Barquero (1970) Movie Script

- Hey, mister?
- What?
- You're strong, ain't you?
- Yeah, I am strong.
- How long will it take you?
- To what?
To build the boat.
This man said that you build the boat.
- How long it gonna take?
- Quite a while.
That sure is a great gun there.
- How many Indians did you
kill with it? - None!
But I shot and scalped
a lot of curious kids.
Come on, you better get back
on the wagon.
You've changed a bit, haven't you
Travis? But this place sure has.
I see they're building a church...
A new school, huh?
Hell, I remember when
there was nothing here.
You had to go 100 miles north,
to cross the river. Yeah.
It sure is gonna be
a real town someday.
Do you ever think about
that, Travis?
Lots of times! Get ready
to lower that tail.
Okay, follow up behind
Trevor's wagon.
Henry! Keep an eye on that boy,
I don't want anybody wandering off.
We're near the Mexican border and there's
lots of bandits and wild Indians here.
Wild Indians?
I'm just spooking them a little bit,
Travis. That keeps them on line.
Besides you never know...
We got one more wagon.
- It sure feels good to be home.
- What did you say?
It's good to be home.
If you stay out there long
enough then you get lonely.
- Didn't you ever get lonely out there?
- No!
Well, it's different with me.
- Who's that?
- Roland Hal. Another squatter.
- Gentlemen. Step inside, I will be right back.
- Thank you, senor.
Get another sack of flower and check
up inside, please. - Yes, sir.
Now Mrs. Harrington, this will protect you
from what evil lies across that water.
Thank you, Reverend.
Bless you.
I'm only doing what any man of God would
do, help those who cross the Mighty Paraju.
Hello Nola.
- She needs a new horseshoe.
- It'll be ready about... about 20 minutes.
Take your time.
Hey! Close that thing!
Of that, I will take care of it.
Well, Mrs. Harrington. Looks like you
purged all supplies you need for the trip.
- Oh, thank you, Reverend. I don't know...
- Please, please...
This is the last
church in California.
This space between us is far
with grizzlies and heathens.
Now that the war is over at the border,
mercenaries will come back for the territory.
Thank you.
Thank you, brother.
Your donation to our church
is gratefully received.
- Hey, Travis! I got us some meat.
- Good. - Move it!
Is that our man?
On the barquero?
We had a wonderful time together.
Am I not beautiful, senor?
I need a drink.
Say it, senor.
You look beautiful.
Oh, how are you beautiful.
Why are you wearing a sombrero?
Why are you wearing stockings?
They are treaty.
So is my hat.
- Oh, senor. I want more. I want...
- Shut up there! Shut up!
- Why do you keep looking out the window?
- Ah, why don't you take a rest.
That is good.
- Good morning, Doug... - Good morning?
- Just coffee?
Yeah, yeah. Just a coffee.
# Lalalala... #
# My love... lalala #
# Lalalala, crazy song... #
Lalalala... you are my dream?
- # Lalalala... Do I smell? #
- Yeah, you sure do.
# Lalalala... my love... #
Good day, gentlemen.
- What did he say?
- I don't know.
Layeta! Layeta!
- What's going on? - I don't know.
- They are shooting people.
You'll be the last that heard.
I got to move.
Don't you think it would be nice...
to take Layeta with you.
What do you think, senor?
- Senor! Will I see you again?
- I don't think so.
Wait! Did you get it all?
All right, get the mine.
- You're so busy filling your pockets, you
could get your head out of it. - Oh, yeah.
Hey, Jake. You're right. But there is nothing
like them staking playboy in Mexico. No, man.
We've done had it real rich.
- Why don't you go out on the street show!
- Yeah...
- What that cricket says?
- Oh, nothing to concern us.
But what did it say?
- Do you know... Elaine Bingl?
- No.
She just gave birth
to a little Bingl.
- Get some coffee.
- Yes, sir.
Tell me, monsieur. Last night...
Did you enjoy the "long summer nights."
- That new kid, he's learning.
- "Lizard"? Yes.
