Banaras (2022) Movie Script

Oh, Lord..
The great Lord Veera Badreshwara.
Bow down to His glory.
Beloved admirers..
Revered devotees of Lord Shiva..
He lives in those pearly rain drops
falling down from the sky.
Lives in the seven seas
of this world and beyond.
You may find one true devotee
amongst hundreds.
One true mystic amongst millions.
Or a devotee amongst millions.
Your identity cannot
rub out your sins.
Life should be lead
like the great Basava.
Heaven for the enlightened one
and a paradox for the ignorant.
In the name of the Guardian
of the universe
We bow down to the great
Lord Jagadeeshwara.
Come forth..
Come forth..
Great Rudra..
This is a special temple.
We get to see such gathering every year.
- Is it?
A lot of people visit this place.
Hi, Dhani.
- Hi.
I would like to talk to you.
Who are you?
- Hello.
I don't even know who you are.
why should I talk to you?
Chetan, cool it..
- Don't create a nuisance here.
Now get going..
- Listen..
don't get upset, chill.
Look, this is between us I don't
want him to get involved in this.
Brother, just give me two minutes.
It's very important.
Dhani, let's go.
Dhani, please.
It's too important.
Chethan, just two minutes.
- Dhani, what are you doing?
I know that, Chethan.
I can handle the situation.
Just two minutes. I'll be with
you in two minutes.
Please, Chethan.
Don't worry, I'll come.
Okay now, tell me. What's
your problem? - Okay.
Okay, after listening to me
you might feel strange
you could get surprised or you
could even think I'm insane.
But whatever I'm about to say
is a hundred percent truth.
Enough with this.
Come to the point.
My name is Siddharth,
call me Siddu or Siddharth.
I'm an astronaut
and a time traveller
I've come from the future.
Time Tra..
I've travelled through time. I've come
from the future to the present.
Did you take the metro rail
or the bus?
I'm not joking. Have you not heard of
time travelling or the time machine?
I've heard of it
and I've seen it in movies.
But aren't they just a fantasy?
20 years ago smartphones
were just a fantasy
are you not using them now?
Anyways, I'm your future husband.
- What!
I am going to be your husband.
Oh, this is a prank, right?
Where's the camera?
I knew it!
I knew you wouldn't believe me.
it's my duty to make you believe.
You're my wife and I know
a few things about you.
You are Dhani,
studying 'BBM' in 'KLE' college
Born on May 5th, Your star sign
is 'Ashwini' and zodiac is Aries.
You visit Siddhi Vinayak
temple every wednesday.
Suryakant Tripathi and Munshi Premchand
are your favourite writers.
You love novels like 'Rangbhoomi' and
'Indulekha' a lot.
You can't live without
butterscotch ice cream.
You can't stand Radish curry.
'Sholay' 'Mera naam Joker' and
'Titanic' are your favourite movies.
There's a mole on your left shoulder
and a scar on your right elbow.
You don't have parents and you
live with your relatives.
Singing is your passion.
you were a contestant in
'Indian Idol season 1'
You have a YouTube
channel and a fan base too.
You sing Carnatic, folk and devotional
songs just for them.
Not even my close friends
know so much about me.
Your friend Chethan,
he has a crush on you.
No.. We're just friends.
- That's what you think.
But he is going to take advantage
of your friendship
and propose to you on December 25th.
You'll get upset with him for this
reason and end your friendship.
A month later on January 25th.
you will perform on stage
at a charity event.
that's where we meet
and fall in love.
We've watched 'Dhoom 4' four times.
After 3 years..
We get married on march 17, 2023.
Saw that?
2025, March 22nd.
You give birth to a girl child
We name her Pravalika.
And she's very beautiful,
just like you.
I'm not able to believe all this
nor am I able to ignore it.
I know it's a big pill to swallow.
Take your time.
I'll be at the 'Art cafe'
near your house at 6.
Come, if you trust me and believe
that I'm telling the truth.
I'll explain everything in detail.
Alright then, bye.
I have a request.
This is a sensitive matter,
don't discuss this with anybody.
If this gets out, the press
and the police will be after me.
Hope you understand.
- Sure.
Okay, see you.
Brother, bye.
Dhani, what did he say?
Do you have a crush on me?
- Tell me the truth.
I can see it in your face.
I hate people who take
advantage of my friendship.
Good bye.
- Dhani, please listen to me.
Would you like to order something,
Just give me two cappuccinos.
- Okay, sir.
- Hi.
Did you know that I would come?
- I know my wife very well.
Is time travelling practically
possible in real life?
I've come to this point after working
hard on my research for 10 years.
A simple question wouldn't
be enough.
It's hard to explain
the technicality of it.
But, let me try.
Everybody knows that time travelling
is directly related to speed.
Time and speed has
a form of connection.
The natural agent which travels
at very high speed is light.
If I travel at the speed of light, my time
will be slower than the rest of you.
For example..
If I travel at the speed
of light for 2 years and come back.
The world would be
50 years behind me.
I will have moved to the future.
Suppose I travel faster
than the speed of light.
I will have reached
earth way before my time.
So, I'm travelling back in time.
As of now there is no agent in this world
that can travel faster than light.
So, that's practically impossible.
But my method of operation is
'The Worm hole'.
- It means, bending the space fabric.
Bending and connecting one space
destination to another space destination.
When we travel through that
we can practically travel through
time both future and the past.
Did you get any of this?
A little, I guess..
You didn't get any of it,
I know you very well.
To understand this I need to explain
about Time space, Time fabric
Gravity, Relativity theory etc..
I don't have time
or the energy to do all that.
This is enough for now.
I'm really hungry
can we order some food?
- I'm not hungry, you can eat.
Excuse me, one veg sandwich.
- Yes, sir.
It has been 10 hours since
I've come to the present.
I haven't had anything
except this coffee.
You didn't eat for 10 hours!
Didn't I tell you nobody
should know about my arrival?
I haven't even contacted my
family for the same reason.
You could've eaten in a restaurant,
Are you kidding?
I don't have any money.
You said you were an astronaut,
don't you have any money?
The currency we use now
is banned in the future.
They have changed all the design too.
And if I pay them with that
they'll take me for a fool.
Thank you.
I just have a gold coin with me and
I'll be in trouble if I convert them.
So you have to help me.
Where do I stay?
Do you want me to book
a room for you?
That's an issue.
- I'll ask my friends to let you stay.
What if they ask about me?
By the looks of it,
you might have to stay in my room.
That's a good idea.
- Hey, I wasn't serious.
I don't have my own place to stay,
so that's not possible.
It will be possible only if we try,
I'm really sorry,
I can't take that risk.
When I travelled through time,
I knew I'd need somebody's help.
I could've chosen
my dad or my friends.
But I chose you. Do you know why?
You're my wife.
I know everything about you.
You'll handle any situation
with ease.
Do you know why? It's because
your very smart and brilliant.
- In case, anybody finds out
It's on me to explain
everything to them.
Is it okay?
You have a very beautiful taste.
Our bedroom looks similar
to this even in the future.
There's a picture
of Lord Shri Ram too.
What's wrong? Have a seat.
- No, that's alright.
Are you comfortable?
- Yes, I am.
What the issue then?
You seem scared.
Actually, this is the first time I'm
sharing a private space with a man.
I'm a bit nervous
for the same reason.
Are you scared of me?
- No, it's not that..
Am I that bad?
- No, I didn't mean that.
Dhani, come here.
Have a seat.
I married you with all of my heart.
Our bond is greater than
just a physical relationship.
I have come here to do a research,
not to be romantic with you.
I don't have any such intentions.
What about you?
No, not at all.
Why are you worried then?
Relax, I won't harm you.
Let's lie down then.
I mean, let's get some sleep.
You can't do it.
- Let me try.
Oh, shut up guys!
I can't concentrate, here.
Hey, look at this, dude.
He's in her room already.
- Look at that..
How did you do that?
My participation comes after winning,
my friend.
