Barbie: Star Light Adventure (2016) Movie Script

Once upon a time in a distant galaxy...
the stars would twinkle and twirl
in the sky...
keeping the galaxy in bright harmony
with their light.
But an ancient prophecy told of a time
when the harmony would be broken.
The stars and planets would slow
their dance and disappear...
leaving a galaxy of darkness.
Yet there was hope...
as the prophecy also foretold...
of one who could also
restore harmony to the stars.
One with the heart of a leader.
Mm, not him.
Or him.
But try telling a king that.
Even though the king had tried
and failed many times over...
he was certain he was the one
who would return the stars...
to their shimmering glory.
He just needed a little help.
So he recruited a team
with special skills...
to join a mission to save the stars.
It may seem
Like you're crazy
When you see something
That no one else sees
But maybe what they think
Won't really matter too much to me
You can make magic
Shake the trees
And make the mountains move
So can you feel it all around?
Hear the sound?
Got me up
And I don't think I'm coming down
Hey, hey
It's something in the air
Can't see it but it is there
It's the boom boom beat in my heart
I don't know where it ends
But I know where it starts
There is no dream that I can't reach
Because everything's an opportunity
To make something from nothing
This feeling is everything
It's everything to me
So can you feel it all around?
Hear the sound?
Got me up
And I don't think I'm coming down
Hey, hey
So can you feel it all around?
Hear the sound?
Got me up
And I don't think I'm coming down
Hey, hey
It's the boom boom beat in my heart
I don't know where it ends
But I know where it starts
It's the boom boom beat in my heart
I don't know where it ends
But I know where it starts
There is no dream that I can't reach
Okay. Little accident.
All right, come here, you.
Gotcha. Let's see what we got here.
Gunk in the power boosters. Go figure.
I'll have that fixed in an nanosecond.
Unh. There, that did the trick.
Good as new.
Whoa, how did it get so late?
I missed you too. Ha, ha.
Come, Pupcorn, this way. Dad.
- You're...
- Late. Sorry, Dad.
You won't believe what happened.
Come, Pupcorn, good boy.
And I'm not just using it as an excuse
for being late.
- Mm-hm.
- No, really.
I was flying with a flock of Ava-Grun,
when I saw a baby on its own...
and I went to help,
but then its mom and dad came...
- ...and they were not happy to see me...
- Barbie, take a breath.
You do know that
Ava-Grun never leave their young behind?
Yeah, I just thought...
Guess maybe I didn't think.
No. But your heart was in the right place.
As usual.
Thanks, Dad.
Come, Pupcorn.
Good boy. Fetch.
You think Pupcorn's gonna
transform into a dog?
Hard to say. One day they just pop...
and you get what you get.
Hey, buddy, come here.
Whatever you become,
you'll always be my little buddy.
Now go play, I've got work to do.
- Ah.
- Here, little birdies. Feeding time.
Hmm, they never show up
when I try to feed them.
Need some help?
Pupcorn, I can't play right now.
Ha, ha. Okay, Pupcorn.
Focus, Barbie. Focus.
Okay. I'll try again.
- So how did I do? Oh.
- Well, uh, hmm...
Next time, see if you
can tune out the noise.
Whoa. Whoa. Hey.
So why did we move here again?
Your mom and I moved here
before you were born...
because we wanted to raise our family
in a quieter place.
- Heh, that's what I thought.
- Ha, ha.
The only other person the animals
responded to like that was your mother.
Aw, aren't you cute?
Hmm. Huh?
Hmm, Barbie, I'll...
- Ha-ha-ha.
- Barbie, I'll see you back at home.
- Don't be late for dinner.
- Okay.
Great training session, huh, Pupcorn?
I was on fire.
I know, right?
Dad said I was an "untapped resource."
If I would just learn to focus...
- What?
- Barbie.
I just got a message from the palace.
The king has chosen a group to help
with his mission to reset the stars.
