Barbie & Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure (2015) Movie Script

Are we there yet?
I've already finished
these puzzles twice.
and backwards.
For the last time,
Chelsea, we're--
We are almost there.
We are going to have
the best time here
in Willows.
[Both] Yay!
I even made
a summer fun list
to make the most
of the two-week visit.
Whoa! That's a lot of fun.
Re-calculating route.
Barbie, according to my GPS,
we should have turned
back there to get
to Grandma's house.
Skipper, I don't need a GPS.
I know my way
around Willows like I know
my way around Malibu.
There it is, guys!
The first tree.
The first tree ever?
The first willow tree
in Willows.
[Barbie] The town's founding
fathers brought a willow tree
twig with them,
and all the other willows
here came from it.
You sure know a lot
about Willows.
And twigs.
Oh, I learned all of that back
when I was a Willows tour guide.
If you look
to your left,
you'll see Town Square.
Re-calculating. Re-calculating.
Oh! There's McKinley's
Ice Cream Shop,
where I was Junior Scooper
of the Month nine months
in a row.
The clock tower
where I was voted
Most Melodic Bell Ringer.
[bells chiming]
And over there
is city hall.
Let me guess,
you worked there too?
Hm. She was Mini-Mayor
when she was four.
It was purely ceremonial.
Except when I declared
ponytails the official
hairstyle of Willows.
Are we gonna spend
the whole vacation on
the Barbie Memorial Tour?
[gasps] The playground!
It has the coolest
giant pirate ship!
[chuckles] Stacie thought
it was a real pirate ship.
Give me a break, Skipper.
I was four.
Ooh, there's a bench!
What? I thought we were
just pointing stuff out.
Don't you remember
anything about Willows?
Chelsea was just a baby
when we moved to Malibu.
[sighs] I'm sure
I'll remember something.
[Barbie, Skipper, Stacie]
Willowfest! Whoo!
Where are we again, Joe?
Oh, yeah. Well, they all
start to look the same
after a while.
All we do is set up...
[grunts] break down.
Set up...
[grunts] break down.
Don't worry, Marty.
Our luck's gotta change soon.
Can't you do anything right?
-Sorry, boss!
Our old house!
Just as I remembered.
[car horn honks]
Tiffany, our esteemed guests
have arrived.
[gasps] There's Grandma!
You have reached
your destination.
You've all gotten
so big.
I hardly recognize you.
Grandma, it's not like
you haven't seen us.
We just e-chatted
last week.
That may be,
but you can't have an e-hug.
Get over here. Oh!
Girls, I have a surprise
for you.
I love, love, love surprises!
Go on, they're inside.
-Oh, that's cool. Come on!
-Oh, I wonder what it is.
[gasps] Cupcakes!
You shouldn't have.
Look under the cupcakes.
Yay! Puppies!
-[Barbie] Oh! Aren't they sweet?
-[Chelsea] Aw!
They're Tiffany's girls.
Oh, they're so cute!
What are their names?
I don't know.
Why don't you decide?
Mama, these girls
are so cute!
Is this our surprise?
Yes, girls. You're finally
going to get your names.
[giggles] I'm gonna
call you Honey.
Can I keep her?
Nailed the dismount.
That's some moves, Rookie.
Hear that? I'm Rookie.
Do you want to listen
to some tunes, little--
um... DJ?
[music plays in headphones]
Oh, yeah! That's my jam.
[barking, singing]
[laughs] A little pitchy,
but you've got rhythm.
[kisses] Come here, girl.
Don't you want
to go and meet Barbie?
What if she doesn't like me?
How could she not like you?
Go on.
Hello, there.
Oh! You're adorable.
What's your name?
Salt 'n' Puppa?
Cute-asaurus Rex?
No, that's not right.
Well, we'll think of
a name for you later.
I'm gonna call Christie.
Gotta make plans for Willowfest.
Riding all the rides
with her is number one
on my summer fun list.
I don't think she's gonna
let you go without her.
Yeah, she's stuck to you.
Like taffy.
What do you think of that?
Aw, that's a cute name.
Don't worry, yours is cuter.
Come on, Taffy.
I can't wait to see you.
Yes, I'll meet you
at the ticket booth.
