Bang Bang Baby (2014) Movie Script

(telephone ringing)
Hello Clark...
We found her.
No no no the one from yesterday. A small town girl from some backwoods berg.
She's beautiful baby.
Yep we're gonna start production in two weeks.
No, no for the new Bobby Shore picture.
We found the girl.
Hold on.
(alarm honking)
Dammit Harv, I told you I'm not producing anything about aliens, mutants, or monsters.
I make dreams not nightmares.
Joan, will you get them to turn off that noise please?!
I'm trying Mr. Avery.
Where is Bobby anyhow?
He's supposed to be herentoday for a press conference... Oh he's finding himself?
Well you tell him to find himself
on an airplane and get here!
(telephone rings)
Oh hold on.
(alarm honking)
Joan that noise please!
Yeah so Bobby, Bobby plays you know Bobby..
and he's stranded in some hick town in Kansas
and he runs into this innocent chick with huge tits.
Yeah, just a second.
Listen I am making this picture to revive
the career of that spoiled brat!
Oh yeah...
Joan I need to stop hearing that sound!
I can't stop it Sir, it's coming from outside.
(alarm honking)
Once upon a time there was a girl,
once upon a time there was a boy.
Once upon a time their eyes did meet, so sweet.
On one magic night they fell in love,
as the moon and stars they glowed above
All the pretty things that they spoke of.
So sweet.
On juniper lane he held her and told her
he'd take her away into the shining light of a better day.
Far, far away.
'Oh Bobby,' she said.
It's like a dream come true,
lying here under the stars with you.
And maybe, just maybe if we wish hard enough
we can leave all of our sadness behind us.
So sweet.
On juniper lane he held her and told he'd take her away
Into the shining light of a better day.
Far, far away.
I'll meet you outside.
I taped over the last few seconds
and added some of my own cheers.
Thanks so much for doing this Bennett.
It's nothing.
When you're famous,
maybe I could produce some of your records? That would be thanks enough.
Of course.
Hey, I have to get back to daddy he's not feeling well today. Hey, wait I got you something.
I found it in a junk shop in Toronto
and I knew you'd love it!
Oh my god!
I can't believe you found one of these things.
Thank you so much, Bennett.
Well I better get back to Daddy.
Bye Stepphy.
Hey Stepphy?
Uh, I was just wondering,
I mean I am sure semeone probably already asked you
but would you like to go to the Sweethearts ball with me?
Oh Bennett, I would I really would,
but I don't think I'm going to be here.
I mean if this works out for me...
Of course, and I just know you'll get in!
Please be good enough...
please be good enough.
Hello there Stephanie.
Oh hi, Fabian.
I see you're mailing a package.
Oh, it's just a gift for somebody.
Fantastic, presents.
Love presents.
How's the chemical plant?
Oh, it's going very well, very well, thank you for asking.
Yeah, saving a lot of money with a new automation system
it truly is a marvel of technology.
That's great.
Say, when are you going to come byfor that private tour I promised you?
I can show you how the whole thing works.
Oh well not now, I'm afraid I really have to
mail this package and then get home to dad.
Another day then.
Yeah, sure.
Oh, Daddy.
There you go.
Sweetpea, I'm freezing.
I know Daddy, the door was left open again.
It's good.
I need to sleep. Okay.
Goodnight Daddy.
Close your eyes, sleep...
Sleep like...
May all your dreams come true.
TV Ad : Looks like you could use some magic,
tired of scrubbing those filthy floors?
All you need to do is say the magic words:
Purple Mist chemical cleaning solutions.
The future is bright.
Oh man that's my best suit jacket.
I'm so sorry, Fifi will make it up to you.
I'm sorry Fifi I'm just not in the mood tonight.
What is wrong Mr. Bobby?
There is this sweet girl back home
but I think I went and broke her heart when I left.
Well let Fifi take your mind of the little girl.
No thank you Fifi.
This tomcat life just ain't doing it for me anymore.Nobody turns away Fifi.
Okay little girl, time to go.
