Barbie & Her Sisters in a Puppy Chase (2016) Movie Script

Are you excited, Rookie?
We're almost there.
One, two, three.
Up, pivot, down.
Up, step, turn.
Oh, cool.
I can see the airport.
Can you see the theatre
for my dance competition?
Any dancers rehearsing on the stage?
Chelsea, everything looks like ants
from up here.
They have dancing ants?
Look, Skipper. There's the beach.
Aren't you excited? I can't wait to...
Can you dial down the enthusia-palooza
until we land, Barbie?
DJ and I are a little woozy.
Attention, passengers.
Please fasten your seatbelts
in preparation for landing.
Hey, who turned out the lights?
Try turning around, Honey.
That's better.
Thanks, Rookie.
- Ladies and gentlemen.
- And puppies.
Please enjoy your stay on the island.
I can't wait to show you guys
your surprise.
That's my second-favourite word.
After cupcakes.
Unless it's surprise cupcakes.
Is it surprise cupcakes?
Smell that island air.
Fresh ocean breeze
with a splash of coconut.
Thank you.
Welcome to the island.
Aw. You don't know how glad I am
to be off that bumpy plane.
Oh, pretty.
Pink is my favourite.
Is this waterproof?
Because I'm all about the water sports.
I can't wait to check out
the killer waves.
Killer waves?
That sounds scary.
Now, we can't forget
our furry friends, can we?
My flower looks like a firework.
Aw. That's so pretty, Rookie.
Yeah, pretty awesome.
- Heh, heh.
- Yours too, Honey.
Oh, Taffy, the pink matches your collar.
What's wrong?
Don't you like your flower, DJ?
I think I'm...
Ah, ah...
Aw. Look how cute the pups are.
Adorable as always.
Now, let's go see the surprise.
Like, when?
Like, right now.
Who's ready for a quick road trip?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, a road trip?
But the hotel website strongly
suggested signing up for lessons
in advance if you wanna do
any of the island sports.
And I want to do them all.
I'm gonna go snorkeling... No, surfing...
Ooh, how about snorfling?
I just invented a new sport.
And I have to get to the hotel
to start practicing.
We're here for my dance competition,
And I have to stop moving
and update my blog.
Guys, we have plenty of time.
You're gonna love this. I promise.
Up, step, turn. Six, seven, eight.
Hi, Chelsea.
See you tomorrow at the competition.
Yeah. See you, Lindsay.
Two, three, four. Up, pivot, down.
See? I need as much rehearsal time
as I can get.
Look how good Lindsay is.
I bet she even dances in her sleep.
She's a sleep-dancer.
A slancer.
I made up another new word.
Come on. Let's go get our bags.
I'll just practise as I go.
I guess.
Five, six, seven...
Or was it two, three, four?
Chelsea, stop worrying. You'll be fine.
- Let me give you a hand, Chels.
- No, no.
- I got it.
- Okay.
Hurry up.
Lindsay's getting on the hotel van.
I bet she's in there practising right now.
Relax, Chels. You'll have plenty of time
to rehearse when we get back.
But... But what if we're late?
It's a small island, how long could it
possibly take to get back?
Now, who's up
for a little sister adventure?
- Okay.
- All right.
Guys, don't you wanna see the surprise?
Heh. That's the spirit.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Ma'am?
Please. Everyone calls me Auntie Hannah.
What can I do for you?
Well, Auntie Hannah,
we'd like to rent a car.
- Reservation?
- Uh, we don't have one.
Oh, dear. Well, most of our cars
are already reserved.
But like we say on the island, no worries.
I have just the thing for you.
A golf cart?
You think there's enough room
for all of us?
Not for us and our stuff.
Like Auntie Hannah said, no worries.
We just won't take our bags with us.
But, Barbie, I need my bag.
It's got my costume,
and my backup costume,
and my backup backup costume,
and my stuffed bunny,
and my backup stuffed bunny,
and my toothbrush.
No back-up toothbrush?
We'll just send them ahead in the van.
We don't need them for the day.
Hey, how old do you have to be
to drive a golf cart on the island?
Nice try. You're not getting a crack
at this thing before I do.
Eh. Worth a shot.
Barbie, are you sure
that thing can even make it?
Oh, look,
it's even got a cute little horn.
