Bardejov (2024) Movie Script

Oh, my God.
It's so beautiful here.
Isn't it exciting?
This place is amazing.
If you are impressed
how it looks now,
you should have seen it
when I was a child.
One side of the square
was the Jewish market
and the other,
the Slovak market.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
There was
a friendship between the two
and mutual respect.
This is my heder
where I learned the Bible.
And this
is my grandfather's house
where he lived.
I'm making a neder.
- Do you think that--
- What's a neder?
A neder is a promise to the Jews
that they'll never be forgotten
and their history
and their behavior
and their example
will live forever.
What happened to them?
All the Jews, wake up!
All the Jews need
to register for work.
Young and old.
Who does not want...
will be punished.
They were not Nazis.
They were Hlinka Guards,
Slovakian State Police.
Make sure to get
all the alleyways this time,
not just the main square.
The whole Jewish quarter?
Every Jew, that's what it says.
So everyone
can see it and read it.
They had to make sure
that every Jew in Bardejov
knew what was expected of them.
Thomas, is that you?
Good morning, Mrs. Schondof.
-Hi, Thomas.
It was mostly
friends and neighbors
who brought them the news.
Why so early?
Oh, I'm so sorry for waking you.
It's not my doing.
Oh, hi, Helena.
See you at football later.
Yeah. See you.
Lowy, the Jew.
Refuel Lowy was the head
of the Jewish community
in Bardejov.
He was a successful businessman
and a winemaker.
Those who knew him,
respected him.
And those who didn't,
feared him.
You couldn't wait
'til a decent hour?
the General Council at night.
You'll be hearing from us.
Oh, please,
and pay your drivers
better next time.
Maybe it's not a good time...
to bark orders, Mr. Lowy.
Let's go.
Get out of this smelly place.
Jew dogs.
-We were so worried.
-I'm fine.
The meeting went 'til 3:00 a.m.
and then by the time
from Bratislava.
You must be exhausted.
I need to
and call the meeting.
Where are the boys?
They're upstairs getting ready.
Tell them to meet me at shul.
-Do we need to register?
We have a-- a yellow card. Yes.
80 exempt families
are at the essentials.
Okay? It's all right.
Just a bit more complicated.
The boys are scared, Refuel.
There's too much happening
too quickly.
People are talking.
Roza, I know
what I need to know.
We are safe.
-You're not.
-I am.
We are.
I'm too vital for them.
Do you understand?
Mama, we'll be back soon.
I'm going with Helena.
-What is this?
My parents say this is for real.
I heard they've made
a deal with the Germans.
Of course they have.
That's why the Germans
leaves us alone.
I just picked this with mom.
Thank you, Magda.
-Thank you.
-Take this.
My father says we're exempt.
They need us all to work
that's why
they closed the schools.
I'd rather work
than go to school.
My-- my father
wants us to leave...
for Hungary.
He says this is a big sign.
My cousins
from Poland just came.
They say they'll be rounding up
and shooting--
Don't talk like that.
All the rumors are to scare us.
Let's meet here
every morning eight o'clock.
Bring whatever news you have.
I'll have one other
to borrow
from goyish families.
Make sure every family
have a , okay?
-All right.
-All right. Magda.
Magda, you bring the cake.
We are strong.
We are fighters.
We're together. We'll be okay.
Take us to
the headquarters,.
Hey, I'm not getting back
what that Jew said.
Slow down.
-Oh! What the--
Perfect timing.
Give Bomba the mail.
Okay. Yes.
To General Kovac in Bratislava.
Right away, Captain.
General Kovac was
the captain of the Hlinka Guard
the Bardejov district.
He was a snake in the grass
and Stefan's main superior.
From Adam.
What does it say?
Give this back to him.
With this.
All right.
He is a good man.
Passion should keep him safe.
-We need him.
-I will see you upstairs.
- I'll bring the.
- Yes.
