Baristas (2019) Movie Script

Standing right
in front of me
I see what you are
Fall apart with that
look on your face
Known this type before
I thought I
learned my lesson
But I can't seem
to let it go
Nothing left and
it's pulling me under
It's all out of my control
Cause we can't get
enough of this lately
Trying hard in
our best in life
So tell me what you are
And don't plainly
doing what we love
In our best case life
Doing what we love
Doing what we love
Doing what we love
Doing what we love
Doing what we love
Doing what we love
Doing what we love
Doing what we love
Doing what we love
Cause we can't get
enough of this lately
Trying hard at
our best in life
So tell me what you are
And don't plainly
Doing what we love
In our best case life
- Should we
get some competitors out?
Should we get some
competitors out?
- You really don't
know what to expect
when you get there.
You'll be surrounded by
some of the best baristas
in the world.
These are the best of the best,
the cream of the crop.
And they're all
representing their country.
They're all hungry to do very
well in this competition.
And that can be very stressful.
- It's super, super intense.
To make it to world,
you're already one of
the better baristas.
You're the best
barista competitor
from your country.
When I won the title,
initially, people treated
me different.
I think there's the expectation
that when someone
wins a title that
everything changes.
Oh, that man has a title now.
Oh he must be taken
more seriously.
I had a guy in here take
a selfie with me one day.
It was weird.
He like tanty on the counter,
he's like,
you're the Irish
barista champion.
I kind of like, I am.
And he's like do you want
to take a selfie with me.
I was okay.
This is weird for me
that someone wanted to
take a selfie with me.
I just found that so bizarre.
And I kind of really
awkwardly like.
One of our most
regular customers
took it upon himself one day
to write a poem
about my coffee shop
a proper order.
And that's the name of the poem,
proper order.
He starts talking
about me in the poem,
and you know,
He starts talking
it's hard not to feel it.
- Morning Niall.
Can I get a flat
white, please.
Innocently, he took
over solicitors.
Striped the back
and painted gray,
laid hardened oak,
and an oversized window
that shed light on this
proper order.
Loving Dublin highlighted this,
Dublin loving
and roasters like playlists
change with moods.
This is the birthplace of
the caffeine inquisition
with an ala carte menu
that became his carte blanche.
Opening too early
and closing too late,
this dream transformed his
life in ways unforeseen.
There are no baristas here,
only friends,
and they'll slap and tickle
if you order properly.
Accidentally he took
over an industry,
stripped it back
with childish play,
created bespoke memories,
a gentle perfection
that illuminates this
proper order
- As a kid, I
always used to get nervous
about what other
people thought of me.
Of course you still get nervous
when you're about
to go on stage.
But I love to
remember the wet room,
so it's this exhibition at
the Natural History Museum
in Berlin.
It's a room within a room
that's made out of glass.
And it's just huge.
When you look at it,
you feel small and inferior.
If I don't want to do
what I'm anxious about,
if I don't want to go onstage
and I'm freaking out,
like I can't do this,
I just picture myself
in one of those creepy,
cylindrical glass bottles.
I may as well just be in there
if I don't do what
I'm meant to be doing.
There's no point to
being scared of life.
- Tasting is a huge part
of what makes me who I am,
and it kind of irritates my wife
to a degree because I like,
she'll ask me how dinner was.
I have this thing were if
people ask me a question
about how something tastes,
I kind of go into it
like coffee taster mode,
and I just begin to analyze
and like let them know what
I'm thinking in my head.
And sometimes those
things aren't positive.
Smells kind of like blue cheese.
- He has an amazing palate.
And I think that's where the
competition is all about.
You have to not only
know your coffee,
but you have to explain why
they're tasting what
they're tasting.
And if you don't have
a palate for that,
you're gonna suffer
in this competition.
- I've hurt my,
I hurt my wife's
feelings a few times
just being pretty honest about
I hurt my wife's
the way things taste.
- It is both frustrating
because I'm the one
that cooks for him,
and really fascinating.
I love the way he tastes things.
- Let me do this Grim Reaper
in the like avalanche size.
- I get
kind of like jealous
that I can't taste things
the way he tastes them.
- This is like green apple,
tangerine and blue raspberry.
It has a lot of acidity,
and it's pretty fruity.
That's one of the things
that I've really drawn
to love about coffee
is that coffees can be comprised
of such complex acids.
But yeah, being at that it's
not only like my livelihood
being a taster,
but it's also like
a thing that I can't turn off.
- Hi.
Welcome to Coffee with Brian,
brought to you by,
Sanremo coffee machines.
- So, you want to be a world
champion barista.
Well heres a few things
that you'll need to know.
Baristas will need
to make 12 drinks
in 15 minutes,
four espressos,
four milk beverages,
and four signature drinks
for a panel of,
a panel of judges.
Baristas will receive points
for how accurately they describe
their coffee's flavor
notes to the judges.
Competitors will loose one point
for every second
they go over time.
Anyone that goes a
full minute over time
will be disqualified.
A barista's signature drink
may include any
ingredient you wish.
The ingredient must
complement the coffee,
and create a new
flavor experience.
You may not use alcohol.
Here's a good one.
Judges may assign points
for inspiration,
passion and originality
of a barista's routine.
In conclusion,
people often say your
best is good enough.
Sometimes those
people are wrong.
Winning this competition
is gonna be tough.
But think about this,
how good would it feel
to be the best in the
world at something?
You buried me
Right where I belonged
- That's my bad.
A song so sweet
From back when I was born
The loving creak
Of Floorboards by the door
Hopeful I waited
hopeful I called
No one would answer at all
On Division Street
I would like to find
to find the answers
I'm ready to talk
whenever you guys are.
Cup A.
I liked it.
I got a little kind
of cooked fruit,
and some stone fruit on it.
- It's a little dry.
