Bang Bang (2014) Movie Script

What's wrong with this city?
Somewhere there are ashes
and somewhere smoke.
Why doesn't someone say something?
Why do we endure smoke quietly?
Now it's the limit of endurance.
Let's bring this
reckless act to an end.
Smoking at public
places is prohibited.
Violation will lead to penalty.
Don't smoke. Or let others smoke.
You will have to pay
a heavy price for smoking.
- Captain Nanda.
Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind.
This is Richard Parker, MI6.
You have a gift for my country.
- Please come.
How was he apprehended?
At Heathrow Airport,
carrying fake documents.
Omar Zafar,
India's most wanted criminal.
We've been looking
for him for many years.
What was he doing in London?
There's a private island
located near the Russian Coast.
We heard that he
was here to buy it.
There's never a recession in
the business of terrorism, right?
- Thank you, sir.
Yes, mom.
- Viren.
Yes, mom.
- Have you reached?
I'll call you back in a bit.
- Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah all OK.
- Did you wear your sweater?
Yes, mom, I'm wearing my sweater.
- I'm sure you didn't.
How do you know
lam not wearing it?
- I know exactly
how the two of you are.
- Listen, Jai was saying that..
I'll call you back in a bit. Bye.
- Permission granted.
Good luck.
- Thanks.
- The Kohinoor diamond is ours!
- Bring back our Kohinoor!
- The Kohinoor diamond is ours!
- Bring back our Kohinoor!
- Permission granted.
- Oh...
Welcome, Colonel Nanda.
Your search for me
has been very intense.
I would've stood
up and saluted you.
But as you can see,
I'm having pizza...
and I'm a little tired today.
Would you like a slice?
You eat it.
Once you get to Tihar...
your next pizza will be
on the day of your execution.
As your last wish..
With extra cheese.
Wake up, Colonel.
This isn't your Delhi, it's London.
Tell me something...
How many criminals
have actually been..
Extradited to India from London?
None. Not even one.
A new extradition treaty
is being prepared as we speak.
According to which, any criminal...
will be extradited to
his homeland within 72 hours..
Without an appeal.
Very soon you're going to
be begging for mercy...
in an Indian court of law,
Omar Zafar.
And then... then what?
This for the public prosecutor.
This for the judge.
And this...
for the police and ministers.
Your country is starving,
and it's full of corrupt people.
A country where everyone's
begging for something.
And your ministers
are always willing...
to forsake their integrity
and sell their souls.
So tell me...
what are you?
Are you corrupt like them or
just faithfully following orders?
Welcome to the Omar Zafar show.
- Permission granted.
Any last wish?
Maybe some pizza
with extra cheese, huh!
But you don't have 30 minutes.
Because the countdown
to your end has begun.
Those who serve their country...
start the countdown to their
death from their very first breath.
You must have taken
many lives, Zafar.
But take a good look in these eyes.
There is no grief...
or fear of death.
There's only pride.
Soon... you'll see your
death in similar eyes.
Your countdown will begin...
as soon as you
press the trigger.
Would you like to speak
to your mother for the last time?
- Hello Viren, I was saying that...
- Viren!
- Viren, what happened?
- Are you alright?
- Viren, are you alright?
- Viren!
- Viren!
- Viren I can't hear you, son.
- What's wrong?
- Hello...
- Hello. No one is saying anything.
- Viren!
- Viren, talk to me!
- Pankaj!
- Something has happened to Viren!
- Viren, talk to me my son.
- Viren!
- Talk to me!
- Viren!
Have you heard
about the new treaty?
I have.
- If this treaty is signed, our men..
Won't be safe anywhere.
It won't be signed.
An old wound,
which hasn't healed yet...
we'll just have to revive it.
The Kohinoor!
Stealing the Kohinoor
is impossible.
Make it possible.
I want the Kohinoor!
And the thief should be an Indian.
In a population of 1.2 billion...
there must be someone
who can do this job.
Find him.
- We now have official confirmation..
That the Kohinoor has just been
stolen from the Tower of London.
- How was it possible?
- The Kohinoor was stolen despite the
Tower of London's heavy security.
There are reports of a leak
in the Tower of London's security.
- But the MI6 is denying
any such rumors.
When the collection
was opened for inspection.
- They realized that only
the Kohinoor was missing.
- The footage from around 500
CCTV cameras is being inspected.
- This investigation will hopefully
clear up a few details of the theft.
- And now we would like to show you..
The amazing Kohinoor's
colorful history.
- It is believed that the Kohinoor
was discovered in Tamil Nadu..
- and was then owned by
rulers from the Delhi, Rajput..
- Mughal, Afsharid,
Durrani and Sikh dynasties.
- When the British ransacked India..
- and Queen Victoria was
declared the Empress of India.
- Against everyone's wishes..
- India's beloved Kohinoor was sent
all the way to Great Britain.
Sorry for the interruption.
There was one unidentified male
found in the Tower of London...
- There are neither
fingerprints nor images.
- This isn't the work of a common
thief but of a criminal mastermind.
- The thief is being touted
as the 'Hero of India'.
- So who is this man?
"Invisible Thief", "Kohinoor Thief"
- These are some of the names
people are calling him.
Who is this?
- Who will win this game
between the thief and the police?
- This century's biggest
robbery and there is no lead..
But the entire world is..
- waiting with bated breath
to get a look at the thief's face..
- Who managed to steal the
Kohinoor with great skill.
- Who is he? Where has he disappeared?
When will he be caught?
- The police search is on.
- But no one knows where he is.
Oh... you're bathing!
Grandma, go out.
Grandma, please go out.
I've seen you grow up.
I've bathed you,
changed your nappy.
I'm not a kid anymore. Go out!
That's what you think.
Don't miss the spot
behind your ears.
Listen, did you know that..
Someone has stolen the Kohinoor.
Please pass me the towel.
Jewel Thief!
It's hard to find such
youngsters these days.
Ashok Kumar, Dev Anand.
I just want to meet
a man like that..
who steals diamonds and hearts.
"He has stolen my dream."
So then please go to his bathroom.
Hand me my towel.
The Kohinoor is India's property!
If someone returns
this jewel to India..
Then, he should be
honored with the 'Bharat Ratna'.