You know Jacob, it's been a long time
since I've been able to read about
the period time... "French
unfamiliar words"... Tu comprend?
Tres bien.
Them blue bellies are giving us too much
trouble. Stick with that critics. - Yes.
Hey, leave that!
You had a job to do!
So do I.
Michael... This is
gonna be one hot day.
Hey Bo, Bo...
Not so rapido. Enjoy.
What the hell is the matter?
Take them blue bellies. Damn it.
It must be 20, 30 cases.
Now we can go back to
Mexico and start the revolution.
- That's a lot of guns, Mr Remy.
- 30 cases!
360 of the finest repeating rifles
made in the world today!
Just like I promised.
Have you seen the power of these rifles.
Few men will pinch you down. They are ours!
- Driver, load them up!
- All right, Jake. You heard the man!
Chewi, fetch the wagons and go to the mining company.
Encow, get some more men and equip them.
Pack up anything for the attack.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- The barge is ready for crossing?
- It will be.
Put them on the barq.
What you get for your money is a river crossing.
Look at this, senor. Look at the water.
- How... how deep is it?
- Deep.
I hate the water!
They never do this to me more again. Never!
Hey, Jake. Miguel and me are gonna
open us an inn down at Sonara.
- And for you the drinks are on the house.
- Thanks!
- Hey, Charlie! Have you ever
been in a bathtub before? - No.
You ought to try, with water.
Jake was right. We only lost a few men.
Now there'll be a bigger share for the rest of us.
Hey, Jake! Hey, Jake!
- What do you think of my girls?
- They are all right. - Yeah.
- When we get to Mexico, I will get you the real thing.
- Oh good! Good!
Marquette, we did it.
We really did it.
- We?
- Very good. - Yeah. Very good...
Just sit down real natural.
If you try anything it will take them days to
find your head on the bottom of that river.
- Lopez, tie him up. Just to be safe.
- Sure. I do that right now.
You put your hands back there, please.
Hawk, get the horses up. Take a look around.
Make sure nobody is coming.
- He no can't get loose now.
- Good. Remy ought to be here soon.
- Now all we have to do is wait.
- Yes.
- We should stop to water the horses?
- We ain't stop until we get to Mexico.
No drinking on the job, Sheriff!
They give me a couple for Remy
right from here.
Good. I will make it a whole hand full.
It ain't gonna be easy at this distance.
I could take the shop keeper first.
- My girl is very beautiful...
- After him, my lover is beautiful.
Stop that singing. It makes me nervous.
I don't aim too good when I'm nervous.
But I like to sing!
- My girl is well Incorpada
- Shut up!
Let me see... Oh, yeah...
The ugly blacksmith.
Now you can sing! I got them all!
That's right, son. You've had your limit.
Heavy, ain't it?
Now... You are not gonna need that, are you?
Is that your friend?
You go sit beside him. Keep him company, huh.
Go on... Go on now. That's right.
Sit down!
Go on, snuggle up there... That's right.
He won't bite you... No.
- There's an Indian strolling around there. - What?
- There's an Indian out there. - Oh, no, no, no...
There was an Indian out there.
What is going on here anyway? What have
you done? Overcharging these fellows?
They are waiting for Jake Remy.
The last thing I heard
they were fighting in Mexico.
How many?
- How many are there?
- Calm down. Take it easy.
In just a minute and he's talking
his arm off. You just watch.
Alright, sonny. Come on. Let's go.
Walk. Slowly. Go, go on.
Yeah just keep walking.
Put one foot in front of the other.
Ants are useful creatures, you know?
Yes, sir.
Like you just take right now, for example...
if you want to get that shirt off lice,
them things will be overjoyed to do the job.
Look at them buggers eat...
Ain't they enjoying now?
Ants love lice, you know?
I'll tell it's a fact of life that
all God's creatures got to eat.
Now you take me. I've eaten everything
that walked, that swam, crawled, or rigged...
Even ate the soles of my moccasins one time...
Oh, yeah. The there was a time I ate black criquets.
Those were very lean times.
Hell, I even ate ants!
Hey. Come here.
This is what I call filling the meat bag...
Want you some? No?