Here I am in Paris, so lonely and so blue.
In a sea of pretty women, I only think of you.
Alone in your room looking at this same sad moon.
I could have saved you from an empty life,
a life of tears and gloom.
Oh darling, my sweet darling.
What can I do?
Hey! why don't I bring Paris to you.
I'll bring the arches of triumph
and this silly looking hat.
I'll bring this floppy flapjack
and some goose liver fat.
I'll bring this long baguette
I'll bring this crying clown.
I'm sure she'll faint with pleasure
when she hears the French horn sound.
Morning Stepphy.
Hi Mr. Baxter.
You all right?
Oh yeah, I was just watching some silly TV show. Did it come?
Oh my god.
Well I'll leave you alone,
I can't wait to hear how it turns out.
Dear Stephanie Holiday,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted
into the first round of the
American Ingenu Talent Competition.
You must present yourself at our Manhattan studio
on February the 14th to record your first song.
Please note this letter is your official acceptance form
and you must present it to be eligible to compete.
Yeah, this is great sweetpea.
I'm surprised you never told me.
Aw darn.
Can you run and get some more medicine?
Sure Daddy.
Oh Stepphy my gal, what can I get ya?
Hey Gord, I need a bottle of medicine for my dad,
kinda short on cash though.
Not a problem I'll put it on your credit.
Gord, have you ever been to New York City?
New York City.
Yeah sure, when I was young I crossed the border
and hitched my way to Manhattan.
Tried to make my way as a hands model,
people always said I had such lovely hands.
Why'd you come back?
I'll say this for dreams Stepphy,
they never really do come true.
Best not to have them, avoid the heartbreak.
Yeah, I guess.
Anyway, the extra one;s for you don't tell your pops.
Thanks Gord.
Oh wait, no no no wait.
Them's the poison ones.
Here's the good ones.
Okay, thanks.
See ya.
So what do you say Daddy?
Are we going on a trip to New York?
I'm sorry.
I can't let you go.
The music industry is not anplace for a young girl like you.
You're so funny Eleanor.
Well if it isn't little miss goody two shoes,
don't tattle on us okay?
Don't worry I won't.
Did you see Byron trying to hit on me?
Man this town is so full of squares.
Stupid disc jockey wouldn'tneven play any Bobby Shore songs.
I can't wait to go to Montreal
and make out with French boys at McGill.
What's your dealio?
I don't know its just Montreal is kind of nowheresville
compared to New York City.
She can't go anywhere,
she's gotta take of her little ol' drunk Daddy. Get bent.
Stepphy arenyou all right?
Oh Bennett, oh thank god.
You wanna get out of this stupid dance.
I can't.
My date.
Oh Stepphy wait.
Stepphy, did you get accepted?
Are you all right Stepphy?
Fabian, will you take me away from here?
Well, your wish is my command darling,
where would you like to go?
I don't know I just I don't want to go home.
All right.
Tiki bar, we could go to the tiki bar.
Yeah yeah yeah I heard that you can sing and dance on the stage.
The Tiki is a dangerous place Stephanie,
you don't really wanna go there do you?
Oh my goodness why is everybody in this town such a snooze.
Well now, I wouldn't say that.
Did you know that my Dad used to sing in a band Fabian?
No no, I didn't.
He got kicked out of his band because I was born and my mammaleft and he had to stay home and take care of me.
Oh, really?
Do you wanna know a secret?
Well sure darling, what is it?
I was accepted into American Ingenue in New York City.
New York?
Stephanie you can't... ...leave your poor father alone.
I mean you just said your mother's gone,
he's got no one.
I know, I didn't go.
Well that's. That's good, Stephanie.
You're young, you don't realize there are men
in that industry who'd like nothing more
than to take advantage of your innocence.
Make you take drugs, things I don't even want to mention.
I sure do like you a lot Stephanie,
I always have.
I'd hate to see you get into anything bad, is all.
Besides I kind of thought that you and I could...
Say, wouldn't this be a greatnopportunity to finally take that
tour of the Purple Mist plant I've been promising you?
