Bank Alert (2023) Movie Script

[Uplifting music plays]
[crow caws]
[Uplifting music continues to play]
[man] The Law, I can't afford
to lose this case. [exclaims]
The implication on my career is too much.
In the next five years, I won't be
able to get any job in my sector.
These guys have been defrauding customers
and they had to be exposed.
Do you know that
the implication of this ruling now...
The... the... What
the implication of this ruling is?
That means it is
a bad thing now to expose scams.
Well, they say you signed a strict NDA,
Non-Disclosure Agreement,
and you violated it.
And because of that,
they have lost credibility.
And their customers
have left the crypto platform.
[sighs] I know these people,
they will tell any lie to win this case.
They will tell any lie to win this case.
But we are not going to give up fighting.
The Law, we need to appeal this case.
[in Igbo] My man,
[in English] he who fights and runs away,
lives to fight another day.
- [sucks teeth]
- You see those people,
I know them.
And I will say, forget them.
Ah ah, Uche...
My man... Sammy, we'll see later.
Uche, my... My house, my mortgage.
Everything gone?
Where is the justice?
[intriguing music playing]
[deep exhale]
Emeka, don't try it.
Go away! Who even wants your food?
Ebube, my favourite brother.
Ah ah. Thank you, give me small.
Ah ah. Thank you.
That's why they call you F.F.O.
For Food Only.
Mummy told you to stop calling me that.
I will stop when you stop
taking everything you see.
[sighs] Emeka!
- [Hisses]
- [Emeka giggles]
Food fight! [laughs]
[yells] Ebube, see what you have done!
- What is going on here?
- It's him!
The food that we don't
have is what you people are playing with?
He is the one that started um, throwing
- everything.
- What is going on here?
Go and get dressed,
your... your dad has to take you to school.
- [in Yoruba] What kind of trouble is this?
- You are overfeeding these children.
- You are overfeeding these children.
- [in English] Look at the whole place.
[tuts] I've paid for them to come
and take out the trash. Please,
let them not spill it on
the ground like they did the last time.
- Okay.
- [woman] Then, um, eh, the chicken,
help me parboil it,
so that by the time I come
back at 4:00 p.m., I'll cook it.
No problem.
Are you going to pay the NEPA bill today?
It is because of us the whole
compound does not have light.
Okay. Um...
I will go to their office
when I... drop these children.
- [Sammy] I will try.
- Ha, Try?
Eh, I will try.
I cannot sleep inside
heat again this night.
I... I... I can't.
The kids are already developing
uh, ra... ra, rashes on their body.
[in Pidgin] You don't
expect me to go steal.
- Things are not easy.
- [in Pidgin] What did you say?
[in English] Nothing.
Sammy, speak up.
[in English] I don't like the way
they are looking us in this compound.
- How many people are you owing?
- How are they looking at us?
Eh! That's their business.
No, no, come on.
I will look for money some how and settle
- all these things.
- Sammy,
-[Sammy] Babe... I will... I will
-the bill needs to be paid today!
- find money and sort out all these things.
- Today! Today.
I don't even want to discuss about the
two years rent we're owing Baba Mojeed.
He's angry. Take.
- [sucks teeth]
- [wistful music playing]
I know I've hit a very bad patch.
Normally, this shouldn't be happening.
I should be the one giving you money,
- not the other way round.
- Don't worry.
[softly] If only you
had kept your mouth shut,
you would not have lost your job.
I heard you.
I'm sorry.
I'm just wondering how things would
have been if you didn't lose your job.
Babe, but you know what happened.
- Those people were defrauding customers.
- Is it your money?
So you would have preferred
a dishonest husband?
I would have had a husband
who can take care of the kids and I.
Okay, no problem.
[in Pidgin] Clearly, I'm the stupid one,
I can't think.
[in English] It's fine.
- I'm sorry baby.
- [Sammy sucks teeth]
You're not stupid.
You are smart,
and you are kind.
And I love you,
- no matter what.
- [sighs]
Don't worry,
things are going to sort out soon.
[inhales] Uh... Good luck
with your interview.
- Thank you.
- Let me go.
[sighs then sucks teeth] Ah.
- Sammy.
- Sam? Pay?
- [in Pidgin] Where will you see him?
- [in Igbo] My God!
Someone that is not even feeding well.
- Don't say a thing like that.
- [sarcastic laugh]
I said, if I were the landlady
I would have chased him...
- [in English] out of this house.
- [vehicle honking]
[Emeka] Good morning Ma.
- Oh! Morning!
- Good morning!
- [in Igbo] Well-behaved children.
- Poor children.
[in English] Morning.
Are you off to school?
- Poor innocent children.
- Yes Ma.
- [exclaims]
- My dear, alright bye.
[in Pidgin] How are you?
- Good morning.
- [in English] Morning.
- [in Pidgin] It's you we are here to see.
- Sam!
[Sammy] I am coming. Ah!
-Eh eh, my boy.
my friend Yemi says
his daddy is taking him to
Disneyland during the holidays.
Can we go too?
[Ebube chuckles]
[Emeka] You, why are you laughing?
Is it daddy you're telling?
Everybody knows daddy doesn't have money.
Shh. Ebube, shut your mouth.
- What? Am I lying?
- [tuts]
[Sammy tuts]
[man in pidgin] You are making
the wrong move. It's the wrong move.
This is how to play it.
Mr. Sammy.
- Mr. Sammy.
- Lekan.
What is it?
You see I'm taking the children to school.
[in English] You're taking
the children to school.
[in Pidgin] Do you want to act
like you don't know me, Mr. Sammy?
You owe me money.
Where is the 15,000
I won from you yesterday?
- Do I know you?
- That's not my business.
[Sammy's daughter] Daddy,
what does this street tout want?
Who is a street tout?
I will slap you and your father
won't be able to do anything about it.
- Slap my daughter?
- Mr. Man...
Eh, Chichi, take your brothers to school.
Take your brothers. I'm coming.
let this be the last time
you will threaten
my daughter in front of me.
Because of 15,000 naira?
are you... are you okay?
-You are lucky I'm not holding a bottle,
I would have used it
on your head right now.
I will pay you tomorrow.
But you see this nonsense,
don't ever let it happen again.
- You will pay me to...
- This is the last time. I've warned you.
It better be tomorrow.
It's almost tomorrow anyways.
We shall see.
[wistful music playing]
Next please.
[comical music playing]
- [comical music playing]
- [indistinct chatter]
You. Come.
Sorry for the laugh.
- Excuse me.
- This way.
Excuse me, excuse me,
- I've been here since.
- How can I help you?
I was here before him.
When is it going to be my turn?
- Are you here for an interview?
- Yes!
Oh really? What interview?
[exclaims] The same one
everyone is here for.
[scoffs] Oh.
I was wondering.
I thought maybe
you came to enjoy the free A/C.
So you
- want to work here?
- Yes.
Let me ask you something.
Did you see all the people that were here?
Yes of course, we were all here.
Uh huh. And did any of them have
grey hair?
- That's...
- Anyway, let me see your resume.
Thank you.
You know what, [scoffs]
you're overqualified for this position.
Thank you for your time. You can go.
You didn't even look at it.
What is the meaning of this?
This is not fair! It's not fair!
When I was younger
everybody wanted experience,
now I have all
the experience that you need,
you... you want me younger.
This is not just fair.
Is it fair?
Is it fair?
It's not just... It... it's not fair.
[sucks teeth]
[splutters] Then if... if... if...[tuts]
[sucks teeth]
[sad music playing]
[Sammy] Ha!
this is not the life I dreamed of.
This is...
This is not where
I planned to raise my children.
What kind of life is this?
[sucks teeth then sighs]
[lid clatters]
[Sammy yells] No!
What is this?!
Ah, this is not fair.
[in Yoruba] What is it? What is it?
Full pot of rice, nothing for me?
[in English] Who ate all the food?
- I was hungry.
- Aww.
Emeka what is wrong with you?
- [in Yoruba] No, no! What is it?
- I said it,
- F.F.O.
- [in English] Ssh! Stop!
- We need to deworm this boy.
- It's okay, Emeka.
It's okay.
Daddy will find something to eat later.
[knock on door]
Who is that again?
[door opens]
Won't I have peace in this house?
You will not have peace
till you pay me all my money.
You think you can just make noise
and disturb everybody in this compound.
So that is what gives you
the right to barge into this house?
[in Yoruba] Lazy man.
[in English] Do you know how much
they sell cement in the market?
It is my house! Look at...
The neighbors are tired of you.
It is either you pay me
my two years house rent,
or you pack out of my house!
Useless man. Idiot!
- Mr. Landlord, you need to stop this.
- [Baba Mojeed] Get away!
I'm just respecting your age.
[door closes]
[sucks teeth]
[lid clatters]
[sucks teeth]
[tense music plays]
[man] We have a problem
[in Pidgin] What happened?
I got a tip off,
Jonah has been sending
our updates to some Malaysian boys.
So he's got the guts to do such a thing.
Has it been taken care of?
My boys are working on it.
No problem.
- [in Igbo] Inukwa! Wow! You're welcome.
- [laughs] Eh?
- [man 2] You have met me well.
- Eh.
- [man 2] Beautiful lady.
- [man 3 laughs]
- Please sit down. Sit down, sit down.
- Thank you, thank you.
- [in Igbo] Wow! You are looking well.
- Yeah.
Oh my goodness. [exclaims]
- Ah, welcome, welcome, welcome.
- Thank you.
- [in English] You have met me well.
- Mm.
- Will you join me?
- No, no, no.
- Okay. Okay.
- [in Igbo] Ah, no.
No, No. We are okay.
[in Pidgin] Okay. No need to waste time.
Okay, so what's happening?
[man 3 in English] Okay, so erm...
We have a transaction to process
- [in English] Okay.
- and our partners are ready to
- send it.
- Yes.
We are just looking for
a safe eh, landing place for it.
- [in Pidgin] Okay, I am listening.
- Eh...
And uh, we need to
complete this transaction
in two days.
- [in English] In two days?
- Yes.
[in Igbo] We are talking
about five billion here.
- Five billion?
- [man 3 in English] Yes.
We... we are ready to negotiate
a percentage with... with you too,
As long as nobody will start being eh...
- greedy. [laughs]
- [woman] Yes.
[in Igbo] It's all good.
There's no problem.
[man 3 in English] Just go ahead. Yeah.
[man 3] Yes.
[in Pidgin] I will take ten percent.
[man 4 crying in the distance]
Is the noise from here or outside?
We are resolving a little family issue.
Family issue?