That's too bad because if you don't eat them...
...they are gonna eat you . That's life.
Here. Come on.
- No! Wait, wait!
- Oh, you got something to say?
We were send ahead.
Remy and the rest were heading Buckskin.
They are on their way here.
What for?
He said: what for?
- Here. Come on, now.
- Oh God, no!
Wait... There is more?
They get back to Mexico. Remy is gonna
burn the barge after he crosses the river.
He talked.
Now what the hell is the matter?
It looks like we're done bogged down, Jake.
- You want me to ride ahead?
- Yeah.
Driver, you take five men and go with him.
You get your ass down of the wagons
and put your shoulders on that wheel!
I was just thinking that same thing.
Give them a hand.
Hurry up, Kathy.
- Get everybody on that barge. Everybody!
- Yes.
You don't understand, everything I own is here.
I just can't leave my store!
Why don't we let just let them pass?
Maybe they won't make troubles.
- You are talking like a damn fool.
- Travis is right.
Jake Remy will use Lonely Dell to light a cigar.
He'll eats every one.
Boatman, Boatman!
You just best worry about crossing the river.
And hope that Remy don't show up with Moses's staff.
- Now get the hell out of here!
- Now you just listen to me, Travis...
Reverend, he's right. He is always right.
Now go on and get the hell out of here!
- You're not coming with us?
- In a minute.
We have to get that boat before it crosses the river.
- What the hell could have happened to Fair?!
- How the hell should I know?
Gentlemen, we go to work. You go there.
- Have you seen Roland?
- No, ma'am.
- Get on the barge!
- No, I have to find Roland - Get on the barge!
I just don't understand you, Fire Eyes.
To nanny a bunch of squads...
I don't neither. Come on.
These are fines shooting sticks, but
they ain't not good for this work.
- Hey, Fire Eyes. - Yeah?
Them boys are not quite to get.
I think so.
- Phil, get on the barge.
- Okay.
Move it. Move it.
Well, what now, General?
- You go over there.
- No, not me!
Maybe you're right. Nothing more we can do here.
Save your fight and your life for later.
- Thanks.
- You are welcome.
- Jacob! - What the hell happened?
- We could do nothing.
Where is Fair, Where is that bastard?
Well I don't know. But believe me,
all this shooting is to no good.
Cease fire!
Cease fire, damn it!
What are you thinking on doing now, Jake?
Shine it!
Will you cut me in on this trip?
For a buck a head there must be a lot.
- I'll think of it.
- Yeah.
You're all right, Susy?
Is everything okay? Samuel Smith,
Wright, McAdams, Williams.
A 50 yards apart. Come on.
Come on, boy. Get up.
Nolan, come on.
Hurry up!
Gibson. Gibson. Get up there!
Get on the pier!
Keep 50 yards apart. Hurry up!
Keep 50 yards apart. Hurry up. Come on!
- Hey Jake, I got an idea.
- Forget it. - Yeah, but Jake?
- Shut up, Happy.
- Yeah, I am shut.
Hey barquero!
I wanna talk to you.
- Hey boy... Go fetch him.
- Yes sir.
- Mr. Travis.
- Yeah. - Mr. Remy wants to talk to you.
I heard him. Tell him that I will
be with him in a minute.
- You'll be with him in a minute?
- I know what he wants. There's hurry.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Travis says, he won't talk
to him for a minute.
- Tell him. - Huh?
- Go on. Tell him.
Yes, sir.
- Are you the bargeman?
- No! I ain't him!
- What did he say?
- He is not the barquero.
- Mr. Remy!
- Yeah?
Mr. Travis, the fellow that owns the barge,
he said he will be with you in a minute...
- Did you hear what he said? In a minute!
- Jacob remember, you need this man.
All right.
All right.
Do you have a match?
- You best take two.
- Thanks.
Are you the bargeman?
- Yeah!
- Listen, I want to buy your boat, fair and square.
I got this wagon load of silver here.
Bring it up!
Bring it up!
Look! All this's silver!
For your boat!
If you strike a bargain with me, we'll
cross peacefully, we'll hurt nobody...