You challenged me to make her fall
in love and propose to me right?
I took only 3 days
to enter her bedroom.
She's such an innocent girl,
how'd you manage to do this?
Simple, my friend.
I took this task as an assignment.
I got the link to her YouTube page
as well as her performance video.
I found her address and her
regular route of travel.
Found out who she meets
in her music class.
'Ashwini', Aries star sign.
Ma'am, you sing very well.
Can I get a selfie with you?
'I found out that she
has a small fan base.'
'I bribed her college attender
and got her report cards'.
Will I get in trouble for this?
- Not at all.
'I met her best friend Charitha'.
'I found out everything about her'.
I used all of this, made up a story
and presented it to her
with confidence.
She is a very emotional person,
so she believed all this easily.
You are a true gambler, my friend.
- Thanks for the compliments.
Now it's time for your
end of the bargain
I'm a man of my word.
I have already booked our tickets.
Money doesn't matter
against your talent.
That means, we can now
enjoy our foreign trip.
"Money doesn't matter."
"Money doesn't matter.."
"This me.."
"That me.."
"Oh, my God!"
"This is such a selfish world."
"It's always filled with trollers."
"They won't quit mocking you,
no matter what"
"if they get the right opportunity.
"Don't pay attention
to these trollers"
"Make the world dance to your tunes."
"This world of fun
is all that you need"
"It's time to party so
enjoy this moment."
"This is such a selfish world."
"This me.."
"That me.."
"If one teacher cannot
write all subjects"
"How can one student
learn all subjects?"
"No way!
There's no chance!"
"No way!"
"They all seem very wise"
"but make sure you don't
fall for thier traps."
"They treat us like we're insane."
"they're nothing less
than that themselves."
"Enjoy this moment
you'll never get it back."
"Why are you stopping
yourself from doing so?"
"Forget what the world
"because this world
will never learn."
'Sir, I just want to
tell you one thing..'
'Your friends will never
give you a treat.'
"This is such a selfish world."
"It doesn't belong to anyone."
"Forget about all your
worries and pain"
"and enjoy this beautiful life."
"I'm not here to brainwash you.
I'm here to wash your brain."
"Don't pay attention
to these trollers"
"Make the world dance to your tunes."
"This world of fun
is all that you need"
"It's time to party so
enjoy this moment."
"This is such a selfish world."
'I'll make a new species
out of you guys.'
'So, the me, resides as me'
'Residing in all of that as me'
'So, that me'
'Through this me'
'Talking to me..'
"That's right, Tiger!"
"Money doesn't matter."
You fool.
This is what you wanted,
Do you want to mess with me?
That's enough!
Am I in heaven?
What a life man!
Ten times a day!
My palms have lost it!
I'm talking about using
sanitizer, buddy.
Shame on you!
Hi, Dad.
- Hi, man.
'Where's your gang?'
They're right here.
- Hi, everybody.
What's this?
I don't see any girls around.
Why would I purposely
ruin my own holiday trip?
There are a lot of other exciting
things in life than girls, Dad.
By the way,
I'm here at the airport lobby.
I've chosen a suit in a show room,
it'll look fabulous on you.
They have matching sizes for us both.
If we wear this on your birthday
it'll be amazing.
We'll look like a music
band with matching clothes.
Please, Dad.
Don't spoil my mood.
Okay, Boy..
Have a nice time.
Enjoy yourself.
- Bye, Dad.
Bro, you asked us
not to use our phones.
Now look at you.
- Yeah.
We've come to a different country,
I thought of dropping a text to my dad
so I switched my phone on, but he
called me the very next second.
You are an expert in fooling
people, aren't you?
You can convince
anything to anyone.
How do you think, he managed
things with that girl?
Siddu, are you that brilliant
or was she that dumb?
Hey, confidence matters, buddy.
Whenever you make a lie, you
need to add a bit of logic as well as
We shouldn't get caught
even if they cross enquire.
Does it mean that
time travelling is real?
Who knows, buddy?
Hi, guys!
Who's the tiny king, bro?
I might be tiny but my
knowledge is vast.
Didn't I tell you about him?
He's the one with that pretty girl.
Topic seems interesting,
can I join in?
Only men are allowed here.
- Then, why are you here?
I'm just joking, buddy.
I've done a lot of research
about time travelling.
Oh, is time travelling real?
- Yes.
Have you experienced it?
- Yes, so have you.
You've done it before and you'll
do it in the future too.
I'll give you an example.
What's the time now?
What about in America?
- 1.30 P.m.
What about in India?
- 11.30..
We live in the same planet and yet
there are different time zones.
If we talk beyond this,
we know that
Time is dependent on the speed at which
the earth revolves around its orbit.
So here on earth,
1 day is equal to 24 hours.
But in Jupiter,
revolution requires 48 hours.
There, a day is equal to 48 hours.
This is different for each planet.
Mister, even the kids know this.
Let me explain this through
Hindu mythology.
A day for the Lord
is a year for us.
Perception widens as we move upward.
The closer we get to gravity
the faster we age.
Brahma the creator of the universe
is just 51 years old now.
You should try going
to a media channel
you'll improve their TRP for sure.
You're a part of an ignorant
You understand less and react more.
Your girl is getting
attracted to somebody else.
It's quite common for them to get
attracted to other people.
You! - Guys, on a serious note,
listen to me carefully..
Sir, I bow down to your greatness.
Now, get going, please!
You'll realize the value of time,
Only when life hits you hard.
You will definitely
experience time travelling
and will get stuck
in a time loop for sure.
Hey, start moving..
I think we should build
a sanctum for him.
'He's so irritating..
- Hey, let go of me.'
'Hey! wait.
- I'll teach him a lesson'
He woke up. C'mon..
wake up, guys!
Hey, how are you feeling,
right now?
How did I get here?
All of us had the same drink and did
everything together, we're all fine
why did you create such a scene?
- A scene!
They kicked us out of the hotel,
because of you.
Luckily they didn't take our passport.
I don't remember a thing.
How can you remember all that?
You were so high.
You took us to a trip
but look what you ended up doing.
Something's not right
about this country.
Let's go back to Mumbai.
Let's go..
- Let's go.
I'll ask my granny to make
a strong medicinal drink.
It has cured 'Corona' and no doubt
will cure your head ache too.
Don't worry.
Buddy, all of this seems
like black magic to me.
Shut up.
- Sir.
I gave him a small dose,
he seems healthy.
We can experiment on him with ease.
Okay, sir.
Okay, sir..
Have this, sir.
Where's dad?
- He's in a meeting, sir.
Are you still in a hangover?
- We all know who was in a hangover
come, let's play 'PUBG'.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir..
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Mind my words, you'll never
be successful in your life.
Let's move, guys.
- What's wrong with him?
He's gone insane,
don't worry about him.
Hi, guys..
Hi, bro!
What's with the look?
- Nothing.
Everybody's been acting strange
this morning.
I don't understand why.
You've made a big mistake, bro.
I didn't know you'd be so kiddish.
What are you talking about?
Playing with a girl's life
is hypocrisy?
Who are you talking about?
About Dhani.
Bro, it was a game. nothing
happened between us that night.
You know that! But how are you
going to explain it to people?
Look at this, your picture has gone
viral in the social media.
Oh, shit!
Who uploaded this picture?
I forwarded this to our
cultural committee by mistake.
You bloody moron,
don't you have common sense.
What the heck!
Why did you do that?
I wonder how she's feeling right now.
How do I convince her now.
- Sorry, bro.
Go, get lost!
- Siddu, wait up!
Why would you do such a thing?
- Let me explain..
Keep quiet,
her exams were due in a month.
You ruined her future.
Where is Dhani now?
- I have no clue about it.
You've ruined her life,
let go of me.
'I asked all her friends,
she hasn't contacted anybody.'
'Tell me.
- She's not home, buddy.'
No, bro.
She's out of all social media.
Lucy, can you do me a favor?
What is it?
