Barber (2023) Movie Script

[headphones hissing]
[door rattling]
[footsteps approaching]
[tense music]
[door bangs shut]
[tense music]
[gentle music]
[hum of traffic]
[camera shutter clicking]
[radio] But then the weekend
and early next week
will be overall mild
and unsettled.
Saturday will be
quite a wet day
with rain spreading
from the west.
Sunday will have bright spells
and scattered showers.
You know you don't have to bring
that coffee in every day, Oxana.
And pay four euro for the coffee
that tastes of dirty water?
-Yeah, take them to the client.
See if he wants us to
continue the surveillance.
-If he does,
you follow her today.
[reflective music]
[Barber] Hey.
-[Monica] You're late.
-Yeah. Sorry, parking.
Kate's doing well,
considering the temporal damage
done to her brain
in the accident.
-Is it permanent?
-It's hard to say.
Outcomes from brain injuries are
notoriously difficult
to predict.
And, um, what about
the shake in her hand?
Likewise with the nerve damage,
we'll just have to wait and see.
It's the thing that
irritates her the most.
So, what happens now?
Well, the good news is
that after six months with us,
Kate is nearly
ready to be discharged.
Um, Kate's care plan.
It smelled in there.
-So, what do you think?
-I don't like him. I never have.
I'm not talking about him.
We have to figure out
what happens now.
Well, can't we just do what
we did when she was a kid?
Will she even be able to
get up to town to you
at the weekend on her own?
I'll come down for her.
Tadhg hasn't been to visit
her for nearly two weeks.
-No loss.
-He's still her boyfriend, Val.
I don't know what
she sees in him.
She sees the same thing every
teenage girl sees in a bad boy.
What's her future gonna be now?
She's resilient, Monica.
Things will be better
when she's out of this place.
Tell her I'll be in
this evening, will you?
See ya.
See ya.
[indistinct chatter]
Kate, where's your mask?
[poignant music]
Let's go outside. These
masks are doing my head in.
McDonogh's a patronizing dick,
isn't he?
He's very pleased
with your progress.
He said he'll be
discharging you soon.
Yeah, and this?
That will just take time.
How are you
getting on otherwise?
Well, I still
can't smell anything.
I'm sleeping 14 hours a day.
And my memory is crap
so, yeah, the same, Dad.
[she laughs softly]
How about you?
I've stopped smoking.
[Kate scoffs]
-Yeah, well, for good this time.
Where's Mom?
-She'll be coming in later.
Urgh! I hope she doesn't bring
Tom with her this time.
-Tom's not so bad.
-But that's easy for you to say.
You don't have
to live with him.
[she sighs heavily]
-How's the nightlife in here?
It's out of this world.
-Mrs. Dunne is here to see you.
You were to call her back.
[he coughs]
How are you doing?
Oh. Good day, Mr. Barber.
I'm Lily Dunne.
-My solicitor recommended you.
My granddaughter,
Sara Dunne, is missing.
This should really be
a case for the Guards.
-Have they been informed?
-Only after I insisted.
Her mother's been in St. Pat's
since before lockdown.
She's a drinker, I'm afraid.
Sara's father, my son, is dead.
Her stepfather thinks
she's just gone on a skite.
Well, to be honest, Mrs. Dunne,
like, most of my work, it's, uh,
the insurance,
fraud that kind of thing.
You said your solicitor
recommended me?
Please, Mr. Barber,
I know what you're thinking.
I'm just a fussy old woman
worrying about
a misbehaving young girl.
But where would she even go
at a time like this?
I know something is wrong.
Well, I suppose I am
a believer in intuition.
My rate, it's 50 euro an hour
plus expenses.
Maybe not these days but, uh,
as my late husband always
said, cash is king.
Thank you.
So, when was she last seen?
Sara Dunne, you said?
Sara. Uh, in her home
about four days ago.
And who was
the last person to see her?
That would be her stepfather.
Patrick Joseph O'Neill.
[reflective music]
[Luke] Hello, stranger.
[Barber] Where have you been?
Here and there.
Are you not gonna ask me up?
Yeah, come on.
[romantic music]
Come on in.
-Come on. Ow!
-[both laughing]
What's the rush?
The boss is looking
for reasons to fire people.
I don't want to give him one.
-See ya.
See ya whenever, yeah?
[reflective music]
[daunting music]
[barman] Who's gonna
give them a ticket, huh?
-[Mulligan] Not me, anyway.
-No, by Jesus, they won't.
-There's no police on this one.
-[Barber] How you doing?
-[barman] Ah.
-[Mulligan] Well.
-Can I get a coffee, please?
-[barman] Sure.
