Barot House (2019) Movie Script

So, how are you?
- Great!
How are you?
- Great!
She is very mischievous.
Shreya, don't fool around.
Put it down.
Dear, put it down.
Shruti, go and check if
Sneha has slept or not.
Dear, this belongs to God.
- Hold on, dear.
Listen, put less salt in food.
We can add it later.
- Listen,
put less salt in food.
We can add it later.
- Sure.
Drama queen! Oh!
Mom's earrings!
My pretty girl.
Go outside and play,
not in the kitchen.
Malhar, let's play hide and seek.
Not now. I have to play the tabla.
She is here.
Now I'll take your leave.
See you.
I'll come for the wedding.
Look who's here.
Uncle, let's play hide and seek.
Sure, let's play it.
You go and hide and
I'll find you, okay.
You won't be able to find me.
- I'll find you, you'll see. Ready?
I will tell mom about this.
So, having fun on your own?
I'll also take a snap.
Come, everyone! It's selfie time!
- Yes. - Shreya! Shruti!
Come, mom.
- Come quickly!
Come over here. Come.
Come closer.
- Take mine too. - Of course.
Master. - Malhar, go and please get
Shreya and Shruti. - Where are they?
Take at least one. - Go on.
- Go and see if they're sleeping.
Go, quickly get them.
- Get them fast!
Mom, stand in the middle.
What are you doing here?
- I'm making rangoli.
Have you seen Shreya?
- No.
Malhar, when will Sneha wake up?
Emotion? I see.
- You liked my tea till yesterday.
Shruti is making rangoli
and Shreya is nowhere.
- What do you mean, nowhere?
Have you checked properly?
- Of course.
Uncle is also not present
upstairs. - I'll check.
Shreya! Shreya!
- Shreya.
Shreya! - Check over there. Mom,
stay here! - I'll also come. - No!
She was playing here. Shreya!
'Shreya! Mother, stay with Sneha.
- Shreya! - Where did she go?'
'Malhar, have you checked property?
- Shreya! - Shreya!'
- Shreya!'
'I'm very scared, Amit.
- Shreya!'
- Son, take the car.
You go inside.
I will call you. Okay?
Sit tight.
Police haven't found anything yet.
Amit! Amit!
'Amit! Amit!'
'Malhar, let's play
hide and seek.'
'Not now. I have to
play the tabla.'
Why did you move the corpse?
It's a crime scene.
You've tampered with it.
Do you have enmity with anyone?
A tiff?
Sir, a neighbour.
Who is it?
'One! Two!'
'Three! Four!'
'Five! Six!
- Jackie.'
Seven! Eight! Nine!
- Ready or not, here I come.
Hey, hide and seek!
Come here!
Come here!
Where is Malhar?
- Uncle, I don't know.
What do you mean?
Your brother's taken my dog.
He stole it.
Next time I catch him,
I'll break his very legs.
Hey! Where are you going?
Hey! I'm talking to you!
Jackie! Come on, man!
Who is your friend?
Is it uncle Anthony or me?
Jackie, jump! Jackie!
That fool!
He lives here,
but he is loyal to them.
It's okay, dear.
He is my dog,
he should play with me.
Okay, shush!
- You can see ghosts, right?
How do they look?
Dad says they lie here.
They're devoid of any tension.
Everyday is Sunday for them.
You remember the plan, right?
I will throw the ball
and you go running
towards uncle Anthony.
Come on, Jackie!
It's not a good time
to get tired.
You've got me in trouble.
You got tired after
playing with him, right?
No, uncle. I found him
on the road
so I brought him to you.
Jackie, go.
- Jackie, go.
That's nonsense!
Careful, man!
This is your ball, right?
Say, yes.
Next time if I'll catch you,
I'll break your legs.
I'll teach you a lesson!
Uncle, please don't hit him!
Get your own dog then.
"Don't hit him." Get out!
Come on home.
Do you think you're an explorer?
