Banka (1957) Movie Script

(Northern Elegy)
Jiro KAGA Yoshishige UCHIYAMA
Toshio YUKI and Shigeko YASUMI
Based on the novel by
Photo: Junichi SEGAWA
Directed by: Heinosuke GOSHO
Music: Yasushi AKUTAGAWA
- Cast -
Yoshiko KUGA
Meiko TAKAMINE Masayuki MORI
- Remote valley, Hokaido -
It's finally spring.
But the wind is still cold...
and my left elbow hurts.
Because of the inflammation...
it becomes all stiff and sore.
This old injury has started aching.
and now my heart has begun too.
Maybe like my elbow...
my heart will gradually harden too.
Just now...
he's in my thoughts...
the man that day
on the mountain road.
Don't Neri...
- Neri! No! Hey...
Excuse us... I'm sorry.
This is Neri.
Could you help me with this?
Does it hurt?
Neri... he's never
bitten anyone before.
Well, no dog's ever bitten
me before.
They usually like me.
Do you like dogs?
- Yes
Neri Neri.
For some reason...
I can't forget...
... this quiet man
with the serious look.
His name was Katsuragi...
he was one of those older men
I hadn't noticed before.
He offered to give me
one of Neri's puppies.
and even told me where he lived.
But that's not me.
I'm fine living on my own.
Are you hungry?
Is there anything to eat?
I made some rice cakes.
In the kitchen, in the cupboard.
Although we celebrate Ohigan here...
no one will visit your Mom's grave.
I feel...
so sorry for your mother.
Grandma, did you visit her grave?
I prayed for her and our ancestors
and asked for many things.
That Nobuhiko pass
his university exam...
and that your left arm...
becomes normal again.
- You're obsessed with that Gran.
What's the matter?
Does it hurt much?
Not really.
When did it happen?
I don't remember.
You shouldn't go around
with that dirty cloth on.
Try to be a little refined.
It might be okay for a boy...
But not a young lady... you affect
your fate, and who you'll meet.
If your mother were alive...
Don't talk about Mom!
If Mom were here,
she wouldn't say that.
You got back rather early today.
Do you need anything?
Sit down.
Want one?
What is it?
Nothing really.
How old are you?
Ah, I know.
Arranging my marriage again?
Where this time?
- A Buddhist temple.
A new graduate...
from the Buddhist University.
So... clean long temple hallways
and wash the monks' asses.
And cook vegetarian meals?
I'd hate it.
I don't like veggies
and over-fried tofu.
I'd have to listen to
okyo prayers, right?
Dad, you should worry
about yourself more than me.
You're only 53 years old.
You should find a wife.
What are you saying.
If it were up to me,
she'd be mature and romantic.
Dad, really...
find yourself one.
If we get a new mother,
I'll marry too.
You always change the subject
like this.
Look, Dad...
If my body were normal
you'd leave me alone.
But because of this stiff arm...
you're always pushing me...
to get married.
I know...
you've grown up without a mother...
and are becoming
less and less a lady.
That's what worries me.
It's okay.
You can leave me alone.
There's no need to worry.
Mr. Ittsu, do you have an appointment?
- And you've got a class? - Yes
It's going to be very busy, eh?
- Yes
Since I turned 25,
my mother can no longer avoid
the reality of her own age.
Hey Rei...
can you help me
put up posters?
Sure, I wouldn't mind.
What happened to your hand?
- This...?
Oh, just a little problem.
- It got burned.
Grandma was in a hurry
and overturned a saucepan.
Wow, that's dangerous.
We're going.
The second floor of that building...
It's my Dad's office.
I realized, then...
I could ask Mr. Katsuragi...
to buy tickets for Mimizukuza
Theatre Company's new play.
But really...
the tickets were
just an excuse...
to visit his house
at the top of the hill.
Well, Mr. Tatsumi...
Ms. Aiko...
go home tonight.
Mr. Tatsumi.
- I wont.
I'll see Mr. Katsuragi too.
What an idea!
Please go home.
Do you know who it is?
Is Mr. Katsuragi in?
Mr. Katsuragi's out, but...
would you like to know who is?
I'm known to him.
Well, Mrs. Katsuragi just came home.
