Barood (1998) Movie Script

Baba, why does this lady always stand outside the temple?
She has taken a vow that she will..
..not come near the feet of the deity. - Why?
Her story is very painful.
Long ago, a sinner killed her innocent husband cruelly.
'My dear son looks like an inspector.'
'Jay, Jay, tell father to take a leave today.'
'This will be the result if someone clashes with me.'
'Oh God, I asked only one thing from you.'
'Once, only once bring that killer before me.'
'So that I can avenge the death of my husband.'
'You may take my life, God. But fulfill my wish.'
'Once, only once bring that killer before me.'
'Just once.'
Driver, let him go.
You idiot!
Is this road your father's property..
..that you were not giving me the way, fool!
Just now an idiot has over taken my car on the highway.
And I didn't like that.
The vehicle No. is BLB 305.
Broken. Even this. Eighteen thousand.. - Velji.
Velji. - I am here, dear.
How did the chandelier break? - It didn't break on its own.
Someone broke it intentionally.
Who broke it? - That I can't tell you.
Tell me, I will kill him. - Is it?
Then Bhaiji, first kill yourself.
What are you saying? Tell me who has broken it?
Our loving daughter has broken it.
Oh God. - Why?
Brother, I told you this already this is not good for us.
Neha didn't like it, she broke it.
What happened, brother?
Bhaiji, it's a loss 5.5 rupees lakhs and you are laughing?
Velji, for the first time I am laughing for the mistake I made.
I forgot that Neha was my daughter.
I too destroy things which I don't like.
Velji. Aunty, answer the phone. I am rehearsing.
What is this, Velji?
You called me brother, again!
Tara, you may call me Velji donkey, dog or horse.
But don't call me brother.
I get hiccups in my dreams when I heard this word.
You understand the meaning of hiccup, isn't it?
You keep your dreams to yourself, Velji. - Again Velji!
If I say this to brother, you will be get hiccups.
Yes. - Hello, tell me, dear. - Hello, I am the organizer speaking.
Send Ms. Neha immediately.
Thousands of people have gathered. Are you listening?
Listen to this.
Could you listen to their voice, sir?
Sir, the audience will first break the stage.
Then they will break my hands and legs.
Then they will kill me!
Sir, save me please.
Neha, the organizer is calling you.
You are very late and there isn't much time.
He will die soon. - Let him die!
Hello. Die brother! - Sir, what are you saying?
Brother, tell me something.
Which fool asked you to keep..
.Neha's dance program?
You are calling Neha's father a fool?
No.. I mean Singhal told me.
And the fool gave donations too.
I mean.. Singhal gave the donations.
How much did he donate?
He gave.. 5 lakhs rupees donation.
If he has given 5 lakhs you will have to wait for five hours.
The bigger the donation, the bigger the delay.
Neha, my child! - Daddy!
The perspiration shows that you have..
..worked hard for the show.
After all you are my daughter! - After all, she is my niece.
That's the spirit.
It's time for the show and you are still here?
- I know.
Relax Daddy, I will be back in a moment.
Go, go, make it fast.
What will she do, going early?
Fame, wealth, actor and politicians come late.
The more late you go, the greater the welcome.
Velji, in our business you know..
..what you get when you come late?
I.. I understand, you get bullet. - Yes, now come, fast.
Apply this kohl. - Why kohl?
You are going into a crowd.
If an evil eye strikes you, what will happen to Velji?
Brother. - Coming Bhaiji, coming.
He is crazy.
Give our money back! - Give!
Give our money back. - Beat the idiot! - C'mon!
God, it's only you who can save me!
Send my Michael Jackson quickly!
Look there, he is coming! He is coming!
Michael Jackson has come!
Didn't I tell you! The show must go on.
Velji was right.
The more late you go, the greater the welcome.
C'mon baby.
"There is heat in my breath."
"There is fire inside me."
"They are balls of fire."
"I am.."
"I am.."
"A bomb!"
"A bomb!"
"There is heat in my breath."
"There is fire inside me."
"Look into my eyes."
"They are balls of fire."
"I am.."
"I am.."
"A bomb!"
"A bomb!"
"Everyone talks about me."
"In the city.. in the streets."
"I am a thorn."
"But I stay in the streets."
"No once can escape me."
"There is no one here.."
"..who would come before me."
"Go crazy."
"Go crazy."
"Go crazy." - "Go crazy."
"Go!" - "Go!"
"There is heat in my breath."
"There is fire inside me."
"Look in to my eyes."
"They are balls of fire."
"I am.."
"I am.."
"A bomb!"
"A bomb!"
"She is spicy.. she is delicate."
"What a girl she is!"
"She is crazy out of anger."
"Don't know why."
"She is annoyed."
"I will not let you go."
"I will break your ego."
"I will make you bow.."
" my feet."
"Come closer." - "Come closer."
"There is heat in my breath."
"There is fire inside me."
"Look into my eyes."
"They are balls of fire."
"I am.."
"I am.."
"A bomb!"
"A bomb!"
How dare you come to the stage before me?
So you are the one who has kept the public waiting.
- Yes!
The hands which were clapping..
..for you used to beg before us!
And the stage on which you were jumping..
..has been made by lakhs of rupees donated by my father!
You are very proud of your father's wealth, isn't it?
Yes, I am proud of his wealth and proud of myself.
Do you want to hear anything more?
I don't want to hear but I want to tell you something.
Perhaps it may get into your empty brain.
Good artists never buy anyone.
But are crazy to get the love of the audience.
Shut up! You have invited death by insulting me.
If death is so beautiful like you..
..and your anger then I am ready.
I will see you. - Surely.
I leave the police academy at 11 o'clock everyday.
When are you coming? - Very soon.
Let him come.
He is that fool.. he is insulting me.
Relax darling, if I don't kill this idiot, then..
..I am not the son of police commissioner Gaur.
Just watch!
Aunt, have ice cream.
Meanwhile we will hunt and come! - Oh my God!
Perhaps the idiot Sanjay..
..has gone after my Michael Jackson.
Hey, rich mans spoilt brat! Can't you see?
Idiot Sanjay! Don't be stupid, I will kill you!
C'mon Sanjay!
C'mon get him!
Excellent! - Did you see my ability?
Let's see. - C'mon.
Did you see that?
Where is he? - Where could he be?
He fell into the valley. And the fox will eat him at night.
I am scared. - C'mon on darling.
Do one thing, go and sit in the vehicle.
And for you I will get some of his bones.
You? - Yes.
you are not die...
Where are you going?
Lovers don't die so easily and moreover your..
..driver doesn't have the license to kill someone.
I.. have the license to kill!
I will show you now. - Thank God.
Your lover!
Sanjay, help me!
Come, I will take you for a ride to Esselworld.
Stop that!
Oh my God!
Don't worry, he is fine.
