Barbarians (2021) Movie Script

Hey, guys.
What's up?
My name is Lucas hunt.
And I'd like to tell you
a story.
For thousands of years,
the gaeta stone has
attracted people
from far and wide
with its mystery, its magic,
and its power.
They come to celebrate
the solstice
as a way of marking
the transition from
one season to another.
meaning gateway in Gaelic.
The wickes family farm has
occupied this land for years,
and it has been their home
for generations.
Working closely in partnership
with the wickes family,
I have embraced a land
steeped in history,
respecting its past,
to create something
truly special.
Gateway one.
Contemporary design.
Coupled with
traditional materials.
Beautiful natural surroundings
with an easy commute
to the city.
It's the perfect place
to raise a family.
Central to gateway will be
an exclusive piece of
bespoke sculpture
by world renowned artist,
Eva velasquez,
that will reflect
gateway's past,
and the future to come.
But gateway can be your very own
slice of paradise.
Now, feel free to
get in contact with me,
and I will personally
show you around
our beautiful show home.
Because the opportunity
is great,
and the time is now.
Register your interest
for a chance to be
part of history.
Come and join us...
At gateway.
You awake?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Adam
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, mate.
I hope that all your wishes
and dreams come true
and that you grow at least
half an inch.
It's the best we can hope for.
Um, and that you become
the size of a real life man.
I love you. Can't wait to
see you tonight.
Let's have some fun!
Bye, mate.
Happy birthday. See you tonight.
Just think.
After tonight, this is ours.
Think you've ordered enough
this week?
Well, it's Adam's birthday
You're welcome to come by for
a drink if you like.
Mm, I'm not sure that on his
birthday he wants to find out
that you're head over heels
in love with me.
- Ooh!
- 7:30 if you fancy.
You're gonna have to play...
Oh, my god.
What the fuck is that fox doing
in our kitchen, Adam?
I don't know.
What happened to it?
I don't know.
- Adam.
- What?
Just do something.
I said, shoo!
- Get out! Go!
- Dan.
What are we going to do?
Okay, uh,
I wasn't expecting that.
- I... I guess we had to do that.
- Yeah.
- There's mercy.
- Oh, that's awful.
It's the right thing to do.
I'll take care of this.
Hey, uh, would you...
Would you like
something to drink?
Nah, lots to be gettin' on with.
Uh, yeah, of course.
Uh, well...
Thank you for
taking care of that.
That's okay.
Anything for you, e.
Happy to help.
- Are you okay, Adam?
- I'm fine.
- Let me help you with that.
- I'm fine!
There are foxes in London, Adam.
Not bleeding out on
my kitchen floor.
- You need to relax.
- You know what?
I don't like the way
he just comes in here.
- He was helping.
- He was flirting.
"Oh, anything for you, e."
What were we gonna do
without him?
Shoo it death?
You know what?
I have work to do.
You got a minute?
Lucas is coming here tonight.
Which means
this is gonna be our home.
I know this isn't where we
saw ourselves ending up.
But I love it.
I want to have a family
with you.
I mean, I want to have
a family with you here.
But if this isn't
what you want...
You just have to be
honest with me.
No, I'm sorry.
Being a dick.
That fox.
I don't know, I'm just, um...
It's my birthday. I don't know.
This is the next step for us.
- Me and you against the world.
- Yeah.
And if anyone gets in our way...
I'll just shoo them to death.
- Okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Okay. Hey, guys. What's up?
What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- Filming you.
Yeah, I can see you're filming me.
Why are you making me...
You're so hot as a punk.
Oh, my god! That just came
out of my nostril.
Okay, so I'm gonna practice,
I'm gonna practice this...
This speech. Okay.
Hey, guys. What's up?
So we made... finally made it to
the gaeta stone.
Energy here.
This festival is absolutely...
- Get out of here, man!
- Aah.
- Hey, guys...
- No!
Hey, guys. What's up?
So, we finally... oof!
Oh. Hold on.
Hey, guys. What's up?
So here we are.
We've made it to
the gaeta stone.
The energy is electric. Buzzing.
You can feel the sense of
history. Oh, my god!
Oh, it's fascinating.
The atmosphere is alive.
Magical, magical.
Magical's good,
'cause it's, like, fits in with
all the druid stuff, isn't it?