No, actually it's not that important.
- Please wait a moment.
There's a visitor.
- A visitor?
She wanted to speak with Mr. Katsuragi.
- Ah...
Won't you come in?
It's no problem.
What... there's no one here.
They've gone home.
What was she like?
- Young.
Come on in.
How's your hand?
It's much better.
I waited.
But you didn't come...
so I gave the puppy
to another family.
It's okay.
I've been quite busy.
Actually, I've just come
from my father's office.
From your father's office?
- Yes, the office of Hyoudou Suisan.
So... you're the daughter
of Mr. Hyoudou.
So you drive a jeep.
I saw you the other day.
Well, I used to drive trucks...
as a weapons engineer.
Did you go to war?
The strange thing is... men my age
haven't been to war.
Where did you go?
Hutuin... Malaya... Burma...
Must have been scary.
There were fun things too.
What kind of things?
My best memory...
was in Cambodia.
I was hiding in Angkor Wat...
Where's Angkor Wat?
Long ago, the Khmer people
were great engineers.
Monks built a temple there.
It's one of the greatest ancient
architectural sites in the Orient.
You build buildings too, right?
Maybe not temples, but...
But you don't build houses
to last thousands of years.
You build houses that people
can be happy living in.
That's what I think.
- Did you design your own home?
It's your own home...
where you, Kumiko...
and your wife live happily?
There's one more... my niece.
That's wasn't my point.
Do you live happily there?
That's what I meant.
You're cruel.
Why won't you tell me?
I can teach you about Angkor Wat
using the photos.
I saw your wife.
I went to your house...
yesterday evening.
Oh yeah?
I wasn't aware.
I was hoping to sell you
tickets for Mimizukuza's new play.
- It's an amateur theater company.
An artist already Reiko?
- Not at all.
I just paint things on the set.
Right. Then maybe I'll buy some.
Even if I can't go, I can
give them to our staff.
Then five!
That's 350 yen.
You should bring your wife.
I'd like to meet her.
I even told the press, but...
I didn't think so few
people would show up?
We made a loss. Better keep
singing and try not to think about it.
So you can still
be amused by it.
I suppose.
Take care of things for a while.
- Yes, sir.
"Almost, but not quite...
The production had charm,
but still the show flopped."
Two coffees.
- Yes, sir.
I'll take that for you.
- Thanks.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Shall I pour?
Thank you. Please come again.
- Thanks.
Rei, got a minute?
Just a sec.
Mr. Furuse.
I hear you're doing well.
I saw the last Mimizukuza production.
I heard you took leave.
Were you hurt?
Nothing serious.
What about college?
I think I'll try again.
- Of course. Work hard. Good luck.
Thanks for coming.
Mikio, who was that?
He was ahead of me
at college.
He's studing medicine in Tokyo.
His name's Furuse?
Ah... Tatsumi Furuse.
He's probably lying
about being injured.
He's well enough
to go for coffee.
Kumiko... daddy's home!
Dad! Welcome home!
- Thanks.
Let's all have
a nice dinner together...
and then we'll play.
Daddy... do you really
want to play with me? - Yup.
What shall we play?
Where's mommy?
Auntie went out.
Daddy... push!
Kumiko, lucky you.
Here we go!
You should leave soon.
Go back to Tokyo.
Don't you graduate next year?
You take...
too much time off your studies.
Just thinking about it pains me.
I'm the one in pain.
We can't keep doing this
again and again.
Please go back to Tokyo.
If you come with me.
How can you say that?
What did Mr. Katsuragi say...
about me?
That's what saddens me more...
his total silence.
Surely he doesn't see me
as a rival.
That'd be too funny.
Let's go far away... together.
Anywhere at all?
- Sure.
Anywhere's fine.
I don't care what happens to me.
Don't think like that.
We should say goodbye now.
You know the name of this bar?
- Why?
'AGAIN', it means 'meet again', right?
- Welcome.
Here's your drink.
What d'you want?
- Highball.
I'll have a whiskey.
Rei, you're a bit strange lately.
- How so?
Is it so strange
to order a highball?
No, not that.
I wanted to ask you earlier.
- What?
No need to worry about me.
Here you go.
There's someone I know.