And the others, we need
the whole Jewish Council.
And-- and coffee.
Please tell my son,
, to fetch me one.
I haven't slept.
Thank you, Ben.
with your permission.
Clearly I couldn't
stop the order.
Now we handed a letter
to give to President Tiso
requesting assurance
that the work will stay local
and that, uh,
protect the Slovakian Jews
from German deportations.
-What kind of assurance?
Clearly we don't believe
their promises, all right?
They're trying to make good
for the independence
and they have to give
Hitler what he-- what he wants.
They need us.
The sheer numbers
of the economic force
of the Slovakian Jews is
something to show the Germans.
- Foolish to deport us.
- Absolutely.
Yeah, but we also
received a telegram from, uh,
the German other secretary,
uh, Martin, uh--
-Martin Luther?
They're requesting
20,000 Slovakian Jews
to work in the East.
Now they're registering us.
-That's just the beginning.
-It's just for show.
20,000, 90,000
Jews in all of Slovakia.
And Tiso is going to pay...
20,000 German marks per Jew
to Hitler for the privilege.
Ah, so we are making the money
to pay for our own deportation.
What's the plan?
Who's getting deported?
Those who can walk, I suppose.
I don't think
they have a plan right now.
But it's important that we keep
playing the game
for the time being.
But it's important
to put a message out there.
People need to register.
We have to go through
these motions here.
There are 450 families
in Bardejov.
4600 people.
purim is Shaboss.
All right, let's keep
things normal, Rabbi.
We need to make everything
just like pur.
Turn it on its head,
God willing.
Thursday is Taanit Esther.
Two and a half
thousand years ago,
she demanded a fast.
We listened and we were saved.
Make sure everyone
is fasting this time as well.
It's-- it's important.
Also, please...
make sure that you have
a plan for your families.
You understand?
What about all the Polish Jews
that have come flooding in?
Yeah, that's a--
that's a good point.
try to tell Helena
to stop for right now.
All right?
Your daughter will understand.
I-- I-- I don't know
how we can do anything.
Well, she's a very
clever girl, all right?
She's arranged
for hundreds of them.
She can figure out a way.
It makes sense to think
Slovakia is different.
Safer, but we cannot
take the risk anymore.
What risk is it
to us to help them?
How about overcrowding,
rations, typhus.
Our leverage
is in our workforce.
We need to remain
healthy, productive.
This will protect us.
We cannot
turn Jews away.
I understand that,
but we have to comply
with the order to buy more time.
Curfew at seven.
No doing business with Aryans.
No walking on
the same side of the street.
It's important
that we be very smart.
We be close to our families,
close to each other
and make sure that we understand
that we are living
in very dangerous times.
We-- we just
put our trust in God
and pray for the best.
We-- we have to believe...
he will save us.
Friends, it's important
that you register.
Each family head
must register his family.
We have to keep to the codex.
We have to be under the radar.
Do what they ask us
to do so we can...
work things out, please.
It's better
we cooperate and keep calm.
Hashem will keep us safe.
Go upstairs.
Get your toys there.
We'll go eat soon. Okay?
I'm going to lie down.
I know. I know, Refuel.
But two minutes.
Roza, please.
I promise we'll schmues later.
I know, I know, but not me.
-I promised them.
They're your uncle's cousins,
your family.
Yes. All Jews are family.
Things are not
better here anymore.
Things are much better here.
Refuel, listen to what
they have to say.
-Only two.
-Only two.
-We have the room.
-We have the room.
We have nothing but room.
Okay. All right.
They have our address, Helena.
Did you plaster our address
on every ghetto in Poland?
Helena, we need
to stop them coming.
-It's not helping--
-I cannot, Daddy.
We have a good system.
We're better off than they are.
They know that.
And you know that.
Mr. Lowy says
that we're already too crowded
and they bring typhus.
Let's see him turn them away.
