Bang! Bang! You're Dead! (2002) Movie Script

Welcome to the nightmare.
- Hey Trevor,Let's take a peak in the backpack.
- You have probable cause?
- Yeah your reputation.
- Now let's see the backpack.
- Hey, Trashcan!
- Oh look who!The mad bomber.
- You blow up any schools lately?
- Thanks to you, we have to going through an X-ray every morning.
- If I were you trashcan...
- I wouldn't be caught in the men's room.
- Oh, oh. Excuse me.
- Later, dork...
You're the first casualty of zero tolerance.
Okay, everyone, listen up!
I said, listen up.
Any suspicion of violence
physical or verbal
Will result in immediate suspension
or expulsion.That is zero tolerance!
All rights. Come on,
move on through.
Mr Adams, let's talk in my office
before homeroom?
Morning, Trevor.
- How was your summer?
- Oh, just wonderful.
Trevor, put the camera away,please.
Uh, what made it wonderful?
Well,between counseling
and having to repeat my courses in summer school.
It's a toss-up.
You know Trevor,
a lot of parents called for your expulsion
But, Mr. Olson and others
supported your reinstatement.
If you would be so kind as to provide me with a list of their names.
I'd like to send them tank you cards.
Why are you here, Trevor?
Well,my parents pay taxes which entitles them to
one free public education.
I'd like to continue anger management with you
But it's your call.
you know,maybe i can
help you through the...?
Say hey to him.
- Hell, no, man.He might blow me up.
- He's one of us, man.
He's too cool.
We are going to start with
a broad survey of american literature.
Hawthorne, Poe, Twain, and James.
Pass these back.
Mr. Adams?
"Poe, Twain, James,...
Mr Adams."
I doubt what you're listening to
is going to help you on the sats, Mr. Adams..
- Climb the pyramids,Mr. D?
- Almost pulled my calf muscle halfway up, man.
- You should have gone for it, Mr. D.
Isn't it just a staircase?
- Yeah, and each stair is 1.80 meters hight.
That's what I said: "Ho."
Hey, Trevor,wait up!
- Hey.Good to see you again.
- How's it going?
Summer school, bummer school, heh?
Listen, they screw up your schedule?
I got you in my video class, but not in drama.
- Yeah, I'm done with theater.
- Oh. If you change your mind
there's always the drama club, right?
How's the "mad bomber"?
Come on,you know better,
it's just fit.
Oh, yeah, I remember when I went through
that the teenage terrorist phase.
- Downloading the terrorist cookbook.
making bombs, trying to blow up my school
- There was no real bomb
- Yeah, the only thing it didn't has was an explosive.
- Well, he made a mistake. He needs a second chance.
- I look in that kid's eyes.
I swear I can hear him tick.
- Where's your ring?
The engagement's off.
Oh!Oh, it's off.
Ah. Well, I'm,I'm sorry.
Don't drown in your crocodile tears.
- Oh, excuse me?
You can't just sit where you want.
- Why not?
Who are you with?
- You have to be a varsity or
a cheerleader to sit at this table.
- Or know everybody.
That table's for the druggies, stoners,
deadheads, burnouts, and the hippies.
That one... preppies.
Then you have the skateboarders
and skateboard chicks.
The nerds and techies.
Up against the wall,the wiggers,hip hoppers, rednecks,
and all manner of freaks,troublemakers, losers, sluts, gays,
- and the trogs.
- "Trogs"?
Freakiest of the freaks!
Where do you sit if you just
want to have lunch?
- Hey,I'm Brad,Do you want to sit with me?
- No, thanks.
- Hey,Good going last year.
- For what?
For standing up to them.
- You want to sit with us?
- No, thanks.
That's cool, man.
- I got this play off the internet.
I really like this play.
- I really want to do this play.
- I want you to play the main character.
- You're joking?
- I'm not joking.
I'm not getting up in front of these people.
Why not?
To give them another reason to trash me?
- Will you at least read the play?
- I don't see the point.
- Hey,uh,What did you want to see me for?
- Hi, Jenny, um,Jenny, Trevor. Trevor, Jenny.
- Hi!
Jenny just moved here from California.
Saw her at some regionals last year...
Awesome, awesome Julliet.
She'll be reading Katie,
the female lead.
- Well,maybe it wouldn't hurt to read it.
- Yeah
Well, I'm on lunch duty.
Let me know what you think.
See you.
- Mind if I sit here?
- Lots of room.
So,I was just given
an education on the pecking order here.
So, what's your classification
on the hierarchy?
- Pariah.
- So, how did you get
to be a pariah?
Well, you got to make up
your mind and persevere.
- Congratulation!
- Thank you so much.
- Well, you get the whole table to yourself.
- Pariahs have their perks.
So, you want to read the play
together after school?
Your video must be no longer than ten minutes.
It must have a beginning,a middle and an end and
it is due in three weeks.
Ah-ah, if you start now
you'll have plenty of time.
Remember, I want you to give
free rein to your imagination.
Explore a fantasy, whatever that means to you.
Go outside the box.
Let the camera become an extension of your mind.
Boys, be nice to the girls And vice versa.
- ok,why not?
- This year's going to be hard enough.
- ok.
but, um, Trevor,
Why don't you decide who you are
before someone else does?
- You should be more careful about
the company you keep.
- Pardon me?
