Bakasuran (2023) Movie Script

Come dear, sit.
Sir, what place is this?
Dont be scared.
This is my favourite place.
Its a calm place.
Take off your attire.
Sir, it seems like someone is coming.
Leave me, sir.
-Its fully surrounded by forest.
No one will come.
Just the cattle will be grazing.
Take it off.
Sir, didn't I say someone is coming?
Sit, I will check and come.
Hey, who are you?
I have never seen you here before.
You are unnecessarily disturbing
at this time.
Hey, stop.
Hey, have you came along as a nice girl
and brought someone behind to save you.
Sir, I dont who he is.
Dont you know him?
Hey lunatic, do you need
any money to spend?
Who are you?
My name is Bheemarasu.
I'm from Cuddalore.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Your are my father
You are my mother as well
You are my father
You are my mother as well
Glory to the lord, the elixir of ocean
Glory to the lord, praise his feet
Glory to the lord,
giving the pleasure of divinity
Glory to the lord of Kailai hills
Glory to the lord Shiva...
You are my father
You are my mother as well
You are my father
Are you not the dancer
at the golden courtyard?
Are you not my dear father?
Are you not the dancer
at the golden courtyard?
Glory to the lord Shiva....
You are my father
You are my mother as well
You are my father
Are you not the dancer
at the golden courtyard?
You are my father
Are you not the dancer
at the golden courtyard?
Are you not the dancer
at the golden courtyard?
Oh, is this thy grace a dream?
Oh, is this a wonder,
not my imagination...
Oh, lord with the dancing feet,
Oh lord, who danced in the courtyard
Can this poor man understand
your compassion?
Can this poor man understand?
Glory to the lord Shiva...
You are my father
You are my mother as well
You are my father
Are you not the dancer
at the golden courtyard?
You are my father
Are you not the dancer
at the golden courtyard?
Glory to the lord Shiva...
You are my father
You are my mother as well
You are my father
Are you not the dancer
at the golden courtyard?
You are my father
Are you not the dancer
at the golden courtyard?
Glory to the lord Shiva...
Are you not my father?
Come, Arul sir.
-Greetings, mam.
Thanks for coming.
You asked me to come urgently.
Whats the matter, mam?
A murder case, sir.
A couple came from Chennai
and stayed here.
The wife was shot dead.
The husband is the suspect.
Because he ordered a gun online
and we seized the gun too.
But we couldnt find any bullets
in the spot.
According to the CCTV footage,
the husband left at 8:00 in the morning.
At that time, wife was standing here.
The husband didnt come back.
Then how did he go inside,
how did the murder happen?
How did he escape?
I can't understand anything, sir.
Mam, you seized the gun, right?
Yes, sir.
Then you could've investigated
in your routine and got the statement.
Thats the problem, sir.
The husband is a big lawyer.
I can't take up second degree treatment.
I just need to close the case.
The bullet penetrated in and went outside.
If we trace the bullet,
we can easily remand him, sir.
Can I get any forensic report of this case?
Yeah, I have.
Give those photos.
Have a look.
Guna, open the windows
just like in this photos.
Mam, whats the height of the victim?
Whats the height?
152 cm, mam.
-152 cm, sir.
152 cm, quite short.
-Yes, brother.
Please, come here.
Give me the laser pointer.
Mam, when you arrived here
was the door open?
No sir, it was latched inside.
Can we see outside, please?
Its possible that it was triggered
from here.
How are you saying, sir?
The gun you showed in the photograph is
"Baby eagle 9mm gun".
It's bullet speed will cross
at 400m speed in a second.
Basically, its used for hunting.
When the bullet penetrated and went out,
then it must be at killing range.
It is more likely
to happen from this spot.
Guna, sit down.
Please come.
Mam, when you took the photograph,
was the door open or close?
It was closed, sir.
Guna, give me the screw driver.
Sir, how?
But on that day,
the door was closed.
I told you, isn't it, mam?
The pressure of that gun.
The pierced bullet
touched the keyhole... bounced on the wall
and the door was closed by itself.
Excellent, sir!.
Thank you so much.
Its all your's.
Thank you.
Here it is, mam.
Who is he, mam?
Does he belong to our department?
Major Arulvarman.
He served in "Short Service Commission"
for 14 years and retired.
Now he is posting
the crime investigations... videos on YouTube
and living peacefully.
Often, he will help our department also.
Then, call the victims husband
to the station for investigation.
Okay mam, I will tell him to come.
-I will not spare him.
(A Devotional song on Lord Shiva)
-Om nama shivaya!
Bless me, swamy.
Swamy, tomorrow is "no moon day".
You must come
to my home and have food.
I will come and take you along.
You must come to eradicate our sins.
I'm leaving, swamy.
Dear, my goddess!
Will you call this vagabond also
to eat at your home?
It's a longing to eat food
served by virtuous woman like you.
Dont mistake me.
No, swamy
Its a good deed to serve food
when you are hungry.
Definitely I'll call you for next
"no moon day" and serve a feast.
Praise the God.
-I'm leaving, swamy.
Stay blessed.
Come, dear.
Ready, brother.
Greetings to all viewers.
This is Major Varma.
So far, on our YouTube channel...
...we have talked about many
criminal case investigations.
and even created awareness too.
An unexpected incident happened
in Karnataka state in 2009.
In the district of Dakshina Karnataka,
Cyanide Mohan acted as a jeweller...
...and killed twenty women for jewellery.
All the women he targeted were unmarried,
who couldn't give dowry.
How that man seduced
and killed those twenty women... what I'm going to
share with you.
Listen carefully.
Before that,
Wont you put the phone
on silent mode?
I was going in a flow
and you are spoiling it.
See who it is.
What are you saying?
Your niece Ramya
has committed suicide.
Did she commit suicide!
What are you saying?
Pack everything.
Come soon.
Sir, why are you here?
She is my own brothers daughter.
Oh! Sorry sir.
Can I go and see inside?
Yes, you go.
Guna, you stay here.
Arul, she was more affectionate
to you more than me.
She cheated us and left like this.
She would've told atleast to you
to see another bridegroom.
Ramya, your uncle has come,
see dear.
What is the problem
they say about?
Sir, they have fixed a groom
who is a relative.
The girl was not interested it seems.
They forced her
and made all the arrangements.
So, she committed suicide.
Sir, he is the girls uncle.
-Greetings, sir.
Is it only because
she didnt like the groom...
...or is there any other problem
in the family, sir?
As I know,
there is no other reason, sir.
I have even heard
the groom is good, sir.
Do you suspect anyone?
We dont suspect anyone, sir.
She said very emphatically
that she did not want to get married.
We ignored not listening to her.
Okay Major, let's start the formalities.
-Okay sir!
Get the corpse to the ambulance.
You come to the station and
finish rest of the formalities.
Definitely, sir.
Did you recover that girls things
and cell phone?
Yes, mam.
Then take the corpse to the ambulance.
Ramya, you are leaving us, dear!
-Get on.
-Fast, take the vehicle soon.
A man of action, a supporter of
women, the philanthropist...
...He is our brother Dr. MR. Nagarajan.
I invite him to give special address.
This meeting is to protest
the violence against women.
Today the stance of women
in the country is very alarming.
They are enslaved.
-I'm here with the boss.
The meeting will go on till 10.30...
Greetings, brother.
I will call back.
Come, Rasu.
-Are you good, brother?
I'm good.
Did you get any job?
For my education,
will I get a job of district collector?
Im working for daily wages only.
Brother, Im asking you
for six months...
...Recommend to the boss
and get me a small job, brother.
Food and accommodation
is enough for me.
I will be grateful forever.
You are coming continuously.
I will convey the boss
and try if I can do anything.
Do one thing,
come home on Sunday.
Let me see your work
and decide later.
Thank you very much, brother.
I will come.
Brother, please come.
Why this hassle?
You could've given me a call.
Come in...come in...
Please sit.
Brother, tell me.
Anything important?
They called us from the police station.
And interrogated us.
Then they returned Ramya's phone
saying that they'd close the case.
I wanted to let you know...
And give you this phone.
If you could make this work,
I'll give this to the younger daughter.
I'll get it done by tomorrow itself, brother.
How is sister-in-law doing?
She is still drowning in tears.
She pampered her daughter
for 21 years.
Can she forget so easily?
I couldn't believe Ramya is no more.
Brother, please don't worry.
We are all there for you.
Did Ramya take this decision
only because she didn't like the groom...
...or is there something else
in your mind?
For the past 6 months,
she looked gloomy.
She didn't talk much to anyone.
She didn't tell anyone what she does
and how much she earns.
Since it doesn't seem good
for our family...
I decided to get her married
and fixed this groom.
She doesn't want to be
a burden anymore and left us all.
I'll take leave, Arul.
Okay, brother.
Get the phone ready, please.
-I'll do, brother.
Hey, Guna...
-Here I'm coming, brother.
Tell me.
I told you to flash this phone
but it's all still there.
No need for that.
Back up restore will retrieve
all media and WhatsApp files, brother.
Come on mam, come on.
-Fresh prawns, come on.
Only Rs. 200 per square mam.
Give me both for 250 rupees.
No, you can give.
Give it.
How much for the tiny prawns?
This one? it's 100 rupees.
Okay, then give a square of that.
350 rupees.
Make it a total of 350.
Add 50 rupees, mam.
-It's okay...
Pick the good ones.
Don't add the rotten ones.
Hey, come here.
I've been watching you for a while,
you are coming behind me.
What do you want?