Bless his soul, whoever stole it!
Grandma, you're completely crazy.
I wish you were crazy too, like me.
You're so boring.
You're always alone.
While all the girls
your age have a boyfriend.
Grandma, I haven't found
the right guy yet, okay?
But why are you so choosy?
When I was your age,
I had at least 30 affairs.
Excessive quality
control isn't good.
I don't want to deal
with complications of love.
You don't know what love is.
Love is...
when your heart skips a beat,
when your eyes lock ..
And someone steals
your invaluable heart.
Morning, boss.
Who stole it?
Sir, when you spread the word..
When you spread the word..
About a reward on the Kohinoor..
He was the only one who replied.
Through whom?
- Shoaib!
He said Sayeed sent him.
Wasim knows him.
And he's also done
a job for Saqlain.
I am not asking about
Pakistan's batting line up.
Is he Indian?
Only an Indian can
perform such a miracle.
Feeling patriotic?
He'll contact us as soon
as the diamond reaches India.
5 million dollars.
Should we pay by cash?
Load it in a truck and take it.
- Yes.
Bloody fool.
Open an anonymous
account in Mauritius.
As soon as you get the diamond
transfer the payment into his account.
Don't open your mouth.
Get to the bank
and open an account.
Hello, madam.
Thank you, Harleen.
No problem.
Hey Harleen, thanks for the coffee.
You're welcome.
Hello. Bank of Shimla.
Speak here please.
- Hello.
Bank of Shimla.
How can I help you?
Which way is the
vice-president's office?
It's the third cabin
in the corridor, to the right.
But he has resigned.
There's no one in the cabin.
Now there will be.
- Who?
Me. Karan Saxena.
Bank of Shimla's
youngest vice-president.
And anyway,
this is my uncle's bank.
Oh, I am so sorry, sir.
No problem.
- Harleen Sahani.
- No.
Wouldn't have mattered
if you had one.
Come to my cabin.
We need to discuss
the finance strategy.
But... l am a receptionist.
Do you want to be a
receptionist all your life?
Making the right friends..
Is also a strategy, darling.
If you want to turn your
luck around, then come see me.
Sitting all alone with ice-cream..
While, your friends are at
a romantic candle-light dinner...
with Mr. Right, right now?
Don't you worry.
Because your life
is about to change..
A site where a new, exciting
and romantic life awaits you!
So what are you waiting for?
Register now...
Or your life will melt away..
Like that tub of ice cream.
Friends, Mrs. Sharmin Kapadia..
Is finally retiring
from our bank after 30 years.
- What'?
Ms. Kapadia.
Who's that?
- That's me!
You aren't married yet?
She had no time for marriage.
She spent her entire
life in the bank.
Never took a day off in 30 years.
She never came late
and she never left early.
She stayed single all her life.
And she'll be single
for the rest of her life.
- Harleen! Harleen!
What is it, grandma?
- Come here quickly!
What happened, grandma?
- Look... the jewel thief.
So it's you?
If you have what
I think you have...
then I am who you think I am.
Abdul's here... with your order.
Roasted mutton, kebabs, halim..
And our favorite, firni.
Did you order this?
Hey, Abdul, you're sewing
the wrong people again.
That order's for table no. 7.
Mistakes can happen. Sorry.
5 million dollars
are waiting for you..
In an account in Mauritius.
One swipe of my finger..
And your fate
will change forever.
What's the hurry?
Let's discuss a few things first.
I am hungry too.
Let's eat something.
I am not going to fight a war.
I'm just going on a date.
You're finally settling down.
Now I can die in peace.
Enough! I'll be late.
Here you go.
Grandpa's car!
It was your grandpa's
most prized possession.
Yes, grandma, I know.
You two went on your first date,
in this car.
I found my true love, in this car.
And today you'll find
your true love, in this car.
Bye Grandma, OK?
- Bye!
You can eat after we leave.
I can't think on an empty stomach.
What's there to think about?
The price has been decided.
Give with one hand
and take with the other.
My hands are dirty.
Threats can be expensive.
How expensive?
5 million for each.
All three of you made a mistake..
So now the price
is 20 million dollars.
Now the price is zero.
Quietly hand the
diamond over to us.
Wipe your noses all of you.
There's a drug in your buttermilk.
In exactly 5 seconds,
your mouths will be frothing..
And you'll all be unconscious!
I mixed up the orders. Again!
You ordered the buttermilk, right?
Thank you, Abdul.
- Get him!
There he is!
On the roof!
Shoot him!
There he is.
- Get him!
- Hey, stop!
- He's trapped.
Yes sir. Sure.
We're under pressure from
the Prime Minister's office.
Even the opposition
is extending their support...
on the Kohinoor issue.
This is going to affect
our Extradition Treaty.
They are fools!
The Extradition Treaty
can't be put on hold at any cost.
Sir, finding the Kohinoor
diamond is imperative..
Sir, there's been firing
on Mall Road in Shimla.
So. That's the police's problem.
But sir, you should take
a look at the CCTV footage.
Yes, ma'am. How may I help you?
I'm Harleen.
You're here to
see Mr. Vickie, right?
Right. How do you know that?
We have a tie-up with
This way, please.
Have a seat.
If you want to know anything..
About your special friend, then..
Have a nice time, ma'am.
- Ladies and Gentlemen.
- Are you ready to win
the Shimla Dance Festival?
- Be there, tomorrow at 7 pm.
- Bring your partner.
- Have a great time.
Hi, I'm Vickie.
Hi Harleen.
Nice to meet you.
You're very late.
And you're very beautiful.
I am sorry.
I'm so late l...
please, sit.
So... have you done this before?
In a restaurant?
With a beautiful girl?
Once or twice.
Internet dating.
Trueluvv... com?
Well... no..
First time.
It's my first time.
Mine too.
So why did you choose me?
Look at you.
But... l didn't post my picture.
Of course.
But the way you described yourself
so beautifully. I was just..
I just wrote two words.
Bank receptionist.
There's a story hidden
behind those two words.
Whose story?
My... grandma's story.
My grandma...
was a bank receptionist too.
She made a living attending
calls at the bank..
And raised all of us.
And then one day,
after transferring her last call..
She passed away.
I am so sorry.
