Balloon (2017) Movie Script

'It's getting late, speed up'
'We must go down before it gets dark'
'If I go faster in this rain
we'll go up, not down!'
I can't go further
Get down
If I'm not home by 7
my husband will kill me
Is he jobless?
Is he at home 24x7?
- Won't he step out
- So what now?
We'll go, stop bickering
- Come
- I'm not coming
- Listen to me
- I'm scared, da
Just listen to me
This place looks haunted
Must be under litigation
How can you say it's haunted?
For now, this is the safest place
This place is empty
Come inside
- We'll be fine, come
- I won't
Don't be scared
It has stopped raining
So what now?
Keep your hand to yourself
Just once
Listen to m-
Someone is in there
That was just a cat
You wanted to meet a producer?
'Isn't it late?
Wake up'
'Get up'
You'll spend your time
with your grandson
What else will we do?
Won't you visit me, grandpa?
I will come, whatever it is
you're my first grandson
Only you should cremate me
My holidays start next week
If I am needed
let me know earlier
'Pappu, don't talk
like that to your grandpa'
'I've kept money in that mug
Call me after your meeting'
- Who has come?
- I think it's your uncle
I'm leaving, bye
Good morning, aunt
- How are you?
- I'm fine
Mahesh got a boy baby
Take this sweet
Convey my wishes
We'll visit him next week
When will you give me
sweet like this?
Aren't you diabetic, grandpa?
I think you know
what I'm hinting at
Why, uncle?
He wants a baby
only after he directs a film
If you persuade him, then
I have to take care of that kid too!
I am your well wisher
My son has settled down
with kids, car, house etc
Cinema won't work out
Ask him to thrash all these hopes
and get a proper job
You are c/o your in-laws!
And you're advising my aunt!
Okay, uncle, see you
I was just giving her good advice
You maybe right
Bank balance, car, bungalow
Even if you have all this
why don't you ask your son?
'Are you happy now?'
He won't have an answer
Even if my son doesn't have-
Get my lunch box
He is sure he will succeed one day
and he is very happy
I have faith in him
He will somehow direct
a film this year
Keep boosting him and he will be-
When are you leaving, grandpa?
There are 2 mad friends
trusting him!
He hasn't left for work
Ssssh! He's coming
- How are you, uncle?
- I am good
I came just now
- Mahesh is a father now
- I heard you
You are now a grandfather!
Can I say something
if you don't misunderstand me?
[excerpt from 'Kannathal']
Little devil!
I have to go
I'll see you
- Bye, ma
- Eat breakfast and go
I'll eat outside
You'll warm the bench
in the tea stall!
Drop Pappu in school
Please go with your uncle
1 minute, uncle
I'll get my school bag
Come soon
I'll wait outside
Hi 'machaan'
'Jeeva, don't go'
I'm here, ma
Did you call Panda?
'I'll call him now'
All relatives are like this
Free with pearls of wisdom
They won't help!
How do you take it so casually?
'Be deaf till you win, then turn dumb'
Superstar's quote
One day we'll succeed and make them
touch their nose in wonder
That day will dawn only when
you open the sewage cover!
You'll get a hard knock soon
- Try knocking my head
- Why do you buy trouble?
'Show us your film'
'Why do you want this film screened?'
'Is money the motive
or some other reason?'
You're degrading our caste
in your film
Show us your film
Wrong, we haven't even
finished shooting
We saw your poster
How can you tell
by the poster?
Can I meet the producer?
- Jeevanandham
- Please wait
Let's sit here
Can you screen the movie for us?
Yes or no?
How can I screen the fil-
Are you at the producer's office?
'I am right there'
Sampath said no one has come
Our men are waiting downstairs
Then why did Sampath say that?
Where are you now?
Studio 5 house in T.Nagar
Are you mad?
Where did I ask you to go?
Go to Studio Red
'Damn! All these names are similar'
When is 'sir' coming to Ooty?
He's coming on 24th
Preparations are going on
Bring everyone
There's so much to do
- 'Sure, bro'
- Okay, fine
- You could've added your photo
- Forget it, finish the work
How long will you take?
- Hurry up
- Tie it firmly
Sir, we'll give you 1 week grace time
Arrange a preview for us
Otherwise you're fully aware
We'll file a case 1 day before
the release, careful
- Why are you leaving?
- Moron!
- This is the wrong office?
- Why be tense?
Kamal's office is nearby
He has started a new film
We'll create a ruckus on the way
How can we create a problem?
- If Kamal starts it ends in a problem!
- True that!
Come in, Jeevanandham
Please sit
I made the corrections
you asked for
Don't get me wrong
I don't even know if I will
be able to finish my present film
You must have noticed
And your script will raise controversies
They will create problems
You know how much
I've worked on this script
I went to my hometown
and did a lot of research
They create a ruckus
even for a simple story
What do you want me to do now, sir?
I have an idea
Write a horror script
- Horror?
- Yes, Jeeva
Ghosts don't belong to any caste
They won't file cases
More than religious movies
ghost stories are in vogue now
I don't believe in either
How can I direct such a film?
You may not believe
But this is the present trend
Sir, I'm very confident
If I direct a film, it will only be
this script with its ethnic flavor
I've told you often
'I can't take this risk'
Keep this script for your 2nd film
I want to be your producer
I'll take leave, sir
Think about it once more
What's wrong with a horror script?
- You can do it
- Shut up!
- Where is Panda?
- He'll be loitering around
Scumbag! Started drinking so early
Hey! Bhagyam
Wash the dishes fast
and go inside
'Frog mouth fellow!
Can't I drink my tea in peace?'
Hey! Dracula face
Yes, tarantula!
Bush-head fellow
- 'Bloody mongrel!'
- Tell me
'I know what you're up to
with those glasses'
Shameless fellow!
You owe me Rs 500
Bhagyam charges only 500 bucks?
I meant my dues, not you!
Sitting there like a pregnant Panda
- What are you doing here?
- Selecting my IPL team
Why didn't you come to
meet the producer?
- Puncture
- Your bike?
My stomach!
I had a small peg in a lousy shop
My stomach revolted!
In this eggshell chap's shack!
I'll clobber you
Are you so shameless?
You don't have cash to pay?
There isn't a loo nearby
I can't get up now
Get me 2 diapers?
Tough to get your size
- Really?
- Then what?
Get me 10
I'll fix it with a tape
Even 10 won't be enough
Your shack will stink!
Yes, boss?
What's the photo in
Facebook you've posted?
We had gone to Ooty last week
'We stayed near that house'
That place was full of cops next morning
'2 people died in that house'
Then we came to know
that place is haunted
'We were so scared, we left'
Do you still believe in ghosts?
'Just because you don't believe
doesn't mean ghosts don't exist'
I'll call you back
Bye, da
Hey! What's up?
- What?
- Wanted to know if you're tired
Just concerned
Christmas holidays round the corner
Too many client meetings
I am dead as a dodo
- Are you working tomorrow?
- No
Don't wake me up
till 10'o clock, please
Okay, go to bed
What happened to your meeting
with the producer?
He sounded positive
I am the one who is confused
Let's hope for the best
Okay, go back to work
If you direct a film soon...
...I want to resign, have a baby
and lead a happy life
Okay, dear
Go to sleep
Tell me
Where is the resort
you said you stayed in?