You seem to be familiar,
that's why...
Will you start wooing a woman
once you see her?
What do you want now?
Do you want to touch me?
Here or there?
-Mam, please wait.
Touch me...touch me...
-I'll handle, wait mam.
Hey, who are you?
If I hit you, you're done.
I'm working in Sivan temple,
Mam, he is a vagabond who fulfills
his hunger by the temple offerings.
I should never see you here,
go away.
I said, go away.
Go away from here.
-Yes, sir.
I should never see you
here again.
Go away.
Major sir, you had called
for something important.
What's the matter?
Two days back,
my niece committed suicide.
Even you have come
to that spot, sir.
Yes, that case is closed.
What's the problem with that now?
Sir, I got the phone of my niece Ramya.
When I was checking the WhatsApp...
There is a message like this.
Listen to this, please.
-Ramya, even if you get married,
you should not leave this profession.
-If you deny, I have a video taken
at the lodge, I'll leak out that.
-Attend the client properly, go...
Sir, this is a murder threat.
Did you call that number?
I did, sir.
That number is out of service.
Not only that, a day before
she committed suicide...
She was called
to a specific address....
...and was offered 3000 rupees
for an hour in that message.
So sorry to say this, sir.
But their family looked so naive, sir.
Tell the parents to file
a complaint immediately.
I'll myself proceed into this.
Sir, it's very difficult.
If I go to my brother's family and say
your daughter has done brothel...
and I'm suspecting her suicide,
they will not believe me, sir.
Sir, I will myself investigate this case.
I need your help for that, sir.
Okay, I will inform the Inspector.
But this is a very sensitive case, sir.
Handle it carefully.
That's all I need, sir.
Thank you so much,
I'll leave, sir.
That house, brother.
Who is this?
We want to meet Nelson sir.
Dad has gone upstairs for a walk.
Oh, thank you.
Let's go upstairs, brother.
Mr. Nelson...
Yes, sir.
Who are you?
My name...
-He is Major Varma.
YouTuber, Crime YouTuber.
Sir, I've seen a lot of your videos.
I'm your fan, sir.
Nice meeting you.
-Thank you, sir.
Sir, I need a small help.
Yes sir, I'll do.
Have you seen this girl anywhere?
I think so but don't know exactly.
Who is this girl?
Sir, four days ago, did you book
to ?
I don't understand.
Oh, no! Let me ask you frankly.
Did you book for an escort?
Sir, I'm talking out of respect for you.
But he is talking bad.
Leave from here immediately, sir.
Sir, ignore him.
It'd be great if you co-operate a little.
No sir, what you speak
doesn't sound good.
I will call the cops.
If your wife is away, will you call
the young girls for your lust?
Do you know that this girl
committed suicide two days ago?
Better you call the cops.
I'll tell this whole truth to your wife.
Sir, please...
Sir...please don't.
Hey, you call the cops.
-Everyone is watching, sir.
Sir, I'll tell you what happened.
-That's good.
Tell me.
Since my children
were on their holidays... wife took them
to her parents house for a week.
Meanwhile, in an app called ,
I was looking around for girls to date.
All of a sudden, I received photos
of a few girls in WhatsApp...
...and asked to pay 3000 rupees
for an hour, sir.
I paid 3000 rupees and choose
a girl named Ramya.
But, the middleman told
Ramya was busy...
...and instead brought some other girl.
He cheated me, sir.
I was okay and had been with her
for an hour and sent her, sir.
This is what happened, sir.
But I don't know anything about the girl
named Ramya that you mentioned.
Oh, had the prostitution developed
so much on online?
Can you do me a favour?
Call that middleman and say
that your friend needs a girl...
...and he comes there itself
and book an escort.
I'll do, sir.
Guna, book the girl with your number.
Come, Rasu.
You came on time as you said.
If you could perfectly do
the jobs I say...
...I'll recommend you to join the boss.
Clean that tractor well.
There's the hen's coop,
clean it thoroughly.
There are over 100 coconuts
in the back, peel them off.
Dear, bring the bag
that we use to buy meat.
Here I'm coming...
I will go to Mettur and buy meat.
Take his help to clean
whatever you need to do.
Don't come with complaints later,
Do whatever sister-in-law asks for.
Okay, brother.
-Take care.
Take this bucket here
and wash the tractor.
Okay, mam.
Why is he doing it repeatedly?
I will bang him if I catch him.
-I'll hit you, why did you add him
on the conference call now?
-I feel irritated to hear his voice.
-Will someone pull this sort of trachery?
-I'll talk anything to anyone I want.
What's his problem?
Hey, you've done a great job.
You've cleaned everything well.
Have it.
Drink this and finish the rest, alright?
Okay, brother.
I need to tell you something.
Please don't mistake me.
What's it Rasu, tell me.
Brother, while I was cleaning the house...
...your daughter was indulged in fuss
with someone on the phone.
It's like someone is threatening her.
It's better to enquire at the beginning.
That's why...
What are you saying?
What, dear?
-Hey, Selvi..
Why are you yelling on her
on a holiday?
Where is she?
She is Inside.
-Call her.
Selvi, come here.
Who is threatening you on the phone?
What's the problem for you?
What's the problem?
-Brother, calm down.
Brother, ask her softly
without being loud.
Oh, are you the one who eavesdropped
and opened up.
Don't you have sense?
Hey, you...
Dear, if you rely on someone else
for your problem, It'll be a never ending one.
These are your parents.
They will only think good of you.
Confide in them.
What happened, tell me.
That is...
There's a team leader in the office I work.
We shouldn't use cell phone
in office hours.
So, we use emails and WhatsApp
in the office system to chat.
He took screen recordings of my
personal conversation with a close friend...
...and uses it
asking me to do whatever he says.
He threatens to leak it to all
if I don't comply.
What is it so personal
that he uses it against you?
It's common for their age
to have such conversations.
Does that mean he can threaten her?
We shouldn't spare him, brother.
Do as I say.
Come...come, brother.
-Come, I'll tell you, brother.
Look here...
Keep your phone on the shirt pocket.
Switch on the background camera.
Also, take it...
This pendant has a mic attached in it.
Once you step in,
give this 3000 rupees to the girl.
At least record till she removes
her top attire.
That's our evidence.
Once everything is done,
say the word "Attention".
We'll come inside and arrest.
Got it?
Go, do it without any mess up.
-Im scared, brother.
-Hey, go.
Go fast.
You're asking me to go alone.
-Damn it, go.
Guna, don't worry.
Welcome sir, welcome.
What are you looking for?
We have cotton, polyester...
Mini skirt has come from Bombay, sir.
What do you want?
Actually, Nelson sir sent me.
Oh, Nelson sir!
He told me about you.
Come in.
All kinds are here, come in.
Don't be shy.
Come in, sir.
We have options of all kinds.
Choose anything of your choice.
What, Rosy?
-Sir, I'll go with her.
Okay, sir.
Come, sir.
You have a great taste.
Mam, have you seen?
They have a separate room for this.
Yes, sir.
This is very shocking to me.
Such a busy complex has this
network concealed in it.
She is an young girl.
Be with her.
All the best.
Sit, I'll send her in.
Give the money.
Put on your top.
Mam, let's go.
Hi, Selvi.
I'm suprised that you've called me
to a reserved place like this.
But, I'm sorry for threatening
or scaring you.
Please don't mistake me.
I like you very much, Selvi.
I had no other choice.
You're looking so beautiful today.
Anyway, just hug me, please.
I am Selvi's father.
She had told me everything
what you did to her.
Have you recorded
her personal information?
And it seems you are threatening
her that you will leak it.
Better give it back to her.
Let it be an end today,
else I'll lynch you.
No sir, I'll delete everything.
Selvi, come to office tomorrow.
We'll discuss it there.
Leave me, sir.
Sir...Sir...sorry sir.
On your knees.
Now on your knees I said.
Let's blaze him, brother.
No, sir.
My daughter's life will be ruined
if revealed out.
Let's leave him, Rasu.
Atleast let's cut off his limbs
and legs, brother.
Sir, please no...
sorry, sir.
I'll run away somewhere,
Forgive and leave me, sir.
I'll delete everything..
Please, sir.
-Will you delete it?
Are you dare to threaten?
Will you delete it?
What shall we do with him?
This is enough for him, dad.
Get up and flee from here.
Hey, wait...You scoundrel...
Thank you very much, Rasu.
I'll never forget this help of your's.
Come home after 10 or 15 days.
I'll definitely join you to my boss.
Okay, brother.
I'll leave then, Rasu.
-Okay, brother.
Greetings, mam.
-Come sir, waiting only for you.
Take this guy
and complete the formalities.
He'll give you a video.
Collect it.
- Okay, mam.
Come sir.
Take your seat, sir.
Hey, why do you have
the vermilion bindi on forehead?
Rub it off first.
Doing illicit activities
and showing off as if sacred.
Sir, only if I show these gizmo,
customers will rely on my honesty.
Why do you talk with him, sir?
Ignore him.
Women are doing lot of works
and are successful nowadays.
Why did you resort to such ways?
Even old women sell veggies and
munchies for their livelihood.
Have you not seen them?
Why do you do this sort of work?
Cool Raja is threatening you
to do this business, right?
He isn't threatening, mam.
I'm doing this
to overcome my difficulties.
I have two younger sisters, mam.
I am doing final year.
I can't even pay my fees.
My father is a drunkard who drinks all day
and touch my thigs in the night.
Why would I choose this
if my father was good?
You look family oriented,
what's your problem?
