Barood (1976) Movie Script

Today we have gathered here to honor
and encourage those police officers..
..who put their lives at risk..
..and made the
Indian police force proud.
This year's
President's Gallantry award.. being awarded
to a brave officer..
..who risked his life and
seized weapons worth millions..
..from the smugglers on
the 23rd of November..
..and arrested many
members of that gang.
Inspector Durga Prasad Saxena.
Come on, Son. Give me my medal.
It's not a toy.
Daddy, I am not playing with it.
I have hung it on my chest, look.
But you shouldn't wear
others' medals, son.
Come on. Give it. - Daddy,
why did you get just one medal?
What do you mean?
When I grow up I'll get two medals.
- Really!
One for you and one for me.
Thank you. But now give me
back my medal. - No. - Hey..
Daddy, you have caught
many notorious smugglers..
Let's see if you can
catch me. Come on. - Pappu.
"You are a devil.
- True."
"Always ready to fight.
- True."
"You trouble me."
"Daddy, still you love me."
"Daddy, still you love me."
"You are a devil.
- True."
"Always ready to fight.
- True."
"You trouble me."
"Daddy, still you love me."
"Daddy, still you love me."
"You have broken the
side of the table."
"You have shattered all my dreams."
"You have broken the
side of the table."
"You have shattered all my dreams."
"And you've broken all your toys."
"God knows what you'll
break now, I don't trust you."
"Daddy, still you love me."
"Daddy, still you love me."
"I thought you'll
fulfill my dreams."
"You'll make me proud in the world."
"I thought you'll
fulfill my dreams."
"You'll make me proud in the world."
"But you are sure to defame me."
"All my efforts to
reform you is useless."
"Daddy, still you love me."
"Daddy, still you love me."
"Can the king of the
jungle be ever weak?"
"Can my son be a weakling?"
"Can the king of the
jungle be ever weak?"
"Can my son be a weakling?"
"I became a policeman, hope
you don't become a thief."
"I don't know whether
you're a blessing or a curse."
"Daddy, still you love me."
"Daddy, still you love me."
Bakshi, you.
Durga Prasad, by seizing
our goods worth lakhs..
..and arresting my men you
thought you put an end to me?
If not, then I'll do it right now.
Shut up!
Because of you we
have to leave India..
..and flee to a
foreign land, understand?
And before that,
you'll have to die.
But don't forget, that
those who Betrays the country..
..always face grave consequences.
And we'll put an end to
those consequences forever.
You can kill me, but not
the law or righteousness.
Old enmity will give
rise to new enemies.
'Don't think that no one knows
about the blood that you've shed.'
'No matter wherever you hide,
your crimes will follow you.'
Oh, it's late.
Excuse me, I'll join you later.
A new year gift from Mr.
Puri, from New York.
- Thank you.
Ask Mr. Puri to send
another consignment of this.
And I have deposited
one million dollar.. his New York account, okay?
- Okay.
You have brought in this new year
in a great way. - You are welcome.
Happy new year, Ratan!
- Same to you.
- Yes.
I didn't recognize you.
You didn't recognize me,
but I have recognized you.
14 years ago you
murdered a police officer..
..called Durga Prasad Saxena
on the Juhu Beach in Mumbai.
Who are you?
- His son.
Your seat is confirmed
on flight No. TW192..
..from Las Vegas to New York.
- Thank you.
Have a good flight.
Good morning. - Jagdish,
have you read today's newspaper?
Why, is there anything special?
Our friend Ratan has been murdered.
And marijuana was found in his car.
They have found out that
the murderer was an Indian.
It's all in the game.
One who takes birth
is destined to die.
Hello! - Steamer is on Dock No. 17.
Okay, thank you.
Jagdish, our work is
getting dangerous by the day.
Danger is not new for us.
Ratan's time was up,
and so he died.
Can you fetch the goods
from Dock No. 17? - Why not?
I'll take the car and reach
there on time. - No, no, no.
No car business. You'll take
the train, and return by train.
By train?
- Yes.
You are forgetting that we should
carry out our tasks in the crowd.
We can hide ourselves in the crowd..
..and the police
cannot fire at the crowd.
Who's bringing the goods?
Lady in white.
New York harbour, pier no. 17.
Lady in white.
- Yes, Mayday.
Would you like to
cross the road, ma'am?
May I help you?
Come this way please.
- Thank you.
How do you know me? Who are you?
'Jagdish is dead as well.'
'Someone's following
us like a shadow.'
'Someone's following
us like a shadow.'
Don't move.
This was just a test
of courage, mister.
But I find..
- Thank you.
You're much too nervous,
and weak also.. join this academy.
What do you say to this, boys?
- Yes, sir.
