Balu Mahi (2017) Movie Script

Smile please.
Peace be upon you.
I love you.
And I know that you love me too.
All those years we spent together,
from college to university...
Every single moment I spent with you
was the best moment of my life.
I know all this seems
too much for you right now...
But trust me, my love
will be enough for both of us.
My life has no meaning without you.
And if you leave me...
I don't know what I'll do.
Look, you...
Who are you?
Who are you?
He's a mad man.
Kick him out of here!
You think you're some sort of hero?
I'm just sorry, I think there
must be some confusion.
I think I'm at the wrong wedding.
You've made it here,
but won't make it back.
One minute. Look brother,
it's my first time getting married.
Please don't ruin it.
If what this man is saying is true,
then there's no issue.
I swear I'm telling the truth.
Even if you're telling the truth...
you're not leaving here just like that.
You know what? Let's ask Mahi.
If she says he's telling the truth,
that'll be the end of it.
Yes. What did you say her name was?
Mahi, please.
- Mahi doesn't have to say anything. I--
- He's telling the truth.
Don't go!
For four years, six months and
however many seconds...
I have always wanted you
with all my heart.
And I don't want to spend
even a second more without you!
Is she mad?
Are you insane? Who are you?
I don't even know you!
Who cares? Run or they'll kill us.
Hang on! Why would I be killed?
I don't even know...
Do you have a car? Hello?
Let's go.
Where did he go?
Go that way.
Don't let any car out of here!
Check every single one of them!
She is behind this car, I think.
Stop that car that's leaving!
Stop! Hey, stop!
Let's go.
Mister, do you want to leave or stay here?
Let's go!
Where are you taking me?
Stop the horse now.
Stop the horse!
What are you doing? Ouch!
Why are you going there?
Hey, mister! Are you serious?
- Do you know how to swim?
- What?
Swimming? Do you know how to swim?
Then what the hell are you doing?
Who are you? What are you?
What are you thinking?
Obviously I'm thinking
of jumping from here!
Then jump already.
But I don't think you'll jump.
I'll jump if I want to!
What do you mean, "okay"?
"Okay" means fine!
- Fine! I'm going to jump then.
- I'm waiting.
Listen! Don't jump right now.
Look, you're not going to die
if you jump from here.
And by the time you drown,
I'll jump in and save you.
Anyway, the water's really dirty
and it might have snakes in it.
So I might not dive in to save you.
Maybe you should reconsider?
What is your problem?
What is it that you want?
You've ruined my life!
The girl I love is marrying someone else
and I'm here talking to you! Why?
- Damn! Stop the horse!
- Do I like look like a stable boy?
- I can't run in this dress!
- So what can I do?
I don't know. It's gone.
Do you have a phone?
Can I make a phone call?
Of course!
Anything else I can do for you?
No, not right now.
You never told me your name.
Bilal Malik
Hello, Sharmeen?
Mahi! You idiot, where are you?
Are you alone?
Nobody's around you right?
Yeah, yeah, I'm alone.
But where are you?
Forget that!
You remember where the bag is, right?
Yeah. Should I bring it?
Yes. And call Yasmeen in Islamabad.
Tell her I'm coming. Okay?
Mahi, move abroad!
I'll come to you then.
- Yeah, I'll have a suitor ready for you.
- Yeah!
Go to the train station
as soon as possible. Idiot!
What do we do now?
Where are you going?
- Not to the train station with you.
- What do you mean you're not?
- You made me escape my wedding and--
- One second!
I made you escape? Or did you?
It's the same thing.
It's the same thing?
Please forgive me!
Stop following me!
- Should I stay here all night on my own?
- Stay wherever you want!
What sort of man are you?
- You're gonna leave a woman stranded here?
- Yes!
Stop! Stop!
You're not as dumb as you look.
- You're not jumping, right?
- I don't know. I get very emotional.
I must have done something wrong
in my life. God, please forgive me!
Listen, I'm waiting here.
Hurry up so that I can plan accordingly.
Okay, give me some time to think.
At least get off from there.
No way.
First, promise me that
you won't abandon me here.
Yes, I promise!
Hmm. Okay.
They are coming! Quickly! Come here!
Hide. Quickly!
Thank God! They've gone.
So, it's a deal?
Shall we go?
First, call up your family
and tell them that
you and I have no connection whatsoever,
and then we'll go.
Go where?
I'll call a friend to pick us up.
Why don't you call your friend first?
Make the call!
Can I text them?
Where do you wanna go?
- Your house.
- Okay.
Why did you stop the car?
Please excuse us!
Can you step outside for a bit?
Are you mad? We're not going to my house!
What about your farm house?
It's the weekend.
Mum and Dad can show up at any time.
Just tell them not to go there.
I can't do that.
Just for a while.
I really have to go.
So, can you guys hurry up
and finish your discussion?
There's still time before
we have to be at the station.
- I have to go to the bathroom!
- Here? On the sidewalk?
Yeah, it's gonna be a bit hard.
My place is five minutes away.
Can you hold it till then?
I can. But can we go now, please?
Can I get some clothes?
I can't go anywhere dressed like this.
Anything will be fine.
Give me a boy's tee shirt.
So, what's the story?
I'm asking about that girl of yours.
She left me.
She left you for somebody else
and you came to crash her wedding?
I only went to talk.
I thought she might change her mind.
Poor chap. Seems like a hopeless romantic.
Can you come here?
I need you to take these pins out.
How do I do this?
Don't you know anything?
Look, there are so many pins here.
Who did you run away for?
For myself.
Who runs away for themselves?
Ouch! Do you need to run away
for someone else?
Why can't I just not want to get married?
I have many plans for my life
and I'll do whatever I want.
- Did it hurt?
- No, it's fine.
Yeah. And rubbing it
isn't going to make it better.
But why today?
Why didn't you run away before?
Because of you.
I think I can manage the rest on my own.
I know how to get changed, Bilal.
Hey, does Hassan have a sister?
No. Why?
Okay, tell him to give me
his mum's shalwar.
Hurry up.
What was going on?
Something's going on.
What happened? It didn't work out?
No, dude. Actually...
I need something.
Dude, um...
It's okay. I understand.
I must say she's really pretty, though.
Behave yourself, dude.
She's a good girl.
You've just met her and
you already know her that well?
Anyway, what you need is in the drawer.
- I'm not asking for that!
- You haven't brought it yet?
Didn't Bilal tell you?
- Why are you standing there? Go get it.
- Um...
Too shy to ask?
He's super shy!
I've already told him where it is.
- Hurry up! We don't have much time.
- Mum and Dad will be here soon.
Hurry up and do whatever
you guys have to do.
You know how Mum is.
We need your mother's shalwar.
Is this his mother's shalwar
or an elephant's?
Please behave.
You are talking about his mother.
Yeah. She should go on a diet!