Darling, I'm not sure Bardejov
is as protected
as they think it is.
As you think it is.
Jewish businesses
were handed over to non-Jews.
They were known as
put in place to control
the Jewish businesses.
was Lowy's ,
but also his friend.
You should have signed them,
Herr Director.
You are the boss now, Fredrik.
It seems absurd.
Yeah, it is.
Herr Director, you and your
family are sorted, yeah?
I can't do anything
for any of these people.
But for you
and Roza and the boys.
We are good.
It's very kind, Fredrik.
I-- We have the--
the yellow card.
All right,
so we exempt at least--
at least from this one.
And Lowy,
you know if you ever need...
I have a place for you
just outside these walls.
It's my father's place.
They've asked us
to take your passports.
First, all rights then property.
And now papers.
Well, we're losing us to dogs.
It's still better
than having the Germans here.
Well, it's only because
you all so incompetent.
Besides, we have, uh,
bigger jobs to do right now.
There we go, you know, Fredrik,
you could pass as a Jew.
Yes, purim.
Not tomorrow. The next day.
And everyone is getting
whatever wine they want
for whatever they can give.
And this is an order.
You understand?
You're asking me to take a loss.
Well, don't worry.
You'll make it up somehow.
I want to thank you
for recruiting Adam.
He brought us
some very important information
this morning.
This is a sanctuary
more than a factory.
Make sure today and tomorrow
everyone has a chance to go
to the main square and register.
-Stagger the groups.
Okay? Keep them busy.
Yes. Yes. I-- I saw the notice.
I wish this was
just a formality.
- Na Zdravie!
- Na Zdravie!
Na Zdravie.
Let's see the papers.
We don't know what they want
from all those Jews here.
Work, they're following orders
like good little Jews.
They already work for us.
We own all their bloody stores.
I hear Tiso asked Himmler
to take the whole lot of them.
All 90,000 Jews in Slovakia.
Himmler wanted the Jews out.
Tiso asked him
to have them never return.
You know what that means?
That's why
they registering them.
We are paying the Germans?
-20,000 what?
The order is for 20,000.
20,000 for what?
Jews, you idiot.
Signed by Martin Luther himself.
But we don't have
more than 4,000 here.
Not all of them, you moron.
20,000 total.
-For what?
-For work.
You mean for death?
What the German do with Jews,
it's not our problem.
Our problem is Kovac
and these bastards
who treat us like dogs.
Their power
is going to their heads.
Bratislava. Bratislava.
They're sending replacements.
We are not to do nothing
until they come.
My brother
in in Kosice,
he told me that
they're all.
-So they switch them up.
-But not us.
We can do the job ourselves.
We call a curfew tomorrow
for all the Jews.
Is that what it says?
That what I said.
I want 100 at least.
To the brewery.
We're waiting for.
What is this? Hey!
Wait! No! No!
- , Daddy!
- No!
Daddy, no!
Let him go. Let him go.
-Let him--
-My baby! My baby!
- Please. Please.
- , please, please.
-Where's my kid? Jozef!
-Get down!
, wake up!
Come on, wake up.
Wake up.
Mr. Lowy! Open up, please.
They took our kid. Mr. Lowy!
Stefan, you sure
you have a plan?
How many now?
The brewery's almost full.
See, we know
how to round up Jews.
What the hell are you planning
to do with all the crying?
We not babysitter, Stefan.
Figure it out.
Do whatever you need to do.
Why you crying? Huh?
Does anyone know
what's going on?
What are we going to do here?
They're down in the brewery.
Come on, let's go.
Let's help them.
-Are you mad?
-We have to help them.
Helena, Magda.
Are you kidding?
I know half
of these Hlinka Guards.
Come on. Come on.
What the hell
is going on, Reisteiter?
Captain Reisteiter to you.
I demand to know immediately.
By what authority?
I am the head of
the Jewish Council at Bardejov.
In that case,
you can sign their work orders.