Great, it's decided then.
Stephanie are you awake?
Can I kiss you?
You are so beautiful.
(alarm honking)
(alarm honking)
Wait, Stephanie!
(alarm honking)
Oh God.
Please, Please.
I want to leave here.
Get the hell away from this stupid town, dear.
Please, this day's been so strange.
Why can't I rearrange things to make them bright.
Please I don't want to give up yet
can't let this dream get so far away.
There's a light on the stage somewhere waiting for me
there has to be.
And I will be famous and I will be free.
And I will come home at night
to find my baby waiting for me.
There'll be no sadness, there'll be no suffering.
When those crowds are cheering for me.
(audience cheering)
Hello little girl.
That is a very sexually attractive dress you have there.
My house is right beyond those woods right there
and my Daddy's looking for me.
What? I don't understand why are you telling me
where your house and your Daddy is?
He'll hear me scream.
Wake up you dim-witted hunk.
nOw, what'd I do?
I'm trying to ask this silly girl for directions and she said she's going to scream.
You talk to her.
Helmut you silly sourkraut.
This is small town America, you gotta start with some niceties around here.
Bobby Shore?
That's right little lady.
Seems our car went and broke down in your town here and well
my German friend is a little upset on account of we were
supposed to meet a French millionaire in Hollywood.
I'm wondering if you could show us
to the nearest service station?
I am that.
What are you sweetie?
I am the service station.
See I told you she was a crazy.
I mean, uhm, my dad has the service station
and I work there.
What's the name of this little town?
Lonely Arms.
That's a fine name for a town.
Always thought there'd be more cornfields in Kansas.
You're not in Kansas.
You're in Canada.
I told you we should have taken a right at that cow pasture,
you nincompoop.
God I hate automobiles.
Don't let the governmentnhear you say that, Helmut.They'll send younback to East Germany.
I am not East German.
nLighten up, Helmut.
I'm sure that this Canada is a hip place to be.Hey, you look like you've been out on the town.
Is there swinging down here?
Uhm no I was at a school dance.
Oh! You hear that Helmut?
She was at a high school dance.
Oh sheesh, I remember those days.
I remember taking little Emmy Thompson's virginity
in the back of her dad's T-bird.
It was all so purenand innocent.
Hey, where's your date then?
Oh I don't, uh, stop!
Sorry, turn.
I don't have a date.
Well dear, are you finished playing in there?
(trunk slamming)
The carburetor's busted.
We could get one sent up from Detroit, it could take weeks.No, no no no no.
This is not possible.
Well I could ask my Dad if it would be okay
for you guys to spend the night?
I think Bobby Shore would be more comfortable in
a luxury suite hotel than a hillbilly shack.
So if you could kindly--
There's no hotels in Lonely Arms!
Nobody comes here anymore
ever since they automated the Purple Mist plant. Don't mind my German friend,
we'd be delighted to spend a few nights here.
Provided your father is obliging and all.
I'll let him know.
Daddy. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.
I'm here!
Stepphy I'm here.
Daddy, you'll never guess who's here! Huh?
Bobby Shore.
Bobby who?
Bobby Shore, daddy.
The famous singer.
A famous singer?
Can you believe it!
Oh damn, I better get the...
Wait Daddy you haven't heard the best part,
their car broke down and they need a place to stay.
Can they stay here?
Uh, yeah.
Is this a famous country singer?
No Daddy not country, rock-n-roll.
Jimmy Rogers?
No Daddy, never mind.
It's Bobby, Daddy!
He said yes!
Great, all right.
Oh my gosh.
Hi Bobby.
Good morning, Bobby.
Good morning, Bobby.
Whoa, hey there kiddo.
Listen I gotta tell you this place is fabulous. Kind of reminds me of the town I grew up in.
You mean Oklahoma?
What's that darling?
Uhm. Bobby I've been meaning to tell you that
I'm a real big fan of your music.
That's great kid.
And I kind of like to sing too.
