Barn (2019) Movie Script

- An accident?
- A boy is taken to the emergency room.
Is it serious?
I don't know.
Turn around.
- Sorry, what did you say?
- He didn't have time to talk.
There, now you can step down.
Did he give you a name?
Because Anna's in his class.
- Anna?
- My grandchild.
I keep losing weight.
- How many times have you taken it in?
- Just once.
- Is it heavy?
- Not really.
Does your national costume
have to be from your birthplace?
Mine's from Romerike,
though my mother was from stfold.
I think it looks better on me.
National costumes
make everyone look fat.
But I want Anna to have one
from stfold, in memory of my mother.
You can take it off now.
- Torunn will sew one for her.
- Don't let it trail on the floor!
She's getting it for her 13th birthday.
Do you really want to burden her
with a national costume?
What do you mean?
- Is Natalie's mother still here?
- No, they left.
I just need to
Can you please repeat that?
Yes, OK.
That's fine.
See you later.
That was the emergency team.
They're on their way.
Which is good, but
Do you think we should wait?
No, well
When you're bleeding from your ears,
that's not good.
- But he was responsive?
- Yes, they spoke to him.
Let's not overdramatize.
It may have seemed worse than it is.
I just don't understand
what happened.
Were they messing around?
Is that what Natalie told the police?
And that's what she told you too?
Then why did she run away?
I guess things got out of hand.
I don't know.
- Are you OK?
- Sure.
The police also called it an accident.
Yes, in a very definite way.
Just because it was a girl?
What if a boy had hit a girl?
Why do you say "hit"?
Because Vilde and Amina saw her
hit him with her school bag.
The police took it as evidence.
I don't see how she managed to do it.
How is that possible?
Was that Anders on the phone again?
Did he say who it was?
Isn't that Lundemo's son?
Per Erik Lundemo.
From the Right Wing Party.
- Does he have a son called Jamie?
- Yes, isn't that what he's called?
We were on the city council together.
How awful if it's him!
- Did he say anything else?
- No, he didn't say much.
Something happened between Jamie
and a girl called Natalie.
You have to call Sigurd.
- Do you know her?
- Natalie is Anna.
- Is she hurt too?
- He didn't say.
You have to call Sigurd right away.
Here we go.
Now there'll be investigations,
routines will be examined
It will never end.
Everyone will have their own version.
There'll be accusations,
distribution of blame, -
- and calls for assurances
that can't be given
I'll start by handing out this draft.
It's a letter to the parents.
We've sent out a text message.
Jamie Lundemo is the deceased.
He's Per Erik Lundemo's son.
The Right Wing politician?
- And then there's Natalie Eriksen.
- She's called Lykke Natalie.
Lykke Natalie Eriksen.
Sigurd Eriksen is her father.
The Labour MP.
Her mother is a journalist.
For a left-wing newspaper.
Had the kids fallen out?
On the contrary, I'd say.
What do you think, Anders?
I haven't been their teacher
for very long.
But they were friends in the classroom.
They sat next to each other.
They worked together.
Laughed at the same things.
They're both outspoken,
with a vocabulary far above average.
It seems unlikely
that they would fight.
They would have discussed instead.
There could be rough language in that
class, mostly from Jamie and Natalie.
The few times I taught them,
I could feel put out by her, especially.
Yes, Natalie and Jamie
can both be quite cheeky.
They test boundaries.
Try to put you in your place.
Well, that's not my experience.
Didn't someone contact
Child Welfare once?
About Natalie?
- What was the problem?
- I don't know.
I was never informed about that.
Marta mentioned it,
before she resigned.
- It probably wasn't serious.
- I'll look into it.
Have any newspapers called?
- VG called.
- Right.
These are high-profile families.
The two of us
should set up a media strategy.
- Are you from the emergency team?
- Yes.
Who handles the next of kin?
I just came from the hospital.
And Jamie died
before his father got there.
Didn't anyone call him right away?
Ellen did.
I was waiting, and eventually
I had to call Ellen to get his number.
But by the time he arrived,
Jamie was already dead.
- Where is he now? At home?
- No.
A hospital chaplain turned up.
So I left, because
Aren't there any other relatives?
I must admit,
it was hard to leave.
- But I didn't know what to do.
- The hospital will handle this.
What about Jamie's mother?
Isn't she there?
No, Jamie's mother is dead.
And he doesn't have any siblings.
We need to compile lists
of phone numbers.
Of course.
Sony, I have to take this call.
I'll go see Natalie.
Someone should follow up on her.
And I'm curious about
that Child Welfare case.
Yes, do that.
- What about social media?
- It's probably out there already.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are things going?
Well, it's just
We were at the police station.
And then we heard that he had died.
So we're going to
the Children's House tomorrow.
They have specialists
at interrogating, or
- Talking to children.
- Yes.
That will be good.
Won't it, Lykke?
Were you on the football pitch?
Did you see what happened?
Or, no.
It was
I already told you what happened.
Yes, you said
you were messing around.
I was just wondering
if someone saw it.
Why don't you believe me?
It's not that I don't believe you,
But you said "messing around."
That's a very vague description.
Don't you agree?
What was the "messing" about?
I can't remember.
- You can't remember?
- We were just standing there talking.
It happened so quickly.
Why did you hit him?
Did he hit you first?
I didn't hit him.
I told you, I pushed him.
I'm just trying to figure this out.
We have to talk about it.
There are many ways to talk about it.
I just want you to know
that I believe you.
So do we, Lykke.
Of course.
That's good.
The police said that she hit him.
But there's a big difference
between hitting and pushing.
Did anyone see her hit him?
Amina and Vilde.
But you can't trust them.
Why not?
The thing is
A child is more likely
to tell the truth right away.
If they start talking among themselves,
they influence each other.
But when did they say that? It can't
have been long after the incident.
No, but you know what they're like.
Always blabbering.
- What do you mean, "blabbering'?
- I don't know.
Can I ask you something else?
We had a meeting
with the emergency team.
It came up that someone contacted
Child Welfare about Natalie.
Yes, but that was a while back.
- I thought you knew.
- No.
That was horrible.
It was
Johanne's mother claimed -
- that Johanne
was being mentally harassed.
Not just by Lykke.
By other girls too.
But mostly by Lykke.
80 Child Welfare came.
- But the case was dropped.
- Fortunately.
That's good to hear.
But strange that we weren't informed.
Marta, their previous class teacher,
she didn't
- She didn't believe it.
- So Johanne's mother took it further.
The girls involved were
at such totally different levels.
It's that age.
Some want to talk about sex
and their period.
But that gave Johanne
a stomachache.
We took it seriously.
We spoke to Lykke about it.
She promised
it wouldn't happen again.
- So everything worked out fine.
- She took it very seriously.
I've got such a headache.
- Do you have a headache?
- No.
What are you doing?
Writing a report.
- Hi, Signe.
The emergency team wants a list
of vulnerable pupils.
Sinat lost her brother last year.
- Can you think of any others?
- There are many.
Johanne is very sensitive.
She cries a lot.
So does her mother.
It's an effective way to negotiate.
- I spoke to her earlier.
- Did she cry?
Her voice quivered,
as it often does, but
Could you start on that list?
The emergency team wants it today.
But I have to pick my kids up
at day care.
Can't Peter do that?
No, he can't.