Mam, I am an illiterate.
I'm a widow.
I was pushed to do this by the middleman
who helped me to get pension for widows.
They tricked me saying
if I work for three hours
they will give me 3000 rupees
and they brought me here, mam.
So, you're into this profession
on your own will, right?
Sir, I will take them before the Judge mam
and send them to Government home.
Can I talk with him, mam?
Yes, sir.
Come...come...all of you come.
Hey, Cool, sit down.
You know this girl, right?
I know sir, she died recently.
-Ramya, even if you get married,
you should not leave this profession.
-If you deny, I have a video taken
at the lodge, Ill leak that out.
-Attend the client properly, go.
I know this is not your voice.
Who's voice is this?
Sir, I've never heard this voice before.
Sir, I can sense
that something is fishy.
I did not bring this girl
into this business, sir.
It was Swetha who brought her
into this online business.
If anyone in this area
needs an escort...
They register themselves on the app.
I will get the notification.
I'll call that specific customer through
WhatsApp and deal with them
They'll get a commission based on
the number of customers they send here.
I want to meet this Swetha.
Arrange for it.
Sir, she is too expensive.
She will demand 15,000 rupees.
You book her through the app.
Once I get the notification,
I'll take care of the rest, sir.
Greetings, mam.
Hey, aren't you the one who created
ruckus in the market the other day?
Why are you here now?
Unnecessarily you're going to
get into a big problem.
I'm not here to create ruckus.
I never spoke with women before.
Hence I was hesitant.
Let me ask this straight away.
I am 52 years old.
Yet single.
I have woman before.
I will give you
wahtever money you ask for.
Can you arrange me
an young girl?
What? You want me
to arrange a girl?
I'll hit you with footwear.
You and your mocking face.
Do you have lust for women
at this age of 52?
Ask how much money you want.
Instead, why are you
creating dramatic scene?
Dramatic scene, is it?
That's your limit.
If I ever see you somewhere here,
You'll be behind the bars for life.
Ask how much money you want.
Hey, go.
-Why do you pretend?
Look at his awful face.
Run away.
Mam, have me in your mind.
Good night!
Greetings, mam.
- Greetings, sir.
Come, let's go inside and talk.
It's okay, sir.
You wait outside for a moment,
I will call you.
Okay, mam.
Sir, I have received a transfer order.
Why did you book a brothel case
on college students and send them home?
It may damage the image on
the .
That it's a very senstitive issue.
They had denounced me.
Sorry, sir.
I can't help you in this case anymore.
They have many supporters in
our own department, sir.
Please be careful, sir.
I didn't expect this.
Anyway, thank you for your concern
and letting me know this, mam.
Okay, I'll take leave, sir.
I was going on with my life singing
and dancing around happily.
You have made me roam around
like a lunatic with no intent.
You created a revenge in me to let
the offenders to live happily...
...and destroy them later
and you're staying as spectator.
Hey, what's this play?
I don't know how to oppose
such powerful men.
I should tolerate no matter
how hard others hit me.
But no one should tolerate
when I hit them.
Give me that strength, my lord.
Once I destroy all of them,
I want to serve my father all my life.
Show me some mercy, my lord.
It's a "no moon day"
in two days.
I will arrange for the feast.
Please come, swamy.
So happy, stay blessed.
Okay swamy, we'll leave then.
-Thank you, swamy.
Come, dear.
Saran, take the girls and
make them stand in position.
I'll tell the camerman
about the shot and be back.
Make it fast.
Sister, move...
Sister with green attire,
move away...
To our centre dancer Swetha...
Compose close shots of her adjusting
her lipstick, eyebrows and costume.
She asked me to come to this resort.
But shooting is going on here.
Shall we go for the take?
Ready, master.
Ready, sound.
Do you have a thick pancake,
hey Kaathamma?
Do you have the sweet dumplings,
hey Kaathamma?
Do you have a thick pancake,
hey Kaathamma?
Do you have the sweet dumplings,
hey Kaathamma?
Heat waves are blowing around,
oh, Kaathamma!
You're splitting my life into fractions,
why so, Kaathamma?
You spun me into threads of jute,
oh, Kaathamma!
You're throwing stones in my heart,
Why, Kaathamma?
My soul was set on fire
just for a look
My heart is twirling like a top
In the forest of desire,
a thorn of lust, poked my heart.
I'd keep looking her
Did I become crazy thinking of her?
Be it just once or a moment,
I need to be with her happily.
Will she come? Will she come?
I'm longing like a dried fish
Will she come? Will she come?
Will she give me a kiss with a smile?
Do you have a thick pancake,
hey Kaathamma?
Do you have the sweet dumplings,
hey Kaathamma?
Do you have a thick pancake,
hey Kaathamma?
Do you have the sweet dumplings,
hey Kaathamma?
Cut. Shot okay.
Saran, get Mansoor sir ready
for the next shot.
Sir, she is the one.
Swetha, you had called us
and now dancing here.
Is he the one who has booked me?
Sorry sir.
They are here to shoot in yercaud.
They asked me to perform since their
centre dancer didn't come.
It's a huge sum of money
He won't believe if I say over phone,
Hence I called you here.
Can we meet up tommorrow?
Adjust for my sake, please.
Okay, you carry on,
we'll wait for you to finish and then meet up.
You wait in my makeup room.
I'll come off once I'm done.
No... No... Don't look like that,
you beauty...
It may lead to a war of intimacy.
Don't come close to me with feelings,
my sweetie!
I am crushed into pieces,
getting confused...
The thoughts of you
is revolving around me always...
Like a hole in the lentil snacks,
a blackhole is there in her Eyes
I am lost in it's darkness,
will I come out of it, my friend
A sudden thirst in me,
Will not be quenched?
You come to crush my lust,
my beautiful rose.
You work cleverly
and smear the love in me
Come to me, Come to me.
You grant me the desire
To caress...
come to me, come to me...
Do you have a thick pancake,
hey Kaathamma?
Do you have the sweet dumplings,
hey Kaathamma?
Do you have a thick pancake,
hey Kaathamma?
Do you have the sweet dumplings,
hey Kaathamma?
I'm very exhausted, Cool.
Can you please talk to him?
Shall we meet tomorrow?
Swetha, sir doesn't want
to sleep with you.
He wants to talk to you about
something very important.
Just answer his questions.
You must've known Ramya quite well.
She is my niece.
You know the reason
why she committed suicide.
How did she get into this business?
Who was behind this?
I need to know everything, tell me.
Hey, why are you staring me?
I too was locked the same way
in the pretext of being a client.
Just answer whatever he asks
and he will leave.
Swetha, you won't get into any trouble
because of me.
Tell me.
I know Ramya
for the past one year, sir.
She doesn't know much
about this business.
When she visited a xerox shop
near her college for a project...
She befriended a guy working there.
As days passed, they were close
and fell in love.
After few days, Ramya was in love with him
that she'd go to any extent for him.
That guy utilised it well.
-Hey please, understand.
Just once, please.
Hey, Ramya.
I want to tell you something important.
How long should I work here
for meagre salary?
I'll settle down
if I have my own shop.
You can help me if you consider, Ramya.
How will I get such a huge money?
Don't make fun.
I will suggest something.
Don't mistake me.
You stripped nude for me
the other day on video call, isn't it?
The same way if you...
In the same way???
There are so many apps
on cell phone.
If you hide your face by a mask
and talk being nude on video call...
I will earn upto 2 lakhs
within a month.
You scoundrel,
what do you think of me?
Hey, it's me who's going to marry you.
Won't you do this for me?
Damn it.
-Please, dear.
Hey, please dear.
Look here...
Just like online adultery, we can earn
a lot of money in virtual adultery also.
Since Ramya was from a village,
she doesn't know much about it.
In the beginning,
she adamantly denied all this.
But that guy pleaded her ...
"Please do it for my sake
just for a month..."
"After that we can get married."
He convinced her
and brought her into this.
Hey, sit down.
What's this?
I said sit down.
Here, wear this mask.
No, please.
-Wear it.
Oh, no!
Hey, drag your dress down.
Drag it down.
Why to do all this?
Do as I say.
Talk now.
My name is Pooja.
Whoever wantsto see my nude show,
pay to this UPI id...
Just thousand rupees, we'll have a video call.
You're torturing me.
Those who saw Ramya
initially in virtual adultery...
...were desperate to get her
and offered huge sum of money.
That guy's greed for money trapped
Ramya into online adultery.
Those who come to us vary from
monthly salaried to billionaires.
When such billionaires come,
These middlemen record it,
threaten them and get lakhs of money.
Similarly, Ramya was also videotaped
without her knowledge.
Such cruel sinners.
She pleaded that she is going to
get married and leave this profession.
They threatened her that they
will show that video to her family.
Hello brother, please understand
what I say...
I was trapped into this business, brother.
Please don't torture me, brother.
Please, let me go.
I'd never turn back to this,
please brother.
Brother, please don't try
to contact me in anyway.
I too won't call.
I'm sorry, brother.
Having no option left,
she committed suicide.
Sir, there are many middlemen
like him in this business.
Sir, she told she was threatened
but never mentioned the name.
Just a minute.
Listen to this.
-Ramya, even if you get married,
you should not leave this profession.
-If you deny...
-I have a video taken at the lodge...
Sir, just a minute.
Listen to this one.
-You've to go to
an important client tomorrow.
-I'll share the location to you.
-He is a bigshot having connection
in the Government.
Yes, both voices sound similar.
Who is he?