- Dad, that's amazing, he wants you?
- No.
He's looking for young people
with special skills.
He needs two skilled hoverboarders.
- His council picked you.
- Me?
Yes, and why not?
You made quite a name for yourself
at the galactic playoffs last year.
The king's scouts must have seen
how agile you are on your hoverboard.
- Who's the other boarder?
- Let's see, uh...
it's Sal-Lee of Upper Plope.
Sal-Lee of Upper Plope? That's amazing.
That's crazy.
I've hardly ever left Para-Den.
I thought you'd jump at the chance
to see more of the galaxy.
And who am I compared to Sal-Lee?
And besides, who would take care of you?
And the animals on the preserve?
And Pupcorn? Do I have a choice?
Heh, we'll be fine,
but it's your decision.
Nice looking salad.
Would you pass the space ranch, please?
Maybe the stars are forgetting.
- Forgetting what?
- How to dance.
Your mother used to say
the stars were slowing down...
because people were forgetting to look up.
Everyone was too busy and the stars
had no one to dance with anymore.
According to the prophecy...
someone special is out there
who can fix them.
Maybe it's the king,
but maybe he needs help.
Imagine a world without stars, Pupcorn.
You know, the night you were born...
there was the most beautiful star shower.
The sky was alive with stars,
swirling and spinning...
- they were dancing for you.
- Really?
I've never seen anything like it.
That's why your mother called you
her little starlight.
It's scary, Dad. I'm scared.
Your mom would have said,
"Listen to your heart for..."
I have, but how can I help? I mean...
If you'd let me finish.
Your mother would have said:
"Listen to your heart for the answer
and follow it to the end.
Everything comes from the heart...
courage, leadership, and hope.
Do this, and you'll never go wrong."
Something like that.
Or exactly like that.
Thank you, Dad.
Don't stay up too late.
I can be anything I dream
Live a life that's made for me
I'll light up the whole world
I'll be shining so bright
Anything is possible
When I look into my heart
Oh, oh, oh
I'm a shooting star
I'm a shooting star
Definitely not on Para-Den anymore.
Dad, I'll be fine.
- Let's go get your luggage.
- Uh, I... Oh. Mm.
I packed a little something extra
in your suitcase.
- Oh.
- Don't worry, I didn't see anything.
Least of all a ball of fur who probably
really needs a drink of water right now.
And I have a little something
for you also.
Uh, I...
Figured you could use a new one,
that wasn't clogged with feathers.
Oh, Dad, I love you.
- I'm gonna miss you.
- I'll miss you too.
Is this yours? Is this yours?
- Ha, ha.
- Um, yes. Thank you.
Please keep an eye on pets at all times.
I know you need to get back home...
And I know you need to get started
on saving the galaxy.
Try not to grow up before I see you again.
I'd hate to miss the transformation.
That goes for the both of you.
Good luck, my little starlight.
Um, hello, how are you?
Sal-Lee. Sal-Lee.
Sal-Lee. Sal-lee. Sal-lee.
All volunteers report to their chambers.
Unh. Ow.
Oh, the door won't open.
How about this?
- Um...
- Welcome.
- Huh?
- Welcome to Oppa-Irri.
You're invited to the Great Gala tonight.
Here is your identification.
- Confirmed.
- Okay.
What's, um...?
The Great Gala will take place
in our Grand Ballroom.
You are here.
This map...
- Will show you the directions.
- Okay.
This castle is run under
regulations of the king.
So there are rules you'll need to follow.
First, no running in the hall
under any circumstances.
- And second, don't...
- Be...
You're not wearing that to the ball,
are you?
Ah. That was a lot to take in,
wasn't it, Pupcorn?
Hmm, maybe I should change.
Hmm? Ha, ha.
Barbie, your mother
wanted you to have this.
I've been saving it fora special occasion,
and I think this is it.
Wow. Dad, you think of everything.
It's beautiful.
