Bardaasht (2004) Movie Script

Come and match...
Come and match your
steps with mine.
Whatever is your condition,
it's the same with me.
Match your steps with mine.
My heart is a poet. If it wishes,
then it can be done.
I'm a lover, if I get my loved
one, then I'm at peace.
A fun-filled song can
brighten up everything.
Whatever is your path,
it's mine, too.
Match your steps with mine.
I'm intoxicated, my heart
beats with intoxication.
I wander like my piercing gaze.
There's more of anxiety, love
increases my desires.
This year doesn't seem to
end, such is my state.
Move aside, pal! Please move aside.
Aditya, Anuj is in the hospital.
Which hospital?
She screamed so loudly that I...
It's good that he dropped her
home, else she would've...
Anuj's brother.
Hello, brother.
- Aditya Srivastava.
The patient inside is...
- He's my brother.
Since when does he have
this asthma problem?
Since he was 6 years old.
And his addiction to alcohol
and cigarettes? - What?
Look, Mr. Aditya, whether your
brother does it with your knowledge...
...or he does it without your
knowledge, his problem... going to increase
in both the conditions.
He was somehow saved this time.
But considering his condition...
You were with Anuj. You know that
he has asthmatic problem.
Why didn't you stop him from
smoking and drinking?
You brought him till here.
Here onwards, I can take
care of him myself.
Since ACP Thakur has been
posted here, crime has...
...reduced by 25-30% and above that...
This is your college fees
and this is the... that you wanted
for the books.
Call me up if you
need anything else.
I'll get it while returning
in the evening.
Brother, I was thinking that if
you're going to the office then...
Ok. I'll drop you on my
way. Drink the juice.
It would have been better
had you slapped me.
Why are you punishing
me by keeping quiet?
Isn't it that you don't want
me to drink any longer?
Then why don't you tell
it to me, yourself.
I'm afraid that you
would argue with me.
Now that you've grown old.
But remember one thing, Anuj. Your
life isn't yours, but mine.
You've to live, if not for
yourself, then for my sake.
I've brought you up
with my own hands.
Since our parents death.
Do you know, Anuj...
Do you know, Anuj, I've no
one else in this world.
I won't be able to
live without you.
Whether you love me or not,
I love you a lot.
Brother, I'm sorry.
Don't take my words lightly, Anuj.
Stop roaming around with
your spoilt friends.
Else, one day...
- Ok, brother. I'll take care.
C'mon go. You're getting late.
Our brother has come. After
being scolded by his brother.
No, I'm not in the mood.
Bharadwaj's man had come.
He was saying that the...
...question papers would be in
the principal's locker tonight.
If we somehow manage to copy
the question papers and...
...give it to him then he's ready
to pay up to Rs.15000.
No, pal. You manage it yourself.
I won't be with you, this time.
Why are you ruining our
lives with your problem?
Yes, Anuj. They're telling
the right thing.
And they know it very well that
this isn't possible without you.
Moreover, your brother forbids
you from drinking and smoking.
Not from committing scams.
Ok. If we've to earn money,
then we've to do so... nicely as possible. Tell
Bharadwaj that the job will be done.
But not 15, I want Rs.20000.
Your brother hasn't taken the
question papers out of the locker...
...but he has locked
his future, forever.
The boy who can steal things
for a small amount of money...
...what's the guarantee
that he won't...
...murder someone for more money?
Anuj, will never do like this,
sir. Whatever he...
...has done, he has done
it due to ignorance.
Our job is to educate students,
not to shelter criminals.
Hadn't I cared for your
dignity, then I...
...would've handed him
over to the police.
But looking at your
previous record...
...I'm just rusticating
him from the college.
No, sir. Don't do like
that. I promise... that he won't do
such a thing again.
If he's accused of this act,
once, then no college...
...will give him admission. It's
a question of his career.
Tell him to write an application
to the enquiry committee.
I'll try to do whatever I can. But
before that, he has to tell us...
...the names of all his friends
who were with him that night.
I won't be able to do
anything without it.
Ok, sir. Just give
him a day's time.
All his friends' name will be
given to you, by tomorrow.
C'mon write their names. Those
who were with you that night.
Didn't you listen?
Write their names.
I won't betray my friends.
What nonsense are you talking?
Those who make you steal, those
who make you do wring things... you call them your friends?
Whatever it is, brother,
I can't betray them.
You can betray your career.
You can betray your life.
You can even betray your brother.
I haven't betrayed anyone, brother.
I did whatever I felt was right.
Had you known about the
right and the wrong...
...then you wouldn't have done so.
I want to make something
out of you, and...'re becoming something else.
Anuj, if you needed money,
then you could've asked me.
Do you know what would've happened
hadn't I come there, today?
What would've happened?
At the most, they would've
thrown me out of college.
Let them do that. Anyway,
I'm not too keen to study.
I'll do some small job.
- What'll you do?
Will you steal? Will you burgle?
Or will you form a gang with them?
Remember one thing, I won't
lower my head for you.
We're decent people. And I won't
let you ruin the honor...
...of our family, while I'm alive.
Don't try to advise me on the
basis of our family, brother.
The name of our family was
ruined on the very day...
...that you fled from
the battlefield.
I was thrown out of college,
but you were humiliated...
...publicly and fired from your job.
You are feeling humiliated just
because of this small act of mine.
Till date, I had to bow my head
with shame due to your action.
You're a coward. And I don't want... listen to the
advice of a coward.
Did you listen?
Sir, we were informed about 4-5,
but here, there're 15-20.
Shall we call for the backup force?
The backup force would
take time to arrive.
The way he risked his life to
capture those terrorists...
...we should be proud
of such an officer.
You're the best person in this
party. Everyone's talking about you.
You don't have any value for me.
These small adventures
are not going to help.
My expectations are a little high.
I know that you'll achieve
something great.
That too, will be done. But I
need to be motivated for that.
What are you doing?
Father will notice.
Then let him see. If he sees his
daughter kissing the bravest...
...officer of his regiment,
then he'll be pleased.
Don't stop meeting me.
Even when angry, don't
break up with me.
I'm a heartless person, darling.
Don't think about it.
I'm lost in your love...
all day and night.
Life isn't acceptable
to me... without you.
Lovelorn, my heart
is crazy about you.
It's the loveliest, this
relation of ours.
O beloved one! Don't build this
relationship with someone else.
In your love... I believe.
Without you this life... is nothing.
In the house of dreams,
in these colors...'ve brought me.,
to these lanes of love.
O dear one! Don't leave me after...
...bringing me to the
middle of the road.
This is the road through
which the enemy spies...
...enter our country, in some
disguise or the other.
We've got information that one
of their most dangerous spies... the guise of a cowherd,
is going to...
...cross the border with
some secret information.
We've to somehow get hold
of that secret information.
I don't want to take any kind of
a risk, that's why I'm giving...
...the command to Major
Aditya Srivastava.
Captain Ajay Sharma and 2 soldiers
are with you in this operation.
This is a small child.
This small child is the messenger.
The message must be in
the pouch in his neck.
This child doesn't know
that someone is utilizing him.
It's the CO's order that
we shoot the messenger.
We can snatch the
message from this child.