Okay so, back to the business now,
is it that it is a fix price?
I mean, you know... you know,
because we have other people to pay off.
[in Igbo] I am asking you, bro,
are you here to joke with me?
[in Igbo] Brother, who
am I to joke with you?
[in Pidgin] Is it not 20%
we normally charge?
Ojay, I am asking you.
I am only taking ten percent because
of the beautiful lady you are with.
[in Igbo] You are telling me...
[in Pidgin] If you are not fine with it
take your business to Western Union.
- [in English] But exactly.
- [man 4 wailing in the distance]
[in Igbo] I am telling how we
operate here, you are acting naive.
I even thought we would give you 20%.
[in Igbo] But since you say ten percent,
no problem, take ten percent.
Bro, bro...
[man 5] We will hack
into ten dormant accounts,
transfer 4.5 billion through
nine of these accounts to you.
Obviously, what is
left will be for my boss.
Everything will happen in two days.
- [man 4 crying in the distance]
- Ah.
This is a small token for you.
[in English] Yeah, a token for you.
Thank you very much.
[in Igbo] Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Brother, thank you very much.
We are grateful.
No problem. Let's go, let's go.
[tense music continues playing]
[in Pidgin] tell Marcus to come
and start the transaction.
Take this nonsense out of here,
I don't want to see it.
[in English] Now where's that fool?
[in Pidgin] Let's go and see him.
[tense music plays]
[man 4 screaming]
[in Pidgin] So you have the guts to
disrupt my meeting with your shouting.
[man 4 grunting]
I was in a business meeting
and you were making noise.
[man 4 in Pidgin] Mr. Modestus, please.
Mr. Modestus, please.
Who is your Mr. Modestus?
[man 4] Please!
Mr. Modestus, please.
-I will not do it again, please
-You will not do what again?
My friend, come on, come on,
- come on.
- Please.
Listen, let me tell
you something. Look at me.
If not for some reason,
I would have put this inside your eye.
- Please.
- Listen, let
me... You have the guts to take my money.
You. You that I picked up when you were
- still a kid.
- Please.
I took you out of the streets
when you were still a kid.
You have the guts to spend my money.
- [exclaims]
- [breathes heavily]
[sighs] Mr. Modestus,
please, I will return it.
If you plead with me again...
Let me tell you something,
"The wages of sin is death."
My friend, you will be dealt with.
Are you listening?
You will be dealt with,
you will be dealt with,
- I assure you of that.
- Mr. Modestus, I won't...
My friend, if he is not
dead in five minutes,
- you both will be.
- Mr. Modestus, please.
- [in English] Fuck this guy up!
- Please.
- [in Pidgin] Water will carry away.
- Mr. Modestus, I will return it.
Did you hear me?
Listen, water will carry you away.
You're just getting started.
Mr. Modestus, please!
I will return your money, please!
- [man 4] Mr. Modestus! [screams]
- I no longer need the money.
- [man 4 screams] Mr. Modestus!
- You can spend it. Take it along with you.
[Modestus] Take the money with you.
[man 4 screaming] Mr. Modestus!!
[man 4 grunts]
Ope, I'm just tired.
He's just moving around
the house like a zombie.
I don't even know
if this is some kind of curse.
You should have seen him almost
lose his mind last night because of food.
[in Yoruba] Food.
Because of food?
[in Pidgin] Jade, this is shocking.
[in English] I don't...
At this point, I don't even know.
That is so shameful.
I mean, because of food!
But you, I have told you what to do.
Yes! I've told you what to do before now.
You are the one that is stalling.
What about the kids?
The kids will be fine.
Why are you worrying so much about them?
In fact, they will look at it
like a holiday or something.
Don't worry about the kids.
- But...
- [Ope] Ah ah!
I still love him.
I can't just abandon him like that.
You still love him.
Eh, okay.
Maybe you should just stay
in love with your deluge of hunger.
You will choose one, or pick your dignity.
Ah ah, Jade,
come on!
Okay see,
maybe what you should do,
push the man,
give that man an ultimatum.
He can't keep getting away
with what he's been doing.
It's been three years.
[in Yoruba] What is it?!
Three whole years.
Ah ah!
[in English] Save yourself and the kids,
they deserve way better
than this nonsense.
Ah! Look, I'm going to inside.
Thank you for bringing me back home.
This your car, you need to fix the A/C.
I don't know how but fix it.
I'm sweating all over.
[in Yoruba] Thank you. Get home safe, eh?
And say hi to the kids for me.
[door slams]
- [Ope] Because of food.
- [exhales]
[phone ringing]
[male voice] Hello,
are you Madam Okereke?
Your husband put you as a referee,
for Naira Life.
He's owing us money.
- Fifty thousand.
- [dial tone beeps]
- [sighs]
- [sad music playing]
[distressed moan]
[Uche] Listen, Chief,
settling negotiation is my key area.
My area of expertise.
All I owe you
as my client is to get
the best deal for you.
-[knock on door]
- [door creaks open].
- asking for 15% is not too much.
It's really not, ah ah.
[in Igbo] What are we saying?
[in English] Fifteen percent.
Okay, okay.
[in Igbo] Alright then. Thank you.
Ha, Sammy, Sammy.
[in Igbo] Number one womanizer!
- Retired.
- [in English] Retired.
[laughs loudly]
[in Igbo] Can one be too old
to dance to the music they know by heart?
- [laughs]
- [sucks teeth]
[in English] Come on man, cheer up.
Your face is attracting bad luck.
I am just not in the mood.
[Uche] What is you're not just in...
My friend sit down, sit down.
Take a drink my friend.
The Law, this...
This visit is not for pleasure,
it's for something important.
What is so important that we cannot
talk and drink at the same time?
I want to kill myself.
I have come here for you
to help put things together.
You want to kill yourself?
Did you come to take permission
from me before you kill yourself?
Anyway, why do you want to kill yourself?
So, what I have been through
in the past three years is not enough
for anyone to want to end it all?
[in Igbo] Come... Come,
this, your proposition to kill yourself,
is it before or after paying
the money you owe me?
Or you just want to go like that without
paying back my money?
I'm talking to my friend about
something that is important to me,
all you are talking about is money?
[in Pidgin] What did you expect?
[in English] you were thinking of going to
where ever you want
to go to with my money?
Look my friend, be serious.
Work hard, pay me back,
then you can... leave.
In fact, that's the way
to prove that we're friends.
I will organize
a befitting burial for you.
I'll be the chief mourner.
And I tell you, most importantly,
that your beautiful wife,
I will take care of her and the kids.
- Uche.
- Hey come on,
[in Pidgin] I was joking. [laughs]
Can't I joke with you?
Eh but, you are thinking of dying,
[in English] but you want
to go with my money.
You are still close-marking your wife,
somebody who wants to die.
Look at you.
So from the great beyond,
you will be close-marking her?
Sammy, you don't look like
somebody who is ready to die yet.
[sighs] I don't blame you.
I brought my personal problem
to this, your charge and bail office.
Why won't you be disrespectful.
This office is not by might,
it's not by height.
It's not by the furniture.
It's a prestigious
- law office.
- [sarcasm] Sure.
How many cases have
you won in the last three years?
My case that I gave you to handle here,
- You... you... you lost it.
- My friend,
don't let me remember you.
It is your case that put me
in the present condition I am.
I was almost disrobed.
My wig taken from me
because of suppressing lies.
I went again... against
the rules of professional conduct
for legal practitioners because of you.
Don't let me remember you, Sammy.
Let bygones be bygones
[in Igbo] Leave whatever
is chasing you in the past.
[in English] Anyway, aside eh, this your...
funeral proposition,
what else brings you here?
Since you now care, as a friend.
[in Igbo] I need a small loan.
[in Igbo] You have come.
[in English] It was not die
that you wanted to die,
it's just that you need money.
Why are we doing all this eh, rigmarole?
My friend, take your drink.
How much do you actually want?
At least, one million for now.
For now?
Why are you laughing?
- [laughing]
- What's funny?
[in Pidgin] After scrutinizing me,
you ask me for one million, for now?
You really think I am that rich.
[in Igbo] If you search
the whole of this office,
you won't find even 500,000.
[both laughing]
[somber music playing]
- [in Yoruba] My children have arrived.
- Grandpa, Grandma!
[in English] My love.
- My little angels.
- Look at how big you are.
- [Grandpa] How are you?
- [Chichi] I'm fine, sir.
- [Grandpa] How is everything?
- Come.
- [Chichi] Fine sir.
- [Grandpa] Your school?
- [Chichi] Fine.
- [Grandpa] Your dad and your bros?
- [Grandpa] That's good.
- Ah, are you running from Grandma?
- Hello, gentle guys.
- [in Yoruba] Old woman.
- How are you?
- How are you?
- Mummy, daddy...
- [in English] Welcome.
- [Grandpa in Pidgin] Bump your knuckle.
- [in Yoruba] Good afternoon.
you have ice cream,
cake, fruits, anything you like.
- Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go.
- Yes!
[Grandma in Yoruba] Anything at all,
my blessed children.
[in English] Let's go.
[in Yoruba] how are you?
We thank God, sir.
And your husband?
- Come here.
- Sir
If your mother says she has
everything to give the children,
I also have bushmeat.
There's deer, grasscutter and antelope.
[in English] Okay? But,
whatever she says...
- Hm?
- I have heard.
[in English] Yes daddy.
[keys jingling]
[Uche] Anyway, on a more serious note,
- I don't have a dime to lend you.
- Ah.
But I have some advice to give you.
we've been friends for a long time.
[in Yoruba] Way back.
[in English] You know me,
I know you. You're a smart guy.
You're doing well in your crypto business.
All you need now is
some funds to get going.
That's the problem,
where will get it from?
[in Igbo] Am I to steal it?
[in English] Am I going to kill
or do rituals? I'm not Kanayo.
- What about your bank?
- Bank?
Approach them for a loan.
They will give me money?
Without collateral?
What about
your building in the village?
[in Igbo] Eh eh. No way.
[in English] So that
they will take it from me?
Are you hoping to default, on the loan?
If you are sure you are going to pay,
you don't think about that.
- Eh?
- [sucks teeth]
[in Igbo] You are making sense.
That's why I'm a lawyer.
Wh... what?
- Where are you going?
- [in English] You've said it all.
Let me give it a shot.
What can I lose?
The worst they'll say is...
- [in Igbo] No. No.
- Now...
Now I know your brain is working.
[door opens]
[feet shuffling]
[chuckles] Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
- Yeah.
How can I help you today?
Yeah, I...
Eh... I'm here to
see if I can get a loan from your bank.
