Bakrid (2019) Movie Script

Manager called you.
-okay, sir.
Greetings, sir!
Welcome, Rathnam!
Be seated.
It's an uncultivable land
for seven years.
Why do you need loan now?
Have I left it deliberately barren?
It's a fertile land.
I too feel distress.
If he would've heed me,
At least, we might've got
the yield for seven years.
Only the nuptial thread
of my wife is left out.
Everything was pawned
for the expenses of court.
Finally, I got my land back.
Don't know how
the first yield might be!
But, the second yield
will be excellent.
It's a fertile soil!
He is your brother, right?
Will he deceive you?
Better, sell the land
and run a shop.
Why do you want
to struggle still?
What's the good is he going
to do by selling the fertile land?
Being with my dad in farming,
I'm familiar to agriculture.
I can't take up
another job, abruptly.
Agriculture is until I'm alive.
My heirs will not follow it.
It's your wish!
There is no water source too.
The well is in my brother's
share of land.
Even then, it's dry.
I'm planning to drill a borewell.
When will you do it?
After the approval of the loan.
For that too?
Rathnam, I can't sanction the loan
for four lakh rupees.
I can give thirty six thousand
rupees for an acre.
That means, one lakh and eighty thousand
rupees for five acres of land.
And one lakh and fifty thousand
rupees for the motor.
So, a total of three lakhs
and thirty thousand is possible.
The loan amount is only two lakhs
and fifty thousand rupees.
I'll give you an extra money
on my own surety.
For that, you must set the
drains and bund for the land.
Only then, I can initiate
the loan process.
Sir, I might need fifty thousand rupees
for borewell.
Where to get such huge amount?
What can I do for that?
Okay, sir.
I'll be on leave for a month
for my daughter's marriage.
Get everything done before that.
I'll complete all the formalities
before going on leave.
Okay, sir.
You said you'd get
the whole things done.
Now saying only
five acres of land.
What to do?
I'm roaming around
leaving all other works.
Okay, leave it.
You won't believe.
If you do what I say,
with that as a reason...
...I'll get that land
for half of the cost.
But, I need 2% extra commission.
Give him an advance amount
of one lakh rupees...
...and get the agreement signed.
But, I've to pay him
the whole amount, isn't it?
I'll take care of it.
But, my commission!
Don't hold on to
the commission.
Where is the party now?
You're going to be a millionaire.
Why do you fold your hands?
First, get rid of this habit.
Then, I've discussed everything.
Get the advance money.
He'll settle the whole amount
after the registration.
Without even showing your land,
I'm getting you the money.
But, you're pondering about it.
Come on.
I'll settle it.
Be seated.
Did he say about
the procedure?
-I told you, isn't it?
Why are you staring!
He said, sir.
Sign here.
My 2% of commission is confirmed.
Take it.
One lakh of advance money.
Thank you very much.
-Thank you, sir.
Sundar didn't come yet, brother.
I can't wait for him, everytime.
Ask him to come home.
Okay, brother.
Sorry. Brother.
I was bit late.
Take it.
it's not good on you.
Henceforth, come home
to give the payment.
It's just on the way.
You get irked for it.
I got you a customer too.
Is he a customer?
He pays Rs.200 for every week.
Just now he started,
he'll pay in future.
I started with fifty rupees.
and now paying eight hundred rupees.
I'm thinking of asking
twenty thousand rupees for next week.
It'll not work out.
First, clear the old account.
We'll see it later.
No need to give
the whole amount.
Deduct the old account
and give the balance.
We'll see it later.
Leave me the way.
He talks as if he is
doing social service.
I would've asked him something.
Shall I call him?
Shall I give two dozens?
-No, one dozen is enough.
Even petty shops
are taking two dozens.
Enough, will you sell the
whole stuff to me?
He is worst than the collection agent.
Arumanthai, come out.
Can't lift it up.
-You hop on.I'll get you.
Be seated.
Sit here.
Okay, can move.
-Move on.
- Tell me.
Just now I got down.
Do one thing,
come near the banyan tree.
I'll come over there. Okay?
(Playing dice)
What about the bank loan?
He said,
he'll sanction the loan.
But, can't get the money
I asked for.
That's how the payment
is processed in the bank.
They won't give the
whole amount.
We've to arrange money
to initiate the works.
Only then, they'll give the money
we need.
They won't lend money
for people who work.
They'll voluntarily lend for cheats.
Okay, what to do now?
If you ask me?
you've to say.
How much?
Fifty thousand rupees.
You mean,
fifty thousand rupees?
But, can't get the money immediately.
Ask the lender known to you.
It's fine to ask a least amount.
It's huge money for my business.
No one will give with trust
on petty things I sell.
We need a rich person...
A person from Minjur, who owns
an 'Iron crap shop' is known to me.
But, I never asked him for money.
Do one thing,
get the land documents.
We'll ask him.
No, first we'll ask the money.
If he hesitates,
we'll give the land document.
He is a good person.
We can trust him and
give the document.
I'm not pondering about it.
We decided to get money
giving the land document.
Shall we ask for one lakh rupees?
Why do you need one lakh?
I was planning for a long time
to buy a pair of oxen.
I need oxen to plough the field.
I'll buy together.
We'll ask him.
-Who's that?
I'm Sundaram, speaking.
-Tell me, Sundaram.
No, I want to meet you in person.
That's why...
Come home tomorrow morning
at 9 o'clock.
To home? Okay.
I'll hang up the call.
You didn't ask him
about the money.
We can't ask on phone.
