Bariera (1966) Movie Script

Scenario and direction
Director of photography
Leading players
- As a student...
- Watch it, or we'll punch you up.
As a student I sold myself to the
state! Now, I'll choose my buyer.
The State's not so disgusting!
Who drives the nice cars?
People like us?
I can't bear to look at those success
men, their cars, their girls...
Wy can't I have all that now?
Must I wait until I'm old
to get such a car, such a girl?
I'll gladly give my life for
my country when I'm 5O. Not now!
In our cynical and
unidealistic generation... spite of everything, romantic
impulses manifest themselves.
Win something by your own youthful
efforts, fight for something!
Even for cars and girls,
but not a pension at your age!
You've had 15 years of education
and you can't do one more year?
You've deprived someone
of a place!
Yes, it's disgusting!
I've broken down. Should I cry?
So I broke down.
But who's driving the good cars?
Men like us?
First see who they were before
they got those cars.
Defend yourself, wonder boy!
They want something from you!
We were four...
He's gone!
Now, we are three.
I don't have to play.
Take my money as a grant.
From me!
We don't know our individual
contributions from the first year.
How can we share out?
It's a lot,
we must play for it.
Winer takes all!
I want one thing clear.
If I win the piggy it's ours
- common property.
And you?
Do you play for all
or yourself?
Don't be shy!
If I win I'll take the lot!
I play for all.
Untie me.
Untie me...
let me say goodbye to you.
Untie me.
Feet off!
My bed!
See, I want a bed of my own,
to trample on. Not state property!
All my belongings go into
this suitcase.
In 1 O years you'll met to compare
your purchases.
That'll be your biography!
In 1 O years you'll arrive
where I am now.
I'm sparing myself 1 O years
gradual disillusion...
...surrender of ambition,
of ideals...
Another word and I'll smash you!
In our cynical
and unidealistic generation...
in spite of everything
romantic impulses manifest
themselves. We must...
We ought to join the
bloodstream of society!
You'll smash me?
Multiwitamin - to soothe your
jangling nerves!
Here, take the pack!
- And when they explode think...
- Of you lot?
No, what a bum you are!
At last you'll be able to lie
and look at the ceiling.
Aim well!
Fellow students!
You know what blood is...
...and why you should be the
first to give it... that you give aid even
before you qualify as doctors!
The last week of the Lent
is also Blooddonor Week!
You're the first volunteer.
Please, appeal to the others.
Christ gave his blood and life!
Give blood at least!
- Not this door!
- But here I...
Oh, it's you!
Yes, he's here.
I'm getting married.
- Got a pen?
- Father,
I'm getting married tomorrow.
Wipe your face.
Seal it.
You've been up too long today.
Do you need anything?
Now I'll have...
Deliver it today.
See that it's opened in
your presence.
I don't need anything...
I have television.
I broke down.
Can anyone else do better?
Are you a student?
Why have you come so late?
Put it away somewhere.
You must start at this end.
The steel wool.
I took you for a student,
but you didn't say...
- It's a joke.
- Please don't do any more.
Some students were to do the clearing,
you can't rely on anything.
Now, just let me think...
I don't know if I can tell
which one it is. Look for yourself.
There's only one, very old,
My dear Judge...
...please take the cards
from Father's hands...
...and let him grip
the receiver instead.
To a dance?
But it's Easter Saturday.
Well, yes, I suppose
it's all right after midnight.
Other side of the bridge?
Oh, At the new place!
That'll be marvellous!
Will it be open?
someone's come here from
the onsign...
...the one At the pensioners' home.
He worked it out exactly...
...he's returned the loan plus
the interest, 3OO exactly.
Perhaps you would prefer
to hale cash instead?
More than the repayment,
of course.
Five hundred?
- Six hundred?
- Now I begin to understand.
It's supposed to be
a present to me...
...on the occasion...
- I'll ring back.
There's a dentist next door
- take no notice.
Why such a face?
We've got a buyer for it,
haven't we?
There's some dirt
on your face...
You should wash.