You know it.
-Okay, you too.
No, you hang up first.
This is your old room?
[gasps] I didn't know
you were a rodeo clown!
Just one summer.
Those bulls mean business.
You'll be staying in
Skipper and Stacie's old room
across the hall.
My bed is still
the bounciest.
Bounce, bounce, flip, bounce.
Mine still has
the best view.
What's that?
Chipmunk? An old shoe?
How come I don't have
a princess bed?
Or any photos?
Last time we lived here,
you slept in a crib.
I bet you can still fit.
You know, there might be
something of yours upstairs
in the attic.
Let's investigate.
[gasps] Whoa!
Chelsea, this was your crib.
See, Skipper?
I'm way too big to fit.
[gasps] Whoa!
Have you been,
like, everywhere?
[chuckles] Your grandfather
and I always loved
a good adventure.
Whoa! Is this
a pirate spyglass?
We got that in Morocco.
Hey, Stacie, over here!
[both giggling]
Hide and go seek.
Honey, you're it.
One, nine,
four, eleven,
ten, four...
This smells like Barbie.
one! Ready or not,
here I come!
Aw, how do you always find me?
Okay, new game.
I'm it.
No pounce-backs.
[ragtime music plays]
Oh, whoa!
[music stops]
[Taffy squealing]
It's dark in here.
Let me out!
Whew, thanks.
You're welcome.
And you're it.
Is this me?
There you are.
I was looking for you.
My summer box.
I can't believe
you still have it.
I kept all my summer
keepsakes in here.
Hey, my Junior Scooper scoop.
[gasps] My Junior Mayoral sash.
Aw, my Willowfest ribbons.
Whoa, Grandpa's notebook.
[Taffy barks]
Wow! I almost forgot
about that.
What is it?
It's my treasure map.
Legend has it
a treasure was buried
right here in Willows
by the town founders.
They wanted to make sure
Willows would always prosper,
and the treasure would be there
in a time of need.
It is said
that they hid clues
to its location
throughout the town
for future generations to find.
No way!
Yes, way.
Every summer, Grandpa and I
would look for clues together.
Does everyone in Willows
know about the treasure?
Oh, over the years people
have forgotten about it.
Most now just believe
it's an old folktale.
But Grandpa believed.
So you never found it?
No. After a while,
we just gave up.
I wonder what the treasure is.
Diamonds? Jewels?
Gold doubloons?
Smelly socks?
Tennis balls?
No one knows for sure.
With all that gold, I'd buy
a skateboard park and put it
inside a basketball court.
Then I could double ollie
right into an alley-oop.
Let's go find it.
Maybe you should start tomorrow,
when it's daytime.
Oh, right.
Barbie, can you take us, please?
Sorry, but I'm gonna
hang out with Christie.
Plus, my treasure hunting
days are over.
I'll go with. It'll be
the perfect story of adventure
and defeat for my blog.
Don't you think
we'll find it?
You can take my map
if you want.
No need for the hard copy.
This treasure hunt
just went hi-tech.
Oh, I can't wait
for tomorrow.
Where do we start?
Well, according
to the legend,
the treasure hunt begins
where the town began.
Our first clue!
This is gonna be awesome!
Sorry, Chelsea.
I know, I know.
I didn't have a bike when
we used to live here either.
Flashlight, notebook,
pencil, magnifying glasses.
You know, they have apps
for all those.
[gasps] I almost forgot
the cupcakes.
Don't forget your lunches!
I made salmon mousse
sandwiches with a hint of mint.
I was thinking more
peanut butter with
a hint of jelly.
I could whip you up
some of those, too.
Puppy platoon,
move out!
Heads and tails down!
Pup, two, three, four.
Pup, two, three, four.
Pup, two, three, four.
-This is fun.
-The grass tickles.
Now, now, now!
Don't get your collar
all up in a bunch.
Maybe we should just wait here
until they get home.
And let them have all the fun?
Am not!
Hurry up!
Come on, Taffy!
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Have fun, girls.
Just make sure you're back
in time for dinner.
We will!
[grunts] These cupcakes
are heavier than I thought.
[children chattering]
[gasps] Wasn't me!
It's okay, Chelsea.