Oh is that so?
Yeah, I was asked to audition for American Ingnue. But I couldn't go because Daddy's sick
and he threw out my acceptance letter.
But that was a mistake.
Anyway, what I was thinking was if you heard me sing.
That would be even better.
Listen kid, can you do me a favour and pretend
like I'm not a brilliant musician while I'm here?
To you I'm just Bob the square from Lonely Arms.
Hey, I got a rip in the shoulder of my white suit jacket.Any chance you could sew it up for me?
Oh from Fifi.
Excuse me?
From your movie Bring Paris to Her? I mean yes, I would love to sew your jacket Bobby.
Hey look I'm gonna go for a stroll in the forest,
be back by dinner time.
Oh you don't want breakfast?
Uh no thank you, fasting till sundown.
Okay, well dinner's at six.
Am I dreaming?
Is this a real thing?
Or am I crazy?
Well I could pinch myself, should really check myself.
But that might wake me.
Spent so many nights alone.
Singing to nobody.
But tonight when he hears me sing,
under stars all sparkling.
Two hearts will start thumping.
Four lips will start trembling.
And at that moment everything will change.
I hope. I hope.
You know bright pink stitching doesn't
really complement an 1100 dollar white suit.
Oh I'm so sorry, it was the only thread that I had.
Well if you kiss me after dinner I might consider forgiving you.
Well, I'm not really that kind of girl.
Oh, a square.
No, I'm not a square!
You work at your dad's garage, you probably never
been out dancing. You probably never been away from home,
you sound like a square to me.
I'm not a square!
It's hot.
Hot Hot!
Need some.
So, where is he?
Is he late?
No daddy, he's over here.
He's over here.
Bobby, Daddy. Bobby.
I'll be damned, is that really you?
Actually I'm like a country musician myself.
Maybe we could take out our guitars and do a little jammin'.
Yeah that sounds dandy Georgie, but right about now I'm itchin
to dig into whatever smells so fabulous over there.
Helmut, dinnertime!
Sorry about Helmut. He ain't used to
proper American dinner table etiquette.
Well me and Stepphy whipped up
something really special for you tonight.
Roast beaver.
Jimmy, at our tables.
So, Stepphy.
What do you guys do around here for fun in Lonely Arms?
Well I knit sweaters for stray dogs that live in Toronto.
I'll take it the dogs aren't too picky
about the color of their stitching.
I happen to think that pink stitching
looks nice on a white suit.
Oh honey, I don't think he wants
to hear about your pink stitches.
Mr. Rogers, don't mind my daughter,
she grew up without many people around her.
Shh, Daddy.
Oh it's quite alright sir.
If you ask me, I think she's adorable.
I mean I got a good mind to take her to Hollywood with us.
Say that again.
A toast.
Daddy? Daddy?
It's okay Daddy you've just had too much to drink
and we're going to go to bed.
Pardon us.
It's okay Daddy. It's okay.
Don't worry about the dishes George,
Helmut and I will take care of them.
Oh, no it's okay Daddy just needs a little bit of sleep and I'll come down and I'll do the dishes.
Helmut you just relax.
That's more like it.
Fabian, what are you doing here?
I had a truly wonderful time last night Stephanie.
Thank you for my coat.
Fabian I'm really busy right now so...
No, Stephanie there's something
very important I need to tell you.
Can we sit?
Yeah Fabian, I'm really tired right now. I thought you said you were busy?
Yeah, well I'm tired and I'm busy so.
I'm sorry.
It's very important, please.
Please sit.
Stephanie, have you noticed
seeing some strange things lately?
No I haven't.
Nothing out of the ordinary? No I haven't.
Now can you please get to the point Fabian.
I'm afraid there's been a leak at the Purple Mist plant.
It seems not all of the bugs were quite worked
out of the automation system and well,
there are these chemical fumes permeating the town
that could potentially cause human mutations.
What are you talking about?
Are you certain you haven't seen anything out of the ordinary.
No Fabian, I said I have not!
Now it's my turn to say something to you.
