Bandaged (2009) Movie Script

Hi Dad! Youre finally home.
How was the hospital?
As usual, you know.
Let me rest five minutes,
then get your things
and come in the office.
No clearly, you havent understood
the main point.
When one cant figure
the antiderivativa
of an integral function,
one uses the integration by parts.
Here, for example.
We dont know how to calculate
the antiderivative of xcos(x).
But since we know the product,
we can try the calculation
of the integration by parts.
Suppose that u'(x)=cosx and v(x)=x.
Then u(x)=sinx et v'(x)=1. Thus:
"Idle Youth
By all things enslaved
Through sensitivity
Ive wasted my days.
Ah! Let the moment come
When hearts love as one.
I told myself: wait
And let no one see:
And without the promise
Of true ecstasy.
Let nothing delay
This hiding away.
Ive been patient so long
Ive forgotten even
The terror and suffering
Flown up to heaven,
A sick thirst again
Darkens my veins.
So the meadow
Freed by neglect,
Flowered, overgrown
With weeds and incense,
To the buzzing nearby
Of a hundred foul flies.
Ah! Thousand widowhoods
Of a soul so poor
It bears only the image
Of our Lady before!
Does one then pray"
to the Virgin today?
Idle Youth
By all things enslaved" Lucille!
It is 8:05!
Excuse me, I didnt hear.
I was reading.
If you wish to read, do so in
the evening, after supper
Yes father.
Next time you go without supper
if you insist on arriving late.
Such a storm this morning!
The weather is crazy.
When I was young it never
rained this time of year.
Human beings consume too much.
Were suffocating the planet.
Can they prove it
scientifically, dad?
Yes naturally
If yould like to learn more,
i could get you an advanced
text on meteorology.
For your 18th birthday.
For my birthday?
That would be a good
practical present.
Yes, but
Practical and educational.
A far cry from our
advertising TV culture.
What Ild really like to do is
to go to college
that would be educational
to study poetry.
Yeah Oscar Wilde, Rimbaud,
Baudelaire... and literature too.
What good is studying
literature and poetry?
You can read yourself
and thats sufficient.
Oscar Wilde doesnt deserve
all the attention you give him.
The man was a pervert and its just
as well that he was imprisoned.
And if youd like
to write poetry
you can do it to your hearts
content right here at home.
But Id learn more if
I went away to college.
Not really One doesnt learn
as effectively in a group setting.
But since you really dont like
teaching me poetry
Youd be better off
with the sciences.
You could help me here. Before you
wanted to be a doctor, like me.
Ive changed my mind.
And thats just the problem.
You never stick with anything.
Remember what happened
when you were twelve?
You wanted to go away
to boarding school,
but you were back home
three months later.
You told me that you
couldnt make any friends
and that you cried yourself to sleep
each night. Isnt that right?
When your mother was
sick those two long years
What good is studying
literature and poetry?
your father asked me
You can read yourself
and thats sufficient.
to come and take care of you
The man was a pervert and its just
as well that he was imprisoned.
but I couldnt come then.
Now, clearly, you havent understood
the main point.
Youd be better off
with the sciences.
And if you wish to write poetry
you can do it to your hearts
content right here at home.
I hate you! Let me out!
Let me out!
Youre all that he has.
Thank you. Goodbye.
I am Lucilles great aunt.
Im so glad that youve come
to help with her care.
Joan Genova. Yes. Im thankful for
the opportunity to be here.
I hope it wasnt too hard
to get out here.
Oh no no. I managed to find a driver
who knew the way from the main station.
So, you are from Italy?
Yes, from Calabria, the mountains.
When I was 15 my parents
sent me to my uncles in Boston.
I imagine you must resemble
your mother?
In our family too, the girls
all resemble their mother.
Let me show you to Arthurs.
Im sorry, Doctor Baerts office.
Thank you.
Come in.
Please be seated, Miss Genova.
You are later than we expected you.
Yes, Im so sorry.
I shall explain the situation.
One week ago my daughter
had an accident.
She suffered third degree
burns on her face
and tissue loss around
the left cheek and nose.
After first making an incision,
I treated the most serious wounds
with a series of allografts
through which I have avoided any serious
hydro-electrical complications.
She shows no respiratory
complications, but
you must nonetheless observe closely
to forestall any hypermetabolisation,
guard against infection, and help
her maintain nutritional levels.
I would like her watched
twenty-four hours day.
I shall remain with her as much
as is necessary.
In this house I do not wish to hear
any mention of the hospital.
Yes, of course.
I will show you to your room.
Those are Italian shoes, right?
Very good.
"Pharmaceutical Formulary for
Surgeons and Nurses."
Lucille, your nurse has arrived.
Come in.
Good morning, Lucille.
She remains in a state of shock.
Mutism and paralysis
of the extremities.
Bandages, compresses, disinfection,
sodium chloride solution
cortisone, everything
you need is right here.
Very good.
You will give her six of these
and two capsules four times a day.
I must leave now.
Ill be back at 6:30 sharp if
I have no emergencies.
"Flowers of Evil."