Her parents are no more. She's gone
to Banaras to meet her relatives.
Do you have an address?
- She said she'll call me
I'll let her know about this,
when she does.
Oh, okay.
You seem to be zoned out,
what's the issue?
It's a girl..
- A girl in your life?
Did you do anything stupid?
It's not what you think.
Are you in love, then?
- No, I'm not.
I made a mistake.
- What is it then?
'Ask a girl out,
if you have the courage.'
Now, this is a mistake.
A big mistake.
Sir, your dinner is ready.
I asked you to prepare
'Chicken Tandoori'? Is it ready?
Yes, sir.
What about 'Gulab Jamun'
- Very good, go get it.
I've prepared 'Mutton chops' as well.
- Is that right!
Beautiful! Start serving.
He has prepared your favorite
'Mutton chops', let's eat.
I don't want it.
- Hey, your dinner..
Son, let me tell you about an
incident that happened 5 years ago.
There was a board meeting
in Chandigarh and I was in a hurry.
I was driving my car and was
headed towards the airport.
There was a traffic jam on
Western express highway.
A Rikshaw was moving very
slowly in front of me.
As if it was a float on a festival.
He didn't react to any
of my honks or attempts.
I was already running late.
I got furious.
I didn't care about his vehicle
and rushed ahead.
He got scared and stopped
his Rickshaw.
I wanted to yell at him
so I went up to him.
But I saw a pregnant
lady in his Rickshaw.
She was in a lot of pain.
He was taking her to a hospital.
I felt really ashamed.
I felt very guilty.
I told her that I didn't know
and to please forgive
me for what I've done.
I cancelled my meeting and took
her to the hospital myself.
I went back to the Rickshaw driver
compensated for his damages
and apologized.
I felt relieved when he forgave me.
That soothed my heart.
Don't live with such
pain in your heart.
You can't live with guilt.
Guilt should be finished.
Keep all the money,
status and degree aside
and surrender to innocence.
Go find her.
Fall at her feet and ask
for her forgiveness.
There's nothing wrong in that.
Courage is not about
proving yourself right.
It's about accepting your mistake
and correcting yourself.
Dad, that's why you're my hero..
I'll find her and ask
for her forgiveness.
I'll come back only
if she forgives me.
Is that okay?
- God bless you.
Very good.
Do you want to go to the other side?
- No..
Hello sir, I'm a tourist guide,
I can get you rooms and discounts
- Anything you need. Okay!
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
Do it slower, why are you..
Is that..
Oh, God! Wait a minute..
I realized you were from Mumbai
soon as I saw his picture.
Hug me..
You're from Mumbai, right?
- Yeah, I'm from
Lakshmi Chawl near Juhu beach.
Hug me.
That means, you came all the way from
Mumbai to apologise to a girl.
Is that it?
Or do you love her?
No, I don't have such feelings.
People make mistakes
but you want to correct it
by seeking forgiveness.
I love you.
Don't worry, I'll find her for you.
I'm Shambu and I will help you!
Thank you, sir.
- I'll drown you, if you call me sir.
Okay then, dude!
- Dude, is it?
There's a place called
Govindpur here.
You'll find a lot
of Marathi people there.
Let's start searching from there.
Banaras. Now that you're here you
need to experience everything.
Look at this tourist on a bike.
Dear, there are a total
of 84 Ghats here in Kashi.
Each one is unique.
Banaras. The more you explore
the more you get astonished.
He's Ramakanth Apte,
he's good with mantras.
This guy is Bramhanand Sharma,
he is too stingy.
Did you hear that?
Listening to Prahalad
shinde in Kashi is a boon.
Now that we heard it,
consider your job done.
Shambu, there's a good news.
Dhani's uncle is a professor here.
- Sir, take your 'Pan'.
Wait a minute.
Do you have someone in your mind
who's a professor and speaks Marathi?
I know two of them,
but I don't know the address.
You can enquire in the university.
Just give me ten minutes.
Shambu, sort this out first
and then you can talk on the phone.
I'm in a bit of a hurry.
Did he just leave?
I'll explain..
- He was talking about..
'Truth is the name of Lord Rama'
How much will you pay me?
Fifty rupees isn't enough.
Shambu, come take a photograph.
- wait, I'm busy right now.
What is this, buddy? Why are you
taking pictures of dead bodies?
This is my profession.
I ride Rickshaw when I'm free.
People don't perceive favors and a dead
body doesn't perceive adornment.
Have you not heard of it,
that's a hundred percent truth.
They give a natural expression
which isn't fake at all.
We don't have to wait for them
to pose or even say 'Smile, please'.
I'm a famous photographer
in Manikarnika Ghat.
I'm not a normal photographer,
I'm a death photographer.
Ones who are alive however doesn't
want me to click their pictures.
Because they feel I'm a bad omen.
- Let me take a look.
Look at that.
Look, this is the reality.
Is it done?
- Yes, take it.
Take this money.
- Give me..
Hey, kid. give us tea.
- In a minute, sir.
Look, I clicked all these pictures.
To claim the insurance and for the
family to see them for the last time.
I click pictures, but they
don't have enough money to give me
So, I do it for free sometimes.
Shambu, come click a picture.
- I'll be right there.
There are a lot of other
options to make a living.
Why did you choose this?
I was in love with a girl once.
She loved me a lot too.
We belonged to different communities
and so her family didn't agree to this
She killed herself
when I was out of town.
They cremated her in a hurry
fearing a police investigation.
We never had a picture together.
I went to her house and begged
for a single picture of her.
Stupid people, they believed
that clicking a picture
would lead to a lesser lifespan.
Just to remember how she looked like,
I didn't get a single pho..
I don't have a single photo.
Siddu, Look at that..
Breath of a man decides
his weight and not his body.
There should be a proof that
a man once lived on this earth.
Otherwise his birth as well
as his death will all be a lie.
That's the reason I chose
this profession.
I'm happy doing this job, Siddu
I never get upset about it.
Even with such sorrow in your heart,
you always smile.
You're simply great.
Don't get too emotional,
let's go do our job.
Wake up, if you're still sleeping.
I have a good news.
What is it?
There is a tourist guide in Kashi
who speaks in Marathi.
She's the president
of the Marathi society.
If we ask her, we'll find your girl.
- Okay.
'Welcome to Banaras.'
'And this is Bharath Matha temple.'
'In the entire world, you don't
find temples dedicated to a country.'
So, this is the first in the world.
And this was built by
'Rashtra Ratna' Shivprasad Gupta.
And this was inaugurated by Mahatma
Gandhi in the year 1936.
- Shambu, I've seen her before.
She looks exactly
like Junior Rekha right?
'This is Varanasi.'
- Let's talk.
'The place where we're standing.'
- Don't worry, wait a while.
'Come out, quick. I'm waiting.'
- Excuse me, I'll just come in a while.
Please, keep watching.
How many times do I have to call you?
Don't you have any respect
towards your husband?
What were you doing?
- Buddy.
I've seen him too, dude.
Why are you worried?
Let's ask this person right here?
- Greetings.
Who is that lady over there?
- That's Saroja ma'am.
Oh, is that right?
What about the guy next to her?
That's her husband
Mr. Narayan Shastri.
He is a professor of chemistry
at the university.
Didn't I tell you?
We finally found our guy.
He's right here.
- I'm going.
They're leaving..
- Wait for me..
Look, there they are.
Shambu, we missed them.
Who am I?
- Shambu.
Then, I'll help you.
Look out, man.
Mister, two Pomegranate..
- Yes, sir.
Those bloody clowns are following
us since yesterday.
You have a beautiful wife
so you have to face all of this.
- Even in my college days
boys would queue up with
flowers just to see me.
Alright, Miss universe. you look
young and I look old, is that fine?
That doesn't mean I can let
them do what they want.
No.. Go beat them, then.
Can you do that?
I can't be so silly.
We just go it painted,
look how fresh it is.
People provoke us all the time that
doesn't mean we should react to it.
