Bank Chor (2017) Movie Script

As you can see...
...we're standing outside
Bank of Indians.
We've just been informed that...
...the bank has been taken over
by some masked men.
Are they robbers?
Their motives are unclear
and we can only speculate.
- It's a Saturday...
- Bomb-Squad!
We Mam...
...and an estimated
75-100 people...
...employees and customers...
mare being held hostage
inside the bank.
As you can see...
...the police has barricaded
the street...
...and the force is present here
in large numbers...
...however it is impossible
to get any details...
...about the situation inside
the bank at the moment.
We're standing outside
Bank of Indians...
...and we have ACP Akhilesh Aane
of the Mumbai Police with us... tell us about the situation.
Sir, what can you tell us about what's
going on inside at the moment?
Firstly, let me tell you that
there's no need to panic... the police is here!
Thank you, sir.
But can you tell us how many
people are inside the bank...
...and who exactly
are these masked men?
Well, some robbers seem
to have have entered the bank.
...according to a few witnesses...
...they're dressed up as saints.
While some say...
...they're in animal masks.
Which animals, sir?
A horse or...
an elephant... actually...
...we aren't sure either right now.
As you can see'
even the police is unaware of what's
exactly happening here, right now.
Sir, my next question to you is...
That's enough madam.
Please stop recording.
Stop all of this.
That's enough now.
- Thank you! - Sir, we just
need to finish this byte...
Get going, now stop this.
Hey kid, where's my tea?
Hey kid...
...there's no taste in the food
you serve us.
Add some salt to your food, buddy!
Hello, Bank of Indians.
Yes, we're only open
till 2:30 on Saturdays.
Please keep sir's government
issued firearm safely.
- Please don't chew my brains...
- Son! At least listen to me...
- Security!
- Holy Moley!
I mean Praise the Lord!
You fool, control your mouth...
...or I will lose control
and end up cursing you.
O learned sir, is your curse
restricted to him...
...or will we all get it's vibes?
Each one of you will be cursed.
Everyone will be cursed.
The entire bank will be cursed.
(Chanting) Om heem kleem!
Move, idiot!
What is happening?
What is all this nonsense?
Hey, who was that?
It's done, it's done, it's done.
You're this way.
Take it, you take it too!
Hands uuuup!
This bank has been kidnapped!
What happened?
- Why isn't this gun firing!?
- You think mine's working?
- I don't know.
- Should I fire to check'?
Oh my god! GUN!
He's got a gun!
You stupid fools!
Calm down.
Stop. Stop it!
Why is this gun networking?
Because according to Feng Shui...
...the gun had to be fired
by the elephant...
NOT the horse.
I had told you,
let me be the horse.
It would've fired at the first go
in my hands.
If anyone has to fire the gun,
it's me.
I'm anyway having trouble breathing
through this stupid mask...
...and you're chewing my brains
to top that!
Both of you, please shut up!
It would've been a better idea
to get you guys donkey masks.
How will you become the horse?
You're not even a stable person.
Looks like, I'll have to do
everything myself.
How will you become the horse?
You're not even a stable person.
Shut up! I'm anyway having
trouble breathing.
Everybody down!
No, I was...
Meaning, we were...
Just showing them how to go down.
Thank you!
Ladies and gentlemen.
Say hello to your new and
improved. Fresh and fragrant.
Bank Robber.
Ganpati Bappa Morya!
Let's rock!
- Excuse me'?
- Hey!
- What is it?
- Sir, um...
I think maybe, you guys perhaps...
...may have entered
the wrong bank, sir.
Why? ls this a sperm bank?
If you're done laughing,
can we begin work?
Go and shut the main door first.
Some 10-15 people
have already escaped.
Shut it from the inside.
It's a brand new gun.
And a gun is most dangerous
in inexperienced hands.
Don't mess with me or this time
I'll give you a real curse.
One with a bullet.
Long drive in my car.
Full speed and very far.
We won't stop for any cocoons...
At least don't make me sit
next to these people.
Oh please.
Oh... Oh trust me.
Recite am THE Babe Sehgal.
Today's rappers like using
two yo's in their songs.
Me'? I use only one yo!
This baldy'?
Baba Sehgal?
I have to make a viral out of this.
Let's make one, quickly!
This 2G connection!
Manager, where's the Wi-Fi switch?
In my cabin.
Under my table.
- I'll be right back.
- It's a red coloured button.
Yo brother!
Should I rap something for you?
Missy so hot. In the aerobics.
Wearing leotards.
Very very very smart!
Just shut up!
Idiot, save your poems
for that Baba fanboy, not me!
You didn't like it?
Try another one.
Nobody says it. Neither will I.
How did you ever know.
Hey bud, why why why.
Check it out, look it up.
Look at her move.
Like a deer in a groove.
I'll go, hold her, flirt with her,
sing for her and she'll say...
I couldn't find the vault inside...
Oh my god!
Are you alright? What happened?
You're al-alright?
I'll remove this mask,
just breathe.
- Just take deep breaths.
- Gulab!
Are you alright?
- Gendu!
- Ok'?
- Take deep breaths, don't worry.
- Gendu!
- Move!
- Hey!
Gendu, what happened to you?
Yo bro! Its normal.
You feel breathless while rapping!
Even if you're only listening to it?
I had told you not to use the phone.
Give it here.
- I had told both of you that...
- This was your plan all along.
It's his trick.
He made sure my mask came off.
So that even/one only sees MY face.
- But you couldn't breathe...
- Wrong.
This is wrong!
- What are you sayingl?
- One minute.
No, don't, stop...
You can't do this!
You made him take off his mask
so that only we get caught?
- This is wrong.
I can see a murder
in my near future.
You delhiites are so...
just so thankless!
Selfish idiots!
Oh oh oh oh! If you have such
a problem with us Delhiites...
...why are you making us
do your work?
Oi! Gulab.
What's that area that our cousins
have taken over?
What place is that?
Yeah, let's go there, get some coffee.
- Let's network for him!
- Stupid!
And anyway, HE is the real 'Baba',
you're the fake one!
You idiots!
Take this.
Take this.
And this too!
This is what you call Mumbai's spirit.
Now can we begin working?
Let's go!
Oi! We don't want to do
a shabby job.
Let us do it our way!
One, two...
Don't forget to search
everyone once again.
Make sure you don't
leave a mobile phone...
...nail cutter, keys etc. on them.
Umm, 9.
And yeah, everyone will move
in groups of 9.
According to Feng Shui!
Stand straight!
- Sir!
" BRO!
Bro, you seem like a decent man...
...then why are you doing all this?
Need a bypass surgery.
At such a young age?
Cut down on oil and butter,
you'll be fine.
NOT ME! My dad needs a bypass.
First one?
I'll explain later.
Excuse me'?
Yes, ma'am?
What plans do you have for people
who want to use the toilet?
Oi, take her to the loo!
Excuse me.
At least don't lock us in that room...
...its under construction,
we'll suffocate.
Mr. Manager, you're not going
anywhere for sure...
What do you mean?
Where's the safe?
I think Deepak Tijori will really be
hiccupping today, bro.
Oi, what is this nonsense?
This... we can't take this.
Bappa's here.
This is Bappa's money.
We can't take this at all.
Bappa'S money.
Bro, this is not Bappa, this is Bappi.
Look at this.
Not that, look at this. Bappa.
Oye! Bappa doesn't visit US.
Let's rock it, Gende!
No no no, please don't.
God god god.
Should I go in instead?
I'll check it out sir, you wait here.
What are you doing?
Don't, don't, don't.
Bro, where we come from,
this is how WE welcome guests.
Sakharam! Please take your time.
It's only an alarm that's gone off.
COPPER! Oi Copper!
Here, we call them just "cops."
Oi, COP! Oi cop!
" Yes?
- Is the bank being robbed?
- Who told you that?
We received a complaint sometime back.
Oh. Ok.
Oi, stop it!
Sir, sir, he has a gun. Sir.
Sir, he has a gun sir!
Hello, control room.
Bank of Indians has been
taken over by robbers.
Scared him!
God, god, god, god, god.
Swear on God and tell me... guys have pulled
off a robber earlier, right?
Save me God!
God, god, god, god, god!
Save me.
What happened
Maharashtrian Usain Bolt?
