Bareilly Ki Barfi (2017) Movie Script

Ekla Nagar, Bareilly.
Of all lhe houses in
this neighborhood, lhe most unique...
'...or, you can say the most
amusing is Mishra Sadan.
Because her the
morning is not normal.
The evening is not normal
Nor are the people normal.
Where is my cigarette?
Last night there was one left
in the packet. Now it's disappeared!
on, God...
I can't take a dump without it.
And, I've to make an urgent
delivery to Bijoriya today.
If I don't freshen up now and suddenly
the pressure increases on the way...
I'll he in big trouble.
Go ask Bitti for a cigarette.
Tell her it's urgent.
How would Billi have a cigarette?
She smokes!!!
This was lhe only thing
missing in her life now.
God save us from such a daughter.
- Just wait and watch...
Soon, you'll find hollles
of country liquor.
Billi! Still sleepingH
Wake up.
What are you doing, sweetheart?
Gel up! queen of sweetheart
what mummy!! il was such a nice dream.
That's all you do.
Wh at?
Do you have a cigarette?
- Hl.lh!
Since when did you start smoking?
Your father wants one.
- I don't smoke.
Don't lie.
If you have one. Give me il me now!
I said I don't smoke.
Wanna bet.
Your father has to go to Bijoriya.
He can't lake a dump.
- Whal can I do?
He will he big trouble
if he has to go on the way.
I'll go and ask someone.
I knew only
stole my cigarette.
Scream a little louder. The pressure will
increase, it will happens on it's own.
Uncle, papa needs one urgently.
- I've only one, dear.
It's ok.
Wh ere' P3P a?
Any luck?
Here you go.
Thank you, Billi.
Wash your hands.
- But, I didn't lake a dump.
Doesn't matter.
I drank that water.
- I'm only washing my hands.
This is Billi Mishra.
Daughter of Mrs. Sushila Mishra.
And son of Mr. Narhollam Mishra.
After all,
he has raised her like a son only.
Sushila Mishra... leaches
children al Narmada Primary School...
'...whal Billi Mishra
never learned in her life.
Always listen to your elders...
And Narhollam Mishra's words...
...are sweeter than his sweets.
- Isn't shanu my daughter too?
what if you run out
of sweets at her wedding...
...won'l I feel humiliated as well?
Son, add 5 more kilos.
I'll he right hack.
Billi, who is this crow?
He's not a crow.
He's a peacock.
Must have not taken a hath today.
But, who is he?
- He's from our neighborhood.
My hike was out of fuel.
I asked for a lifl and he obliged.
I said Drop me, he said okay.
Enough of that, give me 100 rupees.
I don't have.
You gel a fat salary.
I bought you this
sweater from my salary right?
Take il off.
Listen, Billi.
Sit on a motorcycle,
with both your legs on one side.
Billi Mishra...
never listens to advice.
Doesn't have loo many good habits.
She once ale non-veg
Now she eats at every
In India il has not even released.
English films
are locally premiered...
' her best friend
Rama's boutique.
She understands only 60 percent...
...hul explains 100 percent.
I want to break up with you.
I want to break you.
Are you kidding me?
- Have you become mad?
The electricity keeps
going in the lanes...
'...and Bitti's tape keeps
playing without a break.
There's a power cut in the entire city
hut it will he restored soon enough.
We regret the inconvenience caused.
But there's electricity
at our neighbor's home.
Uncle, they have an inverter,
you should also buy one.
And just not these
good for nothing boys...
'...hul, lhe entire neighborhood
is a fan of her break dance.
Any wedding when the DJ starts,
'...Billi's feel start
lapping on its own.
"Munni your anklel...
linkles with the heal."
"Munni your bracelet...
sparkles like diamond."
"Munn | ... Munnl...
"Munni your anklel...
linkles with the heal."
"Munni your bracelet...
sparkles like diamond."
"Boy's can never lake
their eyes off your balcony..."
"...and lry to sway like you do."
"Your waist twists..."
"Your waist twists like this..."
"Your waist twists..."
"Your waist twists like this..."
"Mischievous eyes, vivacious body."
"When she sways, even stars
come out to play."
"Bachelors can't stop falling
in love with her altitude."
"People can't slop raving
about her grace."
"Boy's can never lake
their eyes off your balcony..."
"...and lry to sway like you do."
"Your waist twists..."
"Your waist twists like this..."
"Your waist twists..."
"Your waist twists like this..."
"Your waist twists like this..."
Aarush, have a sweet.
No aunly, I don't eat sweets.
Why don't both of you
speak in private, son?
Okay Aunly.
Gomspeak to him.
Our daughter Bitti works at the
Electricity board's Complaint Department.
The Complaint Department gets
hundreds of complaints every day.
But, not a single complaint
against our daughter Bitti.
ll occasionally happens in parties...
...olherwise, I don't drink.
I just wanted to ask you one question.
Are you a...
Are you... a virgin?
Are you?
It doesn't matter...
But, it does matter
whether you are or not!
No, I'm not! Now?
So many boys have mel her,
but they all rejected her.
There must he something
wrong with our girl.
If I lry talking to her,
she gels angry.
And you don't know how to.
- What do I do?
This is entirely your fault.
She behaves like a guy.
We should've had a boy instead.
Now where are you going?
But there's one thing...
'...lhal always holher's
Billi's mother.
Billi can't find a suitor.
Her engagement was canceled twice.
What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Dear...don'l lake your
mother loo seriously.
She loves you lol.
You know she has thyroid.
Constant mood swings,
and can't stop bickering.
Papa, can I ask you something?
Everything would've been
much easier if I was a boy.
No questions asked.
"He smokes cigarettes.
But, he's a boy."
"Wanders out all night."
"But boys normally do, don't they?"
"He's a loudmoulh,
but has a heart of gold."
"So what if his engagement
got canceled twice."
"He didn't like the girl."
"He just can't marry anyone."
Being a girl is a complete disaster.
Dear, that's how the society is.
I don't believe in their norms, but...
...we still have
to live in this society.
Stop, Need a drop to the station?
- Come.
- Where lo?
- Yes.
Are you traveling alone, madam?
- Yes.
To my mother's home.
No Bindi. No mangalsulra.
You don't look like a bride at all.
I am Christian.
Oh, Christian! Happy journey.
"The train travelling
to Jaam Nagar..."
--N1 4 e 1 4."
"Shaheed Express..."
"...from it's actual time."
" delayed by lwo hours."
"We regret the inconvenience
caused to passengers."
Oh! Brother
Brolherrr! !!
- How much is that hook for?
Which one?
- The One that woke you up.
150 rupees.
- 150?
Don't you have anything cheaper?
- Cheaper...
How about this one?
It's worth 80,
but I'll charge you only 60.
Bareilly Ki Barfi.
I'll give il to you for 50.
Nothing less than 40,
lam sorry...No
30 rupees.
I am going away, Mummy.
This is the only hest way to save papa
and you from all the trouble.
lam also taking along
with me 2000 rupees...
...which you had
hidden in your blouse.
Please don't lry
finding the money or me!
Your headache.
Where do you think
you were running away, witch?
Running away from home.
Then why didn't you?
Because I can't see your happiness
You know how much
I will heal you...if..
If you're done with
north south pole emotional hug...
...lhen, make some lea for me
without sugar.
Rama. Ra...
Have you losl your mind?
Running away from home...
See, this will blow your mind away.
Bareilly Ki Barfi.
- Read more..
A few years ago, a popular international...
- Not the entire hook.
Just read what I've highlighted.
Read this part.
"She stays in Bareilly."
"Enjoys hreak-dan ces."
"Secretly smokes cigarettes."
"Always lays a 100
rupees hel in any chat."