You'll find it,
all will come off with this.
Best of all,
take a bath.
You'll have time to think
about the sabre...
I know what your game is!
But I'm in love,
I'm getting married!
What do you think you're
playing at,
switching off the lights?
I haven't,
there's a power failure.
How dare you take a handle
from there?
Maybe he deserves it!
- Got a cigarette?
- Yes,
but I haven't any matches.
There's an easier way.
It'll lose its temper,
it'll break, you'll see.
Now, what will you do?
The snow was my idea.
It's smouldering!
Those in favour,
raise their candles! Tank you!
Those against!
Please, miss!
You know that place the other
side of the bridge?
The New place?
Well, we could play a joke...
...on my friends from
the Academy...
I'm pretending that
I'm getting married tomorrow.
Now I have to meet them
there with my fiancee.
Wouldn't it be funny
if I showed them you?
After all you could be
my fiancee.
We could go to that place
But I haven'f finished work yet.
But wait a moment, won't you?
- Still up, sisters?
- We're waiting for the resurrection.
Room 512 please.
Come and meet my fiancee. I'm
sitting here, feeling rather stupid.
At that place they won't let you
into without a tie.
I'll fetch her now.
Telephone for you.
How do you like her?
What have you told her?
They've allerted us,
like an emergency service.
So that someone
who loses faith, like a leg...
...can find first aid here.
- I'm going to wait.
- Waiting costs money, too!
They wait, they get drunk,
and what can we do about it?
- I'm waiting for money, in a suitcase.
- That's worth waiting for.
I want to make an impression,
but I don't know about wines.
For 5O I'll call you Councellour,
1 OO Chief, 2OO Chairman,
5OO Minister.
- One hundred.
- Yes, chief?
You have a chance
to give me a good start.
It's my first day.
You are alone,
you need friendship.
All the better if I could be Her...
The Girl Friend.
You'll discover everything here
for a single zloty.
A Slave.
I love my husband very much
but we've just quarrelled,
I told him I've had enough of him
and we haven't spoken for a week.
I don't know how it will end,
yet nothing...
All in good repair,
like the one beginning a new life!
He means me.
I used to come here...
and drink drops from the glasses,
but now I have a wage!
Sir, I have a profession,
a secure existence.
Got a cigarette?
It's a special cigarette...
the last!
Ladies and gentlemen, all of us
are in the best of moods!
Those not here yet will
arrive soon!
Lent ends at midnight.
We'll all have a good time!
Here's the famous...
And here's the one beginning
a new life!
Well, who else?
Our star!
Ladies and gentlemen,
our star!
She's not quite ready,
she's still in her bath!
Ladies and gentleman,
you can hear the splashing!
Something specially
for us?
No, I can't,
I haven't finished this yet.
We understand, the star isn't quite
ready... but a little something?
Please, leave me alone,
I'm tired.
It must be very tiring, we know
- but please, just for us!
Turn around, drop your mask
Retreat! To those days!
When you could have been
God knows where!
When you could have been
God knows who!
Now he, after evil days...
Or after something like youth...
Or love...
With hand to throat
he wants to begin again!
Longs again to be God
knows who!
With hand to throat
he wants to begin again!
Longs again to be God
knows who!
And he straightens his tie
I put snow in
but it still smoulders.
- What was that?
- Some cabaret numer.
I put snow in because
I couldn't open it.
- It's not worth putting out.
- Why carry it then?
To be different from those
who carry briefcases.
But you were afraid I might
go off with it, weren't you?
- Smells like a good cygar, Chief.
- It's a suitcase.
But a good one, Chief!
Ah, money has arrived!
Allow me, Madame...
your fur.
Was it a time bomb?
a piece of cake fell inside.
They think you're mad!
Would it help to get the lady blind...
with our field glasses?
No, champagne when
everyone is here.
- As a clou.
- As a what?
It stopped mouldering.
Serve it at the end,
with a knife. As a clou!
- And what now?
- Change the tablecloth.
And then?
The usual.
I understand, Chief.