Days like this make
you long for the lockdown.
All the little crims
locked up with Mammy.
So, did you hear anything
on the, um, Dunne case?
-[barman] There you go.
-Thank you.
Bit of a step up
in the world for you from
catching wives doing the dirty.
Tony Quinn is on it.
You heard he made Inspector?
Well, being on the take's
still no impediment
to promotion then?
[clears his throat]
Anything else?
I asked one of the lads on it.
They're following procedure.
Searched the house,
asked around.
According to the stepfather,
she has form
at this sort
of disappearing act.
Wants it kept on the lowdown.
What about her phone?
-No sign of it.
-Bank accounts?
She took a chunk of change out
on the 28th but nothing since.
Look, going AWOL after two
months of lockdown ain't news.
She'll turn up, mark my words.
Jesus, Johnny, she's only 20.
Apart from the Granny,
no one seems too concerned
about her at all.
I'd sit tight if I was you.
[Barber chuckles]
Does Quinn know that
the Dunnes have hired me?
No, he doesn't.
But I did hear the Inspector's
brother is back on the beat
in Dublin after
a decade in the wilderness.
-Eddie Quinn is back?
Clean and sober by all accounts.
You know... [laughs]
Even after all this time,
I still can't believe
you never told me
what went down.
Nothing to tell. We fell out.
Come on, Val.
Christ, it was years ago.
You know, just...
fucking drop it.
[tense music]
[woman] O'Neill residence,
how can I help you?
How you doing? Gardai.
Left something behind
during the search last week.
[doorbell rings]
[woman] Come to
the side entrance, sir.
How you doing?
Just remind me where Sara's
room is again, will ya?
[tense music]
[object thuds]
OK, thanks. Let myself out?
No problem.
Yo, Mr. B.
-What's new in Gotham City?
Were it only as exciting
as you think it is.
Beats this. So, what skills
does a good detective need?
Don't know. Guesswork,
a good pair of shoes.
-Good shoes, huh?
-As soon as you can, yeah?
[reflective music]
Jane Devaney?
My name's Val Barber.
I was hired by
Sara Dunne's grandmother
to look into her disappearance.
Do you mind if
I ask you a few questions?
No, I've already given
a statement to the Guards.
The grandmother, she's very
worried about her, you know.
Maybe I could buy you
a cup of coffee or something?
Look, I can't stay long.
So when did you last see Sara?
Ages ago, like months.
And how long had you two
been friends?
Since school.
Can you think
of any reason at all
why she might have disappeared?
Did she have a boyfriend?
After she slept with my
boyfriend, everyone hated her.
Is that why
she dropped out of college?
Did she have her own boyfriend?
Ex now.
Cian Kelly.
What about your boyfriend?
-What about him?
-Where is he now?
Back living in Cork
since the lockdown.
A silver lining of sorts,
I suppose.
Do you know how she
got on with her parents?
[sighs] OK with her mom.
-And the stepfather?
-She hates his guts.
-Do you know why?
Mr. Bailey, we stopped talking,
OK? End of story.
It's Barber and if you, uh...
If you remember anything,
just give me a call, yeah?
Thanks for your time.
[knocking on door]
[Barber] Hi.
There was an incident
at the clinic last night.
What happened?
Well, she got upset, then angry.
She wouldn't take
her medication.
They had to sedate her.
I don't even know how she is.
She refused to see me.
Well, it's the injury, isn't it?
They said to expect this.
Kate's always had a temper, Val.
Poor Tom can testify to that.
She still not
getting on with Tom?
Well, he's not you, is he?
[he sighs]
She's always blamed me
for the break-up, Val.
-Why do you always do that?
-Do what?
Stand up when things
get personal.
It's almost like you're
getting ready to run.
I need to get ready
if I'm going over to see her.
Thanks for the coffee.
What happened?
He's met someone.
How do you know that?
I'm still logged on to his
Facebook. I saw the messages.
He told her he didn't
even have a girlfriend.
Hey, don't worry, OK?
[poignant music]
[sighs heavily]
Don't worry about that.
[motorbike revs]
-[Tadhg] Mr. Barber...
-Now you listen to me,
you little prick!
Because I'm only going
to say this once.
The accident was your fault.
Mr. Barber, it wasn't my fault.
All right, this other guy--
You were going too fast!
What... What do you want?
Posting pictures
of your new girlfriend
while my Kate is lying in...
I want you to show my daughter
some fucking respect!
Yeah? Am I making myself clear?
Am I making myself clear?
I'll be watching you.
Who is he?
Last person to see her.
You think he's involved?
He hasn't returned
any of my calls.
I'm keeping an eye on him.