The energy here is magical.
Uh, this is where I want to
talk about Alan, I think.
But I don't want to make it
too... emotional.
Maybe I should be sad, you know?
I think you should talk about it
but don't be too sad.
Sad is boring.
Hey, guys. What's up? So...
We finally got here
after our long drive
to the... phew! The gaeta stone.
And let me tell you,
the... the energy here is, um...
Amazing, uh...
I'm really sorry, um...
Before I go on, um,
as some of you may know...
- Alan wickes, who is...
- Hey, mate!
Hey! How dare you
show your face around here!
- Hey!
- Give me back my phone!
Don't touch my fuckin' phone!
Hey, guys. What's up?
So, we finally made it
to the gaeta stone
and you can make out just there.
Yeah. God, it feels
amazing to be here
with all these awesome people.
Just the energy here is, um...
Uh, I'm really sorry. Uh...
Look, before I go on, um,
as many of you know,
um, Alan wickes was
my former partner...
In gateway, he, uh...
He sadly passed away
earlier this month.
And I... I was so proud to
work on this project with him.
But more importantly,
he was a really close and...
And really great friend.
So no matter what they're saying
on social media,
can we please, please,
just stop adding fuel
to this negativity.
We all make mistakes. Right?
So right now,
my thoughts go out to Alan
wickes' truly wonderful sons
at this hard time.
- Adam.
- Hang on.
Wait. No, no.
- Mm.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Hello.
- Evie.
Evie. Evie... e!
- Come on. Bring it in.
- The social media king.
I can't believe he's here.
And you must be Chloe.
Very nice to meet you.
Thank you. And thank you so much
for having me.
- Of course.
- Mate, happy birthday.
- Bring it in.
- Thank you, mate.
Fucking Benjamin button.
Honestly, put him in a school uniform.
- Couldn't tell the difference.
- Yes, yes, very good.
Nice to see you again.
Yeah. You, too.
Come in.
Right, come on, we're down here.
- No, no, I'll take those.
- It's all right, mate.
- I know where I'm going.
- No, please, mate.
All right, easy mate.
It's not your house yet, is it?
Listen, e, before I forget,
Chloe's gonna be too shy to say it,
but she's your number one
biggest fan.
You're such an idiot.
That's the Lucas
we know and love.
I did my final dissertation
on your work in art school.
Oh! You're an artist.
Well, we all have to start
somewhere, right?
Would you like to see my studio?
I'd love to.
Of course. We'll be back.
- Viral, mate.
- Really?
- Fuckin' viral.
- Great.
And I did not expect
that level of interest.
- That's great, mate.
- Engagement has been insane.
- Great.
- And, you know,
who knew I was gonna meet
what could be
the love of my life.
You made that happen.
Thank you. I mean,
I really mean that.
Thank you.
Good job.
Thank you.
I'm honest.
I didn't think you could do much
apart from make shampoo
look sexy.
So, you know, seeing you on set
in your element,
doing your thing, it's...
Yeah. I was actually
quite impressed.
I think it really
tells a story. Yeah?
- Yes.
- Anyway, mate, what's going on with you?
You taking to country life?
Love country life. Love it.
And you finally jacked in
all your work malarkey
and you're gettin' around to
writing your Magnum opus?
Living here, you know,
surrounded by nature
and this amazing house,
it's just...
You know, it's been...
Well, I mean...
Just been...
Yeah, I mean, it's been...
Just, well...
- Brilliant.
- Well, it's my pleasure, mate.
My pleasure. I'll take credit
where credit is due.
Oh, yeah, uh...
Thank you.
I, um...
I saw that thing you did
about... wickes.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
It was his heart, mate.
What can you do?
Did you guys ever manage to...
Patch things up or...
Should never have gone to court,
I'm tellin' ya. It's stupid.
No good deed goes unpunished.
Never mess with
a man's reputation, mate.
That much I'll say. Never.
But, yeah, it was a shame.
A real shame.
Shit, man. Yeah, real...
Real shame. It's terrible.
Being here has drawn
my work toward something.
I mean...
I certainly can't explain it.
And I'm not trying to
understand it.
I'm just really grateful to
Lucas for bringing us here.
God, this is embarrassing.
I feel like a little kid.
Lucas wasn't joking. I...