These are Jewish children
under my jurisdiction.
Your concern.
But not your jurisdiction.
-This is my property.
-It was.
But it's been Aryanized
like all the others.
Surely you're aware
of that already.
Maybe you should
just sign the order.
We spared your boys.
Be grateful.
Who gave the order?
We are to round up
100 Jewish boys
for work detail
in the fields tomorrow
to clean up the countryside.
Clean the countryside.
Mr. Lowy...
it's very important
that people
will understand the new reality.
To know their place.
Jewish picking up rubbish...
has a nice ring to it.
Who gave the order?
Who gave this order?
Who gave it?
Let go!.
Herr Lowy.
Jewish running
the show in Bardejov
is a thing of the past.
And if you would like
to see the inside
of the jail again,
I can happily arrange it.
Get him away from me.
To . Quick!
Lowy, use this.
As much as you need.
Tell my wife I'm safe.
I'll be back in the morning.
-Good luck.
Gabriel, hey, come here.
Come here.
- Come on. Come on.
- Psst! Gabriel.
Gabriel, hey, come here.
Come on. Come on.
Come here, yes.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Don't follow me.
I'm not here for you, Mr. Lowy.
I have business
with Captain Reisteiter.
If this keeps, I can no longer
promise calm and cooperation.
Our debts are clear now.
Do your job Mr. Lowy
and stay clear.
It's not about the Jew.
-Yes, it is.
Let him think he was a big hero.
I was going to have
a problem here regardless.
It's them Jews,
think they can do--
Think, yes.
Let them think
whatever they want, it's good.
You and your men,
we need the Jews compliant...
Could it be that
will work to our advantage.
They'll think they've won.
They'll think they're protected.
We have plans
in place for all Slovakia.
We'll be moving them
by the thousands
before you know it.
I need to save face here.
-My men.
-Don't worry.
Just follow the plan.
That's what this pin means.
there is a--
a boy with a high fever.
Looks like typhus.
For God's sake!
Get everyone away.
Leave him for the Jews.
Yes, sir.
You get your Jew
to get a doctor here
and quarantine them under guard.
If this spreads,
it'll be your head
they come for.
Pieter, Slav.
Refuel, please eat something.
Who can eat?
You used to have
an appetite, remember?
I'm not hungry.
Mrs. Lowy. Refuel.
Boy, typhus.
One boy?
So far.
All right, isolate the boy
and then make sure
that the family quarantine
during Shabbos.
We'll come to see him soon.
Okay. Good Shabbos, Mrs. Lowy.
All we need now
is a typhus outbreak.
Purim is here.
The Rabbi is speaking.
The evil Haman
sought to destroy us all.
The plan was in place.
And who did he start with?
Also the children.
now we have
and new Haman just as evil.
We all have to fast...
to repent...
to pour out our hearts.
We need to believe
the Almighty can save us
in the blink of an eye.
The rumors from Poland
are terrifying, true.
But today, here in Bardejov...
we have our most powerful
weapons in place.
Faith that the Almighty
will redeem his people.
Faith that ultimately
the wicked are punished
and the righteous prosper.
But joy in being a Jew.
So to here today,
may the Almighty bless us
with a turnaround
great and mighty.
Hey, Ivan. Hey.
I'm sorry. I just--
I brought you the money.
Please. Just--
Thank you.
Thank you. All right.
Thank you.
Your men are late.
We need them to lead the way.
Get back to headquarters
and make sure the message
is out to everyone.
Be here at once.
We could use more information.
This is the only entrance
from the square?
This one
and one more at the far end.
I'll tell the boys.
Our orders are for girls
16 to 20 years old, unmarried...
for work in the shoe factory
in Eastern Slovakia.
We-- We don't have that many.
You have 312.
When the time comes, your men
will escort mine to each home.
We could handle the round up.
Your men are too friendly
with these Jews.
They grew up together.