'Hero thrashes the villain'
Villain moves aside
Window in the car shatters
Then you see the hero's face
as reflection in the glass
- Drink, lazy bums
- Give, Ms High & Mighty
The cup seems to be stuck
Take off those damn glasses
'Height of hospitality!'
'She bungled my story'
We'll make this film
I have to see 'Dheena' again!
She gave tea when my stomach
is rumbling badly
Is he sipping tea or soup?
My head is splitting
Telugu songs should be appreciated
Let me teach you
Pappu, I am Gangama style
- Here
- This house?
Panda, can't even see you
I was stuck in a discussion session
with director Mani Ratnam
I was so tense
I meant I can't see your face!
What an imp!
He and his starchy tongue!
He'll probably kill his father
when he grows up
Dancing half nude!
Hey! Monkey
- Planning to shoot an animal film?
- Switch it on first
Oh! That was my face, huh?
Horror story, huh?
Yesterday you said
you don't believe, now what?
I still don't believe
But some people believe in my talent
I don't want to miss this chance
When do we go and where?
We are going to Ooty tomorrow
Jacqueline is also coming with us
Read the newspaper in the tea stall
Then sit at the table in time for lunch
I've asked Kumar for his car
Bring it tomorrow
Planning to go out of town?
Yes, bro
Going to Ooty
- Story discussion
- Why you?
All of us are going
- Who, da?
- The 3 of us are going
Jacqueline is also coming with us
I told you already about
my temple plan to Madurai
Who will take care of Pappu then?
What can I do, anna?
Even I have Christmas holidays
I'll also come with you
I'll feel bored
sitting at home, uncle
Don't butt in when grownups are talking
- Go inside
- You get out first
Why do you buy trouble?
Ask your husband
if he needs cash?
I'll give that too
Don't change your plans
I'll stay behind and
take care of Pappu
Pappu, pack your clothes
We leave tomorrow
We'll squash him under the car
Get ready, Pappu
"Sky is our playground endless"
"Faith is our transport limitless"
"A mission is possible
only if we think it's do-able"
"Life will be happy with no obstacle"
"No one is by birth
born a loser on earth"
"Effort is the only weapon
our happiness depends upon"
"Many opportunities will come our way"
Hey! Stop, I can hear DTS sound
in my stomach, I said 'STOP'
- Please come
- Get lost, I'll clobber you
'Aiyo! Wonder where the bathroom is'
'Must be this side'
'I sat on the gas cylinder
mistaking it to be the toilet'
'Is this the kitchen?
My tummy is somersaulting'
- Who are you?
- I'm the maid's son
Go, wash that cylinder
'Water will be cold here'
- How many rooms?
- 1 room here and 2 up
Get hot water in all the rooms?
Shall we take the room down here?
Let me freshen up
Uncle, then I'll take
the big room upstairs
He wants a room of his own?
He is accustomed to it
I know why your brother agrees!
Hey! Shut up
- Go up, shower, get ready
- Okay
Can you make tea for me please?
Make me Boost in tea
- Okay, sir
- Okay, huh?
Let me see how she mixes that!
What are you deep in thought about?
At least now tell us
about that house
It has been locked up
for the past 28 years
2 love birds took shelter
from the rain few days ago
They died in that house
Many years before, temple jewelry
was stolen and shared in that place
They were found dead
the very next day
But a pregnant lady was
being rushed to a hospital
On the way, as an emergency case
...she delivered her baby
in that house
Nothing happened to any of them
Till date both mother and baby are fine
If we enquire about that house
we can get a good story
Where's that haunted house?
Shall I bowl...ready?
With your chubby face, you can
always be a comedian, imagine my plight!
You can beg
- How rude!
- Can't I be a hero?
I swear this is
'height of confidence'!
So many heroes
behave like jokers today
Can't a comedian play a hero's role?
Madam, I need 2 days off
My niece has come of age
Can I get someone else to fill in?
No need, only 2 days
I can manage
I'll just go out for a bit
Keep an eye on Pappu
Come back soon
- Do whatever lands on your lap
- What will I get?
- On its way!
- What is it?
- Is he a kid or a monster!
- Uncle, throw that ball
Thanks for the timely catch!
Is it 'Chennai 28' part III?
- Pappu, play carefully
- Don't worry, uncle
Don't tell Pappu
about the haunted house
Then he'll start exploring
You mean this kid?
If he goes in, that spirit
will spirit away petrified!
One day I'll make soup
out of his limbs!
- Where is the ball?
- I don't know
Look! It's here
Let's climb down and get it
- Come, da
- I won't come
What's got into you?
'What to do?'
When I was asleep last night
a wild buffalo went past my room
Will it be around 12 midnight?
Hey buffalo!
That was me!
- I swear there was no difference!
- Focus on the job
- Hello master
- Would you like some tea?
No, thanks, bro
If you can tell us about
the haunted house here-
Would you like
some biscuits or 'bonda'?
Is it egg fritters or
ordinary 'bonda'?
Go ahead, talk to him
Either eat or vacate this place
4 people have died there
That's all, right?
Believing some silly rumor!
You make an ASS of U and ME
if you simply assume!
Leave now
Why discuss a ghost film
at midnight?
I can't bear this cold weather
Then try the country trick
I asked you to throw in some firewood
You mean this wood?
- Yes, you broomstick!
- Panda, tell me how to warm myself
Machaan, if you cooperate
we can do 2 shots at one go
- 2...?
- Yes
- Can my body take it?
- Depends on your body's energy
My friend was the sole keeper!
Somehow I took possession
- You mean right here?
- Shouldn't be finicky
- Let's do it here
- Call immediately
A call won't help
- Self help is the best help!
- Let's go
Is this your warming up remedy?
Yes, what did you think?
- I thought of something else
- I know your crooked mind
You think I'll be your hustler?!
Your face will get misshapen!
- My imagination was fertile!
- I know
- Isn't it Tequila then?
- No
It's Anakaputhur booze
Too cheap for you, eh?
Without any appetizer
can't drink this
Chew that candle
'I've already mailed it'
I came on vacation
only after checking it
Anyone can monitor
Signal is little weak here
Weak signal here
Call tomorrow
Project manage-
I'm sure he won't mind
This climate is chill
Just right for us
Are we here for a story discussion
or honeymoon?
This scene is in my film too
- Is that so?
- You bet!
A typical thug in Tamil films, with wart,
twirling his moustache, 'lungi' clad
As soon as villain Nambiyar
calls out, 'Hey! Kabali!'
...that thug will grovel and say
'At your service, master'
You thought I was 'that' Kabali!
I am KABALI, I say
Is it already midnight?
Uncle, open the door
Why is he up so late?
- Normally he's in bed by 10
- Open the door
You can do the honors
You go
- What...?
- Is uncle not there?
Told you not to disturb him, right?
Whatever it is tell me
Please come with me for a minute
- Why...?
- Please come with me
Go and do a 'Poirot' check
What is it?
Tell me
I saw a balloon
pop out of that well
- From there?
- Yes
Some kid must have left it there
I need that balloon now
Pappu, don't make me
slap you, get into bed
"With one look at you
I have learned this, my beau"
"Love is crazy, oh, so true"
What are you both up to?
[drunken blabber]
Sorry, dude
Salaam bhai!
Sharp 12 we can
discuss your story
- At 12'o clock?