- Okay.
- [phone vibrating]
What kind of loan are you looking for?
I don't... I don't know
the ones you people have available.
But I am trying
to set up a small business.
Do you have an account with us?
Of course, yes. Yeah.
But I've not used it in a very long time.
[hurriedly] Segun, Segun, Segun.
[in Yoruba] It's time. I'm about to...
[in Pidgin] I have transferred
all the money into the dormant acc...
Segun listen to me, I have
transferred it into the dormant account.
Now, I'll start to call out
their names and account numbers.
[splutters] Be serious.
Okay, number one, Ajibola Oluogun.
Firstly, I will have to
re-activate your account
...then I will refer you to my manager,
who will see if you're eligible.
- That's good.
- So please give me your account details.
[in Yoruba] You will not kill me.
Now, number ten.
Samuel Okereke. 0-9...
5-6... [sighs] Jesus. 7-3-
8-4-8-7. Did you get that?
Thank you.
You can sit over there while
I re-activate your account, sir.
It's possible I will
get eh, a loan from here?
My manager will let you know that.
Okay. No problem.
- Over there?
- Yes please.
[in Pidgin] Please do what you can for me.
- No problem.
- [in English] Alright.
[man in Pidgin] Please,
I beg you in God's name,
this is very important.
You are aware of what Modestus...
[sucks teeth, exclaims]
Segun, Segun.
[in Yoruba] Modestus will kill us.
He will kill the two nof us.
Please, in God's name, please.
[in English] Please.
[in Yoruba] You understand, brother.
You understand. You understand.
[in English] Alright. Alright my Gee.
I got you, I got you.
I said I got you twice,
what do you want me to do?
Are you okay?
You don't worry about that my dear.
I'm more than okay. [sighs]
[woman] Excuse me sir.
- Eh?
- Please you can go in now.
Okay. Thank you. Straight?
-Okay, thank you.
[inaudible dialogue]
- Yes. Good morning.
- Yes.
Yeah, I'm uh...
- How may I help you?
- Yeah... [chuckles]
Yes, I'm Mr. Samuel Okereke.
Yeah, I'm here to apply for
uh, a small facility to setup a business.
I have experience in the financial sector.
Please your account number.
- Yes.
- Okay.
So yeah, I'm very very
good with online trading.
You know, I sometimes wonder how
people think this whole thing works.
What makes you think you can just stroll
in to the bank demanding for a loan?
[Manager] Do you have any assets?
Oh yeah, yes. Sure, I have.
- [Manager] Any collateral?
- Like...
Yes, I have uh, property.
- I have a house. Yeah.
- [Manager] Oh good, oh good.
It's in the village though.
And how much is that worth?
[sighs] Erm...
Actually I have not...
I have not done the valuation.
I... I don't have an idea what the value is.
Do you have a business plan, sir?
Erm, right now, no.
But I know...
I... I know my onions when it
comes to the financial sector.
Online trading is my area.
You know, I...
Crypto, shares, all...
I do well with all that.
And I promise you, I'm a man of honor.
I need this money
and I'm going to pay
back the loan with interest.
I need your assistance please.
- Listen...
- Please sir, I need your help.
In anyway you can help me, please.
I can see you have just
come here to waste my time.
As you can see, I'm very busy.
You may leave now. Have a nice day, sir.
See my brother, see...
Honestly, man to man, I,
I'm at the lowest point,
I've... I'm go... I've been going
through a very rough patch.
I need your assistance. I need...
In any way, I mean,
you are a financial adviser.
Whatever advise you give
on how to make this work,
but just make it work for me.
No, so wait, you want me
to give you depositors funds
without a collateral?
Money we are holding in trust
for them without a collateral,
- just because of your word of mouth?
- I... I will pay.
- I will pay.
- [sucks teeth]
-I mean, you are here, if you
-You know... You know what,
- know how you can help me, you help me.
- just... just hold on.
- If you can help me, help me, please.
- Yeah, security? Yeah, please come.
I need this money.
This is my last hope.
I don't have time for this nonsense.
Please. Please man to man, please.
If there's a way you can
help me make this thing work.
The gentleman was just leaving.
Please see him out.
- [Manager] Have a nice day sir.
- I'm still...
I'm still discussing with him.
You can see we are still talking.
- We have not finished.
- Just stand up sir.
- Sir, please just stand up.
- Excuse me, excuse me.
- Excuse me, let's... let's be civil here.
- Sorry, sir.
- Please stand up, sir.
- Please as I was saying...
Hello sir, hello sir,
- please can you stand up?
- Have a nice day sir.
Thank you sir. You can just...
- All I'm asking for is assistance.
- Sir... If you can just...
Stop touching me, I don't
know what you are doing.
- Respect yourself, sir.
- Fine, fine.
[Sammy] No, you don't have to try to
push me, I am only asking for assistance.
You people are rough handling me.
[hisses] Time wasters everywhere.
Let me even see what
he has in his account.
All this, this embarrassment is too much.
Ah ah!
What is all this nonsense?
Let me ask you, what do banks do?
- Sir, just move.
- Is the bank just to collect money?
Can't bank's help customers?
Can't they help their customers?
- Sir, please just move.
- Don't touch me, don't touch me.
See, you will injure me.
You will injure me, you want to kill me?
- Sir please move.
- Do you want to kill me?
[exclaims] Five hundred million!
[in Igbo] My God!
Do I look like your mate?
- [Manager] Security stop!
- Is it because I'm keeping quiet?
- Security stop, leave that man alone.
- Because I have been keeping quiet here?
This is a very friendly
customer of the bank.
Very friendly cust...
Sir, we are very sorry sir
for this misunderstanding, please.
Forgive us for this terrible error.
Can you please come to my office?
Please sir, let's go
to my office sir, thank you.
Please calm down.
Erm, ladies and gentlemen,
we are sorry for the disturbance.
Please forgive us.
Continue with your normal banking please.
Thank you, thank you. [claps hand]
Come in sir. [chuckles] welcome sir.
[chuckles] Welcome sir.
- [Sammy] Thank you.
- Ah!
- You are welcome sir.
- Thank you.
So what can I offer you?
Coffee? Whiskey, Brandy? Champagne?
I see what you are trying to do.
You are trying to bribe me
with drinks. I don't want drinks.
Ah, sir, sir, not at all.
How can I bribe you?
Please, let's put all this
behind us and start afresh.
All I wanted was assistance.
And I was rough handled.
It is not my intention.
Your people embarrassed me.
Sir, I have...
I have told you to forgive us,
-it was just a misunderstanding
-You're lucky you came when you came
because I was going to call my lawyer.
- Ha!
- And he is a senior advocate.
Sir it has not gotten to that.
You are trying to save
the image of your bank.
[Manager] Ha, sir...
Anything you want, we will do for you sir.
- So brandy now?
- No.
- Okay sir, okay sir.
- I don't want to drink anything.
Sir, but you know we have um,
a lot new offerings in the bank
that you can benefit from.
It will be a shame if you
miss out on the new offerings.
Good new products sir.
- What offerings are you talking about?
- Ha, sir, [chuckles]
offerings for VIPs like you sir.
No, don't flatter me, don't flatter me.
- I have been thoroughly embarrassed.
- Ha, sir.
This feature I am telling you about,
you can transfer unlimited funds
without any barriers from your account.
Transfer which fund, when you
have refused to give me money.
You are still being modest. [laughs]
Sir, I'm talking the 500,000... Oh sorry,
five hundred million in your account.
[Manager] Sir, the money just got um...
Apparently, it just got
transferred right now.
Just a while ago.
Haven't you seen the alert?
See the alert.
[Manager laughing]
[Manager] You can see it now.
[Manager laughing]
Sir, you can use that
feature right away, if you want.
[both men laughing]
[laughing continues]
[laughing] Sir, sir, I...
Why are we laughing sir?
You're a funny man.
You're a funny man too sir.
You are a very funny man too sir.
- Eh! Eh...
- [Manager] You want to use it now?
- Yes sir, anything sir?
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- Let's see.
- Okay sir.
Let's see, let's see, let's see.
[Manager chuckles]
[Manager] Yes sir.
Transfer to this current account.
- Okay sir. How much sir?
- Everything, everything.
-Ah ah, no. Sir,
-Transfer everything.
how can we transfer everything, sir?
- Eh?
- You can leave something for us.
- I get you, I get you, I get you.
- [Manager] Leave something.
Okay, move 400,
- Okay sir. Okay sir.
- four hundred million to that one.
Then, this other 100 can stay here.
- Okay sir. Thank you sir.
- More will come.
- More will come.
- I trust you sir.
Erm, next week, next week?
Will it come next week sir?
- I trust you, sir.
- Don't worry yourself.
Don't for get us sir.
- Okay.
- Yeah, do it.
[Manager] We will just...
we will just do it now.
Best customer of the year sir.
- You've just been paying with us.
- When I'm done there
[in Yoruba] I will go and bath in
the waters of Barbados, with baddies.
[in English] I will be there.
[laughs] I will be there.
Ah ah, Segun.
Segun, now is not...
Hello, Segun my boy.
What do you have for me?
[Segun] Bro, there's a problem.
What do you mean there's a problem?
There's an error in one of the accounts.
[clears throat] Segun,
What did you say?
I said there's an error
in one of the accounts.
One of which accounts Segun?
The last one you sent to me
is no longer dormant.
Okay, who active... who active...
[whispers] Who activated it?
[Segun in Pidgin] All
the money in it is gone.
Only a hundred million is left.
Someone has transferred four
hundred million out of the account.
Marcus breathe, Marcus breathe,
[ominous music playing]
[keyboard clattering]
- [keyboard clattering]
- [whimpering]
- Ha! [whines]
- Is everything okay?
[sucks teeth]
[in Yoruba] Leave me alone.
- [hisses]
- [keyboard clattering]
[in English] "Are you okay?" [hisses]
Are you okay?
[in Yoruba] I'm dead.
[in English] Breathe.
Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe.
- [Sammy] You are a very funny man.
- Ah ah, sir.
What can we do? We are here for you sir.
- You are a very funny man.
- We are here for you.
-Eh, eh, sir,
-Thank you. [chuckles]
you know there are other high
interest unit investment we can discuss?
- You don't mean it.
- Oh yes, plenty.
- Even for madam and child.
- Eh. Eh?
Eh, so that they can start saving
now before, you know, they grow up.
Let's do it.
- I will do it sir. I will.
- Let's do it. Eh...
Just count on me.
- You are the one.
- I will call you anytime, sir,
-to advise you. Please,
-Please. Please call me.
let me your personal account officer.