A bit like dry and crispy.
- Cereal fruit,
like fruit cereals.
- Oh, you mean like fruity
pebbles kind of situation.
- Kind of savory,
still like juicy, citric, right.
Still good sweetness,
but had like this onion
kind of like herb
quality coming back.
- Very minor amount of savory,
so it also.
So it wouldn't be my favorite.
- This would be a coffee
we could serve out like
holding up over
the long term.
- What did you think of D?
- Interesting one.
Not one of my favorites.
I feel pretty confident
it's not gonna hold up.
- Yeah.
Yeah, that coffee scared
the living crap out of me.
- These were probably selections
that we made in Panama
that tasted really amazing,
like super fruity,
really bright and floral
that haven't held up.
It's a little bit
disappointing in that
the fruit is really kind
of like fallen apart.
- I guess I'm unique
in the fact that
being synesthetic,
when I taste the coffee,
it's like a little
flash of color.
Some people are gonna
watch this and go
your man's talking shit.
He does not see color
when he tastes the coffee.
But I do.
So like when I taste the coffee,
you know, for example,
we have natural Coast Rican
on the bar at the moment.
That is like bright pink
with a black line underneath it.
But it's got like
a wavy texture.
And I know now,
like after a couple of years
in the coffee industry,
that that is, you know,
cherry's dark chocolate
and the wavy texture
is like a natural.
Like it's funky.
I don't talk about it anymore
because it becomes
one of those things
oh, taste that.
What color is that?
With my synesthesia anyway,
when I taste something,
sometimes it can
be like a blessing,
and sometimes it can be a curse.
So sometimes I can see
something in a coffee that
maybe other people
wouldn't taste.
So like there might
be a little green,
a couple of green spots
down in the corner.
And I say what is that.
It kind of makes me look into
things a little bit more.
But then other times,
something will appear and it's
like this big band of color.
I'm like I don't
know what that is.
I can't figure it out.
It helps me probe a coffee,
but then sometimes it
can be really frustrating
if I can't figure
out what it is.
That one would be
like way more compact,
still like a lot
of the favorable,
like really, really kind
of blueberry dominant.
And when I tasted it,
it had like golden
sparkles in it.
Definitely. Taking that one.
All right.
We have a recipe.
Here we go.
- He wants nothing
but to compete.
I mean I don't know if
it's a swimming background.
I don't know what he was
like as a six year old, but
I wouldn't want to have been
in the same playground as him.
- I just remember, you know,
my mom bringing me to a pool
was one of my first memories,
and just being thrown in.
And from the age of 15,
swimming just started to
get really, really serious.
I was lucky enough to be
flown all over the world
for swimming competitions.
I think most of my life
has been defined by
my career in swimming.
The whole swimming thing is
ingrained competition in me.
When I stopped swimming,
realizing that what I had done,
and done really, really well
in my life so far,
just wasn't for me anymore.
That's a tough thing to do,
like something that my
whole life was dedicated to,
just realizing that I
didn't enjoy it anymore.
- From the day one,
he wanted to be the best.
He's almost his own worst enemy.
Sometimes his ambition
outweighs his ability.
- I am naturally
a pretty competitive guy.
Last year,
it was the qualifying
event in Kansas City,
and like I prepared
really, really well.
I had this amazing coffee,
and then something
happens on stage,
and apparently the
shots just tasted awful.
I scored really poorly.
I didn't qualify to even
compete at nationals last year.
Defeat is really difficult.
And missing the mark,
like it shook me to the core.
- I really just stress
so much for him.
Because I know that he
stresses out so much,
and I hate to see him anxious,
and worried.
And he's kind of,
he can be sort of,
what is the word
I'm looking for,
like inconsolable.
- Personally in my own life, and
in the life of my family,
we struggle with
clinical depression.
And that's like a thing
that is real in my life,
and it's like,
it's most definitely
the hardest thing.
- This dude wasn't
gonna compete again
he didn't do so
well in qualifiers
last year.
And he was very down on himself,
down on the competition.
Dude is really hard on himself.
He sets the bar really
high for himself,
and then when he
doesn't hit it,
I mean he just beats himself up.
So when he said he
wanted to compete again,
I thought that was
super, super inspiring.
- First place,
United States Barista champion,
give it up
for Kyle Ramage,
the current USA
Durham, North Carolina.
Give it up folks for
your new champions
representing the United States
in Seoul, Korea.
- Having people in my life
that love me and correct me
when my mind is just wrong,
like my wife is a great
grounding force in that,
and Lem helped me
just try to stay grounded
in knowing that I have worth,
and I have meaning,
and that they love me.
- It all started just
from being in a small town
in Australia.
And my parents split up.
They got divorced when I was 15.
It was a lot of shit
taken out on me.
Yeah, anyway.
They, yeah
I guess Berlin will
forever be the place
that I became an adult.
It definitely was
the first place
that I was alone for the
first time in my life,
moved from my family
with my partner.
Moved to Berlin,
and then all of a sudden,
he wasn't there and I had
no one who I considered family.
And that was a really hard time.
It's just the place I
learnt to be alone
and go after what I wanted.
And I have made my family here.
It just feels like home now.
- In terms of Miki's
personal life,
I think it's pretty tough.
Because it's Miki's the
one who's competing.
Me? It's okay, you know.
I go training
and say what I need to say.
And I go back home
and I eat dinner, and I sleep.
But for Miki,
she need to work really hard
even after
heading back to home.
She need to work
on so many things.
And she need to coordinate
so many things.
And her personal life,
I think it's all
about coffee now
I think.
It's 100 percent.
- Wow
- What I hate about
barista competitions is how
boring everyone's set up is.
It's all made out of wood.
And it's like,
all like
the most unstimulating
things you can find
put on to tables.
I wanted to have a really
good representation diagram
that was engaging,
and actually quite
cool to look at.
