
Hey, better turn off.
How dare you say?
Hey, turn off the
cricket match. Doctor!
Hey, why aren't you listening?
Turn off the cricket match.
Will you watch cricket?
Hello, I'll get the wine.
Hey, why is he
behaving like this!
This is the first time he is
behaving like
this. I don't know.
Hey, you got married?
Does your parents know?
Hey, relax! don't
get tensed. Like you
think, this isn't a
usual marriage.
What's this, Deva? You agreed
for the marriage, isn't it?
Yes, but no one is here.
So many people are
here, can't you see?
Deva, don't fool me.
Look there, your parents.
Your friends are here. Can't
you hear them clapping?
You presume all
are present here.
Getting married before
everyone is for their sake.
But this marriage with only
two of us is for our sake.
I have heard guys
proposing differently,
but this seems to
very different, Deva.
Come, let's get married.
Is this crowd enough?
Yes, enough.
Is this crowd enough
or do you need more?
This crowd is enough.
Is this okay for you?
Marriage is over...
What next?
Where to?
He has a bloody hallucination.
Don't you feel it's weird?
What's there to feel
Generally guys propose
in the usual ways.
Instead, he has planned a
fantasy wedding
and impressed me.
Hey, no Ramya!
Something is abnormal.
When he broke the
TV, did you notice him?
The fantasy wedding,
his behaviour,
everything seems to be abnormal.
We have studied psychology
and done many case studies.
Ramya, we can't differentiate
the insane when being with them.
Others can differentiate
This is how they behave.
When you said about the case
study, I remember something.
You just wait here.
Plenty of blood.
Where is Reethu?
-She has left.
Where did she go?
She has left.
No, her handbag
is here. You're lying.
Come, let's go
upstairs and talk.
Leave me, Deva.
Today is Reethu's birthday.
If she had been here,
"Happy birthday to you"
"Happy birthday, dear Reethu"
"Happy birthday to
you" -Hey, stop singing.
I know this is your
trigger point, Deva.
Stop it.
Deva, you're a good guy.
Nothing to worry,
this can be rectified.
You've been changed
because of Reshma.
Hey, drop the knife.
I did a case study
about a psychopath.
Unaware, that you're that
psychopath, I got
hooked with you.
Put the knife down.
Women like me get trapped
with insane men like you.
Many men go around insane
because of women like you.
I just found one truth. You'll
be very happy if you know it.
Never take a knife
to settle a problem.
Instead talk and
settle the problem.
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Hey, blood.
Oh, no! my god!
Dear, you will definitely
survive. You shouldn't die.
You shouldn't die.
No, you shouldn't die.
Hey, you shouldn't die.
Hey, you shouldn't die.
Because, I should kill you with
my hands. Hey,
I should kill you.
Murali, I'll not let her die.
I'll not let you die.
My gosh, have you survived?
My goddess! Hitting on
the head didn't go waste.
You don't need this
box, I'll bring another box.
Oh, train
I'll trap you and
kill, my peacock...
"Hey my dear,
Pattukottai girl!"
"Our guy has seen her!"
"He smiled with his eyes"
"He hugged himself"
"Then, he betrayed"
"Hey my dear,
Pattukottai girl!"
"She is my lady love"
"Arrogant lass"
"Glittering like gold"
"Then she will betray"
"Hey my dear,
Pattukottai girl!"
"Our guy has seen her!"
"He smiled with his eyes"
"He hugged himself"
"Then, he betrayed"
"Hey my dear,
Pattukottai girl!"
"She is my lady love"
"Arrogant lass"
"Glittering like gold"
"Then she will betray"
My dear, Pattukotai girl!
You got caught, Bagheera!
What are you doing?
Hey, my tress.
Hey, leave my tress.
Sir, with the details
you sent and when
I checked the
airport CCTV footage,
Prabhu has
checked-in with different
passports and has come
with different women.
But you've to notice that when
he exits he has gone alone.
So, what about those women?
Hey, psycho dog!
Hey, what's this?
You threw away the mangalsutra!
How many men like this would
have you cheated and threw away?
Cry...cry louder...
If girls like you cry, women's
movement will come forward.
If guys cry, which
movement comes forward?
But I'll come forward.
Bagheera will come.
"Oh, train! I'll trap you
and kill, my peacock."
"Hey, baby... This is my hobby"
"Am I an antagonist to love?"
"Hey darling, why
are you crying?"
"Will I leave you if you cry?"
"Bagheera...Oh, Bagheera..."
"Are you the killing fire?"
Sir, got the signal.
Location spotted, sir.
Sir, let's leave.
"So many lives..."
"Multi coloured girls"
"I'll search and catch
them in every place..."
"Still few more or many more?"
"Will I commit
hundred murders?"
"So many lives..."
"Multi coloured girls"
"I'll search and catch
them in every place..."
"Very clever"
"With power in the eyes"
"The King cobra comes to kill"
Being a woman,
you've been instrumental
for killing so many girls!"
Are you a woman?
Where is Bagheera?