The bike rack must
just be old.
I'll meet you guys
back here at 5:00
and we'll ride back
home together.
Okay. Say hi
to Christie.
Will do. And good luck.
We don't need luck,
we've got tech.
Grandma said the search
begins where the town began.
City hall is where
the town was founded.
All right!
Let the treasure hunt begin.
I knew it.
Huh? Knew what?
I've heard about
the Willows treasure for years.
Huh? Treasure?
Joe, we could put
in all the tents.
We could do more than that!
A treasure would be our ticket
out of this stinking carnival.
And have our very own
air-conditioned tent.
We best better keep an eye
on them there girls and see
what they find out.
-Oh, oh!
-Sorry, Joe!
You said to keep an eye
on the girls,
and then I only had one left
for the hammering.
Where did the girls go?
They went left. No, south.
No, motorcycle.
I don't know my directions!
They're over there!
Everybody move out!
But Barbie's not with them.
I'll go find her.
Actually, it's nicer in here.
"The town of Willows
is dedicated to all those
with an adventurous spirit."
That's us!
Say "treasure!"
Uploading to the blog.
Well, hiya!
How can I help you girls?
Do you know
where the treasure is?
You don't believe in that
silly old legend, do you?
It's not silly!
My grandpa believed
in the treasure.
Oh, you must
be the Roberts!
I knew your granddaddy
back when we were young'ns.
-I'm Mayor Jenkins.
-[cement shifting]
Oh, how embarrassing.
Someone's gonna get hurt
on that step.
[sighs] I suppose Willows
could use a hidden treasure
these days.
Just between you, me,
and the fence post,
Old Jack here knows
this town better than anyone.
Maybe he can help you with
your treasure's whereabouts,
eh, Jack?
[Stacie gasps] The puppies!
What? Did they follow us
all the way from Grandma's?
Can they come along?
I bet they're really good
at sniffing out clues.
As long as they don't
get into trouble.
[DJ, Honey]
We won't.
Well, I might.
Okay, let's get back to work.
"Let the willows
be your guide.
Seek and you shall find."
The willow emblems!
They're the guide
to our next clues!
Okay, everybody split up
and look for anything
that has a willow
symbol on it.
We'd like to ask a few
questions about this treasure.
-Do you know its position?
-Do you know
what the treasure is?
-How old are you?
-Have you seen the treasure?
Are you understanding
any of these words?
[carnival music plays]
Barbie! Wow!
It's so good to see you.
How long has it been?
It doesn't seem like that long.
But it must be long
because we were both kids,
and now you live in Malibu
in an awesome house
by the beach,
but you totally know that.
My bestie who lives out westie.
Do you still remember
our secret friendshake?
Only 100% yes!
Besties forever!
So are you ready
for the first Willowfest ride?
The Storminator!
There's no one in line.
We can totally skate
right up to the front.
-Well, not that
we actually have skates.
It's closed for repairs!
What? That's not Willowfest,
that's Bummerfest.
Well, I guess we can
start a new tradition.
Nothing over here!
I don't see anything either!
My search of the online
town history
for hidden willow emblems
isn't showing any hits.
Surprise, surprise.
See anything, Honey?
Not yet!
How about you, Rookie?
Nope! Nothing!
Why are we yelling?
I don't know!
What's an old town dog
gotta do to get
a nap around here?
Hey, Jack.
Did that dog just...
Nah, can't be. Right?
"We came from afar
to this great land
carrying the future
in the palm of our hand."
Ooh! Ooh! I know!
They carried their suitcases!
I don't know, Chels.
What did Barbie say
about the twig?
There. The founders brought
the twig with them
in this vase.
Hmm. Where's that vase now?
In there!
Our next clue!
-Bye, Jack!
-Smell you later!
It's ruff
in the treasure trenches.
We could use
a dog like you.
Yeah, sure.
I'll be right there.
You go first
You do this
Okay, here it goes.
[carnival music plays]
Oh, aren't you
a cute little boy!
Today is your
lucky day, sport!
Knock down the bottles
and win a prize!
Yeah, like a customer
ever wins a prize.
Zip it!
Oh, so close.
Would you like to try again?
It's how we get
your money--
I won! I won!