What would you like to drink?
Some wine?
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Ahh! French.
It's Indian, sir.
From Nasik.
Pour it.
Enjoy, madam.
- Thanks.
So you travel around a lot.
I have to.
To save the world.
From mosquitoes.
I work for Odomos.
And you?
Do you travel?
I was 10 years old..
When grandma brought
me here from Canada.
My mom and dad passed
away in a road accident.
I've been here since.
Never been anywhere.
But one day
I want to quit my job..
And travel the world.
One day.
One day.
But how will you
know that your "one day" is here?
I live in a small city.
It's not easy to do what I want.
I live with my grandma.
She's my responsibility.
One day.
One day.
So you like dancing?
- Yeah!
No way.
I just dance sometimes
when I am alone.
Come closer.
Come closer.
A little more.
Don't you think that
your "one day" means never?
Today it's your grandma
you're responsible for...
tomorrow it'll be your husband..
And the day after,
your children.
I think you should
do what you want right now.
I treat every day as my last.
So all I have is... one day.
The day you start
your bucket list...
that day will be your "one day".
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Trust me!
This one's for you.
"Such a breeze has blown."
"That it took my breath
away from me and towards you."
"And then I had this feeling that."
"You've started becoming mine,
I've started becoming yours."
"I've started becoming yours,
you've started becoming mine."
"How this happened?"
"Neither I,
nor you have any idea about it."
"But my heart has started saying
this since a while that."
"You've started becoming mine,
I've started becoming yours."
"I've started becoming yours,
you've started becoming mine."
"Neither I, nor you know."
"How this miracle has happened?"
"What I had has gotten lost."
"it seems as if I've
gotten something that's yours."
"When my heart got to know that.."
"You've started becoming mine,
I've started becoming yours."
"I've started becoming yours,
you've started becoming mine."
"Sometimes my heart says."
"This is the only atmosphere."
"In which I want to live life
in such a way."
"That I live every moment
to the fullest."
"In which this strange world
comes and embraces me."
"In which you walk and the
whole world walks with you."
"And the night softly
whispers in your ears."!
"That now it seems as if."
"You've started becoming mine,
I've started becoming yours."
"I've started becoming yours,
you've started becoming mine."
"Such a breeze has blown."
"That it took my breath
away from me and towards you."
"And then I had this feeling that."
"You've started..."
"You've started becoming mine,
I've started becoming yours."
"I've started becoming yours,
you've started becoming mine."
"You've started becoming mine,
I've started becoming yours."
"I've started becoming yours,
you've started becoming mine."
He's so cute.
All the girls at the
bank will be so jealous.
"Don't you think that
your "one day" means never?"
"I think... you should
do what you want right now."
He's so calm.
So simple.
So cultured.
Yes, Harleen Sahani.
He's right.
This moment
will never come again.
- Where's he?
Thank you!
What's all this?
It's your, madam.
Harleen? Myself Vickie.
So sorry.
My mobile had a flat tire..
And my car battery died.
But where's the other Vickie?
The other Vickie left this bill.
So long.
Who's going to pay
for the furniture?
Your uncle?
You'll have to pay up, madam.
"And anyway,
this bank belongs to my uncle."
My uncle.
This is his card.
He'll pay You'
If he ever shows up,
I'll run him over with this car!
Oh crap!
I'm sorry!
Are you okay?
Yeah! I'm good. I'm good.
- Hi.
- What?
My name.
- Yeah, sure.
Like I am going to believe
you after all the lies.
I lied about my name,
but I swear..
Everything else was true.
Okay. Don't move.
One second.
You need a doctor.
I don't need a doctor.
Maybe, what?
Maybe I need a kiss.
A kiss?
You're crazy.
I'm leaving.
I seriously think
you need a doctor.
They saw you at the
restaurant with me.
They think you know something.
What do I know?
But they don't know that..
They don't know that
I don't know anything.
No, they think you
know something..
"But, they don't know
that you don't know anything.
What do I know?
- Nothing.
So do they know that?
- Stop.
This bullet won't kill
me but this confusion will.
Harleen Sahani.
So you're saying that
the girl was with him.
Yes sir.
And this is her uncle's card.
Sir, please help
us recover our money.
Karan Saxena.
Listen to me.
I stole something.
I took the bullet out,
you just need to stitch it up.
So... hold this torch,
point it right here.
I can't do this.
Of course you can.
Come on.
Hold on.
Steady, steady.
I have never seen anyone
hold the torch so perfectly before.
Steady. Steady.
- Done?
Almost done.
It's really good.
Thank you so much
for helping me.
Here. Drink this.
Have this.
What was in this?
Who are you?
Rajveer Nanda,
international criminal.
psychopathic schizophrenic.
I need psychiatric help.
I don't, but that's
what they're going to say.
What was in the water?
Now listen to me.
Two kinds of people
will approach you.
First the government agents.
And second those who
aren't government agents.
They'll both ask you about me.
When you don't tell them anything..
They'll say that they're
taking you to a 'safe' place.
Why are you stressing on "safe"?
Listen to me.
There will be a gun
hidden in the car..
Which they'll
use to transport you.
If it's a Skoda,
it'll be under the left seat.
And if it's a Toyota,
then it'll be under the right.
Take the gun out and use
it to scare them and escape.
And if they ask about me...
I don't know...
You don't know me.
I don't know you...
I don't know anything.
Let me go!
Where's Shoaib?
I don't know any Shoaib.
Forgive me!
I swear on my uncle!
And he's still alive!
What does this code mean?
Harleen, bank receptionist.
What code?
That's not a code word.
Our bank receptionist
is named Harleen.
Morning, ma'am.
- Absolutely.
- We can transfer the funds.
- The consignment will be there.
- Goodbye.
What's this nonsense?
Boss he got away from us!
Got away?
Who wanted to catch him?
You just had to pay
him and take the diamond!
That's it.
Shoaib tried to take
it with force, but...
But... he couldn't.
Boss, there was a girl with him.
"Don't you think that your
"one day" means never?"
"The day you start
your bucket list..."
"...that day will
be your "one day".
What's the matter?
What time did you
get home last night?
I am not old-fashioned
like your parents, silly!
Who was it?
"I lied about the name,
but I swear..."
