Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura (2024) Movie Script

In the name of Allah!
- Oh, girl!
- I didn't recognize you with a beard!
- I missed you.
- Missed you too. You like it?
You look smart.
- No way.
- You look like a dad now.
Born a dad. Give it.
- No. Leave it.
- No.
Independent life was over there.
Here, you're my little sister.
- Who are these?
- They're my friends.
"Nom! I love cookies."
Oh, please. This is Kaabur.
- Who's Kaabur?
- Kaabur.
Solaiman insisted on
having Kaabur welcome you in person.
"I heard so much about you, my lady.
So you're Bassouma?"
I am Bassouma.
Thanks for welcoming me, Kaabur.
"Welcome to Jeddah!"
I love that you still make these things.
"Me? Make what?"
Your life is a mess
Your problems are too complicated
Often annoying
When it comes to knowledge, I know it all
But I could never figure out your approach
Curse your love, you're beautiful
Dragging men behind you
I named you angel but you're my curse
That's life, nothing is perfect
You're giving me hell either way
You don't get enough...
My Bassoum!
- I've missed you!
- I missed you so much, Samira!
- Your hair?
- I cut it. You like it?
- It's beautiful.
- I donated it. Don't tell Mom.
- Take this, Samira.
- Ma'am. Bassouma is here.
- Mom. I'm home.
- Where do I put it?
- Welcome back.
- Thank you.
- Where's my girl? Let me see her.
- Mom.
- Missed you.
- You too.
- Haven't seen you in two years.
- Couldn't help it.
We meet at last.
Did you know he's just a little baby?
He doesn't talk or play yet.
You've grown up.
You didn't grow up.
You left and came back as a grown-up.
I'll show you the Eid gifts.
Is that for you?
Yes, but I promised Mom
I wouldn't open it until you were here.
Where's Dad's gift?
My dad?
No, your dad is here. I mean my dad.
Grandpa? Grandpa's sick.
But he pretends not to be sick.
Solaiman, come here, honey.
What's going on?
Did he move into your room?
No, dear.
Are you back together?
I'd be happy. I'm your daughter.
It's not that, Basma.
What is it, then?
Where's Dad?
Calm down and listen.
I am calm and listening,
but no one is talking.
Your dad left.
We separated two months ago.
You were busy with your studies.
Preparing for your PhD.
So I didn't want to distract you.
I tried for years to avoid it.
Divorce was the best decision
for everyone.
You were lying to me?
We were upset enough
that we couldn't attend your graduation.
We wanted to share your joy.
Not to worry you.
The situation was intolerable.
Lucky you weren't here.
You don't have a say.
You don't even live here.
Waleed, I get that you were busy
with Hamza's birth.
So you've been too busy to tell me.
But, Mom, you had time
to ask me to buy herbs for Hind.
Vitamin C for Auntie Najat.
Herbal medicine for the neighborhood.
You're saying you were too busy
to tell me?
Mom, don't.
I'm not asking for too much.
You should've told me.
I'm your only daughter.
Didn't you think of that?
Right. It would've distracted me.
Dad lives in our old building in Salama.
If your dad has a fit,
leave with your sister immediately.
- Look out for your sister.
- All right.
I'm home.
He would've opened the door
if he wanted to.
He got worse with the lockdown.
The situation was dangerous.
Especially for Mom.
Dad's a monster, right?
- Do you hear yourself?
- I can't do this.
Come in.
- My sweet girl. Happy Eid.
- Happy Eid.
Hi, darling.
- Happy Eid, sweetie.
- Happy Eid.
Hamza, tell me about your gift.
There you are, Bassouma.
Since when does Mom
celebrate Eid like this?
She wanted a new family tradition.
Shouldn't family unity be the tradition?
You haven't changed, Bassouma.
When you get upset, you get rashes.
Some people are allergic to peanuts.
I'm allergic to family.
- Happy Eid.
- Happy Eid to you.
- And to you, thank you.
- Welcome.
- Happy Eid.
- Hope to see you married next year.
You'll give us gifts?
No, you'll buy gifts for her and me.
You make me want to stay single.
Looks like Basma doesn't want her gift.
I wish I'd known Grandma Roqaya.
I wish. You would've loved each other.
Where's your dad?
Maybe Waleed knows.
Where's your brother?
Tell him where your beloved is.
He'll be here. He must be on the way.
- Happy Eid, my child.
- Thank you.
Happy Eid, my love.
Thank you.
- Hi, dear. Welcome back.
- Hi, Grandpa. Missed you.
Couldn't you get me a beautiful lady?
I missed you.
Come. Let's take a selfie.
Could we stop talking about work?
It's the holiday.
Welcome, Doctor.
Not a doctor yet.
You will be soon, my dear.
You're happy she's still studying?
Of course. She's making us proud.
Academics are for the intelligent.
And the idiots run
the family business, right?
The only doctor in our family
shows up and causes a stir.
What do you mean, the only doctor?