Now see, what is going to happen?
Brother, follow that vehicle quickly, make it fast.
What did you do?
Stop the vehicle!
Stop it.
The vehicle is there. - All right.
Come here, come here.
Now you have to learn a lot of things.
Why are you in a hurry?
Stupid, where are you running? Stop..
The idiot has come again?
It has finished.
Wait, I will show you the fun!
Oh my God!
What is this?
Your training is over.
Now go and teach this skill to your stupid driver.
Very good dear, today you have done a job..
..that even James Bond couldn't have done.
You.. - I am aunt.. Neha's aunt.
Neha's aunt. - You are so good.
And my niece is really mad.
But my niece is not bad at heart. Now..
Listen, sister.. just a minute.. thank you.
My heart is very happy after seeing you.
May God give a son like you to every mother.. - No.
May God give every son a mother like me.
He is really careless.
He is neither worried about himself..
..nor about his clothes.
Don't know where he has kept the woolen clothes..
..and the muffler. - What's the matter, mother?
Woolen clothes.. where did you throw the muffler?
Throw? Who threw it?
The muffler knitted by mother has been thrown?
I will break his hand. - Then where is it?
That.. mother..
When Uncle Sunder came.. - Yes, yes.
Uncle Sunder came and you gave it to him, isn't it?
I didn't give. He took it.
He is your only brother and my only uncle.
If he.. - Quiet!
He is the son of King Harishchandra.
Let me see.. what are you going to do in Shimla in the cold?
Oh mother, the son who has the warmth of motherly love..
..won't be affected by the cold.
Did you go to the temple? - Not temple, mother.
That cat has again tried to cross my way.
I was very angry and i slapped her..
And said Ms. Meow, if you make this mistake again..'ll be hung on the wall by the neck..
..and you'd be just shaking your tail all your life.
I was very angry. - Is it? So that's it.
Yes, that's it.
The cat was black? - The cat was black.
Did she anoint you?
Not she, her Aunt was very happy and anointed me.
She ran away.
Mother, why are you laughing?
What happened? - Nothing.
Why are you laughing? - Do one thing.
Bring the suitcase from upstairs.
No, no, first tell me why are you laughing?
Nothing. Go and bring the suitcase first.
Always blackmailing..
Dear, now you will always fall as the black.. has crossed your path.
I will not spare that black cat. I will not spare her.
I will not spare her!
Sunder, when did you come?
You are busy with Jay, how could you see me?
Tell me, what made you come?
What do I do? I need some money.
Children's fees are to be paid.
And their clothes are to be stitched.
I already gave you all the money for the children.
That.. that was spent somewhere else.
I know where you spent it.
You must have gambled and lost all the money.
Look, now I don't have money to give you.
You don't have money to give your brother!
And you are spending lakhs of rupees on Jay!
What do you mean? - When will you understand, sister?
You shouldn't pamper someone from the streets so much!
What are you saying? - Why? Am I wrong?
He is a cursed one!
Your husband was killed the day he was adopted.
And you still love him? - Sunder!
You have forgotten your real brother for a stranger?
I am ashamed.. to call you my brother.
Get out! Get out! - Yes, yes, I am going.
But remember one thing.
I will not come to light your pyre when you die.
You will be burned like an orphan.
Like an orphan, understand?
My son will light my pyre. My son Jay will light it!
Will he stay here till that day?
The day he knows that he is not your son..
..but somebody else's.. - Go from here! Go away!
He will spit at you! - Go away from here!
He will spit at you, understand?
Watchman, throw him out! - Yes, yes, I am going.
Throw him out!
Die with that idiot who doesn't..
..know who his father and mother are!
Die with that idiot who doesn't..
..know who his father and mother are!
Die with that idiot who doesn't..
..know who his father and mother are!
Jay, Jay.
Sunder was lying.
Sunder was lying.
You know he lies. He is a great liar!
You are my son. You are my son. You are my son, Jay.
Tell me, tell me, that you are my son.
Why don't you speak?
You are.. you are suspecting me?
You suspect me?
Tell me, you suspect me! You suspect your mother?
Come! Come here!
You tell him.
You tell him that I am his mother.
Tell him that Sunder was lying!
He is my son! Jay is my son!
I am his mother! I am his mother!
Sunder is lying, I am his mother!
I am Jay's mother. - Mother.
I am Jay's mother. - Mother.
I am Jay's mother. - Get up, mother.
I am Jay's mother. - No, mother.
I know he is lying.
He is lying, mother.
I was your son in all your births.
And will be always yours, mother.
You are my mother, isn't it? - Yes, yes.
You are my mother. - Yes, dear.
You are my mother!
Hi everybody! Sorry to keep you waiting.
But soon, I will make you feel great.
Turn back your pages, while I take you through the ages.
Did you understand something?
When I didn't understand anything, how will you?
Very bad.
Now the show of MTV is going to end.
Johnny Lever is going out and Johnny Walker is coming in.
Now the sheet of ice which is covering Shimla..
..will melt, fire will come out of the mountains.
And there will be fragrance in the atmosphere.
because today participant... the musical competition, has come after winning..
..all over India. Ms. Neha Singhal is coming before you!
And seeing the artist who is coming to compete with her..
..the heartbeats of the girls will stop!
They will stop breathing and.. they will dream!
And the artist is Jay Sharma!
Friends, this competition has it's own style.
There are some envelopes in the jar.
One envelope will be taken out of it.
Some lines are written on it and contestants will have to sing that line.
Take it out.
If you are scared, shall I quit the competition?
Don't look for excuses, go and take out the envelope.
Those who are fated to lose..
..are given the first chance.
Please open the envelope.
This is your last chance, so you take out the envelope.
Ok, no problem, I will take it out.
I loved you always, always.
I loved you always, always.
"I used to love you."
"I used to love you."
"Always, always."
"Always, always."
"I admired your style."
"I admired your style."
"Always, always."
"Always, always."
"I used to love you."
"Always, always."
"Always, always."
"But I was scared to tell you."
"But I was scared to tell you."
"Always, always."
"Always, always."
"The mood is very romantic."
"I want to be wrapped in your love."
"It's very hard to forget you."
"I am close and want to come closer."
"I used to cry silently."
"I used to cry silently."
"Always, always."
"Always, always."
"Under the shelter of your heart."
"I have come closer to you."
"Ever since you are in my eyes.."
"..the aroma of love has filled the air."
"I couldn't live without you."
"I couldn't live without you."
"Always, always."
"Always, always."
"I loved you."
"I admired your style."
"Always, always."
According to the results given by today's..
..chief guest of the function Tara Singhal and friends..
..the winner of today's musical function is Jay Sharma!
All this happened because of aunty.
If she hadn't supported Jay, he could have never won.
What is this? Neha!
Aunty, are you my aunt or his?