Your example.
I know okay,
it looks more
complicated than it is.
also the colors, like
if the colors match
my cups.
- It should be colorful,
that's the whole point
is that everything's colorful.
It's like making
specialty coffee fun
and not boring as shit.
And I thought a popup
book would be really cool
because it's just
like everyone loved,
I loved that as a child,
like loved it.
- Turns out
they're very hard to make.
And whilst my boyfriend
is very talented,
I wouldn't want to put
that pressure on him
to try and make this giant,
complicated popup book
that pull tabs,
and oxygen comes out.
And like pull tabs, and
green beans come out,
and they split.
So we're looking
into other avenues
now using the same concept,
but just not so complicated.
Is it possible?
Are you a genius?
Can you do it?
- Uh huh.
- If you want clean
underwear for the next month,
you don't have a choice, no.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
He's so understanding.
I could not imagine
being with someone
who's competing in one
of these competitions.
Like you're fucking crazy.
- My life changed the most when
I heard Ali say I do.
Being Irish, you're always
like filled with self doubt.
So I it's really,
really nice to get
the pat on the back
from Ali to be like
you're a good guy.
You're worth spending
the rest of my life with.
I wouldn't be the Irish
barista champion
without Ali.
In my preparation for the
championship this year,
I was like
rehearsing, rehearsing,
and really kind of like not
enjoying the whole process
cause it was just draining.
Ali pushed me to do better
and better and better.
And yeah, if it wasn't for Ali
pushing me forward to do it,
I would have just packed it in
two weeks before the
competition and withdrawn.
- We've really
grown up together.
Like I think one of the dumbest
things that we did
was we graduated from college,
two weeks later we got married,
and two months later
we moved 800 miles away
to North Carolina.
- 800 miles away
with like 1200 bucks ,
I think we had.
- Oh yeah, we had like
$1200 in our bank account,
no job prospects,
and we were so broke.
And I remember going
to bed that night
thinking like this is our life.
Like we're gonna be poor,
broke, grad students for
the rest of our life.
And we just need to pack up
and go home to Mississippi
because this is not,
this isn't gonna work.
And so to look back on that
like moment of disparity now,
and see how far we've come
because of Kyle's hard work,
and dedication, and success,
and love for the
craft of coffee,
and his passion,
I mean it's just,
it's the most
humbling thing ever.
It really is.
- Yeah.
She said it pretty well.
I don't know.
It's been hard, but
it's been fun.
- I don't even know what
worlds can bring for us,
but I know it's huge.
I made our flights
in such a way that we
don't have to fly out
of South Korea the day after
cause I fully intend
to be celebrating
all night on November 12th
because my husband is the
new World Barista champion.
- No pressure.
- I don't know whether she
has a boyfriend or not.
I don't even know.
Like I can't really ask.
I feel responsible for that.
- Here we see Chloe Nattrass
practicing her lines for the
World Barista Championships.
Each competitor has 15 minutes
to be able to produce a lot of
really technical information
and still make 12 drinks.
So knowing every single
one of these lines
can really pay dividends.
Let's watch.
- This results in an
incredibly clean,
sweet espresso
with an amazingly
bright acidity,
in my opinion, a perfectly
balanced espresso.
And yeah, so right now
it's just workflow
and making sure
everything's timed right,
and getting a loose.
Cause last night, I got
a little bit high,
and read through
my speech again,
and was like delete,
delete, delete,
fuck that, fuck that,
fuck that.
And I rewrote half of it.
And it's better now.
- Okay, once from the top.
Do you want to go,
do you want to start
from the top?
- Firstly, I freeze my coffee
by "liquid nitrogen."
- That was good.
Liquid nitrogen,
liquid nitrogen,
you want to combine together.
Liquid nitrogen.
Liquid nitrogen.
- Liquid nitrogen.
- Yeah, good, good.
- Liquid nitrogen.
- Good, good.
- Liquid nitrogen.
- Good, and same as before.
Double grind, you
combine together.
Double grind.
- Double grind.
- Good, good.
- Double grind.
- Like that, like that.
Janet Jackson.
Janet Jackson.
Janet Jackson.
Janet Jackson.
- Janet Jackson.
- Janet Jackson.
Say Janet Jackson.
- Janet Jackson.
Janet Jackson.
Double grind.
Double grind.
- Good, good.
- What we talked about last week
was with the hands were
a little bit floppy
a bit vague.
You didn't know what
to do with them.
All I said was to keep
them down,
unless you're gonna use them.
Use them to enhance,
and to emphasize
what you're saying.
And you did.
So much more going
on with your hands,
you were telling a
story with your hands
as well as your eyes.
That was great.
And of course, the content
of what you were saying too.
So I was very pleased
where there's much
more going on,
much more confidence,
much more presence here.
Just a little bit
sunk in your lower body.
Be proud.
Be very proud of the
work that you're doing.
You're not Irish Barista
champion for nothing.
And you want to scale
up those heights again.
So it's fantastic work.
That first 30 seconds,
really enjoy that
cause that's the hardest
and the nervous,
very nervous beginning.
- So I always start
with a hello.
Hello judges.
My name is Niall, and I'm
the Irish Barista champion.
- Hello, my name is Niall.
Hello my name is Niall.
I'm the Irish Barista Champion.
I'm here to talk to you
about this and that.
You didn't have to,
my name is Niall.
I'm the Irish Barista champion.
The last important
word dropped away.
- Okay.
- And we need them, especially
when you're nervous,
to get them to have
a bit of weight.
- Just kind of cut the bullshit.
- No pleasantries.
- Yeah, no pleasantries.
It's like okay, he's
talking about something.
I need to start
listening right now.
So if I'm like on this side,
and you're like
delivering that message,
I'm gonna be like okay,
he's talking about something.
