Baker, The (2007) Movie Script

In the moment when I say the number 3... will enter the state of deep relaxation
All the stresses and worries of the day...
...will fall away,
and you will feel complete relaxed
As you fall towards the states of tremendous well being
Deeper and deeper...
Good Morning, Melville.
Hey, here you go
What did you want to be when you grow up?
- When you were a boy, I mean
- Rich?
- Well, I say this mission is accomplished
- What do you want?
What do I want was anybody want
Happiness, love, world peace... is the 6 million dollar question, isn't it?
- You want 6 million dollars
- No.
But these things take time,
it's all tight up...
Shut up
- Please, don't kill me
I am not going to
You gonna disappear.
You change your name,
you take nothing with you... tell no one and you'll never,
this important bit... never, ever come back
- I heard Brazil is nice
- Very nice
If you offend any of these conditions...
- ...I will find you
- Thank you
Don't thank me,
just do it
No, really, thank you
I haven't clear for a week
What are you doing here?
Bjorn, This is my job
Your ass is mine now, Milo.
When management hears about this
I have your head on the plate
What make your mind?
if my head is my ass you want
A bit of both
Why not do now then?
I don't want people accusing me acting unprofessionally
I wait for the paperworks
When I have this, no one was able to say,
not even Leo
I was waiting for this since I was in Amsterdam.
Hi, my name is Milo...
...I am 33
Hi, my name is Milo...
...I am 33
I like... go into restaurants..
I like into cinema...
I like clapping
...reading, writing,
My name is Milo...
I am a professional hitman
And I have been it too long
What I am looking for?
Someone to...someone to
share of things, with
A life without secrets
A new beginning I suppose
If it's possible
I have no idea, what I am looking for
I know when I find it
- Hello
I don't think I can go through with this
What are you doing Leo, with my...
Have you seen what happens to
people when they retired?
Leo, we've been through this
I don't see this end,
I see this new begin
Life step has to taking
What have you been doing for last 20 years
I was...quiet when we met
Did you say that you're sitting what I am now?
And where is that?
I am in my future
I am in the Autumn Sun Retirement Village
With Stanley.
You are in deep trouble, Milo
I feel the same
Are you having a nervous breakdown?
Leo... can we...
talking about it some other time?
It's's not really convenient right now
You have to acknowledge you have a problem before you can fix it, Milo.
In the mean time, get out of town...
...use the biscuit tin
Go to my place in the country...
And there went out another horse ...
... and the power was given to him that sat
thereon to take peace from the earth
and they should kill one and another
And I heard the voice in the mid of 4 beasts says...
...a measure of a wheat for a penny
3 measures of the barley for a penny
...and see that hurt not the oil and the wine
And I looked and behold the pale horse...
and him who sat on him was death...
and hell followed with him
You got that?
How are you feeling?
Come on Lucky, off the bed
- Who are you?
- I am gonna ask you the same question
- Where am I
- In my house
- How did I get here
- My car
Can I get my arm now?
A ship's been exploded, did they normally do that?
The question is what were you doing up there?
- Why is that question?
- Ship don't do themselves up
You think I did that?
I got better things to do with my time
- Is that right?
- Yes
Yes, it is
Where do you think you're going?
Thank you for your assistant
I don't want take any more of your time
You are not going anywhere
I am sorry
Not until I know for sure it wasn't you
- You're serious?
- Deadly
Just look me in the eyes saying
it wasn't you then you free to go
Did you always guest like this?
Not guest, you are suspect
Go on, how hard it can be to look
someone in the eyes and tell the truth
It wasn't me
That wasn't too hard, was it?
- You can go now
- Thank you
- I give you a lift you like
- That won't be necessary
I know, come on
It's Glock 17.
It made almost entirely of plastic
Making it's...
by metal detectors
for this reason alone, it is the hand gun
of choice for professional assassin.
for professional assassins
Thanks again
Take this, pain killers
It's for dogs, so if you get nervous,
call Craig Anposton, where aware of
Welcome to Gwynfyd.