Aren't you ashamed of supporting my enemy?
He defeated me!
But.. - Why should she be ashamed?
She has brought a trophy to make you jealous.
Hey commissioner's son! Don't be proud of your father's uniform.
Or else, if I hit you, then with your..
..voice, your teeth will come out too.
Now get out from here, idiot! - Sanjay.
Aunty, you shouldn't have insulted my friend like this.
Neha, an idiot like Sanjay can't be anybody's friend.
A friend is the one who even after winning..
..doesn't call the enemy a loser.
It seems like Jay has brainwashed you too.
He didn't brainwash me.
Look what he has written on the trophy.
He has written your name on the trophy.
He has won the trophy.
But he says that you deserve this trophy.
Neha Singhal! - Yes.
He was also saying that if there is a partner like you..
..then he can win any contest in the world.
So I am telling you Neha, forget about the enmity.
and become friendship to jay.
Truly, your pair will be one among thousands.
I mean it! - You are right, aunt.
It seems like I should be friends with Jay.
Jay, I have never lost in life.
I never knew what defeat is.
But today when you won, I understood..
..there is fun in losing.
By writing my name on the trophy.. wrote your name in my heart.
If you want to me to thank you..
..and if you would like to be friends..
..then meet me tomorrow at the skating rink.
I will wait for you. You will come, right?
Of course!
I thought you would not come.
This is heaven.
If you had called me to hell, I would have come there too.
Jay, the difference between hell and heaven.. just like the difference between life and death.
Very good.
Jay, I tried a lot.. to hate you. But couldn't.
Before hating it's very important to know love.
This is only the beginning.
You haven't seen anything.
I am seeing you and I don't want to see anything.
But.. I want to show you a lot of things.
Shall we go?
Come on. - Oh no!
Oh no!
'So they were planning to kill me.'
Wait! Wait! There are no brakes!
Wait! There are no brakes!
I said stop! - What's the matter, brother?
Wait! What happened?
The vehicle, which she has taken doesn't have brakes!
And there is blasting too.
Save her! She will die! Stop!
What kind of a man are you?
Go and save her!
These lips.. are not meant for lying.
They are meant for kissing.
Hereafter.. whenever you look in the mirror.. will remember your betrayal.
Jay! Jay!
The idiot escaped!
I will not let him go alive next time! I promise.
Excuse me. - Please check Jay Sharma's room.
Jay Sharma.. Jay Sharma..
Jay Sharma! 302. - Thank you.
You can't go into the room. - Why can't I?
Because he hasn't given the rent.. - What?
I mean.. - What?
I mean he paid the rent and checked out.
Checked out? Where did he go? - That I don't know.
But whoever goes from this hotel, never comes back.
Where did he go? - To the police station.
Bus stop, railway station. - Stop it!
Where should I search for him?
"Sana na."
"Sara.. Sana Na."
"Sara Sara Sana Na."
"The climate is wonderful."
"Come, come, come."
"It's not good to torment."
"Tell me."
"Don't harass me."
"You don't know."
"How crazy the heart is."
"Sara Sara Sana Na."
"The climate is wonderful."
"Come, come, come."
"It's not good to torment."
"My youth is desperate.."
" come closer to you."
"How will I spend.."
"..this beautiful evening?"
"My youth is desperate.."
" come closer to you."
"How will I spend.."
"..this beautiful evening?"
"Why are you making me jealous?"
"..the secret of love?"
"The atmosphere is lively."
"Rob me."
"My body is on fire."
"Extinguish it."
"Sara Sara Sana Na."
"The climate is wonderful."
"Come, come, come."
"It's not good to torment."
"There is some magic, dear.."
" your style."
"There is some mischief.."
" your eyes."
"You have made me crazy in your love."
"You have stolen my heart."
"I have lost my senses."
"Hold me."
"Now it's very hard.."
" make me understand, dear."
"Sara Sara Sana Na."
"The climate is wonderful."
"Come, come, come."
"It's not good to torment."
"What is in your mind? Tell me."
"Don't harass me."
"You don't know.."
"Sara Sara Sana Na."
"The climate is wonderful."
"Come, come, come."
"It's not good to torment."
All right, I will see.
Madam, it's nice that you have brought him back.
The one who goes from this hotel never comes back.
Sir. - Tell me.
There is a call for you.
Dear Jay, what's the matter?
You were to come today.
Mother, I got into the train.. with all the luggage, but..
The train didn't leave. - What was the matter?
What happened to the train?
I too asked, why? Why won't the train leave?
Then he started saying that a black cat..
..crossed the path of the train.
That is inauspicious, so the train will not leave.
But the black cat was in Mumbai.
How did it reach there?
Yes mother, that cat has come.. running from Mumbai.
No, no, Oh my God!
Jay, don't let this cat go. Bring her along with you.
All right mother..
All right, but what do you want to say?
I have always protected you since the last 20 years.
Don't worry, Mr. Singhal. - Mr. Singhal never worries.
And we both are benefiting, isn't it?
You too have been promoted to a..
..commissioner from a sub inspector.
If he really wants to melt Velji's heart..
..then you tell me the truth. I will free you now.
Just tell me, did you kill inspector Rana or not?
I don't know.. inspector Rana at all.
You are sweating a lot, Anthony. Have some water.
Get some water, dear. Get some water. Get some water.
Have water. Have it. Very good. - Drink.
Mr. Rana you? - You don't know me at all.
Velji, I made a great mistake.
I swear by my child that I will not repeat this again.
Forgive me. - Enough, enough.
Why are you swearing in the name of an innocent child?
Didn't I tell you the heart of Velji is made of wax?
- It has melted.
Go, I forgive you. Go. - Thank you, Velji.
Now I will look after your child.
Save! Save! Save!
Help me! Please help me! Save!
Bhaiji, the idiot Anthony had called the police.
And I received it.
Help! Help!
No! No!
Help! Help me!
This is the result of betraying us.
What is it? - Sorry, Mr. Singhal.
It's impossible to drop the arms this time. - Why?
The police are everywhere.
The police is meant to protect the consignment, not stop it.
How could this happen?
It can happen.
Meet him.
He is Mr. Gaur, the police commissioner and my friend.
Only friend and nothing else? - Oh sorry, sorry, I forgot.
You are going to be my in-law.
Don't worry Neha will be married to your son Sanjay.
I can break any promises made to the world.
But I have promised this to myself.
I will surely fulfill it.
Are you Neha? - Yes, mother.
Why are you standing here? - That..
Go out.
Yes, I said go out. - But mother..
I said go out.
A daughter-in-law is like Goddess Laxmi for the house.
And to invite Laxmi, we have to welcome her.
We have to do venerate.
This is not a bangle but a promise that is never broken.
Mother, what are you doing?
You are putting bangles on her hand!
At least ask her address, where she stays..