- I got your word on that, huh?
- That's right.
- How about it?
- Well, I'll tell you Remy...
I sure got a fondness for this boat,
just as I would have for a good horse.
And I wouldn't sell this boat to any man unless I
really knew he'd love it, the same as I would a horse.
You wanna sell that boat, or not?
Did you ever own a boat before, Remy?
What did you say?
I said you would not sell your favorite horse
to a man who did not know its head from its tail.
What the hell is the head and tail of a boat?
Jake, he has no intention of selling you that boat.
I'll wipe you out!
I'll kill every last one of you!
No trickle of water is gonna stop me,
you hear me?
I will damn this stick and river with
your bodies! Every last one of you!
I swear I will.
- Well, here's my idea...
- You know what to do with it.
I think we should seriously consider
let them have the barge.
- Remy has got no reason killing us.
- These kind don't need a reason to kill.
- But do we really hold them?
- Well, we got control of the river and if they cross...
Take them off.
- Maybe you like us to burn the barge, huh?
- And that is a good idea!
- Then maybe they leave. They'd have no reason to stay.
- That's my barge.
And nobody is gonna burn it.
Not you, not Remy.
Wolf is wolf and sheep is sheep.
You should not look for your grave, Fire Eyes.
Why not have delivered you from settlers
and throw on with me? How would you like that?
- It sounds good.
- Will, come on! - Not now.
You mean... you're going to
make a stand with a bunch of squatters?
My ass...
with a bunch of settlers?
Don't you know that in a few years,
they gonna push us out of this wilderness?
- There won't be no wilderness.
- She's right.
There will only be settlers everywhere.
All of them plows the ground, and dropping fence posts...
It makes me sick to think about it even.
And you want to help them?
I don't give a damn about them.
Well... if he is bound to stay...
I'm gonna stay with you.
But I don't like it!
Wolf is wolf and sheep is sheep.
You may stay with them, but
they ain't gonna stay with you.
If I see you even breathe,
then I'm gonna cut your throat.
Don't blame me then. You understand?
Yes, swallow is alright.
Damn barge!
Jacob... don't you think we could...
divide the money now and
let everybody go his own way?
- No.
- Why not?
Because we're gonna take that barge
and cross the river...
As we set out to do!
Jacob, this morning we massacred an American town.
- By now half of Fort Bowie is coming after us.
- It don't matter.
Before they get here, we will have crossed
with the wagons and burned the barge.
You are assuming a lot. You know...
the only thing that kept our men together,
was the need for violence and money.
This morning they got their share of the violence.
Now, all they want is
their share of money and to split up.
- And you?
- Yes Jacob, I do too.
Will you listen to me, damn it.
I kept that bastards together after
they got whipped down in Cajuilla.
I did it! Because I know how!
And I know how to make us rich.
Jacob. we are rich. Let us stay that way.
We separate here and now.
Why take a chance we may not get the barge?
You and me are going to take our stuff
across that river. And that's it!
We will have power, you and me...
You will be important, Marquette.
Your brains and me leading...
We'll have men, guns.
Money! Power!
An empire!
- You think about that, Marquette?
- I am...
- Maybe you're right.
- Damn right, I am right.
You know, Jacob... You and me. We're like...
- supplementary angles.
- Hm?
It's basic trigonometry. It is short
for an angle of complete 180 degrees.
You and me... We each got an angle...
Alone, we are short...
Together, 180 degrees.
A whole hemisphere.
Don't shoot! It's me, Jacob Remy.
All right, Happy?
You are awesome pretty. Awesome pretty.
- Here, my friend.
- Very elegant.
The river. You are worried?
Well, don't. It's no problem. You trust me.
I trust you, Jacob.
But your crown is a little
crooked, your majesty.
- Driver! - Yeah? - Get some men up on the hill.
I don't want them blue bellies over my ass.
Chewi, Rodriguez, take your guns
and get up on the hill!
- OK, Lopa start shoveling.
- What is he gonna do now?
I've fought with Ramos and Manuel Toril in Mexico.
None of us has the savior or courage as Remy.