What about your brother, Adly?
What did Adly ever do with his degree?
At least she's studying engineering,
not some microscopic bacteria.
My PhD is in environmental engineering.
Like father, like daughter?
Environment and stuff.
Dad's microscopic bacteria
is a rare field.
Yes, it's rare like him.
I prepared some games for later.
Mom, we know them all by heart.
The battle of Badr. The second Ramadan.
Al Khandak, on the fifth of Shawwal.
Hey, phony. I bet you haven't fasted
a single day in Ramadan.
Phony indeed.
- Who asked you?
- What's your generation called?
- They're the memorizers.
- That's your generation.
Luai, aren't you gen Z?
And A plus.
Let's ask Grandpa what he wants to do.
- I'm happy eating.
- What, Grandpa?
Finishing what your mom put on my plate.
Take it easy on me. I only have one mouth!
What would I like?
I want to see you all happy,
listen to you,
and see how you're planning your lives.
And afterlives too.
Let them live this life first.
Leave the afterlife to me.
That's Solaiman.
Yes, it is.
- Peace be upon you all!
- Welcome.
Show your grandpa!
Show me what you did.
Let me see.
Show me what happened.
This? It's nothing.
Just a little scratch.
No need to worry. And happy Eid.
- Good?
- Dad.
Hello, my sweet daughter. How are you?
- I missed you.
- And I you.
My angel has arrived
from the City of Angels.
What's this?
Too much studying made you cut your hair?
Just for a change. Do you like it?
A little.
- I missed you.
- I missed you all too.
- How are you, Dad?
- How are you, son?
- Peace be upon you.
- Welcome.
- We're glad you came.
- Thank you. Happy Eid.
- Peace be upon you all.
- Welcome.
- Happy Eid.
- Hello, Uncle.
Father, please remain seated.
- My dear boy.
- I'm here.
- Let me hug you.
- Sure, Dad. God bless you.
- Happy Eid.
- How are you, son?
- How you've been?
- Not so well, but all is fine.
- Thank God.
- God bless.
Your beloved is happy and celebrating Eid.
Sit down. You can ask my brother.
He knows everything.
My routine, my health, my work.
- Bless you.
- God bless!
Your water, Dad.
Enjoy it.
- Sit here, Dad.
- Go on.
- You see?
- Take your seat.
There's nothing wrong with medicine.
I wanted to get your attention.
Why don't you all enjoy Eid?
I'll see you again soon.
When your great uncle allows it.
- Dad, please.
- Goodbye.
- Where are you going?
- Just a minute.
- Where are you going?
- Dad, don't leave. I'll go with you.
- Samira.
- Yes?
- Get my abaya and my bag.
- Take the Tupperware.
I came to see you at your grandpa's
because my house is messy.
Well, you're not a stranger.
But I wanted the house
to be tidy for your first visit.
I've been here two months, and
things are not easy.
You've replaced your lab experiments
with art.
And conceptual art.
Conceptual art is very popular these days.
I'm serious.
- Dad, guess what I got you.
- What?
But I ate some of them.
Candied almonds from LA.
Good choice.
If I remember well,
it had a picture of a mountain on it.
You had some?
Good for you.
This was a work of art
shown at an exhibition.
It sold for 150 thousand. I'm serious.
Who's stupid enough to buy
banana art just to eat it?
The buyer is stupid indeed.
But the one who claims
to have created the banana is abominable.
To be honest, I'm fine with having
more stupid buyers than sellers.
Mom gave you those? She loved them.
I broke two of them already.
Just like I broke her heart.
Spiteful narcissist
Slithering snake
Depraved tyrant
Adel is fair
No, he's not fair
Adel stings
Is unfair
Oh, Adel.
Sit down, dear.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Do they still taste the same?
They have a new taste,
but still familiar.
You know, the Montana days
were my happiest with your mom.
She must have told you.
She did.
Everything will be fine, Dad.
I heard you went to your dad's house.
You call that a house?
It seems you know everything.
I'm sorry, dear.
I need to sleep.
I'm sad for you.
Maybe I should've told you sooner.
It wouldn't have ruined your Eid.
My Eid will be better once I'm asleep.
Good night, Basmati.
Your dad left this here.
This is the only medication left.
He flushed the rest down the toilet.
He never took his medication.
You tried to fix him with meds
and divorced him when he refused?
I'm moving to Dad's.
Don't be a fool.
You need to rest. You just got here.
Your PhD interview
is in less than a month.
Remember how hard it was
to get him to let you travel?
Remember the humiliation
with your master's?
Let's not go back there.
But I did travel.
And Dad hasn't complained for two years.
If you really care to know
how I spent last night,
I thought about Dad's love for you.
You were here.
You saw how miserable we were.
Exactly, Mom.
You were both suffering.
One looks for a partner to live with
through thick and thin,
and you found him.
But maybe what actually made you miserable
was this medicine that you thought
would solve everything
and bring back the good old days?