Has Auntie gained some weight?
This is my father's.
Oh, sorry.
How should I know?
Oh God. It's my dad. Run, run!
Stop! Stop! Stop! Go! Quickly!
Save me, somebody save me!
This wolf is trying
to take advantage of me.
Where are you running away to,
my cutie pie?
It's a full moon tonight and...
nobody can save you from this wolf.
Let me go, you wolf. Let me go!
Why are you squealing?
Come here and scream louder
Stop twirling me around, you demon!
Are you wearing two saris?
Let go of me!
Let go off me, you rascal.
I'll let you go...
but first get rid of my hunger
and make me thirsty for more.
Come here, my love.
Where are you running off to?
Fallen asleep again. Bloody dog!
It's okay, man.
Don't worry about it.
It happens, right?
Doesn't it?
Not really but... okay
I was just saying, you are so lucky that
your parents still
love each other so much.
You are not helping, Mahi.
Just be quiet.
Don't mind her, bro.
Just take my car and forget
whatever happened here. Just forget it.
Please thank Auntie Damini for me.
Or is it Auntie Kamini?
What was her name?
Mahi, can you please get in the car?
- Mahi?
- Yeah?
Running away from home isn't the solution.
I know.
But I have no other option.
Listen, your marriage is over.
You've gotten rid
of your betrothed as well.
Why don't you go back home?
Brother, one ticket for Islamabad.
First class. Do you have money?
Yeah, hang on.
Because today it was Saleem,
tomorrow Faheem, and Kaleem the day after.
They won't stop till they marry me off.
Thank you. Let's go.
They can't force you.
They can and they will.
What does a girl know
about what's best for her?
Get married, have kids,
and everything's fine.
Who cares what I want because
I don't know what's best for me, right?
Why do you want to study engineering?
Study medicine!
Don't wear jeans,
don't go there, don't do this...
Oh, and yeah, here's the guy
you're getting married to!
And I did it.
I did everything they told me to do.
All my life.
I was afraid.
I had planned to run away
from home months ago...
but I could never
muster up the courage to do it.
And then today, you came.
Because of you,
I realized that I'm not alone.
This world has other crazy people like me.
Who will do anything
to get what they want.
You have saved me, Bilal.
You have given me a new life.
How weird is this life?
Within hours, you seem like someone
I can call my own.
You're vibrating.
Okay, I'm coming. Bye.
Let's meet up in a few years' time.
Never say never.
- Run.
- What?
I couldn't stop one wedding today.
I'm not letting another go ahead.
Switch off the party lights!
Every newspaper and TV channel
will be running the story
that I.G. Jahangir's daughter
ran away from her own wedding.
If her father couldn't even find her,
how would he ever find criminals?
You have destroyed
years' worth of reputation!
You're worried about our reputation?
Thank God that someone
is concerned about our reputation.
If it were left to you, you would have
made sure we'd have no reputation left.
Yes, Salaar?
Did you get the CCTV footage?
Well done!
As I told you before...
water changes color, not blood.
Like mother...
like daughter.
If Mahi's not back here within 24 hours...
then don't call me Chaudhary Almgir?
Inspector General! It's not a big deal!
- So what, he's just an inspector!
- Sorry.
I'm gonna die.
- Hey. It's gonna break.
- I feel like I'm gonna break!
I'm not gonna make it out alive.
It's the end of the line for me.
Just my damn luck that
I walked into your wedding.
Look, there's no point
in me saying sorry now but...
this time it was
your idea to run, not mine!
I was going back to my family.
You're the one who said
"Don't go, let's run!"
Actually we are both equally responsible.
We are equally responsible?
No, no, the mistake is all mine.
I take full responsibility.
I'm the idiot who made you run away
from your wedding, escape on a horse
and brought you here
while the Chief of Police is after us!
- Are you alright?
- Does it look like I'm alright?
That's why I am asking!
There's still hope.
I will take you home and
you can tell your dad that I got scared
when I saw so many people and
that's why I ran away with you again.
He'll understand, right? He will.
Wait. Why should I take you?
You call them here!
Yes, I think this is better.
This is the best place.
As soon as they get here, I'll leave.
- Perfect! You okay with this plan?
- Why'd you ask me to run away?
Why did you ask me to run away?
I don't know.
At the time, you were saying things
that you'd hear in a movie.
That I came into your life
at the right time and all that.
Like I'm some hero.
This is not a movie and I am not a hero.
It's Daado!
- Should I answer it?
- No. Give it to me!
Hello, Daado! I was over at Hassan's
and it got a bit late.
So I'll stay here tonight
and come back in the morning.
Hassan's the only person you could find
to spend the night with?
That's why I keep telling you
to get married!
- Daado... I... yes... but...
- Come back soon. I am waiting for you.
Daado? Hello?
She's speaks so quietly, huh?
Your grandma?
No, she's a little deaf.
Who's Balu?
It's no one.
I'm not deaf, Balu!
She calls me Balu lovingly.
Why? Were you fat like a bear as a kid?
You know, I'm gonna
call you Balu from now on.
Balu! Not Baloo! And your poor excuse
of a joke wasn't funny at all.
- It was!
- No, it wasn't.
She wants you to go home?
- Yeah.
- So, let's go.
You're going home to your family.
Call them right now!
Your grandma is waiting.
My grandma is waiting for me
and yours is waiting for you!
I don't have a grandma.
Your mother would be waiting, right?
I don't have a mother either.
Not everybody is as lucky as you.
Some get love from both
their mother and grandmother.
Some people don't get it from either.
Mahi, please don't cry. I'm really--
One second!
Are you emotionally blackmailing me?
A little.
Listen, Balu, this is the only time
I have where I can do whatever I want.
I just want to be free, free...
to fly to the highest peaks.
But I know you won't understand,
because you're a guy.
Nobody ever stops you from doing anything.
You can do anything, right?
No, I can understand.
I think you can understand what I mean.
I think you need a break more than I do.
The love of your life just left you.
let's go somewhere where
there is no one to tell us
what we can and cannot do.
You wouldn't understand it.
I was right...
Where do you wanna go?
No, they must have contacted
Yasmeen by now.
It's too close to here. Somewhere else.
I wanna run away, not die!
Dying is better than being robbed.
- Mobile.
- Sir, you wanna go or not?
Hey, grumpy face! What's the hurry?
- There's no line.
- Please give us two tickets.
Let me talk to him.
I'm handling it.
- The bus leaves at seven a.m.
- What about an earlier one?
The only bus for Karachi leaves at seven.
You want it or not?
It's fine. We'll take it.
Please hurry up. Let's go.
- What happened?
- We need to go somewhere else.
Okay, but where?
- Staying in one place isn't a good idea.
- Listen...
No, thanks!
We'll do as I say from now on. Okay?
They might trace my phone
But they can trace the phone from the
SIM! They'll know our last location.