He is the biggest middleman in Salem.
His name is Kuruvilla.
I have contacted him only through phone,
never met in person.
I have no idea of who he is
or how does he look, sir.
Cool, you said that you'll pay
every month to someone in this business.
Yes, sir.
Have you paid this month?
No, sir.
Still four days left for due date.
Usually one of their men
will come and collect it, sir.
What's all this?
It's a "No Moon day".
Is that so?
You will never change.
Do you think god will shower you
with fortune if you feed such vagabonds?
Damn it.
Shut your mouth.
He didn't come here on his own.
We brought him here.
Shouldn't we wash off
the sins you brought upon?
Keep shut until he finishes his meal.
What sin did I commit that others don't?
Let me put an end to all this today.
Mom, why are you arguing here?
Let him eat,
you come, mom
Storming off for everything has become
routine for both of you.
You're a lucky.
Where are you from, scumbag?
Oh, Cuddalore?
Thyagavalli Village.
How come are you here?
You destiny has been written like that.
Oh, lord!
We are suffering a lot
because of him, swamy.
He has piled up more sins.
Don't worry, all actions have en ending. it...
Hey, open it...
Hey, open it...
It seems the cops had nabbed your guys.
How come you are let free?
I will take care of it, David.
You don'tworry.
Just be on the watchout.
-Ill leave.
Alexa Consultancy Service.
Job offers for educated or uneducated
housewives and unemployees.
See how they lure women.
Look, there is a router over there.
Yes, brother.
Cut off the cable from it.
Okay, brother.
Come on.
Who do you want to meet?
Sundari mam had asked me
to meet her today regarding pooja.
I'll check with her, wait here.
I've sent you
the address on WhatsApp.
All the details
are mentioned in it, okay?
-Tell me.
Someone has come
to meet you.
Go, I'll be there.
Let this be a secret.
-Okay, mam.
-You all leave.
How dare you must be
to come to hostel.
Threatening isn't enough for you.
You need to be thrashed behind bars.
Wait, let me call the cops.
Shall I too reveal everything
about you to the cops?
I mean, on everything you do.
Will you decide to strip
based on one's appearance?
What do you think of me?
It's my hard earned money.
Twenty thousand rupees.
I've come here to quench my thirst
but you're chasing me off.
And threatening that you
will call the cops.
I have come here
knowing well about you.
What do you want now?
An young girl in her 20's,
she must be a virgin...
She should be with me for an hour.
I'll come to the place you prefer.
Are you giving the exact amount?
Check it.
Okay, come tomorrow morning
at 10 o'clock to my house.
But don't turn up in this attire
like a saint.
I should blame my fate.
Who do you want to meet?
They called us for an internet problem.
We have come for service, sir.
Wait a minute,
I'll check with them.
Sign here.
You are called inside, come.
You can leave.
Tell me your address.
We were informed of an internet issue,
where is the main router, mam?
It's inside, there.
Go check that router.
Mam, can I check this modem?
Yes, you can.
-We will call you.
Mam, if you could step out,
I can check it.
-Your name?
-What about your parents?
-My father is no more,
my mother is a housewife.
Email me all the applications.
Oh, god!
Guna! Guna!
Come, let's go.
How dare you remove the hard disk
from my system?
Hey, you...
who are you fraudster?
Internet service people are here.
What do you want?
What are you tweaking in my office?
You're Kuruvilla, right?
Kuruvilla, right!
Guna, take that bag and leave.
Hey, take that chair.
Be ashame of your life.
How many girl's lives
have you ruined?
Call the Inspector.
Didn't I tell you not come
in this attire?
Get in.
Don't keep on scolding.
I've opened this door
for so many big shots.
My fate, I have to do it for you today.
An young girl as you expected.
Be gentle with her.
Priya, you go.
Call me if there is any problem.
-Okay, mam.
Let me go.
Oh, goodness!
Hey, why have you come out
so soon?
Mam, I can't tolerate that guy.
Please, don't compel me.
Listen to me, just for an hour.
Adjust till then.
Mam, his demands...
I can't do what he demand, mam.
Okay, come.
It's a great thing for you
to get a girl.
And now you want her to
fulfill your demands.
Didn't you take huge money from me?
Tell her to do as I say.
She is refusing to do so.
You leave now and
come off later.
I can't.
If not her,
you are okay for me.
Close the door and come in.
I should blame my fate.
You wait outside
and see if anyone comes.
You leave, go home.
Sir, what about mam?
I'll take care, don't worry.
Dear, I don't know what's
your situation is.
Whatever happens in life,
fight against it.
Don't engage in this kind of activities.
If we lose discipline,
then we will lose everything.
Study well.
Thank you, sir.
-Okay, dear.
Hey, who are you?
What do you want?
Why are you torturing me like this?
"As you sow, so shall you reap"
Look, please don't kill me.
I'll give whatever you want.
How many times you want...
However you want... can enjoy with me.
But please spare my life.
You crook...
You should say, take my life
but don't molest me.
You must not be spared.
Please, don't kill me.
If you're ever born again...
-No, leave me, please.
Be seated.
Why did you call me to your home, sir?
Anything important?
We are interrogating
all those we arrested there.
It seems the hard disk is with you.
I called you regarding that.
I guessed it, sir.
We have caught
seven people red handed.
But CSR has been filed
only on three of them.
And that too just a brothel case.
By this time, you must've booked
that Kuruvilla under section 302.
Sir, I have the hard disk with me.
It's not merely a hard disk.
It has the lives of many young girls.
Please tell to file an FIR on them.
How can we file a suicide case as a murder
without any proper evidence?
There's a high political pressure
behind this case.
At least, give me a video evidence of Ramya.
I will take immediate action.
The moment you transferred that Inspector,
I lost my trust on you, sir.
I won't give the hard disk
until an FIR has been filed.
Ramya is your niece, right?
Ask your brother to file a complaint
on this and I will file an FIR.
You can leave now.
Major, the hard disk must
be safe till then.
Come, Arul.
Bring some water.
Have it.
Don't need, let it be.
You please sit.
Come here.
Tell me, uncle...
You please wait for sometime
in aunt's house.
I need to talk personally
with your parents.
Okay, uncle.
Tell me, Arul.
I don't know how to reveal it.
Please, watch this video.
No, this is not my daughter.
You asked me to repair
Ramya's phone, isn't it?
This voice note was found in that phone.
Please listen.
-Ramya, even if you get married,
you should not leave this profession.
-If you deny, I have a video taken
at the lodge, I'll leak out that.
-Attend the client properly, go...
Oh, no!!!
That means, didn't my daughter die
since not interested in marriage?
I raised her with no worries.
I don't understand why she did this.
Is it my fate to see my child this way?
What's the use of crying now?
Not just you.
So many parents here have no clue what
their children do with their phones.
Right from this house...
....she had shown herself nude
to someone over video call, trusting him.
You never knew about it, right?
If I leave to the coffee estate
in the morning...
...I return only by night.
I had left everything in her hands.
Since she stays in the room...
...I thought she must be
either studying or sleeping.
Do such things even happen?
It has happened to us.
If you know this bitter truth,
I know it'll shatter you into pieces.
Yet, I brought this to you.
Brother, if you have the will, we can save
the life of someother innocent girl.
I don't get it.
Sister-in-law, our Ramya
didn't commit suicide.
It's a murder.
Someone has threatened her
to take this decision.
If you aren't hesitant to
spill this truth out...
...either in the form of a complaint
or an interview...
...that's enough, brother.
I'll take care of the rest.
Brother, not just our Ramya...
I have got videos of
700 more girls as evidence.
Trust me, please.
This shouldn't happen to anyone else.
I will speak out to the world.
Stop it.
Please, don't do this.
I can never call my child
a whore and reveal this out.
I still have one more daughter.
Leave it at this moment...
Let it go...
Don't do it.
Else we all three will end our lives
by consuming poison.
Brother, if you could help me...
...please delete the evidence
in this phone.
No, no please.
Can you call your father?
How are you, sir?
Good, how about you?
-I'm good, sir.
I was disrespectful to you the other day.
Please forgive me, sir.
Oh, no! It seems you are
leaving to work.
Be safe.
-Okay, sir.
Bye, dad,
Bye, sir.
Rasu, you have a great fortune.
The gardener of the guest house of my boss
left to his hometown as his wife had died.
I have recommended you for that job.
Leave to Pondicherry immediately.
There will be a guy Muthu.
Tell him I had sent you.
I'll talk the rest to him
on phone, okay?
Brother, I will be ever grateful
for this help.
What's this, Rasu?
This is nothing when compared
to what you did for me.
Also, some petty works are here,
do finish it before you leave.
Okay, brother.
- Come in.
You look very dull today.
I've never seen you like this.
Did they say something in brother's house?
No, nothing like that.
I approached this case
as a military man.
But I didn't approach this with an empathy,
as a family member.
How can a parent come out and say
that their daughter had done this?
Though having all these evidences...
I am guilty that nothing can be done
in bringing out the truth.
From now on, every parent should monitor...
...what their children are doing behind
closed doors with their phones.
Only then, such crimes will reduce.
But we can't bring this out to the world.
What can I do?
Leave that, brother.
The truth doesn't come out in all cases.
How long can they conceal the truth?
Someday, some parent who lost his
daughter will cry and plead to you.
Stand by him and help then, that's it.
Let's not wait for such a thing to happen.
Such an affected father will be somewhere.
Let's find him and bring this issue
to the world somehow.
I'll look for him.