When will you realize that medication
can't save an ant,
let alone our loved ones?
We save people, Mom.
Medication can't do it alone. True.
But what was I? A ghost?
I was always by his side.
I want you to succeed despite all this.
You are my priority.
Leave our problems to us.
Your problems are mine too.
I don't see how you have
the strength to celebrate Eid.
- Why punish you?
- You're punishing me when you celebrate.
You're punishing me
by bringing this drug in here.
You can leave it. I'm leaving.
Hi, sweetie.
We're going to visit our great aunt,
then we'll have our uncle's usual lunch.
- Then we'll pop in on our cousin.
- Yes.
We'll have tea at hers
and maybe even a second lunch.
It's only the second day of Eid,
and we've seen half the family.
Shut up. You took gifts from everyone.
And you know how picky Malik is.
What did you do to your hair?
I cut it.
You have two more days
with your family, then you're with us.
Are you in the Salama building?
I think Dad's here.
Talk later.
I said my house is not guest-friendly.
I'm hardly a guest.
Don't blame me
He doesn't accept
That I call my house empty
Don't blame me
I used to be Travolta
They turned me into Jim Carrey
They made a choice, and I have to abide
Don't blame me
Don't blame me
They told you I was sick, right?
Don't they know that an AC
has bacteria that are 40 years old?
That's very unhealthy.
So many memories here, Doctor.
Remember when you were little, Bassouma?
You used to hide under that table.
And when we'd find you,
you'd be wearing your mom's clothes.
With lipstick and high heels.
You have grown up, Bassouma!
I did, but without the makeup.
And they told her to cut her hair too.
Her hair is pretty. She's always pretty.
Of course she's pretty. We all know that.
But those who mess with her head
and her thoughts,
who knows them?
I know them for what they are.
What happened, dear?
I can't put it back.
You don't know where the heart goes?
It goes in here.
There, it's back together.
Like father, like daughter.
- Hi.
- Hello.
This is Dr. Hassan's
liver and gastroenterology clinic.
I'm calling to reschedule
Mr. Adly Seif Ed-Deen's appointment
on Monday at 11:00 a.m.
I'm his daughter.
I'm sorry,
can Dr. Hassan take the appointment?
His usual doctor is on leave.
Dr. Hassan is new to our clinic,
but highly recommended.
All right. Thank you.
- Happy Eid.
- Happy Eid to you too. Thank you.
A new doctor doesn't mean a good one.
It will be our first trip. Does it matter?
To a hospital?
You need a secretary.
It's one of your brother's donations.
This is from Mr. Waleed.
Thank you.
He sent food.
Tell him his dad's house is not a charity.
He sent molokhiya!
No molokhiya or rice with vermicelli.
I said two days, but it felt too long.
I got you coffee to help you study.
Did my mom send you? I'm not coming down.
How did you know I was here?
I'm smart.
You're lucky my dad didn't see you
standing in the street.
Hi, Uncle.
Happy Eid to you.
I just wanted to wish you well.
Looks like I got you.
I'll kill you.
No more pranks. Do you think I'm six?
- I wish you were six.
- Why?
If you're six and I'm eight,
we'd be watching Timon and Pumbaa.
When I was a young warthog
When I was a young warthog
- Tell you what.
- Tell me.
I know where we can be
six and eight again.
- The beach houses in Obhour.
- Let's go, then.
I'm going to bed.
Good night.
See you.
Dr. Adly Seif Ed-Deen.
The name is Mr. Adly?
It's Dr. Adly, actually.
I was the senior scientist here
for 20 years.
- Welcome back, Dr. Adly.
- Thank you.
The clinic is on the second floor.
- Okay.
- Please wear your mask.
Okay, I will. Thank you.
The yellowing of the eyes
might be because
of something we call jaundice.
- Jaundice is the accumulation...
- Of bilirubin in the blood.
Several things can cause
yellowing of the eyes.
It could be dehydration.
Not drinking enough.
Or it could be other reasons.
Anxiety or stress.
Constant stress.
Waleed, the fridge is pretty empty,
but it's fine.
What were you thinking?
Stop sending him food.
He thinks it's charity.
In the last month,
have you taken drugs or drank alcohol?
Could you please look at me when
you're asking your routine questions?
Doctor, I need to know. Have you
had any unusual sex lately?
Unfamiliar sex.
What happened?
Any sexual encounter.
Any odd relationship.
Did you know about his liver problem
and his yellowing eyes?
Anything out of the ordinary?
Something unconventional? Something new?
I need you to tell me. I don't want you...
I'm telling you that I can handle this.
So, please...
I'll call you back.
Sorry, I just...
Doctor, give me a stronger dose,
but let me smoke and drink coffee.
Did he insert a stick in your throat?
He was sticking his nose
where it didn't belong.
I'm sorry. We won't see him again.
Don't apologize for the faults of others.
Sorry that I'm sorry.
Mister, Covid has gone.
Doctor. Call me doctor, please.
