Barbarian Queen (1985) Movie Script

Get her here !
Come on, lady !
Get her ready!
Bring her here !
Let me help you!
What are you doing ?
Barbarian Queen
The groom ! Prince Argan !
-My friend!
-Many years and good luck! Congratulations!
-Much happiness for you and your bride!
- Well?
- It's a perfect day for your wedding!
- I'll get marry today old man,
even the gods got together and send
down all the fun they can get to hands on.
If he waits any longer for your women,
you will be a grandfather before he is a groom.
She's gone a look so beautiful.
- Tiniara, is my sister outside?
- I think she isn't back yet.
- She went down to the river.
- She thought we will going to run for the flowers.
- I think she just wanna to be helpful to me.
- I'll go find her.
Oh, still make this ropes nice and tight.
Nothing like a virgine to
break a mens morning.
- Maybe someday you'll give me a chance to find out.
- Come on !
Taramis !
- Hear!
- Thanks!
I'll get her, I'll get her!
Excuse me, lady...
Come on!
Kill him!
Faster or cut up your legs, ha?
You move it!
Stay together! Stay together!
Faster, faster, you move!
Come on, slave##
Anyone else?
- Did you find my sister?
- No.
- They left us nothing.
- Today was my wedding day.
And the only thing a have left is
I'm going get it back.
I keep run back to the village
to tell somebody we're leaving.
There is no anybody.
I'm starving.
- I thought they took you.
- One. I killed him. I got his horse, and got all this.
They killed my friend Kantacka.
We're going after them.
But...first we'll eat!
We are not exactly an army, isn't it?
It's a silly. Even fish knows to
avoid swimming near a moving boat.
Maybe we well find out one not
smart enough to know that!
I can't take anymore this.
I can't take this...
I want to see a smile of you.
Smile for me now.
That's more like it.
- Did you hear something?
- Twilight never raped a woman quietly.
I'd better take a look.
Who are you?
Where did you come from?
Same place I came from.
Hei, what is going on?
Oh, my God!
Do you want a fight, ha?
Amethea! She's dead!
I gave her some water!
You did what you could.
-You're in safe now.
-Take me home.
Taramis, there is no more home.
I#######the village, must he knows where we are.
I wanna go home now.
Why don't you just let her rest?
I'm sure she'll be better if she's rest.
Taramis, she's dead !
We have to go home now
before they hurt us.
- I wish there was a home to go to.
- We'll find a new one.
I don't care how many men they are.
I'll be no men's slave and no men's whore.
And if I can't kill them all ###
The God will know I've tried!
How about tomorrow night
we start piking prunes, ...water...
- We've got the food!
- Food, you called that "food" ?
Save a little for the night children.
We have to leave them something.
Or they will eat you while you sleep.
Anytime an animal kills a person,
the God turn the animal into a little child.
- And the child has to run to the forest forever.
- Every night, forever and ever.
They are probably watching you right now.
- The children must be very hungry.
- I leave them my share.
I will, too. Is it safe
to go to sleep now?
It's safe.
Hold there!
Hold where you are!
Don't try it!
Get up your horses!
No one who rides from the kingdom
ride through here.
We ride against to you, fool.
Haven't you not enough sence to find
out who your friends are? Before you try to kill them?
- We did that two days ago.
- And we are all who are left to our village.
And we all left of ours.
- Will be on our way.
- Wait!
If you raise the sword against Arrow,
do you fight for us.
If you can make our journey easier, help us.
We fight only for our own quest.
There is only one who can pass
safely between here and the city.
I'll take you.
When I was a little girl I told my father
I was going out and kill a bear.
Then I saw how big a bear was...
For two week after that,
I didn't leave the village.
We are not little girls anymore.
There are no little girls anymore.
Let's go !
I usually do this alone, on foot.
Bringing messages.
Taramis! Taramis!
-It's a little boy.
-And you drive this away from our
lunch because you saw rebels?
You've got to stop wondering
around out here.
Some day I'll find my parents.
And then I live with them again.
Take care now!
Yes, sir!
Follow me!
My father discovered this catacombes.
There the only safe passage
for rebels into the city.
Go quietly now!
The city gate is just above.
She's made it through again.
I'm fine.
-I think we have to keep you here for a while.
####less, every day.
What they want?
Their people are prisoners.
They want to free them.
They are brave and strong.
We haven't travel all this way
to be turned back.
I can't let you fight.
We'll start a battle we are
not ready to finish.
We honor your cause.
But our battle can't wait.
Come with me !
My father is very careful about everything.
It's just the way he is.
- Here, this is for you.
- Thank you.
No one you know?
- Freedom doesn't matter there.
- Freedom always matters.
One of your people?
Come on, fight! Didn't I say, "fight" ?
Now listen. Gladiator is
the best of any slave.
Now let's see how you like the worst.