Loitering here and there.
Jackie is found.
It's that neighbor's kid.
Where is Malhar?
Where is he?
Look, Anthony.
I'm sorry for your loss. - Sorry?
Malhar hit him with a rock.
It could be an accident.
- Nonsense!
It's not an accident.
- Hey!
Anthony, don't blame Malhar.
Ras... No.
Come. Get inside.
Calm down.
He was like a child to me.
Malhar was at home.
- It's not fair, Amit.
It's not fair.
Come, Anthony. Come.
No, Sophie! I won't forget this.
They will pay for this.
'Sir, he was jealous.'
'Jackie was close to Malhar.'
'So he thinks, '
'my son killed his dog.'
'His dog got killed,
so he killed your daughter.'
Don't tell me such stories.
Tell me the fact.
- It's a fact.
His dog, Jackie...
- Who all are in the family?
I have two daughters,
Shruti and Sneha,
my wife, my mother,
Ajay and...
Who is Ajay?
He is my younger brother.
- Where is he now?
Sign the partition
papers of the house.
Ajay, I told you many times.
The house won't be partitioned
as long as I'm alive.
Why not?
Isn't this my house? Or do you
want to give everything to Amit?
'Have you no shame?'
'Your brother built all
this using one taxi.'
'With one taxi.
- Mom, it was dad's taxi.'
'If dad was alive,
I wouldn't be jobless.'
Just go away and die.
I'll die with all of you,
not alone.
- You deserve to rot in jail.
'So what if I had been jailed?'
Renowned freedom
fighters had been jailed.
Well, they weren't jailed
for smuggling, Ajay.
Don't change the topic.
Give me my share
of this property.
Then you pamper your favourite
son all you want. - Be quiet!
It's not your jailhouse.
First learn how to talk
to your elders. Get lost!
- Get out!
Get out!
Where are his manners while
throwing slippers at me?
And he thinks,
he has all the manners.
As if I was born in the gutter.
Malhar, you never
complete your homework!
Hey, master!
Who will do the homework then?
Come on!
- Dad's pet.
Mom, dad hit uncle with slippers.
I'll get brown bread for you
from the market.
Well, you have your diet chart
to follow at dinner.
- Yes.
Yes, there's the bakery.
Mom, you go on.
I forgot my card.
Okay, fine. I'll go.
- Okay.
Have you gone crazy?
Is it my imagination
or have you really
become so beautiful?
I will slap you.
Leave. Meet me at the same
place in the evening.
At what time?
- Heena!
I said, leave! Rascal!
He was stalking me.
- Oh!
You were acting
so brave in the morning!
I still am.
Don't become a fool while
trying to become brave.
This fool will take you away.
You should hurry then.
Otherwise my parents
will get me married.
Don't worry. Today, I
created a scene at home.
Is it?
- Yes.
Oh, man!
'Sir, Ajay only wants
a share in this house.'
'But he is not concerned
about this family.'
'He just fools around
and gets drunk.'
You suspect others.
But the truth is,
you've moved the body.
'All right. Shreya and
Shruti went to sleep.'
'You both also go to sleep.
It's 10:30 p.m.'
- What, mom?
And you! Tomorrow, you will
get a haircut, understood?
Let it be.
He looks like Zakir and plays
the instrument like him too.
- Dad.
How do I look?
Do I look like you or like mom?
Hey! Shreya is asking
something, Amit.
Dear, you look like me. Okay?
Come on, now.
Both of you into bed.
Good night, dad!
Good night, master!
- Good night!
Amit, don't do this.
She is our daughter.
- Of course, yes!
What do you mean?
Haven't you come to
your senses yet?
Bhavna, not now, okay?
Why? Why not?
You take pride in
being Malhar's dad.
Do you think Shruti and Shreya
don't understand anything?
They're no longer little.
You're hurting them.
It's not like I don't care
about them, okay? - Wow!
I know it's not their fault.
It's not their fault?