Now watch what happens...
Why did you lie to me about
the button it wasn't for Wi-Fi.
Why did you do that?
This bank has been kidnapped.
Sir, he has a gun!
Hello control room.
Bank of Indians has been
taken over by robbers.
As you can see'
even the police is unaware of what's
exactly happening here, right now.
- Thank you! - Sir, we just
need to finish this byte...
Get going, now stop this.
Whoever you are...
...the police has you surrounded
from all 4 sides.
But there are only 3 sides.
The 4th side is a gutter.
What rubbish, the police here
is also melodramatic.
Now he'll say: This is a warning.
This is a warning.
Don't try to run.
Or we'll shoot.
Arrest him!
Stop standing around,
go, stop the media.
As you can see...
...the case has taken
a very serious turn.
CBI Special Branch
officer Amjad Khan...
...has just arrived
at the crime scene.
Amjad is a brave officer,
from the IPS batch of 2001.
Recipient of multiple
police medals...
...and a bravery award.
Before joining the IPS,
Amjad was in the Para Commando
wing of the Indian army.
But the question that arises is
what is Amjad Khan doing... a simple Bank robbery scene?
Will human rights violation be a topic
of discussion with his arrival?
Is there a link between this robber...
...and the other sensational
robberies across the city?
Stay tuned!
What are you looking around for...
go stop the media.
There, behind.
Hey, what's he doing?
Why is he going ahead?
He can't go inside.
You? Here'?
That's weird...
...first you invite me yourself
and then act surprised?
Tell me something.
Are you hereto rob a bank
or for a visit to the zoo?
You've tagged along
an elephant and a horse.
Stop all of this.
This is way beyond you.
See, you still have time.
Just come out quietly and
I'll get you a special offer.
Now you'll wonder, "on what?"
Ask me, on what?
On... what?
On getting your butt kicked.
- Your...
- Name?
Amjad Khan.
How many people do you have?
I mean, I have a lot of people.
- Hostages.
- Stop. I know what you'll say next.
You want us to give
you an exit route...
...because you have hostages, right?
- Right.
- Wrong!
We have a population of 120 crore.
Losing a few 100 makes
no difference whatsoever.
But right outside you have...
Media? Yeah, they'll cover
it for a couple of days...
...breaking news, etc.
But soon they'll get busy
covering the next...
...lndia-Pakistan cricket match.
Last time the 3 of you had escaped...
...but this time I'm here.
Not only do I break
a criminal's bones...
...but also their courage.
You know...
I LIKE to crush their spirit.
First, I'll hang the 3 of you
upside down...
...and soon as your blood rushes
to your head and starts boiling.
I'll lay you down on a bed of ice,
you know, to cool you down.
And then when you start to shiver...
...again I'll use a tyre
to hang you by your feet.
O sir sir sir sir, we are robbers
not a thermos flask for you... play hot-cold-hot-cold with us.
Nice, you've got a tongue
in your mouth?
- Yeah and a sharp brain
in my skull too! - Really?
We are really smart robbers...
...and we know exactly
what we're doing.
And one more thing,
we also have guns!
Then pull it out.
And fire!
It's a gun, not my tongue
to just stick it out anytime.
But don't worry, at the right time,
my tongue will be silent...
...and my gun will do
all the talking!
I'm giving you one hour.
After that, neither your gun,
nor your tongue will fire.
Once this deadline expires, boy... will you.
One hour!
Oh, he's out.
This operation will be over
very soon.
I have a man, undercover,
inside the bank already.
Thank you!
A holy man, an elephant, a horse...
...and now an undercover cop.
What exactly they're up to inside
the Bank of Indians right now.
" Dad?
Zee News, with your own
Gayatri Ganguly.
Police? Who could it be'?
There is a cop here?
Dad, who do you think it is'?
Oh. It's not me guys,
I'm just a rapper.
Roses are red, violets are blue.
First came Anna,
then Tejriwal as glue!
At this age, you should
be chanting instead of rapping!
At it since morning.
Shameless fellow.
- No ma'am, I was just...
- Oh shut up!
Sir, why are you just sitting there?
Please do something.
He's the one being talked about
on the news.
But, how do you know its him?
When he came to the bank
this morning...
...we deposited his government
issued gun with security.
According to Google,
the Geneva Convention...
...has disallowed human torture
using tyres and all that.
Gende! There's no need
to be scared now.
Dude, when Amjad Khan whoops us...
...he won't be checking Google.
And your backside?
He'll make it Micro-Soft, get it?
So why haven't you done
anything yet?
And what is your plan?
There's so many of us
and they're just 3 idiots.
Come on guys,
we can really overpower them.
Shut up Mukesh, just shut up.
Are you an astrologer?
No, I manufacture bottlecaps.
Why get so sarcastic?
I swear! Didn't I tell you
I'll explain later?
You're done, right?
Then stand here!
(Reporter on TV) Amjad Khan
is talking to the press right now.
Over to you guys.
The situation is getting
more and more serious.
Hey! Look at that!
This operation will be over
very soon.
I have a man, undercover,
inside the bank already.
Please don't pay attention
to anything he said.
He has a severe anger
management issue.
Just shut up!
Yes, but he's absolutely right.
These guys might look stupid
but they have guns.
And all of you please be quiet.
If these guys find out that
I'm actually an undercover cop...
...we'll all get screwed.
Now I need your help
to somehow get to my gun, ok?
Dude, come here.
Check what's happening inside.
Leave that gun,
take this one instead.
Hold him down, down,
hit, hit him.
Don't let him go,
don't let him go at all.
Push the gun away from them.
Push the gun away from them.
This gun can go off anytime...
or not.
Think about it.
You're making a huge mistake,
don't do this.
You, are you from Amjad Khan's team?
You're from Amjad Khan's team,
aren't you?
...sir, please don't say
anything to him.
We are the ones who asked him
to do something.
Please let him go sir. Please.
Please, sir, let him go.
Your gun, where is it?
Where's your gun?
Before entering the Bank,
I'd kept it with security.
And uniform?
You're undercover, huh?
Listen to me.
Take him to the room upstairs.
What's the point of sending me
You're making a mistake, Champak.
The angel of death is on duty
outside today... don't know Amjad Khan.
Listen to me!
You're making a mistake.
Vases De Gama Portuguese Goa Goa.
Remember singer Shaggy lova lova.
Hey hey, Bankchor.
I'm really sorry...
...but if we don't find
the real safe...
I'll be in a lot of trouble.
We already have your
purses and wallets...
...but if you have anything else...
I request you to hand that
over to us as well. All of it.
The thing is, I don't have
any other options.
My home is on mortgage.
You changed your reason
to rob yet again?
I'll explain later!
Excuse me!
If you're hereto rob the bank,
you should rob only the bankers...
...we are just customers here
right now.
Yes, correct!
Excuse me, but the bank only holds
on to customer's money... you should actually only be
robbing these customers, no'?
- Oh really? Why're you being
so charitable? - Yeah, yeah.
I've been watching you
since morning.
We can do all of this later.
Ma'am please give us those earrings.
Perpetually on the phone
with boyfriend.
And you, everyone can see
the joint account you have with her.
See, I'd told you there's
something on between them.
And what do you think of yourself?
Just let me get out of the bank.
Shut up!
Found the safe!
The BIG one!
Where is it?
Oi manager, wait not
the left hand, the right.
Manager, come here, here.
What's the password for this?
Umm, uh, password, actually
the password changes every hour.
And the password is online.
The internet isn't working.
So now we can't do anything.
Why can't we!
Ah, ah, ah, aaaah.
Which broadband plan
did you take?
Usain Bolt!
299 only.
You'll be a friggin' beggar forever.
This Usain Bolt of your's...
...will run out of steam
just downloading one video.
All you people from Ghaziabad
are like this only.
Stop acting like
a South Delhi Stud.
You bloody scum of the slum
of the suburbs.
God is watching you misbehave,
Shut up!
Both of you pay the toll
to enter Delhi, don't you?
And if you're fighting
so much over Delhi...
...why don't you just go back there?
Bro, if all Delhiites leave Mumbai...
...who'll do all the work?
That's why they say...
...never use your brains
where you need brawn.
- Look bro.
- It's, Sir.
Yeah, Sir.