- That guy you ate lunch with,
nobody goes near him.
- Break it off, if you know
what's good for you.
- If you want any friends in this school.
What that guy knows can kill you.
- I don't get Josh at all.
- What do you mean,like killing kids?
- No, I get that part.
I just don't know how you can
kill the girl that you love.
- Well, but didn't he feel betrayed by her?
- Yeah. Sure.
Well, have you ever felt like that?
- Do you know anything about me?
- Well, kids say some stuff.
- What stuff?
- Some crazy stuff about you threatening
to explode the football team.
It's true.
- How did you get to that place?
- Ever been low?
- Like depressed?
Well,I mean,sometimes,
But, I mean, I don't think
about exploding football teams.
Jenny, I don't mean depressed
like your dog died.
I mean where you feel that
you have got nothing to lose.
Where you don't Where you don't care
if you live or die that kind of depressed.
You ever been there?
- No.
- Okay, well, I have.
It seem like you've done
your homework for the play.
I don't think you're going to get into the cool cliques
if you're seen hanging out with me.
Well, then, maybe we should make our own clique.
- Hello, Mr. D.
- Hey, Trevor.
- She's a trip.
- That she is.
Uh, so, I was thinking,I'd like to,
I'd like to give the play a shot.
- Really?
Gosh, Trevor, hum
- Yeah.
You know, I wish you got a hold of me sooner,
because, um, you see,
I already cast someone.
Can I help you?
- Excuse me.Is there a problem?
- I'd rather go elsewhere.
I wonder how much business
I'm losing because of you.
Work in the back.
- Trevor?How was your day?
- Uh, video class was cool.
And people stared.
They went through my bag twice.
Somebody went through my locker.
- Well, you got to pay the price.
- I think it'll just take time
before people will trust you again.
- They want me to do a play.
- Trevor, that's great.
- Yeah, but rehearsals are after school.
- Woah,woah,I need you at the cleaners
after school.That's my busy time.
- Well, maybe I could fill in for Trevor.
- How can you do that?
- I don't know.
I can juggle my schedule at the bank.
- We'd have to eat even later?
Forget it.
- He has got to get back into
the swing of things.
- So, he does a play and gets out of
his punishment.
This is what it would look like
if I put my head in the stove.
Just for future reference,
it might be kind of cool.
I mean, my highs compared
to my lows are One in a million.
I mean,that's not true.
I mean, that's an exaggeration.
More like, you know,one in, like, 500.
Hey, Trevor.
Let's have a look in that backpack.
Get that thing out of my face.
Get out of here.
You're a troublemaker.
Get out of here!
Every time you see me if you're not
singing "Jingle Bells",
you're going to be hurt.
You're going to be hurt,
You're going to be hurt,
Move on. Move on.
I'll settle the score.
Hell, becoming a martyr,you know.
Going down and teaching these bastards a lesson.
I can definitely wrap my head around it.
- And this?
- That was the time I ran away from home.
- Ah, peace corps?Save the world?
- Actually, the world save me.
- This?
- Oh, a little play I did off-off Broadway.
One reviewer commented
that I perform it off-off-off-off-off Broadway.
- And that?
- One-man show in Seattle.
Reviews like my mother wrote them.
So, they got a star took it to New-York.
They all made a lot of money.
More wine?
- You know, you're the hot topic
in the teachers' lounge.
- Is that right?
They all wonder why you've cast the "mad bomber"
as a cold-blooded murderer in
Bang bang you're dead meat.
Bang bang,bang bang you're dead,
and I don't think calling him
the "mad bomber" is that helpful.
If you could have known Trevor before all this.
- he's the kind of kid you got into teaching for.
- Said Don Quixote.
- He's the most honest kid
I've ever worked with.
- Honest?Are we talking about the same kid?
It's garlic bread flambe my speciality.
All right, let's jump in.
up on stage, please.
Uh, what we're going to do here is
we're not going to worry about the words.
We're just going to get into
the rhythm starting with Josh.
It's okay to be nervous.And...
Who's there?
- So, I'm in jail and these are the kids
that I killed earlier today?
- Correct.
- So, obviously, the play takes place in my head.
- The five deceased are figments of your imagination.
- If they're in my head,
why am I talking to them?
- Ah.
- So,the whole play is in my head.
- Ah.
- So I'm obviously wrestling with my conscience.
- Ah.
Why would I conjure them up if I know
they're only going to torment me?
Hey, let's hear it.
Jingle bells, jingle bells,jin...
So, uh, let's talk about your triggers,
you know,things that set you off.
By recognizing the trigger you can stop it
before it gets you into trouble.
So, come on
tell me something
that really ticks you off.
- That's hard.
- Mm-hmm, I know, I know.Just
cause, uh
I just love... everyone.
This isn't going to work unless
you open up, okay?
- Open up so you can use it against me?
- If you don't want to talk then
you can use this time to study.
- "...make them squirm.
It's killing me not to tell."
- Okay,so,just tell
- You got it?
- No.Uh, pizza after school.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
- What are you doing?
I don't think I want the camera on anymore.
We have work to do. Come on.Come on.
- Josh, there's no way we're buying
you a rifle.
- Mom, will you listen to me?
- First you had to have a pc then every
video games ever made and a laptop?
- For school, dad.
- You wanted to see me?