Mr. Gupta, I haven't come
here to join your academy.
I have come here seeking your help.
Are you an Indian?
- Yes.
My name is B. R. Puri.
But how can I help you?
You can.
Mr. Gupta, I know that you
were a famous detective in India.
And now the professor
of criminology here.
Wonderful, you know a lot about me.
It seems as if you're
the detective, and not me.
But you are the master.
Tell me what the matter is.
Mr. Gupta, you must have
read about the murder..
..of two innocent Indians.
- Ratan and Jagdish?
- They were innocent?
Yes. And co-incidentally,
their murderer is also an Indian.
But why are you
taking an interest in it?
Actually Mr. Gupta, it's a question
of the honor of my country.
Because I am an Indian as well.
Actually, it's the question of
your life and death, isn't it?
Mr. Gupta, if you
handle this case..
..then I am sure
you'll catch the culprit.
Mr. Puri, I've
retired from the services.
I understand, Mr.
Gupta, but.. old is gold.
You are right, you are right.
But you know gold is getting
costlier in every country.
That's why I would advice
you to take help of the FBI..
..and to hurry up.
So that the murderer
doesn't leave the country.
Come on, boys, next lesson.
Yes, sir.
- I am sorry. Come.
'Your attention please,
flight AF010, to Geneva..
..passengers are requested
to proceed to gate no. 15.'
Oh my darling, it's
a beautiful weather.
Let's go for skiing.
My darling, my love.
Rody. Follow me.
Rody, do you see that cliff.
There is going to be a blast there.
What will happen if
someone falls from that cliff?
He's dead.
- Good.
I am going there with my
beloved wife for skiing.
Remove that danger
board from there.
But she is pregnant.
But I don't want to add
to the world's population.
This foolish woman has
also fallen for my love..
..and transferred all
her wealth in my name.
I got what I wanted.
She'll get what she deserves.
Her death.
That's my profession.
This is my business.
Go and remove that
danger board from there. Go.
Thanks, love.
- Come on, sweetheart. Let's go.
Come on, love. Let's race it.
Are you alright?
Pardon me, but your
husband wanted to kill you.
Oh no.
- Yes.
That's why he ordered his
man to remove the danger sign.. that you don't
know about the gorge.
He's lying. Who are you?
I ask you, who are you?
Her life and your death.
- Shut up!
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
This is your
captain Jubia, speaking.
We're cruising at a
speed of 500 miles per hour.. an altitude 30,000 feet.
Out next stop is Madrid.
Thank you.
Yes, sir.
- May I see Mr. Dominique Francis?
Here's my card.
One moment, sir.
Hello, Mr. Gupta. - Hello, Francis!
You thought of me after a long time.
I thought you've forgotten me.
But I didn't forget you. - Is it?
I regularly kept enquiring others..
..about where Mr.
Gupta is, how is he?
What would you like to have,
sir? Whiskey, brandy?
Special wine for special customer.
- No, Francis.
Sorry, I don't take
whiskey or brandy during daytime.
You won't have anything, sir?
Then have lunch with me today.
- Thank you.
My Biryani is famous
all over New York.
I can't have Biryani,
Francis, too heavy for my stomach.
Then eat brains.
Fried brains with cheese
and red wine. Excellent!
Actually, Francis, today I've
come here to eat your brains.
I mean.. What do you mean?
Don't worry, first tell me how's
your business doing? - Excellent.
I spent 20,000 dollars,
for the new decoration.
Tell me, how it looks.
It looks like, you..
- What?
That you have
definitely spent 20,000 dollars.
Looks beautiful.
- Thank you, Mr. Gupta.
Let us celebrate over
a glass of good cognac.
..we'll have Napoleon brandy.
- No, no, no, Francis.
I don't want alcohol,
but some information.
Information? Sir, I
thought you've retired.
Have you started
your old business again?
Did you start yours?
- Not at all. Not at all.
Straight as a stick. Very
respectable, by God, yes.
I am very glad to hear this.
Francis, you must know that
three Indians were murdered.. after the another.
- Yes, I read it in the papers.
Strange, people come here
from India to be murdered..
Can you tell me
something about them?
I don't know anything, sir.
I don't deal with bad
people at all.
I'm telling the truth,
I don't know anything.
You don't know, but I'm
sure you must remember.. had a bar at Juhu, in Mumbai.
Four smugglers were regular there.
- Yes.
You had good friendship with them.
- Yes, no, no.
They were not friends.
Sir, I knew them, but I
didn't have any connection..
..with their business, Mr. Gupta.
But still Francis, 14 years ago..
..when they evaded the
police and fled to this country.
You came along with them.
- No, not with them.
- I came after them.
It's one and the same,
Francis, sit down.
