Bakha satang (1999) Movie Script

Sol Kyung-Gu
Moon So-Ri
Kim Yeo-Jin
Written and Directed by
Lee Chang-Dong
Out door Excursion
Out door Excursion
Spring 1999
Hey, you!
Aren't you Youngho?
It's really been a long time.
- Pleased to meet you, Youngho.
- Me, too.
What have you been doing?
It's really him!
- Welcome to hometown.
- You still remember me.
- Of course we remember you.
- It's really been a long time.
You remember this girl?
Chong Oksun, who always
fell asleep during class.
- How are you doing?
- This is Kim Mihwa with the frog lips.
- It's Lee Mihwa.
- Lee Mihwa.
Dr. Pimple, Shin Jongja.
Now, the wife of the chief of
a bus company.
Nice to meet you again.
Let's have a seat and drink.
- Hey.
- Sit down. Have a drink.
We really wanted to contact you,
but we couldn't.
It's all right.
I'm the one who should
be sorry for not calling you.
This guy's the head
of our friendship association now.
- Bongwoo club.
- Right, Bongwoo club.
I am really sorry
for not contacting you.
I said I am all right.
I've really tried to reach you,
you've been always on my mind.
But no one knows
your whereabouts.
I'm sorry.
It's more difficult than I thought
to gather friends after 20 years past.
Yeah, right
Just if I knew where you...
I said I am OK, I mean it.
Don't worry about me, any more.
We need to break the ice, here.
May I sing a song?
Of course,
you can. Go ahead.
Na na na na
Na na na Na na na
Na na na na
Na na na Na na na
What should I do,
you left so suddenly,
What should I do,
I can't live without you.
What should I do,
you left me behind,
That won't do, really.
Please don't go.
Did you have a secret
that no one knew?
You were the one so tender...
Now we bring
the next singer here.
Mrs. Jung, Madam!
Madam! Please!
Nil li li ya Nil li li
Nil li li Mambo
Nil li li ya Nil li li
Nil li li Mambo
My beautiful lover
never comes,
without a gale and I hate that.
I wish I knew
where my lover is,
to send him an umbrella.
Nil li li ya Nil li li
Nil li li Mambo
Do you remember
where that guy used to work?
He'd worked for Tae-hwa Elec.,
before joining the army.
It's passed 20 years since then.
Oh, my face turns red badly!
You've got autumn leaves
in this spring day.
- Looks wonderful.
- Looks wonderful.
Look at that! Shouldn't
we try to get him down?
Leave him alone.
He should stop in time.
- You're right.
- It's dangerous.
Let him down.
- Come down!
- Come down, have a drink!
Come down, I say!
- Do something!
- A train's coming! Hurry down!
- Hey! Hurry down! Danger!
- Don't care about him any more.
- Hey! Hurry down!
- It's a train! Hurry down.
- Kim Youngho!
- He won't hear us.
- Come down, you bastard!
- Hurry down, please.
Don't worry. Ten to one
who went to Han river
with suicidal intent didn't die.
Kim Youngho!
Kim Youngho, come down!
That man is too much!
- Hey! Hurry down, you bastard!
- I gave up.
You win. Do as you like,
you crazy fool!
Let's dance.
Let's liven up!
Hey! Come down!
What is the matter?
Come down and have a talk.
Kim Youngho.
Kim Youngho!
I am going back!
The Camera
The Camera
Three Days Ago, Spring 1999
It's a group formed
when we worked in factory.
Aha, that's the association
named Bongwoo club, Right?
Right, so we decide to reunite
for the first time
in about 20 years
- To go on a picnic.
- Did you say a picnic?
Yes. That's why I am calling
to you, to announce this event.
Then, you chose the right place
to give notice to your members.
Thank you.
I hope all of your members
listen to this program
and join the picnic.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
OK. Start.
The members of Bongwoo club
who lived in Garibongdong
20 years ago,
are to meet together this time,
to go on a picnic to the place
Where we first had an excursion.
So, Bongwoo club members
listening to this program, please...
- Are you from Seoul?
- Yes.
I'm here to sell you the goods.
- Money first please.
- Let me see the goods first.
Here it is. Money first.
Give it to me, you bastard!
Not expensive for a thousand won.
It costs a fifteen hundred
at that rest area down below,
but the scenery's better here.
You're right.
The scenery is to die for,
and this coffee is really delicious.
Wait a sec...
Oh no, something's wrong!
I forgot to bring money with me
except credit cards.
- What should I do?