I can try to write it
after I put the kids to bed.
Now would be better.
But I admit,
I have to pick up at day care now.
What if I send you a text message later
with some names?
Sure, but
OK, do that.
Have you called Jamie's dad?
It was tough
being at the hospital.
I must admit that.
Tell us about it.
I was there when he arrived.
And he just fell apart.
I sat there alone with him.
I didn't know what to say.
How often have you been
in a situation like that?
You probably did the right thing.
- Did you embrace him?
- Yes.
I have to go.
I'll text you, Liv.
Bye, Signe.
"Did you embrace him?"
- More coffee?
- Yes. Thanks.
It's strange
that Marta didn't tell me.
I should have been informed about
that Child Welfare incident.
Didn't she quit?
Yes, when we changed
teaching methods.
She's a philosophical counsellor now.
She was always so good at focusing
on the essentials.
All I've talked about today
is emergency plans.
Not one word about shock or grief
or how we feel.
Just Whether we've stuck to the plan.
"Emergency plan"
is a fairly vague term.
It doesn't account for
emotions or reactions.
Isn't that the whole point
of emergency plans?
That's why they're important.
But you can never be prepared.
It's always a shock.
You mentioned
that Natalie had been bullied.
Is that what Johanne's mother
was referring to?
No, she claimed
that Natalie was the bully.
Anna would never bully anyone.
- Is the school climate rougher now?
- No.
I remember Kari told me
that they wanted Anna -
- to go to a Waldorf school.
But Sigurd thought a diverse school
with more immigrants would be better.
How tiresome! People should instead
focus on how good our school is.
We do well in national tests.
Our pupils thrive,
there's hardly any bullying.
But if bullying is part of this,
we have to do something.
I don't think it is.
I don't like to
label something as bullying.
But we can't turn a blind eye.
Isn't it "have a blind eye"?
No, it's "turn."
What's in this salad?
Fennel, pomegranate
and blue cheese.
I just wonder
where to draw the line -
- between rough behaviour
and bullying?
I heard someone call Natalie a whore.
I struggle with that word.
- I've often been called that, too.
- Whore? You?
By ex-partners and pupils.
Haven't you ever been called a whore?
Not by children, no.
- You reprimand them, don't you?
- We try to, but
I've had so many
parent-teacher meetings.
They don't care about
their kids' language.
They only care about progress.
And that we "see" their kids.
"Of course I see your son," I say.
"He calls me a whore.
Of course I see him."
The question is does he "see" me?
But they don't seem to care about that.
I'm just trying to find
an explanation.
- What about napkins, mum?
- Get the green ones in the kitchen.
- That salad was delicious.
- Thank you.
You have to eat.
You've hardly touched your food.
Please, mum.
What about Jamie?
Was he bullied?
No, I don't think so.
Children are often punished
for their parents' sins.
By "sin" you mean that
his father is a right-wing politician?
Where's the logic in that?
What about other right-wing kids?
Are they bullied too?
No, but since Anna's dad
is a Labour politician.
You think this happened because of
the parents' political differences?
No, that's not what I meant to say.
Never mind.
I'm no fan of Lundemo,
but now
I feel so sorry for him.
It must be awful to lose a child.
I have to go.
Don't you want cake?
- Are we having cake?
- It's meant to be a birthday party.
I totally forgot.
You forgot your birthday?
What are you thinking about?
Take a deep breath.
You have to listen
to the people around you.
Let them speak.
That's very important.
Don't forget your present.
I was going to wrap it, but
- Curtains?
- Yes.
Is that my present?
I know you don't care about curtains,
but you're so exposed
No, I'm not.
Why not give them to Jan and Anders?
They have their own style.
I made these for you.
- Don't you want them?
- Of course.
Thank you.
I'm leaving.
Do you think your sister is lonely?
Maybe a little.
I really like her.
And your mum too.
It's nice of her to let us stay here
until we can move into our apartment.
What's wrong?
Come on, I know you.
Something's wrong.
I feel what happened today
was my fault.
We share schoolyard duty.
We divide the grounds between us.
I was supposed to be
on the football pitch.
And you weren't there?
I had just come to work,
when a new student teacher arrived.
And some of us got held up
talking to him.
And then -
- I offered to show him
where the office was.
Why do you say "oh"?
As soon as I got to the office, -
- Ellen showed up
and took him from there.
I was on my way to the pitch,
but then it had already happened.
How long were you not
where you should have been?
I don't know.
Two minutes?
Maybe three?
What are you thinking?
- Do you think it's my fault?
- No!
Of course not.
What does Liv say?
I haven't talked to her.
It's not your fault.
I can't get it out of my head.
Oh, sweetheart.
It's a reaction, of course.
I feel sick myself.
I have a stomachache.
What's going to happen now?
I don't know.
- Do you have to cut your nails there?
- I'll pick them up.
Should we go to the Children's House
today, when she just threw up?
Isn't it unwise to postpone it?
But if she's sick?
I'm just desperate
to get this over with.
I haven't slept at all.
I feel so guilty, Sigurd.
Is there something
we have or haven't done?
Don't you feel guilty?
I just can't -
- comprehend
how she could have done it.
She's not like that.
What do you mean?
A boy is dead.
And somehow Lykke caused it.
But it doesn't seem right.
How could she have done it?
It takes a level of aggression, -
- a strength she doesn't have.
Where would that come from?
Not from me.
I could hit someone
if I got angry enough.
I don't think you could.
Of course.
We all could, Sigurd.
It's instinctive.
We're animals.
That's just it.
Because we aren't animals.
Yes, we are.
We have the same instincts.
We have evolved
over millions of years, -
- from amphibians to apes
and all that.
- But I feel that
- We just have bigger brains.
It feels wrong to distance ourselves
from what Lykke has done -
- by saying we aren't
capable of that.
But Lykke apparently is.
- Did you stand up too fast?
- Yes.
- You have a rash.
- I know.
- I just need some ointment.
- You do. It's pretty bad.
It doesn't help Lykke -
- that we feel guilty.
But it's hard not to.
We have to contact Jamie's dad.
- I've been wondering
- What?
I was thinking, -
- if it were the other way around
I wouldn't be able
to face him or talk to him.
We can't avoid
contacting Jamie's dad.
We have to.
But now?
He has to
It should be when he's ready.
Either way, we have to do it.
It's the only decent thing to do.
What happens next?
He'll be taken to the forensic unit
for an autopsy.
I felt I couldn't leave the school.
- I sent you lots of text messages.
- I noticed.
No one knows
we're seeing each other.
I couldn't deal with it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Take one thing at a time.
See you later.
May I have a word with you?
One moment.
when Liv asked me to work late
I must admit,
I think that was wrong of her.
Did you react to that at all?
She knew I had to pick up the kids.
Peter couldn't believe -
- that she basically ordered me
to work overtime, when I had to leave.
- Can she do that?
- It's a force majeure situation.
Liv asked if Peter could get
the kids, and you said no.
But it was wrong of her
to make me feel bad about it.
I don't think Liv knowingly
- Hi. Is the emergency team here?
- Yes. Did you oversleep?
They've briefed the staff
and will visit all the classes today.
There's a parents' committee
meeting right now. Are you ready?
Signe, thanks for
texting me that list last night.
I'll be right with you.
- Was there something else?
- Yes.
It's probably not a big deal, -
- but none of us were on the pitch
when it happened.