Wherever women cheat
on, Bagheera will be there.
"No kissing and no
hugging It's only killing"
"Please come..."
"Many of the girls
are waiting for me"
"Don't make me to plead
you, Come, my dear..."
"Why are the tears?"
"No need of feelings"
"All the guys are pityful"
"My dear wife, If
I don't kill you..."
"I'm the antagonist for myself"
Dhruv, what's
there in the first floor?
Why are you insisting
to go to the first floor?
Rahul, Why should
we go to the first floor?
What's there
in the first floor?
-Hey, what's there in the first
floor? Let's go,
let's go slowly...
Santosh! Where
have you brought me?
Hey, what's all this?
-Santosh, leave me.
-Santosh, what are you doing!
-Leave me.
-Leave me, Santosh.
-Hey, what are you doing?
-Leave me.
What's your boyfriend doing?
He is doing statue business.
(Indistict voices)
Hey, who are you?
Hey, I'll not cheat
on anyone hereafter.
Please, leave me.
(Indistinct voices)
Rahul, leave me.
Partha! please leave me.
How do you know Vishwa?
He said, he will
do a statue like me.
She made me to knock
down the house built by you.
Sorry, dude.
What happened to
you? Get up, please.
Dude, don't leave her.
I'll not, dude.
Who is it!
Srilanka control room.
Sir, I got trapped
with a psychopath.
Please help.
Hey, track the call.
He is going to kill me, sir.
Sir, can you hear me?
Hey, hit her.
Hey, catch her...
-Catch her.
Sir, he has come,
please save me.
Catch her, don't leave her.
-Leave me.
Leave me.
-Tie her up, dude.
Dude, tie her up.
Dude, tie her up. Before that
let me do some performance.
She made us to slog
more than any other woman.
Hurry up, getting
late for other women.
Kill her soon...
Why are you getting
Yes, you're right.
She made us to slog.
Because she is special.
Getting things lately
is always special.
Hey lunatic, who are you?
Why did you change
these many girls as statues?
To whom are you talking there?
To whom am I talking?
To the one you cheated
on, my friend Murali.
I didn't cheat your friend.
I don't know anyone
by name Murali.
You didn't cheat, but
the other girl cheated him.
Since she cheated on, why
should you kill all other girls?
You too cheated a
guy like her, right?
Do you remember Ranjith!
I didn't love Ranjith.
I didn't cheat on him.
Hey, this is what all
those who come here say.
Fear of death, isn't it?
Kill her by 11:11
Do it soon.
I should watch.
Please, listen to me.
I don't know who is Ranjith.
There is no one as such.
Ranjith would be alive!
Ranjith would be alive!
Bull shit!
Like you said, Ranjith is not a
kind of guy who commits suicide.
Ranjith is a rogue.
Hey Bagheera!
What did I tell you? Don't
look into women's eyes.
And not to listen to
them. Haven't I told you?
They will confuse and make us
insane within no time and leave.
Hey, who are you talking
Who is there?
Hey, she keeps on
Don't let her to talk.
Kill her....
Yes, I'll kill her...
Okay, I'll kill her...
You've to keep on talking
with the imaginary character.
"Brain freeze".
Murali brother!
Murali brother!
Why are you calling him?
My friend will not talk to you.
No, I'll not talk...
Murali brother is a good
He will speak to me.
Murali brother,
what you do is wrong.
How can you prefer to die,
when you have a good friend?
For sake of a girl
who cheated on you,
look how many
girls he has killed.
Brother, will you ever get
a righteous friend like him!
Brother, call Ranjith.
Murali brother, please.
Brother, please just once.
-Ask him to call.
Shall we call and check?
Are you reciprocating?
Are you reciprocating again?
You've become a
statue since reciprocating.
You said not to look into
the eyes of the girl and talk.
Now what happened to you, dude?
Not like that, dude.
Then, how dude?
So far, we have
killed many women,
right? Has anyone
ever questioned us!
But, she is questioning us.
Let's answer and kill her later.
What do you both want?
I should make a call.
I don't know whether
you're my friend or her?
Brother, he will be
alive. He didn't pick up.
Shall I kill her?
He didn't pick up.
Shall I kill her?
Did I tell you...
Yes, dude!
She has twisted me.
Kill her...
Kill her...
Murali brother!!!
Why are you uttering
Murali brother? Nonsense!
Phone... phone.
Murali brother, the
phone is ringing.
Bagheera, answer the phone.
Is it Ranjith?
-Yes, it's me.
And you?
Hello, tell me who are you?
Are you not yet dead?
Hey! why should I
Who are you?
You had sent a
video in the App, since
a girl Ramya
cheated on you, right?
That's because, my friends
told me about the App.
I was following Ramya for six
months, but she
didn't bother me.
She has also insulted me.
So, I posted a fake video in the
App, as if Ramya cheated on me.
Hope she is dead.
Sir, where is your house?
Door no.47, 4th Street,
Anna Nagar. Why?
Hey, I'll transform you into a
statue in next
twenty four hours.