Mister and doctor are the same.
Don't worry yourself.
- Come on, Dad.
- Let's go.
They enjoy stripping me of my title
in this place. That's all they do.
Wow. Look at that!
Did we amuse you enough today?
Is Dr. Hassan your latest creation?
Are you narcissistic snakes
trying to trick me?
Listen to me, Dad.
I'm so hungry. Please, Dad.
I was looking for you for half an hour.
You're driving too slow.
Dad, please.
Sorry. We're sorry.
Can't you go a little faster?
Hey, old man. Get out of the lane.
People are seriously strange.
They don't mind people driving at 140 kph.
But they can't tolerate
someone driving safely.
You call driving at 20 kph safe?
- Should I drive like those lunatics?
- No, don't.
She's waiting for the penne.
I'm sorry. Start eating
and the penne will be here.
Do you know that she's flown
for 22 hours just to come and see me?
Oh, welcome back.
Thank you.
You want me to show all of Jeddah
that I'm eating before she does?
Me, her loving father,
and she's flown for 22 hours?
Of course not, Dad.
I'm sorry, sir.
It will be here right away.
Call me "sir" once more
and I'll break this plate on your face!
I swear this burger is delicious.
It's so delicious.
You don't eat chicken.
I would've eaten it
if it was an elephant burger.
It's nice of him to wait for you to eat.
Yeah, he's sweet and all.
The way he shouted... I was like, "Dad!"
That's his generation.
My dad is no better.
There. A victim
of Grandpa's swimming school.
I'm serious. Dad learned to swim here.
Dad has photos of him sitting
on the beach, but I doubt he ever swam.
- You want to learn how to swim?
- You two are lunatics.
The deck might break.
Why do you have to drown me to teach me?
That's strange. I know a girl
who drowned my brother
and taught him a lesson
that he'll never forget.
- Me?
- If only I could forget.
We were kids.
- Three years ago?
- Yes.
Had I known my end
-I wouldn't have begun
-I wouldn't have begun
The blue waves in your eyes
Is luring me to the abyss
And I have no experience in love
Nor do I have a boat
I'm breathing underwater
I'm drowning
Are you here to study or relax?
She's spending her holiday with books.
When she comes to my birthday party,
she'll forget her studies, and America.
I thought Aunt Manal was happy
with your master's degree.
Or maybe she has a lover back in the US.
Malik and I know you very well.
What? She went to live in LA,
not in a convent.
All right. I know I'm not a nun,
but if I learned anything
during my master's, it's that
you find friends in unlikely things,
like plants.
- Yes.
- Seriously?
- Environmental engineering, remember?
- Yes.
- Wait. What's this?
- What?
Who are they?
Get down.
They're fishermen.
- Who are they?
- Get up.
All right.
Should we leave now those guys are here?
You want to leave?
No, I'll stay. I need to clear my head.
You two talk too much.
How many words would you like to hear
so we can calculate them?
And you ask too much.
The trick is in the ears?
You know what you see.
It's makeup and ketchup.
But what you hear could be real.
It's been so long
since we watched a movie together.
You call this dinner?
It's all we've got.
Someone chucked out Waleed's food.
Not sure if it was me or you.
Did you tell him
that we don't need his charity?
Is Waleed the problem or his charity?
I can find you other charities.
You and your brother will drive me crazy.
That's not my brother.
- Good evening, ma'am.
- Hi.
Thank you.
- Here.
- Merci.
- This is a gift on the house.
- Thank you.
Dad, I need some help.
One minute.
An English evergreen.
A pothos.
I forget the name of this one.
But it hydrates the air
and absorbs toxins.
They're living creatures.
So we can say goodbye to Mom,
Waleed, Samira, Hind.
And welcome Mr. Pothos to our home.
They don't bite.
My beautiful bubble
Protect me from harm
Help me forget
My beautiful bubble, protect me from harm
Help me forget
My beautiful bubble, protect me from harm
Let me soar, help me forget
My beautiful bubble, protect me from harm
Let me soar, help me forget
Across mountains and seas, take me high
Let the air weave your path
Across mountains and seas, take me high
Let the air weave your path
What do they call you?
- Friends of the environment, perhaps?
- Yeah.
A plant can help you breathe,
but too many can suffocate you.
Who told you that plants were a good idea?
That narcissistic snake?
Dad, I'm fine.
Adel? That narcissistic snake?
- I can do...
- Let your dad, the doctor, treat you!
This haircut of yours reminds me
of a girl I used to know.
Did you cut your hair to repel suitors?
I think guys like short hair these days.
So don't worry.
Good night.
Good night, Dad.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Come. I want to show you something.
- What?
These are from the TV remote control.
And those are from the doorknob.
We just spent two weeks
cleaning the house.
And these are from the restaurant knife.
What restaurant?
The one we went to?
- Can't leave fingerprints on the weapon.
- God forbid.
Wait a minute.
Someone's been drinking water.
So you don't take me to that perv...