Anyway, now that you're
pretending to be unaware..
..let me tell you,
that the three murdered..
..were amongst those four.
- Oh I see, is that so?
It is very much so, Francis.
And the most
dangerous amongst them all.. still alive.
- Who's that?
That's what I've come here
to ask you. Where's Bakshi?
Sir, Bakshi is
absolutely respectable now.
He has a huge farm and a
big factory that makes wines.
Where are the farm and the factory?
He has mended his old ways.
- But where does he live?
Sir, why do you
interfere in this matter?
It's better to stay far
away from such people.
For the last time, Francis.
Where does Bakshi live?
- In Spain.
Come on, Jango.
Jango. Excuse me.
- Yes, sir.
I wish to leave my Jango here.
Can I? - Sure, sure, sure.
Write down your address here.
And dog details here.
- Here.
Good morning.
Greetings, good morning, sir.
Dr. Harry Ramani. Doctor of animals.
Car, rat, bat and goat.
Anoop. Indian. Pleased to meet you.
I am Indian as well.
My real name, Hari Ramchandani.
After coming here I
became Dr. Harry Ramani.
M.R. CVS London.
DVM USA, dog.
Are you from Delhi or Mumbai?
You are such a beautiful man.
Any Spanish woman can
fall in love with you.
Are you a tourist?
If you are a tourist, then
go see the Barcelona city.
Watch the Poolside here.
Watch the Flamingo dance.
- Yes, sir.
Bring tea and snacks,
my brother has come.
Advance. Why take the trouble?
Don't talk about money with Indians.
Faith is a very important thing.
Faith is a very important thing.
Don't you worry, I'll
take good care of your dog.
I don't treat dogs like dogs.
I treat him like my brother.
Why don't you speak?
Are you deaf or dumb?
Brother, Dr. Ramchandani..
- Don't shout! Greetings.
I'm leaving Jango in the canal.
Come on, Jango.
Greetings. He's
neither deaf or dumb.
Indian's are famous
for producing babies..
..and chatting.
- Sir. - Yes.
Who are you talking to?
- He doesn't talk at all.
He's so Mr. Silent.
Bring the car in the evening.
- Yes, sir.
Mr. Cotton, is everything fine?
Yes, sir. The dynamite is
going in wine boxes, sir.
That's very clever of you.
These ammunitions should
reach their destination on time.
Because my friend is
eagerly waiting for them.
Bobby, this time we
should be very careful.
We should be very careful..
..because a government
officer is looking for us.
Don't worry, sir, Mr.
Walcott is piloting the seaplane.
That's wonderful.
Contact our foreign agent.
I am going to give
Walcott the final instructions.
Hello! Hello!
Fasten your seatbelt, sir.
Everything is alright, Joe?
You know you have to
take all these goods..
..and deliver them safely.
Okay, all the best.
Sir, your friend has sent a sari
for your daughter. - Thank you.
'If I can make this
girl fall for my love.. '
'.. then I can reach Bakshi.'
Oh you fool!
I'll kill you.
Thank God.
You are very dangerous.
If you follow any
girl on the motorcycle..
..then this is bound to happen.
- You'll drown.
I wanted to talk to you,
not to drown. - Why?
After a long time, I saw
such a beautiful Indian woman.
And I'll always remember you.
- Really?
Where are my clothes? - I've
put them on the terrace to dry.
And they'll be dry by morning.
By morning? What
will I do all night?
What you wanted.
"I love you, you love me."
"I love you, you love me."
"I've fallen in love."
"Your eyes.."
"Your eyes have become my world."
"I love you, you love me."
"I love you, you love me."
"This is the first meeting."
"These sagas have just begun."
"We've just become old lovers."
"Our pair is unique."
"Two strangers have just met."
"And we are already called crazy."
"Listen, I love you."
"I love you, you love me."
"I love you, you love me."
"I love you, you love me."
"I've fallen in love."
"I love you, you love me."
"What is it? And why?"
"If it's nothing, why
do I feel so enchanted."
"I swear, it's really enjoying."
"You and I, we are so unaware."
"We don't know whose coming."
"We don't know whose going."
"My love, I love you."
"Love you."
"I love you, you love me."
"I love you, you love me."
"I've fallen in love."
"Your eyes have become my world."
"I love you, you love me."
"I love you, you love me."
"I love you, you love me."
"I love you."
What happened?
- Someone's praising our song.
Look, the horses are neighing.
What do you mean?
I mean, if the boss or
any of his men spots us..
..then we'll land in real trouble.
Does your boss stay here?
He comes here
sometimes to look after it.
It's a huge land.
Factory, distillery, horse
breeding farm and grape farms.
But what are you thinking?