A thousand women like
Reshma might escape.
But a good woman
like her shouldn't die.
We punish all those
who commits a mistake.
But we have committed a
mistake ourselves, Bagheera.
I'm leaving, Bagheera.
Please, pardon me.
Hey, Murali!
I'm leaving.
Please, don't leave.
-I'm leaving.
No, Bagheera!
Who is Bagheera? Who search and
kills the women who cheats on.
Who are you to affirm a girl,
whether she is good or bad.
When you call a
girl and if she denies
to come, then she
is said as doxy...
If a woman goes
out dressed to her
liking, then she
is said as doxy.
If we smoke and drink like you
guys, then we're said as doxy.
For what else do have
you named as doxy?
Okay, who are
you to decide that a
girl should fall in
love with one guy?
In a relationship, when known
that the boyfriend is wrong...
...Does she has to
continue with him?
If she looks for another good
guy, then you will kill her.
You look for another
girl, when you
find your
girlfriend isn't right.
If we look for another
guy, will you kill us?
Getting divorce after
marriage isn't wrong.
But is breakup a
mistake before marriage?
Tell me.
Okay, you've
killed so many girls
since your friend
was cheated on.
But you've brought
me here betraying that
you love me,marry
me but trying to kill.
Shall I kill you?
Hey, shall we
also start killing?
Shall we find out the guys
who cheat on and kill them?
If we do so, no
guy will stay alive.
The men who signify good women
also as doxy are
hookers literally.
Like you said, I didn't
love anyone and cheat.
I fell in love with only one
boy from my childhood.
Now, he is standing before me.
He suddenly lost his eye
sight, when we were playing.
Thereafter, I thought
I'll never meet him.
Now he is looking me.
But not to live with me.
To kill me.
Hey, you've completely changed.
I'm your Ramya.
After seeing your case
history, I was aware
that you lost your
vision at childhood.
Then I realised, it's you.
I came looking
for you to say this.
But you hit me and
all this happened.
Hey, you knew everything in the
case study, are you testing me?
Since your name is Ramya,
you can't be my Ramya.
No, you're not my Ramya!
Your birthday is
on 17th of February.
You lost your eye
sight on 25th of June.
Do you believe me now, Prabhu?
Everyone knew this information.
But there are many instances
that myself and
Ramya alone knew.
I wished to stay with you
after you lost your eye sight.
But my father got transferred to
Srilanka and we
left, that's today.
What about 21st of January?
It's our school Annual day.
I was tied up in a
similar place like this.
I was crying if
anyone could save me.
Isn't there anyone to save me?
That's when a boy came.
You came near me.
My Rabbit!
You said you will
save me and untied me.
I'll save you, Ramya.
I'll save you, Ramya.
I'm sorry.
My Rabbit!
India's most
wanted psycho killer
Bagheera was
arrested at Srilanka.
When the psycho killer was about
to kill a medical student Ramya,
The Assistant commissioner
Sai Kumar arrested
Bagheera and produced
him at Chennai High court.
Instead of considering
him as a criminal,
...the Court considered
him as a mentally ill patient,
And passed a verdict with least
punishment and
ordered for his treatment.
Since Reshma cheated
on him, he was killing all
the women who cheat
thinking them as Reshma.
To his perception, all
those who cheat are
Reshma and all those
victimized are Murali.
If he believes that
Reshma is dead, then
Bagheera in his
conscious will also die.
Where are you going?
To my friend's house, dad.
To friend's house?
He isn't saying which friend.
You better ask him?
Mom, I'm going to
Pradeep's house.
Hey, at this time...
Hey, what's that?
Nothing, dad.
-Show me.
Hey, show me...
Dad, nothing.
You scoundrel...
What's this? Why
are you taking a knife?
Dad, the girl who I love is
having affair with
some other guy.
She is cheating me, dad.
Oh, no! he is
provoking Bagheera.
Okay, go relax. We will
discuss tomorrow morning.
Dad, do you know
anything about love?
Do you know the pain
when a girl betray you?
He is talking without
knowing who you're.
Leave it.
This kind of girls
shouldn't be spared, dad.
First, I must take
the knife from him.
My dear son Murali, all
the girls are good in nature.
We presume them wrong.
You bring her,
I'll unite you both.
Uncle, I understand what
you say.
I'm okay with Murali.
But my mom will not accept.
I'll speak to your
mother, call her.
-Murali, tell her.
Dad will speak, call her.
Call her.
Ops, the power got cut.
Always it's good time for us.
If Bagheera see Reshma!
"Hey my dear,
Pattukottai girl!"
"Our guy has seen her!"
You keep talking with the girl.
I'll talk with her
mother and come.
Okay, dad.
"Hey my dear,
Pattukottai girl!"
"She is my lady love"
"Arrogant lass"
"Glittering like gold"
"Then she will betray"
"Hey my dear,
Pattukottai girl!"
"Our guy has seen her!"
"He smiled with his eyes"
"He hugged himself"
"Then, he betrayed"