Listen, I'm busy.
Let's go to the fish market.
Have you forgotten your old habits?
Just you and me.
This Friday?
I'm busy.
That means yes.
We're sorry.
- Don't worry. Are you okay?
- Come on. Are you okay?
- Ready for today's interview?
- I don't have one today.
Didn't you ask for help?
Be ready. I'm ruthless.
What are you doing?
I want you to present to the committee
of the best scholars.
Go on.
I'm Basma.
LA is a city that has been plagued
by earthquakes throughout history.
It rebuilt itself from scratch.
Literally from the ground up.
Saudi Arabia...
...was mostly desert,
as you know... as you all know.
But look at it today.
It's totally different.
You can't imagine
that it was ever a desert.
My research is important.
Because it highlights the similarities
between these places
that no one has noticed.
For example, LA, in 1994,
was hit by an awful earthquake.
It was a complete nightmare, Malik.
It made it look like Saudi Arabia
back when it was a desert.
Look at it now.
Malik, look at it now!
- What I'm aspiring to...
- Why is this relevant?
Because it's important.
Yes, but in five years
none of this will matter.
Our country is changing. Don't you think?
Yes. I do.
Whenever you see me in a good place,
you try to hold me back. Why?
You said you wanted change.
Or you're just saying your piece to get
your PhD and go back to your lover.
I know a lot has changed
since you proposed.
But if I remember correctly,
we agreed to stay friends.
If you're okay with that.
But if you're not,
you need to stop
being Detective Konan in my life.
So old school! Detective Konan?
Stop antagonizing me. Better?
Hi, Basma. You're here?
- Would you check the watermelon?
- Let me see.
- Is it dry and colorless?
- Red and crunchy.
How are you?
Your brother's hearing is back.
He was mute just now.
Just so you know, it's called "deaf".
Your brother was deaf just now.
- Studying?
- Yes.
Did you know that earthquakes
will cause LA and San Francisco to merge?
The whole world will merge into one.
It's called Judgement Day.
Listen, about the fish market,
we used to go as a family
with Mom and all.
But your mom will not come with us now.
So I thought maybe
you'd like Waleed to come with us?
Of course.
Sounds good.
I know it's late,
but I wanted to check with you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Should I close the door?
- Please.
CENTRAL FISH MARKECouldn't you dress fancier
for the occasion?
Waleed dresses better for the fish
than for Eid.
If you haven't noticed,
today is a special day for our family.
- What?
- Solaiman's first visit to the market.
I brought your aunt and your dad here
when they were your age.
- I'm not a kid. I'm a young man.
- Right.
- You're a young philosopher.
- A true one!
Dad, look!
- You chose a big fish, God bless!
- A big one.
The biggest.
Want a photo?
A photo with it?
Let's take a picture.
Let's do it.
What do we say?
- Grouper!
- Grouper!
- Grouper!
- Great.
- Hi.
- Look at the claws.
Hi, Yacoub.
- Hello, Dr. Adly.
- Hi!
- How are you?
- How are you?
- Good.
- Where've you been?
- Haven't seen you for a while. Traveling?
- How can I be when I'm here?
- What do you have today?
- Grouper, shrimp, parrotfish.
- Is this today's catch?
- Of course.
Give us grouper for Waleed.
Big or small?
Two medium ones.
- Two medium?
- Yes.
- That's all?
- That's all.
Basma's cooking sayadieh for Eid,
so make it simple for her.
- Best grilled.
- Yes.
- Keep it simple.
- Excellent.
Do you like the fish market?
Isn't that Ibrahim?
- Ibrahim!
- Hello, Solaiman Pasha.
And Uncle Adly!
- How are you, Basma?
- Hi, dear.
- Hi, Waleed.
- I'm fine.
- Can't you stand?
- I can.
- Get down.
- Go on.
Here's your dad.
You're here for Basma's sake.
- We're keeping her here.
- Really?
- Your dad here?
- He's too lazy to come.
- It was nice to see you all.
- Same here.
- A snake like his dad.
- I love fish.
- We'll cook it at home.
- Dad?
Nothing, my dear. It's all good.
- Hello, Hind. How are you?
- How are you, Uncle? Missed you.
- How are the kids?
- Good.
Hamza! Oh my God! Look at you.
Such a little prince.
Didn't you say he was fine?
You said that too.
And the napkins on the AC's?
The AC's are old.
You want to breathe in bacteria?
You're defending him?
Can't you see that things are cool?
- Cool?
- Yes, cool.
- Is this cool for you?
- Yes, it is.
If you burn the food,
nothing will be cool.
My little prince is asleep.
You're spoiling us.
- Don't wake him.
- It's Laila's birthday.
Yes. I'll be there.
- A sleepover?
- No, but we'll stay late.
- Prepare the tahini.
- Okay.
Hi, how are you?
Solaiman, come eat with us.
You can play later.
I'm not playing. I'm working like Dad.