I'll just say hello.
Lately it feels better with alcohol,
Mr. Katsuragi? - You think so?
Good evening.
Oh, it's you.
Did you build this place too...
so men can forget
about their homes...
and have a good time drinking?
Have a seat, please.
- Thanks. Just for a moment.
I caught this young lady...
secretly peering into my office
the other day.
I thought she was a bit odd
for a thief.
Won't your father be angry
that you come to such places?
Don't worry about trifles.
Want a drink?
Bye... I'm with a friend,
and better go.
Mikio, do you have
something to write on?
Write on?
And a pencil.
There is no one
to scold me.
I'm a free spirit.
What if you went back home?
Although I imagine your wife
is not very lonely.
The thief who
secretly peered into your life.
Let's go.
- I need to make a call.
Go ahead.
Who's the man?
Like I said...
someone I know.
Ugh... I'm pooped.
- You decided to leave too?
So when did you peer
into my life?
Bad hobbies can be dangerous.
Are you preaching?
Why is it a bad hobby...?
to write a friendly letter.
Weren't you laughing
when you wrote it?
So you refuse
my friendly gesture?
If you're sorry,
it's not my fault.
I can tell you a lovely story.
Want to hear?
Red and black.
Do you know Mrs. Denar?
She always had...
a cute young man.
I wonder how her husband felt.
I know!
Don't be angry!
I just meant...
Go home.
Are you afraid to go alone?
I made you some tea.
- Good.
What were you going to say?
- Yes?
What I wanted to say...
is that our home,
the three of us...
should live quietly, without impurities.
That's what I'd like.
Whatever has happened between us,
we shouldn't be unfair to Kumiko?
I'm sorry.
I'm not trying to blame you.
I want you to blame me.
The truth is, it relieves me.
I've tried to forget
what happened.
No. You can't forget.
I know this....
you're not the only one suffering.
Mr. Katsuragi...
Could you show me a picture?
A picture?
Angkor Wat.
I have to work.
I'll see you later.
You're always busy these days.
I have almost finished.
Have you forgotten about
last night?
Last night I couldn't sleep.
The truth is I came to apologize.
You must hate me.
Hate you?
I was thinking...
to take you out tonight.
If you hadn't come, I'd planned
to search the city and find you.
We can go in my jeep.
What about it?
I'm not pressuring you.
We could come back tonight.
Decide for yourself...
to come or not.
How can I... when you ask
so suddenly, so frankly.
Why are we here?
To play.
- What are we going to play?
You must be tired.
You should go to bed before me.
No! I don't want to.
You should go to bed first.
I'll stay awake tonight.
Don't talk nonsense.
I'm not talking nonsense.
You'd know if you thought a little.
I'm also someone's daughter.
If I don't come home all night,
there'll be a big fus.
Why did you bring me here?
I know why...
for your wife.
It's because of your wife. To show her
you can have a young girl.
It's not even an affair.
Aren't I right?
Don't you see why I ask?
Stop it!
The only one in your heart
is your wife.
You're not even
thinking about me!
You shouldn't say that.
just for now...
think only of me now.
Forget everything else.
Please, I beg you...
Good morning.
I called work and
I talked to your dad to fix things.
To dad?
What did you say?
I told him you wouldn't
be home tonight.
Did you say...
that I'm with you?
He should be worried.
He can stay worried then.
I'll peel it for you.
I don't want to think
about home now.
Don't say that.
You're hungry, right?
- Not really.
What is it?
It won't move.
It's frozen.
It's no big deal.
- Doesn't it shock you?
Not many things shock me.
There are a lot of
conveniences today.
Lots of electrical appliances,
vacuum cleaners,
electric washing machines.
Don't pity me!
Electric appliances...?
That's got nothing to do with it.
We shouldn't talk about
these things. You promised.
Then what should we talk about?
About Baku. - Baku?
(Spirit that devours dreams.)
We're going to have to see to
your marriage.
There's the man you dated.
Really, there's no point
talking about it.
If you keep worrying about me,
death will sneek in and grab you.
- Oh, my...
Yes, this is the Hyoudo residence.
Yes, she's here.
One moment, please.
Eh, Reiko!
Another phone call!