Watching him.
You never told me why you left.
Police very corrupt.
Not just in Lithuania.
-You go on, I'll close up.
-You sure?
[siren wailing]
You, out.
Would you look at what
the cat dragged in.
Valentine Barber, no less.
We received a report of
suspicious activity in the area.
Would have thought house calls
were well below your rank,
I know it was you snooping
around O'Neill's house
so don't bother denying it.
As a former member, you
should know that impersonating
a member of the Garda Siochana
is a very serious offense.
if the said perpetrator
-was dismissed from the force.
-I resigned.
Like you had any choice.
I have been hired
by a member of the Dunne family
to help find Sara.
-Your license?
No, social distancing,
Stay out my way if you know
what's good for you.
[engine starts]
[laughter in the distance]
What are you doing here?
[Barber] Do you fancy
a game of pool?
You play pool, don't you?
-Yeah, now.
Why, have you got
anything else on?
I just wasn't expecting you.
Gimme a minute.
[reflective music]
[barman] Here they are.
[man] I need them over here,
Pete, if that's OK.
Yeah, thanks.
[Luke] Lovely.
-What are you even going for?
-[Barber] You'll see now.
Well, I'm glad I called round.
Yeah, sorry,
I'm just not very chatty.
Got a lot of shit going on.
Give you a call later maybe?
Yeah, do, yeah.
-Cool. See you soon.
-See ya.
-Yo, Mr. B.
That phone was wiped clean,
even from the clouds.
Whoever owned it
was pretty smart.
These two missed calls
came in after.
There was no message and there
was another no caller ID.
So I'll call you when I trace
the no caller ID, yeah?
-Yeah, cool.
[voicemail] Hey, it's Jane.
Leave a message.
Thanks a mil.
[keypad beeping]
[voicemail] This is Patrick
O'Neill. Leave a message.
[connected blip]
Good morning, Mrs. Dunne.
I can't her you. Can you
hear me? Press the, uh...
audio button, down the...
down the bottom...
On the bottom of the screen.
-Is that better?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh! Sara used to help me
with this stuff.
I, um... I spoke with
everyone on your list.
Not much there, I'm afraid.
I did hear that Sara had
gone missing before though.
-From O'Neill, I presume.
Indirectly. I mean, he hasn't
returned any of my calls, but...
That's typical of him.
Sara went through
a bad patch when she was 16.
What kind of a bad patch?
She did run away a few times.
Any idea why?
Sara had a bad time of it,
Mr. Barber.
Losing her father so young.
And her mother's
not a well woman.
What was her relationship with
O'Neill? What was that like?
Underneath that oily charm,
he's a bully.
I wanted Sara to come
and live with me,
but she refused
to leave her mother.
Is there any way we can
speak with her mother?
No, not even family
visits are allowed
in the current circumstances.
Sara got herself together
in the past few years though.
She's been doing well.
Would you have any idea why she
might have wiped her smartphone?
[scoffs] I'm not sure
I know what that means.
She stopped using it
and she deleted all
the information on it.
Well, I do remember her saying
that she wanted to take
a break from all that.
Young people these days,
it's a terrible pressure.
Always on. No privacy.
And how did you contact her?
Well, she called me.
I hate this thing.
I rarely use it.
Was there anything else?
No. No, that's all for now.
OK, I'll be in touch.
[reflective music]
[indistinct chatter]
Impressive animal.
You like the gee-gees?
Yeah, I've been known
to enjoy the odd flutter.
I like to make a punt myself.
But I like to see them
work out a little first.
Oh, it's a pleasure
to meet you, Miss...?
Lexie Finnegan.
-[they laugh]
-It's hard to remember.
Or easy to forget.
And what do you do?
I'm a singer.
Mr. O'Neill.
Valentine Barber,
private investigator.
-Mrs. Dunne hired me--
-I know who you are.
I was hoping I might be able
to have a word with you
about your missing
stepdaughter, Sara Dunne.
Contrary to what my nosy
mother-in-law might think,
an adult who doesn't want
to make contact with you
is not "missing".
This is classic Sara.
Now, I trust
Inspector Quinn here
doesn't need
a second-rate gumshoe
to get to the bottom of this.
I wouldn't have pegged you for
an art lover, Inspector Quinn.
Always the smart alec.
-I see you're still at it.
Lover boy...
is a married man with a kid.
Odds on the poor wife
hasn't a clue?
[reflective music]
[siren wailing in the distance]
Tadhg came to see me.
He apologized.
I don't know
how he knew I knew.
Well, I ended it.
Can't trust him.
Good call.
[Kate chuckles]
You look good, Kate.