Anders was supposed to be there.
But he was with that student teacher.
We can't be everywhere at once.
But I wonder if Liv knows.
Should we tell her?
- Yes?
- Hello.
Can someone help this poor man?
Poor little thing.
The emergency team is on it.
They're used to the media.
- Has Helene started briefing you?
- Thanks. I could have done that.
Yes, she has.
Let's keep our fingers crossed.
- Coffee?
- Yes, please.
We are, of course
We all think
what happened is very tragic.
Sony, Simon,
let me just close the door.
But -
- the hatter -
- we received yesterday
It was quite ambiguous.
Even if you -
- followed the procedures
I don't see how
she could have time to kill him, -
- without anyone intervening.
That word, "kill"
Can we be careful using that?
That's what happened.
There's a big difference
between "kill" -
- and "causing someone's death."
Any words we use now
have an effect on -
- how we and the pupils
perceive the situation.
- Do you understand what I mean?
- Not quite.
Why not call a spade a spade?
Sure, -
- if you're absolutely sure
it is a spade.
No matter what words you use, -
- we have quite a few questions.
That's understandable.
Are the school procedures -
- regarding
Are the security procedures
good enough?
And how long have you known
that Natalie was unstable?
- Natalie is not unstable.
- Really?
She certainly is.
I have tried to
I've reacted to her behaviour earlier.
I spoke to Marta about it.
But I didn't feel
she took it seriously.
What was that about?
Why didn't you come to me?
I didn't want to go over
the class teacher's head.
That would be wrong.
But Johanne has been afraid of Natalie
for a long time.
The way she describes her,
she's a loose cannon.
She tried to get Vilde and Amina
to post nude photos online.
And she's repeatedly called Johanne
a whore. They're 13!
That's mental bullying.
Johanne doesn't sleep at night.
It's been so extreme -
- that I've wanted to contact
Child Welfare.
But you didn't?
Why haven't you spoken to us?
I have.
I spoke to you, Anders, -
- at the parent-teacher meeting.
I asked if you had noticed
any unusual behaviour.
That maybe she was unhappy.
Hence her aggressive behaviour.
We only want
We're here to help.
But you said
there was no problem.
I didn't interpret
your question that way.
- How did you interpret it?
- Well, I
I didn't quite understand -
- why you were talking about Natalie
in a meeting about Johanne.
Natalie's one of our brightest pupils.
This is bananas.
If there's some rough behaviour
in the schoolyard
We don't always pick up on it.
But this isn't relevant to the death.
Of course it is.
If Natalie is a loose cannon
We can't have a pupil in class -
- who poses a risk to others.
Has anyone else complained,
or is it just Johanne?
No I don't know.
Victor hasn't mentioned anything.
But he lives in his own world.
She will have to change schools, right?
First we have to establish
what happened.
Then we'll consider
what's best for her and the others.
But isn't a safe school environment
top priority?
Yes, and Natalie is part
of that environment.
We can't create a safe environment
by simply removing -
- those who come into conflict.
We're talking about murder here.
About a 13-year-old girl who
accidentally caused someone's death.
Are you trying to explain it away?
No, I'm not.
I hear what you're saying.
But what you're hearing
isn't what I'm saying.
I'm saying this wasn't intentional.
It was an accident that could
have happened to any of us.
You can't create a functional community
by removing any perceived threats.
You have to strengthen
the pupils' sense of responsibility.
Is that the school's policy?
It's more like my job description.
Won't there be an inquiry?
It's vital to find out what went wrong.
We agree that's important.
Our yard duty was
according to regulations.
But we will of course
examine the chain of events, -
- look at our routines, -
- and conduct a thorough evaluation.
Will there be
a memorial service tomorrow?
Because some of us
Jamie was such a nice boy.
And many will miss him.
So we thought it might be a good idea -
- if the school could set up -
- a memorial page on Facebook.
Where people could post memories
and share thoughts.
I understand that need.
But we think the school's
web page is sufficient.
We try to stay clear of Facebook
because we can't control it.
And we believe the school should be
a Facebook-free zone.
But a memorial page would be -
- a good way
for people to share their grief.
- There must be other ways
- We'd have to involve Jamie's dad.
We can't tell a man
who just lost his son
- You can't bother him with Facebook.
- No.
Aren't there other ways
to express grief?
Who are we, if we need
an American corporation to do that?
And Facebook is privately owned.
I don't know if the school can use
a privately-owned company without
If so, we'd have to invite
other bids.
Sometimes it's difficult -
- to have confidence in you.
Then my job is to gain your confidence.
I have confidence in you.
I don't think what Liv is saying -
- is a laughing matter at all.
You have to be consistent.
But let's get back to your question.
We just made it.
We nearly missed the bus.
Let me present Sigrid and Gunnar.
They're siblings.
This is Jan, he's Anders' partner.
So Anders has a "friend"?
We're laughing
because we've talked about -
- what to say
when referring to homosexuals.
It's silly to say "friend."
That's what my mother used to say.
I've never said "friend."
Because I've had many gay friends
in parliament. Mainly on the right.
Isn't it strange how gay people
are drawn to the right?
Is that true?
Have you just moved here?
Yes, I just moved here.
We lived in Bergen for a few years.
Anders moved here in July.
I came a couple of weeks ago.
- What do you do?
- He's a psychologist.
- But I don't start until next year.
- That means he can join The Walking.
Why do you call it The Walking?
We worked as Nightravens,
helping children.
And Kari thinks
we should learn more about art.
We should look at art
and then discuss what we see.
- And you're a trained ceramist, Torunn.
- I know.
And I'm a librarian.
And you love to practice
your English skills.
- Yes, you do.
- You do.
So, we formed an English art society.
- Art walks.
- Art walks.
We go for walks
and discuss art in English.
And the neighbourhood watch?
I'm still involved in that.
Are you a librarian too?
No, I work for the trade unions.
- I'm a county delegate.
- Oh.
- Nice sweater.
- Do you think so?
Thank you.
- Have you seen Helge?
- No.
This is Hans Lucas, our new intern.
- We met briefly yesterday.
- Can someone take care of him?
- Helge has the plans.
- He's the one we're looking for.
- Hi, by the way. How are you?
- It's
Can you wait in the lounge?
And I need a word with you.
I'm sure Helge's in the copy room,
don't you think?
That incident with Johanne.
It just sounded kind of strange.
I need to find Marta.
But if you're going to Natalie,
could you speak to her about it?
I don't see how it could happen.
- Anna's so sweet.
- She is.
Is she called Anna Natalie?
Because Anders and Liv
call her Natalie.
Her name is Lykke Natalie.
Only I call her Anna.
That was my grandmother's name.
She was one of our first
feminism advocates.
Anna Mathilde Eriksen.
"Lykke' means happiness. That's silly.
Lykke? What is that?
If they wanted a name
that meant something -
- they should have called her
Equal Rights Eriksen.
In honour of your grandmother.
She would have approved.
- I'm not in the mood for this.
- Sorry.
I feel so sorry for her. I hope
something good can come of it.
That maybe it can bring the pupils
closer together.
Why is it important
to bring them closer together -
- when something this horrible happens?
What people need to understand -
- is that it's unacceptable
to hit anyone.
What we ought to improve is
Our sense of decency.
- Don't you think?