Where does this bus go to?
The walled city.
Perfect! We'll go there
and dump the phone.
Let's go
What do we do after we lose the phone?
We'll get back in the bus, come here,
and leave in the morning.
We'll also get some sleep.
That's a pretty lame plan.
Do you have a better one?
Yeah. Let's catch a late-night movie.
I love movies.
- Mahi, this is not a field trip.
- It is now!
No, it isn't.
It is.
Damn! Cops!
Quiet! Why are you drawing
even more attention to us?
Balu! I am a police officer's daughter.
I know exactly how efficient the force is.
Stop getting scared and relax!
They won't say or do anything to you.
How do you know?
Hey, what's the time?
- It's 10:30.
- Thank you.
Open the door! Hurry up! Hurry up!
Move aside! We have to search the house.
Everybody, lower your guns!
No one is going to lower their guns!
Who are you and is this
any way to enter my house?
Where is that boy?
Which boy?
Your Bilal!
Who ran away with my granddaughter
during her wedding!
Bilal is not that sort of boy.
Listen, Auntie.
I know people like you very well
and I also know how to...
get things out of people like you!
I would like to see that.
I am respecting your old age.
You're still standing there
because I am old.
Otherwise, I would have beaten you up
with my own hands!
I wouldn't even need a gun.
We can tell that you
brought up that scoundrel.
And I can see that nobody brought you up,
and you were left in the wild!
- Sir! There's nobody here!
- Dad! Let me talk to her.
What's the point of
talking to this mental case?
Just let me talk to her for two minutes.
Dear Mother, first of all, I apologize
for the way we entered your home.
But your son ran off with
my daughter in front of everyone.
Son, there must be some misunderstanding.
My Bilal is not that sort of boy!
Is this your Bilal?
My eyesight's not as good
as it used to be. Bring it closer!
Yeah, it is my Bilal.
Hassan! What is all this nonsense?
Everything will be alright, Daadi.
I'll explain everything.
Uncle, Balu doesn't know Mahi at all!
He loves Ayesha, who was
getting married in the hall next door.
He entered your hall by mistake.
If that's the case, why did they run away
from the train station again?
Again? Only Balu can tell you that.
But I'm sure there's a valid reason.
I spoke to him on
the phone a little while ago.
He's coming home.
Please call him again and tell him
to bring my daughter and
then everything will be fine.
What are you doing?
Ditching the phone.
What if we need the phone later?
But it will be traced.
How will they do that
if the phone's switched off?
- Aren't phones traced through the SIM?
- Only if the SIM gets any power.
They'll trace the phone
to the last location it was active.
That was the parking lot.
Turn it on then!
Why didn't you tell me this sooner?
You never asked me to.
What did I say outside the bus station?
You were talking to yourself.
How would I know what you said?
Besides, I liked your plan.
- What plan?
- This! Roaming around the city.
I made no such plan!
Mahi! Where are you going?
Have you lost your mind?
We are in danger, not on vacation.
I'm going!
If you want to come, then come.
Fine, we'll go see a movie!
There's a time for everything and
now's not the time for sightseeing!
Hassan? What are you doing at my house?
Balu, I'm not the only one here.
Mahi's family is here too,
and they don't want any trouble.
Just bring Mahi back with you.
Tell him that I'm very angry.
Bro! Daadi is also unhappy with you.
So, how soon can you get back?
Tell him that I'll tell his father too.
- Can't you stay quiet?
- Don't meddle in my affairs, old man.
Actually, tell us where you are,
and we'll go there.
Uncle, I know you want
to kill me right now
but please hear me out,
let me explain.
Listen to me, boy.
If you don't bring Mahi back right now...
you won't be explaining
anything to anyone ever again.
Uncle, Daado, I swear it's not my fault.
I know. His daughter is going
to be like him.
What did you say?
Let me talk for two minutes.
Dad, please!
Mahi doesn't want to get married and...
she doesn't want to come home right now.
Where is she?
She thinks you'll try
to marry her off again.
That's not your concern. Where are you?
I know it's not my concern,
but please trust me, Uncle.
To hell with trust! Where are you?
Mahi was gonna jump off a bridge.
If you try to force her right now,
she can end up doing anything.
I know what I'm going to ask you now
won't make any sense.
But, please, give me some time.
- I can convince her to go back home.
- How much time do you want?
An hour or two.
I'll call you to tell you where to go.
Okay, fine. We'll be waiting.
- What if you had gone missing?
- Look, they're filming something.
What do you mean we don't
have the boy and girl?
Don't worry, boss,
I'm arranging them now.
Don't worry?
We're already four hours behind!
I'll do it right now.
You've got two minutes to find them.
Or else you're fired!
- Do you know how to dance?
- What?
- You know how to dance?
- Dancing's all I know!
Okay. Then hurry up.
Let's go!
Where are we going?
We'll pay you 25,000 for two hours.
Hush! No one else will
give us this much money.
Come on.
But what are they gonna make us do?
Don't worry about it. Let's go
If jugni isn't back tonight...
I'll make sure you don't see another day.
Slippery floor under my feet
Why do I slip when I follow you?
My love
Why does my heart skip a beat
When I have you next to me?
Give me your hand and look into my eyes
Breathe life into me
Sync your heart with mine!
Twirl into my arms! Let your hair loose!
Let's Go! Cool, cool, cool, oh my hottie!
Do something naughty, shorty!
Bum ba bum bum Balu Mahi!
Lift up the party!
Cool, cool, cool, oh my hottie!
Do something naughty, shorty!
Bum ba bum bum Balu Mahi!
Lift up the party!
- Where is my horse, jugni?
- What?
The one you were on when you ran away.
Oh, cut! Who is this man?
Are you Romeo or an ordinary lover?
Don't try to impress me
I am not a love dove, nor a Barbie doll
But I still want you to spoil me!
You are most welcome, says your handsome
Go ahead and list your demands!
You are my top model
Our scandal's going to be super duper
I can put that down in writing
My heart doesn't listen to me anymore
I want it to be mine
But it insists on being yours
Drums beating in your ears
Sweat dripping sweetly
Let your hair loose
Cool, cool, cool, oh my hottie!
Do something naughty, shorty!
Bum ba bum bum Balu Mahi!
Lift up the party!
Cool, cool, cool, oh my hottie!
Do something naughty, shorty!
Bum ba bum bum Balu Mahi!
Lift up the party!
Come here.
Where'd he go?
Hold on.
Let's go.
He's going that way. Let's go
Are we gonna roam around Lahore?
What are we doing here, Mahi?
Look! You can see so much
of the city from here.
Yes, you can see a lot from here,
but can we please go?
Don't you ever relax?
Not everything in life
has to have a purpose.
Just enjoy the view from here.
- What are you doing? Someone will see us.
- Let them see!