It's a long time
to be missing, right?
What's her friends say?
She doesn't seem to have
had a lot of friends.
-Fell out with her best one.
Slept with her boyfriend,
Jesus, that's fucked up!
And a hun like her.
She'd have been trolled
about that, for sure.
-Yeah, hot, rich girl.
Best friend? That's pretty bad.
What was name of the friend?
Jane Devaney.
Do you want me to stalk her?
Yeah, Sara got dropped
big time for this.
No pictures of her for months.
Who's the ex?
Cian Kelly.
Mm, I found something.
I'll send you the link.
[Cian] I hate the winter.
Getting dark early.
The weather sucking up
all the rain
and lashing it
back down on you.
That's what
this town's all about.
Dubh Linn, Black Pool.
It's a city that's hard
to love and easy to hate.
He's a spoken word poet.
-What's that?
-It's like poetry.
Only not as good.
He's in a street slam tonight.
-Send you the link, yeah?
-Nice work.
-[phone ringing]
-[Tecky] Yo, Mr. B.
Oh, yeah.
-Good news.
The no caller ID
belongs to a Brendan West.
I'm sending you
the details now.
OK, thanks. Um...
Yeah, just see if
you can find, uh...
Find out what you can
about a Brendan West.
-His number showed up
on Sara's phone.
Yeah, just how many calls,
what the times of the calls
are kind of thing.
Cian Kelly?
Val Barber.
Making some inquiries into
Sara Dunne's disappearance.
When did you last see Sara?
Months ago. Look,
I already spoke to the Guards.
Background information,
you know, on Sara's life.
Talking to friends, family,
trying to fill in the gaps.
It's just a few questions.
You haven't given me
much choice, have you?
Well, how long
were yous together?
-A year.
-And what happened?
[scoffs] Jane already
told you what happened.
Well, I'm interested in
your version, not Jane's.
It's the same shitty story.
Sara fucked us both over.
And would you say
that was out of character?
Well, it was, until it wasn't,
if you get my meaning.
Basic slut,
to be honest with you.
-Did you ever meet her parents?
-Yeah, a few times.
-And what?
-You don't seem too concerned.
Yeah, well, I've moved on.
Well, still a 20-year-old girl
is missing.
Anyway, uh, do you ever think
maybe she cheated on you because
you're a self-righteous,
self-absorbed prick?
-[man] What would you like?
-What are you having?
I'm having a gin martini.
[Jane laughs]
-Excuse me?
-Who is this? Who are you?
I'm sorry, who are you?
Uh, I'm her father.
[Jane scoffs]
He's not!
Don't lie in front of your
Daddy. And you, beat it!
Go on! You're old enough
to be her grandfather.
Shouldn't an old codger
like you be at home cocooning?
OK, Jane,
this is how it's going to be.
You answer my questions
or "Daddy" is going
to keep turning up.
Now, you said you lost
all contact with Sara
but I've seen her phone records.
You called her.
I'm in no hurry.
She kept calling to apologize.
It was lockdown,
there was nothing to do,
so, yeah, I called her back.
She never even
returned the call.
End of story.
Like I said, um,
I'm not in a hurry.
Remember when
all that MeToo started?
Sara told me about stuff that
happened to her when she was 15.
What kind of stuff?
Shit stuff.
Some business guy
wanked in front of her.
Weird shit.
Did she know this man?
I think so. It happened at
a party in her parents' house.
-So her stepfather knew him?
-She wouldn't say.
She said she was going
to do something about it.
-Like what?
-Go public.
Like loads of women
are doing.
I think we're done here.
-Thanks for telling me.
Did, uh, did Sara ever do this?
Do what?
Did she have a sugar daddy?
No. No, definitely not.
Sex work can be dangerous,
you know.
Especially now.
That's not how I see it.
Plenty of college girls do it.
-If you think
of anything else...
-I know. Call you.
Bye, Mr. Barber.
So, um...
heard something
on the grapevine.
Mind you, it's only hearsay,
station gossip.
Yeah, well,
I value station gossip.
One of the plodders said there's
been a couple of domestics
at O'Neill's.
I met Quinn with O'Neill.
Pair of them seemed very cozy.
Inspector Quinn has always
had friends in high places.
Friends in low places,
more like.
You know how me Da
loved the poet Larkin?
Larkin said if you live
until you're 70,
every decade
is like a day of the week.
If it starts on a Monday
that puts me...
-At Friday.
-Friday, yeah.
That thought'd put years on you.
[Mulligan sighs]
I miss him
something terrible, Val.
I know you do, Johnny.
Do you want another one?
Can't, I'm driving.
The fucking Guards
are everywhere.