It's too big.
Amazing. This dress is beautiful.
Hmm, it needs one more thing.
My mother's locket.
Now we present the volunteers
from around the galaxy.
- I'm going to be late.
- Our last hope at saving the stars.
- You stay here. I'll be back.
- I'm Robot Leech...
- ...yourhost for tonight's festivities.
- No running. No running. No running.
I present Jackie-Lou of Lower Van-Tu.
Galactic playoff champion,
Barbie of Para-Den.
Barbie of Para-Den.
- She's late.
- Oh, my, she's late.
I can't believe how late she is.
Uh, heh. Unh.
- Name and origin.
- Uh, Barbie of Para-Den. Ah.
Barbie of Para-Den.
Hey. Unh.
Kareena and Sheena of Tagra.
I can't believe we're really here, ha, ha.
- This is so galactically awesome.
- Awesome.
Quite a sight, isn't it?
I've never seen the inside
of a king's castle before.
But I thought...
Heh, I mean, you look like...
Aren't you a princess?
Ha, ha. Are you kidding? Me?
Do I look like an entitled royal whose only
job is to show up and wave? Ha, ha.
Ha, ha. I don't know, let's see your wave.
I have never been more wrong.
- Hey. Who are you to judge?
- Presenting Prince Leo of Kumai.
Oh, that's me.
Wow, who's that?
- Hmm. You're royalty.
- Just by birth.
But I'm not as proficient at waving
as you are.
Presenting intergalactic gold medallist,
Sal-Lee of Upper Plope.
Sal-lee. Sal-lee. Sal-lee.
She's amazing.
I've watched her compete for years.
I'm nowhere near her level.
I remember seeing you at the playoffs.
Relax, you belong here.
I'm honoured to welcome you to my castle.
To thank you all for volunteering,
we have prepared a celebration.
But remember,
your training starts tomorrow.
- Huh.
- Whoa.
Refreshments and bonding to take
place at the hors d'oeuvre table.
Hey, over here.
- Hi.
- Aah!
Hi. I didn't see you there before.
Yeah. I'm super-fast.
- Sal-Lee.
- I know. I mean, everyone knows.
You're famous.
- I'm babbling, aren't I?
- Eh, just a little.
- Uh, Barbie, right?
- Yes. Nice to meet me. I mean you.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, I think we established that, heh.
Oh, my stars.
- Your dress...
- Is totally...
Thank you. Have you met...?
She was right here.
- Hey.
- But how...?
Oh, so you move so fast
you seem invisible.
Impressive you can do it in formal wear.
Mm-hm. Takes most people a while
to figure that out.
Not bad.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Sheena.
- And I'm Kareena.
- We're thrilled...
- To meet you.
- So, what do you two do?
- Us?
- We have a way with...
- Gravity.
Really? What do you mean?
Kareena makes things... light.
And I make things... heavy.
I'll say it first, impressive.
We impressed Sal-Lee.
You change colour?
- I just got...
- Goosebumps.
And are you two
communicating telepathically?
Oh, don't worry.
I've spent a lot of time alone
with animals on my planet.
I can tell when they're communicating
without speaking too.
How'd you wind up on Para-Den, anyway?
- My mom wanted to live on a preserve.
- Wanted?
Before she passed away.
Way to ask too many personal questions,
It's okay, I was pretty young
when it happened.
Why did you call him Flyboy?
- He's the fastest pilot in the kingdom.
- Huh.
Heh. And an engineer, fine motor skills
and a brain. Double threat, right?
- I thought your only talent was waving.
- Ha, ha.
Speaking of talent,
you're the other hoverboarder, right?
Well, yes, not as fast as you, of course.
I've only won in regionals.
Dinner will now be served.
Please relocate to the dining area.
- Whoa.
- Yeah.
Huh? Oh. Ugh.
You're so far away.
Too far.
Guess we can wave to each other.
Hold on a second.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Together again.
