Bajaj Bajuri: The Movie (2014) Movie Script

I take Oneng, daughter of Ujang Suhender,
with a set of praying equipment as dowry.
- Witnesses? Is it official now?
- Yes!
- Ladies, is it official? Thank God.
- Yes.
Now, let's pray for the bride and groom
- to be surrounded with happiness
- Amen!
- hope, love, and to only marry once.
- Amen!
Duck a little bit more. Up to here.
I heard Bajuri has a fancy car.
Halo. Yes, I'm sorry.
Yeah. I'm about to get on a bajaj.
Wait a moment.
- Can you take me?
- I'm having a break.
- Go to the one in front of me.
- OK.
- Hi. To Plaza Senayan, please.
- OK.
- Thief!
- Oh, no.
- Chase him!
- Hurry!
Take this!
Where do you think you're going?
- Beat him up!
- Finish him! Don't show any mercy!
- Fighting him will be easy.
- Just beat him up, hurry!
Think before you consider a profession.
Don't be a thief if you're fat.
- Here is your purse.
- Thank you.
- Juri. Ahmad Bajuri. James Bond's friend.
- Thank you.
- Juri!
- What?
- Remember your wife!
- What a buzz-kill! Again.
- What now?
- Remember your in laws!
Prayer time is coming. I have to go.
Oh, no! I promised to pick Mom.
- Hurry! Hurry!
- I... I... I don't.
- The point is, I can't take you.
- Is fifty enough?
- Well, that can be arranged.
- Take me to Gambir as fast as possible.
Hold on, OK?
Sorry! Left! Left!
I told you since a long time ago, Oneng!
Find a man who is faithful!
More importantly, rich!
Where is Juri? Where is he?
Hello! Yes!
OK. I will there at 12 o'clock.
Yes. Alright, may peace be upon you.
Come on! Let's go!
- I get off here?
- Yes.
Go down and go straight
from the railway. That's Gambir!
Thank you.
Gosh! Is it better to get yelled by
everyone on this bridge or by Mom?
In the name of God.
Sorry! Excuse me! Sorry, I'm in a hurry!
Ma'am... Hey, Ma'am! Where's my Yogi?
- Where is Juri? Where?
- Be patient, Mom.
Here is the grocery. I got everything.
OK. Just leave it there.
Where is Juri?
Where is he? Your husband.
There he is!
Juri! Stop, stop! Stop!
- Stupid son in law!
- Mom.
Can you be any more late?
Put all my groceries inside you car!
- What car?
- Bajaj!
That's a lot. All of them?
They're for the neighbours.
Oh, dear God, Juri! Juri!
What's a monkey doing in your bajaj?
- Yes, I'm taking Mom.
- Idiot!
You're such an idiot.
You got a monkey in your bajaj.
Gave me a heart attack!
Heart attack! So stupid! You idiot!
Mom, even though the monkey
is in Juri's bajaj,
I'm sure he doesn't know this monkey.
Isn't that right, Juri?
Yes, Oneng.
- Mom. You and Oneng must get off here.
- What?
I have to go to court, the verdict is out
today, Uncle Usman has been calling me.
Mom wouldn't want to get off here.
Get out!
Mom, what's Juri doing going to court?
From what I know, a person who goes
to court will go to the free hotel.
- Jail, prison, cell.
- Juri.
We're going to Jakarta. We have no money,
your dad used it to get married again.
When you grow up, find a husband
who is faithful. More importantly, rich.
Like Dad?
He must have a lot of money,
so you can have a good life, Oneng!
Sorry once again!
So, Mr Rohim and Mr Usman
are suing a vacant lot in Cilodong
belonging to the late Haji Nasir
- that is inherited to Ahmad Bajuri?
- Yes, Sir.
While Ahmad Bajuri is the nephew
of all of you?
Of course he's our nephew.
- And you, Ma'am?
- I am Bajuri's father's younger sister.
That land is Bajuri's right, Sir.
A heritage from his father.
That is nonsense.
Your Honor, according to the Criminal Code
Article 18 Paragraph...
So, from the court verdict
of land dispute
between Mr Rohim and Mr Usman
and Mr Ahmad Bajuri,
- we have decided...
- Uncle Usman! Excuse me!
- Thank God.
- Thank God what? No way! Unacceptable!
- Calm down.
- No! I took care of that land!
- Calm down. People are looking.
- I put on the fence. I don't care!
- After investigation, the judge brought...
- Gosh. Hey!
For the defendant, please sit down.
Sit down!
- Aunty.
- Be quiet!
The verdict will soon be announced.
Stop here! Stop, stop, stop!
Stop. Back up, back up. Keep going.
Stop, stop! That's enough.
This is right in front of the door.
- I just need to walk in.
- I didn't stop that far.
- Here, no need to talk. Thank you.
- Yeah.
What noise is that? That's really close.
Sir, don't park to close.
When you open the door,
you will scratch my husband's bajaj.
Sir, don't forget, slide your car.
So stupid!
Since your action of terror
has caused many casualties
both lives and wealth
and the judge have collected evidence
of you being a terrorist,
What? Terrorist?
Hey, Sir! You are blocking an officer.
Move forward!
Keep going!
Because you steal, now you're in prison.