[Barber laughs]
This world feels cold
Feels so alone
Don't ever leave
Ah! Oh!
You're wonderful
-How did you find me?
-I'm a detective, remember?
Do you mind if
I ask you a few questions?
And here was I thinking it
was just me you wanted to see.
Business first.
Did you, um, did you
know Sara Dunne well?
Mistresses and daughters
generally don't mix.
[sighs] To be honest, I wasn't
that interested in her.
Did you ever come across
a fella called Brendan West?
Met him a few times socially.
A bit of a creeping Jesus.
Does he work for O'Neill?
OK, business over.
What got you into this game?
A daughter, 19.
You married?
You're a lot better at asking
questions than answering them.
Well, that's my job.
How long have you
been with O'Neill?
A while.
He ever given you any trouble?
What kind of trouble?
The kind of trouble
that men usually give women.
I can take care of myself,
Mr. Barber.
[high heels clicking]
[suspenseful music]
[Barber] Uh,
it's just acting up.
Occasional flashes.
Battery suddenly dying.
I think it's been hacked.
Yeah, you're right.
-Who uses that?
You don't often see it.
It's, uh, sophisticated.
Yeah, maybe. I can
encrypt it for you though.
Don't, just leave it. I don't
want them to know I know.
I can give you a burner.
Yeah, give me two.
-Careful out there.
Are you not a bit young
for Hill Street Blues?
I love those old shows.
[coughs] So I...
I met with Jane Devaney again
and, uh, she...
Well, she had some stuff.
It's not exactly pleasant,
so I'm sorry if...
No, please.
But she told me that
Sara told her that
a man had masturbated
in front of her at a party
in her house when she was 15.
Poor child.
One of O'Neill's soirees,
no doubt.
Did Jane know who the man was?
Men like that often
have more than one victim.
-Isn't that right, Mr. Barber?
You think this man might be
linked to Sara's disappearance?
It's a definite line of inquiry.
And O'Neill?
I don't know
but I'm watching him.
O'Neill's boss at the time
was an unpleasant man.
I met him socially once.
O'Neill was in thrall to him.
His name escapes me but, um,
I believe he later
went into politics.
OK. Well, don't worry,
I'll look into that.
I want you to know
that I appreciate all
you've been doing, Mr. Barber.
Only thing that woman loves
is shopping.
That one's clear as well.
Have you heard any
clicks on your mobile?
Do you think we are bugged?
Well, my phone was tapped.
So just use this
from now on. Here.
I must be starting
to rattle some cages.
And, um...
I need you to follow
this man, Brendan West.
Do you think he's connected?
See if he meets up with O'Neill.
[reflective music]
[Monica] It's tough as it is
and then you have to
tell me something like that.
-Look who it is.
-Yeah, I'm not blind, Mom.
-Everything OK?
Never better.
Mom's pregnant.
What is the need
for secrets in this family?
There's no way I want to
live with you and Tom now.
I want to live
with Dad full-time.
If she's coming to live with
you, you need to tell her, Val.
Oh, not this again,
please, Monica.
So now you're gonna lie
to Kate the way you lied to me?
What ended our marriage
wasn't just your relationship
with Eddie Quinn.
It was the lie.
You never told me
who you really were.
I didn't know who I really was.
You know I'm sorry for that.
I didn't deliberately
lie to you, I just didn't
know how to tell you.
Omission is lying.
There's a big difference
between privacy and denial, Val.
Are you pregnant?
You OK?
People don't like
when you say real things.
How do you mean?
Well, you for a start.
Why do you hide it
from me, Dad?
I was 14 when I overheard
Mom and Tom arguing about you.
Listen, the, um...
the Ireland I grew up in
was a much different place
than it is now.
Did Mom know
before you got married?
Jesus Christ.
I thought I could change myself
or something but...
of course I couldn't.
And I suppose
I didn't really want to.
Yeah, well, When I was little,
I could never understand
why you and Mom broke up.
I used to think it was my fault.
I'm sorry you had
to find out that way.
[Barber] Anything on West?
He goes to work. Walk his dog.
Go home. Very boring man.
Well, stay on him.
This man here
is a Government Minister.
-Eunan Brady.
You stick on West,
see if he meets with him,
or this man, O'Neill.
-A big man.
Big men.
[Mulligan] The only people are
gonna survive are the big boyos.
-And what about yourself?
Be taking me
out of here in a box.
Did you, uh, did you hear
any rumors about Eunan Brady?
What, the Minister?
What kind, like?
What other kind
are there these days?
Not a peep.
I've a bit of news
that might interest you.
Eddie Quinn told the lads in
his new station that he's gay.