He got three bullets with him, and walk
with them would walk like a wounded buffalo.
No, kid. I'm not worried.
He'll get the barge.
Well, if he don't by nightfall...
I'm taking all I can carry and clear out.
You... move 100 yards down there.
- I wanna talk to you.
- You already have had your saying over here.
I'm standing on the wrong side
of this damn river.
Everything I own is over there.
And I'm not gonna sit around and watch
some lunatic destroy it.
Listen, Reverend...
I saw you steal the poor people
who have been through Lonely Dell.
And you ordained yourself when
you saw they bought religion.
Well, I don't give a damn which side of this river
you are on. You better stay at the right side by me.
Well, it seems my ordain was not high enough.
You beat me, you made yourself God.
Blessed be Travis, blessed be his holy name.
Thank you. I have got work to do.
Did they feed you yet?
I asked: Did they feed you yet?
Yeah... I ain't surprised.
With all this doing,
they only got time to feed themselves.
Go on. Go on... beef jerky
That's pretty good, ain't it?
You know, you're not such bad,
now that I close look at you.
One thing is for sure: you ain't gonna
be driving no fence posts, will you?
Yeah. That beef jerky is pretty good.
Of course it's not as good as buffalo hump.
And it's better than ants. Now ain't it?
You chew. I got a surprise for you.
Look at it.
That ain't even, is it?
Now it is.
Ain't that good?
I got this gold chain of her, in Buckskin.
But I ain't got no keys to put on it.
- That's really a problem.
- You know, I had a key once...
that opened the door to this house
me and my wife had in Sonara.
Then one day I went to fight in your rebellion, then to
Mexico to fight my Revolution, now I'm fighting with Remy.
You see, I wonder what
that woman is doing right now?
- What woman?
- My wife, amigo.
- Stop firing! Stop firing!
- Cease firing! - Stop firing!
Jacob, who ever that barquero is,
he is no ordinary bargeman.
I wondered what was in his mind.
And now I know.
He's using that barge as bait to
keep us here until the army comes.
We got time.
Hey... I don't think
Jake is gonna like that.
Well, I don't think Jake is gonna know
...unless you open your big mouth.
And if you do, this is gonna close it.
You understand?
- Oh, yeah.
- Get back to your girls.
Thank you.
You dropped your bracelet.
Keep it.
I think you dropped this too.
Now put it back. All of it.
You see? I told you
Jake wouldn't gonna like that.
I told you...
Go ahead. Tie me up. Tie up
everyone who disagrees with you.
Just make sure you got enough rope.
- Burning the barge isn't the answer.
- Sure as hell it isn't.
It fits. Remember that.
This is not the time for that.
We have to keep our heads clear.
This clears my head...
I always think better later.
you know that I've always stuck with you...
after Maximilian was killed and
all my countrymen left Mexico.
After Don Ramos... I stayed with you...
because I thought with you... one day
I might return to France, a rich man.
You still will be, my friend.
You still will...
My friend... I begin to have doubts.
I think you are making a mistake.
It was a good plan. It is all gone bad and...
I think we must show some wisdom
and salvage what we can.
No, I may never have as many men again.
We will do whatever we
have to do with less men.
We will do whatever we
have to do with less men.
That damned bargeman.
That damned bargeman...
Did good things come to you, my friend?
Don Ramos?
I got him. And I got his men.
- And that makes me better than him.
- He was a magnificent leader.
He was a son of a bitch.
You know, Jacob... it seems that
not all of the people of Lonely Dell...
made it across to the other side.
One was going hunting.
He just came back.
Good, them settlers didn't stop complaining.
If they'd ride up right now,
there would be a short of rations.
They are afraid to take over
that food and ammunition.
- They're better off here than roaming out there alone.
- Yeah, it will be a long night for them.
Hey, bargeman!
I've a friend of yours here.
- Don't tell me he got one of the settlers.
- Now I will bring him!
What's your name, dude?
I said what's your name, dude!
- Roland, Roland Hal.
- I got you Roland Hall!
And I'm gonna baptize this sinner!
