Bangrajan 2 (2010) Movie Script

Dedicated to Bunthin Tuaykaew
and Jon Isarum
Buddha Tree Temple
near Bang Rajan camp
Excuse me your Reverence.
Where are we going, Daeng?
Back to where you live.
For 13 months the Burmese troops had
surrounded the entire area of Ayutthaya.
After 7 months the people of Ayutthaya
were no longer united against them.
Many had surrendered. Many had
run away in fear of their lives.
Some even killed each other.
In any case there was a resistance
of local warriors.
The Burmese called them the Yantric
Cloth Bandits.
Eventually their fame came to the attention
of the leader of the Burmese Troops.
Nay Miaw and he decided it was time to
annihilate them.
Your excellency Suki have a look at these
Kill them!
This is a fucking Yantric cloth of the Monk
and he wasn't an immortal warrior.
Up until now you have not brought
me the Monk Di's head.
I don't need this guy as my opponent.
Sir Nay Miaw we've never seen his face
I'll give you some warriors to help you find
him for me. Don't screw it up this time.
I called all of you here to let you know that
I've lost contact with Ayutthaya
for a long time already.
I don't know about the outcome of the battle.
That's why I need all of you to
decide what we should do next.
Ban Huay Daeng has 200 men.
If we join up with other villagers we
might withstand the Burmese.
Don't you guys know Bang Rajan
villagers were just slaughtered.
I think we'd better hide.
Whatever the Burmese want...
just let them have it.
No way!
So you just want to let
the Burmese kill all of us?
No way! We all have to
fight them together.
We have the Reverence with us.
We'll defeat them for sure.
I don't think so!
- I don't agree.
- No! No!
Stop it! What's got into you?
This is not the time to argue.
Aren't we supposed to unite?
Wait! You aren't Bhikku Thammachot.
I wish I could have a yantric cloth.
Bhikku Kong's amulet is also sacred.
Your stubbornness will get all of us killed.
I think Ayutthaya might
be finding a way to fight back.
If I get any update at all...
I'll summon all of you here again.
Phya Tos...
You're a good person
that people always depend on.
K... come and get your blessings.
Kill all of them... even the Monk.
The Ayutthaya army must
be stopped at all costs!
Master Suki must remove them from the forest.
Neither of them is the monk you're looking for.
Follow them!
Get them!
Go after them... fast!
Thank you for saving us
otherwise we'd be dead.
Don't mention it.
Are all of you yantric cloth warriors?
Then Bhikku Thammachot must be with you.
Can we join your village?
These children are orphans.
I'm sure the Monk will take care of them.
We can't go with you.
Take care of my kid. I'll be back after the war.
I don't want to go with them.
I don't want to go with them... Dad.
I don't want to go...
She's been crying all the way...
she must be tired.
How could a father leave his child behind?
He also lost his wife in the battle field.
I don't think he's gonna survive.
Death is not what they're scared of.
As long as they can get back
to their loved ones.
So where are the Burmese now?
I don't think he's gonna make it.
If we could eat the Burmese
we wouldn't starve.
They're not your family so you can say that.
What would you do if you lost your wife?
No problem... I'd just get a new one.
I wish that was true.
The first thing you'd do when you
got to the camp is screw her.
How many years have we
been living in hiding?
Living your lives by robbing the Burmese...
Even though this is our own land.
We've never stood on it with any pride.
Yes... It's so long that I've
almost forgotten what it was
like to see the entire village
get killed by the Burmese.
That time Khiaw and Iang were nearly killed.
That time if Man and Daeng didn't go help
maybe Ieng would be dead already.
After the war, I'll find some good land,
to make a paddy field.
I've already found some beautiful
land around Kok Galud village.
You guys should see it.
By the way,
when are you gonna marry
Chaba, Daeng?
I know she's been waiting for you a long time.
You can only ask for her hand from her family.
When I return home,
I'll find a good time to propose to her.
That's my man.
Then you'll know how much happiness
you can have when you have a wife.
All night long. You know? All night long?
Daddy... Don't leave me.
Daddy... Don't leave me.
Ne day your dad will come back to you.
Look! Mun and his men are back.
Where have you been?
I thought I'd never see you again.
I got caught by the Burmese.
These guys helped me out.
That's all right. Let's pay
respect to the Reverence first.
It's good that you've returned safely.