Word went around like wildfire.
Now everyone knows about it.
The Inspector's raging about it,
the boys were telling me.
Going around the place
like a bull in a china shop.
Eddie is real open
about it apparently.
A hard drinking fella
like Eddie Quinn. [chuckles]
You never fucking know, do you?
Aye, I know, I mean...
What should it matter, like?
I'm not saying it matters.
You know, I've never cared,
Val, right?
[phone ringing]
Oh, Jesus, I have to go.
It's a date night.
Did you ever hear
the like of it?
Mr. O'Neill.
As you won't answer my calls
and you were the last person
to see Sara,
I was wondering
if I could just ask you
a couple more questions about
her, a few simple questions.
Can I ask you
about your relationship
with Minister Eunan Brady?
Did that hurt or something?
Charlie Haughey once said he
could instance all the fuckers
whose throats he'd cut
and pushed them over
the nearest cliffs,
but there was
no percentage in it.
Now, I'm beginning to feel
exactly the same way
about you, Barber.
Am I making myself clear? Am I?
Gaaah! Fuck!
[wheezing and coughing]
[tense music]
[gentle music]
Well, you know.
Mom's coming for dinner.
Without Tom.
-Can I help?
-No, you're OK.
Jesus, Dad, I can chop peppers.
-Thank you.
[knife scraping]
[bowl crashing]
[she sighs]
Um, don't worry about that.
Here, uh...
I hate what's happened to me.
You just need to keep trying.
You're making real progress.
-[she sighs]
-You really are.
[she sighs]
How are you feeling?
Bit of morning sickness.
Do you remember how
sick you were with Kate?
-I'll never forget it.
-OK, OK.
I get what you two are doing.
Look, Mom...
I know how much you
always wanted another kid.
It's just...
[soft whimper]
I understand, love.
[Monica sighs]
OK, but...
I'm gonna go to bed.
I'm tired. Goodnight, you two.
Goodnight, love.
I am happy for you, Monica.
Yeah, I know you are.
It just couldn't be
coming at a worse time.
She's gonna be fine here.
Sure, she adores you.
You can do no wrong in her eyes.
[Barber laughing]
I don't know about that!
-Did you tell her?
-More like she told me.
She overheard you and Tom
arguing. She's known for years.
What did she say?
-She didn't hold back.
-Good for her.
I didn't raise her
to hold her tongue.
I know I ended up causing
you both a lot of pain.
You also brought us a lot of
joy and a lot of love, Val.
We'll get through this.
We always have.
-Eddie Quinn is here to see you.
Long time, no see.
Long time.
You look good, Val.
Looking good yourself.
Yeah, sit down.
So how's the private game going?
I always meant to get in touch.
After we...
you know,
I just went
a bit mad on the drink.
-Had a couple of bad years.
Tony backed me into a corner.
My only way out
was to give you up.
I'd no choice.
What we had between us
was real, Val.
There's nothing
to be ashamed about.
That's not how shame works.
You know, you really
don't have to come here
to make amends to me.
I do.
For me.
And I feel I owe you.
You probably heard
I was in rehab.
Well, I realized that
the biggest of all my demons
was not the drink.
It was living a lie.
Now, surely, you of all people,
haven't come here
to give me a lesson
on the dangers of erasure.
It's about being truthful.
And what about
big brother Tony?
Has he accepted "the truth"?
Uh... Good to see
the old Val hasn't changed.
You still seeing
any of the lads?
I see Johnny Mulligan
quite a bit actually.
-Yeah? How is he?
-Same as ever.
Yeah, his dad died there
a while back.
-He took it pretty hard.
I've really missed Dublin.
How's the country?
Slim pickings.
You seeing anyone?
Um... Are you?
Nothing serious.
Playing the field.
Ah, sure, this new woke Ireland
is certainly working for me.
[gentle music]
How you doing?
Val Barber.
Long time, no see, boss.
Rumor has it you're
a private dick now.
I wanted to talk to you
about Eunan Brady.
I think he...
I think he's connected to
a missing girl case that I'm on.
That dirt bird.
About three years back,
a woman came into the station.
Said that Brady had assaulted
her, jerked off on her.
I was about to approach Brady,
when all of a sudden, the woman
withdraws the statement.
Someone had got to her.
I approached Quinn.
What had Quinn
got to do with it?
Quinn was my senior.
I reported back to him.
Do you still have her details?
Thanks, I appreciate it.
I'll keep it on the q.t.
There's no need to.
I'm finished.
They're going to
stick me on traffic.
You know, Val,
they'd never get away today
with the way
they treated you back then.
You think so?
Miss Farrell,
my name is Val Barber.