Now we've gotta pay
for that giant banana
out of our paycheck!
Get that dog!
[both grunting]
-Now wait a second!
Get back here you!
I'm coming after you!
Where's my giant banana?
Come back here!
I'm gonna get you!
Marty, get me outta here!
Oowee, you're gonna have
to eat your way out, boss!
Barbie? Where are you?
Remember that time
you, me, and Midge each ate
a whole bag
of kettle corn and then went
on the Whirly Swing Ride?
They should've called it
the Hurly Swing Ride!
Midge still won't eat
any corn of any kind.
Hey, where is that ride?
-Did we pass it?
-Not here.
They didn't bring
as many rides this year.
What a bummer,
'cause everyone really loves
all the rides,
but the town didn't have
enough money
for the total fest,
so they just brought
some of the fest,
but it's still a fest
and still Willows, I guess.
Hey, I think the bumper cars
are around here somewhere.
Cool. Let's do that.
-We can still bump
with the rest of them.
-[Taffy barking]
Taffy? How did you get here?
-It's okay, girl.
I've got you.
Oh, Taffy, you're
covered in... taffy.
Good thing I didn't
name you Mud.
Mm! Taffy!
There it is.
Okay, let's ask if we can
get a closer look.
All righty, I'll give
you girls just five minutes,
then I've got to skedaddle
off to the bingo.
Thank you!
Do you see any clues?
It looks like something's
written on this inside,
but I can't make it out.
"Snurs... selim? Reven"?
Whatcha lookin' for?
I think I have
a mirror in here.
You can do
your makeup later.
Not for me,
for the clue.
It's written backwards.
I wanna see!
Huh. Nice grab.
Uh-oh. This is loose.
Wasn't me!
Hey, is that
a willow symbol?
It looks like a button.
Should I push it?
I'm gonna push it.
What is it?
I'm not sure.
In case we need it
for the treasure.
Isn't that stealing?
I'm just borrowing it.
I'll give it back
when we find the treasure.
You're forgetting
about the clue
-Want my mirror?
-No need.
I'll just reverse the image.
"What runs for miles
never gets tired."
-It's a riddle.
-Okay, girls.
Time's up.
Bingo's awaiting.
We should get home
for dinner anyway.
Whatever Grandma's making
is gonna be fancy and weird,
but delicious
Oh, that's the girls!
They found another clue
on their treasure hunt
and are heading home.
Hm. They're making faster
progress that I thought.
Wouldn't that be totally awesome
if they found a treasure?
I mean, there's no such thing
as the Willows treasure.
But who wouldn't
love a treasure?
Yeah, that would be something.
No harm in looking.
I guess we'd better
head home too.
Wanna hang again tomorrow?
Aw, sorry, I've gotta
help my mom pack.
Wait, where are you going?
I just got here!
Not that kind of pack.
My dad lost his job.
End of the summer,
we're moving to go live
with my aunt and uncle.
My dad says
it's a good thing.
I'm not so sure.
Oh, Christie.
I didn't know.
Is there anything I can do?
Oh, no thanks, Barbie.
It'll be fine.
Change is good, right?
Sure. Yeah! Right!
How about an ice cream sundae?
My treat.
You know me so well!
That sounds perfect.
Race you to McKinley's!
[laughter, barking]
I caught one!
Ooh! It's pretty!
Look at them!
Catching fireflies
in the backyard. Check.
So, girls, what mysteries
did you uncover today?
We found two clues and this!
Whatever it is.
Where did you find that?
-Hidden in a vase.
-The vase!
Huh. I must've missed that.
That's a noteworthy start
for your first day of adventure.
Oh, your grandfather
would be proud.
And, Barbie, how was
your day with Christie?
Okay, I guess.
There weren't as many
rides at Willowfest.
Willowfest has gotten
smaller over the years.
The mayor even thought
about canceling it altogether.
As it is, this one
might be the last.
-No more Willowfest?
Aw, I was just starting
to remember it.
You just can't have
summer without Willowfest.
Now, I won't stand
for those sour faces.
You know, I might have
something to cheer you up.
What is that?
Home movies.
On tapes?
Back in the Stone Ages
before digital,
we recorded video on these.