- You can move things?
- Sort of.
Nice party trick.
Remind me to invite you
to my next boring palace dinner.
Doesn't using your powers for personal
gain go against some kind of rule?
You mean like going so fast
you appear out of nowhere?
Red, green or periwinkle?
- Periwinkle is...
- Our fave.
Red, green or periwinkle?
I'm more of a green man, myself.
Red, green or periwinkle?
Uh, red.
Whoa. It's so much better
than what I expected.
Why? Don't they have food
where you come from?
Oh. Of course, we do.
We have everything you have.
Uh... Uh...
Is everyone sarcastic where you come from?
What do you think? Yeah, pretty much.
Would I kid about that? I would.
But I'm not.
Oh, Pupcorn.
You're supposed to stay in the room.
- What is that?
- He's called a Pupcorn.
But he just hasn't popped yet.
My dad says he could be anything.
Hey, buddy.
You could wind up looking like
something in the king's zoo.
The king has a zoo?
Yeah, the biggest in the galaxy
filled with exotic animals.
So watch out,
your little Pupcorn could be next.
I'd like to see him try.
Now we will begin the dance.
- Ugh, how do you dance to a lullaby?
- This is how it's done at the palace.
Constantine's way.
- Let's dance.
- Uh... Aah!
Uh... Oh. Ha, ha.
- Ouch.
- Uh, sorry.
Can I help?
Ugh. Sorry, I don't seem
to have a sense of rhythm.
You're doing fine,
you just have to feel the beat.
Keep going.
Yeah, ha, ha.
If Constantine could see this,
he'd be very... angry.
What? Why? This is our party.
Constantine doesn't make
the rules on how to dance.
This is not how you dance.
But isn't there more than one way to...?
In this castle, I make the rules.
- He hates me.
- Barbie. Why would the king hate you?
You just got there.
Um, I kind of messed up at the dance.
I just acted first without thinking again.
Why do I always do that?
Remember the time you thought ketchup
and sour cream would be good together?
Well, I thought it would be disgusting,
and indeed it was.
Okay. You lost me.
You had an idea and you went for it
because you were curious.
Not because of what someone else thought.
You followed your instincts.
And now you eat ketchucream on everything.
Everyone messes up sometimes, Barbie.
But you're there fora reason.
- Trust yourself and you won't go wrong.
- Thanks, Dad.
Oh, hey.
I gotta go, Dad.
Ha, ha. Have fun.
Sal-Lee, hi.
Hi, Sal-Lee.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Just so you know, I prefer to train alone.
People and...
other things are distractions.
I know what you mean.
Back home, I was always losing focus
because of cute animals, right, Pupcorn?
But no problem,
I can do my own thing then.
No, it's cool, I've been at it
for a while anyway.
I could use the break.
All right.
I never would have imagined
that stars could disappear.
I just want to help fix them. If I can.
I came here for the stars as well.
When you travel as much as I do,
you forget what planet you're on.
The stars... The stars were always there.
They were the one steady thing in my life.
I'll do anything to bring them back.
I think it's time to call it a night.
We've got a long day ahead of us.
I've called upon all of you because
you are the best at what you do.
This mission will require you all
to be at your best.
It will take strength, determination,
You missed breakfast.
...and most of all...
being punctual.
Artemis, proceed.
As you all know, our galaxy has fallen out
of step with the universe.
According to the prophecy, if we
do not get the stars to dance again...
they will stop and disappear.
Which would be bad.
The good news is I have a plan
that will lead us to victory.
I must gain access to the heart
of the galaxy on the central planet.
Since there are many obstacles
in the way, I will need you for the journey.
Leo will pilot the dangerous route
to the central planet.
Where Sal-Lee and Barbie will fly Sheena
and Kareena through the orb fields...
so they may clear the way
to reach the heart of the galaxy...
and I will save us all.
This machine...
is my Stat-o-Tron.