I'm a private investigator.
I, um...
I wanted to ask you a few
questions about Eunan Brady.
No. No, sorry.
The same thing
happened to this girl,
except she's missing now.
Her grandmother
is desperate to find her.
Miss Farrell.
Um... Here's my card.
My number's on there.
Just call me if you
think of anything.
[siren wailing]
[police car brakes]
[car door bangs]
Out you get.
Why am I being
stopped and searched?
A tip off.
This is bullshit
and you know it is.
Not exactly the best use
of police resources, is it,
when you're supposed to be
looking for a missing girl?
How much is O'Neill paying you?
What's he paying you for?
You just say away from Eddie.
It's your fault
he shames the whole family,
mincing around with a different
twink on his arm every week.
Do you think Eddie
wasn't gay before he met me?
Your kind make me sick.
You don't know whether you want
to fuck a man or a woman.
And what about you?
What are you into yourself?
Back the fuck off!
Times have changed, Inspector.
Even queers have rights now.
This is police harassment.
[engine starts and revs]
-OK, so John and Tina.
So, John...
-Hey, Amy.
-Hi, Mr. Barber.
-How are things?
I'm working for
the tech overlords.
Used to be great,
all the free food and stuff.
But now we're just stuck
at home, it's a bit crap.
You look great.
Oh, thanks. [laughs]
That's Amy's work.
Do yous want pizzas?
Yes. Pepperoni, please.
I thought you were vegetarian.
-I am.
-Oh, yeah?
-A pepperoni-eating vegetarian.
-[they laugh]
-Nice. So, pepperoni and...?
-[Kate] The same.
-[girls laughing]
[reflective music]
Mr. Barber, Eliza Farrell here.
I'd like to talk about
Minister Eunan Brady.
[Barber] Thanks for
agreeing to talk to me.
I know this is hard.
When did you first come
into contact with Mr. Brady?
My dad was site foreman
in his building company.
He got me a summer job
interning in his office.
I was 17.
Go on.
Mr. Brady masturbated in
front of me in the print room.
I was terrified.
I couldn't tell my parents.
I went to the police.
He tried it again and I told him
I'd gone to the police,
and he freaked out.
A man came to see me.
He said that there
would be all this publicity.
That my dad would lose his job.
I withdrew my statement.
Is this the man
who approached you?
That's him, yeah.
Brendan West.
Can I ask you what made you
change your mind about
talking to me?
[she sighs]
I thought about
the missing girl.
[Barber] Are you OK?
[Kate crying]
Me and Amy went to town.
It was just too much.
The noise and the people.
She had to bring me home.
Now she thinks that I'm a freak.
No, she doesn't.
Because you're not.
It's... It's so hard.
It'll be better next time.
How do you know?
Because I know you.
You know, I was thinking what
you were saying about secrets.
And, uh...
In the past when people
found out about me...
it never worked out well.
So I didn't say anything...
because I didn't want
to lose you either.
And I'm sorry about that.
Can I ask you something?
You can ask me anything.
Did you ever, like, come out?
[laughs softly]
I've always hated that phrase.
It doesn't matter
about the phrase.
[she sighs]
No, you're right.
I should have been honest
with your mother, with you.
It's OK, Dad.
You're coming out now.
Brendan West. Val Barber.
Private investigator.
I'm working on
a missing person's case.
I'd like to ask you
a few questions.
Only Gardai can question
a member of the public.
Was it your job
to go after Sara Dunne
-the same way you went
after Eliza Farrell?
-No comment.
You'll have to do a better job
than that when the police
are interviewing you.
Your number was tracked
to Sara Dunne's phone.
What were you doing calling
a 20-year-old missing girl,
Mr. West?
-I said no comment.
-As Brady's bag man,
you do realize if anything
happens to that girl
you're connected?
Look, Val,
that's it with the favors
on this one, okay?
Information is leaking
out of the investigation
like an old sieve.
I don't want any trouble.
-Thanks, Johnny.
-No worries.
Just be careful, OK?
Quinn... [laughs]
He's definitely on the warpath.
[reflective music]
[Lexie] Hey.
[Barber] Hi.
Come in.
[Lexie laughs]
Moving in?
Some unexpected visitors
or half expected.
I owe you an apology.
Oh, yeah? What for?
For trying to warn me about him.
-Did he try to hurt you?
But he could have.
He'd always been so charming.
They always are until...
they're challenged or they think
they're gonna lose control.
he's definitely lost me now.
Um... How about
I buy you dinner sometime?
Yeah, that'd be nice.