It's getting quite cold, huh?
Why are you just standing there
staring at me?
Give me some of that shawl.
- You're quite rude, though.
- You bring out the best in me.
Always sulking.
No wonder she didn't marry you.
What was her name again?
At least tell me her name.
Imagine if things had been different...
and you had ended up at the right wedding.
You would've been
standing here with Ayesha.
And what then?
We would never be standing here.
Why not?
She's not like you.
I see.
So, what's her type?
What kind of conversation is this?
The naughty kind.
If you're done enjoying the view,
can we leave?
Why'd she leave you?
You'll have to talk about it.
Might as well do it now.
Ayesha and I were college sweethearts.
This watch was our third anniversary gift.
Oh God! Do I have to
listen to her whole biography?
Ayesha was always a practical girl.
In the third semester,
I mentioned marriage...
and she lay down some conditions.
I met all her conditions, even went
to London to complete my Master's.
A lot changed over
the next couple of years.
It's not even her fault.
I started feeling like no matter
what I did, it wasn't good enough for her.
Then one day, she stopped talking to me
and I had to secure a job
before we could think ahead.
It took me four months
to finally find a job and...
the first thing I did
was come to Pakistan.
When I landed, I found out
she was marrying someone else.
An investment banker.
No matter how much I abuse her... is less... bitch, wretched woman...
She is who she is...
but I've always loved her
with all my heart.
If you truly love someone...
you don't abandon them.
Please, let her go.
Hello! What are you doing here?
Look at them!
Look what they are doing too.
Where are you going?
Don't know about you
but I get really hungry when it's cold.
Let's go.
Like this.
Excuse me, sir.
Lassi's finished! One more glass.
I promise it's the last.
One should go to sleep
after eating so much, though.
I can't find my wallet.
What do you mean?
What else can it mean?
I think it fell somewhere.
What will we do now?
One second.
I only have this much change.
This won't even cover the lassi!
Don't you have any cash?
Why would I?
When you were running away
you should've stolen
some cash gift envelopes.
Hey! They've run off without paying!
Well, that helped digest all the food!
Balu, come on. Try! You can do it!
Why'd you have to run?
We could have explained the situation.
Oh, boy. This isn't London.
Here, they talk less and kick more.
We would have been
washing dishes right now!
It's better to wash dishes than steal.
So why did you run?
You could have stayed there!
You were holding my hand.
Can you let go now?
Oh, sorry...
I was just holding it.
It happens in stressful situations.
Typical boys. Always making a big deal.
- I didn't mean it like that.
- Sure! Of course you didn't.
You're like a Western boy
who'll hold anyone's hand!
You think I'm available
'cause I ran away from my wedding?
Where are you going with this?
Yeah, yeah,
you were just trying to help me.
God has sent you down as a cow. Not
the cow in English but the one in Urdu.
You're on the rebound.
I've done as much as I can.
She worries a lot about you?
She is the only one who cares. Who else?
Why? What about your parents?
Busy with their families.
Can I say something?
Can anyone stop you?
That girl didn't deserve you at all.
Why's that?
Am I too good?
You're quite good.
It's peaceful.
and beautiful.
You appreciate these things?
Okay, then.
Tell me.
Tell you what?
Okay, tell me which mountain peaks
you want to conquer?
My heart desires freedom.
To do whatever it desires.
When it wants to marry, I'll marry.
But if it doesn't want to,
then I won't.
Why must I do what people expect of me?
And not what I want to do?
I just want to ride a horse
off into the sunset.
Fly with the wind.
And nobody to stop me!
Just me and my flight.
If Mom were alive, I might have
been able to do all this.
You really miss your mom.
A lot.
But I can't talk about her.
I can't even ask about her.
If I mention her, Grandfather gets angry.
My dad met my mom in Hunza.
They got married against
my grandfather's will.
He wasn't happy then...
and he isn't happy now either.
And your dad?
He's quiet, like the silent sea.
I wonder how much bitterness
is welled up inside him.
Nobody knows.
Have you tried talking to him?
About what?
I can't even ask him to
take me to my mother's grave.
It's so strange that...
I've never been to her grave.
I've never placed...
a single flower on my mother's grave.
I'm not allowed to.
I'm so sorry, I don't know
what's gotten into me.
I never cry.
Okay, let me take you somewhere.
Oh, Dear Messenger of God
Oh, you're a blessing on mankind
In motivation of your love
I've begun my prayers
In every state of prostration after God
I took your name in divine words
Colour my scarf... colour my scarf
Color me, O' Master
Colour my scarf... colour my scarf
Color me, O' Master
This is my destiny
I have been called
This is my destiny
I have been called
My Master, I am here
Standing at your door
I am touched
My emptiness has been touched
You have pierced me
The color has started to take over me
I will be in your color
And become a rainbow
Cover me in your color, Master
Colour my scarf... colour my scarf
Colour me O' Master
Colour my scarf... colour my scarf
Colour me O' Master
Colour my scarf... colour my scarf
Colour me O' Master
Colour my scarf... colour my scarf
Colour me O' Master
Mahi! I have to tell you something..
Mausoleum's are made
for the good people of God.
Pray that they speak
on behalf of us evildoers.
I don't believe in all this.
Fine, you don't have to pray.
I'll take up your case with him myself.
These black threads of prayers
O' Master, please make them red
On the forehead of my requests
Please put your brooch
Please put your brooch
I am knitting but it has started to tear
The interlace of my weaves
More than myself, my situation
My Master knows
I am devoted, I am dusted
You are forever, eternal
I am devoted, I am dusted
You are forever, eternal
Now nothing is left of me
I have devoted myself to you
I am touched
My emptiness has been touched
You have pierced me
The color has started to take over me
I will be in your color
To become a rainbow
Cover me in your color, Master
Colour my scarf... colour my scarf
Colour me O' Master
Colour my scarf... colour my scarf
What happened?
Colour me O' Master
Colour my scarf... colour my scarf
Colour me O' Master
Colour my scarf... colour my scarf
Colour me O' Master
I want to live in your intoxication
By losing myself
I am yours, I want to stay yours
That is all I want
Whatever city it is
Whatever moment it is
Whatever month comes
Whenever I close my eyes, O' Master
Let your holy city come.
Let your holy city come.
Let your holy city come.
Let your holy city come.
Let your holy city come.
Let your holy city come.
Let your holy city come.
Let your holy city come.
Colour my scarf...
Colour my scarf...
Colour it, O Colourist
Colour my scarf, O Colourist
Colour it, O Colourist
Colour my scarf, O Colourist
Colour it, O Colourist
Colour my scarf, O Colourist
Colour it, O Colourist
Colour my scarf, O Colourist
Colour it, O Colourist
Colour my scarf, O Colourist
Colour it, O Colourist
Colour my scarf, O Colourist
- Peace be upon you.