'It's not their fault?'
You're talking about the kids,
they might hear you.
Let them hear then.
They should know how their dad is.
- I still love you.
- But?
But what?
Say it! Say it!
'Say it!'
- Why is mom fighting?
'This is not the first time.'
- I will tell you.
One night
a woman from the cemetery
poisoned mom's ears.
A woman?
- Yes.
She was a beautiful woman.
But she was bald.
Then she started
caressing mom's tresses
with her long hands.
She wanted mom's hair.
When she was about
to pull mom's hair,
she noticed me.
She stepped towards me.
She came close.
Closer and then!
- Mom, look at him!
Mom, Malhar is scaring me.
I've told you many times,
not to scare the kids.
Is that how elder brothers
should behave? - Sorry, mom!
"Sorry, mom!"
Now go to bed!
Unload. Unload it.
Bye, dad! I'm leaving.
- Bye!
Come on, hurry up!
You get down from the tree!
Three! Four! Five!
Six! Seven!
Eight! Nine! Ten!
Ready or not, here I come!
Sir, there's a problem.
The kid's mom is refusing
to give the body.
My Shreya looks so pretty
in my earrings.
- Hold on, dear!'
'Listen, put less salt in food.'
'We can add it later.'
'Put less salt in food.'
'We can add it later.'
'Drama queen!'
'Oh! Mom's earrings!'
'My pretty girl.'
'Go outside and play,
not in the kitchen.'
Police is waiting outside.
We need to hand over the body.
No! No!
- Bhavna, dear.
No! No!
- Bhavna...
- Dear!
Dear, don't do this!
- No! No!
No! Let go of me!
- Dear...
Mom, where is Shreya?
Do you hear me? Mom!
Shreya's breakfast
is getting cold.
'My darlings!'
'Dad, how do I look?'
Like you or like mom?
Sir, please write
Shreya's full name here.
Why did you run?
Sir, I got scared.
Sir, I don't wish to go to jail
again. I'm innocent this time.
We will decide that.
Bring Anthony with him too.
- S-Sir!
What did I say, sir?
Oh, man.
If you do all this here now,
then what will you do inside?
Can I come in, sir?
- Come in.
Sir, I'm, Heena.
Heena Desai.
- I know you.
Aren't you Mr. Desai's daughter?
- Yes, sir.
Please sit.
- Thank you, sir.
Tell me, how can I help you?
Sir, I'm here for Ajay.
Sir, he is absolutely innocent.
That night he was with me.
With you?
What was he doing?
'As we met after a long time.
So we were catching up.'
'Come, uncle.
Let's play hide and seek.'
'Oh! Come on. Let's play.'
'You go and hide, I will find you.
'You won't find me.
- I will find you. Ready?'
'We thought everyone would be busy
in the veneration of Janmashtami.'
'So we'll get some privacy.'
'In fact,
when I went into Ajay's room'
'Shreya was running
outside to hide.'
'After that, Ajay was with me.'
'It's a nice story.'
You were catching up.
So, he should have
met your family too.
Do you want me to find out?
- Go ahead.
I will stick to my statement
that he was with me.
'This is done by a family member.'
'For now, let's nab
their neighbor.'
'Keep an eye on Amit too.'
How are you?
Fine, sir.
Sit straight.
Otherwise it will
hurt your back.
What is your name?
- Anthony!
You must love bread, right?
Since you have come last
night, you must be hungry.
- Sir.
What kind of a man are you?
Do you treat your guest like that?
Give him something.
Have something.
Open your mouth.
- Have.
They're fresh.
Why did you murder?
Sir! I didn't murder.
Sir, he killed my dog.
Because he killed your dog,
you will kill his children?
N-No, sir! I didn't kill anyone.
He is framing me in this.
'But according to father'
'you were in the
graveyard that night.'
'Yes, sir! I was there.'
'Sophia was with me too.'
'And I met Shreya too.'
'Oh, hide and seek! Come here!'