I was thinking when
they harvest the crops?
When it ripens.
- It's ripened.
I am getting late,
I've to go to the office.
I'll meet you in your
flat in the evening.
Mr. Jack, with all these
electronic facilities..
..our wine should be No.
1 in the world.
Of course!
- Thank you.
Good morning, boss.
- Good morning.
Sorry, I am late.
- You've never been so late before.
Anything special?
Were you out swimming?
Yes, it was very hot.
And you must have good company too.
Have you sent Seema the
money and her present?
Yes, I had it sent yesterday
through the bank to Paris.
Ms. Sapna.
- Yes.
Find out when Air France's
flight no. 744 is landing.
Mr. Gupta is arriving from New York.
Receive him and
send him to the farm.
I am going there.
- Yes, sir.
Quite a beautiful place!
- Welcome, sir.
Thank you, thank you.
Are you Mr. Bakshi's daughter?
No, I am his secretary.
- Oh. And Mr. Bakshi?
The driver will
take you to the farm.
Boss is waiting for you there.
Thank you.
Get him!
'Photographs never remember anyone.'
'But I'll always remember you.'
I had arranged for
lunch on the open grounds..
..of my farm to welcome you.
But the entire program was ruined.
That's okay, at least you are safe.
Mr. Bakshi, can you tell me..
..who knew that you'll
spend this week on the farm?
Only my secretary.
And I trust everyone
who works for me here.
If you doubt my people then
you're just wasting your time.
Mr. Bakshi, I am retired now,
I have got lots of time to spend.
By the way, you mind if
I go around your farm?
It is 5000 acres, Mr. Gupta.
You can take a
stroll from dawn to dusk.
You are my guest.
- Thank you.
But remember one thing, whoever
thought about sending you here.. definitely mad.
You won't find anything here.
You are wrong, Mr. Bakshi,
I've found many things here.
I've found the right way
and you've found a new life.
After the murder of
those three Indians.. must have understood,
it's your turn.
I don't understand
what you are saying.
I mean, the four of you fled
from India for the some reason.
Year 1961.
That's a very long time.
Old enmities have
given rise to new ones.
"I am not a poet."
"But O damsel.."
"Since I saw you,
I've learned poetry."
"I am not a lover."
"But O damsel.."
"Since I saw you,
I've learned to love."
"I am not a poet."
'So she is Bakshi's daughter.'
Good morning, professor.
- I've got a book for you.
Thank you.
- I'll meet you at 7 o'clock.
"This place is very beautiful."
"But still the heart
calls out to someone."
"If someone can
understand my message?"
"if someone can understand.."
"If someone can
understand my message?"
"Is there anyone
here from my country?"
"If someone can..
understand my message?"
"These faces, and these eyes.."
"These faces, and these eyes.."
"You can change the appearance
but you're still the same."
"You've the same memories."
"You can change the appearance
but you're still the same."
"You've the same memories."
"What's the use.."
"What's the use of this change?"
"Is there anyone
here from my country?"
"If someone can..
understand my message?"
"The soil and the water.."
"The soil and the water.."
"Let's talk about the flowers."
"We'll talk about
the joys of monsoon."
"Let's talk about the flowers."
"We'll talk about
the joys of monsoon."
"Together we will.."
"Together we will share the
sorrows in this foreign land."
"Is there anyone
here from my country?"
"If someone can..
understand my message?"
"If someone can
understand my message?"
"Is there anyone
here from my country?"
"If someone can..
understand my message?"
You are very beautiful.
- Thank you!
You are a very sweet girl.
- Thank you.
I love you.
- Oh no!
Why you don't love me?
Sorry sir, I respect you.
But I don't love you.
Good morning.
- You have a passport?
For the both of us
she's lying behind.
Thank you.
She's not too well.
You? Who are you?
Why did you bring me here?
Don't come any closer.
I say don't come any closer.
You are an Indian..
..and this is the way you treat
a girl from your country?
Why don't you say something?
If you feel hungry, eat something.
Let me go from here.
I'll get some new clothes for you.
Wait. I say, open the door.
Let me go.
Just a minute.
Mr. Gupta, you?
- Good afternoon.
Please, come in.
I would like to ask
you a few questions.
Pardon me, but all I know about
you is that you are my boss's guest.
I don't know who you really are.
I am a retired police officer.
Special Branch, CID.
Please come, take a seat.
- Thank you.
You have a wonderful flat.
Is it your own?
- No, it's the company's.
The boss has
permitted me to stay here.
Don't get it wrong.
How long have you been
working with Bakshi?
For two years.
Are you inquiring about the accident
that occurred the other day?
That was not an accident.
- Then?
Boss said it was an accident.
He lied, and that's
all he can ever do.
