Baphomet (2021) Movie Script

We will no longer be forced
to live in darkness,
Brothers and Sisters.
Witness the dawn of a new world.
A world free of lies,
ignorance and corruption.
We offer you this sacrifice
as a symbol of our dedication.
Please guide us
on our mission
to resurrect your progeny.
- Ave Satan!
- Ave Satan!
- Ave Satan!
- Ave Satan!
- Ave Satan!
- Ave Satan!
- Ave Satan!
- Ave Satan!
- Ave Satan!
- Ave Satan!
- Ave Satan!
- Ave Satan!
So, have you been
thinking about names?
If you have a boy,
what're you gonna name him?
And you better be having a boy.
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, yeah, one of those old
fashioned names like, uh, Levi,
or like Homer or something.
Homer? Over my dead body.
Pardon the intrusion, ma'am.
My name is Aksel Brandr.
I wish to speak
with your husband.
Is he available?
Jacob. He's, he's out fishing,
but he'll be back any minute.
Anything I could do for you?
It's best
that I speak directly with him.
Involves an important
business proposition.
Well, you're welcome
to wait inside.
Much obliged.
Just have a seat.
It shouldn't be
much longer.
I'll go look for him.
There's a young man here
to see you.
Name is Aksel.
Says he wants to talk to you
about a business proposition.
Mr. Richardson.
It's a pleasure
to meet you, sir.
My name is Aksel Brandr.
I'm here on behalf
of my father, Henrik Brandr.
Yes... Nice to meet you.
What can I do for you?
Well, I know
you're a busy man, sir.
So I'll get right to it.
My father is very interested
in purchasing your land.
In fact, he's willing to pay
a handsome amount for it.
You name the price.
Well, I appreciate the offer.
I really do, but...
this land ain't for sale...
for any price.
There must be some amount
that could change your mind.
Think of the future your family
could have with this money.
You listen to me, young man.
This is my family's house.
I designed it. I helped build it
with my bare hands.
This land belongs to my family,
Not to your father
or anybody else,
for that matter.
Just exactly, what the hell does
he want with my land, anyway?
He has his reasons.
Is that right?
I'm sorry...
I'm gonna have to ask you
to leave.
Well, Mr. Richardson,
I understand that this is
a difficult decision to make.
We'll give you some time to
consider the financial benefits.
In the meantime,
please give my father's regards
to your family.
Here's my card.
Hey, hey, how was your day?
Not too bad.
Dad and I, uh,
went fishing, and...
Now we were just hanging out
and they're having drinks,
not me.
Anyway, how are you?
I had to put a mastiff to sleep,
so that was a bummer.
But, uh,
how's your little embryo doing?
Doing just fine.
Hey, Dr. Labelle said it will
probably start kicking in 12 weeks.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
Usually takes about 20 weeks.
God, I wish I could be there
with you right now.
I miss you.
I miss you, too.
You need to get
your ass up here.
I know.
Just three more days, and I will zip
right up there, seven hours non-stop.
And I will make
the sweetest love to you ever.
I can't wait.
God, I swear, it's like
pregnancy makes me
extra horny or something,
honey, I don't know.
Aw, Rebecca,
you are torturing me.
Yeah, you've no idea.
You stop.
Whoa, um...
Hey, I gotta go.
But, I'll call you
later after dinner, okay?
Tell them I said, "Howdy."
I will. I love you.
I love you too.
All right, bye.
Can I help you?
you've reached Rebecca.
Leave me a message and I'll get
back to you as soon as I can.
Hey, honey, I'm about to go
paddle boarding, I've got to go.
Shift doesn't start
for a couple hours.
So, uh, it's a beautiful day
here in Malibu, as always.
Anyway, you're probably still
asleep, so I'll talk to you later.
Love you. Bye.
Hi, this is Mark Neville,
please leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
It's voicemail again.
How many times
have you tried calling him?
This is not like him.
I don't know.
Good morning, Jacob.
I need to have a word with Rebecca.
- Is she available?