-Am I one there?
-[Grandma] Maybe.
You were a baby then.
Do the lights have to be
all the way off?
Shh! Down in front, please!
-I love movies!
-[dance music plays]
No talking.
Turn off your
electronic devices... DJ.
-All right, all right. Chill.
-[music stops]
My first Willowfest competition.
You built a rocket
when you were 11?
They wouldn't let me enter
when I was ten.
That kind with the tiny
volcano experiment
never stood a chance.
There I am!
Wake up, baby me!
Chelsea, we can't see!
Christie, put that down
and get on!
-[Christie] Hey, you're
leaving without me!
[gasps] I think I just
saw my foot!
[Chelsea] Oh, it's a doll.
Voil! Corn dog
la Martin.
Doesn't matter
how you garnish 'em,
-it's still
day-old corn dogs.
Ew. I think these
might be two days old.
When we get that treasure,
we's gonna have
a feast every night.
Oh, that sounds
yummy, boss!
Corn dog chili,
sweet and sour corn dog...
corn dog kabobs,
corn dog sushi...
corn dog la mode...
No, real food
like steak and salad!
Ooh, corn dog salad.
But how are we gonna
find the treasure, Joe?
Maybe we don't find it.
Maybe we let them girls do all
the work and find the clues.
They'll lead us
right to the treasure.
Then we grabs it!
Sorry, Joe.
That there garnish
has gone bad.
Thank you!
-[Stacie] See you tonight!
You all behave now!
Listen to the girls!
We will, Mama!
This is awesome!
[Barbie] It's just
you and me, Taffy.
I'm so excited to show you
all my old fave places.
Number 26
on my summer fun list--
Sit in on a dance class
with Ms. Melody.
I can't wait to see her.
Oh, no.
I can't believe it.
Poor Ms. Melody.
I hope she's okay.
It doesn't look like I'm ever
gonna finish this list.
You're right, Taffy.
There are still a few things
we can do on this list.
Okay, girls, let's go
find the treasure.
-Morning, Jack!
-What's up?
-Wanna come with us today?
We're on a treasure hunt.
Don't you kids got
your own tails to chase?
Skipper, can you read
us back the last clue?
"What runs for miles
never gets tired."
Me! I can run and run
and never get tired!
I don't think you're
the answer to the riddle.
Why not?
What's it mean?
It's a riddle.
You have to figure it out.
Hm, who wouldn't
get tired of running?
Not a who...
Hm, let's see.
There's running out of time,
running start...
-running the show...
-Running water!
[gasps] Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
[Skipper, Stacie]
Willows Fountain!
Uh... yeah! Sure.
Willows Fountain!
I was just
about to say that!
Well, lookie down there!
Do... do I have to?
Looks like those girls are
on to another clue
Where are they goin'?
-Get-- get off me!
Whoa, whoa. whoa!
The next clue has
got to be here somewhere.
"Where the water flows,
the willow grows."
Hey, up there!
There's one of those trees!
Look! There's another
willow emblem on the top tier!
Maybe hitting it will
reveal another clue.
Good eye, Stacie.
I helped
How do we get up there?
Here, use this.
This will be great practice
for the midway games
at Willowfest.
Aw, man. I blew it.
If you miss again,
you're gonna owe me 50 cents.
She shoots, she scores!
"Slowly progressing
like a midday chime,
the growth of a tree
is a reflection of time."
It's the clock tower!
The clue said midday chime.
It's almost noon.
Let's hurry!
Whoa, how'd they get
that fountain to do that?
You got a coin?
I wish for a treasure.
Got another coin?
What do you think,
I'm made of money?
-Go get that one back!
I'll get it this time
for sure, Joe.
Knock it off!
We don't need the clue!
Just follow the girls!
Oh, good idea, Joe!
Is it noon yet?
Almost. In five... four...
[bells chiming]
What are we looking for?
I don't know!
[chiming simple melody]
Clock dogs!
Wait, was that it?
I guess so.
What do we do now?
We're gonna have
to come back tomorrow
and try again.
We're sure
to figure it out then.
Treasure hunting is
hard work.
Are you sure there's
even a clue here?
I'm sure we're
in the right place.