Oh my Godmlhars you!
Bareilly Ki Barfi'...Billi.
You won't believe...
He's written things,
only you and I know about.
Are you serious?
- Yes...
Then, he must have
written about me also.
Forget about you, and look at me.
This means...l am not lhe
only one who's this way.
And there's someone
in this world who thinks...
I am what I am, it's perfect
and he likes just the way I am
Isn't it?
- Yes.
Bul...who's the author?
Uff! Turn il around.
He's the author.
Prilam Vidrohi.
Do you know him?
Now you must he thinking
this is Prilam Vidrohi.
'No...he is not
He's lhe only 'Chirag'
(Light) of his family.
Chirag Duhey.
His father wanted him
to become a doctor or engineer...
'...and mint money.
Well, he's still minling...
But pamphlets, visiting cards,
wedding cards,"
melcelera in his
father's printing press
It's not 'Wels'... it's 'Weds'.
Works hard all day...
'...and drinking
a peg in the evening,...
...wilh Bahli.
You don't see Bahli.
Ah! There she is.
They say time heals every wound.
But his wound is still ripe.
Five years ago...
Bahli used to he in his arms...
'...and not just in his purse.
It was hard for him
to pass time without Bahli...
'...hul, he was just a
time pass for Bahli.
Pap a.
Al Bahli's wedding,
he cried more than she did.
After losing the first innings...
...never mustered the courage
to play second.
Because he never
like anyone afler that.
Because even loday...he's trying to
find Bahli in every girl.
The night Bahli lefl him for good...
'...that same night,
he took this unwavering oath...
'...of making his
love-story immortal.
And his hest friend
Munna read the first draft.
Did you write this?
My tears made me.
Gel your picture clicked, brother.
You'll need to publish
il with lhe hook.
But Chirag was a lrue lover.
If he had published lhe
hook with his own picture...
'...lhen, Bahli would he humiliated.
If he had published
il with Munna's picture...
'...lhen the hook would've
been humiliated.
Now there only one...
so-called friend in the radar..'
But, you wrote this Chirag brother.
- Yes, so?
So how can you publish il in my name?
- Why not?
You can, hul you shouldn't...
I's unfair.
Unfair is if I publish
this with your name...
...and there's nothing
you can do about it.
Look Vidrohi, you're my friend.
So, sticking to the
protocol of friendship...
...l am asking you for permission.
One more thing, boy.
Never cross paths of a rejected lover.
Or else, you'll never
find lrue love, gel it?
Bro, What if mother see this photo...
- Now pose...
Go on...
- Wide smile.
After this, in his own printing
press he secretly published...
Bareilly Ki Barfi.
Prilam Vidrohi ...Down-Down!
Then Prilam Vidrohi got lhe
healing of his life. - Mother...
...from the women.
- Mother...
Bul only in a break.
Prilam Vidrohi ...Down-Down!
- Mother...
And before his scary dream
could come lrue...
Prilam Vidrohi packed
a photo of his mom...
...and fled from the
city fearing humiliation.
Bulmlhere was no need for that.
Not a single copy of
Bareilly Ki Barfi was sold.
The only place they were
in demand was lhe old paper-marl.
No one read it...
but definitely ale in it.
For lhe love of his friendship...
'...Munna kept 10 copies
in his slall,...
...wilh due prominence.
The first was
copy sold in five years...
'...which Billi bought few days ago.
Who is this Prilam Vidrohi?
Even Google can't find him.
ls that him?
That's Prilam-lhe music director.
Why are you so crazy after him?
Why shouldn't I he?
He has changed my life.
The only detail about
him is that he's from Bareilly.
But, I've never heard about him.
Look at his face...
...feels like he's
smiling under duress.
That's lhe shop.
- Yes.
I bought this hook from here.
Books once sold will
not he taken hack.
I wouldn't sell il for a million.
Huh! Did you like il so much?
- Listen...
This guy, Prilam Vidrohi...
lhe author.
Where can I find him?
- Why do you care?
- Just answer my question.
Where can I find him?
ll says here that
he lives in Bareilly.
He used to...
Bul no one knows where he is now!
You wouldn't know.
Lets go.
And what if I find him?
Then you will need to find me!
Take down my address.
She wanted to know
who's the writer.
I see...
Brother, you've spent
many years in exile.
It's time to gear
up for second innings.
Leave it...
I would nol leave if someone
had shown so much interest in me.
I know.
I know loo! Her address!
This is your matter, brother.
You go.
Why am | going?
There's no reason for me to go.
I won't go.
- I'm from Government Census counting.
Count yourself.
Number of people in the family.
See for yourself.
You lwomand...
- One daughter.
Only one?
- One's enough brother.
ls she married?
- Unfortunately not.
What do you mean?
I mean she will gel married.
No doubt about it.
And whenever she does...
...get the wedding cards printed
from my brother's press.
He's got a shop close by,
around the corner.
Good Luck Printing Press.
He also prints hooks.
That's where Bareilly
Ki Barfi was printed.
Are you married, son?
I am, aunly.
And soon I'll become a father.
Then, gel lost.
Have you seen the
population of the country?
There is a lot of work.
Gel goingmCome on.
Well...l've set the stage,
and everything's in place...
...and dropped the hail as well.
The rest lies in your hands.
Let's see if you can reel her in.
Bul he careful.
Because It's a mad family.
It's not 'Beds' its 'Weds'.
Welcome to Good Luck Printing Press.
ll is supremely famous for wedding
cards, birthday cards, visiting cards...
rites-rituals, elc elc.
And hooks also?
Where did you find this?
Where can I find him?
There's no way to find him.
You're few years loo late, madam.
- He is no more?
Well, he is no more in this city.
- I see...
Well lhen, phone number, email,
addressmanylhing is alright.
You won't gel anything.
- Why not?
You see, ma'am, our company
follows a strict privacy policy.
Fans pester them a lol.
Sometimes they cut their nerve
or jump off the roof.
One of them even
swallowed rat poison.
These fans die, And then decent
people like us get stuck in between.
By the way,
what is this so important matter?
It's personal.
Anyway, thank you.
Since...your reason is so important,
I can make an effort...
...hul, only if you lell
me what was is so urgent.
- Brother card.
Your ice cream has melled completely.
You mean to say you
are Bareilly Ki Barfi.
How is that possible?
Exactly that's what
I want to find out.
Can you...
I can.
English film.
- I do...
Do you understand?
Of course, if you watch
you will understand loo.
This is why I want to meet Mr.
How does he know me so well?
How would I know?
- Yes, how will you know?
Exact I y.
I can't give you his
phone number and address.
And he's not on Facehook,
email, elcelera.
You know what...
...wrile a letter to him.
I'll deliver il to him.
And what if he replies.
I'll deliver il to you.
That's right.
Add il on my lab.
Okay brother.
Billi is Bareilly Ki Barfi.
That's whal she claims.
Oh God! Hats off to You...
What did you do?
One mango with two seeds.
One Bitti and the other Bahli.
Does she know you're lhe author?
Are you going to lell her?
First let me find out whether
she's telling the truth.
What if it's true?
I'll give il a lry.
And, what if she's lying?
Well then, I am already in exile.
- True.
If he was on Facehook
we could've have messaged him.
How about this one?
This one.
I look loo healthy in this one.
Why are you sending
your photo along
Just send the letter.
Well... Romeo should know
how his Juliet looks like.
How about this?
My stomach's also visible in this one.
Brother, even her slomach's
visible in this one.
She's advanced like
sisler-in-law Bahli.
What has she written in the letter?
"Dear Prilam..."
"Everyone only sees
the fault side of me."
"But, in the same faults
you saw my positives."
"l am really happy to know this."
"Even more happier that now
somewhere in this world there's...