"...everything else was true."
I don't know.
Don't know? How strange!
You spent the night with
him and you don't know his name!
Even I am not that modern.
I get it.
Your heart's finally been stolen.
"Ah, there was a little
empty space in my heart."
"You came and
acquired it without rent."
"I couldn't say anything,
how is this helplessness."
"Thus silently came
an uninvited guest."
"Ah, there was a little
empty space in my heart."
"I don't know
when and how did he come."
"What he whispered to the heart?"
"I don't know
when and how did he come."
"What he whispered to the heart?"
"Ah, there was a little
empty space in my heart."
"You came and acquired it
without rent."
"I couldn't say anything,
how is this helplessness."
"Thus silently came
an uninvited guest."
"Ah, in my heart..."
"In my heart..."
"Ah, there was a little
empty space in my heart."
"What all will you make me
do in dreams.?"
"How many colors should
I change for no reason?"
"My poor, foolish heart flutters
in the skies like a balloon."
"Gently you called.
Wherever you go, it follows."
"it just went with eyes closed."
"Slowly, following you."
"Little by little it pulls you.
Whether you look or not."
"I don't know
when and how did he come."
"What he whispered to the heart?"
"To say, it's because of you."
"The whole world seems
to be a new place."
"To say, it's because of you."
"The whole world seems
to be a new place."
"Everyone knows and
everybody has an idea."
"Whatever has happened."
"See, now you also
stop giving excuses."
"Give me the gift
of heart for heart."
"Ah, there was a little
empty space in my heart."
"I don't know
when and how did he come."
"What he whispered to the heart?"
"Ah, there was a little
empty space in my heart."
Madam, what's going on?
This is the office, not your home.
The phone's ringing, answer it.
Hello, Bank of Shimla.
No, sir. Wrong number.
Hi, how can I help you?
A big account needs to be opened.
Sorry, sir.
Since you must have
been paid big money...
for what you did last night.
Excuse me?
What nonsense.
Maybe to get rid
of your loneliness...
you visited that site...
What happens on this site?
I visited that site once.
It gets really
interesting at night.
No it was only
for the investigation.
Nothing more.
Zorawar Kalra, government agent.
We need to have a little
chat about what you did last night.
Some Q&A.
But, if you prefer,
we can talk right here.
In front of everyone.
Ms. Sahani,
the man you were with last night...
is an international criminal.
Mentally unstable
and pathologically...
Psychopathic schizophrenic.
He told me you would say that.
Just like I thought.
He's too smart.
He's using you.
Just have a look.
Criminals like him
are very charming.
He can drug you.
He can kill you.
Take your life.
Excuse me.
Sir... we crossed
the police station.
Your life's in danger, so
we're taking you to a safe place.
"Safe place?"
Yes, but why are
you saying it like that?
No reason.
'If it's a Skoda,
it'll be under the left seat.'
'And if it's a Toyota,
then it'll be under the right.'
What car is this?
It's a Honda.
- Why do you ask?
It's nice.
What's the mileage?
10-12 on the highway.
It also depends on the driving.
If we're chasing someone...
we use the brake
and accelerator more.
In a situation like that
the mileage drops to around 7-7A 1/2
Yes, sir.
- Are you trying to sell it?
- No, sir.
- Sorry, sir.
Yes... we're just getting there.
Stop the car!
The girl's got a gun.
Where did you get that gun?
Stop the car!
Keep driving,
she won't do anything.
Come on, give me that gun!
I didn't do that!
- Give me the gun!
I don't know how to fire a gun!
- Come on.
Sir, that bike's missing a rider.
Oh God!
Where did he go?
Where did he go, sir?
There he is, sir.
Stop that girl.
Hey girl.
Stop her! Stop her!
I will kill you. Stop!
Mummy, mummy.
What is it, son?
Hey, Harleen...
Hey Trueluvv.
Closer... come on,
you can do it.
Come on!
The wire.
- Careful.
Hurry UP-
Drive faster.
Mind if drive?
- Huh!
Shift, Harleen.
Trust me. Shift.
- Hold on a second.
What's up'?
Are you crazy?
Ram him!
- Don't let him get away.
What are you doing?
Please, stop the car!
Rajveer, stop the car!
- Have you lost your mind?
Don't get out of the car.
This man's crazy.
Lam not with him.
I'm with you. I'm with you.
I'm with you.
What did I say?
Don't get out of the car.
What did you do?
- I got out of the car.
Harleen, understand.
Either you're safe with me...
or "safe with them.
Safe or...
- Safe. Safe.
Hold this.
Shift a bit.
Thank you.
Please stop killing people!
Please stop killing people!
You're in shock. I understand.
Wait here, and I'll go
explain a few things to them.
Actually you know what,
I won't lie.
I'm just going to shoot them.
By the way, you drive really well.
I mean...
You saved our lives today.
I just... I want you to know that.
I'm really impressed.
Wait here, I'll...
I'll be back.
- Karan.
Harleen, Harleen.
I've been looking for you.
Karan, I'm in big trouble.
They slapped me because of you.
I was shot at.
They drank my expensive champagne.
- Government agents.
But why?
- Because you work for Shoaib.
Who's Shoaib?
- Omar Zafar's right-hand man!
Who's Omar Zafar?
Excuse me, who are you'?
That's him.
He's the reason you were slapped..
And I was shot at.
Rajveer, what are you doing here'?
Rajveer who?
The one that's going to
smack you if you don't shut up.
Now listen carefully.
I'm taking your car.
Rajveer Zafar,
don't you dare look at my car...
or I'll break your hands.
I am a green-belt
in kung fu karate.
My flying kick is so fast that I can
knock a flying bird out of the air.
Oh uncle..
You shot him.
You shot me.
Harleen, get in the car.
Why did you shoot him?
- Why did you shoot me?
Harleen, get in the car.
- Don't get in the car, Harleen.
Harleen, get in the car.
It's a flesh wound.
Nowhere close to the bone.
Good shot, huh?
Very good. But why?
You were about to use
your flying kick on me.
Couldn't take a chance.
Now listen.
Count to 100 after we leave.
Then you can call the police,
ambulance, everyone.
If you call them before
you count to 100..
I'll come back and shoot you.
But how will you know?