There's got to be
something we're missing.
[humming simple melody]
Why are you
humming that song?
'Cause I don't know the words.
[humming simple melody]
Chelsea, why do
you keep humming that song?
Because I don't know the words.
That's it!
What's it?
We've been so busy
looking for clues,
maybe we should be
listening for the clue.
[humming simple melody]
It doesn't sound like
any song I've ever heard.
My music app will match
the notes of the chime
with any known song.
There's probably
a million songs!
-That'll take all--
-[app beeps]
-Got it.
The song is called
"Beneath the Willow Tree."
And it's the town song!
And listen to these lyrics!
Everything you need lies
beneath the willow tree
But there's tons
of willow trees around here!
But there's only
one first tree!
Last one there
is a rotten egg!
Whew! Goodbye, clock tower.
That song was
making me cuckoo.
Everything you need lies
beneath the willow tree
Those girls are gettin'
close to somethin'.
I smells treasure.
I just smell corn dogs.
Nope, that's me.
I downloaded
a metal detector app.
It should help us find
where the treasure is hidden.
You know what we need?
A treasure app!
-[loud beep]
-The treasure!
Let's see what we've got.
I can dig the fastest!
Hey, not cool.
Oopsie. Sorry.
Look! Something shiny!
A gum wrapper.
Keep looking!
Great stuff, girls!
This is perfect for my blog.
Are you gonna
help or what?
Day ten.
The intrepid treasure hunters
work their fingers raw...
Another nickel? Great.
Now we have 35 cents.
There's your treasure. they claw through
the cold, unforgiving dirt,
unaware of the utter
futility of their quest.
-There is a treasure!
Grandpa wouldn't have
spent his life searching for it.
We just have to keep looking.
[yawns] We've been
at this forever.
Let's just go home
for the day.
We're so close!
We've already found
the vase and fountain
and even figured out the song!
And we don't even know
where this goes.
We're all tired.
The treasure's been hidden
for over 100 years.
It'll still be there tomorrow.
My backpack's gone!
-Wasn't me!
Hurry up, Marty!
They're gaining!
Sorry, kid.
We need this.
Have a cupcake!
[both grunting]
I'll just be waiting here!
They're gone!
stolen backpack,
but so far no word back.
All my downloads,
my games, my apps...
My selfies!
My whole life
was on that tablet
You should always backup!
That's what I always say.
And it had all
our clues on it!
All you're worried about
is that dumb treasure hunt?
I can't even text!
-But we have to--
-Look, the hunt is over
for the summer.
I'm sorry, Stacie.
Skipper's right.
You got really close.
Closer than I ever did.
Maybe that's the reason
no one ever found it
was because
they all gave up!
I'm not giving up.
The girls are asleep.
Just wanted to see
if you needed anything.
Thanks, I'm good.
Grandma, the town's
in trouble, isn't it?
Everything seems run down.
Willowfest is
almost canceled.
Christie's family
is moving away.
The town's been through
good times and bad,
but I think everyone could use
a little good news about now.
Like finding treasure?
I wish Grandpa
and I had found it.
Then the town wouldn't
be in trouble now.
He always loved
a good adventure.
You know, your grandfather said
that best part of an adventure
was sharing it
with the people you love.
I've been so busy
with my list,
I haven't spent much time
at all with my sisters.
There's still time.
Grandma, do you really
believe there's a treasure?
It may be the only
way to save Willows.
Your grandfather believed.
That's good enough for me.
They're diggin'.
They must be close.
Let's see what else
they found out.
[chews loudly]
You know what
this here needs?
Don't you dare say "corn dog."
Well, it does.
What did you say?
Uh, nothin'.
I'm going out
to find the treasure.
Who's with me?
Even if we did want
to keep going on
the treasure hunt,
we don't have
any of our clues!
They were all in my tablet!
Whoever took it
didn't get this.
Or this.
Your old treasure map?
Always have a backup.
That's what I said
I always say.
You're gonna help us
find the treasure?
Grandpa always said the best
part of an adventure
was sharing it
with people you love.
We all ended up
at the first willow tree,
but we didn't find anything
buried under the tree.
"Everything you need lies
beneath the willow tree."