And also find out
who has sent him here.
This isn't the order. The
order is to shoot the child.
I think, they use some mode or
the other to send the message.
We aren't killing the child,
we're killing the mode.
He isn't a child for us,
he's just an enemy.
I don't find an
enemy in that child.
I can give my life for my duty...
...but I can't take the
life of an innocent one.
Do you know the consequences?
- Whatever are the consequences.
Forget what happened.
I've spoken to dad about it. You
just sign this apology letter.
Dad will take care
of everything else.
You know that whatever
I've done, I've done it right.
Yet you want me to apologize?
No, Payal. If I
apologize today, to save my job...
...then I won't be able to raise
my head for the rest of my life.
It isn't a question of
your job, but of our life
If you don't apologize today, then
you'll be court-martial led tomorrow.
You'll be publicly humiliated.
And those who sing praises of your
courage today will hate you tomorrow.
That's why I've called you here.
I'm leaving this city,
forever, tomorrow.
And I want to take
you along with me.
I won't be able to
convince my father.
You know that he always wanted to
get me married to an army officer.
He's furious with what you've done.
I won't be able to convince him.
The ball is in your court, now.
No, Payal, the ball is
still in your court.
The army court will
give its verdict tomorrow.
But I want to listen to
your decision, today itself.
I understand your problem.
I know that this isn't that easy.
But I don't have much time.
Whatever be your decision,
I won't complain about it.
Not only did Major
Srivastava refuse to obey...
...his commanding officer,
but also argued with him.
In fact, he didn't even let
Captain Sharma fulfill his orders.
The result of this was
that the enemies crossed...
...the border along with
the secret documents.
Yes, brother.
- Is Anuj with you?
No. Why?
Nothing. I had just scolded him.
Maybe he is upset about that.
He didn't return home all night.
And didn't even call me up.
I thought that he must be with you.
Don't worry, where can he go? I'll
call up other friends and find out.
The college will start in a few
hours, he'll surely come there.
But this has never happened,
Whatever happens, he
surely comes to college.
He has met me yesterday evening.
He was a little upset.
He didn't tell me anything,
even when I asked.
But he asked me for a coin,
to call up someone.
Aslam had seen him near the
phone booth at around 4 - 4.30.
Whom was he talking to? - Don't
know whom he was talking to.
But then he saw Anuj going
somewhere in a rickshaw.
Don't worry, brother.
We'll find him for you.
Yes, brother. We'll
keep you informed.
We'll inform you when we find out.
Hiranandani's had called
up from Mayeker's Tumor's.
They wanted to go to Malaysia
through us, via Singapore.
They're a group of 60, sir.
And we've given our quotations.
But they wanted to talk to you.
Shall I call them up?
Sir, what should I
tell the Hiranandani's?
Who's Hiranandani?
You please come later.
What's the problem?
Sir, I want to file a complaint.
- Then wait. What's the hurry?
Even Tendulkar isn't
in such a hurry. Wait.
That's like it!
I'm not able to understand
one thing, what's your problem?
My brother is
missing since last night.
This Sawant's wife too was missing.
He too, had to file a complaint.
Later on, he came
to know that she fought...
...with him and went
to her father's house.
Call up his friends,
you'll come to know.
I've asked his friends.
What's his age?
What happened? - I told him to
play carefully. Not to act smart.
Now go to hell.
A 21 year old boy is missing.
Not a 16 year old girl.
Then why's he
repeatedly banging my table?
Will you file my complaint or not?
I'll tackle him first.
Since when is your brother missing?
No one has seen him since
4pm in the evening, yesterday.
Do you know anything about the law?
I can't file any complaint before
24 hours, since he went missing.
And there's still 2
hours left for 4pm.
Get lost now. Come after 4pm.
And if you bang on my table
once again, then along with...
...your brother, you,
too, will be found missing.
C'mon! Move!
Your brother will come back,
sir. Drink this water.
This age is like that, sir.
In this age, most of the people
forget the road to their homes.
My name is Mehmood.
Everyone calls me Mehmood bhai.
Drink that water.
Tell me the name.
I told you. Aditya... - Not yours,
but of the missing person.
- Sawant, did you take my pen?
What will I do with your pen?
Tell me the name.
Yadav, did you bet on Tendulkar?
- Don't irritate me.
Don't know what has
happened to this Indian team.
They've been bribed.
Forget their money. Give me mine.
- You won't change.
Here take it. Count it! Count it!
Tell me tomorrow's rates.
- 1 for 2 on New Zealand.
Brother... - What if
Tendulkar scores a century?
Rs.5000 cash, on the spot.
What if he gets out?
- Party. - Party?
You always take my money,
and you'll give me a party?
Will you register
my complaint or not?
You've made a joke of it.
I've been begging you
for the past 2.5 hours.
My brother hasn't returned home
since yesterday evening.
And you're more interested
in cricket?
What does the govt. Pay you for?
For helping the people,
or for watching cricket?
What's happening, Yadav?
Sir, this man...
Sir, I'll tell you.
I've been trying for
the past 2 hours to...
...register a complaint
for my missing brother.
But no one is willing
to even listen to me.
Can I ask you something?
Who'll be responsible if
something happens to my brother?
Come with me.
Mehmood, order for some tea.
I apologize to you on
behalf of all my men.
Butt believe me, every
policeman isn't like that.
I'm just thinking of my brother,
at the moment.
Is he younger to you?
- Yes.
We had a fight, sir.
Actually, he never
talks to me in a high tone.
Actually, I scolded
him a bit too much.
But even then, he
should've come back home.
I asked all his friends.
But none of them know about him.
I'm not able to understand anything.
I've searched everywhere for him.
What do you mean by everywhere?
College, canteen, his
friends' houses... - Hospitals?
God forbid that
something happens to him.
But it's possible that he
may have met with and accident...
...or have tried to harm himself.
Don't get tensed, I'm just
discussing the possibilities.
Do you have any photograph of his?
I forgot it in my purse.
It's alright. You
register the complaint outside...
...and give us his details, and
send his photo as soon as possible.
We'll begin our search.
In the mean time, you call up some
hospitals and enquire about him.
Did you admit any casualty case?
Check in the emergency.
He must be around 22 years old.
No. He isn't fat.
Amit, is brother there?
- Yes, he is.
Why? Did you find out anything?
Give him the phone, I've to talk
about something important to him.
Do one thing. Come here with..., as soon as possible.
- Where?
It's just a doubt.
If you see with your own...
...eyes, then you
won't be afraid anymore.
Brother, will you show
him the body, just once?
Is this an exhibition of corpses?
You come alone once, come along
with your friend the other time.
Go now. Come in the morning.
Brother, please.
He's his elder brother.
Please, sir. Just
open it for 2 minutes.
Hurry up. If I miss my
last train because of you...
...then I'll charge
the taxi fare from you.
Do I have to send you an
invitation for coming in?
Come in and see the
face of the corpse.
I can't stand in front of
this corpse all my life.
He has been
encountered in a drug case.
He has been shot by a govt. Bullet.
He was wandering about aimlessly.
The police bore a 2 inch
hole in him and put him to rest.
Now look, how he's
stinking like a rotten dog.