There's no problem as such...
But we may have a small glitch.
The can ran out of gas so...
Instead of cracking open,
it's gotten sealed.
You F...
Not F... S... Sealed.
They sealed the safe with the money.
I don't know what that
inauspicious time was...
...when I took your number
from Javed.
Don't know about you...
...but Javed called us
on Friday at 6pm.
You friggin' idiot... you...
Welcome Home Minister Mr. Dongardive!
Calm down, calm down,
everyone please calm down.
People say, that corruption
should end.
We say...
...if leaders like
Vishnu Dongardive...
...good leaders...
...don't get elected... will corruption ever end?
- Listen, its urgent.
- Whaaat?
You remember...
...last month, you gave me 50 million,
in cash, to hide.
Yes, what about it?
I put it in a bank locker.
Ok, the Bank in Parel?
Then, the Mahalaxmi branch?
No, no.
Then where?
Please don't be mad.
- Manohar.
- Yes, sir.
Drop Madam home in the other car...
I need to go to Ashu's office.
Yes, sir!
Vote for...
Mr. Dongardive!
Hail! Hail!
Commissioner Singh!
One more robbery?
What the hell is going on'?
I want updates from you,
personally, every 15 minutes.
The CBI has arrived here.
- So, umm...
Commissioner Singh arrived at
the crime scene a short while ago.
Now we have to wait and watch
if the command stays with the CBI.
Or does the police take over
from here.
I've barely slept a wink over
the last 3 months, sir...
I'm handling both the Ambuja
and Sethi robbery cases.
And there's a smart and dangerous
gang that's planned both.
- Which means you think that...
- I think...
Those cases and this robbery
have something in common.
About 2 months back
a crime reporter was killed...
...after he fell off his window.
Remember that?
Umm, Shashank Thakur!
From Mumbai Day!
Right. I'd visited his residence
to investigate that murder.
Shashank Thakur's death was
declared a suicide in just two days.
And the news died out even
in the media within a week...
Strange, isn't it?
I found a lot of
articles and cutouts...
...related to all these
robberies at his house.
Thakur was possibly
writing a stow...
...on the connection between
all these robberies.
And I'm positive that he came
across a bigger scam.
You mean Shashank Thakur's death...
Was not a suicide.
The play was something else.
Now all we need to find out is...
...who's really the key player
in this game?
But how's that connected
to this robbery?
That's what I need to find out, sir.
I was pretty much invited
to come and attend this robbery.
So, is this the same gang?
Don't have any evidence, sir. As yet.
But a hunch that,
this isn't a regular robbery.
But part of a much bigger plan.
- Do you have any-
- Plan?
Already in place sir.
32 minutes more.
Please keep me updated Mr. Khan.
There's a lot of pressure
from the Home Ministry.
Let's give it another go.
Put your back into it.
We have only 15 minutes left
Sir, please put your back into it.
If I put any more of my back
into it.
I'll lose both my back
and my front!
A together' ck'?
You can do this!
Take all of them back in,
groups of 3 only.
And, send the manager to me.
So many lockers?
It'll be midnight by the time
we finish opening all of them.
I don't have time.
What can we do quickly, manager?
I'm desperate.
This morning a bag of cash
has been deposited.
It's in the bulk cash room.
Wait and watch, Gendu.
I'll buy both Samsung and Apple.
And rename it Gulab Sung Apple.
And I'll buy a red Mercedes.
Black window tints.
And then I'll take that South Delhi
hottie for along spin.
Oi! Gendu take me also.
My phone has GPS.
And I'll finally be able to take
my mom on a pilgrimage.
You changed the reason
for your robbery yet again?
Forget the reason.
Come here!
Move, move, move.
We've just received word that...
...the CBI is about to begin
its operation anytime soon.
I think Amjad Khan, CBl's Amjad
Khan will be leading the operation.
Bittu, bittu.
Turn the camera around.
Are you getting my gold chain?
- Yes sir, its in the frame.
- Yeah, I can see it.
Sir, let's take a selfie as if we're
giving a high five while praying...
...high five yo!
Man, will you stop?
Oh oh oh. Let's go bro, Gulab.
Done done. Almost done.
Go ahead...
Click as many photos as you want.
You'll need it for your obituaries.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Just think.
For something as ordinary
as a simple bank robbery...
...why has the CBI sent Amjad Khan?
What do you think?
You'll take this money and walk out
of here like it's a cakewalk?
It's not that easy.
These two look like thieves.
But you, Champak, you seem sensible.
Tell me.
How will you live with yourself
if so many people lose their lives?
How will you?
Listen to me.
Untie me and come with me
to Amjad sir.
I'll talk to him.
He may go easy on you.
Or else Amjad sir
had given you an hour.
He'll enter at the 59th minute.
After that no astrology or Feng Shui
can save you, Champak.
Yeah ok man, we'll figure it out...
- Champak, let's go.
- Come on.
Champak. Listen to me Champak.
Champak just wait.
Champak you don't know, Amjad sir.
Try to understand what
I'm saying Champak!
Just listen to me! Champak!
Oh god, this cop is so cynical.
We are already so stressed.
And now he's doling out
bad luck in installments.
You don't worry.
This manager's with us...
He's our exit plan!
He'll drop us to a cab.
And listen. Bring a big cab.
We have a lot of loot
to carry today, you see!
Let's put the money back.
What do you mean put it back?
I don't want anyone to lose
their life because of us.
Peed your pants so fast?
Always knew Mumbai folks
are cowards.
That's why our cricket team is
known as the Delhi Daredevils.
And you guys?
Annoying Delhiites.
Don't want to pay the toll,
just shoot.
Pulling a gun is your answer
to everything.
But who got us here, all the way,
to use guns in the first place?
Big mistake.
And the bigger mistake...
...was coming with you guys here
on a Saturday.
Hey one more word
about Delhi-NOR...
...and I'll punch your teeth
in from Saturday to Sunday.
Amjad Khan never shows
any mercy towards criminals.
But the question is...
ls anybody born a criminal?
Does a criminal's mom put him
on a special diet...
...that causes him to turn out
that way?
The Bank of Indians robbery case
has had no breakthrough as of now...
...but if anybody has
any information about it... me on the number below.
Got it!
This is Gayatri Ganguly
and you're watching Zee news.
Got what?
Our ticket out of here.
Hello, is this Gayatri Ganguly
of Zee News?
I'm Champak. Thief.
You can't just pick up
the phone on a girl...
...and abuse or accuse her,
shame on you.
No no. You're misunderstanding me.
I'm the thief who is right now
inside the bank, robbing it.
Oh my god!
So say that!
Can we talk'?
Ma'am most people can talk from the
time they're a year and a half old.
No no, sorry, let that go.
If you want, you can solve
the entire situation.
You just announce on your channel
that we've made a big mistake.
But we have been treating all
the hostages with utmost respect.
And we're ready to return all
the money we have taken from here.
Only thing we want is to be allowed
to go from here, safe and unharmed.
Two of us will go to Delhi.
And one to Chinchpokli.
One second.
You mean, two people will go to
Delhi and one to Chinchpokli?
Yes. One will go to NCR.
Both of us will go to NCR.
- No.
- What?
Both will go to NCR.
Faridabad. Ghaziabad.
Ghaziabad. Faridabad.
H- 143.
- No no no, the...
- Sector fifteen.
- No no no. Both Faridabad.
- Faridabad...
No, one to Faridabad.
Pin code.
You fool, I'm not getting a social
security number for you!
What exactly are you trying to say?
Forget that.
Please just tell Amjad sir that
we are ready to apologise.
Too late, boy!
You have only 5 minutes left in
the one hour deadline I gave you.
Beep Beep Beep Beep
This phone call can't be completed.
Please try again later.
Beep Beep Beep Beep
Oh god, we're screwed!
Bring the reporter.
Sir, sir, here.
I'm here.
How are you connected to this robber?
No no sir. He called me himself.
I'm just a graduate from
Lady Immaculate sir.
I had scored 73% in Mass Comm sir.
Sir, I wanted to do
serious journalism...
...that's why I joined
a Hindi channel...
...because it has a bigger reach.
My Hindi, otherwise is very bad.
I'm here to drive up the
viewership for the channel sir.
You think about it...