Strange. He knows
that you're an engineer, right?
No, he doesn't.
- Why not?
- Because I'm not an engineer.
- I'll check on him.
- No, you stay. He's probably hungry.
- Okay.
- That's something you can't help with.
- Dad!
- "Dad"!
Dad, remember I had a favorite puppet
when I was little?
I do.
- You do?
- Don't you remember?
It's the reason
I got into the puppet business.
I met Karbouj, right?
Even Solaiman corrects you. It's Kaabur.
Kaabur doesn't look chubby.
Isn't Kaabur tall and slim?
He got sick and lost lots of blood,
so he became skinny.
Strange. So Kaabur became skinny?
He did, Dad.
That's good.
Listen, kids.
Please accept my sincere apologies.
Hind, you're no stranger.
You're like a daughter,
although I didn't welcome you
when you joined our family.
But I was going through a tough time,
thanks to some narcissists,
which denied me
the chance to congratulate you.
I'm very sorry.
But let's be honest,
the situation is new to us all.
It's still painful.
Your mom and I divorced for reasons
you'll understand when you're older.
But what matters is that you know
I wish Manal the best.
Even though my place is messy and small,
my heart is warm and always open for you
with utter joy.
- Bye, son.
- Here.
Hold him.
Adam is old enough, Bassouma.
He's 18 now. I'm getting old.
Let him do Umrah.
God willing.
- Samira. The driver is waiting for you.
- Okay.
Put the food in the fridge,
or it will turn into bacteria.
Like your dad.
Goodbye, Bassouma!
Bye, Doctor.
I used to make this
for my friends in the US.
They'd eat it in two minutes.
Even Julia loved it.
She wanted to visit Jeddah
to eat mugalgal, liver, and potatoes
on Gabil Street.
You met Julia in the US?
Hold on, what was I thinking?
Who else? Margaret? Christina?
No. Just Julia.
I mentioned her recently when I said
your short hair reminds me of a friend.
Then I found religion.
Not the kind that makes you love life,
but that makes you hate everything.
My dad sent me to study abroad
when I was very young.
It was actually your uncle Adel's idea.
When Mom died, Dad was sad
and withdrew from the world.
He put Adel in charge.
He controlled everything.
That reminds me.
Don't move, okay?
Don't move.
There you are.
Look what I got.
Solaiman forgot his puppet.
- Look.
- What's this treasure?
Where did you get these?
Mom gave them to me.
God. May you rest in peace, Mom.
She wouldn't let me leave her sight.
Remember Khaled Al-Rawi?
- Our neighbors' grandpa. If he saw you...
- Malik and Laila.'d find yourself in the water.
But not me.
He was scared of my mother.
Dad, your handwriting!
Oh God!
"Dear Dad,
I'm writing this from Montana,
a city known for its mountain roads."
"I've never seen somewhere so green."
"My classmates are different,
but college is still better
than being alone with my bacteria."
"I miss my Najwa."
"And I wish to attend her wedding."
"Please ask my brother Adel
to arrange that."
"Your loving son, Adly."
Did you go?
I didn't, unfortunately.
But Najat and her husband flew over
for their honeymoon.
Then I met your mom.
Right. Mom was there with her parents.
My dad knew
I would fall for your mom at first sight.
- Who wouldn't fall for your mom?
- So was it love at first sight?
You could say that.
But it was also a love that filled a void.
Can't you tell me
who likes your hair short?
I will. Once I've found him.
It's not Malik?
Malik and I
have always been like siblings.
- Siblings!
- Yes.
Are you kidding?
You're nothing like siblings.
Really? Who used to stand here and yell,
"Malik and Laila, Waleed and Basma,
you four better clean the floor."
Tell me, who used to do that?
Dad, I'm going out.
- You're late.
- You'd have been quicker coming from LA.
Got a photo of the patient
who got your hair?
They don't do that for privacy reasons.
Couldn't you send them
a horse's tail instead?
- You really don't like it?
- I do. It's beautiful.
You're beautiful with short hair,
and for donating it.
And the lady who got your hair,
whoever she is,
must look so beautiful with it.
I'm blushing!
- Yeah?
- Really.
I've never seen you blush around me.
Give it to me.
- Here. This is my place.
- Okay. One second.
Could you stop?
Could you please stop?
You showed me that you could be okay.
Or don't you want to be okay?
Do you see that tree?
The one watching me
fight with you like a monster.
He wants to expose me
when I'm at my worst.
Your uncle... is a contagious virus.
He spreads infection everywhere he goes.
And his son, the prick who's trying
to steal my grandson from me,
threatening me with his muscles.
Dad, it was depressing.
Everything in here was scary.
If there is a virus,
it'll be in here with us.
That's what I've been trying to make
you understand. The virus is here.
And you move them like puppets.
Just to satisfy your ego.
To show how you're taking care
of your sick dad.
No one here is sick but you.
Narcissistic snakes, all of you.
I'm a narcissistic snake?
Me, Dad?