- Yeah.
What do you need
to talk to her for?
Jacob, I...
I hate to tell you this.
Medical examiners
working on identifying a body
that washed up on the beach
in Malibu.
Given the circumstances,
Rebecca reported last night...
We believe
it may be your son-in-law.
Dad, what's wrong?
Rebecca, they, uh...
They found a body in Malibu.
They need us to go down there and help
'em make a positive identification,
- but it's possible it's not Mark.
- Oh, no.
I hope to God it's not him.
Wh... What happened to him?
Some sort of freak accident it
was, they say, it was a shark bite,
but it might not be Mark.
I'll keep him in my prayers.
Let's hope for the best.
Come on.
Rebecca, honey, you need anything?
Maybe some tea?
Okay, well...
I'll go make some just in case.
What the hell happened?
There was somebody out there.
Lock this door
and call the Sheriff.
What the hell?
Whoever did this is sick.
Hey, John.
Listen, I'm sorry to get you out on
such a God awful night like this.
That's okay. Your family's been
through enough this week.
If anybody's been trespassing on your
property, I'm gonna find out who it is.
I got to tell you, I've never
seen anything like this before.
Why would someone come
all the way out here
to put ashes and dead birds
on your porch?
There was a strange kid that
showed up back, Aksel Brandr.
His father wanted
to buy my property,
but they wouldn't tell me why.
He was really vague about it,
so I refused them.
Of course,
I'm not selling this place.
Did he give anything?
Any information?
He gave me his card.
Aksel Brandr.
Everything's clear. sir.
Okay, good. Thank you.
All right, listen, I'll have
forensics check for any evidence.
If we find anything,
we'll let you know.
In the meantime,
you see anybody trespassing...
give me a call.
I will.
All right. You take care.
Thanks, John.
Thanks, Tommy.
Oh, oh, oh, God.
Oh, God.
What's wrong?
Oh, my God.
- Come on, honey.
- We need to get her to the hospital.
You know,
I don't understand it.
First Mark... Baby.
It's like, uh,
we're being picked off by God himself.
Something evil
has happened, Jacob.
I think someone put a curse
on us last night,
and that's why they left those
terrible things on our porch.
I don't believe
in curses, Elena.
That's nonsense.
Besides, who the hell
would do something like that?
There was something strange
about that young man, Aksel.
- Shit.
- Oh, Rebecca.
Hey, you've reached Rebecca.
Leave me a message and I'll
get back to you soon as I can.
Oh, boy,
you're hiding something, dude.
- Mark, come on, tell me.
- Ah, you're making me nervous.
What were you gonna say?
Well, I've been doing
a lot of thinking...
and, um, I have realized that...
nothing in this universe
matters to me...
if I can't be with you
for the rest of my life.
I love you, Rebecca,
and I want to be
with you forever.
Will you marry me?
My God, yes, yes!
Honey, stop.
I'm not in the mood.
Jacob. Jacob, honey, wake up.
- Something's touching me.
- What?
Something's touching my leg.
Something's touching your leg?
Jesus Christ.
Don't move.
It's a rattler, honey.
Stay perfectly still.
Shh, don't move.
Don't move.
Stay still.
- Oh, my God.
- Let me see.
- Oh, God, oh, God.
- Elena, Elena. Elena!
We're gonna get you
to a hospital.
Breathe, Elena.
We're almost there.
I don't feel so good.
I know, Elena. I know.
Just hang in there.
We'd be there any minute.
I love you, Jacob.
I love you, Elena.
Hang in there, baby.
Mr. Richardson?
- Yes.
- I'm Dr. Bentley.
Doc, how is she?
Would you come with us?
Well, what?
What do you mean, Doc?
Why can't I see her?
Mr. Richardson,
I want you to understand
we did everything we could,
but your wife,
she just didn't make it.
Because of the location
of the bite,
the venom spread so fast
that there was just
nothing else we could do.
What you mean...
she didn't make...
Because of where the bite was...