Hang on. Let's see what this baby can do.
Great, I get to go backwards.
- We get to go backwards.
- Yay.
Look a giant sandbox.
With an even giant-er pool.
So where are we headed?
We're looking for the Banyan Tree Park.
I read about a hiking path that goes
right through the banyan tree.
Why would anyone
wanna hike through a tree?
- Why would anyone not?
- Mmm!
Okay, I'll just plug the coordinates
into my phone.
- No reception.
- What?
- No way.
- Seriously?
Nope, nothing.
How are we gonna get there without GPS?
We could go old school and use a map.
Auntie Hannah
must have left it there for us.
I... I think I'm still a little woozy
from the flight.
Here, let me see it.
Road too windy.
Should have let me drive.
Not helping.
Auntie Hannah wouldn't have left us
another map, would she?
- Why?
- What did you...?
This is why you should keep your map
on your phone.
Phones don't blow away.
Maybe we should just turn around
and head back to the hotel.
Relax. It's a small island.
It can't be that hard to find.
Banyan Tree Park.
The arch is even more amazing in person.
Forget the tree.
Are those dancing horses?
- Cool.
- What a great surprise, Barbie.
I knew you guys would like it.
- I mean, dancing horses, right?
- Wow.
Check out those moves.
I bet Lindsay can't do that.
It is pretty impressive.
Whoa, can all horses dance like that?
I don't know. They're the only horses
that I've ever seen.
You guys have been cooped up all day.
Why don't you go play
while we watch the show?
Sure feels good to stretch our legs.
Come on, Taffy,
let's play follow the leader.
That would be me.
I'm a natural born leader.
Come on, follow me.
Smooth move, Rookie.
Huh? Whose music is that?
My own. I move to the beat of my own drum.
Oh, yeah. Uh-huh. Mm-hm.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Chelsea, you're missing everything.
I'm working on my routine.
You don't have to practise every minute.
Try and relax.
I'll try.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Here's my sweet girl, Beauty,
in her debut performance.
Her mother, Silver,
was our first champion.
Aren't they amazing?
Beauty is about to attempt the capriole.
The most beautiful leap
of the dancing horses.
Aw. She's nervous.
You can do it, Beauty.
- Yay!
- I did it.
Let's hear it for Beauty.
Did you see me, Mom? Did you see me?
You did a great job, Beauty.
Not bad for your first time.
Now, let me show you how it's really done.
And keeping it in the family,
here is Beauty's teenage sister, Spirit,
with her rider, my brother, Marco.
The piaffe.
The canter pirouette.
Wow, that's really hard to do.
The two tempi.
Wow. That looks even harder.
And the high-difficulty one tempi.
The courbette.
Whoa. Those horses really know
how to dance.
Hey, look at me, I'm a dancing horse.
Whoa, whoa.
What do you call that move, falling pup?
I think I've got it.
- Huh?
- Huh?
Where'd it go?
There it is.
- Last one there's rotten kibble.
- Hey.
Wait up, you flutter-by.
Ah-ha! There you are.
What is this place?
Puppy playground.
I wonder what this is.
Ooh, spinny.
Make that cool and delicious.
I'll stick with this.
Shiny buttons.
What does this do?
Darlings, darlings, please.
All that racket is making my fur ache.
- Huh?
- Huh?
What is this place?
Do you live here?
- What's your name?
- Ha.
I am Archibald the Third.
And this is my abode.
Nice to meet you, Archie.
Oh. Not Archie, my little dumpling.
It's Archibald the Third.
I come from a champion line of Archibalds.
I myself was Best in Show
four times running.
What show?
So precious.
Sure is big for just one dog.
You live here all by yourself?
Alas, I do now.
My little mates, Archibald the Fourth,
Archibald the Fifth and Archibald the Sixth
have all moved on
to the dog pageant circuit.
That's a lot of Archibalds.
Just a little to the left.
That was amazing, really.
Like, once-in-a-lifetime amazing.
I can totally see why you and your brother
have won so many ribbons.
Thank you.
It's a lot of hard work, but it's worth it.
- Do you train on the island year round?
- Yes.
We train horses and dogs.
We used to train cats too,
but they had a mind of their own.
Excuse me.
You've won a lot of ribbons, huh?
Do you have any tips
for winning a dance competition?