[laughs softly]
[engine starts]
[tense music]
[camera shutter clicking]
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
-[phone ringing]
[Oxana] Listen, Brady
in Blooms Hotel tonight
-for raise of funds.
-Fundraiser, yeah.
OK. You want I cover?
No, no, I'll handle it.
OK, thanks.
I have a message for him
from the Commissioner.
It's only a matter of time...
before you're exposed.
If you'll forgive the pun,
Barber, isn't it?
You've some neck
for a shirt lifter.
Yeah, well, unlike
your sexual proclivities,
it isn't illegal, Minister.
I know O'Neill tipped you off
about Sara Dunne's
intention to go public.
I know you had Brendan West
pay off Eliza Farrell.
Was it that Sara Dunne
wasn't as compliant?
So you got rid of her?
You're making wild,
unsubstantiated allegations
against a serving Minister.
I could have you arrested.
There's a Garda
just outside the door.
Who do you think let me in?
Now you can ask me
everything you like
about that 24-carat prick.
I'm off duty tonight.
That sounds like something
a Guard would say.
I was a Guard, one time.
[sighs] You're not
an easy man to read.
I think I'm going
to get to like you.
[reflective music]
[Lexie] Looks so quiet.
[Barber] Looks can be deceptive.
I knew he was wrong.
O'Neill said you were,
you know...
I'm bisexual.
Sure, isn't everyone these days?
Never able to play by the rules,
were you, Barber?
Always have to do things
your own way.
Threatening a serving Minister?
You're in a world of pain now.
Now, I told you to keep your
nose out of police business.
And since when has covering for
perverts been police business?
I recorded everything on there.
The threats, the harassment,
phone tapping.
When this all comes out
your career is finished.
Times up, Inspector Quinn.
[Barber breathing heavily]
You're looking a bit
the worse for wear.
-This proves nothing.
-It proves you know West.
And as we both know,
West works for Brady.
Do you genuinely think
that a sap like West
is gonna keep your and
Brady's dirty little secrets
when he's put
under a bit of pressure?
And as for your boy Quinn,
on top of the harassment
and illegal phone tapping
complaints I'm making,
I'm adding assault.
I've taped everything, so...
who knows what else
will come out in the wash?
You still don't know who
you're dealing with, do you?
I'll make it worth your while.
She was a child.
You knew what Brady was like.
You still told him about
our plans to go public.
We all have our secrets,
You don't frighten me, O'Neill.
I've had to deal with
bullies my whole life.
These aren't secrets.
They're crimes.
Just like domestic
violence is a crime.
Where is she?
Where the fuck is she?
I don't know
where the fuck she is.
It's your fault those
fucks went after her.
It's on you.
[Kate] Quick, quick,
turn on the telly!
I've decided to waive
my anonymity and to speak out.
Minister Eunan Brady
performed a sex act
in front of me
when I was 15 years old.
I made a statement to
the Guards earlier today.
And I have decided
to speak up.
Because silence is what
allows men like Brady,
and those who cover up
his actions,
control women long after
the crime has been committed.
I couldn't have done
all of this
without the support
of my grandmother.
[woman on radio] Two more woman
have come forward
with historical
sexual abuse allegations
against Minister Eunan Brady.
The Garda Commissioner
is investigating the role
of a senior officer
linked to the scandal.
A spokeswoman
for the department...
Sara Dunne's gone viral.
What do you think happened?
Maybe I should hire
a private investigator.
-[he laughs]
Listen, I better
go to the office.
-Mmm. You be OK?
-Yeah, I'm grand.
Honestly, I have to start
getting on with my life
at some stage.
Actually, the therapist
suggested a support group.
So I think I might try that.
At least they'll know what
the fuck I'm talking about.
That does sound good.
-See you later.
-OK, see ya.
This is my granddaughter, Sara.
I saw you on the news.
So I was the patsy.
She was with you the whole
time I was looking for her?
I wouldn't call it that.
A belief that
you're hard to fool
is the one quality shared
by all suckers, Mrs. Dunne.
Why me?
I needed a detective
with good police contacts.
You could have told me.
These are powerful men.
I thought it was safer
to trust no one.
[Sara] I was scared.
There were people
following me and...
I was getting
these weird calls, so...
I went to Granny
and I told her everything.
And she believed me.
Without you, we wouldn't
have found Eliza Farrell.
So it was you following me?
There was no other way,
I'm afraid.
I knew there
must be more victims.
We just had no way of
finding that out ourselves.
[message alert]
Brady just resigned.
[reflective music]
[phone ringing]
Hi. Val Barber.
Yeah, my rate's 50 an hour
plus expenses.
No, no, I'll come to you.
Yeah, text me your details.
[grungy guitar music]
[reflective music]