- Regarding what you said
What did I say?
That nothing is worse
than losing a child.
Is it worse to lose a child
than an adult?
I think about that whenever
I hear about an accident on the news.
The children are always singled out:
"30 dead, ten of them children."
It's never:
"Three women in their sixties."
It's worse with a child.
You don't have children, Gunnar.
You can't understand.
Stop it. I feel the same way,
and I have children.
- Many?
- Two girls. They live in Sandnes.
One's in the oil industry,
one's in real estate.
Sigrid is like that woman
in Rosemary's Baby.
- She had the devil's children.
- You could say that.
Don't you stay in touch?
We're so different.
Both are like their dad.
Are you and Anders planning
on children? You can adopt now.
I'm so proud the Labour party
overturned that injustice.
Kari put a lot of effort into that.
Well done.
It's a basic human right.
- Do you really think so?
- Yes, I do.
I think it's only a right
for those who can afford it.
I agree.
It's not a human right.
People use that term
much too often.
That's such a nice sweater.
- Do you really think so?
- Yes.
- Do you want it?
- No, no.
I hardly ever wear it.
Accept it, Gunnar.
You've been going on about it.
This is embarrassing.
Try it on.
Try it.
- My God, look at these prices!
- It should be about 300 kroner each.
Marta is waiting for you in the library.
Did Sonja Henie get into figurative
art because she was a figure skater?
Maybe that made sense to her.
"I'm so tired of skating.
I'll focus on figures instead."
So you did nothing?
I figured we'd talk about it.
I wanted to make sure
that Natalie understood -
- that she had to stop being
so rude to Johanne.
Johanne's mother felt
she wasn't taken seriously.
- You should have reported it.
- Yes.
But I was more focused
on talking to the girls, -
- than following formal procedures.
I wanted to be there for the pupils,
not their parents.
I see.
It's just that
the pupils forgive and forget.
But the parents never do.
No. But I thought that's what
we were supposed to resist.
You used to talk about -
- being there for the little ones.
That was our job.
And I used to think: "I'm so happy
my boss sees it that way."
But those "little ones" include the
parents and the Education Department.
Yes, maybe so.
And that makes being a teacher
an impossible task.
I don't agree.
She threw up.
We're going to the Children's House
What are you doing?
Are you listening to music?
Are you listening to Justin Bieber?
I don't understand you.
I don't understand you at all.
- She doesn't realize what she's done.
- Yes, she does.
- She's just listening to music.
- You go in to her.
She's just grumpy because
I'm listening to Justin Bieber.
If it was Patty Smith it would be fine,
because that's what she listens to.
What do feel
when you listen to -
- Justin Bieber?
Is it comforting?
Can I ask you something?
I'm not allowed to use my phone.
Or the internet.
Do you know -
- if anyone's
written anything about me?
I noticed that -
- one of the online papers
wrote about it.
But they don't mention your name.
Is there a picture of dad?
I only saw that one story.
There weren't
any names or pictures there.
But can I ask you something?
I already told you what happened.
- We were just messing around.
- I know.
I was thinking about something else.
Someone said you tried to make Amina
and Vilde post nude photos online.
Did Johanne say that?
It's not true.
Johanne likes Ahmed.
But he doesn't even look at her.
So Vilde told her to send him
a picture of her boobs.
But Johanne doesn't have boobs.
Besides, Ahmed is a Muslim.
You can't send a picture -
- of your boobs to a Muslim.
Or at least you shouldn't.
So that's what I told them.
And then Jamie said the same thing.
He said that it's stupid -
- if you have to flash your boobs
to be fancied.
Then Vilde said her mother -
- had sent her husband
a nude same -
- when he was having
a rough day at work.
And that lots of women do that.
It's meant to be comforting.
So you didn't do it?
Vilde and Amina -
- took nude photos,
but I didn't tell them to.
And I don't think
they sent them to anyone.
Do you argue a lot?
You, Amina and Vilde?
Not really.
They just think it's gross
that I wash with shampoo.
With shampoo?
Yeah, it's the same thing really.
When the shampoo
runs down my body, -
- I wash my body with it.
Vilde thinks that's disgusting.
I've heard them -
- call you a whore.
Do you remember that?
But I'm sure they have.
Especially now.
It's just something we say.
Jamie's the only one who reacts.
He always twists my words around.
Is that what you and Jamie
were talking about yesterday?
- Yesterday?
- Yes.
Or, yes
He said that Victor fancied me.
And I said he was wrong.
If Victor likes anyone, it's Jamie.
I see.
What did Jamie say to that?
He was embarrassed,
and then he laughed.
Why did you push him?
I can't remember.
He was balancing on the ball.
And then he lost his balance,
I think.
They'll ask you about this tomorrow.
What will you tell them?
What I've said all along.
It's the truth.
I have to tell the truth.
Do you wash your body with shampoo?
Do you think we should?
You can get shower gels
for body and hair.
- I gave away your sweater today.
- What?
- To who?
- Gunnar, your mum's friend.
That union guy?
Excuse me.
I just need my hairbrush.
I can do that.
That's a woman's job.
Jan gave my sweater away.
Was that yours?
I'll get it back for you.
He wanted it.
And it looked good on him.
- He's gay, isn't he?
- You think so too?
That's what we all think.
Sigrid has tried hard
to get it out of him, to no avail.
You were flirting.
Was it awkward?
And you responded
by giving him my sweater?
I thought it would suit him.
- And it did.
- True.
I got the sense
he's never been with anyone.
So you gave him my sweater
to compensate?
- Are you upset?
- You have some strange notions.
I think I'll leave.
Have you talked to Liv
about yesterday?
If you don't, your guilt will feel
like a lump in your stomach.
I know you.
I know what you're like.
I don't know if it's good or bad
when people claim to know me.
If it's comforting or limiting.
I like it when you say it to me.
What's going to happen now,
is that we're going to eat something.
Come on.
Many people care about you.
"We feel for your loss.
From Berit and Stian."
- Who's that again?
- The local party secretary.
Stian's her husband.
A funny character, he's sort of
I'll put them in water.
Were they just talking?
Were she and Jamie just talking?
I don't know anything.
Me neither.
We're trying to find out.
There's a memorial service
at school tomorrow.
- You can attend if you want to.
- But he's still at the morgue.
It's for the pupils.
I just want him back.
- Do you want to go for a walk?
- No.
Weren't we going
to look at an apartment today?
Did you think of that now?
I know what you think,
But of course she hit him.
Of course she did.
I understand her. I would have
reacted in the same way.
I would have tried
to lie my way out of it.
But she says she didn't do it.
Then I have to believe her,
If your parents don't believe you,
who will?
Who will understand -
- that you feel you have to lie,
if not your parents?
Hi, sweetheart.
Do you want to lie here?
You're so cold.
Let's make a sandwich.
You can be the cheese.
It's pouring outside.
You need your wellies.
But they don't fit.
They're brand new. You even wore them
when it wasn't raining.
Eva, tell her
she has to wear her wellies.
Of course you do.
You nagged us about them for months.
And now you won't wear them?
What do you want to wear instead?
Do we have to go there?
- Oh, my god!
- You can't wear Converses.
Just let her.
If you've killed someone,
it doesn't matter if your feet get wet.
I'm sorry, Lykke.
I'm sorry.
That was a horrible thing to say.