Half are bribed...
half are neighbors.
-It could be better coordinated.
-It is.
This is it.
It's nothing personal.
This is happening all over
Eastern Slovakia these days.
Guards are switched out.
It's standard.
Poprad is the transit station.
It's under our command.
You and your men,
Stefan, are the key.
Be proud.
Refuel, what is it?
I'll go see.
-Stay there. Go to the boys.
-All right.
One minute.
We didn't know.
They kept us all in the dark.
There is an order for 400 girls
for a shoe factory in the east.
I cannot be seen.
I don't know any more.
Thank you. All right.
God bless you.
God bless you. Go.
Ah, God.
Refuel, what happened?
- Stay put. All right?
- Oh, God.
-Get the boys.
-Oh, God.
They come for
the girls just for work.
-You see? You see?
-Yes. Yes. I-- I know.
Okay, I'm coming.
All right? I'll be coming.
Go down,
make sure the boys stay.
-Make sure the boys stay.
Pieter, Slav.
He's here to provide support.
Like we said, new guards.
Our job will be
to show them the perimeter
so it can be secured...
and identify the houses.
Come here.
Today is the day the Jews
begin to pay back their debt
to Slovak People's Republic.
They will work for us.
When we say, how we say...
and it begins today.
300 names in this list
will be rounded up
and transferred
to the school under guard
and move to Poprad
in the morning.
There are no exceptions.
Let them through.
Let them through.
, Reisteiter.
Your Jew
is coming right on time.
Where are they taking the girls?
Oh, he's very good.
You should ask
yourself how he knows already.
Here are the details, Herr Lowy.
Or you can read them on
the walls like all the others.
This is not the agreement
I had with Bratislava.
Okay, the Council is meant to be
informed of any new decisions.
Bratislava is well aware, Jew.
I will be commanding
the Bardejov Operation
from here on out.
I'm heading back
to Poprad after this.
I have over 1000 Jewish girls
to put on trains
in the next two days.
I expect things
will run smoothly here.
"Three months' work detail.
All girls on the list
will be escorted
to the Jewish school
by nightfall...
to depart by train at 6:00 a.m.
You may bring one bag,
15 kilo...
securely tied.
Labeled, first and last name."
"Each girl
will carry her own case
and wait by the door
for the escort.
Girls will be escorted
by Hlinka guard only.
No accompaniment."
"If anyone fails to report...
they will be
considered deserters...
and sent
to the concentration camp."
"Mandatory curfew
from 2:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m.
Severe punishment if broken."
"No one with typhus allowed.
Medical exemption required...
by Hlinka medic.
Forgery is a high crime
with severe punishment.
Anyone on the list
has one hour to pack.
Be ready for escort.
Each girl...
will return in three months
with 600 coin each...
Sergeant Kovac."
Who's that?
I know him well and he knows me.
We've crossed paths
many times in Bratislava.
This goes all the way up, Roza.
What do you mean?
Well, Kovac, Tiso...
is all the same.
Jozef Tiso, President Tiso?
This is for real.
I need to find out
what's really going on.
Boys, you call the Council.
All right, tell the
I'm gonna go to Bratislava,
to the resistance.
I have to go talk to resistance.
All right?
-Please, please be careful.
-Tell everyone to remain calm.
- Please be careful.
- Nothing.
-I'll be careful.
-God protect us.
Magda is on the list, too.
But I have a yellow card.
Lowy is going
to the underground.
Let us wait
and see what they know.
We are the damn Council
and people are looking to us
and we don't know a thing.
How could we not know anything
with all our connections?
We should let them go.
It makes sense.
Unmarried girls going to work.
They need the production,
they'll pay the girls.
Oh, it doesn't make sense.
Why 300 girls?
Doesn't pay for any less time.
But you expect them to
transport them back and forth?
I don't get it.
You heard
the rumors from Poland.
It's a war.
Slovakia and the Germans
are allies.