Tell him I'm not home!
Hey... I don't think I should.
Ah... not home?
I understand.
Thank you.
Won't you come in for a bit?
Yes, but...
not today.
Another day I'll come
for a proper visit.
You always refuse.
I'd like to meet Reiko and the others
at the right time.
Welcome home.
- Yes
Reiko, I have something to tell you.
Ohh.. that's a nice tie.
You buy it? - Yes.
Don't fib. It is a gift...
from that lady.
I just saw you two walking together...
very happily.
She seems friendly.
That lady...
is Ms. Tanioka.
She has a dressmaker's shop
in Shitadori.
So... she's a good person.
And she likes you.
I'm right?
She also drops you off.
That's why you're
not angry with me.
Without a mother's guidance,
girls can grow to be strange.
today I met Mr. Katsuragi.
He came to see me
in my office.
It seems he's called you many times,
but you refused to answer.
He told you that?
- Yes.
What else did you talk about?
He has to move...
for some work in Sapporo.
To Sapporo?
- Yes.
He said he's catching
the four o'clock train.
Be there for about a month.
It's going to take that long?
- That's what he said.
What else did you talk about?
Well only...
he asked me to give you that.
- Oh, really.
Dad, why didn't you give me that first?
You had it all along.
Sir, would you like your bath now?
- Yes.
Sumitomo Kensetsu Chuo-ku,
Kita 2, Jonishi 3, Chome, SAPPORO.
Is it just because...
you want someone
to make you feel complete.
I don't want that.
What I want is true love...
to know your heart.
But I'm scared.
That's why I ran...
If I don't see you,
I won't know your heart.
You wanted to do something at four?
- Nothing really...
I just didn't want
to be alone at four.
- No particular reason.
At four...
You don't look so good.
- It's because I didn't sleep well.
You have to go away.
Then why did you come...
as I asked?
I'm asking you...
go back to Tokyo...
I'm begging you.
I won't... go back.
So, Rei...
I was thinking to do
another show soon.
All of these drawings are good.
Would you model for the next one?
Sure... so long as it's not a nude.
Of course not.
Bring me a coffee.
Rei... what's up with you today?
The lady with Furuse's so beautiful,
I couldn't help noticing.
Thank you.
Your change, sir?
You forgot them.
Oh thanks, sorry to trouble you.
My name is Reiko.
I'm a fan of yours.
You're so pretty.
So when I realized
they were your gloves...
Actually, I'd like to ask a favor.
- Yes.
Someone I know
would love to draw you.
Draw me?
- Yes, just to capture your face.
The man I was with just now.
A junior classmate of Mr. Furuse.
His name's Mikio Fusada.
Well... I don't know.
Can I do it?
- Please!
Just an hour of your time...
in your house.
But where is Madam's home?
Merci, Madam.
I'll definitely come.
Tatsumi, I'm going home.
Goodbye, Madam!
The bus is leaving.
Is it okay if I move this much?
Yes, please do as you want.
I'll continue drawing regardless.
Madam, is the adjacent room
your husband's?
It'd be cool to see... could I?
It's no problem.
Go ahead.
See, Mikio. Just a peek then.
So your marriage was a love marriage?
(ie. Not arranged.)
I just spoke with Mrs. Furenkou
about the swans.
Are there really
so many swans there?
Yes... one or two hundred.
They come in November
and return to Siberia in April.
It's a tremendous site.
A kind of wild beauty.
The lake pure white,
the birds pure white.
It must be lovely.
Maybe Madam could go
with Mr. Tatsumi sometime?
I'm sorry.
You could turn into a swan.
It'd be lovely floating on the lake.
Graceful, elegant and beautiful.
You'd be the swan queen.
I'm sure I'd be spellbound,
and want to capture you.
I'd escape.
- If you tried, I'd stop you.
I'm a hunter.
Where I put my eye,
I'll put the bullet.
Excuse me a moment, please.
Rei... don't be so catty with Madam.
Don't say that.
I'm just being friendly.
Don't say that.
You mustn't do that, Tatsumi.
Mikio, do you like her?
you think she's the only one
I've been drawing?
It seems you never
want to model for me.
So I've been sketching you too.
Let's eat something.
- Okay.