Anyone will hesitate
to deny in person.
He told us to come home.
Let's see tomorrow.
-Ill take Jaya to the hospital.
What happened?
What happened?
Nothing, brother.
Don't know what she ate.
Dysentry from last night.
Okay, go.
Okay, brother.
(Playing dice)
Don't get perplexed.
Let's see tomorrow.
Sugar is less.
How long to buy snacks?
It was sold-out in
Chandran brother's shop.
He made it fresh.
Wonder, it's scanty in his shop?
What's this?
It's dried up but
he says it's made fresh.
He is simply roaming around.
Does he seems to be unwell?
It's all because of you.
I'll leave.
Give the money.
Do I carry the money in hand?
It's there.
Take it.
The advance money is there.
What other money do I've?
Take it.
People are coming to check the land.
Will you be back then?
The bank official will respond late
if we go from the group.
Radha sister!
Wait, I'm coming.
Dear! I'll go.
Dear, are you back from school?
Dad, buy me 'Lays chips pack'.
No, dear.
I'll buy something else.
My friends in school eats 'Lays'
No, dear.
-Only I want 'Lays'.
Okay, go.
I'm going to sleep.
Okay, buy me something.
Hold it carefully.
- I will give you.
Brother, give a peanut roll
for five rupees.
I want 'Lays'
No, dear.
I'll get you peanut roll.
I want 'Lays'.
Brother, I'll take it.
-Take it.
Give this bubbles.
Vasuki, what was taught
in the school, today?
They told many stories.
Stories on 'The Mongoose and snake'.
Dad, my teacher has named
the snake.
It was 'Sneha'.
Then, she told a story
about a dog.
Dad, my teacher wept
for her dead dog.
Do anyone weep for a dog's death?
The teacher would've been
affectionate on the dog.
That's why, she wept.
It's also a living being.
It too feels hunger
and the pain when get hurt.
It'll be affectionate
when we show affection on it.
Dad bought me 'Lays'.
Remove your attire.
You've to wear
the same tomorrow.
Don't make it dirt.
Take it, dad.
What happened?
He agreed to sanction the loan
but have to initiate the works.
For that sake,
we've asked for loan.
Yeah, but they should've trust,
we get the loan only for land.
That's right!
So, he told us to initiate
the work with our money.
How much?
Need at least fifty thousand rupees.
Fifty thousand rupees!
Where do we've?
What are you going to do
for the money?
Sundaram said he'll take me
to someone tomorrow.
Let's see.
Anyway, we've to pledge
the land document for money.
So, I told him ask money
for the oxen too.
Tear the pack, dad.
This one?
You can eat it later.
First, let's play with the bubbles.
No, I want 'Lays'.
You can eat.
We'll play with the bubbles, first.
No, I want 'Lays'.
We'll play, first.
Check how many
bubbles are coming?
Blow up!
Blow up!
Blow up!
Get 4 inches pvc 100 no's.
-Okay, Bhai.
Take a load of iron rods.
-okay, Bhai.
And also the things listed.
-Okay, Bhai.
Be there, check everything
and send.
I'll call you,
if required.
Okay, be safe.
Welcome, Sundaram!
Greetings, Bhai!
It's been a long time
since I met you.
Couldn't meet you often
as earlier.
Are you good?
-I'm good, Bhai.
The work load is heavy.
Alone, I've to look after
Lorry guy.
It's good!
Why are you feeling
your job as boredom?
You've to work hard
till health permits.
I haven't said anything fault. right?
Nothing like that, Bhai.
Get something to drink.
- Bhai.
Be seated.
- Okay bhai.
Come on.
Then, why are you here?
The truck will reach in few minutes.
Did you call and inform Hajaa Bhai.
He might take many.
I told him yesterday.
Khader, I told my brother-in-law.
Tell me.
He is my friend, Rathnam.
He needs one lakh rupees.
That's why,
came to meet you.
You'd have asked on phone.
Day after tomorrow is "Bakrid".
I'm in shortage of money.
Don't deny, Bhai.
He decided to do agriculture
after seven years of land dispute.
He asked for loan in the bank.
But, they want him to initiate
work to sanction the loan.
You've to help.
Half of the amount
is enough to initiate.
But, instead of ploughing
the field with tractor,
He wants to plough with oxen.
So, we need one lakh rupees.
What you say is right, Sundaram.
I don't deny to give,
But, I don't have money now.
Come aside.
Come on.
Ask him to stop a little aside.
Get a footrest from inside.
Open it.
Brought the chair?
What's this?
Don't know!
There is another one.
Another one?
Get the little one down.
Hey, why did you bring the calf?
He said he'll give this one too.
It was quoted less.
Goof! Will you bring the calf
if the cost is less?
No, Bhai.
Without the calf,
the elder didn't hop on.
That's why...
How to do with this here?
Yeah, dear!
A calf of the camel was brought
along with other camels for "Bakrid".
Bhai doesn't know what to do
with that and yelling at his men.
Shall I bring it home?
A camel?
Why for us?
We don't know about it's habitat.
It's pityful!
Okay, bring it.
Let it be one among our family.
Okay, dear.
Senseless, you brought the calf.
Will you bring it,
if you get for less cost?
Get it tied in the hall
of your house.
We've only a single room
in our house.
Bhai, l'll take it to my home.
What will you do
by taking it?
Anyway, I'm buying the oxen.
Let it also be there.
I saw it in my daughter's
school book.
It's good if it's in home.
I'll bring it up.
It's not so easy to bring it up.
Why do you indulge
in unwanted problem?