But, ah, who else?
- It's you.
- Please.
- Okay.
- My private number is there.
- I will call you.
- Anytime sir.
-I say I will call you
-[laughs] Thank you. Thank you, sir.
And erm, the transfer you requested.
- Yes.
- We moved it to the fresh current account.
- I trust you. The alert is...
- So you must...
The alert has to be there, sir.
- [laughs]
- Thank you very much, sir
- Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, sir.
- [Sammy] I like you, I like you.
- Like I said, call me anytime.
- I will call you.
- Even midnight, sir. Okay, sir.
- Yeah. [laughs]
- Thank you sir.
- Okay, no problem.
- [Manager] Nice doing business with you.
- [Sammy] Yeah.
- Have a nice day sir.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Sammy] Good, good. Wow!
Five hundred million.
Ah ah, who is calling me?
[neighbor in Pidgin] Mr. Sam,
you need to come home.
Your wife has
moved out with your children.
My wife?
Moved? Okay.
[in Pidgin] Here, this compound here.
Stop here, stop here.
[bike engine humming]
You will injure me.
- You will injure me.
- [in Pidgin] Nigerian roads are bad.
- You know Nigerian roads are bad.
- Ah ah!
Is that how to step on the brake?
- Sorry sir. Sorry.
- How much is your money?
- My money is 500 naira.
- How is your money 500 naira?
- My money is 500 naira.
- Was that what we agreed on?
After wasting time
directing me to pass several corners.
- You are lucky I have 500 naira.
- My money is 500 naira.
Take and go away. Get out.
Who do you think you are talking to?
[woman in Pidgin] Everybody come out!
- You are senseless.
- [woman] He is back.
Look at you, you are senseless.
[woman] See him going
about like a responsible person.
Even when he has nothing.
[tense music playing]
[sad music playing]
[woman 1 clears throat]
[woman 2 in Pidgin] Some people
go to the market and never come back.
The worst is yet to happen.
- [woman 1 sneers]
- [woman 2] Today...
[Baba Mojeed] Mr. Debtor,
[in Pidgin] she has left
you and you were not aware.
- You are a fool! You are foolish.
- [sneers]
did you and your wife plan this?
You want to leave with
the two years house rent you owe me.
- God will punish you.
- [sneers]
[woman 1 in Pidgin] Mr. Landlord,
don't mind him.
Aside that, he still owes
light and water dues.
He is the reason
they disconnected our light.
- [exclaims] Oh God!
- [man] Eh eh?
This is serious.
Anyway, I have bigger problems.
I don't have time for all this nonsense.
- Mr. Man, that doesn't concern us.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [in Pidgin] It doesn't concern us.
- Where do you think you are going?
- Pay what you owe.
- [in Pidgin] You think we here to joke?
Pay your debt.
[in Pidgin] Where are you going to?
We didn't come here to play.
- Pay me my 15,000.
- Yes!
[in Pidgin] Tell us how
you intend to pay us
- or else we will ruin your day completely.
- Exactly.
We have your time today.
It will end badly for you.
You can't even pay your house rent.
You keep jumping from one debt to another.
I have a question for you,
are you not ashamed?
I wonder! [in Pidgin]
I'm wondering, help me ask him.
Your children have emptied my store.
Every day, "My mother will pay,
my father will pay."
That's what I keep hearing.
All the money you owe me
has accumulated to 20,000 naira.
Pay me my money!
[in Igbo] You will have to pay me.
Pay me my money. I will rough handle you.
[sucks teeth]
Anyway, eh, I... I...
I don't... I don't blame all of you.
I don't blame of you.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, hey, hey wait, wait.
[in Pidgin] Is it because of
money you want to kill me?
[crowd] Yes!
- [in Igbo] A debtor should pay his debt.
- [in English] When... when things
were better for me
in this compound,
I was always the first
person to pay my debt.
[crowd reacts mockingly]
And I remembered so many times,
I have bailed out this compound
when it comes to payment of some bills.
- Because that was when you were a man.
- [indistinct chatter]
That was when you were a man.
Now you are useless.
If you don't pay us
our money, we'll beat you.
Hold on to his trousers
- [overlapping chatter]
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Come here.
- Hey! Wait.
- [in Pidgin] Pay what you owe.
- Wait, wait.
- Debtor.
- Start beating him!
- [inaudible]
- [sneers]
Mr. Landlord, we will not
allow him to scam us this time.
See, see, if you talk again,
I will beat you like a small boy.
- [crowd] Ah!
- Be quiet.
Pay the money, please!
- [in Pidgin] How much do I owe you?
- [exclaims]
Surprising. You who can't boast
of 100,000 asking how much you owe.
Mr. Landlord, with due respect, I said
shut up and tell me how much I owe you.
- [in Pidgin] In my house? Fuck you.
- Landlord.
- Fuck you.
- [sneers]
[in Igbo] My God.
[in Pidgin] How much is your money?
- One-point-two.
- [in Pidgin] Have you gone to do rituals?
- One-point?
- One-point-two.
- Say your account number.
- [crowd sneers]
[in Pidgin] Someone that is
unable to pay the electricity bill,
- where will he get one-point-two?
- Help me ask him.
- Where will he see that amount of money?
- Mr. Man, we are talking to you.
Do you want your money or not?
- Say your account number.
- Say it.
[in English] Anyway, don't worry.
I have your account number.
- Don't worry, I have it.
- He won't be able to pay.
- Let's see.
- How many zeros are here?
Don't... Don't put your...
Stop looking inside my phone.
[in Igbo] Focus on what you are doing.
Finish what you are doing,
so you can prove to us you are a man.
- [in Pidgin] He does not have anything.
- Check your account.
- Check, check, check.
- It will enter.
Eh, you, Agnes.
- Fair lady.
- [in Igbo] Tell him, tell him.
[in Pidgin] How much am I owing you?
You are owing me...
2700 naira!
- Is that money?
- That's all?
So it is because of 2700 you're shouting,
- Pay me. Pay me, pay me.
- shouting like I took you your virginity.
- Pay her.
- It's my money. My money.
- What is your account number?
- You have it.
[in Pidgin] I have sent it
to you like 20 times.
- Pay.
- Eh...
Shut up, shut up.
Let me pay you.
[in Arabic] Oh my God!
- [in Yoruba] My money.
- [in Pidgin] I have sent your money.
[in Pidgin] I have received it.
I have received it.
- Do you want to see my account balance?
- Hey!
- All of you should be quiet.
- [in Pidgin] This man is wealthy.
- Mama Ebuka.
- I am listening to you.
- How much is your money?
- Twenty thousand.
[in Igbo] That is what you owe me.
- [Sammy] Twenty thousand naira.
- Pay me.
- That's all you owe me.
- Because,
because you've been
supporting me and my family,
- I will double it for you.
- [cheering]
- [crowd cheering]
- Hey, hey, hey.
- [cheering continues]
- Wait. Hey, hey.
- [in Pidgin] Don't touch him.
- [in Pidgin] Don't pour your saliva on me.
The rest of you I owe
little money should line up.
All the people I owe
small money should line up.
[rowdy chattering]
[Modestus in Pidgin] Marcus has still
not paid me my five hundred million.
Tell Marcus that when
I lay my hand on him,
I'll hurt him.
Instruct the boys to go
all out and look for Marcus.
Do you understand me?
[tense music playing]
Hmm... Marcus.
[sucks teeth].
[door closes]
Ah ah. Sammy.
- The Law.
- [in Pidgin] Is this you, or your ghost?
[in Pidgin] Jade has left me,
she took the children.
[sighs] So sad.
Anyway, eh...
She tried.
That was how mine left me too but
yours was patient enough.
- [sighs]
- How are you?
[in English] The Law,
so many things happened today.
- What happened?
- [clears throat]
I went out, you said go the bank,
- I said let me go and give it a shot.
- Yes.
Let me cut the story short.
They were busy dragging me up and down,
when something miraculous happened.
I don't know from where, from whom,
I got a bank alert.
The Law, inside my account,
five hundred million.
Five hundred what?
- Inside your account?
- Yes.
- [Uche] For real?
- [chuckles]
The Law I said,
[in Pidgin] I said I should
confirm if it is for real.
[in English] So I told the man,
I said transfer four hundred million
- into my other account.
- Yes.
- Leave hundred million in this account.
- Okay.
- [in Pidgin] It was transferred.
- [in Pidgin] It was transferred?
[in English] As I was leaving
the bank, I got some information.
Oh, your wife has left with the children.
I entered a bike, I'm rushing to go and
find out what's going on in my compound.
-I got home, those my poor neighbors,
they wanted to lynch me.
My head said,
- test run this money again.
- Okay.
- [in Pidgin] I used them to confirm.
- Okay.
I transferred to them...
- it went through.
- It went through?
- I send...
- It went through.
- I send...
- Yes.
- It went through.
- [laughs]
The Law...
I went for more.
And I said,
my friend who has always supported me.
- You know I promised you?
- Yes.
That anytime things
improved I'll settle you.
The Law, everything here is money.
Everything that I owe you,
take from here plus interest.
Whatever is left, let us just...
- you know, enjoy ourselves.
- Sammy, Sammy.
- Eh?
- [in Pidgin] You didn't engage in rituals?
- This is for real. Sammy!
- [laughs]
This is real money.
Ah, ah.
[in English] This is too good to be true.
my wig is talking to me now, legally.
Do you know you have
committed a criminal offence
by spending money that is
not your own in your account?
- The Law, respect yourself and your age.
- [Uche] Yes?
Don't bring the Constitution
into this thing.
[in Pidgin] Who has
the Constitution helped?
[in English] Haven't I done
good enough in this my life?
Where has it landed me?
The case I gave you,
was I not right? Did we win?
What are you telling me?
You were the one who told me here,
you said, "Oh, go to the bank,
get seed money, do your crypto business,
you are a smart man."
Then this seed money landed on my lap,
you now want me to...
- The Law, stop it.
- [indistinct]
So now, with this I can trade.
If I make the money back,
I'll go and give to the bank.
If they like let them
send it to whoever owns it.
But then, I would have made
enough to establish myself.
[both laughing]
[in Pidgin] So, we will go and flex then.
Or do you want to rest for a bit?
Yeah, we will flex.
Eh, but you know now I'm a citizen.
- Uh...
- Oh, you don't understand.
Ah ah, when you are rich,
you are a citizen,
but when you are poor,
you are the masses. [laughs]
I'm a citizen now,
so you will do my Will. Eh?
- Yes, yes. Yes.
- In case any thing happens to me,
my estate will go to Jade
- and the children.