- DoP will land
We can start shoot at 1:00 a.m
Give me your number though
Arogiyam, what you do is
go to Rajasthan and call me
You recharge my phone and
switch off your cell, okay?
Be sure to bolt the door
and unlock it
Great idea, machaan
Who is this Jai look-alike hero?
I've warned you not to
get drunk during discussion
I come only to drink
Not brainstorm
- Will you buy me later?
- Shut up!
- Jeeva, did you get any one liner?
- Not a single idea
Because I'm just not scared at all
Only those who get scared
can take a film to scare people!
Then films like Conjuring - II
and Annabelle
Bed breaks
Power outage
That's a porn film!
That film has a ghost too
Watch such films and get terrified!
Where are we heading now?
To that haunted house
Only then we'll catch something
Catch the ghost's skirt
and cover your head with it!
I can't walk
Why don't you carry me?
Get lost!
Why are you staring at me?
Did I build that house?
This house looks like it was
built 30 or 40 years ago
It has been built in
an isolated place, no neighbors
We'll get more details
only if we go inside
Let me record
You go inside
- What will you record?
- How do I turn it on?
Press some button
- Once a beautiful house
- Engineer's quote!
There are no animals
surrounding this house
'On a closer look
it looks dilapidated'
Does it look like
a brand new house from far?
Let's not go beyond this
I'm very scared
Why did you bring me here?
Come along
I'll tell you
Help me get that ball
That one?
- I'll get you a new ball
- No need
I'll disturb uncle otherwise
How can I get this ball?
As if it is so deep
Did you find it?
- Come up
- I'm just looking
There was a balloon-
- What are you looking for?
- Nothing
Hey, Jeeva...?
Dai! Jeeva
Hello, is anyone there?
Come and collect your cash!!
Brainless bum!
He is missing
Hey, Jeeva
- Forest officer!
- Constable, get them
Why run like Jayamalini?
- Not me
- Where are you running to?
Trying to escape
Sir, why are you nabbing them?
Who are you?
Will you just barge in?
Don't you know
it's restricted area?
When we came
the gate was open
Was it open?
Folks in this neighborhood
will pee in their pants to come here
You're lying after breaking in
Where are you from?
Why did you come here?
We are from Chennai, sir
- Came to write a script for a film
- Are you a film maker?
Yes, sir, can you share
any input about this house?
I don't know anything
This belongs to the church
If you need any information
meet Father Andrews
Hereafter don't barge in
Leave now
Constable, get their address,
contact # and send them
Okay, sir
Don't pick up some crap
Come out
Can't you hear me?
Give me your hand
This doll looks very dirty
Hero tells the villain
Your limbs, features, organs
will be intact in your body
But your breath will be missing
That's the interval block
How is it?
Get me a producer
We'll make this selling
someone's land, ideal for Ajith
'If he hasn't watched
Ajith's 'Dheena' I am saved'
Why are you out of sorts?
Looking at your wedding album?!
Heroes Ajith and Vijay's fans are
waging world war 3 online!
In real life they are friends
Why are the fans hostile?
I'm TR's fan
Ask him, not me
Who has a bigger fan following?
Whichever hero fetches
nonstop applause is people's favorite
I think both have
mass appeal, agreed?
I want both their dates!
Will you shut up?
Why are we digressing now?
We are here to analyze your story
Narrate it to us
I am at it
Whatever the story, I have
decided the horror elements
I swear I am clueless
If it's a ghost movie...
...we need a house
And a doll
Definitely a kid
And an innocent heroine
2 characters who will die
in the climax scene
'- I'm sure that's us
- True that!'
All ghost films have
some of these
But our film has all these elements
Only then 'fear factor' will win
Now why are you scaring us?
Forget him, we'll incorporate
all these elements
Who is he?
Won't you let me pee in peace?
- Why did you hit me?
- Why are you here now?
Taking the NEET exam!
I came out to pee
- Why did you come out?
- I heard a noise inside, so I came out
- Up to your bedroom?
- Go inside, idiot!
Didn't let me finish!
What joy does he get?
[overlap of voices]
Jesus Christ!
Only you can save
sinners like us
Pray to God
- Is Father Andrews here?
- Where are you from?
From Chennai, we are here
to write a story
We want to know about
a Church land in Manalmedu
Father has gone to Mettupalayam
To Black Thunder theme park, huh?
Keep quiet
When will he be back?
He's gone for a prayer session
Maybe 2 or 3 days
I'll inform him
Sister, you're subtle and soft
- How can you be so informal!
- That's how I am
Hereafter we are both friends
Come, we'll play everyday
- Where did you get this balloon?
- Downstairs
Whom were you talking to?
To my friend Joy
This doll is Joy, huh?
If you are up to such pranks
I'll take you back home
Okay, I'll be good
You haven't eaten at all?
Go eat
'We look so smart
Is he clicking a single snap of us?'
Focusing on forests and wells
You set your heart
you can take a film!
Shall I tell you
post interval knot?
Heroine is in the center
Behind her
10 rowdies are armed
with weapons
10 rowdies?
Our hero looks at them
Our hero Ajith swings
a long knife from behind
- Ajith...?
- I mean
I meant our hero 'adjusts'
and takes a knife from behind
How is your trip so far?
Just tell me what you want
Tomorrow is Pappu's birthday
Don't forget his cake
I'll take care of that
Close up shot of the heroine
I'll take care
of all that, just listen
Cycle chain from his hips
He takes it and shows
Villains' reaction
- What yarn are you spinning
- Shut up!
Tomorrow is Pappu's birthday
Get a cake and candle now?
Jacqueline will be alone
I'll be with her
You must tip us
to slip out of your way!
I'll give you
Leave now
- Is that all?
- He's uncle Scrooge!
What happens after that is-
Someone might walk in
I've sent them to get
a cake for Pappu
Tomorrow is his birthday right?
Shall I go up
and check on Pappu?
He'll disturb us like last night
Last nigh-
Oh! Is this scene also in your film?
- Can add it if you like
- Sure, why not?!
Want to see Pappu, right?
Go see him
Pappu, why are you
hiding in the closet?
- Where were you?
- I was playing in the balcony
Who has scribbled here?
- I didn't
- Who else will scribble?
Why is everyone targeting me?
Okay, don't feel bad
Did you eat?
Go to bed then
Good night
Why are you like this?
Go to bed
Why are you so keen
I should sleep?
Ask your dad, he'll tell you
'I'll squash you
if you come down'
Hey, no one should know
you're here, okay?
If they get to know,
they will cut our friendship
"My cloud rain-bearing
You are ever so caring"
"I am your soil true
waiting for your showers blue"
"Into my lap you fall crystal clear
as refreshing drizzle, my dear"
"I am your flute melodious"
"You are the tempest voracious"
"Harmony in notes of melody
I'll play as our rhapsody"
"Even if I am laden by desires
daily my thirst for you is so fierce"
"My greedy fingers reach out
only for your body without a doubt"
"That will do for me
when our lips fuse eagerly"
"Bask in that fiery desirous union
Shall I melt on you like honey then?"