Please feel free.
Take one, please.
Come, Kumiko.
Mommy, there's a postcard!
Ah, it's from Daddy.
Mommy, what does it say?
Daddy says... He can't come home
'til he's finished his work.
He says, "Listen to your mommy...
and be a good girl."
That's where daddy is in Sapporo.
Madam's at home.
And there are snacks.
Information travels fast.
So you must know.
Know what?
That Tomoko's in Tokyo...
and Mr. Katsuragi
won't be back for some time.
One shouldn't have an affair
in daylight.
Hey you!
Who are you?
What do you mean?
Why are you hanging around Akiko?
Akiko... You mean Mrs. Katsuragi?
Your lover.
Because I'm attracted to her.
You mean sexually?
It's all the same to me.
I can't help thinking
you've got an ulterior motive...
ever since the first time.
The first time?
- Strangely so.
When we were having coffee
in Daphne bar.
So you remember.
That's when I first met Madam.
I won't let you go
until you tell me the truth.
Then I'll tell you the truth.
I like her too...
as much as I despise you.
It's raining silently tonight...
For some reason, I don't feel
I'm in the place where I grew up...
but somewhere new...
like a traveler, talking to
someone far off, that is, you...
just chatting and joking.
My days consist of a staring contest
between me and the tracing paper.
However, my time here
isn't even half over.
When I return home,
I'd like to see you.
If I say I just want to talk...
you'll probably be surprised by it.
Please try not to catch a cold.
What I want is not just friendship.
What I want is a heart that will fall
in love in the way mine has.
I know that you want me
more than your wife.
But your wife...
is so beautiful and pretty,
that sometimes...
I feel envious...
and it makes me petty.
Her deep and intuitive smile...
When I see her...
I find myself drawn to her.
A highball, please.
- Okay.
Here is your drink.
The dark office made me think...
If Mr. Katsuragi were here...
If the doors of this cold building
were open...
and he was coming out...
just now,
more than at any other time...
I want to see Mr. Katsuragi.
He would embrace me
and stroke my head...
we can't see each other
any more.
Miss Reiko!
Mama, it hurts!
Some water, please.
Miss Reiko, what happened?
Come in.
Mama... water...
I drank too much alcohol...
Drank alcohol?
You shouldn't have.
Water... give me water please.
I'll give you water.
But first lie down.
You can rest here.
No. I don't want to sleep here!
Don't say that.
You can relax in this room.
Tomorrow I'll take you home.
No, please.
Let me go home, Mama!
Do not act like a child...
Now I'll bring your water.
Let me, let me...
I want to see your face...
Well, we'll talk later.
I'll get the water.
What's up with Rei lately?
It's been some time
since I've seen her.
She's not well...
staying in bed.
Apparently mild pneumonia.
Well, that's not good.
I went to see her,
and gave her some sketches
she wanted.
Ah, ya...
Sometimes when I see you two,
I feel the frustration.
Mr. Sada, you have to be
a real man...
I'm telling you... go for her strongly.
You have to be firm with Rei.
It's better to be cautious with Rei.
She's come to see you again.
Mrs. Katsuragi.
She brought you gifts.
Be sure to thank her.
She saved your life.
It wasn't that bad.
There, Mrs. Katsuragi,
please come in.
How are you, Reiko?
Why aren't you gorgeous.
Reiko, how's your cold?
Thanks, Kumiko.
I'm much better now.
Her face and skin tone
look better, no?
Mommy, it's a pretty flower.
Yes it is.
Let's go and play together.
What should we play, eh?
Thank you.
Grandmother admires you.
Everyone who knows you,
becomes a fan.
No, no, they don't.
But, why are you so nice to me?
I guess it's something
that you have and I don't...
But there's good and bad
even in youth.
Your youth has its
sudden bursts of energy...
but I'd say that's good.
And... what's Kumiko's father like?
I'd say...
he must be someone serious,
friendly and quiet.
Who do you love more...
Your husband or Mr. Tatsumi?
Sorry, Mama...
to ask such a question.
Please don't be angry.
I'm not angry.
Reiko... are you okay?
Let's see...
when are you getting married?
To the man
who drew the sketches.
Is that how it appears?