I'm the one who's praising you
all the time.
Do you not know me?
Dad, I keep saying
you're not weak or sick.
I keep saying you're not weak or sick.
You're not weak or sick.
I have never wished for a better father.
Of course you haven't.
I never complained about your absence,
because my love for you makes me weak.
Two years!
For two years, you didn't ask about me
or come to see me.
When I ask about you, they say,
"Don't you care about her studies?"
"Don't you care about her future?"
They kept dragging my reputation.
And my longing to see you.
You think I didn't miss you
while I was away?
You think I didn't miss my family,
or you?
You think I wasn't crying alone
during lockdown?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I had responsibilities.
I'm sorry I was busy with my studies.
I'm sorry I was all alone.
I'm sorry I was trying.
I'm sorry I was...
Only an insensible mother
sends her daughter away for two years!
Was it long enough?
I came back to a broken home, so I decided
to move in with you.
What did you think I would do?
Narcissistic snakes, the lot of you.
- Dad.
- Narcissistic snakes. Two years!
Look at me?
Please. Look at me.
You're the best dad ever.
I would never wish for another father.
I don't understand what happened.
I was gone for a few hours.
I was happy we talked about the divorce.
That we could still be a family
despite what's happening.
Look at me.
They sent you away so I can't see you.
They cut your hair so you can't marry.
Now they send you to cure me
with their drugs and viruses.
To make me feel a lesser father.
That I'm not responsible. Not a man.
- Manal left. Waleed left.
- No.
And now you.
You too!
That's enough!
Oh God. Enough.
Can you hear that?
I told you. Cameras are recording
everything in the house.
Do you hear?
Dad, could you turn the TV down?
- Hello?
- Mansour Ahmad Seif Ed-Deen's?
- Yes.
- This is the police.
Loud noise was reported
coming from this residency.
I was just sitting with my dad.
Yes, but screaming was heard.
Perhaps the TV was too loud.
Thank God. So everything's fine?
- It's a routine check.
- Everything's fine.
This house is dangerous.
It's full of snakes.
Don't blame me
Don't blame me
I used to be Travolta
And they turned me into Jim Carrey
They made the decision
And I have to abide
Come on, show us.
"Auntie Basma."
"This is my room.
I live with my friend Solaiman."
My clever nephew?
"Are you dead?"
No, I'm not.
- There was blood.
- Where?
You woke your aunt?
How are you? Better?
It's better if Mom does this.
She's a pharmacy.
You don't say? Go help her in the kitchen.
Pharmacy, huh? It's called a pharmacist.
He'll drive me crazy.
Show me your face. It'll burn a bit.
I took down the newspapers.
I know.
Dad dropped you here.
Get your things.
You can stay with us for a few days.
We're a cool, calm family.
The biggest drama we have...
"when Hamza wakes us up for milk
or to socialize with someone."
What do you say?
Very tempting.
But I have an interview.
In nine days.
And I look homeless.
Then you should come here to focus.
At least go to Mom's. She's worried sick.
Waleed, why do you avoid Dad?
I didn't do the impossible.
I gave him time and attention.
And I've realized
that Dad needs you the most.
I'm serious.
Are you scared of getting his illness?
Getting his illness.
I'm more scared of being around him.
One day,
Dad tore Kaabur to pieces
and threw him out the window.
I told Solaiman
that he bled and lost weight.
Yes, Kaabur.
Now we need to make up
a story for Baskota.
Tell him that I was hungry
and took a bite?
I hadn't seen him happy for a long time.
Even Hind said you did the impossible.
Everything was fine. You saw that.
I did.
But I was scared he'd flip at any moment.
Do you want to go for a ride?
Hopefully the owner won't see us.
What's this?
Waleed's kids.
I dreamt about you.
Really? What happened?
- We were at the walkway.
- Was I walking with you?
I can't remember.
But everything felt so heavy.
Perhaps... it's that time of the month?
There are other reasons for being sad.
We can feel upset, just like you.
And we can also have other emotions.
You seem unhappy.
Don't bother.
No, I'm a brother.
Okay, brother.
- Can I ask you something?
- Yes.
Why are you helping me
with my PhD interview,
keeping tabs on me, always finding me?
It's easy.
First, I'm helping you
because your interview is soon.
My friend wants a PhD
in environmental engineering.
The second question,
maybe because you always disappear.
I want to be there for you.
I know.
Our families talk.
So you know.
It would've been easier
if you had asked for my help.
The PhD is my dream.
Not my dream for you,
but your dream for yourself.
And I respect that.
Can I ask another question?
I thought I asked too much.
Why do men act like kids?
Kicking and screaming.
When in the end, all they want is cake.
Maybe because you refused
my proposal three years ago.
Maybe because when you proposed, you said,
"Basma, let's not grow old alone.
Let's get married. What do you think?"
- What's wrong with that?
- What?
I won't marry my best friend
so I don't end up alone.
I'd marry him so I can grow old with him.