We should let it be, drink up!
I know my husband very well.
After painting..
The house..
- What happned?
No, you look there.
- Where?
Right there..
We lost them again.
- Who am I?
- I'll still help you.
It's too cold..
- Have you gone mad!
'Oh, God!
He was right, they're following me'
'My beauty is my curse'
Siddu, this is her house.
You said she sings well
and that she has participated
in a reality show.
Let me listen to her voice.
Wait a minute..
Take it.
Oh Lord!
Oh, Lord Kashi Vishwanath.
This is a Bluetooth speaker.
I thought..
- Give me that.
It's a Holy stone..
Hold it.
What a voice!
As sweet as honey.
Sorry, Dhani..
- Why are you here, stupid?
Dhani, please listen to me.
By the looks of it,
I think she is the one.
Don't worry..
She's upset for now, not forever.
Women are forgiving,
she'll forgive you for sure.
If she has to come out of her house,
this is her only way out
there's no other way, okay?
I forgot to tell you something.
Do you see that bridge over there?
- Is it that one?
There's no other bridge
in this world like it.
That's right!
There's a railway that goes under it
and a roadway on top of it.
You can google it if you want,
you won't find another like it.
Hey, Dhani is going..
- Oh, God!
Railway goes under it..
Did I say anything wrong?
Is she here yet?
- Nope..
According to the lines on your palm.
You'll meet her today.
Is she here yet?
- Yes.
You can't do anything about it.
Sit down.
Lord Kashi Vishwanath doesn't
want her to talk to you yet.
Please, go..
You want me go down?
What is it?
He wants to talk to you?
Please, let him..
He'll ruin your life too on day.
She's probably right.
- I'll help you..
Listen, take me to the other side.
Wow, what a magical voice.
What can I do?
You've been avoiding me a lot.
So, I had to use this trick.
You like using cheap tricks, right?
You have every right
to get upset with me.
I don't have any problem with that
but let me talk to you
for a couple of minutes.
You said the same thing the other day
and look what happened.
Are you planning to
destroy my life?
Dhani, I know how disturbed
you are because of me.
I'm not here to trouble you.
I've come here to apologise.
What will it take for
you to forgive me?
Don't ruin the nature's
divine silence.
You can hit me if you want.
Punish me!
Will you just keep quiet..
The mistake was made by me, you
don't have to be so hard on yourself.
Why are you ruining your future
by not attending your exam?
Dhani, think about
your singing career.
There are a lot of people
who like your singing.
You have a wonderful voice.
Dhani, I'll go live on Facebook.
I'll post my pictures on social
media and apologise.
Hey, buddy.
Give me the ball.
Brother, can't you
see she's doing a puja.
Please, be careful.
Look at this Romeo
trying to act smart.
There's only twenty days
left for your exams.
Let bygones be bygones.
I feel very guilty about
ruining your life.
Did baby get hurt?
You want us to massage her?
Oh, God!
I can't hear a thing!
Let's go..
Let's go..
- He's too dangerous.
Why would you do that?
I don't like violence,
not even in the movies.
I'm already struggling to correct
my previous mistake.
But you've made me
commit another one.
That last person
sprained my shoulder.
It's been ten years since
my mom passed away.
I remember her whenever I'm hurt.
If my dad was here,
he'd give me an oil massage.
All my pain would've dissapeared.
So, then what about your parents.
They're right here.
I didn't get you.
"Don't give birth to her.."
"Don't send her away.."
"Don't grieve when she
leaves your house."
"Don't grieve for her
O' mother of mine."
"Don't be still with a sorrow mind."
"River Sindhu brings breeze
those summer days."
"River Sindhu brings breeze
those summer days."
"So does the mighty
river Bhagirathi.."
"So does the mighty
river Bhagirathi.."
"O' Mother of mine."
"You bring serenity to me."
"If I had a choice,
I'd choose to be born as the land"
"For it will give life to a tree."
"And if I were born
a tree on that land"
"I'd bestow shade to the fortunate
and the free.."
"Travelling to Kashi
takes days on end."
"My mother's house
however is an hour away."
"If I travel in that
direction, I can see."
"If I travel in that
direction, I can see."
"There she waits, my mother.
just for me.."
"She is a Mother not just
to me but to the whole galaxy."
O' dear mother..
My mother used to make me sit on
her lap and teach me this song.
I learned this song as I grew up.
But I still can't sing
this song like her.
Nine years ago..
My mom and dad passed away.
Their remains have merged
deep within Ganga.
Sometimes this world scares me.
That's when I come
back to this place.
I feel like I'm with my parents here.
I have nobody left in this world
except my uncle and my aunt.
My life revolves around my studies,
singing and my parents' memories.
I was peaceful and happy
in this world.
You ruined everything
and humiliated me.
Yes, I was a fool,
I fell for your words.
But it's not what you think.
It was a belief.
I was taught at a young
age to believe and hope.
Dhani, please..
I know how innocent you are.
That's the reason
I'm feeling very guilty.
I didn't know then that things would
turn out to be this bad.
I lost control over everything.
I'm extremely sorry.
Is that it?
Did you read the comments
on social media?
They said 'You seem innocent but
turned out to be a real player'
'I loved your voice,
now I love your body too.'
'Are you willing to sleep
with me for a night?'
'How much do you charge?'
Such absurd comments..
How can I live peacefully
or attend my classes?
How can I give my exams?
I'm not able open up
in front of the mic.
And you're saying
that you are sorry?
Forgiveness is for the ones
who make mistakes.
But a traitor doesn't deserve
forgiveness or a punishment.
I'm sorry, Dhani.
We men are all alike.
We are born arrogant.
Women are innocent, we never
understand their suffering.
I'm not talking about you alone,
I'm talking about myself too.
You've muddied the waters and you
have to clear it yourself.
Morning, sir.
- Morning.
how are you, son?
'I need a favor from you.'
Come quickly..
They're right there.
Grandpa, how are you?
How's life?
- What's wrong?
I've been facing issues here
as well as Facebook.
Who's doing it?
- Those boys, right there.
I was talking..
- That strange bearded guy
has been following me since a week
You? Alright.
Is being pretty a curse?
I'll carry a pepper spray
in my bag tomorrow.
Let's go..
You've prayed enough.
"Glory to you and to
the great Lord Shiva."
"Oh, Lord."
- Let's go.
Didn't I tell you that
we're going to the temple?
Did you forget?
Leave me.
- Dhani is with me.
My aunt is here, leave me.
- Come with me.
Let go of me..
- Come with me for a minute.
Wait a minute.
Dhani, look at this.
30 members in Facebook,
10 in Twitter and 9 in Instagram.
They were the ones who
made those absurd comments.
Not to forget the troll
admins who posted it.
A total of 60 members have been
booked under 'Suo Moto' act.
Nine of them have
been badly beaten up.
They will never do such
a thing to any girl again.
I've made sure of it.
Is that it?
That was really helpful.
Thank you, so much.
Can I leave now?
The song that you sang yesterday
was on Live stream.
You've received eighty
thousand likes.
And six thousand comments.
They are your old fans.
You were worried about a few
who gave you absurd comments.
But what about the millions
who love you?
Did you forget about them?
Actually, Dhani.
Life is really beautiful.
The whole world is waiting
for you to sing.
C'mon, Dhani..
- Thank you, Sid.
Thank you so much..
- Be right there, Aunt.
Thank you..
Did you clear the muddied waters?
I saw a smile on her face.
Hey, Saroja..
Where on earth are you?
What's your problem?
Did you lose your glasses again?
It's right on your head.
Who am I?
Are you still drunk
from last night?
Don't joke around.
What is this?
Did you keep tamarind
on my conical flask?
I didn't get any bowl in a hurry.
So I used it.
So what?
Have you gone mad!
I thought this was nitrogen di-oxide
I was about to mix it
with potassium chloride.
I got a whiff of tamarind
and I changed my mind.
Otherwise our house
would be on fire now.