'But, sir...'
'Sir! I just asked'
'her to hide.'
'What are you doing here?'
'Hide and seek.'
'Go there and hide.'
'Go! Nobody will catch you!'
'And I'm here, okay?'
'After that we had to go
out of town urgently.'
'So I completely
forgot about Shreya.'
What would I get by
killing that little girl?
Okay. You are asking
questions to me now?
Jethwa, I think sir
is still hungry.
He can't think it seems.
Please feed him. - No.
No! No, sir! Please don't!
No! No, sir!
- Feed him till he
doesn't speak the truth.
No, sir!
Sir, don't hit me!
Do you need property?
Your brother told me everything.
No, sir.
You want to get married?
Who will you marry?
Your girlfriend got married
to some engineer.
I was invited too.
But I couldn't go
because of you.
Tell me.
Else, you will rot
here for life with that stick.
How many times will you clean?
I will have to clean it, mother.
I will have to clean it.
Look it's completely
red out here.
The floor.
I will have to clean.
I'll go and bathe Sneha.
Her hot water is ready.
Oh, mother! I will bathe her!
- Come!
Come to me, my child.
Oh, dear!
Mom will bathe her baby.
- Grandma!
Oh, mother!
- Malhar, hold her!
- Sorry, mother!
Are you fine?
Please get up!
- Oh!
Come with me.
Oh my dear.
Why did you pick it up?
I would have done it.
Oh, dear!
"Water! Whoosh!"
"Water! Whoosh!"
"Water! Whoosh!"
"Water! Whoosh!"
"Water! Whoosh!"
- Hey!
Hey, what are you doing?
Dad, grandma fell down so
mom handed her to me.
I was just giving her a bath.
But like this?
Are you mad?
What happened to you, dad?
Dad, what is wrong with you?
Dad, is this a game?
Dad, which game is this?
Dad, what are you doing?
Should I drop you there?
Should I drop you down?
You did the same with
Shruti, didn't you?
Shut up! Quiet!
- What is happening, Amit?
- It's nothing!
You were trying to
drown Sneha, right?
I was giving her a bath. No!
You were trying to
drown her, right? - No!
Yes, I was trying to drown her!
What about Shruti and Shreya?
Shruti and Shreya.
No! Don't beat me! - Why did
you kill Shruti and Shreya?
Why did you kill Shruti and Shreya?
- I killed them! - What?
I accept! I killed them!
I killed them both!
They weren't my sisters, right?
You used to fight with mom.
Dad! Dad, are you fine?
Dad, are you fine?
In the g-graveyard?
Yes! We were
playing hide and seek.
We went into the
graveyard while playing.
It was you who told me
that nobody hides there.
Everybody sleeps over
there, right?
Therefore, I put her to sleep.
And it was me who
killed Jackie too.
Did you use a stone to kill him?
Yes, I killed him
with the stone.
Yes, I did.
- And Shruti?
Did you not see she had fallen?
Dad! Dad, are you fine?
Dad! Nothing should happen to you.
Dad, I'm there for you. I won't
let anything happen to you.
Dad! Dad!
Dad! Dad, I will not let
anything happen to you.
Dad! Dad, are you fine?
Dad! Dad, are you fine?
Dad! Dad, are you fine?
Dad! Dad, I won't let
anything happen to you.
He did it.
He killed them.
He will kill everyone.
He is dangerous.
The keys to the store room.
I have packed all the
kitchen utensils
...and locked them away
in the store room.
Don't give this key to anyone, mom.
Son, may I ask you something?
Do you think that Ajay
has killed the girls?
Do you?
Don't give these keys to
anyone, mom.
I didn't kill the children.
I'm telling you the truth.
Are you fine?
How are your tabla
sessions going on?
Do you remember?
We used to sing in our school.
"We shall overcome,"
"We shall overcome,"
"We shall overcome,"
Where are you heading to?
I'm going to sleep.
From now, you'll sleep with me.