Of course my darling, go on.
I don't want you ever to come near me again.
Stephanie I know this is a lot to take in,
but I don't think you realize quite what you are saying.
No, I understand what I am saying.
You are a desperate old man making up lies about mutations
so that I will lose confidence with Bobby
and he won't make me a star.
Bobby? Who is this Bobby?
It's none of your business Fabian.
Now get out of my house, I don't want you around me anymore.
Fine. Fine I'll go.
But don't expect my help if you start mutating into some kind of
hideous monster from the chemical fumes!
What will your Bobby think of you then?
Thought I'd give you a hand.
That is so sweet of you.
Where's Helmut?
Sent that old grump to bed.
Well I'll dry.
Here you go.
I think, I think this would be the scene where you kiss me.
What's that kiddo?
If this were one of your movies.Oh those, I just show up and do what they tell me.
I never actually seen--
Well, good night Bobby.
(alarm honking)
Come on, try.
(animal dying in distance) I think you got something.What is it?
I'll go check.
Well what is it?
It's nothing.
Can you believe this magical weather we're having?
What do you mean kiddo?
Oh it's usually so cold and depressing this time of year. Wait, depressing here?
I mean that's ridiculous, this is just about the most beautiful town I've ever seen.
Oh come on, you sound like dad.
He has this delusion that once they build those highways
from the United States, people will realize
how great it is here, and start a casino.
Of all things.
Well that's a fantastic idea, I mean people love casinos.
Especially gambling addicts.
I don't know I always kinda hoped we'd get out of this town
and I could start a singing career like you.
You know what baby doll?
I truly feel like we are on the brink
of something amazing in our time.
I mean soon we'll all be interconnected by highways,
Our lives will be simplified by technology,
and you folks up here, I mean you'll be just as much
a part of things as folks in New York.
I mean hell I could live right here,
with this beautiful countryside it'll inspire me to write songs
it'll touch the heart of folks all over America.
Woah, woah I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, excuse us mister.
Quite alright.
Jesus what is that disgusting thing on his neck?
It was really good to see you Mr. Baxter.
People like that shouldn't be out on the streets.
What if a child were to see that?
Wake up.
Wake up.
You're all lost and alone in a mad fever dream, man.
Wake up.
You're all eating from the palm of that chemical god
in orbit around our throbbing sphere.
Wake up.
He's got bombs all ready to go, mad mad tail gunner joe.
Wake up.
Your billboards are blinding you.
Wake up.
Your angels are..
Scram peacenik.
Hey, that's censorship!
Woah, woah!
Ladies and Gentlemen, it has come to my attention that we
have a very special guest in the audience tonight.
Let's see if we can't get him to come up here and sing us a song.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bobby Shore!
(cheers and applause)
Hey now I'm just here to have a drink with my lady.
(noises of disappointment)
Oh, okay!
(cheering resumes)
When I saw you walking alone that night,
you looked so sweet under the pale moonlight.
But there was something I could not see.
You had a gun in your brastrap,
you had enough and you finally snapped.
You're a whole lot of crazy,
you're a black hole baby, you're a bang bang baby.
Come on up here baby doll!
Bang Bang baby, bang bang.
Bang bang baby, bang bang.
Bang bang baby, bang ba-a-a-a-a-ang.
Bang Bang baby, bang bang.
Bang bang baby, bang bang.
Bang bang baby, ba-a-a-a-ang.
Bang bang baby, bang bang.
Bang bang baby, bang bang.
Bang bang baby, ba-a-a-a-ang.
When I saw you driving into town that night,
man I thought that you were out of sight.
But there was something that you could not see
I was a whole lot of lonely,
cried myself to sleep every night.
I was a whole lot of crazy, I'm a black hole baby.
I'm your bang bang baby.
Bang Bang baby, bang bang.
Bang bang baby, bang bang.
Bang bang baby, ba-a-a-a-a-ang.
Bang Bang baby, bang bang.
Bang bang baby, bang bang.
Bang bang baby, ba-a-a-a-ang.