How many times have I told you not to
enter my lab and touch my equipment?
Why couldn't you keep
your lab out of our house?
What did you say?
You don't do anything except
mixing chemicals all day.
But you act as if you
are Thomas Alva Edison.
Don't joke around with me.
The whole Indian institute of science
is waiting for the result
of my research.
How can a fool know
the value of gold?
Who are you calling a fool?
Oh, sorry!
- That's more like it.
I don't want to insult a fool.
Hey, what are you doing?
- You!
I'll drop this on you.
Aunt.. I'm scared,
why are you yelling at each other?
Dear, did you get scared?
This wasn't a fight, Dear.
We're just teasing each other.
This is normal when you're in love.
We apologize to each other later,
and talk it through.
Will apologizing make
up for everything?
There is no penance
greater than repentance.
Everybody makes a mistake.
We should forget our
ego and forgive them.
Did you understand, dear?
Who doesn't make mistakes?
- Hello.
We should give them an opportunity.
- Who's this?
Otherwise, all relationship
will be meaningless. - Dhani, is it?
You are a fearless girl, aren't you?
We are all with you.
Dear, you have a call.
Take it.
- Who is it, Uncle?
'I'm your husband'
'We will be blessed
with a girl child.'
'Her name is Pravalika
and she is beautiful.'
| | Devotional song | |
Hey, Isn't that Dhani over there.
- Yes, you're right.
She is probably looking for me.
- Yes, I think so too.
What are you waiting for?
Get going..
| | Devotional song | |
"The person you are looking
for is right in front of you."
I would like to talk
to you for a minute.
Lord Kashi Vishwanath
has finally shown mercy.
Tell me.
Come with me.
- Okay.
Tell me the truth..
Did you really come here
to apologise?
Or are you playing a game
of confession to cheat me again?
Or do you love me?
I don't believe in love.
I visited a place called 'Mukthi
Bhavan' yesterday.
Old people who have lived
their life to the fullest go there
just to pass away.
They are given 30 days.
They will be asked to make peace
with all the conflicts in their head.
An old man, called all his
relatives and siblings.
Confessed to his bad deeds
and gave back his property.
He apologized to his
wife for hurting her all his life.
He spoke about the charity
work that he did
and asked his children
to continue doing
certain things that were left out.
He spoke to all of them and
felt light hearted again.
And after a couple of hours,
he passed away.
To have a peaceful death,
we need to have a peaceful life.
People visit 'Mukthi Bhavan'
to die peacefully.
But I've come to Banaras
to live peacefully.
When I told about
my mistake to my dad
he told me not to live
with guilt in my heart.
Tomorrow is February 14th,
my birthday.
It's just a party to me
but to my dad it's a festival.
He celebrates it in a grand manner.
He keeps all his work
aside just to be with me.
I'm his world..
I celebrate my birthday
with him every year.
But I'm here without
even thinking about any of that.
Dhani, please forgive me.
I will never cross your path again.
I'll go back to Mumbai right away.
Dhani, wait..
What is this, Dhani?
Why are you doing this to me?
Words can mean one thing.
But silence can mean a lot of things.
Your silence is killing me..
What do you want me to do?
At least tell me that you
will never forgive me again.
I'll drown myself right here.
Please, tell me something..
I love you.
You don't know this,
but you love me too.
When I met you for the first time.
When you spoke to me.
I didn't get a second
thought about you.
I was completely lost.
You swept me off my feet..
You are such a person.
Yes, you disturbed my life.
I was depressed.
But do you remember what
you said the other day?
'I'm your husband'
'We will be blessed with a girl
child named Pravalika.'
I never had such dreams
in my head until that point.
Can we turn it into a reality?
Hey, why are you shivering?
It feels like I'm rising above
the ground. Like I have wings..
I don't know what to do.
Should I feel happy about or..
I've no clue..
I'm happy and anxious
at the same time.
Is this love or have
I been intoxicated.
I'm really confused.
Did you eat anything last night?
That's right,
I haven't eaten a thing.
Take the Lord's offering.
Thank you..
You celebrated your birthday
with your dad every year.
Tomorrow I'll celebrate
your birthday.
If you don't mind,
can you spend a day with me?
- Tomorrow at 9 in the morning.
Near Kamakshi theatre,
I have a surprise for you.
- Bye.
"Mystical Ganga."
"I've been changed entirely."
"Clumsy heart of mine
tends to wander"
"When you're around."
"Everytime I lay my eyes on you"
"I lose myself without a clue."
"You're like a dream that I wouldn't
want to wake up from."
"My eyes can't stop this
even if it goes numb."
"The universe had a divine
plan for us to meet."
"Isn't that why you
dropped by like a treat."
"Mystical Ganga."
"I've been changed entirely."
"Clumsy heart of mine
tends to wander"
"When you're around."
'Chaos seldom paves way to Creation.'
They're cremating a corpse
over there.
And over here somebody's
madly in love.
Siddu, explain this to me.
Why didn't you tell her
that you love her?
You didn't have to wait
for her to say it.
I'm scared of saying it.
- But, why?
"I bow down to the beauty
in your heart."
"Your words are melody
makes it look like an art."
Oh, sweet love.
"Your feet touches the land
leaving traces of beauty just for me"
"I'm spellbound to follow
every step you take unduly"
"Let's start this beautiful
journey called love."
"Where you be my angel
sent from heavens above."
"When two souls yearn to be one."
"Destiny will do the job
and stop for none"
"Mystical Ganga."
"You've changed me entirely."
"Clumsy mind of mine tends to wander"
"Eversince I've met you."
Are you done singing?
Sorry, Shambu. Let's go.
- Alright then.
"If my heart isn't worth forgiving"
"Punish it one way or the other."
"Let's forget everything
and embrace each other."
"The whole universe reside
in those celestial eyes."
"Love is more than perfect,
you've made me realize."
"This world has brought us close"
"and proved the power of love."
"This universe alone
knows that our bond"
"is something we
can't concieve of."
"Oh, Lord"
"You've changed me entirely."
"Clumsy mind of mine tends to wander"
"When you're around."
We've arrived at your palace, go..
Watch out!
You still seem to be high..
No, Shambu.
- I'm alright, you can leave.
Confirm it.
- I'm really fine.
Come, hug me again.
Please, be careful.
- I'm fine..
Will you be alright?
- leave..
Are you sure?
- I'm sure.
Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.
There's a gift for you.
- For me?
Yes, sir.
Who gave this to you?
- I don't know, sir.
It was just a parcel.
Thank you.
- Good day, sir.
I know it's you. Thank you, dad.
'Your Bluetooth
device has been paired.'
Hey, who's this?
I'm scared, Dhani..
- Hello, excuse me.
Please, Dhani..
Listen, please don't leave me.
I'm scared to say 'I love you'..
Dhani. Please understand.
But I really love you.
Dhani, please wake..
Don't leave me..
I can't live without you.
Dhani, please give me another chance.
Dhani, please..
Don't leave me.
I can't live without you.
I'm just scared to say
'I love you'..
I know it's you. Thank you, dad.
'Your Bluetooth
device has been paired.'
Good morning, sir.
- Yeah.
This is your complimentary breakfast.
Thank you.
- Shambu, I need you bike.
It's right there
in the parking lot.
I've kept the key as well,
take it.
'The time is 9.30 AM.'
Give me a ticket.
- Here you go.
Yes, sir..
- Give me a ticket.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Give me a ticket, sir.
"You're a poetry in motion."
"I doubt my own conception"
"I can read your mind
without a notion."
"Why do I feel like.."
"You're all I ever needed."
"You're a poetry in motion."
"I doubt my own conception."
"I can read your mind
without a notion."
"Your intoxicating beauty
loses to none"
"But I lose to you, my only one."
"Love has brought me fortune"
"Or I wouldn't have found
a treasure like you"
"your angelic eyes speaks to me"
"and keeps me mesmerized
all the time"
"your prescious love gives
a chill down my spine"
"You're my world, next to nothing"
"I'd go astray
without your loving"
"Why do I feel like.."