..what she does. Whose daughter she is.
At least ask her.
There is no need to find anything.
From now on, she is my daughter-in-law. - Mother.
Mother, will you say something?
How did you know this is Neha?
I used to see her daily in your eyes.
Oh mother!
You all go. - Where?
Go out and share your happiness with everybody.
Velji, where is Neha?
I didn't see my child since she returned from Shimla.
Bhaiji, Bhaiji, the daughter is like a flower..
..when she is a child and the house is full of her fragrance.
And she is like a star when she is grown up.
You can see her but can't touch her.
And Bhaiji, when she is married, she is like the moon.
In a month, you can see her for 15 days for some time.
I will tell you, Bhaiji.
From now on make a habit of forgetting Neha.
You won't have a problem after marriage.
Uncle, this marriage is not going to happen!
You know what rubbish you are talking?
Do you know the meaning of rejecting Singhal's daughter?
Uncle, I didn't reject Neha. She has rejected me.
These days.. she is roaming around with a goon.
Sanjay, be careful while talking about Neha!
I will bury you alive if you accuse Neha.
"A girl and a boy."
"Their eyes were locked.."
"All have accepted our love."
"We will be married."
"I saw you and loved you."
"I asked you from my God."
"A girl and a boy."
"Their eyes were locked.."
"..and their hearts met."
"All have accepted our love."
"We will be married."
"I saw you and loved you."
"I asked you from my God."
"Everyone is talking.."
"..about our love."
"The day of confessing.."
"..about love has come, my dear."
"Everyone is talking.."
"..about our love."
"The day of confessing.."
"..about love has come, my dear."
"You are my love."
"I am made for you."
"Let's kiss."
"I am your moon light."
"Nobody here knows."
"I am crazy."
"Nobody here knows."
"My eyes are restless for you."
"My heart beats for you."
"Get me soon, dear.."
"I can't stay away.. love."
"Get me soon, dear.."
" bangles."
"I can't stay away.. love."
"I will come to your home.."
" take you, my dear."
"With no distance between us.."
"..all my wishes.."
"..all my wishes.."
" dreams have come true."
"You are my ornament, dear."
"I can't live without you."
"A girl and a boy."
"Their eyes were locked.."
"..and their hearts met."
Jay and Neha's pair was amazing.
In Shimla you won because of my love.
But today, it was because of mother's love.
Yes truly, I realized it for the first time in life.
Daddy! - Daddy?
Uncle, he is the goon I told you about.
Look how he is behaving with Neha.
Be careful Bhaiji, there are a lot of people around.
It's the matter of our self-respect.
Daddy, he is Jay. - Greetings. - I know.
You know him? - Yes, everything.
You met him a couple of times.
Because of the enmity, you wanted to kill him.
But now you are stuck in the jaws of death.
He saved your life and now you are ready to die for him.
Am I right? - Daddy.
All right, all right.
You stay in this city, isn't it? - Yes.
Then you may know me.
You are among the most respected men in the city.
And? - You are Neha's father.
And? - And.. you love Neha very much.
For her happiness you could do anything.
And.. - And for Neha's happiness..
..she will be married to a goon like you.
Isn't it? - Daddy!
You have saved my daughter's life.
I am thanking you by sparing your life.
If you are smart and understand things..
..and love your life, then forget Neha.
Just like people forget bad dreams.
I won't explain anything more to you.
C'mon, Neha. - Mr. Singhal, just a minute.
I too want to say something.
I've also understood that which you don't want..
.. to explain to me.
What I want you to understand is..
..understand it nicely.
I love Neha.. and Neha loves me.
My mother has blessed our love.
And I worship my mother like God.
Her blessings will not go waste and it's impossible to do that.
Silent! Singhal knows very well how to..
..make the impossible, possible.
Why do you consider yourself God?
You are smart and intelligent.
Do one thing. Give me an auspicious date.. that I can send my mother with the tokens.
I will surely tell you the date.
But it won't be the date of sending tokens.
That will be the day of your death.
And that date.. is today! - Daddy!
If something happens to Jay.. you won't..
..find your daughter alive.
I don't want to see a daughter who has..
..sold her father's respect to a goon!
What are you doing, brother? Are you crazy?
You fool!
He escaped because of you!
Else those who raise their head against..
..Singhal can't walk on their legs!
You saved the one who insulted me.
My enemy!
Bhaiji, Velji didn't save your enemy.
Velji saved his daughter. - Don't talk rubbish.
How can the idiot harm my daughter?
I can crush him anytime.
Mr. Singhal, you don't have to do anything.
Show me that idiot.
I will frame him in such a way that he will never come out.
You are absolutely right.
You will put him inside forever.
And Bhaiji you will shoot him.
But you should also think what could happen to dear Neha.
What could happen to her?
After coming back from Shimla have.. seen your daughter's eyes?
Have you seen the shine on her face?
And the smile on her lips. Have you seen that?
Bhaiji, if you haven't seen that, then see it now!
And you all don't know the craziness of the love.
In love, if one is injured, then the other is hurt, Bhaiji!
Daddy, have you heard what Velji said?
Neha is my fiance.
Should I permit her to roam with other men?
'There are other ways to stop him.'
Someone has come to meet you.
Ask him to sit, I am coming.
Sit sir, Mother will come now.
Shall I get you something? - No, no, I don't want anything.
It's nice that you have come of your own!
You have come of your own!
Killer! - Leave me!
You killed my husband!
I will not spare you! I will not spare you!
You killed.. my innocent husband very cruelly.
I too had taken a vow when he died..
..that I will kill you the same way!
Today I am fulfilling my promise.
When man becomes big and famous in..
..his business, he has lot of enemies.
So.. he has to protect himself.
Look at this.. bullet proof jacket.
Foolish woman! For this act of yours, I can kill you.
But no.
I came here to buy the mother and the son.
It is a coincidence.. that you are Jay's mother.
Your son Jay.. has trapped my innocent daughter in his love.
And this.. is not acceptable to Singhal.
Tell your son.. to stay away from my daughter Neha's life.
Or else I will separate him from your life forever.
You have already lost your husband.
Now don't lose the support of your old age.
You have told me your decision.
Now listen to my decision also.
I was neither scared of you that day nor.. I scared today and will not be scared in future either.
Today you are going safely from here.
That's only because of your daughter.
I have accepted.. Neha as my daughter-in-law.
For the happiness of Jay and Neha.. I.. I..
..I can even forgive the death of my husband.
But.. I will not allow you to come in between their love.
No! I will get them married.
And they will be married even at the cost of your life.
And they will be married even at the cost of your life.
Mother, I love you! Mother, I love you!
What are you doing? - I love you!
What are you doing? Jay, leave me!
I will fall!
I won't allow you to fall. - Please leave me.
Get me down. - All right.
You are very happy today. - I am happy.