- Okay.
- And I will execute it.
- Don't forget, you will do... Eh?
[in Pidgin] I will be
the executor of the Will.
- Is that how it works?
- Yes, that's how it works in law.
[in Pidgin] I will be the... You are
appointing me as the executor.
- You will explain that one later.
- [in English] Okay.
- [laughs]
- [splutters] Let us... let us hit the town.
Let us hit the town. [laughs]
- Sammy, Sammy!
- Eh?
[both laughing]
- Money is good!
- Eh?
[in Pidgin] Are you the one saying this?
- The smell of money.
- Are you smelling it?
[laughs] Are you smelling it?
[both laughing]
[vibrant music playing]
[vibrant continues playing]
Are you sure?
No, just act as if nothing is happening.
[in Pidgin] No problem.
[in English] No... no problem.
-[in Pidgin] What happened?
Marcus was just spotted at a club.
Should we go after him?
Dennis, are you joking right now?
Move this car,
let's go get the fool ourselves.
[in English] Ojay, move this car!
[in Igbo] Have you gone mad?
I'm looking for money and you're
asking if we should go look for him.
Are you joking with me?
[car engine revving]
[lively music playing]
[lively music continues playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Modestus in Pidgin] Okay,
so you think you can run.
[in English] Come here, come here.
[in Pidgin] So you ran away with
my money to come chill with a woman.
Where's is my money?! Eh?
- Where...
- Please, I can explain.
- Where is my money?
- [Marcus] Please, please.
- Where is my money? Eh?
- [Marcus crying]
Where's my money? You are here frolicking.
- [Marcus coughing]
- Where is my money?
[in English] Come on. Come...
[in Pidgin] Ojay, come and carry this...
Come and carry this man out of here.
- [coughing]
- Step on this man.
[coughing continues]
Come on! Leave!
[Modestus] Step on this man.
Step on him until he's nothing.
Take him away.
I'm looking for my five hundred million,
you are here frolicking with women.
[in Igbo] May you forever be mad.
[in Pidgin] Fool.
I will deal with you today.
You will experience hell.
I will deal with you.
- [grunts]
- [knocking on door]
Go and open that door.
- [knocking continues]
- Go, go, go.
Look like my partner is here.
Oh. [sucks teeth]
Wait for us there.
[Uche in Pidgin] Sammy is that you?
- Uh uh, Uche.
- [Uche] Yeah.
[in Pidgin] There is a problem, Uche.
- [Sammy] Uche there Is a problem.
- Go and sit over there.
What happened?
Go and wait for us in the living room.
Brother, what is the problem?
[in English] They know me!
- [Uche] Eh?
- They know...
I am sure they even
probably know where I stay by now.
[in Igbo] My God!
There's problem.
We have to move.
[in English] So where are we going to?
No, not we. Not we, not you and I.
You, you're staying, I'm the one moving.
[in Pidgin] No Sammy,
don't talk like that.
You want to go and spend the money alone.
-[Sammy] Ah ah
-[in English] How can you move alone?
That is your problem?
Don't you know if I survive this thing,
there is more than enough
money for both of us?
But it is not good for you
to be alone in this kind of period.
See, I need you on the outside.
To be my eyes on the outside,
in case you have any information.
I'll go somewhere safe and stay
until calms down a little bit.
[in Pidgin] Where will you go and hide?
[sighs] The only place I'm thinking of now
is Janta, my cousin.
Let me go and stay there. But first,
I need to attend to some things quickly.
[in English] Eh but,
I can call you on the phone?
Eh, you call on the phone.
Be safe!
[in Pidgin] This money is now
associated with complications.
[in English] Five hundred million
is at stake.
[in Pidgin] You girls can come back.
[Sammy] Hello,
[in Pidgin] All I see here are toilets.
I don't know where you said you are.
I have gotten to the end.
Yes, come back?
[woman] You better start talking.
Who are you and why
are you here to see Janta?
[Sammy coughs] I mean no harm.
I mean no harm.
He invited me.
He is my cousin.[exclaims]
- Please don't kill me, don't kill me.
- Prove it!
I'm married, I have children.
Would I come to a place like this and lie?
Brother man.
[Janta] Rise.
[in Pidgin] Janta, you're here
and they're treating me like this?
Janta! [laughs excitedly]
- See my brother. See my brother!
- [Janta] J Squad!
[in Patois] Meet my man!
- [exclaims]
- [Janta] Samuel Okereke!
[in Igbo] The one and
only womanizer of Igbo land!
[in Pidgin] Janta, Janta, I have changed.
[in Igbo] I no longer go after women.
[in English] You know
I'm married now with children.
[in Pidgin] I'm now married!
That lifestyle is in the past.
- [exclaims]
- Sammy man!
I thought your men had killed me here.
- Have it.
- I thought I was dead.
My brother, I'm not sure
I'll be able to drink that.
Who is with my bag?
- Let me have my bag.
- [laughs]
Janta even in your presence... Wow.
- Relax man.
- Janta you are foolish.
How can you be allowing
a little girl mess with me.
[in Pidgin] You are sure
you have the money you promised me?
[exclaims] Janta,
haven't you checked your account?
I have deposited ten million.
[in English] In that case,
[in Patois] anybody that messes with you
is my enemy.
- Correct!
- J Squad!
[J Squad] Yes sir! Yes boss!
We have a VIP in the house.
[excited cheering]
Show my man how we roll.
- [laughs]
- Let's hail Sammy!
[J Squad hailing]
Sammy man!
[excited chatter]
Sammy man!
Warn this girl.
[in Pidgin] You should warn her.
She shouldn't...
[crowd cheering]
- [lively folk music playing]
- [excited chatter]
[in Patois] You're sure you are alright?
Yeah. Yeah!
Your guys know how to have fun.
Everybody is balling.
These ones,
they are my jolly good fellows.
They came from the community.
[in Pidgin] Eh, Janta,
I beg you in God's name, I'm your cousin.
If you want to talk to me, talk to me
in a language that I can understand. Eh?
[Sammy] Reserve this for your people.
[in Pidgin] I don't understand
your new way of speaking.
- [in Pidgin] I have heard you.
- [exclaims]
[in English] Better.
[in English] Anyway,
we are the neighbourhood vigilante group.
Most of them were
sent here for punishment.
But instead of punishing them,
I decided to train them.
We don't look for trouble,
we fight for peace.
We call ourselves the Freedom Fighters.
[Janta sucks teeth]
[Sammy] I'm so proud of you, bro.
Using your talent for good,
that's very nice.
But erm...
How long do you intend to stay?
[exhales] Um...
I honestly intend to hang
around for a while, until
things calms down a little.
You know I took a huge
risk with that money?
I plan to pay back though.
But I will use it as
a seed capital to restart my life.
- You know, get things working again.
- Argh.
Did I say anything funny?
Man can never change.
Even when you steal,
you steal with a conscience.
- [laughs]
- Janta, you know I don't steal.
-Brother man,
you know I used to hate you
when we were growing up, huh?
I didn't do anything to you.
Aah, that made it even worse.
You were the smart one...
the better behaved.
And even the girls liked you more.
And you know my mum
will often compare you to me.
She says...
[mimcs mom] "Why can't you
be like your cousin Samuel?"
- [laughs]
- Eh?
I can imagine.
Auntie Vera.
I was the rugged one.
The one who ran away
from home to be a thug.
You're not like me.
You're not a criminal.
[in Pidgin] My brother, forget that.
Where did that leave me?
[in English] Look at me now. Look at me.
It would have been better
for me to even pick up guns and
you know, follow you,
run the street, we'll run things together.
- Sammy?
- Yeah.
[both laughing]
- Yes!
- [laughs]
Enjoy the show.
[laughing continues]
[crowd cheering in excitement]
[lively folk music playing]
[gasps] Who is it this time?
- [in Pidgin] Who is it?
- Chill!
This girl, you don't have any respect.
- [woman] You are such a big baby.
- [exclaims]
Do you know I should be dealing
with you for putting a knife to my throat?
[in English] All these
things you are doing,
what do you plan
to achieve with it? Let me ask you.
I just wanted to see if you were brave.
Okay, I'm not brave.
Brave men die quicker.
Let's hope you stick around.
[lively folk music playing]
[lively folk music continues]
Mr. Man, come on, wake up.
[in Pidgin] You are sleeping.
Mr. Man come on, wake up.
I am looking for my money
and you are sleeping.
[in English] You have a visitor. Come on!
- [exclaims]
- [in Pidgin] Ojay bring him here.
Hey bro, who...
What do you want? Who are you?
I am looking for my money
and you are sleeping.
[in Pidgin] Don't be angry.
Have you heard the saying,
"A person who eats what a thief steals
-is also a thief"
-You are right.
Brother, I have been
looking for you since.
How did you find me?
Who are you? Please.
[in English] Your friend,
Samuel Okereke is a very bad boy.
[in Pidgin] I went to his house,
his smelling house, Ojay.
Went to his house, and the landlord told
me Samuel is being generous with my money.
[in Igbo] Brother...[exclaims]
[in Pidgin] I will ask just once.
Brother, where is Samuel Okereke?
Samuel Okereke.
[in English] I don't know that name.
I don't know who Samuel Okereke is.
I... tell you.
- What did you say?
- [in Pidgin] I don't know Samuel Okereke.
Are you joking with me?
Me? I am not capable
of doing that with you.
- [in Igbo] Bro, are you joking with me?
- No.
- Brother eh...
- [in English] No, no!
Samuel Okereke.
Yes, we were friends before.
[in Pidgin] I'm sorry. You know
the sight of a gun can cause confusion.
I... I... I forgot.
Samuel... Is he owing you?
He is owing me too but don't be angry.
Bro, I beg you.
Don't shoot me.
If you shoot me, how will it benefit you?
It won't help your search for him.
So don't shoot me. I am...
[in Pidgin] If you don't have
any information for me, I don't...
- Brother honestly...
- No... Yeah, brother.
In fact, don't worry yourself. I will...
I will show you something, don't worry.
[in Igbo, exclaims] No, no!
Brother, brother, I can't stand the sight
of guns not to talk about knives.
[in Pidgin] But let me tell you,
[in English] you see this place,
[in Pidgin] there's
a police station just opposite.
Any sound of a gunshot
will bring them here.
You know I'm their lawyer.
I beg you.
Brother, you can check
and see for yourself.
[in Pidgin] Ojay confirm it.
Hold this for me.
Did you see it?
- [in Pidgin] It's true.
- Tell him what you saw Ojay.
If not for this
I would have cut out all your body parts.