Your work has meant a lot to me.
Thank you, Chloe.
You know, I was nervous
about coming.
But I'm so glad
Lucas convinced me.
Well, if he's anything,
he's persuasive.
He's probably 50 percent
neanderthal, but, um...
But I love him.
- It was mercy.
- 100 percent.
Probably wandered in here
looking for a place to die
or something.
You've got to be practical
about these things.
Fuckin' hell, mate.
Fuckin' hell!
You lad!
You absolute...
Fuckin'... lad.
It was the right thing to do.
Oh, uh...
E doesn't know, so...
Don't say anything. Yeah?
You worry too much, mate.
I got just the thing.
Happy birthday.
You really brought it.
Well, I'm a man of my word.
But not for tonight, though,
These things,
they do not mix, um...
But tomorrow.
Tomorrow, that's gonna be
the first day of
the rest of your life.
They say it's like...
Ten years of therapy
in one night.
Oh, god, I hope so.
It removes the mask we wear,
revealing those oldest parts
of our mind
that we never really touch.
It's brought out something
really sweet...
And vulnerable in Lucas.
I'm goin' at it, you know,
I'm really goin' at it,
because I'm just, like,
in this zone,
and then suddenly this, like,
moment of elysium
just hit and...
It was like these fuckin'
laser beams of rainbows
shootin' out of my dick,
and I just started to cut...
Like, shapes into...
Into the wall,
and it spelled... Lucas.
Can't wait.
Over here, guys.
Yeah, come on. Over here, guys.
Oh, fuckin' hell.
Big enough is it, e?
Shh! Behave!
All right.
Come on, then, show me what you've got.
I'm ready.
- Hey, guys. What's up?
- Lucas!
Do you have to do that?
Well, I've gotta give
the people what they want.
Give it to them later.
This is just for us.
We're gonna have to do
this whole thing again, then.
Should we, uh...
You want us to do, like,
a countdown or something?
Yes, let's do this.
Okay. Right, uh...
- Three...
- Three...
Two, one...
Worth every penny.
The reason they make
that squealing noise
is because the male penis
is barbed and it's painful.
So that's the noise they make
when they fuck.
He's so romantic.
I'd actually love to go for
a hunt one day.
Oh, you can't anymore.
- Why?
- Oh, it... it's illegal.
I... I mean...
When I say it's illegal,
you... they can hunt the fox,
they just don't allow you to...
The dogs...
They're not allowed to kill it.
But, um... I mean, we can...
Well... well, they can
trap it humanely.
I think.
Mr. Fox wrangler over here.
What's this?
Well, your boy over here...
He only went and
put an injured fox
out of its misery.
With his bare hands, no less.
Really? You did?
Now, don't be angry with him.
The fox was in pain,
it was injured.
It was the right thing to do.
That's the thing about Adam.
He always knows
the right thing to do.
He has the face of a rapist.
Sorry. Everyone knew
what was going on.
And, obviously, the girls,
they were
gaining something from it.
True. Power can be attractive.
- That's how we met, isn't it?
- Oh, fuck off.
I just can't wrap my head around
a currency
that's not backed up
by a nation.
Yes, it's a fiction,
but nations are fictions, too.
- Block chain.
- Well, isn't everything a fiction?
Oh, god. You and your fictions.
Block chain, man.
I don't think you need a ring
and a piece of paper
to share your life with someone.
We share everything
50-50 anyway.
Yeah. And I'm not changing
my name.
That's because
Eva velasquez gets paid!
I mean, believe me,
I should know.
The truth? Why should he care
about the truth?
How can you say that?
What's more important than
the truth?
that's subjective, isn't it?
Oh, how cute.
And his whole stance on birth
control is just disgusting.
He's a racist.
He sorted out North Korea.
Didn't he?
- And China.
- By attacking them?
One nation's attack
is another's defense.
This is part of
the American psyche.
The love of guns and violence.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. No.
Look, I grew up around guns,
and if you think about it,
in this violent world,
it's the only realistic form
of self-defense.
So this would be
your first feature?
- Yes.
- I would love to read it.
Oh, don't bother.
He's not letting anyone.
You'll be the first one,
I promise.
Can you tell us what it's about?
You really want to know?
Yes. Please. Tell us.
It's actually very good.