Maybe we didn't
dig down far enough.
Maybe it's way below.
Like under the town?
Here's where we stopped.
Beneath the first tree.
The song lead us there.
Hm... What about
the second verse?
-There's a second verse?
-Yeah, there's a second verse.
I learned it when
I was Mini-Mayor.
But my search only
brought the one verse.
You mean you can't trust
everything on the Internet?
"Meet me there at 3:00
by the shady willow tree."
The shady willow tree!
Come with me!
Am I the only
one lost here?
Nope. I'm kinda lost.
-Me too.
-Me three.
There it is.
Not beneath the willow tree.
The second verse says
"the shady tree,"
or the shadow!
That's why you never
found anything.
You were looking
in the wrong place!
We need to look here.
Finally some peace and quiet.
[bicycles approaching]
"Meet me there at 3:00
by the shady willow tree."
It's almost 3:00 now.
It's gotta be
here somewhere.
[chiming simple melody]
Look. The sun is reflecting
off the clock tower.
Hey, I think
I found something!
Great. What is it?
Is it a clue?
It's the willows emblem!
But it's out of order.
It's like a puzzle.
Move over.
Puzzles are my thing.
-Nailed it.
[All gasp]
[All] Whoa.
You really think
we're gonna need all this?
Always best to accessorize
for any occasion.
All right, let's do this!
Oh, well, what do you know?
Whoa, it's really
cave-y in here.
The things I do for my blog.
Hey Joe,
don't you think
they're gonna notice
we're away from the carnival
all this time?
None of that's gonna matter
when we finds the treasure.
Well, where should we start?
Drop everything.
Joe! I just did
what you told!
[echoing barks]
Are we really
gonna cross that?
Come on, girls.
No one else has
made it this far before!
We can do this.
Okay, everybody stick together.
I'm sticking!
This isn't so hard.
Ah! Oh, no!
[All] Skipper!
Skipper! Are you okay?
I'm okay. Thanks, DJ.
We're almost across.
Just a few more steps.
Okay, girls.
Let's go.
Oh, it's really dark in here.
And high. And dark.
-[bats shrieking]
-And-- and batty!
Bat ain't good.
Let go of me!
Sorry, Joe.
Hey, those dogs look like us.
[bats shrieking]
Guess the only way is down.
That's far enough, girls.
I think we've got it from here.
It's those mean guys
from the carnival!
Hey! I know you!
You stole my backpack!
You mean "allegedly stole."
Yeah, and even if we did,
what are you gonna do about it?
Hey! Where are you goin'?
Don't you go and try
any funny business.
That treasure's mine!
Ours, right? Sharesies?
Well, guys, I guess
you got us.
Not much left to do
than let you take the treasure.
Ha! "Let us"?
We's gonna take that treasure
no matter what.
-[both screaming]
-Let go!
Chelsea, grab a hold
of the pups!
Let's go, girls!
Get out of my way!
Let go!
-After them!
-How? They went straight down.
That's the scariest direction.
Oh, no. No way. Uh-uh.
I'm not going
in that old thing
if it's the last thing I do!
Go! Or it will be!
Oh, Mama, Mama, Mama.
Please, oh, mama,
mama, mama.
They won't be far behind.
There's got to be an opening!
Come on! Where is it?
Let's go!
Hurry! They're coming!
[grunts, barks]
Come on, Taffy!
Almost have it...
There you go, girl.
Why do caves have
to be so dark?
Double wow.
Whatever comes next wow.
I still can't count.
We must be under Lake Willows.
How do we get across?
We could doggy paddle.
Hey, what's this rope for?
Let me help.
Why are we pulling this anyway?
[all scream]
Hurry! Get on!
There they are!
Row, row, row your boat
Gently to the treasure
- Merrily, merrily, merrily
Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Well, lookie here...
rls, put these on.
Grab them there
wood slats too.
How did you know
how to do that?
I had an old timey
gas lantern app.
Whoa! What happened
to those ships?
Good question, Chelsea.
Rocks ahead!
-[water crashing]
-Do you hear that?
-That's not good.
-What's not good?
Oh. Not good.
Okay, everybody hold on!
Here we go!
[All] Whoa!
Look out!
Hold on, you guys!