...someone who understands me
and likes me for the way I am."
"If you ever come to Bareilly..."
"...lhen do meet me."
"The sweels from our
shop are also as sweet."
"Your Bahli... Billi."
Bro...she's become emotional!
You've become emotional loo!
'Chirag's pen was no
longer filled with tears...
'...hul joy instead.
Bahli was history...
'...and a new story awaited him.
Brother Chirag.
Tillu...make one for
brother Chirag as well.
Why did you ask me to slop?
lam in a hurry!
But what's the hurry?
- Need to give her the letter.
She wrote to you yesterday and
you're sending her a reply today.
So? - Even the internet
in Bareilly isn't this fast.
You must wail for few days
before sending her a reply.
Or else you will gel caught!
I see.
Did he reply?
He will.
Did he reply?
He will.
- Hello, uncle.
Hello. Hello.
How can I help you?
Uncle, I own a press.
I have a confeclionary shop.
By lhe way, how much do you
charge for pressing a single shirt.
No, uncle, I own a press... 'press'.
What can I do, son?
Papa, he's Mr. Chirag.
From Good Luck Printing Press.
- I see... I see...
Hello. You did lell me about him.
- Sit down.
So what brings you here?
Well, our shop will
soon he completing 50 years.
So, is he buying our shop?
No... if we prinl some
golden jubilee pamphlets...
...we will gel some publicity.
Hello. - Hello.
And uncle, I'll prinl
1000 pamphlets for only 500.
In golden ink... no extra charge.
Very good.
- What's your name, son?
Chirag Duhey.
Are you married?
No, aunly. I am still single.
- How about some juice?
Lel il he, no need...
I can't let you leave just like that.
Forg el h er.
Print 1200 for 400 rupees.
We're like family...
il will he done.
I'll 'WhalsApp' you
when the job's done.
Just keep your 3g on.
Sushila, give him my phone number.
I don't remember it.
How can I know your number?
I don't call you myself,
how can I remember.
Wrile down mine.
- Yes.
Why? He will give you a missed call
- Papa, I'll give him my number.
Take down my number.
Why don't you feed il yourself.
- Son, juice.
Thank you.
Oh, benevolent Lord.
See you, uncle.
"Slay with me...
like the hum on my lips..."
"...and I'll slay with
you like your dreams."
"Dwell in my love..."
run in the direction...
the trumpets hlare."
"Hold my hands...
sweetheart, I promise."
"Now you're my desire, my intent."
"Say my name, beloved...
I am your world."
"The rains follow
you wherever you go."
"The rains follow..."
"Stay in my breath...
like the sweet fragrance."
"And...l'll pray for your grace."
"Dwell in my love..."
- Sometime talk to us also.
run in the direction...
the trumpets hlare."
"Your still
stored in my heart, sweetheart."
"You r love-I eller sweelh earl."
wonder what lies in my fate."
She's exactly like
sisler-in-law Bahli.
- wonder what lies in my fate."
"Stay with me..."
- Except for the mole on her hack.
" the hum on my lips..."
I like you.
What did I do?
Actually, I've always come across
stubborn and chauvinistic type of boys.
God knows what they
think of themselves...
...and lreal other women like dirt.
And me?
You're like a...Lihran.
What a lucky guess.
- You are.
I am a Lihran.
- A pure Libra.
Lihrans always maintain a balance.
Like my father.
Always maintaining a
balance between me and my mother.
Then your birthday must he nearing!
It's closing in 23 minutes...
Today is your birthday!
Gel up.
- Gel up...l said gel up.
Let's go, I'll lell you on the way.
- Why?
Come on...
- That's expensive stuff.
Lovel Sweets...
- Lovely sweets.
The 'y' fell off in the last monsoon.
Come on, we don't have much lime.
How will you open the lock?
You don't have the key.
This is only to keep lhe thieves away.
Are you crazy?
- Yeah...don'l you know.
What are you doing?
Happy Birthday Mr. Chirag.
How is it?
"Slay with the hum on my lips..."
- Now?
"...and I'll slay with
you like your dreams."
"Dwell in my love..."
- Bye.
run in the
direction...the trumpets hlare."
He looks okaymgol a long nose.
No moles on his face either.
Bul even moles can he cut
off with horse's hair.
He owns a printing press,
so must he earning well loo.
Also, he has a motorcycle.
Let's assume that even if his
press shuts down, then...
We still have the confectionery shop.
The least he can do
is shoo away lhe flies.
Isn't it?
I know what Vidrohi
writes in his letters.
I see...
So lell me, James Bond.
That you say such cute things.
You have a nice handwriting.
And whenever he opens his letter...
...he can smell your faint fragrance.
That's nothing new.
The entire neighborhood can.
Guess what do I write in the letter?
You're dying to meet him, right?
What happened?
Tell me...
I've written to him thrice...
...lhal I want to meet him.
Bul he ignores my requests.
Maybe he doesn't want to meet you.
Fine, then...
...l'll slop writing to him.
- Maybe he does.
I don't know.
I want to meet him only once.
I have a right to meet the
man who knows so much about me.
Isn't it?
Only you know him...
please introduce us once.
What if you don't like him?
- Doesn't matter.
And, what if you do?
If I do, then even my
mom and dad should like him.
If they do, Hi ...olherwise, bye.
Please help me meet him once
I'll do anything you say.
pleasemjusl once.
Just once.
Just once.
But, how will you make them meet?
Vidrohi ran away years ago.
Who knows whether
he's still alive or dead?
Who's introducing her to Vidrohi?
Who's lhe real author of lhe hook?
- You?
And who wrote the letter?
- You?
So who will go to meet her?
Brother, hang il on this.
Take brother.
Let's meet in the evening.
It's your turn today.
See, Bareilly Ki Barfi.
This hook is messing her mind.
ll says here if she smokes,
she's good.
If she watches English films, she's sweel.
- So what's wrong?
Do you want to know what's wrong?
There's that boy, Chirag.
He's so well-mannered, talented.
And look at himmwrelch.
Don't call him wrelch.
Why not?
I would poison his juice.
Son, you?
I was passing by and
heading towards Ghanla Ghar...
...and thought I should
slop and pay you a visit.
I'll gel some juice for you.
- No, no, aunly.
I guess you guys are husy
in some kind of family discussion.
I'll leave.
Your Bareilly Ki Barfi.
- Groundnuls.
Thank you.
- Bless you.
On one side is the girl...
...who's head-over-heels
in love with the author.
And on the other side is her mother,
who's willing to take his life.
So what are you planning to do now?
This is love, Munna... demands sacrifice.
Then chalk-out another
name in lhe name of love.
Don't you have any brains?
- Whose name is on the hook?
Pritam Vidrohi.
- And the photo on the hook?
Prilam Vidrohi.
So who will make the sacrifice?
Prilam Vidrohi.
Brother, your first love
made him flee from the city.
What if your second
love demands his life? should not
lreal someone so badly.
Forget it, let's do it.
It's going to he fun.
Bul where is he lhese days?
Hello, son.
Sit down, il has been really long.
Sit, son.
Have some lea.
Aunly, no need for these formalities.
So, what brings you here?
What can I say, aunly?
I was going through my old album...
...and noticed
Vidrohi's innocenl face.
And lhen...l really
started missing him.
Where is he lhese days?
He's become a big man now.
Works al a really big company, as a...
Whal is il called? Sales Manager.
Gel il?
Those guys who sell stuff.
That's what he does now.
Wail. Look..
He gave me this ATM card.
I can withdraw any amount I wanl.
Bul I don't need it.
Seemlasl month he sent this TV.
It's too thin,
hut the image's really clear.
And this fan loo.
Even in a slow speed,
you feel cold in minutes.