What about our children?
Sorry. Excuse me. Sorry.
- Therefore, we have decided...
- Juri!
- Juri!
- ... to give you death penalty.
Oneng, I got death penalty.
Judge, even if Juri did steal that monkey
does he really deserve death penalty?
- Monkey?
- Juri!
Sorry, Ma'am, we came late
with the defendant.
The traffic was bad and there was
a small incident at the parking lot.
That is true, Your Honor,
this was all because of
a bajaj that parked
carelessly, Your Honor.
Later, later.
- Juri! Get over here!
- Sorry. Sorry!
- Have you found the others?
- OK.
It is still under investigation,
and we will keep everyone informed.
Thank God, Oneng. The inherited land
will be ours! We are going to be rich!
- Where are the weapon storage?
- That is still under investigation.
Thank God, usually when someone goes
to court, they either get death penalty
- or go to prison.
- Yes.
I never thought
you would be punished to be rich.
- Isn't that right?
- Yes, you are always right.
You can laugh now.
Don't be too happy, though.
I do not accept this.
That land belongs to me and Usman.
- Seek forgiveness in Allah.
- No way!
Uncle, we have agreed
to settle this land dispute in court.
You think the court is always right? No!
This is not over. I will appeal!
Don't you want to just
get on the bajaj with us?
- Bajaj! No way!
- Calm down!
That's alright.
Don't you worry,
I have accepted the court's decision.
I'll cool Rohim down,
I'll even install AC at his house.
- That's right.
- He still feeling hot right now.
Alright, thank you.
Parti, darling, why did you wash all
my clothes? What should I wear?
- Some are already dry.
- This one?
- Bucket, Sir?
- No.
Soleh, how cool, riding a new bike.
Of course. Illy!
I can buy a car, thanks to you.
Look! Soleh just got a new bike.
They just sold their land.
That's how people here are.
- May peace be upon you.
- May peace be upon you too.
- Let me represent all of you.
- Sure.
- By the way, who is that?
- Our head of neighbourhood's daughter.
- I'm here to give an invitation.
- What invitation is this?
This is I'm getting married.
- Your boyfriend is so quiet.
- Please sing at the wedding.
Deal! We will do that.
- We're going to go to the other neighbours.
- Sure.
May peace be upon you.
- I'm going to the hair salon now.
- OK.
- May peace be upon you.
- May peace be upon you too.
- May peace be upon you.
- May peace be upon you. What's up?
- As usual, I want to get a hair spa.
- Sure, please sit.
- May peace be upon you.
- May peace be upon you too.
- Go change your clothes. They're waiting.
- OK.
- Here is your invitation.
- Thank you.
- Don't forget to come.
- Definitely.
Rit, you're getting married in two days
if your fiance wants to renew
his ID, does he have to pay?
Let the rain stop falling.
Let the river have ends.
Let the sea have shores.
Bajuri is a romantic guy, isn't he?
Yes, Rit.
- What hurts?
- I'm alright. Thank you.
- Oneng!
- Yes, Mom.
- Who is this?
- This is Juri, he's taking us home.
- What does he drive?
- That.
- Where did Bajuri park the car?
- It was here, Ma'am.
Where is that driver?
Ahmad Bajuri.
So dark.
I envy you. Hopefully we can
be as romantic as you two.
- Amen.
- I'm leaving.
Let the rain stop falling.
Let the river have ends.
- Let the sea have
- Have what?
Alright, I'm leaving.
May peace be upon you.
May peace be upon you too.
Hey, Juri! Sorry
- I don't mean to interrupt, but sorry.
- Juri!
- Juri! You look so handsome!
- Enough! Juri needs to go.
- I need to say something.
- Later.
Hey, Juri, where are you going?
- What a flirt.
- What's your problem?
No need. No need to hesitate.
- Balloons, anyone?
- Let me massage you.
- Feels good, right?
- What's wrong with you guys?
- Anything for Juri.
- Mr Haji!
What time is it?
Should be around lohor prayer.
Hey. Oneng!
Yes! Rit, wait a second, please.
- Yes, Mom.
- Look here. What do you think?
My kebaya is ripped.
When will Juri buy me a new one?
And then TV, refrigerator, sofa.
Juri said the money is not liquidated,
it's still at the bank.
It's always not liquidated,
is he saving money or ice blocks?
Mr Haji! Are you going to the bank?
Here are some cakes for you,
please choose.
- I can choose any of them?
- Sure. Anything for you.
- What about this one?
- Take it!
- Susi, are you done with the scissors?
- Sure, here.
- Come here.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Susi!
- What?
- You're so stupid.
You're planting
eggplants instead of anthuriums.
It's quite useful.
- Here, for you.
- Oneng.
Your husband may be rich,
but you have to keep the money.
Mom, Juri would never get married again.
That was what I said to your grandma,
after your dad sold our rice field!
That's true. My family got married
again after selling our rice field.
- Beware.
- But Juri is different.
Besides, he sold his land,
not rice field.
The three of us can ride on that.
Your husband is definitely different.
Give me that.
What the hell?
- I don't want you to get married again!
- What are you talking about?
Oneng! Don't be suspicious like that
when your husband is not home.
- That's right.
- True. I'm going to go fishing.