What is he talking about?
- Well I've kind of composed
myself a little bit,
Get it back together.
And time.
16 months ago,
Christopher Hendon
and Maxwell Colona Dashwood,
along with a few other
specialty coffee professionals
in the United Kingdom
got together to conduct
an experiment.
It's both qualitative
and quantitative.
- I don't want you to get
too scientific with them.
- People always remember
the sciencey stuff
I talked about
because it's kind of interesting
and cool and different,
but a lot of the things that
are getting really high scores
for them are that I
kind of hook them
with the scientific thing,
and then I showed it
with a beautiful coffee.
- Right.
- If what I give them is good,
they're hooked.
- Every barista can explain
flavor notes.
But when you explain why
you're tasting cherry,
why are you tasting lime,
why are you tasting florals,
you connect that to the farm,
to the processing,
making it unique, yeah.
There's a lot of people in
competitions in geishas.
but this is why this geisha
is unique.
- So just thinking about
easing a load of tension
in your jaw.
there's about four
exercises we can do.
And very simple ones.
Put your finger there
just underneath your ear.
Now just explore that little gap
that has opened up here.
That temporomandibular joint.
Watch how just gently,
just very gently
with your finger,
other direction as well,
open that space and
think about space
from your upper molar teeth
and your lower molar teeth.
Now with the heels
of your hands,
come down
and let the lower jaw go.
Let the tongue go with it.
So you've turned into
Edvard Munch The Scream
Think that was silly?
This is very silly.
Interlace your fingers.
You're gonna shake here,
relaxing your wrists there.
Work there,
release here.
Now do one, two, three,
four, five like this.
- The secret drink
is the part of the competition
where the barista gets
to express themselves
and maybe their culture,
or their place they live,
or things that inspire them.
It's really one of
the only places
where we get to
control everything.
So I want to figure
out how I could
augment and
amplify both my own personality,
as well as the personality
of where I live.
I chose to use a hops,
because North Carolina
is known for having
a vibrant beer community.
I also choose to
use a local honey,
just showed a little
bit of the character
of the place where
it comes from.
Please don't sting
me in the face.
- It won't.
If you look on this side,
check it out.
You see all the
pollen on their hips.
You see those bees with
the yellow pollen pockets?
- Oh Yeah.
- That's how they carry pollen.
- Little bags.
- Yeah, it's like,
they're like cargo shorts.
They're like a bunch
of mini-dads,
but they're all girls.
- I'm using a really
like floral hop
for brewing beer,
and then a floral honey,
and floral coffee to make,
to like come together to make
another floral substance.
- It tastes
really good actually.
- It's like really
caramely and like,
like a really caramelized sugar,
like caramel or
almost a vanilla.
- Ah, I got stung.
I got stung.
- Hey, first sting.
I actually don't remember what
it feels like to get stung.
Oh, there we go.
- Did you get one too?
We lied to them.
- Ah, there's another one.
- You alright,
it's on your hand?
- Yep.
- You doing okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Do you
want your gloves?
- Yeah- Nah.fine.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- Heck yeah, it hurts.
- Smoke them.
- You got one on your beard.
They're trying to climb
in your beard actually.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry buddy.
I'm sorry buddy.
- Just like
- I freaked out.
- Step back, I know.
- I freaked out, I'm sorry.
- The first time
I saw him compete,
I think
it goes back to that thing where
he competed alone,
he kind of,
he could have asked a
lot of people for help,
and maybe always on
your first time,
you don't know who
to ask for help.
So I think he,
if he had to come
to us or anybody
and be like I'm gonna
need a champaign flute,
honey and chocolate on stage,
we would have been like no.
Never do that,
ever do that.
- I went to put a
little bit of honey
on the rim of my glasses
and it just went everywhere.
It like poured down the
side of the glasses.
I was like cleaning
off my fingers.
The only thing I didn't do
was like lick honey off
my fingers that year.
- You did--
- Yeah.
- You put that honey
on that glass,
and it just ran down that glass.
- Never again.
And then with my like
disgusting looking glasses
that were like covered in honey,
I decided it would be great to
add chocolate powder to this.
But instead of like using cocoa,
I decided to try and grind
some nice chocolate on
stage under hot lights.
Chocolate gravel
stuck to runny honey
on the side of a
champaign glass.
- I was just like oh my god.
What's he doing?
- So the resulting
signature drink had
a delicious raspberry puree,
some nice natural Ethiopian,
and it was just this
big fucking mess
pouring down a glass.
- I was just like, oh god,
just like this is a
train wreck.
It's the thing I come to
coffee competitions for.
- The funny thing about
a barista competition
is you still smile at the judges
and say enjoy.
- So that's maybe,
that's maybe a thing
I remind Niall most
that you need to lower
that ego a little.
Like do you remember
the champaign flutes?
- Scotty.
- Yes.
- You get the hot water
for the cascara?
- Of course.
- There's a big
chip in this glass.
- That's good that we
got loads of spares.
- So no to that.
It smells like cascara.
- That's weird.
Oh fuck.
- You fucked it.
- Should we put
something on top of it?
- How long do you think
we should brew it for?
- Six minutes.
- You think so?
I'll get a microbrew
so you can taste it.
- So it's nice just
to have somebody
to be able to ramp to,
and ventilate your ideas.
Usually it just involves
us getting drunk
and coming up with
super weird ideas
for signature drinks,
like the amount of
signature drink ideas
we've come up with
like over about four more beers,
every extra beer you have,
you just like,
no now,
like what we need
to do is like melt
sugar and then do this.
Let's use like a salad spinner
to make some coffee sugar.
And then everyone wakes
up in the morning,
you're like what the hell were
we talking about last night.
No one even writes
it down, as well,
so you can never even
remember what the idea was.
