Bandidos (1967) Movie Script

We are doing you a favour!
With this saddle, you wouldn't be able
to get far! We'll hold it for you!
Hey! My Saddle, give me my saddle,
you dirty rotten pigs!
Now you tell me where they get the idea
they can ride this train without payin'.
No! That gets taken
by the company for his ticket!
C'mon, make yourself useful.
Join me?
Hey! Where did you get this?
From some bathtub?
Hey! Sharpshooter!
Easy with those revolvers, We don't
want no accidents on this train.
My friends saw your show in Tucson;
says you're pretty good.
That's quite a shot.
There's more than one...
There's three of them.
Did I look at your ticket?.
How about showing me your ticket?.
Adelante, hombres!
Vamos! Anda, anda!
Kramer, C'mon, fast!
Billy's waiting!
He'll just have to be
a little patient!
That hijo de perro,
he never miss, amigo!.
That's professional shooting,
Eh, we'll never get out with him there.
By tonight we must reach the Frontera.
Don't worry,
we'll leave someone behind to put
the sheriff on the wrong track.
And who will have to
stay and die, eh?
Maybe you're fooling me, eh?
Yeah, you...
You and your men!
Precision shooting.
Hey, why do you want to
split up with my men, eh?.
Just to let you and
your men get away from here.
There's only one
who can shoot like that,
tell em to stop.
We work very good together, eh?
Tell em to quit shooting.
Nuno, tell the men.
Hey! Muchachos, alto al fuego!
I know it's you Martin,
come out!
It's Billy, Billy Kane!
They told me you were looking for me.
Well, here's your chance.
My men won't shoot. Come out!
I'm very pleased to see you
in the company of such gentleman.
Kill me, Billy,
or by God I'll kill you, believe me.
I'm afraid you'll lose!
Scared, teacher?.
You'd better kill me, Billy,
but do it quick. For your own good.
I guess I'd better,
because only beginners
leave witnesses,
I never do, ain't wise.
I don't like to have
my picture up on walls
and have people
shoot me in the back
to get a reward.
What' the matter? You trying
to find an excuse to kill me?.
You know damn well you don't have to
shoot me down to Stop me from talking.
You're afraid.
Sooner or later I'll get you!
You can get me any day you want to.
If you can still hold a gun.
We all go together now, eh Billy?.
You joke with me before.
I said you were staying!
You try to follow me
and I'll put a bullet in your head.
Come on.
Vamos Companeros,
Cabrones! Hijo de perro,
la puta que te pario.
Vamos, Companeros, vamos por aca!
They had wandered from their homeland
And life they hold to hind then
Now they sleep in peace forever
In their silence how they lie there
When the train was moving westward
When the fires of hope were burning
Their destiny has been unfolded
From this train theres no returning
Cindy had a golden vision
She had danced but just a season
Now she dances with the angels
For they killed her without reason
When the train was moving westward
When the fires of hope were burning
Their destiny has been unfolded
From this train theres no returning
They had pledged to each a new life
Riding hand in hand together
Now their fate has been decided
Hand in hand they'll ride forever
Everybody's invited,
Your attention please,
I'm about to present the great,
the fabulous Ricky Shot!
Yes! In person Ricky Shot!
You're all about to see
the incredible come true
when you see what he does to a target!
The very cowboy I saw ONE DAY
make a coward of JESSE JAMES!
The very cowboy who
managed to split the cords
that were tightly binding
his poor aged mother WHO WOULD DIE!
A moment later from a Navajo...
The cowboy who from the
distance of 500 feet actually shot
a hole thru a thin dime!
That's right folks!
You know I think
that punk can outdraw you!
It's a bet.
Why, I tell you there's no one
from the Atlantic to the Pacific,
...I assure you no one from
Mexico to Canada,
has been able to outdraw
the lad I bring you today.
I give you the incomparable
Ricky Shot! Yeah!
You're all about to see
the great Ricky Shot,
shooting a plate in mid air
Thank you!
Hey, Champion!
Well you win.
Sure I win!
I'll buy us a drink. Come on.
These gunfighters are
getting fewer and fewer.
Swine, You filthy swine!
Get up out of there.
You sayin' that to me?.
You're a bunch cowards and swine
because you know I can't use a gun!
I don't need my gun!