- And peace upon you.
- I want to see Mr. Jahangir.
- Who are you?
My name is Bilal.
Please show him this business card.
Peace be upon you, sir.
I wanted to talk to you.
Actually, that night... I didn't have
the time to explain things properly.
Get to the point.
- I want to see Mahi.
- Shut your mouth!
Get to the point already!
Uncle, the point is...
it wasn't right that I handed Mahi
over to you that night.
Well, it wasn't wrong either.
Either way, it wasn't right.
I've come all the way from London
just to say sorry to Mahi.
Nobody knows I'm here,
not even my grandma.
How is she?
She's fine.
She asks about you sometimes.
Not your grandmother!
I'm sorry, Uncle.
I don't know what you mean.
Where is she?
Tell me where my sister is!
You want money? I'll give you money.
- Salaar, stop!
- No, Dad!
- Salaar, let go.
- Stay out of it, Jahangir.
- I said let go.
- He's the guy.
What else do you need to know?
Uncle, I swear I don't know where Mahi is.
We haven't even spoken since that night.
Here, look at my ticket.
I just landed in Lahore from London.
Okay, fine. You can go.
If he knew anything, he would've told us.
Mahi has run away from home again
and very few people know about it.
Uncle, I obviously won't say anything,
but where--
- What have you guys done?
- Yes!
He will lead us to Mahi.
- Hmm?
- Hey! Wake up.
Dude, what's up?
It's been a while, where are you?
- I'm standing outside your window.
- Haha, good one.
Damn, dude! You're really here.
- Yeah.
- When'd you get here?
Are we gonna keep talking
through the window?
I'm speechless. But what the hell.
Let's do this for friendship too.
After all, what are friends for?
If you're gonna be so sarcastic,
tell me and I'll handle it myself.
Fine. Don't get so emotional.
Get in the car.
She wanted to visit her mother's grave.
Could she be sitting by the grave?
That I don't know, but it's the only clue
I have of finding her.
Her family would know about this too.
So why hasn't she been caught yet?
Okay, forget that.
Tell me, when did you know?
Know what?
That you're in love.
It feels as if...
It feels like you are
What my heart wanted
It feels as if...
It feels as if the world
Is changing in an instant
I am entering the heavens
Of love while holding you
Hey, either you are a dream
or I have to touch you to believe it
I am the same, you are the same
But together we are looking stunning
This discomfort
Has begun to increase
With this brightness of your looks
The will of the heart is now taking over
Oh, this discomfort
Has begun to increase
With this brightness of your looks
This discomfort
Look, I'm not in love.
And yet you came all the way
from London to see her.
Now you wanna look for her in
the mountains, not knowing if she's there.
What will you do next?
I'll apologize and leave.
And Mahi? What about her?
I don't know.
She'll do what she has to do.
I don't know why
Your name is on my tongue
From dusk till dawn
You talk and I listen to you
Day and night
That's the only thing I do now
Now it feels like your fragrance
Is spreading through the air
Even if I breath, I feel you hugging me
Oh, even if I look with my eyes closed
I see only you everywhere
And when I open my eyes
I want you to be right beside me
This discomfort
Has begun to increase
With this brightness of your looks
The will of the heart is now taking over
Has begun to increase
With this brightness of your looks
You do know how dumb
all this sounds, right?
Yeah, I do. But if I've hurt someone
or done something bad to someone
I should apologize for it.
Son! You are in love!
- You learned this from your father, huh?
- Whatever.
I'm going to kill this--
Do something so that...
The heartbeat of this moment slows down
In this same moment
We have started to live...
A thousand years
It feels like what I used to imagine
In my dreams
I am getting the answers
To those questions from you
Oh, it feels like what I used to imagine
In my dreams
I am getting the answers
To those questions from you
This discomfort
Has begun to increase
With this brightness of your looks
Yeah, the will of the heart is taking over
Oh, the discomfort
Has begun to increase
With this brightness of your looks
This discomfort
- What are you looking at?
- Don't look!
What happened?
They're following us.
That's Salaar!
What do we do?
- You sure it's him?
- Yeah. What do we do now?
Should I tell you that?
Is there anyone else in this car?
Okay, okay...
We're going to get beaten up again!
- You wanna say sorry to that girl, right?
- Yeah.
You wanna apologize
even it costs you your life?
No! I mean, I wouldn't prioritize
it over my life.
- Make up your goddamn mind, Balu!
- Yeah, I wanna apologize.
Okay, at the next turn,
jump out of the window.
They'll keep following me.
Next turn? What are you saying?
Just jump out of the goddamn car, Balu!
Are you mad?
I'm not jumping out of the car!
Do you want Mahi?
- Yes, I do.
- Do you want Mahi?
- Yes, I want her!
- Then jump!
- Thank you!
- Are you crazy? Do you have a death wish?
I'm sorry. My bus left me behind.
I've been stranded without my luggage.
I must get to Hunza.
Please take me to the next station.
This is a private bus. I cannot help you.
Please help me, sir.
I've come from London.
I've been trying get a ride
for the past two hours.
Let him on.
Madam? I should let him on?
Let him come.
I'm Sharmeen.
Bilal. Bilal Malik.
Where in London are you from?
Come sit with me.
No, I'm fine here.
I won't bite.
So, what do you do?
Wow! What's that?
You make planes?
You can say that.
I'm getting some job experience
in event management.
That's why we are going to Shandur,
to cover the polo event.
I've always wanted to go
to London for my Master's.
But I couldn't go.
One day I'll go for sure.
But my family says
I should get married first.
That's fine too.
Are you married?
Sir, they are headed towards Karachi.
Swear upon it.
I swear, sir.
I'm not stupid or blind.
I can see the signs too.
Karachi, Dada.
Keep following him.
Is this your first time here?
Yes, sir.
How do you like it?
Sir, it's very beautiful.
We don't have much time.
The final is in two days.
Where and who have you played with before?
Sir, I haven't played any polo
but I used to take care
of the horses in Khaariyan.
The bosses would sometimes
include me in the practice sessions.
Oh boy! This is the Shandur Cup Final.
- Will you be able to play?
- Sir, you can take my test.
I play very well.
I'll prove it to you, I promise.
You only have two days to prove yourself.
Can you do it?
Yes, sir!
- Gullu!
- Huh?
Bunty wants ice cream!
Why does he want ice cream
in such cold weather?
- What about the luggage?
- Keep it here. We'll make him pick it up.
We're not here on a picnic.
Hey, Shorty!
Bring our luggage and feed the horses.
Can't you hear me?
Are you talking to me?
Why should I carry your luggage?
Do it yourself.
I am the team captain.
And you are a substitute player.
Do as I tell you.
And, yeah, bring water too.
You know, I can get anything done.
If that's the case,
I really need to get to Hunza.
What will you do there?