- Yes, Val,have a seat.
Hello, I understand you're doing some kind of play
about a kid who commits a mass murder.
I will pull my boy out of school.
Mrs. Meyers my daughter tells me she's in a play
called "Bang bang you're dead".
I can't fathom why you would
Hi, this is police chief Bud McGee.
I'm calling to inquire about a rumor of a play
at your school about a kid killer.
- I get the point.
- There's much more,much more
and none of it good.
- Have you even read it?
- I don't need to.
The title alone could spark the
powder keg that we're sitting on
- This play's had thousands of productions.
- When a school installs an $ 11,000
metal detector at his front door
- it can't turn around and
do a play called Bang bang you die.
- Bang bang you're dead.
What would you suggest?
Maybe we should do Romeo and Juliet,
Two teenagers commit suicide?
Touche, Val.Let's find some more
suitable entertainement.
You don't really mean that.
- Hey.We're rehearsing.
- Sorry, guys.We're signed
up for this room at 4:00.
- Yeah, well, it's not time,so shut the door.
- You got three minutes.
Make it five.You interrupted us.
For school, dad.
Um... the newest style of nikes
every three months.
Let's just rehearse someplace else.
I don't know what your problem is,
dude but you don't scare me.
You know what my problem is?
This is a theater rehearsal room.
We can't do a play on a football field,
can we?
- We're rehearsing the pep rally.
- Really?That's neat.
Just relax.
Hey, are you messing with Trev again?
Next time, you get launched.
I'd like to see how bad you talk
when you're alone, head case.
- We don't have numbers on our backs.
That's doesn't mean we don't play hard.
- Why wait?
Hey, Trevor,we're going.
- Ammonium, nitrate.
- What?
I'm real scared, trashcan.
spelers 0
uitschot 1
- I have to go manage some anger.
- We have a place where we,
um,manage our anger, too.
Want to go for a ride?
- What do you think?
- Go ahead.
- Hurry up.
- Excuse me.Excuse me, I'm sorry.
I don't know your name.
- Uh, new girl.
Well, I'm two times 22,but you can call me 44.
You know it wouldn't kill you to smile.
Listent, I'm sorry about what
happened in the rehearsal room.
That Brad guy, he's a demon out on the field
but sometimes he gets a little carried away
- I just hope you don't
think we're all like that.
- Well, I did,but now I don't,bye
- "Bye" is such an ugly word.I much prefer like
"See you at lunch tomorrow."
- No, thank you.
- You got a thing against jocks, too?
- No, I just never found a reason to wear one.
- I'm glad about that.
You going to the game on saturday?
- No.
I'll tell you what.
You come to the game on saturday
and I'll go see your play.
- Well, that's not fair.
- Why's that?
Well, you get culture and refinement.
and I get a bunch of roughnecks banging
their heads together.bye.
- What's up with this act?
- I play this guy who kills his parents
and goes into his school and offs 5 of his classmates.
We don't bring just anyone here.
Just so you know.
Want a beer?
This is a place where we can be ourselves.
Feels like respect.
I like.
see ya, Trev.
- Don't take that attitude with me!
- Just calm down.
- What the hell are you doing out
at that time of night?
i thought the play was canceled?
From the top again.
Josh, with the gun and...
- Love that feeling!
- Love it.
- Crave it.
- Need it.
Got to have a gun grip in your hand.
I always wanted to be an army ranger
parachuting behind enemy lines,
ever since I could hold a
- Cap gun.
- Water gun.
- Air gun.
- Pop gun. - B.B. gun.
- .12-gauge.
- .38
- .45
- A gun makes you feel alive.
- Respect.
- Watch out.
- Move aside.
What the hell is this?
Wrong table, ladies.Time to move, girls.
This is the men's table
and you are sitting in my seat.
So why don't you and your little
freaky friends get up and move?
- What's your problem,uh, you little freak?
- Cause we don't wanna.
- You want to take this outside?
- I'm right here.
- Take me.Come on.
- I'm not scared
Sean, that's cool.Let's go, guys.
- Nobody can touch you
- When you have a gun
- Nobody mocks you
- when you have a gun
- You can take on anybody
- anybody
- The champ wrestler
- the whole wrestling team
- the bad dudes
- the gangbangers
- Get in, dude!
- Let me out!
- When you have a gun,people talk nice.
- When you have a gun,
people look at you like a VIP.
- You walk different.
- when you have a gun.
- You talk different
- when you have a gun
- You think different
- when you have a gun
- It's so cool
It's an A+
Slam dunk
- Touchdown
- Put-down
- All-in-one
- Love that military stance
- You ain't got a chance.
- Principal's Mayor's office.
- Bomb, 2:00.
- Watch out!
- Move aside.
- You can be anything you want to be.
- Because a gun in your hand is a Ph.D.
You just met Josh.
Hey, trev, It's for you.
- Now you're one of us.
- Thank you.
Hey, Trev,ast year, were you really going to blow up
the football team or was that just talk?
I'm not that kind of person
I've been counseled.
So, you really don't know
how to make a bomb?
Is this dangerous?
Only if you stand here.
So, we cut the wire,like that.
You take the detonator.
Put the wire in the detonator.
All right, you watch the car?
We're going to pull the pin.
Now, I got two seconds.
Imagine a truckful.
- How are you?
- Ah, I'm okay.