Lucille has not had any problems?
She refused to eat.
You may leave us now.
Lucille, my dear you know
that today is your birthday
Ill heal you quickly,
I promise you.
Just look at your present.
Your mother made me promise that I give
them to you on your 18th birthday.
I keep them for you just for now
Soon everything will be
just as it was.
Im sure of it
Is something hurting?
That itches Is that it?
That doesnt itch anymore
look at me
Breath deeply now
Zygomaticus major:
zygomaticus minor:
levator anguli oris:
Got it?
You will apply this cream
twice a day.
It will regenerate the tissue
underneath the bandage.
Really now, be careful!
Always the same scarring.
Look at this.
These idiots. Incompetents!
Lucille will have no scars
not like Anna.
It began with a tissue sample,
followed by an ablation.
They were never sure of
anything so they cut.
In the end, they gave her back
to me covered with scars
without ever having healed her.
My poor Arthur
I should have kept her at home.
You would have taken
good care of her.
She has developed a strong fever.
Ill be back. Above all, dont put this
one back in the cage with the others
Poor Lucille, I should make her
one of her favorite dinners.
Here, give her this injection.
Above all, keep an eye
on her breathing.
Grandma are you sure this
is really what you want?
I cant possibly take it from you.
But she really wants you to have it.
Let me go!
A pervert
you cant make friends...
its fearful outside...
hes right yes, you see
I cant nothing nothing nothing
Id rather die
Im better off dead.
Here, take this book on
reconstructive plastic surgery.
Its incomplete, of course
Thank you.
like all the other books, they havent
included my new research so
theyre a bit outdated
Yes Im sure.
Im thinking that you must
be up to date Lucille
Yes that is, how so?
because of her attempted suicide.
You have too much imagination!
I know that it cant be easy for
a father to understand
But shes the one who told me
How can you be so
That will do! I do not require a lecture
from you Do I make myself clear?
Oh no
No no no!
I have no more use for you!
You slow me down more
than you help me.
Here, take a sip.
Thank you.
Feel better?
It was one thing we didnt need
Dear God, help us!
Above all, you have to take
care of yourself.
Your pulse is low.
If that continues you have to talk
to Lucilles father
anyway, you can get him
to listen to you.
And I never saw it coming
My God!
You have to promise not to worry
yourself for Lucille.
What happened was in the
past. Im here to help her now.
Yes, but poor Arthur
You must not hold it against him.
I never expected that reaction.
He adores his daughter. He doesnt
want to see any harm come to her.
Yes, I never doubted that
And Lucille is the same as him.
She cant forgive herself
for causing him pain.
Will you be OK?
Im going to go and comfort her.
No. This is my job; Im the one
who should be doing it.
And besides that
its not good for you.
What is this ointment made from?
Growth proteins. Antihistamines as well.
It makes it easier for the graft to take
by accelerating the uniform
budding of the skin.
Come see! Ill explain it to you.
What you see here is much more than a
simple culture of keratinocytes
on a bed of fibroblasts.
You will find all the different
strata of the skin:
the epidermis here,
the basal layer of course,
collagen that attaches the epidermis
to the dermis, as you know,
and above all the different
proteins and cells.
Why not use the skin youve taken
from other parts of her body?
To end up with a leopards skin,
blemishes and scars everywhere?
Youve seen the terrible results
they end up with at the hospital.
Yes, unfortunately.
Ive uncovered all the
properties of the skin...
Resilience, flexibility,
The sensitivity to touch, pigmentation,
nutrition. Its all there.
Perfectly reconstituted skin.
Very impressive!
Tomorrow will be our day.
Sleep well tonight.
Are you alright?
You think you can stand?
My legs are weak.
"Quercetin/Nettle Plus."
Please, do it like you did yesterday.
You may leave us.
No, stay.
Help her to sit on the edge please.
70 by 110. A little bit low.
You will give her these in
addition to the others.
She needs to regain muscle mass.
Surely there are other ways
than the medication
She is getting enough
nourishment now.
Yeah, I cant stand
swallowing these pills.
Very well Since youre
doing so much better
Im sure you can do without them.
Any more problems with
the pulse rate?
Im sorry. I got a little bit
carried away before
Only three minutes left
Are you baking a cake?
In the kitchen at
least Im still useful.
Well, I dont know how they got by
around here before you came.
Poor things frozen dinners
and canned food
They would never survive without you.
Im old now tired
Id like to be with Jan.
Its time that he calls
me back to him.
No no, dont say that...
Hmmm, that smells good
Here, for Lucille.
No. You go and surprise her.
Ah, Mussels! I missed them
so much. Do you like it?
It smells delicious.
I have to learn how to cook so
I can make them myself.
Ill show you.
That might come in handy.
Dad, when will you take off
the last bandages?
In three days,
Ive got to check the results and
reduce the bandage once more.
In one more week you will feel
the fresh air on your face.
And youll be finally able
to see what I look like.
I can imagine.
You will have some micro-scars,
theyll only be noticeable to the touch
and they will be all but
indistinguishable before you know it.
