Bambieffekten (2011) Movie Script

-You're Cecilie?
-You've started filming already?
-Would you like to hold the camera?
-Eh, yes.
Is this how you pictured me?
Am I good enough?
Yeah. But you could have
been different than what you said.
-Like what?
-Like an old man or something.
I'm wondering, is there
anything else we should decide?
Like what?
Isn't three months a long time?
It will be good with a little time now.
If you could travel anywhere,
where would you go?
Eh, I'm here with you, aren't I?
-Have you ever been to South America?
What are you doing?
I just.. I always check the date.
Let's see if we can find
one that expires on Sunday!
Could you please stop filming?
You need to get used to it!
It's annoying to have
the camera face all the time!
-I'm sorry.
-You're gonna have to pay for it!
Reidun, Reidun.
Here you go.
-May I help you with anything?
-No, we're fine. We'll manage.
A real cunt, huh?
Maybe she thought
she would be on television?
What did she say?
Hey you. Hey!
Is that cart just gonna be left there?
I thought you were only
in charge inside the store?
Yes, and that cart is going back inside!
I can't believe anybody
even wanted to fuck you!
-I'm sorry?
-I hope the baby tears you're pussy apart!
-We'll erase that last part, right?
-No, no, we keep everything, Cecilie.
Can we just get inside?
Yep, so this is the
Windberg-family's summerhouse.
We've spent our
vacation here almost every year.
Wow, this is nice.
-I'm hungry.
-Weren't you going to make pizza?
Can I just grab this room?
I think I'll lie down for a bit.
Veronica Windberg at
the Windberg-family's summerhouse.
She's about to disappear,
but no one is aware yet.
Especially not Mr. and Mrs. Windberg, -
- who thinks she's just
celebrating midsummer with a friend.
This is where Mr. Windberg usually sits, -
- reading a report and
checking text messages.
Over here is Mrs. Windberg's spot.
She's probably reading a novel
and drinking Dom Perignon.
This is where sister Windberg is studying
some foreign language or something.
And over here is big brother Windberg, -
- digging his music and
surfing the internet.
And then there is Veronica Windberg.
She was playing hide-and-seek, but -
- nobody bothered to look for very long.
3 pm on Sunday, right?
3 o'clock.
It feels like years ahead.
I think we should find a system.
We need to test it.
With rocks. On something that would float.
-Yeah, so we can sink it.
Ah great!
It's quite heavy.
Could you help?
-Will you help me with this?
Speed up, Cecilie!
Will you come into the boat?
What will they think,
when they see the tapes?
Come here! You could fall out.
Do you wish you could
see how they'll react?
I suggest we never look
at the recordings. Agree?
Why not?
So that we can say whatever
we want to the camera.
Do you know what to say?
Aren't we far enough?
You do know this is a speed boat, right?
Oh shit!
This is far enough, isn't it?
I'm glad I don't have to do this alone.
This is where I'm sleeping.
And it looks like Cecilie is staying here.
Clean Cecilie has already
brushed her teeth.
And this is..
Swan Pharmacy, how can I help you?
Hi, I'm Veronica Windberg,
I'm cleaning up an estate and I found some pills -
- I'm wondering if I should return them,
or if I should just throw them out?
What's the name on the box?
Like that.
Could we wait until we've eaten?
Yeah, let's do that.
Is it okey if we...
What do you want to talk about, Cecilie?
What did you want to talk about?
We could talk about why we are doing this?
Yeah, we...
Why are you doing this Cecilie?
We chatted about that, didn't we?
Yeah, but why now?
Why not now?
It's a good time, isn't it?
Damn mosquitoes...
So the fact that you've got
amyosophic or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis -
- just isn't important?
You're dying in a couple of years anyway -
I'm sorry, how did you know that?
So the fact that you soon will be
paralyzed is totally irrelevant?
How did you know that?
It's not difficult to figure when
you're pills are lying around.
What? Did you go through my stuff?
I did not. You left it there,
right in the open.
I didn't leave anything out in the open.
It was in my toilet case!
So you were hiding it then?
What the fuck does this have to do..
It won't be the same.
You're going to die, Cecilie!
Why isn't it the same,
I'm.. You're also going to..
You got a mosquito in your face by the way.
Everything's the same. It's all the same.
Cecilie! Why don't
you ask me for my reasons?
Take a look daddy,
you see how I'm not gone?
I exist through memories
I can't even remember.
- I'm four, I'm five, I'm a teenager.
I'm all the things which
I've forgotten, but you now remember.
The truth is I've been terrified of death, -
- since long before I got sick.
Since Mom ...
Do you recall telling me how -
- great a dancer she was?