- How's your wrist?
- It hurts.
- You were seen sitting with the troggs.
- Where the firecrackers were found.
Cheering the opposing team?
- What about the writing on the wall?
- Do you know what inducing panic
in a public place will fetch?
6 months minimum.
I didn't do it.
I don't know who did it.
That's all I have to say.
All right, you can go.
- Jenny, what happened?
- Come on, Trevor,
you were sitting right there.
- Is your hand okay?
- Well, I'm luckier than most.
It's only a sprained wrist.
- You don't think I had anything
to do with it, do you?
- I can't say you didn't warn me.
Every day I take a grief from kids
for hanging out with you.
Jenny, I didn't do it,Okay?
- Trev!Trev!
You want to go manage some anger?
- Can't.
- No, we don't have any leads.
- Now, look, maybe it's a harmless prank or
maybe it's a warning shot across our bow.
- It might be the perpetrator's
crying out for help.
- What about the Adams boy?
We all know it's him.
No, I'm sorry.We don't know that.
Why take a chance?!Boot him out!
You have discretionary powers!
We can't take action on suspicion
or we will be sued.
Our internal security keeps a close watch
on all suspicious persons.
- What does he have to do before you'll act?
- If your security's so good, how'd they get
the bullet pass the metal detector?
- Nothing is 100%.
- Does the damn metal detector even work?
This used to be a nice place to live.
Now, it's just like every other place.
Seems like all education stopped
'cause of one boy.
If anyone has any evidence linking
Trevor Adams to anything
they should bring that forward or
they should just be quiet.
- Mr. Duncan makes an important point.
- Speaking of wich, what about this
"Bang, bang, I'm going to kill you"?
- Bang bang you're dead.
- Seems there's no control here.
Why is a play like that being done?
- Cause we couldn't get the rights
to say"Hello, dolly".
- Mr. Duncan.
- I'm sorry.
- But look, has anyone here
even bothered to read this play?
- That play has been disallowed in this school.
He's doing it at the community theater
with high school students.
My daughter was in it until
I had her yanked out.
Yes, the play's being done on free time
but not on school property.
If nothing is done about this.
I'm pulling my kid out of this school.
We're entitled to freedom of expression
outside the school grounds as long as
it doesn't reflect poorly on the school.
We're not doing anything illegal or immoral.
- You might have informed me.
- It's a play.
- A play that has no answers.
- Do you have answers?
- A play that stir up emotions and leaves kids hanging.
Is a metal detector the answer?
You put a metal detector in the school,
you turn every kid into a suspect.
We don't know what else we can do.
Look, I know you have a hard job,I do.
But it's not what's in a kid's backpack
that makes him dangerous.
It's what's in his heart.
This play is the best way I know
how to look into a kid's heart.
And I know you mean well
but I must ask you, put this thing off.
- You know I won't do that.
- Then you leave me no choice but
to go before the board...
and the union.
This school saw fit to ban the play but
the drama teacher thumbed his nose at the school ...
- and his now rehearsing the play
in the community theater.
- That theater receives city support
and we want them tossed out.
If not, we're going to get a lawyer
and sue the town.
What gives?
They gave us the boot.
All right, this is it.
Hey!You like this?
How would like to do this
for the rest of your life?
Well, this is it if you get expelled!
Okay,so,Boy bands versus girl bands.right?
Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.
well done,Who's next?
Okay, now the rest of you remember,
you will be graded on your critiques.
I want see in these critiques criteria
objective criteria.
I don't want to see "I think",
"I feel" or "in my opinion".
- Well, this is a death threat.
- It's a fantasy.It's not real.
- You really don't think this is a treath
against 32, against Brad?
- Yes, in video, but not in fact.
- Val, Trevor is still being Trevor.
- Come on, Ellie, don't you think
it's possible you're a tad prejudiced?
Why did you show me?
Because you had your own
doubts and rightly so.
Val, you're so caught up in who Trevor was,
you can't see waht he's become.
You have to report this.
If I report it, he'll see me as
another clueless adult.
I'm on the verge of a breaktrough.
- Well, don't ask me if
you don't want my opinion.
- I didn't say that.
- Not in those words.
- I know you need to do your Quixote thing.
- Oh... what's that?Is that a dig?
No, it's a compliment, Val.
You're a very high-minded guy but some people
will say you've crossed a professional line.
Tell some people what they call professional
I call sitting up in the bleachers, okay.
Tell some people to come down here on the playing field
'cause it mighty lonely down here.
- You mean me.
- I don't know who I mean.
I think you do.
- You're right.
- So did I see this video or not?
- What do you mean?
When kids tell their parents and
parents start calling the school
I don't want anybody asking me
why I didn't report this.
No, you didn't see it.
Yes,I'll report it.
Thanks for taking the time.
Hi, thespians.
Ah... savage youth.
On stage.On stage with all of you.
Eh, uh, Trevor,
can I talk to you for a minute?
Here, grab a seat.
Listen, um
I had to turn your video over to the principal.
I tought it might violate zero tolerance policy.
So, I'm giving you a heads up.
Meyer may want to slap your
wrist tomorrow morning.
Looking foward.
Stupid, stupid, stupid,stupid, stupid!
I wish someone would take me out of my misery.
- Who's there?
- Boom!
- No more pain.
- Who said that?
- You.