What I am looking for?
Someone to share things, with
Oh... Milo.
Hello, nice hat
Boy, she's a beauty isn't she
- Will you on the mot?
- Alright...
...Give long shanks so I can kick it
Start with what you learnt from Edmond Society
- Long shanks
- Edwards the 1st, King of
England, 1272 to 1307
I can see you are not historical gentlemen
- I am afraid not
It's you, isn't it?
What's me?
I thought so
I think, I think you might
made some sort of mistake
Oh, no, no, not at all, not at all
we've being expecting you
- Yeah?
- Yes, I know it
- You're the baker
- The baker?
The baker... Yes
of course I...
I know, I tell you what, I know at the moment
you walked through that door there
There's all the fresh bread about you
You know, pies, cakes, wondful
I often thought myself,
there's no noble craft than baking bread
Well, after all, will it be...
load the humble loaf
Of course
Bryn Morgan
Bring you legitimate liquids
- Milo.
- Milo...
Never trust the one just give you full name?
- Milo Shakespeare.
- Shakespeare.
"The smell of blood still.
"All the perfumes of Arabia
will not sweeten this little hand"
Oh, Macbeth
- Any relation?
- to Macbeth?
- Shakespeare.
- Not that I know of
It was pity, great mind, wonderful writer
As they say
Never trust baldness
Rhys... get your ass up here now.
This is Milo, Milo Shakespeare
No relation
Rhys Edwards, I own a "chop chip"
"ship shop""shop chip""ship shi"
What do you call it
"Cod Almighty"
I own "Cod Almighty"
Freshest fish in the valley...
or fish cakes
or any fish...related...products, really
What a pleasure to meet you, Rhys.
Nothing better than the smell of fish
fish is that brilliant
except the smell of fresh bread of course
- What I can do for you, Milo
- I was just looking for a telephone
I can't stay here forever
they think I am the baker, Leo.
Why don't you tell me
there's bakery here for Chris sake
I would thought it's obvious from the photo
What photo
With the rest of information
- There was no photo, Leo
- That's strange
Does it matter if there is a bakery?
Eh.. it just might
What's the name of the plastic surgeon?
The one did Victor after Sao Paulo fiasco?
Forget the plastic surgery, Milo
I am working on it
As we speak in fact
But it could take some time
- Just sit tight
- Hello..
Thanks for the drink, Henry.
Be lucky
Cod Almighty
- He is not the baker
- Who's not the baker?
The baker!
The baker is not a baker
It's a cover
- I see
- I don't know why he is here yet
...I'm guessing it's a big job
Could be a sleeper
Yes, someone who goes in
months, years before the job
Establish themselves in the community
Thereby, you know, avoid suspicious
when the day comes
- What day is that?
- for the hit
The hit?
He is a hitman
- You're fired
- Eh?
I cannot take a dangerous, delusional employee to serve my customer
You put them on fish
Take my advice,
stay off the drugs
This you your answer to everything
He is a hitman, I am telling you
The bakery is a front
Well, my commander will
be very interested in this
- Your commander?
- Mum hum.
Of the alien mother ship I came from, see
This shop is just a front
And I am really an alien, come here... study the brain activity of imbeciles.
That's why I employed you, Eggs.
I can prove it. Guest what I get in my trousers?
Oh, God, Eggs, don't, please...
Bloody hell
- Is it what I am thinking is?
- Yes
Is it.. is it real?
Eggs, give it to me
Smells good
one of my patients
You win some and you lose some
- So you work here too?
- Just on the evenings
Life on the fast lane, lady
Life is hard
Yes, it is great
Which lane you are driving?
Well...slow lane, mostly
Sometimes on a crazy lane, I wonder... is middle lane
So, Milo...
What are you running away from
What do you mean?
You don't know place like Gwynfyd,
unless you running from something
Well, I want to change
- From what?
- From what I was doing
- What is that?
- That's baking of course
But you still a baker
Yeah, but I am in a different place now
Do you have to stop ask questions?
Once they were answered
Does that bother you?