Clothes, watch, ID card,
and his wallet.
We found all these
things on the dead body.
Please sign here.
The brother who used to sit on
your shoulders, since his childhood...
...taking that same
brother to the...
...graveyard on your shoulder,
is a difficult task.
You need courage for that.
May God give you the courage!
What's the name of the dead person?
- Anuj Srivastava.
What's the name of the dead person's
father? - Late Dinanath Srivastava.
Immerse the remains.
- I can't do this.
I can't immerse the remains of a
person who was into drug trafficking.
The police doesn't
spend lakhs of rupees... train us to kill young people.
I'll immerse his remains, the
day he is my younger brother.
At the age of 10,
you'll have to fulfill...
...the duties of a
father and a brother.
From today, I handover
Anuj's responsibility to you.
Keep his reins tight,
I know that he won't do...
...anything that will ruin
the honor of our family.
I had promised my father.
My Anuj could never
do such a thing.
I know that he can never
do such a disgraceful thing.
But I have to prove
this to the world now.
I won't let my Anuj leave this
world in such a disgraceful manner.
Won't let it go.
My brother doesn't smuggle drugs.
I'm very sure about it.
Either the police have
a misunderstanding or he has...
...been trapped in a conspiracy.
- See, criminals don't have it...
...written on their faces
that they are criminals.
My brother was not a criminal.
I'm very sure about it.
He was caught red handed.
It is mentioned in the police
reports clearly that he was...
...running with 1/2 kg of drugs.
That is why I'm telling
you that give me a copy...
...of the report. I want to know
the complete truth about this.
Look, don't try to mess
around with the police.
I've told you, we cannot give
you a copy of the report.
Why can't you give it? Am I not
entitled to know the truth?
I want to know what really
happened to my brother.
Why was it necessary to shoot
him not once but thrice?
Where did the incident take place?
Other than the police was there any
other witness present at that moment?
I want to know what happened...
- Your brother was a criminal.
And he got what a hardcore criminal
deserves in a police encounter.
Look, this is an official matter.
If we start giving a copy of the
reports to the criminal's... then we have to open
a new department for it.
Your brother's case has been closed.
Now you can go home and
let us do our work.
But sir, you...
- Enough!
Last time I helped you out as I
thought you were a decent man.
But if you raise your
voice one more time...
...then I have to treat
you in the same way... we treat the elder brothers
of other criminals.
You two come with me.
Sir, have a strong heart and
forget about everything.
If you try to scratch
a wound it won't heal...
...but it will open up again.
Let your brother's ashes cool down.
The more you try to bring
it out it will hurt more.
My heart still doesn't agree
with it, brother Mehmood.
The charges that they have
put upon my brother...
...that can never be true.
I don't understand how did
he reach Byculla...
...that too with the trucks.
Brother Mehmood, you
have to help me.
There must be a copy to this
report in the police records.
Just get me a copy of that report.
I want to read it myself.
Just think it in this way
that this is the last...
...opportunity to meet my brother.
I know, sir.
I know very well about your
love for your brother.
I just met him for a little
while. He was a nice lad.
You go now, sir. I'll try my best.
If it's possible...
...then within two days you'll
have the copy of that report.
Thank you, brother Mehmood.
Sir, some policeman had come.
He didn't give his name. Just
gave this and went away.
Stop! I'm telling you
stop or we'll shoot.
I'm telling you stop or we'll
be forced to shoot you.
And when our team reached
by the car, he was dead.
I just met him for a little
while. He was a nice lad.
Look, I have told you
everything that I knew.
You know something,
brother Mehmood.
Something that you
are hiding from me.
According to the police report
someone had tipped them.
They chased Anuj by car.
He didn't stop his car.
So they were forced
to shoot at him...
...which resulted in his death.
If all this is true then
where did you meet Anuj?
I... I... I didn't meet him.
I just saw his corpse.
If you didn't meet him
before his death...
...then how could you say
that he was a nice lad.
Brother Mehmood, I can't
bring my brother back.
But if you answer my question then... might free him
from the wrong accusation.
That day you were saying...
- I was not in my senses that day.
I don't know what I blabbered
on that day.
Whatever those three
people have written... the report is the truth.
I don't know anything else.
Brother Mehmood, please.
Look, I'm a family man. I did
whatever I could do for you.
Now do me a favor. After today
don't try to meet me.
One minute sir.
Where do you want go?
- Room no. 201.
201? Room no. 201 is locked.
Mr. Saxena has left the
room a long time back.
Do you know where he went?
I can't tell you that, sir.
I'm not permitted for it.
Look, I have to meet him,
it's very urgent.
If you want you can talk
to the secretary...
...he has informed me not to
give any one the address.
Look, I'm coming from
the insurance company.
I have a draft with me on his name.
If I don't meet him, then
he'll lose Rs. 5 lakhs.
And you will lose Rs. 500.
Thank you, sir.
- Is Mr. Saxena here?
Who are you?
- Aditya Shrivastav.
Come in.
But who are you?
I'm the elder brother of Anuj.
Ramona is not at home right now.
Look, you must have known by now
what happened to my brother.
Ramona was his friend.
Can I meet her and...
Ramona cannot meet anyone. The
Doctor has asked her to rest.
But what happened to her?
She is in a deep shock
due to Anuj's death.
If she sees you then she'll
remember everything again.
So, please. You leave this place.
Look... - Look Mister,
your brother is dead.
But my daughter is still alive.
Leave her as she is.
So please go away from here.
- But sir... - I'm telling you...
...please go away from here.
I'm Aditya, Anuj's elder brother.
I... I don't know any Anuj.
Don't say like that. Ramona.
I came all the way from
Mumbai to meet you.
With Anuj... - I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything.
I don't know any Anuj.
I don't know anything.
I don't know any Anuj.
I don't know anything.
I'm not here to trouble you.
You were in love with Anuj...
That's why I came to meet
you with just one hope.
When he was alive I couldn't
understand him.
And after his death I want to
know everything about him.
Was he really a drug-smuggler?
If yes, then I don't have
any regrets with life.
If this is a lie then I
want to clear his blame.
And I want your help to do this.
I'm staying in hotel Duke's.
If by tomorrow morning I
don't get your answer...
...then I'll quietly go away.
If your love for Anuj
was true...
...then you'll definitely
come to meet me.
I knew that you would
Definitely come.
That day after he fought
with you he came to me.
He used to love you so much.
Maybe that's why he couldn't
bear it any more.
He was very disturbed.
Whenever he was in a bad mood...
...we used to go out for a drive.
On that day too, we did the same.
I didn't want to hurt
brother's feelings.
But, I spoke to him in a rage.
It's alright Anuj, it happens
when you are angry.
Your brother also takes cares that
you don't do any thing wrong.
Ramona, whenever I try
to do something nice...
...something or the other goes wrong.
I don't understand
how this could happen.
Don't worry Anuj, I'm sure that
brother will forgive you.
No Ramona. Maybe this time he
won't be able to forgive me.
I'm sure that brother
will forgive you.
Everything will be fine.
What is going on here, brother?
What is going on here?
Why are staring at us like this?
- What is your problem?
Working out on a girl so late
in the night in the car.
And you are asking us
what the problem is.