Greetings, Bhai!
-Be seated.
-Be seated.
I don't have any problem.
I'll take it.
Okay, take it.
I'll host a feast for everyone
on "Bakrid".
Instead, I'm giving a calf alive to you.
Give him.
-Oh, good!
Okay Bhai.
Thank you, Bhai.
Hold it.
Okay, I'll leave bhai.
Be seated.
How are you?
We feel happy as you
agreed at the last moment.
It's okay.
Take the cover.
-Here it is, Brother.
It's the total money
of five lakhs to be given to you.
It's a request for you from 'Jamaat'
to head the function.
Praise the Lord!
Yes, Bhai.
We'll make it a grandeur.
We're happy.
We'll move.
Sundaram, what to do for
the money?
Let's check, is there anyone?
None in this contacts is capable
to give money for us.
Again, we've to go
to the Sowcarpet guy.
Hajaa is calling you.
Take this money.
Take it.
Thank you very much, Bhai.
Hold it.
Have this, bhai.
Have it.
The reason to give you the money
is your desire to do agriculture...
...instead selling it,
after seven years of dispute.
If I do biryani,
only thousand people will eat.
If you do agriculture, more than
thousands of people can eat.
Thank you very much.
I'll repay as soon as
the harvesting is done.
Nothing urgent.
You can give me
on next "Bakrid".
I need only then.
Thank you, Bhai
We're leaving.
-We're leaving.
Bhai himself is giving the money
after the camel arrived.
He seems to be
a lucky chap!
Be quiet.
Saying something.
I'm telling the fact.
Can't your customer wait for
a day without eating snacks?
Don't shout.
I'm coming.
Rathnam, the shopkeeper is yelling.
You go home with him.
I'll come in the evening, okay?
-I'm coming!
Is this him?
Our kid will be happy, isn't it?
Is it just happiness?
Is there milk?
Get me tea.
Come on, dear!
Drink the water.
Drink it.
It's hot. Be careful.
What to feed the camel?
Don't know.
I gave water but I didn't drink.
Our's is a new place.
It'll be alright,
if days pass on.
Okay, dear.
Keep it before deity.
Will you come home today evening?
- Vasuki.
We're cutting a cake.
Your dad has bought
a camel!
I'm not coming to your
house in the evening.
Get the tress trimmed,
tomorrow morning.
See here.
How much?
It's Rs.75
Speak to him.
Let's see.
Brother, it's a paired oxen, isn't it?
It looks lean.
Was it fed well or not?
- It was fed well.
Okay, let's finish the deal for 50.
You can't get it for least.
It don't seem to be a ploughing cattle.
- Ploughing cattle only.
I'm selling it because of
my hard time.
Take 55 for both.
You inquire others and come.
No need to ask others.
Finalise the amount.
I'll buy and leave.
- No, I can't.
I can reduce just 5.
Buy it.
Do you like the oxen?
Yes, I like it.
Ask for less cost.
He'll hit me,
if I ask for still least cost.
Vasuki, dad has come.
Dad, the camel isn't
eating anything.
Come and see.
-Okay, come.
Why, dear?
Didn't eat anything still?
Eat it.
Don't know what it'll eat?
Dad, will he understand
what we speak?
Yes, right!
Sundaram, people will speak
Hindi in his place.
Who knows Hindi here?
Come on.
It's there.
Come on.
Rathnam, now he'll take care of it.
What happened?
A Camel.
What is this?
This is dried grass.
It won't eat this.
If needs green grass.
Where is green grass?
Get the grass.
He didn't eat not knowing
our language.
Eat it.
He made it to lie down.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Hey, it's an English word.
I thought you'll speak in Hindi.
Speak in Hindi.
Why are you blabbering?
Speak in Hindi.
What are you pondering?
There's a beautiful word
to say 'stand up'.
I forgot it.
Wonder! You forgot it!
How can you forget Hindi?
He too irates me.
Come aside.
Don't shout, wait.
Someone might watch us.
I'm not the original Hindi guy.
- why it's not eating, dad?
My native place is Pondicherry.
As I'm fair complexioned and
my attires seems like a Hindi guy.
I'm surviving with it.
Don't spoil my stance.
You cheat!
Aren't you a Hindi guy?
Cheating that you're going to Rajasthan.
-Don't shout.
Put the grass down.
-Don't shout.
Put the grass down.
Remove the hat.
I said remove the hat.
If you cheat with attires,
Get lost.
Don't cheat.
Get lost.
How many times I would've
pledged jewels in his shop.
Is it good?
Yes, good.
Meet me at the bank
in two days.
Thank you very much.
Shall we name this?
What name shall we prefer?
Shall we call by
our grandfather's name,'Sarangan'?
Yes, but I can't call it.
So, prefer some other name.
Take it.
Shall we shorten as 'Sara'?
That's good!
Get a name for these two.
Kush and Suresh.
Who are they?
My school friends.
They left to other school.
Is it?
Girish, eat.
Sir, it's till where the stone is laid.
Can we finish it?
We'll finish it.
Brother, what are they saying?
Yes, okay.
Tell 'A'
Sara tell 'A'.
Tell 'B'.
Tell me.
Go close.
Come here.
Welcome, sister!
Kids wish to see the camel.
That's why!
You would've brought them.
Sister is playing.
Brother, it may bite.
-It won't do anything.
Where did you go without
locking the house?
Our kids want to see the camel.
That's why took them.
Aren't you ashamed to go to his house?
What can I do?
Our kids want to see the camel.