- Look again, carefully.
I forgot to draw some money
from the bank.
I am so sorry.
You won't believe me
to pay back next time, will you?
Here, let me return this to you.
It's already become useless.
- Go ahead, have the rest.
- Thank you.
I promise you
to pay for it next time.
Look and smile.
Say Kim-chi.
- Excuse me.
- One, two, three!
- Good afternoon, sir.
- Hi.
Uh... Kim!
What are you doing?
Are you the owner of this car?
You're not allowed to park here.
Your driver's license, please.
- Show me your driver's license.
- This isn't my car.
You said it was your car.
This isn't a stolen car, is it?
- Take out your identification card!
- What for?
Your identification card,
right this moment!
Stop! Stop there!
- Who is it?
- It's me.
Why are you here?
She's asleep.
I asked why you came
without any reason.
Poppy. I wanted to see Poppy.
That's enough, now.
Poppy! Go! Get back in!
Why? Why?
Kim Youngho.
You're Kim Youngho, right?
Move there.
I'll try it.
Why are you carrying
so many keys like these?
Now, you can get in.
Come on in!
Have a seat. Apologies for
such shabby hospitality.
It was a difficultjob
tracking you down.
It's leaking in a new place.
Last night, the rain fell on
my forehead, as I lay in bed.
You, sit down! Fucker!
This isn't a game, sit!
Isn't the way I live pathetic?
Wonder why I live this way?
Although I don't know
who sent you,
I want to talk with you.
It's a good mood, isn't it?
Want a drink?
But there's no booze here.
With the last bit of
my money, I bought this.
To kill just one guy with.
I don't want to die alone.
I need one bastard to come with me.
Just one bastard among
all that ruined my life.
But then...
Who should I kill?
It gives me hard time, you know
Pick just one is hard thing to do.
The fucking stock broker
who made me go clean broke?
The vampire like loan shark that
charged the ridiculous interest?
How about the business partner
who run away with my money?
Or should I take my ex-wife
and my kid
to die with me?
There're so many fuckers
in my life that it's hard to
pick just one.
I don't know why you're here.
This isn't just your day.
Want to watch? Or leave now?
You know Yun Sunnim, don't you?
I was sent by her.
Who is Yun Sunnim?
Don't you remember?
You two...
liked each other before.
Oh! Yun Sunnim.
But why is she looking for me?
Who are you?
I'm her husband.
She wants to...
...see you.
You're joking, right?
Why does she want to see me?
Will you do me a favor?
What is it?
I bought some clothes this morning.
I hope they fit you well, Mr. Kim.
You're saying
I should wear this?
You wanna put me in trouble, huh?
What's that?
Can't be going to see someone
in the hospital empty handed.
Want one?
It's a peppermint candy.
Really delicious.
What's wrong?
I was told that she lost
her conscious this morning.
She could even talk to me last night.
Too late.
I know, but...
I want to see her face, though.
Honey, Youngho has come.
It's been a long time.
Do you remember this?
Peppermint candy.
When I was in the army,
You sent these to me.
You put a candy in every letters.
I've saved them.
In fact...
I got in trouble owing to them.
As you sent back then...
They're still in the same shape.
I'm sorry, Sunnim.
Kim Youngho!
Kim Youngho!
I forgot to give something to you.
She wanted me to give you this.
She said it's not hers, but yours.
She also said she was
just keeping it for you.
It's so old. Nobody uses
a 20 years old camera.
Think who wants to use
a manual camera these days?
- How much can you give me?
- I will pay for 30,000 won.
How can you fix just 30,000 won?
You'd better look for another shop.
- How about 50,000 won?
- 40,000 won. It's the maximum.
Okay, then.
Hey, Mister!
Film in the camera.
Take it back!
Life is Beautiful
Life is Beautiful
Summer 1994
Miss Lee? You came early.
No phone calls yet?
And so...
Why do they want to be paid
before giving us the goods?
If he calls, refuse it.
No. I'd better take care of it. What?
Why are you saying like that?
What? I can't talk to you that way?
My business dull now a days.
It makes me crazy.
Let's have a drink.
I have to buy... No way,
I should be the one
to buy you drinks...
If you insist that way,
then I won't see you.
She said she's going to get
a driving lesson.
I don't know where.
Make sure she doesn't notice you,
When you're following her. Call me.
Hey! Give me a cup of coffee.
Yes, sir.
Kim, what's making you feel good?
Have they gone up again?
Tire has gone up by 300 won.
300won's not a small amount at all.
