Baran (2001) Movie Script

''In the Name of God''
15, 16, 17... 40.
-I win. I win!
-Wait for me.
Ten packs of pasta,
four boxes of matches
seven packs
of Harvardin cigarettes...
eight packs
of Montana cigarettes.
Your name?
You always ask me.
I can't remember every name.
Look at my fortune.
Mr. Hossein,
take good care of my ID card.
Remind Memar
to send me some money.
It's 3,480 tomans.
And with this candy,
it makes 3,500 tomans.
Go ahead, help yourself!
Thanks a lot.
Don't forget to tell Memar.
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Put him down here!
Where does it hurt?
Is it real bad?
We're taking you to the hospital
right now!
What happened?
It's Najaf.
He fell from the second floor.
He jumped without his parachute?
Shame on you!
Get the hell back to your work!
Put him up in the truck!
Now, all of you, back to work!
Come on!
Take him to the hospital!
Don't mention the address here!
I don't want any trouble
with the inspectors.
Soltan, be careful! Go!
Mr. Engineer, stop flashing
this light. I am going blind.
I don't know what's wrong.
Hey, Chief, this is the bill
that Memar is sending you.
He hasn't even paid the wages
and he is sending me a bill!
Don't get excited!
Go down and get the wages
for the workers.
Mr. Engineer, are you still
playing with the light?
Mind your own business!
You badly need a flash
of genius.
Get lost!
Hey, Chief, this is your bill.
Memar tells you to come down
to get the workers' wages.
50,000 tomans
and the account is okay.
You are squeezing the hell
out of me!
There are plenty
of other workers!
Ask my own fellow countryman
if he got anything.
The money I've still got is
for the Afghan workers.
Iranian workers are
more important than Afghans!
My God,
in life you must be fair.
They come every day
all the way from Kan Sulerun.
They work more than Iranian
workers for much less money.
Look at poor Najaf
who fell today.
He is laid up at home
with broken bones.
Now in all conscience:
To whom should I give the money,
to them or to you?
To us!
Enough! You're hopeless!
Please stop speaking Turkish.
Speak Farsi so I can answer you!
Okay for Farsi! Do you know
what it means to have feelings?
-If you have feelings...
-No, you don't know. give each worker
his daily wage or a contract.
-So, you want a contract?
Okay, now take this money,
and you this
and get the hell out of here.
Now what?
When will you give me
some money?
Your wife and kids are starving?
Your wife wants a divorce?
Your money is safer with me
than in a bank...
and I also give you
pocket money.
I'd prefer
to take care of it myself.
Kid, you think you're smart,
don't you? Sit down!
Okay, take it, kid.
Come on, take it!
When I said you're not smart,
that's what I mean.
What do you wanna do
with this money?
Take this
and it's already too much.
You're young. You're a kid.
You aren't able
to make any savings.
Now, go and get the fuel
to fill up the lamps.
Memar, that's a bill to settle.
Lateef, what are you doing?
Hurry up with the fuel!
I am coming. I am coming.
-Where is Memar?
Good morning, Memar.
Is that a time to come to work?
It is almost noon!
Sorry I am late.
I dropped by Najaf's house.
Wait here. I'll be back.
Who is he, your kid?
No, Najaf's kid.
Any news of Najaf? How is he?
His foot is badly broken
and he is at home.
Today, don't work.
I'll pay your wage.
This money is for Najaf.
God bless you, Memar.
There's no rush.
This evening,
I'll drop by his house.
Najaf, in his state, can't work.
He's got five children to feed
and his wife passed away
last year.
His son could replace him.
Have you already worked
in construction?
A bit, but mostly
he was taking care
of his brothers and sisters.
What can you do?
This boy is smart.
He'll catch up very quickly.
Can't he speak for himself?
Kid, what can you do?
I hope he isn't deaf and dumb.
I said what work can you do?
It isn't a big deal
to carry cement sacks.