I had a wonderful time tonight.
Man, you can really belt it out.
I mean we really gotta do a picture together one day soon.
Oh Bobby, it's like a dream come true.
I can't believe if I would have left to be on American Ingenue,
none of this would have happened.
Come here baby doll.
I better get to bed then.
Right kiddo, till tomorrow.
Damn thing, come out.
Daddy what are you, what are you doing?!
Gotta get it out.
It's stuck!
Daddy what are you doing?
Stop it. Stop it!
You're going to hurt yourself.
Here. Here daddy here.
That's you, Stepphy?
Yeah, it's me.
You left me.
Went to Hollywood.
I needed my medicine.
Sorry daddy but I would never leave you.
It's stuck here now.
Nothing there.
Have another sip.
You know, I can't be alone.
You're not alone Daddy.
Hey, everything alright?
Oh yes, Daddy's just feeling sick.
Daddy, Daddy no!
Hey Jimmy.
Hold it right there.Daddy!
Daddy let's just go to bed.
Hey you back off!
It's between Jimmy and me now. Right?
Sir. Sir I want you to know
my intentions are completely honorable.
Yeah I'm gonna hear you Jimmy, but you know,
you don't take a child away from her dying father.
You see this?
You see the bones?
They're rotten.
I need her here.
Georgie I would never do that.
In fact I was planning to tell you tomorrow at breakfast.
Telling us what, Jimmy?
Well, imma build a house here,
and invest in that casino of yours. How does that sound?
Really? What?
Sure. I'm rich and famous.
I could set this town up good, start drawing people in.Maybe even open a concert venue for me and Stepphy to perform.
Hell, this could be the next Vegas!
It could?
I told her.
I mean... Jimmy...
You know what I like about you?Is your spirit, your belief in a dream.
What with modern modes of transportation being built,
this countryside will come to life again.
Just you wait and see.
So first Paris, then Amsterdam.
No no no, Berlin then Amsterdam.They love you in Berlin, Bobby.
Bobby, come on.
Oh, don't mind him, he's still sore about World War II.
Got it!
Look at this!
I found her, baby.
Haven't had this out for a few years.
You know what you called it Stepphy?
The music box.
It was good.
On two three, as always you start singing along. All right.
Well I was young,
and I was searching all over this lonesome world.
For someone to come home to, a sweet and pretty girl.
She was sixteen from Wyoming
and she told me her love was true
but after nine months she took to roaming
but she left me someone new.
Yeah. A precious gift.
So soft and sweet.
The cutest thing I've ever seen.
Tiny hands and tiny feet,
she's like an angel from a dream.
For the first time in my sad life,
I'm not alone in this world.
Now I have someone to come home to,
that's my baby darling girl.
That's my baby darling girl.
I love you baby darling girl.
Daddy I haven't heard you play that in so long.
Yeah, I know.
Bobby: That was a fine song Georgie. That was a mighty fine song.
I went ahead and wrote my very own song about Stepphy.
Would you like to hear it?
I finally filled these lonely arms,
with a love so tender, so charmed.
Now those long cold nights are all but gone.
Since I filled these lonely arms.
Oh the moon it knows more than we could see.
It finds us in the night alone and trembling.
Turn the dark into bright and the moonlight
snapped its fingers and brought you to me.
Now I found my home in your lonely arms.
Now the world can't do me any harm.
Now those long cold nights are all but gone,
since I filled these lonely arms.
Bobby that was amazing.
Well I'm off to bed.
G'night Georgie.
Goodnight Daddy.
I got something to show you.
See that right there?
It's beautiful.
Our President sent that up there as a wayto bomb folks from space.
Hardly seems real from here.
Like it's so strange and evil.
It can't be real.
(alarm honking)
Starting to sound like one of them crazy beatniks.
Oh I just...
Are you awake?
Baby doll, I got great news.
I'm going to tour Europe for a whole year
and I'm taking you with me!
First stop: Paris, France!
But what about the casino
that you're going to start with daddy?