Brother, is this a new content
for our YouTube channel?
A father who seeks justice behind
his daughter's mystery death.
Is it similar to your niece's case?
Where is this from?
Cuddalore District, Thyagavalli village.
What do you want?
Greetings, brother!
I'm here to see Muthu.
Yeah, it's me.
Sir's driver Mani asked
me to meet you.
Are you Rasu?
Come inside...come.
I was stuck here alone with
no one to accompany.
Atleast you have come.
Take shower in the bathroom behind.
We shall eat then, go.
Thyagavalli, get down.
Sir, are you doing good?
I'm good, how about you, Kandha?
I'm pleased to meet you in person.
-Thanks, Kandha.
I watched your streetplay videos
on Youtube.
It was awesome.
Sir, what about you then?
You explain the people the crime stories
that's happening around the world ...
...and rocking with 3 lakh subscribers.
Thank you.
Let's come straightaway to the issue.
Can I meet Bheemarasu?
What sort of a person he is?
It's been many months
since I saw him.
He left from here
after that incident.
His father Rajagopal is there.
I had informed him
about your arrival.
You can ask him
anything you want.
Let's go there.
-Okay, sir.
Come, sir.
Come in, Kandha.
Master, I had told you about a military officer
who is coming here to enquire about our girl.
This is him.
His name is Arulvarman.
Greetings, sir.
-Greetings, brother.
Kandha, ask him to sit here.
I'll be back in a moment.
Okay, master.
Sit down, sir.
He will be back now.
Thank you, sir.
Master, he is a famous YouTuber.
He wants to know some
information about our girl.
Tell me, brother.
Sir, I need to see your son Bheemarasu.
May I know where he is now?
It has been more than seven months
since I saw my son.
Having fighting these fraudster cops,
he cannot take it anymore.
He has lost that hope, brother.
He went to go around the temples.
The death anniversary
is close to two weeks.
Let's see if he turns up.
Sir, you'd have told about this
issue to many people.
If you explain in detail what happened
to your granddaughter Divya...
...It'll be helpful for me to bring
this out to the world.
I'll tell you everything, brother.
You're from the military, right?
I'm telling this with hope to get justice
for my grand daughter's case.
We belong to the clan of
streetplay artisans.
We perform usually the epic Mahabharata.
If my son disguise as Bheema
and performs, he will rock it.
Hail, the mighty!
-Hail the mighty!
The King, Bheema!
-The King, Bheema!
I have come.
Hail, the mighty!
-Hail the mighty!
-The King, Bheema!
-I have come.
Hail, the mighty!
-Hail the mighty!
-The King, Bheema!
-I have come.
Hail, the mighty!
-Hail the mighty!
-The King, Bheema!
-I have come.
Do you know who am I?
I can't identify you in this appearance.
How dare are you mocking me?
Don't you know who am I?
Forgive me...forgive me, the King.
Born in the lineage
of Lunar dynasty...
I was the second among
the five Pandavas.
I'm the mighty King, Bheema.
(Indistinct Voices)
We are a group of ten in total.
Every family had their first graduate.
We were so happy to have
a graduate soon in our family.
That day, we were all eagerly waiting for
my grand daughter's final exam results.
Son, keep this devotional rituals
just to yourself.
My granddaughter has studied well
and she will succeed.
Do not bring your rituals here.
Stop making fun, dad.
When you had fever last month,
you went to the temple, the priest told me.
-He was knocked down.
You ...
What are you giggling at?
If I bang, you'll be counting
your bones, careful.
I know everything,
you mind your business.
Dear, you look for the results.
It'll be out in ten minutes, grandpa.
Let's check on the phone itself.
Divya, brother has promised us
a feast on your result.
It doesn't matter if you even fail.
Just say that you passed out
for sake of us.
Idiot, see if you could teach
virtues to her.
My daughter will pass
with 90% marks.
Dad, the results have
come out, let me check.
Yes, look into it.
Dad, henceforth,
I'm Divya Rajasekharan, B.Sc.
I've cleared it all.
I'm a graduate now.
Oh, lord!
Hey, my family too has got
the first generation graduate.
It's a beautiful moment of bliss
This is the garden of the god
where love plays the music.
This is God's park of bliss.
It's a beautiful moment of bliss
This is the garden of the god
where love plays the music.
This is God's park of bliss.
Our laughter is the purest
of it's form...
Life is not an ocean here...
All the little dreams
are flying out in colors here
This is the happiness
in universal language
A thousand pleasures are here
in this life, wide as sky
Why do you need money
when there is love?
Life is in the size of a palm,
in this wide world.
Realize this to head to the
golden gate to happiness.
Why do the fathers turn into puppets
before their beloved daughters?
Daughters are a poetry who gives
beauty to the world of their father
It's a beautiful moment of bliss
This is the garden of the god
where love plays the music.
This is God's park of bliss.
It has been two months
since my grand daughter got her results.
My son has started
looking a bridegroom for her.
One day he gave her photo and horoscope
to a matchmaker and came home.
He is a good matchmaker, right?
Yes...yes, brother.
Both of you stop there.
Dad, with whose consent did you give
my photo to the matchmaker.
Dear, I have given you good education.
If I get you married to a good guy,
I will be at peace.
What's wrong with this
that you make us stand here...
...not even giving water
for our thirst.
So you were the one who made this?
Look here, it's between you and your daughter.
Don't involve me in this.
I'm stuck here teary eyed
by cutting onions.
Having done everything,
why do you scold grandpa now?
Kandha brother, read to him
what's written in it.
Brother, she has applied for higher studies
in Chennai, Pondicherry and Perambalur.
They have called her for an interview.
If you look for a groom now, instead
of getting angry, will she caress you?
Dear, are you going to study
for three more years?
No, dad. Just two years.
It'll be over soon.
Please dad, I'll study.
Don't prefer Chennai or Pondicherry.
They started living like foreigners.
We would consider Perambalur
if you wish.
Dad, no need of interview if it's Perambalur,
We can pay the fees immediately.
Okay, I'll arrange the money
in two days, you go study.
Okay, dad.
We decided to make her study further.
With all our savings
and loans here and there...
...we managed to pay
the college fees.
Five days a week,
she stayed in the hostel.
Every weekend, she will be in
home sharply at 9 o'clock.
She goes back by monday morning.
Sir, why did you admit her
far away in Perambalur?
She could've done the same
master degree in Cuddalore.
It's just 150 kms, brother.
Not only that, whatever is her desire,
my son will fulfill it.
She wanted to explore the other world.
Since she was a gradute already,
we trusted her on this.
One and a half years passed away swiftly.
One day, a guy came to our house
saying as my granddaughter's friend.
"What's in the eye,
oh, virgin deer..."
"Is it an epic or painting,
oh, virgin deer..."
"What's in the eye,
oh, virgin deer..."
"Is it an epic or painting,
oh, virgin deer..."
Greetings to all of you
who came here upon love.
If you remain silent,
our story will be sweet.
Greetings to all of you
who came here upon love.
If you remain silent,
our story will be sweet.
Greetings, sir.
Who are you?
I'm Divya's friend.
This is my friend Kathir.
He is my classmate and is
very supportive to me.
He is from Chinna Kaatu Saaku.
She has told a lot about you,
grandfather and your streetplays.
That's why, I wished to see you all.
Glad about it.
Dear, take him inside and give him buttermilk.
Okay, dad.
I'll go, sir.
This is my friend Kathir.
Bless me, grandpa.
Stay blessed.
Let me bring him buttermilk.
Where are you going?
Sit here.
Are you in the same class of Divya?
Yes grandpa, where are the costumes
that you wear?
Over there, have a look.
-Come here.
This is what they call
as Adavu, right?
Yes, these are all worn
only in nights during the play.
Grandpa, do you even perform?
I used to do back in the old days.
Sir, I feel really happy to have seen
the rehearsals of your streetplay.
Let me take leave then, sir.
Bye Grandpa, bye.
-Okay. -bye.
Divya dear, you've grown enough to
bring your boyfriend home.
Great, dear!
Dad, stop it.
Planting ideas into her head.
What's all this new habit?
Looks like you both are close.
Please tell me,
I'm getting anxious.
Dad, nothing of that sort.
I just want to be transparent,
that's why I called him home.
He said he likes me a lot and
he wants to marry me.
But I told him, I will comply
by my dad's choice.
Hey, why are you
threatening my dearest?
Why do you worry, dear?
Just say that you like him,
I will manage everyone.
No grandpa, everything is
only on my dad's consent.
Everything is his wish.
Dad, did you listen to my daughter?
Dear, you concentrate on your studies now.
If he has the same love
even after your studies...
Then I'll go talk to his family.
Dad, I won't do anything that
will hurt your dignity.
I'll never let down the dignity
of our family or our culture.
Now go back to your rehearsal.
Grandpa, shall we go?
Come on, dear! Let's go.
Myself and my son liked that guy.
We enquired about his family.
His father owned a rice mill
in the neighbouring town.
Everyone around said
good about that family.
We planned to have the
marriage after her studies.
But with two months left
for the course to end...
One day, suddenly my grand
daughter came home crying.
Divya, dear!
Why are you not talking to grandpa?
Divya, dear!
- Grandpa!
What happened, my child?
Why are you crying, dear?
I have committed a grave mistake, grandpa.
Wonder, have you done a mistake?
What did you do? Tell me.
Please don't cry, dear.
Where is dad?
I need my dad now.
He has gone to perform
in a neighbouring village.
I'll call him here,
Please, don't cry my child.