"This is a never ending fusion
Sleepless nights of temptation"
"Let's make out all night long"
"Surrender your body to me, play along"
"When you play your music on me
I'll be on cloud nine rapturously"
"In the dizzy flow of your spell
I lose my senses as well"
"With a rush of adrenaline I lie
in the aftermath; a love wearied sigh"
"Petalled dewdrops perspiring"
"Fresh kisses follow inspiring"
"Fears allayed
fly away, fade"
"Cooling flames, my lady
Give yourself to me"
"Sins through lips inviting
Grammar of love's lessons waiting"
"We shall enjoy satiating"
"That will do for me, sweetie
when our lips fuse endlessly"
"In that amorous union, let us bask
Shall I melt on you like honey, I ask?"
"This is a never ending unification
Sleepless nights of fascination"
"Let's make out all night through"
"Be my soul mate true blue"
What are you thinking about?
There are 2 scenes
like this in my film
Wondering if I can discuss
the 2nd scene also
Your friends might show up
You're right
Let me shower and get ready
Only then I can discuss the story
Hey...? You said
you wanted to shower
Why did you come back?
Kutty, stop fooling round
Open the door
You heard me?
Open the door
Jaq, open the door
'How long will I wait?
Open the door, uncle'
What now?
What do you want?
Was it Pappu?
What did he want?
I think Pappu is feeling lonely
Can we make him sleep with us?
My friends are jobless!
I'll tell them to sleep
with Pappu, okay?
I feel someone else
is here in our room
Don't get scared
unnecessarily, dear
I'll meet them
and be back soon
- You bought everything?
- Yes
Where is he?
Why is the theater empty?
Where did you get these now?
How does it matter?
All balloons, right?
How will they affect
our environment?
Let's get into farming, no water
then we can be laborers
They pay Rs 250 per day
- Are you drunk?
- Yes
Only because I drank, I got
these balloons, not vice versa
I drank to the last drop
- Got another peg?
- You'll never reform
Why is he so tense?
Ignore him
Owner of this house sold
3 acres of land in 1997
Why didn't he utter
a single word to me?
Hey, did you share your booze?
Shall I tell you another truth?
Out of 'Siruthai' + 'Singam' I, II, III,
I've watched 2 films
If I tell hero Suriya a story
he'll trash it and thrash me!
- Should I charge this mobile?
- That's the TV remote!
'Shall I tell you another truth?
Today is Pappu's wedding day'
Arogiyam, turn on the light
If I turn on the light,
Pappu will wake up
If it's dark, I'll sleep
Panda, of late, you are
behaving like a mad pig
Tie the balloons
Why are you copying
Kamal Haasan in 'Indian'?
Look how he's sleeping,
wretched kid
Balloons for him!
Hey, stand in 1 spot and finish
Am I building a compound wall
to stand in one spot?
Look at him
like a raggedy doll!
- Give that
- Here
Machaan, where did you get
these balloons from?
Have you seen
that dilapidated well?
Got it from there
You grabbed it from some kids
and spinning a yarn, huh?
I have changed over a new leaf
- Habitual liar
- Okay, king Harischandra
Text Pappu
his divorce is through
I'll clobber you
if you wake me up
Give it to him
Click a picture
Wake him up
Your pig-face scares
the hell out of me
How rude was that!
I'll get even with you soon
I'll push you inside
a pillow cover and fling you
Thank you, uncle
Thank you, aunt
- I'll get you, just wait
- Come and cut the cake
Are you ready?
Uncle, please turn on the light
Wait, Pappu
Switch on the light
Coke bottle glass!
Hurry up
Aren't you ashamed
to eat the cake on the sly?
Won't he give you
after he cuts it?
I swear I didn't take it
Oh yes! You didn't
Pappu, cut the cake
He's taking so long
Better hurry up
Snoring buffalo!
Look where he has stuffed the pillow!
Give it to me
Why is this area empty?
I want my pillow back
If you take it
I'll leak your story
This has been made
into a film already
Give me the pillow
I can't use Pappu as a buffer
He's the birthday boy!
I can't sleep
without a wedge!
This doll is good enough
'I will come'
'I am coming'
The doll is missing!
'Trisha on this side'
'Nayantara on that side'
'Nayantara, this side'
Do you call this a game?
Why is he holding balloons
and calling out to the heroines?
Trisha and Nayantara
look like balloons to you?
Get lost, you dirty rascal!
Trisha and Nayantara it seems
Let me see how you can take it away now
'Who is this kiddo?'
Standing with layers of
make-up on her face!
Karthik, I've already
informed the on-site team
Ask someone else to send that mail
No, I can't
No internet connection here
We have no maid, right?
Can't they tidy up their room?
Who is the 'they'?
Who else but your assistants
- We shouldn't watch ghost films
- Why...?
Ghosts haunt me in my dream
Hey, I dreamt of love
For your face?
What happened to you?
It's burning down under!
- Serves you right, stuffing stuff there!
- As if you know better
'He loves insulting me'
Good morning, dude
For a change, shall we
go out tomorrow?
Feels like we are
in a lodge in Triplicane
- Let's go somewhere
- Suicide point?
That's the spot for our producer
Suggest some other location
Where's the birthday baby?
Must be playing outside
- Will you go get him?
- I just sat to eat 'idli'
Fine, I'll go
Don't glare, you may
bang on the door
- Why are you like this?
- 'Idli' is hot
Is there any 'vada'?
Why did you ask me to come?
I had asked you
about that house
Can't get any news
from that case
And the sun rises in the west!
Not only that
It's a problematic case
If I talk about it
my job will be at risk
That's why it will cost you
Sir, shall I get you
2 butter biscuits?
Hey! Keep quiet
- Let's go there and chat
- Okay, bro
I've been watching you
Why do you want to buy trouble?
Being Simbu's fan, how can I
not follow his footsteps!
Long live leader!
Long live leader!!
'The flag was too heavy
for him to carry!'
Long live, leader
This is for your own good
That house has too many murders
and missing people cases
Hey! Doll face
Come here
Where are you going
in a tearing hurry?
To fall at my leader's feet
Look at our banner for him
Won't he come by car?
I'll fall under the car!
Is that so?
Take a lemon in each palm
When your leader arrives
fall in the center of his car
Your leader will bless you 100%
- What about 'kumkum'?
- You'll get all that
- See you
- Carry on
Long live leader!
Fall in front of the car
I swear he is a weirdo!
You've been drooling
over photos of females
Go and jump into
the lake over there
Super...get going
Machaan, he's a poor soul
I feel bad too
But he agreed immediately!
Time for leader's arrival
Inspector is coming
I'll talk to you later
- Hey...?
- Bro...?
Why are these policemen here?
Did you get permission
for this banner?
Remove it first
Constable, throw those banners
You're both assistant directors, right?
- You didn't bring a recorder?
- Nope
Your decibel level is extra loud?
Don't you have any case?
Attend to your work
Constable, clear everything
Don't you get your palms greased?
Hey, do what I say
How dare you raise your hand?
Are you such a big shot?
Inspector, take your hands off
Greetings, sir
- Pappu...!
- Not me, it was Joy
Playing pranks
and then lying!
We will leave tomorrow
Go to your room
Why are you so quiet?
I am asking you
What did that cop say?
Stay here
I'll join you in a jiffy
Did that cop tell him
not to befriend us?
Let's go
Kutty, when did you come?
Just now
Why do you look strange?
- Shall I make you some coffee?
- No need
Take rest, I'll be
outside in the garden
28 years back...