- Hello, father.
You know well what's
happening at our home.
Can you please
bless him?
Of course, my son.
Thank you, father!
Thank you!
Bless you.
Amit! See how he got injured!
I will bring
medicines right away!
Dad, I'm injured.
How will I become Zakir now?
It's mere an injury.
You won't die.
Have some milk.
Have it my child.
No, my child.
You sit, I'll check.
- Mother, I'll check.
I will have a check.
Where is Amit?
He's himself unaware about that.
May we come in?
Please come in.
So much has happened
to you people
and we...
Let bygones be bygones.
What I mean to say
is that I'm there.
I'm so sorry.
Son, don't make noise.
Listen, son.
Please go out and play.
- Come, let's go.
Come at once!
'Bhavna, please control yourself.
Come on.'
Come up with me.
Malhar's tabla has improved, right?
- What?
- Where is Malhar?
Hey, he is inside. Amit!
Where is Malhar?
He must be playing
outside with Roshan.
What's wrong?
Where is he?
Dad, he wanted to use the washroom.
Thank you! Thank you for coming.
- Take care of your son!
Come on! Let's go!
Do not go near to the kids!
I will thrash you!
Is that clear?
What, Amit?
He was taking care of the child.
What is wrong with you, Amit?
Mom, I will hold it!
Will you be able to hold it?
Are you sure?
- Yes.
Thank you, my son!
You're a strong boy!
Be careful!
And listen! Tell Roshan...
Tell Roshan
I'll video call him later.
'Okay! Drive safe!'
Roshan, dear!
Please play with your toys today.
Mom is very busy.
'Oh! He killed my son Roshan!'
What happened?
- Killed my son.
My son, Roshan has been killed.
- 'What happened?' - Come here!
Come at once!
'What happened?'
- Someone killed my son!'
He has killed my Roshan!
- Call the police!
- Sophia!
Wow, master!
Is your practice going well?
It's going well.
Did you hear?
I've been listening for a while.
Come! Come to your dad.
What has happened to you, dad?
Dad is exhausted.
Why don't you sleep then?
I can't sleep.
Is it because I
urinate on the bed?
Because you don't get exhausted.
That's why.
Why don't you sleep?
After sleeping
life becomes more beautiful.
Isn't it?
- Yes, dad.
Every day is a holiday.
- Yeah.
Oh, Sunday.
Did you play cricket today?
How many runs did you score?
- How many wickets?
Well done.
Tie it there.
You killed her, right?
Tell me.
- Yes.
Why did you?
Tell me.
'What are you doing, Amit?'
Nothing, Grandma. We're playing.
We're playing, grandma.
Listen, I am under
a lot of pressure.
We haven't seen so many crimes take
place since the last 15 years.
You think that Anthony
murdered both your daughters
that is why you killed his son.
Am I right?
Speak up!
The boy killed. He did.
Which boy?
Answer me.
- He has gone crazy!
Ma'am., don't move.
- Sit.
Sir, I...
I tried to stop him.
- Hey!
Are you high?
You are trying to say
that a nine-year-old
is murdering people right under
your nose, and you have no clue?
No, sir. No.
No, sir. I told...
Quiet! Absolutely quiet.
Get the boy.
- Dad.
Dad, are you alright?
Are you okay, dad?
Malhar, come and have a seat here.
Sir will ask some questions.
Have a seat.
Your name is Malhar, right?
Yes. - What were you
doing in the afternoon?
I was drying clothes.
What was your dad doing?
'Dad was repairing
the scooter outside.'
What happened next?
Then I came downstairs
and dad came back inside.
Then we both
heard aunt Sophia scream.
But your dad is saying
that you killed
aunt Sophia's son.
Dad is right.
So, you killed Roshan?
And what about Shreya and Shruti?
Malhar, why did you kill them?
Come, dear.
'What if I don't
play the tabla well?'
'I consider you a maestro now'
'and will always be.'