- Fishing?
- Yes.
Take care, my son in law.
Go catch lots of fish.
- Thanks, Mom. I'll take some home.
- Sure.
- May peace be upon you.
- May peace be upon you, Juri.
- Come here.
- Hey.
- Is it clean?
- Of course.
That's the only way we can get the money.
- You idiot!
- Let me see.
- What is this?
- Down payment for new house.
- Susi!
- Thank God. Juri bought a house.
- You think the house is for you?
- Yeah. Oops.
This is good stuff.
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
Soleh, come here!
Soleh, hurry, come here!
Who's bag is this?
Stop it! It's scary there!
Watch out!
- Hurry up!
- Wait for me!
You're so slow, hurry!
- Hey, did you get the worms?
- Yes, here.
- Nice. Put one here.
- Yes.
- Here is the food.
- Took you so long.
It was a huge amount of money,
I had to look for change.
- Give me the change.
- You still like change.
You said you're rich now.
Hey, usually after a person
has been evicted
they would buy a new house
- a new car, or
- Or what?
Get married again.
- Is the worm ready? Hurry up.
- But, you know
if for instance,
you really do want to get married again
but Oneng does not approve,
and for instance
Mom and Parti approves.
Do you think it would be possible?
- What would be possible?
- Oneng becoming my second wife.
Keep dreaming.
Yes, Uncle. No, no, I haven't forgotten.
Yes, I'm going to bank to get the money.
OK, Uncle.
- Who was that?
- Uncle Usman.
I want to pay off the house
I have given down payment.
- You bought a new house?
- Well, you know
I have been married to Oneng for a year.
We still live in the laws' home.
This is my chance
to prove I can make Oneng happy.
Illy! Are you trying
to teach Soleh drink beer?
- This is for catching fish.
- Give it to me!
For catching fish?
You think you can get them drunk?
Let me show you.
Here's a match. Look here.
- Gosh.
- Looks like a bomb, doesn't it, Illy?
- Does it?
- Throw it.
- Nothing happened.
- I know.
Enough. Let's just go.
- You don't want to fish?
- No, I got an important business.
Hey! Bastards!
Where did you get that bomb?
At the haunted house,
when looking for worms.
Don't you know that's dangerous?
Don't play with those things.
You might get arrested.
- Yes. OK. OK.
- You can get killed.
Alright, stop! Get out, get out!
Here. Allowance for you.
Go straight home, OK?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- OK. Wait! Give that bag to Ucup.
- Oh, right.
- Alright. May peace be with you.
- May peace be with you.
- They're so happy
- Hey!
- Don't wait for passengers here!
- What? Hey, Eggplant, let me tell you
- this is my boss Sir Ahmad Bajuri.
- What Sir rides a bajaj?
- Show him, show him!
- That's not necessary, OK?
Don't be that kind of person.
Let me tell you.
We shouldn't be arrogant.
Right? Do we have to tell people
we have half a billion!
Take that half a billion!
Use 500 million as toilet paper,
you will get blisters!
- Do you understand?
- Not close enough?
Get it now? Step aside!
Why are you blocking us? Wash it, OK?
That was weird.
Is this bajaj manual or automatic?
- Ucup!
- Yes, I'm coming.
This won't take long.
- Took you so long. I want to withdraw.
- OK.
You're missing two zeroes
for 500 million.
- Don't be so loud!
- Sorry.
- Sorry. I do have 100 million.
- Hello.
I'm only withdrawing 500 thousand.
To pay for electricity and water.
It's already due.
- Bambang?
- Dimas!
- Come here. You got a job too?
- Yes.
- Thank God. Do you know the mission?
- Yes.
- Let's change clothes.
- OK.
Not like this, Bambang.
You're too flashy.
And you're being Rambo.
- May peace be upon you, Sir.
- May be peace be upon you.
- May I help you?
- It's alright. I'm waiting for my friend.
- Alright. May peace be upon you.
- May peace be upon you.
- I seek forgiveness of Allah the Mighty.
- May peace be upon you.
- May peace be upon you.
- Sir, have you seen my friend?
- Your friend?
- Yes.
- What does he look like?
- Like you, but without moustache and beard.
Why are you a Haji? You don't even know
how to take an ablution.
If we dress like this,
I won't be able to recognize you.
- Let's wear something cool.
- I agree.
Number thirteen.
- Here is your money.
- OK. Thank you.
- Wait! There's more.
- There's more?
Don't you have a plastic bag?
This is a lot for 500 thousand.
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
- Ucup!
- Hang on!
Give it back! Put in here!
Thank you. What are you doing?
Sorry about that, Sir, Ma'am.
- Hold this.
- Sorry about that. OK.
This bajaj must have some kind of amulet.
The owner has 500 million.
This Flinstones vehicle still exists,
I'm amazed.
- Hey! Did you wash my bajaj?
- Was this shabby bajaj?
- Ucup!
- Shabby? Why are there scratches here?
- Those were already there!
- No. This too. Why is it "L"?
- What was it before?
- It was "Kha".
- Embarrassing. This is not Iqra.
- He's mean.
Enough! Don't be arrogant.
You want to see? Here!
- Alright, enough!
- Enough! Rich person coming through.
- Can I have a bundle?