I'll shoot you even if you
ask stupid questions.
I'll count till 200...
swear on my uncle.
Please fasten your seat belt.
One... uncle..
Three... uncle...
By the way,
I didn't want to shoot him.
Then why did you?
Those who don't want to shoot,
don't shoot.
That bullet's going to make him..
The hero of this city.
You're crazy.
You're insane.
You just shoot at anyone.
That's just not normal. That's
not normal by any definition.
I know what I'm doing.
Please stop the car.
I want to go home.
Away from you.
Relax Harleen. Just calm down.
Maybe I was safe with them.
What did you just say?
And you're scared to be with me.
I should never have trusted you.
Oh... okay.
Okay then.
- Megha, listen to me.
- Listen to me.
- I don't want to talk to you.
- Why not?
- I don't want to talk to you.
- Why?
- I don't want to.
- Okay, I am sorry.
- Please.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
How can you just leave
me like this and go?
Answer me.
Why did you shoot Karan
if you didn't need me?
And why are you stealing that car?
Why did you steal this one,
if you didn't need it?
And you say you're not crazy?
What do you want?
You've a problem if I'm with you.
Now I'm going away,
and you still have a problem.
Look, I am really sorry
that we have to be together..
But it's only to
ensure you stay alive.
If I'm not with you, you're dead.
Do you understand that?
And maybe you'll find this strange.
But I've other things to do
apart from saving your life.
And they are quite important.
You know what...
I don't really care anymore.
Here's the key, there's the car.
Drive home.
- A for Assam J for Jammu.
- Check every white BMW in the city.
- The suspect is in HP-51-AJ 7739..
Till today I've never been the..
Cause of death
of an innocent person.
I don't want you to be the first.
Especially, when you've been waiting
for that "one day" all your life.
Your dreams would've died with you.
Are you hungry?
Let's eat.
Do you have money?
Don't you work in a bank?
That's so stupid.
What if I worked at a hospital?
Would I be carrying medicines?
Now what?
Shoot someone.
You like that, don't you...
shooting people?
If he doesn't give you free food,
shoot him.
Again? Really?
I shot them to save your life.
Please can we move on
from that now?
I never asked for your help.
I can manage.
Can I take your order, sir?
My life was perfect,
until I met you.
No wonder you were
begging on the internet.
Me Harleen, bank receptionist.
Please meet me. Please.
Somebody please.
Internet hello, help.
- Hello. Please.
Help somebody.
Anybody out there? Hello
Please somebody?
Nobody? No?
We can't decide between
thin crust or stuffed crust.
That's the problem.
Why don`t you try a pan-pizza?
What would you like, honey?
Don't call me honey.
Then give me some money.
Actually you know what,
I'll just shoot him.
What am I thinking?
I should just do it. Yeah.
Here's the money.
Just don't shoot anyone, please.
Two pan pizzas, please.
And two Mountain Dews.
- And we're with Karan Saxena..
- who risked his life to
try and catch a dangerous criminal.
- He shot at Harleen...
but I intervened.
- But the bullet hit your leg.
- It was a kung-fu style jump.
- My flying... kick is so fast,
I can kick a flying bird in the air.
What have you done that so many
people are gunning for your life?
Do I need to solve
that to get an answer?
What is it?
Don't you read the papers?
Please tell me this isn't something
that starts... with the letter K.
Are you crazy?
That's the..
You're a thief.
I thought you were on a mission.
To save the country, the world.
I can't believe I trusted you.
You still trust me.
Yeah, right.
That's why you haven't
raised your voice yet.
You can expose
me whenever you like.
But why did you steal the Kohinoor?
- For Omar Zafar.
There are women
and children around.
Let's talk peacefully?
Omar Zafar.
The no.1 criminal on
lnterpol's most wanted list.
As soon as he put a reward
on the Kohinoor, Rajveer stole it.
The restaurant has been surrounded.
Escape is impossible.
So if you come with us quietly..
It'll be good for everyone.
As far as I know, he isn't
going to come with us quietly.
So you decide..
Do you want to stay safe
with us or die for this thief?
- Decide now.
Is it true?
You know, even after
everything that's happened..
My heart was telling
me you're a good guy.
Crazy... but not a criminal.
I was wrong.
I am leaving.
I am sorry, Harleen.
But I can't let you go.
" Boys!
What a jump, sir.
By the way,
that's a one-way ticket to heaven.
He won't die so easily.
Someone is watching over him.
Don't worry, Harleen.
We're safe.
Time to jump!
Trust me.
Conquer your fears, Harleen!
Who are you?
Good morning.
You shot me!
Don't 'sssshhh' me!
You shot me!
If I had shot you,
I wouldn't need to 'ssshhh' you.
It was a dart. A dart.
A tranquilizer.
Whatever it was,
why did you shoot me?
- I'm talking to you.
- It was a tranquilizer dart.
I could've died.
- Ssshhhh!
What the hell do
you think of yourself?
I'll show you.
I'll show you.
I sedated you for your own good.
If I hadn't saved you..
- They would've killed me.
By the way, you're looking good in
these clothes that I bought for you.
Now go to the room
and dry these clothes..
Because we don't
have any more clothes.
My clothes?
Who changed my clothes?
Relax, I changed them myself.
- I swear.
You changed my clothes.
Yes... oh!
I see.
Come on, Harleen.
If I can evade 50 guards,
100 security cameras..
And steal the Kohinoor
from the Tower of London..
Then, why can't I change
your clothes with my eyes closed?
I'm not admitting that
my eyes were closed, but..
I deserved that.
Look Harleen, you're
really good at martial arts..
But save it for later.
I'm hungry right now.
Can we eat?
Let's eat.
- Can you tell us where Harleen is?
- We want to know where Harleen is.
I cannot answer any
of your questions..
Without first
consulting my lawyer.
Grandma, please stop
watching American serials.
- Who? Harleen.
Look, Harleen's on the line.
Grandma! Grandma!
Sir, we've traced the location.
Have you finished sight-seeing?
It's a pretty big island.
If you want to kill me,
then please kill me.
I don't want to kill you, Harleen.
I just want to finish
cooking dinner.
Come on.
You can cook too?
Cooking was my third
subject in school.
Which school did you go to?