- Name!
- Argan!
Remember this, Argan!
And listen carefully.
Lord Arrakur wants a good show for Sunday.
So you'll fight to make him happy.
He doesn't own my soul yet.
Amethea said to stay out
offside until they come back.
Hold! Is a beautiful dress for you.
Come on, buy it!
- Oh, buy this dress. It's beautiful.
- No.
Some days nobody buys.
How we get worth to them?
Some places is very hard.
And some places are possible,
I...see your future. Look at it!
- Tiniara! I have missing Theomes, anywhere.
- No I have you were watching her.
- No I thought you were watching her!
- I look away, she was gone.
Come, we have got to hurry.
- Come! I see your future.
- Hey, have you see...
She is blind.
- Who are you?
- What are you calling around after?
You fight!
- Yeah!
- We would want to get them something
we want should they would like, will we?
I'm gonna a have to a rebel!
You were first last time.
This was mine!
- Theodor gone. Maybe the others.
- Now! You find your sister! She got away.
You go back to your father.
He can't afford to loose his bravest warrior.
Go one!
Nobody enters in palace without permission.
- But I want to go with him.
- Move alone!
- Guards!
- She wants to go with you, milord!
Bring her in!
Clean her up, first!
We can't go in after her!
I can't go in there,
I can't get to Argan...
Let me go!
But I can do something about this!
Come on you!
Guards, get her!
Let me go!
You are not strong enough.
I hope he wasn't close relative!
- I don't know who is.
- Come, come!
There not ###of you rebels, to pretends
thet you don't know on another.
And if you hold your tongue, as he
you soon be were you can talk to him again.
- I know rebels!
- We'll see.
There is nothing I can tell you.
- I want to know where your people are.
- Where he people...
You now, pain is a wonderful thing. It we let us
now when it could be something wrong.
and let us when we should tell
what we know.
You are much to beautiful girl,
to let your self be broken
into food for the royal dogs.
- Dariac, what's the matter?
- They've got caught.
- Which of them?
- All of them.
So you see, we took they cause as a###. of course,
and now their capture could be our own.
We've got to do something.
But they are the only one who're a
good fight, you said. What talken we do now?
- We can't let them die.
- We cannot go back with the plan we had.
I hope we hadn't told the Arrakur's prison.
Dariac! Perhaps this was the only way
they having showing us that something worth dying for.
- We can't let them die!
- You, stay here!
Perhaps you can't quite see the truth.
Perhaps we have to give you
little more light.
Rebels make life difficult
for people who obey the laws.
You'll be performing a service
if you told me where there are hiding.
You do want lite be pleasant
for a citizen, don't you?
- She'll talk.
- She'd better.
You'll tell us everything.
Well, well...
They told me you are very beautiful.
My warriors always seems have trouble
with beautiful women.
One way, or another.
If you come to kill me, you just kill.
I don't need to listen to your talk!
To kill a woman like you,
would be such a waste.
Come down!
Let me see you.
With your clothes off!
You going to learn. Eventualy.
That it's much less painful to do
things in my way.
You, and your rebel friends...
I have not rebels friends!
Oh, thets it's time you stardet
being more agreeable.
Clothes off!
I will never understand why some people
is so animate about choosing the wrong side.
No, you never will.
I'm loosing my patience.
And I never had very much
to begin with.
When I command you to strip you
garment of
you do as you were told!
There some people in this world
who will never be your slaves.
Before I am through with you,
you will beg to kiss my feet.
And you will tell me why
you came here...
and you tell me where the rebels are,
and who they are...
And you will stay at my side
and watch them die.
You now where you take her.
I'm not here to torture you.
We have a man who does that.
And I'm trying to keep you
from having to meet him.
I just want a little information.
Other lifes are more
important then mine.
It's not death in your face.
It's a great deal of discomfort
why you are still alive.
You really don't want to get
send downstairs.
Believe me!
Life can be quite pleasant here...
Why don't you take a moment
to think about it?
- Will you tell me now?
- No!
You fool!
Come on!
You are not here to supervise!
You are a beast!
I have not seen you here before.
- No...
- Well?
We are to get you..
know each other.
I just want a little
something to eat, ok?
Let's find a quiet corner!
How do you get in?
Is anyone else?
We came with Amethea.
All three of us.
Amethea ?
How did she...
She is in the city.
We came here to rescue you!
I can't believe she survived...
She is with some people...they are rebels.
They try to fight
But they are just not army...
If the army is they want,
we can give them one.
If you can take them away
from wine and women long enough to fight...
There are ##women and there are ###wine.
But if these man see a chance
to win their freedom, they fight!
- I wished they would just go gome,
- I wished we could.
It may be our only chance.
To die...
We are all that left of our people.
That is a responsibility.
We have to help her father!
You think it's right?
To put our future in her hands?
She will fight for us!