Bul where is he lhese days?
In Lucknow.
Palrakarp u ram
Thank you.
- Have some cashews, son.
Take it.
Let's go, you glullon.
- I eat every day, son.
That's enough, son...
Thank you.
For every thing, you're doing.
Why are you doing it?
Climb aboard, brother.
You've got our tickets.
G ood bye.
See you later.
See you later.
- Brother, the train's leaving.
Take care of yourself.
Now, according to
Vidrohi's mother...
'...he's this successful.
And that's not all, sir.
This 400 N/m heasl comes
with six airbags, ABS...
...which is your Anli
Lock Braking system.
Fraction control...
Well, if you ask me
I think this is your car.
I think we'll lake it.
- Okay.
Pack the blue one.
But the reality is...
Pack the blue one.
Show that one..
- Take a look, sisler-in-law.
This comes with a blouse-piece
attached to it.
There is lwo types of fading in this sari.
- Really.
Front and hack.
In fact, it's got extensive
intricate work done on the borders.
Sales Manager is selling saris.
Should I order lea or something else?
- No.
Do come again.
- Sure.
Congratulations for your wedding, brother.
- Come on.
Brother, do you have anything in Chanderi?
- Yes, we...
Unbelievable, dude...
You're selling saris in an age where
you should he taking them off.
Brother, you...
What are you doing here?
Order some Colamand
we'll talk in detail.
So you won't come along?
No, brother.
Because of you...l losl my degree,
fled from my city.
I cannot afford to lose this job now.
Prilam, who's going
to look after the customers?
Gel hack inside.
We have a huge variety in Chanderi.
Look at the borders,
it's got a beautiful border.
You can gel these in different colors.
I'm telling you,
brother, I cannot do this.
Look, brother, I've found
true love almost a decade later.
But the girl loves the
author of Bareilly ki Barfi...
...and according to the hook,
that's you.
That's really nice.
You created this problem,
now it's come hack to haunt you.
Brother, you got to explain
him the way he understands hest.
The girl wants to meet you once.
Meel her. Break her heart.
I will make mine
Then gel lost.
You find your way.
I'll find my way.
Yes...lhis is the border.
It's very nice.
Don't mind brother,
hut can I say something...
Everything that happened
with me in the last five years...
...did il make any difference to you?
So, now I don't care whether
your heart break or aches.
Look, bro...
If I am heartbroken,
then so will he your mother.
Why mother?
When your mother finds out
that his dear, beloved, son is a liar.
And sells saris to women,
by draping them on his body.
She will he heartbroken.
Right, Munna?
- Yes, brother.
She won't slop wailing.
This isn't's blackmail.
Correct answer. And, you win a
gift voucher from your own shop.
"Coz I'm a had...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
"The kid has turned stylish
and will now he menacing."
"With time his coolness
keeps oh so increasing."
"Coolness keeps oh so increasing."
Billi hates chauvinisls
men and bullies
She's right...
they are worth being hated.
Always bullying people around.
You must become like them.
- "The kid has turned stylish..."
Brother, this is one's too tight.
- "...and will now he menacing."
"With time his coolness
keeps oh so increasing."
"The simple guy's
good time sure has come."
"His super smart ways will now..."
- Yes Bro..
"...gel the whole world watching."
- Hey Bro...
I can't do that.
He cannot do it, brother.
Listen to me...
I am right here to leach you.
Yes, but...
You know what,
just take me the way I am.
No one likes me anyway,
except for my mother.
She won't either.
Let's do that.
We can't lake a chance now.
"With style more than
he himself could handle."
Keep this.
- It's for me, brother.
Lets go.
Give il here... Leave.
- Bro, gave il to me.
Should il lake the call.
Yes, brother Chirag.
Curb your emotions.
Say il with altitude.
Who is this speaking?
I'll throw this sweet
corn soup on your head.
Who is speaking?
You call m e.
My prepaid balance is low.
Take your lime.
Go on...
"His altitude has no boundaries,
no barriers."
"Everyone beller gel in his good
books before he gels even bigger."
Y... Go on...
"Coz I'm a had...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
"Coz I'm a had...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
"l'm not the swag...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
"Coz I'm a had...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
"Coz I'm a had...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
"Coz I'm a had...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
"Coz I'm a had...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
Don't try to act too smart.
Let's imagine someone's
calling you from the hack.
How will you look?
You mean, with altitude.
- Yes.
Call me once.
Bullies never look hack.
"Coz I'm a had...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
"Coz I'm a had...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
"l'm not the swag...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
"Coz I'm a had...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
So time for your final lest.
What are you saying?
This is Lucknow.
People shoot at first
sight and think later.
And I don't like sour betel-leaf.
Bul you must today.
I'll gel one for you.
What do you think,
we're on a morning walk?
Gel on your hike.
Take a long run-up...
and speed away like a hullel.
Come on.
Lifl the stand.
What do you think? Can he do it?
Hey bro, why are you parking
in the middle of the road?
Who lhe hell is he?
- Move your hike.
Move il...are you deaf?
One sweet helel leaf.
- Listen.
Move your hike. What a strange guy.
Parked his hike in the middle.
- Hey Hero...
Hey man... you
How much?
10 Rs
Move your hike,
- We can't move our car.
Come on.
Move your hike.
Gel losl with your hike.
Do you think you own the road?
Move your hike.
"Coz I'm a had...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
"Coz I'm a had...
had Bada hahua (Boy)."
"The kid has turned stylish
and will now he menacing."
"With time his coolness
keeps oh so increasing."
"The simple guy's good
time sure has come
"His super smart ways will
now get the whole world watching
There's a power cut
in the entire city...
...hul il will he
restored soon enough.
We regret the inconvenience caused.
It's me.
ls your phone in the
Lost and found department
Oh! The battery's dead.
Well, lel me recharge you.
Hold my hand.
I've found Vidrohi?
Are you serious?
How is he?
- See for yourself.
Lets go.
I'm bringing him along.
Grealmsee you tomorrow.
Gopal, gel me some lea.
One is not a schemer
and other is not a bully.
Bulmslrange are the ways of love.
'One's hatching schemes...
...and, the other is
emerging with an attitude.
Yellow suits you.
This one?
- No.
You're acting more
snooty than a heroine.
The one you're wearing also looks nice.
- Be quiet.
- Blue buttons don't suit you.
It's from your shop.
- Boutique.
Your phone's ringing.
Hello Madam,
You haven't lefl yet?
I'm just leaving.
You're really unbelievable.
You look four days to find Mr.
I can al least lake
2 hours to gel ready right!
Let him wail, I am coming.
She'll he here any minute.
I'll he fine...hul, isn't this loo much?
- No.
Just remember what I said.
And, voice...
From the stomach...
Like Mr. Bachchan.
- Hello.
Namemwhal was her name?
- Billi...
Dimwil...don'l foil the plan.
I will lry my hesl.
This is it.
We've arrived.
She's here.
It's me...
Now just repeal after me.
What can I do?
Tell him it's Vidrohi's work.
Who? Vidrohi!
If he still doesn't listen,
give him one tight slap.
And don't call me again
for such trivial mailers.
Hang llP---
Somwhal was your name?
Which one is Guddi?
- IFS Billi. I'm Billi.
Rama. Best friend.
- Best?
Wail a minute,
how could you not recognize me.
I sent you my photo.
- Photo.
Yeah, I sent my photo
along with the letter.
The one in the sari.
- Sari?
- Right, your photo...
Say something.
- So many people send their pictures.
He's a public figure.
- Yeah.
Son, come here.
Yes, sir.
What will you have?
What, sir?
Who's going to ask
what we'll have, huh?
Sorry, sir.
What will you have?
Chow-mien for everyone.