Mummy says such silly things.
Let's go.
We're running late.
Your school bag
was found next to Jamie.
The police have examined it.
And they found out that was the bag -
- that was used to hit Jamie.
- Do you know where it is now?
- It's here with the police.
- Will I get it back?
- Yes.
I promise you'll get it back.
Can you try to explain -
- what happened the other day?
Can you try?
We were just standing there talking,
like normal.
What were you talking about?
A Norwegian test.
He was envious -
- because I had done better than him.
Usually he's better than me.
- At Norwegian?
- He's better at most things.
Better at school subjects?
Yes, but not just school.
He can sort of...
He can see right through me.
And then he tells me What he sees.
Did it feel like he saw
right through you the other day?
He said that I had cheated.
But that wasn't true.
And he wouldn't stop.
It was so unfair.
SO I hit him.
Natalie, can you show me -
- how you hit him?
Do you want me to get up?
If you want to.
My school bag was over my shoulder.
And I swung it around.
I wanted to hit him in the stomach.
We've done that before.
Without anything bad happening.
But then I saw it hit his head.
And he fell straight to the ground.
The lawyer clarified things.
It's been confirmed
that the case will be dismissed.
She's too young to be charged.
But the question is -
- whether it's dismissed because
it was an accident, or due to her age.
If it's considered an accident,
she's basically innocent.
But if it's dismissed due to her age,
she's basically guilty.
Just too young to be charged.
- What does that mean?
- Nothing, really.
But there's
an emotional aspect to it.
If they deem her guilty,
she'll carry this with her forever.
She probably will anyway.
Not necessarily.
That depends on the verdict.
I was thinking about her conscience.
You can feel guilty,
whether you are or not.
Sure, but then it's irrational
and something she can process.
Our take on this is also important.
We have to make her feel less guilty.
No matter our own sense of guilt.
We have to go.
- I didn't know she had a Norwegian test.
- That was the week before.
- Have you spoken to Jamie's dad?
- Yes.
Or no, I haven't yet.
- I'm going to.
- OK.
- We'll stay in touch.
- Bye.
Vicar Sven Haugen
will deliver the eulogy.
Victor will read.
Emma and Hana will sing.
Sahib was supposed to play
the guitar, but he backed out.
But fortunately Hans Lucas, -
- the world's best student teacher,
also plays the guitar.
- Have you met him?
- Yes, some have.
He only started two days ago.
What's going on?
Why are all those cars here?
Isn't that the film crew?
- They're filming a commercial.
- Right, in the assembly hall.
We can't have people there now.
What about the memorial service?
- You approved this.
- Where can we go now?
I'll go talk to them.
- Is Anders back?
- I haven't seen him.
Jamie's dad is here.
Let's step into my office.
I spoke to my lawyer.
There's a lot going on.
It turns out -
- they've interviewed Natalie
at the Children's House.
She hit Jamie so hard that he fell.
With her school bag.
According to the pathologist
he had a brain haemorrhage.
An artery burst when he fell -
- against the
What is all that?
A film team is shooting a commercial.
What about the memorial service?
Excuse me.
Lundemo changed his mind.
He's here.
I'd like to offer my condolences.
This is incomprehensible.
The vicar is here.
You can't have some film thing going on
during the memorial service.
They booked this a long time ago.
We'll have the memorial
during their lunch break.
- We have no say in the matter.
- There's a contract.
A contract?
There's been a death at the school.
How could you not stop it?
Jamie's dead, Liv. How can you go on
like nothing's happened?
I'm sorry.
Is there a toilet here?
Do you want to talk to the vicar?
It's down the
To the right.
Round the corner, and to the right.
Are you two seeing each other?
One thing at a time, please.
"You approach my innermost gate,
and I approach yours."
"Inside it we are both alone,
as we shall always be."
How long have you been together?
Six months.
No, a year.
A year?
And you haven't told me?
Is it just sex?
It's not just sex,
although that's part of it. I just
We like being together.
We're happy.
Touching me makes him happy.
I've noticed the change in you.
You look happy.
But what about the politics?
- We don't discuss politics.
- You can't possibly avoid that.
There's more to him than that.
He's such a nice guy.
He's loving, generous,
kind and funny.
That's what Eva Braun said too.
It took you three whole minutes
before you played the Nazi card.
But the Right Wing Party
And you.
Don't you feel smarter than him?
I feel smarter than everyone.
It's my hubris.
And it's not good for me.
I think about that
when I meet someone I find stupid.
Maybe I'm too full of myself?
If that's how I feel about people, -
- maybe I'm not all that smart.
He's good for me.
Oh, hi.
Come in.
Could you please take your shoes off?
I just wanted to see
how you're holding up.
I haven't
I should have
contacted you sooner, but
I saw you at the memorial service.
- You left in a hurry.
- Yes, I left right after.
How was it for you?
It was -
- awful, to be honest.
With that film crew and all.
- It was a disgrace.
- Yeah.
That was a shame.
I'm sorry it turned out like that.
We haven't spoken, -
- so I thought we
I just wanted to see
how you were doing.
Maybe you have questions?
Because we're
We get to know the children
in a different way at school.
I just want to tell you that everyone -
- was really fond of Jamie.
He was so -
- considerate of the other pupils.
You mentioned that in your speech.
That was it, really.
You didn't mention that he was -
- top of his class.
Really good at maths.
Really good at football.
Well, yes
I just wish someone had mentioned -
- how smart he was.
He was good at Norwegian.
That's the subject I teach.
Yes, Norwegian's important.
Jamie knew that school is
an important stepping stone.
And you have to work hard
to reach your goals.
But you need solid resources
around you.
And I don't know if
He attended that school because of
his mother's personal ties to this place.
I wanted him to change schools.
When there are so many problems
How many nationalities do you brag
about having? More than 50, right?
That leaves no room for Jamie's type.
They're held back.
Held back?
Maybe the school is part of the reason
why he was so proficient.
He said you ignored him
when he raised his hand.
That you asked someone else.
He said you didn't like him.
But I didn't believe that.
No, that's wrong.
I liked him.
I liked Jamie a lot.
He was such a good person.
And funny.
But he was so quick to answer.
With pupils at different levels, -
- I sometimes
had to let someone else answer.
That's my point exactly.
It becomes a problem
for the best pupils.
They're not being stimulated.
Don't you think
the most advanced pupils -
- can learn from those
who are less bright? And vice versa?
They can learn to be considerate.
Learn to cooperate.
Those are also important qualities -
- that you have to learn.
But Jamie had no shortcomings
in that area.
I'm sorry my speech wasn't
how you wanted it to be.
I should have mentioned football.
You aren't exactly -
- an athletic type, are you?
Sorry. I shouldn't discuss
school politics now.
- Oh, hi.
Are you here?
I have an appointment with Liv.
- Because she's the headmistress.
- Of course.
I should probably get going,
if you're having a meeting.
I'll call you later.
You do that.
Is this
No, we can talk about it later.
- Are you seeing him?
- Mhm.
OK, I'll talk to you later.
So what if he knows?
- I just wish I had told him myself.
- Why haven't you?
Are you ashamed of me?
I have to sort this out.
Right away.
And when Jamie dies, -
- you choose
to keep your relationship a secret.
That makes things very difficult
for those around you.
I don't understand why.
Aren't you going to say anything?