I think a lot of
like our best ideas
have come
when we're drunk
and then we've completely
forgotten them.
We could have a completely
like world winning presentation
between the two of us,
and we have absolutely no idea.
- It's just like the
ripest peach apricot.
- Smell this one.
- I think we could even go
for like the higher dose,
less water.
- And bring
the fruit out more.
- Where do I find that balance
of like sweet, salty,
or bitter,
and acidic and all these flavor
compounds coming together.
How can I find that?
Tanith explores
flavors unabashedly.
She explores flavors
that maybe I wouldn't
think to explore.
I really want to
kind of lean on her
and see if she can
find something that
kind of brought a little
bit of taste of place
kind of concept,
to like bring something with me
from North Carolina
that was special.
- Here, chew that
up, spit it out.
You don't have to spit it out,
strictly speaking.
It's good to eat.
- It's very.
- Sour, right.
- It's real sour.
Pull just a little
bit of juice out.
It's like super sweet,
and really, really floral.
- It's pretty good.
- It's really
good, actually.
- Yeah, it's like
nature's candy.
- It's like a raspberry
almost, kinda sorta.
- Yeah.
The thing with extracting flavor
from honeysuckle,
- yeah, it's a little
bit bitter.
- It's super bitter.
Here, let me try this thing out.
Oh, it's super goopey.
I'm a texture person,
this could be bad.
- It could be bad for you.
- Yep.
- That's great for me.
These are good.
- Careful.
The results of anything
we've ever foraged
have always been better than
anything we could have bought.
Like you can buy fig leaves,
you can buy lavender,
but like something that's
had to like weather a storm
is flavorsome.
- That's pretty epic.
It shouldn't be as easy
as going to a supermarket,
I don't think.
- No.
- Especially when you're
using coffees that are like
the best of the best, you know.
- Yeah, well if you
think of like the effort
it takes to find a great coffee,
why not put the effort
into every little element.
That's for you.
- Thank you.
- You get that, like slow
sweetness from it as well.
- It's super, super bitter.
- A tannin
that you need to
wash your mouth out.
- They're not good yet.
- This just tastes better.
And as well as
going to the shops
and getting something
doesn't have a story to it.
It doesn't have
anything about it.
It doesn't have adventure.
- We're able to incorporate
like half of the flavors
that are available here
into a signature drink.
- Kind of that terroir style--
- That would be awesome.
- That's cool.
- These are so good.
Can we go find more?
- These have been
picked by hungry men.
- A couple
of scandalous men.
- It was the horses,
the horses ate them.
- Oh my god.
I think I just,
I pressed the wrong
setting and it
started too fast.
I don't want this
to happen in Seoul.
The seal on this isn't perfect.
Oh, have you ever seen
anything more frightening
in your life?
This is why
I shouldn't do it when it's hot
It Expands.
- Judges.
- Judges.
- Your signature drink
is inside here.
- You must crack it open.
- It's got that sherbet
thing again though.
- It looks fucking
horrible in that glass.
I'm not sure if that was
too much citrus in it.
Alright, scrap that.
- Well?
- Don't know
I just kind of want to eat one.
- Something far too
erotic about figs.
We were even like
joking about it today
that the amount of times
I've nearly snapped at her.
I don't think I've ever like
properly shouted at Chloe.
But I'm just like slowly writing
down everything on a list.
Like for now, I don't want
to say anything to her
just cause I know that's
she's a little bit on edge,
which is normal.
- I don't think
they're ripe enough
to make them taste
like anything.
And I'm not gonna
be able to get figs
in Korea anyway.
It's just a dream.
- You could ship them.
- What?
I'm not shipping
fucking figs to Korea.
That's like the dumbest
thing I've ever heard.
- As soon as this
competition's over,
I'm gonna just reel
all of it off
and just be like that
one time you said this,
fuck you.
This time, yeah,
that wasn't good.
But I think it's nice
just to have someone
just to bite their
tongue sometimes
and just take it.
It's like having a punching
bag, I think sometimes.
You just need to be like,
oh, everything's going wrong.
And you just throw
something at someone.
- Yeah, fuck signature drinks.
- She puts enormous
pressure on herself
and she,
the goal is to win, obviously.
The goal is not just
to do her best,
and to go from,
to try again next year.
The goal is to win.
Not only me, but there's a
kind of a core group around her
that's supporting her,
but how,
what we can do to make sure that
we do our part to help her
Dark nights
broken on your champagne
When we were young
So beautiful in our way
Headlights chase
me to the freeway
Until the night
will drown our sorrows
into the rain
So wake me up slowly
Shadows form
against the stars
Sunrise on the boulevard
We're standing room only
Keep forgetting who we are
Sunrise on the boulevard
Heavenless, they sent
me to the doorway
They told me,
"You will find yourself,
you go your own way"
And the night was young
And I was thinking to myself
oh no
What do you want from me,
from all I seem to give
Don't leave me here alone
So wake me up slowly
Shadows form
against the stars
Sunrise on the boulevard
- Ready,
let's kick this off.
One more round of
applause please.
- Give him a hand please.
- Our
first competitor.
- I just wanted to make you
a delicious tasting beverage.
I have
16 mils
of an orange marmalade
sugar syrup.
Now my grandmother makes
delicious orange marmalade.
It's very simple to make.
You take oranges.
You peal the skins.
You put it in salt
water for two days.
Remove it.
Put it in fresh water
for one more day.
On the third day,
you poke a hole in it with forks
to release the flavor,
and cook it in a
simple sugar syrup
at 90 degrees for four hours.
- Karo was roasted
with a
higher temperature at the start.
190 celsius degrees
because of the higher
density of the beans.
- Now, lets make a happy ending
for the whole story.
Let's blend all together
until the foam disappear.
Let's take a second
sip, very nice.