If I was with the robbers,
why would I come to you with
the phone when they called me'?
Give me your hand.
How do you know her?
Sir, I saw her number on the TV.
Sir, that's what I was sa-
What's your problem?
My name is Champak
Chandrakant Chiplunkar. And...
Yes. Having a stupid name
is a problem.
But its not on top of my list.
Now come to the point.
Which gang are you from?
No, no sir.
Sir, I'm just a common man.
My circumstances forced me
to do this.
I met Genda and Gulab for
the first time only 2 days back...
Just cut the crap man.
I'm coming in.
No, no, no sir.
You can't come inside.
I have zero interest in knowing
whether the hostages are safe or not.
But their safety is my responsibility.
And I know just how
to service both... responsibilities and criminals.
I'm coming in.
No no no.
You can't come inside.
Not just you, no cop
can come in either.
If at all you want to send someone,
SD... SD...
send that reporter.
She can come inside and
tell you what's going on.
Why this reporter in particular?
Really sir?
Every other channel is insulting us.
Some have been calling us animals.
And others the devil.
Some are even calling us
the biggest mistake of our society.
She's the only one
who understands us, sir.
You... you please send her inside.
- But, sir, send her...
- Empty handed, right?
- Right, sir.
- Wrong.
She won't be coming in empty handed.
She'll bring a camera.
And the footage from
her camera will be proof...
...that everything is alright.
And one more thing.
The moment she comes in...'ll let one hostage go.
Got it'?
You can do this, you can do this.
You can do this.
Come on Gayatri.
What would ArGo do'?
Come on Gayatri. You can do this.
You will go inside.
Do it for ArGo!
Arnab Goswami, sir.
My idol.
Gayatri .
Don't try anything stupid inside...
...or I'll get you along
with those idiots.
Sir, I'm already very nervous.
I can do without the threats,
please sir.
Let's go. Time to go.
Sir, are you...
Are you sure this
is the right plan, sir?
Sir I, do I really need to go
inside sir?
Sir can we do without this, sir?
Don't be nervous.
Just concentrate on getting
the footage, ok? Come on.
You can do this, you can do this.
You can do this.
You can do this.
- YO.
- Baba!?
You can do this, you can do this.
Amjad Khan has brought
in a twist in the tale...
A hostage negotiator
has just been sent inside.
And what's this?
Someone's just coming out
from the bank!
Where have I seen this guy'?
When you're showing Amjad
sir the footage outside...
...please tell him to help us...
...with making our way
out of here at the earliest.
You're addressing Amjad Khan
as sir?
You sound like such a nice guy...
Why don't you just surrender?
It's the best option for you.
How is that the best option?
Best option!
O-o-one minute. I...
You just have a seat here.
I'll be back in a minute.
She's also got to wear the horse
mask now, everyone except me.
Gende, he's talking about
surrendering to the police.
Yes. He's absolutely right.
After all, we've come here, all the
way from Delhi, just to surrender!
Do you have a better plan?
No no, just saying.
Du you'?
Instead of wearing
the masks yourselves... made the reporter wear it.
Now what do we do'?
Take the hostages outside
ourselves at gun point?
What do you think? Huh?
There's an amusement park outside?
Amjad Khan is going to throw a party'?
Tell me'?
I had told you Gendu,
we should've left earlier.
This guy will simply speak
the local language and get out.
We'll get stuck with the cops.
Oi! Tell me...
How much do we need
to buy out the cops'?
No, doesn't our "Hail Maharashtra"
also sound North Indian.
Jai Maharashtra!
Just listen to me.
We have two options.
Either we go out
and surrender ourselves...
...or we put all the money back and
figure an escape route out of here.
Why should we leave
the money?
So that even if we do get
caught outside...
...our punishment won't me
that harsh.
But how will we get out of here?
We'll merge ourselves
with the rest of the hostages.
Nobody outside knows
what we look like.
You fool...
The hostages have seen us, right?
But once you get into
a super-fast train.
It only stops at the last stop.
We'll merge with these
28 people here.
It's pretty simple. We'll use them
as human shields.
Man, this is so unfair.
All this effort for nothing.
We've been busting
ourselves since morning.
And now we even
keep the money back.
What are we getting out of all this?
We'll get the same thing
as the hostages.
Half day at work?
Madam, we are ready to let
all the hostages go.
Please tell Amjad sir that
we are ready to surrender.
Take your positions, positions, now!
The reporter's out.
Madam what are you doing, madam?
Madam I'm wearing heels, madam.
Please be careful.
Media, just take care
of the media there.
Done sir.
By the way, which post
do you hold in the IPS'?
No, I mean.
You were making some
amazing suggestions... surrender inside.
Hmm? On whose authority?
Who gave you the authority?
Sir, how did you know?
What did you think?
I'll let you go inside just like that?
This is why I don't trust
people like you.
- But... - I have no interest
in them surrendering.
- But sir they...
- Shut up!
I like my cases closed.
And I like criminals, dead. Get it?
But sir, they aren't criminal's sir.
If you don't trust me just have
a look at the footage, sir.
- I swear on my mommy, sir.
- Officer.
Who allowed media here?
Take them behind
the barricade please!
But sir, you sent me inside!
How can you do this to me, sir?
They're not criminals, sir!
We've put all the money back.
And we're putting our guns down.
We will go outside the bank
with all of you.
And we'll surrender ourselves.
So, you please...
This must be a part of their plan!
They'll keep us in the front.
And escape from the back.
I'm telling all of you.
Please just listen to me.
We'll merge ourselves
with the rest of the hostages.
Nobody outside knows
what we look like.
We'll merge with these
28 people here.
It's pretty simple-
They're as stupid as they look.
They've recorded their entire
exit plan and sent it to us!
Get ready!
Oi! We're Delhiites.
If we really wanted to harm you...'d be dead by now.
Hey bro...
Why don't you make him
He's right.
It's a Saturday and
I can't lie on Saturdays.
We were planning to exit the bank
using all of you as human shields.
But I swear on my parents...
...we don't mean to harm anyone.
One minute. One minute.
One minute.
That's Amjad Khan.
He won't think twice
before killing you.
Your human shield...
...will shatter with one gunshot.
You're out of all options.
Except one.
I'll become your human shield.
Ok team. Everyone here.
Pay attention.
This is the plan.
They're in the back room.
Two people.
One from here.
Other will cover from here.
Go take your positions.
There and there.
Two of you will cover me.
I'm going to go inside.
Wait for my signal.
Come on. Go go go.
Take your positions. Go.
The police won't fire
at their own officer.
And even if l do get shot,
there's no problem.
No innocents should be hurt.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Please ma'am.
Amjad sir!
Amjad sir, please listen to me.
Amjad sir, there's no need
to use force.
They aren't hardened criminals!
Amjad sir!
Hard disk.
2 TB space.
It was just lying there.
I picked it up.
If we sell this...
...we won't have to travel economy.
Hey, he?!
Nobody move!
- Hey go back!
- Ok, ok.
Hey. You come this side.
Quickly, this side.
- Son, give me the gun.
- Dad go back!
Everybody stay calm.
Even/body's going to be just fine.
You stand in a straight line.
Nobody's going anywhere.
Hands up!
Keep them up!
Nobody moves!
Dad, please don't interfere.
What are you doing?
Put the phone back down.
Put it down.
Pick up goddamit.
Just pick up the phone.
Didn't I tell you to put
the phone down'?
- Yes, keep it back down.
- Put the phone down.
Down! Now!
- Here, I put it down.
- I've had enough of you guys.
- Mukesh.
- Mukesh.
Move to the side.
Look. That's a gun.
If you fire even accidently...
...things will get messy.
You might be decent people.
But you still are thieves.
Today, it's this bank.
Tomorrow, it'll be another bank.
I won't let you go.
Keep your hands up!
- Do you understand?
- Mukesh.
Dad, please stay there, dad.
- Yes sir.
- Your father is right.
- Give him the gun.
- No sir.
These people need men like
Amjad Khan to fix them.
- Dad please!
- Give me the gun!
Dad. Stay back dad.
Give me the GUN!
Dad. Let it go.
Let it go!
Dad leave the gun, dad! Daaaaad!
Leave it! Dad please!
Amjad sir, Amjad sir.
Please try and understand, sir.