Again, I'm sorry,
Mr. Richardson.
I'm so sorry.
I'll be right here
if you need anything.
Elena, I'm so sorry.
It should have been me
because you didn't deserve this.
You're my world,
my life.
I always love you.
I promise you,
I will take care
of our little girl.
Promise. I promise.
I love you, Elena,
with all my heart.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, God.
Oh, Mark,
please forgive me.
Rebecca? Rebecca?
Are you there?
Mark, is that you?
Mark, I'm here.
Oh, my God!
Mark, what's happened?
Rebecca, you have
to get out of here.
They're coming.
- I'm not leaving.
- I don't have time to explain.
- You've to go!
- No!
Rebecca, go! Go!
Hello, Rebecca.
It's you.
Why are you here?
I'm here to guide you
to the other side.
I'm not ready to die.
It is already done, child.
You can't change destiny.
You must accept your fate.
No! Go to hell!
Help me.
Rebecca, you're okay.
Daddy's here. I'm here, honey.
I thought I lost you.
I thought I lost you, princess.
Thank you, God. Thank you.
Dad, I saw something.
Saw what?
On the other side...
Mark was there.
And he was suffering terribly.
I saw that man, Aksel,
and there was
an older man with him.
I think it was his father.
I think it was Henrik.
What? What happened?
Henrik tried to lure me to hell.
He said it was my fate.
And then I started burning.
They're causing
all this suffering, Dad.
They'll do anything they can
to destroy us.
There's obviously something
on our land
that they really want.
Your mother tried to tell me
they were evil,
thought they'd put a curse
on our family.
But I wouldn't listen.
I wouldn't listen, baby
The girl lives.
And now she knows who we are.
We have failed Satan.
And he will not grant us
access to his own child...
if we continue to fail him.
Should we take more
direct measures, Father?
In time, Amund. In time.
We must wait
for the right moment.
Until then,
keep a close eye on them.
Bring her in!
Satan, we swear on our lives
that we will not fail again.
Please accept this offering
as a token of our repentance.
Ave Satan.
Ave Satan.
Ave Satan. Ave Satan.
- Ave Satan.
- Ave Satan.
- Ave Satan.
- Ave Satan.
Ave Satan.
Unfortunately, a lot of people
confuse witchcraft
with the fictional caricatures
they see on TV and in novels.
This is quite clearly
one of the reasons
most people disbelieve
in the supernatural.
But the truth
is that witches do exist,
as does magic.
And like all things in life,
magic could be used for good
or it could be used for evil.
Black magic spells
bring death and destruction.
White magic spells
bring healing.
A greatly experienced witch,
which is a high priest
or priestess,
can cast the most
powerful of spells,
even on some
very rare occasions,
a resurrection spell
which can bring back the dead.
But one must understand
that the universe's life force
is limited.
It must be taken
from other living things
and only the most
experienced casters
are able to control where
that life force is taken from.
So it is imperative
that these spells
are only performed
by the right people
for the right reasons.
Hey, I, uh,
just talked to Sheriff.
He's gonna send
one of his deputies over
to watch out for us.
- That's good to know.
- Yep.
Okay, honey, then
I'll just leave you to it.
Hello. Rebecca.
It's very nice to meet you.
Hi. It's nice to meet you too.
Um, thank you so much
for getting back to me.
It's my pleasure.
I, I see that you live
in the Napa Valley.
It's a very beautiful place
to live.
One of my dearest friends
lives in that area too.
What can I do to help you?
Well, I really enjoyed
your video on witchcraft,
and it really inspired me
to want to meet a witch.
Look, this might
sound ridiculous,
but do you know
any real witches?
Because if you do,
then I could
really use their help.
That is an excellent question.
And it is highly probable
that I do know of a real witch.
But it's just not
the kind of information
I give out to just anyone,
I'd have to ask you
a whole multitude of questions
just to set up an appointment
with someone like that.
When we were actually thinking
of meeting this real witch?
Tonight, if possible.
It's very urgent.