I can still smash your face in,
Hey! Gary watch out
you don't hurt him!
You shouldn't do that.
It just ain't nice.
No, not the beans!
Go to hell!
I could have managed it alone.
Hey! You! This is for the damage
and for burying my friend out there.
Well, thanks.
see you.
This is the third one
that's ended up like this.
The minute you say you're a gunfighter
there's always someone
that has to prove
that he's faster than you are.
But it wasn't like this a few years ago,
when I could still shoot a gun,
No one had the guts to challenge me.
I was the whole show.
Now that they've killed your boy,
what are you gonna do?.
Start all over.
It's too bad, I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry, It's waste of time.
Now I've got to worry about
finding myself another boy.
You got a strong thumb
and your fingers are quick,
How much's your work pay?.
Enough to live on.
I'll offer you thirty percent.
I want half.
It's a deal.
By the way,
you didn't introduce yourself.
What's your name?.
Gimme a hand,
Oh, one more thing, I never did ask
you. Are you any good with a pistol?
Enough to live on.
You wasted the shot,
that's not the center.
If you don't like loud noises,
you'll have to pick off that
fuse like the stem of a flower.
Whaddya expect out of
these old things?.
You'll never learn if you
don't concentrate, got that?.
All right, I'll put it
where you can see it.
But if you miss this time, you'll
have to get yourself a new teacher.
I keep telling you to stand with
your feet further apart, dammit,
And put your left foot 12
inches behind the other one!
That's right.
Your arm's gotta be rigid,
rigid I said!
You gotta feel your blood
running from your shoulder right
thru the tip of your gun,
Thumb the same height
as the index finger,
Line up your sights
first then your target.
Matter of luck.
I always said that six shooters are
good for killin'
chickens and Indians
but for the precision shootin'
ya' need dueling pistols.
Didn't go off.
You think I'm really a fool,
don't you?.
Hey, since when are you
smokin' my cigars?. Eh?.
Evenin' sheriff.
Howdy. What're you
doin' in these parts?.
Oh, just touching up some old props.
Got anything to eat?.
I'm afraid there's nothing
left but the hot coals.
You got some coffee?.
I think so,
I see you made a catch.
He's one of the prisoners from Belltown.
Had quite a time catchin' him.
Was he able to get all of 'em?.
Nope, there's another one around,
but in time, we'll get him,
That coffee's not much
better than dirty water,
but it's all we've got.
At least it's hot.
Haven't got our new tricks yet and
no one is willing to give us credit.
I've had it rough, too.
It's been days since
I've slept in a real bed
'cause we've been looking
for that fourth convict.
But he won't get far
without a horse.
Say Martin, you see a lot of
people traveling around.
Information like that pays good.
If you see any of these faces
come and tell me in, Belltown.
We'd better be going now.
Goodnight, sheriff.
Be seein' ya.
you are the fourth convict.
What if I was?
You know,
I wouldn't mind getting
my hands on that reward...
Calm down.
To me.,,
you're just Ricky Shot.
Grab it.,,
Shoot at that.
All right, you can get down!
I'm looking for VIGONZA.
Hey! Martin.
Come over this way, he's in here.
Hey! Buenos dias, amigo.
I heard they killed
another one of your boys,
eh, those are bad people,
I've been seein' a lot of these
around in the last few weeks.
That can only mean that Billy Kane
and his gang are on their way
again toward Texas.
You wanna talk about it?.
Come in!
Show me how good you are,
Who's Billy Kane?.
He's the one who put
the holes in the hands of your boss,
that's something you should know.
Why you think
he teach you to shoot, eh?
He must have two steady hands on the
day when Billy Kane comes home again.
Hey, artista, show me how you shoot.
If I don't have no audience
I don't feel like it.
You won't have one when you
have to challenge Billy Kane.
You'll die on that day, but all alone.
Because no one,
not even you can outdraw Billy Kane,
This is a very poor country,
si senor, muy pobre.
It makes life difficult
for us bandidos. Tortilla!
The people don't eat enough,,,
And our friend Billy Kane, He knows
there's not enough for both of us,
So I must get rid of him first.
Before he gets rid of me!
Who's gonna do it, Vigonza?. Who's gonna
be the man to face Billy Kane?. You?.
Now who's kidding who?.