So, I took them.
Let the feud be
only among the brothers.
Hold it.
Brother is coming.
I'll go.
Come here.
What, Brother?
Don't have any other work?
Roaming with the camel like clowns.
Leave it.
He is bringing it up as a pet.
Did you call for this?
Won't he befriend a right person?
Go away.
How big it is?
So big!
Eat now.
Do you know whether it's dung
can be used as manure?
No, just asked.
Do you know?
Don't know!
Till then...
Yes, sir.
I'll call you later.
Okay, sir.
Okay, we'll finish it.
There lived a tortoise and a hare.
When both run a race,
Who will be the winner?
Tell me, Sara.
Dad, what are you doing?
He got ticks.
Have to get him medicine.
'A bright future...'
Doctor, put an injection for
impregnating the cattle.
Madaswamy, I've told you
several times.
To destroy our genetic cattles...
...sperms of the foreign cattle's are sent.
-Alright, sir.
That shouldn't be induced
as injections to humped cattles.
It must mate only
with the same breed.
Okay, sir.
Hey, it may fall in food.
Don't have any other work?
Bring Sara, let's go to the field.
Come on.
Lets go.
Come on.
Get up.
Mom! Sara is not getting up.
You come and lift him up.
Come on, mom.
Dear, you stay here.
Sara is not well it seems.
I'll bring dad.
You didn't even allow me
to take bath.
What's the problem for the camel?
What did you feed?
What did you feed?
It was eating the sugarcane grass
along with the cattle.
That wasn't digested
and ulcer is formed.
Will it be 8 to 10 months
since you brought it?
It has been 11 months.
Give me the bag.
Take it.
Hold on.
Where did I keep?
This tablet will get diluted in the water.
It's a wonder all these days
nothing has happened to it.
Rathnam, everything must be
in it's place.
Are you aware about it's feed?
It'll fondly eat the neem leaves,
grass and jowar roti.
Did it tell you that it
likes these to eat?
Go aside.
It's adapted naturally
to Rajasthan's food.
That'll be fair.
If you bring that here for
your happiness and feed...
...with roti and spices,
will it get digested?
It sweats only above 54 degrees.
Leave it.
But, it's a male camel, isn't it?
It needs a companion.
It'll be happy only when
it's fed right on all means.
What do you eat every day?
Rice and Ragi.
What about wheat?
If you've the same,
three courses a day?
I'll feel deserted.
If you've it for months together?
I'll die, doctor.
The camel is also in
the same stance.
What we feed isn't
suitable for it.
I heard that camels live
up to 30 to 40 years.
If you feed this way,
it'll die in 3 to 4 months.
That's all.
I'm leaving.
Come on.
What to do now, Doctor?
-What to do?
Send it back to Bhai.
He might feel happy.
Why are you hesitating?
No, it's grown up
in my house like a child.
Why to send back to him?
No need, Doctor.
Do one thing.
Send it to Rajasthan in a truck.
Let it be happy there.
Praise the Lord!
Rathnam, the medicine I gave
will be a temporary relief.
Then, you've to decide
what to do.
Doctor, how much should I pay?
Give the right feed for it.
I'll leave.
Sara, you'll be alright as
the Doctor gave you the medicine.
It's painful when Sara leaves us.
But, instead making it to suffer here,
it's better to do good for it.
Vasuki will cry for few days.
Then, she'll forget it.
Inquire how to send Sara.
Dad, let Sara be here.
I'll take care.
Shall we both eat together?
Sara, I'm going to school.
You don't go to the field.
Take rest. okay?
Come, lets go to school.
Bye, dad.
-okay, dear.
Where are you going?
I want to speak to the guys
to take the camel by truck.
The vehicle will not be allowed.
Either one of you go inside
and check.
Okay, you stay behind.
I'll go.
Stay aside.
I'll go.
-okay, go.
Will this vehicle go to Rajasthan?
-No, go away.
-I'll quit.
That's all.
What happened?
- It doesn't work.
At least you play well.
Why did you take this card?
No other card is here.
Where are the vehicles
going to Rajasthan?
Why are you asking?
I've a camel.
It needs to be taken there.
Camel? What are you saying?
What is he asking?
He has brought a camel.
He wants to commute it to Rajasthan.
That's very difficult.
Ask him to leave from here.
That can't be taken.
It'll be a problem.
Leave from here.
Brother, please help.
I told you to leave.
Check whether it'll be right.
- No it won't.
You left me.
Come here.
Where is your camel?
It's outside.
Give me Rs.25,000.
I'll take it.
I don't have such huge money.
How much do you have?
I've Rs.5,000
Hey! Is it so easy to take
the camel till Rajasthan?
Do you know how many issues
like toll and the police on the way?
That money won't be enough.
Okay, wait.
I'll be back in two minutes.
Brother, we got a goat.
He wants his camel to be
taken to Rajasthan.
Don't sleep, brother.
I've told him to wait.
Come soon, brother.
Just now my wife called and yelled.
If you irate me now,
for sure I'll kill you.
Get lost.
Thats what I'm saying,
We'll get Rs.20,000 to 25,000
if we sell it...
...and your tension will be ease.
We aren't going to take it
to the destination.
We'll sell it on the way.
If he comes back and inquires?
Brother, we'll say it was missing
when we woke up in the morning.
Look, you haven't get hit
by the camel.
If anything goes wrong,
we'll land up in trouble.
Brother, I'll take care of it.
Don't worry. Come on.
Brother, I've only Rs.5,000.
Poor animal.
Please, help.
Let it be.