It will create a high-voltage energy grid,
which will shock the stars back to order.
Oh, no. That's not gonna work.
You will be required to perform
strenuous training exercises...
including sparring...
- ...balance tests...
- I wonder if he's going to talk...
- ...right through lunch?
- Leo, Barbie...
thank you for volunteering
for a warm-up match.
I am so sorry.
This challenge will test your defensive
abilities, reflexes and agility.
It will end when one of you
is completely subdued...
or one of you falls out
of the designated area.
- Don't worry, I'll take it easy on you.
- Oh, yeah?
I had a lot of time to train on Para-Den.
- Go, Barbie.
- Go, Barbie.
Huh? Whoa.
- That's enough.
- That was astro-amazing.
Leo, you will be sitting out
the next test.
As for the rest of you...
the real test begins now.
I personally designed this course to train
you for this mission. Artemis.
We are on a course designed
for hoverboard races.
- Another competition?
- Ha. One I'm going to win.
It will make use of not only
your hoverboarding skills...
but Sheena and Kareena's
manipulation of gravity.
This course will mimic the challenges
you will face on the central planet.
Super gravity and anti-gravity zones...
asteroid mazes
and gravity-defying orb fields.
Now we'll really find out
who the best hoverboarder is.
- Ready.
- Let's do this.
You doing all right back there?
Hang on tight and follow my lead.
Huh, I've crushed tracks harder than this
when I was 5.
Hold on tight, it's gonna be a bumpy one.
Huh? Whoa.
- Whoa.
- Anti-gravity zone.
Sheena could totally control this
with her gravity powers.
- Sheena, time to work your magic.
- On it.
- Super gravity zone.
- Ugh.
- Have you got any magic for this one?
- Wrong twin.
- Kareena.
- Way ahead of you, Barbie.
Ugh, come on.
If we can't get past them,
we'll go over them.
- Wow.
- Wow.
That's right.
Ah! We can't keep...
- ...this up much longer.
- Whoa. Hang on, I have an idea.
- Sal-Lee.
- Sal-Lee. Let's work together.
Work together?
With both Sheena and Kareena,
the rest of this course will be a breeze.
Sheena, behind you.
- Ha. Not bad.
- Nice job, Sheena.
All right, let's do this.
- Go, team, go.
- Yes.
Whoa! Aah!
- Sal-Lee, we're going to throw Kareena.
- Throw me?
- Got her?
- Yep.
- Sheena.
- Aah!
They seem ready for anything.
I'm ready for dinner.
- What took you so long?
- Phew.
Glad that's over.
- Heh. What makes you think it's over?
- Wait. What?
- Sal-Lee!
- Whoa!
Sal-Lee wins the race.
- Whoa, are you all right?
- Don't worry, guys, I'm okay.
Barbie, uh...
I, um...
That was some good riding out there.
- Thanks, almost as good as you, right?
- Almost.
Oh, hey, Pupcorn.
- The king was pretty tough on us today.
- Huh?
Oh, hey. Yeah, I guess so.
- About what happened during the training.
- What was that?
I wanted to say...
thank you.
Anyway, your buddy's getting whiskers.
Wait, what? Pupcorn?
Oh, wow, he is.
You sound funny.
Don't worry, I love you no matter
what you look or sound like.
What in the galaxy?
You popped.
I didn't think you could get any cuter...
but you might be the cutest cat
I've ever seen.
You're growing up.
Ha, ha. Let's go show off
your transformation.
Pupcorn? What's wrong?
Huh. Looks like you traded in flying
for whiskers and a tail.
Pupcorn, you'll hurt yourself.
Oh. Don't worry.
We'll get you flying again.
So then he said,
"This is not how we dance."
Oh, no way. Did he really say that?
Hey, do you guys have a minute?
Pupcorn, wait.
Ha, ha. Hey, Pupcorn.
Pupcorn, wait...
King Constantine, sir.