Listen, you're nothing.
Only Ricky is quick
enough to take Billy Kane.
We wouldn't like it
if your boy is killed first,
It is very difficult to stay
alive around if you're a pistolero,
Why don't you make
a deal with us, Vigonza?
Just give me a small advance.
It's sort of an investment, that's all,..
To guarantee the
funeral of Billy Kane.
Well, only a few dollars,
how about it? Come on Vigonza.
No! You stupid old fool,
don't you understand?.
I don't need your help,
things are different now!
Yo soy un hombre importante!
Muy imortante!
I have a big band,
muchas women, money...
And Dinero is power,
As soon as Billy Kane has his foot
in my territorio, I will find him,
I'll know where, and when,
Give him a Sack of flour
and get him out of here!
Here we don't give nothing for nothing.
Come here an' see if you can win it,
If you can put this card on top
without knocking down the others, then
we'll give you a keg of gun powder, too,
These hands of mine...
You said you was hungry, no?.
You are not lucky, old man.
We'll see.
Come on, we're leavin'!
- Didn't you get what you were after?.
- I said we're leavin'!
We're going to have to
sell these two pistols.
They won't fetch more than two bucks.
Enough to feed us for a while.
D'you expect
I was goin' to let you learn
to shoot on an empty stomach, son?
I don't care about me. But I want
to keep your belly full. Go on.
The only lotion in the world
that puts hair back on the heads of
people scalped by that fierce Indian
sitting bull! No more baldness!
Why it even cures other ailments from
flaking scalp all the way to flat fleet...
Now, don't you try to
get out of it, it's useless
you said that sharpshooter was no good
but I want to see him all the same, C'mon.
All right, let's go take a look at him.
Attention, attention,
people, please attention!
You will see a sensational act that
surely belongs in the pages of folklore,
you will tell your grandchildren
what you've seen on this
great day here, in this great city.
The one and only, the great Ricky Shot!
All right Mr. Champion!
I've seen guys who could shoot
the rope in half in Cheyenne.
Now before your eyes
you're going to witnesses an act
presented to people all over
in every country from here to Persia!
The sensational Ricky Shot, champion
sharpshooter! One, two, three.
What did you say ya' saw in Cheyenne?.
I hope you enjoyed yourselves,
folks, isn't he great?.
Thanks, we appreciate that, madam,
Now, ladies and gentlemen,
your attention.
Please absolute silence now;, the Champion
is ready for the wheel of chance.
Let her spin!
Brilliant, for aces
with exactly four shots.
The wheel of fortune stops.
Ace of diamonds, ace of clubs,
ace of hearts and ace of spades.
What have I got here?
Everyone a bulls eye as you can see
for yourselves. Thank you.
And now Ricky Shot thanks you for
the kind applause and will perform
for you his last, most stupendous number!.
Those shots were way low.
You still got a lot to learn,
How'd the collection go?.
About enough to get us thru the next
two weeks, go on, get it over with.
Hello, Martin.
You're looking fine.
Haven't changed a bit.
What do you want?.
You're gonna take me to Vigonza,
so I can sell him Billy Kane.
Get out of here, Kramer!
I can't manage it alone.
Ever since Billy discovered that I ran
out on him, he's been right on my heels.
Three days he's been on my trail.
I tell you I've had it!
Your friends just don't want
to part with you,
Take me to Vigonza,
He'll pay us well. But hurry up!
You get out of here,
Take me to Vigonza,
you no good son of a,,.
Let me introduce Ricky.
He can hit a dime
in the air at fifty paces!
So get out fast and don't come back!
I say we should have put
those holes in your head instead of
messin' up them hands,
One of Billy Kane's men?
He was one of the bandits
that held up the train, wasn't he?.
What about it?.
Anyway, what do you care?
What the hell are you doing?.
I'm taking my fifty percent.
Wait a minute!
Hey, what are you planning?
I'll see you later.
I wanna get drunk!
This place is like a morgue!
Come on! I'm paying for everybody!
Let's liven' it up,
Hey, Charlie, I want a drink.
So you found me, Billy...
It's about time, isn't it?
But now that I see ya' I feel better...
Well, maybe you'll
let me finish this first.
I'll take it.
Come on, dance!
I'm payin' aren't I?.
Here, ya' want some?.