No, I
So many things are wrong here,
I don't know where to start.
Lying to us is one thing.
To me, to all of us.
And for such a long time.
I'm sorry, mum.
But I haven't felt certain.
And being the headmistress
at Jamie's school
It's the part about Jamie -
- that upsets me the most.
A child who had lost his mother, -
- who you potentially
could have cared for
Didn't that occur to you?
I never imagined
that this would happen.
A pupil dying. -
- or falling in love with
a right-winger?
- Is that what's worst?
- No, sorry.
But isn't that why
you've kept it a secret?
There are no rules
against dating parents.
It just seemed so unprofessional.
I was criticized for hiring you too,
although you were the best candidate.
Then I was accused of nepotism.
But you have always been
so opposed to right-wing politics.
But -
- I still am.
You have to see the person,
not his political views.
Sure, but he still represents a party -
- that attracts racists.
- You can't
- But he's not a racist.
"He's not a racist."
That's just it.
He's not a racist,
but he accepts that his voters are.
They've also moved towards the centre.
Now you're defending them.
You have to be able talk
to people you disagree with.
Otherwise there'll be no dialogue.
But you don't have to date them.
Now you see
why I haven't said anything, mum.
This isn't about -
- our attitudes or Lundemo's attitude.
I think it's about you.
You said you haven't felt certain.
Do you feel more certain now?
I ---
I think so.
Are you leaving?
I have to write a report
for the regional school board.
We have a meeting tomorrow
about What I, or we, -
- could have done differently.
- Bye.
- Bye.
It's so horrible.
Whatever I do, -
- it's wrong.
The parents' committee
has no faith in me.
I guess they need a scapegoat.
They want me to expel Natalie.
This just happened.
It's only natural
that people are concerned.
They're scared,
and that makes them say things.
You should listen to them.
Reassure them.
Don't fall to pieces now.
It'll be fine.
You're so warm.
You don't know For Erik.
He's wonderful.
I had no choice.
I just don't want you
to settle for less.
Why do you have
so little confidence regarding men?
You're wonderful.
You have great tits.
You should be happy
you didn't get mine.
Just tell yourself:
"I can have anyone."
"I don't have to fall for
the first one who comes along."
Do you think that's why
I'm with Per Erik?
I'm just happy that somebody wants me?
- Do you realize how hurtful that is?
- I'm sorry.
- I didn't mean to
- It's fine.
Have you hung those curtains yet?
No, I haven't.
Sometimes I don't understand you.
You say the strangest things.
Like what?
It feels like -
- I've lost her.
I've always looked up to her.
She used to remind me of Kate Bush.
Maybe Lundemo is a good guy?
I don't know.
I was there today.
He's one of those super-straight guys
that runs over everyone.
I felt inferior -
- and weak.
Even the most determined feminists -
- fall for guys like him.
Guys who swagger around
with their dick hanging out.
Should I shave my back?
Not for my sake.
I know you think it was right of me
to go there today.
When I was there -
- it was as if Jamie was in the room.
I felt that
If I had paid better attention,
he'd still be alive.
I think you feel the same way.
That it was my fault.
- That's not true.
- It is.
I can tell.
I could tell by your reaction
the first day.
When I told you about it,
and you went: "Oh".
I was only gone for two minutes.
I spoke to my lawyer today.
He thinks I should sue the school.
For ...?
Do you want to do that?
He thinks I should sue her parents too.
Even if she's not
criminally liable
If they dismiss the case
due to her age, -
- not because it was an accident,
she's considered guilty.
Just too young to be punished.
She'll get away with it either way,
because she's a child.
You see how unfair that is.
If she can just walk away from it,
and not
I can't help it.
I want her to pay for what she did.
To suffer.
I want it burned into her mind.
So she'll never feel -
- truly happy again.
- That's what I want.
- Yeah
Even if the psychologists tell her
it's not her fault, I want her -
- to carry that guilt around
for the rest of her life.
I understand.
You're allowed to feel that way.
Remember what Beckett wrote?
That life is a woman
giving birth astride of a grave?
That short drop between the womb
and the grave, is life.
Just enough time to say:
Life goes on.
Quite a few times, actually.
Your family is odd.
If you're dating someone
from the Right Wing Party, -
- that's a problem.
But if you're gay, that's fine.
If only our parents
had been like that, Gunnar.
Move that out of the way.
Isn't it nice?
- Beautiful.
- Yes.
Lundemo is a good match for Liv.
She needs a strong sparring partner.
He's better than
that sociologist she dated, -
- who compared
a woman's body to a cello.
Net, fight?
But Why choose between two evils?
Now I have to invite them to dinner.
I can't invite just Liv anymore.
- And you're moving out soon.
- Are you worried about being alone?
Yes, aren't you?
I think about it every day.
We're not moving far,
just downtown.
Sigurd and Eva
are moving to Rodelkka.
Anna is going to attend
the Waldorf school.
Their motto is
"Let children be children."
We don't have the same needs.
You'll be relieved.
When they move away, you won't feel
guilty about not visiting them so often.
You'll enjoy being on your own.
- Do you think so?
- You can have a good life.
And focus on your art again.
You're fed up with
these national costumes anyway.
No one will care about my art.
I think this is art.
Look at that needlework.
It's fantastic.
I can't wait to give this to her.
Sure it won't make matters worse?
What do you mean?
You're funny, Torunn.
Am I?
No, she'll be lovely.
- I can already picture her wearing it.
- Really? I can't.
How are you holding up?
I don't know.
Grief isn't to be taken lightly.
It's been three, no, four weeks.
And yesterday Anders seemed so distant
while we were eating.
I asked him what was wrong.
He said: "I can't stop
thinking about Jamie."
Hi, kids. Are you ready
for your English lesson?
I see.
Did he say that, or did you?
OK. And there was
no question about it?
Yes, I understand.
We'll have to
That's fine.
Let's leave it at that.
We'll stay in touch.
That was Kristoffer.
As far as he knows,
no one has appealed -
- a decision like this before.
She won't get
a criminal record, but
I don't understand any of this.
- And I can't explain it.
- No.
The police have dismissed the case
because of your age.
There won't be any consequences
for you.
You're not going to jail.
But the way they see it,
it wasn't an accident.
But it wasn't.
I did it on purpose.
- But I didn't want him to die.
- No.
- Do you think they understand that?
- Who?
We understand, everyone does.
Will anything happen to you?
No, don't worry.
Nothing will happen to us.
Will you have to pay a fine?
Will you lose your job?
It's important that you don't
Try not to think about things like that.
Promise me you won't.
Why don't we go to a cafe
or do something totally different?
Maybe we can go shopping.
- Would you like that?
- Sure. What are we getting?
You'll have to
wish for something, I guess.
Let me pee,
and then we'll go do something.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
I was thinking
Would you like to -
- plan the next lesson?
I'd love to.
It's a nice class. I had them
for a few days after the accident.
It was quite challenging, but good.
That's good.
How long have you lived in Norway?
Three years, four soon.
Too bad I never met Jamie.
Victor said that he was like me.
That he resembled you?
- Your appearance?
- I don't know.
- Or your personality?
- Hi.
The start of today's lesson
- Oh, the drawing.
- What happened?
Someone had drawn a naked woman
and a dick on the blackboard.
And a speech bubble that read:
"Fuck me."
Not exactly classroom decorum.