Come out of the car. Come out
and I'll tell you everything... detail what the
problem is. Come out.
What are you doing
here at this hour?
I was just talking. I was just...
- License, papers to the car.
You were just talking? Didn't
you get any other place?
Come on. Give your license. - Why
is there any rule that... can't talk here?
Give your license!
Look, I'm a law student. You can't
misbehave with me like this.
You are a law student
but not the law.
Being a law student is very good.
But teaching law to the
law that's very bad.
Look, I was sitting here with
my friend... - License!
He doesn't have it, sir.
- Yadav, search him.
Nothing, sir.
- Search her too.
How can you search
a woman like this?
Why? Madam likes women
touching her than men.
You can't do this. You cannot
misuse your position this way.
Yadav, put him in the car.
On what charges? - I'll show
you on what charges. C'mon.
Charge no. 1. Romancing late
night in a public place.
Charge no. 2. Denying to come
to the police station...
...after getting caught.
Charge no. 3
- Give bad words to an officer...
...attack on them and threatening
them to kill them.
That too after getting drunk.
I'm not drunk but you all are.
4. Raising your voice in front
of ACP Yashwant Thakur.
These are all lies.
Raising your voice in
front of the ACP?
Raise your voice in front
of me, huh? You...
Please do something.
Or they'll kill him.
What happened?
Let him go.
You want to start your
romance again. C'mon.
I have kept the
medicine in the car.
Anuj has asthma.
This is the police station madam.
After coming here they start
to have asthma and diarrhea.
He will die.
We won't let him die so easily.
There's lot's more to happen.
Call my brother.
I'll call your brother now.
Let him go, sir. He's a kid.
Please, take him to the hospital.
Sir, he's dead.
What rubbish are you talking?
You all have killed my Anuj.
Let me think.
Hey, put him in.
Let her go, sir. She
is already dead now.
Why to kill her?
Your daughter's lover,
Anuj Shrivastav...
...was killed in a police encounter
a few moments ago.
He was drug runner. Your daughter
was also with him.
What happened to my daughter?
- Nothing happened to your daughter.
She's just in a little shock.
My name is ACP Yashwant Thakur.
Now, listen carefully to
whatever I am going to say.
Did you get your daughter?
- Yes.
Now quietly take her away.
Think as if you two are
now departed from Mumbai.
Don't tell any one or I'll kill
your daughter too. Understood?
If this city sleeps in
the night peacefully...
...that is because of officers
like ACP Thakur.
Don't you ever
feel scared, yourself?
I'm scared... but not for my life.
I'm afraid that no criminal
should escape from my hands.
I have to compliment you, officer.
Your work is a very courageous one.
Making a fake case of a single boy...
...then forging his encounter
very well.
After hearing about
your brave deeds...
...and listening to the compliments
of these people... must feel very
proud of yourself.
By the way, has your department
...your name for the medal or not?
Hey, what rubbish are you talking?
Who let him in? Security,
take him away.
Yashwant Thakur, you
must have shot many...
...innocent people like Anuj.
But from now on you won't be safe.
Because no one had an elder brother
named Aditya Shrivastav.
Whether this city sleeps peacefully.
But from now on you won't
sleep peacefully.
This is my promise to you,
an elder brother's promise.
If I don't stop your misuse
of your position...
...then I'll change my name
from Aditya Shrivastav.
You have done a great job. That ACP
was nervous in front of you, sir.
What do you think those cheap
goons will get punishment?
That is what I am trying.
- Do you want to change the system?
I am not fighting with the system,
but with those 3 officers.
What will your next step be?
To ask for justice.
- Will you get it?
Let's see.
I want to get a report
to be written.
You must not be having a pen. - Huh!
Whose report do you want written?
- The murder of my brother.
Will you write the report
or should I come...
...after 2 hrs, or 4 hrs, or 6 hrs.
What rubbish you are talking?
What report do you want written?
When your brother has
not been murdered...
...then whom will
you get prosecuted?
Now within 2 minutes, get
lost from here otherwise...
...I will make such a case,
and put you in prison...
...that full life you will...
Why did you stop?
Whatever you have to say,
say in front of them.
They should also know, how you
shut the mouth of people...
...who ask for justice.
ACP Thakur, I have come here
as a common citizen... get a report written, of the
murder of my younger brother.
Will the police write my report?
Yadav, write his report.
The name of the person, who
is dead. - Anuj Shrivastav.
Whom is the complaint
against? - You.
What happened? Have you
forgotten your name?
I will remind you, Sunil Yadav,
Yashwant Thakur.
Deepak Sawant, these three have
collectively murdered my brother.
I hope that the police will do
their duty with total sincerity.
Sir, sir, sir, tell
us something at least.
Sir, how much truth is there in
what Mr. Shrivastav is saying?
Look, look... - No comments.
It is a shame for our state,
that 3 officers of yours...
...have become the center of
attention, in the media.
Their deeds are being flung
here by the opposition.
You'll are making the mistakes,
and we have to lower our heads.
Letters are coming from everywhere.
I want a clear report of Anuj
Srivastav as soon as possible
Vinayak Sathe, Home minister,
Maharashtra state.
What the hell is this happening?
What am I suppose to say to...
...the home minister?
This sort of thing has never ever
occurred in my career span of...
...30 years. In order to save the
innocent people I used to...
...cease fire for the criminals.
And today my own department... being accused
of high handedness.
It's all happening because
of that guy, sir!
He doing all this to attract
the media's attention.
I don't have anything to do with
that guy. I want to know it from... own officers as
to what is the truth?
You are aware of my
past record, sir! - One minute!
Yadav, you tell me.
Tell me whether this is true...
...or just a lie? Look, Yadav, you
don't have to get scared from...
...anyone. If you tell me the truth
then maybe I can help you out.
It's a lie, sir! It's
an absolute lie!
The guy is just accusing, sir.
He wants to defame, A.C. P sir.
It's a lie, sir. Absolute lie.
Fine! No doubt I will get to know
what's true and what's not.
But, keep it in mind. If at all any
evidence is produced against... in the court then I will be
the first to act against you.
It was the first instance when
someone insulted me so much.
I feel like shutting the mouth
of the Commissioner.
If you really want to do then
shut that guy's mouth, sir.
If he reaches the court then the
Commissioner will disrobe us...
...and send us back to our homes.
Sawant, is right, sir.
Let's set an accident. Let's put
his house on fire. Sir, I feel like...
We cant do anything! We cant do
anything! That guy is too... He is moving
along with the media.
The matter is with the, Home
Minister. If an accident really...
...takes place then we will be
held responsible for that.
Then what should we do? Sit idle
and watch him going to the...
...court. Or meekly
go to the gallows.
He won't go to the court.
- And why wouldn't he?
The fear of policemen is much
intense than their beatings.
Rascal, you file a complaint
against us in our own station.
You want to take us to the court!
You brothers have the same
blood I suppose, huh?
Even he wasn't listening
to us just like you.
What happened to him? He
died like a stray dog.
Even then If you wont listen to
us then maybe you might face...
...the same situation. He had an
elder brother to light his pyre...
...but you don't even have that hope.
Until now I was living for my
brother. But from now I am... to seek vengeance for his
death. Listen it properly...