But.. - Can I ask you
some personal questions?
Personal? Go ahead.
Have you met any stranger recently?
Is it important to ask this?
- Very important.
Yes, I met.
Can you tell me something
about him?
Very nice, he's handsome,
I love him.
I didn't mean that.
Do you want to know
what I did with him?
- Stop it!
I want to know what you
talked to him about. - Why?
Because he is Bakshi's arch-rival.
- How can you say that!
I've already told you
that I was a police officer.
I know Bakshi's past.
- Nonsense!
Mr. Gupta.. Don't trouble me.
You may leave.
- Fine.
But remember one thing..
..your handsome friend has
used you for his personal motive.
And now your life is in danger.
'Photographs never
remember anyone.'
'I'll always remember you.'
'But remember one thing..
..your handsome friend,
has used you for his motive.'
'And now your life is in danger.'
Mr. Gupta.
- Here I am.
Tell me quickly. I don't have time.
Last Friday I went to the bank.
He came along with me.
Why did you go to the bank?
To send Seema some money.
- Seema?
Mr. Bakshi sends her
money every month.
She studies in Paris.
- She studies in Paris..
Is she his daughter?
- I don't know.
Maybe she's his daughter.
That means, now her life is
also in danger along with yours.
Quickly, give me your car's keys.
- Fine.
- And listen, close the door.
And don't open it until
and unless you hear my voice.
What is your relation with Seema?
Who is Seema? Your daughter?
Seema might be
related to you in anyway..
..but I want to tell you
that her life is in danger.
I know that.
- Then why are still quiet?
Don't you want to save Seema?
I know what I should
do and what I shouldn't.
I don't need the help
of any police officer.
Fine, Mr. Bakshi, but I
need your help to save Seema.
Ask my secretary for help.
She knows how to help others.
She has slept with that
man; she has lived with him.
Because of her my daughter..
- I see.
Seema is your daughter.
Seema might be
related to me in anyway.
Whatever has to be done
I will do it on my own.
That boy will meet the
same fate as his father.
So the one that shot
at you was Saxena's son.
I don't want to discuss
my matters with anyone.
Gupta, you can go.
I said, get out!
Why have you locked me up here?
Why don't you say something?
You didn't eat anything?
How do I trust you that
you have poisoned the food?
What do you want?
How much money do you want?
My father has no dearth of money.
You'll get all you want.
Let me meet my daddy once.
I've bought new clothes
for you. Change your clothes.
It's futile to run.
We're in the middle of
the ocean. Go inside.
Come on, Jango. Good boy.
Out Jango! Out!
I said something.
- I won't go.
Look girl, know one thing clearly..'ll stay with me as
long as I need you.
And till you're here, you'll
have to do everything I tell you.
Go inside.
I said get back inside.
Yes? - Long distance
call from Spain, sir.
Put me through.
- Hello!
Dinesh, this is
Balraj Gupta speaking.
Remember me or have you forgotten?
Hello, Balraj, how are you?
What are you doing in
Spain leaving your academy?
Have you become a bull fighter?
There's something more
important than being a bull fighter.
I have some urgent work with you.
How can I help you from India?
You can do this only from India.
Listen. - Yes. - Do you remember
inspector Durga Prasad Saxena?
Durga Prasad Saxena? - The one
who was killed at Juhu Beach.
Oh, yes. Oh yes, in 1961?
- Yes.
Remember, he had a son.
- Yes, he had a child.
That child must be 20-22
years old now. - How stupid I am!
- I want information about him.
We will have to inquire.
So, inquire where is he
right now and what is he doing.
Got it? I'll give you
the telephone number.
Hotel Castalina, Madrid. 7755231.
- 231.
- Thank you.
- Bye-bye.
'If you want to see
Seema safe and sound..'
'.. then meet me on the 20th.'
'Arena, Madrid. At 3 o'clock.'
Why did you take my pictures?
To send them to your daddy.
Why? You want to blackmail him?
How much have you
thought of asking him?
You won't get anything. Let me go.
If your daddy agrees to my condition
then I'll set you free in a week.
He's not your servant
to take orders from you.
He's used to giving orders.
He'll have to take
orders from me this time.
Never try this again.
Come on, Jango.
Sir, the dinner is served.
- I won't eat.
- A trunk call from India.
Give me the line, please.
Hello, this is
Balraj Gupta speaking.
Hello, Gupta! I've found
out about Saxena's son.
Tell me. Tell me.
- The boys name is Anoop.
He loves sports. He
drives the motorcycle well.
And he's a very
good mechanic as well.
But he is not in India right now.
- Then where is he?
From Interpol we got to know
that he's in Spain at the moment.