Poland is the real enemy.
We are the workforce.
They need us.
Oh, come on.
They're not going
to have 400 girls disappear.
They'll write to us.
We'll hear from them.
You read the decree. 600 koruna.
Everyone here is starving.
We-- we don't own anything.
And this is their way to get us.
Who couldn't use the money?
I don't know. I don't care.
You can't start a rebellion
on the street, Erwin.
It'll be a bloodbath.
We have to go with it for now.
They're not going.
And then what?
If they don't find her,
they'll come for you.
Mama, they're going to go.
It will be okay.
-Mama, please.
We're strong.
We can work hard
and bring you money.
I can't let you go, Helena.
Yes, you can.
The other girls needs us, too.
Don't worry.
If you tell us to go, we will.
Tell your friends to pack.
We will do everything we can
to get to the bottom of this.
everybody home.
Get ready.
Men, we going to meet
at the shul...
the minute Refuel is back
and we have only until two
to get everything
we need for the girls
then lock down.
15 kilos,
one bag, clearly labeled.
Wait for your escort.
-32 Sokovia Street.
Helena Schondorf?
Don't worry.
It's only for a few months.
All right.
All the Jews girls
ready for work.
I-- uh,
I'm picking up a prescription
for Hershe.
I told you he'd show up.
Glad you were expecting me.
That means
you know what's going on.
Tell me what you know.
We know the Hlinka Guard, uh,
are involved in the roundups.
Poprad is a local
transit center.
At least 1000 people...
girls in the next two days.
Is there a--
a shoe factory in Brezovec?
There is no
shoe factory in Brezovec.
Where are the trains going?
Where are the trains going?
Stop the car.
Stop the car!
What do you want, you d--
You dog! You dog!
You dog.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Stop. Stop.
We shall see, Jew.
Let's go.
Tell us they're okay.
You found the factory?
- Auschwitz?
- Auschwitz?
- Auschwitz?
- Auschwitz?
A camp called Auschwitz.
Prisoner camp.
The prisoners
are making shoes now?
It's not a shoe factory.
What is it then?
Executions. Gassings.
It's a death camp.
They have already killed...
hundreds of Russians.
-No, not yet.
But they're building a new camp.
A massive new camp...
for us.
Our girls are not
coming back from there.
Not just our girls.
of Jewish girls
from all over Slovakia.
We cannot let them go.
-Let's storm the school.
-Have you seen how many guards?
-It's suicide if we do that.
-Let's call the partisans.
My Helena.
They are still right here.
We have to do something.
Lowy, what are you thinking?
Soviet war,
mass murder, gas chambers.
All true.
Now Auschwitz, now our girls...
and we're going to be next.
We'll follow them
to the slaughter.
Faster! Go!
The fate of Slovakian Jewry
is written on the wall.
But wishing it was different...
Sit down. Fast!
...won't change.
Thousands of girls were stolen
from their homes tonight.
And how many more to follow?
We need to send
the world a message.
What you're suggesting?
I have enough gasoline
and gunpowder in my warehouse...
to blow the whole
of Bardejov sky high...
Bardejov burn to the ground
by its people, by the Jews.
And the Germans
will then understand
that they cannot
take us and leave.
Many people will die.
Many Jews will die.
I know.
They take our daughters...
and-- and we kill theirs?
We save our daughters
and who knows how many.
There will be no train
leaving from Bardejov tomorrow.
There will be no Bardejov.
Where we will go?
We'll all be shot within hours.
Killed like animals.
By-- by whom?
They will be running
for their lives, too.
Uh, Lowy...
I cannot allow it.
The only question is, what...
does God say?
In here,
I don't think He says yes.
- Here.
- Come here.
Good evening,
Mr. Bear and Mr. Rabbit.
You have a carrot for me?
I'm just joking.
Give me a cigarette.
-I'm scared.
-Be brave.