They seem completely harmless, sir.
They're not criminals, sir.
Gayatri !
They're criminals and you're stupid.
That's why you have put
so much trust in them.
And me.
But sir, you don't understand.
There are so many people inside.
And they're all safe, alright.
At least think about
your undercover cop, sir?
My undercover cop'?
That was just a trap I'd set to get
these snakes out of their pit.
And my plan worked.
I never had an undercover cop
on the inside.
Take your positions!
I have been trying
to explain this to you...
...since a long time now, Champak!
Your stars foretell bad luck.
And that bad luck is me!
I'm not an undercover cop.
I'm a Bank Robber.
The real one!
This isn't some toy...
It's a gun.
And it's empty.
These city boys...
He's not with the police?
When did I say,
I'm from the police?
Just because I was
wearing a gun holster... guys handed
over your lives to me!
I've been playing cat and mouse
with the law since ages...
I can smell a cop in the room...
...if there is one!
When I was kid,
my mom would tell me.
Son, God gave you everything...
He just forgot to give
you one critical thing.
The patience to handle stupidity!
- Hello.
- Yeah. What's the hold up'?
Boss, someone has locked us in...
What did I teach all of you?
When you can't kick.
As you just witnessed.
The police was in the middle
of negotiations...
...but right then-
And right now, we've just heard
another gun shot from the inside.
CBl's Amjad Khan-
Keep the media away.
But these sudden gun shots have left
even the police in a state of shock.
Shock! Just what I wanted
for the police...
Hard disk!
Of all things in the world,
this sissy little sister of yours...
...could only find
this drive to take is it?
Take them away.
Are you mad?
You shot him for a silly drive?
I absolutely dislike
disrespectful language.
Firstly, I'm from Faizabad.
Plus, I have an imported gun
in my hand.
Talk to me with respect.
Go on, say it!
And anyway.
I didn't shoot this old uncle.
You shot him. You.
- Me'?
- Yes.
What happened inside the bank?
What are you hiding?
How can everything flip so badly
as soon as you stepped out?
No sir, I'm just-
A Graduate from Lady
Immaculate, right?
Just save it!
- She's not going anywhere.
- Yes, sir.
Keep an eye on her.
See, Sakharam...
This is what happens when you
stick your foot into police matters...
Correct, sir!
L won't stick my foot in places,
I'll shoot yours-
Which one should I shoot first?
This one or that one?
Right or left, tell me.
This time.
I'm warning you.
Next time, I will directly
shoot you. Get it?
Yes, sir!
This isn't-
This isn't that drive...
This only has...
Bank employee details-
Everything was going fine.
I even told you clearly...
Just think.
Why would the CBI send someone
like Amjad Khan for this?
And if he and I come face to face,
one of us will have to die.
I could've another day
and taken the drive peacefully.
I hate wasting my bullets!
Let me go!
- On
Shut up! Sit down!
Look at what you've done.
Now he'll groan in pain.
Come here!
Come here!
Now I've shot old uncle here...
...right in between
his ribs and heart.
Now his body will bleed.
In the beat of Waltz.
You know the beat, right?
Within an hour and a half...
...if he isn't taken
to the hospital...
Then his job will get done.
But by then... so will mine!
Boss, should I lock them up'?
You guys don't plan
to go anywhere right?
And you!
You will stay with me.
As a child, I used to read
Champak comics..., I'll read to this
comic Champak!
Please move back.
Please go back.
Sir, we've heard three gunshots
from inside the bank already.
And you still just sitting idle.
No comments.
Sir, does this mean
your plans have failed?
No comments.
Are you ready to take complete
responsibility for this?
No comments. Look.
Let me do my job right now.
I'll get back to you, okay?
This guy turned out to be a wolf
in sheep's clothing.
Vishnu uncle, you should've
just called me-
Even/thing's changed here.
Hasn't it?
When I met your dad
for the first time,
I was a Corporator.
He was adamant,
that a skyscraper be built here.
Everyone said no.
But I said,
it will be done.
How could I say no'?
I was under his care and protection.
Won't you offer me some tea?
There were 200 huts in a slum here.
Did you know that?
No uncle.
There was a mill here too.
Did you know that?
No uncle.
Quietly, in total silence.
That's how work gets done.
That's how I went from
being a Corporator... being the Home Minister.
And you?
One job.
You had one job!
No, no, no, uncle.
I only acted according to our plan.
First you staged a robbery.
Then you broadcast
the news across town!
Believe me, uncle!
I have no idea how this media
circus started outside the bank.
I had told my guy to keep
it as quiet as possible.
Your work will be done
Vishnu uncle.
Please just relax.
How do I relax?
Tape up my eyes and sleep?
All the breaking news
that you're seeing,
we'll soon be watching our
own funeral ceremonies on it!
Uncle even you'd said that...
...there will be no cops
or media outside the bank.
I'll handle the cops.
How many lockers do
you have in that bank?
Including my associates
and my own...
...around eight-
- lockers.
- Eight?
That guy you've contracted?
Call him. And tell him.
He'll have to be open
these 8 lockers too...
Yes. So that they don't
suspect us of being involved.
Our man's expectations
are growing day by day.
I need the keys
to these lockers.
Sir, you...
You can take the keys from me.
You won't be able to open it, sir.
Sir, the thing is...
Every locker has...
...two locks.
One key stays with the customer.
And one with us, sir.
But the bank always keeps
a set of duplicate keys... the bank... extra.
God was very patient
while creating you.
Clearly planned you
over a 3 day weekend!
I'm sorry, actually I can't lie
on a Saturday.
No no. That's good.
Take him away.
You have very innocent eyes.
Some day they could take you down.
It's the biggest weakness
in the world.
Access granted.
- Hello.
- Congratulations!
We've got the drive.
- He's got it!
- But... need to get so happy,
Mr. Sharma.
You'd promised me that there
wouldn't be any cops at the bank.
Come and see, there's a parade
of cops here.
So, what do you want?
An escape route, out of all this.
I knew you'd eventually
stoop to your level.
Let's not talk about my levels,
Mr. Sharma.
Because I don't like
talking about it...
I prefer to take others there...
...and show them!
For an escape, tell the police...'ll start killing
one hostage evey hour.
If they still don't agree,
every half an hour.
And if they still don't agree, every
15 minutes you'll kill a hostage.
Hmm, ck.
I'm ready to give you
one last chance.
I can arrange a way to get you
out of here without harm.
But I need a guarantee that
all the hostages are safe.
And I want my safety.
He will HAVE to make
an escape route.
Because otherwise,
I'll start killing all of you.
You are my favourite.
We'll begin with you. Hmm?
Say ready steady go!
You're such a smart guy...
...but you're about to make
such a big mistake.
Right now the media, cops,
CBI all think...
I'm the robber.
If you kill me,
they'll find out that...
...the real robber is someone else.
Oh wow!
You're not a comic,
you're Sherlock Holmes!
What's the plan?
Champak, can you hear me'?
Can you hear me'?
Oh crap!
Positions, take your positions!
Stop the rest over there,
yes stop them there.
Don't let the media in.
Yes. Come there!
Take your positions!
Take it!
Remember, the life of both
your friends is in danger.
Don't even think about
doing anything stupid.
Calm down, everyone calm down.
Nobody follow me.
Stop, stop sir.
Stop right there!
If you surrender now, I can get
your sentence reduced.
That's why, think your
next step through.
I don't want to take any steps, sir.
I want to fly.
We want a helicopter.
Even if you get a helicopter,
you won't be able to fly far away.
Once you cross the city limits,
the traffic really lightens up sir...
Sir please agree
to their demands, sir.
There's a man dying inside, sir.
Now I want a complete guarantee
that everyone inside is safe.
And this time, I'll come
in myself to check.
No, no sir. You can't
come inside. Forget it!
Then you can forget
your helicopter too!
This chopper's gonna take me down.
Ok sir.
You can come inside and check.
Sit down!
What are you staring at'? Sit!
Are all of you okay?
He's lost a lot of blood.
You want a helicopter, right?
Then I am taking him outwith me.
Right now.
What bargaining are you doing, sir?
Ok fine, take him.
It's a good thing that I believe
in numerology so much.
Right now there are 28 people
in this room.
One goes away and that makes it 27.
2+7 equals nine.