Spain? - Yes. He had
sent a letter to his friend.
It seems like he's working in
a motor garage in Tor-De-Haan.
How long will I have
to stay in this hell?
Oh my God! Why don't you
answer any of my questions?
At least tell me which part
of Spain I am in right now?
I feel nauseous.
Please, let me
breathe some fresh air.
"The sea, just the sea,
wherever I see."
"The waves.. flowing
till the horizon."
"My benefactor, where's my limit."
"Till here."
"Till here."
"Till here."
"The sea, just the sea,
wherever I see."
"The waves.. flowing
till the horizon."
"My benefactor, where's my limit."
"Till here."
"Till here."
"Till here."
"I swear, take an oath."
"This prisoner will
always be your captive."
"I swear, take an oath."
"This prisoner will
always be your captive."
"Why do you keep me
captive in this cage?"
"How far can I flee?"
"The waves.. flowing
till the horizon."
"My benefactor, where's my limit."
"Till here."
"Till here."
"Till here."
"My youth says,
you've tormented me."
"Now be merciful."
"My youth says,
you've tormented me."
"Now be merciful."
"Let's begin a saga of love."
"I have expressed
my desires to you."
"The waves.. flowing
till the horizon."
"My benefactor, where's my limit."
"Till here."
"Till here."
"Till here."
"The sea, just the sea,
wherever I see."
"The waves.. flowing
till the horizon."
"My benefactor, where's my limit."
"Till here."
"Till here."
"Till here."
Move, Jango!
Did you hurt your head hard?
Look, we'll be here
for only 2 more days.
Stop doing these things.
Are you telling the truth?
I swear on God I will
set you free in two days.
But where are my clothes?
- I've put them to dry.
You washed my clothes.
I think you are catching cold.
You need brandy, just a minute.
Good evening, sir! Would you
kindly fill this form please?
By the way, how far from here is..
..the Tor-de-Haan or Tor-de-Jaan
or whatever you call it.
You mean, you want
to know canal ways?
Just a moment, please.
- Good morning.
Could you tell me
which way to India Garage?
India Garage?
Thank you.
Is there anybody in?
- Who is it?
Mr. Rao.
- I said, who is it?
This is Gupta from New York.
- Gupta, Indian..
Yes, is Mr. Rao here?
How else could he have
spoken if he wasn't here?
Can you please come out? - Would
you please pass me the toolbox?
- Not the small one.
Give me the bigger spanner
from the bigger toolbox.
I'm slightly stout, I
cannot come out so easily.
And once I come out, it
becomes difficult to go in again.
I had come to ask.. - Not the
18 no., give me no. 19 spanner.
- Thank you.
I had come here to meet Anoop.
I heard he works for you.
Anoop who? That boy with the dog?
Boy with the dog?
- The same one..
..that keeps zipping around
on his bike with his Labrador.
He doesn't come to
work for many days.
That's why I had to
go down here today.
Can you please tell
me where he lives?
All you care about is about that boy
and now I am stuck under this car.
I've to deliver this
car by this evening.
I don't know where he lives.
Please tell me, I have
some urgent business with him.
He lives in the Indian colony,
Tor-de-haan, suite No. 13.
Pass me the screwdriver.
Take it by yourself, and do also
tighten the screws of your brain.
I am leaving.
- What did you say?
Idiot! He wasted my time.
Listen, you have locked me up here.
What if I commit suicide?
You cannot commit suicide.
Do you want anything else?
Where did you learn to cook?
In the school?
Where did you learn to love?
From that French Professor?
Tell me one thing,
did you love him?
I did.. and I didn't.
- What do you mean?
I mean, falling in
love is not a new thing.
He's a decent man, he has humanity.
And I have told him..
- That you respect him.
And not love.
How long have you been following me?
You can also be a nice man
like him, if you want to.
How can you decide it so soon?
Because I was all alone here.
I am not thinking about
the things you did to me.
I am thinking about the
things you could have done..
..and you didn't.
Just a minute.
- Greetings!
Are you from India?
- Yes.
Are you from South India?
- No.
Are you South Indian?
- Yes.
- No, Kanjivaram.
Please, come in.
- Thank you.
My name is Gupta.
- Please, sit down.
Thank you.
Actually I came here
to meet Anoop Saxena.
He used to stay here earlier.
Anoop has left this house.
The house we had
earlier was very small.
My husband said that
we should change house.
That's why we came here.
Darling, whom are you talking to?
Mr. Gupta has come to meet you.
- Greetings, Mr. Gupta.
- Greetings. I am so happy.
Surprising, such a
strong hand even at this age.
I am sure you have a healthy diet.
Sit, take a seat.
- Thank you. Thank you.
When did you come from Punjab?