I have found a small furry creature.
Does it belong to you, Barbie of Para-Den?
- Yes. Thank you.
- Sire?
Barbie. You should be in your room,
keeping to the schedule.
I'm heading back there now. I was only
building a machine to help my cat fly and...
Oh, you're right.
That's more important than being in bed...
so you don't sleep
through saving the galaxy.
- I...
- No excuses.
You see, there are rules,
and when we don't follow rules...
things don't go according to plan.
And when things
don't go according to plan, we fail.
Now, straight to your quarters.
I don't want to have this conversation
with you again.
- Galactically awesome.
- Awesome.
But did anyone see the fridge?
I'm sending you on one final test.
There is no room for error.
You will be travelling to a planet in
the more desolate reaches of our galaxy.
Here you will be searching
for a creature called a starlian.
A starlian?
They used to come to my planet.
You'll be capturing a starlian
and bringing it back to me.
- What? Why?
- A starlian creature...
Never mind that. My reasons are not
for you to know right now.
Just proceed.
Do you think the king wants the starlian
for his zoo?
- Who knows?
- Yes.
I can't wait to get
this ship up into space.
Ah. That new-ship smell. Can't beat it.
Don't worry.
Leo might fly right past the planet.
Okay, everyone, systems check.
- Navigation?
- Navigation online and operational.
Set a course for starlian space.
Ugh, I hate when she does that.
- Communications?
- Online and operational.
- Leo. You ready to pilot this thing?
- Affirmative.
We are good to go.
Barbie, engines?
All engines and boosters
charged and ready.
No pressure, Flyboy,
but all eyes are on you.
- Okay, Leo. Make us proud.
- I got this.
Let's see what this baby can do.
When Artemis said desolate...
- ...he meant desolate.
- He meant desolate.
I know.
Good thing we brought our own snacks.
Do you ever think about anything but food?
I think about sleeping,
so I can dream about eating.
Let's just catch the starlian.
We don't have much time.
Does she ever stop to take a breath?
This is the last known location
of the starlian.
We'll have to come up with something
to lure it into the trap.
Oh, I know.
We could use Leo as bait.
Come here, Leo.
- Whoa, whoa. Uh, hey, look over there.
- Huh?
- Leo, come here.
- Oh, ha, ha.
- Gotcha.
- Ugh.
Please don't feed me to the starlian,
if we ever find it.
- I wonder...
- Should I go be bait now?
Remember what I said
about feeling the beat?
- Uh...
- Just follow my lead.
Yeah. Ha, ha.
No. Wait.
- We got him.
- Yeah. We did it.
This isn't right.
You let it go?
I had to.
I just hope you know what you're doing.
Me too.
I told you to capture the creature.
- And we did. As a team.
- I see.
And did you deliberately let him go
"as a team"?
No. That was only me.
And why would you go against my orders?
A starlian cannot survive in a zoo.
Ah. I see.
You assumed he was going to be placed
in my zoo.
Um, yes.
I mean, why else would you want one?
You're sure you know everything,
don't you, Barbie?
I needed a starlian to guide us
to the centre of the galaxy.
They're the only creature who can
protect us from the magnetic storms.
But why didn't you say that?
I wouldn't have done what I did
if you had just explained...
Explain? I am the king.
I don't have to explain anything.
And here's a question for you:
Without a starlian, who's going to get us
safely to the centre of the galaxy?
- I don't know.
- You're released from this mission.
- What?
- No.
- But...
- Dismissed.
- You're dismissed for the evening.
- Sire.
With all due respect,
you can't cut Barbie.
She's what makes us a team.
- Yeah.
- We need her.
You might, but I don't. Dismissed.
Oh, Pupcorn. I ruined the mission.
I felt like I did the right thing,
but I put my friends in danger.
I put the whole galaxy in danger.
I know, Pupcorn.
I wish we could stay too...
but now I just don't know what to do.