...Yashwant! Until I don't get
a capital punishment for you...
...people from the court; death
means no harm to me.
Bloody rascal!
Mr. Aditya Srivastav,
sir is waiting for you.
Mr. Rastogi, you don't have worry.
I am here for you. One...
...minute, I will get back to you.
Please come.
Aditya Srivastav, please be seated.
Well done! Keep it up.
I am really impressed with your
response against the police.
I have become a fan of yours.
You see, it's quiet enjoyable.
Anyway. Tell me what will you have?
- Your help!
You are the most reputed lawyer in
this city. If you handle Anuj's... Then I am sure his culprits
will surely be punished.
Mr. Srivastav, the nation
needs young men like you.
Where is the persistence, courage,
enthusiasm and the...
...will in young people of today's
generation that you posses of.
If you hadn't come to me then
I would have come to you and...
...told that I will
handle this case.
Thank you, sir. Sir, your fee-
Why are you embarrassing me? I
don't want any fees from you.
It's for the first time that some
one has raise his voice against...
...the police and the system.
Mr. Srivastav, I want to join
my voice along with yours.
Payal, he is, Mr. Aditya Srivastav.
And she is, Payal, my junior. You
can give all the details of...
...your case to her.
Payal - Yes sir.
His name was, Anuj.
He squabbled with me and left
the house on the afternoon of...
...29th December.
I knew this rascal would
definitely come here.
There is only one lawyer in this
city who can instill life in this...
...murder case.
Payal! - Actually, it was
important to meet you.
The watchman saw me out, waiting
for you. So he gave... the keys.
Be seated!
I am dismayed by whatever
happened with, Anuj.
I wasn't able to save him. But, I
will definitely get his killers...
And that's why I went
to, Mr. Malkani.
It's good that he took, Anuj's
case. - No, Aditya, he hasn't...
...done good
by taking, Anuj's case.
What do you mean to say, Payal?
After your exit, A.C. P Yashwant,
arrived there.
Mr. Thakur? - You!
I am here to give the size
of my neck, Mr. Malkani.
I have heard that you handling
our enemy's case and trying... get us convicted for
the capital punishment.
Payal, I will talk to you later.
- Ok sir.
What are you talking, A.C. P, sir?
My profession will go in shambles
if I dare to do that.
That means you are not handling
the case anymore?
Who said so? I am definitely
handling the case.
What you mean?
- I mean If I don't handle it then...
...some other lawyer might handle.
And the other lawyer might not
be a friend of yours like me.
And that lawyer will produce
witnesses in the court.
He will also produce evidences
in the court.
He will go deep in to the case.
And as far as I know any other
lawyer, if he is intelligent, might...
...make your life hell
along with that guy.
But you don't have to worry. I
am with you. I will fight the...
...for both the sides. I might be
the first lawyer in the whole... who has taken a
case just to loose it.
I don't understand whom to trust?
It's better that you came here.
Or else I wouldn't have known...
...about this. Thanks!
What about your job if, Malkani,
comes to know about you?
How do you expect me to work
with, Malkani, after he...
...deceived you?
I have submitted my resignation!
So, should I make a move?
I will drop you.
Can't we walk a few steps together?
Sorry friend! You can go.
- No problem sir.
Where do you stay?
I am not still far away from you.
Should I go? - Even now you haven't
learn to express your...
...feelings. Aditya, if you want me
to fight, Anuj's, case then why...
...don't you tell me to do so?
I am scared. I am scared for
you might refuse me again.
Anuj, was your brother. But
he was also close to me.
I am also pained at his
death just as you are.
Even I do want to get
his killers punished.
More than I have in myself.
'I hold complains against
you but I also love you.'
' I'm waiting for you all the time.'
'But, now the situation is
unbearable for me, dear.'
'I hold complains against
you but I also love you.'
' I long for you all the time.'
'But, now the situation is
unbearable for me, dear.'
'I really don't know why the heart
wants to forgive you for... '
'... your faults and above
all your betrayal.'
'And I also really don't know why
I love you to such an extent.'
'I never say that you are
unpleasant from the heart.'
'But then also you keep
on committing errors.'
'I never say that you are
unpleasant from the heart.'
'But then also you keep
on committing errors.'
'You take a few steps and
I then will reciprocate.'
'And thus let's end this
tale of tranquility.'
'You take a few steps and
I then will reciprocate.'
'And thus let's end this
tale of tranquility.'
'I really don't know why the heart
forgives all your serenity'
We have to meet two people
in regard to this case.
One is, Anuj's, girlfriend,
Ramona and the other one is...
...constable, Mehmood.
What are you thinking?
- I am not thinking. I am looking.
I am looking at the taxi.
This taxi is all the while around
me since past two days.
And it's standing
here since morning.
Oh! God! That means these people
are keeping a vigil on us.
Then how shall we meet, Mehmood?
We will meet. But after
the night falls.
See! The curtain has
also been slide.
I think the ding-dong starts now.
They might be trying to forget the
pain of the kid brother. Yes!
Sawant! Sawant! Sawant,
get up! Follow them!
'Tan Tanatan tan tan tara! Let's
go along for the last show?
How fortunate these
people are, buddy?
Now, they will sit in some dark
corner and put their arms...
...around each other and
start their own show.
And we'll have to wait here like
watchdogs till, their show ends.
If our destinies are broke in
itself then what the hell shall-
'Should we do this or should we
do that; what sort of mess is it?
Oh! My brother! Oh! My brother!
Oh! My brother!
Stop it here.
Sir, where does, Mr. Mehmood, stay?
Until the climax they are not going
to come out. Give me a cigarette.
That means you will testify
in the court against them?
I will. That day though I refused
to do so in the, Irani hotel.
But, believe me, I wasn't able
to sleep the whole night.
Because I felt that by not helping
you, I am committing...
...the same sin that, A.C. P,
and those two have committed.
They killed you brother and threw
his body on the streets.
And I'm liable for the same thing
by not telling the truth.
What's the difference between
me and those people?
A uniform is a uniform. Be it
a constables or an, A.C. P's.
And by disrespecting it; I am
committing the sin that they did.
I am grateful to you that you
gave me a chance to repent.
When do I have to come to
the court? - Very soon!
If the case is admitted early
morning then we will need your...
...testimony very soon. But till
then no one should suspect you.
You go to your home without
bothering about that.
If the, Lord, wishes then the
case might get admitted.
Your honor, Anuj Srivastav, is
one among those criminals...
...who are trying to vitiate the
youth of this county for the...
...sake of money. Anuj Srivastav,
was a drug runner. Yes! A drug...
...runner. He was killed in
a police encounter on the...
...night of 29th December at 11
o'clock when he was trying to...
...flee with drugs in his possession.
Your honor, such cases end with
the life of the criminal.
To get them restarted amounts to
putting back life in a corpse.
In fact, I will say it is something
like wasting the court's time.
So I request the court that
it shouldn't admit this case.
Because, it's not a case at all.
Thank you, your honor.
Your honor, I am aware that
the court's time is precious.
Therefore, instead of giving a
lengthy speech, I would like to... something to the court.
Take this.
Your honor, these are the snaps
of the car, which, according to...