"You are all I ever needed."
"Adoring you feels rightous."
"I can never be uncertain
about something so gracious. "
"I am yours and every
breath inside of me"
"I can lose myself just
to find you, my lovely."
"Why do I feel like.."
"You're all I ever needed."
"Every time I lay my eyes on you
I always feel."
"You're all I ever needed.."
"You're a poetry in motion."
"I can read your mind
without a notion."
Sir, give me a Pepsi.
- Sure.
'The time is 10.30 AM.'
It's 10.30. She's not here yet.
Here you go, sir.
- Thank you.
Sir, give me a chocolate.
Here you go.
This costs 10 rupees and not 5.
Is that so?
- Give me a cigarette.
I don't want it.
- Give her back.
Take this, dear.
- No, my dad will get upset.
That's alright take it.
- No, I don't want it.
It's my birthday today.
- Is that so?
Happy birthday to you.
- Thank you. - Thank you..
- 'Hello, Sid'
Where are you? I'm at the Kamakshi
theatre waiting for you.
It's my birthday today
and yet you're making me wait.
'Sorry, Siddu.'
'I told my uncle and aunt about us.'
'They want you to meet them,
please come to our house.'
'I've sent you the location.'
'No. 99, first main, first
cross, Basanth Nagar, okay?'
Basanth nagar, is it?
It's about 9.7 k m from here,
it'll take me 38 mins to reach.
I'll be there at exactly 11.20.
- 'Come soon, I'll be waiting.'
Mister, I've to take my vehicle out.
Come, when the show is over.
Now leave.
What nonsense!
Siddu, hi..
- Shambu, your timing's perfect!
Come, let's go.
Where are we going?
- Basanth Nagar.
May I know why?
- Dhani, wants me to meet her family.
A test for the groom. That's nice.
I'll pray God to help
you pass this test.
Now, let's listen to music.
Wow, hey, today's my birthday.
Oh really!
Why didn't you tell me?
Hey! Drive carefully.
Do you want to kill me?
I'm still young.
Don't talk rubbish!
Don't worry, you'll live long.
How old are you?
Let me shake your hand.
Right time to get married.
Can you not drive carefully?
Don't talk to me like that!
What are you saying?
- We're getting late.
What do you think of yourself?
- It's alright ma'am.
It's over now.
- What do you mean it's over?
Don't get involved in this.
- Shambu.
What are you talking about, lady?
What do you think about yourself?
How can you drive like this?
You won't understand this,
keep quiet.
This is Kashi not Mumbai..
Hey, you. give us some money.
Hi, handsome..
- Listen..
You look like a movie star,
He hates getting married.
You like flirting, don't you.
Naughty boy.
- Here you go.
'Om, Namah Shivay!'
You need money?
- Yes.
Here you go.
Live a long life.
- Can I take a selfie with you?
'Truth is the name of Lord Ram'
- Move aside.
What did I do?
- Where do you want me to go?
'The time now is 11.10 a.m.'
Why hurry? Pray Hari.
- Okay..
Thank you. Greetings.
How do I reach Basanth Nagar?
- Go straight ahead and take a left.
Straight ahead, right?
- Yes, that's right.
'You have arrived
at your destination'
'The time now is 11.20 a.m.'
Professor Narayan Shastri.
Hey, boss..
Is he drunk this early?
It's open.
Excuse me.
Oh, my God!
Dhani, what happened?
Wake up..
Please, Dhani..
Open your eyes.
Please, don't leave me..
Dhani, please..
Hello. -'Inspector here,
from Basanth police station.'
'Are you playing games with us?'
'You don't tell us the exact address'
'All you say is that
it's an emergency.' - Sir..
No. 99, first cross,
first main, Basanth Nagar.
- That's enough
- We're coming.
Why did I mention this address?
Three people have
been murdered here.
I'm all alone here.
Oh, my God!
Are the Police here?
Sir, courier.
Sir, Sign here.
Thank you, sir.
You have missed something in the
This means..
'The time is 10.30 a.m.'
What do you want?
Give me a Pepsi.
Actually give me a coke.
Thank you.
Give me a cigarette.
Sir, take it.
I don't have the change,
take this chocolate.
'Happy birthday to you.'
Sir, listen to me..
Give me something to eat,
I'm really hungry..
Thank you, sir.
God bless you!
Give me a cigarette.
- Sid..
- Hello..
'You have received a message.'
'Sid, call isn't getting through
seems like a network issue'
'I was on my way to the theatre'
'but my family wants to meet you.'
'We'll be waiting, come soon.'
'I've shared the location'
'No. 99, first main,
first cross, Basanth Nagar, okay?'
'You will reach your destination
in 38 minutes.'
'That means,
my dream is getting real.'
'That means,
Shambu will come to pick me up.'
Yes, Shambu..
Where's Durgacone?
- Get lost!
What's wrong with you?
I'm sorry, please leave.
- Where do these guys come from?
Hey, wait a minute..
- What's wrong now?
What's your problem?
Who is this?
Get going, man.
'The time is 10.38 a.m.'
'Is my dream turning
into a reality?'
'This means.
Oh, my God!'
Have you lost your mind?
'You will reach your destination
by 11.20 a.m.'
Don't fool around..
I'll be at a loss..
Look what you did!
You hit my vehicle.
What's wrong..
There's dust all over you.
What happened?
You hit my vehicle.
Didn't you pay attention?
Don't you have common sense?
Look what you did!
Get lost!
- I've to go right away.
It's urgent, meet me later bye.
- Siddu
Please forgive me, sir.
'Head straight.'
Straight? Do you want
me to drown in the river.
Greetings, Baba..
Let's go, mister.
- have a seat.
Hey, kid.
Where are you going all alone?
What are you looking at?
Look at me.
Come here..
'Turn right.'
Sir, right there..
- Okay, right here.
Why are you in a hurry?
'Truth is the name of Lord Rama'
'Truth is the name of Lord Rama.'
'Truth is the name of Lord Rama'
Who's body is this?
It's Shri Narayan's body.
- What a strange guy!
'You have arrived at
your destination.'
'Time now is 11.20 a.m.'
- Who are you?
Why are you opening the gate?
Wait a minute.
Did you even take permission?
- Dhani..
- You could've at least asked him.
Hey, who are you?
Sir, I'm Dhani's friend Sid.
Are you the one?
Siddharth, come have a seat.
Come over here, dear.
What is it?
This is Siddharth.
The one Dhani told us about.
Come, have a seat.
Sir, let me meet Dhani.
This is his first time here
and he went straight to her room.
You live in a different century.
This generation is way ahead of us.
- Siddharth.
What happened, Siddu?
- Dhani..
Thank God, you're alright.
Nothing will go wrong as
long as you're with me.
How did you get hurt?
Here, have some water.
I had a nightmare.
It's alright, don't be scared.
By the way, A very happy
birthday to you - Thank you.
Aunt has prepared
'Kashi Halva' just for you.
I'll get you a cup of coffee.
- Okay.
Do you want anything else?
I need to go.
- It's right there.
Washroom's latch is broken, mind it.
'Who are you!'
'Who are you?'
'Whoa are you?
'Sid, please help me!'
- Dhani..
'Sid! oh, my God!'
- Dhani..
'Siddu! Please, don't kill me.'
'The time now is 11.20 AM.'
Oh, shit!
'That means he's still here.'
Thank you..
'The time is 10.30 a.m.'
'Where are you, Dhani?'
'Hello, Sid.'
'I'm waiting here near the theatre.'
'Today is my birthday.'
'Happy birthday to you.'
'Actually, give me a Coke.'
'Shambu, your timing is perfect.
- Hi.'
'Greeting, Baba'
'Today is my birthday.'
'Om, Namah Shivay.'
'Forgive me, sir.'
'Why hurry?
Pray Hari.'
'The time is 10.30 AM.'
'We've watched Dhoom 4, four times.'