Go on. Drink!
Go on drink, I said.
Go ahead, girls.
Go on, keep on dancing!
Dance! I said dance!
Fancy seein' you here. Champion!
If you came here to get me,
it's too late.
Because I had a little
run-in with Billy.
Where did he go?.
Who the hell cares where
that son of a snake has gone?
He always turns up at the right moment.
Dance. Go on!
Hurry up and die, will you?
And don't stop 'till I tell ya!
Everything's free tonight.
Go on dance!
Hey you.
You get to tell Vigonza
Billy's returned alone.
Tell him Billy's men aren't
gonna get here until Friday,
All of them are planning
to go to... Tehuantepec.
His men are sick and tired of him
and they're ready to sell his hide.
Vigonza ought to know that all of
Billy's men are ready to
hand him over on a silver platter!
He'll pay you good.
Hey, no...
Who is this Sardanapalus?
An old king,
"The death of Sardanapalus."
What do they mean going off
and killin' all of them women?.
They say he wanted them murdered
because he didn't want to die alone.
You know, he had,..
the right idea.
Come here, Blondy.
Don't worry! You other girls
will get your chance!
And me too, if I'm going
to hell I want some company.
No! Kramer! Shoot me, you dog!
Hey, Martin! Martin,
show me how to use this.
You're learnin' how to shoot
with a dueling pistol.
What do you want with a six shooter?.
To get the men who robbed the train.
So that was really
on your mind, to use me,
They're the only ones
who can give testimony
and you're hoping
I'll lead you to them.
You're no better than I am. You
want to use me to kill Billy Kane!
Tehuantepec's the place where
you'll find him.
Get that out of your head!
You're not ready for Billy Kane yet.
He'd put all 6 shots in you
before you could reach for your gun.
Quit drumming up trade!
You're not doing the show.
I still could've done it without you!
Always fire two shots.
Because if you wait between shots
you might find yourself dead.
Shooting at a target is not
like shooting at a man.
It's being quick that counts
not how precise your aim is.
And forget them fancy tricks.
Just put your thumb on the hammer.
And then ease it
back slow while you draw...
See?. You're ready to aim
and shoot in one motion.
Always pick this point when you shoot.
Otherwise you're wasting bullets.
Not bad, but don't get any big ideas.
You'll have to do better than
that to get Billy Kane.
Look what he did to
that holster, will you?.
It seems like
it was cut with a razor.
That's about the greatest shot
I've seen in my time.
Why didn't he kill you on the train
along with everybody else?.
Were you friends?.
I heard of him.
Look at that closely.
You can't do better than that
and you still want to
go to Tehuantepec?.
Eh. Hombre!
Ezequiel, que hacemos con estos?.
Make them get down and go
and unhitch their horses.
Aqui esta escrito que
es un gran irador,
Un tirador?.
Mira como mato al tirador! Huh!
Ezequiel, you're next!
No! No! Leave me alone!
Well, you're getting there.
It was luck. I'll mind the ladies.
Don't catch a cold ma'am.
Oh, thank you sir, thank you.
You girls all right?
Richard Martin!
Hey, Betty Star!
What are you doing here?
Me and my girls was on tour.
I guess that we're
the only ones that escaped,
If you want me to,
I'll take you to Tehuantepec.
One place is as good as another.
Let's get goin'.
You know each other?.
Where did you two meet?.
I'm always getting into debt
with Ricky, ain't l?
Billy Kane's men have arrived.
Eh! Vigonza! Como estas?.
You look more like a gringo every day,
How did it go, eh?.
How 'bout the others?
We split up into groups
when we left Arizona,
but all of us are meeting here tonight.
Ah, bueno, good!
It wasn't easy.
Hola, que tal?
Now Billy's got us
in trouble with the federals.
Billy Kane?. Billy Kane asks much
and don't give nothing.
He's loco Heah!
He likes blood but he don't like money.
Now we eat, amigos!
Sit down, sit down!
Hey you, bring out the good! De prisa!
He is the owner of the house.
But I picked his place
because it is close to Tehauantepec.
Quickly! The food for my amigos!
And pick up the cup you dropped!
Eat my friends, eat!
Bueno, Billy is expectin' us
at the saloon after sundown.
And instead of us,
he's going to find you,
I kill him?