You're right,
but it takes strength
and this kid looks too weak.
One or two days,
and he'll be okay.
What is your name?
All right, I take him on trial
for two to three days.
-Let him work with you.
-God bless you.
Where have you been
since the morning?
I was doing the shopping.
Hurry up,
serve tea to the workers.
That's what I'm doing.
How come you thought
of serving me tea today?
I saw you in a nightmare.
Soltan, this is your boy?
No. This is Rahmat,
the son of Najaf.
Oh, Najaf is dead?
God forbids!
He's home with a broken foot.
I was only joking.
Najaf and I are good friends.
Have some tea.
-Come on, have some tea!
-Rahmat, have some tea.
Hey, this tea is from yesterday?
No, from last week.
Of course it's from today.
Then why are you giving me
this dishwater?
Get yourself a private servant!
What the hell is yourjob here?
Shut your big mouth!
You think you're so strong?
What is going on?
Get the hell back to your work!
Back to your work!
Memar, Memar, the government
inspectors are coming.
The inspectors are coming!
Afghans, run, all of you hide!
The inspectors are here!
Hide yourselves. Hurry up, run!
Hello, sir. Welcome!
Memar, we heard that an Afghan
worker fell from this building.
We haven't any Afghans here.
It was
one of my fellow countrymen.
Where is he now?
He went from the hospital
back to his village.
You don't have
any Afghan working here?
No, sir.
Do you know what it means
if you employ Afghans
without an authorization?
So, now that you know the law,
read this paper and sign it.
-What's that?
-A letter of compliance.
-How many Afghans work here?
Oh yeah? Who's he? Where's he?
You're looking at him.
You think you're funny?
I work more than the Afghans
and I am treated like dirt.
Enough bullshit, big mouth!
Get lost!
Hey, you signed it, right?
My respects.
Welcome any time.
-Is there anyone there?
-No, there's no one.
Okay, let's get out of here.
Don't worry. Come.
How was his work?
Not bad for a first day.
Hey, give this to Najaf.
That's kind of you.
Memar, is there any for me?
You can't get your eyes
off from the money.
Bring tea. Go.
When he sees money,
his tongue hangs out.
Memar, the account is
not correct.
Some money is missing.
I know, I know.
First you fix the walls,
then I'll give you the rest.
What are you doing?
This one is heavy.
Turn... bend a bit...
further back.
A few days
and you'll get used to it.
Then you'll carry loads
better than a mule.
Oh! Stupid kid,
where's your head?
Oh, my God. I'm getting blind.
I hope this place
will soon collapse!
It's become a nursery.
Any kid who shows up gets a job!
Here comes
the abominable snowman.
Have some hot tea.
It will melt the snow.
You stupid moron!
Hey! Wait, there!
What the hell's going on?
Go back to your work!
What have you done
with yourself?
I was going down the stairs
when I felt
that damn plaster falling on me.
I looked up and it was
that Afghan kid.
He's not fit for this work
and then this idiot is trying
to be funny!
That's enough.
Go back to your work.
Kid, come down here.
No need to work anymore!
Don't worry. Come down.
You Afghan,
it is all your fault.
Memar, may I say something?
Don't you see I haven't got
any time?!
please don't send Rahmat away!
How many times do I have
to tell you
the kid isn't fit
for this kind of work.
It is all my fault.
I've gone too fast with him.
One more word
and I'll throw you out, too.
Foreman Faraj, how many
more bricks do you need?
Go and pick up your stuff
from the room.
As of tomorrow,
you'll work with Faraj.
If you don't want to work
I'll settle your account
and you're out.
-I didn't do anything.
-Do as I said.
I don't feel like arguing
with you.
You're no good as a worker.
Can you prepare tea, cook,
and wash dishes?
If you can, then you stay.
I don't need you here.
Shopping is now
your responsibility.
Come here, kid.
Take Rahmat to the places
where you do the shopping.