I understand.
Neha's father agreed to this marriage, right?
Mother, if I have your blessings then..
..that doesn't make any difference to me.
Then why are you so happy?
I can tell only if you leave my ears! Come, come.
The bullets were fired on the police van.
A dangerous criminal escaped.
The police officer went after the criminal.
They fired at each other.
The criminal snatched a vehicle..
..and drove towards the officer.
There was very little distance left between death..
..and the police officer. Suddenly a youngster..
..putting his life in danger comes to the rescue.
'The goon Jaghu.. has broken the vehicle and escaped, sir.'
'Shoot him but get him.'
'Take him.'
'Thank you.'
'By catching this dangerous criminal.. have helped immensely .'
'Brave and young men like you..
..should be in the police department.'
'What is your name?'
'Inspector Jay Sharma, Crime Branch.'
Your father already received an award for such bravery.
And I don't want that you too receive the same reward.
Go, go and resign.
But mother, try to understand.. - Jay!
Since childhood you didn't do anything without asking me.
But today, you have taken such a big decision.. your life and you didn't even tell me.
If I had said that I want to join the police force.. wouldn't have allowed me to join the police force.
What has forced you take this job?
That's because of you.
Me? - Yes.
I can't see you crying in front of old photographs.
I can't see you seeking justice in the temple.
I can tolerate anything in the world.
But I can't see my mother crying and suffering.
What do you think?
What do you think?
That by joining the police forced everything will end?
That the memories will stop tormenting me?
That the tears will stop? - Yes!
The day I kill the murderer who..
..made me an orphan and my mother a widow..
..the tears will stop flowing.
That shock..
That shock..
I have already forgotten.
Now.. my life is meant for Neha and your happiness.
Mother, my conscience seeks one answer from me.
It asks me.. what I have done for my mother.
For the mother whose vermilion..
..was washed away forcibly.
For that innocent father.. who has given me his name.
How cruelly he was killed!
How long, mother?
How long shall I hide the fear in a mother's.. love.
How long shall I hide?
Jay.. Jay..
Mother, bless me.. so that I can fulfill my duty.
Mother, don't snatch this right from me.
Don't snatch this right from me.
Or else the bomb within me will explode, mother!
Mother, bless me!
Bless me! - Jay.
A mother's silence is her blessing.
I am there with you in this struggle.
I promise.. that together, both of us will find the murderer.
No matter what price we have to pay for that.
I was adamant.
I took the oath that I will not come to your feet.
I committed a sin. I committed a sin.
You gave me everything.. that I have asked for.
You have.. you have even brought the killer who has killed.. husband in front of me.
But.. but.. your blessing will snatch..
..Jay's happiness, his love and his life.
God, I don't want your blessing.
I don't want to take revenge.
I.. just want Jay and Neha's happiness.
Every mother.. asks for the victory of her son.
But.. I am the mother.. I am the mother who..
..has come to ask for her son's defeat.
Forgive me, God.
What Jay is going to do.. don't let that happen.
God, he shouldn't succeed, he shouldn't succeed.
God, he shouldn't succeed.
I.. I am requesting you.. God.
You are crying, fool.
Nobody can stop you from meeting your love.
Go dear, Jay is waiting for you.
But aunty, papa has stopped me.
But brother has gone.
But do one thing, meet him and come back soon.
- Go fast.
But aunty, Velji is sitting outside.
Velji can stop you. But.. can't control himself.
"I am Leila."
"I am Leila."
"I am Leila.."
"..whom everyone wants.."
" meet alone."
"I am Leila."
"I am Leila."
"I am Leila.."
"..whom everyone wants.."
" meet alone."
Dance Tara dance. - What is this?
Hey, please don't leave me and go.
You are not in your senses? - You are very selfish.
Selfish? What do you mean?
Tara, Velji is a bad.
But there is goodness in evil too.
The page is always white beneath the black ink.
You allowed Neha to meet Jay, I didn't feel bad.
So you.. you knew it? - Yes.
Tara, Velji's nose is sharper than the dog's.
And his eyes are sharper than the eagle's.
But, you.. - Tara, Velji can be the enemy of the world.
But he can't be the enemy of the love.
Yes. - Because even Velji is in love.
"Agreed, agreed."
"I have agreed."
"Agreed, agreed."
"You have agreed."
"What will this world do?"
"What will this world do?"
"What will this world do?"
"Agreed, agreed."
"I have agreed."
"Agreed, agreed."
"You have agreed."
"What will this world do?"
"What will this world do?"
"What will this world do?"
"Agreed, agreed."
"I have agreed."
"Agreed, agreed."
"I have agreed."
"I don't want to die in solitude."
"You don't have to be scared."
"Whatever the world may do.."
"we crazy ones will unite."
"The pain in our hearts will come out today."
"C'mon hug me."
"We won't stay away from each other."
"We have decided."
"Agreed, agreed."
"I have agreed."
"Agreed, agreed."
"You have agreed."
"What will this world do?"
"What will this world do?"
"What will this world do?"
"Bring the palanquin and take me."
"And make me a life partner."
"There is no obstruction."
"There is no trouble."
"I am your bridegroom."
"You are my bride."
"There are no horses or elephants."
"There are no celebrations."
"Let me adorn your forehead."
"Come into my arms."
"There isn't a Pundit or marriage!"
"Agreed, agreed."
"I have agreed."
"Agreed, agreed."
"You have agreed."
"What will this world do?"
"What will this world do?"
"What will this world do?"
"Agreed, agreed."
"I have agreed."
"Agreed, agreed."
"I have agreed."
"What will this world do?"
"What will this world do?"
"What will this world do?"
Bhaiji, I already told you that Veljji's eyes are sharper..
..than the eagle's, nobody can escape them.
Did you see her? Neha is sleeping.
'The wet shoes?'
The clothes are also wet.
And the body too.
It's.. it's.. she has fever because of sweating..
No.. no.. she is sweating because of fever.
Oh my God! I will call the doctor. - No.
I will call him.
Gaur. - Yes, Singhal.
Inform all your relatives as soon as possible.
Sanjay and Neha's engagement will be held soon.
Don't worry.
The one you love.. will put the ring on your finger.
Aunty. - Yes.
Congratulations Singhal sir, is Neha getting engaged?
Yes, with the police commissioner's son Sanjay.
This ring is very beautiful!
Just right for my would-be daughter-in-law.
Aunt, is Jay getting engaged?
Yes! - When? - Tomorrow!
Is the bride from this same city?
Who is that lucky one?
Jay's fiance name is Neha Singhal!
Gayatri, you are very stubborn!
In spite of making you understand.. did what you wanted to.
But I am equally stubborn.
I will not let anything untoward happen.
You want to see the result of your stubbornness?
See there!
Singhal, I will not spare you!
Singhal, I will not spare you today.