Every time you go, I can't
help worrying about you.
We rescued these people when we
confronted the Burmese at Huay Yai.
Make sure they have somewhere to stay.
Khom... Khiao... Let's go.
- Let's split up.
- You go get the supplies.
That hurts, Chaba!
How did I know that it was you?
Why did you do that?
I thought it was someone else.
So if it's me, you'll let
me do anything, won't you?
Daeng I don't mean that at all.
Let me go someone may see
and tell my mother.
I want you to marry me.
I've never said I wanted to marry you.
My mother would never approve.
So that means if and when
she agrees then you'll be mine?
Why are you trying to rush everything?
I'll be your wife sooner or later.
Finding food is getting harder and harder.
Burmese soldiers are all over the place.
Aren't you gonna eat anything?
I have to go check the provisions
to see if it's divided up equally.
You two can have my share.
Here's Saled-pangpon herbs, Father.
When we passed through Thong Lang
forest we found it all over the place.
You're such a good gatherer.
The captives say a contingent of
Burmese troops is nearing here.
I think we've gotta move again.
If they're really coming,
we'll think about it then.
Mun took a lot of captives to our hideout.
I'm afraid that we don't have enough food.
Can you let them die without food?
Alright, Khom. We can still handle it, can't we?
The more forces we have, the better.
Ah... Daeng...
You're still up.
Is something troubling you?
How can you tell?
You raised me since I was a kid.
So why shouldn't I know?
Our hideout is getting more people every day.
We're running out of food.
We need medicine as well.
I'm counting on you and Mun.
Don't worry about it, your reverence.
But I need your help for something.
I need your help to tell me what's
the best day for me to marry Chaba?
Put a lot of herbs on him.
Mai, why are you crying like a baby?
Hang in there. You'll get better very soon.
Mun... we're having a
hard time finding food now.
We'll try to find some more.
Mun... there's too many people
here now for us to take care of.
Just leave the wounded
prisoners to die.
If you keep taking care
of them, we'll starve to death.
- You know... where can they go?
- You can't save all their lives.
Mark my words, Mun.
Have we got enough rice for everyone?
Go ahead. I'm not hungry yet.
You've gotta eat a lot.
How long are you gonna be away this time?
I told you...
There's too many people to feed. No matter
how much you find it won't be enough.
Those people eat a lot.
Mom... the first time we came here
you never spoke like that.
Don't you think our lives were just
as tough as theirs before?
Capture them!
Kill anyone who resists.
The Burmese caravan is coming this way.
We're Thai.
Why are you dressed like the Burmese?
They forced us to.
Why should let them steal
before we do?
Which bastard dares to rob
the supplies before me?
Hold on.
Look! The Burmese are here!
Follow me!
What should we do?
Sir... do you remember me?
Of course, you're the soldier who deserted.
The warrior of Phya Thot.
Who the hell are these stupid soldiers?
Watch your mouth or you'll be beheaded.
I appreciate your help.
I've heard about you for a long time.
I can't believe I met you today.
Is the Monk OK?
Do you know him too?
The sacrifices of Bang Rajan villages...
Everybody knows about that.
30 of our soldiers died.
First we take care of the wounded.
Ur next move we can discuss later.
Mun... are you sure that
we should take all these wounded
troops back to the village?
So do you want to let them die here?
All of you trust me...
I know Phya's army well.
I guarantee these guys
never screwed anybody.
So if we have a problem
who will be responsible?
If they screw us you can cut my head off.
Sir, if I die it won't by a Burmese arrow...
If I die it will be by your hands... sir!
There's not too much wrong with me.
Just give me some booze
and I'll still be able to fight.
I think we should let
Phya's men rest a little while.
Then we can travel on.
Mun... don't you worry the Burmese
will catch up and cut our heads off?
Hey Daeng! What the fuck are you doing?
Here... this will ease the pain.
If I get the chance to return to Ayutthaya...
I'll tell his loved ones
how courageous he was on the battlefield.
There's a fire on that mountain over there!
That mountain is Khao Sai village.
No it's not Khao Sai.
It's Ayutthaya.
The Burmese were already
near there a few hours ago.
The people of Ayutthaya are suffering.
That bastard Phya
has killed lots of our soldiers
and he's working together with the
Ayutthaya troops.
It's not going to be easy to fight them...
General Suki... you'd better
be very careful.