So, why are you here
Are you running from something?
What make you think I'm not from here?
- Are you?
- No.
- Have you always been a baker?
- Not always
Is it true that the vet just don't like people that why you came here to be with animals?
I have quite a few animals when I lived in the city
Why do you choose Gwynfyd?
I heard there was shortage of bake goods.
- Is that right?
- That's right.
So, when can I first taste the fresh bread?
Oh, you know, soon
Don't leave it too long when people start to talk
- About what?
- About a baker doesn't bake
- Will you be bake donuts?
- Donuts?
There's jam in the middle
There's nothing better than biting jamful donut
when the jam squirt all over your chin
Don't you think?
- How is your head?
- I will live.
Good to hear it.
Enjoy your meal
Do some baking, are you?
Woo, I think it passed to you, doesn't it?
Shop some spoon, they often are useful
Spoons, can be very useful.
But this time,
the female often set...
...such extend, that the weak male can be fatally crushed
[How to make Fertilizer bomb]
What can I get you?
Oh... that's priceless
It's look good with others
You, go too far...
Oh.. I go all the way, boy
You ask your wife
if you know where she is
I will see you in the grave,
Robert Richards.
I will see you there first,
Allen Thomas.
It's Glock 17.
9 mm.
A favorite with hitman
It was made almost entirely out of plastic
It can be dismantled
for transportation through airports...
...although the air was high security
- This must go no further, Bryn
- No, no, of course not
- What's the baker doing with the gun?
He is not a baker
- Rhys.
- Yes, dear.
I want a word with you.
- Well, I am a bit busy...
- Now!
Of course
I will be right back.
Maybe, he's just here on holiday
While he is opening a bakery?
Is he on a baking holiday?
Yeah, god, whoever did a baking holiday?
Luckily, he is just a baker with weapon enthusiast
Well, you'll never know
We think, he is a sleeper
Are you gone completely mad?
I am but mad north-north-west
when the wind is southerly
I know a hawk from a handsaw. ...
- What bloody are you talking about?
- Hamlet
- I am talking about Shakespeare.
- That's real then...
- What
- Shakespeare.
- That's it...
- For god's sake, I'm talking about the baker
- Yes, yes, the baker
- There must be secret
I know, I know, there's nothing I can talk
in another way gets around this place?
I was only gone for 10 minutes
It's enough
Do you think he is a sleeper, Rhys?
He is here to establish a cover
until the big day comes
When he has to...
assassinate someone
Well, who precisely around here qualify for that term?
Could be anyone of us
Who knows who is paying for his kills
Sounds, not to ask for whom the bell tolls.
- It tolls for the end
- For me? What did I do?
No, no.. not you specifically
it's not... I mean more generally... know...
The presidential election is coming up
I don't think the president of local... club becomes a potential target, Simon
It is the oldest cover in the book
like mafia guys own pizza restaurants
Except when someone comes in...
...and order a meat feast
he's not asking for the pizza
if you know what I mean
It's so hot. you go to the bakery...
...ask for chocolate span,
before we know it...
...your neighbor's pushing up daisies
Or... wife
Or.. Todd.
Oh.. anyone at all
the baker... his code name probably
it's brilliant!
What is he doing here
Whatever the reason...
...professional assassin
in our midst
The baker
- You work in the "chip shop"
- Afternoons
Two jobs? not many people could handle that
I can
And a secret identity if I have to
Checking on the competition?
Something like that
Nothing to worry about,
they are terrible
So, what people do here in evenings
When they're sitting on the hot-chot,
you know, for fun
Ahh.. for fun! you know, the usual?
The usual?
You know, playing scrabble...
...Dining, soccers, appetizing the video collection
The usual.
Occasionally on dates
Great, with the other...
village people?
He wants to know if she's gonna date to him
but he doesn't know how to ask
She isn't sure if that is such a good idea
I mean, you know ...
How about sometime this week
Could that suitable to do think?
I suppose so.
Great, check you diary and get back to him
He can't wait
5.35 pounds, please
- Guess I'll let you know
- Great
Who says the romance was dead?