...a boy lived in that house
Every house will have inmates
This is what the policeman
said in a hushed tone?
That boy fell in love with a girl
He murdered his girlfriend
That's good
He committed suicide too
The police department
closed the case
He was a balloon seller
Hey, you got balloons
from somewhere
Where did you get them?
From the well behind the house
we are staying in
How will you find balloons in a well?
I swear I did
Hey! Don't lie
Gas balloons tend to fly
No one would've tried
That's why I got it
From when we came here
balloon seems to be a key factor
Ah! I forgot to tell you
Didn't we record
in that house?
'- Once a beautiful house
- Engineer's quote!'
'Surrounding this house-'
Exterior is recorded 100%
Once we went in
nothing got recorded!
This fool is bad with buttons
- As if you know
- What?
- press!
- Forget it
Not only that
I feel someone is
watching us very closely
What do you mean?
Yes, you're right
Like you said...
...watchman is watching us
Pay him properly
Otherwise he'll push us out
Can't you be serious?
Why don't you talk then?
- How long will this discussion last?
- Why...?
Can we break for 15 minutes?
Hey, it's a full bottle
We need at least half an hour
Will you both please leave?
This is what we expected
Thanks, buddy
How is Pappu doing?
- Taking good care of him?
- He's fine
Did you cut a cake for his birthday
or did you while away the time?
What do you want?
Tell me clearly
Send me his birthday snaps
Everyone is asking me
- I want to upload on Facebook
- Okay, I'll send
- Send it now
- Okay, hang up now
I'm not to blame
All because of you
Why do you hate my aunt?
She's actually nice you know?
I get yelled at
because of you
What are you doing here?
Will you listen to me?
Whom are you talking to, huh?
I'm telling you
Come out
Didn't I tell you
someone else is also here?
You didn't believe
I won't talk to you hereafter
I'll tell uncle and
we'll go back right away
No need
You go back to your house
Listen to me
Don't come near me
Look at this
My stomach is churning
whether I eat or not!
Hey! Who's hiding over there?
Me, machaan
What are you doing here?
Watering the plants
- Booze, right?
- How did you find out?
No plants over there
- I'm taking a swig behind Jeeva's back
- I'll join you
Wait, where are you going?
- Bathroom
- That's only western
I can even stand and pee!
God help my tummy!
'He's listening to music
without head phones?'
- Hey Arogiya
- What?
- 'Starter' is all alone here
- I'm coming
Just because of our ghost film
he's acting like he's possessed
You think so?
Look at me
- Call him
- Pappu, turn your face
Machaan, you are a rowdy of repute
- He is ignoring you!
- What should I do now?
Fulfill your long pending wish
Finish him off!
I'll smash his head to pieces!
You rude, bloody-
I just asked him
'What happened?'
He nailed me up here
Something has happened
to him, lower me down
Jeeva, don't go near him
I'm not Pappu
'Didn't I warn you?'
Hey! He isn't Pappu
He's possessed by a spirit
'First tie him up'
'Yes, do as he says'
Get that cloth
Give me a hand
to tie him up
He's roaring like Suriya in 'Singam'!
Keep an eye on him
I'll be back
I bet this will be
the longest night of my life
Where are you going?
Bring me down
Who are you?
I am Father Andrews!
Father, my nephew-
Father, please save me
'Almighty Savior and Redeemer'
'To forgive our sins, You came down
to earth to purify us'
'Son of God, bearing the crushing
burden of Thy heavy cross'
'He's flicking channels without a TV'
'...I sprinkle the precious blood
You shed for us to cleanse this child'
'Without any affliction
redeem them from this tribulation'
Who are you?
Don't you recognise me, Father?
Even you don't recognise me, dad?
Come out of that boy's body
His life is at stake because of you
'The spirit is in danger
thanks to this imp!'
Father, Pappu is my friend
I won't harm him
What do you want then?
My dad is angry with me
He didn't even come
to save me on that day
Father, what is he blabbering?
Do something, Father
Who the hell is she?
I don't like her one bit
Why is she with my dad?
Where's my mother?
You mean Shenbagavalli?
Both of them are driving me mad
Joy, you can't see Shenbagavalli now
Father, I've seen my dad
If I see my mom, I'll go away
without troubling anyone
Joy, understand this
Shenbagavalli is dead
You are lying to me
I won't go without seeing my mom
It doesn't make any sense
Who is Joy?
Why is he calling me 'dad'?
1st tell me why you wanted to meet me
To know more about the haunted house
owned by the church for my movie script
You have disturbed something
So it has triggered all this
We didn't even enter that house
Did Pappu go into that house?
I am not sure
How can you be so careless?
Is this how you take care of him?
That isn't the point now
We must save Pappu
Father, shall we take Pappu
and go back home?
This spirit will follow you
wherever you go
There are many reasons why
a ghost possesses a body
I don't know why
Pappu has been possessed
But only after that
she has remembered her past
Only if Joy's wish is fulfilled
Paapu will get back to normal
What should I do now, Father?
You were hanging without your undies
Hey! Come here
Your wish is my command!
Don't go
He likes me, that's why
he's calling me
Where did you stuff my doll and sleep?
In the bureau
How dare you lie to me!
'Hitting me using the ghost as an excuse'
What is the solution, Father?
We must make Joy understand
Shenbagavalli is dead
You resemble her father Charlie
So she thinks you are her dad
Let it be so
Father, is Shenbagavalli really dead?
Is this the height of madness?
What are you doing?
This is a 'mantra'
No supernatural power can
harm you, if you chant it
Then we should go with them
Are they meeting Oviya
in Big Boss's house?
They are interacting with a ghost
Joy, this is Shenbagavalli's grave
I don't believe you
- You have to
- You're lying
You heard Father, right?
Now do you believe him?
No, dig and prove it to me
If I dig and show
will you go away?
Jeeva, don't
It isn't right
Kutty, don't
Let's go back
How can we go?
You saw how Pappu is
Why are you going back?
I'll be so bored at home
Better than being possessed!
Jeevanandham, I spoke
about you to a hero
He said he would listen
to your story on the 27th
Finished your script?
1st half is done, sir
What is this?
'Okay, Jeeva
Come to my office on 27th'
We'll go to his house
and meet him
I have to tell you
something very important
I know, you want an advance
I'll deposit 30,000
this evening in your account-
- Not money, sir
- 'I will talk to you later'
Why did you lie to him?
- When did you finish?
- In my mind
Let's mind the rest at home
No, something is
holding me back here
I can't finish the script
without knowing about the house
The problem is in this place
Let's shift to a hotel
and finish the story
We can close all our chapters
next to that tombstone
We can hear the rest of the story
from father Andrews
He won't help us
As usual we'll make up
the rest of it in our tea shop
You leave if you want
I'll finish the script
in 2 days and come
Have you forgotten
what happened last night?
I'll stay behind with him
You take Pappu along
Put him in some lorry or truck
- Don't send him with me
- Don't yell
He'll get scared
if he hears you
I feel sorry for you
but I'm leaving right now
Don't be hasty
'I can't get beaten
up by a ghost daily'
- Coming or not?
- Wait, da
Listen to me
'You can do your script anytime'
'I'm sure you know this'
But to risk your family
for your career is wrong
Her temperature is 102
But body feels cool
Let's anyway take a blood test
Okay, doctor
We'll do it now
Good afternoon, sir
[indistinct chatter]
- Stay here
- All of you, wait here
Our Azhagu was in a rush
- Spoke to the DSP?