You're making money at stocks
as well as at your business.
- Hey!
- Yes, sir?
Who do you think, I am?
You are the president.
Right. I'm the owner. Then, why did you
brought coffee without a saucer?
- I am sorry, sir.
- You've betrayed me...
That's enough.
Buy me a lunch!
Betrayal of love...
- Where should we go?
- Well, where should we go?
- Wondang'll be difficult to be reached.
- Yeah, there must be congestion.
Jesus, are your keys OK?
Why do you carry
so many keys?
- Who? Me?
- No, Kim.
- Phone calls for you.
- Who is it?
- It's from the detective agency.
- Detective agency? Why?
I think I can't eat out today.
Let me treat you a lunch next time.
What are you talking about?
Wait, wait. I'm going.
Good, that's good! Oh, no! Stop it!
I step on it, what am I gonna do?
- Who is it?
- I ordered cigarettes.
- What is it?
- Where is she, you bastard!
Where do you think you're going!
You fucker!
Are you going home now?
Aren't you going home?
How are you getting home?
I can grab a taxi over there.
Umm... okay
Go then.
- Are you coming home early?
- No, I'll be late today.
Where have you been keeping
a person waiting so long?
Why didn't you go to eat?
How can I enjoy a meal alone?
- Didn't you have anything to eat, yet?
- Yes, I ate something.
This tastes pretty good.
Eating again?
I eat after intensive exercise.
- What's wrong?
- Mosquitos.
My hip's bitten up by mosquitos.
Those mosqitos bit only my butt.
It was really painful.
Jaeyong, it's not polite
to bother people.
- I'm so sorry.
- That's all right.
Not to play with a ball inside.
Your boy's very cute.
Uh... Hi!
It's been a long time.
Are you out with your family?
Yes, to have a meal with them.
Where are you these days?
I quitted the cop two years age.
I run a small business now.
I didn't bring my business card.
How old are you, boy?
- Then, enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.
Who's that?
- Life is beautiful.
- What?
Life is beautiful.
Isn't it?
Oh... yes.
What's this?
Peppermint candy from the restaurant.
No, I don't want any.
Take it. It'll freshen your breath.
Darling, your breath smelled bad.
Since when am I your darling?
You want to taste this?
Did you make all this by yourself?
The maid helped a little,
but I did almost all.
Mr. Kim is lucky to have
a wife talented for cooking.
Sorry, it took so long.
Mrs. Kim, quickly have a seat.
Mr. Kim! You, too! Come on.
Go over there.
Go! Go!
Leave the dog alone.
My husband just can't stand dog.
- I hate dogs.
- Why is that?
Because they're dogs.
Don't beat it, just kill it.
Come on.
What are you doing, folks?
- Have the glass filled.
- Yes.
Let's congratulate our hosts
on their new house.
- Let's toast!
- Excuse me.
Can I pray for us
before having a toast?
Why not? Go ahead.
Thank you dear lord.
Today, our family has moved
into a new house.
Thank you for bringing us
together at this precious time.
Bless everyone here to have
a good time sharing
delicious food.
We pray for our peaceful mind.
Please protect their business.
Dear God, our Father.
Please let them be healthy.
Bless these young lambs.
May this family
continue to love
and believe...
each other...
Please protect the man
of the house...
Don't cry, please!
Seamin's daddy!
Be quiet!
Seamin's daddy!
Seamin's daddy!
Seamin's daddy!
Spring 1987
Why are you looking at my eating?
Do you know how long it's been
since you last eat at home?
Last night I dreamed a strange dream
where you're missing there.
I woke up calling you
because I can't find you
to find my face wet with tears.
Don't do that, I say.
I think I'd better go to the hospital.
Some days left
but I feel little strange.
I'll call you later.
Please say something!
Don't call!
Don't call!
Students continued
violent demonstration
against the Constitution
after issuing 13th of April
special statement
of President Chun Duwhan.
The police says
it's estimated about
3,700 Students of
20 universities joined
the demonstration today.
Universities which showed force
with throwing
stones and fire bottles were
Yeunsei, Chosun, Jungang
and the students of
Hanyang in Ansan occupied the room
of the president and
set fire to the main building.
Meanwhile, the conference for public peace
was called by No Shinyoung,
the Prime Minister where Jung Hoyoung,
the Home Minister and Suh Dongbum
the president of the Public Prosecutors
office attended to discuss recent...
Hey, Myungsik!
Park Myungsik! Long time no see.
I'm not Park Myungsik.
Have you thought it over?