'Hello, Dhani.
- I'm not Dhani'
'I'm your nightmare.'
'A very happy birthday to you,
Siddharth.' - Who are you?
'How is my birthday surprise?'
Peter.. Tiny.
'I might be tiny but my
knowledge is vast.'
'What have you done to me?'
Why are you doing this to me?
'I didn't do anything to you.'
'I'm just watching you
do things to yourself.'
'I thought you were smart and wise'
'But you turned out
to be an ignorant fool'
'You are trapped in a huge maze now.'
Does that mean I'm
stuck in a time loop?
How do I get out of this, Peter?
How do I save Dhani and her family?
Please, tell me.
'Listen, carefully.'
'We are all time bound.'
'Now that you know
what will happen there.'
'You need to be there
before 11.20 a.m., at any cost.'
'You must kill the murderer
before he finishes his job.'
'Only then will you be able
to get out of this time loop'
'And live in the present'
'Otherwise you'll be stuck
in this time loop forever.'
Wait. How can I get there on time?
Peter. Please.
'This is my first and last call.'
'I will never call you again.'
'I've told you everything you need'
'This is your war now!'
'Be victorious.'
- Peter..
"Water flows through his
hefty locks down to his neck."
"On which the greatest
snake is coiled."
"His drum beats ceaselessly
to his rhythm."
"His vigorous twirl brings forth
the energy of the universe."
"The celestial river agitatedly
moving through his lush locks"
"brings about soft waves
which makes his head gleam."
"The blazing fire hidden
inside his forehead"
"and the crescent of moon which
he wears over his head."
"His consort, the exuberant
daughter of the mountain King."
"Whose mind rejoices
at the spiritual sight of him."
"With the stream of merciful
gaze he removes hardship."
"His mind holds no barrier
and wears courage as his apparel."
"The lustrous gem of the serpent
entwining his matted locks."
"He stands with his bride whose
face is adorned with red saffron"
"He wears the mantle of a ferocious
elephant on his shoulder."
"The mind shall be contented
for he is the Lord of the souls."
| | Om Namah Shivaya | |
'The time now is 11.05 AM'
Who are you?
Where are you going?
Who do you want to meet?
Sir will get upset.
What are you doing?
He'll beat me up now.
Hey, who are you?
Sir, are you alright?
What are you doing?
- Sir..
Who is it?
What happened?
What are you doing?
- Thank God, you are okay.
- Dhani..
Come here..
- What happened?
You are all in danger.
I've been living with
danger since 14 years.
- What is he talking about?
Who is he? Why is he here?
- We are all in danger.
What is he talking about?
- I'll handle him.
Who are you talking about?
- He's here..
Who's coming?
- Who are you going to handle?
Don't come out.
I'll handle him. Please, sir.
Where are you going?
Why do you have these weapons?
Oh God!
Siddharth, what happened?
- Dhani, don't come out.
Get up!
'Don't create a nuisance here'
- Wait up!
Who's this?
- Chethan..
- That's Chethan..
Why did he want to kill us?
What's going on here?
- Siddu..
Hello, Siddu..
I wish you a happy birthday.
Shambu, what's the date today?
- What!
What are you talking about? It's your
birthday today February 14th.
What year is it?
- Year? Did you drink 'Bhang' Yesterday?
I'm serious, Shambu.
- It's 2021.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I need a calendar.
It's right there.
February 2021.
Can I have your Id?
February 2021.
Excuse me, sir. Are you okay?
- Darn!
Pick the call, Dhani..
Dhani, pick it..
Hello, Dhani.
- 'Hello'
Where are you?
- 'I'm home.'
Whose with you?
'I'm with my uncle and aunt.
Why, Sid?'
Your house is on the first main,
first cross, Basanth Nagar, right?
'Which address is that?'
'Our house is in Govind Pura.
You know it right?'
I want to see you right away.
- 'Alright.'
'We'll meet at Kamakshi Theatre'
- No, I want to see you right away.
I'm coming to your house,
don't go anywhere.
Sir, What is today's date?
- February 14th.
What year is it?
- Are you kidding me?
- Please, go faster.
I'm in a hurry, please.
- Alright..
Happy birthday, sid!
- Dhani..
You're meeting my family
for the first time.
There are a bit traditional.
Tell them that you performed a puja
and give them this offering.
They'll be happy.
Come with me.
Sid, that's my uncle.
Uncle, this is my friend Sid.
I'd told you about him, remember?
Have a seat..
Aunt, this is my friend Sid.
- Greetings.
What's wrong, dear?
Oh, you've probably
mistaken me for her sister.
Everybody gets the same doubt.
Hello, Miss India. Don't
just stand there and chat
Treat our guest, give him
a cup of tea or something.
You seem to be jealous, I'll
bring medicines for that as well.
Alright, now get going..
Okay, Sid. I'll be right back,
feel comfortable.
Sit down my boy.
Did you visit Kashi
to wash your sins away?
Sorry, sir.
No, people often visit
Kashi to wash away their sins.
What are you studying?
- BSc, final year.
What's your combination?
- Bio chemistry, Genetics.
I'm your future and you're my past.
- What!
Why are you getting scared?
I meant I studied the same.
I went to Germany
to study Pharmacology.
I finished my studies there
and came back to India.
I got my PhD after doing
a research on Narco analysis.
Not just that. I mixed Sodium
Pentothal in distilled water
and fixed a dosage
and made a serum
which is used as a lie detector
for certain criminals.
I created it. Me, Narayana
Shasthri from Malad East.
I've read an article about you.
I'll show you one interesting thing.
Come with me.
C'mon my boy.
This is my ocean of knowledge.
- What do you mean?
This is my lab.
I have spent most of my
life's time right here.
"Glory to the destroyer
of sins Lord shiva"
"May this light illume
and inspire our intellect."
Look here..
This is a strain of the Marijuana
plant called Lozainla.
You can find this strain
in Chandraprabha
forest near the Bihar border.
I processed this and extracted
a liquid out of it.
I created a truth serum out of it.
If this works out, we can witness
a revolution in Narco analysis.
I know..
I know you are very much
interested to know about truth serum.
Of course..
Where is it?
My experiment is in the final stage.
If this works out I might
even win the Nobel prize.
So take a selfie with me,
when I'm dressed.
Sir, where's the washroom.
Washroom, is it?
I really have to go.
Go upstairs and take a right.
- Thank you..
He's studying genetics and
wants to pee in a hurry.
The kids of this generation
think celebrities
are just Cricketers and movie stars.
They seem to care less and don't
have interest in anything else.
Sir, it's right near Raja Ghat
You've come here before, remember?
No. it's right beside..
- Dhani..
What's wrong?
Someone might notice.
Dhani, I missed you.
I had a nightmare,
I thought I lost you.
Don't be scared of nightmares.
I love you.
I will never leave you.
It's a promise.
I have a surprise for you.
- What is it?
Come with me.
Have you ever given me
a surprise on my birthday?
Don't start with me right now,
it's better if you keep quiet.
What do you mean?
Whenever I give you a surprise
birthday gift
you start saying that
age is just a number.
And that there's no logic
in remembering it.
Why do I need your philosophy?
Age is really just a number.
- Aunt, please..
Many happy returns of the day,
my boy!
Thank you, sir.
Just like a Telescopic view I hope
your sorrows appear minuscule
and like the Microscopic view I hope
your happiness appear huge.
Wish you all the best my boy!
Cut the cake.
"Happy birthday to you.."
"Happy birthday to you, dear Siddu."
"Happy birthday to you"
Aren't you gifting him anything.
- Uncle, the gift is ready.
Sid, close your eyes..
- Why?
Close your eyes..
- It's..
'Happy birthday, son!'
- 'How are you, son?'
Dad, I missed you so much.
- 'I missed you too'
'Why are you crying? C'mon cheer up.
It's your birthday'
'I was sad that you're not
here on your birthday.'
'But Dhani, thank you so much.'