- Yes, bro
No problem
Good afternoon, sir
- Hello, bro
- Don't get up
- How is your hand now?
- I'm fine
It isn't a big deal
Ask them to discharge me
Take rest for a while
Bro will deal with it
If you step out, you'll end up
only in the police station, is it okay?
You should've erected the banner
and removed it quietly
Instead if you hit a policeman
this will be your fate
So how long do I stay here?
Discharge me-
My lawyer said it's better you stay
in the hospital for a while longer
Safer for you this way
Give it to him
'Hope all of you are fine'
Take off your glasses
- Why?
- See a girl over there?
- Why are you staring?
- Looking sharply!
Yes, I can see her, why?
I wondered if she is a ghost
You know what I like about him
He plays with only girls!
Even if they are ghosts
- That lady has headphones on?
- That's a muffler
Give her this tablet before dinner
Okay, you leave now?
What about you?
I'll leave by tomorrow
once she is fine
I don't know what to say
The sooner you come back
to Chennai the better
Okay, just do me a favor
Will we come out in 1 piece?
I'm terrified to go upstairs
He has put us in a spot
We shouldn't have agreed to help him
We should 1st cut his friendship
We must take the Tablet
from the room upstairs
I have an idea
Is this the time to be
dancing with sticks?
This is the Holy cross, man
Greetings, Jesus Christ
This is an abode of cursed spirits
This is the abode of sinners as spirits
He will cleanse your feet
with his blood
Whose blood?
I'll rip your lips
- Christ!
- Why are you yelling?
Spirits will be warned
if we are scared
If we are brave
they will get scared
- Shall we walk in bravely?
- You go in first
Why is your pant wet?
I pissed in fear, machaan
I am only reminded of ghosts
if I come into this room
I am reminded of you
hanging in mid air
You sat like a pig
on your haunches
- Look for his tab
- Must be in there
Go and get it
Why is the bed propped up?
Do spirits sleep while standing?
- Hey!
- What?
Open quietly
It isn't here
No? Let's go then
- It must be there
- Go and check
Don't know which corner
it will pounce from
Something has entered
- I think so too
- Listen to me
Let's scoot
Teddy bear
Did you find it?
I got it
Let's exit
Tiptoe softly
It's coming
Peeing again?
Come out
I meant the ghost
Let's run together
Why did you go without
informing me, sir?
- You're here for how long?
- 10 years
We shouldn't tell the cook
who is feeding ghosts for 10 years!
You need a solid slap!
Come on
Jeeva, all the rooms in
the hotel here are full
I've booked us in 'Seasons'
a resort near the hospital, so you-
Give it to me
I swear I won't come to Ooty
even for my honeymoon
I'll talk to you later
I need to tell him something
Refer my name and collect
the key from the manager
Why aren't you staying here?
Come along
Look at his stupid face!
How are you feeling now?
I am fine
Let's not be in a hospital
on Christmas day
Let us get the blood test report
Then we can decide
what to do
- Have your friends left?
- Yes
How are you now?
Let me check
Her blood pressure is low
That's why she fainted
Let her continue the tablets for 2 days
and take complete bed rest
Doctor, we are planning
to leave for Chennai
- Can she be discharged today?
- Yes
But avoid travelling at night
I agree with you, doctor
'Delivery is a bit delayed
I wanted to inform you'
That's okay
I just got a call about the delay
and you are here
How much?
1 minute
'Uncle, I'm playing'
'What do you want?'
'Sir, I'm calling from Salim Hotel'
'We have delivered
your order to your resort manager'
Sir, your food
What happened, sir?
Nothing, how much?
Jaq, dinner is here
Will you bring Pappu?
Pappu, come soon
Dinner will get cold
He has gone to sleep
What...he has slept?
He just spoke to me
He said he was tired and he slept
Didn't I tell you?
Why do you never believe me?
I don't like this, Charlie
I feel like eating 'biriyani'
You are just now recovering
Doctor has prescribed
only this diet, eat
What did you call me just now?
Like I usually do
You didn't call me 'kutty'
That's what I said
What's wrong with you?
I'm scared to even look at you
Eat your dinner
I'll eat later
'Tamil Nadu bags
2nd place in robbery'
You haven't provided
bucket or water
Demanding Rs 5,
do you have a conscience?
- I am not jobless like you
- Are you piloting a flight?
Aren't you Govt staff?
No wonder you are sarcastic
Plus this damn radio!
No water in the loo
Shall we go?
Panda, is it right
what we are doing?
Want me to tip him
Rs 10 for the loo?
I didn't mean that
- Jeeva called
- What's up?
Jacqueline is okay now
They are back in the resort
He isn't coming?
He is saying all kinds of weird stuff
How could we have left him?
He is the only one who trusts us
Even we are banking on him
What shall we do?
Shall I call him?
No, let us go
and surprise him
Who is it?
Open the door
Who is it?
Come out
Who is it?
Are you trying to frighten me?
Don't you know, I've killed
half the people here?
Who is it?
Who are you?
What are you showing?
Is this some kind of magic?
I know who sent you
That policeman, right?
Who are you?
Tell me
Is it your last wish to know who I am?
Last wish?
Don't try it with me
I will hang you
Why are you laughing?
How are you here?
I don't know anything
I followed anna's orders
Don't hurt me
Cry as much as you want
Because if you cry
after you die... can't shed tears!
I beg of you
Don't harm me
I begged you the other day
Did you spare me?
Did you let me go?
Die now, I say
Leave me
Let me escape
What are you doing here now?
I should ask you that
Where were you so long?
- I was right here
- Don't lie
I'm talking to you
and you're ignoring me
I'm not the one lying
You are and
I don't know why
I've been watching you
You think I'm a fool?
You are confused
I'm clear, you are
trying to confuse me
At the dining table
you called me Charlie
Why are you silent?
Charlie, have you really forgotten me?
Are you mad?
Why are you calling me Charlie?
Then really you aren't Charlie?
Why do you keep repeating
like a lunatic?
Then why do you resemble Charlie?
I told you, Shenbagavalli
He is not Charlie
You didn't believe me
Father and he have tricked us royally
He has hidden Charlie somewhere
Who are you?
Why are you disturbing my family?
I swear I don't know Charlie
I don't know all that
Charlie has to come here right now
I really don't know who this Charlie is
If you don't tell me where
Charlie is, I will kill her
Don't harm her
I will somehow bring Charlie here
Arogiyam has come
Even Panda has come back
They seem to be missing?
'Aiyo! Green lizard'
Hey! Panda
What happened to you?
Hey Panda
You are committing a grave mistake
What about you lying, Father?
Yes, I hid the truth
For the good of their family
Your wish has been fulfilled
You took revenge and killed
the chap who killed you
Our wishes aren't
as yet fulfilled, Father
We won't leave this place
without seeing Charlie
Yes, we won't leave
Come what may
Then I have no choice
Enough, Father
Tell me where Charlie is
I'll bring him here at once
- You'll bring him?
- Can't I do it?
You can
Only you can do it
But it will harm your life
What are you saying, Father?
Because you are Charlie
You were Charlie
in your previous birth
How can I help you, Charlie?