But first see your son exploding.
Jay! Jay!
Get up! This was not Jay.
This was Jay's statue.
Even now if you don't give up your craziness..
..Jay will also explode like this!
Go and return the ring! Go!
Welcome, Mr. Gaur!
Very well, Mr. Singhal, you are true to your word.
Whatever you say you do it.
Come, dear Sanjay!
Uncle, what if that idiot Jay comes here?
You are standing under Singhal's roof.
Here even life has to take my permission to breathe!
Then there is no question of death coming in!
Now relax! - Okay, uncle!
Singhal, Neha dear is not to be seen.
She will be just coming.
Jay, today this poison will fulfill our wows of love.
Neha, brother is calling my dear.
Neha, are you ready?
I am ready Aunt!
Neha dear, I am sorry!
I could not do anything..
Today Sanjay's mother should have been there.. experience this happy moment.
Come, Neha dear!
Come! Come!
This is Kakinath sir..
Everything will be all right.
The star of my eyes, may no evil befall you.
It looks like all the beauty of the world is within you..
..only for me!
You are the star of my eyes! May no evil befall you too..
What a good fate you have!
As they say..
..a beautiful girl in the hands of a fool!
Friends! A daughter's engagement is..
..a day of happiness for the father.
But this day has brought double happiness for me.
Pray that the would-be bride and groom always stay happy.
And our friendship lasts forever!
Son Sanjay, go and put the ring on Neha's finger.
Neha! - Aunt..
It would have been better if you had fixed..
..another place and another day to die.
Today is my daughter's engagement.
Don't spoil the day.
Go away from here!
I'll take just a minute Mr. Singhal!
Just a minute!
I will take away what is mine and then go from here.
You idiot!
That day you were saved because of brother Velji.
Today no one will come to save you.
A lover's fate is written by love itself.
People like you cannot change it!
It is a crime to enter anyone's house without permission.
To get someone married without..
..her consent is also a crime by law.
The result of whatever you are doing will be very bad.
What will be worse than this?
Arrest him!
Sir, you cannot arrest a police officer without a warrant.
This is also against the law.
I have torn and thrown away the page from..
..the book of law where all this is written.
Catch this idiot!
Break his hands and legs and throw him in the gutter!
Jay! No leave him!
This is the wife of Shiv Sharma.
Mr. Singhal, I apologize to you.
Please forgive my son?
He made a mistake because of his young blood.
Mr. Singhal please forgive him. - Mother!
You idiot, you devil!
How dare you come here!
How dare you come and spoil someone's happiness?
Mother, what are you saying?
What I am saying is right!
You have ruined all that I taught you.
It was good that I came here on time.
Otherwise you would have degraded Mr.Singhal.
He would not be able to show his face to anyone.
- Mother.
Mr. Singhal, please accept greetings from me.
Mr. Singhal, I wanted to talk to you in private.
My son will go away from here, Singhal.
But after the engagement ceremony is over.
After putting the ring on Neha's finger.
What? What rubbish are you talking?
Yes, Singhal! I did not return the ring.
I will bury you with the ring.
No, don't touch this garland!
Because there are bombs in this garland. Yes.
If it explodes then even our pieces won't be found!
You do not believe me?
Did you see?
You just exploded Jay's statue.
But If I wish, I will explode you alive!
But I am not so slimy like you.
That is why I am respecting you.
And Neha is going to be my daughter-in-law.
That is why I will never reveal your identity to anybody.
Complete the engagement ceremony.
What is happening Mr. Singhal?
What is this lady saying?
Be quick Singhal!
The auspicious moment will pass.
Friends, it was nice that Gayatri Devi has come here!
Otherwise there would have been a disaster.
She reminded me that I had promised ..
..Jay and Neha's wedding.
Dad what..
What rubbish are you talking Singhal?
When two relatives are talking outsiders are not..
..supposed to interfere, Mr. Gaur!
Neha dear, Jay, come here!
Take this ring!
Put it on Jay's finger.
Sorry Mr. Monkey, the bride has gone to the right place.
Come, my son!
Come with me!
God bless you!
To put the ring on the finger was my job.
To send the daughter's palanquin is your job.
Come, my son!
Oh yes! I forgot to tell you one thing Mr. Singhal.
Flowers always give fragrance not death.
Please connect me to the commissioner.
This is inspector Ashok Sharma speaking.
Sir, that inspector Jay, that idiot!
He has taken the file of the Shiv Sharma murder case.
I tried my best. I even showed him the pistol.
But he took away the file, sir.
It is okay! I will fix Jay!
I knew that you wanted to see me.
And yes I have brought the file also.
Which you buried many years ago.
And I have found out!
But why have you come here?
To ask you a few questions.
Shut up!
A junior officer cannot ask questions to a senior officer.
A junior officer is not asking you questions.
But a son is asking you, who has killed his father?
Shiv Sharma was not murdered.
But he committed suicide.
This is a lie!
My mother told me that my father was shot.
But according to the ballistic reports he shot..
..himself with his service revolver.
Did you try to find out why he committed suicide?
He was under the influence of liquor.
For your kind information.. daddy has never touched alcohol!
But according to the post mortem reports.. that time he was drunk!
Reports can be purchased also.
If Shiv Sharma was murdered then why was no one caught?
He would have been caught if you had tried to catch him.
And as you were the in-charge of the case.. buried this file in the graveyard.
How could you know that after twenty years someone..
..will go and bring the ashes from the graveyard?
Now it is too late!
There is no meaning to this rubbish.
This file will not be reopened.
It is already opened!
What? - Yes!
I went and took permission from the Home Minister.
These are the orders.
Thank you!
It was not wise of you to go to the Home Minister, Jay.
I can have you thrown you out of the post.
The purpose for which I had worn this uniform..
..has been achieved!
I wanted the file. I got it!
Now we will see who has the noose around the neck.
Good day, sir!
It is a disaster Singhal!
If he comes to know that the murder..
..of Shiv Sharma was planned by us..
..then we will definitely be hanged.
Jay is a brave and clever officer.
Relax, Kalinath relax!
The tragedy of this country is if a person.. clever then he gets killed soon.
Shiv Sharma was a very clever officer.
He got killed!
And now his son Jay is cleverer than him.
Mother, this Is daddy's murder case file.
And do you know mother, what is written in it?
That daddy, under the influence of liquor, shot himself..
..and committed suicide.
The whole file is changed mother.
There are no names, no witnesses, no evidence..
..and also no statements.
Mother, only you can help me! - I..
How can I help you? - You are the only witness to it.
Whatever happened that day happened before you.
Mother, please tell me who killed my father.
I.. I don't remember anything.
You are not speaking the truth, mother.
Who killed my father.. - I just said I don't remember.
You remember everything.
You remember everything about my childhood.
My first word. You remember even my first step.