You would have been looking at
your body parts on the floor, brother.
There won't be a need
for that brother, no need.
I beg you.
I know you didn't work out today.
Brother, enjoy.
I want you to beat him thoroughly.
Let him inform Samuel
that when I set my eyes on him,
- the way I will deal with him...
- Ojay, please.
- Deal with him!
- Ojay, Ojay, please! Ojay!
- [sighs]
- [keyboard clatters]
[message beep]
[phone ringing]
The Law.
My lawyer.
[in Pidgin] How are you?
[Uche] Sammy, there's danger.
- Huh?
- They found me.
I'm in the hospital as we speak.
They could have killed me.
You need to get
your family to safety just in case.
Eh, thank you.
But how are you, how are you?
I'm fine. Just find a way
to keep them safe.
[sighs] Eh but...
- [dial tone beeping]
- The Law.
[tuts, deep sigh]
look, I know this might sound weird,
but it's a good thing that you left.
Yes, it's a good thing.
But, how is he taking it?
Has he come to beg?
- Not yet.
- [exclaims]
These men...
how typical.
Look, he's probably
even happy that you left,
so he will have enough time to
gallivant about town
with all those small small girls.
He is not cheating on me.
Are you sure?
Are you a 100% sure he is not cheating?
Yes. We never had that problem.
Eh eh?
But he clearly cannot provide.
Jade look at your kids,
they are much happier here.
[in Pidgin] Please.
[in English] I have never
met a useless... I mean,
I don't even mean to insult him
but Sammy is so useless. Ah ah.
- What kind of...
- It's Sammy.
[phone rings]
Speak of the devil.
What are you trying to do?
- [exclaims]
- But...
Answer, answer.
Where did she leave the phone again?!
[sucks teeth]
What are you trying to do?
Jade wake up!
Everything that I've been
telling you, you're not listening.
- Why are you not listening to me?
- [phone beeps]
"Stop sending text message."
Somebody that you should block.
Very useless man.
Block him! Rubbish.
Look, I have your best
interest at heart, you know that.
I will not deceive you.
I'm only giving you good advice.
So don't worry yourself, relax.
[exclaims] You've stressed...
For the past three years
you've just been stressing.
In fact, I will come and
take you out, maybe tomorrow.
Let's go and enjoy.
If he wants to see you, let him come
and prostrate in front of daddy and beg.
Block him!
The only choice he should have,
whatever he wants to say to you,
let him say it to your face like
a real man, with his full chest.
- He can't try this with me.
- [phone beeps]
Imagine, he's still sending texts.
Useless... such a shameless human being.
- How do you press block on this thing?
- [phone beeps]
How many messages do...
can you receive in... in less than...
At this point, this is obsession.
How do you block this? Where is block?
Chichi move into the light.
Okay, are you ready?
And... Action!
[ominous music playing]
- [screams]
- [boys] Chichi!
- [tense music playing]
- Chichi!
- [moans] That was so good. Ah, mummy.
- [in Yoruba] Everything was delicious.
- Daddy.
- [in English] Come on.
- You are too much.
- Oh, I've missed this good...
- Oh! This is so good. Good home cooking.
- Of course you did, since you can't cook.
This is the only reason
I miss leaving home, actually.[exclaims]
- Ope.
- Ma.
So you still don't know...
[in Yoruba] Shut your mouth!
[in English] You still
don't know how to cook?
- [in Yoruba] Mummy what have I done?
- [in Yoruba] You are a fool!
[in Yoruba] Will you add this?
You are a fool...
Is she a dog? Are you a dog?
- If I slap you.
- I was just complimenting the food.
Jade cooked the food!
Okay Jade, good cooking or
what do you want me to do now?[exclaims]
- [in Yoruba] Mummy leave me alone.
- You are shameless.
The day that... Who birthed her?
Where are the children,
I thought they were here?
Who birthed her?
They are probably outside.
- Outside?
- [in Yoruba] Mummy let me be.
What? What... what is it?
Why are you breathing like that?
- Where is Chichi, where's your sister?
- What happened?
They took her.
- Who is they?
- [Grandma] Who took her, who is they?
- Some people in a white car.
- [in Yoruba] I am in trouble!
[Ope] I don't understand.
What do you mean some people? Eh? Emeka.
[phone beeps]
Ah ah. [yells] No!
[intense music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
Janta come, come, come please.
- Sammy man.
- Yeah.
Come sit down and watch the bad man fight.
[in Pidgin] I don't want to
watch the fight, come.
- [Janta] Everything alright?
- [Sammy] No.
[Sammy] There's trouble. Come.
[sammy sighs, tuts]
[in Patois] What's the problem?
[in English] They have
kidnapped my daughter.
They have kidnapped Chichi,
those people I told you about.
So I have to leave here now.
Calm down.
Think about it.
What if it is a trap they had set for you?
Janta please, speak well.
[in Pidgin] I don't understand
the things you are saying.
[in Pidgin] I said they might have
set a trap for you, you should chill.
Eh, If it is a trap,
let me fall inside it.
Is it not better for me to fall
inside the trap and save my daughter.
My daughter's life is at stake
and all these things are my fault.
[in Patois] Calm down.
I can't let you go unprotected.
Bad man.
Master man.
My boys are going with you.
- Okay.
- Go with my car.
- Protect him for me.
- Yes boss!
[in Pidgin] Let's go, let's go, let's go.
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
[in Pidgin] Are you listening
to what I'm saying to you?
Yes boss.
[Ojay] Boss.
[quiet chuckling]
Here's the package.
In your entire life,
this is the first sensible
thing you have done.
Thanks boss.
[Modestus] Take her out of here.
No... no, you guys should leave me alone!
[yells] No, my grandfather is a soldier,
he's going to come and arrest you guys!
- Move!
- Leave me!
[Chichi] No! No!
[in Pidgin] She said
her grandfather is a soldier.
Your grandfather
is not like the soldiers of today.
Men are talking, this girl too is talking.
You can't compare
an old soldier to a new soldier.
[in Igbo] My friend, forget it.
We are in charge. Come on!
So what next?
We are not doing anything,
we will wait for him here.
He will come to us. We have his daughter.
We need a place for the exchange.
It will take place here.
Let him meet us here.
When he comes here,
we'll all go to another camp.
I am tired of this place.
Boss here?
What about the girls?
Bro, are you kidding?
[tense music playing]
[in Igbo] Are you joking with me?
I'm telling you something,
and you are talking "What about"...
Come on, leave! [smacks lips]
Carry all those crabs out of here.
[in Igbo] Have you gone mad?
Quickly, before I blind your eyes.
[in Pidgin] I will stab you
right now, you are mad!
I'm talking to you about
my missing five hundred million,
and you are telling me
about crabs that are here.
This boy has provoked me.
I want... Oh god!
[in Igbo] Honestly, I would have stabbed...
[in Pidgin] Let me use
this smoothie to calm my nerves.
This boy just... Oh god!
[combat music playing]
[combat music continues playing]
- Sammy.
- Yeah, it's me.
I can explain, babe.
- You bastard!
- Please, please, I can explain.
- I can explain. I can explain to you.
- [screams]
Where have you been?!
I've been okay. I'm sorry.
Who cares if you've been okay,
our daughter has been kidnapped.
- I know.
- Don't tell me this has got
anything to do with
the money you have been flaunting.
- See let me tell...
- Sammy, start talking!
Jade let me explain.
Five hundred million naira
bank alert
-that I got,
I don't know where it came from.
I just... I just saw it as
an opportunity for us to change things.
The plan was
for to me to invest this money,
turn it around and return
to the original owner.
Just put... Put the five mil...
five hundred million back in the bank.
But then, these guys found Uche.
- [sighs]
- He managed to escape alive.
So it means, I mean,
some how, maybe through
Uche they found out about us.
- But I promise I will get...
- [yells]
- I will find Chichi.
- Your usual empty promises!
I tolerated lots of nonsense but, if
anything should happen to my daughter,
- I will skin you alive, with my hands!
- Not... Nothing...
- Nothing will happen to her.
- [groans angrily]
You know... [groans]
I have tolerated a lot of rubbish,
nonsense and stupid things
from you in this marriage.
I never knew you
would add stealing. You are a thief.
I did not steal!
- That thing just fell on my lap.
- Dropped on your lap!
- Yes.
- You accepted it.
Five hundred million.
You took advantage of it,
you didn't care about me,
about the children, you didn't
- care about anybody!
- But I... I did it for us.
I did it for us.
[breathes deeply]
You better come and see my dad.
At least give me the opportunity
to explain to him myself.
You don't want him to know all of this
is happening because you are a thief!
You took money that was not yours.
Jade, you can't say that.
Jade, you know me better,
you can't call me a thief!
I have never stolen before in my life!
Find my daughter.
- I will.
- Or it is over between us.
- Over!
- Jade, please.
No! Take your hands off me.
- You better come and see my dad.
- Baby please,
- just calm down.
- [groans angrily]
[Jade cries]
Jade, please. Jade, see...
[sad music playing]
[door opens]
Why are you not eating?
The food tastes like sawdust.
Does anyone here know how to cook?
Would you shut your mouth!
[in Yoruba] What a shame.
[in English] Was it you that prepared it?
I'm sorry for you, it's not your fault.
[softly] Me, I'm not eating.
But can I have fried eggs?
My mum usually
gives me noodles and fried eggs.
Well, your mum is not here.
So, get to it.
[door closes]
is Chichi coming back?
Of course my darling.
But I... I miss her.
But you two are always fighting.
I know, but I miss fighting with her.
She's coming back,
I promise.
She will be back.
- [boys] Daddy!
- Hey!
How are you? Emeka.
How are you?
- Fine.
- I have missed you.
Missed you too.
- Good evening sir.
- Sammy.
[in Yoruba] Who is this? [yells] Get out!
[yells] Who are you greeting?
Who are you greeting?
[in English] When I gave you
my blessings to marry my daughter,
Ah ah
[splutters] I... I... I thought you had...
you had... There was some hope.
- Mummy...
- [splutters]
[in Yoruba] If I slap you,
you'll immediately get dizzy and die.
[in English] I thought there was light
in the... at the end of the tunnel.
You had some dignity.
Where is that dignity, where is it?
Ah ah
[in Yoruba] Look here,
what I would do to you?
- If I punch you.
- Hello. Baby.
- Hello.
- [in English] Yes sir. My love. Baby.
- Take it easy.
- [in Yoruba] I have heard.
[exclaims] If not for the General.
- It's alright.
- [in English] It's fine.
- It's alright. Leave that to me.
- There's no problem. I have heard.