In addition to the
flavor we taste before,
we got a new flavor, cherry,
even though we didn't
add any cherry flavors.
We also got a bergamot
that reflect characteristics,
and also the chocolate.
So that whole idea of blending
bring everything together
to create more possibility.
I really wish you guys enjoyed.
And this is my time.
Count the seconds
I'm afraid
To know
- Everything we do here
is striving
for enoyment of coffee
that's meant to be shared.
Count the miles
As we're taking
I don't want to die
But I don't want to feel
The plunge
In the final moments
You should know it's
you I'm thinking of
And the world below
Too late to see
What went wrong
But it's
All wrong with me
Caught up in the moment now
Get out
Of serene
Once upon an empty sky
Once upon a broken dream
- Time.
- Time.
- Time.
- That's my time.
- Time.
- Time.
- That's my time.
- Time.
- Time.
- Time.
- Time.
- I was not ready.
I was freaking out.
I think I just gave
myself an anxiety attack.
The speech was not finalized
until the day before.
Just making sure I
didn't forget anything.
That's the worst fear of mine.
So time.
Hello, welcome.
My name is Chloe,
and I'm very pleased to
finally be here with you today.
The novelty in specialty coffee
that inspires me,
the new,
the original,
and the unusual.
We are every growing,
ever changing,
and ever learning,
I think is incredibly special.
I brought a coffee with me today
that encapsulates
all of this for me.
It's La Punta,
sugar sweet processing
from Sumava de Lourdes
Monte Llano Bonito
in the west valley
of Costa Rica.
Sugar sweet is an anaerobic
processing method,
as you can see on your,
your cards,
meaning there's no oxygen
in the fermentation tank.
Please now sit back, relax,
have a read,
and I'll be back
with you shortly.
If I have a lot of excitement
and like adrenalin,
I will start to talk
like really fast.
And then I start saying
too many things at once,
and then I can get confused
like a small child.
So this is 21 grams of espresso.
If you'd please jot
down some flavor notes
for your espresso.
brown sugar,
a low bitterness,
a high sweetness,
a medium body.
Do I even bother
trying that hard
because I'm never gonna get,
I'm never gonna win.
And then you get
through these points
where you're like no,
crap, I do have a
good presentation.
I can totally win this.
I'll be back shortly with
your signature beverages.
Thank you, enjoy.
I have 15 grams of this
intense raisin liquid
that I've made by
rehydrating organic raisins.
I have
10 grams of fresh grape juice,
of white skinned table grapes.
And I have seven grams
of cold brew tea,
jasmine green tea.
And of course, my
slightly cooled
Now it will be a cold,
refreshing beverage
with 40 grams of ice,
at 60 PPM to bring
out that aroma
and create texture as
the ice shards break
with the help of my
little shaker friend here.
And I'm just gonna press play.
Don't be alarmed.
So he's here with me
today for consistency
and workflow,
so I get to have a little
bit more face to face time
and tell you how
these ingredients
effect my coffee.
So cold brew tea
is an attribute of this
amazing floral quality,
bringing freshness to our drink,
and also adding
flavors of papaya,
and ripe plum.
So I'll just go
get your beverage
and I will be back
with you shortly.
Alrighty, so those flavor
notes one more time
so they're a bit more
clearer for you.
White sugar, coffee blossom,
ripe plum,
and that lingering
jasmine finish.
Thank you for joining
me today, guys.
I couldn't have had more fun.
And I hope you've
enjoyed it too.
La Punta is one of the
most exciting coffees
I've ever tasted.
And I hope you understand
this novelty concept
is to bring us further
into the future
with our customers
and ourselves.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
It was
a rough day for me.
This is a very bad
performance for me.
I didn't
well prepare.
So many things
happen the same time.
I didn't make
my good performance.
- The instant before
my routine starts,
I always have this
little thing of
ah, you know you can
walk off now anytime.
Just tell them you're
not feeling great.
you're in the world
if you're not nervous,
your just like
you're really
underestimating the challenge
that's ahead of you.
Like, you know,
you're representing
your industry in
your own country.
If you're going to world
championships kind of going
"I've got this,"
fuck off.
- Ladies
and gentleman,
everyone round of applause
for the barista
champion of Ireland,
Niall Wynn.
- Time
Hi guys.
As baristas and cafe owners,
we've taken inspiration
from the competitions.
It has helped drive us
forward as an industry
and lead us on to
greater things.
Over the last number of years,
we see an increasing
number of coffees brought
based on their
ability to wow us.
And they do exactly that.
The coffees that I've
brought here today
is a coffee that I hope
is going to wow us,
one of those
exceptional coffees,
and in the next decade,
transition to be an
everyday experience
that anybody can enjoy.
So the coffee that
I'm using today
is from Colombia
from a farm called
Finca Inmaculada.
This variety is known
for it's silky smooth texture,
juicy acidity,
and complexity.
And the coffee I'm serving today
abides by all those rules.
With the first sip,
you will expect that
lemongrass flavor again,
and blackberry.
The second sip will
get lemon and peach.
And on the finish,
we're going to experience
dark chocolate.
But that flavor doesn't
last too long.
Enjoy that lemongrass
aroma, first of all.
And then I'd like you to
stir it really, really well
and pop your spoons in
the little glasses here
right in front of you.
You're almost like watching
yourself from above.
You've got this like
downward view on yourself.
It's like pure adrenalin
when you're up on stage.
You're just hoping like,
you're hoping you
remember what to say.
Then everything else
goes according to plan.
But it never does.
In order for me to do something
that I'd never done before,
compete and do
well at this stage
at the world championships,
I needed to form a
collaboration of my own.
To do this,
I embrace the help
of a chef in Dublin.
For my signature drink today,
is I've chilled my espresso.
So what that does is two things.
It intensifies the flavor,
but also it means that it's
more open to receiving flavors.