Ma'am, isn't he the one who
committed three murders?
- Malhar, how are you?
I am Dr. Narayan Bhargav.
She is Dr. Vandana. You've met her.
You will be very happy here.
There are a few rules.
Kamlesh will explain it to you.
'As per the police reports, he has
committed three brutal murders.'
'He has murdered a dog too.'
'Therefore, it is important to know
what he is thinking.'
'He needs to open up for that.'
'Observe him for
24 hours everyday.'
'But he shouldn't come to know.'
'He should feel at home.'
'Doctor, I think you
should check his back.'
Who hit you?
Malhar, how can we help you
if you don't tell us the truth?
Did you fight with someone?
I think you are not in the
mood to talk to us today.
That is fine. We will
talk later, okay?
You may go.
- Come.
'He is hiding something.'
It is possible that
he hurt himself
...while doing the killings.
He doesn't look like a
serial killer, but
we must be thorough.
They didn't select me.
I was playing so well.
Hello, I am Duggu.
Listen, don't worry if
you ever end up having
too much food on your plate.
I am here. Okay?
'You are really talented.'
Are you happy here?
Yes, but I miss home.
That's normal.
You know why you are here, right?
Other than sending you home,
I can give you anything you want.
What do you want?
Malhar, what do you want?
I want to punish
the one who...
Make it.
Malhar, stand up.
Show it to everyone.
- Wow!
What is that?
What is it?
Come on, kids!
Why are you here?
Because I love Diwali.
But they didn't want me to
celebrate Diwali in April.
This means, you burst
crackers in front
of everyone in April?
No. Kids burst crackers.
I ruptured two cars and a scooter.
In Hollywood style. It was fun.
Why are you here?
Just like you love Diwali,
I love my dad.
- Forget that.
Does anyone see CCTV camera?
Or is it to scare us?
They keep an eye.
Once I pretended to light a match.
People surrounded me.
I didn't have a match box.
I gave everyone a high
five and returned.
15, 16, 17.
One is missing.
One, two, three four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Malhar, did you take
something that you shouldn't have?
Yes, a knitting needle.
Why? - I thought if
the needle is lost
then I won't have to knit.
What did you do with that needle?
I made it into a flower.
- What did you make?
A flower.
Where is this flower?
You made this?
- How?
I just made it.
It's amazing.
Malhar, it is bad to steal.
Dr. Vandana, it is beautiful. We'll
display it in our craft exhibition.
And mention Malhar's name.
- Of course.
Don't steal again. Okay? Go.
Let's go to your dad, Malhar.
No! - Come on.
- I don't want to meet him.
Malhar, it is your dad.
- I don't want to meet him.
I don't want to!
- Okay. - Let it be.
Calm down.
- I...
We won't meet him. Stand up.
Come on.
I heard you didn't meet your dad.
Don't you want to
meet your family?
I want to meet grandma,
mom, uncle,
...Shruti and Shreya.
And your dad?
This is all my fault, Bhavna.
After the girls passed away
I realised
they were
our daughters.
Whatever happened with Malhar
is also my fault.
I couldn't be a good husband.
I failed
to be a good son and a good dad.
I am sorry.
Malhar will be back soon
We need to
make him realise that
we miss him.
Bhavaa, I am scared that
he will start hating us.
We cannot let that happen.
We have to
shower him
with a lot of love, but before that
you must recover.
Bhavna, I love you.
Kamlesh told me
you've been lying
here since morning.
You didn't get up
after morning prayers.
Is everything alright?
Malhar, expressing yourself
makes you feel better.
I know you don't want to talk.
But you draw.
I know you draw quiet well.
Will you draw for me?
Tabla? Who plays this?
- I do.
Wow, you play tabla too?
Yes. I play the tabla
like Zakir Hussain does.
That is what my mom says.
We will get your tabla right
away. Is that okay? - Yes.
Yes? It is time to have lunch.
Come on.
Sir, I have to show you something.