I am thinking of adopting Joy
My wish is to adopt orphans
from the Home and give them a home
Good decision
If you want to adopt a child
you should be married
Or your fiancee should
share your interest too
If not the child will only be affected
I'll marry a girl
who feels the same way I do
Charlie, please understand
You can't adopt Joy now
Let us continue
Charlie, I've packed all my clothes
When will you take me home?
Can Joy stay in my house
atleast until Christmas?
You can take her
Charlie, everyone has a balloon
Did you sell it or give it for free?
I didn't give
Is this how you keep your balloons?
This is a regular occurrence
As if you don't know
[indistinct chatter]
Take the cash over there
No sales since morning
- Tell your girl and sell some icecream
- Eat
Shall we go?
You minx! Is this why you came
with me to church so often?
If your parents find out
I'll be the 1st to be beaten up
Get thrashed!
Boys give their lives
for their friends' love
Why are girls like this?
Forget that
Why did you flip
for this balloon seller?
What do you see in him?
He wants to make others happy
Then won't he make sure
his wife is happy?
"In my life and soul, a new river flows"
"In our bond, a new branch grows"
"The night you entered my life, dear"
"It turned into milky white days clear"
"One look from you and then
my place changed into a garden"
"I will follow you continuous secretly"
"Like the moon gliding gently"
"Even if sky and earth don't unite
they will always be in each other's sight"
"I froze without intending to"
"I melted without realizing too"
"I am your prisoner who came
enticed by your love game"
"Words spoken by my mind anew
today as my life came true"
"Love, your affection growing and glowing"
"Springs as a spring in my heart free flowing"
"Your hands play some
naturally become"
"A garland lovesome
on my shoulders welcome"
"Lightning agleam
in this firefly's dream"
"In a moonlight scene
asleep in your lap is this queen"
"In love's showers
reveling in caresses"
"Pleasures endless
dwell in all (y)our senses"
"You were born to unite with me"
"As this instant, present
you are my present constant"
"Words spelt by my mind anew
today as my life came true"
"Love, your affection growing and glowing"
"Springs as a spring in my heart free flowing"
"Your hands play some
naturally become"
"A garland lovesome
on my shoulders welcome"
Park the jeep near the kerb
- Hello, bro
- Why are you so late?
- Did you attend to everyone?
- Yes, bro
Why are you so tense?
- Where is bro?
- He is inside
Azhaganna seems to be tense
Come, Azhagu
What's worrying you?
Even if you host a grand feast...
...I feel something isn't right
What do you mean?
This time too
we won't win, bro
- I overheard
- Who said so?
- Murthy
- Tell me, bro
You hosted a sumptuous feast
I'll take leave
Thank you for gracing the occasion
Don't be formal, Murthy
This time you'll secure a seat
MLA is definitely on the cards
Don't worry, our votes
are assured for you
- I'll take leave
- Thanks, bro
See you
Hey balloon, wait
Won't you stop if I call you?
You called 'balloon'
Ask it to stop
Charlie, wait
You'll get it from me today
Hassling me!
- Why are you rude?
- I was rude? were-
Why are you sweating
all over your eyes?
Look at me
I am crying
So sad!
Why did you call me?
- I want a balloon
- Which one?
All of them
Do you have cash?
Here you are
Now get going
- Charlie
- What?
What did you say?
Don't act as if you don't know
Only because I understood I'm acting
What was it you understood?
I have no one as family
Now I know a child believes in me
More than that
I also know your family
won't approve of me
I don't care what they think
What's important is how you feel
Tell me
I'll tell you in church tomorrow
I can't, whatever it is
tell me now
I decide all good issues
only in church, got it?
Don't keep bullying me
I get scared you know
Murthy, how are you?
I am fine
Tell me, boss
Heard you have hosted
a feast for all my men
Yes, sir
Okay, you fed everyone
None of them who ate there
is willing to defend you
If no support even from our caste
why allot him a seat, they want to know
What can I do, Murthy?
Tell me in a way
I can understand
Don't stand this time
We have our hands full
Attend to it for the time being
Wait for a while
Then you can get elected
- Okay?
- Yes, sir
Speak up boldly
Either way, we'll tackle it
- What is it?
- 'Is Murthy a stranger?'
Shanmugam bro wants to
discuss something
About his daughter's love affair
Tell him I'll talk tomorrow
Hey, wait
Bro is out of sorts
after receiving a call from the party head
Hello, Murthy, forgive me
for coming at this hour
I have a family problem
That's why-
That's okay
Tell me
Why are you hesitating?
'I didn't believe when
so many friends told me'
I personally saw
Our Shenbagavalli flirting
with a balloon seller
When is your wedding?
I have professed my love
to him only today
He said he'll confirm tomorrow
What gall!
Go ahead, hit me
I won't change my mind
I know you won't change
your mind either
Yell at me
Beat me, I don't care
If you try to separate us
I will die
I'll tell this whole town you are
the cause for me dying, watch out
My daughter is so stubborn, Murthy
If it was a problem within our clan
we would have solved it
But in this issue
the balloon seller is not one of us
Only you can reprimand
that chap to stay away
How can that fellow
even aspire for such an alliance?
We should teach him a lesson
Don't lose your cool
We mustn't be rash or impulsive
Don't send her to college for a few days
I will deal with him
No, Murthy, that chap-
Trust me
Go home, bro
Can you identify that girl?
I know her well
- I have a doubt
- Tell me, bro
It is said, only when love is restrained
it will rupture and explode!
- You're sure that girl will step out?
- Yes, bro
- Kill her when she steps out
- Bro...?
She belongs to our caste
When problems obstruct
our political career...
...making calculated moves with
others' problems isn't a crime
Bro, what do we gain
by killing that girl?
Something will come out of it
It should
Christmas eve'
Charlie, you look good in this costume
Every Christmas day
wear this costume hereafter
Father, I wanted to ask your opinion
Good choice
She is ideal for you
Come soon, everyone is
waiting for you outside
I'll be outside, Father
See properly
Saw? There is nothing inside, right?
Hey! Come
Who are you?
Let go of me
Let me go
What are you doing to me?
Azhaganna, why have you tied me up?
Any problem with my father?
Or do you need money?
Tell me, I'll sort it out for you
Bro, please tell him to untie me
Why are you so quiet?
Tell him, bro
Start the car
Bro, I beg of you
I am scared, bro
You must have mistaken me
for someone else
Ask them to untie me, please
You should have loved
a man from your own caste
'You made a mistake'
You gave everyone a gift
What about me?
Charlie, can I call you daddy?
I'm fine with that
I know whom you are waiting for
She follows you all the time
Waiting for her, no?
I heard you intend marrying her
Isn't her name Shenbagavalli?
Yes, but you mustn't
call her by her name
Call her 'amma', okay?
I want to see amma right now
Now, huh?
Can we see her tomorrow?
I want to see her now
Take me to her house
Isn't it dark now?
So I'll take you to
meet her tomorrow
Greetings, sir
He ruined my daughter's life
and sent her to her grave
Why did you yell at her?