Where do you want to go?
Which locale?
To leave where there are
'herd of camels'.
That's enough.
Ask him to bring
the camel behind.
He is asking to bring it
at the back side.
I'll bring it.
She too irates.
Sara is not going without me.
It's very much afraid.
I'll go along with it
and will return half way.
You go home.
But, don't go far away.
Come back soon.
Okay, brother.
Brother, Sara is shouting in fear.
I'll come along for
a short distance and get down.
He will get down half the way.
Go, be seated.
Get on.
Be careful.
Come back soon.
Yes, tell me.
You said that you'll repay the money
owed to my mother last week.
She is asking now.
Hey, are you a woman or a ghost?
Who? Am I?
- What?
You are the ghost, money ghost.
Dont talk too much.
Give me 4 days,
I'll throw the money on your face.
You're saying this for many days.
The shopkeeper...
What happened?
Came home asking for money.
Why are you speaking like this?
How to talk then?
Hang up the phone.
I'll throw your money.
We'll get money from him, right?
Brother, aren't you confident on me?
We'll get atleast Rs.20-25K.
First, solve your domestic issues.
Listen, we dont get the money,
this ghost will take my life.
It's my plan, it'll never flop.
Is he sleeping inside?
Brother, all the issues will be resolved.
Just wait and see.
Just see.
Hey, it's not just a camel.
It's worth of Rs. 25,000.
He is Rathnam and there is the truck.
Trust me.
Hope you understand what I said.
- Do one thing.
Hey, what is this?
How much?
Rs. 2000.
What's this?
Brother, he must be very hungry.
So, ate it.
Ask inside.
Get down.
See, it ate everything that was inside.
Give the money.
Can't give the money.
Get lost.
If you dont give money,
I wont spare you.
Hey! give the money.
- Hey lunatic!
I'm going to hit you.
Here is your money.
Let your mom be taken away
by the monkey.
Brother, please stop the vehicle.
Please, stop the vehicle.
I'll stop it.
Dear, you've taken her
to the hospital, isn't it?
You'll get back her
to home, right?
Is Vasuki there?
Yes, she isn't heeding me.
You tell her.
Okay, give her the phone.
I'll tell her.
Dad is speaking.
Dad, how is Sara?
He is fine, Vasuki.
Dad, I must speak to Sara.
Just wait.
Dad is giving the phone to Sara.
Vasuki, I'm giving the phone to Sara.
Okay, Dad.
Sara, how are you?
Speak out.
Mom, Sara is making sound.
Wastrel, hit you.
Sara is not leaving me.
I'll go with him to a short distance
and will be back.
-Okay, dear.
Look, what it has done?
Are you selling the camel?
Yeah, you speak.
He says Rs. 40,000.
Give me Rs. 500.
Clean there too.
I'll hit you.
Come on...
It'll get on only in my presence.
Hold it.
You goof.
- Brother.
Haven't I said I'll give you money?
He shouldn't be here tonight,
Brother, Tea.
Go and check what happened there?
Dying to have tea, goof.
What happened?
A cow has been brought
in the vehicle.
The police caught them.
Oh! When will it be cleared?
They took the truck inside.
It might take 10 to 15mins.
(Indistinct voices.)
Brother, Gourav Sheikh's vehicle
has been caught.
It'll be cleared soon.
Brother, Three cups of tea.
Two double omelettes,
Two plates of Pav with little spice.
Dont give him all those.
Give a green chilly.
Brother a plate of Bajji.
Brother, here all the dishes
are sweetened.
Not at all good.
Check whether there is water
in the bucket?
Go and fill it.
He won't allow to have
even a tea.
Shall I feed water to the camel?
You can go!
Oh, no! It's our camel.
I'll be back.
How much?
(Indistinct voices.)
We caught the trucks carrying cows.
Informed the Police too.
Hey go...hey go...
Go forward.
Hey camel! Stop...
Get down! Get Down!
What happened, sir?
Get the camel down from the truck.
Go fast.
Get down.
Get down.
Step down.
Wait, i'm coming.
Don't want to get down?
Are you going to come or not?
Why are you pulling?
Who are you?
Get down.
Who are these guys?
He is trying to pull Sara.
Come on, brother.
Where are you coming from?
-It'll get frightened.
We're from Chennai.
Where are you going?
To Rajasthan.
Why are you going there?
To the locale where there
are herd of camels.
We are going to leave
this one there.
Brother, tell him to leave Sara.
Tell him to leave.
Why are you hitting?
Can the camel go from
Rajasthan to Chennai?
Or from Chennai to Rajasthan?
- Why are you hitting?
Whom are you cheating?
Cheating me?
They're dragging Sara.
Come on, brother.
Aren't you taking to slaughter?
Leave me.
Brother, what's happening?
Brother, they're taking Sara.
Ask them to leave.
Come on, brother.
Leave it.
Hold him.
Don't leave him.
Brother, it'll get frightened.
Leave it.
Brother, it'll get frightened.
How many times to tell you?
Today our clan caught a truck loaded with cows.
People known to us has informed
about the trafficking of the cows.
That's why, we halted the vehicles
on this way.
Now this truck was held
with 10 to 15 cows.
We won't stay calm,
if it continues hereafter.
What is the Government doing
without heeding all these issues?
It's a big fault!
No one is aware of the violence
imparted on these cows.
It's the problem of the society.
So, this how Indian citizens are
...and this is the situation about
animal assassination in todays India.
It is camera man Sandeep with Saswathi Khanna
for 'News 5' channel.