Look, please, I'm not trying
to waste your time.
I'll pay you if I need to.
This is very important to me.
Hmm, I think I might know
just the right person for you.
But before we can proceed,
I'm gonna have to ask you
some very detailed questions.
Of course,
I'll answer anything.
Just tell me
what you need to know.
If we don't find this place
in the next five minutes,
we're heading back.
We should be there any minute.
Take a left up here.
I really don't like this.
Are you sure you have
to talk to a witch priestess?
I just want some answers.
Can't hurt to talk to her, Dad.
All right. But I'm telling you,
it's a complete waste of time.
It's like those TV psychics.
It's fucking rip off.
Okay, it's going to be
right up here on the left.
Yeah, right here.
- Yeah.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Please come in.
It can be done,
but I rarely recommend it.
When you bring back the dead,
they might not come back
the person they once were.
There can be
very negative consequences,
especially if that person
doesn't want to be resurrected.
- Are you sure you wanna do this?
- Yes.
Yes, I'm sure.
Mark meant everything to me.
I would do anything
to be with him again.
Please, I beg you.
Help me bring him back.
Henrik and his followers
are using magic
for all the wrong reasons.
Magic is meant to help people,
not destroy them.
I will revive Mark for you...
because I sense that your heart
is in the right place.
Thank you.
Love is something
no evil can take away.
Now keep in mind,
what we will be doing
is illegal,
some would say immoral.
I need you to go home
and really think about this.
If you decide
to go through with it,
you let me know.
But, Rebecca,
no one can know about this.
No one.
Okay. Bye.
So how'd it go?
Is she a kook or what?
No, she's very helpful.
Mornin', Dad.
Hey, honey.
I need to talk to you
about something,
and you're probably gonna think
it's completely insane.
But I have to tell you.
Well, you know
you can tell me anything.
So just say
what you need to say.
The reason I met with Marybeth
is because she might be
able to bring Mark back.
Bring Mark back?
That's impossible.
I mean, I know
how much you miss him.
Well, I have
to at least try, Dad.
I mean, you know things weren't
supposed to end up like this.
With Marybeth's help,
we could undo some of the damage
- that these people...
- Even if it were possible...
what makes you think it would be
the right thing to do?
It would be disrupting...
Mark's after life.
We'd have to dig him up,
which is illegal.
And not to mention,
it's blasphemous.
I know, Dad.
But I saw Mark on the other side
and he's in terrible pain.
It was a miracle that I'm alive.
You said so yourself.
We just need one more miracle
to set things right again.
If we don't even try,
then what's the fucking point
of all of this?
Just sit on our asses
and wait for them to kill us?
I'm sorry.
You're all I have left.
I just don't want
someone like Marybeth
to take advantage of you.
You got that?
Do you really need to do this?
Then I'll help you out
however I can, you know.
You know, I'd...
I'd do anything for you.
Thank you, Dad.
Ugh! Oh, oh.
Oh, God.
So much
for the mortician's artistry.
Under no circumstances
should you
interrupt the procedure.
Any interference could
make Mark vulnerable
to dark forces.
Dark forces?
You might know them
as familiar spirits,
as they're referred to
in the Bible.
This should keep them at bay.
Let us begin.
Isis, mother of all,
master of birth,
life and death,
hear us.
You were before time and after,
before knowing and nothing.
Accept the offering, Isis.
Know our prayers.
Accept the offering, Isis.
Let him cross over.
Let him cross over!
Release him, Isis!
Release him!
Son of a bitch.
Mark is alive.
But he's in a catatonic state.
Give him time to rest.
His body needs to recover
from his unnatural resurgence.
Tomorrow he shall awaken anew.
You don't know
what this means to me.
Thank you.
Rest up.
Tomorrow is the first day
of your new life.
Now remember,
you must keep this a secret.
Mark cannot return
to the world he once inhabited.
It would be
too dangerous for him.
Don't worry.
I won't let him out of my sight.
I brought you
supplies for the weekend.
I'll bring more on Monday.