The first time you saw her,
how you stared at her for an hour.
I've put a lot of thought into this,
Dear Daddy ... when you watch this,
you're probably very sad.
But please, for my sake, -
- stay positive, look ahead.
I wasn't alone, I am not alone.
Veronica, she...
Well, you don't know Veronica, we...
I would never be able to do this without...-
- her.
And I have to...-
- have to do this.
Good morning.
I'm so sorry.
I should have told you all along.
I just ... I'm so ashamed of the disease.
It must have opened when it hit bottom.
We just fill it with rocks and tie a rope
around it. Then we tie ourselves to it.
We just need a rope. It'll be all right.
Come here, I'll show you
the end of Norway!
Look at me!
-Come on!
.You really are weird.
-That's Ferder Lighttower.
Imagine, behind is the rest of the world.
Now that you know about me,
tell me something about yourself.
Okay. What do you want to know?
I don't know, something important.
How are you parents?
I don't know.
How old are they?
-Both of them?
48 or 49. Something like that.
What do you like about them?
My mom's really pretty.
Okay, what else?
She's always the center of attention.
Do you love her?
Everybody says we look alike.
What does she mean to you?
What's that? Ouch...
-I might need to clean it.
-Take the camera.
No, hey!
I'm just kidding.
Wow, look! We should let it out.
Grab it!
There you go.
That's great medicine for you.
-Is it?
I'm still not sure if I get it,
why you want to do this.
-Is this okay?
Why do you want... I don't get it.
Is it hard, saying the word out loud?
You know what I mean.
I'm just trying to make it easier.
-Aren't you the least doubtful?
-Are you?
I'm more doubtful about not doing it.
After I decided
What does the illness do to your body?
It attacks your motor neurons.
Your what?
They're what makes us able to move.
Usually it starts in your hand or foot.
You get weak -
Even the simplest things needs focus.
Yeah? Like smoking a joint?
Yes. Then the weakness increase.
You stop being able to do stuff.
As the muscle tissue fades,
your joints stiffen -
- and your hand curves inwards like this.
What? Like this?
Yes. Then the same thing
happens to your feet.
What's so funny?
What's so funny?
And then what?
You're put in a wheelchair?
Yes, weelchair!
Electric wheelchair! .
That's actually kind of fun.
You get to steer with your hand and just...
Are you able to move your finger?
But you can still feel
everything on your skin.
On your skin?
Yeah, you never stop feeling,
even though you get paralyzed.
But you'll be lying there..
And the only way you can
communicate is trough your eyes.
But I can still speak though my skin...
What'd you do that for?
I don't know. I wanted to know
how it is, to kiss a girl.
Oh, hi! Eirik!
-Hi, nice to see you.
-Nice to see you too!
We heard some music,
so I just wanted to check.
-This is Cecilie.
-Hi, Eirik.
They got a cabin right over there.
A small cabin, not like this.
It's nice.
We're having a barbeque later,
down by the boathouse. You guys want to join us?
-A barbeque?
-Yeah sure!
We're just going to buy
some beer and then we're ready.
-Could we come to the store with you?
-Yeah sure, we're leaving in five minutes.
-Weren't we supposed to...
-No no, that's great.
All right, we'll pick you up.
I don't think this is a good idea.
Why not?
We need rope anyway, don't we?
I'm talking about the party.
I'm not comfortable
around people right
Cecilie, now you're just freaking out.
You've got to meet Eirik's half brother.
He's really mysterious.
-He is, really.
He's a real freak.
He's handsome.
I don't know. I'm just not
in the mood for a party right now.
I just wanted to tell you..
I am..
Well, if you are being sad, I just wanted... tell you...-
The reason is...
I've got a reason.
Don't think I don't have a reason.
If I thought you were even interested,
I would have told you. But I don't know.
Veronica, if you want to come along,
we're leaving.
I'm coming!
How much beer are we going to get?
Yeah, how much money you got?
How much did you get to buy candies for?
Would you take the camera?
I can't find a good angle from back here.
I don't know if everyone
are too excited being taped.
What are you guys filming?
We're doing a project,
filming everything we do this weekend.
So you're your own reality stars, huh?
Bring it to the party!
-Have you caught anything exciting yet?
Not really, so we're kind of hoping
for a car chase or something.
Is this car stolen Eirik?
-No, Benjamin bought it with drug money.
-Eirik, we don't use the term drug money.
-Then what's it called?
-Pharmacia pesetas!
It's right over there!
-What's his deal really?
-Jonas? I don't know, he's so mysterious.
Go and have a look.
-Shit, she's there!
-What's the hold up?