I'm sure it won't be too long
before the battle
of Bang Rajan village starts up again.
Who the hell is Phya?
He's the General of the Ayutthaya army.
He can fight well and
he's not scared to die.
Let them all join up first... that's better...
so I can see just how tough they are.
Hey look Man's men are back.
Mr. Tong...
We are happy to return and
pay our respects to your Reverence.
Where have you been?
I was given the orders to
fight the Burmese in this area.
We nearly lost the battle...
But these local villagers helped us.
We should let these people rest
when all the wounds are healed we'll talk.
I think you should go rest first.
Let me close the door.
Don't move too much
it will only hurt more.
Cluck cluck
It's hard catching chickens...
Maybe I can give it to your mother
and please her so
she'll give me her daughter.
Do you think food is so important to her?
Just look at your mother.
OK... let me have it and I'll give it to her.
Mom... mom...
Daeng's given you a chicken!
Oh, a chicken... good, good...
go boil some water.
Daeng... what's going on?
They're boiling water.
Wow... really fast.
So what do you guys think?
So what do you mean
by bringing all those troops here?
You know those troops have big troubles...
So you don't think
it'll make trouble for us?
You all know.
So if they bring any trouble...
I'll run them out of here.
If Sena has offered his head as a guarantee
then those troops are good people.
They didn't come here to do bad.
But I think they came for other reasons.
Whenever you are away fighting
I can't sleep.
I'm scared you'll never be back to see me.
When is this war going to end?
Your physique is good
you'd better join our army.
I have a wife and have to
take care of these villagers.
I can't leave this place.
Your excellency you should stay here...
the villagers would be happy.
I'm a soldier and my job is
to take care of the Kingdom.
I don't know how to be a farmer or plant rice
but thanks for your offer anyway.
Who threw that at my head?
Chaba do you want me to go into shock?
That bitch is crazy.
Hang on... I'll be right back.
Makham... You're all grown up now...
when you get married you won't be lonely.
I prefer being single
then I'll never be sad.
Khaek how can you be
happy with a husband like that?
You can't find out until
you've tried it yourself.
So what's the matter why
are you looking at me like that?
I found out the most auspicious
day for our marriage from the Monk.
I think you have to go... hurry up.
I've been out too long...
my mother will complain.
If you don't leave I will.
I'm going to ask your mother
myself to allow you to be my wife.
Have you got a husband already?
Hey Buak!
You have a very black heart.
Don't you think you should
give me some medicine?
Your wound is dry already
you don't need medicine.
In two or three days it will be gone.
Did I hurt you?
- I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention.
- Hey Pan.
Who are you taking those things to?
I'm giving it to the soldiers.
Come on... here!
What did you do that for?
You bastard...
Why did you dump that?
We don't have too much to eat here.
You want to do something about it?
Stop... stop!
Don't fight... we're family.
They're family too.
Why are you guys fighting?
You should save your strength
to fight the Burmese!
You're all soldiers.
Why do you act like hooligans?
Get going...
I hope this argument is finished today!
I'm sorry to trouble you but
I have something to ask you.
Ask me what, sir?
If you want to be a leader...
you have to think carefully
to make decisions.
Some decisions are tough
but anyway you have to
make the correct choice.
Pack everything...
The Burmese are getting near us now.
We'll need more people to come help us.
Your excellency... where are you going?
I'm going to see the Monk.
How come?
That's not your business.
But I want to know.
K... I'll tell you.
I'm going to ask the Monk to find
people to help fight the Burmese.
You don't need to ask the Monk about that.
No one here is gonna join you
because everyone here
is fighting for their own survival.
And when it's all over everyone's
gonna go their own way anyway.
Because of people like you
the Kingdom is like this.
Keep on fighting and you'll all be dead.
Now why are you all fighting?
Right now this village is in trouble.
Isn't that enough?
Ah... so what were you two arguing about?
I need more people to prevent
the Burmese coming through here.
This battle can only be lost not won.
We don't have enough power
and if we fight we'll all die.
In the battlefield anything can happen.
Your excellency, you shouldn't
put the villagers lives at risk.
Phya... Mung...
I know you all mean well
but have you asked all your men
who wants too fight and who doesn't?
Those who want to fight... let them fight
and whoever doesn't just let them go.
You people can't force anybody.
I'll do it anyway...
even if no one helps me.