Praise Shivaji Maharaj!
Praise Shivaji Maharaj!
- Sara.
Hey! Hey!
Where are you going?
Brother, why is Sarah standing there?
Police are standing before,
look at that first.
Hey! Come here.
What's your name?
Vireender Singh!
Hey! Shut your mouth.
Dont listen to him,
He is taking the camel for slaughter.
File a case on him, as he and
his vehicle shouldn't come out ever.
I swear,
I was on my way to leave it.
Hey! Dont lie,
Shut your mouth.
Hey, Manoj!
cool down.
Sir, it's not stolen.
Our Bhai gave me.
Hey! which bhai gave you?
Hey! Dont hit him.
I'll hit you before the police.
- No, sir.
Take everyone to the vehicle.
Will see the rest later.
Don't leave him, sir.
You be quiet.
Get into the vehicle.
I'll tell you, come on.
It's pityful!
I wont come without it.
Hey, get in.
Be quiet.
I swear, if I dont get my truck back,
Damn sure, I'll kill you.
Brother, what is he saying?
I dont understand.
Hey! It's also coming to
the police station.
Brother, will it come definitely?
Hey! the truck has been caught inside.
Get inside, first.
Hey! Everyone get inside.
Sir, what action will you take on those
who brought the camel?
Whatever, it's known only after
the inquiry.
Thrash these five people
and break their legs.
They should think to commit this
mistake again in their life.
If possible, Shoot them!
Hey! Come here.
Not you, him.
What is your name?
Sir, He is from Tamil Nadu
He wont understand your language.
Oh! Tamil Nadu.
Yes, Sir!
A small village near Chennai.
Where are you taking this camel?
What, sir?
Sir! Sir!
Tell me.
Tell me about the case.
15 cows and a camel, thats all.
I'll call you in the morning.
You do one thing,
Get ready with the files
to be sent to Goshala.
Okay, sir.
Aren't you aware, slaughtering
is an offence?
No, sir.
Hey! Come here.
It's you who brought the camel, right?
No, sir!
We were going to leave the camel.
I know!
You knew it, sir?
Yes, I can judge who is good
and who is bad.
Then why are you hitting us, sir?
They'll stay calm
only if I hit you.
That's why...
Will you hit us for their sake, sir?
If I tell you the truth,
will you question me?
No, sir.
Who is he?
It's his camel, sir.
Why is he with you?
Sir, he said he'll be at peace
when the camel is left at the right place.
That's why, he came with me.
Is he lunatic?
Everyone goes to sell the camel,
but not to leave.
Where is he from?
From Tamil Nadu.
Tamil Nadu!
Sir, Shall I see Sara, once?
Sir, He wants to see the camel.
Okay. Go!
Thank you, sir.
Madam, Is sir there?
Yes, he is inside.
What is the menu today?
Chappathi and mutton.
Retain those two men who trafficked the cows
and let others to go tomorrow morning.
Okay, sir.
Good Morning, sir!
Where, sir?
Take this.
Thank you so much, sir.
Shall we leave, sir?
Okay! Bye sir.
-I'll leave sir.
Here, Have this.
Hey, where is he?
He was here only.
Tiwari, look there.
Hey! Where did it go?
Brother, it's not anywhere here.
-No, right?
Sara is missing!
Brother, Come.
Let's ask him.
Morrey brother, once the paper is ready
give me immediately.
Sir, our camel is not seen outside.
Your camel?
Already, I'm frustrated.
Don't get hit by saying something.
Get lost.
Are you a goof?
That's my camel, sir.
What are you saying?
Go out!
Go out!
- SIr.
Don't you listen?
Are you mad?
Already he is in frustration.
Dare to talk to him?
Sir, our camel isn't seen outside
A case has been filed
and the camel is sent to Goshala.
Forget about the camel
and take him to the village.
Where is it?
What are they saying?
What, brother?
Come on.
Rathnam, go to your home.
Even the police can't do anything.
The camel is in Goshala.
Goshala people will take care of it.
You make him understand.
Brother, Why does he go enraged?
Look Rathnam.
Heed what I'm saying.
We'll leave you in the bus depot.
Catch the bus
and go to your hamlet.
Henceforth, not you, even the policemen
can't send the camel with you.
It was taken to the Goshala,
Brother, how will they take care
of my Sara?
You said someone as, 'Goshala'.
'Goshala' is an organisation.
They'll take care feeding the food.
But, Sara wont eat rice.
Hey! Food is just not rice.
They'll take care of it's needs.
Brother, We brought it so far,
to rear with other camels.
Understand, Brother!
It has been brought up
like a child in our home.
Hey! Dont speak like a lunatic.
This is not Tamil Nadu
to go anywhere you wish.
Okay, Brother.
I'll leave.
It's good if I see sara once,
before going.
Brother, if I knew it's good,
My heart will be at peace.
What you're...
Brother, He wants us to take him
to the camel.
Who are you?
Greetings, sir!
They brought the cow
from the Police station
What about him?
They brought a camel along
with the cow.
Camel? No.
Nothing like that has come.
The police informed us
that they've sent it here.
Hey, Baban!
Yes! Coming!
Was a camel brought from
the police station, yesterday?
No, they brought only the cows
and not a camel.
I said right,
Camel didnt come.
Check once, sir.
Bring our register.
I'll bring, sir.
Sir, here is the register.
Yes, a camel is written here.
Then, where did it go?
I'll call the police station.
Hold this.
The police said they sent the camel
in truck but it didnt come here.
We'll inquire in the police station.