- No! You think these are bananas?
Consider it the parking fee.
- Work hard! Don't touch!
- I'll push it.
Let's go, Ucup!
- Let's go, Bambang.
- OK.
- Is there another motorcycle?
- Why?
It's hard to make turns, Bambang!
I forgot.
Man, I need to borrow your motorcycle!
Keep going!
Excuse me! Get out of the way!
This person is still following us!
They might be robbers! Hold on tight!
Too expensive!
What? I already took them down!
And you cancel.
- Ucup!
- Juri!
- What is wrong with you?
- Sorry, Ma'am.
- Now you're sorry?
- Don't go so fast!
- I was thrown out!
- I told you to hold on tight.
- You have to wear this huge sound speaker.
- Those people are not necessarily robbers!
There they are!
Ucup! Sorry, Ma'am.
Go, Ucup! Come on!
- There they are!
- What are you doing?
Speeding in a small space like this.
So noisy!
I can't make a turn, Bambang! Lift it!
- Lift what?
- Lift the motorcycle!
- There! Turn here!
- I can't, Bambang! Disassemble it!
- Disassemble the Vespa?
- The wall!
- That will take too long.
- Get back here!
Ucup! I think they're gone.
Let's leave. Ucup!
Hey! Why are you eating?
You said we were only pretending.
- It's only rice and egg.
- Only rice and egg.
Like usual, three, take away!
- They're gone! Let's go!
- What about my food?
- Give it to that old lady.
- What did you say?
I came here to buy food, not beg for it!
- She wants to buy food.
- What a coincidence.
You caught a thief and got inherited, it's
like getting a fortune from doing good.
- Now you have to buy me food.
- OK.
- Give me some food.
- OK.
- Hurry!
- Hey! Pay first!
- Don't just run off!
- There still here!
Hey, Ucup! They're still here!
- Hey, where is my food?
- I took it away. I thought you were done.
One more. Double the portion.
Double what? Pay first!
Don't eat too much, you'll get fat.
Get off!
- Why are watching them like this?
- So they can't see us, Bambang.
- I need to borrow money for the food.
- I don't have any money.
- You're the one with the bundle of money.
- I hid the money here.
- It's hard to get.
- I'll get it.
- Really?
- Yes.
Let's leave!
- Hurry!
- Here is your food.
Take some for Said.
We need to pay Said. OK?
You two are outrageous!
This is a food kiosk!
You obscene people! Leave! Find
some other place! Outrageous!
Hello. Yes, just tell him to wait there.
Tell the seller to wait, yes.
Let's go.
Help me! Help me!
Help me! Help me! Hey!
- Hi.
- What happened?
Help me, I just got robbed.
Please take me to the police office!
- Get in!
- Please take me to the police office!
- Get in?
- Don't worry, we'll take you.
What are you doing?
- Sit with her.
- No. Sit in front. I'll sit at the back.
- But I was...
- Alright, alright.
- When you see a pretty girl...
- Calm down. Hurry, Ucup!
Help me, come on! Come on!
You said there's a police station here.
Where is it?
Where is the money?
Dimas! Bambang! Tie them up!
Good afternoon, Captain!
There was a bag with a bomb inside.
Where is the bag?
- Help me, Sir.
- Stay still.
I think this is a high explosive.
Stay still, arm down.
- Anybody know whose bag this is?
- The one riding the bajaj!
Your arm!
Here, Sir.
Ahmad Bajuri.
Alright, we will run this at the office.
- Let's go.
- Hey, Sir. What about me?
- Contact the bomb squad. Handle this.
- Yes, Captain!
Contact the bomb squad, SWAT,
CIA, FBI, the A-Team, everyone!
- I'm out of minutes.
- Gosh! A telegram would be faster.
My money is gone.
I also lost the opportunity
to prove to Mom...
... that I'm a good husband.
A husband who can make his wife happy.
This is all your fault!
When things go bad, you blame me.
It's always my fault!
I wasn't the only one who got greedy
seeing that girl.
Who was the one who wanted
to sit next to her?
I can't stand seeing other people
in distress. I want to help.
I also want to help.
- I even wanted to marry her.
- Gosh! Hey, Cockroaches!
Give me back my food! Now!
You and your dirty minds!
Here! This is not mine!
Give me back my food! Now!
But, we don't have any food.
That's OK.
We'll just give her some change. OK?
- Hey, ugly old lady.
- What?
Help us, and we'll give you the food.
- Who is the house for?
- Why don't you believe me?
I was told to look for houses.
I don't know who's it for.
- Here, Uncle.
- Yes, Soleh.
- Alright.
- Hey, Soleh. Give me massage.
- You must know how to massage.
- Yes.
If Juri ever gets married again,
I will shave that women's head!
- See you tomorrow, Ucup!
- There he is.
- May peace be upon you.
- May peace be upon you.
Uncle Usman. Soleh, take this inside.
- Why didn't you show up?
- What are you doing here?
- You have the money, right?
- Yes, don't worry.
- Where is it?
- You're being ridiculous.
- People can easily see 500 million.
- Maybe you hid it somewhere.
- Don't forget, OK?
- Yes, alright.
- Ma'am, I'm leaving.
- OK.
- May peace be with you.