Don't you be angry with them.
They're only doing their job.
The military must protect the Kingdom.
Sometimes some personal matters
come before the affairs of the Kingdom.
I was a soldier before.
I understand them very well.
You've fought in many battles before
so why don't you just think sensibly?
They're going to take our land so
I can't just sit back and let that happen.
Look just because you're the leader
it doesn't mean that every
decision you make is correct.
Your life is at the crossroads
so whatever you do I want you to
think carefully about the outcome.
In the Kingdom we need
a leader like you for the military.
Right now we can't trust the Ayutthayans.
They've left their war for
Bang Rajan villagers to fight.
It's not like that...
There are good people we can trust too...
but these days the bad people are
taking advantage of everyone.
That's why the Kingdom has problems.
With the Kingdom like this
we cannot depend on anyone.
So what kind of man is General Phya?
If you're looking for someone good...
General Phya is the first
person I would recommend.
I've got chickens... tell me which one you like
- and I'll get Phaen and Khiaw to catch it.
- The female.
You like the female chicken!
Now our forces have surrounded
but I still didn't get Phya's head.
You have to admit you're inefficient.
We're near him now... it won't
be long until we get him.
My orders were precise.
I've given Mang Changai this job.
If that is your order
I'll make sure it's done even if I die.
Hurry up if your going to get Phya...
take him to Mang Changai now!
Get lost...
I want to be with my wife.
I promise not to hurt you
like the others would.
Mom... mom
Mom... wake up and eat.
Eat slowly...
Believe them...
you're all Thai...
be good and you can eat.
Fucking... Saeng.
How did you fix my shoes?
They're still broken!
You know made my feet hurt all day?
Dad are you K?
Wait, I'll fix them.
Perfectly... perfectly...
So why didn't you do it good
the first time... you little shit?
Saeng... most of us want to escape from here...
are you with us... do you want to go?
Since you're my old friend
I'm not going
tell your plan to the Burmese.
Take my advice... you better forget it...
or you're all gonna end up dead.
OK you dog then you just
keep on being their servant!
Nay Miaw hopes you succeed in
accomplishing your job.
Don't upset him.
Now those cheap ass bandits
will see how a real bandit works!
Take this food to feed the villagers.
Take it easy... everyone.
We have enough for everyone.
Take it Grandma...
Don't fight over it.
Come over here, Grandma.
Take it easy. There's plenty for everyone.
Hey... Chumpi.
You better get some rest.
I'm all right.
I'm pregnant...
are you serious?
So is it a boy or a girl?
Are you crazy? How should I know?
If he kicks your tummy, it's a boy.
Are you nuts? How should I know?
I'm only pregnant a month.
They don't kick yet.
It looks like you want a boy.
If it's a girl or a boy.
I'd love it the same.
Chumpi, I'm just afraid that
he'll be born into hardship.
I have no idea what lies ahead.
All I know is there must be enough food
for everyone tomorrow.
And a safe place for everyone to sleep.
Don't worry we'll have monk Di's head soon.
I'm positive the guy we've
sent can pull it off.
Then we'll get in their camp
and kill the rest of them.
Why are you so confident?
He dared to leave his family
for only one King.
I've lost lots of my best
men for his head already.
What Nay Miaw is scared
of the most is his prestige.
Mong Di found only the best men to fight us.
If you're doing this for prestige you are
making a huge mistake.
I'm just warning you that
he could get real pissed off.
Go tell him I can do it for sure.
I'll get him, you'll see.
Are you sure Phya Tos would
dare to betray Mang Changai?
A fucking prick like that could do anything.
K... I see you are all here.
I thought you had all eaten your fill.
But today I'm not sure if you're still hungry.
However in the future you definitely will...
If you all care for each other...
just like this firewood.
If there is only one stick,
the fire will burn quickly.
But when there are
many sticks together...
it takes a longer time to burn.
If we're lucky
dew will come tonight.
It will take a much longer time to burn
and we'll be left with the ashes much later.
Hey Pin you have to do it.
May god bless you.
Are you the two?
Muen Sena rescued from Bang Putsa?
Yes, Father.
Because of your virtue,
we are both alive.
My wife has asked me to pay respect to you.
I've brought red lime for you.
I made it myself, it's my family heritage.
Very well.
Luckily, you met Mun and his folks.
Seeing that wound...
makes me feel sorry for you.