...the police, was being driven by,
Anuj Srivastav. And this is...
...the police report which has
a clear statement that, Anuj...
...Srivastav, was trying to escape
along with the drugs.
The police followed him. They tried
to stop him. They warned...
...him twice. And when he didn't
stop. They fired on him. And he...
...died on the spot. Your honor, if
at all, Anuj, was trying to flee...
...from the police then his car's
speed must have been around...
...100 kmph. But I want to attract
your attention to a simple fact...
...that if the driver of a car which
is moving with a speed of 100...
...kmph dies on the spot after being
hit by a bullet; shouldn't...
...the car had met with an accident?
Neither the car got hopped upside
down. Neither it broke...
...down. Neither it suffered any
damage. Instead it stopped... the middle of the road.
Your honor, I, on behalf of my
client, request you to admit the... for the sake of justice.
Thank you.
After going through these
photographs the court is...
...convinced by the prosecution
that there is definitely some...
difference between the police
report and the actual incident.
The court admits this case and
gives the prosecution a chance... produce it's witnesses.
The case is admitted.
The hearing of this case will begin
on Monday from 10 pm onwards.
Mr. Malkani, are you her guru
or it's the other way round?
I think the girl will
make the going tough.
Don't worry, A.C. P, sir. If a new
driver honks the horn too much...
...then it doesn't mean that
he is gonna win the race.
Winning needs experience. And
experience is right ahead of you.
The city is free from any danger
in my presence...
A.C. P, Yashwant Thakur.
He is trying to ruin the respect
that I earned in so many years.
He will accuse me? Accuse
me? He will accuse...
...A.C. P, Yashwant Thakur? - Sir you?
I won't spare that, rascal!
- You are not in your senses.
You will bring me back to my
senses. You will do that?
Thakur, sir, what are you doing?
I am your associate.
Shut up! Shut up! If you had
been my associate then you...
...would have tolerated
my insult in the court.
That, bitch, was accusing me in
front of that judge and you...
...were seated like a mute spectator?
Sir, I am your associate. - You
bloody liar! You are a liar!
Sir, leave him. Sir, leave him.
Sir, please listen to me.
Sir, I have the record room
register. The, Anuj Srivastav...
...police report hasn't
been issued to anybody.
It means someone has stolen it from
there and given it to them. - Yes.
That means someone from our police
station sneaked in to the...
...record room and
worked against us.
It also means that there is a
traitor in our own department.
Come in. Mr. Mehmood, you have
to stay away from your... for some days.
These are some eatables for you.
You don't bother about me. I
am aware of your hardships.
I have spent 25 years
in this police force.
I very well know as to what
I am doing. You go. Go.
Mr. Agnihotri, you are the
principal of the college.
Anuj Shrivastav used to
study in your college?
Mr. Agnihotri, can you
tell the court...
...that the night that Anuj
Shrivastav was killed... a police encounter,
the same morning... were about to rusticate
him from the college?
Can you tell us, why you
were about to do that?
Because Anuj was caught red
handed along with his friends.
Can you tell us, doing what?
He was removing the copies of
the question paper from my locker.
That means. He was stealing,
Milord, He was stealing.
Mr. Agnihotri, can you
tell the court...
...why he was doing like this?
Maybe to copy or...
- To earn money?
For his leisure activities,
Anuj Shrivastav wanted to earn..., he needed money
now and then, Milord.
And therefore he tried to steal
the papers from the college...
...and tried to earn money,
and he was unsuccessful... it, and therefore he went
back to his old profession.
The profession of selling drugs.
But Milord, maybe that day
was very unlucky for him.
He was caught red handed
on that day too.
He knew what a serious crime
he had committed...
...and therefore, even though
the police warned him twice...
...he did not stop,
and therefore...
...the police were forced to
shoot him. And he was killed.
Does the Prosecution wish
question the witness?
Mr. Agnihotri, how many students
must be there in your college?
Roundabout... two thousand
five hundred.
And you know everyone of
these 2500 personally?
No. The truth is that
I don't even...
...know the names of many
of these students.
But you knew Anuj very well
even before this incident?
Will you please tell the court
the reason for that?
Because Anuj...
...was one of those students
whom not only me...
...but the whole staff of the
college knew very well.
Mr. Agnihotri, are these
the reports of Anuj?
He always used to score
more than ninety percent.
Not only this, in sports,
dramatics... competitions,
...everywhere, he was number one.
So, Mr. Agnihotri, do you
think that a student... Anuj can do a serious
crime like drug trafficking?
Instead of speaking
to my witness...
...on the basis of proof,
she is asking him guess.
Your Honor, the defense
lawyer wishes... tell us something about
Anuj's character...
...with the help of his witness.
Even I am doing the same.
Yes, so Mr. Agnihotri,
do you think...
...that a student like Anuj
Shrivastav deal in drugs?
The point be noted, Milord.
The witness that has been
brought by the defense... to accuse Anuj
Shrivastav, he's not sure.
Milord, my next witness is a... friend of Anuj
Shrivastav, Mohit Bhattacharya.
Yes, tell me Yadav.
Since the time the police
report's copy has...
...disappeared from the police
station... - Yes? - Since that...
...time everybody has come
to the police station.
Except one person.
- Who?
He hasn't come on duty
since two days...
...nor has he gone home.
Let him go sir, he is a kid.
Mehmoodbhai! Friend, what
had we done to him?
I understood now. How the copy...
...of the police report
disappeared from...
...the police station. He has
offered water for too long.
But you won't get any water.
He used to drink,
he used to gamble...
...he used to visit discos,
he hosted parties...
...he used to do many
things, Milord.
These habits of his had
increased so much...
...that he had to be admitted
in the hospital once.
Now, for all these things,
he couldn't...
...ask his elder brother for
money, every other day.
Therefore, he took up a short
cut for this. Milord.
But that poor man
didn't know that...
...this isn't the shortcut
of earning money...
...but it is a shortcut to death.
Shortcut to death!
Was Anuj your friend?
Yes. He was my best friend.
I am very sorry that...
Did you go with Anuj
to discos frequently?
So can you tell us,
that in a disco... many people
of your age go?
Yes, maybe some four hundred
or five hundred.
And how many such discos
exist in Mumbai city?
Counting all the small and
big ones, maybe 200-250.
That means, with the
calculation of 500...
...of your age, some 1,25,000
boys and girls go to discos.
So, did you always tell
at home and go?
So it is obvious that the others
didn't tell at home and go too?
So, even they must be facing
problems to take money from home?
So then?
There are no problems,
something or the other is managed.
Please point this note, Milord.
That in Mumbai city, everyday,
almost 1.25 lakh boys and girls...
...visit discos, without
informing their homes...
...and managing something
from somewhere.
So, does the defense
lawyer wish to say...
...that everyday, almost 1.25
lakhs deal in drugs...
...just to visit discos?
As for the question...
...of smoking and drinking,
hiding from the elder brother...
...I don't think that it is a
crime, but Indian tradition.
And Anuj was a good Indian, who
respected his elder brother.
Today's day was pretty good.
You silenced everybody.
Won't you come inside?
I have too much work to do.
I have to go home first,
I have to give...