So you better get that boat over here, quick!
We got our own hostage.
- Get him.
- Yeah, Fire Eyes.
- Remy!
- Yeah?
Two can play that game as well as one!
Yeah, I know I keep you well fed for some good reason.
Here we go. Come on. Stand up, sonny.
You will take a little a walk.
Hey, Remy!
we got you a genuine bargain here!
I trade you this rascal for that settler.
- Is that you, Fair?
- Yeah, Remy. It's me, it's Fair.
Hey boy, you talk louder than that.
Go on, speak up.
Remy! It's me, Fair!
I'll be damned.
- Jake.
- Yeah?
Ready. Aim... Fire!
Cease fire.
Now, you damn settlers,
all you got to swap is that boat!
I was beginning to like that fellow.
Poe, tie it up.
Him... for the boat!
But take your time, think it over.
There ain't no hurry.
And in a little while...
I'm lower down the settler about 30 cm...
to explore the bottom of this river.
But like I said,
take your time, think it over.
All right, boys. We're gonna have one drink.
- The bar is open. Then we're pulling out.
- Yeah.
You two stay on guard.
- Come on, give me a hand.
- You're getting old?
I'm trying to give this fellow
some kind of decent burial.
After all the trouble get rid of them ants,
it would be shameful to be eaten by them.
Yeah, come on.
This wouldn't have happened if
we had burned the barge.
If you touch the barge, I'll shoot
you where it hurts the most.
She will.
Now, come on. Let's get back.
Come on. Come on.
I want you to get Roland.
If I could... But it is impossible.
If I give this barge to Remy, he'll
kill all of us. As well as Roland.
- You never knew Roland very well.
- No.
Not the rest either.
I respected you for that.
They hated it.
The way you put yourself above them, with that
woman of you and live the way you pleased.
Roland and I talked a lot about it.
He could not understand you.
- And you could?
- Yes.
Does that surprise you?
It's because you never looked very close at me.
- Well now, that's where you're wrong.
- I know you looked at me like that.
But you didn't put a study on it.
I study those things that are
important to me, to keep me alive.
Give them the barge. I'll do
whatever you ask, if you do.
It seems to be my day for bargains.
Travis, listen to me.
As long as you've lived
you have never known a real woman...
You have known half woman, half man
like that excuse for a woman you're keeping.
But never a woman who was all woman.
You spent your life among the other kind...
to travel from one cabin to another, who
pretend for four, five minutes to be woman.
And then go back to the work of a man.
I'm something you've never had before.
Mrs. Hall...
Is your husband the only reason for this bargain?
- Because he isn't, you know?
- We are the same in our own way...
I'd give anything to spend a night with you.
Except my barge!
Do you think he deserves that?
Well... it'll keep the ants of him. Maybe.
- There is a place up stream where we can swim.
- Are you crazy?
If we go there, that Remy will give us a baptize
just like he's done to that poor bastard.
- Are you scared?
- No, no. I don't think so.
But I don't think my Red brothers
understand me being a Christian...
- without a good reason.
- I got a good reason.
- I just thought you'd like to keep me company.
- I will tell you something...
my visits with you are gonna get
scarcer and scarcer.
You plumb wear me out.
Hey! You stinking settler!
Wake up!
Don't you die on me. Wake up!
If they don't make up their mind quick...
I'm gonna letting on this rope.
I sure hate to do that.
You understand me, don't you?
Yeah. I'll talk to you later.
Look at me. I'm a mess!
Marquette. Tomorrow we will be in Mexico.
- Come on, I'll buy you a drink.
- Thanks, but I'm busy.
If we had split up the stuff, you know
where they would be now, don't you?
- Last drink, folks!
- Drink up, son!
Get them guns, not ammo.
Let's get ready to go out.
Hey, Jake. He don't believe it.
Thurlo, you feel like walking?
Get him out of the tub. We're leaving.
- Now you believe?
- Come on. We just leave that whiskey.
That's a shame.
Hey. We got to get rid of those manure...
and those guards up at the dock.
I was hoping you might start a little stampede.
Fire Eyes, you are a devil.