- Your life is over, Josh.
Do it in the living room for
you parents to see.
- What do you mean?
- Leave your brains all over the wall.
- Make them feel bad.
- The shotgun's locked in the closet.
Break the lock.
- No more pain.
- That's dumb.
- Only you can make them stop, Josh.
- How?
- You know.
- What do you mean?
- Boom!
- Woah!
- One bullet would quiet them forever.
- You'd end your pain stop the voices in your head.
- I don't want to be thinking this.
- Show them who you are.
- The whole school will stand in awe of you.
- You'll be a legend for years to come.
- Kill the voices, Josh.
- Uh... does it hurt?
- Bullet in the head?Never feel a thing.
I'm scared.
- How do I do this?
- Make your face a mask.
- A mask that hides your face.
- A face that hides the pain.
- A pain that eats your heart.
- A heart nobody knows.
- Here goes.But suppose I butch it?
- You'll be a joke:
"Hey, hear about Josh?He tried
to off himself but he blew it."
Now he's a pathetic wanna-be forever.
- What's the matter?
- This is stupid.
- Why is it stupid?
- I don't know.It's just stupid.
Instead of running around, wasting everyone's time
why don't you tell me why it's stupid?
Guy steals my girl.
I go totally ballistic.
I contemplate suicide.
I off my parents.I kill a bunch of kids.
It makes no sense.
- It made perfect sense to you last year
when you made the bomb threat.
- I don't know what you mean.
You know exactly what I mean.
You made the bomb threat.
You endangered lots of kids' lifes.
You took the first step toward killing.
- Anyone die?
- Beside the point.
- What's the point?
- Point is you took that step.
- The bomb was empty.
- And perfectly made.
- Totally harmless.
Most people don't take that step.You did.
Now, who's to say you
won't take the next step?
- It went no further.
- Josh did.
Josh did.Why?
Why, Trevor?
What do you have that Josh doesn't have?
What do you have that
Josh doesn't have, Trevor?
Fear of Punishment? Conscience?
God perhaps? Ten commandments?
Too chicken?
Whatever it is,let's call it "X".
Now, tell me, Trevor, what would happen
if were to reach right into your soul
and remove "X"?
I'd be Josh.
Yeah.You'd be Josh.
Mr. and Mrs. Adams?
I'm sorry about all this.
If there's anything I can do
- Don't put our son in any more of your plays.
- With all due respect, Mr. adams,I don't think
Listen, Trevor was on the right track
then you made him a killer in that play.
Then you give him the assignement to make a movie
about a killer and now here we are.
- The assignement was not exactly to
- Listen, you can split hairs.
We don't have that luxury.
- I understand how you feel.
- You have kids?
- No, sir, I don't.
Then, you can't understand.
Something like this could ruin Trevor's life
so why don't you just stick to
teaching and let us raise our son.
We're losing business.
People won't even come in the store.
People stare at me when
I'm in the supermarket.
- One lady said I was unfit mother.
- I wouldn't be surprised if you did
that firecracker thing.
- Always down in your cave.
- Ever since you moved down the stairs
- Always on the internet.
- We hardly know you.Graphs in the toilet.
- Police raiding and searching our home.
- What college do you think you'll get into?
When your brother was your age
he was on the honor roll.
- Trevor, let's talk.
- I'm going to bed.
- I don't know how to help you.
- You can't.
I would know how to help you if I knew
what was going on inside your head.
There's nothing you can do.
Do you know where your gun is?
Do you want to talk to him
before he goes to bed?
What's the use?We've said it all before.
Do you think he could get a gun
from someplace else?
Anything's possible.
- Am I calling too late?
- No.
- Was jail terrible?
- Actually
- the sandwich was pretty good
- The police called here.
They asked me some questions about you,
just dumb stuff.My parents freaked.
- Well, I made some videos and
you're in one or two.
- I'm in one or two?
- Yeah, and I said some stuff.
- What stuff?
Stuff about you.
Nothing bad.
- Are they going to expel you?
- I don't know.
Will you be able to do the play?
Well,Mr. D's the one who turn me in, so
- Why would he do that?
- I have no...
Trevor, what's wrong?
Are you okay?
I slipped.
- Hello?
- Dad, I'm on.
- Who are you talking to?
- Just a friend.
- I know who it is.
Say good-bye to him and tell him
not to call here anymore.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm glad you called.
- Me, too.
- Why would you want to be
associated with that troublemaker?
- You don't even know him.
Honey, the school doesn't want the play.
The town doesn't want the play.
Why do you want to do it?
- Because I don't let other people
make up my mind for me.
- You can't reason with her.
You can't do the play.
Not as long as that kid's in it.
Look who:
"King of the Troggs."
Hey, King Trogg,know what time it is?
It's Swirly time!
Whoo, in you go!
Yeah, come on!
Can't resist a windmill,
can you, Quixote?
So, who owns the gun?
Trevor, good guys tell the truth.
The gun belongs to somebody underage,right?
You're painting yourself into a corner,
- What does 32 mean?
- It's just a number.
A number that happens to match the football
jersey of our varsity running back.
- Why this animosity between
you and Brad Larkin?
- I did the assignement.
- And what exactly was this assignment?
- Here's the assignment sheet.
You'll see that Trevor did exactly
what I asked him to.
Well, if he only did what you asked him to
why did you turn him in?