You mean me and my muchachos?.
Yeah. We're goin'
to stay right here,..
Maybe you'll kill him and maybe you won't.
Billy is bound to shoot up a few people,
and that ain't going to be us.
It's the quietest place on the whole
It was built by Quakers.
Ever since they built the railroad,
there's been quite a bit of
money in circulation.
This town hasn't changed a bit.
Thank you. Thanks, Martin.
Our pleasure.
Everybody out, girls.
Well, it's about time.
You like it?
It's marvelous!
Careful there, honey.
This is where you'll stay.
Thank you!
Disculpe, senor.
You said this was a peaceful place...
Yes, it is.. in Texas,
But Mexico is on that side.
This is the border
line right here in the middle.
Welcome back, Betty.
Tequila or whisky?
Disculpe senor. Disculpe me!
Betty Star! Velvet legs!
Come here all of you! Come here
hombres and look who has arrived!
Go and get them!
You too! Vamos, vamos!
Ricky, I owe you something.
I'll be here.
You are new here, si?.
Can I buy a drink, senorita?.
Vigonza has respectfully
requested our presence...
It seems that Billy Kane's
men have arrived.
You, no.
Find out what these filthy pigs want.
Don't worry.
I'll wait for you at Eagle Rock.
Hey, amigo! You didn't bring me
the message of Kramer,
The last words of
a dying man are sacred.
He killed three of our men, Vigonza.
You want money?
Sure, why not?.
what about him?.
Let me go eh!
He wants to leave us.
He can go.
Gracias senor.
Muchas gracias, senor,
What if he talks?
It's much money for you.
You get this from me
if you kill Billy Kane.
Go on.
When he turns his back, then you
will be able to give us a signal.
We will all shoot him
before he has the time to shoot us.
This is our signal, eh!
Come on play
something light and gay!
Ricky, you don't want to drink
that stuff, do you?.
This is what we keep
for the special customers.
It's going to be a bad night.
I can smell it...
Vigonza! Be careful,
it may mean trouble for you!
We're ready.
Hey, All of you!
Get out of here!
Come on hurry! You too,
Move everybody out of here.
Get ready, quickly!
Vamos! Rapido!
You better get out.
Ricky, don't do anything foolish!
I said get out!
Madre de dios!
Whisky, madam.
Are you Billy Kane?
What's it to you?
They gave me this money...
to kill you.
That's mighty funny,
Your men have sold you
out to Vigonza.
And he's put you here
as bait I suppose.
There are six of them in here.
When I light a match...
they'll shoot you...
There's one sittin' by the table.
The rest is sitting in there,
Vigonza's hiding behind the piano.
I can see the tip of his boot.
Which end of the keyboard?
Where the high notes are,
Can you get one of them?.
Two: the one at the table,
and the one with the poncho.
There's one you missed.
Let's have some music.
What do you want from me?.
You can help me get back to my ranch.
I was on that train
for Tucson you held up.
But since. I hadn't any ticket,
they threw me off.
Then they found my knife in the
belly of the train conductor.
The judge gave me thirty years.
How did you get out?.
Some of the jailbirds
made a break and I went along.
I'm wanted dead or alive.
All I need is one of your men that
can swear I didn't rob that train,
That's the only way I know
to prove that I'm not guilty.
And you want me.
Never even thought of it.
One of your men'll do.
It's a deal.
He's goin' to warn the others.
I guess you Saw what happened?.
Yeah I Saw it, it doesn't matter.
You're disappointed aren't you?
I counted on him to get
Billy Kane for me.
I thought he was gonna do it, too.
But he had his own reasons
to act the way he did.
Well?. Is he dead?.
Take your choice.
You want Clem?.
Clem likes to talk.
Keep you company on your trip...
Or take Doc here.
He could bandage a wound
or pull your tooth if it hurts.
What about Dirty here?.
He has got a strong smell
but he wouldn't harm a flea.
I guess that's why you got so many
flea bites, ain't it, Dirty?
You can have Bastard Sam, too.
They wanted to lynch him
'cause he shacked up
with a ten-year-old girl.
Wasn't my fault.
I thought she was twelve,
One of you is going with
my friend here to the sheriff.
Maybe you'll get hung,
but it's something I owe him.
Which one do you want?