If there is anything I can do,
tell me... so I can help.
Thanks, Mama.
It's easier to tie your hair like this.
I left without telling anyone. Not
my father, nor mama, not even Mikio.
Tomorrow I'll definitely
see Mr. Katsuragi...
somewhere in a city
I don't know called Sapporo.
Being lonely is not
the only reason I'm going.
The more kindness I receive
from mama, who knows nothing...
the more painful it is for me.
It's you.
You surprised me.
Did you come this morning?
And at home?
Without saying anything?
What shall I do with you?
Send your father
a telegram right now.
No, I will not.
I came so far to see you,
and you lecture me?
If you wont send one, I will.
I'm just finishing work,
so wait for me.
I'm right next to the television tower.
Do you want some tea?
In two or three days
my parents are coming.
I'd like to introduce you.
- No.
I'll be leaving soon.
So here we are again.
It's your way.
have you thought of me?
- Yes
As much as I have of you?
How are you? Do you hurt anywhere?
- I'm fine.
Would it be a problem
if my body were changing?
It could only mean
you're going to be a mom.
I've been thinking... I feel bad
for what I did to you. - Why?
This is not just my marriage...
I have Kumiko also.
I didn't say I wanted to marry.
Don't decide things for me.
I will not let you go.
I'm fine the way things are.
You should live with mama and Kumiko
as you have been.
When I finish work here and return
I intend to speak to Akiko about you.
No! You mustn't tell Mama
about me.
You don't have to worry about it.
No...! never do that.
No way you can.
If you tell mama...
she won't see me.
I'm serious.
What is it?
You're just tired.
Last night you didn't sleep
on the train.
You could also have a fever.
You need to sleep.
No, I don't want to.
Promise me, please, please.
Make me your amie,
your friend-lover. - Amie?
Make me your amie.
Seems today you're feeling better.
Because for the first time
we're walking together like this.
Could you...
go with me to Tokyo soon.
Please don't talk of the future.
This day... let's spend it happily,
without thinking.
Here... it's a reminder
for you, Mama.
For me, too?
Is it okay if I accept it?
- Of course.
Isn't it pretty?
Mine is a kitten.
Thanks, Reiko.
You're welcome.
- Lucky you, Kumiko.
Thank you.
- You've helped me so much.
But, be forewarned. I may yet
demand more in the future.
Please do. Moving on, you ought
to have said about going to Sapporo.
Daddy's still there, right?
- Does your husband come home soon?
- Yes
When your husband's back,
I shouldn't come here.
Why not?
he'd be angry if he knew that you've
been spending time with someone like me.
No! Don't worry.
It won't be problem.
Still, I think it's better
not to come.
Really... don't worry.
You can come.
If our home is happy,
Mr. Katsuragi will be happy too.
Really? Are you sure?
It's not like you Reiko,
to act so reserved.
When Mr. Katsuragi gets back,
please apologize.
Enough about that.
I received a letter from him.
He apologized for your
trip to Sapporo.
Although, of course,
you went there on your own.
You always do things
to make me uncomfortable.
How are you going to live your life?
- Enough.
I feel like I'm coming down
with pneumonia again.
I thought about telling...
Mr. Katsuragi in advance, that I
had been spending time with mama.
If he knew that...
he wouldn't be able
to ask me to marry him.
It would also be a way to avoid
telling mama about myself and Mr. Katsuragi.
Maybe there's another way.
Urgent delivery.
For Ms. Akiko Katsuragi.
- Thanks.
"From: Tatsumi Furuse"
Kumiko... Reiko's come.
- Welcome, we were expecting you.
Just arrived.
Come in.
You're all so well dressed.
I shouldn't have come.
Ah, don't say that.
I should have dressed up too.
You're young,
you're pretty just as you are.
You're saying that to be kind.
I don't want to upset Mr. Katsuragi.
Reiko, you're fine. I'll just finish
preparing the salad. Then you can try some.
Kumiko, behave yourself.
Is that how you prepare a salad?
I'm afraid I'm not much help.
I've never cooked before.
You're the guest.
You don't have to do anything.
Mama, show me how to cook sometime.
- Sure.
That's Daddy, Mommy!
- Yes.
Reiko, come.