The bums are drinking away
their piggy bank!
The usual thing?
We are not regulars.
We'll give ourselves away
if we don't do better than that!
Dont't worry, I'll lend you some,
if your piggy runs out.
I could be dressed for clearing
the car. Do we have one?
- What's that?
- A clean cloth.
We have more than a car!
The first for the gate...
the second for the villa...
the third for the... garage.
The fourth for the car door...
the fifth for ignition...
- The sixth?
- I've forgotten.
How come?
I clean carpets in villas
- here's one of the moths.
Show me.
You could wash trains.
One of our crowd married
a Frenchman.
What is a Frenchman?
We don't say an engeneer
or a driver form France
- just a Frenchman!
She doesn't know his job,
she can't converse with him.
Or take his story, for instance.
Lately my life has ceased
to be a nightmare.
Why stare?
Because I haven't made good?
Where does it say everyone
has to make good?
How could you stoop to this
in your prime?
It was going to rain...
I was deep in thought...
And suddenly someone put into
my hand...
two zlotys.
A slight difference
of gesture...
...and what a consequence...
I'll make a fortune out of this!
as a token of gratitude!
Sir, you're bound to buy
it in this shape!
It's them - don't look!
Now I'll tell you what they
said on the phone.
They're coming to smash
your face in.
- Afraid, Mister?
- Drop the formalities!
- Two beers.
- And invite him.
Hide your boots under
the table!
Please, get my shoes
from my fur.
Cheaply dressed,
but reeks of money!
I'll smash him now!
I really love her!
Isn't she magnificent?
Would you love her without
her money?
We met on a tram,
love at first sight.
- You travel by tram?
- Occasionally.
- Don't be cynical!
- There was a questionnaire:
Your greatest day dream!
I said I dreamt of a record.
At least of Opel Rekord.
But our car is better
than a Rekord, eh?
I prefer an engine's roar
to a thudding heart!
I'm more interested in cylinder
valves than diseased mitrals.
What a ham!
Are you so much of a swine?
You want to gain 1 O years of life'
you'll lose 1 O years of youth!
Come on, let's be sociable.
Let's dance.
I can't.
Your boots show them
it's untrue.
What's true and what isn't?
Everything's untrue.
Only it's a pity we haven't
time to fall in love.
Everybody had to buy one!
Seven hundred!
For the sabre.
Eight hundred!
They paid for the beer.
And sait to tell you they'd
smash Chief's face anyway!
Where are you going?
- Defend yourself!
- Hallo! Divorced yet?
Defend yourself first!
- Divorced! And you?
- Getting married!
What if she had long fingers?
These youngsters are driving
licences but not cars!
The older you get the more
you need money!
Portrait photos are out!
Now it's Jesuses!
I enter a cottage and find
a space on the wall.
All I say is,, blessed by Christ".
Then a quick nail in the wall
and it's hanging up!
Then I ask for 35O zloties.
Then the peasant drags me to see
the dozens he's got already!
So I take mine down saying
,, they don't want you Jesus".
Even atheists fall for that.
I hang it back
and pocket the cash.
Disasters are profitable
for exhibitions. You know: Art!
Know what she was shouting?
Know this trick
for picking up girls?
What a headache!
Have you got an aspirin?
- If you get angry, you'll spoil
the fun. - The fun is over!
Do you know that man?
He's gone.
Where do you live?
Why? Let's say:
The young tramworkers' hostel.
What would our love be like?
Walks on frosty days...
student dances...
Do you know him?
- He's looking at you!
- Take it easy!
I'll qualify and be sent to work
where there are no trams.
- Who is he?
- My husband.
So what? Is he too short? Too old?
Not prepossessing enough?
- He looks as if he had to buy you...
- What do you know?
What, he was in the war?
Propellers were not made
to cool drunks!
They can make up their
own biographies,
war heroes... I'm three years
short of pretence!
At seven you could throw
a molotov cocktail - not at four!
That's him!
No, it isn't!
How can one tell
war heroes apart?