I've come from Kolkata.
- I see.
Kolkata is far away.
Lord's divine play is unique.
He has brought together Kolkata,
Amritsar, Kanjivaram.
Would you like to have coffee?
No coffee, it's so hot.
Get cold buttermilk.
Use the water from the fridge.
Bring it quickly.
Fine, I'll get it.
She likes serving coffee.
Pardon me, but I want to
ask you something.
Go ahead. Ask me anything.
You are from Amritsar,
she's from Kanjivaram.
That's okay, we are all from India.
- Of course!
And it's all about the hearts.
Actually, ours was a love marriage.
That's fine, why feel shy?
It's quite natural.
You did the right thing,
why feel shy?
I feel shy in front of elders.
Tell me, why have you come here?
Actually, I wanted
to meet Anoop Saxena.
Are you his father?
- No, I am not his father.
Are you his uncle?
- Yes..
Here, keep it here.
- Stay in our house.
Stay in our house,
you'll be looked after well.
She knows how to cook rice cakes..
..and has learnt to cook
mustard curries as well.
Thank you Sardar,
actually I wanted to meet Anoop.
I've heard that he
doesn't stay here.
Can you tell me where he lives?
We don't know where he is,
he left suddenly.
He was a very quiet boy.
God knows where he is.
I didn't realize, the buttermilk is
getting warm. - Thank you, Sardar.
It seems like I have
come in India again.
Truth is whenever I meet an Indian.. is always an
occasion to celebrate.
For me, it's really joy.
And whenever you step out,
it feels so strange.
Foreigners, fair men and women.
It feels like we've
become foreigners as well.
That's why we have
adopted a black dog.
He has also named him Kalu.
He's looks simple.
But very healthy.
We treat him to good food.
The credit goes to the
doctor of Anoop's dog.
Who is that?
- Dr. Harry Ramani.
Dr. Harry Ramani!
- He's not Harry Ramani.
He's a Sindhi, who
settled here a long time ago.
His real name is Hari Ramchandani..
..after coming here, he
has changed to Hari Ramani.
But he's a wonderful doctor.
Good morning, Mr. Ramani.
- Good morning.
What can I do for you?
What language do you speak?
Spanish, French, English?
I can also speak Sindhi.
- Indian?
Sir, greetings,
greetings, greetings!
I am very pleased to meet you.
I always keep meeting
for an Indian to come.
I am happy to know
that you wait for Indians.
Actually, I keep
waiting for dogs and cats.
But whenever I run into an Indian,
it makes me very happy.
What's your problem?
Not me, this dog has a problem.
Dog, what's your problem?
He keeps crying all day long.
- He must be missing his country.
Whenever I miss my country
it makes me cry as well.
Don't you cry?
- A little, yes.
Don't worry, let him be
with me for a few days.
And he'll be absolutely fine.
You can keep him as
many days as you want to.
I've no objections.
- Okay.
Some Indian must have told
you about my dispensary.
Right, you are right.
A friend Anoop used to stay with.
Anoop? He had a dog, a Labrador.
- Yes. Yes.
His dog's name is Jango.
- Jango. Jango.
Can you give me his address?
- Of course! Of course!
Why not? Here's his address.
He would look around like his dog.
His dog would at least wag his tail.
But that boy never said a word.
I would call him Mr. Silent.
I yearned to speak Hindi with him.
But he didn't say a single word.
But you talk a lot.
Surprising, that one didn't speak..
..and this Indian left
without paying the fees.
- Yes, sir.
Vadhu, he left
without paying the fees.
Why do you worry, sir?
He left his dog behind.
Yes, he left his dog behind,
he will come back.
But the dog doesn't speak Hindi.
Would you like to go for a ride?
Shut up!
Now she's our friend.
Hands up!
Who are you?
- Who are you?
- Thank God.
Professor of criminology, New York.
Don't drive so fast.
- What did you say?
I said don't drive so fast.
Are you scared?
- I don't know how to swim.
If I fall off, I'll surely drown.
I won't let you drown.
- Why?
Your life is very precious.
You care so much about my life.
Then, why have you
made your life like this?
There's nothing in my
life that I can call my own.
Hasn't anyone fallen
in love with you? - No.
I am all alone like you.
I had to stay in boarding
school since I was a child.
Once a year on my birthdays,
I go and meet daddy.
He calls me or
writes to me at times.
He has his own way of showing love.
Who's there in your family?
- No one.
Parents. - My mother
passed away when I was a child.
I don't even remember her face.
And father? - Father.. he too.
Don't you miss your father?
I can never forget my father.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I say, stop it!
Jango! Seema?
Seema! Seema!
'Daddy, you love me so much?'
'You gave me such a
precious necklace.'