And you're telling me that you don't..
..remember who killed my father!
How is this possible.. - Don't be adamant..
Don't be stubborn about this.
Jay this is a fire. Don't ignite it.
Or it will burn down your world.
Then let my world burn down.
I don't want to stay in this world of sinners.
I bind you with my oath..
- Mother, you're bound. Tell me who killed my father.
Who is the one who murdered my father?
Who murdered my father, mother..
I don't know.. - Mother, tell me!
Mr. Jay.. the bullet has been removed.
Your mother is out of danger now.
And it will take some time to heal. - Ok.
Till then you get these medicines..
..from the basement below. - Ok.
Move ahead..
If anyone moves forward, I will blow his head apart!
Give me that gun, Jay.. - Ashok, he attacked me first.
Give me the gun Jay.
Ashok, he.. - Just shut up!
Say whatever you want to at the police station.
Arrest him..
Take him..
This is not the time to scream. This is the time to think.
Think what happens to an ant when it strikes a mountain.
Think.. - Let me go.
My mother is very sick. Let me go.
I don't know how she is. Let me go.
You will not go anywhere, Jay.
I have made such a case against you..
..that you will never leave these four walls ever.
No. - I am sorry to say that the leader of the terrorist outfit.
..that supplied guns in our country..
.. is an officer of our department, Jay Sharma.
When the department raided his house..
..we found RDX, gunpowder, and things to make bombs.
Being the Mumbai police commissioner..
..I promise the people that traitors like Jay Sharma..
..will be punished severely.
'Traitors like Jay Sharma will be punished severely.'
No.. this is a lie. My son can't be a traitor!
Keep quiet! - My son can't be a traitor.
'..will be punished severely.'
This is a lie!
This is your plan! - Yes..
Your son wanted to ruin me.
And you got your son engaged to my fiance.
That same son is asking for mercy in jail.
You challenged Singhal.. now look at the consequences.
Do you think Singhal, that by trapping my innocent son..'ll escape from being hanged?
I will go out and tell everybody that you are a killer!
You will speak only if you go alive out of here!
No! I will tell the world you are a murderer, Singhal!
You're a murderer, Singhal!
No.. it's not possible. My mother won't commit suicide!
My mother won't commit suicide!
When her son is the leader of a terrorist outfit..
..this is what she will do..
It's your game. - Ok, I agree this is our game.
But what a game, isn't it Rana?
The son is in jail. And his mother.. a morgue somewhere.
Hey Rana, let me go. I don't know how my mother is.
Rana, please listen to me.
Rana, I promise I will come back soon.
Hey, why do you have to go anywhere?
The municipality will take care of that old woman.
Thinking it's an orphan's body, they'll cremate it.
If you cremate my mother's body like an orphan..
..then I will burn down this world!
I will turn it to ashes!
You will burn it down when I let you get out of here.
Come on, Rana! - Idiot, I won't let you live!
Hey shut up! It's a good thing she died.
One burden's off this earth.
You spoke ill about my mother.. you idiot!
You maligned my mother..
Help me.. help.. - Hey what is this?
Help me! - What is this charade?
Open the cell quickly!
I will not let you live!
Hey leave him..
Hey if you move, I'll blow your brains apart!
Hey what are you doing, Jaggu..
Hey. Don't act smart, you fatso..
..or I'll have you run naked in the market.
Come on get in..
Yes.. friend they didn't let me see my mother too.
That's why when I saw tears in your eyes.. heart melted.
Go! When you cremate your mother..
..I will think that I performed the last rites for my mother.
Go my friend.. - Thank you my friend.
Go, friend. Fulfill your responsibilities of being a son.
Hey.. - Shut up! Don't scream!
Jay, you go..
Here take this. Now hit me..
Beat him.. beat him up!
If he escapes from jail and comes home..
..then let him come. This time we'll send him to such a place..
..that he will never be able to come out of it alive!
Shiva.. - Yes, sir?
I want Jay, dead or alive!
Oh so you want to do this good deed, Velji.
Bhaiji, who is Velji? He is your servant.
Your slave. And he is quiet because of your favors.
But you know sir, that if you beat that lock every day..
..then it will surely break one day.
What do you want to say?
That no one will get this gun.
The best marksman in the world..
..will never ruin dear Neha's happiness.
Don't talk rubbish!
My enemy can never become my daughter's happiness.
Fine, if you don't bother about your daughter..
..hen at least for that woman.. that great woman..
..who did you a favor, Bhaiji.
Who for Jay and Neha's happiness..
..was ready to forgive you her husband's murder.
You killed her Bhaiji, but she didn't take your name.
Just think Bhaiji, if she had told Jay about you..
..then where would you be?
You traitor, you are threatening me?
The consequences of that won't be good.
I know Bhaiji, that the result won't be good.
And then a snake bites even that hand that feeds him!
You rogue.. - Bhaiji.
Before raising your hand you should look at your power too!
You traitor! You won't live long!
You are threatening the wrong man.
Velji Chheda, is not afraid of death.
I am leaving.
And remember this, that Jay is not alone from today.
Bhaiji, take care of yourself.
'Mother.. you gave me everything.'
'You gave me your family name.'
'You gave me your love and affection, everything.'
'And you gave your life too for me.'
'Now give me one more thing mother.'
'A last thing. Your blessings.'
'Give me blessings so that I can make good your sacrifice.'
'Bless me, mother.'
Velji.. he is the one who shot at my mother.
Yes, my boss ordered him to bring you dead or alive.
My sins had increased. If I shed some blood..
..and get rid of it then.. I'll be happy.
Please forgive me sister, I was late in recognizing you.
Or you wouldn't have been here.
Velji.. do you know why my mother committed suicide?
Your mother didn't commit suicide.
In fact those idiots murdered your mother.
They threw her out of the hospital window.
The one who attacked you, killed your mother..
..and killed you father Shiv Sharma years ago..
He is the same man.
And your mother knew this quite well.
Mother knew everything.
To save Neha and your love.. she kept quiet.
She never told you her husband's murderer's name.
And then she gave up her wish to take revenge too.
But that sinner didn't spare her too.
Who were they? - Singhal, commissioner..
..Gaur and his son Sanjay.
'Singhal, commissioner Gaur and his son.'
"Scorpio.. Scorpio.."
"Scorpio.. Scorpio.."
"Scorpio.. Scorpio.."
"Scorpio.. Scorpio.."
"It's chaos.. in the city."
"It's chaos.. in the city."
"It's chaos.. in the city."
"The Scorpio killed me..
"Scorpio.. Scorpio.."
"Scorpio.. Scorpio.."
"Why did you go to the market?"
"Why did you go to the market?"
"Why did you go to die?"
"To die there?"
"I don't know where he came from.."
"..and got entangled in my veil."
"The Scorpio killed me..