This is really urgent.
Sorry, I got late. Show it.
Malhar wanted to show me this.
And I found these in the dustbin.
Damaniya sir.
I am Bhargav.
- Dr. Bhargav? Yes.
Please come in.
- Thank you.
Tell me. I am here to talk
to you about Malhar's case.
You must have read the report.
- The kid confessed it.
Mr. Damaniya,
you know that a child's
mind is very complicated.
They love their parents.
They're scared of being rejected.
Wanting to save their hero.
His dad was like a hero to him.
I would like to show you something.
Look at this. This
is Malhar's back.
Look at this wound. Someone has
hit Malhar's back again and again.
I have something more to show.
These are some drawings
made by Malhar.
There is a nail in his hand.
Malhar is standing here,
and someone else is killing.
Look at this. Someone is pushing
the kids out of the window.
Someone is beating them up.
When a kid makes such paintings
he is always saying the truth.
We think that this man
is his dad.
You did your best with
the investigation.
Now you have new proof.
I think we all want that
Malhar is given justice.
He is very sensitive
and extremely talented.
Can I keep it?
Sure. Of course, you can.
Thank you, doctor.
Thank you, sir. Thank you so much.
Thank you.
'First, you will tell us
everything about you and Amit.'
Our dads were friends.
When his dad
incurred a huge loss
he took a loan from my dad.
He couldn't pay off the loan
therefore, uncle gave
a part of his house to us.
That's all?
Is that it?
- Yes, this is all.
Amit has tried many times
to buy that house
at double the price.
But Anthony didn't want to sell it.
I heard your husband
has temper issues.
He drove the taxi and
built this business.
He will have temper issues.
Did he ever hit you?
Yes, but I have hit him back.
How did you become
friends with Anthony?
We were in college together.
We started talking then.
Was Amit close to the girls
or Malhar? - Malhar.
Did he ever hit the girls?
Your wife went to her mom's
house for a few months.
Next time I will not
slam the table.
Sophie doubted that
bhavna and I have
something going on.
Did Amit doubt too?
- I was sure about it.
From Daman to Kolkata,
Kolkata to Punjab
Punjab to Benagluru,
Bengaluru to Daman.
I was tired. After driving on
the highway for 16 hours
when I'd go back to the hotel and
my wife wouldn't answer my call.
Her phone is always busy.
It makes one lose their mind.
I get weird thoughts.
So you killed Shreya,
Shruti and Roshan.
What.. What nonsense?
You will be glad to know
that your son didn't
utter a word against you.
We found these
drawings in a dustbin.
He was sure that Shreya and
Shruti are Anthony's daughters.
I tried to
explain to him many a times.
But he
was mentally ill.
By distancing himself from
Shreya and Shurti,
he has killed them everyday.
'What are you doing?'
'Why do you care?'
'It doesn't matter to you.'
'It matters to your
grandma and your mom.'
'Amit, look, he is hurt.'
'I will go and get medicines.'
He killed them.
He did.
'Amit Barot.'
'You are being arrested
for murdering'
'Shreya Barot, Shruti Barot and'
'Roshan D'souza.'
'You have the right
to remain silence.'
'Whatever you say'
'will be used against
you in the court.'
'For murder, being
callous towards kids'
'and for blaming a juvenile
for a crime he didn't commit, '
'you are being arrested
under IPC 302'
'and IPC 75.'
'Forensic evaluation says
it's Schizophrenia.'
'But it's rare in
children so young.'
'My God, he was so cunning.'
'He stayed quiet and we
drew the conclusions.'
'The way he refused to meet Amit.'
'And refused to show the wound.'
'He knew that we're seeing
him through the CCTV.'
'He stole the knitting needle
and made a flower from it.'
'So we felt guilty.'
'Then those drawings.'
'He manipulated us all.'
'He manipulated me.'
'Who does someone kill anyone?'
'There are a lot of theories,
but the right answer
is still not out there.'