'You made my day.'
'Give my regards to your family.'
'Son, This is the most meaningful
birthday you've ever celebrated.'
'Enjoy the day.' - Let's eat the cake.
- Why can't you wait?
We'll have a blast once you are back.
- Sure, Dad.
Take care, enjoy the day.
- You're so greedy. - Bye..
Are you happy?
How do you know my Dad?
Who is it, Uncle?
- Here, talk..
I'm Ajay Shinde,
Siddharth's father.
Hello, sir.
I called you to apologise
for my son's mistakes.
Why are you apologising
for his mistake?
Suppose I had a daughter
who had to go through the same thing.
Do you think I would've kept quiet?
I would've take my revenge.
Playing with a girl's
life is wrong.
He has realized his mistake.
Please forgive him, dear.
Save my number.
Don't be sad thinking
about your parents.
I'm here for you.
If you need anything,
I'm here for you.
Okay, sir.
Dhani, he's here..
Come, I've to introduce
you to someone important.
Who's that?
- See for yourself.
'Hi, Uncle. How are you?
- Hi, Dhani. How are you?'
I'm fine.
Where were you all these days?
I had a conference to attend abroad.
I just reached.
Is that right?
Sid, this is Peter.
I used to stay in his house.
How are you time traveler?
Where are your friends?
Do you know each other?
We know each other very well.
We have shared a lot of information
with each other.
What, buddy?
- Yes, sir.
How are you, sir?
Nice to meet you again.
I see a lot of change in him.
You're always late.
- Good morning, sir.
You never come on time.
- I had some work on my way here.
Congratulations in advance, sir.
You will definitely get an
Oscar for your research.
Oh, God! Oscar is given
to movies, you fool.
We scientists get 'Nobel'.
Sorry, sir.
It came out with the flow.
Did you bring the monitor?
- Yes, sir.
What is the result then?
The accuracy is 99.9 percent.
Voice clarity is extra ordinary.
- Very good..
What is this, Uncle?
You know about the narco analysis,
This is the upgraded
version of the same.
Let me explain.
I created this serum.
When we inject this to someone.
The reaction starts after 2 hours.
That means, the feelings
in his subconscious mind
such as fear, love, anxiety,
anger, hatred, insecurities.
He will start pouring
them out with ease.
Look here..
I had created this
serum at first.
When I injected this to a patient,
his brain started getting inactive
he started stuttering
and fell asleep.
This however is the new
serum that I created.
When I inject this
Brain will get over active
Hearing ability increases.
'Give me a ticket.'
'Sir, give me a Pepsi,'
'It's 10.30, where is she?'
'Give it back to her.
Here you go, dear'
'Today's my birthday.'
The body will be inactive.
Did you get it?
You didn't get it right?
Come here..
I will show you.
Show us..
- Sure.
Siddharth, give me your watch.
- I gave it to you, give it to me.
Was that you?
It is getting connected.
It has been 20 hrs since
he ingested the serum
his pulse is still normal.
Even when he was shivering,
his pulse rate was 79
which is almost normal.
- Good!
Listen carefully.
'Dhani, please don't leave me.'
'Dhani, I love you so much.'
'It's just that I'm scared
of saying it.'
'Dhani, I love you so much.
I'm sorry..'
'Give me another chance.'
'Dhani, please don't leave me.'
- 'Dhani, wake up.'
After my successful experiment
I can assure you that
he loves you.
He really loves you.
Does that mean,
Sid is involved in your experiment?
- Siddu..
I have no idea.
- Didn't he use you?
Didn't he cheat you by
telling you about time travel?
Didn't you suffer then?
don't cry and lose to him.
Stay with us here in Banaras.
'I gave him a small dose,
he seems healthy.'
'We can experiment on him with ease
- Good, but be careful.'
'This is a confidential issue.'
Yes! I did it.
I did it!
Eye for an eye.
- That's enough.
How could you do such a thing?
What if something had gone wrong?
Nothing would've happened.
Whatever Siddharth has
will be registered
in his subconscious.
And then..
Until the serum is in his system.
He will have a distorted
view of the reality around him
And all of that will
be digitally recorded.
I didn't know book worms
could actually create something.
But you've managed to do so.
We can do so much more
Ma'am, if we submit this to the FDA
he could be world famous.
Happy birthday, my boy!
- Wait a minute, sir.
When did you inject
this serum to me?
About that..
Open your mouth.
Take this.
- No, this is enough for me.
This offering is from
'Sankat Mochan' temple.
They give two offerings there.
One is for us to eat and the other
is for the one we love the most.
Give it to the person
you love the most.
Thank you, Uncle. Bye!
- Bye..
That means, you made me
give this serum to him.
That's alright..
Explain this to me..
You said you love her
but cannot say the words
'I Love you'. Why is that?
Like you said
I had a guilt in my heart
for what I did to her.
The same guilt came in my
dream like a time loop.
But I'm scared to say
'I love you' to Dhani.
When I was 10 years old
my mother called me
'Hello, Siddu
- Where are you mother?'
'I'm driving, Dear
wait in your school'
'I'll come pick you up
- Okay, Mom'
'It's raining heavily here,
I'll be late.'
'Okay, come soon'
'I'm bringing your favorite
cake as well.'
' Wow! Thank you, Mom.
I love you'
'Love you too, Dear.
- Bye, Mom.'
The last thing that I told
my mother was 'I love you'.
I haven't said the
same to my dad
and Dhani as well.
I'm scared that I'll lose her.
Sir, does this mean..
Time travelling and time loop
was just a dream, right?
Yes, whatever was in
your mind has come out.
You've nothing to worry about.
Oh, God!
I felt really anxious.
Now I feel alright.
Dhani, I won't lose you.
It was just a dream.
I have really washed away my
sins after coming to Kashi.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, Peter.
Give me some water, ma'am.
- I'll get you juice, instead.
Dhani, can you open the window?
Sid, you are acting strange.
What's wrong?
- Ma'am could you give me some water?
Don't just stand there,
go get some water.
Bring some water fast!
- Siddharth.
- What's wrong, Siddharth.
Is this excitement or pain?
I cant..
- What happened, Siddharth?
My chest..
- Siddharth.
This is all your fault.
Why did you do this?
This is illegal
How could play with his life?
I think the dosage was high.
Idiot, he might lose his life.
Get the syringe..
I'll get it..
- Idiot
Where is it?
I'll be right back..
I'll be right back.
- Siddu, open your eyes.
"Oh, Almighty Lord Shiva
bless your devotees.."
"Please guide us
to a righteous path."
Hail Lord Shiva.
What are you looking at?
He asked me to make sure nothing
happens to this lamp.
I'm on duty.
That's why I'm here.
Why did you ask me
to bring my camera?
I thought somebody passed away,
so I came running.
What's the matter?
Shambu, take our picture.
I'm a death photographer.
I don't take pictures of the living.
death brings meaning to life.
Energy can't be created
nor be destroyed.
People who pass away merge with the
elements and stay right here with us.
Please, Shambu..
Don't joke around.
I've made up my mind,
I won't do it.
I don't take pictures of the living.
I'm a death photographer.
Banaras has given a lot of love
to a loner like me.
It gave me an amazing
friend like you.
I want this moment of togetherness
to remain for a life time.
If somebody else takes our picture
it will just be a photograph.
But if you click it,
it will turn into a beautiful memory.
Please, Shambu..
I won't do it, no matter what.
That's true, a selfie
disturbed our entire life.
Click our picture so that this
bond remains the same forever.
Please, Shambu.
My fortune has changed.
You turned me into
a live photographer.
This moment..
Is memorable for me too.
Dear, like Siddu said.
Your dad, your mom..
and my girl
they didn't pass away.
They're all here in some
form or the other.
They didn't die.
Go and place the lamp over Ganga.
Let this reach them
as a sign of your love.
Go on..
'Mother Ganga, you've washed
away the sins of millions.'
'And guided them.
Please, guide these kids as well.'