I let the school look at a videotape.
That's simply our policy.
That's correct.
We expect all teachers to report
all kinds of threats.
- Why would you put on,
"Bang, bang, everyone's dead"?
- Bang Bang you're Dead.
And cast a student at risk as the play's killer
in a supercharged atmosphere?
Didn't you fear you might set him off?
I think when you label a kid "at risk"
you just created a kid at risk.
Trevor gets onstage to play Josh,
he faces himself,and that's good.
Then when a school need a scapegoat Trevor's
hauled off down to the office for interrogation
and that more than any play is the kind
of thing that could set someone off.
Trevor, how do you explain your video?
- You've already made up your mind.
- Trevor, please.
They're only trying to understand.
No kid likes to admit he's being bullied.
It makes him feel small in the eyes of his peers.
Makes him a little kid who can't
stand up for himself.
Some kids would rather get beat
than talk about it,
so if you want to get to the truth
call Brad Larkin down here.
Ask him to explain how this video
came into being.
- Brad Larkin's had no part in
making this videotape.
- Brad Larkin inspired it.
He inspired it.
Look, everyone in this room needs
to face one simple fact and that is
before last year Trevor was a model student.
Mr. Larkin can tell you how
and why that changed.
- Mr. Duncan, thank you.
- I'd like to see what's on those tapes.
We found these among Trevor's possessions.
Apparently he likes to take a video
camera to school every day.
Let's see what's on that tape first.
- Why did you take a video camera
to school every day?
- Same reason you bring a gun to work
to shoot people.
Trevor, just because they cast you as the bad guy
doesn't mean you have to play the part.
- Look at this piece of trash.
- What are you doing?Nice camera,
you geek.Get out of our school.
When I'm gone you'll all have this to ponder
and maybe realize why I did what I did.
A little push in front of other kids
is a very big deal
particularly when you know it's going
to happen to you
every single day.
Every single day.
You're almost relieved
when it actually happens.
You're always waiting,
waiting for the next attack.
Hey, Trashcan.Reach puberty yet?
Lick it!
They don't just hurt kids.
They make you hurt yourself.
I can't take two more years of this.
And the more they call me the "mad bomber"
the more they're scaring themselves.
They don't know what I'm capable of.
They don't know what I can do.
- And then there's the sanctuary
or home sweet home.
- How many times do I have to
tell you to cut the grass?!
- You say "okay", but you don't do it.
- What's going on in here?
- Is it too much to ask for you to spend
half an hour cutting the grass?
- I said okay.
You say okay, but you're
still inside the house.
You know how many hours a week I work?
- It takes over an hour to cut the grass.
- I don't care if it takes 5 hours
to cut the grass.
- Dad, I said I'd cut the grass!
- Well, go cut the grass!
All right, so, the play.Yes?
Mr. D,gooder.Why does he even bother?
Doesn't he know it's already too late?
Sometimes I see the way things could have been
I just wish I could be the person
she thinks I am.
Kids can be the most ruthless
people in the world.
They can just be supernaturally cruel.
Stop it!
Get out of my face!
Got to be a man.Be a man!
Sometimes you just want
you just want to cry.
Sometimes hate is the only
real thing in the world.
You can stop loving somebody but
hate seems to go on forever.
People respect hate.
It speaks, it vibrates.
Hey, man, let me help you up.
Some people don't even
need a gun to hurt you.
They use words or laughter or enjoy
watching you bleed to death.
You look like a trash can.
They get off on watching you
fighting back the tears
getting a lump in your throat,
blushing, wanting to cry.
And they give you a name. face...
Loser... weirdo...
spaz... retard...
You know, the name does something to you.
It changes who you are.
It alters your molecules.
And one day you wake up
and you look in the mirror
and you don't reconize you anymore
because... you believe them.
They win, you lose.
You want to cry, please leave me alone
but nobody's listening.
Because nobody cares.
Because you don't have a name anymore.
Because they took it away.
And then one day, they say that name.
And you hear something go snap.
Hey, Trashcan.
You realize what you got to do.
You got to take back your name.
And you've got to do it in
front of the whole school,
because that's where they took
your name away from you.
You've got to do it so every kid...
will remember.This is about justice
And after a while, you can
only think of one way
A gun, a bomb
Instant justice.
But what rush when they roll out
that yellow tape
Miles and miles of yellow tape
They won't have enough when I'm finished.
So when these hallways are
flooded with rivers of blood
when these hallways are choked
with their corpses and body bags...
You will all say:
"Oh, what a tragedy."
But possibly after viewing my tapes,
You won't be so quick to judge.
Maybe that's why I was put on this earth.
So consider this my last will and testament.
Okay, let's stop, please.
Mr. Duncan
who do you want to call in there?
- What the hell?
- I don't know.
- It's totally ridiculous.
- It's bullshit.
I think Meyer wants me.
- Everybody gets teased.
- Verbally or physically?
Even among friends?
- I don't know.Things happen.
- What things?
You know,horsing around.
- Yeah, everybody horses around.
It's a pecking order.
- It's a part of school.
- Did you ever hurt anyone?
- No.
- No way.
What if I said we have videotapes
of you slamming kids into lockers,
and shoving their heads into toilets
among other things?
Mark,why is there animosity between
the football team and Trevor?