But they spelled
"fuck me" without a K.
So it read "fuc me."
And since it was an English class, -
- I figured I'd point out the error.
- And not make a fuss.
- And I disagree.
I think it should have been dealt with,
not swept under the carpet.
Yes, you have to deal with it.
I think it's better
to defuse the situation.
To sort of joke about it
and downplay it.
But then you're signalling
that it's OK, which it isn't.
It was a drawing
of a teacher, right? Vigdis.
It was Vigdis. They probably
didn't know that she was off sick.
So if she had been here
and seen it
I wonder
how she would have felt about it.
Well, of course
It's not funny.
I've gotten drawings like that too.
Drawings of dicks.
And worse.
But you can't take it so seriously.
If you do, they win.
No, hang on.
It's when you don't, that they win.
If there are no consequences,
no conversation.
A conversation about
a minor issue like that?
This is an ongoing discussion
at college.
Should you be friends with pupils,
or should you be firm?
- Shouldn't you be their friend?
- You can be.
But if you drop to their level, -
- you do them a disservice.
Then they won't learn.
A teacher has to set an example.
You have to draw the line
between what's OK and what isn't.
If you don't, -
- the pupils get confused.
Because they need boundaries.
They should of course test
those boundaries, like they did today.
They're supposed to, they're kids.
But you're a teacher, an adult.
So you need to stand there, -
- take responsibility, -
- and show them
what's OK and what isn't.
You have to draw the line.
As a parent, that's what
I would want the school to do.
Me too, definitely.
So you have kids?
- My girlfriend and I just had a boy.
He's only three months old,
but he'll start school some day.
- Do you have kids?
- Yes, two. A boy and a girl.
- They're in day care.
- I have some home tutoring to do.
But this is
a very interesting discussion.
- We should
- We could use it as an example.
- At teachers' seminars.
- Yes!
We could present it to everyone.
- Sure.
- Opposing views are exciting.
You haven't -
- talked about the funeral.
No, you haven't asked either.
Did the whole school go?
Everyone was there.
The minister said a few words.
So did Jamie's dad.
And Liv.
The headmistress?
Jamie said his dad was dating her.
You know she's my sister, right?
So what?
And a man sang a song.
Which one?
"Not one sparrow
will fall to the ground." A hymn.
Not one sparrow
will fall to the ground
Without God's care
Not one soul
will face death
Without His love
No flower has withered
No tear has fallen
Without God knowing
He who is everywhere
A sparrow?
I'm so restless.
Do you think I'm too dependent
on others?
Jamie said I was.
He said I was eager to show off.
Did Jamie say that?
He was the same.
He could be quite coquettish.
- What does that mean?
- To show off. Made himself cute.
Did he try to show off for you?
No, I don't think so.
Maybe that's just how you saw it.
He said the same about you.
- What?
- That you'd tried to show off.
I didn't think so,
and I told him that.
He was unsure of you.
He didn't know if he could trust you.
Why not?
Why did he say that?
I don't know.
Don't you wish you could ask him?
I think about all the things
I want to ask Jamie.
All the time.
Are you bringing all of these?
My books are all I have, really.
I don't have room for them.
I don't have any bookshelves.
If I'm moving in, I'm going to need
room for my books.
We'll have to make space
in the storage room.
Remember Unni from the party office?
She was at the funeral.
She suggested that I should write
a book about all this.
It could be a nice way -
- to process everything.
Share experiences.
Maybe it could be helpful to others
in the same situation.
I thought about what I'd write.
I sat down in Jamie's room
and tried to
I tried to think back.
There were so many things in there
I'd never noticed.
Things he collected,
posters of some pop star
Harry Styles, was his name.
I wish I had listened when people said:
"Spend time with your child."
You always made jokes
about paternity leave.
Why don't we try
to avoid a discussion -
- this time?
Things actually feel better today.
Us moving in together.
And the legal decision.
It feels like a good thing.
I don't see -
- how that can be a good thing.
It wouldn't have made sense
if there were no consequences.
Why does it make sense that
a girl is burdened with guilt?
But she is guilty.
So you want to punish her?
- You don't want children in jail.
- I'm for a fairer penal system.
People don't feel safe
when the penal system -
- cares more about the criminal
than the victim.
I just
I'm one of those people, and
I wouldn't feel safer in your society.
I'm sorry.
Remember you said I was
the most important thing in your life?
I remember you didn't answer.
I couldn't. Because Jamie
was most important to me then.
But now
It's a miracle that I've met you.
I'm not just saying that -
- to hide the differences
between us, but
Maybe I should leave my books here.
No way.
Bring some of them.
Why don't you bring
the ones you haven't read?
A student teacher
put me in my place today.
Have you ever thought
When you have kids,
you have to be the adult.
But I don't have kids,
so I'll never be the adult.
That makes me less of a teacher.
It's awkward.
I identify more with the pupils
than the parents.
Was that the student teacher
you showed around that day?
I didn't show him around.
Is he good-looking?
He's a younger and prettier
version of you.
Maybe we should discuss
having children too?
We have, many times.
You don't want children.
You're sceptical to surrogacy.
You don't want to be a part of
that whole industry.
And we can't afford it, either.
But do you want to have children?
I think the reason we make up
all these excuses, -
- is because we don't want children.
Then that's settled.
So you think this is enough?
Just the two of us?
I don't get it, why wouldn't it be?
We have so much together.
We have all our things,
and now we've bought an apartment
Christ, "all our things"?
It's so trivial.
Are we just going to sit there,
you and me?
In a tiny apartment surrounded
by dead objects? How depressing.
We have to talk about this!
You can't rant on
and think no one will be affected.
Your words stick to my skin.
They're hurtful.
I don't get it.
To me, our things aren't dead.
Those things make up our life.
You are a part of all those books
and records. That's why I like them.
I know it can't compare to a person.
And you want that responsibility.
But why won't you have
that responsibility for me?
I want to have responsibility
for you.
And a child won't necessarily want that.
Don't leave.
I won't leave.
But when you're like this, -
- I don't like you.
Is something wrong?
My bike's been stolen.
- Did it rain yesterday?
- No, I got picked up.
How is Lundemo doing, by the way?
Thank you for asking.
Not too good, really.
I attended a teachers' course -
- about processing grief.
It takes years to get over it.
People who lose a child are prone
to depression and suicidal thoughts.
And are more susceptible to illness.
You know, the fact that
you're seeing Lundemo
It doesn't sit well with everyone.
I just thought I'd tell you.
Thanks for letting me know.
But why do you feel the need
to tell me that?
I'm on your side.
But I guess people are a bit confused.
I must admit that I was.
I was with him when Jamie died.
And then it turned out
you two were dating.
I must admit, I was shocked.
It felt dishonest, in a sense.
I'm sorry I didn't say anything.
- It was difficult for me.
- Yes, of course it was.
Of course.
Can I say one more thing?
- Don't get me wrong, but
- Let's save it for later.
I have to prepare for
a parents' committee meeting.
We went over our procedures
and reported to the Board of Education.
We couldn't have done
anything differently.
You claim the outdoor areas were safe.
But there was no teacher on the pitch.
That's wrong.
There were eight teachers outside.
Eight teachers outside?
That makes it even worse.
Why was no one on the pitch?
All the kids at the scene
say there were no teachers there.
That's wrong.