It makes no difference,
Just as long as he talks.
If he won't talk for you,
he won't talk anymore.
I'll make the choice!
We couldn't go on anymore
like we was. Billy.
You were taking...
taking half of everything!
They asked you to be spokesman?.
You, Doc?.
Not me, Billy! I didn't want
to sell you out, they did!
Get in the corner!
Pretty boy!
Too busy thinking of women.
Hurry up!
You! Get over there!
You tried to sell me out
but you lost. No hard feelings.
The one that draws
the lowest card goes with him,
Here's your man.
Now we are even, right?.
Get the horses ready.
We're goin' into town,
What are you thinking of doing?.
You said you wanted more money,
Well, we're getting it!
Before sun-up.
And in Tehuantepec.
Was that you shooting?.
Yeah, A coyote.
This is Nuno.
I know him.
Martin, I better tell you something.
I was on that train, too.
So I've been told.
When are you planning on going?.
At dawn.
As soon as I've turned him
into the sheriff,
I'm going back to my folks' ranch.
Martin, why don't you come with me?.
I don't fit into bedroom slippers, I've
tried 'em. I'll stick to my old boots.
You've been a good teacher.
A good teacher doesn't teach
you how to kill a man.
You could have been killed tonight!
It never crossed my mind to face him.
It's a private fight
between the two of you.
See you tomorrow.
No, Ricky. I guess
we'd better just forget about it.
Hey, Martin!
Hey, sheriff.
You recognize him?.
He's waiting for you outside.
Billy! We're ready!
Here I am, Billy Kane!
Those good old days
were long ago, Martin.
You can't even see,
much less hold a gun.
Load your gun, Go ahead.
They're behind the windows.
Don't worry. They haven't
got the guts to fire at us.
There's always some
hot-head wherever you go.
Is it bad?
Guess that's the end of the heroes.
Give me the key, grandpa.
That's right.
Get a move on, you two!
He finally caught up with Billy Kane.
Why did he have to do it?
Every time Billy shot somebody,
it was like he was pulling
the trigger instead.
Top gun
Richard Martin - Billy Kane,
shooting competition,
Dallas county fair 1876.
They won it when they were
giving shows together.
They were really something.
Then Billy got the idea he could do
better robbing trains and banks,
so he left him,
Guess they were pretty good friends.
They were almost brothers, Martin
taught him everything about shooting.
For him, it was his duty to go off
and put an end to him.
Forget about it, Ricky,
or I'll have lost you both!
Hey wait! Don't go yet.
I saw them go into the saloon.
Billy! Billy Kane!
I Killed the gringo! I'm alone!
It's Nuno!
Call him again. This time
make it more convincing.
Let me go, he will kill me.
Billy Kane!
I'm wounded! Where are you?.
Help me, you dog!
Well, what d'you know.
He must have given him the slip.
Quiet, you fool.
Billy, come and help me!
This young friend of mine,
laid a trap for me.
What does he want?.
Help me, Billy!
He's finally in business for himself.
I'm wounded, Billy!
Where are you?!
Billy Kane!
Help me, I'm wounded!
That hijo de puta made me, I had to.
Where did he go?.
I could not warn you. He made me.
Where is he?
Billy, I think you
too are a hijo de puta.
Hey, Preston!
You're not too smart!
You should have gone,
while the goin' was good.
Hey, Ricky!
It's too bad!
No one to prove your innocence.
You shouldn't have come back!
But fellows like you wanna die,
wanna be a hero!
When the bucket is empty,
we'll both come out shooting.
What's wrong?.
Think I'd believe
you'd stick by your word?.
You really want to get killed,
don't you?.
Alright, I'll fix you up.
You think I can't get rid of you
whenever I want?. Do you hear me?!
Did you ever see anybody get rid of
the king, as clean as that?.
Without touchin'the other pieces?.
I was Martin's pupil, too.
I know all his tricks.
He taught 'em to me to kill you,
Billy Kane.
Just to kill you, Billy Kane.
Bye, Betty.
Ricky, what are you gonna do
if you have to always run away?
What else can I do?
I lost all my witnesses.
What's your real name, Ricky?.
Philip Raymond.
No. Philip Raymond
was killed with the others.
I'm going to tell the sheriff
that a stranger killed him,
a man called Ricky Shot.