I really don't know.
I can't say something
I don't know about.
You can't say what you don't know.
But if you think about it carefully,
you can come up with the answer.
When I talk, look at me.
That's an etiquette.
What's wrong?
Feel bad? I'm asking you!
Asshole, why don't you
answer my question? Why?
If I ask you something
you answer within a second,
got it?
That's right.
Does it hurt?
No... yes!
- Does it hurt?
- Yes!
I want you to answer
everything with honesty.
Don't bother him.
Guess this guy's nickname.
That kid seems easy to scare.
He's tougher than looks.
There's a eat-out tonight?
Right, we are given some money.
A few...
Kim. Your wife called
and said she's about to deliver.
- Hurry home, go to her.
- Time really flies.
Congratulations! Kim.
You'll soon notice
having one and
not having one are different.
I have to get to my kid's school.
The teacher said father should come.
- Why is that?
- My kid's done something wrong.
Kids don't listen to their dads, either.
They never give enough onions.
Today, join the Pop Songs Album
and listen to real life confession.
Find an opportunity to confess
and to apologize to someone
in this program.
Welcome our first guest.
- Hello?
- Hello?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Who are you?
Lim Sanghee
living in Yeunhi 3dong.
And what are you doing?
I'm an accounting clerk
in a company.
That's important position.
- Have lots of friends?
- Not quiet so, just a few.
- Boy friends?
- Some of them, yes.
- Don't care about their gender, right?
- Right.
Sound like a good-natured person.
Getting water into your lungs
makes you get pulmonary emphysema.
No one's responsible for that.
So, tell me where Kim Wonsik is.
This can be over in
10 minutes, you know.
I wish I could tell you.
I haven't seen Wonsik recently.
This is your diary where you wrote
you gave Wonsik 130,000 won.
It means you met Wonsik
and gave him money.
I met him... We met him,
but I don't know where he is.
Hold him down.
What? Shit!
Let's complete.
What the hell is party?
Golden memories
filling the sky,
I'll be forgotten
like dew on a grass.
With old memories
love flew away.
Faces reflected on their eyes
will be faded away.
What'll I be
after long-long time.
I wander about
so far away.
I'd better be a flower forever.
Tomorrow and tomorrow
- How old are you?
- Why are you asking?
- You are a under 20, aren't you?
- No.
- None of your business!
- Don't trick. You are under 20.
Why are you here?
You don't care
anything but money?
I won't let you go
if I find you here again.
You got it?
Answer me!
You got it?
I got it.
Is that true Wonsik's staying at his
school chum's house in Kunsan?
If you'd told me that earlier,
you wouldn't have suffered much.
Don't you feel better
after blowing everything off?
Blow your nose.
There's one thing to ask you.
Do you think life's beautiful?
Pardon me?
You wrote in this diary.
Life is beautiful.
Do you really think so?
Excuse me. How can I get to
Haemang 1 dong?
Over there? Thank you.
Kim, do you know
anyone in Kunsan?
But I knew a girl whose
hometown was Kunsan.
- A girl?
- She was my first girlfriend.
That's a lie.
He seduces a girl
by talking about his first love.
If he talks about first love, it works?
Yeah, It's so strange.
Why she doesn't come back
keeping me waiting.
Did you see the light turned off?
Looks like this'll be an all night.
Kim, go to an inn
and take a catnap.
You didn't get sleep at all last night.
We don't need to be all here.
Let's change shifts at dawn.
Just gone saying nothing?
The guy's got no manners.
- What are you doing?
- I'm watching raining.
- You want to watch together?
- No, thanks.
Why are you here in Kunsan?
For work?
On a business trip?
To look for someone.
Who are you looking for?
You seem to have a history.
Tell me.
With raining, I am so bored.
I heard...
my first love lives in Kunsan.
I don't know exactly
but somewhere in Kunsan.
If you don't know where she is,
how can you see her?
It doesn't matter.
I just came...
She lives here.
I can walk on the same
street where she's walked.
And see the same ocean
that she's looked at.
But what can you do
while it's raining?
That's okay.
Since we are
in the same rain now.
The rain I'm looking is
the same rain she's looking at.
You are good at fooling people!
You think I'm making this up?
I want to be the woman
you're looking for tonight, can I?
Tell me, the name of
the girl you're looking for.
Tell me.
Sunim. Yun Sunim.
Call me Sunim from now on.
Think you're with Sunim.
And you can say anything
you've wanted to say to her.
Please say something.
You're with Sunim now.