Oh that.
Baby doll I don't know quite how to say this,
but your dad's a bit of a downer.
He smells real bad and drools a lot.
And sometimes when I look at him, I throw up a little
bit in my mouth and then I have to swallow it.
That's not true.
(alarm honking)
You know.
I have to go.
Baby doll?
I've been looking everywhere for you.
I'm afraid darling that the spill at the Purple Mist planthas made us all severely sick.
The town is being quarantined.
No, you're making all of this up!
You're lying!
Stephanie, my love.
Sooner or later you're going to have to accept it.
We're infected.
The whole town.
The mutations are imminent.
We're no longer welcome in the world outside. Stop saying these things!
That's far enough Ma'am.
Get off me!
Look at me Stephanie!
This is no lie!
Darling, I promise I will always be loyal and true.
When you're old and grotesque I'll only have eyes for you
so marry me, there's worse things you can do.
In a quarantined town of freaks, choices are few.
Understand this, I'll never be with you.
So sick of the lies you spew.
You'll never know the beauty before your eyes.
You poor sad man, why can't you realize.
You stupid girl.
How many times need I tell you?
This world isnan ugly place.
And we humans must make do.
So take all your dreams and kill them...
Right now.
Your sad lifenis mine...
You must take this marital vow.
Please shut up, you don't know a fucking thing.
You're the only one who's ugly.
I won't let you ruin my life.
Is that clear enough to see?
You're just as fucked up as me.
There's nowhere to escape to.
Stop running from this.
Oh hey there kiddo.
I'm sorry I was cruel.
If I'd known your pops meant so much to you,
I never would have said those things.
He's my dad, Bobby.
He's the only family I have.
I know baby doll.
That's why I'm going to build a beautiful house up on that hill with a guesthouse on the edge of the property for Georgie.
We start up that casino
with a great big stage for you to perform on too. It'll be real swell.
On one condition.
That you marry me.
Sweet pea?
It's time.
Just a second Daddy.
Just like your mother.
May I?
We are gathered here today
to join this couple in holy matrimony.So with no undue delay, rings!
Bobby do you take Stephanie to be your wife?
Damn skippy, I do.
Stephanie, do you take Bobby as your husband?
I now pronounce you man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Baby doll, you are in for one fabulous night.
I don't think tonight could get any more fabulous.
I do.
Let's blow this pop stand.
Wait Bobby, the song hasn't even finished.
Gee whiz Bobby, what a wedding.
I mean I don't remember ever seeing my Daddy so happy.
And did you see Mrs. Fangleweed?
I thought she was going to faint when she saw you.
And what about Helmut I don't...
And boy could you ask for a more beautiful night?
Bobby that tickles.
Bobby that tickles!
I love you baby.
Stephanie, you are so beautiful..
My face!
Oh god, my face!
How could you?
I'm so sorry Bobby!
I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to.
Why are you trying to make me ugly?
I'm sorry.
Helmut, help!
What did you do to him?
You salvage hillbilly!
Helmut, help me!
Come, let's get you out of here.
You poor thing.
What? Bobby, come back!
Bobby? Bobby?
Let me come with you!
I'll do anything!
Come darling, let's go inside.
That's my husband! That's my husband!
He's out there, he's right there!
She's all right!
She's with me!
She's all right!
I don't want to go with you Fabian.
It's for your own good.
She's just a little confused.
Jesus, Stephanie.
I have been so lonely my whole life and I finally find someone
to love and then you say these things and they break my heart.
Are you awake?
Can I kiss you?
I know you're confused, but you've got to get it together
for the sake of our child.
(alarm horns)
A nightmare, is that what this is?
A fantasy is that what this is?
A fantasy is that what this is?
A nightmare is that what this is?
A fantasy is that what this is?
What are you doing in our house?
Go check that one out!
Mr. and Mrs., Should you choose to take your own life,
we are leaving you these bottles of suicide formula.
You will not be charged for these bottles,
they are provided compliments of the Canadian Government.
Thank you and good day.