Please, go inside.
Oh, no! I don't know what happened.
(Hymn from the epic Mahabharat)
Tell me, master.
Brother is playing drama.
Hey, where is Rasu?
Give him the phone.
Master is on the phone, he wants
to talk something important.
Let me talk later.
-He says it's an emergency, brother.
Dad, what's the hurry?
Rasu, Divya has come home..
She keeps weeping
and doesn't tell me anything.
She says she will tell only to you.
Come as soon as possible.
You take care,
I'll be there in ten minutes.
What happened?
-Have you come?
She came home suddenly
and is weeping since then.
She said she will tell
only if you come.
Dear, what happened?
Oh, no! Your face has turned red!
What happened, Dear?
Dad, I committed a grave mistake.
Okay, we can talk.
Sit down...sit down...
calm yourself.
Tell me what happened, dear!
I don't want to live anymore, dad.
My dear, what's that?
Why do you say such things?
Dear, don't cry....don't cry...
Don't cry, I'm there for you.
Dear, please answer your dad.
Please tell us what happened.
Whatever the problem is,
we will manage.
Tell me, dear.
I swear I won't scold you.
I wish your mother had been alive now.
Stop crying and tell me, dear.
Tell me...Tell me.
Dad, in my hostel...
"Happy birthday"
- Thank you.
How come are you here?
What will happen
if the watchman notice you?
Hurry up, leave from here.
I've bribed him 2000 rupees for this.
No problem at all.
Now let's cut the cake.
You fraudster.
"Happy birthday"
-Thank you.
Blow the candle and cut the cake.
Thanks, dear.
Thank you...thank you...
But now you must leave,
someone might see you here.
If the warden spots you,
It'll be a big problem.
Hurry up now.
What? That's all?
It's late already, please go.
I bought cake and came with great effort
and you're driving me away.
Come with me for a moment,
I'll tell you.
Come here.
Hey, what are you doing?
Nothing, just come along for a minute.
Listen to me.
Why are you being anxious?
Someone might spot us.
Just a minute, give me
something special and I'll leave.
What do you mean?
Nothing like that.
It's your birthday. It's been
one year since we are in love.
Give me something special.
No, nothing.
No, I can't do anything.
You leave immediately.
Hey, why do you always
throw tantrums?
Even your dad agreed for us, right?
For that sake?
This is not right.
It's wrong.
-Hey, please...please...
Listen to me.
-Why do you do like this?
I'll leave for my room, then.
Divya, you have a courier.
Come, let me show you.
Why are you closing the door now?
I will thrash you to pieces.
I'll complaint to the warden.
Just wait.
I'll show the courier you received.
Take a look at it.
You can then complain to
anyone you want.
You are a trickster.
Your dad said you are like a child.
But you are such a .
Shall I show this to your dad?
You must be...
Will anyone believe
that you're from a village?
Daughter of an artist, isn't it?
You carry that niche with you.
Nothing to worry.
I'll delete it.
Give me the chain you're wearing.
You have to do.
Get lost.
-Tell me, mam.
Come to my cabin immediately.
What's the problem yesterday
in watchman's room?
Nothing, mam.
You were normal when going inside
but came out crying.
Did he misbehave with you?
Nothing, mam.
Nothing like that.
Look here, he isn't uttering anything
and it seems you're managing something.
Tell me without fear.
I'm like your sister.
I'll immediately take some action.
Nothing like that, mam.
Very good, this is how
you should manage, okay?
Be seated, sir.
He is working as a
professor in our college.
Have you seen him?
-Tell me, mam.
Divya is our girl.
I have to go out for rounds.
I'll go.
Both of you keep talking.
I'll take care, mam.
Sir is from our college.
Talk to him.
Hi, Divya!
-Just for five minutes.
-Be calm.
- Just caressing is enough.
Sir, leave me.
Hey, look! Just five minutes.
If you won't agree,
your lip lock video is with me.
I'll straightaway go to Cuddalore
and show your father, is it okay?
Please, sir!
What, sir?
Mam, she is a Beautiful girl.
Brought up nourishingly.
She will have more demand.
Divya, does all this seem to be new?
Look, many girls like you
are committed to me.
Whenever I say, just you adjust for
half-an-hour to people like him.
You will get good income.
You can live luxuriously
buying dresses and cell phone.
Do you think all these are wrong?
Not at all.
women...'s not at all wrong.
Do you understand?
If you don't obey me...
I'll send your video by WhatsApp
to your father in Thyagavalli village.
Think well and tell me
your decision tomorrow.
Dad, I have done by mistake.
Dad, kill me.
Why, dear?
You told me many times
to be disciplined.
But because of the mistake I did once
so many things has happened.
Kill me, dad.
Look, don't talk like that.
Let's think how to
solve this problem.
Sleep now, dear.
-Tell me.
You be with her.
I'll stay out.
You go.
Dad, take care of her.
Don't leave her alone.
I'll take care,
I'll be with her.
Take care of her.
Divya, don't cry.
I am here with you.
Rasaiah, get up.
What happened now
that both of you are crying?
Nowadays, getting conceived
and aborting is done silently.
What has happened here?
She told us everything, isn't it?
Just a kiss, for that sake...
Look, the one who took
the video is the culprit.
He shouldn't be spared.
Come, let's go to the cops.
Get up.
Dad, be calm.
It's her life.
If we go to the cops,
they'll release the video.
What will the people in our village think?
They will all comment at once
the folk artisan's daughter is flirting around.
Moreover, it's a college where
more than thousand students are studying.
She told me the truth
since she trust me.
Let's see.
Whatever damn thing,
go inside and pacify her.
Divya, get up.
Dad, I'm afraid that you will hate me.
I'm not a bad girl.
I did it unknowingly.
Forgive me, dad.
Oh, dear! I didn't think
anything like that.
Something happened
due to circumstances.
I don't understand anything.
I didn't mistake you, dear.
You don't think about anything.
They threatened you
that they will show me, right?
Let them come, I will see.
You be bold.
Go, take bath first.
Okay, dad.
After that problem, the happiness
in my family was lost.
She stopped going to college.
I pleaded her to the core.
Suddenly one day, she said
she will appear for the exam.
What, dear?
You sit, first.
I thought not to attend the exams, dad.
From tomorrow, the final
semester exams begin.
Five subjects in five days.
That's why, I'm thinking of going to college
to get the hall ticket and attend the exam.
Dad, will you accompany me?
I'll feel bold.
What else do I have other than this?
I thought of saying you.
Go get ready.
I'll accompany you for all the exams.
Okay, dad.
Both went to college together.
They came happily after taking
permission to write the exam.
My son left to perform drama
and returned at dawn.
(Indistinct Voices)
Dad, did you water the fields?
People are coming today to see
the whip grove, wake me up on time.
Had Divya left?
No, she is still sleeping.
Today is the final exam, dad.
Okay, I'll wake her up.
You get the hot water ready for me.
My body is so painful.
I told you to take care of her, isn't it?
What, dear?
I told you to take care, isn't it?
What are you saying,
I don't understand anything.
I told you to take care, isn't it?
Dear, what's this?
What happened?
I told you to take care of her, isn't it?
Raasu, what happened?
Brother, what happened?
What happened?
I couldn't understand anything.
What happened?
I told you to take care of her, isn't it?
Tell me what it is.
Go, see her.
Hey, check what it is.
We took her to the Government hospital.
They said it has been
three hours since she died.
My son was deranged.
When the cops interrogated
you might've told about those three people.
We didn't even do the rituals
to my granddaughter after her last rites.
We stayed at the police station asking
to arrest that people.
Greetings, sir.
Sir, do us some justice.
Hey, why are you creating nuisance
almost for four days?
Sir, my daughter did not die on her own.
Sundari, the hostel warden...
Chakravarthy, the professor
and Mani, the watchman...
Since those three people threatened her,
she committed suicide, sir.
Arrest them and enquire, sir.
We can't file an FIR as you expect.
Do you have any evidence?
You don't have, right?
I have written everything you said.
I will investigate and take action.
You go out, go...
Don't know how to raise a girl
and letting her to flirt with someone.
If there is any problem
and she dies...
...then filing complaint against
the rich people for sake of money.
Constable, make them understand.
Sir, please come here.
Rasu, the constable is calling.
Why are you waiting here everyday?
If you complaint against such a big college,
how will he file a case?
Even if what you say is true,
he will go all the way to the Supreme Court.
Can you go that far?
What to say?
Bring a good advocate.
Only then the inspector gets scared.
It's a great loss for you.
Please go.
Don't say I told you so.
They lodged an FIR
on the voice of that lawyer.
But after that, there wasn't
any intense action.
As days passed on,
the advocate also became quiet.
I don't know what my son was thinking.
He left home dressed up in saffron.
I'm crying alone in this house
thinking of this family.
I'm pleading you, take some action
and imprison those three people.
Don't leave them.
Oh, no! Sir!
Don't worry, I'll do all the help I can.
Okay, brother.
Stay blessed.
Thank you, sir.
- Stay blessed.
Kandha, I want to meet that advocate.
Could you arrange for it?
Yeah, I'll take you, sir.
Let's go.
Dear, why did you leave me?
You had the courage to say
everything on the phone.
You could've told me with that courage
about the college owner.
Our lineage has ended now.
Thinking that our profession
and family should not be tainted... took a decision on your own
and have gone down in flames.
Could you hear what I'm saying?
What are you speaking alone, brother?
Oh, thinking of your family?
My family is in this fire.
That's why I'm asking angrily.