Okay, sir.
- No, we're leaving.
- But, you just got here.
We need to lake Rama's
brother to the doctor.
We do, don't we?
- So gel up.
Lets go.
Invite him for lunch tomorrow.
- Why?
It's a Sunday.
You can introduce Mr.
Vidrohi to your parents.
It's a Sunday.
Fine, I'll meet her parents.
Okay, Bye...
By the way, you write really nicely.
You look really nice.
Thank you.
- Lets go.
- You were amazing.
And the waiter...
- They are coming hack.
Fine, then gel going.
What's wrong?
Don't feel like leaving?
Sit down and eat.
No, Thank-you, I had lefl my purse.
- Okay.
I'll see you out.
- No...
Come on.
- Let him go along.
Let's go.
- Okay, bye.
So arrogant.
I wanted to slap him.
"Which one is Guddi?"
Who does he think he is,
Guddi's uncle.
He wasn't that had though...
Every successful
man is a hit arrogant.
Tell me...
Have you ever heard a beggar say...
"Spare me some change...
or gel lost."
Have you?
Wise guy's has even self invited
home tomorrow.
Listen, I am coming loo.
You're having this special interest?
I like him.
lam warning you...
If he tries to act smart tomorrow...
- Then you can slap him.
Let him come home first.
What do you think?
We'll see...
Brother, when sisler-in-law
is over Vidrohi...
...lhen why give her another dose.
Every antibiotic needs
to he taken for three days.
The effect is never
seen in the first dose.
If you don't complete the course...
...lhen, there's a chance
of lhe sickness coming hack.
You meanmlhe next
lwo doses are her parents.
Why did you gel this sari?
My mother always says never
go to any house without a gift.
You're not going there as a suitor.
Fine, then you can give her this.
You bought it, so you give it.
In fact, you can drape
il on yourself as well.
"See's got
three different kinds of shades."
"Front and hack..."
Fine, pack it.
And no need to make a feast.
He's not coming over
to ask for marriage.
Dear daughter! I am not so lucky, that a
guy will meet and ask you for marriage.
Don't keep your hopes high.
lam going to slay righl here, dancing
on your head for lhe resl of your life.
Go lake a look, must he Chirag.
I'll go answer the door.
- I'm going to call Rama.
Hello uncle.
- Bless you, son. And, who are you?
Come in, uncle.
This is your home only, isn't it?
Come in...don'l he shy.
Why would I he shy?
- Hello, uncle.
First, you touched my feet
and now you're greeting me again?
That's me.
- It's him.
Hello, aunly.
- Hello, son.
Chirag, who is he?
- He's my friend.
Papa, that's Mr. Vidrohi.
Remember I told you about
him yesterday.
So he's this guy who
wrote that absurd hook.
I'm sure you liked it.
Happy birthday, Whenever il is!
What would you like to have, son?
Buttermilk, juice, lea, coffee.
- I'll have lea, aunly, Hol.
And you'll have juice only!
- Yes.
Vidrohi, do you write to make
a living, or is il just a hobby.
With lhe grace of Goddess,
I've enough money...
...lo buy your shop
and gift il hack to you.
- Writing is just a hobby.
What's wrong with your neck?
This body has grown old son...
ll always needs some repair or other.
Just lasl week he
was cured of his piles.
It's nothing serious, uncle.
Add some basil seeds in
water and drink il at night.
ll will fix your all your problems.
- Those things don't work.
Allow me.
Don't do Vidrohi.
Let me...
- Let il he.
Don't break his neck instead.
Leave me.
- What are you doing?
Hold this.
Hail Bajrang Bali!
Be gentle, son.
Two... three... done.
PEPE, ire you alright?
Billi, Shall I turn?
Yes turn.
- Careful.
Wow! I can see everything
from the loo to Sushila.
Billi, I can even
see the pols behind me.
Since when did you start doing this?
- Just now.
Your father's my first customer. now.
- Billi....
...give him 10-20 rupees
as a token of appreciation.
Give him money.
- Uncle, I have a lot of money.
Are you married, son?
- No, aunly.
I knew it.
Answer the phone.
Phone ringing
(ring lone hey listen)
Hold on.
- You listen up.
Next time if you call me...
...l'll kick you so hard,
you'll gel a dimple on your a
Hang on now.
The lea is hot, son.
We'll he leaving, aunly.
- Okay, son. You can leave.
But you stay, son. I won't let
you go without having lunch.
I really like you, son.
- Okay.
They are very famous, taste it.
- I know.
In a brief moment...
'...he turned papa's neck straight,
and turned the game around.
I told you...send him hack.
But you wanted to complete the course.
Now it's an overdose.
That was loo much man!
Were you trying to he a hero?
I did exactly like you taught me.
And, what were you
saying on lhe phone?
You'll make a dimple on my a
- No, I...
I was only sticking to my character.
My performance will go weak
if you keep changing the script.
Why did you have to
fix her father's neck?
An old man was in pain... I thought I should fix his neck.
He is your falher-in-law after all.
I was just helping you out.
- Mr. Helping hand...
You were supposed to depress her,
hul you've impressed her instead.
Fine, I'll go hack then.
Right, go on...
- You cannot leave like this.
You must first clean
up the mess you have made.
This new hairstyle really suits you.
Have another one.
- No...
Take it.
- I don't want it.
I've been eating since morning.
You must eat properly.
You've become so scrawny.
Will a wedding dress
look nice on this body?
All the faults are with me, right mom?
You can wear my wedding dress.
- Yes d ear.
Mr. Vidrohi.
Billimal this hour?
Yeah... If papa doesn't eal a sweet
betel-leaf afler dinner he gels hiller.
What are you doing here?
Well...l have a similar habit.
If I don't eat a dessert
after dinner I get hitter too.
I see...
You should eat more sweets...
ll will cure your bitterness.
Am I that hitter?
- No...
...hul, you're not like
I thought you would me.
I mean, Rama and me.
What did you and Rama think?
You see...your letters were filled
with the fragrance of romance.
Bul you turned out to
he the fragrance of bullies
So I...
Don't gel me wrong.
You're not that had person.
It's the conditions
That make people had.
You are right.
It's the conditions and
people who made me hitter.
Bul even hitter people have a...
Heartmand it's not hitter at all.
Vidrohi, Are you okay.
Make that lwo.
You didn't lell me...
did you like Vidrohi?
You never asked.
From the time he is here
you don't even miss me.
You could've at least called.
- You could've loo.
Yes, I could.
- So...
So lell me, how did you like Vidrohi?
You know, when we mel first...
...l wanted to claw his face.
- I knew it.
No...hul, when he came home...
...l realized, he's not that had.
And, mom and dad
are completely floored.
I see...
So, what's the plan?
What's the plan?
We've just mel twice.
We'll first gel to know each other.
Meel few more limes.
You've mel me many limes.
- What do you think about me?
What's to think?
That You're my very good friend.
No one does what you did for me.
She just friend-zoned me.
- They are here.
You're here.
Vidrohi, Remember we
must close this chapter today.
I've hy-hearted everything,
brother, don't worry.
How are you?
- Great.
We're early.
- You're half an hour late.
This place is for hoozing at night.
And you guys are eating groundnuls.
Yeah, right.
Looking at the way you drink... would hardly have any
place in your stomach for groundnuls.
You're absolutely right.
This is exactly what I say
to myself every night when I drink.
And forget in the morning.
He's also got memory loss.
- Yeah...
Oh yes...
And I've also been to jail
once because of this mix-up.
I see...
Oh, God...jail...criminal...
this is really serious.
It's nothing serious.
Lord Krishna was also horn in a jail.
And, one should not
remember everything.
Wow. . .
What if I forget you tomorrow?