- I think it started when he got
trash canned.
- Explain yourself, please.
Last year there was this spontaneous
pep rally in the cafeteria.
We had a shot at the state championship
so we wanted everyone to come to the game.
Adrenaline was high.
And what would you say, Mark,
if I told you ever since that day
Trevor's life has been a living hell?
I'd say that I feel pretty bad.
But I can't say I understand
why he feels that way.
We never intended to hurt anyone.
When an upper classmen trash canned me, yeah,
it was embarrassing and humiliating,
but it teaches you to get over stuff
and I don't think that's a bad thing.
- Who helped you trash can Trevor?
- I'd rather not say.
But I'll take all responsibility.
- I'm sorry.I really am.
- Dude, don't apologize to him.
It was me.In fact, it was my idea.
We've all been trash canned.
None of us threatened to blow up
the school because of it
except for the terrorist over there.
- Brad, cool it.
- But he is a terrorist.
What has he done for this school?
We try to bring a little glory to Riverdale and
the terrorist just ruin our reputation.
Nobody should be apologizing to him.
He's dangerous and he doesn't
belong in this school.
So don't make us the bad guys.
Yeah, he's dangerous to the status quo
of a school that cares more about kids
who make touchdowns and slam dunks...
than kids who are just trying
to make it through the day.
I think that Trevor puts on a dangerous act
so that kids will leave him alone.
Gentlemen, I will see you all in my office
after school to discuss suspension
and possible expulsion.
Mr. Duncan, I apologize for not hearing you.
However, that video is what it is.
Trevor,today you have forced us to take
a long hard look at our school.
That does not excuse the fact
that you made a dead threat
which trigger our zero tolerance policy.
I have no choice but to expel you
and you should expect a mandatory
psychiatric evaluation.
Mr. and Mrs. Adams.
I'm sure that police chief McGee will
agree with me that because of the use
of the gun your son will require a lawyer.
On a more personal note, this is the
most difficult decision I have ever
had to make in school.
I'm going to get a book from my locker
and I'm going to walk home, okay?
See you at rehearsal?
Jump in.
What happened?
We've got to get the hardware
pass the metal detectors.
Tomorrow we hide the guns in backpacks
in the trees behind the school.
Lunchtime, Zach, clog up the men's room toilet.
Go get the janitor and bring him there.
- Then we come in.
- Ski masks, right?
No, I want them to see my face.
Trevor's going to get our story.
Trevor, you're going to tell our story.
Make sure they don't suppress it.
Kurt, you go to the janitor's room,
through the janitor's room
to the boiler room.
There's a door to the outside.
Then you let me in.
Here, take them.
Go. Run.
You should be in the kitchen by now.
They're going to drag you through
the mud for this.
You've been great.
But, uh,this is the only way out now.
We just want for you to understand that
we couldn't let them keep doing that shit
to us anymore.
Mom, you almost caught me last week when you saw
the gun handle sticking out of my backpack.
You believed me when I told you
it was a paintball gun.
I'm sorry.
Dad, What can I say?
You said I couldn't do anything right.
Just watch the news tomorrow.
Hey, ma. You won't have to put up with
my yelling at you anymore.
Finally have peace and quiet and dad,
wherever you are
I only regret I can't deliver the bullet
with your name on it.
And we've decided by unanimous vote that
we're not going to surrender ourselves.
- Swat team has no choice
but shoot to kill.
- Nice three clean shots.
- I don't want to ever face my parents.
- After tomorrow
kids are going to watch what they say.
They're going to watch
who they push around.
I love you, mom and dad.
They are going to make movies about us.
That's it.
- Hey, it's me.Am I calling too late?
- Yeah.Kind of.
- Mr. D. had to cancel rehearsal today.
Where were you?
- I had a little problem.
- Well, you should have called.
- Want to skip school with me tomorrow?
Skip school?I don't skip school.
I have a test tomorrow.I have class.
- We have rehearsal.
- Yeah, but I thought we could do something
or go somewhere.
What's wrong?
I mean, besides everything?
- I just want to see you tomorrow.
- What, like a date?
- Skip school.
- Let's do something this weekend.
Jenny? Who's calling so late?
Jenny,you got to get out of here.
We got to get out of here!
- What are you doing here?
- Can we talk?
- Yeah, sure.
- Outside?
- Well, why don't we just talk here?
- Outside, outside, outside.
Why do to got outside?
Are you okay?
Go, go, go, go, go.
- What are you doing here?
- We have to talk.
We'll talk at rehearsal, okay?
- Can you get everybody out of here?
- What are you talking about?
- What are you talking about, Trevor?
- Guns.Troggs with guns.
Everybody, everybody!
May I have your attention please?
I need an emergency exit right now.
Whoever is holding this door,
let go or you're dead.
- What's holding the door?
- Me.
What are you doing?
Let go, you...!
Let's go!
I need an emergency exit right now!
- What the hell are you doing?Let go!
- Sean, you got to give it up.
Sean, please put the guns down.
Sean, put down the guns and listen to me!
Sean, please, put the guns down.
- Gun's down.
- Guns are down?
They're down so open the door.
- I can't.
- I will.
- You helped me when I was down.
I'm just returning the favor, Sean.
- You're not doing me any favors.
You're blowing the whole thing.
You deserve better than this.
Trev, move.
I'm going to shoot you.