Just remember
that these will only help
keep evil out of your house.
Henrik's followers
could still come back here
and if they do,
you better call the police.
Oh, don't worry about that.
Sheriff's very sympathetic
of our situation.
Happy to hear that.
Did Henrik's cult specify
why your land
is so important to them?
No, he was very vague about it.
Do you know if there's anything
buried beneath your garage?
There was a hidden
old well during construction.
It's been sealed off and buried
for what looked like centuries.
So we didn't think
it was that important,
so we just covered it up.
Oh, my God, Dad,
there could be
something really horrible
buried down there
and all this time,
we had no idea?
I gotta go.
No matter what happens,
do not let them near that well.
We won't.
Thank you
for everything, Marybeth.
You can thank me
by protecting that well.
Take care of Mark for me.
Good night.
- You want some...
- Yes, sir.
Uh, Mark?
- I'm really here.
- Yeah.
I wish we could just leave
and never come back.
And then maybe they'd
just leave us alone.
No, they'll come find us.
We know too much.
Rebecca, I promise you, if they
come back here, I'll kill them all.
I'm not afraid of them.
I'm not afraid to die.
I promise you,
I will do anything I can
to keep you safe.
Oh shit, it's the Sheriff.
Dad, the sheriff's here.
Come on.
You stay in there and be quiet.
Hey, John.
What's going on?
Someone stole the body
from the cemetery.
Mark's body.
Oh, my God.
Mind if I come inside
and sit down for a moment?
Oh, no, of course not.
Come on
Have a seat.
I think the people
that took Mark's body
are the same people
that have been harassing you.
That Aksel and Henrik Brandr...
Well, have you found
anything on him?
Nothing we could
use against them.
No criminal record.
No lawsuits. They're completely
under the radar.
Look, I can't prove it, yet.
But I know they're responsible
for these damn tragedies,
my families and probably
your other problems, too.
I'm starting to believe you.
Well, that's good.
We haven't had so much as a traffic
violation these past few years.
Ever since that
Aksel visited you,
I got two girls go missing.
And with your family's tragedies
and his body snatching,
it's just... the coincidence
is too big to ignore.
What about the cemetery?
Did you find any evidence?
Nothing we can pin on them.
Had to make sure not to leave
anything behind.
Well, just let me know if
there's anything we can do to...
Listen, uh...
I gotta head out.
Please tell Rebecca
I said hello.
It's stressful.
You're supposed to be dead.
Yeah, that was close.
I can't believe
you did this for me.
Must have cost a fortune
for you to save me.
Yeah, it costs
an arm and a leg.
- Mm-hmm.
- No offense.
None taken.
Are you sure you're not
weirded out by me being back?
Mark, I will always love you.
No matter what.
I promise.
Oh, I've missed you.
I'm still getting used to this.
- Looks kind of like chewed up bubble gum.
- Yeah.
Does it hurt?
I don't feel a thing. It's uh...
No, it doesn't hurt at all.
It's almost like it's magic.
Speaking of magic, I'm really
getting attached to this blade
you got me.
That's a pretty serious.
Oh, my God.
That's from Marybeth.
What the hell was that?
I'll find out. Stay here, okay.
What the hell is wrong?
Well, shit, they're here.
Look, call the Sheriff.
Stay with Rebecca.
- Mark, stay with her.
- I will.
Those bastards have fucked
with us for the last time.
Be careful.
Rebecca, we're here to help.
We want to believe you,
but we need to know the truth.
What happened at the cemetery?
We just, we went to visit
Mark's grave.
We said a prayer
and then we left.
That was it.
- Aren't you forgetting something?
- Oh, shit.
What do we do, sir?
He might be a fucking zombie.
Lower your weapons.
What's going on here?
Mark, what the fuck!
Sorry, but I can't stay
locked up forever.
Especially a time like this.
I don't want
to freak you guys out anymore.
But I figured
if anything gets too crazy...
We could use these.
Johnson, what the hell
are you doing with dynamite?