[in Yoruba] I have heard.
- Can you please excuse me?
- Okay.
Let's go. Wear your slippers.
You kids go in.
everything will soon be okay. Alright?
- I'm sorry.
- [sighs]
- Ah! Look... Okay, my love. [giggles]
- Hello?
Have your seat.
Where have you been all this while?
[in Yoruba] Is this the right time
for you visit your family?
Since you left home?
Sir, I'm... I'm not here
to make excuses. It's all my fault.
I should have been here earlier.
I'm sorry.
[in English] Thank God
you accept your faults.
[in Yoruba] Your wife said
you are now a millionaire.
[in English] What do you
have to say about that?
Sir I... I made a big mistake.
But the pressure,
the pressure was choking me.
I couldn't breathe.
I was... I was between
a rock and a hard place.
I... I... I took the easy solution.
Easy solution?
Then where's the solution now?
[in Yoruba] Where is the easy solution?
Just show it to me. Show me.
[in English] you messed up yourself.
You messed up big time.
[emotional music plays]
[in Yoruba] It shouldn't be you.
Wonders shall never end.
Imagine when he decided to show up.
- [sighs]
- Ah!
I wonder how he's going to
fix all this mess that he made.
Just imagine.
Somebody manages to steal
a whole five hundred million
and decides to vanish. After
everything that he put you through.
I have never meant anybody
half as selfish as that Sammy.
So selfish!
He cannot try it with me.
[in Yoruba] Me, Ope?
[in English] He will not dare.
Ah ah. They have not... I don't know...
In fact, they've not given birth to him.
- Mm.
- He can't try that with me!
I have told you, you need to toughen up.
What rubbish.
- [Ope] Ah ah, I can only imagine...
- [yells] Ope!
[in Yoruba] That's enough!
[Jade in English] It is enough.
Shut up! Can you hear me?
[in Yoruba] What is it?
[Ope exclaims]
I mean, you don't have to be so rude,
- I was just trying to help.
- [in English] Rude? I'll
be more than rude
if you don't stop talking.
my husband, mine, he messed up.
He may not be the best husband
in the world but he is mine.
Where's your own?!
- Excuse me?
- Pass.
- Where's your husband?
- [in Yoruba] Jade be careful.
- [disagrees]
- Be careful.
- [in English] No, you have to stop.
- [in Yoruba] It's okay.
- [in English] It is enough. You stop!
- Don't be rude to me.
-How dare you?! How
-You stop!
- dare you?!
- [in Yoruba] You're stupid.
- Ah ah, mummy!
- You are foolish.
- Didn't you hear how she's talking to me?
- Shut up, before I hit you.
- Jade mind some yourself.
- [in English] She has...
- I'm not even joking.
- I'm talking, you are talking,
[in Yoruba] if I hit your mouth.
Keep speaking nonsense English.
Your English is not
even correct. "How dare you?"
[in English] You are...
you are insulting somebody's wife.
- [Ope murmurs]
- [in Yoruba] Keep quiet.
Who is your mother? Who gave birth to you?
[in English] She asked
you a legitimate question.
Where's your husband?
[in Yoruba] You're running your mouth.
Who birthed you? Who is your mother?
[in English] I don't know you,
I don't know you.
- Mummy.
- Ah ah!
How can you talk
like that to somebody's wife?
- [whines]
- Where's your own husband?
- [sobs] Ah!
- Food you cannot cook,
clothes you cannot wash, even making Semo
- you cannot do.
- Mummy, mummy, I'm a career woman.
- You are a career woman?
- I'm a business woman.
- Under the shade.
- I'm... I'm busy.
Okay, since the two of you
decided to gang up,
- let me go to my house.
- [in Yoruba] Look here,
- Let me go to my house.
- ordinary half-man you cannot bring.
[in English] Delivery man
cannot toast you.
Even a security guard cannot toast you.
We don't know
if you are an M-I-S-S or M-S.
[in Yoruba] Your mouth
like that of a nail.
[in Yoruba] I know how it feels
for a lot of people in your condition.
[Grandpa in English] Yes.
Do you think you don't
have anybody to run to?
[in Yoruba] You think you don't
have someone to talk to?
[in English] You are wrong.
We are one family.
[in Yoruba] The wife you are married to
is my very own daughter.
She gave you three children,
who are my grandchildren.
[in English] You are my son as well.
[in Yoruba] Thank you. Thank you, Daddy.
This course on ground,
we will see it to the end together.
[in English] Thank you sir.
Those mad people
that kidnapped your child,
[in English] they were bloody amateurs.
- How sir?
- [Grandpa scoffs]
[in Yoruba] To show how foolish they are,
they came with a registered car.
A car with a plate number.
One of my boys took a picture of the car.
- [in English] We are working on that.
- Yeah.
[in Yoruba] Wherever they are,
- [in English] they will fish it out.
- Ah.
[in Yoruba] Thanks a lot. Thank you sir.
- [in Yoruba] No need.
- Thank you sir. Thank you sir.
No need. No need.
Let me see it as...[tuts]
Let me see it as I didn't
do what I'm supposed to do.
[in English] And you caused it.
[in Yoruba] Because you didn't inform me
of what is going on in your house.
It shouldn't have been like this.
You don't need to cry.
[in English] And if you want to cry,
let me call my boys for you.
When they double you up,
then maybe... [in Yoruba]
That will make you cry very well.
I don't know what Chichi is
going through by now, I don't know.
[in Yoruba] Should I call them
to give you a little beating?
[in English] Just take it easy, man.
What's wrong with you?
[in Yoruba] Look at me.
[in English] Jadesola, you are my child.
You are strong.
That's why it looks like I'm hard on you.
You are like me.
It is not easy being a General's wife.
[in Yoruba] I am wise.
[in English] You see all these things
that I do, it's to keep my home together.
She's weak, you are strong.
But I cannot let her know.
Because it will break her.
But I know you can think
for yourself, you take initiative,
you do stuff for yourself,
you can be by yourself
and stand.
[in Yoruba] Look here,
[in English] I love you.
You're my child.
- You understand?
- [tearfully] Yes mummy.
Ah ah! Don't cry.
[in Yoruba] And there's nothing
going on with you that I'm not aware of.
Mistakes will happen.
But don't throw the baby away
with the bath water, have you heard?
- Yes ma.
- [in English] Sammy is a good man.
Forget my posturing downstairs,
he is a good man.
You understand?
He can be somehow, but he's a good man.
Come. Thank you my dear.
So you forgive him, okay?
[in Yoruba] Look here,
[in English] Marriage is a journey
of two people becoming one.
You've got to forgive Samuel.
- Yes ma.
- Cause that is what
partnership is about.
Respect him, no matter what.
Protect him,
no matter what.
Stand by and with him, no matter what.
- [in Yoruba] Have you heard, my darling?
- Yes ma.
[in English] So you go downstairs now,
you go and forgive your husband.
Okay. Go and meet him.
[in Yoruba] Go and settle the issue.
- Your home will not be in disarray.
- Yes mummy.
Thank you my dear.
Run to your husband. Ignore your sister.
With her sharp and wide mouth.
Even an albino, she didn't bring home.
[somber music playing]
[Jade] I love you.
I love you too.
I didn't mean to make us
go through all this. I'm so sorry.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- [sucks teeth]
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
[in Yoruba] No problem.
[in English] No problem.
[in Yoruba] One thing you need
to do for me is to be on stand-by.
[in English] I can call you
any time, okay?
It's alright.
Surely, I will get back to you.
Have a lovely day.
Hello Sam.
It's nice you came earlier.
How are you?
- [in Yoruba] Who is this?
- Uh... Janta.
- Jah bless.
- That's my father-in-law.
Show respect.
[Janta] Respect.
- Sit down.
- My... Yes.
He is a General, retired General.
This one is a General in the ghetto.
Sit down!
Janta sit.
You said he's your cousin?
Yes, he is family, sir.
- Blood!
- Family?
If there's anything sir, I've
learnt through this whole experience,
it's that every family needs
a crazy person like Janta.
He's the one keeping me
safe since this whole problem.
Are you telling me he's crazy man?
[in Patois] I'm not crazy,
I am hardcore.
He's good. He's a good man.
- Samuel.
- Sir?
[in Yoruba] You've been married
to my daughter for over fourteen years,
and I haven't come across
this face before in your family.
And you're telling me he is your family.
Uh, sir you know, uh,
family members like Janta
don't come out like that, you know.
He is in the trenches.
And you know... [sucks teeth]...
people like this you don't invite them
to the wedding and naming ceremony.
- You know. Yeah. He's busy.
- Mm hm?
[in English] [sighs] You trust him?
Yes. Yes, I trust him sir.
[in Yoruba] This is the blueprint
of the kidnapper's hideout.
- Oh, their hideout?
- [in English] Yes.
Janta, where these guys
are keeping my daughter.
And these are pictures.
These are the people holding Chichi?
Pictures of the idiots
that took my Chichi.
These ones?
Look at them, you will
think they are human beings.
You know him?
You know him?
And the tattoo?
He is one of your people.
Bad man! Despicable man!
[in Yoruba] What is the meaning
of what he is saying?
Daddy, I don't... I don't know that one.
- Samuel!
- Sir.
What's the meaning of this?
You are doing... You are
doing your hands like this and like this.
What's all this nonsense you are doing?
Straight up man.
- Sir...
- [in English] What's your problem?
I don't... He speaks many languages,
I don't know the...
I don't know the meaning of that one, sir.
Thank God!
Yeah, I don't know.
He is family.
- Samuel.
- He's...
- He's my family from my father's side.
- Samuel.
- Sir.
- Samuel.
You better not mess up with this case.
Yes sir.
[in Yoruba] If you mess this up,
[in English] you can be jailed for it.
[in Yoruba] And I don't
want that to happen.
[in English] Okay?
How many guys do you have?
[in Patois] More than
enough men to do the job.
- Samuel. Samuel.
- [indistinct chatter]
[in Yoruba] What's wrong with your cousin
that he is speaking in tongues?
What is his problem?
He should say what I can understand.
- I can handle the job.
- Ja...
[in Pidgin] Say it in a way
he can understand.
Tell him I can do the job.
He can do the job.
This is my area of expertise.
the enemy will enter from here,
we attack the bomboclats from here.
You see this corner,
I will put boats here.
I will kill any man found here.
Rescue the daughter from here.
Bury thebomboclats.
-My love,
- if you are not comfortable with...
- [Janta] Here...
- [indistinct dialogue]
- this plan,
I'll pull the plug on this
and return everything.
They'll probably still shoot you anyway.