Well, Spirit does most of the dancing,
but I'd say,
you've gotta feel the beat,
and try to forget about the audience.
Just have fun.
I'm all about fun.
Do you have any tips
for the most fun beach?
That would be White Sands Campground.
It's got everything.
Surfing, snorkeling...
- Snorfling?
- Uh, pardon me?
Yeah, I don't think
that one's gonna catch on, Stacie.
We'll see.
We're staying there the next
few nights before heading home.
- Maybe we'll see you there.
- Cool. See you.
Well, we better get going, Marco.
Thanks for coming out, guys.
Nice meeting you.
You too.
Okay, back to the hotel.
I've got 26 hours left
until the competition.
And if we get back by dinner,
there's still time for me
to rehearse on stage tonight.
Where are the puppies?
I wish my tail was naturally poof-y.
My stylist, Ricardo, he is a...
Hey, Archibald. Who are you talking to?
It seems as though
I have acquired a pack of pupkins.
Hey, look, it's Beauty.
Wow, you really know how to dance.
Why, thank you.
Archie, do you dance?
Oh, my, me, dance? No, no.
I leave that to the magnificent equines.
What's an equine?
What's magnificent?
Hey, Beauty,
what's all the commotion over here?
Want to meet my new friends?
- Nice to meet you.
- You were great.
I know. I always am.
Can you teach us your moves?
Aw. Aren't you adorable?
How did you get in there?
- Can they stay and play?
- Hmm.
The festival's over.
Your girls must be looking for you.
Oh, yeah, the girls.
We should get going.
Is it me, or are we moving?
Hey, somebody stop this thing.
There they are.
Hey, wait up! Stop!
Those are our puppies!
Stacie, come on, we can catch up to them.
Seatbelts, everybody. It's time to see
what this thing can really do.
They're getting away.
No, no, no.
I know. Shortcut.
I don't like the sound of that.
- We're not gonna make it.
- Sure we will.
I think.
Great, we're stuck.
No worries, I'll just back it out.
Hurry. The trailer's almost gone.
You just made it worse.
Hey, wait up!
They're gone.
- We can't leave without the girls.
- What can we do?
We're moving too fast to jump out.
I'm sure they'll come after us, right?
Now, just you hush, my little puppies.
I bet your girls
are on their way right now.
I sure hope so.
Oh. Still no reception.
Looks like we're on our own.
What are we gonna do about the puppies?
Stacie, do you remember
the name of the beach
the trainers are going to?
White Sands Campground.
That's where the puppies are headed.
Right. We can hike out to the main road
tomorrow and find help.
But I need to get to the hotel
to practise my routine.
Sorry, Chels. We should stay put for now.
It's getting dark.
Barbie's right.
We're all too tired anyway.
Speak for yourself.
We're really gonna sleep here
and not move?
You know, it's not every day
you can camp under the island stars.
I guess.
It's dark out.
Barbie's not here.
How's she gonna sleep without me?
Now, no frowns, dear pups.
You'll wrinkle your fur.
Your girls will most certainly
come find you tomorrow.
How long until tomorrow?
Is it far away?
When you wake up, it'll be tomorrow.
Until then, you can stay here.
My trailer is your trailer.
We've never had a sleepover before.
Okay, but just until the girls
come get us.
Then it's settled.
How about we break out the doggy treats.
Auntie Hannah left some water
and blankets underneath the seats.
She really plans ahead, that one.
Like, even more than I do.
And that's saying something.
Heh. I know, right?
I'm hungry.
What's for dinner?
I still have my sandwich.
I was too queasy to eat it on the plane.
I have a half-bag of pretzels.
Piece of gum, anyone?
Oh, wait, it's already been chewed.
Energy bars.
What? A girl needs energy for sports.
What's so funny?
You won't believe it,
but this one's s'more-flavoured.
It's nothing to blog about,
but it's better than foraging for food.
Oh, I don't know.
I bet we could come up
with a blog-worthy shrub and bark salad.
Maybe some ant croutons?
Ugh! No, thanks.
I bet right now, Lindsay is in her cuddly,
warm bed practising.
You mean, she's slancing. Anyone?
Yeah, I don't think
that one's gonna catch on either, Stace.
Oh, come on.
Hey, you guys remember the game
we used to play when we were younger?