...Mehmoodbhai his food, and
I also have to remind him...
...that tomorrow in the court...
- Enough.
You don't have to make
so many excuses.
Okay, listen. Bring
...on time tomorrow. Tomorrow,
once he testifies...
...then no one can stop
us from winning.
There's nothing to be
ashamed in this, son.
If a person is scared, that
doesn't mean that he isn't brave.
He is brave, who even
after being...
...scared reaches
his destination.
What will we do now, son?
Hey move the car!
Hey. Move them aside.
Please give me alms, for
the sake of God!
Please come out.
How much is it?
- Fifty rupees - Take this.
How much longer will you
make us wait, Miss Payal?
You told us, that
you don't want to...
...tell the name of your
witness, the court accepted it.
You said, that you wish
to keep his identity...
...a secret, the court
accepted that too.
But, you are really wasting
the court's time now.
Your Honor, please, just
a little time more.
They must be arriving
any time now.
What is going on, Miss Payal?
Will your witness come or not?
I am sorry, Your Honor.
Due to unforeseen
...I can't present my witness.
If the witness exists, only then
he will be presented, Milord.
If there is no witness, how
will he be presented in the court?
Miss Payal is wasting
the court's time and...
...throwing muck on the dignity
of three respected people.
Please your Honor, give us one...
...more chance to prove
ourselves, please.
Okay, Miss Payal. But, this
will be your last chance.
Till the next court
hearing, if you...
...will not be able to present
any strong evidence...
...the court will deem
this case baseless...
...and give decision in
the defense's side.
I don't want to fight this case.
I don't want to fight
this case, Payal.
What rubbish are you
talking, Aditya?
To redeem the dignity
of my brother... many people will I kill?
Aditya, you didn't kill anybody.
Mehmoodbhai... - Mehmoodbhai!
I killed Mehmoodbhai. I
wouldn't have forced...
...him to testify, and nor would
those people have killed him.
His wife was widowed
because of me.
His kids were orphaned
because of me.
But now, now nobody will
die because of me.
I can't fight this case. Payal.
I can't fight this case.
I can't fight this case.
- Enough, enough, enough.
Aditya, you aren't the
killer of Mehmoodbhai.
It is those who have
killed Anuj too.
You are trying to show
the truth to the world.
They are the criminals, who are
trying to hide this truth.
You will have to fight
this war, Aditya.
You will have to win this case.
It's useless. Everything
finished with Mehmoodbhai.
All our hopes are finished too.
All the hopes aren't
finished yet, Aditya.
...make us win this
case even now.
Did you people see?
After that incident,
this is her state.
I tore off every photo
of Anuj, but...
...she still thinks about
him throughout the day.
She isn't able to sleep
throughout the night...
...and even if she sleeps,
she gets up all frightened.
If somebody speaks
in a high tone...
...she gets frightened
and wakes up and sits.
We don't put on the television
in our own home.
I don't want that she
sees something...
...that will remind
him of Anuj, and... people are talking about
taking her to the court?
See, please leave
us to our state.
I beg of you with folded hands.
And please don't come
here ever again.
Papa. I will go to the court.
But child, the doctor has told
you not to go anywhere out.
Lf... - What will happen to me?
At the most I will die, isn't it?
After Anuj has gone,
where do I live?
Brother, To give punishment
to Anuj's murderers...
...I am with you.
Payal, you can present
your witness.
Yes, Your Honor, my witness
is, Miss Ramona.
I am scared, brother.
Nothing will happen to you,
I am there, isn't it?
You just don't look towards
them. - Yes. - Okay? - Yes.
Whatever I will say,
I will say the truth.
I won't say anything except...
Don't be scared Ramona,
look at me.
Look at me, okay. Just answer
whatever I ask, okay?
We have to punish Anuj's
killers, okay.
On the night of 29th November,
were you with Anuj?
- Where?
He had come to my house.
- And then?
Then, we had gone on a drive.
What happened after that?
Police station.
Police station, but why? Tell
us, Ramona, yes, tell us.
What happened in the
police station?
Ramona, look at me,
don't be scared.
Ramona, look at me,
don't be scared.
What happened that
night that you...
...and Anuj had to go to
the police station?
Try to remember, Ramona,
yes. Tell us.
I and Anuj were sitting
and chatting in the car.
He was very worried.
What was he saying?
He was saying that he loved
his brother immensely.
He said that he didn't like
fighting with his brother.
I... I was trying to make
him understand...
...when... when those people came.
- Which people?
Those people took us to
the police station.
And there...
- There? - There what?
Those people, with Anuj...
- With Anuj what?
What did they do with Anuj?
- They, with Anuj...
Ramona, don't be scared. You
are standing in the court.
Say whatever you
want to, clearly.
What did they do with Anuj?
C'mon, Ramona, tell us.
What happened with Anuj.
Do you have a license?
The papers of the car?
- Anuj has asthma!
They are the people!
They have killed Anuj!
They won't spare me too!
They won't spare me!
They won't spare me!
Ramona! - They won't spare
me. They'll kill me.
Nothing will happen to you.
- They'll kill me too!
Ramona, listen to me.
The court will resume
proceedings after the lunch break.
Please take her home.
I will call you later.
Your Honor, my witness
left before she could...
...complete what she
was about to say.
She was badly scared, seeing
some people present here.
But before she left,
she took the... of those people
who had killed Anuj.
The prosecution lawyer is
trying brand my client murderers!
When she hasn't been
able to present...
...even a single witness
who can prove...
...that my clients are murderers.
Milord, when her witness,
has ran away from court...
...before I could cross
question her.
Milord, I will present
such a witness now...
...whom Miss Payal can ask
countless questions.
He will answer every question.
He won't run away from court.
My next witness is,
Dr. M. K Bansal...
...who is a psychiatrist
in JJ Hospital.
Dr. Bansal.
Can you please tell
the court, since how.
...many. Years are
you curing such...
...patients who are
mentally unsound?
Yes, since the past
ten to twelve years.
Ten to twelve years,
that means... have a lot of experience?
- Yes.
Do you know Ramona?
Was she your patient?
Yes, she used to come
to me for cure.
And since her boyfriend's
...she used to stay very worried.
She used to stay worried,
that means...
...her illness must have
gone to her mind...
...and therefore her father
brought her to you?
Yes. She had lost
her confidence.
She had lost her confidence,
That means, in medical
or technical terms...
...we can say that... she
was mentally weak.
You can say like that.
The prosecution lawyer
wants to present...
...a mad girl as a witness
and chance...
...the direction of
the case, Milord.
Such a girl, who thinks
up anything after...
...the death of her lover,
she makes up any stories.
But our friend, lawyer
Payal should...
...know that the court doesn't
believe in stories...
...but valid proof. Therefore,
it is my request to the court...
...instead of troubling my
clients any further...
...please deem this case null
and void, here itself.
The proof that the prosecution
has presented... not enough to deem
Yashwant Thakur...
...and his two friends
guilty. Therefore...
...this court, stops this
case right here...
...and honorably releases these
three from his accusation.
Well done! Well done!
You didn't need to worry.
See, a dog barks makes
no difference... the path of an elephant.
The decision is out, isn't it?
It is crystal clear.