You have the Shandur Festival here,
it's way more exciting.
Yeah, I know. I'd love to stay,
but my luggage...
So? You can go later.
I'll have to go there myself.
It's very important luggage.
We'll send someone to get it.
There's some sensitive stuff
in the luggage.
Watch where you're going!
I'm talking to you!
Sorry, madam.
There's no need to send anyone.
I'll go get it myself.
But I'll have to say "No, Sharmeen."
Actually, I have to use the washroom.
- I can go on my own.
- I'll take you.
What is this, Sharmeen?
I'm an adult.
This is not some jungle.
I had everything arranged.
Yeah, I can see that.
The bathroom is nice, right?
Yeah, very nice!
It's cozy and comfy.
Are you done?
Done what?
What you went inside to do.
No, not yet.
Why can't I hear anything?
Is everything alright?
Yeah, actually...
I think I ate something bad.
Oh, you've just come from London.
Your stomach must be sensitive.
Do you have some medicine?
Of course I have medicine with me.
Why didn't you tell me sooner?
Keep pushing! I'll be right back.
Okay, okay...
How'd you find me?
Tell me how you found me!
And what is Sharmeen doing here?
- Help!
- Shut up!
- Listen, sir, I swear to God--
- Quiet!
It's not what it looks like.
I don't even know Sharmeen.
She was just helping--
Quiet! Don't make a sound!
Or else...
Untie me!
So that you can entrap me again? Never!
I haven't come here
to get you caught, Mahi.
I just came to say sorry.
What you did to me, Bilal Malik...
I'll never forgive you for that.
I swear I...
Please hurry up and untie me.
Mahi! What are you doing?
They are already so tight!
- Give me a chance to explain myself.
- Enough!
Watch where you are going!
Can't control yourself
when you see a pretty girl?
I'm talking to you!
I'll have to leave this place too now!
Damn it!
Where are you going?
Leave this luggage here and go practice!
Where's your focus?
You're missing on a standing horse.
How the hell will you hit
on a running one?
You can't play this game!
This game is for real men!
Nothing is going to happen
with such weak shots!
What happened to you?
Nothing, I'm fine.
How did this happen?
I was feeling suffocated in the bathroom
and then my stomach was sore.
I came out looking for you, but I think
I fainted and rolled down that hill.
Oh God! All this happened?
Yeah, everything has happened.
Let me fix you up.
Why don't you take care of yourself?
You can't be so careless.
There's no need for that. I'm fine.
You're not fine, you're bruised all over.
- Come with me
- There's no need--
It'll be fine now.
Can you feel it?
Feel what?
Yeah, thank you.
There's no need to thank me.
When are we going to Hunza?
To get your luggage.
Oh, my luggage.
You said that you'd
send someone to get it.
I can do anything for you, Bill.
Can I stay at the campsite?
Who has room available
in their camps right now?
Who will share their room
with our security guard?
This is our security guard!
Wear some perfume and
walk by us sometime.
This is not a joke! I am serious!
He can sleep in my camp.
You'll keep him?
Yeah, I'm all by myself anyway.
I don't have a roommate yet.
Fine. Make sure you take good care of him.
Yes, madam.
I'll take real good care of him!
Where's the car?
Right there, sir.
There's no one inside the car!
Sir, they must have gone to pray.
Pray? But it isn't prayer time.
Maybe paying their respects
at the mausoleum.
You stupid fool!
We're following them like dogs and you say
they're paying respect
at the mausoleum?
Where did they go? Find them!
Or else I will break your bones!
- What?
- It's a surprise!
Stay here, I'll be right back.
Is this the same Sharmeen?
How did you know I'd be here?
- I went to your house.
- What? You went to my house?
Obviously I'd go to your house
if I wanted to see you.
You're doing exactly
what you wanted to do.
You said it yourself.
You just wanted to keep on
riding a horse...
with no one to stop you.
I remember every single thing
from that night.
I remember every single thing
from that night too.
Mahi, listen...
Shut up! Stop saying my name!
Won't you forgive me?
There must be some way you could.
First, leave this place.
Then I'll think about forgiving you.
Only I know how much
I've suffered because of you.
I've cursed you more than a million times.
As long as you're here,
there's a very high chance I'll be caught.
Your track record isn't great
when it comes to my freedom.
It's good that you cursed me.
It eases the mind.
Listen, I know you were hurt--
I'm not hurt and I don't care about you.
I'm angry because I suffered.
Should I tell you what I went through?
They locked me in my room.
Dada already didn't like me
but even Dad refused to look at me.
And Salaar just found the best excuse
to gain the upper hand.
All thanks to you.
Even if you die trying to apologize,
I won't forgive you!
Fine! I'll see how long
you go without forgiving me.
I'm gonna keep sitting here
begging your forgiveness.
- What is this cheap trick?
- I don't have any other option.
Please stop following me!
I won't
Fine! I forgive you. Now go!
Not like this.
Forgive me like you mean it.
Like I mean it?
A traitor like you? Never!
Sorry, I don't have such a large heart.
Go. Your friend is calling you.
I don't care. Let her call for me.
Listen to me!
You want me to get caught again?
Fine. Let them catch me.
Bill! Are you inside?
You don't stay put in one place, do you?
Do you like my surprise?
This was the idea I had
to welcome all the players...
and a few special people.
How do I look in this dress?
Hold it.
My hand!
Imagine a young man
and a beautiful woman...
an open sky, a beautiful valley...
Just imagine what they could do.
- Do you have to take a dump?
- What?
You had an upset stomach.
No! Everything is fine now.
Told ya it was a miracle drug.
Okay, I'd better get back.
If you need anything,
you know where to find me
It's quite a view from my tent.
Close that quickly.
Did someone ask you to come inside?
Who were you talking to?
Sharmeen came over.
What for?
To tell me she got me a ride to Hunza.
That's it?
Wow, she's arranging cars for you here.
She couldn't even bring me a bag.
Maybe she didn't know what to do.
Don't defend her!
Let me in. Someone might see me.
You like sleeping naked,
so go sleep under the naked sky!
You bloody skinny wrestler.
So, you came here wearing perfume?
Yeah. Please don't open the--
Sorry, I need a small favor from you.
Do you have a spare sleeping bag?
Yeah, I do.
Take it, please.
Thank you so much. May I come inside?
Where is it?
In the basket? Thanks!
Should I help?
No, not at all. I found it.
And I'm really sorry for disturbing you
at this hour in the night.
Don't be so apologetic.
There's nothing left to apologize for.
Where are you going? Listen..
Later. Later, for sure!
Mahi, I got a sleeping bag. Let me in!
I swear I'll sleep fully clothed.
Shut up, you idiot!
Come in!
Not there! Over here.
As you wish.
Where'd you get it?
From Sharmeen.
You went like that?
How else? You kicked me out.