Please say something.
Come on,
you can tell me.
- Sunim...
- Yes.
- Sunim...
- Yes.
- Sunim...
- Yes
Don't cry. It's all right.
I know exactly what you feel.
You don't need to say a word.
All I want is your happiness.
If you cry, that breaks my heart.
Youngho, how are you?
Did your mother meet friends?
- What?
- Your mother met...
Shit! Catch him!
Come on, come on!
You think you are great?
Come on, you bastard!
Handcuff him.
Kim, what's wrong?
Have you lost your mind?
Why are you looking at your watch?
I am to eat breakfast with someone.
In Kunsan? With whom?
With my first love.
Bullshit! Wipe the blood
off this kid's face
Fall 1984
Teach me
how to ride a bicycle.
I can't. I need to eat before work.
Just a minute! Just five minutes!
- Would you like to have more?
- No, I've had enough.
Don't look at the newspaper
while eating.
Don't do that.
Why did you become a cop?
I don't know.
If you don't know, who does?
I think you aren't fit for the job.
Don't seem to be the type at all.
I'm late. Give me the meal!
What on earth are you doing?
You sing a song of protest
every time I touch you.
Don't take your hands off.
Hands off!
Will you go to the movie tonight?
No, I can't go.
I have lots of work to do today.
I can wait, though.
Yonhung theater stages
a movie as a midnight program.
Is it okay for a girl
to be out so late at night?
Why not? Don't!
- Used to the job, yet?
- Yes, sir.
You said you used to work
in a factory in this neighborhood?
4 years ago before the army.
You joined the labor union then?
- Yes.
- You deal with this case.
But I've never tried
one like this before.
Nobody knows it from scratch.
You can learn, though.
Will you do it or not?
Are you sleeping?
Break time's over.
Kim, take care of this.
You're dead meat now.
This man is really scary.
give me...
right away!
Tell me. Why are you so stubborn?
You idiot!
You think you're doing
something so great? Why?
It's difficult to take the smell off.
Mr. Kim
You know a girl named Yun Sunim?
Yun Sunim.
She came to see you.
Who is she?
A girlfriend?
I'm back in my hometown.
How did you find me?
Home... I went to your folks.
To get in touch with you.
I found out your address back
in your hometown.
Your folks don't know
why you became a cop.
Give us something to drink!
I went to see you
when you're in the army.
But they didn't let me.
You didn't even know
I'd come to see you.
Your hands, Youngho.
What's wrong with them?
You seem totally different from
who you're except your hands.
Your hands are unique.
Fingers're blunt and ugly,
but seem so sweet.
When we first met.
Your hands made me think
you're a good person.
That's what I've thought.
You're right.
My hands are so sweet.
Why? Why are you
acting like this?
I've always wanted to
touch you like this.
Sweet, aren't they?
Although it's not expensive,
It took me long time to save up for this.
Remember? You always
wanted to be a photographer.
I don't need this
sort of thing anymore.
- Sunim!
- Yes?
My hometown station
of cosmos,
All the girls
come out to see me.
Train runs
with hearts fluttering.
I miss the station of
my hometown.
While white hand
waves smile lips
Big black eyes are
full of tears I saw
When shall we meet again?
What's wrong? You drunk?
Shut up! Troop formation!
Said Troop formation to me?
- Troop formation!
- Are you a crazy lunatic?
You guys are ordered
to do what I say.
At ease!
Aren't you going to do?
You're to do what I say
to maintain military discipline.
Answer me, you bastard!
- Youngho!
- All turn around!
Close your eyes.
Don't open the eyes.
Still hurt?
Now look at me.
Wait a minute.
Youngho, let's pray.
I don't know how to pray.
It's easy to pray.
Just do what I do, OK?
Our father who are in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come
thy will be done
on earth as in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses.
As we forgive us those
who trespass against us
Military Visit
Military Visit
May 1980
- I came to see someone.
- We're not taking any visitors.
- What? Why?
- Hey! Send her here.
You may go in.
- You can't meet anyone.
- Why is that?
Visits are prohibited now.
The base's on emergency alert.
Isn't there any other way?
Just for a moment, please.
- No visitors allowed. Go back.
- I came from so far away.
- Where did you come from?
- From Seoul.
Where in Seoul?
Yongdeungpogu, Garibongdong.
- Garibongdong...
- Please sir, let me see him.
You don't read any newspaper?
We're under martial law now.
Yes, sir!
Guard Station Private Lee speaking.
Yes, sir!