Listen, guys,
I have something for you.
Pure gold.
Follow me. Follow me.
You could buy
something for your wife,
your second wife.
Here, take the watch.
And for you, Mr. Rabbit,
you can take it all.
That's for you.
Ah, you saw
the football game yesterday.
They got them Germans.
They know how to play.
It's all right. It's all right.
It's going to be okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
She must come with me!
It's all right.
What's the matter?
She's sick. She must be removed.
She's just scared.
Leave her alone.
- It's all right.
- Mommy.
She has typhus.
-She cannot stay.
-She's just scared.
Leave us. I'll bring her to you.
Everything will be okay.
At least she will go home.
Okay. I'm sorry.
Thank you. God bless you.
-Give it to me.
-Thank you.
Take that to him. Do it quickly.
Adam. Adam.
-Take this.
-What is it?
Just-- just take it.
Thank you.
There's no way out.
It's sealed shut.
Barbed wire, barricades.
the extra troops.
You will never be able
to take 300 girls.
If you have someone here
that know how to speak with God,
now it's the time.
From the girls.
Is there a way in?
I don't know. I...
I suppose.
What are you
going to do, Mr. Lowy?
Blow it up?
Besides the Jews...
what is the one thing
the Germans are most afraid of?
There are no Germans here, Lowy.
Yes, yes there are.
Auschwitz is theirs.
This is their plan.
Hlinka Guards
are their errand boys.
They're here.
And what are
they most afraid of?
-The Russians?
-No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
What kills their plans?
Puts a wrench
in their whole machine?
-Kills production?
It's brilliant.
If we can get
enough serum for the girls,
if we can get in...
it'll create an epidemic.
How much do we need?
A double dose of serum
will bring out symptoms.
That should be enough.
It will declare
Bardejov of infected.
Seal us off
and force a quarantine.
Who has the authority?
Dr. Milos Baratis
is a district head medic.
So how many people
need to show symptoms?
Five won't stop the trains.
should do it.
How dangerous is a double dose?
-There is a risk.
-A real risk.
An outbreak, maybe worse.
But there are guards everywhere.
How will we even get inside?
-The plumber?
He has access to the sewers.
They run directly
beneath the school.
Forget about how we get in.
H-- how can we get
enough serum this quickly?
In Kosice.
It's a two hour drive.
And they're not exactly
waiting for us either.
You-- you won't be back
till midnight.
Who says it's enough time
for the serum to take effect?
Dr. Baratis will need
to declare an epidemic
and this will
stop the transport.
And we need to have early
enough to show these symptoms.
Can we really do this?
Bomba, can you get us in?
I'm not sure. Maybe one of you.
No. Has to be two.
Two of us.
This is...
this is our plan.
Okay? There's nothing else.
If anyone has any objection,
please speak now.
Josef, you have
to go to Kosice now.
Hurry up.
Get enough serum for the girls.
You're going to administer it.
I'll meet you there.
Bomba, go get Boris.
If there is a way
into the sewer,
we need to know for certain.
I will get
the outbreak declaration set up.
I will meet my people in Zborov.
We meet at the brewery at 12:30.
All right.
Now go home to your families.
Love your families.
And may God help us.
Hey, Bomba.
You know...
I thought I'd come to see
what the Jews
would be doing now...
that we got
their daughters all locked up.
I mean...
they have to come up
with something.
Don't you think?
I'm not sure
what you want me to say.
I should shoot you
right now for treason!
It's illegal to hurt Jews.
You know that, right?
I-- I really don't know.
Please tell me.
Why do you wanna help them?
I'm not like you, Stefan.
You are not like them either.
People deserve better.
Jews are not people!
We are all God's people.
Then you can join them.
Next time...
I shoot you for real.
They're all dead.
14 Brezdenova Street. Quick.
You told me
if I ever needed help...
Well, I need help.
What will you tell them
when they find out?
-They won't.