Hang on to your paddles!
Good job!
Everybody paddle to shore!
All together now!
So how do we open it?
Press a button?
Solve a riddle?
A keyhole!
[both wailing]
I should've brought
my floaties!
Stacie, can I borrow
your necklace?
There must be a connection.
It's a key!
Hm, believe me now, Skipper?
I wish Grandpa could
have seen this.
I kinda wish
it was chocolate.
-Ooh. Pretty.
[sloshy footsteps]
-Necklaces! Bracelets!
Well, thanks for handling
all the hard stuff, girls.
I don't know, Joe.
Those rapids were
no day at the park.
We found the treasure
fair and square.
Actually, this treasure
belongs to the city.
-Oh, it does?
-It does?
-It does.
-Who's gonna stop us?
Four little girls
and their little doggies?
Who you calling little"
Look at that!
Be careful with that!
It wasn't me!
What did you do?
Me? I didn't do
nothin'... this time.
Oh Mama! Oh Mama!
Oh Mama! Oh Mama!
Get off me!
-Nice p-puppies.
There's got to be a way out.
There's got to be a way in.
Hey, boss, I don't
like it in here.
What are you doin'?
I hope Taffy's all right.
I am not a scaredy-dog.
I am not a scaredy-dog.
[All] Taffy!
-Yay Taffy!
-All right! Way to go, Taffy!
Oh, Taffy, you saved us.
Marty, grab what you can
and let's vamoose
before something
else falls on us!
Okay, boss!
We've gotta stop them!
Puppies, pounce on three!
[All] One, two, three!
I got it right!
Yay me!
I'm counting!
Go away,
you flea bitten dogs!
Come on now!
What-- Leave!
-[Joe] Get off of me!
You're clawing me!
Oh, them cute little puppies,
they wanna play!
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Go away! Get out of here!
[both wailing]
You're not going anywhere!
Ha. Puppies one,
bad guys zero.
Way to go, Taffy!
Look! She found a way out!
I would like to honor
the Roberts family.
Barbie, Skipper,
Stacie, and Chelsea
for their bravery
and ingenuity in finding
the lost treasure of Willows.
[cheers and applause]
Hey, what about us?
Yeah, we helped too!
And their puppies of course.
The gals have decided
to donate the treasure
to the city of Willows,
which is the nicest thing
I've ever heard.
[cheers and applause]
Their generous donation
has saved the city,
ensuring many more
years of Willowfest!
So as a token
of our gratitude,
we hope you will
accept this finder's fee.
It may not be
the whole treasure,
but it's yours, you know.
Everybody knows
that's my wagon, right?
Your grandfather
would be so proud.
So what should
we do to celebrate?
Next time
I come to Grandma's,
there will be lots
of photos on the wall
and lots of memories!
Willowfest provides
a glimpse in the past
for future generations
to come.
I thought you got
your tablet back, Skipper.
I did, but I thought I'd
write down a few notes
old-school style
to capture the feel
of old-time Willows.
Don't worry, I'll scan them
all to my blog when we get home.
Wow, you and your sisters
totally found the lost treasure
buried under
the town of Willows!
Can you believe it?
Well, of course
you can believe it
'cause you did it.
And now there's gonna be
all this new business
renovating the town
and my dad's got a new job
and we don't have
to move anymore!
So yay! We can stay!
I'm amazed she can say
all of that in one breath.
You know, there's one thing
on my summer fun list
we could still do together.
The Storminator!
I can't believe it's time
to go back home tomorrow.
I'm gonna miss you, Honey.
You know, now that
the puppies are getting bigger,
I couldn't possibly
take care of all of them.
Can we keep them?
Of course.
They're part
of the family now.
Yay! We're going to Malibu!
-Wherever that is.
-And we can swim
in the ocean!
Whatever that is.
Are you sure you want to hide
your share of the treasure?
The founders knew
the town needed to have
something to believe in.
Taffy and I planted
all new clues around town.
You guys made sure
the final clue was
hard to find?
It'll take at least a summer.
Oh, just what this town needs,
more treasure hunters.
As long as
they don't give up,
someday, someone will find it.
Hey, guys! Wait up
[bells chiming simple melody]