Come with me.
I'm not very good meeting people
for the first time.
I get very nervous and my throat...
Please, I'll introduce myself later.
- I understand.
- Yes!
Kumiko, have you been good
while I was away?
Here, a souvenir for you.
- How nice... it's a doll.
Mommy, look, it's a souvenir.
You're lucky, eh?
Well, ...
- What is it?
We have a guest.
Who is it?
She's a pretty and promising girl.
She's also become very friendly
with Kumiko while you were away.
I'll introduce you.
Come. Let me introduce you.
This is Reiko Hyodou.
Nice to meet you.
This is yours, Daddy.
Reiko, please sit down.
This is Reiko's.
I'll make tea.
Mommy... tea time!
Now you understand, right?
I'm just a friend.
You're reading the paper?
It's amazing you even
see the words.
What the news?
Unrest, a murder, a car accident ,
a speech by the American president.
And what else?
A missile test?
- Kiss me then.
Kiss me. Quickly!
Thanks for your kindness.
What happened?
He doesn't like it.
I shouldn't come back.
Kumiko, Kumiko!
- Yes!
My husband's just tired.
I'm sorry.
Why are you apologizing?
It's not your fault.
He just doesn't like me.
No, it's not your f...
Bye, Mama.
Where are you going?
Go away...
The lesbian girl.
Her husband came back today.
I know.
- So instead of urgent letters...
boosted by alcohol,
you'll go to her?
You should stop harassing her.
Her husband has her back already.
It's none of your business.
I bet she ran away from you.
You know...
she's been running from me
from the very beginning.
It's a disgrace.
Doesn't she love you?
I think I tried to correct
her mistake in love.
- Yes.
In a cheap hotel called Lotte Yashiki.
Would you like to come with me too?
- Get lost!
There's a phone call.
From a man.
Tell him I'm not in.
I told him you were.
Go away...
It's the man who
took advantage of you, right?
I even know his name.
He said it was Mr. Katsuragi.
- Mr. Katsuragi?
Well then, he's the husband
of your favorite lady.
He's the husband of that lady?
- Yes.
In that case, you must answer.
- Tell him I'm not in.
My head hurts.
You're really selfish .
Now I have to find a polite way
to say no.
Yes, Jappone speaking.
Hello? Yes, she's here.
You have a call.
I'm surprised you figured out
where I was.
Why are you calling?
There's nothing to talk about.
Come, sit down.
I heard the fog is very thick.
Your hair's all wet.
You said you wanted to talk to me.
Aren't you angry with me
for what I did?
Do you really want
to be scolded that badly?
It's not the time to get angry.
So you're so stunned you can't
even scold me?
Please calm down.
It's strange you're not angry.
Mr. Katsuragi is an expert
at hiding his emotions.
His pride is impressive.
I don't want you to do absurd things.
- What else?
That's all.
You were suffering, right?
So you approached Akiko.
I should have said something
before I left for Sapporo.
Why do you say that?
Now I understand...
That's why you're not angry.
- What's that?
You're the only one
who feels guilt and responsibility.
For me...
For this arm...
That's why you don't like me.
If you liked me,
you'd have been really angry.
Now we're back here again.
If you say so.
So you want to be scolded?
Don't talk to me as if
I were a child.
I'll tell you the reason
you came to like me.
You wanted to feel my pain.
A wounded person
is extremely attractive.
The reason you're saying that
is your arm?
It's my hobby.
The real truth.
I have nothing more to say.
Don't go!
- Why? Do you have something to say?
Shut up and come with me!
So this is Lotte Yashiki?
You like this place, right?
No, not here.
Aren't you going to drink?
Don't try to get me drunk.
I won't drink.
Starting today...
You're an "amie".
Like you said an "amie".
Welcome home.
Where did you go last night?
Mr. Katsuragi's wife has been here
for a while now. - Ah yes...
I did what I could for her,
even though she said she should go.
That's how it is. Hurry up.
Welcome, Mama.
Was just passing while shopping, so...
Lately you haven't come
to see us at all.
That time my husband
was very tired, so...
please come see us again.
What happens to the time?
Every day seems so like the next.
Please don't do anything, really.
No, no, you've done
so much for Reiko.