- May peace be with you.
- Take care!
- OK.
So hot! I'm going to take a shower.
- Who's inside?
- Oneng. Hang on.
- Hurry up!
- Why? You have to go?
Ucup! Hurry, get it inside!
If you wanted to buy a house,
why didn't you tell me?
If I tell you, and you tell Mom,
everything becomes a mess.
We'll talk later. I need
to take care of something. Be quiet.
Ucup! Hurry up! It's taking ages!
Where is the bag? Throw it in!
- The bag that he threw in?
- He already threw it in?
- Yes.
- Where is it?
I already took it back outside.
People can't just throw trash
into other people's bathroom.
- Gosh!
- Juri!
Unbelievable. Thank God!
Thank God it's still here.
- One, two, three, four
- Juri!
Go, just leave!
Just like owl, shows up at night.
No way!
I don't want to wash my hair again!
- Which one is his house?
- That one.
- Wait here.
- OK.
- Hey! Who are you?
- Is it your new wife?
I'm Saiful Jamil.
- Robber! Thief!
- Where is the robber?
- You robber!
- Robber!
You robber! Don't ever come back here!
I will beat you up!
You chased the robber?
Don't touch!
Maybe their finger prints are there.
- Looks like the robbers from the bank.
- Here are the clothes.
- Oneng! Give me a hair spa!
- Alright, wait a minute. Be patient.
If the robbers went through here,
why is your ceiling also broken?
That's an inside person.
A regular robber.
- Let's go to the police.
- Alright, let's go.
Juri just left. No, he's not home. What?
A TV, refrigerator, and bed ordered
by Mr Bajuri will be delivered now?
Mom, Juri just bought
a TV, refrigerator, and bed.
Yes. Hello.
No, this is not Asem Street 3 No. 10.
No, his wife's name is not Yuli.
It's Oneng, I'm the wife.
The other wife?
Mom, I know that address.
Billy, I'm so scared. I'm serious.
I'm sure this is a terrorists' lair.
I'm scared, I want to go home!
There was a noise inside.
Go look.
It's a monkey!
- You were so panicked.
- You were grabbing so hard.
Everything is still here, right?
Everything is safe?
Let's go.
- What was that?
- You.
I will not let anyone hurt my daughter.
- Agreed. Here.
- This one?
- As a woman, I feel offended as well.
- Let's go.
I will beat her up!
Hey, Yuli! I will slap you!
Yuli! Come out! Stealing
another woman's husband! I'll cut you!
Enjoy being in the dark.
It's raining.
Let the rain stop falling.
Let the river have ends.
Let the sea have shores.
No matter what happens
and whatever that will happen...
... our love has no end.
Our love has no edge.
Our love will never stop.
- Why do you open it like that?
- How is it supposed to be?
Like this, use your hands. Press it.
And this is you throw it away.
Throw it!
- Open it.
- OK.
Put it on right there.
- Slow down.
- It's stuck.
- Don't lie to me anymore!
- What are you talking about?
You already bought a TV, refrigerator,
and bed for Yuli, your new wife, right?
I don't want you to have a second wife!
- I don't want to!
- Alright.
You only want to be with me
when you have nothing.
When you're rich, you want to leave me.
- Yes, so what?
- Are you some kind of tycoon?
Are you an actor?
Are you an important person?
Don't follow other people,
don't have many wives.
- Yes. Oneng, I heard you got kidnapped.
- See?
You say that I got kidnapped, because
you want to get married again, right?
This person on the phone
said you got kidnapped.
Dear God, what should we do?
I got kidnapped?
- What should we do? I got kidnapped.
- Oneng, you're still here.
Juri! Help me!
- Susi!
- He probably hasn't had a meal.
He's so silly.
Juri! Juri!
- Mom! What is Mom doing there?
- Oh, no.
- Who are you?
- Susi. Eggplant business owner from Tasik.
So rotten!
His wife, Dimas!
Not an eggplant business owner!
- His wife, Dim What's your name?
- Alfred.
- Bambang! Don't laugh!
- Sorry.
His wife, Bambang!
Not an eggplant business owner!
I also said his wife, Bambang!
- My Mom!
- Be strong.
Be strong, Oneng.
Juri! Go look for Mom!
That is just Mom's trick.
Juri, hey.
My friend once thought the same.
He thought his in law pretended
to be kidnapped to get money.
And then they sent proof,
including her wedding ring
and he paid the ransom,
rather than considered a bad son in law.
- They can recognize the ring?
- Of course.
They can see the wart on the finger
- that was cut along with the ring.
- Dear God!
You're freaking people out! Why do
people here like to freak out others?
- That's how they are.
- Why do you still think it's Mom's trick?
Even if it were true, your mom doesn't
have any warts on her finger. Right?
- So it won't be a problem.
- Right.
What are you saying?
Her daughter must search
for her kidnapped mother!
Sorry, I just want to give some advice.
- I think
- Yes?
- But, sorry.
- Alright!
The young ones, her children,
must search for her.
- That's already been said.
- Go search for Mom!
Hey, Oneng!
As I recall, Mom doesn't wear any ring.
She only wears a veil, right?
- She wears a veil.
- So, her veil will be sent home.
Along with her head.
Pay for her ransom!
