Bapu (2015) Movie Script

Goirik Sarkar
S. Mandal
B. Shingho
Lakshmi Mukherjee S H
Get to work!
When will I get to deliver letters?
Youll go, baba!
P. Nath
J. Khan
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
30 letters.
Kaka, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi?
Yes, yes - 30 letters.
These have been sent in the last 2 years?!
Yes, write.
T. Ray
A. P. Ray
But, Kaka, 30 letters by the same man!
Shut up! Yap, yap, yap, yap. Giving me a bloody headache!
P. K. Daga
Rajdeep Mitro
Dear Bapu
Last month, I met you at the Aashram.
It was both an honour, and a pleasure to see you in person.
There, I couldnt muster the courage to ask you something.
So, Im writing to you, now.
Against the wishes of my family, for the last three years
Ive been involved in the Satyagraha movement.
But the country is independent, and Im 15 years old now.
Now, my father wants me to give all my time to the family business.
Last month, you wrote an article
"India is now independent, but we are yet to find out what it is, to be a good Indian"
Bapu, I fear on the path of business, I will lose sight of service to Society
And I will stray from the path of being a good Indian.
Bapu, I am confused now, what should I do?
Kedar Chunawala
20th January, 1948.
Kedar Chunawala?
Third floor!
Listen here
What happened?
No one was home.
You wanted to deliver something?
Uh, ya No, no.
Whats wrong with Chunawala uncle?
Hes been a bit cuckoo for the past three years.
Keeps repeating the same thing
Keeps doing the same thing
He even forgot his way home a few times.
What do you call it - This old persons' disease?
Anyway Hes been bed-ridden for a month now.
Only God knows whats to become of him.
Tell me something
What did Chunawala uncle do for a living?
Chuna means limestone he was in the Limestone business!
Whos it? Sameer! Just catch him!
Postman It was the postman...
Kedar Chunawala? Letter for him.
Im his son. Give it to me.
No, no, no. This is has a government seal on it - look. Cant give it to anyone except him.
Hes unwell! He cant read it!
Then Ill read it to him.
Kedar Chunawala?
You wrote a letter to Mahatma Gandhi?
In 1948?
Bapu, Im confused. What should I do?"
You got a reply.
In 1948, itself.
What?! After 70 years later...
Dear Kedar
I understand your dilemma.
But before becoming a good Indian
Become a good human being.
You already seem to be a good son
Now, try and be a good friend
A good husband
And a good father.
One with good values.
Diligence and service
These are important parts of commerce, too.
And our infant-like nation needs that, as well.
Businessman, or social worker
Just work earnestly.
Even if you end up selling Limestone...
Or sand Or bricks...
Or cement...
Everything is going to help lay a solid foundation for our nation.
Do write to me your decision.
The lives of young men like you are never wasted.
Mohandas Gandhi