Okay, um, so, um...
Essentially, it's, uh...
It's about a...
A pre-historic man
living in the modern world,
What? Dude!
That's already a...
That's already a movie, man.
Are you serious?
It's with that guy, um...
Uh, you know the guy.
- What guy?
- The guy, the guy, um...
He's in the mummy.
- No.
- I love that film!
- No, no, don't...
- What, Billy Zane?
No, no, no, no no.
The guy. The guy.
- It's um...
- No, it's not Billy Zane.
Really? I'm pretty sure it was.
- It's not.
- No, he looked like Billy Zane,
but it was not Billy Zane.
- Well, it's... it's nothing...
- The guy, the guy, come on.
- What's his fuckin' name?
- Oh, Arnold vosloo!
Wow. He really does look like
Billy Zane.
- No, it's...
- I told you.
Brendan Fraser! Brendan Fraser!
And the movie is...
Oh. California man.
- California man?
- California man!
Well, back in the states,
it was called encino man,
but you got it.
- Encino man.
- Mm.
They called it encino man.
- What kind of title is that?
- I Don't know.
Dude, how does it feel
to be making encino man 2?
This is the natural
evolution of martial arts, you know.
It's not some sport
with gentlemanly rules
and all of that.
Seriously, I think it's
the only combat system
in which you can attack
and defend at the same time.
I'll show you, I'll show you,
I'll show you.
Adam. Hit me.
- Hit me.
- Why?
Okay, well...
I guess the best form of defense
is being a fuckin' pussy.
Adam, what's wrong with you?
- I'm sorry if I hurt you.
- Whatever, pussy.
You know what? Let's eat.
Delicious, no?
It needs salt.
You know how to make
a good steak, mate.
I'll give you that.
- Thanks, mate.
- Proper.
Mm. No more for me.
Oh, come on, we're celebrating.
No. Thank you.
You're not...
Not what?
You are?
What? I didn't say anything.
She told me I
wasn't allowed to say anything.
- Lucas!
- Oh, my god! That's amazing!
- What's this?
- How many weeks?
- Ten.
- You're pregnant.
I know, I know. I mean,
I've gotta grow up
at some point. Right?
And, um...
We're happy and we're healthy.
And we're in love.
And as the great guru once said,
"life is what happens when
you're busy making other plans."
I think it's wonderful.
Cheers to unplanned parenthood.
Mm. Okay, so what is it?
Is it a boy or a girl?
- It's too early.
- Yeah. Of course.
Oh, no. It's a lad.
- We don't know.
- 100 percent prime rib lad.
Okay, what about names?
- We're still thinking.
- Well, I'm thinking Lucas.
- But...
- We're still thinking.
You're such a fuckin'
Really? Okay, then, Eva,
what should I call our child.
Or Adam? Uh, what about Isaac?
Jesus Christ?
Zeus? Thor? Actually,
Thor's quite good.
I think you're gonna be
a wonderful dad, Lucas.
Thanks, guys.
Yeah, I'm gonna teach
little Thor
the ways of the world.
Well, then,
watch out world, huh?
Sorry, where did you say
the bathroom was?
Uh, just down there, babe.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Mm. See ya. Mm.
I know, I know.
It's a complete fuckin'
I love her.
Like, 100 percent.
It's... full.
- I mean, she's nice.
- Yeah, she's fantastic, right?
I hope the baby gets her looks.
- Right?
- Mm-hm, and her brains, too.
- Oi!
- I need a cigarette.
- He's still smoking?
- Yeah. Stressed.
- I'll be a minute.
- It's me.
What the fuck?
I mean, what the fuck?
I get it.
We had our little moment.
And now you're thinking...
What will people say?
But, Adam...
What if it never happened?
Then there's nothing
to worry about.
- What?
- Nothing ever happened.
What, you're going to
go out there?
And tell Eva?
Nothing ever happened.
Say it.
Nothing ever happened.
Good boy.
Great family. Great family.
And I like them.
I really, genuinely liked
the guy, you know?
And I never... I never ever
persuaded him
to do anything that
he didn't want to do.
And then, suddenly,
a fuckin' heart attack.
It's my fault? I mean, come on.
That's bollocks. That's complete
fuckin' bollocks.
I mean, you know me, right, e?