It's not that easy
to forget Bitti Mishra.
Let's make a hel.
And you'll definitely not forget
me unlil tomorrow.
What is there tomorrow?
- What?
How can you forget?
You printed all those pamphlets.
Golden Jubilee Celebrations
of Lovely Sweets.
How can you not come?
- He can't come.
Why not?
- He's leaving for Lucknow tonight.
Bagh Express... Northern Railway.
Happy journey.
- But...
Going hack... Yeah, I'm going hack.
How can he come?
He's leaving, he can't come.
Hold this. Show me the ticket.
I see...
And, what if il gels torn?
No, no, Billi...
No, Billi...
I swear I'll never talk to you again.
Return the ticket.
Tell her.
- Yeah, I won't either.
No chance.
- Fine, leave.
Give me your phone.
I'm low on balance.
Delele my number, and I will loo.
Because you're leaving.
Go on...
- Great.
So Mr. Vidrohi,
you've to pack your hagsmand
Lets go
- Brother, keys.
Don't he sad, Bitti.
- Doesn't matter.
Please, leave.
This is no time to gel emotional,
I had a hard time getting
this ticketmthrough VVIP quota.
With recommendations from Mr. Vishnoi.
Let's go.
- Billi...
No...lhe trains are packed.
'Vidrohi's revolt... Fantastic.
I can't go hack breaking your heart.
But soon he was hit...
I mean got ditched.
You cannot leave Billi.
- Listen to me.
You tore up the ticket.
I like Rama, Brother. If I die,
Billi won't wail for 14 years.
Just kill him.
I like Rama.
I like Rama.
Billi's my sisler-in-law.
The question is whether
Rama likes you loo.
Don't know.
But I tore up the ticket to find out.
I'll slay here for another
week and lest her.
If she's the one for me,
then we'll leave together.
- Hl.lh!
There's water in this ear,
say il in this one.
- Fritters...
Yes 'Lorry'
ok now you focus all
your attention on Rama.
I will support you in this love story.
Buy a really nice gift for Rama.
There's no need for this.
- It's love after all.
I've told you a thousand limes...
...don'l bathe at night.
See aunty,
He took a hath with his clothes on.
my heloved's so handsome."
"Always dressed smartly,
whether it's Delhi or Agra."
"Your earrings make
my hearl skip a heal."
"When you shake the waist,
it steals millions of hearts."
"Your earrings make
my hearl skip a heal."
"When you shake the waist,
it steals millions of hearts."
"Slop taunting me...
Don't he a wise guy."
"lam not Juliet,
And you're not my Romeo."
"O Sweely..."
"O Sweely your drama,
creates a slir."
"This is unfair."
"Believe il or not,
we're crazy about you..."
"Listen O,
sweetheart, we're your beloved."
"Don't make a commotion..."
"...everyone's watching."
"What do you gel from making a scene."
"Don't ignore me...
I am not useless."
"Teach me the language of love."
"Slop taunting me...
Don't he a wise guy."
"lam not your Juliet,
And you're not my Romeo."
"O Sweely..."
"O Sweely your drama, creates a slir."
"This is unfair."
"Believe il or not,
we're crazy about you..."
"Listen o sweetheart,
we're your beloved."
"Ah racad ah
heloved's so handsome."
"Always dressed smartly,
whether it's Delhi or Agra."
Bravo, Mr. Mishra.
The Pukhraj-gem has
started to show effect.
We were trying to
find one suitor for Billi...
...hul, now we found lwo.
Now, choose what you want.
And, it's not like we've
to choose between good or had.
One's goodmand the
olher's a slightly heller.
Both are well suited.
That's lhe problem.
Who do we choose?
On one side, Mr. Vidrohi was
making his impression
...while on lhe other Mr.
Chirag was breaking his head
Hello, aunly.
- Hello-hello.
Your spectacles were broken,
weren't they? I got it fixed.
That's a big help, son.
It's hard to read anything without it.
Everything3 so clear now.
Son, you care so much for everyone.
Can I say something?
- Please do.
I've been thinking about
something for the past few days.
About Billi's marriage.
Oh, Aunly,
Billi is a really nice girl.
She will gel married sooner or later,
don't worry.
Actually, I already know
who's best groom for her.
I will convince Billi...
And you...
- What?
You convince Vidhrohi.
Vidrohi...for Billi?
- Yes.
Did Bitti say that?
- She doesn't have to.
They look like a match made in heaven.
You just he like God Hanuman
...and lake this burden off my chest.
When a lover feels
the storm in the sea.
'...he finds different ways to
to save himself from loosing his love.
Whal happened?
- Whal can I say, aunly?
Vidrohi is a divorcee.
- Hllh?
Brother Chirag.
- This way, Vidrohi.
What's wrong?
Why did you call me suddenly?
What's happening, isn't good for you.
What happened now?
That seed of love,
you sowed in Rama's heart...
...was reaped by someone else.
Whal do you mean?
- ll means...
Someone came to see Rama yesterday.
And they really liked Rama a lol.
Liked her?
Did Rama say yes?
She didn't say no either.
Who...who is the guy?
Tell me his name.
There's nothing you can do.
He's a goldsmilh,
he's got a shop of his own.
He can melt silver,
and make jewelry for Rama.
Even his security guard makes
more money than you.
I've seen love in
Rama's eyes for you. did I.
In fact, I've seen il more often.
So, what should I do, brother?
My advice is that you
should tell her tomorrow.
Tomorrow is also lucky Wednesday.
- Yes.
I will if you say so.
- And, listen...
Say il in front of everyone.
- Why?
Huh! You only kiss in private.
...hul in front of everyone
you openly express your love.
You're right, brother. I will lry.
And, write down a few lines,
so you can propose to her.
Have you heard
Allaf Raja's(Singer) songs?
You'll gel lols of ideas from him.
- Okay.
Okay, brother.
What do you think, brother?
Will Rama say a yes?
Wh o cares?
The neighbor's kid
has climbed up lhe tree.
If he hikes down safely,
we'll gel to eat mangoes.
And, if he falls down and dies,
we'll gel to eat at his funeral.
In this situation,
whether Rama says yes or no...
Billi is sure to gel heartbroken.
Can I say something, brother?
You're such a villain.
This lake is where love was horn!
The film was called Jawani Diwaani.
Vinod Khanna and Dharmendra
waged a fierce war.
And the reason was
Hema Malini, mister.
Say it.
- "Dream Girl..."
"The queen of my dreams...
Dream girl."
Turn your head that sidemand
enjoy the view from this side.
- Yes, mister.
Can you stay quiet, mister?
- Why, mister?
Would you like one, mister?
Why are you gelling angry?
ll was so much fun.
Turn your head that side...
and enjoy the view from this side.
Mr. Vidrohi wants to say something.
- Really...
speak LIP--
Don't he shy.
Oh no...l am not shy.
"Your heart has stolen my heart."
"And stolen my peace and sleep."
"Don't make any excuses."
"l've made up my mind
to make you my wife, Rama."
"Will you marriage me?"
"Will you marry me?"
- "Will you marriage me?"
Look...Vidrohi, you're a great guy.
And I like you loo.
- Thank you.
But, I cannot marry a divorcee.
It's against our culture.
- You've great values.
Hold on...who's a divorcee?
- Me...
What are you saying?
I've never even been engaged.
I mean, I've never even...
Say something.
- What will he say?
He's the one who told me.
And that's Suicide Point...
Every year 72 lovers
drown to death here.
Your game's up, brother!
And, I will make you pay for this.
You will have to
clean up all this mess.
And you can lag in loo.
- Slay in your limits, okay.
You mind your limits, understood.
Or else, I will really kick your a
Sit down.
Slap him, brother.
- Shut up.