Introduce him
to the Dariani shop owner.
Tell him to bring his own
ID card to give to Dariani.
He's got no ID card.
That's not my problem!
I'll get my card back!
Hell, get it! You think it is
such a precious shit?
You're right!
In the past months, that's
what has fed your stomachs.
Kid, don't play
this game with me.
Get lost, stupid animal!
It's my mistake to try
to make a man out of you!
Why the hell are you
standing here staring at me?
Come on, clear off!
I'm warning you, Afghan!
You're taking my job
and one day
I'll smash your nose
into your brain!
-Thanks, Rahmat.
-Finally a real tea!
A good change
from Lateef's dishwater!
This is for you.
I don't need it.
I'm not in a wheelchair!
Well done, Rahmat.
The food's great.
Smart kid.
Well done, Rahmat.
You're doing a greatjob.
Who told you to put your
disgusting hands on my shirt?!
You're messing it up!
-Good morning.
-Good morning, Soltan.
-Hello. How are you doing?
-Fine, thanks.
You're alone?
Rahmat isn't coming?
He is. There was no more bread
in the bakery. He had to wait.
Hey, kid,
you're not working today?
I am.
So, why are you dressed
like a pop star?
Why not? It's very possible
to work with these clothes. See?
-What's the hurry?
-Go upstairs with this worker.
-I'm busy.
There is a wall to knock down.
Go, I tell you!
Kid, come on, move.
You've got no brain! I told you
I want Montana cigarettes!
What are these lousy cigarettes
you got me? Take them back!
Cigarettes are all the same.
They go up in smoke.
He's got hundreds
of things to do.
He is no servant of yours.
And what has it got to do
with you, moron?
Is your face
in need of a quick fix?
You want to fix it?
What about smashing your nose
to the back of your skull?
Just get lost, will you, moron!
What's going on?
Lateef, you're like
a fighting cock
always ready to jump and fight!
Stop it! Go back to your work!
Thank you, Rahmat, that's nice.
Thanks for the trouble.
You're kind.
-What is your name?
One, two, three, four, five.
Take this.
Thank you.
Lateef, close the tap.
Kid, have you got fresh tea?
This isn't a tea room!
Get out of here!
Are you the watchman
of the building or what?
I don't feel like
beating you up.
So, get back to your work
right now or I'll call Memar.
Hey, man,
mind your own business!
Memar! Memar!
You're a real dummy.
All right, but remember,
one day I'll have my revenge.
Hey, do you work here?
How many Afghans work here?
You're not answering?
Come here.
Go and catch him!
Afghans, run,
go and hide yourselves!
The inspectors are here!
Rahmat, go!
Afghans, Afghans.
Since when you're a movie hero?
Why the hell
did you get involved?
I could have taken care
of it myself.
Because of you, I got a fine
and now I must lay off
all the Afghans.
You didn't tell me
where you disappeared today.
Hey, you're deaf?
What? Are you again after money?
Memar, I have to go
to my village for a few days.
My sister is ill.
You're a doctor, now?
Let her father take her
to the doctor.
There is work. You can't go.
I don't want any money.
I'll be back soon.
No way! You know
what that means-- ''impossible.''
Your father put you
under my care.
I make the decisions.
Okay, then settle my account
and give it to my father.
I am getting out of here.
You've got a thick head,
haven't you?
Now, how many days
are you going to be out?
Three, four days.
-Not more!
Hey, kid, come back here.
Take this. You may need it.
-Say hello to your father.
Without your ID card,
it's impossible.
I told you a hundred times,
I have responsibilities.
I'm a stranger in this city.
Today, at my new job,
they kept my ID card.
You could repeat this
until the morning.
I still need your ID card.
Go, find yourself a place
where they won't ask for it.
Go, my dear sir.
Let me get back to my work.
Hey, what do you want?
Have you got your ID card or no?
-Okay, give it to me.
Come and warm yourself.