No! Father, no!
What are you doing?
It's... poisoned.
Actually, we are not Bang Putsa villagers.
The Burmese...
took my kids and others as hostages.
They forced us...
to kill you. Father.
Please forgive me, sir.
If we don't do it,
they will kill our kids and all villagers.
Did you steal something from me?
This is for you.
You can have it.
For my love.
There's no news from the prisoners that
went to kill the Monk.
Then kill every one of the
people from their village!
Even those stupid prisoners couldn't do it.
But that doesn't mean we can't do it.
As soon as those Ayutthayans
are destroyed.
We'll steal that Big Golden Buddha and
take it to give to our King.
And on the way we'll get the
Monk's head at the same time.
Wherever they're staying
we can find them easily.
They'll see thousands of our forces.
Like ants... this is our double luck!
Let the people of Pin's village eat.
Well, that...
Tie that stuff up over there.
Come on. Let's eat.
Only those from Pin's Village.
The rest of you... back to work.
Come on. You go...
You, go over there.
What's so special today?
How come Pin's people are
getting such fine food?
Give me some.
Come on, I want some too.
How did they ever get food like this?
This food is for Pin's people.
Pin screwed up a job he did for the
How could you do this? You bastard... Pin!
What's going on?
Why do you have to beat them?
That couple were trying to poison the Monk.
Duang saw everything and told me about it.
Is that true, Thid?
How is the Monk doing?
With his holiness... he's doing all right.
Kick them out!
Hold on.
But the Monk hasn't been harmed, right?
Mun... you're the leader and
you can't just give up.
Yes... Yes.
Mun is not as cold-blooded as the rest of you.
Seeing captives dying...
you're not gonna help?
First of all we have to think
about our abilities.
Yes... Yes.
All right!
You can kill me or do whatever you like to me!
What did they do wrong?
They deserted their kids
and let their people die for me.
And this is what they get?
If you were them, would you
be brave enough to do so?
Ask yourselves.
Ayutthaya is breached!
What did those two do wrong?
As each day passes by...
people keep dying like leaves.
And how many will die tomorrow?
Two bodies?
Twenty bodies?
Living in hiding,
and stealing.
Maybe it's the best way to live.
But how long can we keep doing this?
The Burmese...
are all over the place.
And they won't go anywhere.
They will completely destroy our motherland.
If you don't stand up and fight,
just abandon everything here and run away.
But if you think you're a real warrior,
get your weapons
and join my troops tomorrow at dawn
for the prestige of the Monk!
Holy power of his reverence...
will make this the great battle
as famous
as the battle of Bang Rajan.
Everyone... pull!
Pah, drink some water... son.
Drink some water... son!
No! I don't drink Burmese water.
You idiot!
Come on. Pull!
Hey bitch... get out!
Pah get out of here fast...
I dreamed that I got killed
by the yantric cloth bandit.
My mother is sick.
Can you find a doctor to check her, sir?
What are you barking
about? I don't understand.
My mother...
is sick.
The soldiers are ready, sir.
Why are you staring at my wife?
When I ask you something...
You answer!
With such a pretty woman, no man can resist.
The only thing a poor man
like me can do is look...
Today I'll let your dream come true...
to celebrate our victory over Ayutthaya.
What are you waiting for?
Hurry up...
Fuck her!
Hey! I mean you gotta do it right here!
Now... right here! In front of me!
Do it now!
Remember... Today we will
conquer Ayutthaya...
all the women and everything belong to us!
I told you not to run away.
Pah. Why did it have to be you?
Get out of here... get out of here!
I've just seen the Burmese
troops around here everywhere.
I'm out of here.
The Burmese are ruling this country.
We'll be killed sooner or later.
And where can you go?
Burmese troops are everywhere.
We're just a small group... it'll be easy to flee.
We have plenty of protection
from our own fighters.
Are you going with us or not?
- I'm going... - I'm going.
Be careful. Don't drop a thing.
Come on! Hurry up!
You're leaving the camp.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Where are we going?
Stop asking questions! We're in a hurry.
Get on the cart!
I told you. Get on the cart.
Didn't you hear me?
Forget about her. Let's get going.
Man... Have you seen Daeng around?
I saw him on guard in front of the camp.
Hold on.
It's time to go, Chaba.
Chaba... Chaba.
- Daeng... Daeng.