I'll be adding
just two drops of a
lemon verbena oil.
I've made this oil using
lemon verbena from
my parent's garden,
believe it or not,
and I've infused it
into rapeseed oil,
Irish rapeseed oil.
I'm going to add seven
grams of Dublin one honey.
Finally, my whole
signature drink
is going to be pressurized
with nitrogen.
Thank you.
To give it that rich,
velvety texture
that we wanted.
I think that these
baristas championships here
are a really,
are an amazing opportunity
for us as baristas
to bring something
unique to the attention
of our whole industry.
With your first sip,
you should expect,
sorry, I'm getting
ahead of myself.
We're going to experience
that lemongrass aroma.
With the first sip,
you're going to get lemongrass,
and blackberry again.
The second sip,
we're going to get lemon,
and honey.
And then with the final sip,
I'd ask you to finish your drink
and enjoy the aftertaste.
It's dark chocolate.
Thank you very much guys.
It's been a great pleasure
serving you here today.
And that's my time.
You weren't talking to anyone.
That was the issue.
And you have four
people in front of you
that you should have
been talking to,
but you were talking
more with your machine
than with those people.
That's the main issue.
- Yeah.
- But at the same time,
just look at it positive
and say that it's easy to
improve to the next round.
So your scores are gonna
be way higher next time,
which technically
is a good thing.
- What I'm telling Kyle now,
especially what I told
him in nationals is
be yourself.
You're not competing
against anyone
in the barista competition.
The only person that you're
competing against is yourself.
- Big
round of applause
for the barista champion
of the United States of America,
Kyle Ramage.
- I'm not gonna puke, it's okay.
Let's get into it them.
Hey, I'm just calling
to check and see
if you still had dry ice.
I know it's a little
late in the day.
- Our first competitor
to the final,
the barista champion
of Australia.
- Our second finalist who
will go second tomorrow is
the barista champion of
Hong Kong.
- Okay, I'll do the next one.
Can I have music again?
I can't do it.
Oh thank you.
The barista champion of Japan,
Miki Suzuki.
- Our fourth finalist
in the 2017 World Barista
Championships is
the barista champion of
the United States.
- The barista
champion of Canada.
- And to complete our set for
the 2017 World Barista
Championship finals,
the barista champion
of the United Kingdom.
- I told you
we believe you.
- I knew I didn't get through
as soon as I came on stage.
As soon as I started, really,
looking at the judges' faces.
I was just relieved to
have been finished,
to be honest.
I just don't know
where I would be
without specialty coffee,
without coffee in general,
I think I would be lost.
I'm not sure what else
I would have done.
Nothing else I
really wanted to do
after I started making coffee.
- The best piece of advice
I think was given
to me by my dad.
And he always said to me,
no matter what it is you do,
you should always do your best.
He then said sometimes your
best is not enough to win,
but that's okay.
- Where
are you, Hong Kong?
Let me hear you.
The barista champion
of Hong Kong,
Kapo Chiu.
- I have this
non-alcoholic whiskey
barrel aged honey.
And of course,
there's four shots of espresso,
which I have chilled down.
I'm adding on to dry ice
to create that French
earl gray tea aroma
in which
I'm going to inject it
into this whisky bottle
for three seconds.
- I kind of put on
this like weird,
overly cocky kind of persona.
I think everyone's worst self
if the self that they
are at competition,
cause we're usually
like bugged out
and like not sleeping,
and not eating well,
and all those things.
So, I don't know
I'm not that guy.
I'm not a super cocky,
know it all kind of dude.
Maybe I fail.
Maybe that's my own
misconceptions coming through.
A friend of mine,
Nathaniel May, put this
on Facebook a couple years ago.
But it was like
when is everyone gonna find out
that I'm faking it.
- Miki Suzuki!
Okay, are we ready to go?
World Barista Championship,
finalist number two,
the barista champion
of Japan,
Miki Suzuki.
- Time.
Espresso extractions
are usually trade off.
But I get something positive,
I lose some espresso extraction.
I have discovered a coffee
that made me want to bring
all the positive
into one cup.
I name it
double grind.
First of all,
I'm adding the 20 grams
of liquid nitrogen
to 44 grams of coffee.
Next, I'm adding another
20 grams of liquid nitrogen
to coarse grind the beans.
And then,
I'll grind again for espresso.
The flavor in first sip,
mandarin orange,
And the second sip,
brown sugar,
and black tea finish.
I'm serving the espresso
in my custom made cup
that I designed for today.
For my signature drink,
let's discover the new flavors
in my super long extraction.
I added point one grams
of freeze dried lactic acid,
and five grams of
freeze dried honey.
I didn't want to
add in any additional water
because I didn't make it
too watery.
That's why I make
it freeze dried.
Adding just touch of lactic acid
enhances the grape
and apple flavor.
Honey give it sweetness
to balance it.
And I'm adding lavender aroma
by using aroma diffuser.
This creates a synergy
with the liquid,
and bring out the peach flavor.
I use vacuum mixer
to remove the seal to remaining
in the espresso.
This creates a synergy
with the liquid,
and the bring out
the silky texture.
The flavor
you can find
red apple,
white peach,
and black tea finish.
Along with the perfect cup,
I also strive to provide
every customer for
perfect coffee experience.
- The Barista
champion of Japan,
Miki Suzuki
- I have a 50/50 blend
of raw sugar
and freeze dried manuka honey.
But to make this work,
I do need to
lightly caramelize the sugar
with a quick flash of heat.
And I found no better way
than to use
a fairy floss machine.
So right now,
we're caramelizing those sugars.
We're changing that
structure of sweetness.
A little bit out
of control today.
It's gonna give you this
beautiful peach note
in the signature.
Would you please
write down
- This is the sip
that I first fell in love with,
the first taste of geisha,
many years ago.