Please, there is a hole
in my shoe. Can you fix it?
Do you live here?
Everyone who meets me,
meets me on the road.
Do you know Soltan?
There are many Afghans
called Soltan.
He is a construction worker.
All Afghans are builders.
At dawn they go to cities,
at dusk they come back home.
Are you living with anyone here?
A man alone is a neighbor
of God.
''From the hot fire
of being apart
comes the flame
that burns the heart.''
You speak very well.
These are words from the heart,
my son.
Would you share a piece of bread
with me?
Thank you, but I've got to go.
-God bless you!
Hey, driver, stop! Stop!
Hello, Soltan.
How are you doing?
-How are you?
-What are you doing here?
Here... some... one of my fellow
countrymen lives around here.
I came to visit him.
I am lucky I saw you.
Where are you?
You left us without any news.
I'm looking to earn my bread.
Memar can't hire any Afghans.
Where are you working?
Anywhere I can.
One day here, one day there.
Are you still there?
Yes, I am on my way right now.
What's Rahmat doing?
Where is he?
He works in Kan Sulerun.
It was difficult for him
in the city.
Rahmat's work is close
to the Shoeb shrine?
Just behind it.
I used to work there.
I know the place.
Come on down. Come on, hurry up.
If you ever are around here,
come and see me.
-Okay, Good-bye.
-Good-bye. God bless you.
I told you a hundred times,
I am fed up.
Sir, please don't get upset.
How many times did I tell you
to watch what the workers
are doing?!
I'll tell them to fix it.
These walls
aren't even straight!
It's ridiculous!
There has been a mistake.
It can be corrected.
Don't get upset.
I've just had enough.
God help me, it is not my fault.
Then, do as I told you.
At your service.
Sir, all will be fixed.
Don't expect to see a penny
until it is done.
At your service, sir.
Foreman Faraj, I told you
to watch what's going on!
The walls upstairs
must be knocked down.
I've got to go now.
Memar, wait!
Go back to your work!
Memar, wait!
Go back to your work!
I need you.
Where are you going? Wait!
What the hell do you want, kid?
I haven't got any money. See?
Memar, my sister is ill.
I want to send my savings.
Kid, you don't understand
what I just said.
Who didn't understand?
Me or you?
I've worked a whole year
for what?
To get my money
when I needed it.
Now, I badly need it
for my sister.
She is killing herself at work.
She is going to die.
Damned the money I have
to beg for when it's mine.
Memar, for God's sake.
I swear to God,
if you give me the money
I'll work three months
without pay.
For God's sake, if I didn't
need the money so much
I wouldn't be insisting
like this.
Memar, please, please,
I'm desperate.
I need the money,
for heaven's sake.
When do you need the money?
Tomorrow, a relative of mine
is going to Ardebil.
He'll take the money.
It's a lot of money.
Do you trust him?
Tomorrow morning, I'll bring it.
Now go back to your work.
Where did you get
all this money?
These are my wages for a year.
I don't really need it now
and Najaf is in big trouble.
With his broken leg,
he cannot work.
He can pay me back
when he starts working again.
Why don't you give it
to him yourself?
I feel embarrassed.
And if he refuses?
Why would he?
Maybe he can't pay you back.
There is no rush--
anytime he can.
If he refuses,
I'll bring it back.
Tomorrow morning I'll wait
for you at the Shoeb shrine.
I would like to pay Najaf
a visit with you.
Thank you very much.
Have you been waiting long?
Hello. I was waiting for Soltan.
-Soltan has gone.
-Gone? Where?
Yesterday he came to me.
He had borrowed money
from someone
and wanted to give it to me.
Did you take it?
No. How could I?
His situation is worse
than mine. He is broke.
His wife in Afghanistan has been
terribly sick for months
and he couldn't afford
to go there.
Yesterday night, with God's
help, he was able to leave.
Soltan told me to give you this.
It is an address.