Good morning,
How can I help you?
Bread, Certainly
White, brown, grand grain?
A donut? of course
Anything else I can help you with?
God, what are you thinking of?
- Hey, do you have the chip shipped?
- Yes, I'm about to
I wonder how much he charges.
Whom do you want him
Hypothetically is what I meant
A samurai never sell them cheaply.
Yeah, samurai, assassin, hitman
problem solver, cleaner...
- terminator, liquidator, mutilator...
- You don't get the picture
Think of any work to do yet?
Or you just going to stare at your glass board like a gold fish?
Bring them some fish for you tea
I haven't got times to go to shop today
Yes, dear.
Fine you... some job is probably cheaper than others
I hope he does apple tart.
An apple tart might
be just the thing to stoke my Evan's fire
Take bloody blow torch to spart anything in my Dylan
Uhh... His buns certainly look nice
Assistant wanted
Assistant wanted
I am your man
You better come in
Excuse me dear, I just have to...
...go out for a minute
Hello, is anybody there
Ahh... Mr. Rhys.
Please, please I huh...
- ...I want to talk to you with something
- Yes?
Is it good moment?
Well, actually...
It is rather a...delegate mater
It's my wife, She's..
... how can I put this
She squeezes life out of me
Right, I have to...
It's just sometimes, I huh.. know I want to do
the same to her but I can't... it
The thing is I am weak
I don't mean physically,
though it might be a problem
It's a mental thing.
I thought you might be able to ...
... do something for me.
You know.
...bake her a cake
- Bake her a cake?
- heh.
You want be bake your wife a cake?
What kind of cake?
Of course I can bake her a cake.
Cake is what I do.
So it's true
You are the "baker"
Yes, I am
Is there a... small amount of payment?
No, no, consider this as a sample of my work
An introductive effort
if you like
Oh, thank you. I can't tell you
how much it means to me
You save me from...
...thank you, thank you
Maybe we just have to look out for each other
Oh, you're right
So, right
Please, no, no.
You see my magazine?
Have you be smoking?
You are Stanger everyday
You really are poor excuse for the man, aren't you
Not a day goes past that I don't wish
to listened to my sister.
I'll be off, dear
Have a nice day
So, hum... Eggs.
It's an unusual name
Is it you're found in a chicken farm or...
No.. because it's wank
When can I get start some real work
the longest journey begins from first step
The path to enlightment... lit with their bodies
Wax on...
Wax off
My love
...gone forever
- I am so sorry
- Thank you
I will offer a song that will
forever remind us of Martha
A song that was a personal favorite of hers
A song that she would play over and over
and over on our juke-box
Looking good, boss?
You don't think the tie is to formal or...
Tire is a symbol of potency
I think I am ready
Have you got date then?
A date with destiny
I am sure you're not go dead
- Aim
- Aim?
It's Bob Richard, right?
Oh.. great!
I am really happy for you.
- Well, wish me luck then
- You don't need luck, you are the man
Can I help you?
I'd like a pickled egg.
Ah, very good choice
Finest pickled egg in the valley
If I say so myself
I am looking for someone
And I believe he might have come this way
- If you can help me
- I can certainly try
What is the gloves for?
Is it a tie in your pocket just please to see me?
It's a tie, but I'm pleased to see you
Come in
Wow, what are they
Of course, they are, how silly am I.
now that you say, it's obvious
- Really?
- Really
It's really...
There is something I need to tell you.
What is it?
I am not a baker
I mean, I just start baking very recently
I feel like I've be doing for my whole life
Well, at least,
I should have been...
...all these.. yes
When I bake, I am free.
Being free is important
you've got... a little bit of jam
...on your...
Just, en...
Where is it, if I got them?
No, it's, it's more...
What's the problem, do you like it
No, I like it
I love it
Rhiannon, please
- What is that?
- Not what, who
Eggs, what are you doing here?
I only did it, I only bloody did it
One of you know,
Did what, Eggs?