I was kidding.
How was I to know that?
Why do we have to explain our feelings?
Why can't I just say
"electricity" or "spoon"?
How do you tell someone
that you love them?
Spoon? Electricity?
Just tell them.
I wanted to bring you here once more.
You be six and I'll be eight.
Dad, please.
Wake up, Dad. What are you doing?
Get up, Dad.
Calm down.
Some things can be fixed,
and others can't.
So it's hopeless?
My name is Hope. Do I look hopeful?
My name means "smile."
Do you see me smiling?
We both need superpowers to function.
Are you here with a relative?
My best friend, depression.
My case is no different.
I'm with my family.
We're in the safest area in the hospital.
There are rules elsewhere.
In the case of sugar,
don't eat it or they'll amputate your leg.
As for blood donation,
they'll give any blood available.
And why would people cut their hair?
For fun.
I cut my hair for my dad.
No, dear. You cut it for yourself.
My family's here.
Anyway, your haircut suits you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome, Basma.
Did you ask Ibrahim to move him to a room?
I asked him.
All is good.
He's fine.
But he needs to stay under observation.
Wish him a swift recovery.
- Oh God.
- Thank God.
- Thank you.
- He's fine.
- Excuse me.
- Go on, Doctor.
I got him holy Zamzam water.
Let the nurse give it to him.
Doctor, this is our best chance
for a treatment.
Of course it is. If all are onboard.
Of course we are.
If he leaves, he won't come back.
It's what's best for him.
He needs treatment.
We did try before.
Thank you, Doctor and family.
I've been with Dad for a month,
and no one showed their face.
But you'll rush for fires,
hospitals, and holidays.
I just want to help Dad.
Don't make this about you.
Do you feel good about yourselves?
You are important and you do love Dad.
Dad loves you back.
Let's pray for him from home.
Auntie Zahar, let the nurse
put the holy water in his IV.
In his IV?
Auntie Zahar, Dad suffocated.
I wish he could drink that water.
- Basma.
- Oh God.
- You saw Dad? What do you want?
- We're here for him.
Sit next to me, Basma.
Even you, Uncle Adel.
- Dear.
- Basma.
Come sit next to me.
Just hear him out.
Don't be sad.
If only he knew I was talking to you.
To whom?
His brother.
I'm his brother. Your uncle, Basma.
I know you're lost and confused.
I understand that. But unfortunately,
your dad's disease
targets only the intelligent.
Your dad is a prisoner
of his own mind and thoughts.
Thoughts that kept him
from his work, friends, wife.
Even his family.
And soon, everyone will leave him.
I didn't leave.
If you hadn't sent me to study abroad,
like you did him.
I saw the pictures. Read the letters.
That's how this family
deals with someone who's different
or smart.
If you're smart,
you'll understand what I'm telling you.
Your mother
wanted to file for divorce
right after Waleed's wedding.
But she thought of you.
Of how much this would affect you,
being alone and at your age.
She waited until you graduated
and encouraged you to pursue your career
until you made it.
Now, that's a smart person.
But your dad...
couldn't be there with us
in any of those moments.
Because of his illness.
That's why he feels marginalized.
Playing the victim.
Do you think your dad
knows about your life there? No.
He lives in the past.
Your mom made a mistake
by not telling you,
but she's a great woman.
She had to take what no one else could.
What is it?
The US has fava beans.
You call those fava beans?
- Stop it.
- Okay.
Like this?
When your dad and I used to fight
over your traveling,
I would spend days and nights
trying to convince him.
Because I saw the spark in your eyes
when you spoke of your major.
But don't think for one second
that because you made a decision
to follow a path,
that you can't change your mind.
You might discover a new interest.
It's a different story
to do something you love
and not something you're forced to do.
It has to come from the heart.
And if I wanted to change my mind
for someone.
He has to be worthy of your heart.
They all think they know a lot.
I think I know a lot.
But no one knows as much you do,
and you don't say you do, Mom.
How do you know everything, Mom?
Don't blame me
Don't blame me
I used to be Travolta
They turned me into Jim Carrey
They made the decision
And I had to abide
You and I are alike.
That's what everyone says.
They say you called me Basma
because you smiled when I was born.
Remember when you came back?
I told you that you'd run away.
I remember.
I was worried you might.
Remember when you gave me
a broken game controller,
so I could pretend to play with you.
Yes, of course.
I feel like you and Mom
have been playing for a while.
Letting me believe that I was winning.
I'd make you stay if I could.
I hate goodbyes.
Then why did you come?
Because I know this isn't goodbye.
- You know?
- Yes.
Dad kept asking me
who likes my short hair.
So he knows?
I guess he does.
I got you something.
"I'm drowning."
"I'm drowning." Thank you.
You're welcome.
I feel dizzy.
I'm dizzy, but I must go.
I'll miss you.
Me too. I'll miss you.
Take care.
You hear me?
If you ask me to start over?
I'll start all over again and again.