Delhi Public School.
Dehradun Public School.
Who are you?
A thief.
So it is true.
You stole the Kohinoor
for Omar Zafar.
But did I ever say
I'm giving it to him?
Then why did you steal it?
So that no one else steals it.
It's "safe" with me.
Why don't you hand
it over to the police..
Or the government?
You girls are so cute.
"Why don't you hand
it over to someone?"
Harleen, Omar Zafar..
Has contacts within
the police and the government.
No one can be trusted.
- Right.
Then what's the plan?
There's no plan.
Right now everyone's
trying to figure out my plan.
And they must be trying
to make a counter-plan.
But, if I don't have a plan..
How will they catch me?
That is the stupidest
thing I've ever heard.
So... is this your hideout?
Yes. One of them.
How many more do you have?
12. No, make that 11.
The one in Burma
blew up last month.
You talk such rubbish!
Who are you?
And what do you really do?
I'll never know.
- There he is.
How is that possible?
No one saw us coming here.
And I didn't make any calls.
And you..
L...made a call..
From your phone. Sorry.
- Oh, God. Harleen!
Come on, let's go.
Hands UP!
What should I kill you for?
For trying to catch me, or..
For bringing along
only four men to catch me.
I stole the Kohinoor dude!
Show me some respect.
Hand over the Kohinoor...
or Zafar will not spare you.
And where do I find this Zafar?
I don't know.
Speak up.
Zafar never meets anyone.
Then who were you going
to hand over the Kohinoor to?
Tell me!
Zafar won't care if you're dead.
Gul. Hamid Gul.
My job was to hand
over the Kohinoor to Hamid.
And where can I find him?
Think about it.
Gul or... death!
I'll tell you!
Bel Air... Prague.
Bel Air.
- He's over there.
- Everybody, move.
She's over there.
- Get them!
Welcome to Prague.
We can't stay here too long.
So we should..
You know,
my life was really simple.
Just me and grandma.
Bank and home.
I never imagined life beyond that.
Since I've met you..
Life has turned
into an action film.
God knows what will happen next.
But I'm not scared now.
I trust you.
You've made my dreams come true.
what is your dream?
We should go.
What's your "one day"?
After it's all over...
home sweet home.
One day.
Where are we going?
"The desires of the heart
were a little less."
"All my prayers
were also a little light."
"But when you put your head
on my shoulders.
"it was as if you tied
the thread in the shrine."
"Without asking I've
gotten everything"
"God has showered
his benevolence upon me."
"God has showered
his benevolence upon me."
"Let me take your hands in mine."
"So that I can read my fate."
"I look for the wishes,
hiding in your eyes."
"So that as you think of a wish
and I fulfill it."
"Just a while ago
I was incomplete."
"Now I am complete
as I am in front of you."
"I can't even see ..
"Where I end and where you begin."
"When your eyes fall on me."
"Then only I am able to sleep."
"Since a few days I am feeling."
"You are my worship
and you are my faith."
"Without any reason,
out of nowhere."
"God has showered
his benevolence upon me."
"God has showered
his benevolence upon me."
"God has showered
his benevolence upon me."
"God has created everyone."
"But who should go
and tell God that.."
"..only while dying for you,
I breathe."
"The prayers that I make to God.."
"..all of them reach you now."
"if you hear them,
then God hears it too."
"The world doesn't know,
even I don't know where."
"Both of us got united."
"it's true that
there's no one like you."
"You are the destination
to all my roads."
"In this life, and in every life."
"Let's try and stop time now."
"Let's teach it
the meaning of love."
"It'll surely stop being stubborn
and agree to us."
"God has showered
his benevolence upon me."
"God has showered
his benevolence upon me."
"God has showered
his benevolence upon me."
"God has showered
his benevolence upon me."
Where are we going?
Not we, just me.
You stay here.
Order something from room-service.
I believe the sushi's really good.
I'll be back soon, okay?
You don't know this,
but you need me.
We're a team now.
Take me along,
or... I'll follow you.
Get ready.
- Okay.
Don't try to kiss me.
It never crossed my mind.
You did.
Did you?
Have you ever kissed anyone?
Of course I have.
In school.
After that.
See? I do know how to kiss.
You call that a kiss?
This... is a kiss.
What do we do now?
I need to find someone
to give the Kohinoor to.
Hamid Gul.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Mr. Hamid Gul.
- Yes, ma'am.
There he is, ma'am.
See, there's Hamid Gul.
Hold on.
Please just... leave
this to me, okay?
You're jealous.
You're jealous because
I'm better than you.
And you didn't want
to bring me here.
Beginner's luck.
Now Agent 000... let's try our luck.
14 Red.
Wow! That's a lot of money.
Changing 50,000.
Place your bets
Ladies and Gentlemen.
I don't know how to play.
Bet everything on no. 31.
All of it?
All of it.
No more bets.
Winner is 31 black!
We won!
Congratulations, sir.
Place your bets.
The winner is 26 black.
We won!
Can I just take this one?
Thank you.
Here you go, sir. Congratulations.
That's enough.
We've won enough, let's go.
Are you sure?
- No more bets.
And the winner is 7 red.
Oh yeah!
That confirms it.
17 means danger.
Then why did you say 17?
A minute ago I was rich.
A minute ago, you didn't
know how to play roulette.
I should never
have listened to you.
Everything was fine
when you were winning.
You were hugging and kissing me.
You girls are all the same.
How dare you?
- What?
Hit me.
- No.
Just hit me.
- I'm sorry.
I can't slap anyone
without a reason.
You can't slap,
you can't kiss, what can you do?
Beg for romance over the internet?
Ooh! Bank receptionist!
Good. Very good!
Now go to the bathroom.
And when he comes there..
Tell him you will
meet him in 5 minutes.
Go, go, go.
Go to hell.
Excuse me. I'll be back.
Unfortunate are those people...
who do not know the worth..
Of a diamond they own.
Not a diamond but the Kohinoor.
The Kohinoor!
The Kohinoor can't be stolen.
That depends on the thief.
Hamid Gul.
And the thief's intentions?
The Kohinoor's desire?
Some fresh air.
In 15 minutes,
two glasses of champagne..
And a thief will be
waiting for you on the terrace.