I have never been good follow in.
- When I was young boy I had
dreams, just like you...
- Like her...
I should say "yes", then...
before I get much older...
and the dreams are gone.
Even past remembering.
We were brave once.
We were warriors.
Now the time is approaching...
Now, we will fight again!
Where have I seen you before?
You are the girl at the river at ###
That was a night to remember...
-Can I stay here with you?
-Oh, my child! Absolutely!
How did you come to be here?
And will you get me a dog
to play with? No...a cat...
I should love have a cat...
A cat you shall have...
Away with you!
What...what shall I
do with her?
Have you no imagination?
And now let's see if
you is I remember...
If it hurts you have only
yourself to blow.
Every time you moved machine
is tighten.
So you don't want to move anymore
then you have to.
I made this all myself,
it's very ingenious, don't you think?
Here, watch!
No ####,no mess, no bother...
No slimy blood splashed
all over the room.
You don't look like you
appreciated science.
Drink some...say please...
No manners at all!
Well, I'm not wan't
to torture somebody.
You must learn to say "please".
You must learn to say all sorts
of things... you've got
into the city.
And what you came here for.
And where your rebel friends are.
Please, let me interrupt!
She still has nothing to say to us?
She is a strong one!
You broke her stronger!
You don't know her, do you?
I shall expect answers by the morning.
You heared his Excellency!
- If we stay together with
the rebels, we have a chance.
We can move on Sunday,
at the games.
- To greater risk.
- I'll take the risk, I'll fight him.
- Well, what?
- Milord...
Bring the next one!
Strivyn, Algoinne,
There is a reason for fighting
than entertaining the visitor.
I'm with you!
And those who follow me.
We will have that man on Sunday.
And all the battle
can stand on Sunday.
I really am had my time...
You should be very proud
You're making a contribution to science.
Just a little more ...
I am not quiet ready yet.
Wait! Wait!
Stop squeezing!
Too tight!
Free my hands!
I will...I will...
You can let me go now.
Did I?
Don't eat too much
you spoil your appetite.
So they can get us
some decent meal?
All the gladiators you can eat!
Come on! The gladiators
are waiting!
No thanks!
I'm not hungry anymore!
All right!
Get moving !
You have to come with me.
But the gladiators are waiting.
Oh, so as lord Arrakur !
He always likes to
welcome the new girls personally.
Have you found a way to get her out?
Yes, I think so.
We have to arrived some news
to the rebels plans for Sunday.
One of us have to go with the girl.
See where these rebels are!
They will pay to much attention
She can't be trusted.
But can she get through...
They're coming!
And so is this!
They are yours for the night!
Don't do anything I wouldn't do!
Where is Astrol?
Stop worry!
If you don't do anything wrong
all you have bring it in your head.
He likes them!
Young and pretty, like you!
Do you think I'm pretty?
You won't let her hurt me,
won't you?
You look terrible.
I'm alive.
And you look like...
And where is ....
-They killed her.
-Argan is waiting for me.
He is gone a lead the gladiators
and they all...
Did the rebels knows about this?
-When they's one their place?
-I don't now, that's why we've got to get back.
Find her!
And I want her alive!
Is it truth there are night
children in the forest?
We have a chance. You go one!
Go one!
Aaaaa.lord Erik send me
to bring back another girl!
-Without a guard?
-You want to go ask him yourself?
You wait here!
- Do you now how many they are?
- Weapons?
- I don't now.
- But they are ready to fight?
- Yes.
- Once we move there is not turning back!
########.before the games begin!
Yes, quickly as you can!
I want to meet for the signal.
If your people move to soon it's our lifes.
I know.
- Ready?
- Amethea is waiting for me!
- You scared me!
- What happened with Amethea?
She's not out?
Argan is waiting with the gladiators!
-And you gonna have to help him!
-We are not ready yet!
And neither you!
Where is Amethea?
-What was happened with the entrance?
-They thought you may tell about hidden place.
I knew you would not!
I knew you come back!
Argan says to get the weapons.
So, get the weapons!
- We can't depend on that!
- We can't change the plan now.
There is no way to tell Argan!
-I am the leader here!
-That's enough!
We do our fighting on Sunday.
You'll be slaughtered without us.
We will fight together.
And make them scream
enough for all of us!
My people, today we'll celebrate!
20 years of glory!
20 years than this kingdom
has ruled the land!
And we've got here
for your enterteiment...
the greatest warrior of all time!
Willing they sacrifice
their lifes, to the glory of this kingdom.
Let the celebration begin!
- What's going on?
- Nothing!
We stay for a fight!
We have to make them move!
We have to wait to Argan's signal !
I'll hit and watch you die!
It is Arrakur's blood to be #######today.
Those of us who are fighting
for him, don't think so.
Your rebelion is over!
Let me go!
Put her to death!
Kill him!