Who didn't take the division
mark off, yet?
Son of bitch! Move!
Move! Move!
Can't you move faster?
You, bastard! Move, fast!
Don't hesitate. Go outside!
Move! We don't have
much time, bastard!
In 5 seconds, you gather in the drill
ground in a full uniform.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Hurry up! Bastard!
- What is this? Hey, you bastard!
- Yes, sir. Private Kim Youngho!
- Hurry, son of bitch! Hurry up!
- Yes, sir!
Hurry up! Bastard!
What is this? Bastard!
Peppermint candy, sir.
- You idiot! Who gave you these?
- I'm sorry. I'll correct my behavior.
- Hurry up, go outside!
- Yes, sir!
Why are you so late?
Go, Go out!
- Hurry, son of bitch! Hurry up!
- Yes, sir!
- Who are you?
- Private Kim Youngho!
Come here!
That's not our platoon.
where are we going?
Is it important to know
where we're going, bastard?
Shit, feel so good to
leave the base anyway.
Hey, Youngja!
Hey, Youngja!
It's me!
Prepare to sing, bastard!
- Prepare to sing a martial song!
- Yes, sir!
Martial song is an oath of
the soldier.
Start to sing!
And move to the song, start!
We pledged
to give our life
to protect
our country.
We pledged to give our life
in the trench
in the snowy storm.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
10, 11, 12
13, the end!
Hey! Get down there quick.
Get them! Execute orders!
- Move, bastard! Run!
- Yes, sir!
- Catch them! Move!
- You bastard!
- It's me, you idiot. Alone?
- Yes.
Fuck! Looks like we're
fallen from the rank.
What's wrong?
I got some water in my boot.
I can't stand this limping.
You hear the sound?
Where it's from?
I don't know.
Fuck! It's like war
Anyway, we have to
get out of here quickly.
Let's go! Run!
What's wrong, Hurry up!
My boot has water in it.
So you can't run? Hurry up,
you bastard! Come on, run!
- I can't run.
- What's wrong?
I just can't run, sir.
Get up, you bastard!
My boot is
filled with water.
This is blood!
You idiot!
You've been shot!
Kim Youngho!
This is crazy.
You are blooding.
Hurry up!
Get up!
This drives me crazy.
Youngho, Come on!
Come on!
Shit, this is crazy.
Get up! You, bastard!
Hey, Kim! You stay here.
I'll go and get some people.
You, bastard!
Who's there?
Who is it? Come out!
Su... Sunim?
Who is it?
Come out!
Come out!
Please help me.
I'm a student.
What's a student doing here?
I was at my aunt's house.
My aunt's house is near here.
I went out to go home
and came here to hide from soldiers.
If I don't go home now,
I'll get in trouble
with my mother.
Where do you live?
Over there.
It's over the rail tracks.
I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Please let me go.
Hurry up and go.
Run away!
- Thank you very much!
- Hurry and go!
Hey Kim! What's going on?
Hurry! Go! Go!
Get up!
You have to go home
Get up and go home.
Get up! Hurry.
Hurry! Go home!
Fall 1979
The sun's rising over
the cemetery,
Heat of the day
shall be my ordeal.
Now I'm coming to the wild field
You like flowers?
Yes, I do.
- Pretty, aren't they?
- Yes, very pretty.
I want to be a photographer.
To take pictures
of nameless flowers.
Would you like some?
Do you like Peppermint candy?
Yes, I try to.
In fact, I wrap 1000 pieces of
candy a day in the factory.
- I like peppermint candy.
- Really?
Why? What's wrong?
I've never been here before.
I feel like I've been here before.
That river, that railroad,
I've seen them all before.
I know this place.
It's possible. Maybe,
you've seen it in your dreams.
Could it really be a dream?
I hope it's a good dream.
- Sunim!
- Yes?
Na na na na
Na na na Na na na
Na na na na
Na na na Na na na na
What should I do,
you left so suddenly,
What should I do,
I can't live without you.
What should I do,
you left me behind,
That won't do.
Please don't go.
Did you have a secret no one knew?
You were the one so tender,
How could you do that to me...
I can't believe you're going,
I don't believe good-bye.
Na na na na
Na na na Na na na
Na na na na
Na na na Na na na na
What should I do,
you left so suddenly,
What should I do,
I can't live without you.
Did you have a secret
no one knew?
You were the one so tender,
How could you do that to me...
I can't believe you're going,
I don't believe good-bye.
Na na na na
Na na na Na na na
Na na na na
Na na na Na na na na