How is hopscotch going to help us?
No, the What If game.
Remember? We'd say "what if,"
then imagine something super-amazing.
I remember, Chelsea's was always the same.
What if cupcakes were as big as a house.
It'd be the sweetest home ever.
Hey, this is a great time
for the Imagination Game.
Chels, you go first.
And something other than cupcake houses.
What if... Hmm...
...this tree was a tree house,
with hammocks? Eh.
And bug repellent.
What if instead of a tiny golf cart,
we'd rented a luxury camper?
With a fab kitchen stocked
with all our faves.
And a dining table three storeys high,
so we don't have to eat dinner
on the ground with the bugs.
Heh. I like that.
Stace, what else
is in our rocking dream camper?
A swimming pool, with a slide.
Of course. Skipper?
A bathroom,
with toilet paper and running water.
- Nice.
- Can I change my answer?
Me too.
What was that?
It was probably just a macaw.
Macaw parrots
are the official bird of the island.
There's even a legend
about the macaw constellation in the sky.
How do you know all this stuff?
I learned all about the constellations
when I interned
at the Willows Observatory.
The native fishermen
would use the macaw constellation
to navigate the seas by night.
Sounds kind of magical, doesn't it?
You see the tail?
If you follow its feathers up to the tip
of its beak, it points to the North Star.
I don't see a macaw. I just see stars.
You have to connect the stars.
Use your imagination.
Can you see the tail?
There's the wings.
I see it now.
Hear that? He's singing good night.
"Good night. Good night."
- I bet she made up that last part.
- Shh.
It's working.
Chelsea, you're drooling on me.
I am not.
To the golf cart, quick.
I hope the puppies are okay.
And not too scared by the storm.
Good night, Archie.
Good night, my little pupkins.
Sleep tight.
And don't wake me until morning.
Why, I am an absolute bear
without 14 hours of beauty sleep.
Good night, Beauty.
Good night, puppies.
Good night, Silver.
Good night, Honey.
- Huh?
- Huh?
Breakfast, anyone?
It's blueberry granola crunch.
I slept great.
- Really?
- No.
But I'm trying to convince my body I did.
Heh, heh.
Let us know how that works out
for you, okay?
Rain's stopped.
Twelve hours until the competition.
But first, we gotta save the puppies.
Let's get moving, people.
You heard her.
We've got a mission. Let's go.
Hey, Chels, heads up.
So we'll hike up to the main road,
find help,
get the pups, and head back to the hotel.
- Easy-peasy.
- Hike and rescue sounds good to me.
Or should I say a hikescue?
Uh, maybe not.
Okay, fine, not my best.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Don't wear yourself out, Chels.
- The competition's not for a while still.
- I won't.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
Still no bars.
We should be able to call for help
from the main road.
The road's washed out.
How are we gonna get out of here?
Just when I thought the day
couldn't get any better.
We don't have time for this.
It's okay. We got this.
There has to be another way out.
We're going to hike that?
Why not?
This doesn't seem easy or peasy.
Another blue ribbon?
Oh, I'm not worthy.
Oh, fiddledeedee, what am I saying?
Of course I am.
The little scamps.
Is it tomorrow?
No, it's today.
Are you sure it's today?
Because you said, when we woke up,
it would be tomorrow.
Well, of course.
Yesterday, today was tomorrow,
but now, tomorrow's today.
- Huh?
- Are you sure?
Today is always today,
unless you're talking about it
in the future,
then it's tomorrow.
And tomorrow
is yesterday if it's in the past.
Uh, something like that.
If you say so.
So does that mean it's today or tomorrow?
Looks like we've got a couple
of stowaways.
Don't worry. We'll take care of you
until we can get you back with the girls.
How much further?
We just started up the mountain.
Are you sure?
It feels like we've been walking forever.
We just have to get over the top.
Piece of cake.
Cake? I miss cake.
Almost as much as I miss Honey.
I know, Chels. I miss Taffy too.
I didn't realise we were scaling
Everest on this vacation.
Come on, Skipper, it's not that a steep.
We gotta try.
It is too steep.
You got a plan
for how we're going to get up?
There's always a way.
How about this? This should hold us.
Prepare to be amazed.
See? No problem.
Nailed it. Come on, guys.