-They will.
Real typhus spreads
and kills and lasts for weeks.
The girls will be
on in a few days.
No one will know. I promise.
They will have to kill me first.
Please, help us.
Mr. Lowy, what can I do for you?
I really need
your help now, Fredrik.
Whatever you need.
Your boys,
they're Hlinka Guards, correct?
Yes. Yes, they are.
I need them to call this number.
5:30 a.m. sharp.
Report a typhus outbreak
in the school.
On your word.
I'll have them call.
But if I may, Mr. Lowy,
you don't have daughters.
I promised you a hideout
and a safe passage.
I could arrange it
for you tonight even.
Things are changing.
I don't know if--
- Fredrik, thank you.
- Thank you.
But I must stay.
Please make sure this happens.
Take care of yourself, Mr. Lowy.
You're a good man, Fredrik.
I could get shot
just for having you here.
We know
and we'll-- we'll.
-You want me to lie?
We don't want you to lie.
All right?
The girls will show symptoms.
All you need to do is confirm
and send a quarantine.
That's it.
Why do you need me then?
Any doctor will do
the same without knowing.
, the symptoms
won't be strong enough.
The train leaves at 6:30.
We can't take any chances.
Please, we know
that you're a good man.
All right?
Miroslav told us what you did.
And now he's dead.
The fate...
of 300 girls...
is in your pen.
Please, help us.
Sign the quarantine. All right?
Give it to Miroslav's family.
300 girls, innocent.
What have they done?
Understand this.
If I sign this
and you don't get to them,
I'm as good as dead.
All good.
It's all right.
It's going to be all right.
They're gonna come.
They're gonna come.
You have five minutes.
Please make it fast.
I will watch the door.
-All right, thank you.
-Thank you, Adam.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
- Girls--
- Girls, how are you?
you must listen to me.
You cannot get
on the train tomorrow.
There's only one way
out of this.
Typhus. You.
I'm gonna have
to give you a serum.
It's gonna make you
a little sick.
It's all right.
It doesn't matter.
Okay, we must do it quick,
so it works fast.
Is it dangerous?
But not as dangerous as
getting on that train tomorrow.
No time to waste then.
But we need
more than four girls.
-How many girls do you need?
-We need all of you.
All right. All of us.
Okay, we must move now.
Let's go.
We do it right now.
-Let's go. File up.
-Come on.
On my way.
Go. Go.
- Welcome to the train.
- Stop! Stop!
No, they're not going anywhere.
-Who the hell are you?
To the train now!
It's-- Can't you see, Captain?
General, these girls
are ill with typhus.
So shoot them
and put the rest on the train.
Come on. Take the barriers down.
Load them up.
I don't care typhus or not.
-Get me Reisteiter immediately.
I don't know who you are,
but I'm in command here.
I'm taking these Jews
to the station.
Dr. Milos Baratis.
General Baratis to some.
Now I am both.
Either way,
I've just signed the papers
to quarantine
the whole of Jewish Bardejov.
Cordoned off, guarded quarantine
for three weeks.
You, General--
Kovac. Damn it.
You, General Kovac,
another commander
of a typhus outbreak.
Listen, you bastard.
I don't care who you are.
I give the orders.
Do you understand?
President Tiso's office.
Yeah, tell President Tiso
the outbreak
can be contained locally.
The others c-- can proceed.
They ask we keep
this quiet, General.
Will you take the sequence
to the Jewish infirmity?
Send the other girls
home right away,
seal of the ghetto unguarded.
Call me.
Good day, General.
If I find out
that you had anything
to do with this, Stefan,
I will kill you myself.
I still can't believe it.
None of us can, my friend.
I never thought I'd be so happy
to be imprisoned, Lowy.
Josef, this may be
the safest Pesach
we could have imagined.
A-- absolutely.
We did it.
Thank you.
-It worked.
-I know.
, it worked.
It worked.
It worked.