5 minutes.
Or someone may steal the Kohinoor.
Well done!
Now go back to the hotel.
I'll meet you there.
And after this... you... me.
I mean... we..
You know you're completely crazy.
I'll be waiting.
Whiskey on the rocks, huh!
Greetings, Hamid Gul.
How did you find me?
I stole the Kohinoor dude,
show me some respect.
But if you really want to know...
your man Robert gave me
your address.
Just the address.
But the modus
operandi was all mine.
You're a thief...
but not a very smart thief.
You were never going
to be paid anyway.
But now you'll lose
the diamond and your life.
If it was about the money why
would I sell the Kohinoor to you?
What do you really want?
Omar Zafar.
So why the Kohinoor..
Who are you?
Where's Zafar?
Tell me!
Tell me where Zafar is.
Tell me!
You'll never find him..
Hey you!!
Look, Rajveer only wants
to keep the Kohinoor safe.
The Kohinoor was safe in London.
Till he stole it.
It he hadn't,
someone else would have stolen it.
Oh really?
If it was that easy, then..
Why didn't anyone
steal it for 150 years?
What else did he tell you..
Which could be true?
He said that you will kill me.
But you're still alive.
Where's he right now?
He's with someone
called Hamid Gul.
Hamid Gul is dead.
He's dead.
Internal Secret Service
Chief, Mr. Narayanan.
"Kohinoor's desire."
"Open air."
"In 15 minutes,
two glasses of champagne.."
"..and a thief will be
waiting for you on the terrace."
"5 minutes."
And we found his body
on that same terrace.
Do you know what this means?
Ms. Harleen, you're an
international criminal now.
Killing you will be easy for us.
But we know the truth.
Ms. Harleen...
You have an opportunity..
To get your life back.
To go back to your grandma.
And that opportunity
is sealed in this transmitter.
'You're an international
criminal now.'
'I trust you.'
'What else did he tell you,
which could be true?'
Come with me.
We can't stay here now.
Let's go.
You left a long
while ago from there.
Where were you?
Do you want the truth
or should I lie like you.
What did I lie about?
You lied about everything.
About you. About us.
About Hamid Gul.
You killed him, didn't you?
Who told you that?
So you still have the Kohinoor...
Why did you pretend
to be Vickie that day?
You should have left me alone.
Why did you let me
live out my dreams..
And show me new ones?
I will fulfill all of them.
Trust me.
I don't want to anymore.
Then what are you waiting for?
- Stay. Don't move!
- Hands in the air!
- Now!
- Go! Go! Go! Go!
- Rajveer!
If the bullet doesn't kill him,
he'll definitely drown to death.
You've got your life back.
Go on.
Thank God,
you're back home safe and sound.
This house doesn't
feel the same without you.
"After it's all
over home sweet home."
"Which school did you go to?"
"Dehradun Public School."
What are you looking for?
Actually sir, l..
- Pankaj...
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
She was snooping
around like a thief..
And you're questioning me?
No, sir... you ordered
these books on the internet.
I didn't order any books.
Oh, Pankaj.
You never remember anything.
Now put that stupid gun inside.
Come in my clear.
You have a lovely home.
How long have you been living here?
In this house?
Can't remember.
Pankaj? Must be 40 years, right?
Thank you.
For as long as we've been married.
It's beautiful.
Everything seems so new.
Yeah, when Pankaj won the
lottery for the second time..
You won the lottery twice?
Yeah! He's really lucky.
Right, Pankaj?
So lucky that"
Yes. I know.
He'll say he doesn't remember
when he bought a lottery ticket.
Like he doesn't remember..
When he took part
in the bank's lucky draw.
And... he also doesn't remember..
When he ordered these
books on the internet?
Let me get some tea.
this is Rajveer's
hideout, right?
Excuse me?
What do you mean?
What's going on?
Nothing... I was just...
I should be leaving...
Our sons.
Our brave sons.
This is Viren.
Died in the line of duty.
And he... he's Jai.
He was in the army too.
Or maybe he is still in the army.
I don't know.
He was posted in Kargil...
when he heard about Viren.
And since then...
they say that he
was on a mission and...
the lake was really deep and..
He's absolutely fine.
No matter what people say.
He won this trophy in...
the state swimming championship.
He was the only one...
who could swim across
the lake in one breath.
I refuse to believe he's dead.
- Hello!
- Hello!
Anybody there!
- Harleen.
Excuse me. Who are you?
- I'll ask the questions, not you.
- Where's the Kohinoor?
I don't know, please let me go.
I am Omar Zafar.
How did you get this?
Not how, but why did I get this?
Why do I have it?
If you didn't want it,
why steal it in the first place?
Where's the real Kohinoor?
That was a fake?
The real one would've
shattered the hammer.
She spent a lot
of time with Rajveer.
So she won't tell us so easily.
You're with him?
I gave him the Kohinoor I had.
I don't know where the real one is.
Quiet! Or else...
Get it?
That's like a good girl.
No more wisecracks from you.
Now you'll only speak the truth,
and nothing but the truth.
Tell me.
Tell you what?
- The truth.
Honestly speaking, Mr. Bhatnagar.
- Zorawar!
With that moustache ..
You look like
a south-Indian hero.
- Yes.
And you know, my grandma's life..
Is more exciting than mine.
Just tell us where the Kohinoor is.
Rajveer has the Kohinoor.
But Rajveer is dead.
No... he's alive!
He planned all of this.
He wants me to think
that he's dead..
So that you think he's not alive.
But he doesn't know,
that I know he's alive.
He thinks that I think he's dead.
Understand Mr. Zindagi Ek Safar?
If he's alive,
I'll be absolutely fine.
You two are such fools.
That day on the bridge,
he pressed the transmitter himself.
He could've escaped.
But he intentionally
gave me the fake Kohinoor.
So that you would bring me here...
and he could come after you.
Rajveer, hi.
Not bad, Harleen.
You turned out to be a
lot smarter than these fools.
I can't imagine the wit,
courage and obsession...
one needs to get here.
Not as much as you think.
Luckily, neither you
nor your men are too smart.
Who's smart and who isn't
won't be decided so fast Rajveer.
That will be decided,
when one of us is dead..
And the other
one has the Kohinoor.