I'm a... I'm a... I'm a good guy.
I didn't...
I didn't do anything wrong.
The judge said that.
It's a fact.
I mean, he's...
He's a grown man.
He knew what he was
getting himself into. Right?
I do, I feel bad.
I feel a bit of bad. You know?
But it's not my fault.
You understand that, right?
E? Yeah?
You reap what you sow, right?
- Fuck.
- Lucas.
- Ahh!
- That's it.
- Tap out!
- Lucas, what are you doing?
- Tap out, brother.
- Lucas, stop that!
Come on, I had to get him back.
Don't bother.
He's a child.
I'll just get dessert, then,
shall I?
Yeah, go get dessert, pussy!
He's a big boy.
He can handle himself.
You're a big boy now,
aren't you?
He'll be all right.
Come on.
He's made of sterner stuff.
Yeah, no one really
knows its original purpose.
Celebration? Rebirth?
Coming of age?
Whatever it was for,
it was a threshold.
A focal point for
one thing to die
and another one to be reborn.
That's why it's called
the gaeta stone.
Or gateway stone.
I knew you'd love this shit, e.
It's right up your strasse.
I really do feel like
I belong here.
It feels like we're home.
Yeah, ad, e, we... we need
to have a chat, actually.
I realize this isn't the...
The most ideal time, but...
You know, there's no time like
the present, so, um...
The truth of it is, e...
Is that your involvement
in this project is...
I mean, it's had a bigger impact
than I had anticipated.
And that's kudos to you, e.
So I'm just gonna
cut to the chase here.
I've had an offer.
An unsolicited offer
on this place.
It's far in excess of
the fee that we agreed.
I mean,
it is significantly higher.
And I'm kind of between a rock
and a hard place here,
because the truth of it is
is that I actually
really need this sale.
I realize this isn't ideal.
But this...
Train is leaving the station,
so to speak.
And so, I need to
get this sorted tonight,
one way or the other.
So we should probably...
I mean, what do you suggest?
Fuckin' hell, man.
- You're such a dick.
- Come on, mate.
- Why are you such a dick?
- Well, help me out here.
What would you do if
you were in my shoes?
I mean, make me an offer.
Actually, you're right, Lucas.
It'll be very hard for us to go.
It'd actually be a shame.
But Adam and I and my stone,
we'll have to find
another place to live.
Well, no, no, no, you...
Actually, we have a contract.
Which says I own my work
until I'm paid in full.
- Now hold on a second...
- Or we stay.
We pay half what we agreed.
And you get to keep my work.
For nothing, you don't have to
give me a penny.
Well, that is very interesting.
So, we have a deal, yes or no?
Well, I mean, I'm not sure
if it balances out, totally.
It's you guys, so...
And I love you guys
and I love your passion.
And I really love
how much this project
also means to you, so...
Yes, you absolutely have a deal.
All right. Okay.
Yes! Well, lucky for you guys,
I've actually got a clean copy
of the contract.
I say luck, but luck is just
preparation meets opportunity,
isn't it?
God, I'm so happy.
What we'll do is...
I'm not sure about this.
I... I need to think about this.
What is there to think about?
We want this house.
Let's make it happen.
- This is crazy.
- Why?
This way, your half is covered.
I don't want you to
have to worry.
- E, it's...
- Adam.
I don't make my work to keep it.
I make it so we can have
the life we want.
Guys, it's just awesome.
Gonna get you guy to, um...
To chip in, give me some advice
about the next phase.
You know, what works,
what doesn't.
All right,
let's have a look here.
Hey, guys. What's up?
So, we just had a blazing meal,
cooked by maestro Mr. Adam here.
It was incredible.
Don't hang up the aprons strings
there, brother.
This is a big moment
in all our lives.
We are making history.
Making dreams come true.
The first slice of paradise
is gone.
Introducing, the first residents
of gateway.
Is that live or...
Yeah, buddy. Looking good.
I'd rather not. I'm...
Not a big fan of
being on camera.
Oh, we've got a shy one.
Hey. Just don't look at them.
Don't overthink it.
Okay. Come on,
let's give him a drum roll.
Give him some encouragement.
Starting here.
I can't sign it.
What are you talking about?
I'm sorry.
I'm not ready.
Dude, just do what she says.
You always do.
You are such a child.