[sighs] Do you support this?
I trust you to bring
our daughter back home safely.
- That's the first time I have heard that.
- Ssh!
Don't ruin the moment.
And I want you to bring yourself back.
- I will.
- In one piece.
- I will. Yeah.
- Okay?
- My phone is...
- [phone ringing]
Hold on. Let me just...
Hey, it's Modestus.
- Pick the call.
- Yeah.
Hello, Modestus.
Samuel Okereke.
So you know my name.
Yeah, yes of course.
I know you.
So no need for long introductions.
[in Pidgin] Bro, you took
something that belongs to me.
Bring it back.
Are you listening to me?
So that your daughter will be freed.
[Modestus in Igbo] Brother, don't be
scared. Can you hear me?
[in Pidgin] Don't be scared.
Modestus. Um, Mr., Mr. Modestus.
I think we got off on the wrong foot,
I did not steal your money.
[Sammy] I did not steal your money.
Imagine if someone mistakenly paid
five hundred million into your account
when you're going through the kind
of things that I was going through.
Would you return it to the police?
You know you won't, it's not possible.
[sardonic laughter]
My man.
[in Pidgin] Okay, it seems
like you are a comedian, right?
Erm, See, Let us...
let us settle this thing like gentlemen.
Um, I have your money.
I have everything in full.
Um, but...
I deserve a cut.
[Sammy] And they call it
"The eye that saw, deal."
[in Pidgin] The eye that saw,
Okay, how much do you have in mind?
Twenty percent is fine.
[in English] Five.
[in Pidgin] I will send you
the location tomorrow.
Okay. Tomorrow then.
- It worked.
- Smart man!
- It worked, it worked.
- African Queen.
- I will rescue your daughter.
- Tomorrow.
- Baby.
- [Jade sobs]
Respect to you sir.
I will face the bombaclat
and I will kill him.
Uh, tomorrow.
- [sighs]
- Sammy boy.
- African Queen.
- Thank you.
Jantamanta will make you proud.
Daddy, uh, daddy...
[inaudible dialogue]
[anticipatory music playing]
[door closes]
A tiger cannot kill a tiger.
That's why I need
y'all to fulfil the mission.
Yes boss?
Bring the girl back
and make sure Sam is safe.
Yes boss.
If you need more men, take more men.
Bring the girl back
- [in Pidgin] You heard me?
- Yes boss!
[in English] Make sure Sam is safe.
Make me proud.
Yes boss!
J Squad!
[J Squad] Yes boss!
Make me proud.
come here.
[anticipatory music playing]
[in Pidgin] Everyone listen to me.
- Are you listening?
- [crew] Yes sir.
[in English] Good.
[in Pidgin] Get ready.
The time has come.
Don't be afraid of death.
Do you know why?
Because a dead person
won't experience death again.
- Are you listening?
- [crew] That's right. We're with you.
[Ojay] Boss...
he's here.
Thank you.
[in Pidgin] Who is this man?
- Eh, he's with me.
- What do you mean...
Ojay I'm asking you who...
Bro, leave this place. Go back.
Leave here! I say you should go back.
I'm listening, what's happening?
Yeah, I have your money.
I... I came with
your money, the whole of it.
I can't see the bags you brought it in.
No. You know as we discussed on the phone,
I told you that I changed
everything into cryptocurrency
and I have been trading with it.
I've made the money back.
Everything is here,
So I put it on my wallet
and I have the password,
I hand you over the password,
your whole money is intact here.
- Come, are you...
- Your people can verify that
- the money is there.
- Are you joking with me?
[in Igbo] No, I'm asking you.
Are you joking with me?
[in Pidgin] Okay, you took my money,
now you are asking...
- [Modestus] Honestly brother...
- It's all here,
your people can check it.
I mean, crypto is globally acceptable.
Bro, I don't want to listen
to the nonsense you are saying!
Ojay, take this phone and
confirm what he is saying.
Let me put my password.
[sammy tuts]
This guy is joking with me.
God! [exclaims]
Ah, Modestus.
[Modestus tuts]
Where's my daughter?
[tense music playing]
You know we agreed ten
percent for the eye that saw?
I don't know if you still remember.
What did you say?
I mean the... We talk about it on the...
I can't hear you, come close.
You are whispering.
- [Modestus] I didn't hear you.
- I mean the ten percent that we...
- Come on!
- [screams]
[in Igbo] Have you gone mad?!
[in Pidgin] Did your eye see that?
- I am asking you, did your eye see that?
- [screams]
This man is telling me
"Eye that saw" on top my money.
On top of my money, you are asking me...
[in Igbo] Brother, if not...
I will use this bottle on your head.
- [Modestus in Pidgin] Eye that saw.
- [Sammy whines]
I hope your eye saw that.
[in Igbo] Seems like
you are joking with me.
[in Pidgin] It is ringing,
something is ringing.
[Modestus in Pidgin] This man is...
- The call is for you.
- Oh, it's your phone?
- Janta.
- [tense tune plays]
No, I'm not crying, I'm not crying.
He only just slapped me.
We were discussing then he slapped me.
[in English] It's Janta,
he wants to talk to you.
- [Janta] Modestus.
- [in Pidgin] Who is this?
[Janta] You know me
the bad man, rasta man.
[Janta in Patois] I have been
looking for you for a long time.
Jantamanta the great.
The girl you kidnapped is my niece.
Don't you know the rules?
No innocent people must suffer.
Listen, let me tell you something,
your boy took my five hundred million.
So this has got nothing
to do with you, are you listening?
Janta, back out!
Release that girl now or
you and I will have issues.
And I promise you, Modestus,
if you don't release that girl, you will
not live long enough to see that money.
You know what I can do.
Listen, Janta, I'm only
listening to you for one reason.
But still, brother let me make it clear
to you, you are no longer one of us.
Are you listening? You are no longer
one of us, I'm aware of what you did.
But I have heard you.
No civilian, no problem.
But brother,
this your man here will be dealt with.
I have heard you.
Janta, he must be dealt with.
Take this thing out of here.
Go and bring the girl.
- Thank you.
- If you...
Brother, if you talk to me...
[tense music playing]
- Chichi.
- Daddy!
Hope you are safe?
[Ojay] Boss.
- Fifty million is missing from the money.
- What did you say?
- I said fifty million is missing.
- Ojay are you joking with me?
It's not missing,
it's that ten percent that we agreed on.
You said ten percent for eye that saw.
- I just deducted it.
- Brother...
Bro, take this girl out of here.
I don't want to see you here.
Take her out of here.
- Leave.
- Go with him, go with this uncle.
-Chichi, I'll be fine,
-Bro, leave this place.
Go, go, go with uncle.
You took... You took...
You took out ten percent from my money?
- [splutters] We ag... we... we...
- Sam, you...
- We agreed.
- Take this man out of here,
I don't want to see him.
I could... Take him out of here.
Can I... can I... [screaming]
Modestus, Modestus. [exclaims]
This guy... This guy is playing with me.
He took ten percent from my money.
[anticipatory music playing]
Hi. Chichi!
[exclaims, sighs]
Sorry my daughter. Sorry, sorry.
Hope you are not hurt?
Where's your dad?
Just follow me.
- Hey, hey! Over there!
- Come on.
- Come this way.
- Don't try it.
- Don't try anything.
- Don't... Hey!
- Come on. Come on!
- Get down.
- Go down!
- Calm down.
- Go down.
- Guy...
- [in Pidgin] Who are you?
- [in Pidgin] I'm itching for a fight.
You brought this on yourself,
so be ready for the consequences.
I'm going to beat you up,
do you understand?
- The boss is here.
- The boss has arrived.
- The boss is here.
- The boss has arrived. Boss!
- Give it up.
- Give it up for mama.
You brought this on yourself.
You better not misbehave,
if not I'll shoot you.
[in Pidgin] I will ask you
this question only once.
[in English] Where is Sammy?
[Ojay] Move!
[Sammy] Please. Please.
Move! You this small thief.
- No, I didn't steal.
- [Ojay] Bro, move this way.
I didn't steal, I did not steal.
I know... I won't... He... We agreed ten...
- Sit down!
- I had an understanding with him.
We had a agreement.
He said take ten percent.
[in Pidgin] You took ten percent
from my boss's money?
Almighty Modestus!
Are you not scared?!
[Modestus in Pidgin] Where's that man?
[Sammy] Excuse me, sir.
- Ojay.
- [Ojay] Boss.
- Where is Dennis?
- [Ojay] He's upstairs
Go and bring him here.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Don't talk to me.
I'm looking for what I can use
to break your head, you are mad.
I followed your instruction.
- Which instruction did you follow?
- In your instruction you said...
you said take ten percent.
You have turned to a god that
takes tithe from people's money?
You have the mind
to take my money, this man!
Bro, when I'm talking to you,
you go down, I said go down.
Come on go down!
[in Igbo Have you gone mad?
[in Pidgin] Sam, what I will do to you...
You will be dealt with.
Can you hear me?
You will be dealt with. I am telling...
- [Modestus] Bro, deal with him for me.
- [screams]
[Modestus] Deal with him.
Kill him! Bro,
if he's not dead in five minutes, I'll-
- [Modestus] Please, please, please.
- [gunshots fired]
- [in Ibibio] My God!
- [Ojay] Dennis.
- Dennis!
- What?
- Let's go, it's time.
- What do you take me for, John Wick?
[in English] Guy, bullets
are flying up and down
and you want me to run
right in the middle of it.
In fact, take this thing.
- I quit!
- Dennis!
- [Dennis] Leave me alone. I quit!
- Come back here!
[grunts] Traitor!
[in Pidgin] Shoot him.
Shoot him, shoot him.
- [grunting]
- [gunshots fired]
[Sammy in Pidgin] Don't kill me!
Don't kill me! [screams]
[Ojay] Bastards!
[in Pidgin] Bastards!
Where are you all?
[both grunting]
[woman screams]
[Ojay grunts]
- [both grunting]
- [dramatic music playing]
[Sammy groaning]
[in Pidgin] You are stressing me!
You are stressing me!
[Sammy screams]
[heroic music playing]
[car horn blaring]
They are back! They are back!
- [screams] Chichi!!
- Chichi!
- Chichi!
- Chichi!
[Ebube] Disneyland!
Disneyland here we come!
[indistinct chatter]
[Jade] Seat belts, please.
- [Sammy sighs]
- [Ebube coughs]
- [Ebube] Fast food here we come.
- [Jade] What is that?
[Jade] What's that sound?
[inaudible dialogue]
[Jade laughing]
[uplifting music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Anu Akiyode