-I'm not going in, if she's there.
-What's up?
We kind of got a thing
with the woman working here.
Like what?
She's pregnant, and we told
her that her pussy will be torn apart.
You told her!
Maybe you guys should go without us..
-Put this on!
-You want me to wear this?
-So she won't recognize us!
-That could be fun!
-Yeah, dress up!
-I've got a hat in the car.
-She'll recognize us if..
-No, nobody's going to recognize anybody!
-What about the camera?
-Oh, okay, I'll take the camera.
-There, it's on.
-Oh, like that.
-I don't eat meat, for your information.
You don't eat meat?
Have you ever been to a meat farm?
Animals are treated like shit.
-We can't have a barbeque without meat!
-When were you at a meat farm?
-Okay, I've seen it on TV.
-So what are you barbequing?
Paprika is good. Mushrooms.
-Yes, and feta. Mushrooms with feta.
-Yeah, and onion.
What the deal with Jonas?
Well, he's been at
the psychiatric hospital for a while...
What did she say, paprika,
mushroom, onion...
-I think I saw someone over there.
-Are you afraid?
-It is a little embarrassing.
What you said to her.
Fuck I really got the munchies!
She is pretty crazy.
Oh yeah, rope.
Put that rope back!
Get out of here! Give me the rope!
You're a strange case, aren't you?
I got the rope though.
It's not long enough!
-God, why did you have to steal it?
-It was pretty fun, wasn't it?
We'll figure it out.
But your solutions
never match the problems!
Cecilie, you need to
stay positive, look ahead.
Did you look at the tape?
Look at me, I'm dancing for you.
You see how I'm not gone?
I exist through memories I can't even
remember. I'm three years, I'm two.
Why do you always have
to be so fucking uptight?
It's really hard, growing up
as a rich kid isn't it? Horrible.
What? You have no idea
what you're are talking about!
-Oh no? Then tell me.
-They never gave me anything.
Oh, so you never got your own car, huh?
You don't have a big
summer house you can use whenever?
-You never got anything?
-Do you think any of that really matters?
Then what does? Tell me.
-We told her we'd never met you before.
-She totally snapped.
-But we brought your stuff
-We need a rope!
We got plenty in the boathouse,
you could just grab some of that.
-You do?
What the fuck was that?
Keep your eyes on the road man!
I did, but ... it was just there
all of a sudden. I didn't see it..
-Shit, you scared me man.
-You okay?
Fucking degos-driving, man.
Nice bonfire, Eirik
We got a lot of old stuff to burn.
It'll be a nice big bonfire.
-We're gonna light up the dark.
-You really are twisted Eirik.
Give him a lighter and he thinks
he's God Almighty!
-Do you believe in God Cecilie?
-God? No.
-Take this.
I told you.
Do you believe in God, Jonas?
Isn't the question rather
if God believes in me?
-What kind of lame answer is that?
-No I think he's right.
If God really exists, he should
take care of Jonas, not the other way around.
Oh, so now you guys agree on everything?
-What about a life after death, Cecilie?
-How about a life before death?
Everything's being blown away!
Could we please do this inside?
-We can't make food when it's this windy!
-What about the bonfire?
We could prep the food inside,
and then grill it here.
Jonas is cold!
-Relax, we'll go inside!
-I am relaxed.
Come on guys!
-I didn't know you were so muscular Eirik?
-Well, there are a lot you don't know.
Okay, picture meeting an animal
in the wild: Let's say a bear -
-or a moose or a bunny or whatever.
-Or a deer.
Yeah, or a deer.
If you stare into its eyes,
-you'll have no idea whether
it's going to escape or attack.
-A bunny?
-Okay, maybe not a bunny.
But like a wolf then.
But if you meet a person
and look into her eyes,-
-you can tell what's going on in her head.
Like there aren't any unpredictable
and wild sides to people?
One can take human out of the nature,-
-but one can never take
nature out of the human.
Okay, but what about all the urges?
Ah, yeah right Eirik, the urges are there.
So, what's the strongest urge?
I wonder what Benjamin's
strongest urge is right now.
Strongest urge, for me,
is the urge to create stuff.
Right! Can't you just tell us the truth?
Come on, you might as well just say sex!
-No Eirik!
-Helps to get it out there!
Sex doesn't even have to be about sex,
it could be about a thousand other things.
Sex could be about comfort.
Sometimes I get so bored
I feel like dying.
Is that an urge?
No, boredom isn't an urge.
If anything, boredom is the opposite of an urge.
-An urge..
-Benjamin, not all urges crave for life.
-Oh, like that.
-Alcohol anyone?
Yes please. Thanks.