Youre the best, Dad.
I knew yould succeed.
I didnt know what to do with myself,
you know, before you came.
I mean I felt so alone. I never got
to see anybody else. Just him and her.
Im really glad that youre here.
I think Parker has
learned his lesson...
after what happened
to him this time.
What happened to him?
Accident in the car.
A bad one.
He was drunk!
He barely got out alive
so many broken bones
but he hung on to life
and he rediscovered his faith.
And all the carrying on with the
married women, its all over?
Yes, he realized he was
on the slippery slope
Too bad.
Dont you think he was sexier before?
now its Betty who has the problems.
Well anyway, its their lives and
they should do what they want.
Where is Joan?
Shes in the lab.
I thought youd hired her
to take care of me.
Since you dont need her anymore
shes going to help me.
Its just like with the other baby-sitters.
Each year you found a new one and
they were never good enough for you.
Stop it.
I need her as an assistant.
Lucille! Lucille!
Oh God, are you alright?
Hold on me.
It will all have to be removed.
It was not irrigated.
But she still can be healed?
Of course but I need
living skin this time.
It will all have to be removed.
It was not irrigated
But she still can be healed?
Of course but I need
living skin this time.
I want to stay like this forever.
I know
Your skin is so soft,
so sweet
You smell so good
your skin melts
in the mouth like chocolate.
Your face
should be in a Michelangelo,
or something.
I cant believe how soft
and white your breasts are
Such compliments,
youll spoil me
I want to know everything about you.
Theres not so much to know.
Well, like
Have you ever been in love before?
Yes, once
Who was it?
A schoolmate, in Italy.
And did you let her
touch you like that?
never like that.
Was it better than with me?
No never this intense.
and... ah...
were you together a long time?
Until my mother caught us
She sent me away, to Boston.
She separated you from your love?
So mean!
Um hum, she never told
anyone about this.
She was too ashamed.
She banished me like
I had the plague.
So she made up an excuse that I was
going to marry my cousin, in Boston.
Did you marry him?
Of course not.
I refused.
You were waiting for me?
Yes, I was waiting
for you.
Me too,
I was waiting for you.
I have never been in love for real.
The girls in my age, one or two
I met, they all seemed so stupid.
Maybe you didn't meet a lot of them
I like older women.
That means if I were younger,
you wouldn't have fallen
in love with me?
Yes, I would have
as soon as I saw you,
I fell in love with you.
"And then by common accord
they glide towards each other
The female shark using its fins,
and Maldoror cleaving the waves
with his arms;
and they hold their breath
in deep veneration,
each one wishing to gaze for the first
time upon the other, his living portrait.
You should show me some
of your poems.
Do you really want to see them?
Yes. Of course.
I might want to.
Later, after my face is healed,
and were far away from here.
How do you feel?
Still tired... and you?
I feel fine.
Dad says Im recovering fast.
Its always taken me a long time
to heal from anything.
The Guiding Light.
Presented by Dash. The soap that does
everything in your washing machine.
And Ivory soap.
The most famous soap in the world.
Looking from left to right,
Harriet and Gwendolyn.
Dont you think Harriet has an
outstanding complexion?
Well, Ivory is her beauty soap.
Now, dont be hurt Gwendolyn.
You can have that ivory
look yourself
And now a little snack!
Somethings got you worried.
Pretty soon your fathers going
to ask me to leave.
But we will leave together
as soon as youre better.
Cause I might be jealous if you
touch somebody else!
Dad! Come quick!
Are you in pain?
I saw them
I hate you! Let me out!
Let me out!
Miss Genova,
If yould like, I have a job for you.
You must help me... my daughter
needs a private nurse
I dont want to admit her
to the hospital
I cant take anymore
I dont have any spare time.
you must be careful.
Some colleagues are already suspicious
of what has happened with your patients.
you better leave before
they find out.
You must never do that again.
I could crush you like a worm.
Just let her leave.
it will be the best for everyone.
It is you who are going to leave,
and right away
and dont think about working in
any hospital of this country
Ill scour each and every
personnel department,
and Ill see to it that you are
cut out like a cancer!
And you, doctor,
did you have the approval
of the families
before taking off the
precious skin grafts?
Who would believe you?
On the other hand,
Ive taken the trouble of keeping an
autopsy report
of each patient you euthanized.
I have all the proof and need only
call the police.
Yes, please send a taxi out here to me
to Rockhill, The Baert Estate. Thank.
What did she mean with that
story about skin grafts?
You have taken the skin of the dead!?
What is it, you want it to be like
with Anna, that we lose Lucille, too?
Give me that.
Now all we need is for you
to break a leg.
Just take it easy.
Lucille its me.
All this will pass.
Pretty soon you wont
resent me anymore.
Lucille, do you hear me?
Give me the key!
Ingrid, please, give me the key!
Give me the key!
Now give me that key!
This time, I saw Woman in the city,
and I spoke to her,
and she spoke to me.
I was in the bedroom,
in the darkness.
They came to tell me that she
there at my house;
and I saw her in my bed all mine,
in darkness!