Mrs. Katsuragi, if you know
of a good match for Reiko...
Please bring your husband too.
It seems your husband has been
taking care of Reiko too.
The last time he called...
Reiko made me say
that she wasn't home.
She's such a selfish girl.
But please look out for her.
And please,
stay as long as you want.
Mama, you recognize this?
Mr. Katsuragi was very fond of it.
He gave it to me.
Ah, I see...
I should go now.
Are you going home?
Mama, do you understand?
What? Why do you smile so calmly?
I'll tell you.
I also went to see him in Sapporo.
Ah, okay?
Where do you think
we went last night?
To Lotte Yashiki, the hotel
you have memories of too.
Isn't there anything
you want to say, Mama?
Mr. Katsuragi is a good man.
And yet, I...
Yes, you betrayed him.
But Mama,
I don't want anything. Truly.
Don't you believe that I like you?
I won't see Mr. Katsuragi.
I will not.
Please do as you did before!
Let's be friends.
Mama, I love you really, sincerely.
You can't say that...
that you love me.
take care of yourself.
This is the most
important time for you.
People will come.
Are you going out?
- Yes.
I had a call from
Sumitomo Construction.
I have to finish the job tonight.
Reiko is a good person.
Be careful with her, please.
You know?
If it's Reiko...
Kumiko will be fine.
I can no longer be with her.
No, you shouldn't.
- No.
There's nothing I can do.
It's all my fault.
don't say that.
Also, you need to think
of yourself more than others.
I'll be fine.
No one has to worry about me.
Mama... Mama...
take care of yourself.
This is a most important time
for you.
No answer?
What's so urgent
this early in the morning.
Reiko's here. Why?
She said she didn't want to go home
and hasn't moved from there since.
Something must have happened, no?
What happened, Rei?
You hear a siren recently?
- Yes...
someone was injured
at the train station.
Here's a good morning coffee.
Good morning!
- Oh, thank you.
Thanks to you,
I didn't get any sleep last night.
I'm sorry.
Rei, you do some crazy things, eh.
Seyama's crew are excited about
doing a puppet work.
They're planning a theatrical tour
with a truck.
They mentioned they'd really
like your advice.
Anything... I can do?
I'm going.
Where are you going?
It's a bit far.
Take me with you.
I know. This is about mama, right?
I got the news this morning.
Does he want a ride?
Mr. Tatsumi...
So you know...
He didn't know anything.
He called home this morning.
Want a ride?
No thanks.
I know you've been busy
this morning.
Aah... you must be Mr. Katsuragi?
- Yes
Was there a note?
No, no.
It's the season just now...
that's why she was discovered
so quickly.
Ah... I mean the fishing season.
Mrs. Katsuragi's funeral was held...
in the Katsuragi house
on the hilltop.
I found it impossible to go.
Without any note and nothing to go by,
her motive remained a mystery.
But for me...
there was no doubt in my heart...
that it was due to my treachery.
For twenty days
after Mama's death...
I saw no one...
and lived like a soulless puppet.
Then one day, as if called, I
found myself at the Katsuragi house.
Have you been fed?
Mama, let me borrow it please.
Mama, sorry.
The salad you prepared that day
was really good.
I came home
thinking you'd be waiting,
but you weren't here.
I can understand you
not wanting to see me.
but you should forget the past.
I hope tonight you'll wait for me.
Tomorrow, I have to go
to Tokyo on business.
Although the job ends soon
I don't plan to live in this city.
Tomorrow I'll send Neri
to Sapporo to be with Kumiko.
The truth is
I'd like to see you tonight.
Where are you?
Please! Mr. Seyama, can you
stop the truck?
Stop the truck, please.
Right! Stop, stop!
What happened, Miss Hyodou?
- What is it, Reiko?
I'm just a little dizzy.
What's the matter?
She was feeling dizzy.
Probably car-sick.
Here... some water.
- Anyone have a tissue? - I have.
Are you all right?
We're almost there.
- I know.
Okay! While you're at it, here's a
magic spell.
Puffin, puffin...
fly our troubles away.
Your magic spell worked.
What? It worked?!
Are you really okay?
Okay, let's go then!
All ready!
- Drive on!