"Scorpio.. Scorpio.."
"Scorpio.. Scorpio.."
"I never felt like this before."
"I never felt like this before."
"How do I tell you.."
"..what kind of pain it is?"
"What kind of pain.."
"How will it go? Tell me."
"There is a crick in my waist."
"The Scorpio killed me..
"It's chaos.. in the city."
"The Scorpio killed me..
"Scorpio.. Scorpio.."
"Scorpio.. Scorpio.."
"Scorpio.. Scorpio.."
"Scorpio.. Scorpio.."
Don't touch me.
Dial this number.. - What?
Dial this number. 626. - 626..
2245. - This is my number.
This is your father's number. Dial it..
626..45.. - Move behind..
626.. 45.
Hello.. - Hello dad.. Save me.
Sanjay.. what is the matter? Where are you?
Kala Chowky. Save me father, or Jay will kill me.
Jay.. - Yes it's me.
You think you are very powerful, aren't you?
You turn the truth into a lie and a lie into truth.
Jai, if something happens to my son..
..then I will kill you. - What will you do?
You can't do anything.
Don't forget commissioner, you're away from your son.
And your son is close to death.
Jay, don't touch my son.
Remember you found RDX in my house.
You blamed me for smuggling RDX.
Now just watch the blast with that same RDX.. your temple of justice.
Save your son if you can. - Jay, please.
Jay don't do anything. For God sake. Please forgive me.
Sanjay.. Sanjay I'm coming.
Forgive me, Jay..
5 minutes.. just 5 minutes.
Jay.. Jay..
C'mon, go fast.. I said go, fast.
Mr. Gaur I had such hopes for Sanjay.
I was going to give him my business.
That idiot didn't allow me to get the ashes of my son.
You don't worry. There won't be anything left of Jay either.
And that is my promise to you.
I think Neha, is condoling Sanjay's death.
You don't condole the death of a rogue like Sanjay.
You celebrate when such a man dies.
You don't light incense sticks but light lamps of joy.
Tara.. what are you saying? - The truth.
That you are not used to hearing.
Tara. - Talk softly, brother.
It's a sin to speak louder than the mantras.
What are you saying, Tara?
Whose condolence meet is this?
It's for that Goddess who gave up her life for your daughter.
What rubbish is this?
Take this away.. - Stop it father. Stop it.
It shouldn't be that this kick sends your daughter away.
Keep quiet, you ill-mannered girl. - Brother..
You have lost daddy.
This slap is a sign of your loss.
This proof that my Jay is victorious.
You both can go to hell.
Get out of my sight.. or it's possible I'll strangle you.
By strangling me, you can lower my voice.
But you can't kill it.
I will leave from here. But my voice will stay back.
These walls, doors and floor, all will say..
..that you have lost daddy. You have lost!
You have lost daddy! - Dear Neha, you won't go alone.
And before this sinful palace is burned down..
..I should also leave from here.
Come on, my dear.. - Go away.. go away.
I don't need anyone.
Singhal, has always fought his wars alone.
And he will fight this war alone and win too.
He will fight this war alone and win too.
Hello.. - Don't scream so loudly Singhal!
Your voice will become hoarse. - Come before me, idiot.
Before you.
The fear in your heart and death in your eyes.
That is me.. your death. - Idiot..
But I won't kill you now. I am giving you some time.
You still have to see the commissioner's death.
Come over.. it's his turn tomorrow.
You idiot..
Who was that? - That idiot.
What did he say? - He said it's your turn tomorrow.
..let him come before me.
Sir.. everything has been organized.
Cameras have been fitted everywhere.
And now that Jay can't come inside.
And I have brought the ambulance too.
I will take him to the hospital for the post mortem.
- Hello, sir there is someone here to meet you.
Who is he?
What does he look like.. - He looks quite serious.
What does he want.. - Sir.. that..
He is here.
Rocky.. Rocky. - Yes sir..
That idiot Jay is here. - Impossible..
Not impossible, he is here.
Sir you stay here, I'll have a look.
Move back..
Stop.. - What happened?
Did you find him? - No sir.
Then whom did you shoot? - Our man.
You said my mother died jumping from the hospital.
You said my father killed himself. - Yes..
That means both committed suicide. - Yes..
That is why I will not kill you.
I want you to commit suicide.
Take this.
My father didn't commit suicide.
But now you will.. shoot. I said shoot..
What happened Jay.. what happened?
You shouldn't have come here.
This is my house. This is my own house.
Do you know what relation I have to this house?
All those relations died with my mother.
And that dream we saw together, that is over too.
I know..
..but I will still love you.
Love has brought us at such a cross road that.. our paths will go separate. - No..
No Jay, don't say that. Don't..
I will not be able to live away from you.
Neha, this happens in the world.
This always happens.
Those who don't want to die are killed.
And those who don't want to live..
..are sentenced to life. - Jay..
You go away from here Neha.. because you won't be.. to support me in what I do now.
You are forgetting Jay, that I stood here and promised you once.
And I am still sticking to it.
Traitor, you here? - Yes, Bhaiji..
But a traitor has come here to prove his loyalty.
Because of our sins, our daughter left this home.
You friend commissioner Gaur and his son are dead.
And now your life is in danger.
That crazy Jay won't spare anyone.
That is why I have come to request you.
Surrender to the police.
I can't see you getting killed before my eyes.
That will never happen because you will be dead.
Hey.. Jay. - Singhal.
What you're thinking is wrong.
Velji will see you getting killed.
Jay, leave him.. - No..
Daddy, you have always punished the innocent.
But the law will punish you for your deeds.
Neha is right, Bhaiji.
Listen to her.
Give yourself up to the police.
You are right, but I should be punished for my deeds.
I have never looked at my shoes till today.
Because you need to bow your head.
But today I am ready to do that before the law.
Come on..
Jay.. - Bhaiji. - Jay.
If someone else had done this, I would have killed him.
Shut up.. lock them up!
And let them see him getting killed.
Daddy! - You are not a man!
You are a devil! You won't be alive!
Did you see what happens when you touch me?
I will give you such a painful death..
..that even your parents will shudder at the thought of it!
My men are hungry for some days now.
Stupid, ignorant fool!
Peter, break his bones!
Now I'll see you.. - Daddy..
Clement! Gary! Squeeze the life out of him!
Wow! Now move forward!
Come on brother, catch him, come..
Now I will kill you..
Where are you?
Come in front of me..
Daddy.. - Bhaiji..
This is that hand which made my mother a widow.
This is that leg which walked over my happiness.
And this is that head, in which you think you are powerful.
This is that gunpowder you make to kill innocent people.
I have less blood and more of revenge in me.
Today I have to see how this gunpowder lights your pyre.
No Jay, forgive me.
Come on Neha.. - No Velji, Jay is still inside.
Neha, control yourself. - You come with me.