My mom's locket.
Mom would have said to listen to my heart.
To listen.
That's it. I can fix it.
Pupcorn. I know what to do.
We could go around the magnetic storms...
and float in under a shield of some sort.
Attempted and failed 102 years ago.
What about setting
the ship off auto-pilot...
and guiding it ourselves
with the ancient star maps?
Also attempted and failed, 57 years ago.
That's when the starlian creatures
were first tested.
But we don't have a starlian creature.
We have to think of something else.
- Intergalactic gold medallist, Sal...
- Yes, yes, I can see that.
- I'm very busy, what is it?
- You need to reinstate Barbie.
I know she doesn't follow the rules
perfectly, but her instincts are right.
Why are you defending her?
You're a champion.
- She's not your equal.
- No. She's not.
She's better. Barbie's a leader.
She has heart.
Barbie of Para-Den.
I want to apologise
for putting the mission at risk.
I realised I made a mistake.
I assumed, and I put us all in danger.
I'm not apologising
for doing what I felt was right.
It was wrong to try and force
the starlian to help us...
- ...when all we really had to do was ask.
- Ask? It's a wild animal.
- You don't simply walk up and ask.
- Try telling him that.
See, you have to let her back.
I will not be told what to do.
I am the king.
Shh. It's okay. It's okay.
I have reconsidered my position.
You are reinstated in the team.
- I am?
- Yes.
One more thing. Barbie is team leader now.
Yes, yes. Fine. Now, out of my sight.
We have to go tell the team
that you're back.
Nice pink streak, by the way.
It's back.
It just hasn't been the same
without you, Barbie.
- We're so glad you're back.
- Thanks, guys.
So tomorrow's the big day.
- Is anyone else... terrified?
- A little terrified?
I didn't want to be the one to say anything,
but, yeah, no pressure, right?
It's like the night before I placed
gold at the Solar Games.
Don't tell me, you flew really fast
to warm up for winning.
No. I was awake all night,
I was so scared of failing.
- But I didn't have anyone to tell.
- You do now.
I found a guitar
And I'm playing for my friends
But I think Barbie would be better
- Will you play us a song?
- Yeah. Ha, ha.
- Yeah.
- All right, that would be great.
When I was a little girl, my mom used to
sing this song to me when I was scared.
I kept it in this locket.
I can be anything I dream
Live a life that's made for me
I'll light up the whole world
I'll be shining bright
Anything is possible
When I look into my heart
Oh, oh, oh
I'm a shooting star
When I'm down feeling scared
I know I should take a chance
The world is sitting right here
In the palm of my hands
I'm flying higher than before
Giving up is not a choice
Push the doubt aside
And step into the spotlight
La-la, la-la-la
La-la, la-la-la
La-la, la-la-la, oh
I can be anything I dream
Live a life that's made for me
I'll light up the whole world
I'll be shining bright
Anything is possible
When I look into my heart
Oh, oh, oh
I'm a shooting star
I can be anything I dream
Live a life that's made for me
I'll light up the whole world
I'll be shining so bright
Anything is possible
When I look into my heart
Oh, oh, oh
I'm a shooting star
We are, we are, we are
Shooting stars
Lock on to the starlian
and set a course for the central planet.
- Activating Velocity Impact Shield.
- Velocity Impact Shield.
The starlian will be protected
when we hit light speed.
All engines and thrusters ready to engage.
- Activating warp drive.
- Punch it, Leo.
All systems stable, we'll be at
the central planet in no time.
I'm so close. The people must know
I saved the galaxy.
- Yes, sire.
- I hope this works.
Pupcorn. How did you get here?
I wasn't about to let Pupcorn
miss all the fun.
Barbie. We're almost at our destination.
All right, everyone,
let's stand by for arrival.
- Optimizing shields for deceleration.
- Dropping engine speed.
Don't panic.
The starlian knows what to do.
He's protecting us from all that... stuff.
