Barbe bleue (2000) Movie Script

I got to go for a little while.
Please be quiet.
Here is how the situation looks like.
The man living in this
castle is called Blue Beard.
This evening, Barbe blue organizes
a fancy dress ball.
And all people of the area come.
The rumour says Blue Beard's trying
to find a new wife.
So everyone wants to be there.
Madam, for example She brought her
two daughters, Anne and Ariane,
At the ball of Bluebeard
in the hope of marrying them:
Either Anne, or Ariane.
Because, the good lady is clever!
She knows what Blue Beard represents.
So here she is with her two
daughters in front of the castle
I do not want to support you
for the rest of my life.
I don't want people to think
I educated you badly!
Take this off!
I hope I can trust you, Anne.
Last time, you turned out drunk again.
Go in now!
Good evening.
Oh dear!
Let the party begin!
I'm so glad to have you here.
Let me offer you this nectar
coming from my own vineyards.
It procures a soft euphoria
to those who drink it.
Man finds in wine a second youth.
The wine is similar to woman,
it brings consolation to man.
It is as sensual as the
feeling it gives us.
In this state of mind, love
takes the most peculiar ways,
such as burning desire.
And its taste is as sweet
as a young girl's cheek.
Oooh, isn't'this touching?
After this Blue beard
shows her his treasures.
She finally forgets the color of his beard.
And, in the end, Ariane becomes
the Blue Beard's seventh wife.
I must go..
An urgent business.
Take care of the castle as
a good housewife would do.
All this is yours.
Have fun during my absence.
Do invite your family and your friends.
Here are the keys of all apartments.
This little key opens my secret room
at the end of the gallery, underground.
Go wherever you want, but
you cannot enter this room.
Otherwise, youll have
nothing to hope from me.
A good riddance! He's gone now.
She won't be alone for long.
Here are all her friends:
Her sister Anne, her brothers,
Gaspard and Melchior
and girlfriends, Sara and Clara.
And they go in every direction.
Let's take a glass of wine
or the whole bottle.
While Ariane guides her friends
throughout the castle,
she says: " come and see
here, follow me there, etc."
During this time, Gaspard
walks around on his own. discover the place.
The other brother is more
interested by the little Clara.
What do you want to see now? The bedrooms?
Wow, this dress is wonderful.
Sara, we have to go home, Gaspard
and Melchior takes us back.
Already, the fun has only just begun.
See you soon, Ariane.
Well, darling, see you...
wake up,
Look how dirty your dress is.
What will he say if he comes back?
She then rushes to her room to change.
Jesus, look at that!
There is even some in her hair.
God, There's nothing to do.
It's too tough to remove!
But... your hair!
Are the brothers back?
Here they are!
You went in my collection room.
You must die now.
Let me ask you one last favour.
I'd like to put my wedding
dress on and die in dignity.
All right
you have 7 minutes...
not more.
Anne... Anne...
Wake up, quickly, he's gonna kill me.
Where are my glasses?
Go upstairs and see whether
the brothers are back.
Anne, don't you see anything?
I can only see the snow...
And it's so cold here.
In fact, I don't see much.
Will you come down?
Nothing yet.
What are they doing?
It's the engine again!
Of course!
Come down now.
Here they are! Here, hurry up!
Come closer...
That's all, folks.
Morality: " All is well
that finishes well "...
Oh no, it's absurd! Let's say:'He
who laughs last is bitten'.
I don't know, stuff like that.
Charles Perrault said: " Curiosity
often costs many regrets".
But Charles doesn't understand anything
if she hadn't been curious,
she wouldn't have been wary.
And he tells those things to children!
This is nonsense!