So Cecilie, what are your
plans for the next semester?
Yeah, what are you going
to do this fall, Cecilie?
Ehm, I'm not sure.
You don't have a clue
what you're going to do?
I just finished my bachelor's degree,
so I could keep studying. Or start working
-What did you study?
-Social Anthropology.
-That's how the two of you met?
-No, we met online.
Online? You met on the Internet?
Yeah, one can meet on internet
if one have common interests.
-And what are your common interests?
-Yeah, you know, ghosts and stuff.
-Anything else?
-A lot of things.
-I'll grab one of these.
Would you open it for me?
Come on, dance with me Jonas!
Want to dance?
No thanks, I'm
not a big fan of dancing.
I hate dancing.
I'll just sit here.
I will join you!
-You and Cecilie!
-What about us?
-Who would have guessed?
-What do you mean?
-Like that?
-Christ, Eirik.
-Are you implying that we are lesbians?
Jesus Christ!
You guys are just talking,
it's a fucking party!
Yeah, you guys just dance!
Yes by the way! PJ Harvey
is coming to the festival!
-Are you going to a festival Cecilie?
-Yes, come to the festival!
Are you going to a festival?
Um, well. I don't know.
You don't know?
Is it so hard, to decide
whether you are going or not?
Um. Yes..
Fuck, the battery is dying.
Do you have any batteries?
Yes, they are in the living room.
You know where they are.
-What do you mean by that?
-Well, they are not here..
Jonas, come and find
the batteries with me!
-Come and find the batteries with me!
Yeah, you have to follow her to the cabin.
She wants you to follow her to the cabin!
What is going on?
He is a bit soft, I'll admit that.
-Is it good like this?
-Yes, but not that hard.
Do it slower.
-Like this?
-Easy. Easy.
-Like that, yeah.
-Like this?
I think something is happening.
Come here! Quickly!
Just out of curiosity, what's up
with all that cash on a weekend trip?
It's not like I'm telling you
everything, just because we've fucked.
Why didn't you manage to commit suicide?
Talked to Eirik?
He told me you were
in the psychiatric hospital.
-Are you taping?
-Yes, do you mind?
-What do you want to know?
-I want to know how you did it.
I did it with exhaust. In a car.
Anything else you want to know?
Don't you want to know if it hurts?
Yes, it hurts like hell.
Cause even if your mind wants to die,
your body doesn't necessarily agree -
- So it starts to fight you,
for its own survival.
The heart is racing, the spasm starts.
Then you start throwing up.
Anything else? Other details?
Are you wondering
whether or not I pissed my pants?
No, wait! You have to tape this!
Yes, you piss your pants.
And then you shit yourself.
Anything else?
Are you wondering whether or not
that light appears? Well, it doesn't.
The only thing that appears
is my little brother -
- who is trying to wake me up,
get me breathing again -
- And the only thing I manage
to do is to yell at him.
And now we are running around,
he's bringing me -
- me to the circus and weekend trips
and trying to make me ... well, God knows.
-I know how you feel!
-I seriously doubt that.
Oh yeah? Just look at this!
-that's cute. But for next time,
I would cut up the vain like this.
And put my hands in saltwater.
That should do the trick.
Thank you. Great advice!
And then it goes something like this...
I'm trying not to get dizzy,
but I don't know when I'm straight.
The ocean is reflecting heaven,
reflecting heaven and hiding hell.
So don't you dare
sing me the last song....
Anyone want to smoke some weed?
No I'm okay, but please,
smoke if you want to.
You know when Eirik first came over,
we were really stoned?
Cecilie was freaking out!
-It doesn't matter.
-Yeah, you should just as well admit it!
It doesn't matter Veronica, sit down.
-See, he thinks it's okay!
-Why don't you just sit down, Veronica?
Okay, play something!
-Where is Jonas?
-Jonas was tired so he went to bed.
Yes, maybe its time
for us to get to bed too?
You don't have too.
No, I think it is time to call it a night.
Are you sure? You're
welcome to stay longer!
I'm tired and I want to go to bed.
-So good night.
-Good night.
-Good night Cecilie.
You do realize that he has a crush on you?
You were practically
sitting on top of him!
You were sending him those
admiring looks, and he was playing for you!
You're the one who wanted
a party in the first place.
Oh, so you're getting cold feet then?
- so why would she still do it?
-Do you think I've got cold feet+
You think so?
Hey, where are you going?
You do realize how far away
from a bus stop we are?
If you are lucky you might
catch a bus in six - seven hours!
Cecilie! I've got the rope!
You do know that I've the rope?
We'll fill it with
rocks like the last time, -
- and then we'll tie a rope
around it. It'll hold.