You've turned my life into a big joke!
I've no place!
I was quietly making
a road for myself.
Bul you just ruined everything.
You made me divorcee...
- Quiet!
Billi's mother wants
to make you her son-in-law.
What else could I do? Tell me.
Helped you instead.
I did what I thought was
right at that moment, that's it.
What about my heart
that got shattered?
What about that?
Who told you to lock eyes with Rama?
Just help me gel my love, and then... can go anywhere you want,
I don't care.'re such a selfish man.
I can ruin anyone's
life for the sake of your life.
lam done with being exploited.
I tried my best to he your friend.
Now, I will show you.
Just watch...
Tell me what you can do.
Nothing much.
I will steal Billi
from right under your nose.
Just watch.
This hair slyle I gave
you is really amazing.
But, have you seen
your face in the mirror?
You can't even woo a boy.
If girls only cared about looks...
...lhen half of the boys in India
would've still been bachelors.
I will lake away Billi
from's a dare.
Let's imagine that you
do get married to Bitti...
...then, I'll play the
trumpet at your wedding.
And I'll decorate the flowers.
Now gel losl.
Better start preparing.
he turned out to he a traitor.
Trying to foil our plans.
Billi will apply henna on her hands.
Nol cowdung.
There's nothing he can do.
Aunly, where is Billi?
She is upstairs.
Chirag, come here. Sit.
Son, where does Billi
keep wondering at nights?
She's a girl after all, not a witch.
Why don't you talk to her?
- Don't worry, aunly.
I'll talk to her.
Just make some lea. Hol...
How are you, Rama?
It's entirely my fault.
I shouldn't have brought
that imbecile here.
All he did was write a hook...
...and now he lhink's
he's Ghalih (Poet)!
Thank God Rama rejected him.
Good for nothing...
Letters for you...
and proposal for Rama.
This is not the way.
You don't have to he sad, Billi.
Why would I he sad?
He's just a divorcee
and not a murderer.
Maybe she was a h
I didn't know Rama
would he such a fool.
And, you're siding with Vidrohi instead.
- What else?
Humiliale him like Rama did.
- How can you say that?
Do you know everything that happened?
No, you don't.
A lot of people think
lam wrong, but...
...does that make me wrong loo?
You're not wrong for me, Billi.
So Vidrohi isn't wrong either.
Tea, son.
- Tea won't help anymore, aunly.
Then why did you ask me to make one.
Milk has become so expensive.
I wonder what Bitti
likes about that oaf.
This is a one-sided competition,
You didn't go to the office today.
I look an off for Vidrohi.
Come on.
There goes your queen.
Come on, let's end this game.
Just to he on the safer side,
you should say I love you.
You see, sometime even a rat...
...can create obstacles
in a snake's path.
Sarimhul I don't
know how to wear this.
I know how to drape it.
I never imagined that
sari draper will pul one on me.
Okay, brother.
Vidrohi has opened
sari shop in Bareilly.
- Hello, Listen...
You are fire from job.
Don't come now.
You can't fire me...l fire
you from the post of my boss.
You can keep the money you
owe me and eat a cake.
I should have told
Billi the truth...
..that I am the author
of Bareilly Ki Barfi.
And I wrote those letters.
Hello son...
You look smarter than
that Vidrohi, brother.
Actually you look smart anyway,
Whether in a group or solo.
You look handsome from every angle.
You shouldn't make a noise
while eating, it's had manners.
The real fun in eating a malai malpuha
(Indian sweel) is when you make a noise.
Up up chap chap (sounds)
Together now... Chap haa...
Does it matter whether
lam a virgin or not?
Virgin? What's that?
And, when I don't even
know what il means... can il bother me?
Cheers to that.
Do you like watching films?
I like watching English films.
I see...
- Yes.
Do you know English?
I did once...
...hl.ll, I didn! like il.
So, I sent il hack.
Hold il properly.
The time to say
I love you is gone.
We just need to wail
and see who Billi chooses.
...or him.
You had a problem when I was single.
And now, when I want to gel married... still have a problem.
There is no problem, dear.
I never stopped you before, and
I won't stop you now either.
Bulmlhink before
you lake any decision.
What's to think?
She's marrying a boy.
That's all that matters to me.
Yeah, of course, you'll he happy.
Finally, you're gelling
rid of this headache.
I have every reason to he happy.
When your daughter's
slaying with you... keep thinking
when she will leave.
And, when she's about to leave... can't stop thinking how
you're going to live without her.
Papa, I won't go if you start crying.
Don't listen to him.
He has tears even
if someone pinches him.
What's wrong?
Fine, I'll gel some
lea for you with sugar.
Move, son.
Do you have a cigarette?
That you want to spend
the rest of your life with him.
All he did was write a hook.
Well, il did matter before.
But now, it doesn't matter
whether he wrote that hook or not.
All that matters now is that
Vidrohi is not a had guy.
He loves me and...
I'll he happy with him.
Judging by the way you are, Billi...'ll come across many more
people in life, who'll love you.
Will you marry anyone?
Which people are you talking about?
Do you know how many
limes I've been rejected?
Who is willing to marry me?
You've loo have known
me for a long time now.
Bul you didn't fall in love.
I know I've certain faults, Chirag.
But if Vidrohi still likes me,
then what's the problem?
Why would I have a problem?
- Then...
My only advice is that
you shouldn't he hasty.
Wh at h asly?
Look, I've thought this through,
before making a decision.
And please don't think I
am making a compromise.
I told you I'll steal Billi
from right under your nose.
And I did.
Our engagemenrs been fixed.
See you.
Regards to your mother.
Stop it...
Let me catch my breath.
I've been holding myself
hack for a long lime.
If I let go,
you'll have nothing to hold on to.
Bloody Vidrohi...
- Move.
I'm destined to kill a bearded guy.
So slay away.
You much I love Billi.
I loved her a lol.
You used to call her sisler-in-law.
Why did you betray me?
Why did you do it?
Did Billi love you?
I loved Ramamhul she didn't.
So, what should I do?
Sit in a corner and cry like a woman?
Gel this through your skull...
Billi loves me.
Now, find someone else
for your ailing heart.
Because, if anyone now tries
to come between Billi and me...
...l swear, I will make him pay.
Do show up for the engagement, brother
We haven't called
for the musical hand.
This altitude you're showing off...
It's my gift to you.
And, when Bitti learns the truth...
...she will kick you out.
I see...
And, who's going to lell Billi?
Your...hesl friend, or you?
Who's going to lell her?
Look...if I'm heartbroken
I'll break everyone's heart.
I won't let il happen again.
You will never change, brother.
Fine, go lell her.
Why isn't the light glowing?
The lighl glowing, uncle.
- Then, why can't I see it?
It dim light uncle.
Will shine clearly in the night.
I see, it will look better at night.
Then keep them closer,
show I've spent money.
The lights should shine bright, ok .
Pul il up lheremslop bothering me.
Yes, lh ere.
Aunly, where is Billi?
- She must he in lhe room upstairs.
Why is he looking so dull today?
How am I looking?
Very beautiful.
What's wrong with you?
What can he wrong with me?
You don't look happy.
You look really happy.
I am very hPPY-
You had something to say?
Yes, aunly.
- Come down, son. I need you here.
Listen, son. Come here.
Such a pretty ring.
Isn't il nice?
- Yes.
I really like il a lol.
Give me your hand, son.
Let's see how il looks on Vidrohi's finger?
- Aunly...
Aunly, why...
- Let me see, son.
Oh my, il looks so pretty.
See, Rama, how does il look?
ll really looks good, aunly.
- ll does, doesn't it?
Even I like il a lol.
Now, this is one good thing that happend.
- Have some more.
Come on, son, keep il hack in the box.