She was awful pretty, you know? She got
into bed, I got into bed right behind her...
And you know what happened? She pulled
the light out and she told me to get out.
It's hard to believe, ain't it?
You better get on there now.
Encow, you better drop what you're doing
and come on out of there!
Phil, damn it. Come on!
- Hey Encow.
- Who's that? - It's me, Happy.
You ain't Encow.
I bet you ain't happy.
Stay here. Watch the hostage.
Inform our leader we've lost our hostage.
Wait for me.
- I've just got dry.
- You want to stay here with Remy?
No. It's good wet again.
Jake! Jake! Jake!
- Jake. They got him! They cut him down.
The hostage... - Sh!
They cut him down.
The hostage....
Yeah, I know.
How we get the boat now, Jake?
What do we do?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Get away. You're breathing my air.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Turn around!
I'm tired of all of you...
staring at my back when I'm speaking.
Go on.
Leave me alone.
I shot the river.
I sure thought you'd let Dell throw in
with me. I see now that you ain't.
- You may never...
- You are leaving?
Well, you don't need me no more.
You and them settlers has got Remy...
He sure ain't gonna stick around.
Why don't you and Nola
just make some tracks with me?
Three of us can awful get lost
in the wilderness, huh?
You go. We'll get you.
Why we don't go with him?
Not yet.
Mrs. Hall...
All your husband needs now is
just a little sleep.
To keep me warm.
Welcome styling?
Not a styling.
Separate the pieces of lumber.
We need eight rounded beams.
- Where do you want to put these?
- Right there.
- Remy is gonna be in for a big surprise.
- I hope they round up the rest of the horses...
- Just in case this plan of yours don't work.
- Don't work?
I have the solution to Remy problems.
Now get some more barrels and some rope.
Take off those heavy beams and
rip off their plankings.
What are you doing with those barrels?
Marquette want it. Mr Remy, you
and Rodrigez went out.
What are you building, Marquette?
Building two rafts.
- Two rafts, huh?
- Yes.
To cross the river.
We put half of the men on one barge,
half on the other and go across.
One raft on each side of the barquero's barge.
We will have concentrated firepower
which will blast us on the shore.
You see Jacob,
it is just as you said.
My brains, and your leadership.
We will be big men.
You know all the time something
like this would happen.
You just don't give a damn, do you?
You have hated the Dell from the beginning.
When I built that barge I did
figure on anyone settling around me.
I saw the river for years. I watched men go around it,
as some fence with a sign 'No tress passing' on it.
I don't like fences, any kind.
So I tore that fence down.
Back in the East I read books about
men who were taming the wilderness.
I dreamed about those men.
They weren't like you.
They weren't like you. They were
statues people could look up to.
The only resemblance you bear
to a statue is pigeon droppings.
- They may be help for you yet.
- No, Travis.
You're the one there is no hope for.
After you are dead, me and my kind will
still be here, and everything will be ours.
You're like those prehistoric beasts
that have become extinct.
They will write nice stories about your kind.
You will be a hero and all that...
But most of all, you will be dead.
It was since I've been here,
I ain't been getting nothing.
But I got the deck now...
And I am doing the dealing.
And I'm gonna win this game.
Because I got me a Marquette on my sleeve.
- Cut the rope!
- But then the barge shall be no good to us.
I said cut, damn it!
Driver, get that son of a bitch!
Mr. Remy. Mr. Remy...
You and your brains!
- Hi.
- What's your name?
- Driver.
- Nice name.
Mine is Phil.
I'm glad I came back,
or I wouldn't have met you, friend.
Friend... well, then...
You're fighting for Remy,
and me am fighting for the settlers.
That don't hardly make us friends, do it?
Even your eyes ain't friends...
Yeah well... I reckon we've
done talking long enough, huh?
One will do it without saying.
We should have met another time.
When you didn't want my barge.
Oh yeah, that barge...
Well I can see it's yours.
You might have had a free cut,
if not for that barge.
How about running to you down in Mexico,
we'd have killed a bottle of tequila together?
- We'd have killed something, for sure.
- Yeah!