So I guess we are climbing Everest.
Up you go, Chels.
You too, Skipper.
Heh. That's okay, Barbie.
You can go first.
I'm not going
until you're all up there safely.
It looked so much easier
when Stacie did it.
You got this.
You can do it, Skipper.
That was no piece of cake.
Here I come.
We got you.
- Thanks for the help.
- No problem.
- Hashtag "sisters rock."
- Anyone up for another energy bar?
I hope the pups
are eating better than we are.
Well, that's the last of the eggs
and bacon.
Where do they put it all?
I don't think I could possibly
eat another bite.
Oh, who am I kidding?
My bacon.
Spirit's about ready to take me for a run.
Want to join us?
Maybe we should just wait here
for the girls.
We'll be sure to let them know
where to find you.
You coming or not?
Race you.
Come on.
Have fun, kids.
Wait up.
Last one there is a rotten egg. Heh, heh.
Did you have to mention food?
Ugh, after this,
I'm never gonna eat another energy bar.
- No matter what flavour it is.
- I don't even want to look at one.
I'd rather eat the wrapper.
Really? Because we can arrange that
if you want.
Wow, that's a long way down.
Well, it's a nice view, anyway.
What are those buildings over there?
Huh. Looks like a village.
- Maybe someone there can help us.
- Uh, how are we gonna get over there?
Well, I don't see an elevator or anything.
Maybe we can find another vine
or something.
A vine? Down that cliff?
Really hoping for an elevator option.
Chelsea, not so close to the edge.
Why don't you check over there?
That's what I'm talking about.
I found something.
Help me out here.
What is it?
Hmm. Must be a camp here
in the busy season.
We're zip-lining down.
We're zip-lining down?
No fancy new name for it?
Nope. Heh.
I'm too excited.
Uh, shouldn't we do some kind
of safety check first?
Yup, and I'm on it.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Wait.
Oh, yeah!
This is great.
Checked it, and it's safe!
See? Totally fine.
Ready, Chels? Break a leg.
You know saying break a leg
is just an expression, right?
You're not supposed
to actually try and break your leg.
I know. I'm just kidding.
You'll be fine.
Whoo! This is awesome. Whoo-hoo!
That was so fun.
I know, right?
Perfect landing.
We can leave our gear here.
Guys, wait for me!
Come on, Skipper! Let's go!
We're gonna be late for my competition!
Skipper, Skipper, Skipper.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
This thing rusted or something?
Yeah. Let's go to an island
on a tiny, bumpy plane.
Let's go driving on a windy road
backwards in a golf cart.
Let's go down a rickety old zip line.
Sister adventure?
More like sister torture.
Come on, Skipper!
Okay. One, two, three!
Okay, maybe this isn't that bad. Heh, heh.
It... It stopped.
Why did it stop?
Swing your legs. You have to get
your momentum going again.
I can't.
Okay, enjoy the view, then.
You can do it. Think of the hotel.
The room service, the comfy chair,
the Wi-Fi.
Skipper, Skipper, Skipper.
You made it.
Yeah, but one of you guys has to go back.
I think I left my stomach
at the top of the mountain.
I'm just gonna rest here for a sec.
I'm sorry, Skipper,
but we have to keep on going.
The village is just up that path.
We can get help there.
You know vacations are supposed
to be relaxing, right?
Huh. We're there.
Aw. It's closed.
A dress shop.
It's closed too.
Everything's closed.
Anyone see a place that sells couches?
Maybe a place to charge my phone?
If there is one, it's probably closed too.
There is a bench over there.
This is it? This is your big plan, Barbie?
So it's not quite what we were expecting.
But it's something.
Yeah. Instead of being stuck in a tree,
now we're stuck in a village.
Not necessarily.
Can I help you?
Auntie Hannah?
Heh, heh. I'm Auntie Anna.
I see you met my sister at the airport.
You wouldn't happen to have
anything available, would you?
Our golf cart's stuck
in the Banyan Tree Arch.
No worries.
That happens more often than you think.
I'll let Hannah know.
Great. I need a car for me and my sisters.
We have to pick up our pups
at the White Sands Campground.
And get back to the hotel in time
for my dance competition tonight.
Well, let's see
what I have available for rent.
We don't have much left,
but we do have this.
Or that.