We'd be toast without him.
We're here. The central planet.
I was expecting something more...
- Impressive?
- Attractive?
- Yeah.
- Enough gawking. Take us in.
- You ready for this?
- Oh, I'm always ready.
Here we go.
We need to find a place to land.
We're gonna have to walk
the rest of the way.
So, what's our next move, Your Majesty?
It's almost time, Stat-o-Tron.
- Sire?
- Oh!
- The plan?
- Ahem, yes.
First we must travel past
our most dangerous obstacle.
The orb fields.
- Wow.
- Whoa.
Looks like bubble gum. Ow!
Feels like electricity.
- Are you all right?
- Uh-huh.
- Don't touch the pink ones.
- Ready, everyone?
- Of course...
- We are.
Good, let's go, just like we practised.
Uh, so I just wait here?
Why do I get the feeling
I'm not going to like this?
The path is clearing.
Oh! Ha!
- What's happening?
- It started a chain reaction.
Don't worry, we got you.
Higher, Pupcorn. Higher.
We're almost through.
It's a dead end.
Spread out and look,
there should be a doorway.
Doorway, doorway.
Hey, this looks like a button.
Should I push it?
Doorway, no.
- I'm gonna push it.
- Button? No. Wait.
Pupcorn? We're floating.
Okay, everyone, don't panic.
Okay, maybe start panicking.
Hey, you're upside down.
No, you're upside down.
There's no gravity in here.
Can you use your powers to take us
down closer to the centre of the planet?
We sure can.
Unh! What are you waiting for?
Get on with it.
- It's...
- Stunning.
I've never seen anything like it.
We're here, the heart of the galaxy.
We haven't much time. Keep moving.
Sire, don't you think
we should look around a little first?
Your job is done here, Barbie.
Now step aside while I save the galaxy.
It does work.
I don't understand.
It's only getting worse.
It needs more power.
Do you hear it?
It's a song.
Whoa. Can you believe it?
It's so, so...
And to think all we had to do
was look up and dance.
Not bad for a girl from the edge
of the galaxy.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you. Bye.
Thank you.
The magnetic storms have cleared now.
It's so beautiful now.
It really is beautiful.
What you did back there was erratic,
irresponsible and dangerous.
I've warned you that acting without a plan
could lead to disaster.
However, you did ensure
that the galaxy has a future.
For that you have my thanks.
You and I are very different, Barbie.
But that might not be all bad.
- Everything good?
- Better.
Let's head back to the castle.
I can't believe
you're late for your own party.
You didn't have to wait for me.
They're cheering for you.
They're cheering for us.
Pupcorn, you're not supposed to be here.
Dad. I'm so glad you're here.
I'm so proud of you, starlight.
Excuse me, "Princess Starlight."
Yeah, I'm not ready for that.
I don't know why the king declared
that I'm now a princess.
May I speak to Princess Starlight
for a moment?
Or that.
- Catch you later, Your Majesty.
- Princess.
It would be a great honour
if you would stay on Oppa-Irri.
The people of the galaxy
would love to see you here.
I don't know if I'm ready for that yet.
I question things, I still act before I think.
Yes. Well, no one is perfect.
But please do consider my offer.
There are many things
I could learn from you.
- Hmm, okay. Wanna dance?
- What?
- I never dance.
- Ha, ha. Come on, it's easy.
- Even Leo can do it.
- Me?
You just gotta feel the beat.
Get up
Nobody sitting down right now
- Now, oh, yeah
- Oh, yeah
Ain't nothing wrong
With a little bit of love, yeah
Love, yeah
- Now, oh, yeah
- Oh, yeah
Now, who says that we can't have
A little bit of fun, yeah
Come on, now
Now, hey, hey, hey, hey
Tell me, what's your excuse now?
And thanks to Barbie,
who was the one after all...
everyone lived happily ever after.
Just gotta feel the groove, now
Now, it's all up to