I was on the football pitch.
Things happen.
You can't keep an eye on everything.
Then you should check
your procedures.
Either you're short of staff,
or not paying attention.
Tell you staff to shape up!
Really, Aksel?
How would you like it
if your boss told you to shape up?
I just have to
This is unrelated,
but I want to bring it up.
Last week, Johanne told me -
- someone drew a naked woman -
- and wrote "fuck me."
And when Anders saw that,
he seemed to think it was cool.
Is that
That's not -
- tolerated at our school.
No, we have a zero-tolerance policy.
I heard about that incident.
I think Anders found it best
to simply play it down.
I'm sure he didn't think it was cool.
I suggest you take it up with him
at the next parent-teacher meeting.
Where did you find this?
Jamie showed it to me.
At the Children's House you said
that Jamie was envious of you.
Because you'd done
better than him on a test.
But that test was a week earlier,
so he must have taken it quite hard.
Can we -
- not talk about Jamie?
But -
- was he often envious?
All the boys were envious,
if they weren't best.
Jamie only wanted to be best
at Norwegian -
- because that's your subject.
He wanted you to think he was smart.
But didn't you say
I made him insecure?
You can -
- feel insecure
when you like someone.
I felt insecure
when I was with Jamie.
Because you wanted him to like you?
That's why I got so upset
by his comment about -
- my Hunter boots.
Your wellies?
What did he say?
He asked why I had bought
boots like that.
And he looked so disappointed.
I didn't really want them.
I only wanted them -
- because Amina and Wide
said I should.
It's stupid.
We talked about it.
Jamie and I.
How stupid it is
to need boots like that to fit in.
I sort of got the feeling -
- he had given up on me.
Just because of that.
And that made me angry.
So I hit him with my school bag.
I'm so fed up.
I just want to sleep and be thin.
Jamie used to say that.
We're going to talk to the headmistress.
Do you want to join us?
This was your last
home-tutoring session.
Lykke starts at her new school
on Monday.
That's the way it is.
That's the way it is.
I'll miss you, Lykke.
I just want to sleep
and be thin, too.
I don't want to go inside.
Why not?
- I don't feel like it.
- Are you sure?
Can I have a word with you?
Tell your parents I'm pissed off
that they haven't contacted me.
- Yes.
Look at me when I'm talking to you.
I'm changing schools.
What did you say?
I'm changing schools.
Where are you going?
To the Waldorf school.
Do you miss Jamie a lot?
What did you say?
I didn't mean to do it.
It just happened.
It just happened?
You don't realize
what the hell you've done.
You killed Jamie!
You fucking cunt.
We're sorry to see her go.
I wouldn't have made her leave.
- Hi. I'm sorry.
My condolences.
My condolences.
We're sorry we haven't contacted you.
We feel horrible.
You must think we're horrible people.
Don't worry about it.
I'm the one who's sorry.
Excuse me.
Would you like to sit down?
We should get going,
Lykke's waiting in the car.
- Good luck at the Waldorf school.
- Good luck here.
It felt good to say
Honey, what is it?
Hey, what is it?
I talked to Natalie.
She was sitting in the car,
so I went over to her.
She's just a child.
I was horrible to her.
What did you say?
Horrible, nasty things.
- Sorry, am I interrupting?
- No, come on in.
- This is Gilbert, a student teacher.
- Gilbert?
My name's Hans Lucas.
Sorry, I don't know why I said that.
I was nicknamed Gilbert as a child.
This is Per Erik Lundemo.
You're Jamie's dad.
I recognize you
from the memorial service.
I feel for you.
It must be devastating.
Are you OK?
I'm not sure.
I wish it could be more like
before I moved in.
When we just met now and then.
But "All theorizing is flight,"
as they say.
I can't leave someone
who just lost their child.
You can't stay out of loyalty, either.
Listen to your heart.
The heart is just a muscle.
It doesn't tell me anything.
I think loyalty is a good reason
to stay together.
I disagree.
"I must admit that,"
as Signe would say.
Did you know she was on the pitch
when the accident happened?
She wasn't.
She came later.
Anders should have been there,
but he got held up.
You mean no one was there?
Why didn't anyone tell me?
I've met the Board of Education,
the parents' committee, Per Erik
- And lied to all of them.
- It happened so quickly.
A hundred people
couldn't have prevented it.
I still need to know.
How can the parents trust us
if we're not honest?
Imagine the attention, -
- if that had been the main issue.
The media coverage and
Think what you like,
but that's my decision to make.
I'm sorry, I thought you knew.
I thought we felt the same way.
But if you want to stir things up,
that's your call, of course.
And I'll back you a hundred percent.
As both friend and colleague.
I don't know if I'm comfortable
with that friend-colleague mix.
Do you want to stay for dinner?
No thanks.
Were you supposed to be on the pitch
when the accident happened?
Why haven't you told me?
Were you supposed to be there,
but no one was?
But by the time I got there,
Signe was there.
- What does Signe say?
- She has lied to protect you.
But I don't understand.
Why didn't you tell me?
I'm sorry, it's really stupid.
I'm so sorry, I just
It doesn't change anything.
Yes, it does, Anders.
What do we do now?
Report it to the Board of Education?
But I'm thinking about For Erik.
He needs to know.
I just wish you had told me.
I'm not blaming you, -
- but you have to take responsibility
when it's handed to you.
Don't overdramatise.
I don't know what good it will do -
- to tell Per Erik, either.
I have to tell him, he's my man.
Are you stupid, or what?
I'm only trying to do what's right.
But it's like living in a vacuum.
That's Jamie.
He looks different than I imagined.
When I went to see Lundemo,
he said -
- that Jamie didn't think
I fancied him.
But everyone fancied Jamie.
It's horrible, because
It's as if
He annoyed me.
He was everything I wanted to be -
- as a child.
I think maybe -
- I envied him.
That's horrible.
To envy a child.
I did so many stupid things. Once
I tried to show off for him in class.
Say something cool.
But he just -
- looked at me
like I was an idiot.
And another time, -
- at the beginning of class, -
- he was talking to Victor.
And all of a sudden he made
this awkward, clumsy movement.
Sort of like this
So I did the same thing.
And we laughed about it.
A movement can be so revealing.
It made me happy.
It's horrible to think that no one
will ever see that movement again.
You just made that movement now.
I saw it.
What have you been up to?
I've been cleaning.
Did you get new curtains?
They're yours, actually.
They've been in a bag in the hallway
for weeks. I hung them up.
We marched in demonstrations
when I was younger.
She's embroidered all the slogans.
It's like she's embroidered
my childhood.
All that political correctness -
- that made the rest of us look bad.
I think it's sweet.
It's nostalgic.
It's well-made.
You're lucky to have a mother
who does things like this.
We should invite her to dinner.
- They don't go with the furniture.
- Stop it.
Just pull them back a bit, so the
banners don't show. They're nice.
They can at least hang
until your mother's been here.
Or we can replace the furniture.
Remember the first time
we stood like this?
In your apartment?
You called it an ideological embrace.
It fits you perfectly.
It's quite touching.
It's just a garment, but it's useful.
I've worn mine to the Nobel
Peace Prize Ceremony many times.
You come beefing gifts.
You think that solves everything.
I just wanted to reward Anna.
She has handled everything so well.
- Can I go to bed?
- Yes, go ahead.