Great, another golf cart.
Or this one.
Yeah, we get it.
You have a bunch of golf carts.
Well, I actually meant this.
Check it out, it's the rocking
dream camper from our What If game.
- Yes.
- Whoo-hoo.
Auntie Anna, I could hug you.
It's a tough choice,
but I think we'll take this one.
The seats are so comfy.
Look at this kitchen.
I can practically smell cupcakes baking.
You think it comes with cupcakes?
There's a bathroom too.
See? A positive attitude
changes everything.
Now, let's find those pups.
Come on, we can catch them.
They're too fast.
Hey, maybe he can take us.
Quick, everybody give him cute puppy eyes.
And don't forget to whimper.
He can't resist.
Wanna ride?
Gets them every time.
Sure you don't want me to drive?
Are you kidding?
I was born to drive this thing.
- Here's your map.
- Thanks.
You'd better give us two of those.
The White Sands Campgrounds is here,
just past the cove.
Thanks so much, Auntie Anna.
If you get lost getting back from there,
just remember,
your hotel is the northernmost tip
of the island.
Thanks again. Bye.
Puppies, here we come.
Pedal to the metal.
We've only got three hours till curtain.
Wake me up when we get there.
All right. It won't be long now.
All right.
We're finally on the right road.
Nothing can stop us now.
Oh, no.
Oh, except that.
Huh? What are you doing, Rookie?
We're missing the good waves.
Come on, Taff.
But what if I forget how to swim?
You'll be fine.
Just remember what Mom taught you.
- Last one in's rotten kibble.
- Yeah.
Hey. White Sands Campground.
Phew. We're almost there.
As soon as we pass the cove,
we'll be at the campground. Finally.
You've got to be kidding.
How can we be out of gas.
Didn't you check?
Hey, the camper got us this far.
We just need to find a way to the cove.
- Here we go again.
- We're running out of time.
No worries. We made it.
- What?
- Skipper, turn around.
There's the horse trailer.
Puppies, here we come.
No sign of the pups.
- No sign of horses.
- Hmm.
No sign of the trainers either.
Where is everyone?
We don't have time for this.
- What?
- They're not here.
We'll head down the beach a bit
and see if we can find Vivian and Marco.
- Come on, Skip.
- Could you just wait a second?
Okay, Chelsea and I will wait here
in case they come back.
I don't get it. They said they we're going
to White Sands Beach.
They have to be here somewhere.
They couldn't be anywhere else,
could they?
Even when we find the puppies,
we're probably going
to miss the competition.
- Don't say that. We'll get you there.
- You keep saying that.
Under a tree, on a zip line,
in a camper without gas.
No matter what happens, you keep saying
everything's going to be fine.
But it is going to be fine.
But what if it isn't?
What if after everything,
we came all this way
and I don't get to do my routine?
That would just... Just stink.
- But what if you do get to do your routine?
- Stop.
Stop trying to make things better.
Sometimes, they just stink.
You're right.
This is a pretty stinky situation.
- What if...?
- Not another What If game.
I know things haven't exactly gone
as planned,
but no one can control
what's going to happen all the time.
- Not even me.
- That stinks.
Yeah, it does.
Hey, so how about instead of thinking of
the most amazing thing that could happen,
because clearly, that ship has sailed,
we think of the most awful thing
that could happen.
I bet you'd be pretty good
at the Everything Stinks game.
I'll start.
What if a giant submarine
comes out of the water right now
and the captain tells you
you have to live underwater from now on?
That would stink.
But it might be kind of fun too.
Okay, I have one.
What if a giant octopus-shark leaps out
of the ocean and tries to eat us.
That would stink,
but we'd have a great story to tell.
What if the puppies became giants
and we were their pets now?
Heh. That would be weird,
but at least we'd still be together.
What if it takes so long to find them,
we don't make it back in time
for the competition?
Yeah, that would stink.
But you could still show us your routine.
Or do it at another competition.
What if you could never stop
doing your routine,
and you had to keep dancing forever?
That would stink,
but I guess I'd have it down then.
What if we make it to the competition,
but I forget a dance step?
- Or the whole thing?
- You're the only one who would know.
You could play it off and keep going.
What if I really mess up
in front of everyone?
What if I lose?
Just because you mess up
doesn't mean you fail.