My favourite number.
Pick him up.
Hey! Pick him up!
Pick him up!
The wound is deep.
Don't worry.
I won't let anything happen to him.
I promise.
Please take care of him.
I request you, please.
All of you please stay calm.
This will all be over very soon.
Amjad sir.
- Don't forget the helicopter.
- Hmm.
And tell the pilot to wear a helmet.
And one more thing.
Look at them.
Look at their innocent faces.
If you take too long
to bring the helicopter,
I will start laying out dead bodies
all across the bank.
In one hour.
This time I'm giving you a deadline.
One hour.
Please. Have a seat.
What had I said, Champak?
He was bleeding a lot.
That is not what I had said.
I'd explained something
to you earlier.
- If I hadn't sent...
- What had I said?
If I hadn't sent him out,
he would've died.
Is that what I had said? Huh?
No, that, that is not
what I had said at all.
He was seriously injured.
No, no, no.
What, what had I told you?
What had I said?
- What had I told you?
- He... he would've died.
Had I asked you to do
all of this? Huh?
What had I said?
He, he would've died.
Is that what I'd explained to you?
What? What had I made you understand?
What did I say? Huh?
What does your Feng Shui
tell you, Champak?
Which hand should I use
to hit you?
This one or this one?
What had I said Champak?
What? What had I said?
What had I told you?
I will not let any hostages die.
What had I said?
What had I told you? Huh?
I won't let any hostages die!
Is that what I said?
You'll make the mistake...
...but your friends will pay
the price!
It's the correct drive, brother.
Brother, it's the correct drive.
Thank heavens.
I'll go check the drive.
And when I'm back I'll decide
what to do with the 3 of you.
I'll definitely kill the 3 of you...
...but not now...
...and not in here.
Before that old man
outside wakes up...
...and spills his guts out.
It was all my doing.
These 2 just came along with me.
Please take me...
- Bro...
- ...let them go.
I was the one who screwed up
the plan.
I'll go.
Why will you go'?
Anyway, whenever that
South Delhi girl comes... eat junk outside
the Metro station...
...she doesn't look at me,
she only has eyes on you.
I'll go.
That Mumbai-Delhi highway
got built so quickly, no'?
No worries.
Everyone shall have their turn.
- Sir, I...
- I know.
You don't think Champak
pulled the trigger, right?
Tell me something... you also feel that because
of one wrong move on my part...
...the situation has gotten
out of hand?
Forget it sir, how does
my opinion matter? Champa...
You're right.
Champak didn't pull the trigger.
I know.
Come here quick!
Jugnu sir has asked for us.
Shh. No one moves!
Dad, are you alright?
You're alright no dad?
All of this is your fault!
I'll make you pay for this!
Oh hero!
You were very excited to play
Grand Theft Auto right?
We were quietly leaving.
All of this is because of you.
It's your fault!
My fault?
It's you outsiders
who intrude this city...
...and spread crime!
If anything happens to my dad-
Oye! Daddy's boy!
Do you know who my father is'?
Typical bloody losers.
Oye! Don't you get personal,
I'm warning you.
I'm Delhi NCR's no. 1 pick pocketer!
Even/time I steal a wallet...
I even return all PAN cards,
visiting and ID cards!
Yes! We also aren't very fond
of coming here...
...and dying with people like you!
I'm only going soft on you,
because your dad's been shot.
Shut up!
You shut up!
Bloody lying manager.
You have no right to speak
when you have no wi-fi in your bank.
And don't you say
a word against Delhi.
Your Mumbai smells of rotten fish!
Want to eat gol gappas,
go to the sea.
Want to take your girl around,
go to the sea.
Need to take a dump?
Go to the sea!
If you love the bloody sea
so much...
...why don't you all become
mermaids, idiots!
Even the bloody rich live
like the poor here.
Everyone can afford
to buy a Mercedes...
...but there are no roads
to drive it!
How will we have the street?
Our share of taxes is swallowed
by you people!
- Teach him a lesson!
Please, shut up!
I know everyone is worried, angry.
It's okay.
But now is not the time
to turn against one another.
Just shut up! Stop with all your
peace preaching nonsense!
We're all in here because of you!
These jobless people,
whenever they want money
they come and loot a bank!
Sir, I'm not fond of being a thief.
If I weren't in this circumstance,
I wouldn't have robbed a bank.
Oye! It's not circumstances
that make a thief...'s his intentions.
If you were in my place,
what would you have done?
I am a middle-class man.
Even I had a dream.
I wanted to start
a bottle caps factory.
I took a loan for that.
From this bank itself.
With my house as mortgage.
First there was delay
in getting the loan...
...and then there was delay
in the clearance of the loan.
Then delay from the builders,
delay from the politicians...
...delay after delay after delay!
In the middle of all of this...
I couldn't even pay
the EMI to the bank.
And now the bank wants your house?
One minute. What about your
father's bypass surgery? Huh?
Your reasons keep changing!
Mom dad don't even know...
...that I have given our house
as mortgage.
All of this...
All of this is because of me.
I swear to God,
I won't let anyone get hurt.
I will get everyone out safely.
given how things have escalated,
I may have an idea.
Dual sim.
Dual sim as in,
one phone and two sims.
Tch tch.
Dual sim as in two phones.
Look bro,
look at what my brother is saying,
didn't I always say?
What were you hiding
this for till now?
This is my Delhi number.
It's on roaming.
Sir, phone.
Champak. Champak!
Yes, Champak.
Sir, God promise...
You didn't pull the trigger, right?
I know.
You were pointing the gun to
yourself and roaming around.
Guns and bullets
aren't your cup of tea.
Keep talking.
I met Genda and Gulab
only two days ago.
They're both from Delhi...
...but very innocent, sir.
Man, it's on roaming!
Sir, we're stuck real bad, sir.
So who pulled the trigger, Champak?
Sir, there's another
thief here, Jugnu.
He's come here with his gang.
They're very dangerous.
They're after some drive.
C'mon ma'am, come that side.
Alright. You...
...don't worry about the drive.
Just take care of the hostages
and yourself. Okay?
Sir, please get us out of here, sir.
Now that I've got the snake
out of his hole,
I will crush his head too.
But for that, I need your help.
Me'? How?
You tell him to ask
for a helicopter.
I'll take care of the rest.
Okay sir. GBMLR.
Ganpati Bappa Morya, Let's Rock!
Yes, yes. Ganpati Bappa Morya.
Look, you surrender right now...
...and I can reduce the term
of your punishment.
If you kill me, they'll know
the thief is someone else.
Now that I've got the snake
out of his hole,
I will crush his head too.
No more steps, sir.
Now we want to fly.
I met Genda and Gulab
only two days ago.
They're very innocent, sir.
Sir, there's another thief here,
He's here with his gang.
I know.
I wondered why Amjad Khan is here.
Jugnu, 3 times the amount is a lot.
This is plain blackmail.
Look, the longer you take,
the higher the price.
The thing is,
if I take this drive outside
and give it to the police...
I'll only be jailed...
...but your next few generations
will be screwed sir.
Jugnu, this drive belongs
to a reporter...
...who was plotting against us.
One day, as he was collecting
evidence against us...
...the poor guy fell off
his terrace.
And died.
By accident.
- Understand?
- You're absolutely right.
Everyone makes mistakes. Right?
Who was that man who lived
3 bungalows down your street?
Film Producer?
Now imagine, just like him
you're on your morning jog.
And suddenly...
...a coconut falls on your
shiny head. Thud!
Your brain starts
haemorrhaging instantly.
And in about 15 minutes, preparations
for your funeral would begin.
No one can be blamed for
this 'accident' now, can they?
Jugnu you'll get the money.
But first finish the job.
Where will we get our parcel?
Mr. Sharma.
Questions are asked by those
who have the upper hand.
This firefly of yours, Jugnu...
...has started glowing
a little too much, no'?
That's enough nonsense from him.
I will have to give the command...
...back to the police.
That shiny sparkling hero of yours?
Tell him...
...whatever he finds in the locker,
he should keep it with himself.
I'll take care of the rest.
- One more thing...
- Shh!
I will take care of it.
Balance is over?
Couldn't you have filled
a little more money in it?
Brother, give him
some water at least?
What are you doing?