My father's like the one who
sells Girlfriend.
He was wonderful,
but after the war...
Sometimes I wisit my father,
he's a pensioner.
He bought back that sabre.
He wanted to give me something that...
Every sixth man died in the war.
They have their songs.
What are ours?
"I'll manage by myself?"
You are like this when
you are young!
Full like this bottle!
And you shake it.
You shake it, and it bubbles and
churns inside you. And then...
Remember, you'll die one day
and you won't be resurected!
Excuse me, they brought someone
in the ambulance...
- What name?
- Not long ago...
- Particulars!
- Girlfriend!
- Was it someone close to you?
- Wy do you say,, was it"?
Her father?
- I want to be a blood donor!
- Sorry,
I think you've just left a bar.
Come back after you've
slept it off.
That's the sort of blood
donor we get.
Let's look down on it all.
- On what?
- My students' hostel.
There'll be a dance there
this afternoon.
I'll wait for you at the
entrance at 5 o'clock.
You're so romantic
because it's down and high up.
O geese! You get fat and lose birds'
ambition to fly.
I understand you.
Tell me how things are with you,
where do you really live?
There, where the dog barks.
I'll probably marry,
because I need a home.
Man built this to detach himself
from earth for a few seconds.
Where's the boss?
I want this tram in service,
do you hear?
Oh yes? That's no concern of mine,
thank you.
It's dawn, you are on the afternoon
shift and you say it's nothing?
So what is it?
- Maybe I could do now...
- And this afternoon?
It's no concern of mine,
but you must have a reason.
And you say it's nothing!
Easter holiday schedule
- what if someone lets me down?
Who can I count on?
Try to change with someone,
but I want your tram in service.
I got up early, and getting
up is the worst part.
If I change shift with you,
I'll have to get up again.
You said you love me'
take my turn.
- Don't love me?
- Won't take your turn!
Is it important?
Take my turn?
Have I ever asked you to do
anything for me?
It's a good thing you're here
- you can help us.
We've been working on it
all night.
Will you help?
Quite an echo, eh?
Do you want a certificate
to get off work?
You were talking about
me last night.
Yes, you were.
- I said you were my husband.
- Undress, then.
Nothing's wrong.
I have to write something here.
You... I've never examined you!
Come on, undress.
I won't look.
- I only said it to annoy him.
- Well, undress.
Ah, you love him!
- He's getting married today.
- So, why the certificate?
He might not.
You need a fortune-teller,
not me!
He loves me,
he loves me not...
Shall I undress?
I once had to deal with a girl
who fell under the tram.
She'd hobbled herself...
...tied red ribbon around her knees
so as to walk gracefully!
When the tram came she forgot
she could not run.
I must look into your eyes!
Yes, nothing's wrong!
The examination is concluded.
I know you switch duty
to be here during my shift.
A cat crossed my path
on the way here.
So I said to the cat...
You, cat,
why do you cross my path?
And he replied...
No, he didn't he just
drew back.
You see, the cat understood,
but not you!
you won't have to go to work.
I don't suppose I'll meet
him anyway.
- Then go to work.
- Then I certainly won't meet him
You'll met him, you won't!
You love him, you don't.
All I can do is give you
a certificate.
When we were falling asleep
in the minefields...
...this is what I used to do
to keep awake...
I'll be watching recede
into the distance...
...where there'll be someone else
...receding from you!
- What is it?
- Terminus!
Can you spare a moment, sir?
I have... four minutes.
That's enough.
There should be a wall...
My execution...
If you can't see,
why have a watch?
Only two and half minutes!
That's all you can spare
for us...
...who were ready to suffer
execution for you.
Now, I've a better chance
with you than a blind man.
Perhaps it's better that I'm alive,
can see, can...
...romantic impulses
still manifest themselves!
She was late and now wants
to run him down!
He may be here!
What's his surname?
I don't know!
His name?
His first name?
What year is he in?
Which faculty?
Surely you know his college?
Which seat?
Then I don't know.
He had a sabre!
Get up,
or you'll catch cold!