Who saw you make so much mass
Eggs, what are you talking about?
You're talking to me?
I can't see anyone else around here
I'd better get him back
It is my responsible
Come on, come on
I think he should be alright there
- I think so
- Thank you for your help
I'd better get going
Oh Milo, what have you done.
What have you done
Feel embarrassed now, Milo?
Eggs... Eggs...
You are drunk, go back to your caravan
Go back to caravan?
There's no going back anywhere for Eggs.
Forward me onto the next victim
What do you mean about
"Next Victim"?
- What?
- I think I killed Bob.
I killed Bob, I killed Bob
I killed Bob
Tell me what happened
Well, he was in the kitchen
Cocking or something
...I went down to rare window
the on in the garden... no one could see me, right?
Like a ninja.
I just pull out the gun and shot him?
Shot him? Why?
I had a date with destiny
What do you have quarrel with him,
Love is painful
Did he try to make you do things you don't want to do?
It's alright, you can tell me.
Come on, Eggs, why did you
shoot Bob in his garden?
I know, I know
I should got inside to do it..
...I lost my gut, ok?
I couldn't do it face to face
Not professional like you
What did you say?
I just want to get out of this village
Live a exiting life...
Kill important people
Be a himan, like you
It was horrible.
His chest just into explode
Eggs, I am a baker
Here... you'd better have this back
Eggs, why did you kill Bob?
He was first in the list
What list?
This list
I just wanted to be like you
Who else knows?
- Everyone
- I see
Well, except a few
Rhiannon doesn't know obviously
Actually she'd have...
That's alright, thanks Eggs
- And the list?
- Clients.
- Do you want cake?
- No.
- Bread?
- No.
Is there anybody in this village
who doesn't want someone dead
Possibly Mr. Pritchard.
You didn't know?
Well... let's say it then
Oh, no...
Rhiannon, please...
- What do you want?
- I want to talk to you
I've nothing to say with you
I can explain
You can explain? Come on then
Everyone... has got few skeleton in their closet
That suppose to be a figure of speech
You lied to me, what else you want to say?
I didn't lie to you
I just didn't tell you everything
I treat the fact of you used to be a professional assassin... more than a detail in your past, wouldn't you?
What have I got wrong?
Just talk to me now, Milo
And telling the truth
That's what I asked,
It's not too hard, is it?
- Have I got wrong?
- No.
I really thought you are different.
Rhiannon, give me a chance.
A man can change,
I am not the person anymore
I am a baker now
You know what?
I don't want to hear it
Goodbye, Milo.
Have a nice life
Actually, I don't even care
what kind of life have to...
...have with someone else
I was very happy on a hard shoulder
Rhiannon, please.
I can't justify what I did, or...
...what I used to be
All I know is what the future could be...
...and it... could be great
No, it could have been great, Milo.
It could be
Don't leave here
- I don't expect you understand this
- I do!
Time for the gunman to ride into the sunset
All alone, no one to worry about you.
No ties to any community one to morn you when you finally meet your match
Take me with you
I know I am not capable for the killing part...
...but you about to need assistants
Someone to book your jobs
Take your shirt to dry cleaners
Wipe, clean the crime scene
It's attempting offer
But I have to pass
A blond man with rubber glove, he...
...he did things, it was horrible.
but that was not the worst part
What can be worst than...
I know, the worst...
Gentlemen and lady
Bob...You are alive?
He is alive, you're...
Gorgeous, I know.
Don't widget yourself...
Come on, I am saying the worst part is...
- But how?
- Must someone have it, Eggs.
Last night...
Please, it's important
Get off
Bob, what happened?
Happened last night?
Bloody puree was everywhere
What the hell do you...
He's got Rhiannon.
- Where is he?
- At the castle.
It's you he wants.
Then it's me he'll get
Why does he want him?
He is a baker
No, he is THE baker
You know what?
He is right,
I am just a baker
And I did really think
you were ordering cakes.
I just want to start again
I though this is big place to do it
I thought you were good people
Please don't go around blow people's wife
Why do you think I've something
to do with Martha's death?