What happened?
- It's stuck, aunly.
How can il he stuck? Turn il around.
- What have you done?
Turn il around.
- Pull il out, aunly.
How did il gel stuck?
- I'll hold his hand and you pull il out.
I can't gel il out.
- Try to remove it.
Someone gel butler.
- Pllll.
Gel some soap.
- Whal happened?
What are you doing?
- Pull, aunly.
The ring is stuck on the finger.
- How can il gel stuck?
What's wrong?
Why are you all screaming?
I only wanted to see how il looked,
but I didn't know...
She'll gel il go.
Be quiet, she'll do it.
"You're untouched by
the norms of the world."
"You're the grace in my eyes."
"Every breath I lake..."
"...and in all my dreams..."
"l see your prints everywhere I look."
"O wanderer... I am in love..."
"Love with you."
"O wanderer... I am in love..."
"Love with you."
"You're like the shadow
of a soaring bird."
"The hoat that floats carelessly."
"You cannot settle down..."
you're like the caravan of a nomad."
"l am treadingmon the footsteps,
you've left behind."
"Wondering whether we'll ever meet."
"O wanderer... I am in love..."
"Love with you."
"O wanderer... I am in love..."
"Love with you."
"Love with you."
"Love with you."
"Love with you."
"Love with you."
What did sisler-in-law say?
I couldn't gather
lhe courage to lell her.
She's very happy with Vidrohi.
How could I break her heart?
I was very selfish, Munna.
I couldn't see anything beyond
my happiness alone.
Love taught me to
he happy in olher's happiness.
And Vidrohi's not a had guy either.
You're not a villain, brother.
How are you, brother?
Sorry, m an .
ll was entirely my fault.
I troubled you without a reason.
It's okay.
What's this?
I've written somelhingmfor Billi.
It's from you...
...hecause you're a really had wriler.
Read this out at your engagement.
She will like it.
Please come to my engagement, brother.
ll will make me really happy.
I don't have any choice now.
Even today, there's not a
single dull moment in Mishra Sadan.
Poor making sweets.
- Greetings, uncle.
Pour some milk in that coffee machine.
Yes, uncle.
- Look here...
Hello, sister. Hello...
- Bless you son..
Upstairs, go on...
- Yes.
Look here,
your friend is making sweets.
Go... go.
Come, son.
The function is upstairs.
- There's a problem, brother.
What's wrong with your voice.
That's the problem.
My mother made lea
from curdled milk...
And this is what happened.
- What now?
Now, who's going to read this letter?
- Who?
Munna, you read it.
- No...
You read il then.
- How can I read it?
What are you saying?
Hello...Thank you for coming.
Be happy son.
You read it.
- Let's go upstairs.
Please read it.
Please read it. Brother.
- Fill it with clarified butter.
Look now, your electricity
department is betraying us.
Lallan, coffee.
- Here she is.
- Wow... so beautiful.
That way, dear. That way.
- You're looking so beautiful, my child.
That way?
- Let's go.
Sit here.
Sit here.
- Yes
So beautiful.
The curly hair looks so nice.
Don't touch it.
- Don't touch her hair, you'll ruin it.
Excuse me...
my dear brothers...
...and sisters, except for one.
- What's wrong with his voice?
Don't know.
- Mothers and Fathers...
On the auspicious
occasion of my engagement...
...l've written something for you,
Bitti, straight from my heart.
Bul if I read il out in this voice...
...lhen, you'll all gel depressed.
So, my best friend Chirag
will read il out for me.
Come on, Chirag.
I'll go sit there.
- Yeah...
It's hard to hear anything from here.
- He's written a letter...for you.
Come sisler-in-law
- Sit here...
Move aside.
"Bareilly Ki Barfi...Billi!"
"You must he wondering..."
"l've already written
so much about you..."
"...lhal what do I have lefl to say."
You wouldn't have
the slightest clue..."
"...hut I've enough to say about you
which can last an entire lifetime."
"Some think you're short-tempered."
"Some think you're spoilt."
"Your mother amusingly says that..."
"...when you wander out at nights,
you look like a witch."
"Some limes you're odd..."
"...and some limes
you're very interesting."
"But I swear,
I like everything about you."
Oh, God. What just happened?
Oh no, not another power-cut.
He was reading
such a romantic letter.
There's a power cut
in the entire city...
...hul power will he
restored soon enough.
We regret the inconvenience caused.
You're very strange.
Every time you laugh,
your front loolh's visible.
Even your gums light up.
Every time you cry,
your nose starts running.
You gel happy without a reason...
...and lose your temper
over trivial things.
It's not easy to love you.
But, it's harder to not love you.
You're like this light in my life.
And no one in this world,
can love you as much as I do.
Let's make a hel.
And, if I
can lake anything you want.
Will you marry me?
Come, Vidrohi.
How long are you going to hide it?
I know who wrote Bareilly Ki Barfi.
Along with all those letters.
I know everything.
But, who told you?
I am not a traitor, brother.
lam on your side.
I don't know.
Yes, son,
I just found out a few days ago.
And we started preparing since then.
Vidrohi got emotional.
When I tried to console him,...
...he spilled out everything.
Chirag is the author
of Bareilly Ki Barfi.
These lwo got me in this mess.
You could've told
me if you already knew.
Bul I didn't know...
...whelher you really love me,
or maybe because... see Bahli in me.
And il was very important
for me to find out.
Hence I played this charade.
Through Mr. Bishnoi we hooked...
Oh no...
Cheers to that.
You didn't fall in love with me.
I tested you at every step.
Bul you passed every lesl.
I troubled you a lol, didn't l?
- Don't say sorry.
Billi, here you go.
Adorn it.
But, I don't have one.
I didn't come prepared.
What will he adorn?
- Brother Chirag.
Look at him.
Like I said...
Billi's my sisler-in-law.
I will slap you..
I troubled you a lol.
- It's alright.
Adorn it.
I'm going to frame this.
I'll never forget this ever.
Pap a.
But this didn! fil.
We look your measurement
yesterday, son.
You guys really made
me dance to your tunes.
Coffee's here...
There's never a power
cut when you need one.
A story with a name
like 'Barfi' (sweel)...'
'...will always have a happy ending.
How is it?
They are now made for each other.
'Oh...we completely forgot
to offer you sweets.
Now Vidrohi explains English
films to Rama in his own style.
But unfortunately, in theatres,
the corner seat is a rarity....
'...when their mother's
sticking around.
Chirag, Munna, and Vidrohi...
'...have become more
than just best friends.
Well, there's just Mr.
Mishra lefl now.
During lhe day,
he lislens to his wife...
'...and at night,
he talks to lhe fan.
If you visit Bareilly again...
'...then, instead of wasting
time looking for the earrings...
'...opl for 'Barfi'
(sweets) instead.
"Your earrings make
my hearl skip a heal."
"When you shake the waist,
it steals millions of hearts."
"Slop taunting me...
Don't he a wise guy."
"lam not Juliet,
And you're not my Romeo."
"O Sweely..."
"O Sweely your drama,
creates a slir."
"This is unfair."
"Believe il or not,
we're crazy about you..."
"Listen o sweetheart,
we're your beloved."
"Don't make a commotion..."
"...everyone's watching."
"What do you gel
from making a scene."
"Don't ignore me...
I am not useless."
"Teach me the language of love."
"Slop taunting me...
Don't he a wise guy."
"lam not Juliet,
And you're not my Romeo."
"O Sweely..."
"O Sweely your drama,
creates a slir."
"This is unfair."
"Believe il or not,
we're crazy about you..."
"Listen o sweetheart,
we're your beloved."
my heloved's so handsome."
"Always dressed smartly,
whether it's Delhi or Agra."