You could've been gentle
We weren't harsh at all
All I said was
'Don't talk to him'
She said she would die
if we restrained her
She hung herself
Don't cry
Rosy, take her inside
Come in
She's so young, Murthy
Never thought she would resort to this
We don't even have the strength
to go in and see her
I feel like dying
Murthy, when a vagabond hit on her
we should have broken his limbs
Taking his punishment as a lesson
no other man will trouble our girls
- We must do that first
- Don't be in a hurry
There's a time for everything
My daughter had her whole life
ahead of her, he ruined it
He shouldn't be alive
He must die
He should die
He has brought disgrace to our caste
With my bare hands I will stran-
Of what use are we then?
Anna, I have a doubt
We might as well
have killed him first
If you must head a gang...
...we must solve all their problems
If there are no problems...
...we have to create issues
If we had killed him 1st,
it would've been a family issue
Now it has flared
as a caste issue
Your calculations are bang on
If something had gone amiss, that girl
would have lost her life for no reason
Yes, dispensable
Why are you unhappy
on Christmas eve?
Nothing, darling
Enjoy yourself
- Come
- Appa, what happened?
Hey balloon, open the door
'Or shall I break the door?'
Don't come till I call you
Go and hide
Why should I hide?
I am scared, pa
I won't go
Hey! Listen
- Open the door
- Till I come, don't step out
Listen to me, dear
- He is inside
- Hey! Open
I'm sure you'll listen to me
'Can't you hear us?
Open the door'
'- GO!
- This won't work'
'Break open the door'
Why are you doing this, bro?
Hey balloon, what wrong
did Shenbagavalli do?
- Why did you?
- What are you saying?
What happened to Shenbagavalli?
Though you forced her, she didn't comply
and you killed her
What are you saying, bro?
I think you don't get it
You killed her
My men are waiting to take revenge
What shall we do now?
Don't you know to stab
directly on the chest?
You deserve to die
Don't do this, bro
- Leave me, bro
- Understand this
Position in the party is important
Do you how tough it is to
get a seat in my party?
If good leaders like me
should come to power...
...people like you
should be sacrificed
Let go of me, bro
'Appa, what happened to you?
Open the door, I'm scared'
Joy, you leave
Listen to me
Get that kid
I won't let you get away with this
Die, I say
You will die in 5 minutes
What can you do to me?
Throw him in and burn him
I will come back
to avenge this for sure
I will definitely get you
I will do anything to
preserve our clan's dignity
Tell the elders and people of our caste
Let me see now
who bags the seat
'One half of you is Charlie'
'Charlie's other half is you'
'Not because of your physical features'
'Your characters are also the same'
Charlie died on the night
of 25th December, 1989
- When were you born?
- December 26th, 1989
Not only that,
he enjoyed entertaining others
'You are also in the same field'
Charlie wanted to marry
a girl from another religion
Your wife also belongs
to another religion
This soul knows nothing other than revenge
It was only waiting for your rebirth
That's why I said
your life is at stake
Then can't we take revenge
on our murderers?
Please understand
Charlie's story is over
Why torture this innocent family
for your personal vendetta?
You are always rash and reckless
I told you to stay there
and did you comply?
Why are you sitting there
like a zombie?
'Do as you wish'
I got information that
our Azhagu was killed in the hospital
Who is this then?
Don't blabber in
a drunken stupor!
Hear me ou-
Get out
Tell me, DSP sir
'Your right hand Azhagesan has been
murdered in the hospital'
'I called to inform you'
DSP sir, I'll call you later
What is it, bro?
Did they tell you
I am dead?
Didn't Charlie tell you
he'll get us?
He has come
Here and now
In a dual form
- What happened?
- Let's go
What is this?
He's bleeding profusely
'- Azhagu'na
- Power cut'
'Azhagu, what happened?'
'- Switch on the light
- Get the torch'
- What happened?
- He was here
Now he is missing
- Show the light here
- A trail of blood
What is this?
- Blood everywhere
- Someone has come here
Comb the entire area
You stay here
You go and search
- Okay, bro
- Look everywhere
Go up and check
Go that side
Who is it?
Who is it?
Finish him off
Go after him
You stay here
Bro, spare me
- What is this place?
- Wait
- I can hear some voice
- Where are we?
- You are there
- What are you saying?
'Bro, spare me'
How come I am here?
What is happening here?
How is he alive?
Why did you push me?
I didn't push you
What is this?
Petrol all over me
Yes, I am covered in petrol also
Who is this hitting
like a ghost in the dark?
Consider yourself a man
face me with spunk
Hey! Who are you? it you?
How can you be alive?
What the hell do you want?
Can we let it explode?
Kill him
Get him
Murthy anna, does this place
seem familiar to you?
Don't hurt me, Charlie
I'll agree I killed you in front of
everyone and pay you any amount
You think I'm a man to be bribed?
Compared to genuine achievers
...politicians like you using caste as
a tool, exceed as parasites in our society
Even if I am selfish enough to kill you
I will be clearing the weeds in society
What's the matter?
Did you think I'll stab
your back like you did?
What happened?
Why are we lying here?
Don't ask me anything
We must leave at once
Wake up Pappu
Hey! Get up
Let's go, we are late
- Yesterday
- I know
Do you know, last night
Pappu showed off his somersaults?
We don't have time to discuss
all that, let's go
Get everyone here
- What?
- Let's tell Father before we leave
If we tell him 1 word
he will talk nonstop
Aunty, shall I go with them?
- Stay with me
- They said he was in Mettupalayam
Now they will say
he is in Marina, Madras
- Can we meet Father Andrews?
- He is inside
'Who is this?
Looks like an undertaker'
- Father Andrews
- Yes, I am Father Andrews
- What?
- He was with us yesterday
He knows us well
Tall and curly haired
He told us he is Father Andrews
There are many churches here
I am the only Andrews here
Hey, what is this?
Is there a problem?
Yes, Father
Stomach problem
He'll talk for an hour, I'm going
It's okay, Father
Let's go
'Who was that priest then?'
'Total confusion'
So spooky
What is happening?
The Father who visited us
was also a ghost, huh?
'I had a doubt the other day'
'He came in through the locked door'
We should've realized then
- Why didn't you tell me earlier?
- I was drunk
'Wretched fellow!'
But commendable
He stepped in as our exorcist
- Superb performance
- He did it casually
Whatever Father did
would've been for my good
Uncle, tomorrow is your birthday
What will you get me?
Get him some poison and kill him
Won't you shut up?
We can't discern
ghost and human here
Everything is a puzzle
'Very gripping screenplay'
'There is no logic in this movie'
Be happy you were invited
for the preview show
Akka, where is Jai anna?
Somewhere in the front
I liked your part also
Jeeva, congratulations
If the response is good here
I'm sure audience will love it
- Sure, sir
- Is this a true story?
Does he look like a murderer?
Part fact part fiction, sir
Anyway how can you expect
any logic in a horror film?
The movie was terrific
I'll have a word with my mother
Everybody has done their part brilliantly
Proud of you, son
- Good job
- Thanks, anni
Soooper, uncle
He will pose only
with the heroine
Come, I was looking for you
Did you notice his hand?
- Come, bro
- I think he heard us
- I heard you
- I wanted you to!
What's next?
Baby, right?
- We are planning to adopt
- Oh! Superb
- When is your Sabarimala pilgrimage?
- Month end
- 'I forgot my phone'
- Pray for me also
Bro, I was about to call you
The movie is good
No taboo scenes
Much bigger scale
Caste conflict, murder and all that
If we create a ruckus
we can make upto 1.5 million
I'll tell you in person
Who are you?