- Calm down.
- Thanks for that.
- What if we go to the police?
- I'll go search for Mom!
I want to go to the police!
- Move it! Sit down!
- A guy wearing a legging.
So, the kidnap-pee is Mrs Etty
daughter of Somad.
- Yes, Sir.
- And Ms Susi?
His full name is Susilo Supriyatna.
- This is a man?
- Yes.
- Why are you just reporting now?
- Because my husband didn't believe me.
He said this is just my mom's trick.
Your mom does want to take my money,
she even used a rod from the ceiling.
Because you want to
use it to get married again, right?
No, Oneng! Your mom made that story up.
Mom would not do such thing.
Captain, please make
the arrest warrant for tonight.
Who's the captain here? You or me?
- If I'm captain, what are you?
- Your subordinate.
- Why am I the one typing?
- Yes, Captain.
- What case is this?
- Your mom is materialistic!
- Terrorism.
- You love money more than you love Mom!
- Perpetrator's name?
- Mom loves money more than she loves me!
If you were kidnapped,
Mom would pay the ransom!
- Ahmad Bajuri.
- That's impossible!
- Mom wouldn't do that!
- Ahmad Bajuri?
- What case is this?
- Terrorism. Bombing at Giga Bank.
Excuse me, Captain,
I need to prepare the officers.
- You may leave.
- Yes, Captain.
Excuse me, my officers
sometimes make mistakes.
Yes, Sir. Yes.
- Let's go downstairs for a while, OK?
- I want to see Mom!
- Come, sit! Sit nicely, face that way.
- Ucup!
Who was the perpetrator's name?
- Ivan Barbie, Sir.
- Dear God!
- Come on, let's look for Mom!
- We are looking for Mom!
But, where are we going now?
Just calm down, we're going.
Just calm down. Ucup?
- What happened?
- Can't you drive?
- It broke down.
- It broke down?
Didn't you go to the workshop?
I gave you money.
You still remember?
I used the money to buy a jersey.
- So stingy.
- Enough! Stop!
You don't care about Mom!
You don't want to pay the ransom!
I told you to go to the police,
instead you ran away!
Do you want me taken to Nusa Kambangan?
- Oneng!
- Juri! The police are here!
- The police!
- Oh, no! Run!
- Susi!
- What?
- Come closer!
- What for?
- I have scissors at my bottom. Can you?
- Yes.
- You see?
- Yes.
- Got it.
- Cut it off, cut it off!
- I'm free.
- Wait for me!
Will he wake up if I kiss him?
Ouch! Ucup, stop trembling.
- I'm scared.
- I'm scared too.
They're getting close. They're close.
What are you doing here?
Still not satisfied?
This old lady again,
I thought it was the police.
This is my husband's bus.
No obscene acts here!
- It'll ruin our fortune!
- Obscene?
Move! Move!
The bus smells. This old lady
is everywhere like a mosquito!
Thank God then.
You police officers are willing
to help me release Mom.
But, why are you not wearing uniforms?
We are undercover police officers.
Right, Captain?
That's right.
Slow down, Sir. Where is Mom?
I told you to guard, not sleep, Bambang!
- Tie her up!
- Where is Mom?
- Not here.
- I always get slapped.
Make sure she doesn't get away!
Mom! Juri!
Ucup, is the old lady gone?
I think so, there's nobody here.
- Hello.
- Juri!
- Oneng? Oneng!
- Juri!
Hello. Oneng?
- Juri!
- Hello? Hello?
We have to save Oneng!
Save Oneng later, save the bajaj first!
Oh no!
Ucup! Are the police taking my bajaj?
Well, they're not boyscout.
- Where are they taking it?
- The Office of Religious Affairs!
- How are we going home?
- We'll have to walk.
Don't move!
- Good evening!
- Good evening, Sir.
- Good evening!
- Good evening, Sir.
- Good evening.
- Yes, good evening.
Good evening.
- Evening! Good evening!
- Get inside!
Hop on, hurry! Paddle!
Stop moving!
- Stop! Stop!
- What is it?
- That's your bajaj!
- Oh, no! Go check, is it Madun?
Yes, it's Madun.
Why is it here?
It could be a trap from the police.
What do we do?
It's quiet.
Cup, you go home,
check if there are any police officers.
- Alone?
- Who do you want to go with? Hurry.
Parti, honey. Open the door.
Why are you home?
You only come home when it's late.
- It's better you don't come home!
- I come home and get yelled at.
- Alright.
- You're not allowed to come in. Just go!
Why can't I come in?
I'm your husband. Open the door.
If you're my husband, then help out.
I'm alone, I clean the house by myself.
- No problem, I'll do more than cleaning.
- Do the laundry.
I'll even wash you underwear,
but open the door, OK?
- You mean it?
- Yes.
- You may come in.
- You're the best, Darling.
- Don't move.
- Parti, why didn't you say anything?
I already said don't come home,
just leave.
Officers, this is my husband.
Please don't shoot him,
I have no one else.
No one will help clean the house, right?
- Excuse me, Sir.
- Yes.
We are watching Ahmad Bajuri's house.
Do you know him?
I don't know anyone named Ahmad Bajuri.
What about the person on the left,
do you know him?
- The one wearing the MU jersey.