Getting out there and doing your best
is all that matters.
Would you just slow down?
Why don't you just keep up, Skipper?
We need to find those puppies.
I think we already have.
What if the puppies learned to surf?
Are we back in the game now?
No, look.
Hey, this is fun.
Surfing rules.
Look, it's the girls.
No way. They're snorfling.
Huh. I guess that one does work.
I knew you'd come.
Oh, Honey, I've missed you. Heh, heh.
That was righteous, Rookie.
Come here, you.
Hashtag "puppy love."
Hey, the girls are here.
At last, the girls have arrived.
Oh, does that mean the puppies are going?
I'm afraid so.
Hi, guys. Thanks for taking care
of the puppies.
No problem. It was our pleasure.
- Rookie.
- Oh, DJ.
I'm glad you all made it.
- I was starting to worry.
- Yeah.
It took a little longer than we planned.
Heh. Don't ask, it's a long story.
Turns out, shortcuts, not always so short.
Chelsea, isn't your dance competition
It is, but we don't have any way
to get there, so...
You do now.
Marco, let's round up the horses
and get everyone in the trailer.
- Really?
- That's great.
- Awesome.
- Whoo!
Oh, I don't feel so good.
How much further?
We're going as fast as we can,
but this road is kind of windy.
You think?
Sorry, guys. You better hang on tight.
Girls. Girls.
Everyone, be sure to sign in
and take your places.
We're about to start.
Oh, no.
Why are we stopping?
Huh? Are we there yet?
The bridge is washed out.
How is this possible?
We're going to have to go back around
the other way.
I'm sorry, Chelsea,
but that means we won't make it in time
for your dance competition.
But we're so close.
Chelsea looks worried. Why'd we stop, Mom?
The trailer can't make it over the bridge.
That poor girl isn't gonna be able
to get to her show.
Mom, we can get them there.
You know, we can't take you across,
but I think I know someone who can.
This next dancer definitely knows
how to heat up the dance floor.
Who's ready for some flaming batons?
I do love flaming batons.
The horses will be able
to get you across the bridge.
- I don't know how we can thank you.
- How about a hug?
You just get back there
in time for your competition.
And remember, have fun.
We'll wait here
until you get safely across.
There you go, Chels.
I call frontsies.
Fine, but no wild ride.
Up and at them.
I learned that when I was a junior
stable girl one summer in Willows.
- Ready?
- Ready.
We got this.
Ride them, cow dog.
Good job, Spirit.
- Yes.
- Yay!
Who's next?
We'll go.
Come on, Silver.
- Can I change my mind?
- Hiyah!
Did we make it?
You're next, Chelsea.
You can do it.
Just have to get over the bridge.
Please. We're so close.
You can do it, Beauty.
Yeah, we got this.
- We did it, Beauty.
- Yeah.
- Way to go, Chelsea.
- Go, Chelsea.
All right, you girls, we'll go around
and meet you at the show.
- Bye.
- Goodbye.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Come on, let's ride.
Way to go, honey. Whoo-hoo.
What a wonderful interpretive dance
on the life cycle of the tsetse fly.
Why does this keep happening?
Which way?
That way.
Thank you for that wonderful
Irish interpretation, Jenny.
Next up, Lindsay.
The stage has gotta be
just over this hill.
- It can't be.
- How?
We're back at the banyan tree.
This stinks.
What do we do now?
Yeah, what's our next crazy plan
to get out of here?
I don't know.
But you always have a plan.
Yeah, where's your over-the-top optimism?
I don't know what else to do.
Are we really not gonna make it?
I'm sorry, Chels.
You were right, you all were.
We should have just gone straight
to the hotel.
None of this would've ever happened
if I hadn't insisted on going
to the horse festival. I messed up.
Just because you mess up
doesn't mean you fail.
As long as you get out there
and do your best, that's all that matters.
Yeah, but you guys count on me to know
what to do, and I don't always know.
Half the time,
I was just as scared as you.
You could have let us know
you were scared too.
Yeah, Barbie, we'd get it.
We're sisters.
You can tell us when you're worried.
I'm sorry I ruined your trip.
I know how important your
dance competition was to you, Chelsea.
And, Stacie, I know you wanted
to do all those island sports.