Wait, I'll help you.
I don't want to trouble you.
It's no trouble at all.
You shouldn't walk too much
with your foot like this.
I've got no choice, my son.
''I swear
on our Blessed Imam Reza
that I will give you back
all your money. Soltan.''
Would you share a piece of bread
with me?
Thank you, I've got to go.
When are you going
back to Afghanistan?
After tomorrow.
If I can gather some money
can you take it with you
for my brother's children?
More than money, now,
they need protection.
As you know, the town
of Bamian has fallen.
Women and children have all fled
to the mountains.
These are the things we found
on your brother's body
and a letter he wrote
just before he died
in the battle.
Any news
from his wife and children?
Nothing yet.
What to do? Look at me!
I am useless with my broken foot
and we're hardly living
off the work
of my daughter Baran.
Oh, brother, brother.
Don't cry. God will help.
Write them a letter.
That will be a comfort to them.
Yes, comfort is good,
but what about loneliness?
Look who's here! It's Najaf.
What a surprise! How are you?
Who's there? What's going on?
Oh! Najaf, how are you?
Now, you all go
back to your work.
Come with me.
Let's sit and talk.
Have some tea.
-I've no choice, Memar.
-Does your foot hurt?
I have so many other pains that
I forget the one in my foot.
Everything will be all right.
Nothing can be
all right anymore.
Can I ask you
to do something for me?
What is it?
-I am embarrassed.
-Come on, speak out.
If you could lend me some money,
I'll be forever grateful.
The times are hard. I am broke.
The engineer has given me
no money.
By God,
I have no one else to turn to.
Please, don't let me down.
Come back in two weeks and I'll
see what I can do for you.
I need the money today
or tomorrow.
It's impossible.
Memar, I beg you, help me.
You take me by surprise,
Najaf, my friend.
Where can I find this money?
Look, these are my pockets.
Anything in them is yours.
Come, take this!
I am no beggar. I didn't
come here to ask for charity.
What are you talking about?
We're friends. Take it!
It's no use. I am leaving.
Wait, let's see.
What is your last price?
-How much are you ready to pay?
-Ten more.
I'm not selling!
Hey, pal, come here. Come!
Hey! Come on, I tell you!
Are you coming or what?
How much?
How much is this?
I'll give you a good deal.
Excuse me, I have to see Najaf.
Hello. Welcome. Come in.
No, thank you, I must go.
What is this for?
The money is from Memar.
He told me to give it to you.
He is sorry
he couldn't come himself.
He was busy.
God bless him!
Tell him I'll be
forever grateful.
What for? It is his job.
Tell him that when I return
I'll pay him back.
You owe him nothing;
he owes you.
He should pay you for the months
you couldn't work.
What he is sending you
is nothing. You could sue him.
Come on, Memar is a good man.
Tell him that when I come back
from Afghanistan
I'll give him back the money.
Yes, I am going for sure.
They're waiting for me.
When are you leaving?
Tonight, hopefully,
I'll rent a truck.
Tomorrow, early,
we'll load our things and go.
Now, come in and drink
an Afghan tea. Come in.
Thank you, I must go. Good-bye.
Hossein Abedini, Reza Naji
Zahra Bahrami, Hossein Rahimi
Hossein Mahjoob
Written and Directed by:
Majid Majidi
Screenplay Consultant:
Fouad Nahas
Majid Majidi and Fouad Nahas
Mohammad Davudi
Director of Production:
Seyed Saeed Seyedzadeh
Hassan Hassandoost
Sound Design, Effects and
Mixing: Mohammad Reza Delpak
Ahmad Pezhman
Sound Recording:
Yadollah Najafi
Art Director:
Behzad Kazzazi
Make-up Designer:
Seyed Mohsen Mossavi
Costume Designers: Behzad
Kazzazi, Malak Jahan Khazai
Still Photography:
Hafez Ahmadi
Majid Majidi and Fouad Nahas