- No, Sir, I don't know him.
Please get me a new T-shirt. It smells.
- You want to change here?
- Yes, just do it now.
- I want to change.
- OK.
Which one? This one? Here.
I don't like Manchester United!
I am an MU fan!
- Why are you running?
- This is bad.
- The police have surrounded you house!
- Oh, no.
No matter how, I have to get the money.
I have to prove I can save Oneng!
- What if you get shot?
- I'm not scared.
I'm scared. Don't shoot! I don't want
to go to Nusa Kambangan. I'm sorry!
Nusa Kambangan?
That's the guy selling sekuteng.
- Want sekuteng? It's warm.
- We don't care.
Warm as love. Two, OK?
Sekuteng! Sekuteng! Sekuteng! Sekuteng!
- Shoot the left one! Shoot!
- Excuse me!
- Anybody want sekuteng?
- No, no!
Shoot, shoot!
Here is the sekuteng!
- Oh, dear God!
- Juri?
- Where did you find these?
- At the haunted house.
Turns out it's the terrorists' place!
Don't you know,
we're being surrounded by the police?
What a coincidence,
Billy and I are going to the police!
Don't do that!
Report later,
they will think we're the terrorists.
- Alright, don't play with these, OK?
- OK.
And what is this?
- Throw this away, OK?
- Yes.
Don't move!
Follow me.
Where did he go? He took all my stuff.
I don't know where he is.
I think this is it.
May peace be with you.
Hey, did you see a guy with my stuff?
- I didn't see him!
- I can't see him too, he took my glasses.
- It's even darker now.
- Target turned the lights off.
- Why are the lights off?
- Don't worry, I'll find it.
- We move in now.
- Alright, Captain.
Don't move!
- You are.
- I am not.
Don't move! Don't move! Shut your mouth!
Ucup! Don't turn it on! Push it!
- Mom!
- Hurry!
Susi! Push me up!
Let's go, Sir. What?
Sir, please drive me.
- Your face is scaring people!
- I was asking for help!
"Sir, help me."
- Where are you going?
- I'll drive!
What did you do?
- You hit a person! Help me, Ucup!
- Juri, you idiot!
Mom, how did you get here?
- You refused to pay for my ransom!
- Calm down!
- Is the money for getting married again?
- No, it's for Oneng.
- What happened to Oneng?
- Oneng got kidnapped!
- Your kidnapper intended to kidnap Oneng.
- Help her, hurry! Move!
- Hurry, Ucup!
- Hurry!
They left me! Go.
Hurry! Help Oneng. Come on, Juri. Hurry.
- Save Oneng.
- May peace be upon you.
We have the money. Where is Oneng?
- Where is Oneng?
- Give that.
- Oneng first.
- Give it! You have the guts to answer me.
- Dimas! Come out!
- Yes, Ma'am.
Come here, Oneng.
- Mom!
- Oneng! Thank God!
- Thank God, my daughter.
- It's OK. She's still mad at you.
Are you OK? Nothing broken? OK, hurry.
- Wait!
- We gave the correct amount, right?
- What now?
- Listen to me.
- Thirsty?
- No.
- Thirsty?
- I said no.
Thirsty? Hey, thirsty?
- I do want to drink.
- Drink!
What the hell? I don't know!
Don't mess with me!
Don't go to the police!
- Never.
- Understand?
- Totally.
- What was that drink? It had smoke.
- You have to ask?
- I'm scared. I'm scared!
- Get in. Get in.
- I'm scared.
Juri, hurry! Hey, get off!
- Hey, leave!
- We have to hurry. We have to hurry!
Push! Push! Enough! Enough!
Money! Hold this.
Wait. Why is this tempeh?
Look! Is that money or tempeh?
- Tempeh and money.
- Find the money!
- Understand?
- Yes, Ma'am.
Ladies and gentlemen
I will be performing the next song
Hey! They're here!
- May peace be upon you.
- May peace be upon you.
Eating sekuteng at Jumat Market,
don't forget to stop by at Kramat Jati.
With all due respect,
please accept us with an open heart.
There's a wedding.
Dear God!
Juri, what happened to the house?
Nice house. Usually it's from the police.
Soleh and Sahili are the witnesses.
I need to find them. OK?
- Our target is here.
- So, what are you two doing here?
- Waiting.
- Go after them!
Whatever happens, we get slapped.
- Mom!
- What?
- The bad guys are here!
- No!
Not yet! Not yet!
Not yet!
- Mpok Minah, where are Soleh and Sahili?
- Sorry! I don't know!
- Sir, where is Soleh and Sahili?
- Ignore him! What is Bajuri doing?
- What?
- Juri, the bad guys!
It's so chaotic, let's give some music.
Officer, I want to report something.
The owner of this bajaj stole my monkey.
Captain, the missing bajaj have returned.
What about my monkey?
You can also get arrested. Monkey shows
are now prohibited in Jakarta.
How fun!
- What are you doing?
- I'm not stealing.
Who said you were?
You are outrageous!
You think I'm desperate? When you're cute
like Benyamin Sueb, you can come to me!
The police are here.
I haven't renewed my driver's license.
Stop! Stop!
- Enough!
- Stop!
- Has anyone Ahmad Bajuri?