The question now is...
how much pain can you endure...
before handing
over the Kohinoor.
Tell me... where is the Kohinoor?
Otherwise, it'll be Harleen's
turn to endure the pain.
Tell me!
The Kohinoor is where it should be.
In London.
You're lying.
The Kohinoor has been stolen,
everyone knows that.
Because we said it's been stolen.
What do you mean?
This was a joint operation...
of the Indian Secret
Service and London's MI6.
When you asked for the Kohinoor...
we made our plan.
The Kohinoor is
safe in its place, Zafar.
But unfortunately, you are not.
You mean... the Kohinoor
was never stolen.
Brilliant, Rajveer.
Not everyone is fortunate enough to
hear their eulogy before dying...
but, what's the point?
How will you save yourself now?
Because the countdown to
your death has already begun.
Those who serve their country...
start the countdown to their death
from their very first breath, Zafar.
Take a good look in these eyes.
There's no grief...
or fear of death.
There's only pride.
"Soon... you'll see your
death in similar eyes."
Remember anything?
Colonel Nanda.
How are you related to him?
I am his brother.
The countdown to your
death started that day, Zafar.
And it ends... today.
Go out and see what's happening.
He's not alone.
Who else is with you?
You won't get out alive either.
You'll die just like your brother.
They injected me because of you.
That injection won't kill you.
You'll just speak the truth,
that's all.
Okay? Let's go.
The truth is I wasted
my entire life.
They're shooting at us. Let's go.
All those boys...
Dilip, Jaggi, Harbhajan
they were all the same.
Boring. Boring. Boring.
But not you.
You're very exciting.
You really excite me.
That's good.
Shall we go now?
Your muscles are so strong.
I want to tear your clothes off.
But I can't...
because I am
not exciting enough.
We have to go.
Do I look sexy to you?
A lot.
Then why didn't you do something?
Why didn't you do something?
Thank God you won't
remember anything.
I will remember everything.
The truth is you don't love me.
You find me boring.
Harleen, get on the bike.
Come on, hurry up!
Soon we'll part ways...
you'll go on to live
your exciting life...
and me, my boring life.
Why would you be
with a boring girl?
You're not boring, Harleen.
Then what am I?
Tell me.
What am...
You're sexy, exciting,
crazy and right now... alive.
Let's keep it that way, okay!
Unzip me.
Hug me.
Did you find my guns?
You're very exciting, Harleen.
Now take the guns out and shoot!
- Rajveer!
- Come here.
- Get up!
Shoaib died because of him.
He killed Hamid Gul
and took the Kohinoor.
Here's the Kohinoor.
If you can get to me, then...
you can get the
real Kohinoor as well.
When you have the real Kohinoor...
you can come and
exchange it for her.
I am sure you will find me... again.
Come on.
Take this.
- Rajveer.
- Rajveer.
- Hey!
The next bullet will hit your face,
if you're not quiet.
Oh my God! Oh my God!
And listen,
I want the Kohinoor at any cost.
Oh my God!
The plane has been hit!
- David, check what's happening.
- We have to land the plane!
- Rajveer.
Well done.
Thank you, sir.
Your parents have
led a strange life.
One son sacrificed
his life for his country.
And the other is dead for them,
even though he's alive.
Harleen has been sent home.
And she has been instructed...
not to meet you again.
You know, that Jai is "dead"
for the sake of this mission.
Now you are Rajveer.
By joining the Internal
Secret Services..
You've signed
over your life to us.
Harleen can prove
to be a threat for you.
She could be your weakness.
Anyway, you'll be transported
to a safe place tomorrow.
Till then... get some rest.
What did I just have?
Stop! Stop the car!
Don't worry, Rajveer,
we're safe.
Good morning.
Where are we?
Who changed my clothes?
You ask too many questions.
I did.
And if I remember correctly,
my eyes were closed.
What day is it today?
"One day".
- Jai! Viren!
- Come on, dinner is ready.
- Jai, mom's calling us!
- Viren! lam coming.
- So, what now?
- There's just one thing left to do.
- What?
- Bang-Bang!
"Our nights have
taken some decisions."
"And as we have met now."
"Some magic is about to happen."
"Talks have happened
between our eyes."
"And as we have met now."
"Some magic is about to happen."
"Whatever is about to happen
will happen."
"Something surely happens
when you meet someone."
"This is surely about to happen
I've felt this after meeting you."
"Are you feeling it tonight?"
"lam feeling it tonight."
"Bang Bang.
Talk to me the whole night."
"Come and walk with me."
"A spell has been cast on my heart,
I don't know why."
"Bang Bang.
Talk to me the whole night."
"Come and walk with me."
"A spell has been cast on my heart,
I don't know why."
"Bang Bang, Bang Bang, Bang Bang."
"I don't know why."
"Bang Bang, Bang Bang, Bang Bang."
"I don't know why."
Bang Bang
"Nowadays while roaming
here and there."
"The eyes talk."
"Today I'll get beguiled
in the talks of the eyes."
"Just do one thing."
"Embrace me in your arms."
"And all night long,
this story of ours will continue."
"Your and mine..
- Your and mine.."
"The signs that our
sights are giving."
"Let's understand all of them."
"As I'm about to lose
my consciousness."
"Whatever is about to happen
will happen."
"Something surely happens
when you meet someone."
"This is surely about to happen,
I've felt this after meeting you."
"Are you feeling it tonight?"
"lam feeling it tonight."
"Bang Bang.
Talk to me the whole night."
"Come and walk with me."
"A spell has been cast on my heart,
I don't know why."
"Bang Bang.
Talk to me the whole night."
"Come and walk with me."
"A spell has been cast on my heart,
I don't know why."
"Bang Bang.
Talk to me the whole night."
"I don't know why."
Bang Bang
"I don't know why."
"Bang Bang, Bang Bang, Bang Bang."
"I don't know why."
"Bang bang
take a little chance chance."
"Take a little dance dance.
Now get your body moving."
"Bang Bang.
Talk to me the whole night."
"Come and walk with me."
"A spell has been cast on my heart,
I don't know why."
"Bang Bang.
Talk to me the whole night."
"Come and walk with me."
"A spell has been cast on my heart,
I don't know why."
Bang Bang