Sir, It's wrong!
Tell me, where is the camel now?
Hey! Dont raise your voice.
No. Tell me, where is the camel now?
Go and check in the police station.
Hey, where is he going?
Where are you going?
Come here.
Rathnam, heed to me.
Come on.
Brother, only once.
Push him out and close the gate.
Brother, only once.
-What is he telling?
Sir, It's his camel.
What should I do?
-Sir, please tell me the fact.
What happened
when the truck came?
I was in duty
when the truck came.
But, there was no camel
in the truck.
Just a minute!
The truck driver's address
is in my register.
Sathara district.
Come on.
I'll search for the camel.
Already, I've sent two men.
I'll inquire them,
Give me sometime.
If I get call from the police station
again, I'll kill you.
Greetings, sir!
The camel was carried in your truck
from the police station, right?
Sir, That camel belongs to him.
Where is it?
I'll look into it.
A small issue.
The truck broke down on the way.
While shifting to other truck,
the camel went missing.
Is this a joke?
You dont have any responsibility?
I'll tell you.
Do whatever you want.
I've spoken to the police.
Hey! Send them.
Why are they pushing us?
Come on.
Leave me, brother.
What are they saying?
The truck got breakdown on the way.
While shifting the cows to other truck,
the camel went missing.
Was Sara missing?
Brother, what to do now?
Leave it, they'll take care.
Brother, leave me.
How will they take care??
They couldn't even bring
it safe for short distance.
No, Brother!
Police has come.
Let's ask them.
Let's ask them.
You dont understand?
If you ask them now, they'll implicate
the theft case of camel on you.
They'll look at it.
Come, on.
Sir, He is new to our place,
leave him in the railway station.
He is from Tamil Nadu.
He wont understand your language.
Why are you like this?
No, brother,
We brought so far and lost Sara, brother!
Hey! Dont start again!
Move away.
Have this ticket with you.
Rathnam, go home.
That man called twice
to the police...
...and if we dont go,
then it'll be an issue.
Anyhow, you wanted to leave
Sara in Rajasthan,
So that it doesnt fall sick.
Dont worry.
It gets food and doesnt
make any difference.
Here nobody will kill or hit it.
I'll call you
when I come toTamil Nadu.
You too call me,
after you reach home.
Dont forget.
Have this money with you.
Have this.
I'll call you.
Go safe, brother.
Rathnam, take care.
Brother, What will you tell sister-in-law?
I'll manage..
Why didn't you call
from yesterday?
No charge in the phone.
Where are you now?
In Maharastra.
But, I dont know the name
of the town.
Is it? How long it'll take
to return?
Sara is not leaving me.
I'll tell you.
Since I wasn't there,
the cow has come home from the fields.
I'll call you back.
Since I wasn't there,
the cow has come home from the fields.
Mom, I saw Sara!.
Where, dear?
-My teacher has shown me.
It wouldn't be our Sara,dear.
It would be some other camel.
It's our Sara!
I saw on phone.
Dad has our taken our Sara.
When will Sara be back, then?
Dad will bring it soon.
Keep your bag and have water.
Mom, dad is speaking.
Yes, dear.
He took the land saying
he'll do agriculture.
Where did he go with the camel
letting the fields dry?
What happened?
Ask Geetha where he kept
the motor room key?
Welcome, sister.
Where is the motor room key?
Why are you asking
the motor room key?
Brother-in-law asked as
water wasn't irrigated.
It's always kept above the door
of the motor room.
Mom, let's go to the shed
and tie it.
We'll know when Sara comes.
We'll tie. Keep it inside.
No, let's tie now.
Come on, mom.
-I'll be coming.
Come on.
Hey, what do you want?
This vehicle!
Will the vehicle come?
You want the camel to take to Rajasthan?
Hey, wait.
It'll cost Rs.50,000.
You mean, money?
Take it.
Do you understand?
Oh no!
One minute please.
I don't have such huge money.
Give that.
I've only this.
You wastrel!
My vehicle will spit on me feeling
insulted if I take you for this least money.
he doesn't understand.
How to go to Rajasthan?
This or that way?
Thank you.
When I was coming in car
with my friend...
...a camel was lying on the road
blocking the way.
Two army men were injured.
They were intensely hurt.
I called both the police
and the ambulance.
When looking back,
the camel wasn't there.
Change it.
Have it.
Brother, hold it.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Come here.
That's my camel!
Nice camel!
What's your name?
What's your name?
Chennai! Nice place.
I've been there for two months.
I've been there for two months.
Nice camel!
Sir, what are you doing here?
Sir, I don't enough money.
And I can't understand
their language too.
Wonder, how I'm going to
take Sara?
Rathnam, who told that
only if you've money you can go.
When the automan denied
for a ride,
You decided to go by walk.
That boldness is enough!
That'll take you to
any part of the world.
I was born in America.
I wish to go around this world.
But, I don't have enough money.
And still started my journey
with whatever I had.
I'll do some work,
get the pay and move on.
The same way,
I came to India.
India is my twelfth country.
It's your country, right?
Why are you afraid?
We'll take a small video.
This is Rathnam!
And this is our friend, Sara!
Look here!
Nice camel, but unfortunately
we've to leave him in Rajasthan.
Rathnam, don't get me wrong.
After leaving Sara in Rajasthan,
what will you convey your daughter?
Still to go.
Five hours and then may be
we can rest somewhere out there.
It's an air pillow.
You can use it.
-Okay, sir.
How many of them
can eat one rabbit?
I told you already we'll go there.