But not getting any reply.
Are you teasing me, brother?
Go sleep, brother.
You go, we will fight.
I have a lot ot talk.
-I can't understand him.
Sit down, sir.
He is my friend Arulvarman.
Retired from military.
He has few doubts regarding Divya's case.
That's why I brought him to you.
You ask, sir.
Tell me, sir.
Sir, in Divya's case,
you pressurised the cops to file an FIR.
It's been almost a year.
Why didn't they arrest
those three people yet?
Sir, in this case, since the
college name is involved...
...they gave pressure from high level
and hid everything, sir.
No media is interested to
telecast news regarding this, sir.
Recently, I got a news.
Even if we decide, hereafter
we can't arrest those three.
Why, sir?
Because someone brutally
killed those three of them sir.
How, sir? What happened?
Even I don't know what happened, sir.
Come to the police station tomorrow,
we will speak with the inspector.
Greetings, sir.
-Greetings, sir.
Sit down, sir.
Greetings, sir.
Sir, I have asked you details
regarding Divya's case.
-I need it, sir.
Who are these people, sir?
They are Divya's relatives, sir.
As these three cases happened in
three different police station limits...
It took time to gather information, sir.
First, Professor Chakravarthy...
He took a girl who is studying
in the college to a forest...
In that place, some lunatic hit him
and took him is what the girl has told.
After that, see what happened.
His anus was ripped apart
and he was killed, sir.
Second, Watchman Mani.
When he went to his home for lunch,
Someone followed him and locked
his wife and daughter in a room.
Hit him to death with a wooden log
and took his chain.
Third, the ladies hostel warden Sundari.
It seems she is already a middlewoman.
She did a business by using college girls.
Even on the day of her death,
she had arranged a girl for a guy.
The guy who came said that girl
is not obeying, so he called her itself.
Don't know what happened later.
She was hanged upside down
and murdered by slitting her throat.
We are searching for the
accused in these three cases.
Sir, those three who were involved in
Divya's suicide case were murdered.
Are you not suspicious?
I can understand
what you are trying to tell.
Actually, on the second
day after Divya died...
...the college management had
dismissed these three people.
Then, they worked in
three different places.
In all these three cases,
They were murdered in different
patterns and different motivations.
The concerned police station
is investigating this seriously, sir.
Sir, can I get copies of these photos?
Sure, wait for a while,
I will give.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Are you searching for any connection
in these three murders?
I thought about it when
you asked the inspector.
But there is no connection
to these three cases, sir.
Just like cinema,
if there was any pattern like cutting
the finger and writing in blood, it will match.
But in this case, there is nothing like that.
It's there, Kandha.
These three people see
innocent girls as business.
Someone who was affected like
Bheemarasu must have done this.
You suspect Bheemarasu brother?
He doesn't get angry even if someone
gets drunk and talk ill about his profession.
He is an innocent, sir.
Look at this, he tore his
private part and anus.
That is, he tried to tear him
into two pieces.
It tells something, Kandha.
Even in Mahabharata,
there is a similar case.
Bheema slit King Jarasandha into
two parts as said by Lord Krishna.
What's there in it?
He might got angry,
so killed him, that's all.
Is there a slaying story like that?
Yes sir, people who read
Mahabharata knows well.
Who read it nowadays, sir?
Come sir, it's getting late.
I have done cooking.
Let's eat and sleep.
Kandha, In Mahabharata story,
the Bheema character...
What do they say?
Baton, right?
By hitting with that,
crushing the ribs...
Is there any slaying like that?
There is nothing like that, sir.
It's there, sir.
There was a demon Jadasuran.
Bheema thrashed him with a baton...
...broke his ribs, killed
and threw him away, sir.
You eat.
I just asked.
Kandha, is there any incident in
Mahabharata like Bheema slitting the throat?
You are asking questions
like a riddle, sir.
It's there, sir.
Bheema beheaded Keechaka,
slit his tongue, made it as wick and lit diya.
Kandha, say me the truth.
Is your brother's real name is
Bheemarasu or is there anything else?
No, sir.
His name is Rajasekar.
But in street play, no one can
match him in the role of Bheema.
So he got the name, "Bheemarasu".
But while you are asking all this,
I'm getting nervous, sir.
Even I feel nervous.
Maybe your brother have killed
all three of them like in Mahabharata.
I want to see the guy
who fell in love with Divya.
He is in neighbouring town.
We can see him in person
tomorrow morning.
Why, sir?
Tomorrow you'd understand
eventually, sleep now.
Sister, will it be extra three bags?
-Yes, it will.
Okay, hurry up.
Come Kandha, why are you here?
Want to speak to you alone.
Sister, stay inside.
-Okay, sir.
What happened, Kandha?
Who is he?
I'm Arulvarman.
An ex- serviceman, now a YouTuber.
I'm making videos on criminology cases.
I have seen, sir.
What's the matter, sir?
In recent days, did you come across
anyone trying to follow or attack you?
Nothing like that, why sir?
Keep it confidential about
what I'm going to tell you.
The three people involved in
Divya's suicide case were murdered.
I think it was Divya's father
Bheemarasu who did it.
Wait sir, why are you
asking unnecessary things?
Why do you involve in this?
Suppose if you are the next target?
Sir, I know how to take care of myself.
Kandha, take him and leave.
Sir, let's leave.
-Why are you bringing him here?
Kandha, just a minute.
I can understand your anger.
My niece in Salem was similarly trapped
in a problem like this and commited suicide.
Do you know how many girls
are involved in this kind of problem?
You know some truth about this case.
Please share with me.
Tell me, sir.
What you said is true.
Divya's father did those three murders.
But he is not going to kill me next.
Then, whom?
My college correspondent Nagarajan.
What happened?
That day, Divya and her father
came to college to collect the hall ticket.
I came to get my semester hall ticket.
Divya M.Sc.,Second year.
In no dues, it says you
have taken long leave.
Yes, sir.
Meet the Correspondent and get a letter.
I will issue the hall ticket.
Okay, sir.
Dad, due to long leave he is
asking to meet the correspondent.
I won't tell what had happened.
I will say it's a medical issue,
that's why I took leave for two months.
Will you sit anywhere here, dad?
I will also come, dear.
Dad, if I take parents, they will
think there must be some problem.
I will speak to him and solve this.
If necessary, I will call, dad.
Till then, stay somewhere here.
Okay dear, careful.
Okay dad.
Call if anything happens.
I will be here only.
Okay, dad.
-Come in.
Divya, right?
Have you come to get hall ticket?
Yes, sir.
Do you think it's your
father's own college?
You didn't attend college for two months
and came straight away to collect the hall ticket.
It's your father
who is outside, right?
If you bring your father,
are we supposed to give hall ticket?
Sir, sorry.
I wasn't well that's why
I took long leave.
What happened to you?
You're looking fine.
I know everything.
Your hostel warden and
the professor told me everything.
You and...
that guy, Kathir...
Both of you can get
the dismissal order and leave.
Not only that, I will telecast
your video in the office LED TV.
Then only, everyone will have fear
and be disciplined.
Please don't do that, sir.
Please, sir.
Our life will be ruined, sir.
Sir, please.
We did it by mistake.
Please sir, sorry sir.
What, please?
You created nuisance
in my hostel campus.
To make up for it,
when a lady warden...
...says something, you've to listen to it.
But you've come here.
Go, the dismissal order will be ready.
Get it and leave.
Sir, please sir.
I don't even need the hall ticket.
I will leave, sir
Don't display the video, sir.
Okay, take that guy along
but I will display it.
Sorry, sir...
I did it by mistake, sir.
What should I do now, sir?
You got it.
Look there, that is my personal room.
That has all comforts.
I will go inside.
I will go inside.
Be ready for everything.
Or else leave like this.
I will display the video, okay?
The ball is in your court, okay?
I will get ready.
"Your beauty is intoxicating
My love is crazy"
You are better than I imagined.
Adjust with me now and then.
I'll introduce you to some big shots.
Adjust with them.
I will settle you in big range.
Now go to the office.
I'll tell to give you
two hall tickets.
A small mistake which I did
took her life today.
Even I'd have died but
I'm not bold enough.
After getting the hall tickets,
She called me from home
and told me everything.
She said not to leave anyone
who is responsible for her death.
And she sent this video
and died by consuming poison, sir.
Does Divya's father know
about this video?
I felt guilty, sir.
After three months of her death,
I went to her father
and told all the truth, sir.
Forgive me, sir.
Hey, get up.
Forgive me, sir.
-Get up...get up...
I didn't expect what I did playfully
would turn as a tragedy.
It's okay even if you kill me.
I came to tell you in person.
Watch this video.
He is my college correspondent.
She consumed poison,
saying not to spare anyone.
I dont know what to do?
He left at that moment,
he didn't return till now.
I don't have any idea
regarding his whereabouts.
Whoever did this mistake,
ought to die, but not in this way.
They should die with humiliation.
Can you send this video, please?
Okay, sir.
Why, sir?
Are you going to release this video?
If we release this video right now,
police will suspect Bheemarasu.
I have to meet few people
regarding this case.
I will tell you later.
Thank you, brother.
Whom do you want, sir?
You're watchman's wife, right?
Yes, where are you coming from?
I'm from Cuddalore.
You know him, isn't it?
Don't be afraid,
I'm not a cop.
The FIR report says you were
at home on the day of the murder.
But when the cops enquired,
why didn't you say anything about him?
Before he committed the murder...
...he told me what mistake
my husband had done, sir.