And, Skipper, you just wanted to relax
and enjoy some island Wi-Fi.
Some vacation.
You know, if it wasn't for the bad things
that happened,
we never would have had
this adventure together.
I mean, who else got to see
the island from everywhere?
And I did learn some new moves
at the Dancing Horse Festival.
I guess it was kind of fun.
When I wasn't plane sick.
Or golf-cart sick. Or zip-line sick.
I mean, it would have been more fun
with the pups.
And Wi-Fi.
And cupcakes.
But, yeah. I just hope the pups
had as good of a time as we did.
- Better.
- We rocked this island.
We sure did.
Best vacation ever.
I guess we're stuck camping
under the stars for another night.
Should we play the What If game again?
That's it.
- What's it?
- The stars.
Remember what Auntie Anna said
about the location of the hotel?
It's north.
Just like the macaw constellation points
to the North Star.
Hey, you're not the only one
who knows stuff about stuff.
Come on, girls.
We can follow the macaw constellation
like the native fishermen
used to use it to find their way home.
But how are we ever going
to get there in time?
Don't worry. I know a shortcut.
Another shortcut?
Yeah, but this time
we have a map we can't lose.
Now here's Lindsay
with her take on an old classic.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Are we gonna make it?
We've gotta try.
With these horses and those stars,
it's our best chance
of getting you there in time.
Chelsea Roberts?
Chelsea Roberts?
Chelsea Roberts?
Last call for Chelsea Roberts.
The competition. We're gonna make it.
And we might even have time to change too.
Let's go, girls. Chelsea has a show to do.
All performers present
have now completed their routines.
The competition is now closed,
and we have chosen a winner.
I'm here.
Chelsea Roberts. Sorry, I'm late.
I'm terribly sorry, Miss Roberts,
but you're too late.
I'm about to announce the winner.
Quick, give her puppy eyes.
I suppose we can make an exception.
- Everyone deserves a chance to compete.
- Mm-hm.
Yes. Thank you. Thank you.
Gets them every time.
You made it.
Chelsea is about to go on.
- All right, Chelsea.
- Go, Chels.
Show them how it's done.
You can do it.
Yeah, I got this.
Hit it, auntie.
I could really use a partner, Beauty.
I'm gonna have to show her
how it's really done.
Spirit, wait.
Go, Spirit.
Not bad, Beauty.
Hi. Heh.
Come on.
I can do that.
Oh, yeah, gonna get my groove on.
DJ, stop. Rookie, no.
What do we do now?
We dance.
Hey, Archie.
Come on up and dance with us.
Oh, my little dumplings,
you know I don't dance.
You're already tapping your paw.
And your tail is waggling to the beat.
Come dance with us.
But I've never won a Best in Dance ribbon.
It doesn't matter. Anyone can dance.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
I've got it. I've got it.
I, uh, kind of like his moves.
- Me too.
- Let's all do the Archie.
Coming through. Look at me now.
Let's do the Archie. Whoo-hoo.
Why, listen to the applause.
How have I never made dancing
part of my repertoire?
This is amazing.
Wow, Miss Roberts.
What an amazing show of choreography.
Your dance was both expressive
and surprising.
Your use of horses, and puppies,
and your sisters, was extremely creative.
In consideration of such an inventive
and entertaining performance,
and with Lindsay's enthusiastic support,
the judges have agreed to award you
the winner's trophy.
That was awesome, Chelsea.
You totally deserve to win.
Go ahead. It's yours.
Thank you.
Don't get me wrong.
I plan on winning it back
at the next competition.
You can try.
- Yeah.
- Awesome.
- Yeah.
- All right.
I couldn't have done it without my sisters,
Barbie, Skipper and Stacie.
- Thanks, Chels.
- Way to go, Chelsea.
And Beauty, Spirit and Silver.
And Honey, DJ, Rookie and Taffy.
And the trainers, Marco and Vivian.
And that amazing poodle
who dances kind of weird.
And of course,
Lindsay and all my fellow dancers.
And my Auntie...
Auntie Anna?
Auntie Hannah?
It's Auntie Savannah.
I see you've met my sisters.
- We're glad you finally made it.
- We're glad you finally made it.
So, what if you fall on your face
and still win the competition?
I guess I'd have to thank my sisters
for showing me how.
How about you show me those moves?