My dad worked in demolition.
I just figured these might
come in handy.
You know, if anything
gets too crazy.
Put that shit down.
One bullet hits that bag, we're all dead.
Yes, sir.
I'll hide him under here
Oh, fuck.
Adams, call for backup.
I can't get a signal, sir.
It's all fucked up.
We don't have time to waste.
We should split up. Two people
on each side of the house.
Don't let anyone in the garage.
Adams, you stay with me.
Give Mark your radio.
Everyone, be careful.
Let's go.
We'll take the West.
Don't be afraid.
Satan himself is with us.
Prepare to attack.
I think I saw
something by the trees. East side.
Oh, shit!
Adams is dead.
Shoot to kill
Come on, bloodsuckers!
Don't forget
about my bag.
You know what to do with it.
Shit. They're in the garage.
I'm going in.
Come on.
Can you hit me,
without hitting him?
You're making a big fucking
mistake, you know that?
Am I?
I could kill you
so fucking easily.
You pathetic fucking weakling!
Leave him the fuck alone!
You naive...
cunting little... whore.
You have no idea...
of the horrors waiting for you in
your little shopping mall world.
Because you and your kind...
Have ruined everything
that was beautiful
in this world.
But your time's come.
That's right.
Your time has come.
Atone for your sins.
Do you hear that?
Do you hear that?
They're ready for you.
Now, you're just complying.
If you wanna die
with a semblance
of fucking dignity...
Am gonna cut off
your fucking tits
and shovel up, you motherfuck.
Holy shit.
How's that for dignity,
fuck face?
Thank God you're all right.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
We have to get out of here. Now.
Rebecca, go with Marybeth.
No, I'm not leaving you.
I can't lose you.
Whatever is down there
must be stopped.
I'll put an end to this.
- Mark, don't leave me.
- No, he is right.
If we stay here,
we're gonna perish.
Everything you've been through
will be in vain.
Mark, you can't do this.
I have to do this.
Please, let me honor the life
that you have given me.
Don't you die again.
Now go...
Please... go.
Good luck.
Please don't let me
screw this up.
Please let me see Rebecca again.
please accept this offering.
May it nourish
your sleeping child.
Son of Lucifer, awake.
Avenge your betrayed Father.
Fuck you, Henrik.
No! Extinguish it!
We mustn't lose the child!
Fuck you!
Damn you, Mark!
Curse you and your family
by the power of Satan himself!
Do you hear me?
You'll be cursed for eternity.
Let the pain leave you, my son.
Please... Awake... Please.
I beg of you.
Don't let our suffering
be in vain.
We've served you well.
Arise... Arise, I command you.
Oh, thank you, Father.
Thank you for hearing my cries.
Thank you for accepting
our offerings.
Please let me serve you.
I humbly beg to be your servant
for the rest of my life.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, I pointed it
right at his head,
and his brain just turned into
this bloody oatmeal like mush.
It came out of every orifice
in his head.
It was insane.
Oh, my God. That is insane.
I can honestly say I've never heard
of that one being done before.
So it worked pretty well then.
Oh. It was so effective
and fast.
It was just so messy.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to laugh.
It's just this whole thing.
Such an incredible story.
I mean, you really should let
me write the book on this.
It would make an absolute killing up
here, I can assure you.
Yeah, but you better
get over that book idea
because I'm gonna make your
brain sieve out of your head.
Okay. Okay. I'll forget it.
Calm down.
Just glad you're all okay.
That's the thing.
Good morning.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, is Mark still...
He just woke up.
I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later then.
Goodbye, Rebecca.
- Say hello to Mark for me.
- Bye.
I see somebody is awake.
How do you feel?
Like I have
a hangover from hell.
Next time, just let me die
for fuck's sake.
I'm never gonna let you die.
So you're just gonna have
to suck it up.
Is it all over?
Whatever was down there is dead.
Along with the rest
of its adoring fan base.
Boom all straight to hell.
I will need to read your hands.
We have to make sure
the curse has been lifted.