Oh Lord! Keep my son safe
and under your protection.
Madam! Sir has come.
Which sir?
Greetings, greetings...
Hello, madam.
What are you doing here?
In this household, don't you
ask guests to have a seat?
People who turn up without
an invitation aren't guests.
Bring water!
I have brought fruit baskets for you.
Eating these will make you stronger.
Then take it back home. You need it more.
I'll take something back,
but not the fruit baskets.
Get straight to the point.
I don't like riddles.
Your anger...
reminds me of my wife.
Does anything ever
remind you of your mother?
Or do you only remember your wife?
Give it to me!
Thank you, God!
Where have trapped me, Balu?
I'm not going to spare you.
Holy cow!
Where's Balu?
I haven't seen him anywhere.
Why? Do you want to beat him up again?
He will reap what he sows.
Watch your tongue
or else I'll kick you out!
Hello, Salaar.
What do you mean? Where'd he go?
Hold onto this one!
Where is Mahi?
My granddaughter.
I don't know.
I know... she is with your grandson.
Watch your tongue or I'll beat you up
and kick you out of my house!
I'm not stupid enough to believe that!
Really? Then how stupid are you?
Don't test my patience!
I've been as civil as I could be, but now
tell me where my granddaughter is!
Don't you dare stand in my house
and raise your voice at me!
I'll slap you so hard,
your face will be red.
So you're not going to cooperate.
Juggo and Bugoo, pick her up!
He is young...
but he plays like a man.
Great shot. Very nice!
You came over the other night,
but you left in such a hurry.
Yeah, I was in a rush.
Tell me, did someone see you
leaving my tent?
No. But they saw me coming.
There! There!
Go straight!
What is he doing?
How do I look?
Shall we go?
Have you forgotten?
Open skies, a beautiful valley, and you.
Idiot! My clothes!
Dude! Don't you know how to ride a horse?
Oh God, I'll have to shower again.
I'm not gonna leave this bastard!
What's wrong with you?
Are you blind?
You couldn't see such a big horse?
Am I blind? Or is that bastard?
Who'd you call a bastard?
Not the horse, obviously.
Move aside. I'll show him!
Yeah, yeah, whatever.
Butt out! It's between us!
Please control yourself,
the other team is watching.
The media are here too! Farid.
Go away.
What's wrong with you?
Focus on the game
if you want to play tomorrow.
Otherwise, I'll kick you out of the team
with the same speed I put you on it.
Did you go to your mum's grave?
You went to the graveyard,
but couldn't go to your mother's grave.
You couldn't muster up the courage?
Why would you feel bad?
In fact, those people who
didn't support you should feel bad
All of them are idiots.
You had to run away.
You had no other choice.
I'll take you to your mother's grave.
You won't be alone this time.
Your mother would really like to see you.
How will you take me?
I'll tell you.
You don't know I can't live without you
You don't know
I won't be able to live without you
You don't know I would die without you
You don't know I would die without you
You don't know I can't live without you
You don't know
I won't be able to live without you
You don't know I would die without you
You don't know I would die without you
Don't go, don't go
Oh, strength of my heart!
Don't turn away!
You're mine
And you know
You don't mend a heart just to break it
You don't know I would die without you
You don't know I would die without you
You don't know I can't live without you
You don't know...
Oh, tell me now
Tell me how to live now
Teach me to be unfaithful, make me!
Wish ill upon me
Wish peace upon me or give me poison
Poison me but don't punish me this way
Oh, Lord, come and see
This world has lost its way
It has turned away, left you behind.
You're mine and you know that
You don't mend a heart just to break it
You don't know I would die without you
You don't know I would die without you
You don't know I can't live without you
You don't know...
Without you, I am lifeless
May no one be separated like we are
And if we are to be separated
Then may this soul depart
And take my breath away
Oh my woes, who shall I tell of thee
Oh my woes, little pieces of my heart
Oh, we beautiful people of the world
We have lost, crying with our hands tied
Leaving everything behind
You're mine and you know that
You don't mend a heart just to break it
You don't know I would die without you
You don't know, I will die without you
You don't know I can't live without you
You don't know...
You took me to see my mother.
Don't worry about it. I am your friend
Are you?
Try me.
Even if I have to jump into a fire.
- Sharmeen?
- My heater has broken.
Can you fix it?
Sure, let's go.
He thinks he's a hero just because
he can ride the horse fast?
That forward position is mine!
Yes, Farid. Everybody knows that.
Then remind everyone.
If anyone's going to score a goal,
it's everyone's hero, Farid Khan!
Have you found the problem?
The heater is fine, but the pilot
needs an electric current.
I also need an electric current.
I mean, how do I give it
an electric current?
With batteries.
You have batteries, right?
No, I have nothing.
No problem, we'll do it manually.
Please step back,
the fire can start at any time.
Put it on fire!
That's the only way we can put it out.
Have you heard that song?
This body is nothing but...
No! I haven't heard such a song.
Shall I sing it to you?
One second. Let me get some matchsticks.
Why do you need matchsticks?
The fire's already burning.
I think I should go.
Where are you going?
The Deosai Leopards and Hunza Warriors
are up against each other
for a record fifth time.
Let's not waste any more time
and get to the match.
The Warrior's new addition, Abdul Ghani,
takes the ball towards the goal.
Ghani passes it to Farid,
who rushes towards the goal.
Great opportunity for a pass but Farid
takes a direct hit... and it's a miss!
Come on, man!
Ghani waited for a pass
that never came his way.
The Warriors wasted a golden opportunity.
We'll have to wait and see if the Warriors
can overcome the Leopards today.
A quick start from the Leopards.
Karim passes the ball to Faraz
Faraz is rushing towards the goal,
leaving everyone behind.
And it's a strong hit. Goal!
And the end of the first chukka,
it's Leopards 1, Warriors 0.
Will the Warriors
be defeated this year too?
We can't say for sure, but time will tell.
There is no team spirit!
How are you guys playing?
What did I tell you before the game?
We have to play as one!
Keep your politics off the field!
What's your problem?
Why can't you pass the ball?
You've only been here a short while.
No need to act like a hero.
It's because of us that
we've been in the last three finals.
And you've been losing for three years.
Don't get smart with me!
I'll break your face!
Look, I'm just stating the obvious.
If you pass, we have a better chance
of scoring and winning.
- But if you're gonna be rigid--
- What did you say? Who's rigid?
- I'm just saying--
- Who's rigid?
Stop it, let go!
Let go!
Farid? Farid!
Ghani, what have you done? Are you mad?
- Sir, Farid started it.
- Quiet!
We're playing the final match
and you've knocked out my key player?
What are you staring at me?
Get some water!
Sir, I was just trying to explain--
Explain? Are you the coach?
You've played as much as you could. Out!
- But, sir--
- Shut up!
You're just a substitute player now.