This is how you call people
in Mumbai.
And this is what you do
to get a tight slap in Delhi.
If you'd recharged your phone...
...we could've at least finished
our conversation!
- What are you trying to say,
you moron? - Hey!
Shut up!
What are you trying to say,
you moron?
I am a cheapster?
You people from Faridabad,
refill empty shampoo bottles...
...with water over and
over again to use it.
Aye! I said shut up!
You people from Ghaziabad...
...put together leftover
pieces of soap...
...and use them after you poop!
Why... you peep into my bathroom?
I'll tell you, I'll tell you
why I peep into your bathroom.
Bloody, I'll stuff shampoo in your...
I told you to shut up!
I'm bored out of my wits, sir.
The case is going to be
transferred from the CBI...
...back to the police shortly.
Get Jugnu out.
And what do I do with the money, sir?
I don't care about the money.
I want the drive. The drive!
And as soon as you get the drive,
Oh, fake encounter?
Okay sir, no problem sir.
Now I'm gonna get you...
Give me the walkie,
give me the walkie!
Yes, sir!
- Delta 1.
- Yes, sir.
Get all the units to gate no. 1.
They're going to come out
of this gate.
Okay, sir.
Come on, move move everyone, move!
I'm in charge here.
Were. Not anymore.
The command coming back to me,
anytime now.
And your hands will feel
quite empty.
Sakharam, get something cold
to keep sir's hands occupied.
Yes, yes sir, will get it right away.
A terrorist outfit,
...has claimed responsibility
for this robbery.
I want this case to
be taken from the CBI...
...and handed back to the police.
But sir, we haven't received
any such intel reports.
How will this do'?
If CBl and RAW are not
in sync with each other... is this going to work?
Ask your officers to
hand over the case... police immediately.
And I said...
Oye come in here, quick!
There's a problem!
Look in there,
look what's happening.
Yes, look look look.
One punch...
...and you feel the crunch!
Genda, Gulab come here quick.
Take everyone out in groups of nine.
Look, still following Feng Shui!
Not Feng Shui, logic.
If all 27 of us go out
there together,
we'll get caught!
So who goes in the first batch?
Ladies first. Obviously.
All that hype about lack of
concern for girls in Delhiites...
...isn't necessarily true.
C'mon, pick him up.
Hello, Gayatri ma'am.
Tell Amjad sir that I'm tring
to get the hostages out...
...through the front gate.
Amjad! Try and understand!
No' you phase try
and understand, sir.
Right now, using force
is not a good idea.
Sir sir sir, this is urgent!
Champak is getting the hostages
out through the front exit.
Sir, I have just received
a confirmation...
...that he is going to free
the hostages.
Look, use your commandos.
These people are terrorists.
There is no need to show them
any mercy.
But sir, he's going to free
the hostages-
I can't wait anymore.
There's a lot of pressure.
From the media.
Operation has to happen!
C'mon. Move it.
Send the media away!
Send the media away!
Cameras away!
Details of the operation,
should not be leaked
to the press.
I will hold a conference
at the correct time.
I'll take it back from you outside.
Sir! Look! Sir!
Take your positions.
Go go! Cover!
Cover, cover, cover!
Out! Out!
There are more people inside, sir.
Go, get out of here. Out of here!
Sir! Sir, I'm Gulab! Sir, Gulab.
Sir, with Champak. Sir sir sir...
- Where is Champak?
- Genda is in there, sir.
Champak is in there too, sir.
Sir, please save them.
Okay go! Go!
Been a while since
we checked on the hostages.
Do a rain check.
- What?
- What?
Wasn't your duty there?
What are you doing here?
Jugnu sir has asked me
to check on the hostages.
Yes, so I'm here.
Go tell him all is well here. Go.
Dude, I'll tell big brother that
you aren't letting me do my job.
And I will tell big brother that... are roaming around
without your mask.
The cameras are all off, idiot!
Yes, but they can
come back on anytime.
We'll all get caught because of you.
Wait a minute.
I'll check on the hostages.
Yes, all is okay. Go tell him.
And wear your mask.
At the gate, outside...
Come here.
Jugnu's men have seen us.
Getting out of the front door is
going to be very dangerous now.
There is one more way out.
But that's quite risky.
Alpha 2, are you in position?
Yes, sir.
The gate at the breach
location is covered. Over.
Champak where are you?
Why aren't you out yet?
I'm getting all the hostages
out through the ATM exit.
- You also come there.
- Champak, listen to me.
Listen carefully.
Use your exit plan.
Got it?
Get outwith the hostages.
Sir, how did you know about our plan?
You still have a lot
to learn about theft.
Anyway, listen up.
They're going to declare you
a terrorist.
Terrorist? But we're just...
I know.
That is why I'm asking
you to hurry up.
Once the ATS is inside,
then even I won't be able
to help you.
Got it?
Sir, sir, sir, sir...
Sir, these people don't even know the
difference between Obama and Osama.
You have to do something,
please stop this.
C'mon Gayatri!
You know these aren't
my decisions.
What do you want from me'?
I have an idea, sir.
Your laces are untied.
Yes brother. Was in a rush...
Has that car arrived?
Yes brother, it's here, at the back...
How is it here?
When we never called for one.
In the north, we're never
'in a rush'.
We're always 'in a hurry'.
Check the hostages!
You're a new player,
you don't know the rules
of this game.
Brother! All the hostages are gone.
Then look for them.
Kill them all!
Spare no one!
I'm a common man.
I jump 200 potholes everyday... just grab a cup of tea.
What are you?
Disrespect again?!
Sir, sir!
Sir, look at this!
Home Minister Dongardive will hold
a press conference shortly.
In which he will claim that...
...the people inside the bank
aren't just robbers but terrorists.
According to our information,
this is entirely false.
Sir, what could be the motive
behind him doing this?
That's for you all to find out!
I think...
...the media...
...should ask that question
to Mr. Dongardive himself.
Hey! That son of a gun!
Stop the ATS!
No one will go inside. GO!
This is Gayatri Ganguly
from Zee News...
...stay tuned for more breaking news.
ATS mission called off.
Abort mission. Abort mission!
Move back. The mission
has been called off.
Move, move!
Out, out, out!
What happened to them?
Your plan worked Gayatri!
Now it's time for my plan.
Let's go, c'mon! Hurry up!
Why are they-
Why are these people
entering from the back?
Get my jacket. Get my jacket!
Even we'll go inside!
Cover fire!
Go go go go -!
Take them to safety!
C'mon, fast fast fast!
Move, move, move!
The biggest lesson
to learn from robbery.
And it applies to relationships too.
If one door closes...
...always keep the other one open.
When I searched for evil,
I didn't find a single evil soul.
But as I searched within,
I realised, there's nothing
more evil than me.
Now you'll bite even/name's
share of beating-
Shoot, you idiot!
I'm going towards the vault.
The thief is there.
This idiot!
I'm gonna beat him to this...
First you'll say that
the command isn't mine.
Then you'll try and stop me.
And now you're probably thinking...
...why don't I just shoot
Amjad Khan.
I already shot you.
Now I will have to
take over command.
You should be thanking me right now.
Now you'll wonder why.
I just got you a medal.
Get sir to the ambulance.
Our brave soldier has been shot
in the line of fire.
Are you hurt, sir?
Pick me up! Pick me up!
Your stars foretell bad luck...
Sir, Jugnu.
I've been trying to explain
this to you since so long.
You're bleeding quite a lot.
You need a doctor. Go!
Sir, forget about me.
What about the hostages?
The hostages are all safe.
So are your friends.
They're outside.
Now you leave too.
- Sir, I'm very...
- Sorry, right?
I'll have this conversation with you
once we're out of here.
Now go! And that's an order.
Let me finish this
once and for all.
Come here.
Old habits die hard.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much sir.
You saved our lives.
Bro, he's come!
My hand!
Oye! Bro, you're shot!
Doctor. Call the doctor!
Bro. How did this happen?
Even our blood...
...feels like one.
You Delhiites.
Over dramatise everything.
Chew even/name's brain.
You are just the worst.
But when it comes to friendship,
there's no one better than you.
So bro, Delhi for the ones
with a heart.
And Mumbai for all!
I am not a policeman.
I am the bank robber.
The real one.
Bank Robber.