I swear to God I will.
Cafeteria's empty.
Everyone's gone.
I got it. I got it.
I'm in so much trouble.
I'm in trouble with you.
Who's there?
Why me?
Why'd you kill me?
Well, it was more fun than
dropping dudes in a video game.
- Why me, Josh?
- Why not? World's overpopulated.
I wanted to do my part.
- But you liked me.
- Once upon a time.
- Why'd you kill me?
- I felt like it, okay?
- Why me? I don't even know you.
- Wrong place, wrong time.
Why me?
Everybody's got to die sometime, right?
Why me?
I hope I didn't disappoint you
in the cafeteria this morning, Josh.
I hope I died just right for you.
Some lawyer's going to get me off.
By the time I'm 18, this whole thing
is going to be off my record.
- You're all just a bad dream.
- Sometimes bad dreams come true.
- What do you want from me?!
- We really need some answers, Josh.
- Katie, we could go out this coming weekend.
- I don't think we should see each other anymore.
- Would you give me a second chance?
- I like somebody else now.
Sorry I'm late.
Oh. Hey, Josh.
Him? It's him?
I thought we were friends.
Can't we just go?
Every... body...
in... this...class...
is... dead...
We compared the writing on the blackboard
to your last essay in english class.
It was a perfect match.
Our zero tolerance policy gives me no choice
but to expel you for the rest of the year.
So because of some stupid words
written on the blackboard,
I have to repeat the grade?
I won't go.I won't go!
Dat doe ik niet. Vergeet het maar.
You will go.
Sit in a hot class while other kids
get to do what they like?
Study on summer nights?
- You should have thought about that
before you wrote on the blackboard.
- I'd rather be dead.
- You don't really mean that.
- You'll see.I'm pushed to my limits.
- I think you should calm down.
You know what? I hate you both.
And I wish you'd both die so I wouldn't
have to look at you anymore.
We tried to give you a good life, Josh,
but all we did was feed your appetites!
And starting tomorrow, you have an appointment
with a psychotherapist!
Mom,Dad,You made me kill you.
I wanted to kill you,
but I didn't want you dead.
I mean, how else can I tell you what's on my mind
without you interrupting all the time?
I mean, you don't know
how hard it is to be no one.
Where do I fit in?
Mom, where do I fit in?
Where can I go where nobody's on my back?
I go to school and the teachers give me
this test and that paper,and "do this"
and "don't do that"
and then I come home,and there's always
something I didn't do.
And I'm never good enough.
I'm guess I'm just sick of you
being disappointed all the time.
Dad, do you remember when you bought
me the outfielder's glove and I caught
that high fly in the little league championships
and you carried me off on your shoulders?
Why can't it be more like that?
Why is it so easy to talk to you now?
- Why'd you shoot me through the heart?
- Where do you think you shot me?
I hate it when you pretend
that I'm not there.
My parents don't see me.
Kids in school don't see me.
It's like I'm invisible.
- Why'd you shoot me through the head?
- Well, you should have thought of that
when you pushed me.
- Why me in the stomach?
- I had my whole life ahead of me.
- So did I.
- I've been taught that forgiveness
is for the forgiver.
but I can't forgive you until I know
what was really in your heart, Josh.
We want to hear you say it to yourself.
Sometimes I hate being alive but
I'm too afraid to be dead.
You know what I hate about being dead?
You can't call up and order pizza.
I miss lying on my bed in the dark and
falling asleep to a new cd.
- Yeah, I miss getting shot down by girls.
- I miss when a guy gets that look in his eye and
you know he's going to ask you out.
- I miss my mom's rock-hard brownies.
- I miss my dog when I come home from school.
- I miss caffeine, you know?
- I miss when I take a new pair of jeans
into the dressing room and I try them on
and they fit perfect.
- I miss when you start school and you open
a book and the spine cracks.
- I miss laughing so hard
that I start to cry.
- I miss screaming at fooball games.
- I miss being home alone with a microwave bag
of popcorn and the remote control in one hand
and channel surfing.
- I miss my bed.
- Singing in the shower.
- I miss getting into a fight with my brother and then
acting like nothing happened 5 minutes later.
- I miss making my mom laugh so hard
she can hardly breathe.
- I miss watching the sky go from light to dark.
And dark to light.
I never thought I was taking away all of that.
In the back of my mind,
I thought it was a video game.
- I could just press the re-start button.
- What do you know about never?
- I'll never do all that I wanted to do.
- I"ll never see all I wanted to see.
- I'll never know all I wanted to know.
- I'll never have a chance to star on Broadway.
- I'll never make my father proud of me.
- I'll never find out if that psychic was right.
- I'll never see Paris.
I'll never know what it is to come home
from work and have all my kids pull me down
with their hugs and kisses.
- I'll never be married.
- And give love.
- And get love.
- And have a rich, full life.
What do you want from me?
I can't bring you back to life.
It's over.
- Over for us, Josh.
- But just the beginning for you.
- For the rest of your life you'll have us
in your head until you're dead.
- And you'll see us over
- And over
- Again
As you saw us this afternoon
in the school cafeteria.
I didn't know it was going to be forever.
I thought it was just
Bang, bang, you're dead again.
When I killed you.
I killed all my possibilities.
I will never have anything
to look forward to.
Is this the rest of my life?
Oh, God.