- I, I, I...
- What do you play?
Whatever happened, I had nothing to do with it
Didn't you?
You know...
There's list of orders...
...for cakes
The details percisely who want
what kind of cake...
...and for whom
Everyone deserve second chance.
What happened to you all?
How do you get like this?
If it was anyone out there.
Milo will do something about it
You know why?
Because he is our friend
Eggs is right,
Milo is our friend
He's one of us
If we can't tell put up of our own...
...what's hope of anyone of us?
I've learned something for our baker
Apart from obvious not he get someone to killed
...that's everybody deserves...
...second chance
Milo, he deserves second chance
Come on.
What do you say
Why do we...
Why do we do something together for once?
Why don't we show some Gwynfyd spirits
We got kick some ass!
Let's go and rescure our baker!
Well, it's nearly the next.
Let her go, Bjorn!
Oh, the baker is here
She's nothing to do with this
But she is
What you gonna do, boy
Bake a cake?
I'm not coming back, Bjorn.
See, you can run out and tell the company
Ah, yes, the company
But they asked me to do something for you
What was it...Errn...
Something about taking care of you
That's thoughtful
This isn't for the company, Milo.
This is for me
What do you mean it is for you?
Do you know long I waited for you
on that bridge in Amsterdam
in the pouring rain
Watching the boats pass through the channels.
I thought that I finally
find something good
Something real
I find this crazy worls makes some kind of sense
It just I thought was
Dark, cruel...
Bjorn, we've been through this
I think you're a interesting guy
with alot of really fine instincts...
...but what you want is not possible
for so many reasons
I was in Amsterdam,
but not really sure..
Forget it
It's all under the bridge now
Under that lonely, lonely bridge
She means nothing to me
I was just had fun
Oh, lucky girl
Oscar Wilde once said
"We always kill ones we loved...
that's right...
"by so many things"
Let's do this properly
Milo.. you never sees to amaze me...
...this time, I feel you've, but
more than enough you can chew.
I want to make this painless and fair...
...Oscar Wilde once said
"We alway play fairly...
"when you holding the winning cards"
I will miss you, Milo.
He's got a gun
Release the baker
Very boring, Milo.
Tell you little friends just stay out of this
It's nothing to do with them
Yes, it has
He's our baker
You take him out,
you take us all out
I just want to live a normal life, Bjorn.
Doing...something I love
Possibly with someone I love
Is it too many to ask?
I don't think so
I don't think you think so either.
You call this normal
It's closest to normal life I can get
You love her
Maybe she loves you
you might be happy together
Well, again...
...there's chance that she break your heart
And you'll feel what I felt
and that will be worse that death
You know what?
I want you take that chance
What's the hold-up?
Everyone is waiting
You're getting there
Come on
I will be right there
You've been busy?
Leo, what are you doing here?
I might ask you the same question
Make yourself quieter, how would I know
I would say you should blend in
but this goes bit far, don't you think?
How's your retirement?
Retirment is never going to do with me, Milo.
I need some work to make my hands dirty
So you instigated to take of a bit
Hostile, of course.
And I'm pleased to say, it was completely successful
New management team,
with me on the top
- You can come back
- Thanks
But, no thanks
It's entirely safe
Any employee loyal to the
old management have been removed
So, there is no reason for you to
stay here any longer, isn't it?
Actually there is, Leo.
They need a baker
What are you trying to tell me
You're going to be a baker?
I'm saying that I already am a baker, Leo.
So, unless it's a baker that
the company needs...
...I don't think I'll be of any use to you
Milo, please tell me you're joking
I suppose this is the punchline
I've seen many good men go like this
Very disastrous
And this?
Well, I'll give a fair price
You are serious
Hey, sorry, I just...
- Are you alright?
- Yeah, fine
Fine, I was just getting some...
You know, when I remember the...
- Is that so?
- Not at all
This is...
This is what?
This is happiest day in my life
I can't hold them much longer
I now anounce...
what do you call it?
Shakespeare's Cake
Officially... open