- Chaba.
I told you... I'd marry you...
You can't change my mother's mind.
I want to be with you...
but I really can't desert my mother.
I want you to be my wife in this life.
I wanna follow you everywhere you go.
But I can't desert the Monk either.
You... remember my words...
after this war,
I will look for you.
I will follow you everywhere...
I'll tie these strings around your wrist.
Promise me you'll wait for me...
Promise me!
I'll wait for you...
You promised me already...
I'll wait for you...
I'll wait for you... Daeng.
I'll find you...
Daeng... I'll wait for you.
Listen to me, Daeng.
If you two are meant to be a couple
I think one day
you'll definitely be together.
We've been gone from Ayutthaya for months.
Don't you miss your home?
or wherever we are, it's still our homeland.
Nothing is permanent in this world.
Even our own bodies aren't really ours.
When we meet our death...
our bodies return to the earth.
Just think that what we
are losing is merely the body.
But what really matters is
the story about all of us.
The story that is still in your heart and soul.
When the Bang Rajan village was attacked...
the villagers grabbed their weapons
shouting and not scared to die.
They knew in their heart
what they were fighting for.
Though their bodies were gone,
their love for their motherland was eternal...
being with them forever...
no matter in which battle they fought.
In all of these battles...
what are you fighting for?
I fight for the things I love.
And you, Mun?
What do you fight for?
Ayutthaya has been destroyed...
Which piece of land can you call home?
Which piece of land you
can die on peacefully?
And where will your body be burnt?
We can't just run away forever, Mun.
Maen... Phaen... Khiaw and Iang...
Get all the villagers around here.
There may be hundreds.
With that huge Burmese army
out there who would join us?
- Yantric cloth warriors?
- Yes.
We're here to draft you into our army.
Don't you think it's time
for all of us to unite?
Why are you sitting here?
I know what you're going to do is horrible.
But if you ask me,
I can tell you that
I don't care if everyone dies
and no one has any land.
All I want is for you, me
and our child to stay together.
Please don't go again...
So the what's so great
about only 3 people
and nobody else?
Can we really call that our home?
Now I understand what I'm fighting for.
It's not just for survival.
I fight for the future of our children,
for them to have their land to live in
and to walk
and to play.
So they can have a good night's sleep
and so no one can harm them.
Listen to me.
In the future if I don't stay with him
tell him that I didn't go anywhere.
I will be in the soil,
in the trees
and in the river.
I will protect him.
God bless and may you
come back victoriously.
I believe if you unite your forces like this,
you will defeat the enemy and return!
Kill them!
Move it!
Come on! Run! Run!
Get that rope off and run!
Phya Lhek!
Phya Tos is escaping!
- Iang.
- Muen. Let go.
No... Iang.
Fucking Phya Tos escaped.
General Suki doesn't want
to kill any peasants.
No one will die if you hand over
Bhikku Thammachot.
Or else, or General Suki won't
leave even one cow alive.
Your reverence.
Your Reverence don't go.
- Don't go!
- Do you want to die?
Don't go, sir.
Don't you remember my teachings?
Our body is not permanent.
It's a type of suffering.
It isn't ours.
Everyone will end up the same. No exception.
Not even me.
Your Reverence... please don't go.
Chumpi... get behind the cart.
All of you... listen to me!
Now it's time for you to choose...
if you want to live or die?
If you choose to live, just drop
your weapons and surrender!
But if choose to die.
Don't let those weapons slip out of your hand
and follow my orders.
I heard that you've got thick skin
and can't be killed... is it true?
Don't you know the reason why
the Bang Rajan villagers are so tough?
It's because they have all been
been coerced and tortured.
If you don't stop, they'll fight you forever.
We've been out of Ayutthaya for months.
Don't you miss it at all?
or wherever we are, it's still our homeland.
Death is not what they're afraid of.
As long as they have hope to return
to their loved ones.
After the war, I'll find some good land
to make a paddy field.
I will live on...
...and I will see you again.
You'll have to wait for me, Chaba.
You'll have to wait for me.
I will, Daeng. I will.
If I have no chance to raise him.
Tell him that I didn't go anywhere.
I will be in the ground,
in the trees
and in the river.
I will protect him.
Don't you know why those
villagers are so tough?
It's because they've been
coerced and tortured.
And if you don't stop, they'll fight you forever.