Last time you were
lucky enough to escape.
But this time,
no way!
Firstly, I'm from Faizabad.
And to top that I have a gun.
You should speak to me with respect.
This time, either you get out
of here alive...
...or you'll only be the one
to get out dead.
- Thank you so much.
- You saved our lives.
Thank you so much!
You saved all our lives.
but you forgot the one thing
that corrects all the faults...
...basis Feng Shui.
Thank you for saving all our lives.
You'll have to come with
with me for interrogation.
Hello mister, what are you saying?
He's hurt. He's been shot.
Look, please don't interfere.
There's an inquiry on.
He is a thief!
What do you mean?
He saved our life.
He's not a thief.
Move, move, move.
Come along.
I have to acknowledge your courage.
You have some guts.
Inviting me here, yourself.
But I'm sorry to say, buddy.
This time,
game over!
I'll go in the third ambulance.
Feng Shui!
Feng Shui, now too.
There are three of us.
The ambulance number is also three.
- Okay bro, let's get into
that one only. - Brother.
C'mon bro-brother,
let's get into that one.
Here's the third ambulance.
Bullets have poison in them.
Let's get you patched up.
Let it go.
Let it go as in?
Three is your lucky number right?
What happened to your Feng Shui.
Do you know why our
palms have lines on them?
Because we shape our own destiny.
When I went out seeking evil...
I didn't find a thing...
...but as I searched within myself...
I realised, there's nothing
more evil than me.
We shape our own destiny.
I shape my own destiny.
I'm handling both the Ambuja
and the Sethi robbery cases.
And there's a smart
and dangerous mind...
...behind both of them.
Come, come, Mr. Khan.
You too got fooled, right?
We're really smart thieves.
We know what we're doing.
I met Genda and Gulab
for the first time...
...only two days ago.
The world's biggest weakness is...
He has very innocent eyes.
Sony my house is mortgaged.
I can't lie on Saturdays.
I want to take my mom...
...on a pilgrimage.
I was pretty much
officially invited... attend today's robbery.
Bank Robber.
What are you laughing at'?
Sir, this just came for you.
Sir, my name is Champak
Chandrakant Chiplunkar.
And sir, I'm a common man.
I'm robbing out of helplessness.
When I was a little boy,
I was really very naughty.
My mischief would get...
I'd make mischief and get caught?
Not a chance.
The situation at the Bank
of Indians is now under control.
9 people have been injured
but everyone is out of danger.
Sukhmani... Sukhmani.
After the robbery,
what all happened?
Amidst all this chaos...
...our Home Minister Dongardive's
name has surfaced.
Would you believe these thieves...
...or your leader? Haan?
That mad man Amjad shot me.
Jugnu got caught too.
Sir, just take my word,
you should disappear
for about a month or so...
What is this great scam really?
To know more, stay tuned
and keep watching Zee News,
with your own GaGa.
Come on, guys.
At least its better than Genda,
Gulab and Champak.
Everybody needs a sign off.
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon. Let's go.
Don't you want to go to Kisannagar?
Hey! What if it were
Harsha Ganguly?
Now just watch, uncle.
The hero will shower them
with money.
Hey! What are you looking at!
That happens only in films!
Oh my God!
The film's 16D uncle. 16D.
Shashank Thakur?
Ashutosh Sharma's men...
have figured out my involvement.
That's why...
I've collected...
all evidence...
and put it in a drive.
That drive is hidden away
in a locker.
I will not give you the details... the locker, this time.
Or they will kill you too.
Look at our destiny,
I wanted to make you my partner.
I don't know...
...when and how,
you became my son instead.
What's up, sir?
Nice running into you.
This was fun.
You're the first thief
whose mind I couldn't read.
And you're the first policeman
who I felt like greeting with a...
"...nice running into you".
Thank you.
You've been stealing
since you were a kid...
I understood that the moment
you ran away from the bank.
When did I run, sir?
Your commandos escorted me out.
Tell me one thing...
...when did you start working
with Shashank Thakur?
I used to steal since childhood.
But when I started working
with Shashank sir...
I started sleeping well at night.
And for the last 3 months...
I have lost all my sleep,
wondering how you did all of this?
Some things aren't
meant to be said...
...they're meant to be shown.
Right there.
You guys know that we're recording
this robbery on these cameras... Amjad Khan can see it later?
Amjad sir,
your first question will be...
why did we pick this day
specifically to rob the bank.
That's because the details
of Shashank sir's locker
and key is with the real thieves.
And for the drive,
we need the real thieves.
We've been keeping an eye on
Ashutosh Sharma and Dongardive...
...for a while now.
We've even been tracing
their phone calls.
That's when we got to know that...
...the real thieves were going
to strike today... nine-thirty in fact.
Because we didn't know
the real thief's face...
...we had to buy more time.
The more idiotic we look...
...the quicker the real
thief will reveal himself.
So we took our stupidity
to the next level.
But he stayed hidden.
That is why we faked finding a drive.
And the minute he saw it,
Jugnu revealed himself.
I could have come another day
and taken the drive easily.
I hate shooting bullets
without a reason.
Great doing business with Jugnu!
Just like a India-Pakistan T20 final.
He made for a strong opponent.
The money found with Jugnu was fake.
Where did the real money do'?
Look around, sir.
In every drama,
the role of a supporting cast
is very important.
Early in the morning,
our people deposited
counterfeit notes.
According to the stars
and Feng Shui... 3 have been
nominated to help us!
After breaking open the locker...
...we intentionally kept back three
of our people right at the end.
So they could replace the real notes
in Ashutosh Sharma's locker...
...with the fake ones.
So when Jugnu gets caught,
there's only fake cash
found on him.
Everyone remembers we have
to reach Kisan Nagar, right?
No confusion.
You lock these two up.
- Gulab, you get the manager.
- Okay.
Jugnu had only one weakness.
His temper.
And as he lost his cool.
We gained control of him.
Why don't you shoot him?
Not funny, is it?
You want this?
Get it over with man!
Stop playing around.
Amjad will be here any minute.
You know.
You were right.
I have very innocent eyes.
But they'll take you down,
not me!
Your stars foretell bad luck.
I have been trying
to explain this to you...
You're bleeding a lot.
You need a doctor. Go!
Hmm. So-
- Hello.
- Sony, sir.
Was in a bit of a rush.
Yes, that's why I didn't try
and stop you.
Anyway, no worries.
You left your iPad here, by mistake.
And it has all the evidence
I need against-
I don't make mistakes,
even by mistake.
Look again.
Shashank Thakur
Case Files
I've left a gift for you, sir.
Evidence that would be
of interest to you.
Now only you can put these crooks
where they belong.
Thanks, Champak.
It was a pleasure meeting you, sir.
My partner isn't around anymore.
Can I interest you in a job offer?
The answer is no.
Just because I had a drink
with you does not mean...
I'm open to working with criminals.
Okay then, sir.
Next month!
Yes. In Delhi, right?
The diamond corridor project?
Will catch you then.
Got to give it you, sir.
But next time, look closer.
There's always a chink... every armour.
Nothing like a good challenge,
And I love a good challenge.
By the way, can I ask you a question?
Champak can't be your real name.
Before you say goodbye,
won't you tell me your real name?
Riteish Deshmukh.
How does it matter, sir?
I'm a common man.
And common men don't have names.
They only have actions.
Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind.
Bro, I think...
...we've pulled off
an amazing robbery.
They should make a film on us.
Yash Raj will make it, bro.
Dhoom 3.5.
What say?
And my character will be...
played by...
Ranveer Singh.
- Wow!
- And mine, by Arjun Kapoor.
No No.
Arjun Kapoor should play my part.
Yes, actually.
It'll suit you more.
Your status doesn't entitle you
to even a Riteish Deshmukh.
And you're dreaming of
Yash Raj Films.
Do one thing,
make a web series...
...and pitch it to Y-Films.
Maybe they'll like the stow
of you two morons.
Don't say that, man.
We can certainly afford
Riteish Deshmukh.
Man, come on!
We aren't in that bad a state also.
Come on.
Sure. Could be.
Maybe that way that poor guy could
get his first hit in two years.
Riteish Deshmukh!?
One minute, one minute, one minute.
Riteish Deshmukh will give a hit.
Someone take me home man!