Listen I've had enough
of your cool-dude attitude!
- Huh?
- How dare you keep rejecting me?
- Who do you think you are?
- Get out of my way, lady!
Now what?
Is there anything left for you to ruin?
Calm down.
- I was just trying to help.
- Who asked you to help?
I told you I'd handle it myself.
There was no need for you to intervene.
Mahi, have you lost your mind?
He could have killed you!
You have lost your mind!
Why are you so upset?
Relax! It's just a game.
For you, maybe, but not for me.
It was my only opportunity...
to do what I wanted to do.
You can't play polo dressed as a man
for the rest of your life.
We'll talk to Gul Zaman.
You're being unreasonable.
- I've done nothing wrong.
- You have!
I already trusted you once
and it didn't work too well for me.
No more! Now leave!
The second chukka has begun.
Hunza Warriors have the ball.
The new addition, Abdul Ghani
has been replaced after the first chukka.
Ball heads back to Leopards' Faraz
and passed to Karim.
Both teams are fighting for the ball.
Farid Khan manages to take the ball
and rushes towards the goal.
Good lead from Faraz and Kabir.
A strong hit by Farid and he misses again!
This chukka is about to end.
Looks like the sun's already setting
on the Warriors.
Leopards 1, Warriors 0.
Farid Khan looks a little lost,
looking towards his camp.
Ghani! Come here.
If anybody can win us this match...
it's you, your speed.
Go and take out your anger on the field.
Strategy changed!
Substitution by the Warriors.
Farid is being replaced
by Player Number 2, Abdul Ghani.
Free hit in the final moments.
Let's see if the Warriors
can beat the Leopards today.
Shahbaz takes the free hit
and gets the ball into the other half.
Everyone's rushing towards the ball
but Ghani takes the lead again
using his exceptional speed.
He's leaving everyone behind.
Faraz chases Ghani.
It's almost over...
and a powerful hit! Goal!
- Yes! That's the spirit, Mahi!
- Ghani, come on!
Win it, Ghani!
"Born liar, educated fool,
belongs to a terrorist family."
Hunza Warriors had no trouble equaling.
Oh, be quiet!
My innocent grandson Balu...
if anyone knows anything, let me know.
Get back!
He's no innocent child!
He kidnapped my granddaughter!
Oh, shut up, liar!
Uncle? You're here?
Sharmeen! Where's Mahi?
I'm in deep shit.
A tallish, freakish woman in a burqa
has run onto the field...
What are you doing?
They're here. It's all over now.
You've worked so hard to be here.
Hey, Mussarat.
- What are you doing?
- Listen, I'll handle your family.
Just run away as soon as the match ends.
You got it?
Mahi, did you get that?
Why are you doing all this?
Because that's what friends do.
It's your turn to get beaten up now!
Get away from me, rascal!
Someone save me from this wolf!
Free hit in the final moments.
Will the Warriors be able to make up for
their previous defeats to the Leopards?
Uncle, look over there.
That's the player who's always with Balu.
At last the Hunza Warriors have done
what no one expected of them.
They are the new champions!
Yes! That's the way to do it!
You did it, Ghani!
You did it, Ghani!
Talk! Where is my sister?
- Where are you hiding her?
- Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you.
Tell me where she is!
I won't tell him to stop this time!
I'm here, Dad.
Let him go.
Why'd you come back?
I told you to run away!
Did you leave when I told you to?
What have done to yourself?
Have you lost your mind?
If you touch her, I'll break your hand!
Balu, please go!
I forgive you from the bottom of my heart.
I didn't come here on your invitation
and I'm not leaving now either.
- Please listen to me.
- No! You listen to me!
You're always bossing me around.
I'm not going. What are they gonna do?
Kill me? Let them kill me!
Let them kill me! Like they killed you.
Your hopes, your aspirations.
You've destroyed her spirit.
And if there's still
anything left kill that too.
If that doesn't satisfy you, marry her off
to some narrow-minded man.
She can give birth to a baby girl
who is just like her.
No tongue, no brains, no heart!
- That's what you want, right?
- Yes, that's what I want!
She has brought shame to our family name!
If it were up to me...
I would bury her alive.
Yeah, do that because that's
exactly what they did 1,400 years ago!
The only difference is...
back then, they were buried at birth,
not after they were brought up!
Be quiet! Be quiet!
Burying your daughter alive isn't bravery.
Bravery is giving her freedom.
Supporting her so that
she can pursue her passion.
You should be proud of your granddaughter,
not ashamed of her.
Balu, please stop.
You are our elders...
so we have to respect you.
But right and wrong
have nothing to do with age.
Your daughter has run away
from home twice.
There's clearly a problem.
You can't turn away from it.
She's a human capable of speech.
Just talk and be reasonable.
Afraid of talking to your own dad?
Shying away from talking
to your own daughter?
Please don't repeat your old mistakes.
Don't treat her like
you treated her mother!
This was the only thing left to do.
Salaar, bring her along.
- Let's go!
- Salaar!
Leave her!
Where's Daado?
She's taken her medicine
and fallen asleep.
I don't know what got into me.
In just one night...
actually, just a few hours...
I don't know what it was,
but I felt good.
After so many years, I felt complete.
I'm such an idiot.
- Just let it go, Balu.
- Okay, I will.
I don't wanna talk about her.
No, Balu. It's Mahi!
Leaving me again?
You still have a relative
who wants to beat me up?
You forgave me with a sincere heart.
- There's no reason for me to stay.
- There is.
What are you saying?
Can't we sit somewhere
and talk peacefully?
It's been established that
we can't sit and talk peacefully.
Give me your hand.
Pull the bloody chain!
Pull the bloody chain!
Who pulled the chain?
- Sister, it's a matter of love.
- To hell with love.
Shah Rukh Khan from China.
Did you say something?
There's nothing wrong
with getting married.
I love you too.
[Subtitle by neoRackle]
Slippery floor under my feet
Why do I slip when I follow you?
My love!
Why does my heart skip a beat
When you're here next to me?
Give me your hand and look into my eyes
Breathe life into me
Sync your heart with mine!
Twirl into my arms!
Let your hair loose!
Let's Go! Cool, cool, cool, oh my hottie!
Do something naughty, shorty!
Bum ba bum bum Balu Mahi!
Lift up the party!
Cool, cool, cool, oh my hottie!
Do something naughty, shorty!
Bum ba bum bum Balu Mahi!
Lift up the party!
Are you Romeo or an ordinary lover?
Don't try to impress me
I am not a love dove, nor a Barbie doll
But I still want you to spoil me
You are most welcome, says your handsome
Go ahead and list your demands!
You are my top model
Our scandal's going to be super duper
I can put that down in writing
My heart doesn't listen to me anymore
I want it to be mine
But it insists on being yours
Drums beating in your ears
Sweat dripping sweetly
Let your hair loose!