And if you ask me,
I don't have any...
. complaints against anybody
in this matter.
Not even against those
people who tried... throw muck on our
spotless uniform.
And the fact is that... I don't
feel angry on such people...
...but I feel pity.
Anybody can lose...
...his senses on seeing his
younger brother's corpse.
And then, he was a son more
than a younger brother.
And a son may be a wretch
of the third order...
...but he is a son.
What are you doing?
One day, I had thrown away my
weapons for an innocent.
Today, I am taking up
my weapons once again.
Aditya, listen to me. We will
appeal in the High Court.
We will go to the Supreme
court with proof.
We will get justice...
- Who will give us justice?
Who will give us justice?
A dead constable?
A scared girl? A runaway soldier
or a broken relationship?
All these are not enough to
give my brother justice.
Don't be crazy, rage has
gone to your head!
So? You wanted to see rage
in my eyes didn't you?
One day, I didn't shed blood
and your dignity fell.
Today, I am going to
fight a war and...
...that too for my brother. Why
are you stopping me today?
Because, I was wrong then,
today you are wrong.
I have lost you because
of that mistake once.
I don't want to lose
you again today.
Aditya, have a little faith in me.
I will surely send Anuj's
killers to the noose.
But till that time, tolerate...
- Tolerate! Tolerate! Tolerate!
That's what I have been
doing till date.
Even though I was right,
I was deemed...
...a coward, and sacked.
I tolerated it.
The one who I loved the most, left... in the middle of the journey.
I tolerated it.
They falsely accused my brother
and gave him a dog's death.
I tolerated it. With the same
hands that I brought him up...
...with those hands I had to
set afire his funeral pyre.
I tolerated it.
But now.
I won't tolerate to see my
brother's killer roaming around.
The people who snatched
my Anuj from me...
...I will snatch away
their life from them.
Adi listen to me, what
are you going to do?
Adi, listen to me, Adi, please wait!
Hey, don't let him come inside!
That wretched dog has come again!
You will repent! You
will repent too much!
If I don't take you back
to the police station... picked me up,
and break you up...
...then my name isn't Thakur.
Don't bark.
What is the position?
Sir, they are on the 24th floor.
Why aren't you going inside?
Sir, we are worried whether
he hurts them.
Did you try to talk to him?
- Yes.
But he is not ready
to speak to anyone.
Call Yeshwant on the mobile.
Speak, Commissioner.
- Aditya,
Aditya, see, whatever you
are doing, is very wrong.
Listen to me. Release the three
right now and come down
I promise you, nothing
will happen to you.
Whatever had to happen
to me, has happened.
Now, it is their turn.
Till the time...
...they don't confess to the
crime of killing my brother...
...they will have to stay right here.
Don't be stupid, Aditya.
See, the court...
...has decided, and nobody
can do anything.
Whatever the court had heard
was half the truth.
I want to hear the whole
truth from their mouths.
Do you know, that you've been
surrounded by the police.
And if... - If any of your man
tries to come inside the...
...building, you will be responsible
for their death.
Child, I have trained Adit.
I know that till the time
the ACP and his colleagues...
...don't listen to what he says,
what about those three...
...even the whole police force
won't be able to harm him.
But Papa, why will those
three bow to him?
If a soldier wishes, he
can bow the enemy's flag.
And then, these are just
three police men.
Those police men, who
had killed his brother.
Write on this...
...that Anuj Shrivastav is innocent...
...and you killed him with
the help of these two.
You've gone crazy.
You've gone crazy.
Come, for a moment, let us assume
that I confess to my crime.
And I sign these documents.
What do you think?
I will be hanged? The whole
world knows that... have tied us here, and
you have a gun in your hand.
Everybody will understand that
you've made us confess forcibly.
Stop ordering me, and
worry about yourself.
See, your fathers have
already arrived.
What are you doing? Yes?
What are you doing?
- If such a mistake occurs again...
...then I will throw all these
three one by one, down.
Sir, he wishes to speak to you.
Aditya, don't cut the phone.
Someone wishes to speak to you.
Aditya, it's me. Payal.
Oh! So they are using
you as a weapon.
Aditya, I have come according
to own wishes.
Enough. I am fighting this war
to prove my brother's innocence.
And I will do it, even if
I have to give up my life...
...or whether I have to
kill someone for that.
Your beloved is smarter than you.
Listen to what she says, and
surrender to the police...
...raising both your
hands in the air.
Maybe, your life will be spared.
The people whom you
are meddling with.
They are of the Special Force.
To reach till you...
...they can even pave
a path from the sky.
Till the time you people don't
confess your crime... police officers will
suffer the same fate.
Tell me! What is the truth?
What are you doing? If you kill
us, you won't be spared too.
I don't care about my life. But
you think for the last time.
Whether you will confess
your crime or not.
Hey, let me go!
Now, it's your turn.
I am not at fault, sir. That... that...
We just did as the
ACP told us to do.
We had roughed up your
brother too much.
He had died in the police
station itself.
Hey, what rubbish are you speaking
about? Are you crazy?
Let me speak, sir. Didn't
you see, he shot Yadav!
And then, and then the
ACP told the girl... make him sit in the car
and take him with her.
We were following them
in another jeep.
And then, on his orders, he
staged a false encounter...
...and shot bullets at him. He
shot the bullets! He shot!
He was innocent! Yes He was
innocent! Yes! Can I go now?
Aditya I want meet you.
I don't want to meet
anyone at this time.
Aditya, please. I wish
to speak to you.
I wish to come close to you.
Please, just once.
Okay. I will send the lift down.
Your work is done, Miss
Payal. Take madam.
What are you doing?
- Please.
You used me? You can't trick
Aditya. Commissioner.
Madam, please. Come.
See, please open me up. I will
tell the truth! Don't kill me.
I had killed him. I had
killed your brother.
So, so what will you do?
What will you do?
He used to speak too much. I
shut him up! I shut him up!
I hit him and took out his life.
Then I took him in the
middle of the road...
...and pumped bullets into
that wretch all over again.
But who will tell
that in the court?
We killed Mehmoodbhai.
You killed Yadav.
And then, this one is left!
Get aside.
Only you are left, I
will finish you off.
Sir, he has killed Yadav and
Sawant in front of me.
And he will kill me too. Shoot
him, sir! Shoot him!
I didn't kill anybody.
He is lying, sir. He has killed
Yadav and Sawant in front of me.
He is lying, sir!
Sir, just give me one minute.
I want to show you something.
Okay. Leave his hands.
I didn't kill Yadav. But he
killed Sawant in front of me.
Hey, hey, what are you doing?
If you kill us, even
you won't be spared.
I am not at fault, sir.
That... that...
We just did as the
ACP told us to do.
We had roughed up your
brother too much.
He had died in the police
station itself.
Hey, what rubbish are
you speaking about?
Have you gone crazy?
He shot the bullets! He shot!
I don't want to take the law
in my hands, Commissioner.
If I had to kill them, I could
have killed them long ago.
Whatever I have done, I did
it to prove Anuj innocent.
Anuj won't come back if these
people are punished.
But many innocents will be saved.
They will surely be punished
for their actions.
And you brother will
be proved innocent.
Take him away.