Adam, it's gonna break. Let go.
- You let go.
- No, you let go.
- You let go!
- You let go.
Adam, let go!
Do what the lady says.
Good boy.
Lucas, stop it!
What are you doing?
Who's the daddy?
Who's the daddy? Huh?
Maybe I am.
Right, Chloe?
I don't know what
he's talking about.
Get the fuck out of my house.
Oh, my god.
Who the fuck are you?
What's going on?
Get the fuck out of my house!
Okay. Okay, okay.
E. You okay?
What the fuck is going on?
Why are you doing this to us?
Ah! Fuck.
Get off me!
I'm not reading that.
Hey, guys. What's up?
I have a confession to make.
I'm a snake.
Don't trust anything I say.
'Cause I'm a liar.
And I'm a cheat.
So make your offers
on gateway now...
For your very own slice
of paradise.
You'll be as welcome here
as I am.
'Cause the opportunity's great
and the time is now.
So register your interest
for a chance to be
a part of history.
Come and join us now at gateway.
Hey, guys. What's up?
I have a confession to make.
I'm a snake.
Don't trust anything I say.
'Cause I am a liar and a cheat.
So make your offers
on gateway now.
For your very own slice
of paradise.
You'll be as welcome here
as I am.
'Cause the opportunity's great
and the time is now.
So register your interest for a
chance to be a part of history.
Come and join us now at gateway.
Hey, guys.
What's up?
I have a confession to make.
I'm a snake.
Don't trust anything I say.
'Cause I'm a liar.
And I'm a cheat.
Lucas, the gun!
Hey! Motherfucker!
Fuck! Stay there,
or I'm gonna eat your face off.
I'm gonna fuckin'
eat your face off.
You stay back!
I'm gonna shoot you!
Lucas. Run!
It isn't loaded, is it?
Adam, hurry!
Go check the bag!
- Dan?
- You know him?
- Yeah.
- He's one of Alan wickes' sons.
We need to help him, please.
- Now.
- Yeah.
- Did you find any for that?
- I don't know.
This is... this is so fucked up.
Adam. Go check on him.
What did you do to him?
He was acting so crazy.
- Nothing.
- Adam, what was wrong with him?
I don't know.
Did you spike his drink?
- I'm sorry.
- What is wrong with you, Adam?
How was I supposed to know
this was going to happen?
Get the car keys, get help.
I'm gonna get Lucas.
- No, you get help, I'll go.
- Adam!
This is my fault
I need to go.
I need to help him.
I... I'm sorry about...
You know?
What the...
Who are you?
- I loved your dad.
- You stole our home.
It was too much for him.
It killed him.
No one was supposed to get hurt.
We just wanted to scare you.
Humiliate you.
Just like you
humiliated our dad!
Who are you?
Have you taken something?
Hey, look.
Look, okay.
Let's... let's go back.
Let's go back inside.
Let's go back inside.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Stop, Lucas!
Get off him!
Stay where you are.
It's loaded now.
I'm warning you.
Stay back.
We've got your brother.
Get in!
Get in!
Let him loose!
You okay?
I'm fine.
Bolt gun.
Get in.
Is he okay?
What happened to Lucas?
I don't know.
I was too late.
I... I was in the woods and...
I don't know, I...
I tried.
You tried?
How exactly did you try?
Answer me!
Maybe you should have gone.
I... I was trying.
I'm sorry.
Good for you.
What are we going to do?
There's nothing we can do.
We haven't got a choice now.
Dan would never hurt you.
I'll get the other one inside.
You get the gun and run.
You've done it before,
you can do it again.
- But Adam, I... I don't...
- I love you.
Listen, Neil. It's Neil. Right?
I never knew your father.
But I only heard good things.
He was a good man.
Lucas behaved terribly.
I understand, it must be hard
seeing us live here.
Here's an idea.
I'll take you inside,
and we'll sign this place
over to you, no strings.
It can be yours.
Tonight. And we'll do that.
And you let us go.
- Back in the house.
- Yeah, just you and me, Neil.
- Let's go...
- All of us.
- Where?
- Upstairs.
- Where?
- On my desk.
- Come on, I'll show you.
- Not you. Her.
- No. No, no, really.
- I said her.
Come on, move.
Take them in there.
It's right there.