'silly girl, you are my only kin.'
'You are the only thing I have.'
'Daddy, what if I
lose this necklace?'
'So what? I'll get you
many more like these.'
'And what if I disappear?'
'No dear, don't talk like that.'
'God forbid if anything
happens to you..'
'..then I'll destroy
the entire world.'
Seema? You?
I thought you drowned, Seema.
I have drowned.
So you know to swim.
Tell me one thing, Seema.
When you can swim so well.
Then why did you come here,
instead of swimming to the shore?
You could have fled.
How can I leave you alone?
"My hearts in a dilemma."
"I have fallen in
love with an enemy."
"My hearts in a dilemma."
"I have fallen in
love with an enemy."
"There's fire on water."
"I have fallen in
love with an enemy."
"My hearts in.."
"The spell has been cast."
"The ambience is changing."
"The spell has been cast."
"The ambience is changing."
"It feels like my heart's restless."
"The stone has collided with glass."
"I have fallen in
love with an enemy."
"My hearts in a dilemma."
"I have fallen in
love with an enemy."
"My hearts in.."
"I haven't let him
come closer, nor go away."
"I haven't let him
come closer, nor go away."
"I haven't smiled, or shed a tear."
"My tormentor has tormented me."
"I have fallen in
love with an enemy."
"My hearts in a dilemma."
"I have fallen in
love with an enemy."
"My hearts in.."
"My beloved doesn't know the
torment he has caused me."
"I remained upset with him,
as long as I can."
"My anger, has bore fruit."
"I have fallen in
love with an enemy."
"My hearts in a dilemma."
"I have fallen in
love with an enemy."
"There's fire on water."
"I have fallen in
love with an enemy."
"My hearts in.."
Where are you going?
To the city.
I'll release you when I return.
Daddy won't give you anything till
he isn't assured that I am fine.
Take me along.
Daddy is a very short-tempered man.
And he always keeps
dangerous people around him.
Tell me the truth,
what do you want?
You.. You are
going to kill my daddy?
Why? What for?
How has he harmed you?
You are under my oath.
Please, don't go.
Don't go, please don't go!
Don't go, please don't go!
Don't go, please!
Don't go, please don't go!
Please, don't go!
'Don't go, please don't go.'
'Don't go, please don't go.'
- Mr. Bhatnagar from New York.
Give the line to Mr. Bakshi please.
- Just a minute please.
Who is that?
- Mr. Bhatnagar from New York.
I don't have any time. I have
to reach Madrid by 3 o' Clock.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr.
Bakshi has gone out.
Excuse me!
'You.. You are going
to kill my daddy.'
'You can be a nice man
like him, if you want to.'
'Don't go, please don't go.'
'Don't go, please don't go.'
Shoot! Why don't you shoot?
Chimat, don't shoot!
I want him alive.
I want him alive.
Anoop Saxena.
Shut up!
He shouldn't know that I am here.
I didn't do anything, Seema.
Then, this blood? - Nothing.
You are free now. You can go. Go.
Go on.
Stop it! Your game's up, Anoop.
You don't have to worry so much.
The wound's not deep.
Drink it, dear! You have
stayed awake the whole night. Here.
Do you love him?
It's better to forget him, dear.
I've told you that
he's a hardcore criminal.
And falling in love with
such a criminal.. - Who are you?
The one who's been searching you.
Who has appointed you? Bakshi?
No. One of Bakshi's friends.
But your duty is over now.
We both are leaving.
Seema, get your luggage.
You cannot leave,
I've come to arrest you.
Maybe you'll need these.
The bullets.
Please, stop the car.
'But promise me, that you'll try
your best to catch the culprit.'
'I promise I'll my best
to catch the culprit.'
Can you drive the car?
- I didn't understand.
You don't have to.
Leave before I change
my mind. Here.
Thank you.
'30,000 dollars.
- 30,000 dollars.'
Where will you go?
- With you.
'My life is filled
with problems, Seema.'
'But I won't ruin your life,
along with mine.'
Seema, I..
- It's paining.
You need brandy,
I'll get it right away.
You are a very nice girl.
I love you.
- Uncle, you?
I've come to receive you.
- Thank you, sir.
You thought no one
will come to receive you.
You aim well, but think wrong.
Does anyone want a lift?
Seema, you?
- Wow!
Anoop needs a lift.
And Anoop, I think you'll
prefer to go with Seema.
- No, blessings, sir.
God bless you. God bless you both.
Driving the
motorcycle is my job, get it?
"My hearts in a dilemma."
"I have fallen in
love with an enemy."
"My hearts in a dilemma."
"I have fallen in
love with an enemy."
"There's fire on water."
"I have fallen in
love with an enemy."