I cupped it like this,
and swirl it, and swirl
it, and swirl it,
until it melts.
It could take a couple minutes,
but this is well worth it
because there are
new geisha flavors
locked inside these cups.
Now, I really like working
with liquid nitrogen
because it always reminds me
of winter back home in Canada.
- Squeeze in a little bit.
We're all friends.
We use 88 grams of espresso,
per the recipe you just tasted,
with four grams of a
pre-washed Japanese Oolong.
I've used 125 grams
of hot water,
with 30 grams of lacto
fermented cacao nips,
which I then strained
over 60 grams of ice,
dilute and chill.
Now I fermented these
for three days
in a solution of a
sour dough culture
that I've been cultivating
for six years.
And I'm gonna cool
all the ingredients
with frozen rocks.
So your first sip,
creamy mouth feel.
80% dark chocolate,
thank you,
and then the finish
that oolong bitterness.
Then I want you to
wait 30 seconds
before you take your second sip.
Then you'll find balanced
orange cream soda.
Now you take your first sip
as soon as I serve
this to you.
It has been my absolute
pleasure to be here
in Seoul.
Thank you.
- The barista champion of
the United States of America,
Kyle Ramage.
- The finals, right.
Didn't realize my mic was on.
Deep breath.
You guys all feeling good?
- Yes.
- Wonderful.
Let's get into it then.
Two years ago a
computational chemist
named Christopher Hendon
had the idea
to take specialty coffee,
freeze it,
grind it,
and the prepare it as espresso.
And what he and his team
of specialty coffee
professionals found
is pretty astonishing.
The graph in front of you
represents those results.
In the cup,
this is truly everything
we're all searching for,
cleaner, sweeter,
and more balanced.
But, don't take my word for it,
let's try it together.
Be right back.
It is what it is,
and the time didn't work,
which is mostly just for pacing.
I just like to be
able to look at it
and glance and be okay, I have
four and a half minutes left,
30 seconds left,
especially towards the end.
Like it's very helpful to
that I know how to pace
the closing thoughts.
In these six tubes,
I have six doses
of three different,
truly stunning
geisha coffees
all frozen to negative
79 degrees Celsius.
Let's get these ground up,
and we'll talk a little bit more
about the coffees themselves
course by course.
Be back.
- So I'll tell
him over and over again,
slow down.
Work fast,
talk slow.
- 12 years ago,
the Gallardo family,
had the idea to plant this new,
and somewhat untested,
but highly regarded
coffee variety
on the highest elevations
of one of their farms.
What you will experience today
as white flowers, like jasmine,
fresh citrus, like lime,
stone fruit, like fresh cherry.
The body on this coffee
will be light to medium
and silky.
And the finish will be long,
slightly herbal,
but pleasant,
like a tonic.
The sweetness with
medium intensity,
and like a light
wildflower, honey.
We're gonna break
protocol today,
stirring this coffee 12 times
in order to bring the
beverage temperature down
to where I feel like it shows
these flavors most clearly.
So to start,
120 milliliters of
that colibri espresso.
To this we'll be adding
three simple ingredients
and one process
to augment and uplift
those amazing flavors.
The first of which
is 35 milliliters
of a mosaic hop tea.
Mosaic hops are used by brewers
in their India pale
ales to give them
their incredible
floral complexity.
The second ingredient,
12 milliliters of
a North Carolina
dark honey simple syrup.
The last ingredient
is 30 milliliters
of a tartaric acid solution,
a juxtapositional acid
which is not commonly
associated with coffee,
but rather with grapes.
Today we'll be combining
those stone fruit like flavors
to vest new ones
that are more
tropical and exotic.
Charged with nitrous
to give us this amazing
texture and body.
It also helps to mitigate
some of the more intense
flavors from the hops,
making a more balanced drink.
When you get the beverage,
you'll notice the flavors
have been transformed
Intense bergamot aroma,
passion fruit, lime zest,
with a finish that is long,
and again
very much like a tonic.
It's my honor
and true pleasure
to be able to present to you
the culmination
of over 12 years of ideas
from a coffee producer family
in Panama
to a scientist in
the United States.
It's ideas like these
that have spurred me on
and I hope will spur the
next generation of thinkers
to create the next idea
that will change the face
of specialty coffee forever.
To be in that elite group
that is the top six
at the WBC finals,
it's amazing,
but the kind of people who
compete in these competitions
are incredibly competitive.
So you want to win.
- Anybody in that
top six has potential to win.
I feel at that stage,
its about like who
messes up less.
That's a game of tight margins.
It's just about who is
that little bit better.
- Should we get some
competitors out?
Should we get some
competitors out?
Should we get some
competitors out?
Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,
welcome to the World
Barista Championship's
award ceremony, 2017.
Over the last four days,
you've seen 58 national
champions compete,
each representing their country
to compete for the title
of 2017 World Barista Champion.
So the time has come.
In sixth place,
the barista champion
of the United States.
- I thought I had done
really well,
the judges
thought otherwise
that my drinks really
didn't hit today
like they'd hit before.
It was pretty disappointing
cause you want to win,
and you're never happy
when you don't win.
And in that moment,
it was hard.
There are things you
want to take back
and redo, of course.
And that's just life though.
- Fifth place of 2017
World Barista Championship,
Hugh Kelly from Australia.
- In fourth place,
the barista champion of
- The third place winner is
the barista champion
of Hong Kong,
Kapo Chiu.
In second place,
the barista champion of Japan,
Miki Suzuki.
- And the 2017
World Barista Champion,
Mr. Dale Harris.
- You take away
this passion or enthusiasm for
something small,
and you apply that in
whatever your doing in life.
And this, this,
this sense of mastery
and this continuous
effort in doing something,
I suppose you look
at that and you,
you go I'm very far
away from mastering
what I'm trying to
master in my life.