You asked me to come here,
since nothing was there.
Look there.
Come and hide.
Hey, go.
Who are you?
Leave it.
Go fast.
Go away.
Leave him.
Hit him.
Don't hit.
No, leave it.
Come on.
Sir, they're hitting.
Come fast.
Come here.
It's okay, get the camel.
Let's go.
Sir, you didn't get hurt, right?
-Get the camel.
They might come back.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go quickly.
We'll go soon.
Go, sir!
Looks like he is coming alone.
I think we should escape.
What are you doing?
All because of him.
You shot him!
Sir, come on.
Sir, It's painful.
-Don't worry.
I'll take you to the hospital.
Sir, it's painful.
Let me have a look.
I'll take you to the hospital.
Don't worry.
In Maharashtra, a camel
has saved two army men.
You too rear a camel...
Thank you, camel.
- Look here.
This is our camel, brother.
-Is it?
But, it's alone!
Give me.
Had he left,
letting the camel behind?
Two days ago, an army truck carrying...
...weapons to Maharashtra,
was met with an accident...
A camel saved the lives of the
two army men travelling in that truck.
That video went viral in social media.
Dear, try calling again.
Mom, I told you to wash my bag.
Don't have sense when to talk.
Go away.
No, mom!
The army men has given
an interview to our reporter...
We're going to our place
with the weapons.
Suddenly, our vehicle fell into a pit.
We were intensely hurt.
A camel saved us with the help
of a person.
I thank that camel.
I convey my thanks to the camel
and the people who saved us.
That video was viral in social media.
Did you speak to Rathnam?
I'm calling him from yesterday.
Can't get connected.
Wait, let me see.
He is the reason for everything.
Why did you send him alone?
What's that I did?
He said, he'll go.
If he want to go,
will you leave him?
Don't know what happened to him?
It's roaming alone.
Is every thing alright?
Take medicine for fifteen days.
Don't lift anything with this hand.
How much, Doctor?
-Five hundred rupees.
A shirt for you.
Why is this for me?
Are you going to go like this?
Sir, why are you asking me so?
Sorry, Rathnam.
I can't accompany you.
My passport and visa
was in the bag I missed.
I can't travel without it.
I must file a police complaint.
It's a legal issue.
It'll take time.
This road joins the Rajasthan highway.
Try to travel only in highway.
Take rest now and then.
Take care of my friend, Sara.
Nice to meet you.
Be courageous.
In Maharashtra a camel has saved
the lives of two army men.
The army truck carrying weapons
was met with an accident.
In Maharashtra a camel has saved
the lives of two army men.
The camel that saved the
lives of two army men...
...yields fame and goes
around as a hero.
How to reach the place
where herd of camels live?
I don't know.
Moreover, the Prime Minister has conveyed...
...his greetings
to the camel and it's owner.
Hey stop.
This is my camel.
Give me.
Hey, Sara!
Come on.
Hey, Sara!
Look there!
Hey, come on.
He is Sara.
Will you leave him
along with the herd?
Is this your camel?
I don't understand, Brother.
Is this your camel?
My camel!
Will you leave him
along with the herd?
Don't you know Hindi?
I can't understand, Brother.
Where are you from?
From Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Tamil Nadu!
-Tamil Nadu!
Wait, I know a guy from Tamil Nadu.
I'll call him.
Hey Saran.
- Tell me.
A guy has come from your hamlet.
He doesn't understand the language.
You speak to him.
- Okay.
-Tell me.
Greetings, Brother.
-Greetings, Brother.
Are you nearby?
Yes, I'm nearby.
Tell me,
what do you want?
Tell me.
I'm Rathnam,
from Chennai.
I'm from Thoothukudi.
We've been settled here
for thirty years.
My parents are running
a hotel here.
Tell me,
what's the message?
Ask him to take this camel.
they'll ask for low cost.
Oh, no!
I don't want the money.
Ask him to take care.
That's enough.
Don't you need money?
Why, brother?
It was grown up as
a child in my home.
I was told that it can
live here well...
...that's why I brought it.
Okay, brother.
I'll call you after speaking
to the owner.
Brother, come on.
He is Rathnam.
He came to leave his camel here.
Good, tell him to leave her.
We'll take care.
He tells to leave the camel
and he'll take care.
Thank you very much.
How did he come here?
He is asking
how did you come here?
I came by walk.
He came by walk.
Is he crazy?
Almost 2500 kms.
What a man he is!
Okay, right.
give him some food.
Okay, sir.
Come, let's go.
Thank you very much.
- Yes, sir.
Let all the camels stand together,
the truck will arrive.
Okay, sir.
I brought food.
Eat and then leave.
They will take care of you.
Wait here itself.
Hey, what?
What, brother?
Just now we came.
He is coming behind me.
Shall I stay for sometime
and leave by dusk?
That's okay.
You can stay.
Eat and leave.
I'll keep the food here.
- Greetings!
- Greetings!
Show him those two big camels.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, Sheriff bhai!
Show him the camels.
- Come and look here.
- Bhai.
Get the job done soon.
Brother, why are you
hopping the camels on?
Next week is "Bakrid".
That's why,
hopping the camels on.
Hey Navas, come here.
Post this incident, the Chief Minister
of Maharashtra, Dinesh Mappariah said,
A camel reared by
an agricultural family has saved...
...the lives of two army men
who guards the country.
It's a proud moment for us!
Mr.Rathnam and his family
who reared the camel,
On behalf of the State Government
and Animal Welfare Association.
Will be rewarded one lakh rupees.