- There!
Dear God.
OK, I'll repeat the question.
- Has any of you seen Ahmad Bajuri?
- There!
Get that in.
Juri! Juri! Hurry!
- It's safe. Let's go!
- Let's go. Hurry! Hurry!
Whose bag is this?
- Juri! You're so stupid! Ouch!
- Sorry, Mom!
Uncle Usman! Uncle! Help us, Uncle!
Uncle Usman! Uncle, what's going on?
- That whole land was supposed to be mine.
- But you already got a land.
But I sold it. Now I need money,
to get married again. Right, Babe?
- Of course, Honey.
- Juri! Don't stand there! You'll get shot!
Stand aside!
Where is the money?
You're working together, right?
Pretended to get robbed.
Juri, you idiot. You want to use
the money to get married again, right?
Stop accusing! I already wasted
so much money, hiring stupid thugs!
- Us?
- No, the outsourcing ones from yesterday.
Of course you two!
Idiots! Bambang, Dimas!
I even had to hire this motorcycle gang.
Now, I will count to five.
If you don't give me
the money, you all die!
- Two!
- Uncle, where's one?
See? I caught you stupidity. One!
Two! Three!
- Mom! I'm not working with him!
- Liar!
I don't Oneng, my daughter,
to hurt like I did!
When his father got married again.
- Where was I?
- Three, Honey.
- Isn't it four?
- Four is OK.
- Four!
- If you want to get married again
it's better we just die together here!
I swear! I don't want
to get married again!
- I don't believe you!
- I mean it!
- My love is only for you!
- How can you speak about love
you don't even remember our eternal oath!
Hey! Is this a marriage
consultation session?
I'm giving a threat here!
- I hate you!
- Four.
Let the rain stop falling.
Let the river have ends.
Let the sea have shores.
No matter what happens,
and whatever that will happen
our love has no edge.
Our love has no end.
- Our love will never stop.
- You crazy.
- Live together.
- Five.
- Does this gun mean nothing?
- Die together.
There. The money is in the bag.
- Babe. If it isn't money, I'll kill you.
- Bambang, Dimas, look in the bag.
The money is really in here?
- There's a snake!
- Run, Oneng!
They're escaping! Take your motorcycle!
Come on!
Find a safe place!
Hurry up, Oneng! Hurry up!
Let's find a place.
Go find them!
Spread out!
Don't make any sound. Be quiet.
Follow me. Come here.
- What are we going to do, Mom?
- We are going to help Juri.
There's a rope.
- A sack, Mom.
- Give it to me.
Mom! Oneng!
Be careful, Mom!
Beat him!
- Have mercy on me!
- Take that!
Beat him!
- Is he passed out?
- Mom?
- How did you get up there?
- Back here.
Hey. Hey! Bambang!
Again, again!
- That hurts!
- I want to help Juri!
- It's dangerous.
- Oneng, don't do it!
That hurts! Enough!
Someone is holding a gun.
Hold your fire.
Report, Captain.
We have captured all of the terrorists.
- Understood, Captain.
- Good.
- Thank you, you have saved this country.
- You're welcome, Sir.
Cik Usman!
Hey, Stupid!
Do you know how to use that gun?
If you shoot me,
you will hit your husband too!
- When are you going to be smart?
- I'm not stupid!
- I said hold your fire!
- Sorry, Captain, I didn't hear you.
Don't worry,
some day I will make you happy.
Wake up!
- His eyes are moving!
- Juri!
- Juri.
- Thank God he's still alive.
Don't worry, the real terrorists
are already apprehended.
I shot Uncle Usman. I'm clever, right?
- How did you do it?
- I'm confused myself.
I was aiming his head,
but I shot his foot.
- Wow.
- Mr Bajuri, your wife is truly amazing.
She was able to shoot a person
using a lighter gun.
Hail Oneng!
- Oneng!
- Yeah, yeah.
- Oneng.
- Yes, Juri?
- Let the rain stop.
- Please not now. Stop!
- So bored. Let's go home.
- Continue at home.
- You can walk on your own, right?
- Ouch.
- How could you?
- Why does my bottom hurt?
- Thank God, we are all alive!
- We also still have the money, right?
- Don't worry.
- Uncle Usman tried to mess with me.
Thank God. Just tell me what you want,
I will buy it for you.
- Slippers.
- That's all?
- Skirt too.
- Sure.
- Scarf too.
- Sure.
- Made from silk, Juri!
- OK. Anything else?
- Necklace and ring, 24 carats.
- Sure.
- The ring must be white gold, Juri!
- Sure.
- TV!
- OK.
DVD. DVD, you idiot!
- Soleh wants Playstation 3.
- No problem.
- Change the toilet too!
- Do you want a seat toilet?
- No, I can't sit like that.
- It's OK, just squat on it.
- What about a bath tub?
- No, I just need hot water.
- You want to take the stove to the shower?
- You idiot!
OK. What else?
- Laptop.
- Laptop? What for?
That's right, isn't it embarrassing?
You're old but still wears a laptop.
- Cover up!
- Laptop, Oneng! Not tank top!
Anything else?
- I want the money. One hundred million.
- Oh, no!
That monkey is following you.
- Are you having an affair?
- Oneng!