I too have a grown up girl.
What would it be, that happened to
his daughter if happened to my daughter.
That's all I could think about, sir.
I couldn't be able to pay the hostel fees, sir.
They used it and dragged me
into this illicit business.
He told me clearly all the brutality
happened to his daughter, sir.
He was very kind to me than my father.
What he did is right, isn't it, sir?
Please don't tell anyone else
what I told about him, sir.
My husband is a scoundrel.
He isn't a good person.
I swear on my daughter,
I'll not testify him anywhere, sir.
Kandha, start recording
praying that all should go well.
Start, sir.
Greetings, I'm your Arulvarman.
Today, in our channel I'm going to post
a shocking video about a big shot.
He is a big shot
living in Perambalur.
He presents himself as
a philanthropist to the society.
In the last two years,
eighteen girls studying in his college...
...have committed suicide
for other reasons.
A girl who committed suicide took a video
of that big shot without his knowledge...
...and you're about to watch it
What is this?
Hey see this.
Adjust with me now and then.
I'll introduce you to some big shots.
Adjust with them too.
I will settle you in a big range.
Now go to the office,
I'll tell to give you two hall tickets.
Now you know who the big shot is.
He had ruined the lives of many girls,
portraying him as a big shot.
Repent, or one day you will be amended.
If this big shot accepts his mistake
and surrender, I'll leave this problem.
If not, then more evidences
will be released.
Meet you in the next video,
signing off now.
Sir, GM college correspondent
Nagarajan video has been released.
Hope you would've watched it.
How did you feel when watching the video?
It was a great shock,
if philanthropists turn as philanderers...
...Then what will be
the fate of the students?
What is the need of a bedroom
at college office?
Hereafter, to every private school
and college in Tamilnadu...
...a squad must be sent every month
for checking by the Government, sir.
Through this program I make a request, sir.
Definitely sir, now the students are
protesting at GM college.
Let's check with the reporter
what's going on there and continue talking, sir.
Many girls committed suicide
in our college as said by the Major.
Only now we understand
it was all sexual harassment.
They hid the truth, by giving reasons
as exam fees and love failure.
This protest is to get
a solution for this injustice.
Like this, we have heard
many things in the hostel.
Even few professors tried to
misbehave with the students.
Until our correspondent is arrested
and we know what is the truth...
We'll not attend the classes
and continue to protest.
The silent protest of
GM college students is going on...
Based on their demand, GM college
correspondent Nagarajan should be arrested...
...and whether he will be investigated
is a big question among the public.
Let's wait and see
whether it happens.
As I said get the proceedings ready.
Hey, advocate.
-Rest we'll see in the court.
-Who is he?
He is talking too much.
He released the video
and ruining my dignity.
How dare the students of my college
is giving interview to arrest me.
What are you going to do?
Sir, don't take seriously
what's said on the media.
If we give them money
they'll talk favourable to us.
We should ensure
the police doesn't enter our premises.
Because this issue is very serious now.
Unnecessarily the media
exaggerated this issue, sir.
If you can stay out somewhere
safe for two days...
I'll will file a suite in the court
and dismiss it, sir.
Hey, don't prolong till arrest.
-No, sir.
Else I'll lose dignity.
-Sir, I'll take care.
For a couple of days,
I'll stay safely outside.
You make sure
to reverse in my favour.
Sir, that's enough, I'll handle
the military man in the court.
Greetings, boss.
How are you doing?
-I'm doing good, boss.
Where is Arumugam?
Since his wife died,
he left to his hometown, boss.
Hey, come here.
Mani brother joined him here in the job.
Where are you from?
-I'm from Nadu naadu.
It should be clean around the house.
Okay sir.
CT/128/22 Arulvarman.
Defamation suite has been filed
on your name.
Didn't any lawyer come
to argue on your behalf?
No, sir.
I'll explain myself, sir.
He says he will explain himself.
What is your accusation, sir?
Greetings, your honour.
He owns a private YouTube channel.
He had posted a video a fortnight ago.
In that video, the one who looks similar
to GM college correspondent Nagarajan...
...was shown half-naked
and talking to a girl.
Subsequently, it caused huge confusion
for the students and the parents...
...and also brought
a huge disrepute to the college.
We don't know from which college
administration he took money and did this.
To clear the bad reputation
occured to the college...
...and towards tribulation to us, I request you
to get us 15 crores from him, your honour.
Sir, I'm asking a basic question
to the advocate.
Sir, the one in the video is
GM college correspondent Nagarajan...
...I want to know from him
whether he accepts it.
No, your honour.
In a way to spoil the reputation
of Nagarajan...
...either by someone who looks similar
or by graphics they have fabricated.
This is what my argument is, your honour.
In this video, I didn't specify
that Nagarajan is the culprit, sir.
Then on what basis, they've filed a
defamation case on me asking for 15 crores.
The public recognized his fault
and calls for his arrest, sir.
This is a video given from the victim's side.
That's what I have posted, sir.
And one more important thing.
The girl who took this video is not alive now, sir.
Had this video given by the affected family,
then tell the Judge who they are.
If the girl is dead, show the
FIR copy filed in the station.
There isn't any probability
for this to happen, your honour.
Who is the girl in the video?
Tell me the details of the girl.
If not, as per law
necessary action will be taken.
Sir, in many colleges, many suicides like this
were covered up with money.
I posted this video as an end point
and an awareness for issues like this.
Sir, the deceased girl's case has been filed,
that too in the name of that college.
Sir, if you give me some time,
I'll produce all the required evidences to you.
I'll grant you thirty days time.
By then if you don't produce
the exact information, you'll be arrested.
Now, I consider there isn't any connection
to the video and the correspondent...
...and I order the police department to
intervene and ensure the college runs smoothly.
Thank you, your honour.
Brother, I thought boss will stay
here for a week.
He is leaving tonight
as his work got over.
I'll go buy jackfruit and be back.
If boss calls, go do the needful.
Hey, where are you going?
To kill the boss.
Hey, how dare you talk like this?
The problem is between him and me,
why do you interfere and die?
Hey, what is happening here?
Boss, he is determined to kill you.
I'm coming.
Why are you sitting in the washroom?
Hey, why have you come
to kill me?
I'll give you half of my property.
Please spare me alive.
My daughter's wedding is
scheduled next month.
You don't even know who I'm!
Two years ago, I admitted
my daughter Divya in your college.
I paid the fees, greeted you
and left.
Oh, I don't recognise.
I played the role of Bakasuran
only in the drama, now playing in live.
Please leave me.
How is that? Only your daughter
should live happily.
If other girls get into trouble,
you frame them as .
No, hereafter I'll not do it.
How are you doing?
Dear Rasu, have you come?
Hey, Shanmugam! My son has come back.
Hey, Muruga! My son has come back.
Come my dear, come.
At this old age... left me alone not bothering
whether I'm dead or live.
Dad, don't talk like this.
Hereafter I'll not go anywhere
leaving you.
I'll be with you always and take care of you.
-Thats enough, dear.
Ritual has been arranged for Divya.
Come, lit the camphor.
All of you come.
How are you doing?
I'm doing good, brother.
How are you doing, brother?
I looked everywhere for you.
I couldn't find you.
I was going around the temples.
Who is this?
My name is Arulvarman.
Salem is my hometwon.
I'm an ex-serviceman.
In order to make people aware of
the problems that are occuring in the country...
...I am uploading videos
on YouTube channel.
I heard about you.
You're a great person, sir.
What great I did, sir?
I'm from a village, a folk artist.
I sing well and dance.
Tell me, is there any benefit out of it?
Sir, my niece Ramya also
got into a problem and committed suicide.
My brother and sister-in-law
feared to speak out.
But you bravely faced your daughter's problem
and went to the police and advocate.
Since you didn't get justice,
you did a great thing, sir.
Sir, I know all the details
about this case.
Those who are concerned in this case
have understood the legitimate cause.
Nothing will happen to you, sir.
No, surely some day I'll be punished
for my mistake.
Sir, as far as I know,
not even one evidence is against you.
What he thinks will surely happen sir.
Can you do me a help?
Tell me sir.
Look there.
In this era, with cell phones
and new scientific inventions...
...don't know what all problems
will arise.
They are all obsessed to it.
Explain them and their parents
how much dangerous it is.
That's enough.
Greetings to all.
I'm Major Arulvarman.
In our channel, we have talked about
many crimes that happened across the country.
For the first time I'm going to talk
about a case in which I was involved.
All of you would've heard about the
character Bakasuran in Mahabharata.
He has the habit of swallowing
anything for his hunger.
People were afraid of him,
bowed him and gave him food everyday.
At one point, for his relentless appetite,
...he started devouring
not only cows but also the people.
Finally he was killed by Bheema,
one of the five Pandavas.
Not only during the Mahabharata period,
even now Bakasurans exist.
Do you want to see who it is?
It's none other than this cell phone.
At the beginning, this cell
phone was very useful.
Later on, it started to spellbind
many for it's voracious appetite.
The cell phone doesn't restrict only
to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.
It has thousands of dangerous apps also.
Knowingly or unknowingly
if you start using it...
Then you'll be forced to face many
dreadful incidents in your life.
Gone are the days when we thought
our children would be safe at home.
Now we live in a fear of what Apps
are there on our children's cell phone.
Bheema came to destroy
that Bakasuran in Mahabharata.
But I don't know who is going
to come to destroy this Bakasuran?
The only solution for this is
to closely monitor our children.
I'm telling this not to scare you
but to be aware.