And lastly, we tie our hands
together just to be sure.
I don't want to sleep alone tonight.
You can sleep with me, if you want to.
Hi there, hi Dad.
Veronica's still sleeping.
I've been cleaning.
While it's still peaceful in the house.
I don't really want to die, not really.
But right now I'm not afraid.
I'm calm, it feels kind of strange.
This is the last day, so..
I just wanted to tell you, you are
the best father I could ever have had. Really.
I've been very lucky, very lucky.
Yes, I think..-
- you should...
- remarry.
Raise new children...
-Hey, good morning!
Sorry, I saw that your door
was open and assumed you were up as well?
Yes, I'm up. I thought I was
the only one up this early.
I always wake up early when
I have been drinking, how about you?
Not usually.
-Am I interrupting your project?
-No, no, no.
It includes everything that happens,
and now you are here...
I'm going for a walk, do you want to join?
Yes. Yeah, I'd like that.
I just have to change clothes.
Yeah. That's a good idea.
Stop it!
Are you taping everything
you do out here?
I think I'm a little afraid
to miss something.
Do you want to come
with me to the festival?
When I was younger my mom
developed a muscle disease.
She started dropping things, and -
- had trouble coordinating
her hands when eating.
She couldn't speak properly -
- a little later she had to
drive around in a wheelchair, -
You should have seen
her when she tried to dance
In the middle of the night,
she played music, really loud.
So I woke up and snuck down,
and there she was.
But she couldn't really
move right at all. It was like...
Did it scare you?
Dad was standing in the dark, watching.
-Was he hiding?
-He didn't see me.
No, did he hide from your mother?
What scared me were... his eyes.
His expression.
What did it look like?
I saw that he felt disgusted. Loathing.
-Are you okay?
-Yes, I'm fine.
Come with me to the festival, Cecilie!
I can't come.
-Come with me!
-I can't.
-Why not?
-It's complicated.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Are you dating Veronica?
No, Veronica? No!
Why would you think that?
Eirik told me! He told me
you and Veronica are dating.
I can't come.
Why can't you come to the festival?
I want to, I don't want to hurt you. I..
I want to, but...
-What are you girls really doing out here?
-What are you doing with all that money?
Veronica's money!
Is there anything you want to tell me?
I don't know.
I have something I want to show you.
Come here!
I think this is really fucking weird!
Don't you?
Are we drinking now?
-Drink for fuck sake!
What's the deal with the money?
Why do you have
a hundred fucking thousand kroner?
-I don't know, it's just in case.
-Just in case?
-Yes, you never know..
-In case of what?
Why do you have a hundred
fucking thousand kroner? Why?
-In case we change our mind.
Change our mind?
You never know, Cecilie. It's impossible
to know for certain what will happen.
When did we talk about
changing our minds? When?
You mean in case YOU change
your mind! Right?
Why are you here?
Why are you here now? Hm?
What are you doing here?
Why are you here?
I don't know, I just
wanted to get away, okay?
And what about me?
I wanted mom and dad to see -
- the tape and think I was dead.
And me?
I don't know... I...
You don't know what?
What was your plan for me?
Maybe you could run away as well.
Okay, lets see, its one hour from now.
When were you going to let me know?
When we were lying at
the bottom of the ocean?
-Cecilie, let's turn off the camera.
Let's shut off the camera, Cecilie!
We can still do it.
Lets film ourselves drowning and
then we will swim to shore. No one will know.
It'll be like we don't exist.
Sit down.
-Cecilie! I want to take care of you!
-Take care of me?
Drink one more. Drink!
Why didn't you just find an InterRail buddy
and go backpacking around the world?
Why me? Why me?
I want to die!
I don't know Cecilie, I...
And now what?
It's one hour left.
What were you going to do now?
What was your plan?
Look at me!
Look at me!
I thought maybe I could
tie it loose or something and...-
...swim ashore, I didn't know,
I don't know what's best for you Cecilie.
Cecilie, you can't be serious
about this. Are you really doing this?
Cecilie, look at me.
Why did you want me to move
back home when I was diagnosed?
Why did you want me to become
a helpless freak which you could nurse?
So you could learn to
stop loving me as well?
Is that why?
I'm not my mom!
I am ... someone else.
I am someone completely different.
And I...
I exist without you!
Is that so hard to understand?
Your turn.
What do you mean?
Say something that's real.
I don't know if
I can do this Cecilie.
Tell where you want to go.
I know you never
wanted me mother, but...-
-...why couldn't you just tell me I was okay?
Can't you untie me now, Cecilie?
You're going to be there, and watch.
It'll work, out.