Are you okay Daddy?
Oh medicine!
Oh no Daddy, this isn't your medicine.
I'll go get you some medicine.
Thank you.
Stepphy, what are you doing here?
I need a bottle.
Say Stepphy?
A bunch of us were going to meet in town tonight
and take our suicide drink together.
You and Fabian and your dad are more than welcome to join us.
I don't know, maybe.
Not really much to live for anymore is there?
Radio : All right folks, coming up next is this years winner
of American Ingenue, Shirley Evermore.
Performing her number one hit duet with Bobby Shore,
"Bang Bang Baby".
Wow dreams really did come truenfor little Shirley, who sung her
way out of her small town and into the hearts of millions
all across the country.
To our family.
Though we may be freaks to the outside world,
here we are happy.
Isn't that right George?
Right on, Jimmy. Right on.
Daddy, it's not Jimmy, it's not Bobby,
it's just stupid old Fabian.
Have patience with him Stephanie,
the fumes have caused him to lose touch with reality.
And whose fault is that?
That was an honest mistake.
You weren't trying to save a buck on maintenance? We had the most up to date automation system--
Don't forget whose in charge of the government subsidies!
Once upon a time there was a girl.
Once upon a time she had a dream.
The world was magic or so it seemed.
So sad.
On nights like this, I think about that girl, alone.
Although she didn't know she was.
There on the stage in her yellow dress.
So sad.
Away, away, no more pretending life can be another way.
Away with dreaming, away with fantasies.
No more songs.
Okay Stephanie, I need you to push!
I am pushing!
Alright I can see it, I can see it it's coming!
Oh God.
I see it, I see it!
Oh it's coming, it's coming!
What's wrong?
What's wrong with it?
Mommy where are you?
Hide your face and don't peek
Now we all go to sleep.
Hide your face and don't leave.
Now we all go to sleep.
Go to sleep.
Mommy! Mommy!
Mommy! Mommy!
How can you talk?
How can a chemical spill make a baby talk?
I don't know, maybe I can't.
But I see you talking.
I can't help what you see.
Then what are you?
Are you real?
I don't know Mommy.
I just don't want to be alone.
I don't want to be alone.
I don't want to be alone.
Don't leave me alone.
You're my baby.
It's okay.
We're going to be okay.
I'm going to take you out of here.
What are you doing?
I know what you think...
you think you can just take her and leave me here alone.
Don't you?
Please put her down.
I've done everything for you.
Tried to give you and our daughter the best life
and all you've ever done is treat me like garbage.
You care more about that porcelain piece of shit than me!
That doesn't matter, that's our daughter.
Little Stepphy Holiday from Lonely Arms,
thought she could rise up from the filth
and become a movie star.
And look at her now, nothing but a weak,
broken, delusional little girl who doesn't even have the guts
to help put her sick child out of it's misery!
Drink up baby.
You're not a good man Fabian,
all you do is make people feel bad.
You know babydoll, I figured if you couldn't come to Paris...
...I'd bring Paris to you.
Okay Daddy, it's time to go.
Sweetpea, I've been doing some thinking.
You should go to that singing contest.
You're so good.
(baby makes noises)
Oh look at her.
I remember when you were just a baby.
You cried a lot you know?
And the only way I could stop you from crying
was I had to lift you up and hold you in my arms
with my hands like this on your back.
Dream the whole night through,
cause all your dreams may come true.
And look at you now, all grown up.
Ready to leave the nest.
Yeah, I'll go to bed.
Good night Daddy.
Good night sweetpea.
Once upon a time there was a girl.
Once upon a time there was a boy.
Once upon a time their eyes did meet.
So sad.
And that's going to be fine, thank you.
Thank you for your time Mr. Avery.
My pleasure.
On one magic night, they fell in love.
As the moon and stars they glowed above.
All the pretty things that they spoke of.
How was the audition?
It was okay.
Everything okay here?
She was great.
On juniper lane she held her
and told her she'd take her away.
Into the shining light of a brighter day,
far, far away.